Trevor Moore

March 27, 2013

Hi! I'm Trevor Moore from The Whitest Kids U' Know! Ask me anything!

I have a new album of comedy music called 'Drunk Texts to Myself' that came out yesterday on Comedy Central Records! It's got guest appearances by cool guys like Reggie Watts and James Adomian too!

Here's 2 music videos I just made for it:

The Founding Fathers

The Pope Rap

I'll hang out here for the next 4 or 5 hours to answer any sort of questions anybody might have about anything! Ask away!

I verified on twitter that this is me:

EDIT: Everybody! Thank you so much for all your questions! I've got to head off now though! This was so much fun! I'm really sorry if I didn't get to yours but I'll definitely do this again some time! You guys are awesome!

And thanks to /u/edify for teaching me how to set this up!! Talk to you guys soon!

What was supposed to go in the slot in the 5th season where you put in Songs of Olden Times a second time?

It was a sketch about teachers and students in a middle school getting into a John Woo style gunfight and they made us pull it at the last second

Any chance that can go on Youtube?

We show it at live shows sometimes!

Oh man, I wish I could remember the ones you showed. One was supposed to be like McGruff the Crime Dog, I think?

Yeah, but he was in the Child Rape Unit division


Thanks!! I think we called them and then had someone redo the audio of what they said because the sound didn't come out. But yeah, I'll sign whatever you bring to the show!

Will you sign my gallon of pcp?


Crinkle or fold?

wind your arm up like a cast

Thanks for doing this, you and the rest of the Whitest Kids can make me laugh in a way few others can.

What's your favorite sketch idea that never made it to air?

We wanted to do a sketch called Cat Congress, where we'd build a diorama of the House of Congress and then put 100 cats in 100 suits in it and film them for a day and do commentary for them like we were C-SPAN. We pitched it every year for 5 years but it was too expensive.

That and a sketch called 'Baby Stripper' which was about a baby who was a stripper.

Now I need to know, were all of the things on that list for real ideas?

No, no. Just the cat congress one

Oh my god... When you made that video with the end credits requesting donations the guy said "100 cat sized business suits!" and the followed with "100 well-trained cats!"

It all makes sense now!


Just so you know, 100 cats would only have been enough for cat senate. For full cat congress you would need 535 cats. That might be why your idea was always rejected

By god you're right! THis whole time we were trying to make CAT SENATE!!!

Now we're going to need 5X the money to make CAT CONGRESS!

whats with the apostrophe after the "u"? i've been wondering that forever

It's just incorrect. No deeper meaning than that. I don't know who put it there first but it was probably just a screw up

Hey, I'm a huge fan of all of your work! My question for you is, where the hell do you get all the kids for your songs/skits?

We just do casting calls for parents who will let their kids be in very blue sketch shows. It's always very awkward when we're shooting though.

Trevor I'm not sure if you remember him, but my stepbrother was the boy in the blue shirt in the "Never Song". He is so embarrassed by it for some reason but it is awesome that he got a chance to meet you!

Oh no! I'm sorry he's embarrassed by it!

Hi Trevor, awesome to see you on Reddit! You're one of my favorite actors on television, so I gotta ask- how did you get into acting? How did you meet the other guys in WKUK?

Thanks man! I just started making videos for a public access show I had when I was a kid. I'd just shoot stuff each weekend with my friends from school. Then my show got sort of popular with the UVa students (I grew up in Charlottesville, VA) so a local PAX-TV affiliate bought my show when I was 18. So I did that for a year and when that got cancelled, I moved up to NYC to go to the School of Visual Arts. And Sam and Zach lived in the dorm with me. Timmy I met on 9/11.

Any chance we can hear the rest of the story of how you met Timmy?

Yeah, 9/11 happened and we lived across the river in Brooklyn Heights. We ran up to the top of our dorm and his room was on the top floor, facing the WTC. So we burst into his room and watched everything from there.

damnit Timmy...

I know...

"So... how did you meet Timmy?"

"Oh, you know, on 9/11."

Another way that day was a tragedy.

Hi there, Trevor!

First off, I would like to say I am a huge fan and it is a great pleasure to be able to ask you questions directly.

I know that you have mentioned before that Monty Python was an important influence on you and WKUK. On that note, which member of Monty Python do you see yourself as, and why?

Thank you in advance!

p.s. You guys should come tour in Canada!

I don't know! As a kid I always liked John Cleese and Eric Idle the best. I don't know that I see myself as any of them but those were definitely my favorites.

Is John Cleese aware of the sketch he wrote?

I doubt it

What are your thoughts of people making your Bowser tattoo into a reality?

It's crazy. I've seen a bunch of them now. 3 last week. We just did a show in Gainesville, FL and the comic who was opening up for us had one!

Forgot the pot leaf, cross and "Lets Party"

Edit: Nvm, he just added a picture with all of those things.....

Nobody seems to do the pot leaf on all the ones ive seen

High Dive, i shoulda gone :(

High Dive was great! I might come back through there later this year to perform the album

QUESTION 1: Can you make a sketch about Reddit?

QUESTION 2: What's your personal favourite sketch you've done

ANSWER 1: Sure, but I don't have a show anymore so no one will see it. ANSWER 2: I'm not sure, they change all the time. I was really happy with how Clint Webb and Pledge of Allegiance turned out. And 'Opus' and 'Timmy Poops His Pants' always make me laugh.

Hey Trevor!

Saw you last week at State Theatre in Falls Church... was in the group that drove 6 hours to the show from Ohio, not knowing that there were Ohio shows in the works! You guys were all super laid back and absolutely excellent to meet in person. The show was awesome.


1) When you guys come to Columbus for the show in June, will you guys be going out afterwards to "Get drunk and burn the place down?" Because I would love to buy you guys a round or two...

2) What was it like working with Reggie Watts? I picked up the album yesterday and love it.

Also the Album is identified as "Folk" in my media player.

Absolutely! I'll burn down Columbus with you! Reggie is awesome! He's the nicest, most talented dude. It's also so much fun to watch him create those loops and sounds. It's like he's magic. Glad you like the album! I guess it is a 'Folk' album. Media Player never lies.

What will happen if I think of naked women?

Dogs blow up.

I've never heard you swear once, while the rest of WKUK are like sailors. Why is that?

I had an OCD thing about swearing on the show. I swear all over the album and live shows though

What issue does it cause with your OCD?

I just get these things in my head, where if I don't touch this, or if I do say this, etc. bad things will happen to me or other people

God says wash your hands.


How were you able to overcome it with the swearing? Just willpower? Therapy?

My parents sent me to therapy for OCD when I was a kid but it was a religious therapist and he told me to pray that it would go away. But when your issue is that you're getting these weird messages from inside your head, praying and trying to listen for some sort of answer doesn't really seem like the best advice. I just slowly through the years tried to set little goals for myself to beat it. And I'm not sure you can ever really beat it but you can definitely make it way more manageable

Have you ever considered seeing an evidence-based therapist-doctor-person? I'm the worst person to give that advice, basically having self-handled anxiety/depression stuff for years, but still, it's the smart thing to do. :P

I did that too. And they gave me some anti-depressants to take. I did it for a month but didn't like how it made me feel. For some reason it made it super difficult to differentiate between reality and dreams I was having when I was asleep - which is a really unsettling side effect to have. So I quit.

Im not sure if you will see this, but I'm 13 and have OCD, and its annoying as balls. And I now exactly what you're talking about with the whole little challenge things. I do them literally every 10 minutes and I can't control it.

It's like "Hey Ben, put your phone under the computer before the toaster oven goes off or you trip" kind of thing.

Also, i just want to say that your "Space Potatoes" and "Reverse Psychology" sketches were absolute genius.

Yeah, it sucks. And even though you know it's just in your head, it's easier just to go ahead and do the stuff then deal with all the worrying about not doing it.

Thanks! The Space Potatoes one was really fun to do because they actually strapped us up in a giant vertical tube and it kind of felt like we were real astronauts for about 45 minutes

did you touch the Jizzle stuff?

Yeah. It was pretty gross

Hey Trevor, how do you get that epic hair flow? Also my girlfriend swears she saw you in Boston this weekend.

I dunno... shampoo? Yeah, we played a show at the Wilbur Theater on Saturday night!

Mr. Moore -

Let me start off with you are one of my favorite people ever! Seeing shows like WKUK, Whose Line, etc inspired me to get off my ass and start acting. Do you have any advice for making it in the harsh world of acting (specifically sketch comedy and theatre)? How did you make it? Did you ever think you would? Thank you so much for your time, it's an honor. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

Thanks man! That's really nice of you! My advice would just be to constantly be making your own stuff. Just keep filming and writing and acting! You'll get better and better and hopefully won't have to wait around for someone else to put you in something!

I gotta say whitest kids u know is one of my favorite shows ever, i was just wondering if any of you guys smoke the weed stuff?

Some smoke a TON (sam) and some smoke a little

Was the "squirrel in the car while smoking weed sketch" real?

No. But I'm sure that's actually happened to someone

Do you still have that pot smoking dog?

No it died because it ate too many pots

Did it take four?

No, that will kill a kid. Dogs need 28

Have you ever dated a homeless person?

No, but I would. I don't believe love can be reigned in by property ownership.

When did you know you were funny? at what age?

Still not sure sometimes. So...33?

  1. What skit did Pete Holmes write?

  2. What skit had everyone laughing the most in the writers room?

p.s. Love the two videos off "Drunk Texts to Myself", keep them coming.

Pete wrote the 'Insult Restaurant' sketch. We were all probably laughing the hardest at the concept of the 'Weird the Stripper' sketch.

Thanks man!

  1. What skit did Pete Holmes write?

  2. What skit had everyone laughing the most in the writers room?

p.s. Love the two videos off "Drunk Texts to Myself", keep them coming.

Pete Holmes wrote "Insult Restaurant". The idea that had us all laughing the most was "Weird the Stripper" from season 2. We all rented a house in Cape Cod to write that season and we were pitching ideas and for some reason, the idea to try and make Darren a topless female stripper - but to make it look as real as possible - was the funniest thing to us at the time.

My wife's favorite sketch, whatlyado for 75 cents? And "any topic you choose" awesome.

Thanks!! It keeps getting yanked off of youtube because of the boobs (even though they're fake boobs)

How do you make a living off of all this?

We did a tv show for several years and we tour, etc.

Hi Trevor!! I'm a huge fan!

Is there a story behind WKUK playing the women characters also? or whose idea was that?

How did you come up with the name WKUK?

Keep up the good everything! :)

Not much of a story. We just didn't have any girls in the troupe - so we started playing the female characters.

We were doing something really stupid in college (I forget what it was exactly) and someone called us "the whitest kids I know" and we were like "ehh, that will work for a name."

Which cast member do you think is the most attractive girl? I'm gonna say Zach is the prettiest but Darren's always got that filthy slut look in his eye that I love.

I think I gotta go with Darren. I think Timmy makes the most convincing woman though. Just not a hot one. He's a great frumpy, middle aged, mid-west housewife

I cannot find the episode where you worked at a fast food place and threw up on a guys order and tried to play it off. Do you remember what episode or season that was in? You kept trying to get high fives when someone calle d you out on your lies.

I don't. I think it's in season 3 or 4 though

One more question, are you on tour now or soon? And Where at?

Yeah, we're on tour now. I'm in Indianapolis while I'm doing this AMA. Our tour dates are all up at

WOAH WOAH WOAH Most celebrities don't acknowledge Indiana as a place!

I'm in Indianapolis right now!! Going to Bloomington tomorrow!

Hey skinny!

Would you please be quiet?!


I live in Indianapolis. I am currently sitting in my dorm room, freaking out over this AMA, and the fact that you are in my city right now is mind-blowing to me. I...I do not even know what to say...

Just know that up until now I have been physically unable to scream. I doubt I could do it again.

Yeah! I'm here till Sunday (well I'm actually going to Bloomington tomorrow) What's cool to do here?


It's tomorrow through Saturday at the Comedy Attic

I can't stress how much I want you to come to Iowa, we're not all hicks like they say we are!

We're playing in Iowa next week. Tour dates are on

Whattttt. I live in Indianapolis and love you guys! Is it too late to catch a show?

Edit: Also apologies for the lame city. I'll totally buy you a beer at the mall food court or something.

No we're doing 5 shows here this weekend at the Comedy Attic

Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of WKUK. I was wondering what wkuk actor is the most serious off screen? Least serious?

Darren is probably the least serious (chillest). Not sure about most serious.

Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of WKUK. I was wondering what wkuk actor is the most serious off screen? Least serious?

Darren is least serious (chillest). Not sure who is most serious.

Have you survived the 10 minutes of sex robot challenge? Bonus points for doing it during this AMA

No, not even close! Fuck that

Yo Trev. Long time, no see eh:


Wtf that was today?

Last night

Trevor, how did you start out making WKUK? My friends and I are in the garage band stage of a sketch comedy group.

We started in school. We literally put up flyers asking if anyone wanted to be in a comedy troupe. Then we got started WKUK as a "school club" so that the college would give us $700 a semester and let us use the theater once a month. Then we just kept doing shows and even though most of our stuff was terrible, eventually we got better and the crowds coming to see us would get bigger and bigger. So just keep with it!


Yeah! How's his face? Did that wash off ok?

Were there ever any sketches that you didn't find funny, but made it to air because everyone else disagreed with you?

Sure! I'm sure each member of the troupe had that happen to them

I don't exactly know what happened so what exactly happened to WKUK? and do you have any plans for related TV shows, movies etc...?

We were sort of thinking that 5 seasons was a good run. We didn't want to start repeating premises or become more and more derivative of ourselves. So we pitched doing the Civil War on Drugs as half of the 5th season to keep it interesting for us. Then, if we were going to do a 6th season, we wanted it to be split between two different films and I don't think that's really what IFC wanted

Hi Trevor! I'm a huge fan of your work, probably watched every WKUK sketch multiple times. Your humor is usually pretty edgy and sometimes dark. Is it a weird switch doing stuff for the Jay Leno show, which is usually tamer and more family-friendly? Do you find yourself having to change your style of humor?

Yeah, it's a totally different audience on that show. Which is kind of why I wanted to do it. I wanted to try and do funny bits from a completely different style and see what it was like

Hey Trevor, I’m a big fan of WKUK. Admittedly I usually watched the clips on YouTube. How do you feel about much of the viewing coming from YouTube rather than IFC? Were you happy to get the publicity, or annoyed that those views weren’t going to the official TV ratings?

Speaking of IFC, how were they on censorship of the sketches? (Did you have any ideas for a sketch they wouldn’t let you do?)

No, we weren't annoyed at all. We would never of had a show if kids weren't taking our sketches off our site and spreading them around youtube. I was just happy that people liked our stuff enough to share it

Huge fan and I have to ask, what did you think of Miss March after seeing it?

I thought some scenes worked really well and some scenes really didn't work. Really uneven.

Your album is absolutely brilliant and I'm a huge fan of WKUK, my favorite skit is "it's illegal to say." Thanks for doing an AMA!

Two questions: How does it work when you go on tour, with the troupe being in different states and all? Why do you think people like Tom Hanks?

Thanks man! We all just meet up in different cities and do the shows! I don't know, Tom Hanks is Americas Sweetheart though

Did you guys experience a lot of friction when trying to air sketches like "The Grapist" or were Fuse and IFC pretty hands off?

They were pretty hands off. But they would object to certain sketches. There are a bunch of sketches that they would tell us we couldn't do - but then we'd go out and shoot them anyway - thinking we'd be able to convince them after they'd seen the finished product - but that never worked. We still show those 'banned' sketches sometimes when we tour. The biggest fight I had with the network was over the saxophone solo at the end of "Hippo in the City'. I wanted it to go on for a minute and a half. I think we ended up somewhere around 13 seconds though.

what was going through your head when you guys wrote hippo in the city? still don't understand why I find it so funny.

Darren pitched that one. I have no idea where it came from. It's one of my favorite though

Hey Trevor, I like your brand of humor and the wkuk sketches are original, but some of the jokes go on too long, I feel like I'm being pranked by Andy Kaufman (in a bad way). Is there any reasoning behind this other than the comedic value? Do you do it sometimes to stretch the skits to fill a specific time slot, etc?

Also, I'm pretty sure I took a shot with you at Dark Room on the LES about 3 years ago. Always wanted to confirm. It was also 3AM and I was blackout drunk in a near dark bar, so I could be wrong.

I think it's probably just that humor is subjective. So if you're not into a specific sketch or joke, it feels like it takes forever! I certainly feel that way about some sketches that I watch, but then other people will watch those and think there's nothing wrong with it at all. I used to hang out at the Dark Room a lot, so it might have been me!

any chance you might release those unairable skits on iTunes or something?

We'll probably put them out on the DVD's of Seasons 4 and 5 whenever we get the rights

That's a trumpet.

You're right. I am dum

I love your Abraham Lincoln sketch. Easily one of the best from the series.

Do you think that your idea was stolen by Family Guy for their Abe Lincoln cut away? this clip // I know yours came out first and the instant I saw this all I could think of was your sketch. Thanks for the AMA!

I'm hesitant to accuse anyone of stealing anything because a lot of times people just come up with similar ideas. After we did the Grapist, someone pointed out that there was an old Onion article where they mention a character named the Grapist, so I know that it can happen completely accidentally

The Yemen Party Electro Boy on The Cleveland Show seemed like a pretty deliberate rip off of your irresponsible television sketch.

I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. There's not really anything you could do about it anyway!

You were born to be a politician. I'm glad you turned out a comedian.

Politicians are a little sicker in the head

What ever happened with the super bowl beer commercial with "the new thing" were you guys would slap each other?

They pulled the commercial! They stopped airing it after we made that press release. College Humor really had our back in that and they put our video all over their page after that happened

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars. Easily.

Are you co-producing Star Wars 7?

Nobody! Called me!!!! You make ONE movie that bombs at the box office...

How much fun was The Civil War on Drugs to shoot?

That was the best. But really difficult. We shot the whole thing in 13 days. And we shot it in Long Island, so we're basically trying to find little strips of land that look like they could be Virginia in the 1800's. The sound was a nightmare on that shoot because half the time we were shooting right beside the interstate. Also, everybody got posoin ivy and our prop guy got bit by a crazy spider and was hospitalized

I saw a clip of you on Red eye a few years ago.

What is your opinion of Greg gutfeld, I see people saying you didn't like the guy.

I didn't not like him. I had just never seen the show before and didn't have the same opinions. He was a really nice guy though.

Hi Trevor! When I was 12 and I discovered WKUK you replaced Jim Carry as my idol. I love your humor and your facial expressions are priceless. Anyways I know you are going to start work on a new movie soon and I live real close to LA and I was wondering how one might go about being an intern or an extra? I am going to school for stage lighting and it would be a dream come true to work on a movie with the people who shaped my sense of humor growing up. Also here is a linkto a drawing I did of you for an assignment in art class. It is made up entirely of words, the suit made up of WKUK quotes. I do believe this is enough qualification to be a coffee slave intern of sorts.

TL;DR You are my idol, let me bring you coffee

Whoa! That drawing is awesome! haha! We're working on a script now for a Whitest Kids Movie. Hopefully we'll get to shoot it within the next year. When we start announcing production on it, just hit me up through facebook or twitter. We always need interns or PA's when we're doing a big project!

If the rumors are true and they resurrect Whose Line, would you ever consider being a guest?

That would be amazing. I love that show

P.S. Nice to meet you in Conway and thanks for drawing on my monies.

PPPSS - You and the WKUK are an inspiration for me and my friends starting out our own group...thanks for making such stellar stuff.

Edit: Added a link to our channel in case anyone was curious...

Yeah, we're working on a WKUK MOVIE right now. Hopefully we'll shoot it this year. Coway was the best place we've ever played! We had over 1000 kids show up to the show, then i announced a bar that we'd seen on the way over and half of them showed up afterwards! Then the guy who owned the bar told us that he had to close down because it was 2 am but he also owned a Roller Rink in town. So he opened it up and we went there with all the people who came to the show and we had a roller skating party till 6 am. It was awesome! Except that we all had to drive to New Orleans the next morning and everyone was hungover

How much do you make?


A lot of people weren't thrilled with Miss March (I don't happen to be among them). Do you think the movie turned out well/Are you proud of it?

I don't think it turned out how we wanted it to. There are parts of it that turned out exactly how wanted and then other scenes that don't work at all and are just basically filler. One of the problems was we were stretched too thin. We were doing post production on Season 2 and writing Season 3 while we were doing that film. So we learned a lot about time management. And also the differences between making a movie and a sketch. I think Civil War on Drugs is a much better film than Miss March because we tried to make sure that every scene could work on it's own. And nothing was just there as filler to set up a different scene. Also, we made the characters MUCH more likable.

When that hooker flies out the window is pretty funny. And how you just don't acknowledge it. Over all I thought It was decent

I definitely think that's the best part. I also liked the firefighters sequence and blowjob stabbing. And Zach's diahrhea at the beginning

Stupid firemen!

I thought Miss March was pretty good, especially the firetruck scene. I was at the QnA after the Norman show.

Told all my friends to see it. I'm so lonely now.

Hahaha! Oh no! I'm sorry! I owe you a bunch of friends.

Hey, I saw you on 4chan yesterday! How long have you been a regular there?

I used to go there years ago, now I hardly ever do. But I was bored and looking around on the internet to see how the Founding Father's video was doing, and I went over there and I saw someone had posted about me - so I was like, why not, and I said hi

What's up with Timmy always doing weird skits like "Baked beans"? Has he lost a bet or something?

Hahaha. No, Every now and then we'll just write something that's really mean to Timmy. I was driving around one day and came up with the "Timmy Hot Dog" sketch and it was making me laugh really hard, just driving around in the car. So I called him and had to be like "Uhh, I wrote something I think is really funny. But you might not like it."

And he was like "What is it?"

"It's about how you eat a lot hotdogs all the time. You have to have your shirt off for it though."

But he has a good sense of humor about it, so he's usually ok with everything.

For me, the hot dog sketch is the funniest sketch WKUK ever did. Whenever I meet someone new, I eventually show them this sketch. If they don't find it funny, I decide at that moment, I have no desire to be friends with them. I call it the "Hot Dog Test" and it's changed my life. Thank you.

P.S. If they say they don't get it or ask where the end is, I punch them in the throat.

Nice! How many friends has this tactic netted you?

Timmy is a wonderful person. I had the privilege to do a small bit of stand up with him when he lived in Portland. He was always the most humble and genuinely nice guy, even at the crappiest of open mics. I'll get to meet the rest of you someday!

Yeah, Timmy is great!

I don't know. I guess I have the habit of putting myself as big characters in the sketches I'd pitch. I guess that's sort of selfish but that's how I would come up with ideas. "I want to do a bit where I'm a doctor who's an asshole and everyone else gets him to tell their patients bad news, etc". When we did the Civil War, we did try to make sure that everyone had a good number of parts to even out the screen time, but besides that we never really talked about it too much. - I don't know. Our prop department was great. They got REALLY good at making cum by the end of the series. -I think that the characters that were closer to our real personalities would usually have our real names. Trevor and Sam from the civil war come to mind. - Not really harder to find work after Miss March. I had never really been hired to do anything besides WKUK before Miss March - so I guess I've actually gotten more work after it. I think it probably got harder to write and direct a big studio comedy though. - No we never sent the letter to John Cleese. We met all of the Monty Python guys EXCEPT John Cleese at an party for their documentary though. They were awesome. - No, I'm not Nannerpuss

What do you consider to be the best song you've written for the show or your album?

I really like "Get A New Daddy", "Dinosaur Rap" "Tom Hanks is An Asshole", "Pope Rap" and "Time For Guillotines"

"Get A New Daddy" consistently finds its way into my head every once in a while.

Nice! The guitarist in that song was the guitarist on Lauryn Hill's albums!

Dino Rap is by far the best. Its fucking genius. I haven't heard it for like two years now and I can still recite every word

That's better than I can do! I tried to do it live in front of a crowd once and totally forgot the lyrics in the 2nd verse. It was the worst! Last time I've ever tried to perform that one. It's also really hard to say all those names and not run out of breath!

You are hot. Are u single? Do you have any pets?

I'm not. I'm married. But I do have a bunch of pets. I have two dogs names Vega and Lyra, 8 fish named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. And I have a shitty shitty cat named Beatrix.

You really don't like that cat, do you...

It sucks so hard

Your songs are so fucking awesome! I really like what you're doing, is totally great. And Wkuk is too. We need Wkuk here, in Argentina.. Please, try! Hah Greetings and keep doing what you do.

Thanks!! HI Argentina! I've actually gotten a lot of people saying they watch the show there, which is crazy. I guess they air it late at night. I want to set up a show there sometime soon. Where's a good place to play?

I love you, are you superstitious?


I met you and the rest of the WKUK down in Atlanta (well, sans Zach). You all signed my MIP citation, which was awesome.

Anyway, a few questions

  1. What is the strangest thing a person has gotten you to sign?

  2. I really enjoyed when you guys would make a joke that wasn't in the original sketch and everyone would have a hard time keeping a straight face, because it showed that you guys still genuinely enjoy your material. If that is improvised, has anyone ever made a joke so good that it caused someone else to break character entirely?

  3. What do you have against Tom Hanks?

  4. When you do a show, how often do you accept offers from fans to buy you a round at a nearby bar?

Driver's licenses are a pretty weird thing people have asked us to sign. Yeah, in some of the sketches that we've done for a while, we try to mix the lines up and surprise each other - that way it keeps it fresh for us and I always think it's kind of fun to watch people screw up a bit.

I have nothing against Tom Hanks. I just was thinking about how it seems that everyone loves him and has nothing bad to say about him - so I thought I'd slander him in a song.

Sometimes I do. But a lot of times we have to get up super early to be in the next city, so I don't go out drinking after every show.

Hi Trevor! Huge fan! Love WKUK, it's more than awesome. Did you guys ever consider coming to Argentina? We so fucking love you here! Anyway, if you don't come, I'll have to go there! Thanks for everything, you're such a nice guy and a incredible person, I mean, no one else takes the time to do this kind of stuff. Thank you so much!

Thank you!! Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to make a Argentina tour make sense financially. It's hard to know how to book it since our agents/managers aren't familiar with the country.

When you come to Seattle could you say "I love Jeffrey M"? I'm Jeffrey M by the way and I'll be in the audience

Remind me and I will

Is there really a WKUK movie in the works right now or is that just a rumor

No, it's true. We're almost done with the script.

Is it a single story like The Civil War on Drugs or a series of sketches?

It's a single story like Civil War. It's similar in tone

Does it bother you that Joe Rogan's AMA is kicking your ass even though he has only responded to a single question?

Haha no. I love Joe Rogan. He's awesome

I think you mean Trevor Moore from Breaking In during the first season with all of its fun capers, rather than the garbage second season with nothing of value.

Does a show like Breaking In make you more scratch since it's on a network, or did the fact that you had a bigger role on TWKUK balance it out?

Sorry for being indelicate, but I gots to know how cable compares with broadcast for, like, knowledge.

You definitely make more money on a network show. But it kind of evened out since I also directed WKUK


Yeah!! I even went to Stavis' apartment once! It was crazy. Just floor to ceiling piles of old film canisters!

Hi man big fan from Brazil. If your intentions are not mean spirited or jerk like. Why do enjoy provoking in purpose angry responses?

I wouldn't say I enjoy getting angry responses. It just doesn't bother me. I thik it's sort of funny when people get offended at things because it's just words and jokes. Nothing to take too seriously

Trevor! I have met Zach and Darren but not you and it makes me happy that you are doing this! I'm not sure if this is over but i wanted to ask, since on topic of your great new album, if you are a fan of Brad Neely, Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D, etc. just all around music based comedy acts since you are so damn good at it

Nice to meet you! I like all of those guys! I'm also a huge weird al fan. I wrote him a letter when I was a kid and he wrote me back twice! ( I think that was a mistake) But I had both letters framed on my wall until I left home

I took my little sister to her first comedy show to see you guys in SF. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to! that's all I wanted to say haha

Thanks!! Glad to hear it!!

Thanks for doing the AMA! I've been a fan since you guys first appeared on Fuse. My favorite bits are the songs you create (get a new daddy & wake up the neighbors are the best imo). Anyhow, my question is who writes the songs? Are they mostly your creation or is it a collaboration between everyone?

Sorry for grammar and punctuation.

I write the songs. Except for "The Boner Song" everyone wrote that.

favorite skit is black light, WKUK is the best

Hahaha! One of the many chapters of our "Cum Sketches Collection"

Did you guys just have a bunch of fake cum to get rid of?

Our prop department made buckets and buckets of the stuff.

You're awesome.... That's all

YOU'RE awesome

Did you meet your wife through working on WKUK, or did you already know her before? Has she ever appeared in a skit?

We were both NBC pages together. Before the WKUK show

So, is the guy in the skits who supposedly plays the producer or director who's constantly pranked actually your producer/director? And is the WKUK movie gonna be in theaters or direct-to-DVD?

Yeah, that was Jim Biederman. He was our EP. He also did the Tom Green Show and Kids in the Hall. Super cool guy.

Not sure yet about the WKUK movie. It could be cool to just release it on a Netflix type site or something, or we might try to have it be released theatrically

I don't use tampons, I air dry. Is that okay with you?


Hey Trevor. One of the first times I ever saw WKUK I was at a friends house and there was one where these two dads drop their kids off a daycare center, get drunk and then the kid drives them home. For the life of me I haven't been able to find that sketch since. Do you know or anyone else know what it's called? Also, Dr. Kyle is definitely my favorite sketch.

It's called "Barf Museum", or at least that's what we called it. Not sure what it's called online. But thanks! That's actualyl one of my favorite from that season - but I've never heard anyone mention that one. I was just really happy with how the ending turned out in that.

holy shit holy shit holy shit Trevor Fucking Moore is replying to my comment! Thanks for the sketch ID!

Dude you made my middle school years, really was going through a tough time (on top of motherfucking middle school) and just wanted to say to you how much WKUK meant to me. It might sound kind of stupid but you guys really made me laugh all the time and I really loved that about the show. Thanks again. You guys are awesome.

Good to hear man! Thank you!

I want to say that I'm a huge fan but my question is what is the meaning of life? (besides 42)

I think your hilarious.

I don't know ... Leave everyone be and try to have fun?

When does Miss March come out? I'm really excited to see it.

I know! I hope it does well!!

why do you NEVER get dressed up in drag on the show? oh, and youre hot.

I do! Just not that often because I make the worst girl of everyone. I'm 6'6" so it just looks awkward and weird.

I don't really have a question, just popping in to say that you are hilarious and every skit and song I've seen has brought me near to tears. So, here's a silly little doodle of me giving you a hug.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

That's really sweet of you! Thanks!

What was an idea you had for a sketch that you wanted to do, but didn't?

I pitched a sketch called "Singing on the Island" about a guy who's trapped with another guy on a small island and the one guy is bored and singing all of these ridiculous songs, driving the other guy crazy. But I wanted the sketch to be 22 minutes long. I also wrote a song about Abortion for season 4 that no one wanted to do. (Probably a good call)

Please post the lyrics to the abortion song

Maybe I'll dig it up and try to put it on the next album

When you made the hitler rap for class, what was the teachers response?

I got an A!


I'm not sure. But around there. So maybe

Dr. Moore, I'm a huge fan of your work.

Three questions:

1) Did you have a favorite skit when working on WKUK?

2) Where did you get that sweet sword?

3) My wife may be pregnant. What should we name our son/daughter?

Thanks in advance, Trevor. You're awesome, dude.

1) They change. Clint Webb is always up there though. 2) What sword? 3) Crusher

What’s the story behind the John Cleese sketch? Was that his actual response, or did he actually write the sketch that way, or did you guys plan that the sketch like that, or what?

Also, which of you five guys do you think played the hottest woman?

It was just something we came up with. I don't remember what spawned it. We never actually sent him a letter. I think Darren makes the hottest lady

Is Craig Robinson as funny off set as he is on set?

Yeah, he's awesome. It was really fun to go to work on the days we'd be shooting with him. And I got to direct him through "Suck My Dick While I Fuck That Ass" in the recording studio too. And his performance was hilarious to watch. can you explain this train of thought, I remember the first time I heard it I couldn't breath it was so funny.

Hahah! That actually wasn't in the script. I was just making up a story as I went along and I actually wasn't going to use it in the final film because I thought it derailed the scene. I think Darren was actually the one who was like "you gotta put that in there"

You've got a live performance in Milwaukee on like the 7th I think, or so I saw stamped on a wall in an alley while I was jerking off a homeless guy, what are you doing in your live shows these days?

We j.o a lot of homeless ppl. Do you get nervous in front of crowds?

What was that douche Zack doing that was so important he couldn't make it to falls church last week?

He's doing a pilot

Hey Trevor! You'll be in Wisco soon! Any cities you really love touring in?

Conway, Arkansas was my absolute favorite. We did a show and 1000 kids showed up. Then I yelled out the name of some random bar at the end of the show and about half of them met us there. The owner was psyched that we brought all this business so he gave us the keys to this roller skating rink in town that he owned and we led everyone there and had a rollerskating/drinking/dubstep party till 6 am. Conway is the shit.

Do you know if more seasons of the WKUK will ever be on netflix?

Not sure. In a few years, we get all the rights to the shows and we'll put them all up there

How Abraham Lincoln really died was the sketch that got me into WKUK. What is your all time favorite sketch that I should check out right now!

Hmmm . . . not my all time favorites, but check out "Jaws" or "Rip Your Dick Off"

Hey Trevor! Just want to let you know that I'm a huge, huge fangirl of yours and when I saw your name on the front page, my body physically tensed up haha!

That being said, are there any solid plans or even concepts of a WKUK based movie coming out in the future? Even if its just a TV special :)

Also, would it be wild of me to request you write my name (either anakoni or Amber) on one of the body parts of your choosing? STRANGE REQUEST I KNOW, but it'd absolutely make my night.

Yeah, we're currently writing a WKUK movie right now. We're hoping to shoot in within the next year. Sure, I just tattooed Amber across my face!

First off you're my favorite part of watching WKUK and secondly this show helped connect my brother and I whenever we argued or grew distant we'd put on the show and laugh-not really a question but you and your friends really impacted my life in a great way

Thank you! That's really nice of you to say.

I'm so happy that you're doing this right now. So, I've heard rumors of the show coming back, movies in production, and that you died. Can you confirm any of these?

All of those are true except the show coming back.

saturn bears, what danger do they pose?

The worst kind. Saturn is a dark planet that wreaks havoc in people's lives every time it re-enters their astrological sign (every 27 years) and the bears there are just fuckers too.

Has anyone told you that you look similar to Edge the former WWE wrestler?

Yeah, I get that a lot

Did you like the 4chan action yesterday? I had just got banned when you posted.

Everyone was being really nice to me, so I was like "the backlash from this is going to come really soon, I'd better just bounce"

Hey Trevor! No need to reply, I just wanted to say you are great! WKUK is one of my favorite shows. I've never met a celebrity before but I've always said if I could meet one celebrity it'd be you or Seth McFarlane. Well saying hi to you here is close enough. You're great man!


Hey Trevor, please answer my super important question as it is, super important. What is your favorite kind of cheese to grill?


What sketch was the most fun to do?

The "Waterballoons" sketch might have been the most fun. The absolute worst was the sketch where Sam and I are on each other's shoulders under the trenchcoats so we could try and sneak into the bar. We had to do that for sooo long, it was really painful.

I just want to tell you that I watched every episode of your show and loved every second of it! It has given my best friend and I endless inside jokes that we will never let go. Thank you so very much, you are hilarious!

P.S. How hot would it be if a women had balls!?

Thanks you! And SO hot! Am I the crazy one?

What do your parents or family think of your comedy style?

They don't like it. I went home over Christmas and they wanted to see some of the album, all that I had finished was the video for the Pope Rap and it ruined Christmas. They hated it. And were pretty vocal about hating it.

Hi Trevor! In many WKUK sketches, and even in your new album, you guys tend to use the name Caleb a lot. Is there any special reason or do you guys just like the name?

I had a friend named Caleb when I was a kid and just always thought it was a funny name for someone to yell. Same with Candace. I just think "C" names sound funny when people are angry.

Trevor, my girlfriend Katie thinks you're super hot. She's at work right now, eating whole fish and writing speeches and whatnot.

It would make her damn evening to get off work and find out Trevor Moore said hi to her. Would you mind?

Hi Katie!!

trevor, mang, you are the absolute greatest. wkuk is hands down the best out of anything, ever. the one sketch i show to anyone i know with a sense of humor is the civil war on drugs. i quote that sketch almost daily and have had so many amazingly long laughs while doing so. you guys are my heroes, i am really excited for this movie, keep up the great work

Thanks dude!

What's your favorite dinosaur?

Ankylosaurus. Coolest things ever. Hands down.

Hello Trevor! Big fan, "Totally Gay for America" pops into my head at least 3 times a week.

What was your writing process for WKUK?

You should do you made it weird, I loved hearing zach on there.

Thanks man! Our writing process varied, most of the times, we'd all sit in a room and then jot down ideas quietly for 5 - 10 minutes, then everyone would pitch their ideas and we'd vote on what everyone liked. Other times, people would write on their own and bring in a sketch.

Hey Trevor, any chance of seeing WKUK in the UK anytime soon? :)

We've always wanted to go do a tour there but it's never worked out schedule wise. Maybe soon! I think it would be so much fun.

Trevor I goddamn love all the guys on wkuk. What do you think about the notion that women just aren't as funny as men?

I think that's silly

Hey, you guys shot "The Civil War on Drugs" at a museum I worked for. I don't know if they ever told you this, but by doing so, you probably saved the place. It was expected to close about 2 weeks after we stopped getting school groups, but you guys provided a huge infusion of cash and kept the place going long enough to sort out some of its problems. Thanks!

No way!!! That's awesome! I loved that place. I had no idea about any of that. I'm glad you guys made it through your problems!

Hi Trevor! Huge fan! Love WKUK, it's more than awesome. Did you guys ever consider coming to Argentina? We so fucking love you here! Anyway, if you don't come, I'll have to go there! Thanks for everything, you're such a nice guy and a incredible person, I mean, no one else takes the time to do this kind of stuff. Thank you so much! You're awesome!

I was talking to our agents and managers about doing a tour in Argentina, since we've gotten a lot of requests from there, but I don't think they really know how to set the tour up. They're not that familiar with the country and mainly only book tours through the US and Canada. I'll keep pushing the issue though!

On your new album, are those real text messages on the track "Drunk Texts to Myself"?

Yes. I have a habit of texting myself reminders, etc. whenever I'm drunk (kind of like leaving a "To Do" list on a fridge). And then, of course, I never remember what it was what I was talking about the next day. So I took the weirder texts I'd sent myself from a six month period and put them into that song.

Is it sometimes disturbing to see your friends dressed up as women or has it just become a regular thing?

It's pretty regular at this point. Doesn't really even phase us.

How did you come to open for Flogging Molly 4 or 5 years ago?

That was before our Fuse show had come out. They wanted to raise awareness of our group, so they sent us on a 6 week tour with Flogging Molly to open for them. Which was brutal because Flogging Molly fans are intense. Everyone at those shows is there to see their ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BAND in the world and they'd be doing those soccer chants and everything, waiting for them to come out ... then we'd walk out and say "Before Flogging Molly plays, we'd like to do some sketches!" And people would just immediately start throwing beer bottles at us.

Which one of you went to CHS? Was it you? if so, do you remember CHS News Live?


Edit 2: He went to covenant. We're Rivals.

I went to Covenant

If you rewatch parts of WKUK, are there any parts of it you regret, or wish you could have done differently?

There are definitely sketches that I wish we'd had more time to work on. We would shoot 14 pages a day on WKUK, so a lot of things were rushed. But there's nothing on a "concept level" that I regret

Thank to WKUK, my best friend and I are Crowbar and Eaglefort in each other's phones as of 2008. Thank you for the inspiration!

Haha! That's awesome! I forgot all about that

Were any of you (wkuk) ever were afraid to be the offensive character in a sketch?

No! Those are the fun characters to be!

Yo trevor!

You came to see a movie at my theater in NYC, you asked me if you should see Senna or Limelight and I suggested Senna. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed it.

Stay awesome dude.

Oh yeah! That movie was amazing! Nice recommendation. I knew absolutely nothing about him either, which made it even better

Will you acknowledge my existence?


This might be a little late, but I'm excited to see you guys at the Waiting Room in Omaha on April fools day.

Why is it late, is it sold out?

You could make a full length movie based on the John Williams sketch and I'd watch it every week. Thanks for the great show, looking forward to the movie.

Thank yoU!!

Man, you've been an inspiration to me for a long time...thanks...not sure of a question to ask that's meaningful or deep, but you like macaroni and  cheese? You seem like someone who would.

I actually don't. Although I have no idea why. I like cheese and I like pasta. I just think I hated crafts as a kid so I don't like macaroni

You're an inspiration. More specifically, an inspiration for my username. Did anything you ever did in a sketch (i.e; run around as a child on PCP telling people you're parents are dead) come from real life experiences?

Oh sure. A lot of the situations are based off of real life or people I knew. Clint Webb and the guy from the "Boiler Room repair man" sketch off the top of my head

dude ive been watching you guys since the first season came out. you're all literally hilarious and i thought miss march was awesome too. you are kind of really skinny though. you should eat a burger or something. also would you want to check out my band? sorry if this whole message was random, im just giddy as a school girl to be in the same thread as you

I'm gaining weight! Post a link to your band!

I'm picturing you writing all of these replies with your mouth wide open in happiness.

I am!!!

You have always been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to acting and creating. I want to create my own stuff when I get older and seeing you and the Whitest Kids grow, and create and produce your work is very inspiring. Thank you for making me laugh and introducing me to a new style of doing things .^

Thanks Alyssa! Good luck!

Hey Trevor. Two words: fart dinner. Thank you for that. Thank you every god damn day for that. I'm in tears every time I watch it.

OOH OOH also the John Williams sketch. Oh fuck, I find myself going "BUM BUM BOM BOM BAAAAAHM BOM BOM BUM" on a pretty regular basis.

I love that a lot of your sketches sort of delay gratification til the very end. It's like, "Oh, this is pretty funny, but it's not craaaazy funny." Then there's a punch line out of left field that makes everything that came before it infinitely more hilarious, and you piss yourself laughing. The grandma sketch, for example.

I can't think of anything to ask right now, so just have some praise.

hahahaah! I think you're the only person I've ever heard say they liked that sketch!! Thanks!

I just want you to know that I lost my virginity while watching Ms. March at my house with my GF. On that note, will we ever see a sequel to that movie?

Nice! And no.

Hey! I've followed the show and a lot of your outside work and I fucking love it. I was wondering would you rather have a head twice average size or half average size?

Twice. I'd rather look liek a caricature than the movie version of Koopa

Wanna get high?

what ya got?

Trevor I just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan, I love all your work!

I got to see you at the Alamo Drafthouse(Lake Creek) in Austin TX a few years back, and you were kind enough to take pics and sign a few posters for me. Thank you man!

No problem! We're playing Austin again next month!


It got cancelled

Trevor any plans on coming to Germany?

Also why are you so seldom seen as a woman?

I make a bad woman. I'm 6'6", so I only play awkward gangly ladies

a beautiful lanky woman, don't put yourself down.


Just wanted to say that I think you and the rest of WKUK are so fucking talented and can't wait to see more from you guys.

Thanks so much!

Trevor, I am a huge fan of what you guys do. The first time I watched WKUK, I cried hysterically and sat on YouTube for the entire night watching everything I could possibly find involving what you guys do. You guys made up the majority of my sense of humor, and I couldn't thank you more for it. -What is your biggest influence on WKUK? -How did it all begin? -Did you previously know the rest of the guys before the show, or were you all set up together? I really hope you respond to this AMA. You guys make up everything I find funny in this world.

That's really nice of you! We all were influenced by different things. I was always into Monty Python and Weird Al. And I also think Duck Tales a bit. Sam, Zach and I all met in college and started the troupe within a few weeks of knowing each other. Timmy we met on 9/11 because his room had the best view in our dorm of what was happening, and Darren Zach met shooting an indie film

Why does Netflix say there are 60 episodes, but there is actually only one season on there? This upsets me every time.

I have no idea. I have wondered that before though

I know your cousin Leigh Ana!

Oh nice!! Tell her I say hi!

With the induction of the new pope, how have root beer regulations changed?

I hear its Root Beer City over there now.

When I saw you were doing an AMA, I decided I must ask something about the lesbian scene in Miss March, yes you know the one. Well I never thought of a good one so any good stories about that?

I just felt so bad for them. It was REALLY REALLY cold out in the desert ( we shot in November and the wind was the most horrible thing I have ever felt in my life) and they had be getting undressed and pretend that they were having fun. Sucked

Hey Trevor, I first saw you guys live back in 2006 or show when you opened for Flogging Molly in Irvine, California. Killer stuff. "Get a new daddy" and "Scaring babies" have always brought unbearable pain from laughing to my body. For you and the rest of the troupe, what was the moment that you guys were actually "making it big" and what was the reaction to that?"

I don't know that we actually had a "we're making it big" moment. One weird thing that happened once the show came out though, is we'd travel around and start performing a sketch and people would applaud at the first line or start laughing BEFORE the jokes. So that took some getting used to (when we would be doing sketches from the show)

Do people ever contact you and your other WKUK colleagues still (or ever) get hate mail/people coming up to you on the Street about how you have offended them in some way? I am a huge fan, and have always wondered what kinds of hate people like you get on a Daily Basis.

Some guy told me that he was going to kill me in Philly last week. That was weird. Besides that we don't really run into a lot real life angry people. Mostly people just leaving angry youtube comments, etc


I just sold a show and filmed the pilot for it, so fingers crossed

You/WKUK are coming to Bloomington, Indiana very soon. Is that just a blip on the map compared to all the other great things you are doing?

I'm going to Bloomington tomorrow! I'm doing this AMA from a hotel in Indianapolis right now cause I'm supposed to do the Bob & Tom show tomorrow morning! I'm psyched to be in Bloomington (people have told me its actually pretty cool) till Saturday! What's fun to do?

What is Hugh Hefner like in real life?

Nice. He's super old. He's got a grandfather's sense of humor. He would steal cookies behind his assistants back and then wink at you like "Don't tell!"

What got you into doing this kind of business?


In the Dinosaur rap video, did you smoke real pot?

No! I never smoked real pot in any of the sketches. It would be too difficult to do that, act and direct. I was always smoking catnip. Catnip burns smooth like tobacco or pot, so it doesn't burn your lungs - and it also doesn't get you high or buzzed or anything

I have never actually watched an AMA happen before, and unless one of the other guys from WKUK decided to do one I probably never will again. Which raises the question if you guys are on tour right now what is Zach, Darren, Sam and Timmy up to?

Sam and Darren get in to Indianapolis tommorow, and they're the only ones doing the shows with me this weekend (I'm touring to promote my album) Then I'll meet up with the rest of the guys in Iowa next week to do some full WKUK shows

Hey Trevor, fan of your work, my question is, what are your guilty pleasures?

Nicotine and Xbox

What's it like being famous? Like, is it weird for you when you're recognized by random people or have you gotten used to it?

I'm not very famous, so it's nice! Every now and then, someone comes up and says that they like the show and we'll talk for a bit and then go on! Luckily most everyone I've met who's been a fan has been super chill and cool. And not enough people know about the show for it to have a negative effect on my life!

One time I was stoned alone watching the commentary on the season 1 DVD, and you guys were talking about how there's just one dude stoned alone watching the commentary, thinking "Any second now they're gonna say something funny!" It blew my mind.

And then Darren told me to kill myself.

Hahahaha! You were the guy!!!

Why do you kill Lincoln a lot? I mean it was hilarious! but i don't ever remember you guys killing other presidents!

Sure we do! I killed Kennedy and I tried to kill Reagan.

Does Timmy ever get fed up being the brunt of any of your jokes?

All the time.

Hey man I just wanted to say that Miss March is definitely gotta be one of my favorite comedies ever! Sure it's an awful movie, but it's awful in the best way possible. I've enjoyed many middle of the night Miss March sessions, and I'd like to thank you for that.

Hahaha thanks man!

If horsedick (.mpeg) had no dick, what did that chick spit out when she popped out of the sunroof of the limo on prom night?

That's a really good question. I always assumed that she was in on Horsedicks secret the whole time (as anyone who was allagedly having sex with him would have to be) and she was helping him cover. She was a true good friend.


Wow! That's crazy! Hi!! Thanks!


Yes! That's my uncle. He produced the beat for the Hitler Rap!

Favorite Monty Python skit?

The Architect sketch


No, it's fine! Without people liking the shows and videos I put up, I wouldn't be able to do that for a living. So I'm really grateful whenever someone tells me that they're a fan.

Did you ever feel like you were/are too mean to Timmy? I remember seeing some backstage footage and it seemed like you were bullying him.

Yeah, sometimes. It's a bad habit.

Hi trevor, I have been wondering about why breaking in didnt have you in season 2. I feel that is also why it bombed.

I think they just wanted to move the story line away from Brett having a nemesis in the office. And then that didn't really leave my character a lot to do.

Trevor, I go to Covenant. I've had your mom for 3D Art (She never liked my stained glass creations). I walk past your graduation picture everyday outside the Blue wing. Two questions: How does it feel to be our schools most famous graduate? And why aren't you giving my class a graduation speech this year?

I would do that in a heartbeat!!

You have to!!! We had Ken Cuccinelli last year, you are literally 100 times more inspiring! -Another desperate Covenant senior

I'm down.

Hey Trevor, WKUK is awesome! Since you've been promoting your new album, I've noticed that a lot of your media interviews repeat questions from other sources. Is it annoying to keep repeating stories and factoids interview after interview? What's your favourite story to tell and which would you rather them stop asking? The topic of your parents and how the WKUK first met is pretty popular, haha.

I think that happens whenever anyone is doing a bunch of interviews to promote one thing. It's not annoying - but it is hard to not slip into auto-pilot and just give a rehearsed and thoughtless answer

You have been my idol since middle school you and your crew are the best. Any interest on being on the Joe Rogan Experience?

Yeah, I'm a fan of his. I think he's awesome


Still here for another half hour!

Holy shit! I watched your early stuff on Charlottesville's Public Access channel in the 90's. Funny shit! Glad to see your career has brought you success!

Thanks man!

Could you give us any idea of what the plot for the WKUK movie will be like. And will every role (even the female roles) be played by you, Darren, Timmy, Zach, or Sam?

Yeah, we each play multiple roles


Yes, we're writing a new movie that's similar in style to the Civil War on Drugs now

Does Timmy actually talk how he does?


It would make my friend Brett so envious if you say hi to me. you should say hi

Hi Majorshamrock. Suck it Brett

I knew you were a good guy... Trevor, do you have any plans to tour in El Paso or New Mexico? I laugh non stop when I watch your show.

We're doing some shows in Dallas and Austin, but I dont think any in El Paso

Hi Trevor! Thanks so much for the AMA. I've been watching WKUK since I was in high school (I just recently graduated from college). I honestly couldn't name a favorite sketch because they are each hilarious and unique. You guys remind me of Kids In The Hall!

WKUK has always been an inspiration to me: to be funnier and not take life so seriously. Were there any tough moments in your life that caused you to lean on humor to help you cope?

Thanks! Also, Darren makes the prettiest woman, followed by Zach. ;)

Thanks so much! Yeah I was generally depressed a lot as a kid so I'd buy cassette tapes of stand up comedians to listen to because that made me feel better. Like anything they had at the pawn shop or was cheap at the record store. Comedy can be good for that.

And I agree about Darren and Zach.

Hey Travor! During one of the first couple times I smoked weed, I saw WKUK for the first time. It was the episode where you guys write AIDS on those kid's heads. I've never lost my shit so hard. I cried from laughing for the first time. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the awesomeness!

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to write 'AIDS' on a kids head in permanent marker!

I just wanted to drop in and say I loooove wkuk! I think the comedy is brilliant and almost all of the sketches have given me a good laugh. It's really cool that you showed up on 4chan and are doing an AMA here. If you get a chance to scroll down to this question, I gotta ask - how does it feel being so well known now vs. before your career took off? I can't imagine it feels much different, but I never comment on these things and I'm always curious about that

Thanks! Yeah it feels the same. I think if you're SUPER well known it probably feels different though.

Has anyone ever come up to you and said they were really offended?

Not yet!

What inspired Tom Hanks Is An Asshole? Do you think Tom knows it exists? It's already a classic. The album is fantastic!

Thanks!! When I was planning the music video for it, I thought "It might be nice to reach out to him and show it to him early and see if there's some crazy chance that he'd want to be in the video." But then I remembered the last verse and was like "oh yeah there's no way he'll be in it." So I never sent it to him and I don't know if he is aware of it.

If so I hope he likes it. I've heard he has a great sense of humor.

Why did you remake "The New Thing"? why why why why why the original was so perfect.

loved ya'll's stuff from back in the day, im glad you made it

We remade it because it had some of the guys who weren't in the troupe after college

So you met Timmy on 9/11 and Zach and Sam in your dorm, right?

What about Darren, did he just show up to a club meeting?

He and Zach were doing an indie film together and Zach introduced him to us

Man, Trevor, I've loved the WKUK ever since I saw the original "The New Thing" sketch years and years ago. I fondly remember that you all came to do a show in Tampa four or five years ago, and I was a college freshman at the time and went to see it with some buddies. You guys did the Line Leader sketch, and my friend and I were both pumped, and you chose him as your last volunteer. But then, even though you already had enough people, you turned back, saw me watching my friend go, and waved me over too. It was awesome.

We told you we were huge fans while the rest of the crew was doing their bit on stage, and you were super cool and sincere about everything. We got a picture with you after the show. Thanks for reaffirming how awesome your skit group is by also having been genuinely fantastic, down-to-earth people.

Thanks man!! I remember that show! It was a lot of fun! Then we stayed in a place called Ybor city which was such a crazy place! I saw a man punch a cops horse in the butt and almost start a riot!

Can I spin it again?

No you can't. And no. You can't.

Ohhhhhhhhh noooooooooo, the ants...they're taking me to /r/funny, sorry dude.


Hey Trevor, long time fan, not trying to take much of your time. I saw you and the boys at the Trocadero in Philly and I just wanted to know... what the fuck was so important in that car that you were freezing your ass off looking for it before the show?

The T-shirts!

My gf doesn't think many WKUK skits are funny. Should I break up with her?

Can't tell. Post pics

Hey there! I love and miss the show very much. I've been wondering for a while, has John Williams ever seen the sketch about him? I met him once and I imagine he'd find it hilarious!

I don't know. Someone told me that there was a big argument about it on a John Williams Fan board and everyone thought it was not funny

Wow! You guys are awesome. I have to ask you a very serious question. Seriously, take a second to think about it, but... Just about... How many hotdogs, do you eat a day?

I'm a vegetarian :(

Is there any particular reason why you're a vegetarian? I personally became one because of the cruelty

I just felt better when I cut meat out of my diet.

Fine, how many vegan hot dogs?

Like 14

If you weren't doing comedy, what would your job be?


Hi Trevor.

During our early teens my best friend Alyson and I bonded over The WKU'K. We would sit in geometry and just fire quotes back and forth like we were speaking in some coded language and crack ourselves up (we weren't very popular back then.) When my dad is among his close friends he'll do the same thing with lines from MP's Flying Circus and Firesign Theatre, and it made me realize how instrumental a really good, off-color comedy group can be to shaping long-lasting friendships.

So thank you. You guys have provided a lot of my generation with the means to really relish the "unusual" aspects of our senses of humor, and it has helped me through a lot. Knowing there are people in the world that have similarly warped or ironic aspects to their character makes everything a lot less lonely, especially to two dorky teenage girls growing up in small-town Virginia.

I'm sorry I didn't actually ask you anything.

Thanks!! That's super nice of you. Always cool to hear that the show means something to people. Also, i grew up in Louisa, VA

Did suddenly being mentioned on /b/ give you the idea for this?

No, I was actually on the schedule here for a couple weeks

dude, i've always had a big crush on you

Thanks dude!

Did you really have an odd religious upbringing, because I feel like you imply it a lot in the show. Huge fan, btw.

My parents were Christian folk singers so I was on the road with them a lot when I was a kid.

That skit in the first season where you guys were back in Civil War Times and smoking with the Jamaican guy was brilliant. I think it was you who started tripping and asking everyone "Am I being cool?". That pretty much describes my high. A million thoughts running through my head about whether I'm acting right.

Yeah! same here. sucks

I'm the guy who busted his ass and dropped all of that bread in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Tell Sam's mom thanks for checking on me.

No way!!! Hi!! I'm glad you're ok!

First of all, you are absolutely amazing. WKUK Season 1 changed my LIFE when it first started airing on IFC. Some of the funniest shit I've ever seen, and it blows my mind how you guys can still churn out hilarious material. Anyways, if you could share a joint with any famous figure, alive or dead, who would you choose?

Herostratus. Guy burned down the Temple of Artemis which was one of the 7 wonders of the World. And then it became illegal for anyone to even say his name for centuries.

Seems like a pretty crazy dude. Probably really interesting to talk to high.

WKUK is the greatest. Thank you for creating the Civil War on Drugs my friends and I have seen that movie so many times we know every line. Two of my friends even have tats in honor of the movie.

No way! What are the tats?

Is there any story behind that swinging arm dance move you do in your music videos?

I'm just bad at dancing

Are you married, because you are one of the funniest guys in existence and someone needs to lock-that-down!

I am. And thanks!

Did you ever listen to that cd my girlfriend gave you in Conway? The one from the band called The Throbbing Testicles? I'm not going to be offended if you just threw it away.

I didn't throw it away. But I did lose it. The next day after that was all a huge blur (Sorry!)

Trevor, I'm going for the Page Program for NBC. Advice?

Also, big fan of your show.

They're going to ask you about where you think the future of television is headed ... that's all I remember from the interview. Good luck!!!

Hey Trevor I was at a philly show and you mentioned 911 being a inside job was wondering do you listen to Alex Jones?? you are absolutely brilliant with that pope rap!! Just smoked a bowl and laughed watching founding fathers rap didnt see it till today!Bout to buy this album on itunes!!!oh have you seen this

Thanks man! That's my good friend James Adomian playing Huell Howser in that video! He's awesome! He sings a verse on the last track of the CD!

Former vegetarian here, what's your favorite food?


I met you in a bar in Virginia Beach about two years ago. My friend and I had the pleasure of smoking some cigars with you. Really great meeting a down to earth artist such as yourself. Hope you remember us, love your work!

Oh yeah!!! Hi!! Good to sort of talk to you again!!

Trevor, my sister, Dad, and I have watched and laughed at every episode you've made, dieing in the comedy. I always wondered, why did you always dress you, Sam, Darren, Zach, and Timmy up as girls instead of getting real girls? I also wonder, how long have you been on Reddit? And why do an AMA now?

I actually hang out on Reddit quite a bit but I never post. I wanted to do an AMA for a while but thought I'd wait till my album was coming out. (sorry, i know that's sorta whoreish)

Dude the pope rap just blew my mind.

I love you trevor. thanks for teaching me how to make crystal meth, by the way.

If you give a man meth, he'll smoke for a day. But if you teach a man..

how did timmy feel about the baked beans sketch?


I dont really have a question. I just want to say that you are one of, if not the best, sketch writers out there.

Awww thanks man!

How hard was it to not laugh while Timmy shot the Baked Beans sketch?

I was laughing through the whole thing. It was a lot of fun because we'd just keep coming up with lines for him to say and yell them to him. That sketch could have been 9 times longer.

Hey Trevor, my girlfriend and I just saw you in Atlanta and have been listening to Drunk Texts to Myself pretty much nonstop since. I bought a Poop Balls shirt from you and have since been learning to Tokyo Drift.

Thanks!!! How're you doing at it?

the very first time I ever saw a WKUK episode, a few years ago I was like what the fuck. it was the hitler song. then the it's saturday skit. i wish ifc would play a broader variety of the episodes now. i keep getting reverse physcology and baked beans. oh well. i love the show. peace trevor. oh & youre one of my favorite people next to christian bale. so..that's an achievement.

Wow! Thanks! Yeah, I think they only play seasons 4 and 5 now

Why are you still answering questions? Most AMA's last 13 minutes.

I've been simultaneously reading all your responses and watching clips of your show on YouTube though. You've gained a fan; most skits I've watched have been hilarious.

Thanks! Glad you're liking them! I'm gonna see if I can stay with this thread till the 6 hour mark! (30 more minutes)

Will you please just acknowledge my existence? That's all I ask. You make me laugh so hard that cheese comes out of my asshole. Just say "I love you Chance Crimin" and i'll leave you alone.

I love you Chance Crimin!

Just came here to say that I literally just discovered you guys today when someone posted your video "Tattoo Parlor" as a response to a post about tattoos. Awesome stuff so you can count me in as another subscriber.

Thanks so much!

Do you have any kind of relationship with other comedy troupes that have also become popular, e.g. Derrick Comedy (when it was still a thing)? If so, what's your opinion of them either personally or professionally?

We know them from back when we all lived in NYC and now everyone lives in LA. Those guys are great. Really nice too!

Hey! I just saw you in Boston at the Wilbur theater! Great show, sorry the crowd was obnoxious.

That was a really fun show!

How did you end up working with PAX, before creating WKUK? Was the religious network disapproving of you or were you just having conflicting ideals?

Yeah, they hated the show I was doing. The guy who owned the station thought it was funny, but all the management hated it

Hey Trevor! I just wanted to say thank you for all the laughs! My boyfriend has a chronic lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis and whenever he is really sick, WKUK helps us stay positive and happy. :) Also, we saw you in Boston and it was amazing! Thanks again!

Oh man! Well, thank you! And I hope he feels better


I really like Breaking Bad and I thought House of Cards was awesome

5 reasons why I should pick up your new album, GO!

Uhhh ... I think it's funny, I want it to do well, You gotta have music for stuff like driving, it's got a cool picture of a girl in a bikini in it ... and ... uh ... it's almost my birthday?

Would you ever consider touring your album? I think you've done a few shows where you performed it, but you should really think about touring it in comedy clubs!

Yeah! That's what I'm going to be doing this weekend in Bloomington!

Hi Trevor! I'm a huge fan of WKUK. Whats the weirdest thing you've had to do to film a sketch?

Well, in the Pope Rap video I had to direct kids as they danced around a stripper pole. But they didn't know how to do it right so I was trying to coach them - but you can't say "You know, do it sexier!" to a little kid, so I had to be like "It's fun but also look serious in your eyes" and stuff like that.

Also, the parents are like right there. It was really awkward.

I watched the WKUK in San Francisco last year. I'm from Brazil and one of the reasons why I chose SF was to watch you guys on SketchFest. It was quite awesome seeing the Whitest Kids live and taking pictures with most of you (except Timmy who was not in the booth for some reason). I have the green poster you signed framed in my living room and I don't even care that I have to explain to people what it is. Just another opportunity to be the annoying guy who shows videos on YouTube.

Wow! That's aweosme!Thanks man!

Hey Trevor, thank for doing this! You got your start here in Charlottesville (I went to UVA and now work here) and one of my favorite claims about CVille is your"Who Died Today?" series. Do you have any fond memories/stories of your time in Charlottesville and do you ever come back to visit?

I loved growing up in C'ville. I just hung out on the downtown mall every day after school till night. It was awesome. I still go back to see my parents every christmas!

Hey there, Trevor. I live a couple of blocks from the old WKUK house in Woodside. It's a shame I didn't know you folks then.

Any fun or interesting stories about living and shooting there?


No way! That's awesome. It was a dump when we lived there. Sam tore the carpet up and put down astro-turf instead. Some animal ate a 6 inch hole through the wall in my room one night and got into the house and we never found him. But we had a half-pipe in the yard which was cool. Also, that bridge next to the house used to be where all the hookers would take their johns to give them blow jobs. So we'd always see that happening. Good times

Trevor, is there going to be a whitest kids movie?

Yeah! We're working on it!

Remember that WKUK comic in MAD magazine back in 2007? I think it was a drawn version of the deer sketch. Anyway, I was wondering, were you guys involved with it in any way, or was it just something done on your behalf? I remember that was the comic that got me to watch the show in the first place, I showed it to a bunch of my friends, we all laughed our asses off, and then we started watching and we've loved it ever since. I was 12 at the time by the way, meaning that thanks to MAD you guys have been successfully corrupting my mind since pre-adolescence.

No, we didn't have any involvement with that. But it was REALLY COOL and weird to see a caricature of yourself in MAD Magazine. I still have a copy of it somewhere.

Which song are you most proud of on the cd?

Hmmm ... I like Drunk Texts a lot

Hey Trevor HUGE FAN of WKUK. Im the type of person who sits in the back of my church youth class and watches your videos. My question is, How many of your skits have you come up with while under the influence or does your mind just just that crazy? Once again, Im a huge fan, great work!

I'm usually sober when I'm writing. So very few are done under the influence. Thanks man!!

Trevor - HUGE fan. Thank you for the countless laughs throughout the years.

I was able to tell my friend from college that you guys were playing in Boston on Saturday and since I'm in Montana, I figured somebody better get to see you guys if I can't. He had a blast. One of the things that he told me about the show was how cool it was to see you guys still performing some of the older sketches with tons of passion.
I'm just curious how you are all still able to do the older ones that you've probably done a million times and keep it fresh and still get laughs, considering most of the audience probably knows the 'punchlines'

I have a million questions, but I'll limit it to that. Seriously - THANK YOU for all your work. It has seen me through some bad times.

p.s. - Miss March was awesome.

Thanks fartsyjoe!!! We try to change up the lines and get each other to laugh. That keeps it fun for us and hopefully the crowd too!

Have any tips on how I can seduce my boyfriend?

Just make lots of eye contact and never blink and talk very monotone

Alll-RIGHT! Like my username? Anyway, if you make any other wars on drugs, my life will be more than complete. If you do that, you will be a god in acting. You will crap on Shakespears shoes. YOU ARE A GOD.

Hahah! Wow! Thanks man! The Cold War on Drugs ....

The girl that appeared in The Grapist sketch goes to my high school. Thought I ought to share that. You're my favorite though, Trevor Moore.

No way! That's aweosme! I hope she likes the sketch

Any plans to revive the Walking Talking box? He made my Friday nights complete.

Hahaha! Thanks!! Wow! That's way back!

Came here to ask about the Trevor Moore Show on public access in Charlottesville. I remember various nights watching you on the downtown mall doing your crazy antics and such. Was exited to see you get the show on IFC but don't have tv, but have still seen a few great episodes. Very nice. What can you tell me about your start on the Trevor Moore show? I loved it, and was kind of surprised to not see anything about it here.

Wow! Thanks! That was just a show that me and two of my friends started filming on weekend and after school when we were 16. Then the UVa kids started to get into it and that was awesome because we'd get invited to college parties and we felt really cool! (We never got to go to any but we still liked to tell everyone about it!)

Were you worried that you broke a rib when you impaled yourself on the table at Wilbur Theatre in Boston a few days ago?

I ALMOST impaled myself! That was scary!

How many other people do you know named Trevor?


Thanks for the name!

Oh nice!!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Trevor Moore conducted on Reddit on 2013-03-27. The Reddit AMA can be found here.