Terry Crews

August 28, 2012

I am Terry Crews - AMA

Hey Guys! I want to thank you for all of your questions and appreciated each and every one of you! Gotta go to work now! Got more great stuff coming! Love you and I'll see you on my next AMA!!!!



Terry, first of all you are one of the most entertaining parts of the expendables series in my opinion! Just had to get that out there.

My question is, how did it come about that old spice approached you for the new commercials? (Which are my absolute favorite by the way)

Thank you! It's crazy because I found out later they where looking for a "Terry Crews" type guy for the Odor Blocker spots. Then somebody said "hey lets just ask him". And they did! I loved the concept and the rest is history!

What's a philosophy of yours that you think everyone should take to heart?

Embrace failure. Never never quit. Get very comfortable with that uneasy feeling of going against the grain and trying something new. It will constantly take you place you never thought you could go. This has been my mantra for years. I always remember I won't do things right on the first try. So failure is mandatory for success!

is it true you haven't got any strings?

Hell yeah that's true. Loved that character in GAMER. I have a dark side.

Out of all of the things you do/have done (NFL, Body Building, Acting) Which one has been your favorite? Is there any actors or actresses you would want to work with in the future?

Everything was right for me at that certain time in my life. The NFL gave me the body I have now. Without the persistance I learned in the league, I would have never made it in Hollywood. For me all of it led to my ideal future.

How has getting famous changed you and your life? Do you believe that it has changed you much?

Wow. It's definitely different. I remember shaking every hand and taking every picture, then seeing my wife and kids sad because I was out with them, but spent no time with them. I had to set boundaries. I love being famous and all the fans, but my wife and kids need Terry the husband, Terry the Dad. Terry the Star has no place at home.

Just saw this on Facebook.... Have no idea where to begin, I have literally no idea what to say!

Terry if there was ever the need to would you go back to Everybody hates chris?

What motivates you to stay in shape?

Who was your favourite member of the cast for The Expendables 1 and 2?

I'll think of loads more!

I would love to do an EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS Christmas special. Bring everybody back and we see the beginning of Chris's stand up career and how the family dealt with it. That would be awesome...

Terry, I'm a big fan of The Newsroom and your character. Did you really try out for the NFL?

I PLAYED in and out of the NFL for seven years. Rams, Packers camp, Chargers, Redskins, Eagles. 1991-1997

Even had a stint in the World Football League in Dusseldorf, Germany in '95

Huge Redskins fan here and every time I see you on TV whether it be commercial or Newsroom I like to point out that you were a Redskin. How was your NFL experience in retrospect, it looks like there was a lot of moving around.

It was hard but I enjoyed every minute. Every time I was cut I felt like my heart was being ripped out, and every time I got back on a team I felt like I won a billion dollars. So many ups and downs. But I learned that no matter how bad things are keep going. No matter how good things are, keep going. The trick is being content and ambitious at the same time.

My friend works under Alex Wurman and helps do the music for the show. I got to watch an episode/listen to the music before it came out. It's amazing how much behind the scenes work is done, even for a simple 10 seconds of background music for a TV show.


It ain't easy being this cheesy!

NEVER easy! But worth it!

Did you ever work for Kanye? Was it awesome?

Killer NEWSROOM line. Aaron Sorkin baby!

I really only wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your character in The Newsroom, I think you are a great actor for someone who started out as a football player - you know what I mean...

Also, I am from germany, so your fanbase is goin' worldwide!

I belong to the WORLD. This may surprised everyone but God is not an American.

Thank goodness you stopped that and started doing what you're really great at.

If I never played in the NFL I would not be here. That path was NECESSARY for me. I grew up there, and will always value the experience.

Three best exercises for putting on overall mass?

Squats Power Cleans Pull ups

Is this real?

All real. Posted a pic on my facebook and twitter.

How fun was it filming the "a thousand miles" scene in White Chicks? XD

It was one of the BEST moments of my entire life. The Wayans are geniuses and it was my breakthrough in my acting career. I'll never forget it. That was the moment my life changed.

Could you please run for president?

Working on some stuff with Mike Judge for President Camacho!

Which of your Old Spice commercials is your favorite?

Wow! that's hard. The first Odor blocker with the talking abs and the fake ending CHANGED THE GAME. But the newest one MUSCLE MUSIC is my FAVORITE! You can actually make music with my muscles! Changed the game yet again!


Wow! that's hard. The first Odor blocker with the talking abs and the fake ending CHANGED THE GAME. But the newest one MUSCLE MUSIC is my FAVORITE! You can actually make music with my muscles! Changed the game yet again!



Follow up question: Did they really attach all those electrodes to you, and did each instrument respond to your muscle flexes?

Thanks for doing this AMA, you are awesome.

Yes I really wore the electrodes, but a little Old Spice magic made all the instruments respond.

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite book?

How was your day?

Cats or dogs?

What's your favorite anime? (if you have)

My favorite movie is DO THE RIGHT THING. I was changed when I saw that movie. I saw it 20 times in the THEATER. I new I had to be in entertainment when I saw it. I wouldn't be here without it.

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite book?

How was your day?

Cats or dogs?

What's your favorite anime? (if you have)

My favorite anime ever is GHOST IN THE SHELL. Absolutely beautiful. I have to watch that movie once every few months. So inspiring.

Thanks for doing this! Do you ever regret any of your roles? Would you like Everybody Hates Chris to start again? How do you feel like going from comedy to action movies changed your acting or you feel comfortable playing in any genre of films?

No regrets. Every role has a special place in my life. I only do what I love, so that way you have no regrets. If you dont agree with something and do it anyway that sets you up for regret.

Whats up fellow Western Michigan Alum? We are all proud of you back in MI. Keep kickin ass.

Thank you! The F-L-I-N-T in the HOUSE!

I was Born in Hurley Hospital. Had no idea you were from Flint

I was born in Hurley too.

Where did you learn to dance so well? your robot in the longest yard while calling adam sandler a baby back bitch has led me to do the same when i beat my friends in basketball.

Edit: Here is a lesser known clip at a warriors game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFjzjoLnGzo

I used to breakdance back in high school. I had no girlfriend, so I would spent hours in my room dancing by myself. The robot was the BEST because it was like an illusion. An you didn't need a partner. Lonely nights make the best robots.

Terry Crews in Forever Alone: A Success Story


What's your secret, Terry? How do you just REFUSE to be typecasted? Respect.

I constantly get out of my comfort zone. Looking cool is the easiest way to mediocrity. The coolest guy in my high school ended up working at a car wash. Once you push yourself into something new, and whole new world of opportunities opens up. But you might get hurt. In fact you WILL get hurt. But amazingly when you heal-- you are somewhere youve never been.

Terry, if you could fight one person from history, who would it be?

My Great great-grandfathers slave-master.

Why is it that every time you appear on screen my face instantly lights up no matter what it is I'm watching?

It's amazing that my face lights up every time you watch!

Hey! I'm a big fan of basically anything you've done. Especially the chris rock sitcom. I'm wondering, when did you start working out 'seriously'?


I was fourteen.

Do you think that your past as an athlete helped you break into Hollywood or did you feel you faced actor/athlete stigma due to your past? Do you think you could have been a household Hollywood name without your history as an athlete and just your hot ass body?

It's funny. What others think is a hindrance to Hollywood has ALWAYS become someone's calling card. Barbara Streisand nose, Sly's Slur, Arnold's accent -- it's all about how you see yourself. I know there is only one ME. If you hire me- you GET ME. And there's only one. There will never be another.

How much can you bench press?

Don't do maxes any more, but I've ended my sets lately on 420 three times.

I just wanted to thank you for your manly and awesome presence on this earth

Thank you!

...I can't think of a question. Thanks for making those Old Spice commercials, those always make me laugh when I see them on TV or on the internet.

Check out the latest:


What made you get into acting after the NFL? Were you always interested in it, or was it something you picked up on later?

I was trying to get into WRITING and directing! I did not want to act. Crazy huh? A friend invited me to an audition and I got it! a show called BATTLEDOME. Been acting ever since.

do you ever get mistaken for debo from friday?

All the time. That and Terry Tate office linebacker.

lol at people who actually think hes going to sit here all day answering their questions.

Don't hate. That's exactly what I'm doing.

Don't hate. That's exactly what I'm doing.

I'll let everyone know when I'm done.

Mr. Crews,


Sincerely, stereotypeless

EDIT: Also, do you blaze?


Hello mr. Crews. My question is about President Camacho, that is definitely my favourite character you've done and I am very curious about how you got the part and how much of it was scripted and how much of the President was your own interpretation.

Keep up the good work!

That is one of my favorite experiences. I remember auditioning again and again and I brought 100 percent everytime. Casting agents where always telling me I was too "big" in terms of my technique. Here, it finally working in my favor. I was OVER THE TOP. It was heaven. Kinda like being in a zone. A fun, crazy futuristic idiotic zone. And I got the part.

Loved you on newsroom. What was your favorite part about working on the show? where you approached for the role or did you audition?

I auditioned. Read with Aaron for the part. Unlike most actors- I LOVE too audition. because if they hire you, it means they wanted you. Everybody wants to be wanted. Aaron works so hard on every detail of the show and his words bring out the best in actors. I can hardly believe how good this opportunity is. and I ain't blowing it.

I just wanted to say thank you for going on Stars Earn Stripes and supporting a great charity. I hope you had an enjoyable experience on the show.

I did! It was awesome. Made some friends for LIFE on that show. I got a totally new perspective of the military and am honored to have raised money for the Pat Tillman Foundation. I'd do it all over again.

Do you think Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho could win an election today?

Sadly, yes!

Are you looking forward to working on Season 2 of HBO's The Newsroom?

Yes indeed! It's a wonderful show and Im proud to be a part of it. I get some KILLER lines!

Terry Crews, How can I almost be as much of a badass as you? Seriously, what do you do for lifts? I lift 6 times a week, and you are a huge motivation. You smell like outdoor freshness, you smell like..YEAH I DO!!! Don't ever change ahahaha.

Never stop being YOU. I am out to be the best ME I can be. Do what you LOVE and you will be badass.


Aaaw shucks!


Adam Sandler is the BOMB. Originally, the character Cheeseburger Eddie was supposed to be fat. He saw WHITE CHICKS. He got my number from my agent and called my house. Everytime I've worked with him he'll call my house and ask. It's nuts. I'm like "You had me at hello".

Adam Sandler is the BOMB. Originally, the character Cheeseburger Eddie was supposed to be fat. He saw WHITE CHICKS. He got my number from my agent and called my house. Everytime I've worked with him he'll call my house and ask. It's nuts. I'm like "You had me at hello".

I was Cheeseburger Eddie from that moment on.

How many hours a day do you work out?

2 hours on lift days

Just wanted to tell you my sons and I LOVE u. I was reading your bio one day and my oldest son (18 yrs old) says "WHAT? He's married?!!! NO ONE is good enough for him. He's funny, he can look scary AND he can dance!!!". I laughed so hard. Then we subscribed to your Twitter and they saw you were a Christian...they think you are the coolest thing walkin the planet. God Bless and much success =) (ps is the WWE thing true?)

I'm talking to the WWE about doing somethings. I love the energy and excitement and the live component. It's theater on a grand scale! Thank you so much for you complements. Check out my newest Old Spice spot!


terry, have you met the rock? and who would you rather wrestle? brock lesnar, goldberg or ultimate warrior?

The Rock and I did a little movie together called GET SMART.


What kind of music do you listen to on a daily basis?

EVERYTHING. I was listening to Rick Ross, John Coltrane, Michael Buble in a megamix the other day. Chris Daughtry, Steve Perry, Tears For Fears, Kanye, all the way to Parliament. I love ALL MUSIC.

what do you think about Skrillex?


how did you learn to move your pectorals?

No dates.

Who would win in a fight between you, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I would never fight two of the greatest men who've ever lived. I'd fight whoever they told me to fight. I'm a soldier- they are the Generals.

Your stuck on a desert island and get to bring 3 items to occupy yourself. What are they?

My wife, my, kids and Home depot.

How do you feel about the push for more concussion safety in the NFL?

Definitely needed to happen. I've had several concussions in my life, and the more they can be avoided the better.

What's the most crazy thing you have done on set?

Almost drowned on the set of STARS EARNED STRIPES. that was crazy. and I loved it

What did you think when you were approached to do the Old Spice commericals? They seem like they are exceedingly over-the-top. Did you have doubts they would be successful?

I did! I knew I was taking a gamble, but it was one I had to take. Thank God it did...


How many bullets would you say you fired in the first and second Expendables films? Both on and off screen?

100,000 bullets minimum.

Hale Caesar!

Mr. Crews, what kind of movie role have you not done which you'd really like to do? I think you would be great in a role like a spaceship captain/commander/leader in a sci-fi movie.

I love sci-fi! I'd jump at the chance...

You're amazingly animated, I love you so much... What is your main drive for being humorous or what makes YOU laugh?

I love being on the edge but never over it. There is a tricky line in comedy. Being a guy-- I can't always gauge what is too much, but my wife and daughters can. I can look to them and they will always tell me the truth. If I can make THEM laugh? It's funny!

What was it like working with Sylvester Stallone?

He is a force of nature. Truly incredible. He told me he was going to make me an action star and right now, I'm among the biggest in the world. Every time I'm with him I always learn more and more. He has reached SAGE status with everyone he's around.

How come the set of the expendables didn't explode while handling such levels of awesome like Rambo's , Terminator's, Die Hard's and yours at the same freaking time?

It exploded several times. We're just fireproof.

What workout program do you use? Because frankly, you are a monster.

Work out rain or shine for 30 years. That's my secret.

Hey Terry, I saw this on Facebook and got so excited. Best AMA yet.

You are my favorite actor and I just can't wait until you get that full lead role and... well, just make the best movie ever :)

Anyway, my question is... how does being in these movies and the lifestyle compare to when you were playing in the NFL?

Have you always been this funny? Say hi to Rebecca for me! :)

Sports and entertainment have AMAZING parallels. Coaches are like directors, you have equipment managers for both, you have an owner in sports and a studio in movies, and you have star athletes and star actors. All of it requires extreme effort skill and dedication. Talent is overrated in both mediums.


I only want a challenge. Comedy, drama or action. It should NEVER feel easy. Even the Old Spice ads were challenging because they were so risky.

What are your opinions on steroids, and the people who use them?

NEver used them. I empathize with those who want to be strong but there are no shortcuts. People take steroids because they BELIEVE they have no other way. Steroids are about comparing yourself to other people-- but if you just become the best YOU, you'll find you never needed them.

Hey Terry, thanks for taking the time to do this - love your facebook posts! Quick question for you!

You seemed to have much less of a presence in Expendables 2, which was disappointing! Any reason for this? Or was it just how the script was? Would you be willing to be a part of Expendables 3?

Thanks a lot if you reply, and if not thanks for what you do anyway, peace!

I loved the presence I had! These are the most iconic stars in the world, and I would love to do Expendables 3!

Just want to say you are an inspiration and definitely make me want to carry on lifting! You were excellent in Expendables 2 and were definitely the most entertaining out of the cast! Take it easy man.

Never stop! Slow down sometimes, but never stop! Thank you!

Mr crews, first off you are my favorite actor ever. My personal favorite is you in the longest yard!

Did you consider ever being in the military as a kid?

I did consider being in the military but my call to play football was too strong. I took the right path.

Hi Terry. I'm a big fan of your work and in particular your performance as President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

I was 21 when I transferred to my undergrad and began my major in Film Studies. I had long been interested in film making and acting, and although I had a knack for making people laugh I was absolutely paralyzed when it came to performing or creating.

In my new surroundings at a new school, I was feeling more vulnerable but more eager to break through that barrier and get involved with creative projects on campus. I saw a posting for a casting session in the theater department that required a comedic monologue. Not being from a theater background I had no repertoire of recognizable monologues, nor did I want to pretend that I knew anything about those plays...

Instead I went in and performed President Camacho's State of the Union address and had an absolute blast. Not only did I get into the play, but I ended up getting the part I was hoping for.

That was my first experience really diving into my creative aspirations as an adult and I will always remember that as a milestone in my self development. Now I have studied acting a great deal and I am in a graduate film school as a director.

No questions, I just wanted to share that and say thank you for giving me such an inspiring gift in your performance and thank you for your extremely important words about embracing failure and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Those concepts have become all important to my life!

TL;DR: Terry's performance as President Camacho inspired me to audition for my first play using his State of the Union monologue. Terry Crews is the shit.

That monologue will set you FREE. You go to another place with that thing!

Hey Terry, love your work in The Expendables. Did you know that you have a subreddit dedicated to you? It's right here. My friend and I created this about 4 months ago and we were waiting for you to do an AMA. I am a huge fan and I was just wondering how did you get involved with the Old Spice commercials? Thank you!

Old Spice was a Godsend. My mind is a constant Old Spice commercial and when I was presented with this I almost cried. How did they know? I enjoy doing them as much as any movie or television show. Here's my latest!!!


Would you ever agree to play Luke Cage in a Marvel movie? Because honestly I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than you.

I would if asked. I'd audition. I'd be ready. But if that never happens -- I'd keep creating! I only control the things I can control. I let the rest go.

Terry, what is the worst job you ever took, and what did you learn from it?

I was in college and my job was pounding in signs around campus. My boss was lazy and i did all the work. Then HE called ME lazy. I got mad and quit.

You know what I learned? I never should have quit. I should have pounded more signs. I should have been the best sign pounder in the world. But I let one guys wrong opinion of me fake me out of my money. And I needed it. I almost starve. Pride is an ugly thing that must be killed at the very sight of it.

Mr Crews, if there was a "Making Of" movie for The Expendables, where Sylvester Stallone had to go around and get people to be in his movie by beating them at their defining event (e.g. beat Jason Statham in a car race, beat Jean Claude Van Damme in a blood sport tournament), what would your event be?


What made you decide to wear a bikini and rip your shirt off? Because I love you for it!

Edit- I feel I should add, as a woman, it's awesome whenever see someone who is strong and generally considered among the manliest of manly man-men give exactly zero fucks about gender roles or whatever. I'm sorry to hear it was photoshopped, but I still think it makes for a great image!

I ripped my shirt off at the NYSE, but I never wore a bikini. That was photoshopped. But I proud to say that if I ever DID wear a bikini, I'd look damn good.

How does it feel going from an uncredited gang member in Training Day to a feature actor in most of the films you've been in recently?

By the way, huge fan. Can never get enough of your role in White Chicks.

I'm so proud of TRAINING DAY. I went on set to watch- and the director Antoine Fuqua asked me if I wanted to be in the movie! I said Yes! He put me on the roof with the pigeons and I clapped when Alonzo drove into the neighborhood. Legendary.

I've been having a shitty day and you just made it one of the best by answering this. Do you use a regular keyboard or do you have custom one to handle all the whoop-ass you dish out?

Regular. but they burn out quick!


A ton of lonely nights.

I loved you as Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Please give us as much info as you can on reviving your character from "Idiocracy."

I sat down with Mike Judge about bringing him back and he was all for it. We are crafting some internet shorts right now and how people respond to it will determine another step in the process. BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Will we be seeing you in the new "Friday" movie?

If they ever get it together, I'm in. But we need Chris Tucker.

How do you like working on the show Newsroom compared to all the other roles you've done?

Honestly, this is the opportunity I've been waiting for my whole life. A chance to work in the big leagues of film and television. HBO is so good it's not even fair to the other networks. I had to prove to MYSELF I could do it. Immensely satisfying.

Hey Terry, do you ever get worried about being typecast?

Name anyone else going from Sorkin to Old Spice to Expendables to El Gordo e LaFLaca in one fell swoop. Nah, I ain't worried.

are you worried about being typecast as a guy who can't be typecast?


Hey, I would like to say you're awesome! Also thanks for also going to WMU!!!! I got to see you when you came back for the MAC Championship anniversary game when you danced on our marching band podium. You should come back again sometime! No question though just great to see you do an AMA.

That was fun! I am a natural, slow roasted for 18 hours, honey baked ham. I get a little piece of the spotlight I want it all! Dancing in front of the band was killer!

How are you so cut up?

I run 3-4 miles a day. minimum.

I run 3-4 miles a day. minimum.

Weekends too.

Whats your favorite food?

Marinated Ribeyes on the grill with steamed broccolli or spinach. I could live on that!

Holy crap terry crews! I think your an amazing person.. anyways.. on the show " Everybody hates Chris" you play chris dad.. how close are you to that character in real life as a father? Or are there anythings that that charcter reminds you of your own father? Thank you ...

I have been married twenty three years and have five beautiful children. Including One gorgeous grandbaby! There wasn't a situation that appear on EHC that I haven't seen in real life from one time of another. I based Julius on my own father because their were so many similarities in the way he was written. It was truly organic and Tichina Arnold, Tyler James Williams, Imani Hakim, Tequan Richmond and Vincent Martella were the best cast ever. I may be biased, but I say -CLASSIC.

Holy Crap Terry Crews is a grandfather... Where does it stop with you broham?

It don't stop. Ever.

Hey love you on newsroom! What's it like working with actors like Sam W. and Being on a Aaron Sorkin show?

Wow! it was like being in my first NFL game. All these heroes and superstars but you have to wake up out of being star struck and hit somebody!

What's the best part about being Eddie Murphys older brother?

One of my dreams was to get a chance to work with Eddie. He and his brother Charlie wrote NORBIT with me in mind for that character. Eddie actually ask me if I would be interested and I said "when and where?!"

Did you ever get it in with the girls from white chicks?

No. However, I got it in with my wife as much as I could.

If you and all of the cast were to go at it Battle Royale style who would really win?

Randy Couture.

How did you get into singing in almost everything you appear in? Is it something that you ask to do yourself, or does that get written into the script prior to you being confirmed as X role.

All art transfers. I can sing a little bit. I'm gonna come out with an album one day called "Terry Crews Sings The Whitest Songs Ever Made". But it'll probably get leaked and I won't make a dime. That's showbiz!

Terry, how did you first get into working out/lifting? Did you always have a naturally in-shape body type?

Nope. I was skinny. I always wanted to be strong. I remember being 5 years old and lifting my dresser. I actually had a hernia at that age. No joke. I lifted everything.

Dude i love you. That is all.

I love you too.

He drew that backwards

Very observant.

How was it to work together with Jean claude van Damme. Have you been a fan of his work?

I love to do a movie with Jean Claude. He is a tremendous actor and I'd jump at the chance.

Mr Crews, how much creative influence did you have for the old spice commercials? PS. I love you and think you are really awesome.

We actually created "Double Sun Power" and " Block, Block, Block" on the day! We just kept going because things were going so well! God bless Tim and Eric!

We actually created "Double Sun Power" and " Block, Block, Block" on the day! We just kept going because things were going so well! God bless Tim and Eric!

If you haven't seen it yet:


Who is your inspiration in life? and What motivates you?

"Once you go black... You gonna need a wheelchair"

Sam Jackson. He works all the time, and he is so dynamic. I couldn't wait to meet him, and when I did -- he didn't disappoint. A living example of what hard work can bring.

Any advice on how to pick up ladies?

Very gently.

Just watched The Expendables 2 last night, Amazing. Oh, and Double sun power was the hardest I've laughed in months. You're pretty rad.

Ok, enough ass kissing.

When did you know you'd 'made it'? What was the first thing you did to celebrate?

I celebrate by trying to find another job as soon as I can. I'm hungry.

Do you think events of Idiocracy are slowly taking place?

I saw a guy on America's Got Talent getting hit in the nuts. He almost won. When he WINS, we are there.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Terry Crews conducted on Reddit on 2012-08-28. The Reddit AMA can be found here.