Tech N9ne

November 21, 2013

Independent Rapper Tech N9ne here, Ask me ANYTHING< LET'S GO!

Reddit, Tech N9ne here. Indie rapper, co-founder of Strange Music Inc, #1 indie label in the world. Check out my latest Rock inspired EP w/ Ross Robinson, THERAPY - AMA!


UPDATE: Alright yall, I gotta run to the studio and get some new music for yall, THANX FOR KICKIN IT! And dont forget to check out THERAPY -

Hey! I'm a moderator over at /r/techn9ne and would love if you answered some questions!

1) What is the song or album that you personally are most proud of?

2) What (if any) independent rappers are you considering recruiting to Strange Music?

3) What advice would you give to all of your younger listeners?

I'm really proud of 'Worldwide Choppers"

I cant tell you yet! Haha

Keep on keepin on!

Hey Tech, first off I'm in the Army and I want to thank you for all of your support of the troops.

Secondly, What inspired you to visit the troops overseas and write "The Noose" with Mayday?

Because of the news of all the suicides that occur among soldiers.

First of all, Do you feel your fans have embraced therapy like you've wanted them to?


Would you ever give me the chance to come on to your tour bus? ;)

Yes, and I'm so happy about it.

not if you don't have a pussy!

Currently calling doctors to get sex change surgery....


What's the craziest shit that's ever gone down on your bus? Loved the tour of it, by the way. Rotating wardrobe my man, you know what it's all about!

I can't tell you that. It's incriminating!

Huge fan here! Who is your favorite artist to listen to that isn't on Strange Music?

Corey Taylor.

I was introduced to your music by a friend 4 years ago and you are hands down one of my favorite rappers of all time. Question, which artist would you like to collaborate with but haven't had the chance yet? Keep making great music!


I wasn't in to rap until I heard Riot Maker ages ago. Since beginning your publicized career, have you noticed any huge shifts in the style of music that you produce for one reason or another?

My music changes by the day. I write my life. So, it changes every day.

Hey Tech. You and the Strange Music crew have a great sound. Thanks for making great music! I have 2 questions:

1) What's your craziest road story?

2) Since the Lil Wayne collab, have other artists apporached you and which would you work with assuming everything comes together right?

edit: The children seem to be downvoting today....

edit 2: The children have had a change of heart. Thanks children!

Dudes offer me their wives.

Not really, to your second question because I'm a murderer.

I noticed a Lana Del Rey album in one of your instagram videos... is this a hint of things to come? Please confirm

I fucking hope so, I love Lana!


No, seriously, what was your reaction when Sherman coffed up that fumble right after we got one off them? Predictions for the rest of the season?

I don't wanna talk about it LOL

First I want to thank you for changing the game. Your rhymes are not only machine-gun fast but intelligently written as well [and don't get me started on Worst Enemy.. genius..] But I have a few questions

1) Which do you sip on more, Caribou Lou or KC Tea?

2) Who is the lady who sings the hook for 'Who Do I Catch Now'? I feel like I've heard her on other Strange recordings

I sip on KC Tea a lot because Caribou Lou will put you on your ass and you cant do that every day. Unless youre me! LOL

It's a girl named Courtney and a girl named Liz Suwandi.

I've really wondered for a long time, how is Hopsin as a person? And are you featuring on more songs on Knock Madness? P.S You the shit man!

Hopsin is a cool and humble muthafucka around me. LOL

I'm only on one song.

I see you perform in Jordan's, which Jordan is your favorite?


Hey tech! First of all huge fan.. How did you come up with the idea for "Worldwide choppers?"

Traveling all over the world, listening to muthafuckas rap.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My life.

Which one of your albums is your favorite and why?

Something Else. Because it's a mixture of everything I do from The Calm Before The Storm up!

Personally, what song of yours would be the best to dance to on my first dance at my wedding?

Cult Leader LOL

Cult Leader LOL

No, That Box

No, That Box

No, Areola lolol

Do you ever do improv rapping?

No, I write everything, but before I write, I freestyle words and pitches and everything.

What are your thoughts on Snowtheproduct?!

I think she's crazy lyrically AND mentally. I just think she gets quiet around me so I won't know that she's crazy for real. But from one crazy to another, I know she is.

What's the hardest drug you've ever done?

Ketamine and NOT willingly.

Yo Tech I'm visiting KC next week! Where can I get get some good grub at? I know you know the spots!

Gates, Jack Stack, and Peachtree Buffet if you can find it.

You touched my hand at a show once, Tech. Haven't washed it since ;-)

That's nasty lol

That's nasty lol

Cuz I had just scratched my balls and scratched my ass and smelled my finger afterwards, Sorry N Shit


What you look like?

What do you look for most when selecting your beats?


did you write Something Else or anything with the pen I gave you in munich? Sanny Taetah

I've used the same pen since KILLER.


Fuckin incredible. He's so zen.

Whats the process of finding artists to colab with? Do you listen to their shit first or do you go by their rep?

Fuck their rep, they gotta be dope in my opinion.

What's your favorite Brotha Lynch Hung song?

Situation Dirty from the I'm Bout It soundtrack

Hey Tech, what are your thoughts on Kendrick Lamar and his crew?

Kendrick's crew is my crew - my family.

Just wanted to let you know that your music inspired me with that being said I wood like to know what inspired you to do Klusterfuk?

Cuz I am a Klusterfuk. And I like that word.

Tech Nine, how many girls have you slept with? (Estimate)

I lost count years ago.

are you as crazy as you say you are in your music?

My music is me.

Hey Tech when is that collab with Immortal Technique going to happen?

Whenever the beat calls his name.

Who's an artist that you listen to that people would be surprised by?

That I listen to Lana Del Rey maybe?

How will Strangeulation be different compared to all the other collabo albums?

I don't know, but I recorded a solo song today and it's incredibly humongous. It's called "Over It".

How do you pick up chicks?

They pick me up. I haven't walked up to a chick since I walked up to my wife at 17.

They pick me up. I haven't walked up to a chick since I walked up to my wife at 17.

Naw, she walked up to me so I aint walked up to a bitch in a minute

TECH N9NE! I'm a huge fan. I literally listen to 'I Can Get Grim' every morning before I go to class and was curious as to whether you'd ever consider releasing anymore NUTTHOWZE tracks from back in the day, kinda like a vintage tech part 2 type of thing?

You have to talk to Icy Roc. He has them hidden somewhere.

Will you ever colab with all of TDE?

Yes, I will. For sure.

What cartoon character would you be?

Bugs Bunny was kool as a muthafucka.

What's your favorite eminem album and why?

I like em all. Even the one he didn't like, Relapse.

Where is your favorite place to perform? Least favorite?

Denmark and Denver.

Least favorite is Columbus, OH because I don't like the venue Villa Rosa. That's where Dimebag died.

Tech any plans on getting OG Ron C & the Chopstars to Chop-Up Not Slop-Up your entire album catalog??? Hit up @OGRonC @CHOPNOTSLOP @Chopstars on twitter

Yeah, how you know we been talkin?

Yeah, how you know we been talkin?

That nigga still aint sent me Fuck Action 38 like he said he was

What inspired the song "Pinocchio" it's so odd but so catchy at the same time, lost my virginity to "that box" btw lol

Pinnochiho is how I see myself.

Does Caribou Lou have any defects?

Yes, I told you on the song. Only defect is wakin up like what happened?!

Tech, i know how respectful you are of Blowfly. Have you guys got to meet in person and colab or anything yet?

We met in person in Ft Lauderdale. He was weird as fuck,but funny.

I have one question and one question only.

Will you ever do a song with Mac Lethal? That would probably be the sickest thing ever!!!!!!

Yeah, I'd work with Mac.

The rain had your 2 daughters on it. Do they have any interest in following in their fathers foot steps? And thank you for doing what you do, much respect.

Nope. Alyia is in an all girl college. Reign is cheerleading now in highschool. Dontez is trying to follow in my footsteps.


Did you just ask me do I listen to music outside of rap when I just put out Therapy?

what was your favourite song you've made?

It's between This Ring and Come Gangsta

When was your last time that you were beardless?

Before I started eatin pussy

That was a long time ago

Before I started eatin pussy

That was a long time ago

So 12 years old

So... um... how big is it? You know what I mean. ** smile **

Are you a dude or a chick? Even though it says chick Im not sure!

What rapper were you listening mostly when you were younger?

Ice Cube.

Will there ever be a 816 boyz album. Also I just want to say thankyou for all the wonderful music youve made.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Kind of jelly (alright really jealous) that you visited troops at the time I wasn't deployed and left before I had arrived. So I guess my question is when you comin to see us again Tech?

Whenever you guys call me again.

Do you have anything started for "Special Effects" yet?

Not yet because I'm currently working on STRANGEULATION.

How do you think your music has changed since getting clean?

I still feel like I'm high, so I don't know.

what do you do on your down time?

Dream about sex and try to make it happen

Will you still be performing when you're 50?

I think so.

Tech, I saw you at the Sprite Liquid Mix tour in 2001 having never heard of you, and after that show went out and got EVERYTHING I could find by you. I just wanted to say you've been my favorite rapper ever since, and your music has gotten me through some shit, so thanks.

Having said that, I've noticed that your music seems to hold a slight homophobic stance. Is this due to your personal opinions, your religion, or (I know this isn't why) your trying to conform to go hip stereotypes. Please know I'm not trying to insult you, I've just always wondered this add someone who fucking loves your music, but is a very outspoken lgbt supporter.

Thanks in advance for an answer, and thanks again for the years of entertainment your music has given me.

Also, you were a fucking BEAST in Jacksonville last year, please come back!

Uh, I love lesbians and I have no problem with gay dudes. What did I say that made you think I'm against gays? Have you listened to 'Believe'?

I said people should be free to be together, should be free to be whatever.


Will you sleep with my girlfriend please?

Depends on how she looks...and if she's old enough.

22 and a white girl with a banging fat ass!

Send me a pic

What's the hardest verse you've ever recorded?

The hardest verse I ever recorded was 'So Dope' because the beat is so open its hard to stay on beat.


I think it's Angel Davanport.

Top 3 favorite alcoholic drinks? Also, you're the man

Bou Lou, KC TEA, and Cadillac Margarita.

Do you already have another tour in the works? Where are you going next ?

They're tryin to get me and Hopsin together on one.

What do you think of Chance the Rapper?

Just heard one song and it wasn't bad.

Huge fan. I've seen the trailer for The Devil's Carnival. I've got to ask, what can you tell us about its progress?

I haven't been able to get off tour till now. So, they just have it on hold for me. I feel special.

i love your work! what was it like collaborating with d12? what's your favorite city to perform in?

Fuckin wonderful to be in the same room with energetic, bright and shiny, crazy ass Proof.

Who's the song A Real 1 about?

You if you trippin!

You think rappers should call it quits at a certain age? Rock n Roll stars perform well into their 60's, will you!?!?

If I did, I woulda quit already.

Is K.A.B.O.S.H in full effect yet?

It will be.

Einstein? Huh What!?

Has anyone ever messed up the Caribou Lou when you ordered it? Did you then have to rap about it so they got it right?

Fuck yes, all the time. Muthafuckas be puttin blue shit in it. I won't even buy blue drawlz from Walmart!

what do you think is the album of the year?

Between Something Else, Good Kid Maad City, and The Heist.

Who would be the best Trivia player on Strange Music?

Fuckin Krizz Kaliko and Travis.

How does it feel to have a pizza named after you?

It feels like I'm a fat fuck lol

Why don't you want to do a Worldwide Choppers 2?

I do! It's just not time.

If you could Work with one artist past or present who would it be?

Well, I already worked with Jim Morrison and 2Pac, and Roger Troutman, so I would have to say Jimi Hendrix.

Would you suck a dick if your life depended on it

NO, I would not. Death before dishonor.

NO, I would not. Death before dishonor.


Will there be features on Strangeulation outside of the label? Who do you want on it?

No, all Strange. Beats and all.

Did you really invent the Caribou Lou? What gave you the idea for that drink?

I fuckin invented it. Before I spoke it, it was not.

DO you ever read philosophy ?

I used to.

When did you start listening to Mod Sun, and what do you think about his music? will there be a collab?

A few years ago, his sister Danielle hipped me to everything.

When was your "oh shit.... I'm going to do this forever" moment and what was it like ?

I just realized on the last tour that I can't quit cuz you guys follow me and to just stop would be soooo wrong.

Tech will you ever get married again??

No. Well...

What is your favorite song to perform?


What is your favorite Pokemon?

I don't know Pokemon.

On the video shoot with Hopsin for 'Rip Your Heart Out', he had to tell me who Ash Ketchum was.

Any idea what happened with the Linkin Park track?

I don't know, I think time just ran out for that single. Cuz I did it. They loved it, but you know...

You said you wanted to work with Citizen Cope awhile back. Anything ever come of that?

I talk to Clarence periodically. We will work soon!

[No question]

THX For kixin it, I gotta get back to recording at Strangeland!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Tech N9ne conducted on Reddit on 2013-11-21. The Reddit AMA can be found here.