Stig Severinsen

November 12, 2012

I hold the Guinness World Record for the longest breath hold of 22 minutes, AND for the longest freedive under ice on a single breath of air (236 feet) in speedos. My name is Stig Severinsen, I am a four time freediving world champion, and hold a PhD in Medicine. Ask me anything.

Proof GWR for 22 minute breath hold VIDEO:

GWR Validated (22 mins)

GWR for ice dive (236 feet) VIDEO:

GWR Validated (Ice Dive):

5 Questions

1) How do you train to get your body and mind ready for these extreme records?

2) What do you think about as you are holding your breath for that long?

3) Can you suffer from brain damage holding your breath for that long?

4) Why do you do these extreme records?

5) How do I get started in freediving and breath holding?

Front Page - Thank You Reddit - You Are The Best. Keep Your Question Coming. I am doing the best to answer them, but I am being FLOODED right now! And soon have to go do some training in the ocean! But this sure has been fun! I would love to come back some other time...

Been a long awesome day with you all! Literally impossible to answer all of your questions. Keep posting your questions and sharing the conversation with your network, and I will get back to answering more tomorrow! Thanks for your understanding! This was really fun!

UPDATE 11/13/12: Thanks so much for an awesome time here on Reddit! I am planning to do this again sometime in the future! Have an awesome rest of the week!

UPDATE 11/16/12: Due to the sheer amount of attention this post has gotten online, I will be spending time this weekend answering more of your questions. Right now, my book on amazon is sold out, but if you would like to download it immediately, please go to, and on the front page you will see it available (Ebook).


UPDATE 11/18/12: I´m promised;) - Will answer some questions now but running out of time. Instead I have made a special Thank YOU video (LINK BELOW). I hope this will bring new value to YOU and the rest of the Reddit "family";) - We will announce the winners here on Reddit after the expiration date Nov. 25th 2012. AND remember - that winner might very well be Y-O-U;) - Enjoy the video below and make sure not to miss the important details in the end. Thank you all once again - this has been GREAT and it would be fun to come back;)

Friendly, THE STIG (aka NOT the race car driver...but "Aquaman" coined by you all) :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all - thank you for great engagement - here is a special Thank You for all in the Reddit "family" - be sure not to miss the goodies in the video...and stay tunes for a fabulous "Black Friday" surprise;)

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Just a random question but, how do you like reddit so far in those 22 hours since you signed up?

Absolutely! Have had a really great time! :-)


Just a random question but, how do you like reddit so far in those 22 hours since you signed up?

Amazing.....Tsunami of VIRAL beautifulness now created globally ...thanx folks - meet me here:)

i saw the program you were in on the television the other day! crazy shit, well done!



Happy you liked can learn more here:

And meet me HERE:

You sir, you are the coolest guy ever.

Thank you!

You sir, you are the coolest guy ever.

Let´s talk more coolness;)

Why hasn't anyone asked for proof that this is really him?

This was made 16 hours ago yet still has no verification.

It is indeed me. Trust me on this.

Why hasn't anyone asked for proof that this is really him?

This was made 16 hours ago yet still has no verification.

This is a GREAT question and I agree 100% - In FACT - see the video I made...I took YOUR advice into consideration for the Reddit people (moderators/developers) - a simple pdf of passport or Driver's Lisence or even a phone call should be mandatory....

Here is video:

It is indeed me. Trust me on this.

See above - than you:

Why hasn't anyone asked for proof that this is really him?

This was made 16 hours ago yet still has no verification.

Holy shit you are the coolest dude on the planet

Thanks man!

Holy shit you are the coolest dude on the planet

And COLD...;)

You've proven that Stig Severinsen holds these records, but could you provide proof that the person answering these questions is actually Stig Severinsen?

What proof do you need? I am going to make a thank you video, and it will be posted to the text above. Stay tuned!

You've proven that Stig Severinsen holds these records, but could you provide proof that the person answering these questions is actually Stig Severinsen?

For you Sir Sherlock Holmes;)

But you have a great point...which I address to the people behind Reddit right HERE:

PS. Maybe it is not me - but a real good "look alike" - I am in Vegas now...remember;);)

Hi Stig,

Too late for this game. But 10-11 years ago while I was in high school I helped you edit a small movie together. It was around 6 or 7 minutes long which was the time you were able to hold your breath back then.

We used Air - All I Need,, for the background. And I still feel this is the perfect choice for diving. There's something so relaxing and soothing about it.

YES..clearly remember...thank you;) THAT is a great song;) Please see top (info) for video response;)

What are some stretches you use to stretch your lungs and diaphragm? How do they help you? Also do you hunt Pelagics??

All stretches you can dream of in the Breatheology Academy:

AND see the NEW VIDEO:

All stretches help to make diaphragm flexible and take more contractions - better control....LOVE hunting;)

Do you believe in God? If so, do you believe this is a gift from God? Or just extensive training?

Believe in PRANA;)

Some say he's half merman

Some say he only mates under an ice sheet

All we know is... HE'S THE STIG

YES - exactly...THE got it;)

In your TED talk you mentioned a change in the thalamus in the brains of free-divers. Could you expand on this? What exactly is the nature of the change and what are its implications?


Difficult to know exactly but more details in my book Breatheology (Englis and Spanish)

Guess training can make great positive changes in the brains...Science will understand this in a near future;)

In your TED talk you mentioned a change in the thalamus in the brains of free-divers. Could you expand on this? What exactly is the nature of the change and what are its implications?


In freedivers and people using meditation things seem different...long discussion but more in my book breatheology (English and Spanish):

The plasticity of the brain is huge - and I guess this only shows that we can train the brain in many ways...which makes sense!! But this is not scientifically proven - !

Implications are a smarter brain and better control;)

In your TED talk you mention that there's a change in the thalamus in the brains of free divers. Could you expand on this? What exactly is the nature of this change and what implications does it have?


Please see above...

Hi Stig. You have done a lot of alternative training to improve your abilities as a free diver - can you see a direct biological affect of these training methods or is it more psychological? Maybe the two things are too closely linked to tell?

YES - exactly...I believe in fun, smart and versatile training.....biological effects.....well, I am (hardly) never ill;)

And my breathing at night (sleep) is very girlfriends used to think I was not there in the bed because I was so quiet....on stealth;)

Also I can fall asleep in a split second.....

Diet is also important...I eat "functional"....

All linked together...but the mental part is in all things;) BUT the body must also be able to follow...very important aspect...enjoy and don´t miss the Thank YOU video and YOUR chance:

Did you hyperventilate before your held your breath?

How long can you stay under water with one scuba tank or air?

When did you know you didn't need much oxygen to survive?

Hyperventilation is dangerous and should NOT be done without supervision...but with professional people and years of experience it can be used. Hyperventilation also means many different things to different me it means "blow out excess CO2"....

In SCUBA I can make a tank last quite long...that is one good reason for SCUBA divers to train freediving and breath control...

Always loved holding my breath and dive.....

Without any former training of any kind, I can hold my breath for 4 minutes. Any tips on how to improve?

GREAT...Never do it alone in water..... I have delevoped a FULL step-by-step training program - Book called Breatheology (eBook here):

And an ONLINE course (Breatheology Academy):

Good can WIN membership here..see video;)

Thanks for doing this AMA! Quick question, if I'd like to get started what are some good resources for beginners? Also, you started at a very young age, is it too late for someone who's already 30?

NEVER to late...and NEVER dive is to find a freediving course near you...(search) - also I have an online program - easy and 24 hour access....;) - You can now even WIN membership to:

See video on how to win and share with Reddit:


Find this a kind' of strange comment - not much value in this for the reddit community (or the world) - but I am not afraid by nature...and won the Danish Championship in JUDO two years in a have trained Tae Kwon Do and on of my best friends is a world know master of Wing Tsun and has taught me great things... So could be an intertaining thing to meet in the saif...I have very little fear in life - that is how I manage to set new WORLD RECORDS...over and over and over and over again;)

Some say the Stig can hold his breath for the longest time in the world... Which he can!

Word....and YOU can learn the same too...see video....ENJOY;)

My super power is "I can breathe automatic and manual now that I think about it."

Exactly - that IS power...true power is to be even more conscious...that is why the subtitle of my book Breatheology is - The art of conscious breathing - see link:

Get it from this video - if you sign up and get lucky;)

Are you some sort of super human?

Not more than you...but was crowned as "The Ultimate Superhuman" on Discovery Channel for the 22 min Guinness World Record.... Here is small video: Join now and maybe YOU can become even more Superhuman;)


Used High School in Florida (GBHS) - did nearly 100 kg when I was 17 - did 130 when I was 25.....

Since then do not lift much..more swim training and if I lift only use small weigths.....AND HOLD my breath.....sets of 3 x not want to develop too big muscles (too high O2 need)

Try to hold your breath in next session...;)

Get inspiration here:

You're awesome!

Thank - ditto....get more awesome today;)

You are welcome! :)

AND NOW - you can even put BETTER replies up to your friends on Reddit...your chance is here and now;)

Have you encountered any brain problems, being deprived of oxygen so long?

The biggest challenge/danger is Black Out. But you should NEVER dive alone....doctors have studied my brain (SCAN...PET, MR, CT) the last 15 years and not found any damage) -Much more on this in my book: Acyually you should look up "preconditioning" (also in my book) - interesting stuff;)

Are you the man you've dreamed to become as a kid?

Great question..and hard;) - YES....always LOVED animals and have been curious by nature....

Today I work will all this and great people.....blessed blessed....but it is a LOT of constant work....HARD work....dreams rarely come falling from the sky!

Maybe this is your dream;)

Do you know Ph. D Terry Spohn??? I swear he says in class he has a friend that sounds similar to you...

NO - maybe meet him at conference!!


Ladies also love to freedive;) And do it with great style;)

Hope you win the 1 hour VIP call;)

..22 minutes? I am a whale. AMA.

GREAT...then U don´t need this...haha

I think we saw you on some show a few weeks ago. Amazing.

We are in Thailand. My wife and myself spend all the time we can snorkeling in the Andaman. My wife would love to.learn to freedive. I tell her first she has to learn to swim.

Your ability to reduce your heart rate based on Vipassana meditation technique?

GREAT....NOW is her big week to go;)

Different yoga breathing (also Vipassana) helps...

How is it that people drown if human beings have the capacity to hold their breaths for so much longer? Clearly, some of it must be physiological changes due to your huge amount of training, but that can't be all, can it? Is this even well-studied?

many studies but people are different...also trained freedivers use less oxygen....we "recondition" the nervous system"...but all people can do is your chance;)

What's your deal with making me feel like I'm a worthless piece of flesh sitting in front of my computer?

haha...guess you shoud go for a swim;) - here is to your luck;)

What do you do to keep your head above water in this economy? Assuming holding your breathe is not a full time job.

Good question...many people struggle these days.....but I find more and more people value friends and family more and more...TRUE values...(not money or materialism) - I give keynotes around the world (TED, WHO, BANKS etc) - here is from TED:

And also teach yoga teachers, Olympian athletes and CEO's from large have a best seller book (Breatheology):

But still have to work hard every resting on the laurels;)

Here is your chance for an easy 4000 dollars - enjoy:

Did you practice to be able to do such things, or were you as good at it since the day you were born?

Both...train a lot...but always liked it very much - here is how I train:

YOU can win too:

So you have a PhD and you don't understand that depriving the brain of oxygen for such a long amount of time even once does permanent damage?

Certainly not as well as you - enlighten me please - plus the rest of this wonderful Reddit family;)

Maybe you understand or learn something new here:

Was Organic Chemistry tough? best friend helped me...;) But I do like the smell of gas...(and the smell of neoprene....early in the morning;)

But I managed somehow to get here anyway:


Mermaids are always naked....

Learn to hold your breath longer and find some yourself - the journey starts here:

are you as cool as I think you are based on the title?

Not sure....but cold after ice diving;)

Your coolness can be increased here;)

You mentioned that to avoid brain damage/keep your heart pumping, "you must be able to lower your metabolism and not burn too much oxygen." Do you try to do this with your thoughts as well?

Your brain ends up consuming a large part of your oxygen and demands a lot from your metabolism. By this, I mean do you try and avoid thoughts that might be metabolically demanding on your brain or do you have some routine thoughts that limit the extent your brain requires blood? Or do you instead focus not on your thoughts but on trying to keep your other physiological parameters in check?

GREAT Q - well...use a LOT of different mind techniques...most important is not WHAT you think but HOW - details here:

But also have a conversation with my heart to make it beat not only slowly but also softly;)

See here:

Here is your chance:

do you like the movie "le grand bleu" ?

BEAUTIFUL EPIC movie - -see SURPRISE in THIS video:

Are there any unusual side effects in your health big or small based on what you do?

Yes....the good things - see the entire people....change minds......negative often 20 hours a day...and much away from friends and family....long term effects difficult to know...

Stronger lungs...;) - You can learn the same:

Do you practice Hypopressive exercises? Are they good also for non proffesionals to improve health?

Know about it....use similar techniques.....see Breatheology Academy - free to join..test yourself:

Here is your chance...

Do you have any general life advice? The sort of stuff that just clicked at one point and you went "Oh, that's the attitude I need to have to accomplish all my dreams and become a Guinness World Record guy? HARD (but not all the time and not all your life!!)

Follow your NOT listen to others/negative people/poor can they understand YOUR dreams?

Align your heart with your dreams - and vice versa;)

Start here:

Is you'r mom a mermaid?

She is blond and from Sweden...and I was "made at sea" MAYBE;)

ASK ME ANYTHING if you win:

the top comment here should have been "do you even lift?"

No bad;)



Have you ever experienced hypothermia or a related cold-related sickness/disease from your ice diving?

GOOD Q - Yes...after my Guinness Ice dive I was so cold in my spine ("behind" lungs) friends (a physiotherapist) massaged me and re-started my circulation......hypothermia can be very dangerous...especially because the mind goes away...

Have actually forgotten about some of this...I don´t dwell in these details...but also a few fingers went numb for some weeks.....and another friend had to help me dress because I could not move/use my fingers

Ask me more if you win;)

I have heard that you swallow air into your stomach right before you dive and burp at the end to use it. Is this a real technique or just a false explanation of your last few seconds of hyperventilating?

NO - see above....but some people do:

How has your knowledge of medicine assisted you in setting these records?

THANK these are the good and intelligent questions that shed light to other people;) - YES.....a lot from the stuides have been implemented in my training.....and I hope my philosophy will change the world - and especially the MINDS of even the most stubborn and conservative doctors......breathing is a GREAT remedy - and perfect for more soon..maybe;)

Hej Stig. En redditor fra Danmark. Super fedt at se en kendt dansker på IAmA.. Ved du hvad dit kondital ligger på?

GREAT...A DANE....I reply in English so all will index (fitness) is mentioned in the Breatheology book:

Near quite ok;)

Here is more for U;) We can even speak in Danish..haha

How long could you have survived in the north Atlantic water in which the Titanic sank?

Some is movie from North of the Polar Circle.....

And here is your chance to ask more;)

You sir, are awesome.

Thank...we can talk more..maybe:

Is it true the Danish speak with potatoes in their mouth?

YES..hahahaha...that is what people other tongue is Swedish (Swedish mother) - it is more Spanish....waves on the different languages....they have helped me and open many new worlds and given life long friends......speak 6-7 it

We can speak more here:

BRB, breaking record.


Does blood doping or EPO use exist in freediving? Seems a prime target - increase the blood oxygen level and last longer?

Never detected..and we are ALWAYS tested under the most (Olympic) standards..after official world records.

freediver have no money.....and win no money...and are free and true need to "compete" with your soul in do not want to cheat yourself - nor the people who love and trust you!!

Never understood is ugly and for the weak...losers......

BUT YES....EPO or Beta Blockers (to lower heart beat) would certainly help in some ways...

Talk soon:

How does it feel like to be be a world champion?

Great...but you get used to it....Winning becomes a habit...... But winning is not all...there are many other things to life and I try to reflect on this daily....

But I am very THANKFULL to all my loved ones who have supported and believed in MY can never win alone!

See another winner here - a true champ;)

Ever seen the movie The Big Blue?

YEP...see here - ESPECIALLY FOR U:

Ever seen the movie The Big Blue?

This guy capitalized the "AND" and is therefore a fucking douche. Why are you all fawning over this body that happens to be human as well?

Actually if the AND is in header it was capitalized by my brilliant manager....but to separate and EXPLAIN (make it more clear) it was TWO DIFFERENT EVENTS...NOT TO SAY....LOOK HOW COOL I AM!!!!!

Hope it makes sense......but is my bald head!!

I am very human.....just like all other people here in this great REDDIT;)

I like you!

Thank you...Like you too...but we do not know each is your chance;)

I like you!

It would be good idea to explain the dangers involved. Why people should not train by themselves and what has happened to others.

YES - good point.....(but ALL explained above)

NEVER dive can have a BLACK OUT...and you will NOT feel it coming.

Believe me - with ALL my experience it could even happen to me (and has a few training and in one World Record Attempt I failed)

SO only hold your breath with professionals....and only in a safe place.

More on Black out here:

Some say that he's able to hold his breath for 22 minutes and that he holds a PHD in Medicine. All we know is HES CALLED THE STIG!

Word------as it say in the video;););)

Are you THE Stig? are one of the first to get this....THE Stig (not The Stig..he is a great driver)....

see more here;)

paging dr. Diver

Dr. D;)

WTF is a PhD in medicine?

I met a guy in Vancouver who nearly talked me into starting this as a sport as it would help with the asthma I get in the summer months. His name is Kirk Krack. His wife/girlfriend helped in the making of the movie The Cove if I remember correctly. Some people practice in Buntzen Lake not far from my home. Sadly, someone died while practising free-diving there a few years ago. It's an extremely cold lake, glacier fed. Very sad.

I am amazed at the extremities involved. Amazing sport. Good luck!

Yes...Kirk (and Mandy) are here in Las Vegas (DEMA..biggest dive show in the world) - spoke with them yesterday...they are very skilled...

Did not know of the diver...sorry to hear that....but NEVER dive alone.... can help your asthma...see movie:

Hello good sir, this is some great stuff you have done. I came to think about this underwater hunter: Who also is holding his breath for several minutes, staying on the "floor" of the sea and also hunting (physical activity) while doing this, whats your thoughts on this?

YES...amazing people.....and isn't Sir David Attenborough just the COOLEST man on Earth! EPIC...Maybe I can have the great honor to work with him one day...I do more and more tv (documentaries)....

In my book I talk about different dive tribes....

See U on the other side..maybe:

Not that I doubt you, but how in the fuck is it even possible to hold your breath for 22 minutes. I mean You'd have to enter into hypothermia I thought. Even with a low heart rate, your body should still be consuming more oxygen than you can store over 22 minutes. Or at least that's what I've been led to believe.

What kind of science is there behind it? Are you just different, or is there a specific method/ conditions that would let someone hold their breath for close to that?

Just curious, it's mind boggling. Props to you!

Science of Breatheology;);))

But you do NOT have to be hyperthermic....but YES...lower metabolism..

And more explanation if we meet:

How long is your beard at this precise moment?

Just shaved;)


Do you know the missing free diver champion Adel Abu Haliqa from the United Arab Emirates ?

Yes - not well...but he was a great man and asked to come and train with me in Denmark (we meet years ago in a competition in Holland....I believe it was his very first and he set national records).

His tragic end is a big loss to all.....he had a great smile...

My book is now being translated into Arabic - just heard from editor today and all is going look forward to more travels in the Middle east in 2013.....yesterday talked with two great guys from Dubai...

Book now only in English and Spanish (Chinese, Russian and Italian soon ready):

Here is your chance:

I bet the ladies are pretty happy about you holding your breath for 22 mins. If you know what I mean.

See above...Spa forever;);)

I bet the ladies are pretty happy about you holding your breath for 22 mins. If you know what I mean.

What's it like to be the world's biggest badass?

good at times....bad at times....

but quite happy - here is a small video:

My asshole always itches the day after I eat popcorn.
Is this normal?

Scratch it.....always scratch back...

Du er for vild, Stig! Stor respekt for hvad du gør, specielt at du igennem det hele har fokus på at hjælpe og inspirere andre.

Du er med til at sætte Danmark på verdenskortet, og nu i høj grad Reddit's verdenskort :)

Thank you very much...this person respects the focus I have on helping others and inspire...I try my best;)

Also that I put Denmark on the map...Denmark is a SMALL country...but a beautiful place.....with many lovely people....BUT...visit in Summer time!

Wow.... not even a single Monkey Island / Guybrush Threepwood reference ....

Not yet.....but monkey mind mentioned in my book Breatheology and my workshops here in Las Vegas:

Here is to monkey madness;)


Nothing before want to have an empty stomach....sometimes very little...fruit...honey..nuts.....NO MILK or dairy...creates mucus

We have purchased a medal for you , it should be arriving in 4-6 weeks .

Probably a good idea not to hold your breath on that one

That would be quite the challenge....but thank you for your kindness

here is what I have made for YOU;)

Does your ability to go down for so long make you very popular with the women?

See Spa comments above.....many skills in freediving often come in "handy"!!! So to speak....

This man, is kind of a douche.

Yeah.....good you can tell...I hide it badly...and great you know since you sit behind an anonymous computer and probably never have meet me...HERE I AM - how do YOU look??!....outside your computer world!!

I have this cool trick when I'm drunk. I found that when I've had a bit to drink I can hold my breathe in the pool for 5-7 minutes. I cant come anywhere near this while sober. Is there a reason for this? Or is it simply that the fear drowning is gone after a few drinks?

Never drink and drive...I mean..ALSO never drink and dive...

But I know some people like coffee or beer before a dive..haha

NEVER dive alone....

I'm assuming you're big on meditating? Is that how you fall asleep? I have troubles sleeping and just wanted to know if you have any tips on entering sub-consciousness.

GREAT Q - YES...I fall asleep seconds....breathing exercises clearly help.....conscious training that becomes a "good habit" - I mention this in my book and show how:

Also see here:

Regular or menthol?

Shisha;) - Last night in Las Vegas, BABY;)

Some say he can hold his breath while still holding a conversation and his sneezes are too quick to see with the naked eye, all we know is he's called the Stig!

Faster than a Rattle snake on a hot summer day..hahaha

Like your joke;)

Are you Kevin Costner?

NO - not that I know of....but have been compared to (look a bit like) Harrison Ford (my great Australian friend I meet on a World Tour travel years ago called me "Indy"...still does to this day...I showed him the Rain Forest and biology in Cape Tripulation Northern Australia...AMAZING wild prestine rain forest...still good friends) - also when I was younger....some said I looked like Sting..and Freddy Mercury...maybe my high cheek bones and (especially when a teenager) large frontal teeth were quite big..haha - Kevin Costner....not really;);)

THIS IS HOW I LOOK NOW - bald and fat:

Hej Stig Ville bare sige, at jeg synes du er pisse cool! Har flere gange hørt Casper Tybjerg fortælle om dig, og jeg har også set en dokumentarfilm om dig, hvor du nærmest stoppede dit hjerte. Utrolig fascinerende!

Sorry to non-danish speakers. Just had to thank the man, he's incredible :)

Thanx...Casper Tybjerg is not only an incredible talented photographer (who is the Nikon Ambassadeur of Denmark plus UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Photographer) - he is also a great friend and actually just wrote the other day that he has new great plans for us in 2013. I shoot with him on his boat 2 hours before I left for this World Tour......always gotta fit in and find the time. People should know Casper Tybjerg has taken most of the photos for my (now Best SELLER #1 on Amazon) book:

Chech Casper Tybjerg HERE - website is also in English and has a FREE photo HOW COOL IS THAT:

Here is to Danish Dynamite;) - See U in Denmark my friend;)

How do you feel about your record being broken a few days ago?

Never heard about is my Official World Record - please put up link if you find any other OFFICIAL note (meaning from Guinness World Records):

Here is mine:

As an old friend used to say "There are many world champions in training";);););) So TRUE;)

Here is where we can talk more;);)


Easy..only takes 22 minutes;)

Here we can explain more:)

I saw you the other night on that Superhuman show and was very impressed. I wonder though, what do you think about while you're holding your breath for 22 minutes?

See above....many techniques...ask more here:

whats it like being an xman?

Cool to be part of Stan Lee's Universe..haha He is ONE COOL DUDE;)

With that name the only question is...are you know or have you ever driven "the reasonably priced car"

NOPE - see above...but like the prefer to be called:

THE Stig..haha

Where you hiding the gillyweed.

Webbed feet;)

Unrelated to diving or holding your breath under water, but I'm a huge runner, and clearly you must have some incredible cardio, so I was wondering, do you know your time for the mile, three mile, etc.? It intrigues me, great AmA!

Love to is 10 KM in about 36 min (did 3x 10 km that day)

My good friend is Jesper Olsen - WORLD RUN..I have had the pleasure of coaching him on breathing and he told me he had his BEST training run that same evening..amazing....check out a man who has run around the world - TWICE:

See you here - you don´t need to run;;)

you cheated, what's the record without cheating gas?

Cheated.....guess you did not use Google or think! But please enlighten me and tell and all people here on Reddit me how you cheat for a Guinness World Record? Maybe somebody likes to know!

The record without gas (pure oxygen) is aroud 12 minutes....impressive..

Do you even lift?

see above

Do you hyperventilate before you go in the water to prevent excess CO2 from causing you to involuntarily breathe?

see above:

Ever use this ability to pick up the chicks?

Could tell you....(confidential;)

But see above...feel free to use the "pick up line";)

Learn more here:)

How long can you hold your breath for underwater breathing 'normal air'?? like the rest of us breathe?

No 'pure oxygen' formula.

Good question....about 9 min

Are you a fish?

Pisces...born March 8th - 1973;)

Are you THE Stig?


One of my fears is holding my breath underwater, do you know how I could find someone who could teach me how to hold my breath longer and not fear?

This is a common fear.....great you want to challenge yourself and grow - I take my hat of for you;)

ALL people I have helped have improved....more inspiration here:


YES - both...but closely related to FLOW - please read above...or in my book for all details:

Here is more.....FLOW is a fascinating thing...we should all do it MORE;)

How big of a bong rip can you take?

Not big smoker.....but inhaled Shisha yesterday through my nose....witness by several people.....(divers;)

But can he hold it?

Stig,...King of the Wall Tokes!

Doing the funky chicken.

I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to all of us that took up freediving as the drug of choice. you are and will always be, the Stig!

Thank you - hope to inspire all my life - I am sure you so the same...look at Bob Croft - great inspiration....

Sorry, a little late to the post but, as a young diver, (only 15) what are the major keys to holding your breath for a long time? What can i do to improve my down time? thank you!

NEVER dive alone...

That said....great you like it...

TRAIN, WORK, EAT, SLEEP, DREAM, LOVE...that will do the trick...or look here:)

How did you first start practicing holding your breath for that long.. I can only stay for up to a minute haha

Always loved it....40 years surely can improve.....just takes practise.....helped a man yesterday..he TRIPLED his breath hold time....maybe I put up video someday...;);)

here you can learn more:

Could you hold your breath for 22 minutes outside of the water? Are you underwater to prove that you're not breathing, or because it helps with holding your breath?

Never tried....YES..under water to show no is more info:

And here is video:

Have you ever died?

nearly...but good safety team...interesting feeling...

NEVER dive alone...


You want to relax when you come up...too big breath or energy loss can make you black out...always end with a smile;)

How do you actually hold your breath for that long?

40 yrs of training;) - And liking it;);)

How many times have you drown while practicing for the world record?

None for this one...but have pushed the limits in training a few times...and also blacked out in one World Record Attempt - you learn most from your mistakes...not victory..

I love your work on TOP GEAR . Love you STIG. Haha

Toop COOL...but I am not a good driver..better diver;);)

I too love your Top Gear work, as a machine it should be easier to hold your breath

Man like a machine - THE Stig;)

When you drink beer, do you prefer Dos Equis?

Did not know/get this...untill this article (thank you for enlightening me)


Here is video:

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. What is your favorite sex position?

You are welcome - it is fun - to answer your question - please see above (Spa comment););)

But certainly do NOT like the "Sea Star"!!!! - For obvious reasons...


Since time really means nothing to a body, breathing I feel is the bodies clock. Have you ever thought you could live longer because you can breathe slower?

second question, and this may be ridiculous....

have you ever felt like you were a fish while diving? I was in a pool one time and I maybe a squeaking noise and felt like I was a dolphin. i'll stop posting for the day after that question

Good questions...Indian philosophy does not measure life in years...but in number of breaths (see in my book for more detail:)

Also in my book - I do NOT want to become a dolphin..but like to swim with them...also Killer BE with (and like) them;)

Killer Whales:

Ask more:

What's the difference between an MD and a PhD in medicine?


I know that this will get buried but I just want to go on the record by saying that this is one of the best AMAs I've read in a long time. Keep doing your thing and remain awesome.

Thank you very much....found it..try to answer all ..but maybe impossible...that is why I got THIS idea;)

Would someone with a lower metabolism naturally be able to hold their breath longer than someone with a higher metabolism, all other things being equal?

YES...guess so;)

Have you ever smoked a cigarette?

not many.....never liked it nor saw the "benefit".....

You had me at 'PhD in Medicine' :)

it is what it is..;)


does the discomfort of holding your breath go away the more you do it? or do you just get used to having it?

Good get more used to it...especially the high CO2 - we train a lot for that...also recondition the nervous system - I talk a lot about it in my book:


I was thinking about asking you a question.. But don't hold your breath.

Sometimes I do...;);)

In a battle against Michael Phelps do you think his speed or your endurance would win out?

Michael Phelps is the GREATEST Olympian of all times....would be an honor to meet him...but I think I could get lucky and dive longer that he can;);)

Freediving is not about speed...but balance...

And regarding Mr. Phelps....give that guy a break....he takes one silly hit of a Shisha or something like that...and some IDIOT (loser, who most certainly has NEVER accomplished ANYTHING extraordinary in his life!!!!) sends it to a newspaper...where more morons put it in an article...

Now this shows a culture of LOSERS...makes me feel ashamed....No other swimmer on this Planet has trained as HARD and DEDICATED as Michael you think he wins 22 Olympic medals (18 Gold) from smoking pot every day!!!! Guess not...

Honor that man for his love and passion for water and sport - HOW many kids has he not inpsired to become swimmers or dreamers - by SHOWING the way... do NOT listen to loser people who never accomplished as much as ONE little memorable thing in their pity life....pity them - but do NOT listen nor support them...

Honor people who are bigger than you, better than you....they do NOT do what they do to make you look small..they do it because they LOVE some form or shape.....if you think they do it to "make you look small" - you are either dumb, very small minded - or paranoid!

Honor the Titans.....WALK THE TALK.....(Money talks - BS walks!)

Like this man - HE walked the friend Bob Croft:

talk about coincidence! i litterally finished watching your 22 min record on tv no more than 5 mins ago!

Yoga mind...see you there;)

What do you know about dinosaurs?

Great Q - quite a lot....have a passion for Dinosaurs...will not go into details but just mention that it means Fearfully great/Terrible Lizard...guess they were/are;)

One more interesting fact (a part the one that I was crazy about studying vulcanos, Plate Tectonic, Continental Drift Alfred Wegener etc as a kid - and did my College Master assignment and Biology Paleotological project on dinasaurs, lizards and birds....especially Archeopteryx lithographica) - is that I took my brother (my safety diver/doctor you see during my 22 min Guinness World Record on the Superhuman Showdown on Discovery - link below) - to the Natural Museum of London the day after the 22 min record;)

Here is where we can maybe talk more dinasaurs;)

What are you terrible at?

Great it....many things...better ask people who are close to me;)

A big mess...not organized....can NOT make coffee....often talk too much...should listen more....never forget an appointment but sometimes come late...TERRIBLE things....not proud of that..have to shape up.....and many many other things...flaws flaws flaws....;)

Are you a human being... Seriously the hell?!

Hope so.....but like my own challenges.....


Juice boost;) - Did it 5 days some weeks ago...feels GREAT;)

What's the best way to treat a common cold doc?

Oranges, sleep, love and not to get a cold....;) - Better breathing (nose breathing - read more details in my book): And smile:)

Have you ever practiced/dived in Cuba? what are your favorite countries to dive?

NO - pero me encantaria day I will visit Cuba...have wanted to come the last few years...freedive, dance, spearfish and experience the culture.....amazing......Like many countries....with water and sun;)

New Zealand, Hawaii, many places;)

PLANET EARTH....quite a nice place to be..(still!!))

Questions Answers
Is it true that dating is hard for you because no one can take your breath away? Ha my girlfriend loves that I can stay a long time under water under in the spa :-)
Does Guinness have a world record for that? You should ask them. They are open to all kinds of new strange records! NO KIDDING!
1) Teach her your ways 2) Simulate space sex 3) ??? 4) Profit. LMAO!
Do you ever do it at the local swimming pool to mess with the lifeguards? Yes...when I was young and stupid I did this. I also used to tell my classmates that I was "watching television" as I was laying on the bottom. However, NEVER do this in your local swimming pool because your lifeguard might not save you, and it is not his responsibility.
I come from a professional background of swimming, and have lost several friends from mistakes holding their breath alone. NEVER do any of this. A big mission of mine is to educate people around the world on these specific safety issues.
I have a book (Breatheology), where I talk a lot about safety, and first aid.

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Hey Robot - thank Y-O-U;);)

When you go to the bar to pick up girls, are you able to tell them your awesomeness in one breath?

Sometimes....but it is much better to let the girls do the talking....I have seen many speak in ON breath for way over 22 minutes...girls are the TRUE champions;)

Probably too late and someone has probably asked this yes i ctr f

Have you ever talked to david blaine in person?

Nope...see many places above....

Never meet the guy....Maybe he is here in Vegas right NOW...who knows...will go down and look on the street;)

Did you also battle testicular Cancer?

Luckily never had cancer - but my fathers best friend dies from testicular cancer when he was very young - I know this was a big loss for my father....there will be shed more light on treatment/cancer/prevention soon....I am certain of this.....


My girlfriend would probably be happy to do this....we are quite frank in know....swim naked together is what I mean...guess you see a few girls naked also;)

Here is a guy with HUGE balls;)

How long can you hold your breath without being fully oxygenated?

see above..9 min

I had a dream once where I had the ability to hold my breath underwater for super long periods of time; it was as if I discovered some sort of secret. But that was just a dream.

How does it feel to know you are living that dream? What's it like knowing that you can hold your breath for that long? How did it feel when you were setting the record? Obviously you weren't nervous, since you took a deep breath beforehand :P

Felt great....nice dream you flying;);)

Have you ever used your ability for charity advantages? I think that having people bet money on how long you can hold your breath (example:10 bucks per minute) for a good cause would be an amazing way to use your skill.

GREAT question...really like it...maybe will take up the idea....did something similar in Monaco many years ago...invited by Prince Albert....

SWAM for a kid....and have a dream of making a REHABILITATION CENTER...too many are closing down..especially in Denmark......Tell me if you can help or have more great ideas;)

My "Charity" this year has been helping to create and train 12 patients in Denmark with Post Polio - on a center called PTU.

I was watching a story on ESPN last year. I think it was an E:60 program entitled "Risk" and there was a free diver featured on the show. Would you happen to be that free diver or know that free diver?

Not many programs.....hardly never watch TV!

I am The Brown!

You're obviously tremendously talented, and yet judging from the description of this AMA, you're still striving for the approval and admiration of others. Is deep-seated insecurity the reason you've accomplished so much in your life?

Maybe - this is an interesting psychological question - so I guess it will be difficult to answer - but I certainly reflect on this topic! Insecurity will often live in the unconscious/subconscious mind....Maybe I will ask my friend Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - might see him very soon...had the honor of giving a lecture on my "meditation under water" last year at Claremont Graduate University.....he also participated with full eagerness and held his breath;)

I am not a psychologist - but have a huge interest in that please enlighten me if you know more - you seem well-versed in this.

That being said - (please read my Michael Phelps comment above) I do not think that "being talented" always have to do with insecurity nor to want to "put other people down" - what about love or passion;)

boxers, briefs, or all natural?

Speedos....commen in Denmark/swimming;)

Growing up in Florida I know Speedos are NOT in fashion on the beach;)

Natural is always a beautiful thing;)

What's your favorite color? But seriously did your phd in medicine have anything to do with the records or vice versa?

many is not bad;) Used PhD in many ways...knowledge and as "sponsor ship".....note:

ALL world records in freediving aer SELF payed....NO big money in that "sport" - but it is about the passion;)

What's it like to be able to command fish and what's up with the orange and green outfit? Do you know Namor?

Fish command me - not vice versa;)

Does everyone understand that he was breathing pure oxygen for 30 minutes prior to the breath holding? The record without an oxygen breathup is somewhere over eleven minutes I believe. Which in my opinion is a good bit more impressive.

Good point....thank you for clarification - should be clear form the movie and the link to Guinness. Record about 12 min now...I believe...

YES - very impressive;)

lol OF COURSE his name is Stig..

Not the driver....;)

Stig is Nordic - it means "Pathfinder" ------

So how long can you hold a hit from a bong? I mean freedive is definitely cool n stuff but, a bong hits pretty hard IMO.

Not sure....guess not as long as you...quite sensitive to smoke;)

Question about diving. Why is it that when I try to dive, even just six feet, I experience an immense pain in one if my ears. Consequently I do not dive.

Learn Valsalva...hold your nose...

Go down head first...on a dive rope...

NEVER train professional help.

Any suggestions for surfers on breath holding techniques while getting thrashed around by waves?

YES - good question...(just saw Chasing Maverick...awesome and beautiful movie)

I work on this with PRO surfers now....keep an eye on the website:

Train breath holding ON land...get used to the reflex.....get to know your body and signals.....learn hook breathing...


So, there's a scene in the new James Bond flick, Skyfall, in which Bond and one of the villain's henchmen fall into icy water. While sinking, the henchman chokes Bond, then Bond escapes and chokes the henchman to death, then Bond starts to swim toward the surface only to realize that he can't tell where the hole they fell through is so he swims down to the sinking henchman and grabs the henchman's flare gun, then he fires the flare gun, waits for it to detonate, then swims to the surface.

So my question is: how ludicrously impossible is that?

Not seen it yes...but thank you for explanation;) Not a gun expert;)

Maybe Bob could answer;)

so you're telling us that Nords and Argonians can interbreed?


On a scale of 1-10 how much do you think you're the shit? I don't mean in a bad way at all, just like pro football players or basketball players do. Like how cool is it to be the best diver out there?

There are many cool divers and many cool people....I usually "judge" cool factor on how much you HELP other and how much of your TIME you give....

My 98-year old beloved grandmother has taught me that "When you have a special talent or skill - when it is easy and natural for you - it is your duty to help others how find it more difficult" - THAT IS ONE COOL GRANDMA;)

I am no different form you......;)

Are you THE Stig?


You say ask you anything, but if you have a PhD in Medicine, then me asking you a question about Technical Engineering would be pointless because you either wouldn't know the answer or go on the internet to find it out. So in any case, would you consider your expertise in medicine be a helpful factor in the case of letting you be able to hold your breath for so long and be able to dive so deep? Or did you do a lot of practice to be able to go for that long and as deep over time?

A PhD in Medicine nor World Records does not make me able to answer "anything" (all questions...but I try) - Knowledge in Natural and Health Science (I am also a Biologist(Master Degree) give me some ability to explain things to other people in "layman's" I use it as an author - you be the judge;)

Here are some articles (under INFO) - feel free to share:

Also 40 years of training helps;) - Or 70 Years;)

why are you not dead?

Do you ever worry (or wish because of low oxygen use) that you will fall asleep while holding your breath in static apnea? I used to hold my breath while trying to fall asleep and one time fell asleep with while holding my breath (laying on my back just in case). I have always been worried I would do it when I am so relaxed in the pool and drown.

Excellent question - nearly fell asleep once in the water...not almost falling "out of the bed" ;);)

With practice this went away;)

NEVER dive/train alone

Not exactly related to trying to hold your breath, but I subconsciously hold my breath sometimes and only notice after maybe a small amount of time of having held it. I was also told I make funny noises in my sleep (not snoring) that I'm pretty sure is either a result of holding my breath, or letting it out very slowly. What the hell's goin' on here?

Not sure why I'm asking you but you seem to know what's up.

Breathing is a magical things.....your breath picks up all things around and inside of you...It is a great question;) Difficult to answer...but it is good you are aware about how you breathe...try to work more on conscious breathing and see what happens....also...who says it is bad to make small pauses;)

Maybe my book Breatheology can help you more:

I wouldn't think holding your breath randomly would be a bad thing. It may cause dizziness if you try to stand up when you are holding your breath, but other than that shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't mess with your subconscious breathing routine if you can. Just let it go naturally. If you "try" to correct it you may find yourself being aware of your breath all the time, and manually breathing all the time sucks, especially when trying to fall asleep.

Sleep noises = lungs + throat + mouth/nasal interactions. Too many factors to nail it down easily.

Random fun fact: in a way you can "stretch" your breath holding ability. When you are bored use a watch/stopwatch and hold your breath for 10, then 20, then 30 seconds. Get a few good relaxed breaths between the sets and eventually you can do sets above a minute long with only a small breath between no problem!

Great answer...thank you

THIS is what I guess Reddit is all about - SHARING IS CARING;)

22 minutes?!? You cannot be serious!

Sometimes serious - sometimes not...

Thanks for the compliment.

Not a good singer, but sure like to hold my breath! :-)

Bono is cool....

But what about BOB;)

I wish Bono would try that instead of singing. Or talking for that matter.

He could be cool as BOB;)

I try to empty my mind, time disappears, resonate with the vibration of the deep.

BOB would tell you;) GET HIS BOOK;)

I have absolutely no questions, but I would follow you anywhere with those credentials.

Follow BOB;)

what is your resting heart rate?

BOB - Like a BOSS;)

what is your resting heart rate?

As a marksman, I can achieve this heart rate, too, through concentration and breath control.

Perhaps there's something that we can learn from each other with regards to our respective sports. :)

EDIT: 40bpm seems my limit. Hit 39 once, but 30bpm is beyond me at this point. Well done, sir.


As a marksman, I can achieve this heart rate, too, through concentration and breath control.

Perhaps there's something that we can learn from each other with regards to our respective sports. :)

EDIT: 40bpm seems my limit. Hit 39 once, but 30bpm is beyond me at this point. Well done, sir.

FOR U Sir:) - feel free to share with your friends...

How close have you come to drowning? And did panic ever cause you to take a breath reflexively while under water?

Hope U liked answer...

BOB can tell you more;)

How close have you come to drowning? And did panic ever cause you to take a breath reflexively while under water?

Talk on Black Out:)

THIS of all things struck me as really fascinating.

Thanx...and BOB is cool:

How close have you come to drowning? And did panic ever cause you to take a breath reflexively while under water?

Close...please find Hawaii/Dolphin story below in text

THIS of all things struck me as really fascinating.


THIS of all things struck me as really fascinating.


Do you ever do it at the local swimming pool to mess with the lifeguards?

As mentioned...NOPE....But like water;)

Do you ever do it at the local swimming pool to mess with the lifeguards?

Please never dive alone...see video - your chance is NOW:

Yes...when I was young and stupid I did this. I also used to tell my classmates that I was "watching television" as I was laying on the bottom. However, NEVER do this in your local swimming pool because your lifeguard might not save you, and it is not his responsibility.

I come from a professional background of swimming, and have lost several friends from mistakes holding their breath alone. NEVER do any of this. A big mission of mine is to educate people around the world on these specific safety issues.

I have a book (Breatheology), where I talk a lot about safety, and first aid.

BOB is cool:

I actually am a qualified lifeguard, and if I'm on duty it is my responsibility. Perhaps the laws here are different though (I'm in the UK).

But yeah, it sounds cool, I've always been interested in this, will probably check out the book. Thanks for the reply!

NEVER DIVE ALONE - this can happen...

What do you do with a PhD in medicine?

this shall be the principle on how I name my kids.

Maybe BOB;) - also easy to spell;)

It's a double-edged sword—easy to find your accomplishments, but also easy to dig up dirt on you. The John Smiths of this world have safety in numbers.

EDIT (4/4/14):, I can't believe I had such an embarrassing spelling error here for so long.

Just dig...and post all dirt you like on me - we live in a transparent world....(sort of) - But the Smiths are also googable;)

By the way....maybe I should tell you I am a Biologist (Marine Biology/Neuro-Physiology)...always had a great interest in animals....since can easily find some of my scientific papers online if interested....I am the only person in the world with the name Stig Severinsen - enjoy;)

Here is BOB & STIG;)

Has this skill ever helped you beyond setting a world record, like being chased by assassins and hiding under water so they can't find you?


LIVE report;)

Yes actually! Great questions!

During the world cup in Hawaii in 2002, we celebrated on the beach with Dance and Alcohol. Guess this was not allowed, and the police showed up with bull horns, and tried to arrest us.

What did we do?'s a no brainer...of course we all just jumped in the ocean, and I've rarely had more fun than waiting for the police yelling and commanding and finally giving up and going home...this was a great night!

I'm scared of parties too, it's okay bro.

Parties can be scary...

obviously holding your breath for that long hasn't caused you any brain damage. can you explain how this is possible?

Please see above....circulation is key...see new CPR standards - also in my book Breatheology (and FREE to download inn the Breatheology Academy)



As a fellow freediver I was looking through the comments to see this. I have been in internet arguments about this and I finally have somewhere to direct people who don't believe me. Lots of props from Nisses FDK in Sweden!


Dude: I don't belive you! Prove it!
Me: Dude, it's on reddit. It's scientific fact.


Have ever genuinely thought, "I'm going to die now?"

Nope....but some close calls....see above (hawaii/Dolphins)

If I steal this and use it as a pickup line, will you be mad?

Please do:)

Have ever genuinely thought, "I'm going to die now?"


If I steal this and use it as a pickup line, will you be mad? my guest;);)

If U win we can talk more pickup lines....;)

Worth it, especially if you can play Take My Breath Away in the background.


Came to the AMA expecting dolphin life-save story, was not disappointed.

GREAT to hear..BOB will make U happy;)

You don't have to do the 5 questions things if you're yourself doing an AMA, only if you're requesting an AMA. Anyway, could you answer the questions you put up? They are very good.

More...also from BOB;)

Hi - haha...good question;) This is my first time here at reddit (I am from Denmark/Europe) - Thought I had to make these five questions and put ehat get asked most often by people and reporters...which question do you want me to be specific about?

Well the second one is what I though of when I first saw this thread. What is your mindset like when you're holding your breath?

The last thing I need to be doing to keep my heart rate down is thinking of sharks.

Think of dolphins and The Big Blue;)

Link for the lazy.

Other links mentioned by OP:

Thanx - VIP call for the LAZY;)

You don't have to do the 5 questions things if you're yourself doing an AMA, only if you're requesting an AMA. Anyway, could you answer the questions you put up? They are very good.

Even when I don't follow the link, I will always upvote anyone who is willing to do the work for us lazy people.

Even if it wasn't a link, and someone just types "Link for the lazy" I'll still probably upvote it

LAZY - win....

As a man who clearly knows a thing about breathing, how the hell do I get rid of these hiccups I've had for the past 10 minutes?

I can confirm this. Another thing that works: drink a glass of water and then light yourself on fire.

Never use fire alone!!

As a man who clearly knows a thing about breathing, how the hell do I get rid of these hiccups I've had for the past 10 minutes?

like this...

Ironically, I got into reading your responses and totally forgot about them. Well played, Severinsen.

How does it feel to hold your breath for 22 minutes? Do you go into a state of altered consciousness? Does it feel longer than it actually is (meaning does time feel like it passes more slowly when holding your breath that long). How does that first breath of fresh air feel after 22 minutes?

Bob can tell you out soon;)

How do you know when to stop? Was 22 minutes simply your limit and you could no longer overcome the signals it was sending you? How long did it seem like it had been?

How long does it take for your brain to get back to normal after going into "suspend" mode like that?

22 was the dream/goal......;)

Brains come "back" quite quickly....but the mind can takes days to recover from the effort...

How does it feel to hold your breath for 22 minutes? Do you go into a state of altered consciousness? Does it feel longer than it actually is (meaning does time feel like it passes more slowly when holding your breath that long). How does that first breath of fresh air feel after 22 minutes?

Time is shorter for me than normal time, this is the key to these long breath holds. Since I am also quite naive, I constantly tell myself that of course I can do these dives :-).

I am not in "real time" when I do these dives, so YES I am in an "altered state of consciousness."

This is really interesting because we have so many different layers of consciousness. This is really one of my biggest journeys in my own "mind training."

This is also what I teach all of the Gold Medal Winning Olympian Athletes, and High Power CEO's...and they love this stuff because this is something that they aren't usually taught.

As you will see in the video when I break the breath hold record, I do not gasp for air after it is complete. In my opinion, you should be way beyond that point, and end the dive relaxed and with a BIG smile :-). That is my philosophy.

have you ever tried smoking? also, do you purposefully avoid smokers not to inhale 2nd hand smoke?


And yes..avoid all smoke/smokers....

See also in my book:


have you ever tried smoking? also, do you purposefully avoid smokers not to inhale 2nd hand smoke?

Do you hyperventilate before diving?

Not always....

Do you hyperventilate before diving?

Yea, he was once blacked out in a pool full of sharks for 20 minutes and 10 seconds!

not quite;) it WAS a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD....first man to pas 20 on this Planet..pretty happy about that;) - here is video...

Enjoy BOB:

Whats the longest you've held you breath above water?

Bob had incredible apnea skills;)

Why is above water so much more difficult?

I guess it's mainly to do with this:


VMore in Bob's book;)

What are your thoughts on David Blaine?

That's the second "Link for the lazy" that I see from you.

I like you.

Good guy;)

More laziness here - if you win;)

What are your thoughts on David Blaine?

See my TEDx Talk;)

That's the second "Link for the lazy" that I see from you.

I like you.

More Laziness...;) and BIG bucks to save;);) - Heaven....

That is amazing about your friends recovery. Cheers to the both of you.

Thanx..we are both happy;)

Does it hurt much for you? If so, at what point? I ask because for example I can hold my breath for about 45 seconds (badass), but at about 30 its very uncomfortable! Is there a point where you have to fight with your body to stay down?

Listen to BOB;) - it is a LOT of work...


22:01 minutes

How do you know what the limit is? What stops you from going an extra 10 seconds from your initial resurface time? Or another 20? I assume that's how you increased your breath hold time in the first place?

22 is a good round number;)

Does it hurt much for you? If so, at what point? I ask because for example I can hold my breath for about 45 seconds (badass), but at about 30 its very uncomfortable! Is there a point where you have to fight with your body to stay down?


NO LIMITS.....listen to BOB...

When I was a kid, I used to pride myself on being able to hold my breath for long periods of time. At fourteen, I swam the length of an Olympic pool, forwards and back, completely underwater. I also had thought of a trick I might be able to employ, though I never tried. I learned how to suck air into my stomach when I was little (it's actually very easy). Normally I'd just let it out in a big belch, but I thought that if I was trying to stay underwater for a long time, I might be able to burp up the air (a little at a time, of course, lest most of it escapes) and suck it into my lungs for added oxygen. I don't know if the oxygen would be corrupted by sitting in my stomach or not (I don't think so, though). Have you ever heard of anyone employing this method?

How is that humanely possible? How did you train for that and how long did it take for you to get 22minutes?

Edit: humanly* I made this comment when this thread had like 3commenst total and wanted to type it really fast and it was late and didnt bother to check it. But I'm lolling at the typo

Lastly, I meant to say how long did it take him to train to get to holding his breath underwater.

Bob will tell you more...get his book:)

What is it like to start breathing again after 22 minutes? Do you have to take small, shallow breaths to adjust or do you just take a huge sudden gasp of air?

Are there any possible long term complications of doing what you do? Also, what career did you choose following your PhD in Medicine?

Kid, animals, water, nature, travel, passion, biology, medicine, freediving, breathing, breath holding;)

How is that humanely possible? How did you train for that and how long did it take for you to get 22minutes?

Edit: humanly* I made this comment when this thread had like 3commenst total and wanted to type it really fast and it was late and didnt bother to check it. But I'm lolling at the typo

Lastly, I meant to say how long did it take him to train to get to holding his breath underwater.

What is it like to start breathing again after 22 minutes? Do you have to take small, shallow breaths to adjust or do you just take a huge sudden gasp of air?

Watching the video I noticed they give you a lot of status updates. Can you actually hear/understand those underwater at that point?

There's nothing inhumane about it if he isn't being forced to do it.


Is it true that dating is hard for you because no one can take your breath away?

BOB can take my breath away;)

oooh you filthy, filthy man!

BEST reply - you must be a REDDIT PRO;)

plot twist. his girlfriend is a dolphin.

Fun is good;)

Does Guinness have a world record for that?

I want to apply for longest underwater cunningulus.

Never dive alone;)

I'd like to receive underwater blowjobs. Fuck Guinness.

Never dive alone;)

I think you already have this one in the bag. Time for a prime time TV special!

Hook us up....TV is a challenge - but can be fun;)

Is it true that dating is hard for you because no one can take your breath away?

BOB will tell ya..

Ha my girlfriend loves that I can stay a long time under water under in the spa :-)

oooh you filthy, filthy man!

Like U;)

We're waiting....

That's hot as fuck.


Does Guinness have a world record for that?

I think you already have this one in the bag. Time for a prime time TV special!

1) Teach her your ways 2) Simulate space sex 3) ????? 4) Profit


Here is $4000 PROFIT..grab it;)

What do you think have influenced your ability to do these extreme things more, your genes or external factors like your training?

BOB has influenced;)

What do you think have influenced your ability to do these extreme things more, your genes or external factors like your training?

There's another Stig that has gone his whole life without taking a breath.

Like BOB;)

Some people say that he can hold his breath longer than a shark and has a ph.d. in turtles. All we know is... He's called the Stig (Severinsen)

Yup Doc;)

you should call the BBC and get on Topgear.

Feel free;)

Invite Bob;)

The Stig driving an amphibious car racing across some body of water vs Stig Severinsen free diving to the bottom and back up of the same body of water...

Racing BOB;)

Some people say that he can hold his breath longer than a shark and has a ph.d. in turtles. All we know is... He's called the Stig (Severinsen)

you should call the BBC and get on Topgear.

I came for the Top Gear references.

Am not disappointed.

Have you considered playing a wind instrument?

Inspiration for wind instruments:

Have you considered playing a wind instrument?

First of, props man! I remember seeing you in the Guinness book of records. I have an odd question: What does one have to do to deal with cold?

Training...slowly....change mindset;) BREAK this man BOB;)

How bad is the shrinkage?

As said.....bad;)

So small it disappeared;);)


It just kinda... disappears. did you know;)


Thank you. I have done viking swimming for many many years (In Denmark we swim in the cold water all year round). I have trained myself to acclimate to extreme cold, but also have adjusted my mind to shut off the signals from the body. This can be very dangerous if you push your body too far because of hypothermia.

First of, props man! I remember seeing you in the Guinness book of records. I have an odd question: What does one have to do to deal with cold?

Not a question, just wanted to say I'm a big fan!

Danmark elsker dig! :D

Bob loves you;)

Not a question, just wanted to say I'm a big fan!

Danmark elsker dig! :D

THANX again - BOB loves all:

Some say he has gills behind his ears to help him breathe underwater and that he has had sex with a mermaid more than twice......we call him 'The Stig'!

Some call him BOB;)

Some say he has gills behind his ears to help him breathe underwater and that he has had sex with a mermaid more than twice......we call him 'The Stig'!

Have your talents ever proved useful with a woman? What's the weirdest way your talent has ever brought you goodness?

Goodness comes in many shapes and forms....

Teach me your ways

Bob will help;)

Or win the 1 hour VIP call on Skype;)

Sexologist is a job I can see myself doing.

Why not;)

It's a hard job.


Have your talents ever proved useful with a woman? What's the weirdest way your talent has ever brought you goodness?

Teach me your ways

What do you think about while you're down there? Or are you just focused on your lungs not exploding the whole time?

For you;)

What do you think about while you're down there? Or are you just focused on your lungs not exploding the whole time?

Which do you prefer, the English or French version of Big Blue?


I watched the English (abridged) version 3 times a week, every week of high school. I was 25 before I saw the full version, it's like a completely different (and even better) movie.

There is an English version? Why oh why

Dammit, I'm going to have to go and learn French now and re-watch it... Thanks a lot... ;)

Funny story, my dad almost named me after Enzo. To this day it is one of my favorite movies and I think about my dad every time I watch it (Caddy Shack and Slapshot are the others).

Which do you prefer, the English or French version of Big Blue?

Some say, that he can hold his breath for 22 minutes

And that he holds the world record for ice diving... In a speedo.

All I know is he's called The Stig!

The BOB;)

Some say, that he can hold his breath for 22 minutes

And that he holds the world record for ice diving... In a speedo.

All I know is he's called The Stig!

Have you seen the episode of Stan Lee's SuperHumans where they interview and test a free diver?

They do a complex test and determine that he has figured out how to "switch" his metabolism into anerobic mode (IIRC). His oxygen usage while holding his breath (at rest) continued until he hit about 80% O2Sat and then it just STOPPED. He sat there using essentially zero oxygen for minutes.

Can you explain some of this?


Yet another casual, "Oh I have a world record in that too, but it's whatever."

BOB is the BOSS;)

Yet another casual, "Oh I have a world record in that too, but it's whatever."

So you can hold your breath through the movie scenes where the main character saves the day and spends about 5 minutes fighting creatures under water and then opens the hatch to save everyone.

BOB can;)

So you can hold your breath through the movie scenes where the main character saves the day and spends about 5 minutes fighting creatures under water and then opens the hatch to save everyone.

How come you do the 22min breath-holding thing in water? Is it just so that people can be sure that you are not breathing?

I think I've read somewhere that when the body comes in contact with water it sort of adapts so that you can hold your breath longer, is that true?

Learn from BOB;)

I've been taught in basic CPR classes that the brain starts to suffer damage from just four minutes without oxygen. So I guess my question is the same as number three on your list. Would you care to elaborate on that?

Please read above - or download my CPR guide for FREE in the brand new Breatheology Academy:

You can even WIN a $4000 dollar value Platinum Membership NOW:

If you hold your breath, it doesn't mean that all of your organs suddenly stop getting Oxygen. There is still a big supply of oxygen in your blood and in your lungs (especially if you breathe pure oxygen before). "Without oxygen" only happens when the blood flow is interrupted because of cardiac arrest or if you stop the blood supply to a certain organ by clamping or cutting the respective artery.

EXACTLY - thank you for help;)

See you "on the other side"...maybe;)

That is why in some countries CPR is taught with a heavy focus on the chest compressions without requiring the artificial respiration (aka mouth-to-mouth). For the untrained person it is much more important to keep the blood in circulation.

YES - see above..thank you for clarification - I share this in my CPR appendix - FREE for download in the Breatheology Academy:

Join here - this is YOUR chance:)


Yes...well said......FREE chapter on CPR inside:

Good luck:

I know I would freak out going that deep with the fear of not making it back up. What do you do to keep yourself centered? Thanks for doing this AMA


Can you comment on this: Mammalian diving reflex

As in, what does it feel like when it occurs? Also what do you think in your PhD opinion is the evolutionary reason for us having this ability?

BOB knows;)

Did you ever pass out holding your breath for an extended period of time?

BOB and I answer;)

Sometimes...mostly in the beginning of my training days. Now I know my body well, and have not passed that point for the last 10 years.

Did you ever pass out holding your breath for an extended period of time?

How do you handle the pressure going that deep, and how do you avoid getting the bends coming back up?

BOB is the BOSS;)

The bends is a result of breathing air under pressure (with SCUBA or other gear). Specifically, the nitrogen in the air dissolves in your blood, then forms bubbles when the pressure drops back to normal. No breathing == no bends.

Are you related to Guybrush Threepwood?

Maybe Bob is;)

Are you single?

But really.


Not really selling him with that username.

For you Stig, I could be.

The Lord works in mysterious ways....

Have you ever considered making an appearance on Top Gear?

Help if U can;)

Here you get a chance for 1 hour to tell me more;);)

what's it like in a speedo?


But BOB is more cool;)

I would love to hear about the psychological portion of this!

  1. What kind of mental "readiness" do you try to attain before a dive? (how long out do you start training yourself)
  2. What about when you're making the dive, what kinds of things do you try and concentrate on as you go deeper? What about as you ascend?
  3. Whats your mental recovery like?

BOB will tell you;)

I mean this as a compliment but people like you make me realize I need to be doing A LOT more.

Do more here;)

As someone who has battled mental demons throughout his entire life, I just want to say how amazed I am at the mental fortitude and endurance you've created. Let me know if / when you come to Boston for any talks, I'd love to hear more.

Thanks for the AMA!

You are welcome......

Bob is a big inspiration..and maybe we talk soon;)

SKYPE VIP PLATINUM MEMBER $4000 CALL......good luck;)

What is a PhD in medicine? I thought medical degrees were MD/DO/MBBS.


Do you think you could hold your breath longer while fighting 100 duck-sized horses, or a single horse-sized duck?


Bob can;)

Intet spørgsmål, Stig, men bare masser af respekt for din dedikation, iver og udholdenhed. Stolt dansker!

Great...we can talk in Danish also if you win the VIP SKYPE CALL;)

what is your resting heart rate? how low can it get when you're doing a breath hold?


Maybe we talk more:

Question for Redditors:

How many of you have held your breath as long as you can while reading these responses?

THIS IS FOR ALL REDDITORS - thank you so much;)

See U "on the other side";);););)

You know what would be funny, film yourself going to a public pool and just go underwater and do juggling a ball or reading a book or whatever, and just stay there for like 10-15 minutes while people watch in both amazement and confusion!

Film for U;)

How do you feel about the movie Le Grand Blue (Big Blue)? Thank you!




More here;)



Do you think you or anyone else will be able to beat your current record?

If so how long do you think a human can physically hold their breath?

What about the average person, who would have little training and perhaps not peak physical fitness?

Maybe Bob;)

What do you think about standing in front of the water for an ice dive? Have you ever gotten a bad feeling before a dive and decided not to do it?

More here;)

What was it like when you first started out training for these kinds of feats? I read an article in the New Yorker a while back about free diving. I'm under the understanding that long before you actually "run out of air," your brain starts to freak out and tell you that you need to breathe, and that a big part of the training is learning how to deal with this psychology. I guess what I'm asking is: what were some hurdles or roadblocks for you when you started out?

BOB can tell more;)

236' under ice ... turtle dick must be pretty brutal under those conditions?


You must take huge bong rips. can try this;)

Some Say he can hold his breath for 22 minutes, and some say he can dive in ice cold water for up to two hundred and thirty six feet.

...All we know is HES CALLED THE STIG!



What is your technique to avoid losing consciousness upon resurfacing as the ambient pressure decreases and the loss of compressive force leads to a drop in the pressure remaining in your lung (leading to decreased PO2)? Do you perform the Valsalva maneuver as you surface? Do you simply hope to get back up fast enough that you won't pass out? Have you ever passed out during resurfacing and/or required rescue? Thanks!


Is it worth it to try and compete with you? Or should I not hold my breath?

Compete with BOB...

Never dive alone...

When you do the free dives how do you know when to turn around and come back up? Do you ever get scared as your coming back up that you won't have enough oxygen to make it?

Bob explains in new book in 2013;)

Have you ever passed out while ice diving and do you always have some kind of safety divers to save you if something goes wrong?

Have you ever smoked?

Shisha last night...Vegas, baby;)

Stig, is it true that you were raised by wolves, are illegal in 17 U.S. States, have adhesive tears, and are confused by staircases?

Maybe...Bob knows;)

I can't hold my breath for more than 20 seconds. I feel like a bitch compared to you...

Any tips to help me improve?

Bob will help......

Do you even lift?

Bob does;)

Do your massive testicles actually act as a buoyancy aid, or an anchor?

Bob has;)

Some say he can hold his breath for 22 Minutes and can freedive under ice up to 236 feet in a single breath, in a speedo!


  1. Any real-world situations where your superpower has proven useful?? Any interesting pranks?

  2. Have you signed your organ donor card? If so, do you think your superpower would then be transferred to the recipient?

Many times......see above for Hawaii/Police

No donor card yet....thank you for reminder. But cell intelligense will no doubt be a hot topic many miracles;)

I'm not sure if you answered this already but could you perhaps explain the science behind being able to hold your breathe for 22 minutes? I thought anything around 6 minutes and beyond and the brain suffers irreversible damage. This is also the first question I've ever asked in any AMA. You, sir, are interesting indeed.

See is about circulation/low metabolism.....

Inside the Breatheology Academy you can download First Aid & CPR for FREE - learn more here:

More here:

What are some new feats you'd like to accomplish?

Be as cool as BOB:)

I have heard that one does not get sick when they can hold their breath for long periods of time. Do you have any comments on this?

Bob would agree;)

Ok, so I'm looking at all these breath holding records... can you explain to me the difference in dynamic apnea and static apnea? which one did you do?

Static is still...dynamic moving.......

I love all....

There are medical conditions that result in a weak diaphragm but would benefit from an exercise regimen. Since freedivers are powerlifters in that realm, any advice as to where to start - either for kids or adults?

All flexibility training is good....or

Do like BOB;)

In your deeper dives, what method do you use to equalize?

Bob will tell you;)

How did you become such a boss?

BOB is the BOSS;)

Is the meditative state you speak about going into something you developed naturally from holding your breath or something you conciously incorporated into your technique?


Train/genes;) - If you win we can talk 1 full hour about this;)

do you look at how much time you have left? Do you get bored/have something to do? what are the last few seconds like, have you ever passed out or come close?

Bob will tell ya more;)

How can someone like me learn to do things like this? Also, do you like guacamole?

Bob will show the way;)

What inspired you to start setting these world records, or even start training for them? why go for these records compared to any other record?

BOB inspires...and many others

Records in water is my love

What inspired you to start setting these world records, or even start training for them? why go for these records compared to any other record?

all records are fun...;) LOOK

As a recreational diver, what are ordinary things I can do topside to improve my breath? Its something I've never been fantastic at.

Articles coming soon...BOB might tell ya

Saw you on Danish TV. Cool.


How intensive is/was the training for both of the records? BTW, grats on the records, I think they're amazing!! :D

BOB explains about his incredible records...history;)

Are you ... THE Stig?



BOB told me to;)

Is your real name aquaman and are you in fact from another planet. Also is water world your favorite movie

Maybe other Planet...Jo Brand asked me that also;)


Some would consider this a "Super-Human" capability, You've obviously trained your body to do something incredible. What other super-human capabilities do you believe are possible?

Like BOB;)

Mental greatness

How on Earth do you hold your breath that long without dying?

TopGear seems to think you are a really good driver


Guys, I've found The Stig.

and THE BOB;)

As a well versed Scuba Diver, I would just like that I cannot imagine going down to 200 ft in a dry suit on a fall day, in scuba gear..... let alone free dive in a speedo under ice. Kudos to you sir.

BOB is a great diver...diving history...get his book;)

What's something health related that you know but most people wouldn't think of?


His name is the stig... of course he has a world record for something badass like glacier diving.


Where can you learn more about diaphragm breathing?<<IGNORE EDIT: just read you have a book

NEW: do you come to america to do teachings/courses? (I live in Colorado, USA now. Originally dansker! ;))

Book here:

NOW in VEGAS - course soon in La is FREE - see in Calendar:

VIDEO FOR YOU - maybe you win;)

What i am doing with my life?

U tell me...maybe you win;)

Who gets a phd in medicine?

Is it true that you only know two facts about ducks, and both of them are wrong?

Who knows;)

BOB knows;)

Why you be so BAMFy stig!?!?

BOB is the BOSS;)

Do you hold world record for the longest makeout session without breathing?

If U win we can discuss this;)

Do you think you have a talent for this or some sort of special ability or that given enough training, just about anyone could eventually hold their breath/free dive like you do?

HARD work

Like BOB

Awesome! But using 99% oxygen on the breathe makes a huge diff. What is your record without using (almost) pure oxygen. Elevation plays a role as well, along with depth and pressure levels. You are amazing, but ur post is slightly misleading to all of us retards out here who don't understand the variables that have allowed such accomishment.

Thanx.....9 min........YES

Oxygen makes is much longer - that is why there is a special category for that;)

Will you be attempting various activities while holding your breath next?

Maybe..ask me if you win;)

Since you hold a PhD in medicine, is holding your breath for that long detrimental to your health?

Never mind how long you can hold your breath. Going 30 feet underwater starts to hurt my ears, how do you cope going that deep and coming back up. Also are you long enough underwater to get "the bends"?

Good question.....the Bends can happen in freediving...not many doctors know this....not even "Dive doctors"!!!! I explain it in my book and have seen it happen several times.....

Deep diving = training...slow progress


NO....rarely....only when on fire;)

How many years of training did it take to be able too absorb the air through your body to be able to hold your breath for that long?

40 ;)

Would you recommend starting this for any reason? Is it beneficial, or more of a hobby?

THIS is your lucky day;)

What can hold its breath longer...a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck?

A whale!!

Is hypnotism real?

They told me so!!

Are you, by any chance, related to The Stig? Reddit;)

I bet your not even the real person.!

NOPE - just a superhuman (live inside a computer)

when you hold your breath for 22 minutes, what does it feel like? the longest i've been able to hold my breath for is like three minutes and my entire body was hurting and shaking. do you have any tricks for staying calm and using as little oxygen as possible?

This is on Oxygen...BOB was the pure diving;)

how is your day going?

BOB is great;)

Is it true that your left nipple is the exact shape of the Nürburgring?

Tour de Eiffel!!

What does that first breath of air feel like after you come back up? Similarly, how does your body feel returning from this and are you "back to normal" within seconds?

See above....BOB knows...

Are you living in constant fear of kryptonite?

HAHA...JO BRAND asked nearly the same - you are very clever...(please do not mention this to others;);)

BOB like a BOSS;)

I have a few:

  1. Are you one of Skynet's creations? You can send me a private message, I promise I won't tell anybody.

  2. Don't you agree Flanders is a big jerk?

  3. Will you adopt me? I'm 31 and have no obligations.

  4. Do you get bored from watching episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man?


Why do you do this ?

Bob inspires me...

FUN with JO:)

So... you're the Stig!


Can you dive with him?

Human Planet BBC

maybe some day....look at BOB;)

Isn't breathing 100% oxygen beforehand cheating? That's an artificial breath of air. He has a PhD in Medicine and has scientist friends... what if you don't have access to a tank of oxygen, does that mean you can't break the record? Technically this should be a "privileged first-world record," instead of just a general "world record."

Then I guess you just have ONE solution (since it seems like your "not-yet-excisting" World Record is to blaim for lack of money - not lack of talent!?)

WORK...earn money...brake the on Reddit...Good luck;)

Thank you;) - TODAY is YOUR day...if you win....4000 dollars if more than enough to buy a bottle of Oxygen;);)

I think you broke David Blaine's record. Always thought he was a bit of a dick, but after seeing a documentary on him an I have a new found respect for him.

See above - never meet David Blaine but have full respect on his 17.04 minute dive on Oprah...that is not easy to do...and he is not a "professional" freediver.....never met him....but prefer not to talk so muck about death and fear as he does......see my TED talk - I mention David Blaine...


My 13 year old daughter, who is a diver, asks: Did you feel scared or excited after your dives?

Good question.....always respect the sea.....never dive alone....

But you should not dive if you are be nervous is ok.....and healthy....

Safety always comes first - records second...or even later..

HAPPY and sometimes VERY excited after dives...and HAPPY;)

If you win she can ask more on Skype;)

I felt proud of two minutes before reading this too...

Any ways: How do you train for this? As a kid did you just enjoy holding your breathe for long periods of time? If yes, did that cause worry from your parents?

ALWAYS....trained from our boat, on holidays, in our back yard pool, at swim practice.....My parents have given me ALL possible support to reach my dreams.....but are very nervous when I dive in the I stopped deep diving long ago...for their sake.

Your family should always come the long run...

How long can you hold your breath - not in water? Just like sitting around the house?

see above...9 min

Have you ever played underwater hockey? I think you'd be pro at it! Spain...Barcelona...great....and UW Rugby on Danish National Team...great sports.....introduced UW Rugby to Venezuela in 2002...they still have my ball;);)

what's the difference between an M.D. and a PhD. in Medicine?

Tom Sietas held his breath for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Looks like you'll have to do it again...

Tom is a GREAT diver....but what you read in the news paper does not make any official Guinness World Record - please check HERE:

As an old friend used to say...there are many world champions in training;)

Good luck - maybe we can talk more here....

Stig huh? Are you that one guy off top gear?

BOB is

So basically this guy is a win at life.

BOB is the BOSS;)

When did you first realize you were a fish?

BOB told me

some say..................


Does your immense breath-holding abilities come in handy while going down on women?

See SPA above

So who is this guy IT says his record is 22m22s? they even use the same picture on Yours and His wiki page

Please see above - or win here...;)

I can do around 6-7 minutes underwater but I have to close my eyes and concentrate on not expending energy. I can out snorkel everyone I know (long torso, 17 years comp swimmer, then h20 polo now bikes), but I can't fucking imagine how one gets to your level.



This is a special category for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS...Oxygen inhalation 100% pure oxygen....make a long breath hold much easier...

At any point in your life, were you like me, and only able to hold your breath for 30 seconds before feeling like you're going to die?

Nope...but have bad days also;)

Have you ever swam competitively, cause being able to hold your breath for that long seems like a monstrous advantage.

All my childhood;) -Love water...

Does the medical half of your brain get pissed off at the freediver side?

haha...sometimes....ask more if you win;)

How do you train? Sometimes while I'm bored in class I watch the clock and hold my breath 1 minute on/off but I don't really know if I'm getting any better.

Time it;)

Do you have any tricks/tips/exercises, to improve the amount of time I can hold my breath? I have been recently into free diving but have not been able to hold my breath too long (2:16 minutes) Any help and I would be very thankful!

NEVER dive alone....join the new Breatheology Academy - is is FREE:

Also is GREAT;)

VIDEO - Freediving History;)

I walked on the moon.

Moon walk;)

I think that is really cool that you're in the Guinness Book of World Records. I used to buy them every year. My question is, is it easy (for lack of a better word) and calm when you hold your breath in the beginning? Like when you first hold your breath you don't need to breathe, but after a while it gets hard and you have to come up. Is it like that for the first few minutes for you? Or are you the same as everyone else and you just have a high tolerance for pain?

Great question - thank can train to get the "uncalm" feeling much you can train to tolerate much higher CO2...

How big are your balls, because I figure that they must be rather large from all the manly and badass records and achievements you've accomplished.

Thanx...imagine BOB's size;)

Is it easier to hold your breath long periods of time in cold water or warm water?

Depends on temp and your water will keep you alive longer (slows metabolism)

What axiom do people say to you when they don't expect something to happen?


[deleted] big fan of smoke....

Do you have gills?

BOB has

How safe is lung packing?


More details in my book - NEVER pack too much (potentially VERY dangerous/pleura rupture/air embolism)...

Why don't I ask you NOTHING?


Did Luc Besson's crew ever consult you when they filmed The Big Blue?


...... No one? I'm sorry Mr. Severinsen, but somebody has to do this.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or one-hundred duck-sized horses?

BOB or Benny...

what are your thoughts on kevin costner? was he cheating in that one movie??

Not sure...Kevin Costner seems like a great chap;)

Will you be the next James Bond?


What is your favorite sub-reddit here on reddit?

Not sure what a "sub-reddit" is - but guess the glacier stuff and the questions which bring value to others....

The questions you ask tell which person you are - interesting;)

Are you jelly of david blane?

Never meet the guy.....but 17 minutes is a good dive...

What do you eat normally as meals?

normal food...could eat better...but as a freediver you train yourself to eat funcional and not too much......oatmeal, fish, greens.....depending on my training and records....fasting is also typical...

some say he can hold his breathe for up to twenty two minutes, some say he mastered the art of Obtuses while swimming.

All we know is... He's called 'the' Stig!


Do you not normally drink beer, but when you do, you prefer Dos Equis?

Sometimes...yesterday Moroccan...good;)

Did not get the Dis Equis I nearly do;)

But what about THIS GUY;)

If you could break another world record, anything you can come up with, what would it be ?

maybe you will see soon;);)

I scuba dive but my breathing is terrible. I use my Oxygen too fast. Can you provide advice on how to improve? I'm going back to Cancun next month and would like to improve. Thanks!

Great questions.....articles coming on this topic very soon (did interview yesterday at DEMA).

Start to practise conscious breathing daily.

Breathe slowly in the boat BEFORE dive..

Exhale slowly during the dive....

Move like water ("Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee)


Do you ever talk to the stig from top gear?

maybe some to BOB;)

Fellow freediver here, what is your record static apnea without breathing near pure oxygen beforehand? Also is there a difference in the training you do for oxygen enriched vs. regular air?

about 9 minutes (official 8.40 - NR 1# on AIDA in 2007)

Train differently...more CO2 resistance for Oxygen

And more mind training...

safe diving;)

how did you grow gills?

We all them as kids;) (embryo)


Why not;)

BOB tells you why!

He has the longest world record for holding his breath. And some say he's a merman. He is The Stig!

Edit: Not mermaid. Merman.

House maid;)

I have questions on what the science behind it is.
* What are the best temperature ranges. * Any depths or pressures that are the best for this kind of thing. * Any mental barriers that were hard to overcome.

Good question...not too hot (high metabolism) - not too cold (shiver)

NOT deeper than 6-8 meters....Oxygen is dangerous when pure...

MANY mental barriers....I explain details in my book:

BOB breaks mental barriers..enjoy;)

Have you ever wished for the opportunity for when someone tells you 'Don't hold your breath' when you're asking them for something?

Maybe....Pussy Cat Dolls may ask ANYTHING;)

1) How do you train to get your body and mind ready for these extreme records?

That is the TRICK;) Spend a LONG time on IMAGERY....make my subconscious mind accept my dreams.....

Mind dreams....body follows;)

Like this;)

Why do you like Dos Equis so much?

got it;)...Finally...nearly;)

Been very interested in freediving since I was little, my friends and I used to always see who could retrieve bottles from the deepest. Though I've only ever made it 40~ feet down on one breathe, I love the idea.

Are there any breathing exercises an average person could do just while sitting, browsing reddit for example that could help improve how long they're able to hold their breath?

Or like carfull...

What's the craziest un-scientifically proven remedy for something that you just KNOW works that you yourself might do, but you can't really prescribe because it's not scientifically proven???

Science told this was not possible;)

Every morning at 6:39 A.M., I clap my hands loudly, three times, to keep the flying elephants away. It works!

Might work;)

I'm late to the party, but do you play any instruments? I bet with that lung capacity you'd be a helluva tuba player.

Would like to....many singers and musicians contact me on this some inspiration:

How noticeable was it "down there" when you were in ice with a speedo on?

Bob could tall ya'

Do you use any performance enhancing drugs when attempting these records? What is allowed, and what isn't?

POWER drugs...the mind - like BOB

i know you get asked this alot but how do you hold your breath so long

like BOB

currently living in a very polluted city and often feeling short of breath. + pre asthmatic. do you have any lung strengthening tips/suggestions.

Bonus question: Do oxygen bars make sense?


Breath holding helps...and slow exhale.....

have full online program:

Maybe YOU win;)

my respiratory physiology teacher would LOVE to have a chat with you!

NOW is his/her lucky day.....maybe;);)

how, the, fuck?

How the BOB;)

Does your PHD help you hold your breath?


In your experiences and studies, have you ever heard of liquid breathing and have you ever used it? This is where the oxygen of the lungs is completely replaced with an oxygen rich liquid. The person "breathes" this liquid as opposed to the normal gas.

Freediving history;)

so have you ever gone muff diving?

SPA style...

Stig's says he's being flooded. Come on guys...getting him swamped is sufficient enough....but flooded????

I know the questions keep coming what you can to keep your head above water.

Thank you fellow Reddit is to you;)

When you are free diving, how do you deal with the mental pressures?

The knowledge that you are alone in a dangerous situation with little to rely on.

The cryptic unknown of the deep closing in all around you.

The chance that at any moment you might be attacked by a kraken and dragged into the abyss.

All this is true.....and scary...but be BOB:

Ive always wanted to become a freediver, and was wondering how you train, i can only dive 10m. Also im 15

Never dive alone...find pro of luck..maybe start here:

Are you immune to other people's farts? Because, you know, you can hold your breath for so long.

immune to nearly anything but mosquitos...

could you have accomplished this without your degree in medicine?

Maybe...but a fun mix....and the research job made it possible to "sponsor" myself...paying all record attemtps, travels, judges, hotels, doping tests etc...(YES, you pay out of your own pocket!!!)


How can someone like me go about training to hold their breath longer?

Never dive alone....

Find a freedive course....go to

or start here - maybe you win;)

overly manly man and ron swanson could hold their breath 22.5 minutes.

Maybe BOB could too;)

Do you remember your longest time holding your breath when you were little? If you do, what was the time?

About 5 min....on a boat....but as a kid did not time was more 3 pool laps...

NEVER dive alone...

what kind of shrinkage do you get from the ice water?


I trained myself to be calm and comfortable during childbirth, and it worked. The course I used called the technique hypno-anesthesia, but it sounds so much like your description of how you visualize and get into mindset. Have you ever applied these techniques to controlling/altering the experience of pain?

Thank you for sharing - fact, the entire last chapter in my book Breatheology deals with pain control and child birth:

Maybe you win;)

How long did it take to master these very impressive skills?

Simple answer...40 years...

But you can do a lot yourself in 3 months...even less time...good luck - start here;)

Hey man, I meditate daily but I question the benefits it may or may not bring to my life.

What is your opinion on the act of meditating and how has it benefited/effected your own life as a productive/conscious being?

I've noticed I can hold my breath longer and I've noticed I'm more mindful and less awkward.

Thank you for sharing...these are the values and "fruits" of meditation and breath work....the brain gets trained (reconditioned) and you can focus better on a single task..(laser focus)

Try to combine breathing and is easy and fun..and very powerful

good luck

So you're a doctor, worldwide champion, and record holder..


Only when in love....or under water....

Like BOB;)

Are you a fish?

BOB is


Not really...just liked it training...the peace of mind....

Try for yourself....on land...


BOB is:)

Do you meditate to achieve your feat? If so, can you please describe to me the most insightful experience?

Yes - I call it "meditation under water" - a state of Flow....I use many techniques......VERY detailed in my book (about moon light color/light/timelesness).

It is a great thing to train and applicable in other situations in life -as you surely know...

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses while 236 feet below freezing water

Maybe BOB would

So hard not to make a topgear reference my is good;)

well arent you just the shiniest sack of shit

Very clearly in your world - we have freedom...we are lucky...

Are you a human?

Like you...but what about BOB;)

I am a 15 year old who is into freediving and spearfishing. My pr for apnea is 2:25 what are some tricks I can use to increase that. I also have trouble equalizing my left ear sometimes can you suggest some different equalizing techniques? And my last question, do you spearfish?

BOB for you;)

Do you let any air out during...?


have you ever held your breath during an underwater movie scene? Just to see whether you'd survive the occasion or not. (Although I bet you would)

BOB has...

So, this is kind of stupid question but how do you NOT die? I thought the brain could only go 3-5 minutes without oxygen, so what is the science behind this? I'm not doubting you, just wondering how it's possible.

BOB will tell ya' - get his book;)

are you out of your damn mind?

Hope not.....the mind is a beautiful thing....look at BOB;)

I'd imagine that holding your breath for that long takes a lot of training. How long do you think you could hold your breath with zero training?

You know Manny Puig? Pretty sure since your tooting your own horn that he was the first to do all that......

Now BOB is cool;)

Are you the master chief?

BO is;)

Do you have webbed buttocks?

Webbed feet only...

Are you any relation to trumpeter Doc Severinsen? He also has excellent bteath control, though in another context.

Breath control is great...see BOB;)

Ever consider becoming an astronaut or otherwise going into space?

BOB did more than go into Space....he went into the Abyss...

How in the world did you hold your breath for 22 minutes without passing out?


So what is the secret to holding your breath for even three minutes? Can it be taught?

This dive was after pure O2

Learn fro Bob.....history;)

Sir im looking to increase my breath holding capabilities in anticipation of US Naval Dive school any exercises or tips?

Good is your chance....and BOB shows you how to break mental barriers...get his book;)

Why? Why would you do this?

Why not?

I don't really have a question, just wanted to add another "Your fucking cool!"

Thanks for the AMA, one of the best ones!

You are is your chance to ask more;)

what kind of cigarettes do you smoke?


Is there a big difference in diving in warm and cold waters? What effect does this have on your times?

See above

have you seen le grand bleu (the great blue in english, i believe)?thoughts? i think it's a beautiful movie.


when did you discover you could hold your breath for so long?

As a kid...see above

Have you ever lost consciousness when attempting to hold your breath for a long time?


have you ever been waiting for something unlikely to happen and someone said to you "don't hold your breath" and you just kinda give me a half smirk?


Stig do you think Marijuana is bad?

plants are nice...

Hi Stig, I agree that it's difficult to find credible Gurus who teach both yoga and meditation (especially from India) - a lot of them are frauds.

Thank you....Yoga is yoga....this is my opinion - Hatha, Ashtanga...all ways lead to Rome.....I go into more details in my book:

I guess the Guru finds you when the time is right..

Eat all different times...but eating organic vegatarian makes you light and clear.....(but when I train intensively I get more seafood/proteins)

Maybe I go to India in january...will write on the blog/website if magic happens;)

I need some serious advice. I'm a college student, majoring chemistry, and have been struggling with time management especially this quarter. English is my 2nd language, which is reason why it takes 1.5x longer for me to read anything than my american classmates. I feel overwhelmed all the time and that I always have so much to do for classes and not have enough time to do anything other than studying and sleeping. How did you manage to have time to study and to do everything else? I found it amazing that youve done these things that I don't think I can ever do.

Your chance...good luck;)

Could you survive the underwater scene in Skyfall?

BOB can

are you secretly THE STIG from topgear?

BOB is

Stig, I find this appalling. Clearly you have great strength, focus, many qualities. Why do you apply these qualities to pointless goals. You could be doing something useful, something to benefit mankind. Sorry if I'm being blunt, but why the hell do you do these things? So what? This will only stimulate others to attempt such goals and die, and there's a good chance you will die or suffer serious injuries. Do something useful for your fame.

You opinion is welcome - if you spent 10 seconds on my webiste (or 15 seconds reading my book) - I think the answers to all your questions would be chocking clear!



ONLINE FREE BREATHEOLOGY ACADEMY (with thousands of users):

Hopefully this was a bit (self) explanatory - if not to you then to the rest of this great Reddit "family"!

Best is to let BOB explain:

Or maybe Morten in my TED talk:

PS. Please share and enlighten all the Reddit family about the "useful, something to benefit mankind" things YOU do -to use your exact words.

PPS. Did you even see the video??!?!?!??!?????!?!? The WARNING!!!! ANY other post here where I am CRYSTAL about that NOBODY should ever dive alone - always seek professional help!

PPPS. Please reflect on yourself - could it be that BECAUSE of lazy people just like you - who do NOT take the time to understand a subject and judge bluntly - is casing a LOT of death and devastation around the world?

Maybe there's useful medical data that can be derived from holding your breath for 22 mins. Drowning maybe?

Exactly....15 years of my life as a guinea pig - to help on patients after stroke - all sorts of rehabilitation......because freediving (breath holding on land) is controlled but simulates a near-drowning or a near fatal stroke).

This year I have spent a period of 4 months to help create a Breatheology Rehabilitation Approach for 12 patients with Post-Polio. Also teaching doctors, psychologists and physioteraphists all the benefits of optimized breathing and warm water rehabilitation/freediving.

Much more on my blog:

And an entire CASE STUDY in my book (also in my TED talk):

BOB also tells why;)

Jesus Christ, calm down... Did he kill you dog or something?

Some people are jusy lazy...or small minded....pity the small lives!

Here is a simple answer....

BOB also tells why;)

I don't have 22 mins to watch your video therefore this must be fake

Watch this instead - when U have the time:

BOB also tells why;)

He doesn't HAVE a PhD in Medicine; he's just holding one.


You are welcome...and check out BOB;)

Do you feel ashamed that your only talent in the world is holding your breath?

not really....we can not all be multi-talented (like you?)

You realize with enough training the body can absorb the proper air through your pores to sustain the oxygen level not to damage your brain?

something like this is mentioned in yoga scriptures...

Let's see your PhD in medicine. Trick ass beeyotch.

You sound lazy - There is something called "Google" - difficult to explain really...but it is great. You simply write the name of a person (like mine - stig severinsen) and since I am the only person on this Planet with this name...things are easy. Then some people get really fancy - and add extra words - like utricular macula, kanamycin or stereological estimation... and magic happens!!!

Is there a PhD in Medicine under Jsouth9001 if someone Googles!?!?!

From TED with LOVE:

From BOB - with BALLS:

How often do you practice for this feat? Do you feel stupid? Did you know the human brain cells start to die off after 6 minutes without oxygen? You must be pretty fucking stupid.

Believe me - I'm real dumb!

Hey Stig! Reddit legend marterfcgavin here. As we all know, /r/atheism is literally the worst thing on the planet. Why do you think it's so awful?

BOB knows...

Your neurons need oxygen

yes...and human kind need BOB;)

So much for "Science"!!!!!

When you munch box, do you come up for air? If you were holding your breath the whole time, which do you think would happen first: (1) you lose interest tongue-slappin' the taco, or (2) You have to take another breath. Personally I think I'd lose interest before I came up for air 22 minutes later...

Answer, for science!

Like a BOSS - BOB:

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?

BOB would;)

how the fuck is that possible???

BOB explains...

Are you a dolphin?

BOB maybe is...

Do you drive cars on top gear?

BOB does...


See below - but also for you Sir:

For you Sir Sherlock Holmes;)

But you have a great point...which I address to the people behind Reddit right HERE:



For you Sherlock Holmes;)

But you have a great point...which I address to the people behind Reddit right HERE:

What licensing agency declared you a Certified Badass? Also, how do you acclimate yourself to colder conditions?

BOB did;);)

Many long dives in ice water...see my Youtube Channel (breatheology)

Here is BOB:


BOB is cooler than ice..


BOB makes you happy;)

This is REAL magic..

how do you avoid brain damage? i've always been taught that the brain can't go without air for more than a few minutes

Mind over science;)

How much were you rooting for David Blaine to fail when he was holding his breath for 17 minutes?

Did not see it...was a long time ago....on Oprah....have never meet him...

But BOB is COOL;)

Awesome, sir. It's good to have people who push the limits of the human body

Thank you Sir - just like BOB - what an inspiration;)

You're an insane man. Ever get injured from pushing your body too far, or having your body fail to alert you that it can't handle it?

Not seriously...but NEVER dive alone.....know what you do...

Like BOB:

Who would be more likely to survive the zombie apocalypse, you or Bear Grylls?

BOB...for sure...



Do you play video games?

Never..neither does BOB;)

Oh. Me and my dad just watched you on TV. My dad kept exclaiming "He's going to die!" Haha. You can hold your breath longer when still and not moving, are you able to hold your breath that long whilst free diving? I mean an estimate of the average length of time you can hold your breath during a free dive.

Dive time when moving about 4-5 minutes

Here some Killer Whales I became friends with North of the Polar Circle:

And BOB is cool:

Can you explain what it feels like to be that far under water? when you are down that far, do you feel fear at all or is there acceptance in case something happens? Has anything ever gone wrong?

BOB has done great stuff..

what has inspired you to tap into the power of your own mind like this?

BOB is a great inspiration...

I can hold my breath for two minutes without submersion/hyperventilation and am inordinately impressed with my own accomplishment. You're like a god, to me.

How long can you hold your breath without submersion? Can you describe how your conscious state feels when you do these dives?

Hope U like BOB:

What started your interest in free diving and holding your breath for so long?

BOB and others....Costeau, Swimming, Sailing....

What to do when you get the pain of sickness when water gets up your nose

Ignore it;)

So, do you practice medicine?

Bob and Science;)

Seeing you have balls of steel the size of Lake Michigan, how do you surface?


Have you ever considered climbing a mountain? If so would your breathing abilities enable you to climb without a tank?

BOB did something extraordinary...

How did you know when you had to stop descending from the free dive and come up? It is obviously different than just holding your breath because you still have to travel all the way back up...

ASK BOB...or get his book;)

To hold your breath in league with the pro's and record holders.

How much is does good genes factor in vs training?

Good question...difficult to answer....maybe BOB can help;)

This is very interesting, thanks for the AMA. Obviously, holding your breath for that long is physically possible, since you've done it, but doesn't being deprived from oxygen for so long cause brain damage, especially when you do it repeatedly? Or is that just a wrong assumption?

BOB inspires...

I have seen a lot of programmes about freediving recently and I'd love to get into it. I am fascinated by how (relatively) normal people can train their minds to overcome nervous signals and be able to do the most incredible things!

My question is did you start breath holding because you found out you were exceptionally good at it or did you start because you were interested in finding out what your body could do? I ask because I would like to try but I don't necessarily have the skills.

Here is BOB - Freediving History...

When you are diving, what is usually going through your mind? Ive always wondered what the thought process is as you go down.

BOB and Science...

What is the closest you've ever come to dying?

BOB and diving

Is your ability to hold your breathe for such long periods of time, under extreme stress, a result of mastering meditation?

BOB can tell you.....

My question to you is this:

What kind of breathing techniques could I practice to expand my lung capacity or depth of breathing? Do you recommend yogic techniques primarily or do you have your own adaptation?

For U Sir..

Two questions: How long does it take to recover from holding your breath for that long? It must be tough on your body.

Also, what medical precautions do you take before a breath hold?

NEVER dive alone....only use a professional team...

Recovery is fast......deeper dives can take longer

Did you plan on breaking records ever since you were young, or did this just sort of "happen"? Do you have other aspirations?

Always liked competition....(did sport all my life)

When I was swimming all the time I could swim 100 yards underwater with one breath. But, that was in a 25 meter pool. :)

Congratulations on all your life achievements!

100 m is great...please never do this alone....

What do you think about as you are holding your breath? Do your thoughts change as the time passes? Are there typical 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute thoughts?

Good question...try to leave "real time" - leave the body (sometimes) or use different mind techniques....all in my book.

My brother (safety/doctor) keeps track of the time....I prefer not to know...

I have a few questions:

  1. Did you feel faint/sickly while holding your breath?

  2. Did you "train" your lungs or do you naturally have good lungs?

  3. You have a PhD in medicine. What type of medicine is it?

  4. How are you so awesome?!?!

Not faint....feel great..but some dives are really tough..especially mentally....(the body pain is quite easy to overrule)

Had asthma as a kid....swimming all my life....both;)

Normal Medicine (Institute of Experimental Clinical Research) not a MD (lie my brother who is an ophthalmologist) - just did a PhD (research degree)...

BOB is awesome;)

Wow, really interesting stuff.

1) What do you think of "entertainers" who claim can hold their breath for similar lengths of time?

2) I'm a diver and a third year undergrad majoring in genetics and evolutionary biology at a top tier university.I'm looking at grad school, but I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I can finally do some good in the field. How can I get started in marine biology?

3) Are you a robot?

Thank you Dr. Severinsen!

1) I KNOW they "cheat" - at least some of them

2) I studies marine is great and important - ask people you trust...

3) We are all robots - read Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene;)

Do like BOB;) - Man vs. Science;);)

I am an undergrad student thinking of pursuing a masters or PhD, and as I get further in my studies I am learning that masters and PhD programs are extremely rigorous and require an insane amount of dedication. What advice would you have for someone like me, who wants to rise to that level of education but feels like he lacks the dedication or work ethic necessary?

Good question...maybe do like me;) - Have another passion besides your PhD - I had full funding - so was "self-sponsored" in my sport/passion/world records/travels......made a very clear agreement with my Professors:

1) Freediving/training/world Records

2) PhD

3) Walk the talk ;)

Best of luck...

For me, this is one of those extreme sports where the boundaries of the human body are pushed to the limits. Do you ever get annoyed that that an Olympic swimmer can take home six gold medals, and all you can compete for is an entry in the Guinness Book of Records?

Well...good point....I was a competitive swimmer before...and trust me...there are no big medals or money....(like baseball, soccer, gold, tennis etc)

Sport is ALL about passion to me;)

Fereediving WAS an Olympic sport nearly 100 years ago - and will maybe be again...

BUT YES...can get frustrated at times that there are such huge differences in the support of different sports...

Hope you enjoy BOB and extreme push of human limits;)

Don't you think hyperventilating beforehand is cheating? Wouldn't it be more interesting to see who can hold their breath the longest without breathing in extra oxygen?

I do not believe in cheating - least in something you love - do YOU?

Try to use Google (tip: freediving)

Enjoy BOB:

Do you think there would be a positive effects on life expectancy if someone were to train their body to constantly use less oxygen?

Do you think that it is possible to train the heart to stop beating for a while, as some Indian gurus claim to have done? If so, how do they train for it?

Good questions - thank you.....YES...many benefits...Indian philosophy count lives in number of breaths you take..not years....

See my book for much more details:

Not usre heart can stop completely...but believe people can train to remarkable feats;)

Like BOB;)

Didn't a girl just die from this?

Not sure...people drown all the time....never dive alone...

Is it easier to hold your breath in cold water because less temperature means less oxygen consumption or is this only theoretical?

This is theory;) The temperature should be balanced - and fir your warm increases metabolism/oxygen consumption - too cold make you cramp and shiver...

Ice cold make you survive longer (if drowning)

do you ever forget to breathe?

;) - Guess we all do at times......breathing is so fascinating and closely linked to how we feel and think;)

"My name is Stig"

Do you ever watch Top Gear?

/are you a tame F1 driver?

NO TV....but know of BOB:

How long can you hold your breath without saturating your system with oxygen?

About 9 min...

Do you have a much higher than normal % myoglobin in your muscles that helps you hold your breath for longer? Have you ever tested this?

Mr. Severinsen has a PhD in medicine, so i'm sure he knows what myoglobin is, but for those who don't: myoglobin is an oxygen binding molecule similar to hemoglobin that is found in high abundance in diving mammals like whales and dolphins.

Good question..never tested....also check out something called - neuro-globin (my PhD fellow studies this) - but we have some theory that Myoglobin could be increased via hypoxic training (low oxygen) - especially during exercise....Check Sebastain Murat for more stuff...

BUT even if the Myoglobin should increase if would still be hard to access the oxygen....(as it is naturally/Bohr Effect/Saturation curves etc)

But my hemoglobin is high at times...(53%) - also lower....some exciting stuff in my book....studies by Professor Erika Schagatay...

Enjoy BOB vs. Science:)

Have you taken long term recorded measurements of your IQ, cognitive functions etc. to see if there's any change from the diving?

Nope....could be very interesting...the long term effects still remain to be studied......set up a study...freedivers love new studies and volunteer happily...we usually have doctors/researchers at all major in France (World Championship few months ago...I am the Danish National Team Coach)...

Good luck...

In the third video, you are diving into a giant upvote arrow. Real subtle Dr. Severinsen.


Enjoy BOB:

How much did cost you to give up your soul?

For God or Myself?!

Do people call you Doctor Doctor Deep Dive?

Nope - but some say "Divers do it deeper"...

Is there anything I can do to increase the amount of oxygen that my body absorbs? I ask this because I run out of breathe easily and oxygen absorption would help when hitting the gym.

Yes...nose breathing.....train under hypoxic multiple breath holds (oN DRY LAND)....practise diaphragmatic breathing...

Best of luck...

What are the different stages of thought (or lack there of due to meditation) when you hold your breath. Like three minutes in do you think differently than ten minutes in?

Relevant dives are when time disappears (Flow state complete) - it is important NOT to think of the time...this takes manyyears to learn/master...

But for some competitive dives you devide the dive into phases - and go through them - freedivers use very different techniques...

The end of the dive is tricky/dangerous.....but also the easiest..once you learn to get there....;)



How is it humanly possible, to hold your breath for 22 minutes? This blows my mind.

First breathing 100% oxygen saturates blood and lungs....

But you still have to hold your breath;)

Listen to BOB - many limits can be broken...

Did Top Gear name their secret racing driver after you?


How are you still alive?

Like BOB

dude i saw you on tv for a show dealing with superhumans. didnt you break the record with your brother?

Yes - my brother always travels with me - he is a doctor and also my safety diver...maybe you saw Stan Lee's Superhumans (I did a world record of 21 minutes) - or Superhuman Showdown on Discovery Channel (Guinness World Record of 22 minutes)....

I am lucky to have such a great brother...his name is Martin.

Here is BOB - a great friend, pioneer and legend:

He lies folks! For I am tha real Stig!

Here's the real BOB;)

What's the best joke you've heard about your ability?

Diffficult to say....The SPA is wonders;)

Did you personally know Audrey Mestre and Pipin Ferreras? I read the book about the tragic accident of Audrey's death written from Pipins perspective and it really got me interested in free diving. Did you notice any ways that the accident effected you and your sport? Also how does it feel to have all of your internal organs shrink so insanely small when you're at extreme depths?

Andrey was a shining star but never had the chance to meet her. Freediving is a small family..and we mostly know each other and train together....we compete but also is a beautiful world....but like other things we have different organizations, minds etc...

Audrey was a great many others...Sleed Diving is deadly dangerous....I only do it for training...never for records....

I simply like FREEDIVING in the purest and the ocean...

Yes..organs shrink...but also fill with plasma (lungs) - Mammalian Diving Response.....

BOB was a pioneer in this:

A champion, a Guiness world record holder, a PhD in medicine, your life must be complete :)

Not at all....there are always new mountains to climb, oceans to dive....

Titles are not important - passion is;)

Years ago I set my personal record of 4 minutes (and a few seconds) for breath holding. I thought I was a circus freak. Cannot even understand how 22 minutes must feel.

But 100% oxygen helps;) And funny you mention "Circus freak"..I try not to be one...always work in my 20'10 Guinness World Record (first person to pass the magic 20-minute barrier) - did this in 2010 - on April 1st - in a shark tank.....

Hope U see what I mean;)

All in my book;)

BOB is a true hero;)

what is the next thing that you are planning? When do you attempt to go for the record?

Thank you for asking - next year will be great...maybe have some new plans;);) Keep an eye open my friend;)

how long can you hold your breath with inhaling normal air?

9 min

Have you ever had an experience that brought you close to death while diving? If so, would you please offer an anecdote?

Please see above.....Hawaii....dolphins....

Some say he only breathes 70 times a day. All we know is he's called the Stig!


do you find yourself randomly not breathing? like subconsciously holding your breath? is fascinating all this breathing....and not breathing;)

How did you discover that you could hold your breath for such a long period of time? Intentionally or accidentally?

Always loved water...animals....swimming...a play became my lifestyle;)

When you were under the ice, what did it look like? The color, the shape of the ice around you?

This record was in a lake..quite murky and green water...

In Norway and Finland I have seen clear water and beautiful ice blocks...

Most incredible is the air..trapped under the ice..looks like mercury...

Strangely enough one loses sense of direction...which can be very dangerous...

Keep an eye on Men's Journal next week..believe it is 23rd Nov. - ice ice baby;);)

Do you meditate (ex : samatha, vipassana)? Do you have any special meditation techniques that help you hold your breath?

Yes...many techniques (have written a book on it - a step-by-step guide)

And online Academy:

A BIG fan of Ujjayi pranayama;) - Loooong exhale....

Also see here - you can join:

I honestly thought I was going to see someone inhale a breath of air and jump into a pool...did not deliver.

Sorry...hope BOB is better:

Do you ever stop and think about how awesome you are ?

Rarely...mostly just hold my breath;)

BOB is awesome - don't you think?

I have a simple question: Are you a wizard?

Love lizards;)

How the hell can you even walk with such a massive pair of cold-resistant testes?

In all seriousness though, have you ever pulled or considered pulling practical jokes? You would be the king of the pool/beach. As the lifeguard, i would have a moment of panic, then irritation, then I would probably die of laughter once I realized you were fine.

Please see above - never joke with lifeguards...

Never dive alone...

What's your injury list?

Uhhh - do not keep "track" - but Black Out is a part of freediving...especially in the beginning when testing limits.

Lung squeeze....(you spit blood from your lungs after a dive that was too deep, to stressed or to fast)

Narcosis....deep dives...

Never had the bends (deep deep dives)

Also some divers have suffered serious air embolism (from extreme packing)...have participated on an article on this topic...


Freediving should have LOW impact (no injury)...

What kind of stick do you use to push the ladies off you when you're in public?

under water hockey stick will do the trick;)

Have you had any accidents before? Any close shaves?

Please see below....(yes)

Do you regulate your EPO production by injection? or do any elevation training to increase your O2 carrying capacity? Thanks!

Please see above....we are doping tested after Olympic standards after each world record (competition - not Guinness)

Doping is for losers....

BOB is a true here - no doping - only scotch;)

PS. YOU can regulate EPO my book;)

so i guess Erotic asphyxiation dosent do much for you?

Not an expert....but know people who like this;) And actually had it included in the original 1200 page manuscript of Breatheology (my book) - because it IS a prt of breathing/breath holding for some people...

Are you always holding said PHD or do you sometimes put it down to hold other things? (Ex: Food, fish you happened to catch while diving, cups)

Only leave it when I go to the beach or do shark diving....usually hold it in my left with my right...

In a previous answer you said you can "override" your bodies reaction to breathe. So...

1.) Are you able to override your bodies instincts enough to pass out from lack of oxygen while not being in water? That is, sitting in a chair, for example.

2.) How long can you hold your breath spontaneously?

YES...that is exactly why you should NEVER hold your breath in water - NEVER alone..never without professional people (freedivers).

I can hold my breath for 22 minutes (GWR - oxygen load) -

9 min on normal air..

If you mean "spontanously" like NOW.....depending on training....over 8 min.

Do you ever lose focus and start to panic a little? Have you ever had to turn back half way through attempting a big dive?

I watched a special on the training marine recon divers go through to be comfortable in the water, and it blew my mind. Fifteen feet under ice seems nuts to me... 236 is just insane! I commend your mind and body control!

Every body loses focus sometimes.....but winners do not lose focus so often....Winning is a habit (I won the World Championship in 2005, 2006, 2007) - but I have missed some deep dives....not woth blowing ear drums..

Also I have failed in "static" (breath hold dives) - mentally tougt...

Concerning ICE DIVING - NO - I do not stop mid-way.....I have "done the dive" in my mind before I start....if could kill yourself and put your safety divers in big risk.

Here is a great legend:

Cool AMA! Congrats on all of your records, as well as completing your PhD.

As someone with a PhD in medicine, how do you justify doing this crazy shit despite the obvious dangers involved?

To quote a famous movie:

"I'm a safety girl"...;)

Safety comes first...always...I am no daredevil...nor have a wish to die...

But I like to push my limits....and feel FREE;)

Like BOB:

aside from the GWR stuff, has your biology/anatomy been studied while you're in these various states (i.e. oxygen deprivation, cold water, etc)?

Ohhh YES....biggest chapter in my book deals with this - in detail:

But no cold water stuides...

BOB was a pioneer in a lot of what is known today (physiology, diving safety etc):

Have you ever thought about getting into breathplay porn? You would be unreal in a facesitting video, for instance.

Nope....but it is always good to keep and open and free mind;)

My first thought reading your techniques is how do you seperate overriding your brain's survival instincts and actual brain damage via shortage/loss of oxygen?

Surely anyone can teach themselves to ignore their body's instinctual urges and CO2 build-up complexities, but at what point does your brain actually hit that final layer of, (excuse the analogy), "A car engine without oil". If it's running "dry" how long before the engine itself explodes or ceases to function/damaged?

Key question....thank my book I talk a lot about this because it is a very important aspect..but my answer is - I DON'T KNOW....practise makes the master......(I call it "the little bell") -

My friend gets two warning...then ULTIMATE warning (if he ignores this he will black out..and knows it too;)

BUT NO brain damage........the heart still works;)

Stig, big fan of yours, I trained under Carlos Coste in Venezuela and I've been following freediving ever since.

Here's a couple of questions for you:

1) What's your static record without O2? (AIDA Rules)

2) Are you planning to try and beat the current AIDA world record in any of the disciplines?

3) CWT PB?

4) How did you start freediving and when did you decide to go for pro/records?

Carlos Coste is a great freediver - so elegant..and a good friend - we have done several World Records together (yo hablo español tambien)

8.40 min (#1 AIDA 2007 - see ranking!!!?)

No more competition...won double gold in 2007 (Slovenia - and set new World Record - 186 m DNF/without fins) - Now ONLY do Guinness World Records...

CWT PB (deep diving personal record...about 70 m WITHOUT fins)

ALL my life is freediving/water/swimming....decided to train for world records in 2000 - made a 4 year plan.......with great help from a good friend/sports psychologist....I got the chance to help him later in Life (his name is Morten - see him on the TED talk):

Here is BOB - enjoy - Freediving History:

If you're a hundred or so feet below the surface and decide that you really need a breath of air, can a scuba diver simply hand you their mask or would that cause your lungs to explode or something?

You should never breathe SCUBA while freediving... that is not how freedivers think or work...

we only use SCUBA divers as safety to help us to the surface (and film) - not to give us a regulator with air!!!

What part of Denmark are you from? What is your favorite thing about Denmark? Jeg elsker Danmark!

Born in Aalborg - live in Aarhus - but rarely in Denmark...

But Denmark is a beautiful place..especially in Summertime...

You should take up Blitzball.

BOB should;)

Some say... he dives in ice-cold water wearing just his speedos.


Like BOB:

How do you know at 22 minutes that it's no longer "mind over body" but "life over death", especially since you're in such a meditative state?

My brother is there to help...and I "program" myself for many months to do this....;)

When you say that you actually "recondition your nervous system" and go into an altered consciousness, which in essence is overcoming your body's natural response, has this benefited you in other areas of your life when having "mind over body" may be beneficial? i.e. pain tolerance, possibly even dealing with emotions?

see other reply - or my book...entire chapter on this..

Damn. Does it hurt the female when you have sex with her from your massive balls banging against her? (Kudos. Really. I'd love to be able to claim just one of those feats.)

You must ask THEM!

But here is BOB - huge balls:)

Do you blood dope or do anything like that to help you freedive?

See other answers....never doped..never will..doping is for losers...

I heared a rumour about you that you can control you temperature, is this true? and how do you train for holding your breath?

Not sure it is me...maybe Wim Hof...Ice man...

But many yoga techniques teach this....I want to investigate more;)

I am a new(ish) free-diver and am usually too busy to put too much time into practice. What should I focus my little practice time on? I usually hold my breath in intervals during class.


NEVER dive alone...

Do DRY land dynamic (on grass - hold your breath.....walking)

Also do body work in breath hold/apnea....push ups, sit ups etc...

But mostly focus on your mind and breathing...


So if it's not falling to your death or drowning, what is it that you are afraid of?

Losing someone I love...

I'm a synchronized swimmer and I spend a lot of time exerting myself underwater. I have troubles holding my breath and get really scared to perform long routines. I know it is all mental and that I have the ability to hold my breath for that amount of time, but it feels like I'm drowning and I get scared and it affects my performance. I don't want to stop competing because I otherwise love my sport. Do you have any advice to overcome the mental difficulties of not breathing? Or maybe any exercises to increase my lung capacity?

Well...first congratulations for WANTING to learn and improve...battle your demons.....yes...all in your mind.

Start morning (DRY LAND) breath your bed....3-4 reps....few minutes in between...

2 weeks....3-5 times per week...You will be amazed;)

Also check out my book or Breatheology Academy - tell you EXACTLY how to!

And let BOB inspire:

I saw you in a documentary where they tested you and some others seeing who us the "superhuman". Your skills are amazing! And I am just stoked to know who you are. Keep up the good work!

Thank you...yes, Superhuman is fun to watch people with different skills...I found the other Superhumans amazing;)

Is being the best at this enough to support a family without supplementing your income?

Fantastic question - thank you...

I have spent ALL my money on my dreams and passion...payed ALL World Record Attempts, doping tests, judges, hotels, travels etc...never calculated but guess...several hundred thousand dollars...

Let me tell you what I "won" when I got double gold AND a world record in 2007 a vacuum cleaner and a small (non-water proof) pocket camera...

When I won the Danish Championship in Under Water Rugby I won a towel....and got a signed paper and a handshake from the mayor...

Hope U get my point...I never earned ANY money on freediving.....but my family does luckily not need the money....

HOWEVER - would it not be wonderful if there was more support (money/support) to small niche sports also? YES....

Some say, he can hold his breath for an AMAZING 22 minutes. Others say he can dive to 236 feet in a Speedo. raises brow All we know is that he's called...the Stig!


I've been practicing holding my breath for a while. The best I can do is 2 minutes :( I feel like this is an important survival skill. How did you start? What was your training like? Any tips?

Yes...very important...especially for soldiers or SCUBA divers....

Did it all my life (please see other answers) -

Best tips in my book - a full blown step by step workbook - took two years to write...

Lost of FREE tips on my website (articles etc):

FREE training here:

BOB give tips here - and maybe you win:

How long can you hold your breath without first breathing pure oxygen?

9 min

Have you ever come close to drowning/thought you were going to drown? What did it feel like? How did you escape?

yes...see other answers...

Is it true you have gills behind your ears like Kevin Costner in WaterWorld?

BOB has..

You said you have passed out during some of your record attempts. Can you share some stories about those incidents?

In 2004...Venezuala...did the target dive (67 meters/220 feet - without fins) - came to surface...was TOO happy and excited...yelled of joy and happiness..lost control/small Black Out....

Other bigger Black Outs in training...Hawaii...

TIP. Do NOT make WR attempts AND TV at the same time;)

Considering the fact that, pretty much across the board, records get more and more impressive as time goes on, what do you think is the upper limit to how long a human could hold their breath?

People always ask.....and freedivers keep redefining these limits...

Can not answer...limits are in your mind.....

Great AMA dude!

How do you know when to finish your dive? Do you hit like a point when you lungs hurt too much or you feel yourself passing out?

Pain is not a problem (I talk about conquering "the mountain of pain" in my book)...

Trick is to KNOW thyself...stop before you pass out...I have a natural (and trained) gift...I always come up in time...even if I don't remember it!!)

Amazing! Blow way by the videos! You are a true example that we human beings are amazing and a one of kind!

Thank you..please look at BOB;)

have you ever thought you weren't gonna make it back to the surface in time?

Few times..see above..

Does developing the ability to hold your breath that long have the same effect on your blood as living at altitude or using an altitude tent?

YES;) - and there if is great news to new training and rehabilitation methods...I work a LOT on THAT - see my book:

Enjoy - maybe YOU win:

What got you into breath holding? Or whatever it's called.

nature, curiosity, love of water, freedom, animals.....PLAY...

My impression of competitive free diving and deep diving has been completely shaped by Luc Besson's film "Le Grand Bleu." How accurate a portrayal is that free/deep diving (minus the Rosanna Arquette love triangle)?

I think I remember seeing a safety stop setup with air tanks at various depths as a way to safely bail out if you get in trouble. Is that something that is put into practice at competitions? Also, is there any kind of research you participate in as a diver?

Great questions...thank you.

Not very accurate..but great..

NEVER use safety divers (air from SCUBA) - see below...

Lots of research..see other read my book....FULL of this;)


Is "The Big Blue" your favorite movie?


Really interesting AMA. Thank you for doing this.

Regards, a fellow dane.


I read an article about free diving some time ago (I think it was probably the New York Times Sunday Magazine) & it talked about the different zones in regards to buoyancy.

First zone (surface to whatever depth) = positive buoyancy. Even if you stopped swimming, with air in your lungs you would eventually float to the surface.

Second Zone = neutral buoyancy. If one stopped swimming, the tendency would be just to hang in stasis.

Thirds Zone = Negative Buoyancy. Sinking would feel like floating at this point.

After reading about this I began to have nightmares about getting turned around in dark waters - the concept sounds quite scary to me.

Sorry if I didn't describe it accurately, but if you have experience with a change in buoyancy, would you care to describe what that is like & have you ever gotten into trouble with being able to tell which direction is up or towards the surface?

Simple....your lungs compress under pressure (water pressure/hydrostatic pressure) - lift capacity you start to SINK...

Look at bobbles...they float up;)

Do NOT train NOT train in dark water (we do it a LOT...for mental/psychological reasons...and lack of other alternatives).

ALWAYS a SAFETY LANYRAD (line from your ankle/wrist to mail line)

Breatheology produces the ONLY professional/serial created lanyard in the world....(AIDA approved - official sponsor at World Championship)

Safe diving and NEVER put too much weight in your belt:

You're the best in the world at something, you have one of the most highly recognised and accredited degrees available AND you have multiple world records!? i'm left wondering; what's on your bucket list?

Thank you...lots of dreams and "missions" left.....I hope YOU are also happy with your path and "bucket list"...

Mine would include things like; more time with friends, family and continous work on spreading awareness of all the wonderful benefits conscious breathing (and breath holding) holds to mankind....

we can talk more if you win;)

PS. There are MANY talented freedivers....I am certainly not the best in all regards...

I held my breath for three minutes once.

I was very proud. Now I'm not.

How do you feel now that you've crushed me?

SAD..but hey...maybe your lucky day;)

So you have a doctorate in medicine, but you're not actually an MD?


Son of Poseidon!

(Forsæt det gode arbejde!)

Thank you...ditto;)

Have you ever tried apnea walking?

OHHH yes....and will include some awesome training videos from The Great Wall of China in a new program online....stay tuned...

ANd for all "normal" people....walking apnea is walking and holding the breath at the same time (a-pnea = withour breathing) - like the work sleep apnea...from Greek)



I have noticed several great sports figures with the name Stig, namely yourself, Stig Blomqvist, and that mysterious chap from Top Gear. I have also noticed a lack of useless people named Stig. So using this observation, I have to ask, if I name my child Stig, does that destine them for greatness?

What a GREAT question;);)

BUT..let us start to explain that Stig actually is a Nordic name meaning "Pathfinder" - second....pick a name that fits your baby;)

Maybe we can talk more if you win:

Do you have giant balls?

BOB has...



PhD in medicine? thats awesome, are you a practicing physician? where did you go to medical school? Tell us a little bit about the science behind being able to hold your breath so long please.


Nope...PhD..not MD...studied in Aarhus and Copenhagen...Stockholm and Barcelona....

Please check BREATHEOLOGY;)


dive in ice;)

Do you/ have you considered playing a brass instrument? Because I think a person with your breath capacity would excel.

would be great to play an instrument..maybe later in life...

Do you think is there a maximum length of time that a human body can reach without oxigen (and of course without dying)? I read that scientist calculated the the sortest time for the 100m run but is there a study for withholding breath?

Do not rely on Science or Scientists...if all were so smart why did the world crash in 2009?

Look here for reality and limits/breaking limits:

I have great trouble holding my breath for more than roughly a minute. If you had to, how much longer would I be able to hold my breath if you trained me for one hour?

More than double your time....tripled the time for a guy yesterday here at DEMA (dive show in Las Vegas) - even have it on video...maybe put it on my blog or facebook someday;)

What is your resting heart rate? And what do you do to train?

39-40.....higher now when I don´t train much...

Love training..did it all my life...swim, horseback riding, skiing, roller blades, surfing, body training,

Is it difficult to find speedos that can contain your enormous balls?;)

Do you receive any prize money for setting a world record? If so would you tell us?

Plese see below...NO..NEVER

But won a vacuum cleaner...gave it to my girlfriend....

Is it ok if I call you Mr. Doctor Professor Stig?

Doc is ok...Profesor is a title/job I do not have or "hold"....;)

How did your massive balls not weigh you down when you dove under the ice?

BOB - like a BOSS:

Sorry to sound stupid but what are the main difference between a PhD in Medicine, a MD in Medicine, and like a PhD in Biochemistry

Google or Wiki will tell;)

I am not a is just like a PhD in Biochemistry..only in Medicine;)

You should team up with Hoth the Ice man, then I can make you victory beer for whatever you do

maybe...if I only knew him...but BOB is COOL:)

When I was a Freshman in high school, I tried to hold my breath as long as I could when I was bored after taking my Spanish final. I held my breath for 3 whole minutes, it was awesome. I found out later that I forgot to flip the last page over and missed the entire written portion of the exam. I failed the fuckin shit out of that exam...... But 3 minutes? Pretty awesome for a laybreather.

Yeah...and you DO feel great after...and sometime forget a thing or two in the end...

never train in water alone...

Good luck on next exam;)

You sound to me more like the most interesting man in the world.


Certainly not...but curious....and also saa this Equis stuff - see last line...


As a singer, I have always wondered: is it lung capacity itself helping you do this, or is it will power? If it is lung capacity, then I need your secret. NOW! Please, if you wouldn't mind.

Both...mind over matter..but lungs can CERTAINLY be trained....I hve even written a 300 pages long work book step by step manual on this;)

Here is your chance;)

are you related to the stig on top gear?

BOB is:

How long can you hold your breath outside the water? Like, doing something normal such as sitting in a chair or lying down?

About 8 min...

how bad was "the shrinkage"?


your are awesome. what is your motivation for doing this ? money, fame , or just for fun ?

Money..HAHAHAHA...please read other comments...

Fame..maybe (recognition)

Mostly FUN....follow my a kid...inspire and help other best I can...

Like BOB:

How long can you hold your breathe without O2 saturation?

see others..

Has your background in medicine helped you with any of the stunts you've done?

Oh yes....especially the safety issue...also training programs

Have you ever played blitzball?

nope..maybe BOB has..

How long can you hold you breathe if you werent trying to break any records?

maybe longer than you;)

How is your body capable of withstanding the pressure of water at that depth? Do you wear specialized suits for that purpose, is your body adapted or both? Can you fly on airplanes? Do you live at or near sea level?

A suit does NOT help!!

We ARE no problem...(problem/challenge is in the air spaces..lungs, sinuses, middle ear etc)

No airplane certificate.......

Leave near the sea..

Would/does It upset you when someone brakes your records or are you rooting for them when they try?

Records are made to be broken..I wish all who try best of luck;)

These records are mostly a "personal battle/adventure";)

So what is it that makes you decide to come up? After 22 minutes its hard for me to imagine what the indicator might be

Timing is everything;)

Mental Preparation;)



It was interesting watching the video of your 20:10 record and hearing all the coaching and status updates they are giving you (especially since I'm Danish and could understand what they're saying).

More than people think

Vaguely...hear it somewhere in the far distance

Moving to stay alert and distract the breathing reflex...also preparin got come up on the right second;)

ok..but not so much as people good breath hold should not end with the urge to breathe...even in this may sound should become ONE with the breath hold..that is the trick/secret/key;)

Could you potentially be the next Aquaman? O.o



What did you do your thesis on?

Renegenation on the Utricular Cell type I & II....

you sir are awesome, have an internet high five

Hive five cyberspace right back at ya'



Nope - but have seen people shit from the internal pressure - from breath holding in the a World Championship..;)

Why is there a record for diving under ice while wearing a specific brand of shorts? Has the whole world gone mad?

Prefer pink...only blue was left...

Are you a wizard?

Love lizards..

Hi stig, I wish i could think of an awesome question for you but, alas Im not that sharp! Just a quick one to say i saw ur appearance on channel 4's (uk) daredevils series and you inspired me. Seeing your acheivements ( that under ice dive took my breath away i cant imagine what it did to you!!!) was awesome. Dont stop. X

Thanx...maybe you have the chance for more questions here;)

Some say he can hold his breath for more than 20 minutes.

And that his last name sounds like silverfish.

All we know is, he's called the Stig!

Loved the of the best lines yet..thanx for a creative mind;)

Tell me more;)

Would you rather fight 1000 Duck sized horses or 1 Horse sized duck? Who would your abilities help you in the fight?

I would rather duck under the horse...

How easy is it for you to hold your breath while watching underwater scenes in movie? (i.e hold your breath while the protagonist is underwater take for example this potential casino royale spoiler)

never challenge;)

Fantastic work, I'm rooting for you as a fellow Dane!

I saw your record attempt on Discovery Channel (I think) where you held your breath for 22 minutes. Your brother was there and mentioned as a doctor. He once said "keep your neck down" or something similar, why is that?

Martin is my wonderful brother - he is a doctor and also my safety diver and coach..he knows me VERY well....he did not say "keep your neck down".....he said "relax your neck"..

The NECK is the KEY point...connecting your head/mind/brains with your body..I teach this to all my he just reminds me....;)

David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes. He also levitates. So did he really hold his breath for that long, or was it just another trick?

Quite sure it was legit.....never meet David Blaine..but know the people who trained him..skilled divers....

many other magicians CHEAT during "so called" long breath holds...I know that for a FACT (first eye witness)

I logged in to upvote your post primarily due to your ability to follow post guidelines, albeit somewhat erroneously in this case. me down;) - Cause I do not know the rules..nor did I know of reddit - mu brilliant manager helped me...but reddit is GREAT and I see the value...especially for the people with actual real questions"...

Maybe come back some other time/topic...

See more here:

What do you think about this video? it...Guillaume is an old friend..I have lived with him and trained with him in Nice, France....his talented wife has shot this video...on a single breath of air;) Blue Hole Bahamas...Long island..he is there again NOW;)


And BOB;)

is it lonely up there on your pedestal?

Great in that deep blue sea.....

Just like BOB:

Where are your favorite places to free dive?

Ohh - so many places..Hawaii, Fiji, Norway, California, Spain....depends on the mood;)

What are the health risks of doing this continuously? long as you do not push too much

See other answers (lung squeeze, burst ear drums etc)

What size suit do you wear?

Custom made by Elios.......

Will you be my father?

Maybe BOB wil...

Damn that's impressive!

in speedos? really?

Really...well, actually not SPEEDOS:...Lane4 is the brand...Custom made for me;)


Coldly cold....the real pain comes when you start to WARM up.....

Damnit now no one will ever believe I AM THE STIG


What does it feel like to be hyperventilated with 100% oxygen, right before your dive?

Good question...not much different..a bit more tingling...maybe other people feel if worse than I do.....

How many breaths per minute do you take when at rest? Average is around 14-16, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were much lower. If you don't know try having someone secretly count when you're not thinking about it so you don't skew the results. Also, what is your resting pulse? are very right - thank you for the insight and good advise...I mention the same in my book;)

can breathe from 6-12 times....

resting pulse around higher (bad shape;)

What is your stance on marijuana? Recreational or medicinal

no big opinion..surely plants can do many great things;)

How much of a difference does the temperature of the water make when trying to hold your breath in it? E.g. how long could you hold it in 5C vs 30C?

Also, how much of a different does the hyperventilating of oxygen make? How long could you hold your breath in the same conditions without doing this?

see other

What are your plans for the future?

SECRET plans..but also to relax more and restructure my companies...

Are you the stig on top gear?

Are U;)


Great to hear....keep breathing...maybe we talk soon...if you win:

As a biomedical major it is absolutely fascinating that you were able to live without oxygen in your cellular respiration for 20 some minutes. That's incredible :)

Thank you - to make a "Scientist" happy is a great pleasure;)

Thank you for an open mind....

Like this:

are you by any chance also the Stig from Top Gear


What do you use as your motivation fuel?

Goo question - hard to answer...difficult to know exactly - what drives us as humans?

Passion, Play, child hood dreams, to prove a point, challenge, spread your message, leave your foot print;)

Like BOB:

Weren't you on Tosh.0?

NO clue...

My question is; knock it off. I get it, you are better than me. You are making me look like a fat lazy slob who can't do shit with my life.

Certinaly not better than you (only at holding my breath;)

Here is your chance;)

What role do you think having a unique, cool sounding played in your accomplishments?

note sure....

Do you do any spearfishing, or are you purely a freediver?

Love spearfishing......dive safe;)

Weird question, but how badly did it hurt your balls to swim under the ice like that? I'm a woman, but oh God I can't imagine. have so much pain you don't feel it;)

Any advice for the common man with no underwater training on how to stay longer underwater?

First advice - DON'T!!!!

Next...train on the morning...3-4 times...small breaks in between...

I just wanted to say, i love your work on Top Gear.

Sorry...wrong guy...

As a swimmer, scuba diver I have always been interested in working on my lung capacity. Do you also do any scuba diving? Also what tips do you have for someone trying to increase their lung capacity?

SCUBA'ed looong ago...traveled around the world.....diving....

Please read other places..below.....have articles coming out stay tuned (but breathe consciously...even before dive)

What can you say about meditation? Surely it's about breathing but what you do requires intense concentration as well. Do you meditate regularly?

Meditate in life.....more when I get ready for a record - I call it "meditation under water"....the body (mind) remembers...

How does it feel to be able to hold your breath 220% longer than Guybrush Threepwood.

no clue..

So do you eventually plan on never breathing again?

Just kidding. In all seriousness, how long do you think you'll be able to hold your breath? Do you have a goal, like 40 minutes (if that's possible)?

GREAT attitude....maybe 40 is possible;)

Will see what the future brings,)

Stig, do you think a concave chest would have a significant impact on your ability to hold your breath? Do you know if it impacts anything significantly? Thanks, great AMA, ted talk was awesome too!

Thanx....should not make big difference..train flexibility....

most in in your mind...

So if someone tried to suffocate you, they'd get pretty frustrated? What's your theme-song?




Har egentligt intet spørgsmål, vil bare gerne sige jeg er stolt af det endelig er en dansker, bag en af de store AMAs. Tror engang jeg så dig dykke i Aalborg Zoo til åbningen af deres isbjørne anlæg, du har et imponerende talent! was the sea lions in ZOO;);)

Happy to her you are proud to be a fellow Dane....I did not know of Reddit before I came here to California....

maybe we talk soon;)

I've always loved holding my breath, in my late teenage years I could hold my breath for 6+ minutes, actually just tried out how long I could do it now (I haven't held my breath for a decent length in probably 5+ years) and held it for 3 1/2 minutes. I guess what I am leading up to is how long can you hold your breath for with out using 02? Does it really add that much time?

9 min

great stuff from you......the body remembers;)




Follow your passion....good luck;)

Big balls no doubt

BOB has HUGE balls:

Some say he once held his breath for 22 minutes. All we know is he's called Stig!

The BOB;)

Do you even lift?

BOB does..

I almost died, eating and watching those videos. I kept holding my breath!

like BOB:

Where are you most ticklish?

Feet...but can control it...always could;)

Some say that he has earned his phd, and that he can hold his breath for 22 minutes. All we know is he's call "The Stig."

The BOB:

I wish I was good at things.

You are...just find the "things"...if they have been lost just look back in time...childhood stuff and play will lead you;)

Have you ever had an out of body experience while holding your breath so long?

Several times...interesting...maybe you have similar experiences;)

How did you get your giant balls into the speedo?

Like BOB...


Eyes have water inside;)

I'm sure if Stig's line of future generation keeps at what he did, they could evolve back into fishes.

Some think like this...maybe evolution has the be re-written some day;)

Do your giant balls get in the way when you sit down?

not after ice diving..

1) Do you know Jana Strain?

2) How incredibly hawt is she in real life?

Yep..Jana is quite new to freediving...but very talented...

She is from pretty cool;)

What is your resting heart rate?


Stig in the real world... dun dun dunnnn.

BOB in the real world...bam bam abmmmmm

Is there a record for longest breath held involuntarily?




how hard is it to be fucking awesome?

Ask BOB:

I like to freedive, but am not that good. This is a cool AMA and a great opportunity to find out more.

I'm curious about your diet.

Thank you!

Only diet before records...stuff from the sea and greens

rarely drink..but like red wine...actually drank a BIG glass of red wine and ate 3-4 cloves of garlic before bedtime in 2003 before my first world brother told me to stop in the end;)

Yes...Many studies support this....but also hard on many people's stomach...

safe diving

When I was a kid I would try to hold my breath while going through a tunnel... I have a challenge for you

Well...good challenge...can tell you (off the record) that we are a special group of Hard Core Danes.....and we have yet NEVER passed the Elb Tunnel (Germany/Hamburg) while breathing...(only the driver)...

It is a fun game and GREAT training.....

Does it hurt when you don't breathe for that long?

no...but can be painful during.....the end is easy....beyong the pain..but hard to train yourself to get there....and ahrd to get there many times in training....especially mentally- but this is how you become a world champion;)

[deleted] exgirlfriend is from that city....and she is WONDERFUL;)

And I have trained a very talented swimmer by the same name for the Olympics in London;);)

CO2/O2 tables... are they worth it? Do you still use them? If so, it must take an awfully long amount of time...

Yes...good stuff.....but I don´t use them anymore...;)

(but only takes about an hour)

They say he can hold his breath for 22 minutes, others say he enjoys a dive in a speedo, but we call him...THE STIG


Are you the stig?


Did you go for medicine because of your breath holding abilities or is it unrelated?

nope....came from money in that (grant) literally walked across the grass at campus and got a PhD in Medicine....;) TRUE story...

Said something sexy like "transgenic mice" and other stuff...

Ph.D in medicine is so awesome . Dr.dr.severinsen ,best of luck for your future

Doc Severinsen salutes you....Best of luck to YOU;)

Maybe we meet soon..if you win;)

You must have a high stamina, have you ever ran a marathon before?

Nope...never have..not big interest.....but like running...

On a scale of 1 to apple, how much drain bramage have you suffered due to oxygen deprivation?

maybe 11!!!!

Let BOB vs. Science estimate that:

How long can you hold your breath without supersaturating yourself with pure oxygen beforehand? As if you were just at the pool testing yourself?

9 min

Were you the guy who was holding his breath for the WORLDS MOST INTERESTING PARTY with Andrew WK a few years ago? We went to the Los Angeles show and were super impressed with that stunt.

If so, is Andrew WK the most hardcore person ever or does he turn off when there's no fans around?

Nope...but was near LA....(La Jolla)

Great you had a good party;) Call next time;)

Did you ever try to use any of that as a pickup line? Hey baby I know female anatomy in detail and I can hold my breath for 22 minutes :)

Something along that line...yes.....

Some schools of thought believe that underwater breath-holding can increase intelligence ( - what are your thoughts on this? I see you have a PhD in Medicine :D Have you noticed any cognitive benefits from doing this?

Very interesting;) Thank you...

Well.. I certainly believe that....such as...(just kiddin')

Breath holding certainly can increase mental capacity....for many breathing cleanses the blood, mind training opens new areas in the brains..stimulates...rewire...rebuild...create synchronicity..

Not really noticed any change in cognitive skills (difficult to self-test;) - but you feel great after training....light and happy;)

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Anders from Workaholics? not know that man/series...but Do wotk to now on a Sunday night in Vegas at 2.54 am!!!!)

I read the other day an article about Will Kvist and it went through about some of your work with him. Do you think you have fully explored your techniques in the football context? What do you imagine the effects would be if those techiniques are applied to the likes of Messi or Ronaldo?

Great question...Yes, I worked with the talented Soccer player on the Danish national team....I work with big talents from many different sports...also Olympian athletes etc ....have not fully excavated all....but work on this improve and help my clients better... All my focus in on their breath and how to optimize that for THEM - strangely most sports people work on on the TRUE power generator....but I am sure this will change soon..I already see it happen.....and my book has helped move the needle....I am very happy for this and very proud...

Bring Messi and let's play;)

Is it hard to walk with your GIGANTIC balls?

Ask BOB:

is it possible to eat food underwater while holding your breath?

Yes...and drink champagne;)

How low can you bring down your heart rate to? Is is true that free divers like yourself can bring your heart rate down very very low? Like 20 bpm or so?

Yes..and ever lower during deep dives...

22 minutes... I can only hold my breath for about 35 to 40 seconds. Am I exceptionally bad at this, or you can really get 40 times better with training?

You can star to train on dry land....also I did this Guinness World Record after inhaling pure Oxygen...

Whatever happened to that married couple where the wife went for like a 300' dive and didn't make it back up? Have you ever met them?

Audrey Mestre - beautiful girl...very talented...never meet her....she was with a very closed dive school....sad loss...Deep sled diving is very dangerous...

How do you feel about that Baumgartner guy?

Great jump.....

Always inspiring to see things out of the ordinary.....ordinary is boring;)

On a scale of 1 to bat shit crazy, where do you rank yourself?

U better rank me.....from Mice to Men scale crazy;)

You're the hottest doctor I've ever seen in a speedo

Thank you...and the coldest;)

Stig, What do you eat?

Prana.....and normal food;)

But quite healthy...not too much artificial, sugar, dead fat...

Where do you find pants big enough to house your massive titanium balls?

From BOB:

When people say "hey don't hold your breath," do you say "fuck you, that's what I do?"

I could;)

Would you rather freedive with 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?

Have you ever smoked in your life?

jup...see fun...

You mentioned that Guinness allows you to ventilate on oxygen before a record attempt. Can you elaborate on this? Are all the world records accomplished by fueling the body with some kind of hyper-oxygenated air prior to holding your breath? What length of time could you expect to hold your breath if you merely prepared by breathing from the normal atmosphere?

YOU can inhale 100% O2 for up to 30 min.

NO - ALL other freedivng is done on you breathe every day...

9 min...WR is around 12 now I believe....

Why are you trying to make the rest of us look bad?

Ask BOB:

I just think your title on the frontpage is pretty rad.. no further questions. thank you sir.

Thanx Sir...was made by my brilliant hats of to him..


When i try to hold my breath for a while, it starts to hurt after like 20 seconds...when do you get this feeling if at all?

after 6 min..or 16;)

Have you ever heard of or tried underwater hockey? You would be amazing!

Yes..certainly...a fun sport..played on the Spanish Team in Kranj 1999 (European Championship)...great times....

Also played UW Rugby for 12 years in Denmark in the Elite Series...about 4 years on the national Team...

Great training...

You must get some really bad back pain having to carry around those massive balls, no?

BOB does...

How do you handle the headache? At least, when I hold my breathe and sit still, I can only go for 2 mins at most but I end up with a slight sore brain feeling, which kinda scares me so I haven't done it ever since.

You shoud NEVER feel headache....(only if you do crazy/heavy CO2 training).

Start slowly...increase are working on your nervous is highly delicate...please remember that...

Do you hold your breath when people in movies go underwater?

Would be happy to...maybe we talk soon...if you win;)

So thats why the Stig gets such good track times... he refuses to breath until he crosses the finish line


We're you bitten by a radioactive whale?

Cryptonic bite...

  1. How many meters can you swim underwater?

  2. What do you think of movies where people have to swim for a couple of minutes underwater to save themselves from sinking ships/aliens? This made me think of the scene from Alien Resurrection when they swim A VERY LONG DISTANCE holding heavy guns and aliens behind them.

238 meters // 780 feet on a single breath of air...

Or the Abyss..this can be done..but not as easy as it seems;)

Which one of these accomplishes means the most to you personally?

Great Q...difficult to say...but my first WR (166 m/545 feet - without fins horisontal distance) meant a lot to me - made in my home town of Aarhus) Few weeks later I was the first to break the 200 feet barrier into the abyss (also no fins) in Venezuela and after that I was the first to ever pass 200 meters (Holland)...when people thought is was "impossible";)

Also happy about being the first person to pas the magic 20 min barrier (my 20'10 minutes Guinness World Record from 2010) - so a lot be be happy about....

Hopefull I will have more "personal accomplisments" soon than just "records";)

22 minutes. 22 minutes. You could watch a sitcom episode without taking a breath. That's some perpective.

Maybe I would...and if you win we could watch together;)

Would you have competitions with friends with you were younger just to blow their mind?

Some times fun to make some games...;)

I'm hungry, should I go to mcdonalds or burger king?

Up to U..

Stig, I'm an admirer of people who are able to do this and you're a Ph.D. to boot [which makes it all the more awesome].

Now, and be honest, has this ability of being able to hold your breath at great depths, by itself, helped to get you laid or do women just come easy to you?

U will have to ask her/them;) - But I have been very lucky and meet exclusively wonderful women in my much luck in a lifetime;)

And let me tell you..Bob has a FANTASTIC wife....

Please may you provide proof of who you say you are either in the comments or through a message to the mods. Thank you.


A doctor that holds numerous world records? Thanks for making me feel inadequate.

We are all happy little kids...

I will eat a brick of cheddar cheese and drink some apple juice, Then I will break you. -Bane

Try break BOB:

How much do you love The Big Blue (1988)?

Do you ever walk around in your speedo shouting "I am ENZO!"?


"Roberto - mio palmo";)

My brother thought it was really cool when I won my first world champion title in 2005 - because he could rightfully say: "My a World...Champion";);)

Fuck you, I can hold my breath for like 73 seconds!

Oh wait, you said minutes, yikes! If I held my breath for 22 minutes I would be, let us just say, not living any longer!

What was the biggest mental obstacle you've had to overcome over the years of training? Thanks!

Great question...hard to tell...but listen to BOB:

How long could you hold your breath if you hadn't prepped/trained? Like if you just tripped and fell into a pool (and couldn't swim), but managed to get a quick gasp of air before going under, how long could you stay under?

Maybe 5 min...maybe 8....not 22;)

Does the shrinkage still bother you or are you used to it by now?

1) Does your wife make you good sandwiches?

2) How long can you go down on her for?

3) Am I asking stupid questions?

But seriously... I have friends with Ashtma and my own lungs are a bit broke from smoking (I quit 7yrs ago)... Are there any exercises to improve Oxygen intake? (I talk so much crap I am worried it is lack of Oxygen to my brain... like no .... no .... don't laugh .... i'm fucking serious here).

TL:DR I need more Oxygen to my brain ... help!

Lost of stuff to do on asthma...breathe out more slowly, hold breat more ofter etc..maybe even check out my book Breatheology - you can certainly optimize your breathing...and lung capacity;)

Check this out:

How large is your penis?

small....even smaller after ice dives..

How long are you able to go down on a woman for?

22 min...

Dude.. teach me..

BOB will:

I would love to see a video of you singing.

Not sure you would...not sure I sing well;)

How do you feel waking up in the morning and being that awesome?

Not all mornings are great;)

How did you train yourself to be able to hold your breath for such a long period of time?

loved it always..just curious by nature...

What's your body fat percentage?

not sure now...maybe 12%

What is your testing heart rate

round 39..maybe more these too much - sleep and train too little...

Will Newport ever get a Debenhams?

Will BOB:

How do you type that title and not feel like you're bragging?

My manager did;)

Do you have to get custom made speedos to hold your enormous balls?

From England...

Amazing feats.

Just wondering, how long can you hold your breath without breathing pure O2 first? Tom Sietas holds the record at 9 minutes 8 seconds. How much does the O2 help I can hold my breath for about 3 minutes. What kind of increase would I get if I used O2 first? is above 11 minutes..maybe even have found ancient info....(but better than not looking/trying - so thank you...better than a large percentage in here...bit sad, actually)...

I am around 9 min.

You could certainly double...NEVER DIVE ALONE..also Oxygen dive is not or everybody..

You are a freak, amazing what you can do with your body. Actually watched a superhuman show while I was flying home on the weekend where you were declared the winner. 22 mins underwater, amazing.

Thanx..look at BOB:

Are you actually Aquaman?

BOB is:

I just held my breath for 23 minutes while I was reading this....unofficial or not, you have to admit defeat! TAKE THAT!!!


BOB is also cool:

What are your views on the Baltic Sea anomaly? As in, what do you think it is?

No clue..maybe BOB knows:

What are your thoughts on the use of Cordyceps to improve lung efficiency? Do you use any similar natural herbs or supplements?

No experience..but sure many plants and extracts can help...

So can training;)

I can swim 75 meters with one breath in a 25 meter pool. What is different about doing that underwater?

Bravo - but neber do it alone...75 m is good...

Different technique..look on Youtube...dynamic apnea

So you think your better than me?!? New Jersey accent

NOT better than BOB;)

i had the record in my class i held my breath for 3 minutes when i was around 12-13, have you always been this good? and what do you think when your under the water?

Like U..liked it always;)

Not so important WHAT you think....more HOW you think...slow motion;)

So you have to wear speedos to try and break the record for longest freedive under ice on a single breath of air? can waer shorts as the last record holder Wim Hof - but you can NOT wear a swim cap...Guinness World Record regulations...

Where do you mostly train? Have you ever suffered shallow water blackout? What are the best training methods for breath hold diving? I am from the west coast of BC Canada and do dive and have limited experience in free diving.

Yes....BO....few times...train, mountains, lakes etc..

Try DRY STATIC and DRY dynamic (on gras;)

Some say he can hold his breath for 22 minutes other say he can freedive under ice in only a speedo all we know is he's called the stig!


Can you walk me through what happens when you come back to the surface? Do you take one long breath or quick small breaths? what happens to your body after it comes back from its Oxygen starvation?

Edit: grammar.

Exhale in water or just aboce...take a breath..not too big...hold breath in...(hook) - do that 3-4;)

You feel like you wake up...sometimes flow with happiness and delight;)


Ever seen a grown man naked? Ever been in a Turkish prison?

Turkish bath...

Shower: cold or warm?


Has dos Equis called you yet about doing commercials? Most interesting man in the world...

NOPE...did not get this...till this;)

From BOB:

Do you wake up in the morning and piss excellence?

Only on Saturdays...

BOB does every single day...

once again we have a fascinating topic to discuss yet all the top comments are stupid jokes.

AMEN...Thank you Reddit Brother....hope you appreciate this video - and that the Reddit people (moderators/developers) listen - reddit is such a cool place..great potential...but seems more and more like a degenerate Youtube Channel....sad - check the video bro;)

Do you have to use specially made speedos in order to cart around your incredibly huge balls?

I play saxophone, and I actually think having this kind of lung capacity would be a fantastic thing for me. How would one train for this? I'm asking specifics here, like how long to run etc.

SPECIFICALLY - Please read my book....two years...1200 300 - all in a ready step by step manual:

Second - inspiration here:

Do you have any hearing problems yourself, or have you ever had an infection because of what you do? Is there anything you do to help your ears when diving deep, so that the pressure doesn't hurt your ears?

Never..lucky...have great ears....but blew and ear drun once..World Championship in Ibiza 2001 (gee..have done this for ages!!) - BUT finished my dive in was a team Championship..better not let the team down....

Go SLOW...on a line..head up...find a PRO instructor...relax...there should never be pain...

Ahh I remember the documentary you did a few years ago where you tried to beat the world record in diving deep without oxygen help. You fainted when you came up from the water. That shit was intense man.

Yes...was too happy on surface..blew out all air/oxygen....

You learn for much;)

did you get the PhD before or after you held your breath for 22 minutes? if after, i'm impressed.


How do you put your pants on sir?

I watched your ice dive, and you didn't seem too winded/out of breath when you came up. Do you think you could go further, or are you in a lot more tired then you let on in the video?

Maybe a few feet more..on a good day;)

Stig, I can not stay under water longer than 22 seconds.

I am pretty good at most things in life, I can move fast and think fast, but staying underwater is the one thing In life I am terrible at! This summer I tried to train, but I still freak out and have to come up to breath.


I am very jealous that you can do it.

Well...NEVER dive alone...and I recognize the GoPro housing sound;)

Find a safe;)

maybe win here:

how far can you swim while holding your breath?

Nearly 800 feet;)

do you do any spearfishing? you should and nature...

One question: How do you do it? Two question: Does having a PhD in medicine help? and how? Third question: How? how how? that;)

My only question when i see posts like this.

Why are you on HERE?

Pool was canceled...

When does holding your breath start to get hard? Most people that hold their breath start to get exhausted around 40 seconds, and only can push for 20 seconds longer.

This is HIGHLY trainable..but NEVER do it alone in water...

People I train often double or triple the time...

It is mostly in the mind (not the blood;)

The ladies must love you...

some do...some don't...

Are you a wizard

Still love lizards..

Hey I heard about you, keep representing our country and make us look good! =)

Thanx...try hard...

You held your breath for 22 minutes? Don't you get brain damage if you have no oxygen to your brain in like 4 minutes? Maybe you could explain your technique and/or biology that allows you to do this and be ok.

one word:


Heart beats all the time.....;)

As someone who does these types of things without gimmicky tricks, what do you think of David Blaine? Also, I just wanted to say I liked your Columbia commercials that ran a while back.

Never meet David Blaine...(see above/below) - but guess his dive was legit....but focus more on smile and passion/love..not death and disaster...

Never worked for Columbia....maybe some other bald guy;)



Is Trubridge your mate or are you bitter rivals ? :)

Will is a good friends...I have know him since he was very young and new in freediving..I stayed with him several times In Bahamas..also shhoting for this Superhuman Showdown on Discovery....he is incredibly talented and have done amazing dives and great awareness projects (like the Hectometer etc)...

You don't smoke, do you?

only when on fire...

How did you handle your first blackout? Do you know when you are so close to your limit that you might pass out?

I ask this because I'm a scuba diver, and I have had a pool blackout during apnea training, and ever since I've been reluctant to suppress the urge to breathe when doing apnea exercises. I really didn't see the blackout coming, so I'm wondering if you recognize the signs better the second time :)

GOOD POINT..thanx for sharing and honesty....

NOBODY feels a Black Out coming..on the contrary (especially in deep dives)

Find your new limits...that is what I did...

Safe diving - NEVER dive alone...

QUICK NOTE: His record for holding his breath is AFTER breathing pure oxygen before hand. This allows you to hold your breath roughly twice as long as normal. This does not detract form this record or the others that he has held. The record for breath hold without oxygen before hand is somewhere around 10 minutes I believe. THE GUY DOING THE AMA IS THE REAL DEAL THOUGH, his abilities are really impressive.

Side note: At one point in my life I could hold my breath for 4:30 minutes and was roughly 25 meters away from being able to break the US record for furthest distance under water traveled (dynamic apnea). I could get almost 150m and the record was about 175m.

AMEN..."finally" a reddit friend "in need"..Christ....great with some brains...Hurra...;) You can get nack in the game..still many US records that are easy to break;)

Thank you for explaining so detailed to your fellow Reddit friends..THIS IS HOW REDDIT SHOULD (COULD) BE.....

Hope U enjoy BOB:

Can you explain medically how you are able to hold your breath for such a long time?

Heart beats...metabolism down.....brain activity alter...

22 min;)

How do you not die of oxygen deprivation to the brain? Surly you must incur some type of brain damage? I'd love to know more about the science behind what you do.

see below...

David Blane is crying somewhere

Do not think so....his record was also beat many many times;)

Do you experience the same "pain" as we mortals do while holding your breath? And what drove you to practicing this skill?

Yes...and NO....I dwell in the pain...or examine with it..or ignore it....pain is in your mind - you can shut it down....TRAIN;)

I mention a lot about this in my book:

Ebjoy BOB:

What would you be your number 1 advice if I tell you that I want to hold my breath longer?





Hej Stig. I'm a half-Danish American. Just wanted to say its really cool to read about a Dane holding all of these cool records.

Are you planning on breaking any of your own records soon?

Thank you..maybe...time will tell....keep watchin')

Do you play underwater hockey? Is it too easy for you?

Did 12 years...4 on National team...GREAT sport....not easy for any...pulse is sky high!!

How do you manage to sit down with balls that big?

Like BOB:

Might have been answered, but in one of your comments you mentioned your record for holding your breath above water is only 8 minutes. What is the difference between holding your breath under water compared to above?

Great AMA by the way!

Thanx...above water has less dive reflex kick in...but also the 22 min was after inhalation of pure oxygen...different ballgame/discipline....

correct me if i'm wrong, but don't you get permanent brain damage (whether it be minor or major) when deprived of oxygen for more than 6 minutes?

Hopefully not.....I have 100% pure oxygen when I start....and can tolerate high levels of CO2..

Heart beats all the time...;)

Might seem a bit off topic, but why a PhD and not an MDD?

How long can you hold your breath without hyperventilating on Oxygen prior to the attempt?

9 min

how many packs do you smoke a day to keep your lung strength up?

like a BOSS:)



Whoa ! It's such a suprise that Mr.Severinsen is doing an AMA !

I've been lucky enough to meet Enzo Maiorca in the early 00's ! This marvellous man inspired me into doing freediving and apnea (I've been scuba-diving but discovering the marine life with a freedive is just beautiful.

1) What do you think of Enzo Maiorca, as he is one of the founders of this discipline ? 2) What inspired/motivated you into doing Freediving ?

I really really hope that you could answer these 2 questions for me ! It would be an honor !

Take care, keep breaking records and inspiring people !!

Hello..Certainly Enzo is a big figure......but I never had the pleasure of meeting him - nor Mayol....BUT - Umberto Pelizzari is my grand Master and now also friend...his is a unique man....multi-talented, kind and fun....

I always loved water, swimming, diving, animals....Umberto is a great inspiration to Cousteau and other adventures...

Enzo broke many limits.....just like my friends BOB - hope you like video below - Freediving history.

Maybe YOU win the Skype call and Platinum Membership;)

oh shit, you're danish.

and Swedish...

You ever pee while you're down there? Then just have to basically sit in that warm pool of urine till it drifts away?

Happens all the time....such is life...

Diving even triggers this urge...blood pressure increases...hormones are sent to the blood stream.....yellow water comes out;)

You can hold your breath longer than Guybrush Threepwood. How does this make you feel?

Ask BOB:

Does your medical knowledge in any way shape your breath holding techniques?

Yes and no.....assisted....and changed some training methods..but nor radically....but many studies helped to shape a good training regime...

Was that entire "breath hold" video reproduced? Your brother's excitement was pretty passive, and I'm guessing you wouldn't calmly lift your head and exhale slowly after holding your breath for that long.

Some was reproduced...such is TV...but NOT the dive..NOT the exhale...that is how I come up...calm and smiling - that is my philosophy....see my 20'10 Guinness World Record (end) here - same "style":



Hey fellow...Have played 12 years myself...great sport...

Train some DRY static (breath hold) in the bed...3-4 dives...small brake between...

NEVER hold your breath alone in water...

Read my book - ALL exercises in great detail....

Test your luck:

You don't realize the brain damage holding your breath that long causes?

Not yet;)

Dane here, was it you I saw in TV a while ago, who made a deep-ass dive, actually made it, and then passed out just as you came to the surface, which made you loose the record?

If so, that's too bad, I was hoping you'd make it. Have you done it afterwards without passing out?

YES - Epic Fail........only thing to do it get back on the (sea) horse again...

One of the biggest lessons I have had in life...but the world STILL spins the same way;)

have done many other records after...but no more deep family was woried.....that is not worth it;) (I had the World Record before in deepth/same it was no disaster;);)

Thanks for the AMA. This single AMA has solved many problems in my life :)

GREAT to hear that....

Maybe this can help even more:)

Have you ever smoked weed? I've noticed I can hold my brea... I mean I don't smoke weed.

Only few times....not big on that stuff....more like "taste" would be the right description...once had a contact-buzz - ate so many cookies;)

Would blood doping help you hold your breathe and is that permissible for the guinnes book of world records? Do they test? could you get around that test seeing as how you have a PhD in medicine? How is breathing oxygen beforehand that different? Tell me why I shouldn't blood dope to beat you and why I have no chance anyways.

They don't test....

AIDA (organized freediving where I was world champion 4 times) test...

After all my world records I have been tested.

YOU CAN DOPE - YOU CAN CHEAT...many people do....

But why should I salute that...Doping is for losers....

Thankfully there is NO money in freediving...and no doping....

AND (please) - doping is not just "something" you are extremely naive if you think you just go to the 3 pills and hold your breathe for 2 hours!!!!

If people dope (like body building etc) - it is ok...their long as they are transparent about it.....

What were you thinking about while holding your breath for 22 minutes?

read elsewhere please...not what you think but HOW....matters...

check up FLOW

How did it feel like winning Discovery's Superhuman Showdown? I watched you on there a couple of weeks ago and it was incredible to see. Also, do you feel you would be able to do what you do without the support of your brother?

Thank you - it was nice to "win" the honorary title as "The Ultimate Superhuman" but the other athletes were great...difficult to compare skills like that....but such is TV...

My brother is invaluable.....nobody can do everything alone..

Why did you do the dive under Ice and why did you do the 22min under water at such a low temperature? Does it make holding your breath easier?

It is an ICE DIVE???????? (guinness world don´t do that in the dessert!!!!)

Water was NOT cold in pool...boiling hot....too hot....30 degrees Celsius..

Do you feel like a cheater for using pure oxygen?

Do you think I do?

How does it feel like being so distinct from billions of other human beings in a skill/ability like that?

Do you feel superior in anyway?

Certainly not very different from other people....maybe more stubborn, dedicated, passionate....

I am superior is some ways..inferior in may others....

But FUN to be DIFFERENT - Normal is boring!!

Are you religious?

Not much...but believe in a Universal energy, love and more...

How was it working with Columbia to make their commercials?

Still not me...sorry...

Serious question: do you have a gag reflex?

Most certainly.....

As of May 30 - 4 weeks after Stig Severinsen's record - Tom Sietas held his breath for 22m 22s and is now the GWR holder for Static Apnea with pure oxygen.

Please check GWR and post again;)

Do you believe in ALL you read or see in TV!!!!!!

Just have to say that you are a bad ass, sir.

Maybe we meet soon..if you win:

dude why the heck did you wear that kind of wet suit.

Blue is cool...

Some say...


Can you arrange for me to meet professor X ? And how can I get to/visit the mutant academy??

You can visit Breatheology Academy - and if you are lucky...stick $4000 in your pocket....;) See video:

[No question]

Thank YOU video to ALL Reddit family - do not miss YOUR chance:

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Here is the Video response as promised - THANK you all Reddit family - Hopefully this will engage even more people and even make Reddit a better place when implementing the suggestions - several of you have asked for PROOF of Identity - this makes sense! So here YOU GO - And make sure to watch so video so you get YOUR CHANCE to the VIP Skype 1 on 1 call and also meet a living Freediving Legend - Bob Croft (Big Blue stuff;) - Enjoy your day.....

Why do you have a PhD in medicine and not an MD? Or is this some weird international academic difference ... ?

What do you think about taking daily vitamins? btw, how the FUCK do you hold your breath for 22 minutes?

Thanks :]

Vitamins and sun..and good;)

They say that he can hold his breath for over twenty minutes, and that he watches the tele while he does it. All we know, is he's called "The Stig".


What do you think about David Blaine's work on this type of thing?

I always wanted to try free diving. How should I best prepare myself to avoid any serious mishap? I don't plan on going for records or anything like that, rather just the experience. I am a former competitive swimmer if that matters.

Did you do an IMAX film? I remember seeing one where there discussion between the differences between free diving and weight assisted diving...

Pelizzari & Pipin...Pelizzari is my mentor and friend....he trained under Jacques mayol (The Big Blue)

here is another BIG BLUE lenegs...enjoy and maybe YOU win the call...if you take the chance..

What was your motivation to do the things you have done?

Inspire, expand limits, mind expansion...LIVE;)

HELP others...spread the love...

Has David Blaine ever contacted you?

You know, cause you've done the one thing he wasn't able to achieve? no the man...but salute his 17.04 on Oprah;)

So you've talked about the physiological and mental responses for holding your breathe for a long time underwater. How has your mastery of this ability affected you physiologically when not holding your breath? Underwater you focus on lowering your metabolism to decrease oxygen usage. When you're actually exercising, does it have any consequences? Are you more capable of aerobic activity? Are you more efficient? A lot of high level athletes see changes in resting heart rate etc. There is obviously a hard line to draw since it sounds like you've also maintained yourself in great shape as part of this adventure of yours.

Many good questions..thanx....short answer;)..sorry

How do I beat you?


"the most interesting man in the world"

is BOB..

Hej Stig, fedt at se du får mere af den anerkendelse du fortjener, du repræsentere Danmark rigtig godt. Er spændt på at se hvad du kan diske op med i fremtiden, jeg følger dig i hvert fald. God vind herfra.

Now to the questions, how often do you try to improve your records? And is it the same kind of training your do for each individual record?

I can recall you once held a record on 7 minutes or so, so when I heard you all of a sudden was capable of holding your breath for 22 minutes, my jaw literally dropped. Way to go fellow viking!

Thanx Viking...maybe new records later..keep your eyes open...;)

See U in Denmark..or HERE..if you WIN the VIP call

Hey Stig, a fellow Dane here. Just wanted to bump in and say, that you are one of the people, that makes me proud being Danish!

Wonderful..thank you...maybe see U in Dk

or HERE..if U win the VIP call;)

Pardon my ignorance, Is there a difference between having a Phd in Medicine and an MD?

Go denmark!

Kæft hvor er du sej! :D


How do you feel that these accomplishments better society as a whole?

Great changing mindsets - on values....better rehabilitation etc...try my best.....

How many penises do you have?

snakes have 2;)

Can you recommend a resource for training methods and techniques?

YES;) and you can WIN;) Skype call and Platinum Membership...go go go

HAVE YOU EVER Injected Oxygen Into Your Bloodstream ?

nope...but air.....(foramen ovale exam)...ultra;)

Aint the record for holding breath 26 mins or so? Think i saw a documentary about super humans ... And that was a danish dude so ... Var det deg? Har du vært med i en dokumentar?

have been in different tv shows...did 20'10 Guinness World Record in 2010...Grenå...Shark tank...maybe that was the dive;)

Were you the same guy who trained Criss Angel how to hold his breath in ice? Yknow back when he had that weird mini-series..


It's The STIG!


Just wondering, do you practice medicine? I never knew you could get a PhD in medicine. Just thought it was only MD lol

Hej Stig :)

Nogle gode steder at fridykke i DK?; Spørger manden der ikke engang kan svømme :S



Why not an MD?

Hey Stig! As a fellow Dane, I remember seing the televison show as a kid, about your atempt to break the world record for deepest dive ( or something ) And was devasted when you returned from the deep and did'nt get the record becuase you fainted shortly after. (The picture of that has haunted me ever since) Anyways, do you consider that a failure - and where you dissapointed? Afterall, you did complete the dive. :)

Failure is great...;) Succes come after;)

Does it feel good that you make David Blaine angry?

Very interesting AMA. I've been fascinated with holding my breath for longer periods of time having grown up with a pool in the backyard, but I've never made it past around the 3:30 mark. :(


yes...CO2 is biggest trigger..train that;)

did u use (these)(


Hey man, im 15 years old and ive got a question, every day while iam at my local swimming pool, i try to hold my breath, my current record is 2 mins and 30 seconds, I don't undestand how you can push your limits so far, any recommendations?



Certainly not...never dive is life;)

Do you consider free-diving to be a 'safe sport'?

Have you ever lost consciousness?

Have you had any experiences with free-diving that made you re-think your choice in sports?

An article on free-diving: "Open Your Mouth and You're Dead."

YES...but not NO LIMITS sled diving..very control of machines..

Is there a scientific difference between holding your breathe under water vs out of water? I can hold my breathe for almost 3 minutes out of water, but underwater I cant even make it to 2. Is this just a mental thing that is holding me back?

diving response...check articles on my website...FREE;)

What is your Resting Heart Rate?

What is your HR while attempting a record?


Doesn't the lack of oxygen harm your brain?

no proof of that...from Science..

Hey Stig, I am a big fan, think you are pretty darn amazing and proof the human body is a wonderful piece of machinery! My question is how did your skill affect you in life other than the record winning? Has it ever got you out of trouble or into trouble? How do people react to it? And my other question is, what happens under the water? Do you think about things, if so what is it you think about? Is it like meditating or is there any panic? From the outside you look very peaceful but is it the same story underwater?

meditation under water....change your mind and time perception..FLOW

You're clearly an outgoing man who has lived life mostly outdoors. What the hell are you doing on reddit?

pool was closed;)

I'm very excited to see this iama! I'm going to the pool today and will have a friend there for safety.

What is one specialty technique you suggest I try to improve my record? Record is 75m completely underwater w/o fins. My ritual is: -swim 50m slow breathing every 5th stroke -sit against wall and slow heart rate -swim one 25m underwater and rest -breath slowly and deeply for 2 mins -exhale every last bit of air, then inhale and hold deeply for 10 secs -few quick deep breaths then go.

any critques? It's a lot to ask, but living in Montana I've never met anybody that knows this kinda stuff so I'd really appreciate it.

GREAT..keep going...but NEVER train alone...

Here more inspiration - maybe you WIN and we can talk for one hour;)

How's it feel to be Aquaman?

BOB is Aquaman..

I don't have a question. I just want to point out that that list of accomplishments sounds like something Jeremy Clarkson would say about The Stig on Top Gear. And your name is Stig.

It amuses me.


Do you happen to have a brother who is a professional driver and stars on a BBC TV series? is a DOC

Ohhhh, so you're 'The Stig'

THE Stig..haha

On a scale of 1 to questionable ultrasound shadow, how severe was the shrinkage after your ice dive and how long did it last?

BOB is cool..

Isn't it dangerous to hold your breath on pure oxygen like that, then breathing regular air, full of nitrogen? I mean, you have a massive intake of nitrogen after 22 minutes, does it do something?

Also : does regular air has a smell after holding your breath for so long?

can be...never dive alone or test yourself.....oxygen is a bit different in smell/taste/feeling..


I like how you threw that PhD in the title to ward of bullshitters

;) -

Is holding your breath underwater really that much easier (due to the mammalian dive reflex)? How long can you manage on land?

9 I use O2

Do you feel like David Blaine is your archnemisis?


You are one of the people in the world that makes me proud to be from Denmark! :D

Thank you....maybe we meet in Dk some day...or you WIN the VIP call;)

Your name is not Stig. Your name is the God Damn Aquaman!

Bob is Aquaman;)

No question. You are a god among men.

Thanx..a boy amongst I see myself..

It's said that he can hold his breath for over twenty minutes AND that he has the world record for freediving under ice..... while in Speedos....Ladies and gentleman, THE STIG.

how many times has that joke been made?

MANY..but ok;)

if someone stopped you randomly on the street and gave you two seconds to prepare - How long could you hold your breath for?

some time..

I though David Blaine held his breath for longer?

Google - simple...10 sec;)

Have you ever smoked pot?

not much...

I read the article about you and the community of breath-holders in Outside magazine! Were you the guy who lost his rope but made it back anyway or was that someone else?

What other traumatic experiences have you been through?

Nope...but I was coaching there...he was LUCKY..he is a GREAT diver and nicest person....close call....

I manufacture Breatheology Safety Lanyards for that NOT to happen (official sponsor at World Championship) - AIDA approved...;)


How do you sleep at night knowing you are bullshiting people?

Well enough - and you?

I bet you are a hit with the ladies if you can hold your breath for 22 mins!

Spa comment in top;)

Do you attribute your abilities to any unique metabolic abnormalities --i.e. does your body lack the capability to sense rising disolved CO2 levels or do you have an abnormal hemoglobin that stores more oxygen than other individuals?

big spleen..big lungs..small brain;)

[No question]

Happy Thanksgiving to all - thank you for great engagement - here is a special Thank You for all in the Reddit "family" - be sure not to miss the goodies in the video...and stay tunes for a fabulous Black Friday surprise;)

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Stig Severinsen conducted on Reddit on 2012-11-12. The Reddit AMA can be found here.