Snoop Lion

July 1, 2013

I am Snoop Lion - back again. Ask me Anything pt. 2 !!!

*SPECIAL VID RESPONSE 4 REDDIT** 4 Those of you who stucc around here is my special AMA video response!!

Smoke 1 !! im sticcn round a little bit longer!! We just made it a BROADUS AMA. Ask us anything - me, lil snoop, spank, cori b n bosslady! Family proof:

New shit Torn Apart: Snoopify urself n send me the flic!

Snoop, who is the greatest rapper of all time?

favorite is Slick Rick

Snoop will you ever go back to Snoop Dogg? I miss the D-O-Double G.

unknowit!! Tha dogg is 4ever in me!

Do you have any favorite rock n' roll/heavy metal bands?

beatles rolling stones ramones tha list goes on

Are you excited to go Portugal this summer ?

always look frwd to seeing tha world

What was the hardest part about making your new album?

Livin in Jamaica! Feelin tha spirit shout out 2 Diplo

Is the name Snoop Dogg up for grabs?


Howd you meet wiz?

My son Spank turned me on 2 Wiz

are you gonna make a mac & Devin 2?

In tha works now!

are you gonna make a mac & Devin 2?


Will you ever change your persona back to Snoop Dogg?

ill always be tha dogg

How much do you smoke a day?

u already kno this

Hi, how you doing today?

Eazy Breezy Peezy

Hey Snoop big fan of Car Wash and Mac and Devin, any plans to do any more stoner-duo movies? I think you and Curren$y could make a great stoner movie.

high school pt 2 !!

What's up Snoop, just gonna keep it simple because I am genuinely curious; how's life?

Life good. Thinkn bout opening a waffle spot

Snooop!! I find that you transitioned very well into Reggae. Did this come easily for you or did it take a lot of time to learn?

always been a part of me

are you gonna start getting into vaping?

cmon. does tha sun shine in Cali ??



Snoop you mah nigga.

happy c day. smoke 1

Favorite munchies?

bbq twists

Do you think you will crash reddit again?

Im trying

What is your favorite weed strain?


Is it still hard being Snoop D O Double G?

some how some way

Who da only person that has evr smoked you out?

my uncle willie Nelson

Why did you change your name from Snoop Dogg to snoop Lion?

u need to watch the reincarnated flic on netflix.

How do you feel about the fact that we are getting more connected to technology and less connected to nature every day? Or do you disagree?

I feel like I'm getting closer to the internet and further away from trees :(

I admire you Snoop! Thanks for doing an AMA again!

Im conflicted. keep nature close to my life! Kids gotta be outdoors and appreciate tha soil. I still love technology shout out to Reddit

What will you do to help the community? Scholarships? Donations? Service? Need to shine on more brother! :)

We stay shinin n the community thru syfl

when you were first getting started what was the moment that made you realize you were famous?

when they were screamin my name in Japan n wearin that west coast G shit!

Hey Snoop do you think you will ever do another song with Justin Timberlake? Signs is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Thats my neffew

Snoop, when you play bestival will you be the lion or the dogg or a super high hybrid of both?

wat u wanna c?

How long does it take you to do your hair?

bout [10] blunts

I'm a huge fan! I just watched your movie the other day and I must say, I respect you and your decision!

Is there ever a moment where you miss the rap game? (Minus the violence)

What do you think about rap nowadays compared to the rap game back in the 90s?

I think its beautiful 2day! Tha new breed show respect to tha old skool n allota of em incorporate tha OGs in to their style. Tha rap game is always gonna move forward. we can't hold on to the past we gotta just keep tha message going .

Someone told me that you once had three whole cannabises in one night. Is this true?

I once ate 3 whole cans a beans

Hey Snoop how did you like performing with Charlie Wilson last night at the BET Awards? I thought it was the best of the night, those dance moves were killer

it was awesome. had 2 doit bigg for my unc!!

What is your favorite candy bar

imma jolly ranchers red vines n starbust kinda guy

Hey Snoop Lion! First of all, I actually really loved your movie Reincarnated and the album as well! My question is, what were people's thoughts when you first thought of the Reggae album? Were they surprised that you wanted to do something so ambitious or happy you were finally changing your ways?

My fans have shown me so much love. as soon as they saw tha film they really understood my mission. Been both love n hate from tha critics but that only drives me! JAH

Have you ever smoked a 1 oz blunt?


If you could do a song with one person dead or alive who would it be?


What up unc! Who were your favorite guests on GGN?!

charlie murphy. sons of anarchy. paris hilton... shit all of em

You said you'd be a coach if not a rapper, so which team is your favorite?

Pittsburgh Steelers!

dopest dope you ever smoked?

I smoked sum shit n Australia a few years ago that had me hangin with Myles on Mars. UHEARME

What is the meaning of life, Snoop?

That you gotta share your gifts wit tha world

Just saw you in Training Day (2001). How do you think your image has changed since playing a drug dealer in that role? Would you still accept that exact same role again today?

Yes. Im an actor and I luv my craft. Id play that character all day

Hey Snoop, how are you doing?

feelin good! u?

What single event most contributed to the man you are today?

Coaching youth football

I'm a Big fan from the UK, thank you for all your work and this AMA again.

Who came up with your new brand name? - It's cool

my moms


Oh wow!! One duck size horse cuz! need to get right to tha point

How many blunts have you smoked so far today out of your 81?

mid 20s. My day is young

Snoop how is your relationship with dre? Do you guys still keep in contact?

Thats my guy!!

How close are you to your friends from when you were still a snoop puppy coming up in the late 1980's? Did all the fame have a big affect on your close friends and family?

we still all fam. keep the real ones close

Has your blunt intake increased since your last AMA?

Im doing tha math. gettn bacc at you soon .


U know it!!

Are you still going strong with 81 blunts per day, 7 days a week?


u blazin?

u trollin?

Snoop, What do you think of Kendrick? Is he the future of west coast rap?

kendrick hard

Snoop, if there was one aspect of old school rap that you could bring back, what would it be?

Tha scratch

Snoop, if there was one aspect of old school rap that you could bring back, what would it be?

1 of my inspirations slicc ricc!!

Hey Snoop. No question just wanted to say that your music has always brought me great great joy. Thank you kindly mate.

Bless up

Hey Snoop. No question just wanted to say that your music has always brought me great great joy. Thank you kindly mate.


Can I be a backup singer for you... I'm white but Ive got soul.

Color me blind

Come to British Columbia we got the best ganja in Canada!

got nuthing on Cali! Ive tested it

Snoop... Any chance at a snoop/dre full cd? Lie to me if you must!

1 day maybe

Snoop, I NEED you to do a song with some Michael Jackson background vocals. Is there a chance?

did a song with Michael when he was alive! Its in tha vault

I loved your last ama neffew. Big wrestling and Soap Opera fan. Great to see you associated with One Life To Live.

What could be better than an afternoon wit wrestling n Soaps n a zip

Who could smoke more, tupac or biggie?

they could both smoke heavy

aye snoop do u ever hang out with dre any more


Hey Snoop, would you ever go to a LA Reddit Meet up?

Im ready

I ain't gonna ask a question, but I predict this thread to be Epic part II!

Epic mang

What is some music that you listen to that other people wouldn't think you listen to?

Bollywood! They got luv 4 tha dogg in INdia!! Singh is king!!

What is some music that you listen to that other people wouldn't think you listen to?

k pop

Uncle snoop, my girlfriend and I have a theory maybe you are a prophet sent by Ggod. What do you think?

i like that



whos the funniest person high you know?

my uncle junebug

If you could go back to any decade what would it be?

70s cadillac drivn n 2 steppn

Yo Snoop ! I just saw that video that was posted on youtube about the family fun day you had with the Snoop Football League. Just wanted to give you an immense amount of props on that, what you're doing for those kids is awesome.

Also, what is it like to get interviewed by Nardwuar ?

Chuuuch Nardwuar is a g! One of the best interviews in tha game! does his research

You gave Curtis Mayfield props in the last AMA. He's my favorite artist, so I was stoked about that. Favorite album of his?


Honest question: why are you all for gun control?

bc im tired of tha useless loss of life n sick of seeing kids getting hurt

On a scale of 1-10, how high are you right now?


Snoop, I was watching Reincarnated and it was obvious how much you liked being the studio, making music and doing what you love. Any advice for young musicians? Also how big of a George Clinton fan are you? "What's My Name?" is my fuckin jam.

If you had to give up weed or music which would it be?

weed but that aint happenn

Do you grow everything you smoke?


Snoop, what's your favorite soccer team? Have you smoked a blunt with Ronaldinho?

Brazil National team n Real Madrid

What's your favorite color?


Are you subscribed to /r/trees ?

i visit on tha reg

If you could work with any deceased musician, who would it have been?

u already know. bob marley. jah rastafari

If you had to give an estimate of the amount of weed you've smoked over your lifetime, how much would you guess?

how big is mt rushmore? that much

Does snoop lion read? Any books you can recommend?

pimp by iceberg slim. real game. watch the documentary that my OG ice-t is gettin ready to put out

Hey Snoop Lion. What is the best part about being Snoop Lion? PS I love Reincarnated!!

bein free. expressing myself the way that i want to.


bob marley gandhi n 2 pac one more time.

Snoop can we expect another rap album from u in the future?? Keep toking playaa


Yo snoop! What's up!?

ur karma

Mr. Lion. Will you hire me to roll your blunts?

lets see ur resume

How was Miley Cyrus? How many blunts did she smoke with you?

u tell me.

Hi there Snoop, what do you think about being spy by the NSA?

tha streets aint watchn no mre. tha webs is.

What's your favorite animal?

doggs. lions. walruseses.

Snoop, what's your favorite cartoon?

keep futurama comin jacc !

snoop where can i get the quality of dank that you get


Yo Snoop, what's your take on everybody claiming Kendrick is the next Tupac?

kendrick is d next kendrick

What do you think of the UK snoop

luv yall !! cheerio!!

Mr. Lion, what do you think of this?

wat do u thnk of DEEZ

Can I please be one of your neffews?


What's the trippiest place you've ever been while high?

yo mama house

Best life advice?

aint nothn 2 it but 2 doit!!!

how do you keep hydrated smokin so much shit? tell me your secret


I've always loved you and Pharrell together. Any chance of you 2 doing another collab? Please say yes!

wat were u doin yesterday??

81x7 for real?


Snoop! Will you play FIFA with me? It would mean the world to me!!


Yo Snoop! Whatd all you do today?


snoop bro, you belong on give it a looksy and u will not be dissapointed

been there smoked that

Where do you get your weed?

Dr. Dina

What do you think of dragon ball z?

gogeta is a g


watch it jacc !

Would you consider doing a song with an EDM producer?

Done that jacc Boyz Noise Diplo Guetta

how high are you right now?


Hey man, what's your favorite subreddit (other than r/trees)?

I like tha one about natural titties

What is one life lesson that you believe everyone should learn?

take 2 n pass

How did the guys from Epic Rap Battles of History convince you to come rap as Moses?

Those r my guys! intro by my guy Slicc Nicc to Nice Peter n Epic Lloyd

Do you even lift?

i push

What is your favorite way to cure cottonmouth?


What do you think about Kanye West?

An incredible talent n powerful soul

[No question]

Who likes SNOOPIFY

If you could only have one condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Uncle Rios BBQ SAuce

What character in the Star Wars Universe would you smoke weed with and why??

darth vader - he need help wit his breathn !! darth vaporizer UHEARME

What's your favourite? Bongs or blunts?

really ??

Snoop, would you ever do a track with Lil B The Basedgod and/or would you let him fuck your bitch?

Based God. I fux wit lil B!

Whaddup Snoop! Whats ur fav munchie food?

Honey bbq twist chips n bacon

You recently turned some illegal guns into bracelets. You are a convicted felon, why the fuck did you break the law again by owning a weapon? I mean Jesus fucking Christ, you should be in jail... Again.

U know deez nuts

Snoop, do you forgive Paula Deen?

oh wow paula deen. she should used tha AZ defense.

are you ever going back to your old style of music?

i never left it

Snoop, Do you ever dab ? And if so what is your favorite type of wax.


You're cool, man. That is all.

ur cool 2 stabUinEye


I think that its bout time! now tha rest of tha world need to catch up

Mr. Lion, why do you carry an umbrella?

2 stay dry

what website do you visit the most? luv to see my snoopified photos then worldstar

Hey man I really dont want much in this life, but I would love it if you said "Hi" to me.


Hey Snoop, will you ever invest in a soccer team?

im tryin 2 get with the celtic

the snoop amas are the most joyous things i've ever seen on reddit. just post after post of nothing but giddy happiness

thats what we do neffew

roll one up for canada day?

put one n tha air for canadas c day

what's your favorite place on earth?


You still coaching football??

neva stopping syfl

wasup Snoop? How was your day? If you were to invent a new name for the herb, what would it be?

Snoopiez groopiez

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

smacc a

A follow up question from the last AMA..

You said that you smoked 81 blunts a day, now r/Iama calculated that to be a blunt every 8 minutes if you get 8 hours of sleep or something like that.

Now are you still smoking 8 blunts a day, or has that magic number changed? :)

who said i sleep?

[No question]

if u were a soup what kind of soup would u be?

if u were a soup what kind of soup would u be?

alphabet soup

how do you feel about devin the dude?

1 of my nearest n dearest

Snoop, did you smoke up with Will Ferrell and the cast of Old School?

yes n vince n the rest of tha crew

Do you every wanna do a show on tv like snoop doggs fatherhood again? Or Did you not enjoy doing the show?

working on another series wit tha fam now

Would you ever consizzle writing a dictionizzle on the languizzle of the Snoop D-O double gizzle ?


It's been a full 6 months into 2013. How's your year been so far?

they been good n getting better

What was it like working with Miley Cyrus?

it was a pleasure she a real talent

Snoop, how many joints you up to now?

approaching tha late 30s

Whats ur favorite liquor to get smashed on?

rEd wine

Do you want to adopt a kitten?

I just adopted 2. no joke

Snoop, what do you think of Gang starr?

legend shout out 2 premiere

Snoop, I'm due to have twin daughters any day now. What do you think I should name them?

snoop & dre

I've got a couple of questions for ya Snoop. 1. What's the best concert you have ever been to as a member of the audience? 2. Do you eat the marijuana edibles that fans throw on stage at you?

hell nah

Are any of your children following in your footsteps and diving into the music industry?

my oldest spanky n my youngest cori b

What's your favorite movie?

the mack starring max julian. true player

What do you listen to when getting high?

what dont i listen to

Snoop, It would make my year if you replied. My sister is goin through some tough times, and she listens to your music daily. She got me into it, and I just wanna say thank you for all you do.

that truly means alot. im glad that my music can help during times like these

You gonna make it to the World Cup in Brasil next year?

ima be there. workin on a song for my peeps in favelas

favourite place in the whole world?


Have you ever considered putting out an album under the persona of Snoop Logg, an album with your 2 different music styles?

no but i like it

During the shoot, Did you get high with any of the guys from Old School?

hell yeah. all of them

Ehhh snoop just chilled with Rohan marley last weekend in NYC, great guy! Have you met all the marleys? What are they like?

ro's my guy!! luv d family. shoutout to tha marley crew

Snoop I'm not young, wild or free. Help?

get that movie mac & devin go to high school & lean tha ways. its on netflix now

Hey snoop! My friend was one of the guys that invented the knockout - the thing you put on a beer to use it as a bong. Are you still interested in it? They would love to get in contact with you!

send me his info neff

Spank! Where do u see urself in 10 years?

in the NFL

Hey snoop, whats your favorite brand of socks, and can you make a song about them too?

them huff weed socks. you seen em yet?

I just saw your family post on facebook. Who are your son's fav musicians?

this is snoop's son spank. i like bob marley, weezer. those are my fav right now. follow me on instagram @consciouscalvin

I've seen you in Pats gear, Steelers gear, Cardinals gear, etc... Come on man, who do you really support?

black & yellow. steeler nation

I missed you man!

u dont miss me. you miss my doggystyle

Fuck tha police: agree/disagree?

some of em. the crooked ones

Hey snoop! Its great seein you do these AMAs for us

got my family with me here today. my sons spank and cordell, my daughter cori b and my wife shante

passes blunt to snoop

takes blunt and smokes it

takes blunt and smokes it


Can i get a puff?

passes the blunt

puff puff pass. keep tha reddit blunt goin !

hits that shit and and holds it out


hits blunt again and passes to tha right 1 time

Where did you come up with the name "Snoop Lion" and why?

u can find out where tha name came from n the reincarnated movie. on netflix

blueberry or strawberry blunt?

only smoke those executive branches neff.


i did one

Has the number of blunts you smoke a day changed?

its gone up. i think i'm at 82 now. especially on puffpuffpasstuesdays

Snoop, who's your favorite rapper right now? Like who you listening to in your stereo

future. trinidad james. problem. spanky dank. my neff wiz

Sup uncle.

watitdo neffew

Snoop, how close do you remain to Dr. Dre nowadays?

u must not of heard how me and tha Dr. tore down the staples center on sat. google that shit UBITCHU

Snoop...what do I do when everybody's got their cups but they ain't chipped in?? This type of shit happens all the time...

u gotta get urs

JUST DAMN! SNOOP YOU TO DAMN COOL. keep doing what u do man

good lookin jacc smomke 1

Would you ever star in a movie with Seth Rogen?

yup. he my smokin buddy. you heard take yo panties off from this is the end?

What do you do for your free time?

coach my football team. they 9 & 10 years old.

Do you listen to your own music?

of course

Question 1 : ninjas or samurai's? Question 2 : dominoes or pizza hut? Question 3 : coal miner or truck driver? Question 4 : madden or forza? Question 5 : guitar or drums?

You are the best, your kung fu is very strong.

Question 6: deez or nutz?

Now that her image is more adult, will there ever be a collab with Miley Cyrus?

ashtrays n heartbreaks

Snoop your t.v show should come back up! Thats shit was tight

u should watch tha ggn

If you had a video game based on you, what would you do in it? How would you win?

there is already one. download that on your iphone ubitchu

Snoop, if there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be and why?

i would change alot. but right now the violence n chitown is bad. #nogunsallowed get involved now text PEACE to 69866. and checc out tha panel we did

Why didn't you go streaking with Will Ferrell?

Snoop Doop-a-Loop.

u must be white

Are you high right now?

what u think?

Did you enjoy making Turbo?


Snoop, what is a saying you live by?

get of my dicc & tell yo bitch to come here


we still goin

Snoop! Would you rather be a pirate, a robot, or a wizard?

snoop wizard got a nice ring to it.




its about having a spirit of love and peace in your heart. thats what bob stood for. u gotta love that

As a white guy, is it proper manners to turn your music down at traffic lights?

just dont rap tha n-word.

Snoop! iPhone or Android?

i got both. im rich

How did you like doing that Epic Rap Battle?

shit was legendary. tha bigg dogg as moses. ooohhweee.

I want to meet you one day. I would anoint your balls with the finest perfumed oils, milks and water.

deez nuts?

Snoop since your high give this a try You've got to shake it


Welcome back Snoop. Mind naming my next piece?

piece of shit

If I have to get some smoke where can I always get the hook up?

hitup my ppl @catchacase515 he got that iowa sticcy !!

Favourite strain?


If you were a Jolly Rancher, which flavor would you be?


What's your favorite song to listen to while driving?

the good good feat. @izalach

Just spent 6 bucks on 4am in Switzerland. This all makes sense.

show me some flix

Do you like tapes or cds?

CDs nutz

do you even lift?

lift these grams

shoutouts to Cori B, moved me on No Guns Allowed

that's daddy's little girl right there. that song moved a lot of people. #nogunsallowed

Hey Snoop! Whats your favorite movie? What genre of films do you most enjoy?

kung fu

whats the best advice you can give me in one sentence?

suck it easy




Snoop, I'm having issues with my bud intake. I quit for a few months to cleanse my system so I could get way too fuckin high. But it's not working! No matter how much I smoke or what kind I smoke (and it's always gotta be a blunt, nothing else works). What would you suggest I do?

call willie nelson asap

Snoop ive always loved your music. If you could do anything else in the world besides rapping what would it be?

coach of tha pittsburgh steelers.

Do you like alochol? If so, what's your favorite drink?

like u don't know.

welcome back to reddit!

don't call it a comebacc

How many adidas track suits do you own?


Snoop! The song you did with Mayer Hawthorne was so smooth. Would you want to work with more R&B artists?

i do

I've been listening to you for over 20 years. You have influenced my life more than my own father. Thx Uncle, for everything.

thank u 4 ridin wit me

Favorite food at a BBQ?

chicken wings

Snoop, you've been on a few tracks with The Game, has your relationship changed since his fallout with Dre and Aftermath?

game is tha homie

Snoop, who do you think is the rightful King of Westeros?

mother of dragons or tha midget

Snoop can I buy some good stuff off you?

hit up @catchacase515 he got tha best weed in tha world

[No question]

thanx for all d luv - we out.

do you watch game of thrones?

tell hbo to put me in that shit.

What's your biggest regret?

answerin this question

How do you feel about this dog breed?

wut u kno bout me n jenna?

Hey Snoop, I got 5 on it?

not enuff

Hey Snoop, are you a Mac or PC guy? Also, what's your favorite kind of cheese? Respect.

mac jacc

Do you say caramel or carmel?


[No question]

I wanna take a minute 2 give a shout out 2 sum out tha legends n OGs in tha game!! Shout out 2 my guy Dr. Dre, DOC, KRS ONE, Ice Cube, Ice T, E40, Too Short, Jay Z, Busta, Daz n Kurupt, Bun B, Devin the Dude, B REal, Big Boi n Andre 3000 ! U all fill n tha rest!!

[No question]

Who should my next collab be wit??

Waht do you think of Afro Samurai?

Dope. Shout out to RZA

How does it feel being the almighty king of Reddit?

All hail tha KING!!

Who you got in the Superbowl this year?

Not New England Pittsburgh

Snoop, will 81 per day be your peak?

Nah thats an average. been 2 tha double digits

Snoop will you collab with tech n9ne again

Yessir PandaPotPie!! Ha lov tha name!! Shout out 2 PANDAPOTPIE!!

Hey Snoop, probably about to try weed for the first time tonight. Any advice?

Go easy n god bless

What do you think of Irish people?

good people n great bare knuckle fighters

Mr. Snoop, I dont have a question. But i want to say, i love you.

love u too

Snoop is like that friend that you constantly want to chill with, but can't because he's famous and has important shit to do.

come on over n play sum madden cuz

What are your thoughts on grass pokemons?


Which Black Mamba? Kobe or DeAnthony?

ooh wow! they both amazing

ooh wow! they both amazing

but deAnthony is family

Snoop, I really want to smoke, but each time I try, my testicles start to hurt. Do you have any tips/advice?

exercise em more often

what made you decide to stop making rap music?

never stopped

Snoop I made an account just so you would play me in fifa. plz respond.

what ur tag ? ?

What was your greatest epiphany or idea while smoking weed?

to have a mascot who smokes a blunt aka nasty dogg

are you still sippin that gin and juice?

at bbqs

Can I have a hug?


Holy shit, this is an amazing AMA.

Mad respect.

I would light one up for you, but I got a collapsed lung recently.

8 more days till my surgery, then I'll be burning again!

stay safe neffew

Yo man, your last AMA was the reason I made an account. Fuck you for getting me into the endless hole known as reddit. But really, much love man

welcome to tha terror dome

[No question]

whats ur favorite cereal?? Im flipping this AMA.

whats ur favorite cereal?? Im flipping this AMA.

Captain Crunch! The peanut butter ones

you called?

Oh shit!! shout out to KaptnKrunch

What is your favorite thing to order at Taco Bell?

i like tha dorito shit

Snoop, how do you deal with anger?

breathe in breathe out

Firstly mad respect for not only doing two AMAs, but answering so many questions in both.

Here is my question: what time do you wake up at typically?

i dont really sleep. wake up when i wake up

Been listening to you since I was really little, thanks to my mom. Can you give me a message to tell her in the morning when she wakes up?

tell ur mother I said whaddup !!

What do you think of DeAnthony Thomas and are you a Duck fan now?

Yes!! Superstar

did you smoke with any of the WWE superstars when you were on the show?

vince no just playn

You bang Niykee Heaton?

no playa

sorry i missed your ama....had to work...can i still ask u anything?


Whats your all time favorite recipe?

fried chicken

who's your favorite painter of the impressionist movement?

MONET come on pimp

What's the coolest thing you've ever seen or done

talked hair wit James Brown

Snoop, who created the album cover for Doggystyle and were you the one who picked it?

JOE COOL. My real life cousin

Why do drugs

why not

What's your favorite tv show?


What's your favorite movie?


What do you think of lupe fiasco?

my neffew

Snoop, I miss Nate Dogg.


what's your favorite drink?

colt 45

Mr. Snoop, What are the issues in this world that matter to you?



I'm already high as hell. Should I pack another bowl?


I've never smoked before in my life but if Snoop Lion told me to smoke one I would drop everything and and get high as soon as possible.

smoke 1

What's your opinion on guns?

ban em

what's your view on Detroit?

I lived in detroit for a summer they called me yung eggs

Would you rather smoke with bruce lee or chuck norris


[No question]

shout out to max powers

[No question]

4 Those of you who stucc around here is my special AMA video response!!

4 Those of you who stucc around here is my special AMA video response!!

Its been pleasure!! Good night n god bless! ubitchu

Hey snoop ever wonder what your life would be like if you never smoked any herb?

Also, in your opinion; do you think there is a correlation to smoking weed and a lack of success?

I like to smoke bud but I sometimes wonder...

I wanna make a cartoon about this scenario

I love you, do you love me back?

I do

How are you so chilled out all the time ?

It's my mission


What's my mutha fuccn name!

Do you like Mac Miller?

Yes! Mac is tha shit

Are you really changing your name back to Snoop Dogg in honor of the Rottweiler killed by police in Hawthorne?

Bless up

Okay, I have to know. What is your opinion on all the "Smoke Weed Everyday" videos on Youtube, set to the songs of video games and such?

Luv them

How much have you smoked today?

What u think

How was it like making a song with Eddie Murphy? I really enjoyed it by the way!

Amazing. Jus tha beginning

If you had a million dollars what would you do?

Roll around in it

yo snoop, What life advice would you give to a 16 year old kid?

Listen to ur heart



I love the 420 awards. will they continue?


What was it like playing Leroy Van Nuys? Did you get to ride the players ball express?

Black Dynamite tha shit

If everyone were a little more like snoop the world be a better place.

Im gonna turn that into a song !!!

If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?


Hey Snoop, On a recent interview Miley Cyrus said you two are alot alike. I was wondering if Miley was awesome to work with, and if she lives up to her party girl image. Also maybe you could share your thoughts on the cyrus.

She can smoke like a broke chimney

Can you make me a video response Snoop??

I did.

Rollin down the street, smoking endo, sippin on Jin and _____ be creative Sir lion.


Why did you change your name to snoop lion??

The spirit called me


Not yet



Are you and Curren$y homies?

Yes! Curren$y my guy!

Yo Big Snoop, whos the best blunt roller you know?

My guy Shaggy

How cool are u and suge now?

we good

Should Dwight Howard stay in LA?


Will we ever see another snoop dog album?


Cant wait to see the King at Bestival!

lookn forward to it

Hi Snoop. Please say hi to me and I can brag to everyone I know that Snoop Lion talked to me.


I know I might just be another face in the crowd on here but if you're reading this Snoop I want to give you this.


Why did you change your name?

watch d movie

To Snoop's Children: How do you feel about your father's success? Does his success in the entertainment business lead you to follow in his footsteps? Does he end words with "izzle" as much as I think he would?

Thanks for the AMA! Wonderful to bring in the family :)

I feel really happy about my dad's success because he came a long way & people respect him for that! & he's just an awesome dad! & is really really nice to his fans :-)

2) Yes because, I want to become a singer & with him being right by my side & telling me right from wrong really helps! So it does help me follow his foot steps!

3) NO

-cori b @baby_broadus

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Snoop Lion conducted on Reddit on 2013-07-01. The Reddit AMA can be found here.