Snoop Lion

December 5, 2012

I'm Snoop Lion! Ask me anything!!

watup. here comes the king live on the ggn set. takn some time out to answer your questions. ask me anything jacc!!

UPDATE jus droppd this -

*UPDATE** Who watches tha GGN???

**UPDATE*** Thanks 4 puffin wit me today reddit. Ill b bacc real soon. C u in /r/trees ubitchu!!

How much money do you spend on weed in a week?

Most cme 4 free but average bout 81 blunts a day!

Hey Snoop, love your music. What would you say is your favorite album or song to listen to while you're sparking up.


Curtis Mayfield !! SUPERFLY

is your rolling papers book ever going to be on sale?

Comin out this Holiday 500 books limmited being made

Snoop Lion, what's your favorite movie of all time?

Kung Fu Fliccs All of em

How did you become successful with your career and or how did you start with your career?

Warren G passed my demo to DRe n that was it!

How long is your dick?

9 inch Dixx!! Goget that album

How do you feel about the legalization of all drugs in the United States?

Make it happen ASAP

Can I get high with you?

Come 2 tha show n ask for me

Snoop Lion! what do you think about O.N.I.F.C.

That shit hard

Just how many Hos in '94 were you banging?

A lotta of em!

What's is your favorite strain of that good

OG Kush

I've heard that you've said Willie Nelson is the only person who has outsmoked you. Is this true?

Do you like Willie's music/ other country stuff?

Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it !! Smokn n music

What music do you listen to when having sexytime?

Marvin Gaye

What's your favorite video game? Wish I could have met you at E3 2011.


what is your favorite method of smoking?


Hiya Snoop, how's the whole new reggae direction going for you?

FEels good! Tha Spirit go me

How are you so fucking awesome?!



What was it like working with pac? why did you 2 fall out before his death? whats your fave pac album?

It was a beautiful thing! Miss him

[No question]

Who Seen #herecomestheking - want sum feedbacc

What is the best memory you have whilst recording your songs? Huge fan here!

workn n tha studio wit Nate Dogg!! Fav performance was on Arsenio Hall

What do you think of reddit? Can you answer in freestyle?

I luv it!! New 2 this isshh

When do you plan on releasing your reggae album?

here comes the king just droppd!!! tha recrd drops n april

how are doing Lion?


Why did you pick Lion?

i didnt choose it, it was givn to me

What r u smokin today snoop?

puffn on that executive branch

How did your collab with the Gorillaz come about?

my guy damon hit me up n we got n tha studio n london. it was a wrap!!!


i still may bc i do what i wanna do digg


droppn in April wit tha movie

You talk about smoking weed all the time, tell fellow smokers to light up on Tuesday, and are continually high. Not all of us have the fame or resources to do such. Many of us fear the law, or, if in my situation, have been caught. Do you plan on using your resources to help end weed prohibition at any point, or just brag about how you get to get away with it?

Im gettin more involved everyday!! using my influence to change tha game

Snoop, who was your greatest inspiration growing up in your teenage years? Also who's your favorite soccer player?

D.Becks, Drogba, All tha brazlian legends

If you weren't a rapper, what would you be?


Are you always high before concerts/recordings?


What is your opinion on Odd Future?

those r my neffews

Have you ever been to the UK? Where's you're favourite place you've visited and where would you like to visit?

Every year A couple times a year!! #Herecomestheking

Will you adopt me?


Biggest lessons that you've learned in life?

Stay original be true

Do you believe in the taxation of Mary Jane with legalization, or would you prefer to see it have little to no taxes ?

Legalize it n if that means tax it then do it

Did you really get Katt Williams as high as he says you did?


What do you think of the new younger generation of hip-hop that's coming up? Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, A$AP Rocky to name a few.

I love tha new sound comn out tha Westcoast!

Craziest concert you've performed at?


Thank you for coming here to answer questions, Snoop :)

Your music contains samples from many different styles and genres. Outside of rap/hip-hop, which artists do you enjoy listening to the most?

Curtis Mayfield P Funk Old Skool hip hop

What's your favorite type of dog?

What was it like working with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky & Hutch?

Those cats can smoke uhearme

How high is your weed tolerance? What does it take to get you lifted?

EDIT: More importantly, what advice do you have for young artists trying to make something of themselves?

Real high

Why not 82 blunts a day?

ON a good day

Why did you pick "lion" as the "new you"?

It was givn 2 me I didn't choose it

What is your musical guilty pleasure?


When did that happen?

About 5 years ago! my uncle Charlie Wilson got me to take a quic break

If a white guy is singing along with of your songs, is he allowed to say "nigga?"

Def not in public!

Why do you carry an umbrella?

2 stay dry

Snoop, I've always loved anything you've touched!! Pure Gold!! My question is after building such a HUGE empire around "Snoop Dogg", why change it to "Snoop Lion"?

Tha Dogg will always be around tha lion is tha next venture


Bring it!! upload a vid Neff

Hey Snoop! Big Fan. What do you think your greatest achievement has been so far?

Helping get kids off tha street wit tha SYFL football league!!

Hi Snoop! In your opinion, who's the best upcoming rapper or producer that you would like to work with? Thanks for doing this.

Feeln Trinidad James! Kendrick tha 1

Mr. Lion:

May I please be granted a one day pass to speak like you without looking like a fool?


When is Detox coming out?

U know bout as much as me digg

What do you think about the state of rap today? Is gangster rap dying?

I love tha State of rap!! We in ag reat place

Is it difficult to be so awesome?

Gotta stay workn at it!!

Who's your favourite artist to record with?

My cousn DAz

What was working with Major Lazer like on the new track? Are you all going to collab more in the future?

It was classic!! My guys!! they tha crew.

What are your favorite munchies?

Pistachios n Frito bbq twists!! Red Vines

Will you play me in Fifa?

Edit: Snoop and I didn't play. It's still mad chill that Snoop Lion said "say word" to me, plus he saved himself from an ass-beating ;). Thanks for the fucking dope AMA Snoop Lion!

Whats ur gamer tag!!

I sent you a pm with my gamer tag!

Edit: No message from Snoop Lion yet. Here's a link to the message with my gamer tag: , hope you see this Snoop!

Say word

where the best weed at?

Cali !

How has working with Diplo been?

Fire ! run da tracc

Would you ever become an owner of the Lakers?

nudoknowthat !!!

Who's better at smoking weed, Dave Chapelle or Dr. Dre?

Dave chappelle !

[No question]

Who da only person that has evr smoked me out?

Who da only person that has evr smoked me out?

ANSWER: willie nelson, wiz khalifa n b-real!!! my guys!!!

What inspires you to keep doing music.

my passion my family n my fans

are you high right now?


Do you roll your own blunts or are they rolled for you ?

Cause 81 sure is a lot of rollin errday...


This is quite possibly the greatest AMA ever snoop.


What do you appreciate the most now that you have fame and fortune that you didn't have when you started out in the streets?

my kids n bein able to be there for them


you once said that bbq flavored frito twists were your favorite munchie food. is it still that? or has it changed?

still love those. n some skittles n starbursts

Do you like trains?

i like cadillacs

What is the best advice you can give to a white 19 year old girl in college?

make sure u graduate

Yo snoop, is the rumours true that you are planning on buying a stake in the mighty glasgow celtic football club?


What was it like being in India, and working with (what is big over) Indian actor for "Singh is King"?

Also were you able to find any dankk in india? everytime I go its turrible

i aint been yet. bout to be there next month!!

Will you ever do a song with Blowfly?


What kind of blunts do you like? Game/phillies/dutchmaster/ect.


wanna burn one?


When are you gonna throw a bigass show here in Long Beach? There needs to be one for the 2oth anniversary for Doggystyle.

Gon make that happen

What's your favourite football (soccer) team?

la galaxy

TIL: Snoop does the greatest AMA ever.


What job, other than your own would you like to do?

lawyer or comedian

How high are you right now, Snoop?


How high are you right now, Snoop?


What's the complete story to your name, Snoop Lion.

ull have to watch the reincarnated film. explains everything

can i blaze with you?

roll up

You gonna move to Colorado now that they legalized MJ?


Have you ever been to /r/trees?


Man you need to check out /r/Trees

alread there neff

Do you prefer Diamond Bar or Long Beach?

LBC til i D-I-E

Snoop, what's your favourite position?

what do u think

Whats your favorite flavor blunt wrap?

Classic sweet executive branch

Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?

Bruce lee!!!11 I fuxx wit kung fu

Snoop Dogg who is your favorite visual artist? I heard you were a big collector of artwork? Is that true?

David choe

Snoop Lion thank you sir you are too kind.
I have a question for you... We've watched you reincarnate into many forms from dogg to lion,When you smoke Weed and are high and then you smile , this is when your eyes are the most Chinese , in asia the brothers call you snoop dragon , is there any chance you will take on and embrace your next level form of snoop dragon ?

Thank u Sirr!!! I need that 4 my wall at tha Doggy Den!!

How does it feel to have more comment karma than President Obama?


keep tha karma comn!!!

[No question]

New question: who watches ggn?? talk to me...who else should come on?

What's it like chillin with wiz khalifa and Taylor gang?

pretty smokey

snooooop, awesome ama. loving the new sound too.

u heard the latest?

First off, thanks for the music because you're a legend. secondly, I'm sitting here with a fat blunt, but also 2 joints and a bong... What do I blaze?

100 joint-sized blunts.

When you were on Weeds did you smoke real weed?

Milf weed was the strain of choice on set

yo snoop

sup neff

what do you think of kendrick lamar?

he tha 1

How much Mary Jane do you think you have smoked in your lifetime?


I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at Osheaga this summer. I believe it was your second or third time performing as Snoop Lion. You had two strippers give you a lap dance simultaneously on stage, while wearing track pants. How did you avoid the inevitable public boner on big screen??!?!?!

Im a pro ! 20 years in tha game that dont phase me!!

I know lots about horticulture... can you give me a job?

send me ur res

I love the new track! keep it up


Why did you change your name from Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion?

The Spirit Called

I'm a rapper & I smoke weed but I haven't recorded high yet :P In what ways does Mary help you out Snoop?(delivery, flow, swag, etc.)

Its my medicine

Did you ever smoke with anyone on the cast or staff of Weeds?

yesszir That MILF WEED

What is your favorite Bob Marley song?

There ain't jus one

Hey Snoop,
I'm a big fan. Anyways, weed will be officially legalized in Washington state starting tomorrow. If you're free, you should come up and celebrate with us. Just sayin

I need to charter tha jet

Hey Snoop, do you like any UK Rap?

Yeszir shout out to Dizzee !!

would you accept an invite to party with charlie sheen?

Been there n done that

do you visit /r/trees often?

Yes [10]

Here comes the king is completely different as Im used to, but I'm diggin it. Looking forward to more of it

Thank you!! Im Feelin this TRACK!! Appreciate tha positive support!!!!

Will you follow me on twitter?

Whats ur name??

Snoop you always appear in the UK in a different soccer jersey which is your real favourite team? p.s. I'm a birmingham city fan hint hint

Imma get wit tha Celtic

Wanna share some?

nah only giv it 2 my people

If you had a chance to collab (and probably smoke with) any artist ever, alive or dead, who would it be?

James Brown

Yo Mr. snoop, any shout-outs to all ur Reddit OC Fans!! We love u!

Shout out ot REddit OC

Would you be into doing a death metal collaboration?

I gotta a metal group called tha 9 Inch Dixx

How was working with Wiz Khalifa for the Mac & Devin go to highschool movie & did you like being in the movie Baby Boy?

Tha best!! [10]

Snoop, who's your favorite kung fu film actor?

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee, ect.

Bruce LEE

Hey Snoop, what do you think of Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

Love him!! I put him on tha map!! Checc tha history books!!

Cool ranch or origional nacho?

Cool Ranch All DAY

Why are you so fan-fuckintastic?


When you were on Weeds did you try and tap on with Nancy?


Will you play me in Black Ops 2?

you got that Black Cops?

Would you rather smoke 100 duck sized blunts or 1 horse sized blunt?

Edit: Blunts



Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion !! I didn't chose tha name it was placed on me!


Not a beer but maybe we can smoke 1

What's it like working with Kid Cudi? Maybe another collaboration?

Thats my neff!! good people

I keep forgetting. I wear a blue flag but occasionally get disoriented and am uncertain as to which side is appropriate. Advice?

left side

What is your favorite garden vegetable?

the Rutabega

Any news on you backing Celtic FC? And getting in Beckham? That would be incredible.

we working on it

Hey what's up snoop!What would be your best advice for young aspiring artists?

Stay true to urself

any specific drink of choice?

Fiji Water

Snoop why did you let a big breasted blonde take a picture with you while you were waiting for your southwest flight and not me? :(

Do i need 2 answer that question

Yo Snoop Lion! What's your favorite place to eat at in Los Angeles? Also, when's your next show in Los Angeles?


Have you ever tried Salvia? If so, what was your trip like?

Not for me

Hey Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, do you play Minecraft?

Im down 2 learn

SNOOOOOPPPP, Do you watch the NFL? If so, what is your favorite team?

Uknowit!! STEELERS!

This is fucking amazing.


Snoop, what you've done with little league football in your community is really very inspiring. I guess i don't really have a question. I just think its freaking awesome you doing that.


Snoop, what is your favorite joke?

Who would win in a fight: a hundred duck sized elephants, or one elephant sized duck?

craziest think you've done high


How many nephews do you have?


You should Collab With Casey Veggies.

thats tha neff

[No question]


Do you microwave every blunt you smoke?

I wish I could! Need to bring a microwave on tha tour!!

Do you microwave every blunt you smoke?

Gotta burn it rihgt

Hearing how much you smoke, have you tried vaporizer and do you like it?

Yeszir! Fux wit tha Trippy Sticc

What do you want/ what are you giving others for Christmas?

I want 2 giv tha world a hug ya dig

Have you ever smoked and then barfed?

no rookie shit

4 part question (if you're up to it):

  1. Can you please do another project like the Up In Smoke Tour? In the video documentary you guys promised to return.

  2. And how is your relationship with Eminem?

  3. How about with Redman and Method Man? I feel you guys were leading the pack with the whole cannabis movement in Hip Hop.

Last question: What would it take for you to do a show in Ann Arbor, MI? I go to school at the University of Michigan and would kill to see you live. Also, I'm from the 818 so if you're ever in that neighborhood hmu.

-- Loyal Fan

I am workn on that tour!

Em is fam

Method n Red are my Gz!! Gettn em on tha GGN

Yo snoop! I know where you live dawg haha I pass by your neighborhood every week!

Bring a turkey

do you know sha money xl? That's my roommates dad....saw you tweeted a pic with him, lol.

Thats my dude

Are you sad there are no more Twinkies?

im tryin to Buy Hostess

How did you like working with Diplo?


can you send me some hash?


Whats it like blazing with rihanna?


Will you please call me Neffew? I'm mad jealous of that other guy


how much kush was in the biggest blunt you've ever had mr. lion

2 Feet

Jammin out to "who am I" ...

whats my name

At what point did you feel that you were reincarnated?

u gotta see the movie

Your Uncle Reo makes the finest ribs.


Snoop, will you add me on Xbox? From one [10] guy to another.

send me ur tag [10]

Hey snoop will you follow me on twitter?

Whats ur name

How do you feel about the new wave of hip-hop artists, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, etc.?

my dudes

Favorite slang term for weed?

sticky icky

I loved your true blood rap. Did you hear anything from Alan Ball about it?

Nah! he never called me

How much marijuana does it take you to actually get high after smoking for so long?

not much of tha good ish

Do you ever get tired of being high?


Loving the new vibe and sound, can't wait for Reincarnated to drop!! So positive!

Jah Bless!

How was working with Katy Perry?

Katy my lady! It was a pleasure

Do you still hate bill o'reilly?

Nah got no hate

Snoop why are you so awesome?

I practice

yo,Snoop big fan my dude, have you ever toked with Tommy Chong??


How much Taco Bell have you had in your lifetime?

not enough

Loved you in Singh is King!

im comn to india

Who do you think is going to be the better NBA Team in LA this season: The Lakers or Clippers?


Still love them Trojans?


Snoop dogg, I love your interviews with Nardwaur!,

How is it like to be interviewed interviewed by him?


Have you ever seen Adventure Time? If so, who is your favorite character and why?

wut time izit?

he's never going to see this but Snoop, would you rather smoke weed with Kurt Cobain or John Lennon?

john but i got love 4 kurt

are you a bong man or do you stick to blunts and j's?

I favor a j n a blunt but i dont discriminate

Hello. Welcome to Reddit. Rule 1: You use proper grammar. Nuh of dis stff.


Ever been to Sweden? What'd you think?

Love it

snoop!! i love you man, what's it like chilling with Curren$y?

Good times!!

Hey Snoop!

Just wondering, do you prefer iHop or Waffle House?


Hey Snoop, why do you carry an umbrella?

fo drizzle

If you were a pro athlete, what sport would you play?


You were great in Mac and Devin go to high school! Haha funniest movie!

mac wit d sac!

After 81 blunts a day, how's your memory?


How fast can you roll a blunt?

lightening speed

Eminem. Thoughts?

good people

Got anything to say about Dave Brubeck?

Rest in Peace 2 a legend!

GGN is the greatest thing I have ever watched blazed. Keep doing what you're doing


i smoked with you at the Bulldog in amsterdam last summer. when you going back?


[No question]

Who Watches tha GGN ??

Who Watches tha GGN ??


Hey Snoop, name my new dog!


Yo, mister Snoop Lion, would you rather fight one hundo dizzle sized hizzles, or one hizzle sized dizzle?

gonna get bacc 2 u on that neff

Snoop lion, you were my hero as snoop dog, and are still awesome as snoop lion, my one question to you is, i don't have a question. You're the man. [8]

smoke some. get urself to a [10]

What is your favorite song to perform?

Who Am I

Do you ever get tired of hearing your original debut album?

not at all

How does it feel coming to new countries like India? Big fan and I'm coming to your Pune concert for sure!

i cant wait to see it

When this is over someone needs to figure out snoop lion's word to karma ratio because it will have to be some sort of record


Damn I am sad I missed this.

im still here jacc

[No question]

Im Bacc on this ISSHHH!!


Would you ever do a broadway show for Mac & Devin go to high school with Wiz?

Luv that idea!!

Luv that idea!!

Workn on Mac n Devn go to College!!

Hi. Besides rap, what other music do you like? :D

SOul, RnB, Rock, Country

Any stories about Brodus Clay/George Murdoch having to "accomplish his duty" as your bodyguard?

Shout out to Brodus Clay!!

yo snoop what are your favorite records from this year?

PESO was my issh!! Function from my guy 40!! This 4 tha end of tha year!! !!!!

so hows you tolerance when it comes to reefer.


Snoop, how does it feel to have more Karma than Obama?

PS Thanks for sticking around for so long.

Im tha hood Obama

Last year you wore a Liverpool FC Shirt on stage at your gig at the Liverpool Academy, are you a true fan of Liverpool, or any other sports team. Remember if you are a Liverpool fan, You''l Never Walk Alone :)

I like to support tha local cities im in !!

your like 40 why are you rapping about high school? also,hows being a studio gangster? you shoulda known by now.

Stay Fly neffew

Are you bored with the izzle?


Sativa or indica


What's your opinion of BC Bud?

Tha real ishh is good!

Do you ever smoke with Wiz Khalifa?

every time he in town

Snoop, can I have a hug?



Have you considered making reggae music?

well yes i have



Hey Snoop, it's my girlfriend's birthday today and it would totally make her day if you would say Happy Birthday to her. Her name is Stephanie.

Happy C DAy Stephanie! Holler at me!

There's a youtube video of you playing Jermaine Dupri at NBA 2k or NBA Live, and you kept saying Cookies. I know the context its used in but where the hell did you come up with that shit. I might have laughed for 30 straight minutes at you dunking on him and going COOKIES! You are an amazing person, an amazing artist and I hope life gives you everything you want and then some. Also you're roast of Donald Trump is timeless. Much Love Snoop!


What is your favorite slang term, and what is your least favorite?

church preach tabernacle

How did you like working with Dre?

Its always on point! Nobody bring tha artist out in me like DRE

I'm pretty sure no one will ever top this AMA...


What is your favorite resturaunt? Or fast food place?


was there any song that you didnt think would become a hit, but when released became one of the songs your known for?

Also I have an idea for a blunt wrap brand.

Thanks and keep up the good music

Diced pineapples or Kiwis?

Diced Pineapples!!! Thats what tha hood eat

Am i your neff too?


Do you think you roll the best blunts ever?

Nope. I got a personal blunt roller

Will you ever make another hip-hop album again?

yes go get tha new mixtape

Any advice for someone allergic to marijuana?

dont smoke it

can i text you? what is your phone number?


How many blunts do you think you've smoked in your lifetime?

many many

lol almost 24000 comments... that is freakin ridiculous. No Joke.

bout to beat Barak

tits or ass?


Hey Snoop, have you ever heard the kirby remix of your song "Drop it like it's hot?"

good ish

favorite website besides reddit?

world star, youtube

If you are ever in Austin, TX will you party with me?

4 what??

Does your uncle work at rios ribs in Beaverton, OR?

he own tha spot

I'm 20 years old and I've never had any desire to smoke. Convince me?

u dont need no convincing!! Stay str8

What does your hair feel like?

silky smooth

Would you write me a recommendation letter for me?

yeah 4 who

What's your favorite spot to eat in Long Beach?

Alright, who would you rather share a smoke with; Clinton or Obama?

Clinton luv Obama but Bill can smoke

Damn, it's been 8 hours and you're still answering questions. That's pretty awesome.

im off n on! we been on set n got all these questions comn

Reeses or Twix?


Snoop, I'm here in Mumbai and there are rumors that you may be coming for a concert sometime soon... If this is true it would be amazing. and would you perform mostly new stuff or old and new?

In January imma be there

How old were you when you first got in the studio?

Hey king if youre still here gimmie a little somthin to make me feel good about myself.

puff puff pass

Don't really got any questions, just wanna say thanks for doing this. Live on.

If you replied to this that would make my week :p

Well, actually, screw it, this'll only happen once in my life, so I might as well ask a question -- when's the last time you've smoked, and how many years ago did you first your first blunt ever?

Chuurch ! bout to wrap it up

How's your day so far?


Am I too late to get a "sup neff?" :)


Do you regret Soul Plane?

nah. 1 of my greatest pieces

What do you think of Wu-Tang Clan?

Aint nuthin to fux wit

Dear Mr. Lion, last of the kings. I have a question and and a request. My question is how is it that you can come onto any track, in any genre and absolutely kill it? I mean you improve any song you are in. and I request that you come to a Sounders game next year and check out the atmosphere here. Its not exactly the same as european soccer on the field but the atmosphere is one of the best in the world. I could hook you up with my season tics. also weed is legal so you might as well take the trip anyways.

I appreciate tha love brother! I try hard to stay n I gotta keep practicing!!

Do you play Def Jam Fight For NY? I friggin loved that game and you rocked in it.

That was my ishh. Playin Tekken these days!

Dude, Snoop, this AMA is legend.

I managed to dredge up your Westwood freestyle--the one you did in London last year? Shit's ridiculous. Improvising's hard for everyone.

How do you keep up the intensity with such a soft attack? It's really striking to notice the differences between you and, say, Method Man (who hits you with the k's and p's when he wants to make a point) or really anyone else coming out of the scene. Why'd you make the decision to generate your power through sheer rhyme instead of with a hard attack?

Thank u. I gotta keep my freestyle game tight! SHout out to Tim Westwood!!

Snoop, Do you smoke any hash oil or concentrates and whats your glass collection like?

Wax is cool wit me

Snoop! Do you smoke more pipes or papers?


Hey Snoop, I have to ask, how did you do in school when you were younger?

real good

Snoop, you've been doing this AMA for nine hours now. What keeps you going? How many blunts have you smoked during that time period?


Hello Snoop Lion! Do you like lava cakes from dominos?? I'm dying to know!!

I ate Dominos today! Never got wit that lava cake

How do you feel about weed causing someone to freak out and have a panic attack?

you gotta be able to handle that

If you come to Chicago can we please hang out and dance to Singh Is Kingg?


Yo snoop! I own a hydroponic & agricultural supply company. Was just reading about your Mind Gardens Project this morning trying to figure out how in the world to find you. We have major resources and would love to get involved!!!.. We have been doing similar projects but with your exposure and our knowledge we could really do something huge in this world. You find a way to get a hold of me and give me 5 minutes of your time. If you're on board im 100% positive we can feed a million people fresh vegetables in the next 5 years who would have otherwise gone without. Either way, I salute you. What you're doing is an incredible thing!

JAH!! shoot me ya info!

So When is the Best time to smoke weed?

All day

Yo Snoop, What do you prefer? Crispy or Grilled?


in old school when will ferrill dropped the mic and bent over to grab it, did you actually see his butthole? snoop-a-loop?


Why did you sell out?

cuz the bought up

How chill is Willie Nelson?

tha godfather

Do you like bacon?

luv it

I literally have been chilling here with snoop for the last several hours. Life is good.


This is for sure gonna be reddit history


Am I too late to get some karma?

Edit: Happy?!


This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Snoop Lion conducted on Reddit on 2012-12-05. The Reddit AMA can be found here.