September 5, 2013


watup reddit !!!! wit my guy 2 chainz Bow Wow n we ready to turn reddit up

shameless plugs: get my houseshoes !!

Pre-order 2 Chainz new album coming out September 10:

Hostn BET Hip Hop Awards 2!

dat proof


UPDATE thx 4 hangin wit tha boss. fnd me in /r/trees as their new moderator [10]

Snoop Dogg, how high are you right now?

2Chainz, how did you get inspiration for your name?

u wnt me 2 say [10] huh?

Snoop, can i burn one with you?

u spply it ill puff it !!

The legend of AMAs returns!

neva left


1 of us 1 of us

Snoop What do you think about Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMA's? Was she a [20]?

gurl can twerk sumthin




Your concert is attacked by a group of vampire Juggalos. How do you save the day?

faygo is da only way

Why the name tityboi?

2 tits lookz lyke 2 chainz.

[No question]

shout out 2 captionbot tho! he fooled all yalll ha ha !!

Did he fool you too snoop?

nope. i smoke antitroll blunts

Snoop, every time you do an AMA I stay up for hours reading every one of your responses.

You seem like a really good guy, and you have made thousands of fans very happy on Reddit.

Keep on making amazing music, and keep coming back to see us.

chuuuuuuch !!!!! ima make deez worthwhile !!! sit bacc put ya feet up n put 1 n tha air.

chuuuuuuch !!!!! ima make deez worthwhile !!! sit bacc put ya feet up n put 1 n tha air.

n throw on some james brown and move ya feet n them house shoes u dig me ??!?!!

Still up to 81 a day?

goin green n a real way jaccc !!

At what age do you think it is acceptable for parents to let their kids smoke weed?

oh wow!! good question! when they grown up!! less they prescribed for medicinal reasons and thats real jacc.

Yo snoop, mac and dev is one of my favourite films to watch then fully blazed! When's number 2 coming out bro?

comn soon !!!

Hey Snoop, why do you carry an umbrella?

2 cover up tha dolla billz n tha uv rayz

Snoop,who did you album work on doggy style?

my cousin tha legend Joe Cool!

Snoop and 2Chainz this is for both of do you think California Government could better handle the legalization of Marijuana? I just got my card today, and the whole process is kinda whack. There's no style to it. There's no class. It bums me out. What do you think could be done to turn this shit around into something respectable?

hire Sanjay Gupta

Hey Snoop. Have you had your 81 blunts of the day yet?

im over tha 2day!! Chainz took it past tha 81 marcc

White bitches or black bitches?

all bitches

Snoop, what's your favourite munchies food?

frito twists evrytime

Mr.Snoop, how do other rappers feel about your transition into Snoop Lion? Do they even care?

everyone got an oppinion ! just do what u feel ya digg

If you went back to school, what would you study?

calculas and law

Yo Snoop!

You've been killing it for a long ass time, but even still when Doggystyle came out you were young as fuck. What's it like being that famous and successful at such a young age? How is it different from being successful later in life?

Thanks for doing another AMA!

i was afraid of fame when i was young now i have embraced n i know tha power of it fame dont last forever

Snoop whats ur favorite pair of socks and why!?

sockgame watch in on my instagram

Why did you change your name from Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion? I mean what happened that made you decide to change it?

Edit: I know about Reincarnation, stop telling me.

tha spirit called me

Snoop, blunts or joints?


BOOBS OR BUTT, SNOOPY? It''s gotta be Boobs with 2 Chainz though ;)

i call it bigg booty cuz i like big booty -2 chainz aka tru

Wanna light up and play Madden 25 with me?


Snoop you ever smoke with vapes?

2 Chainz can't wait for the album


Xbox or Playstation ?

cnt wait 2 get dat xbone

2 Chainz, how has working with Kanye West, a legendary artist and producer, changed the way you rap?

dudes a mad scientist -2 chainz

If you could form a band with any four people, who would they be?

yo mama, yo daddy, yo ballheaded granny and riff raff

Snoop, do you like Daft Punk? :)

love em. pharrell got em right


he was rappin on both. lots of tha homies chipped in on those classics. don't forget dogg food tho. under rated

Who could smoke more, you or 2 chainz?

u already know tha answer to dat one - snoop

Hey snoop I asked you this question last Ama you did and I didn't get an answer. I figured I might as well try again. I've been told you went to highschool with Cameron Diaz, if so did you ever hit that?

nah but u could tell she wanted it

How often do you browse reddit?

cant go a day wit out my /r/trees

What other subreddits a do you enjoy?


How often do you browse reddit?

like every single day

Why do you post on /r/braveryjerk so much?

they show me 2 much love

Snoop! You crack me up on instagram man. And you just rule in general. Every winter I have to listen to Rythym & Gangsta. I fucking love that album... and you. No further questions, or any at all really.

why only winter cuz? that shit bangs n da summer

Hey Snoop, how did you feel about that time you guest hosted WWE Raw and speared Chavo Guerroro?

looked tough didnt i?

Just wanted to say that you're awesome, Snoop! Smoke a few for me

doin so not now but rite now

Who, other than you, can roll the best blunt?

i been smoking these g-pens lately. its 2013 neff. step yo shit up

Serious question: How many hours do you reddit every day, Snoop Lion? Does 2 Chainz reddit?

I reddit a couple of times a week

What was your first time smokin' like, Snoop?

really fuccn good

Hey Snoop, on your last ama you told me to smoke 100 blunt sized joints... What is your next task?

u do it??

Can you come to London please?!

be there the uk this weekend. bestival

Snoop, how do I grow a beard like you?

eat bacon

I like your overstock commercial

they got da good good

Snoop my dude love your old music. Thanks for coming back a third time!

n imma be bacc again

2 Chainz, do you think you could outsmoke Snoop?

nope - 2 chainz

Is there any hope for a Mac and Devin go to highschool 2??

its in production as we speak

Snoop Lion who would you say smokes the most weed in the music industry?...... honestly

Willie Nelson

Bow wow wow

yippee yo yippe aye

What do you think of De'Anthony Thomas tearing it up for Oregon instead of staying put in SoCal?

I am proud of him!

If you were to star in a romantic comedy-- what actress would be your costar?

megan goode

Snoop dog, you made bestof for commenting on /r/naturaltitties, what is your opinion on fake titties?

i luv em

What's your favorite cereal?

lucky charms

If he wasn't a rapper (or doctor) he should be a lawyer.

Chain & Chain, Attorney at Law.

truuuuuuu - 2 chainz

What was it like working with Eddie Murphy on his reggae album?

it was great! Eddie is on fire right now

if you could get high anywhere in the world, where would it be?

my doggy den

Snoop who you got in the Super Bowl this year?




Snoop, What subreddit do you want to be a moderator of next?


If you were a burrito, what would you be full of?

cilantro lime rice, vegetarian black beans, chickn, salsa, cheeze, sour cream, da green stuf, n hash oil.. wit a horchata on da side

Do you really believe you are Bob Marly reincarnated?
if so i believe you may have smoked yo self retarded. no offense i love u. Seen as how you were born b4 died if im not mistaken

i think u need to smoke sumthin n shut the fucc up

Hey Snoop! Are you ever going to get involved with another album like Johnny Cash: Remixed?

Doggystyle Remixed

snoop what was going up into the blue mountains like ?


2 Chainz, if your career really takes off and you acquire more chains, have you thought of becoming not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7.....but possibly 8 Chainz if you get to that level?

Also, I loved your former rap name Titty Boy

Also, Snoop, I've been a huge fan all my life. I truly mean it when I say you're one of my role models. You being a family man, world famous rapper, and someone who can out smoke anyone on this planet ( not named Willie Nelson) is pretty awesome. I hope one day you can call me nefew and maybe we can smoke a blunt or two...or twenty

truuuuuu chainz!!

Shout me out on GGN ... Good lookin' pimpin' @SKITWOSKE

happy c-day nefew

snoop can I borrow like 30 bucks?

only need 20 2 buy a sacc

Yo snoop, you do anything other than smoke weed? Anything harder?

weed iz all i need

When are you two dudes dropping by /r/hiphopheads for an AMA?

ill b ovr theresoon


truuuuuuuuuuuu chainz

Hey Snoop, what do you think of Odd Future? Are they taking rap in the right direction?

they my nefews go cop doris !!

Are you you going to be playing GTA V?

P.S. Enjoyed your music in grand theft auto san andreas!

2 weeks !!! da online looks raw!

2 Chainz, what's poppin, bro?

chainz, booty, and bands - 2 chainz

Snoop, you're the only musician who went from being a cold-as-ice rapper to a warm-as-jamaica Rasta. Since I'm assuming you've always smoked sweet buds with the homies, what prompted this shift from dog to lion? Much love

watch reincarnated

Good god this AMA is hilarious. Your answers make me want to try weed.

wait til u see me host the hip hop awards

Hey Snoop!

I don't have a question, but you gave my friends and I a blunt from the stage at Dave Matthews in Denver. I just wanted to say thanks. That was the dankest shit I've ever smoked.

enjoy playrr

Hey Snoop! What would you do if the world ran out of weed?

i wouldnt let dat happn

2chainz when I got my car the FIRST album I played the hell out of was BOATS. What was your first nonstop car rotation album?

TOO $HORT!!!! - 2Chainz

were those volley ball tities in the Nuthin but a G Thang video as nice as they are in my dreams?

ahahah u brought it way way way bacc

Snoop, what's your favourite of your own albums?

my xmas album

what are your thoughts on tyler the creator

he a bad mutha. . .

How many more AMA's can we expect this year?

many many many more gotta feed tha beast

What's the best experience you've had while being high?

i cant remember

Beyonce or Katy Perry?

Beyonce Perry

When you went to the Seahawks game, did you light one up afterwards since trees are legal in that wondrous state?

do fat be greasy??

Yo snoop! Can you acknowledge my existence?


Snoop my daughter is almost 2 years old, please respond to this comment and give her some life advice I can show her when she is old enough to understand.

stay bright n shine

What's the best stoner pro tip you can give?

smoke vapor !! Im tryin

My sister wants to know what color underwear you wear on Wednesday.


Hey Snoop, have you ever met Jonathan Torrens, aka J Roc, from Trailer Park Boys? He mentions you on the show from time to time. You should consider doing something with him for the upcoming Season 7. His shit is dope, gnome sayin'?

Luv tha Trailer Park Boyz shout out 2 Canada and Tim Hortons

Man every single one of your ama's are very good but I've always wanted to ask: What's the longest period of time you've been without smoking in the past 5 years?

not very long

Yo Snoop, can you give a shout out to my Grandma Jane? she loves you!

shout out to grammy jane

Snoop, what is your opinion(s) on Lil B?

Based God!

What do you like on your pizza Snoop?

pepperoni n oregano

What was your favorite childhood tv show?

different strokes good times

Snoop have you fucked a midget? :D

Yes and a real fat bitch

Snoop, black girls or white girls? And explain why

all girls

What's your favorite food to eat with the munchies?

im fuccn wit chocolate pretzal n matzoh ball soup right now

Hey snoop how do you feel of Kendrick verse in "control"? Is it good for the rapping sport?


Yo Snoop,

help me win $20 from a friend?

what u need brockyoursocksoff

Can you fly?

higher n higher

How long does it take you to write a verse, on average?

a blunt

How big is your penis?

boa constrictor

What is your favorite Yankee candle scent?

brown sugar n spice I also luv that new car smell

Snoop, if they asked you to do a roast again, would you?

fo sure


nefew !11

High as fuck right now, Mr. Lion. What should I do?

put ur face in mayonaise

Yo snoop, cripz or bloodz?

you know my name????

YO SNOOP!!! Want to come to my house for thanksgiving?


what do you think is your best line in a movie? personally like "i know evn more about grass"


Snoopdizzle could you replyfodrizzle?

4shizzle nizzle

yo snoop, ever dig on the bay area raps? gotta show love, RIP Mac Dre

I luv tha bay n i luv la

Yo Snoop!

When you gonna be back to the land down under?


biggest influence to start rapping?

EPMD Slick Rick

Snoop what are your thoughts on Joey Badass?

Good shit

Snoop what's your take on Arabic tobacco?

I can dig it but i stay wit tha sticky

Hi Snoop, I made this subreddit a while back (/r/snoop). Needs more you, I think.

AHH SHIT!! Imma support more

Do you feel reddit is ever too neardy for the all powerful snoop lion?

No. I feel nerdy is power ya digg

Snoop, what's you favorite video game?


Can you send me some money?

what ur address

Why do I always just miss these? Dammit.

im still her cuz

why shouldnt i kill myself ?

bc life is a beautiful thing neffew

Do you actually act like this in your day to day life or is this just your gimmick.

Edit: Bring on the downvotes!!!!!!!

Why must I feel like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothin' but the dog in me

Read more: George Clinton - Atomic Dog Lyrics | MetroLyrics

On a serious note, if creating music was never a part of your life, what would you see yourself doing?

coaching high school football

Bob Marley is rolling over in his grave. Just because you go to Jamaica for a month, it doesn't make you a reggae artist. Your rap career dies; your solution, become a different artist?? Oh, and it's shitty music on top of that. "Groundation" - a white guy by the way puts your nonsense to shame. Smoke some MILF Weed and get blown. AWAY

Edit: To the fans down voting me to oblivion, wake the fuck up.

you got a dark heart brutha

Do you listen to your own music?


Snoop, where do you get your weed from?

tha weed spot

How do you feel about Miley Cyrus' appropriation of black culture at the VMAs

why u say that

Why does Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan smoke blunts through his nose? Love the GGN News by the way. Keep those weather hoes coming big Unc.

he thinks its healthier that way

Snoooop!! When you're next in Australia can you sing Staxx In My Jeans!?? I've been waiting my whole life!!!

You're the man.

money up in my garage

has there ever been a day when you thought, "ah fuck no I am done smokin for today!"..?

lemme think bout that NOP E

Snoop, can you write me a reference letter for medical school

yes! what skool?

I'll admit it, this post intrigued me, but I can't understand anything on here. I believe some of the comments are words.

Really? 13hrs later and you people are still voting on my comment? Oh well, keep downvoting me then.

20hrs in and you people still feel compelled to vote? Damn, I was sure -20 was below the threshold.

It's been over a day, what the fuck are you people doing here?

Yes. they are. thank you for your profound observation. now go eat a. . .

I have heard that Snoop has an IQ equal to that of a genius. Is that correct?


Sir Lion what T.V. show you be stuck on right now?

im watchn all those home makeover shows


bean bags

Snoop, who would you rather kick it with in their prime: James Brown or Jimi Hendrix?

oh wow

can we get married?

send a photo

Snoop, I just saw you in a Wonderful Pistachios commercial in between scenes of Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators. It made my night.

sounds like a good night

When you visit Houston, where do you go?

the jewelry kiosk in tha mall

Hey Snoop, what do you use to do your laundry?

i don't do laundry. i get new shit

Stance on gay marriage?

thumbs up

what place in the world has the best weed??


What. I just watched Buttons by pussycat dolls yesterday and I was chatting with my boyfriend about how much you've changed over the years.

i think u changed too

Snoop, I am a former stripper and now i own a stripper company. I had a song choreographed (not one of yours), had the routine taught to my girls for them to perform, and I want to film the performance professionally to use on my website to promote my company, how would I go about getting permission to use the song? Where do I start?

you good! make it twurk

Snoop what what did you have for lunch

olive garden

I don't know if I am too late...but how do you feel about G Dragon using your lyrics in his song? How do you feel about international rappers?

what song

Snoop I'm a white dude and I'm trying to get with this black girl, can you give me some advice?


Hey snoop, what's you're drink of choice?

colt 45


no but i got a camino wit wood panels

Snoop, what happened with the Portland show the other night?

i ate at Rios Ribs and that knocked me out

Snoop! What was your big break into the music scene? Who helped you out?

warren G

You made my day when you came in to Adidas Portland about a week ago. I was working and I just want to say how kind you are!

MCfreckles in tha building!!!!!!!


nah they more fun if you read em in Lou Ferrigno voice

Feast your eyes on my long, juicy...


snoop... seeing you at coachella was one of the greatest experiences of my life. will we ever see you back there?

i felt tha same way bout u

You hit dabs ?

do elephants strut?

Snoop- why don't your doggie house slippers come in a size 14?


Snoop, I have been getting paranoid when smoking and sometimes get chest pains, how can I enjoy the high to its fullest?

try tha mayonaise

Snoop if I delivered you a pizza, would I get tipped in trees or cash?


How do you cook your bacon?

in a pan

Yo snoop, on the real, what did you think of MCHG (jay cant see this be honest)

i fux with it

First thing I did when I saw the Dog House slippers was bring my computer over to my Mom and told her they were all I wanted for Christmas. She just dished mad cash for my knee surgery so I can keep working to achieve my dream, and these slippers are perfect, and perfectly affordable! Shout to Moms. Shout out to Snoop

shout 2 moms

Hey Snoop, how should I propose to the mother of my kid?

take er to Dennys

do you even lift?

blunts. i lift blunts

do you agree that James Franco in Spring Breakers looks a lot like a white version of you?

nah. more like tha homie riff raff

Snoop, my 12-year-old want to listen to your music. Should I let him?

only if u educate him on it jacc !!

Man, Snoop did an AMA twice and I missed him both times.

d boss will be bacc jacc

How does Snoop start his day??

smoke n a pancake

Hey Snoop,

At my friend's apartment we have "Snoop Dogg Rules" aka house rules. What should be our next one? Btw you da boss

puffpuff PASS !!

What does the fox say?

deez nuts

Snoop, I'm too white. Any advice?

get a tan

Hey snoop im glad you are a real person

me too

Smoke the seeds?

smoke d weed

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Snoop conducted on Reddit on 2013-09-05. The Reddit AMA can be found here.