Philip DeFranco

May 16, 2013

YouTuber Philip DeFranco AMA

  1. I'm a YouTuber. I host The Philip DeFranco Show (, created SourceFed (, and just launched SourceFedNerd (

  2. If you want to know more about me than the things I make here is my life so far in a video:

  3. I like to do AMA's now and then, I have yet to post my penis to /r/gonewild, I've been on /r/ladyboners once although I believe it to have been an ironic post, and I love Zach Braff as much I love emotionally overeating.

  4. If you'd like to read the last AMA you can go here:]

  5. My "proof":

So if you have any questions about the new channels, the old channels, how Lee Newton smells, or anything except the movie Rampart welcome and I'll be on here for the next few hours.

Good Morning Phil.

What is the new channel secret project thing? Or did I misunderstand? Give us a tease!

Heres your tease :) We're launching the new channel on Monday!

Can you put in a good for me with Meg? You seem like you would make a good wingman.

You don't want to get with Meg. She'll destroy you. Unless you're into that then I'll definitely put in a good word :)

Hey, hey, hey.... <3

Get out of here MEG!!! YOU HAVE 1000 POSTERS TO SIGN!!! whip

How long do you plan to keep doing all this YouTube stuff?

3-5 more years unless I die in an airplane or my girlfriend poisons me or something with aliens. ...god damn aliens.

How do you plan to end your channel?

With a wave and a wink. I was much more dramatic about it in the early years but I dont even know what my life is without YouTube. I'll always be around but its just the show wont always exist. I feel like Im in this big worldwide stupid loving and occasionally racist family. Don't want to lose that.

What would you like to do after you finish up with YouTube then?

Travel and staring at japanese girls.

How's Papa DeFranco?

My dad is currently on dialysis and hoping that the next person that comes down to see if they are a match is and he can get back to some sort of normal life. I hope they are. Even if they aren't I'm still blown away and thankful to all the people who applied to see if they were a kidney match.

In the meantime he just tweets random things on twitter from his twitter DePapa. You'll understand why Im such a cynical pervert if you follow him. :)

Some dirt on other YouTubers please?

A few years ago I probably would have ripped apart a few youtubers but these days I keep out of the dramatastic YouTube and stick to the creative/businessy YouTube.

That being said Lee Newton and Trisha fart so much they have ruined all women for me.

If right now you had to quit Youtube and start another career, which one would it be?

Ps: You're Awesome and I have been a long time fan.

If I wanted to keep making money I'd turn into a media consultant because half those people are talentless hacks who kind of understand twitter.

If I wanted to just be happy I'd run an adventure company. ATVs, dirtbikes, scuba diving, etc.

So probably the 2nd one :)




I'd like to publicly thank you for including my art in the FHP store, it's probably the best thing to happen in my life, no bullshit

And I get kick seeing zen monkey and l2c behind you every show :) Love yo face

Edit: Big up to Kristy and co at FHP, they are awesome people and work very hard!

No problem sir! The goal like most of our new ventures is make cool shit with cool people and have everyone make money.


what is the best piece of advice you have ever received from anyone?

Don't be the first when you can be the best.

Hey Phil! What are your thoughts on a DeFranco Does Ottawa? (And/or Toronto) Also, of all your BAMF and douchebags of the day, who would you say is the top in each category? Thanks!

We've had serious talks about Toronto. Its all been delayed because we were waiting on a sponsor who just fell through because they had their budget slashed. We might arrange something on kickstarter for a DeFranco/SourceFed tour but it wont be for a bit.

Will SourceFed Nerd primarily focus on Trisha, Meg, and Steve? If so, how often will Lee, Elliot, and Joe be involved?

There will be a nice balance as well as the introduction of a few new faces as part timers at first. For us NERD is where the fun happens.

What is the biggest criticism that you face? How do you respond?

Some people hate the jump cuts, some Redditors even say I "steal news from the front page", but the one that gets me because it is true is sometimes I don't follow through on projects like my book clubs.

I get really excited and then in a few weeks I get overwhelmed and hide. Thats happened a lot less these days but it is something I'm still trying to improve about myself.

You're not the only one, but in the end, if it doesn't excite you anymore you don't owe it to anyone.

THats what sucks is Its still exciting but I dont schedule time accordingly. One day I will figure out how to make the world bend to my will :)

That's interesting because I thought your biggest criticism would be that you objectify women of color or that you exploit your female viewers. I apologize if that comes off as harsh. I used to enjoy the PDS.. until I recognized that you catered to your straight, male audience at the expense of women.

Thats a valid opinion. I believe I appreciate women but I can see where you're coming from. I'm a half sexist/half feminist.

Phil what is the best advice you can give to a beginner Youtuber for gaining popularity on Youtube? Love your Channel by the way. Beats my local news.

  1. You could suck Toby Turner's d*ck. Im not sure if it will work but I heard its magical.


  1. You make content you are interested in. Include what you love about shows/videos you like and stay away/improve on things similar shows do that you dislike. Become part of the community that you will promote your content on. And make friends in the community and luck.

Since you started the show it's evolved from "The show that's not really a show but me talking to a camera for 3-4 minutes (yeah.. yeah..)" to a show that's now usually at least double that length. Do you see yourself going even longer than this to a show that's 15 minutes or longer every day or do you think you've struck a good balance in terms of video length?

I dabble with the long form now and then. I've been playing with the idea of having guests and segments (something similar to a late night show). We'll see. The future is looking pretty bright right now. I usually stay under 10 minutes because its very easy to over stay your welcome on YouTube.

Why did you stop doing Daily Giveaways of Xbox's and $100 amazon giftcards?

It gets eeeeexpensive. We usually go to back to Xbox's when we have a big sponsor though so I can reward those that enable the show to exist.

What kind of pranks do you guys ( people of Sourcefed ) play on each other?

Steve's idea of a prank is showing me his balls. ITS HILARIOUS...for him. Disgusting for me. The rest of the hosts are too scared of me to prank me but thats probably because of the constant lashings they get for looking me in the eyes.

What does one have to do to apply for an internship with FHP?

Looking for work and not having much luck

I think the ability to fold and/or the willingness to dispose of a body. We're about to ramp up staff so just keep an eye out and you'll know. :)

Do you think Youtube will ever hit its peak or just continue to get bigger? If so, when?

I hope not. I do get worried because I think they are going to push Google+ so hard they may alienate some users but lucky for them they are THE SOURCE of videos. The only time I use anything else is when some artsy content producer uses Vimeo. YOUTUBE is it!

Have you had that moment of, "I did it" or something along the lines of you "making it"?

Not really. When school is in session and we're rocking awesome views Im on top of the world and when finals roll around and the views take a dip I get sad but I have friends and family that keep me in check. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I MADE IT!!! We'll see.

Hey Phil, I was just wondering how much does a famous Youtuber like you make?

Depends on if they monetize properly. I contractually can't speak on my numbers but the 7 figure a year YouTubers definitely exist though.

Confirmed: Phillip Defranco is a multi-millionaire.

maybe soon. Thats not really the goal but it IS a fantastic byproduct.

How do people get hired to work at Sourcefed?

Most start as interns who apply at The rest are robots we manufacture in house.

Jessica Nigri, Melanie Iglesias, Kate Upton - Fuck one, marry one, kill one. Go!

F- Mel. M- Jes. K- Kate

But none of that will be possible because now Lindsay is going to kill me.

You've been in a committed relationship for a while, but at work you're surrounded by beautiful women. Does it get hard (pun intended) to stay behind the line of appropriate behavior?

No. The girls are like family here. Linz and I are great. You get comfortable in a relationship where you just trust the other person. Not that ignorant/lazy trust but that we respect each other and would never do anything to hurt the other trust. It takes time and arguing but once you get it its so great.

I first found your channel while looking for boobs on youtube when I was 10 years old. Since then (6 years ago) you have taught me how to be a better person, and drastically affected my politician views. So the moral of the story is: Alll good things come from boobs

THats pretty much the basis of my channel. Thanks for being a part of it :)

Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudel?

Pop-Tarts. How dare you even ask that ridiculous question!!!

how has sourcefed performed compared to your expectacions?

Far beyond my expectations. It is a self running ass kicking machine.

Will you be in the Youtube Documentary movie "I'm Vlogging Here" along with other youtubers like CTFxC, Shaycarl, and Corey Vidal?

Not sure. I was asked but I haven't contacted them back in a while. Mixed feelings and all that.

When did you first try cannabis?

When I was 20 I believe. But it wasn't something that occurred more than once every 4 months until the past 2 years.

Can you get me out of jury duty? Please? #phillydcalledsomeone

Even if did I would fail. Editor Matty has been out on jury duty this week. People I know are cursed :-p

Any chance you leave Youtube and host all your content on your own website?

Only if one day I was like I should do the worst thing I could possibly do. Then I would totally do it.

Hey Phil. Always wondered, what are your thoughts on the nation being negative towards the nation in cases where opinions conflict?

Do you think it's stupid, that it's normal, does it bother you or do you just give no fucks?

People are going to argue and debate. As long as they are down for the conversation its a good time.

You give me a lady boner, Phil.

Also, love your work. Keep it up. You make the news interesting, and table talk is a great laugh.

edit: Will you be attending Vidcon?

Thanks so much :) and yes I will be attending Vidcon. Its the only YouTube con I go to these days.

Which series do you prefer the most?

Doctor Who, BSG, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

And how excited are you for the upcoming SHIELD TV series?


BSG, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, GOT. <---in that order.

Also no I had not heard about that series. I'll have to check it out when I'm done catching up on 29 years of The West Wing.

Hey Phil, it's no secret that you are a smoker of cannabis and I was just curious as to how often do you medicate? P.S I love you, have my babies.

It ranges from once a week to every other night. 2 hours before bed and I'm set.

Whats the biggest thing you've had to overcome as a youtube producer? (for lack of a better word)

Same as the most helpful thing: YouTube itself. Most youtubers just want a properly working sub box. Thats been the case off and on for the past 6 years.

Favorite Pokemon? Love yo face, Phil!

Charmander. That was my guy.

Is SourceFedNERD going to have multiple videos a day? How many?

Between 3 and 5 depending on the day.

Are you still planning on opening a For Human Peoples shop soon?

Maybe not a shop but definitely a UK based warehouse. Tired of Europeans having to pay out the ass on our products because of shipping.

Kill, Marry, Fuck. The three male SlurceFed hosts

Well obviously I'd Fuck, Marry, and Kill Joe. Duh

Phil, where do you manage to pull the energy to do your show everyday?


How does Lee Newton smell?

Like pixie dust, newly baked lasagna, and farts.

Hi Phil! Can't believe I finally get the opportunity to ask you questions, of which I have two.

1.If/When you personally stop putting out content on YouTube will you continue to run SourceFed?

  1. What do you want to focus on in the future of DeFranco Inc.?

I think the future is more about everyone else. How can I maximize Lee, Joe, or any of our hosts personal YouTube channels? How can I help them with merch and their careers? I see SF and my show as launching platforms for brand new awesome talent.

What's your favorite youtube channel at the moment? Huge fan btw :D

DailyGrace is my every day youtuber. Love her.

Source fed nerd is going to be alot like LTA (Like Totally Awesome) but with new hosts, content, ect and why did you not just use LTA again?

Some things belong in the past.

How is Lindsay doing? What is she up to these days?

Traveling. Making me sammiches. Doing squats. Fun stuff :)

Are you still working on your novel?

Very slowly. Its pretty much the Draw my life but without cutting out the really crazy stuff.

Hey Phil. Whats been your most memorable interaction with a fan? Care to elaborate on the "Letting a fan girl into my house, which I will NEVER do again" story from your Draw My Life vid??

Ever been scared while a girl was performing an act on you? Thats all I'll say.

Hey Phil, I fucking love sourcefed

Which one of the hosts' auditions would you say was the funniest?

They are all amazing hosts and Joe didn't even do a regular audition I was just a huge fan but right out of the gate my favoriter audition tape was Lee. I remember seeing that and going I'm going to make her extremely popular.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?

I hate this question with every fiber of my being. Dont even have a reason for it. Just innate hate. :-p

Why don't you make vlogs and videos with Matty anymore like you used to? I miss DJ Mike Switch.

He has a girlfriend now and spends all his time with her :-p

The usual story. But shes cool and she loves him so its ok.

I haven't seen all your videos but what do you was the dumbest thing you have said on your channel?

oh damn. So many things. Theres 6-7 years of stupid to go through.

Do you want kids? I ask this because I remember the story of you drunk and crying after you found out Linz wasn't really pregnant and was only messing with you.

I really do. 2 or 20. Probably 2 because Id like to still enjoy sex.

What do you think about the AMA that /u/iJustine did earlier today and how it went in the shitter almost immediately?

Justine has to deal with so much more shit than I do but shes actually a fantastic human being. Shes one of my favorites on a personal level.

Can you help me meet Jessica Nigri? If not then I understand. Seriously though, what is it like working with the sourcefed crew on a day to day basis? Also how did you know to choose them as the hosts?

EDIT: C'mon Phil, help a brother out. ;)

Just go to one of the cons she is attending. She is extremely loving of her fans. Even the weird ones :-p

How did you get introduced to Doctor Who? Many of my American friends have no clue what it is, and that is a problem!!! Will you ever have Doctor Who themed videos to perhaps promote the (most super awesome) show to an American audience?

I was watching Charlieissocoollike and I bought their album about Doctor Who. The next day I was marathoning on Netflix and falling in love with David Tennant.

How are currently managing your websites? I'd be willing to intern:)

Terribly. We need to hire someone for it asap. be sure to apply on internsushi. heeeeelp


Donut holes. COME ON MAN!!!

Do you REALLY love my face?

Yes. Duh.

If you could punch anyone in the dick, who would it be?

If it's a lady, we can surgically attach one for you to punch. We have the technology. My aunt sews sometimes. Pretty sure she could handle it.

Rupert Murdoch. maybe.

I think you've gone traveling to quite a few places already. What's the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to?

And if you could, could you have a Hayao Miyazaki movie as your next one in the movie club? I know they're not on netflix but they're EXTREMELY easy to find free to watch online and are very good quality most places. I think he's a really good story teller.

Florence Italy was the most beautiful. The nicest fans were probably the Irish or Canadians. I love you all though :)

Dear Philly D, I know you have a TON of things to read and reply to, and I can only hope you have enough time to get to (and respond to) my post. First off, my name is Ryuu Lavitz, and I love your shows, SO MUCH. Between the PDS and Sourcefed, I'm 100% positive I will love SF Nerd. I've relied on the PDS and SF for my news intake almost every day for the past couple years now. I notice you've had cosplayers on the show, and I love that. I love that you're so versatile between news, games, cosplay, random fun things, ect. I'm a 20yr (soon to be 21yr old) cosplayer who aspires to be like Jessica Nigri, Yaya Han, Vampy Bit Me and Stella Chuu. But I have a twist- To use recycled materials for my props (swords, axes, ect.). Not only is it more difficult to make things out of cardboard and paper mache, but it's also not as expensive. I've been looked down on by local cosplayers (because everything I do is "easy") but its not. Everything I make has effort put into it, and not only that, but you have to EMBRACE the character. I was wondering, If I were to put on each costume, with a "Sup Nation" sign in each outfit, would you be willing to help me reach my dreams by making a little gallery for my work? I understand if not, (and I really never would ever imagine myself asking for your help like this), but you know how it is- sometimes, all you need is a little boost. I want to strive in this area so badly, you couldn't possibly imagine. I've done Pikachu, Raichu, InuYasha, Lara Croft, Hilda (from Pokemon), Little Red Riding Hood, and I have so much more in the works. I'm not asking for money, or a whole video based on anything, just a small gallery- or anything you could possibly do to help. I'll leave my deviantart link here ( so you can check out some of my work (yes, almost all of my costumes are had made with the exception of certain articles of clothing here and there for Lara Croft's clothing, a shirt/pants for pikachu and My shorts for Raichu.). I REALLY hope you get back to me, it would mean the world to me, even if you say no. You can get back to me here, or you can even shoot me a message at Have a good night, and I hope you have fun with all your future projects for your new channel! xxx

Message me on twitter. Some of your shots are rather cool.

Finally! GAWD! lol <3 Trish


Why do you wear a jacket inside whilst filming episodes?

I pump this place with cold air all day. I like layers :-p

Why would you take Table Talk, which I know and love, and put it on a channel full of stuff I don't really care about? It seems like a cruel scheme to get more subscribers :(

Its 10% about the subscribers and 90% the content type belongs on this new channel. You'll see. Thanks for watching :)

Why is Steve against having kids, he would be like the most awesome dad ever.

Not counting you Philly ;).

Steve just started screaming fuck that when I read your comment out loud. No joke :-p

Why is there no friday PDS? And whats your position on mexican war on drogs?

Its the weakest day for views. Statistically the best day to post a news video is Wednesday. Random stat porn for the 1 person who cares. :-p

Hey where do you get your jacket in this vid:

It looks dapper and I want

Express for Men. Ballin on a budget yo :-p

Can you please get rid of the yellow angry bird. It is always staring at me....

Theres a reason hes staring at you though....isn't there?

What happened to The Nation Is Sexy?

I put it on hold because I was getting some weeeeeird stuff.

What is your biggest business regret?

Helping start Maker. No bad feelings towards the people there but if I could have not been a part of that I wonder how different the current YouTube space would be.

Can you put in a good word for Sam for me?

I'll try but I think hes putting the moves on this girl named Kelly. I'm sorry :(

would you consider doing a minute or two at the end of each show to reply to some of the answers you get from your question of the day from the previous episode

Not a bad idea. Might try that.

You don't talk about music much. What's on Philly D's iPod?

Currently Im just listening to the Beatles while I rock it with you guys :) I love one band at a time.

I think that Sourcefed has become overly sexualised (I.E every TableTalk manages to sneak in the fact that Meg is bisexual and that it covers sex conventions).

Do you think this is a valid critique?

I dont think SF in general has but yes the TableTalks do but I think thats because thats where our minds kind of live. So I get where youre coming from.

[No question]

Guys thank you for an awesome AMA. I'm going to go bowl with a few of my friends and get my ass kicked. I'm also going to try and go through a pull awesome questions I was not able to get to and make some videos out of them.

Thank you :)

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Philip DeFranco conducted on Reddit on 2013-05-16. The Reddit AMA can be found here.