Philip DeFranco

February 8, 2012

AMA: Philip DeFranco

I'm Philip DeFranco, host of "The Philip DeFranco Show", creator of SourceFed on youtube.

I rarely do interviews because they are usually the same questions over and over again, but I thought I'd do a this new AMA since it would be on a site where some users really like me, while others really really hate me. A nice mix maybe.

So ya Reddit. AMA. I'll try not to Munson it.

Proof its me...though be honest...who would fake that:

Note: I'll be on for 1-2 hours because I have to shoot the show at 9:30AM

Newer Note: I'll be answering questions again at 1:30PM Pacific.

Would you rather travel with the 10th Doctor for a week, or the 11th for a month?

The 10th. Easy. I'm a Matt Smith fan, but Tennant is a AMAZAZAZING.

How much does YouTube pay you?

It varies based on views, advertisers and I'm contractually not supposed to mention numbers BUT, I pay myself $100,000 a year. Its all about reinvesting the rest for the next few years. I don't take or look for VC funding so I have to put it all back into the company myself if I want to succeed.

Wow! Well done sir.

I still fucking hate you, but that's because I'm bitter in general.

I'll give you cuddles if that makes it any better.

How many people do you currently employ? How big is FHP?

FHP consists of 5 employees and working with several freelance graphics guys. DeFranco Inc is now around 11 full time people now thanks to SourceFed. Wow its weird to think that there are that many people here now.

You should of called her back!

Anyways back to Rampart......Its a movie set in 1999 and we really focus on making it feel like a 90's movie. It was a great experience.

Do you find it hard to switch off work/youtube Sxephil and just be Phillip DeFranco? And how different is your onscreen persona to the regular you?

I'm very quiet. A lot of tubers are always "on" and thats fine, but I see my videos as a the way I get out all my big opinions/feelings. Then its back to being pretty sheepish and relaxed....Unless you piss me off before I eat breakfast and then I'm a raging asshole.

Do you think SourceFed will become the model for delivering online news as it happens - in an entertainment format. Or is it something you are just trying out?

I see SourceFed as the future of the company and delivering news. We're starting with pop culture because its easy but if we see the same success in 3-6 months that we've had since our launch 2 weeks ago we'll be launching new channels for different categories. I want to make news/opinion fun and interesting to people my age.

How much to punch RWJ in the mouth?

Let me say this on the record because everyone has the wrong idea. I DO NOT HATE RAY WILLIAM JOHNSON. I've never met the guy, nor do I have any opinion about him. I made a few jokes in a video a long time ago that people took way too seriously.

That being said $1million US. Though....I'd also punch my mother in mouth for that much money.

How many nude pictures do you get sent, from random girls ?

Not a lot...though the PDS has a surprisingly large fan base of MyFreeCams hosts and brazzers porn stars.

You always make subtle indications of your religious beliefs, but they're very misleading most of the time. What do you actually believe?

Religious beliefs. I don't really believe in anything religious. I would really like to believe it and am jealous of those who find comfort in it. I guess if I believe in anything its that I need to live this life like its my only one and treat others with that same mindset.

But I guess main point so I don't slip past your question, as of right now I don't believe in God.

How many stories do you usually pull from Reddit for your show each day?

lol I love this question. Maybe 2-3 stories a week MAX, though many Redditors think I take every story from this site. The World News sub-reddit is my favorite because it actually contains things I wouldn't find otherwise. But other than that I usually just stay on the frontpage with all the funny pics and masturbatory "This is how much time I waste on Reddit" posts.


<insert cop out answer>

Seriously, Trippy did it, Carl has done it, Y U NO DO IT?

Then whore it out on youtube for $$$.

Edit: Anyone not getting the reference, I am referencing CharlesTrippy, another famous redditor who is friends with Phil and recently just got married and recorded it for youtube. (I'm a fan of CTFXC too btw)

How the hell did no one in your editing crew stop you from saying Grillys?

HAHAHA that was a fun day. Mistakes happen. I didn't know the guys name before. I literally only called him "That guy who drank his own piss" until that video. But thanks to the several thousand comments about that error I now know its Bear Grylls who drank piss.

When you were a teenager, who were some of your biggest role models?

My dad, Sylvester Stallone (dont ask), Eminem and then when I hit my 20's my dad, ZeFrank, Tim Ferris.

Your title clearly states "AMA", not "AMAA". & You don't want another Woody, now do you?

That being cleared up, why Sylvester Stallone?

ahh you got me there. Cause hes the fucking man! All Italians have to love Stallone after watching the first Rocky. Its in the Italian rule book.

Hey Phil. Big fan here, ever since I was 16. Anyway here we go!

What made you decide to to work on your YouTube Chanel full time?

How many times a day do you get stopped in public from people saying "HEY YOU'RE PHIL!"

And how do you "randomly" pick your winners for the "throw something at your face giveaway" haha

and Will you ever do another PhillyD Live show here in the states?

kk I'm gonna answer them in order :)

2007 is the year I decided to become a full time tuber. I made a video announcing I had to quit making videos because it was messing with my grades. 2 days later I got a call from YouTube if I'd like to be one of the first ten in this thing called "The Partner Program" where they would pay us. I still kinda sorta regret dropping out of college.

On a normal day 0 times. But thats also because Im at the office being a crazy person from 6am to 6 at night. But when I travel it happens a few times.

Dani our production coordinator just uses a random number generator. We posted a video showing the underwhelming process on my personal channel if you want to see it.

I'm currently planning a 6 city tour for Live Shows. The hard part is trying to make it free/inexpensive for you guys.

Love yo face

How is the weight loss going? how much have you lost so far?

I'm still a fatty, though a slightly less fat, more muscly fatty.

What would you be doing if youtube didn't exist?

I'd like to think I would have been a successful doctor, but honestly its just as likely that I would have be an assistant manager at Outback Steakhouse.

Who is your least favorite Internet personality?

Who is your favorite Internet personality?

If you could make a video with anyone, who would it be?

Least Favorite: Not anyone that I would like to give more traffic by mentioning them.

Favorite: The Vlog Brothers

Make a Video with: Easily on of the most under rated but fantastic youtubers on the site.

Please, for the love of Jesus, run for President.

Dear God No. That would be bad for everyone involved.

Can you talk about your breakup with "The Station" a few years back? It seems like you led the charge for it, then left, why?

I didn't like where it was going. That's the best way I can put it without reopening wounds that don't need to be touched. But I met some great people and learned some things. My only regret is that I didn't stay close friends with Shay, Kassem, Rawn, and a bunch of those guys.

It put a bad taste in my mouth as far as "business" goes and was one of the reasons I refused to work with youtubers for about a year.

I remember once you made a video titled "RIP Sean Kingston" when he'd earlier been in a life threatening accident. Turned out he hadn't died at all and you were just using misleading titles to attract views and make more money. Do you legitimately think that that's fair and ethical?

Your question is misleading. The title of the video is "R.I.P Sean Kingston & other things the internet got wrong". RIP Sean Kingston was a twitter trending topic and I was talking about how the internet got it wrong and then talked about his crash where he was injured but had not been killed.

I have a large archive of videos and probably am guilty of something along the way. Please come back with a better example and I'll try to answer your question. :)

What should I watch on Netflix?

Lillyhammer is pretty interesting so far oooooorrr start watching Doctor Who. ooo or Sherlock. or weird anime is always good.

What is your favorite part about being able to to "talk" to millions of viewers on a daily basis?

Knowing that in some small way I'm having an impact on at least a few people. Whether its providing someone with info about the world around them, a smile, anything really. Makes me feel fulfilled.

Pickle or banana.

Choose wisely

Banana duh.

If you were in Woody Harrelsons shoes, how would YOU have handled it?

I would have told you all to go fuck yourselves and then watched Natural Born Killers on repeat and masturbated to my own awesomeness for hours.

[No question]

Guys thanks for a great AMA chat. I have to run away to film the show but maybe we'll do this again.

Love yo faces. :)


wow that is amazingly helpful

Jesus christ...not even brutal, they were just unabashed assholes. Can't believe the upvotes some of that shit got. You'd think jump cuts killed their dog

In their defense jump cuts have been well documented as dog killers.

Hi Phil, I went to your Dublin Show : I was wondering if you'll ever return, I want you to come back on vain reasons because I looked dog ugly in it (Edit : And I want a new one XD) and it really brought me and my cousin together, we had a day we'll never forget. Please reply, even If I don't get any upvotes!

Also, bonus doctor who question, Which episode did you like the most, mine by far is the Vincent one.


I think I'll return one day to actually get a chance to experience the country. I was only able to be in Ireland for about 48 hours and most of that was prepping, being at the event, and drinking yummy yummy beer. BTW Guinness is delicious but doesn't get me drunk. Anyone else?

How did you meet Elliot, Joe and Lee? They are amazing on SourceFed.

I knew of Joe because I've been a fan of Barats and Bereta for years prior to the concept of SourceFed. Lee and Elliott came out of casting calls. Elliott was originally going to replace Toby on LTA a year ago but at the last second I had to shift what projects we were funding. I think it was all for the best and am glad to have gotten another chance to work with him.

What is your favorite video game?

Its a three way tie. Final Fantasy 7, Mass Effect 2, and Chrono Trigger. I remember screaming during "that one scene" in FF7. Nothing beats good story.


I <3 you cocobella. Thanks for answering this for me :)

Oh hey. What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to YouTube videos? Like, when you're watching someone else's video, not making your own.

Bad audio. I'm guilty of this sometimes, but bad audio ruins a video for me. Even more than bad editing or bad cam quality. If you buy a camera you should always price audio into your budget.

On an online celebrity website it says you are worth $1,000,000.

"American video blogger on YouTube, as well as a YouTube celebrity with a net worth of $1 million"

Would you say that accurately portrays what you have earned for doing this as long as you have?

Nope. All those sites throw out these numbers and never consider how much money goes into what we do. But No I'm not. I lease my house, I own my car, and everything else goes back into the company. That being said my dad thinks I'm a pretty cool dude.

What do you think of the people who accuse you of objectizing women for views? (like the AmazingAtheist)

I think they're being petty. I talk about things I noticed from the day. On the inside I'm still kind of a 16 year old boy who likes hot chicks and wants to share them with his friends. Now the only difference is that instead of sharing it with my buddies, I share it with a million or so people and I get into conversations with the models I feature.

How long on average does it take for you to film a DeFranco show? Not including Matt editing it.

It really depends on the news day but 1- 4 hours. The big part is the research.

Would you ever be interested in acting in something large-scale, such as a cinematic-released movie or popular TV show as a cameo or guest appearance? If so, what kind of role would you want to play or in what genre would you want the story to be set?

I like the idea of helping produce a movie. Maybe even writing one, but acting no. I try to stick to my strengths or at least stay away from my huge giant weakness'.


Nopers. The cool ladies know I'm playing.


That final scene blew my mind and broke my heart. That whole movie changes so much after the sheep scene. This sounds weird if you've never seen the movie.......awkward.

Are you secretly gay?

If I told you it wouldn't be a secret would it. dun dunnn dunnn

PS. Nope. Big fan of the vajay.


What is your connection with Revision3? Do they just help with finding advertisers and the like? Or is something more to it? Are they the ones paying the bills now or is your money still coming from YouTube? Thanks.

They take of the advertising for me on everything except SourceFed. It may turn into a deeper relationship, but right now its pretty simple. They are great guys.

You're a nerdfighter, and you posted about watching John's new show Crash Course about week ago. Have you read The Fault In Our Stars yet? Do you listen to Hank's music?

The Fault in Our Stars made me laugh, crushed my soul, and made me laugh again. I know some of Hanks songs but I'd be a liar if I said I knew all the songs. I'm more of a Chameleon Circuit fan.

Hey congrats on sourcefed, it's really good and the team seems really talented. So I saw in an interview with you that youtube has funded source fed. Is source fed partly aimed to be a channel that can be crossed over to TV and TV 'people' who might not watch / know a lot about youtube channels etc?

How long do you think it will be before internet on the TV becomes standard and people can flip over from watching shows to watching youtube channels - aka, daily pop culture news in 20 mins or less

I have no intent to take the show to TV. We may have segments on TV shows, but the focus for my channels are to always stay online and on demand. The internet is it for me.

You said you're doing P90X. How good of shape are you in? I'd like to start but I feel like I'd get murdered by the program.

The first 2 weeks were rough but I'm starting to see some muscle coming up under all that fat. Im going to recover today and try to get back to it tomorrow.

I can't think of a good question.

What are your opinions on tacos?

I like hard way more than soft because the way it feels in my mouth.

yep. :)

If you are the creator of SourceFed, why are you rarely on it? Sorry but I prefer the other hosts because they get to the stories quicker. You tend to ramble on explaining the concept of the show.

Thats exactly what I want to hear. My main goal is to make myself unnecessary over time. I love my job, but I want to get to a point where if I don't want to do my job on a specific day its not the end of the world or I have to worry about not paying the office's rent.

Hey I love your show, both your shows actually, but I was wondering, this is more of a suggestion than a question, but could you separate the content a bit more between your main show and SourceFed? It just gets tedious to have to listen to essentially the same coverage over and over again...

We're definitely on the same page here. That will happen less and less. This is all a learning experience for us as well. btw thanks for watching and remember to check out Rampart when it comes out.

Who are you and why would I care about this AMA? Are you some other kind of youtube crazy man?

I invented semen butter.

How much women have you slept with before The Philip DeFranco Show? How much women have you slept with after The Philip DeFranco Show?

Heres a fun # for you. I've only ever slept with 3 women my entire life. I'm not into casual sex. Mainly because I've always been so scared of STD's, AND really really hated condoms :)

Do you think lee Newton is as hotahothot as the rest of the nation does?

Lee Newton is a unicorn and knows it :)

do you ever have days when you feel down and uninspired? if so, how do you overcome that?

Of course. I watch old ZeFrank videos to inspire me. To remind me its better put anything out (within reason) than just not doing anything. Everything you make will not be perfect. Sometimes I hate the shows I put up, but its better than staying still and not trying to be creative.

Are your dogs teacup/miniature yorkies? If so - WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?! Or where CAN you get them? The internet tells me they are a myth.

I got them from local breeders. Don't buy from anyone promoting miniature. Thats just code for I want to take more money out of your wallet pls.

Are you on Xbox live?

Yeppers. My GT is PhillyDeFranco. Send a message in an hour or so. Matty and I should be playing MW3

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Philip DeFranco conducted on Reddit on 2012-02-08. The Reddit AMA can be found here.