Peter Moore

October 26, 2012

I am Peter Moore, the longest held hostage in Iraq, kept captive for over 2.5 years. AMA

In April of 2007 I accepted a three month posting in Iraq working for the American IT consulting firm BearingPoint.

I arrived in Baghdad on the 2nd of April 2007 where my main job was to develop spending reports from the computer system used within the Ministry of Finance.

On the 29th of May, 2007 around one hundred Iraqi police officers from the Ministry of Interior entered the building and took away myself and four British guards.

For six months I was moved around meeting up with the British guards. In December of 2007 I was separated from the other Britons and was held with two Americans. In June of 2007 I was transported back to Baghdad and this was the last time I had contact with any of the other hostages.

In May of 2009 the number two commander of the militia (Laith Al Khazlli) was released from US custody in exchange for the bodies of two of the British guards. In September over one hundred militia were released in exchange for the body of one of the guards.

On the 30th of December 2009, 946 days (or 2 years, 7 months & 1 day) after I was captured, I was released in exchange for the militia leader Qais Al Khazlli. The last of the hostages bodies were eventually handed over in early 2012.

Ask Me Anything

Any verification of this? Just curious.

Me today (proving I am still alive)

BBC articles covering the story, compare the photos (I have been told I look beter with the beard, you can decide for yourself)

Did you ever have a chance where you considered escape?

I considered it and we had a plan, but we never got the chance to implement it

Were you a redditor before you were held hostage?


Did you ever have an opportunity to escape? I know you said they told you they would kill you if you tried to escape, but was there any point where you considered it?

No realistic opportunity for escape. There were times when I thought 'Indiana Jones would've been outta here by now'.

was there at any point of time they needed your help in solving IT related issues or translation in exchange for some form of civilization? By that i meant books, tv, food or a written letter to your wife.

I did help with fixing their laptops and I did help them with their English. They got me books on Islam, in English, from Iran

Ok, so you were prepared to kill yourself. You must of had extreme hatred at God or the world. You had to of lost hope. That hope must of been filled with something like regret, depression, sorrow, malevolence, hatred, etc. You must of experienced some sort of post traumatic stress disorder unless you found some sort of serenity in your shackles. The question I'm getting to is: what has this taught you about life, death, yourself, empathy and so on. You must be virile or at the very least jaded by this experience. Maybe pride, the choice to not show your captors the satisfaction of defeat powered you through your ordeal?

It was that I could control when and how I died. Rather than being tortured and then killed

Do you believe that your treatment as a non-military captive was different than that of captive soldiers, and if you watch Homeland, how realistic is it that a soldier could be "turned"?

I don't think my treatment was different. I don't watch homeland

why did you go on reddit to do an ama after 2.5 years

Honestly, I didn't expect this sort of response at all. I thought maybe a couple of hundred people might show interest, maybe a few dozen comment, etc. I am on the motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. and a friend recommended telling the story on Reddit. You can follow the motorcycle trip at

Did you get raped?


Did you have an epiphany? How much more grateful are you now that your back to your life in one piece knowing you've escaped death?

Very grateful. I understood their cause but I did not agree with it.

Where you deluge with questions about fixing their computers?

Did they ask you where to download porn?

How was the food?

Did they play Call of duty or any other first person military shooter?

I did fix there laptops, mainly viruses were the problem. No porn at all. The food after the first year was pretty good. They did play a first person game, but I forget which one - I wasn't that interested in the playstation

So what's your plan now?

I am on a motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. with my friend Princess you can follow us at

aside from the physical beatings, did they torture you? mentally or physically.

Mock executions, did some water pouring stuff, kept handcuffed, blindfolded and in chains

Do you ever feel guilty about having a militia leader, who could potentially harm more people, set free for your release?

No guilty - I wasn't in control of this, but I don't think it was a good deal in the long term

Thoughts on Guantanamo?

I think it is wrong to hold people without trial

This is unverified. Probably a fake.

Here is a picture of me today with the Salina, Kansas newspaper

Here is an article about the motorcycle trip that I am currently on:

This is a news link that the BBC did (compare the pictures, people are saying I look beter with a beard but you can be the judge of that)

If ALL else fails just google 'Peter Moore Hostage'

wait, doesn't anybody have a problem with trading valuable assets for just the dead bodies of the British guards? Especially when there are live hostages out there?

I think at that time we were the only ones left. After I got released this militia captured another American contractor but then released him a few months later

What was it like to be away from reddit for so long?

I had never used Reddit until October 26, 2012.

What was the reaction of your loved ones when you got back.

They were very happy. I had not seen them in years so there was a lot of catching up to do

How was the food?

Food was o.k. after the first six months, had some hummus, beef, rice, lamb, etc

What were your thoughts of Guantanamo bay before you were captured? Did this horrible event change your views of it?

I thought the same then as I do now, that people should not be held without trail. and my view has not been changed. It's not so much Guantanamo that is the issue it is the process, it is not right to hold people indefinably without a trail.

Holy shit, I'm sorry this happened to you.

How have you been managing to move on and build relationships? Are you still close with family and friends? Did you ever go to therapy after?

No relationships, just friends that were friends before and are still friends now. I went to sessions with military psych, I had no choice it was mandatory.

Since you were cut off from the rest of the world since 2007. How did you react to how the world has changed with Smartphones, Obama etc

Well I knew Obama would win the election from seeing Oprah, smartphones were a big shock and the thing that surprised me most was people walking around the street talking to themselves, but it was Bluetooth technology that had kicked in while I was a hostage.

I want to know about your life now. Where are you working? What are you doing? If you have these memories that come a few times a day, do you get special treatment because of it? Do people around you at work know what happened? You really shouldn't have to work another day in your life. I am sure you are trying to just live a normal life. I wish you the best.

Right now I am on a motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. with my friend Princess, you can follow us at I am not currently working, but will return to working in IT once this trip is over.

I know many people have brought it up in comments but would you ever seriously consider writing a book or being interviewed for one?

Also you seem very open about talking about your captivity, are there any things that you have kept only to yourself?

I guess I would consider it. There are things that I have kept only to myself.

What do you do (now, post release) to relieve stress and relax?

Ride motorcycles, read the news, eat garlic bread, and drink diet coke. I do computer stuff (you know always have been a geek)

What did you first do when you got out?

I brought a pair of shoes. When I first got out I was in the British Embassy and watched myself on T.V. being released.

Do You think the trade was worth it?

If I was in charge I wouldn't have done it.

Ever watched Homeland? Tv series about this situation.


Have you seen the HBO program "Homeland?" It's about a marine who gets captured in Iraq and held by terrorists for 8 years. A lot of it deals with the psychological damage of his experience.

No I haven't seen it, but I am now interested in being an extra. :)

Did you learn the language? I would think after 2.5 years you'd get it.

Yes, quite a bit. I am not fluent but I learned enough.

Do you believe your military could have tried harder to save you? Are you still enlisted? Do you think this event could've been prevented?

And I do want to commend you on everything w this and your current life :)

I was never in the military. I am an IT guy who got taken hostage. I think the military did as much as they could.

Have you watched Homeland?

No, but I am now interested in becoming an extra :)

strange question but did you ever have an awkward boner moments or were you too scared shitless to remember you had a penis?

To worried about death to think about boners.

strange question but did you ever have an awkward boner moments or were you too scared shitless to remember you had a penis?

Not a problem I had


I only started using Reddit on October 26, 2012. I have been released since 2009, It is a cool site.


I think everything is the best thing ever :-)

In all honesty, were/are you upset with your country because they did not retrieve you sooner?

I am just generally upset because I was held for so long, I am not sure I can generally blame it on Britain per say.

In all honesty, were/are you upset with your country because they did not retrieve you sooner?

Of course I am not happy at being held for so long, but no point crying over spilt milk. The problem was that no one knew are location, or even who had captured us

are u related to brain moore(rugby palyer)in any way? u look somewhat similar


What do you get to eat when you're abducted?

/Never had a good answer to that.

Mainly rice, hummus, beef, lamb, etc

This is one of the few Amas that I have read every response. Thank for taking the time to do this. I am glad you're out and safe. Anyways, how did people treat you back home afterwards?

Like I was a leper, they think I have some profound sort of calling or something. I am just an IT guy.

I am very curious how much you were offered to work 3 months in a such a dangerous war ravished country ?

I was a direct employee of the company (not a consultant or contractor). From March 23rd 2007 (when I was employed) to 1st May 2010 (when I resigned) I was paid US$275,000. I paid US tax on this salary as I was employed by the Washington DC office.

I gotta ask...did you ever masturbate? Like, did you go two years without any form of sexual satisfaction?

I was too concerned about death, plus I was always being watched, in the toilet, in the shower, everywhere

Did you ever get to know any of your guards well?

2009 I got on with the guards quiet well. I don't know that I really knew them well but we tolerated each other.

What do you think we should do about Bob Levinson, who has been a hostage in Iran since 2007?

I do know about Bob Levinson, but I don't know anything that is not public. I believe he was captured in Iran while investigating tobacco smuggling. My personal thought is that whoever took him is not the same group of people that now have him. But this is just my assumption based on what I have seen in the press. Without knowing any more than this it would be hard for me to speculate.

Have you watched the show Homeland, and if you do, do you feel offended by the show's premise? [its about how a war vet that was captured for a long time was turned and upon his return was engaged with the terrorist network that captured him]

I haven't seen it, but I am now interested in being an extra on the show :)

Were you allowed to shower?


What do you think of Homeland?

Haven't seen it.

Mmmmmm delicious... Custardy

Not so delicious, and I fixed the typo.



Are you sure you haven't been turned against the US?

I am sure.

When you realized you were going back home, what was on the top of your list of things to do? Example: hug your parents, eat a burger, have a beer, etc.

Eat garlic bread

did you get the stockholm syndrome? and if yes; tell me how it felt to leave.


Did you ever see or hear about any of the other Iraq War prisoners like SPC Altaie?

I was held with him in the same house between Jan-June 2008.

What was it like trying to use the toilet when your in chains and blind folded. Also we're you handcuffed behind your back? My experience with handcuffs were very unpleasant and I couldn't imagine being held that way for a whole year. Glad your back

Blindfold was taken off once I got in the toilet, but wiping your arse when you are handcuffed is a tad bit difficult and showering in handcuffs is also quiet tricky.

Well brittney spears was probably showing her crotch that news day.

Or there was a cute kitten on YouTube that went viral. :)

Is your name actually Brody?


Not sure if this has been asked. Was there any language barrier and if so what was the process to overcome it?

They spoke some English and I spoke some Arabic so between the two of us we communicated reasonably ok.

We're you tortured or sexually abused there?

Not sexually abused but tortured.

The injustice and horror of this is so insanely immense, there are no words to express it. Most of us here cannot even begin to try understand what you went through. I don't think I would have kept any semblence of sanity. For what it is worth, I am so sorry you had to go through that.

What would you have us, ordinary armchair warriors, everyday people, take from your ordeal? If there was something you learned and gained that you would have us absorb, what would it be?

I would say that in life things don't always go according to plan, but it will work out ok

Are you American? if so I thought we didn't make deals with terrorist.

British, but I was held by a militia, not a terrorist group

wait , what is the difference ?

Technicality with wording. From my perspective, governments will negotiate with militias, not terrorist, but there is actually a list of defined Foreign Terrorist Organisations (or FTOs as they are known). I think that generally Militias are more like a private army and operate within a country were as terrorist groups tend to operate anywhere

Can I write a song about you?

Sure, why not

Do you ever see someone and for a split second think, that was my captor.

All the time

Do you ever see someone and for a split second think, that was my captor.

Happens all the time, but look at this recent news article:

You see the guy on the far right, in the tshirt, holding the rocket launcher thing - he was one of my captors in 2009

Was there anyone that you got to know and possibly think about still?

Not any of my captors

Did you ever wonder what your family thought when you didn't return? Did you ever consider breaking free?

I had not lived in the uk for many years, so the first my family knew was when the Foreign office called them. We did consider escape and we had a plan, but never had the chance to implement it

Was there anyone that you got to know and possibly think about still?

Only laith, when he came to see me. Potentially we could meet on the future as he is now part of the Iraqi government

So did the government / military know you were being held captive for the whole 2.5 years? If so, why the fuck did it take them so long to get you back?

They didn't know where I was, so a rescue attempt was out of the question.

Bit of a morbid question for you but if you were going to be captured again and possibly held for another 2 years, would your resolve be as strong? Would you attempt escape or give up? What would you do differently?

Basically what if your story had a really shitty sequel?

Er.. I don't think I could go through it again

Bit of a morbid question for you but if you were going to be captured again and possibly held for another 2 years, would your resolve be as strong? Would you attempt escape or give up? What would you do differently?

Basically what if your story had a really shitty sequel?

I was just trying to come up with a better answer to this, but I really can't think about being a hostage again without getting stressed.

You said you were riding by motorcycle across the country,

curious, what motorcycle have you got? I love riding my bikes. :) anything with a motor, really.

Honda st1300

Wow thats a good sized touring bike for sure! Probably pretty comfy for long distances. I love multi-purpose bikes and have got a honda crf-230L, its like a dirt bike meant for street riding as well. Love it.

I also have a Brazilian built honda NXR 125 which I use for off road

Very powerful stuff. Welcome back first off. Glad to hear you got back mostly whole. I am just wondering what you think of the overall war?

I didn't agree with it. I thought by going to Iraq and doing my bit it might help some how in some way.

I read this realizing the things in my life I'm preoccupied with or stressed about are completely insignificant. You are a true hero and inspiration. I wish you well Mr. Moore. If you ever find yourself in Chicago cruising your motorcycle PM me, I'd be honored to ride with you.

Heading to Chicago in the next couple of days

How did you use the restroom? (Especially for the two years when you couldn't stand?)

I was allowed to walk to the toilet, it was a squat toilet.

This is a true AMA. Answers every question, and for the most part, every reply.

Mr. Moore, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and am sorry you had to go through this terrible, terrible suffering.

The only question I have that I haven't seen on here yet is, if it isn't too far; why do you think they didn't kill you? You said that they did 'Mock' executions, but never actually attempted to kill you?

Edit: wording

I was told that the others either tried to escape, or were in a house were they thought a raid was being made

Did any of your captors speak english or did they have a translator or something? If not, would you say english things to them in hopes they did not understand? And also if not, how did you communicate? But if so, were you able to have decent conversation or was it mainly just basic communicating?

They spoke some English, they learn English in school, and some had been educated in America, U.K., and Australia. Sometimes I would say things to them that they wouldn't understand. There were some decent conversations.

Would you ever go back to Iraq, if given the chance in the future?

Not under the current conditions, but maybe in the future.

Do you have any political ideas on how the US and the UK should handle the rest of the Afghanistan occupation? Or about handling the Middle East in general, Iran, Libya, ect.

Well first of all they need to leave Afghanistan, there is no benefit in being there. I think through funding local NGOs is the way to go, maybe covert funding of opposition groups in the short term. I do think Iran is a big threat and I can see that they end up in a war with Saudi Arabia over who is boss of the Middle East

Are you talking about Black Water when you say NGO?

No, no. I mean Non Governmental Organisations like Red Cross, UN agencies etc

I'm obviously late to the party but does your username have any significance or is it just a random name throwaway?

I tell people it's my body dimensions but actually it's my old university student ID number

In U.S. they use music torture for POIs

did they use anything similar to that to you?

Played out the Koran all day

If you ever got the chance to talk to some of your captors who would it be and what would you say?

Khazali brothers, I would ask them how their new jobs are in the Iraqi government.

Have you tried any drugs to help with the post traumatic stress disorder, like marijuana?

No, nothing at all. I have tried to stay clear of taking medication

Not sure if you will see this out not, but have you ever seen the tv show Homeland? Based off of a marine being captured for 8 years and he was "turned ." Pretty amazing show.

Also, thank you for your service and being home safe.

Never seen it, but after all the comments I'm thinking about becoming an extra :)

Apart from all the bad things about this whole ordeal, can you say that you got anything positive out of the whole experience?

I lived in an Iraqi house during Iraqi war times, it was interesting to see how people lived

Are you part of the massive psyop/propaganda campaign Al-Qaeda/ Taliban?


how was the food

i bet your shit was totally gross

Dysentary did set in for months. Food was ok had some rice, hummus, beef, lamb, etc

What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber? How did your first shower feel after getting set free? And don't answer this if it's too painful to remember but how did you get captured?

And btw you are a frickin awesome person

Justin who??? The first shower was great - it was in the accommodation of the British ambassador in Baghdad

Oh well glad your back and yeah... Youll find out about Justin Beiber soon enough

Oh, he is the kid with hair :-)

This is going to seem like a stupid question, but I'm actually really curious; did you learn any new words?

I've always wondered if a man in captivity would bother to try and understand his captors' languages, or would be so irritated with his situation that he wouldn't even bother.

I learned a lot of words and could communicate using basic words and phrases.


yea....that custardy was bad....I already corrected the typo.

Well I was handed over to the British embassy in Baghdad, the very first thing I saw on tv was Lady Gaga - I did not know what this was about :-) It was very strange seeing myself on all the news channels.

Seeing yourself on the news everywhere, what had you felt, and what was your outlook on being freed? And in the 24 hours after, would you care to give any advice to the 17 year old you? note: I'm wondering because I am 17.

It was interesting to see how much news there was actually out there about me

Tell me more about the US custardy, sounds delicious!:)

Not so delicious....I corrected the typo.

Might be late to the show but a family friend of mine is going to the middle east for a similar job as you. Any advice I should let him know before he leaves?

Just be prepared in your mind that things could go wrong and that it could happen to you

What is your opinion of the western world's (US and UK specifically) involvement in the middle east? Do you think any good can come from our presence there?

I ink providing developmental aid to any country is good, just not sure about having such a long term military presence

Why did they take you?

On the face of it, it was to do an exchange, but there are conspiracy theories out there that talk about money laundering activity going on.

Do you have trouble sleeping due to nightmares/flashbacks?

Sometime, much less than it used to be

How are you mate? And in who or whose you thinking during that time?

I used to think of my friends and my dog we used to have for some reason

Did you recieve any civilian CAC training?? (conduct after capture). Did your company offer it to their employees working in high-risk areas?

Have you eer been involved with CAC training of any kind after you were released (as a speaker maybe?). If yes, do you feel CAC would have helped you alot during your captivity??

thnx for answering!

We had half a days training in Bagdad about car jackings not trainings that assumed they would come in the work place. Yes, I have I mainly speak in schools, colleges, and government institutions but I do not get compensation for any of these talks.

Thank you for doing this AMA.

I assume that even getting to watch Oprah, you missed out on a lot of technological developments and current events. What were the big innovations or news items that surprised or baffled you the most when you were released? We're there things you thought would happen that didn't, or vice versa?

Do you know what the first movie you saw on release was?

Missed windows vista completely (no great loss). The big thing was all this Bluetooth stuff, people walking around London asking to themselves

I am glad that you made it safe home! Unreal.

Can you be a little more descriptive of the guys that held you hostage?

How did they differ from each other?

The guards fell into three groups Group 1: Nasty extremist (these were mainly in 2007) Group 2: Just did there job, no real communication, left you alone, took you to the toilet, etc. They were ok. Group 3: Much more interactively, mainly in 2009.

Oh shit, I remember following this on the news. I always wondered what happened to you! No question, but glad you got out, hope the rest of your life makes up for this


My question is, what age group were your captors? Did any of them seem educated enough to have an intelligent conversation? (I know education in Iraq is free so there's either very educated citizens or the ones that "didn't quite cut it"). What types of questions did they ask of you as far as their curiosities of the Western world? Lastly, knowing all this, would you ever step foot in Iraq again, and if yes, under what conditions?

Thanks for this AMA, you're an inspiration to us all I promise you.

Between mid 20's to late 30's at a guess. Some had been educated in America, U.K., and Australia. They asked if I was married and have lots of girlfriends, was I rich, do we have forced military service.

I would not go back under the current state, but in the future perhaps.

What was your first reaction to seeing things after the first year blindfolded?

It wasn't that great really because I was in a really white washed room.

Everyone is asking about what your time over there was like; but I'm curious, what's your life like back here, stateside?

I am currently on a motorcycle roadtrip to every state in the U.S. you can follow me on facebook at

First, I have to say that I'm glad you're safe and free; no one should have to go through what you did.

Earlier you mentioned that, since your release, you work much less and vacation more. I want to ask, is there some deep thought about the meaning of life behind the way you now prioritize your time? If so, can you speak about this?

On the other hand, if there is no complex analysis of life behind it, what is motivating the change in how you spend your time?

Risk perception has changed and I work less. I just take one day at a time, I don't really plan that far ahead.

Did you have any contact with the outside world during your 2.5 years in captivity?

What was the first thing that caught you off guard about 2012 post release (ie. new technologies, etc)?

What's your favourite colour?

No, I had no communication with the outside world. I was surprised at how people reacted to me, I almost thought that I must have a mental problem because I don't have a mental problem

Have you ever read the Count of Monte Cristo?


How are you today?

Good, just had a chicken burger.

did you hurt anybody while being held?


did you hurt anybody while being held?

Only myself when I stated banging my head on the wall in frustration one day


I haven't heard of them.

If there was anything you wish the general public could know about your captors (or their ideals, not necessarily their individual traits), what would it be?

What is your views on the current political turmoils in the middle east? Should the US and Britain be removing their troops?

Thank you very much for the AMA

They were against the military occupation of Iraq, they only wanted to get the foreign military out of their country, they have no intention of attacking the USA/UK. Foreign troops should be moved out of the Middle East for sure, the current political situation is not good, but it needs to run its course. I think in the future we should fund local NGOs and possibly covertly fund the opposition groups

During those year did the hostage house you were in have mirrors available to you? If not, how strange was it seeing yourself for the first time after those years?

No mirrors, I thought I looked really old when I first saw myself again.

I'm sorry that Reddit is full of idiots. I was aware that you asked for proof earlier, and I certainly was not expecting my suggestion that people upvote the thread with proof in it to result in you getting downvoted. If I could send all the upvotes I got in my post over to you, I would. So stupid.

Here is one i did today in Kansas

How did the process of going to the bathroom go? Did they make you just sit in it?

The toilet was a traditional squat toilet, the blindfold was taken off once I got in the toilet, but wiping your arse when you are handcuffed is a tad bit difficult and showering in handcuffs is also quiet tricky.

Don't know if you'll get this or believe me... Anyway, I was bdoc for SF in Al basrah 08-09. We did a lot of snatch and grabs and were always on the lookout for you guys. They told us some brits and a us national were snatched, and when they died they shut off the phones and internet on the base, to prevent friends from calling home. You weren't forgotten, and I'm glad you're home safe!


May I ask what it was you considered?

Basically when one of the British guards went to the toilet, he was going to lock the door to the room with the Iraqis and myself in it. He would then get a gun from next door, return to the room and shoot the iraqis

May I ask what it was you considered?

We had a number, but one them was to lock the Iraqis in the room with me when one of the British guards went to the toilet. He would then get the gun from the other room, come back and shoot the Iraqis

Based on your experience, where do you stand when it comes to war and occupying other countries?

I think if it as war then so be it, but this foreign occupation business is not good. We need to get out of Afghanistan

Did you ever do anything just to convince yourself that you weren't completely at their mercy?

I tried to show that I was a human being and that I had a wife

I think you've answered more questions than any AMA I've ever seen.

So here's mine even though I would totally understand if you've had enough :)

Were you left with any phobias? Any you managed to overcome? Any still remaining?

Also, how does it go when you meet new people. Can you ever not mention the whole hostage thing at all or do most people eventually google you, or someone tells them and they find out? Does it bother you and does it change the way they treat you?

Have a great time in your motorcycle journey and stay safe!

Still have a fear of dying.

No one recognizes me, it comes up more now that I am on this motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. People want to know why I'm doing it, how I'm funding it, etc. So I tell people and most people just don't know what to say. It bothers me that the ladies seem less interested in my once its out, but other than that things are good.

You can follow the bike trip at

Can't believe I haven't heard about this, you are definitely a brave man for going through what you did. My question revolves around how your family acted during this ordeal, did they know you were alive and being held hostage? What were their thoughts on the govt retrieving dead bodies before you?

They always believed I was alive, the families of the guards were informed they were dead in early 2009. I don't think my family was aware of the policy of getting the bodies out first

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what was the first thing you did when you came home, not comming to the embassy or such but when you actually came to your home? Also, you should've went iron man style and build yourself a suit :p just kidding.

I think the first thing I did was buy a pair of shoes and go walking. Tis iron man thing seems like a good idea

Hi Peter, you may or may not remember me but I was a Peace Corps volunteer during your time Guyana. I worked at NCERD with Dan from your group. Have been following your story for years and glad you made it out okay. -Jeremy

I do remember you, thanks for keeping up with the story. I am traveling with this former Peace Corps girl now around the U.S. You should follow us at

What was your first day in chains like?

Felt very heavy, and I had a big long dangly bit that I had to get them to chop off.

I am sorry that happened to you...I couldn't imagine the horrors that were swirling around in your head during all that.

Did this experience change your views on racism in any way?

What I mean is, all the lefties try to destroy sensible white people for saying we need to be seperated from these people...But having been through what you were, wasn't there some time in those 3 years that you could really see, probably more clearly than most ever will, the TRUE effects of mixing cultures and race?

No I didn't get any extreme views

What would be your advice to people who have built prisons around themselves, particularly people who have psychological issues that they can't seem to get out of, but have not experienced anything like the hellish ordeal you've been through?

Additionally, I'd just like to state that I'm glad you survived and I wish you a very long, prosperous, happy life, and I don't just mean normal happy, I mean an amazingly insane amount of happiness!

Listen to Nike....Just Do It

Did your captors ask you to provide any IT support? Like unfreeze the laptop, set up the wifi, that sort of thing?

Yes they did, I use to fix their laptops quite a lot.

Is there anybody, group, organisation, or government that you blame for your delayed release?

For example, the release of Sheikh Qais was delayed by the Americans, if I understand correctly. According to a Guardian article "The British government has been repeatedly criticised for its hands-off role in the hostage negotiations – it had aimed not to legitimise hostage-taking as a political tactic in Iraq."

Whether you recognise it yourself or not, you've demonstrated a strength of will which few people could display given the circumstances; you'll savour freedom far more than anyone else.

The problem was that the investigation was handed over to the Iraqis - we were being held by the Iraqi police so there was no way we would ever be found

Would you have liked to see more British/American intervention? Thanks for answering my question.

It would have been difficult to do a rescue as the militia were tipped off hours in advance. The places I was held in had secret rooms, so they would hold me in there until the military had left the area

Anything that verifies who you are?

Here is a picture of me today with the Salina, Kansas newspaper

Here is an article about the motorcycle trip that I am currently on:

This is a news link that the BBC did (compare the pictures, people are saying I look beter with a beard but you can be the judge of that)

If ALL else fails just Google 'Peter Moore Hostage'

Are you now a terrorist like in that Documentary "Homeland"?


Have you been turned?


What feelings gushed through your mind while getting rounded with the British guard and being taken by the police?

I just thought we were under arrest, maybe for a document infringement (passport expired, visa issue, etc).


I worked my week Tuesday to Tuesday and I had a T.V. a year into being held captive so I was able to synchronize the dates.

Are you going to write a book/ebook about it? You should!

Don't know.

I don't really understand why you got captured and held and what happened. Could you please elaborate on that? Did they think you were someone else? Who specifically captured and held you? What reasons did they have to keep you hostage?

I was captured by a Shia militia group. On the face of it we were taken to do an exchange with their leaders who had been captured by the Americans some months earlier. The more conspiracy theory is that the work I was doing would have shown misspending by the Iraqi government and it would have shown money going to these militias

Did you learn any Arabic?

Some, enough to communicate.

Do you support ur government negotiating with terrorist???

Last i heard from them was that THEY DON'T...

Also do you think they are hypocrites??

The detail is in the wording, I was held by a militia not terrorist

Whats your favorite movie that you've seen since your release?

Trying to lighten up the ama a little bit.

Men in Black III

No disrespect intended, but I'm sure one of the poor bastards held at Abu Graib without charges was probably held captive longer than you.


1) So everyone in the British party died but you?

2) How were they killed?

3) What of the two Americans?

4) Did you get paid for your inconvenience?

5) Have to ask for proof as well if you don't mind.

They were all executed in some way including the Americans. I was only paid my salary for the job, no additional compensation. This is today's prof of me, taken in Kansas:

Do you still have the halo 2 tattoo or did you get that removed?

I don't think I'm him

Is the show Homeland relate-able?

Never seen it

You know. You were kidnapped on my 15th birthday. Not trying to be a dick, just pointing it out. My question is, did you know before you went over there that there was a risk? Or were you told that your position there would be relatively safe?

I did know there was a risk, it was Iraq 2007.

1) What were the conditions like?

2) Were you tortured or forced to do certain things for them?

3) As a hostage, what did you do with your time?

Conditions were a bit harsh, chained up for two years, blindfolded & handcuffed for a year. I had to do a number of videos making demands and statements, nothing to bad though. Most of my time in the first year was sat blindfolded so not very much. After that I managed to get a tv and stuff

What kind of daily routines did you have during the time you were blindfolded?

The main aim of the day was to stay alive. So, once I was out of the blindfold I would try to stimulate my mind, so I would try to keep my mosquito kill ratio up to five mosquitoes a day, which is difficult when you are handcuffed. I use to design a metro system on the wall, and work out purchasing a motorcycle with my pillow. Once I got the chain off I use to jog 1,500 times the width of the room daily, 6 days a week.

Could you run me through your last day of being a hostage ? And when / how did you know when you were going to be released

They had told me a number of times that I was going to be released so I didn’t believe them when they told me this time. I just thought that Al Qaeda had captured some of their militia and I was going to be exchanged with Al Qaeda. I was then basically driven to a Militia members house and handed over to an Iraqi government Minister, who drove me to the British Embassy in Bagdad.

Are you okay?


I'm glad to hear that.

Thank you for answering.

Best wishes to you.


Do you have any verification? See the sidebar for more information.

Here is a picture of me today with the Salina, Kansas newspaper

Here is an article about the motorcycle trip that I am currently on:

This is a news link that the BBC did (compare the pictures, people are saying I look beter with a beard but you can be the judge of that)

If ALL else fails just Google 'Peter Moore Hostage'

What kind of hobbies do you have?

Motrocycle riding, IT stuff, meeting new people.

I'm a little late to this, but according to Muslim law, if a prisoner of war teaches 10 illiterate Muslims to read and write they shall be set free, were you aware of this/would they have allowed this?

I wasn't aware of this, but I don't think they allowed it because I definitely did English with a whole bunch of them.

Have you been to California on your bike trip yet? What kind of motorcycle are you riding?

Been to California you can check out the pictures at

I am riding a Honda ST1300 (2007)

Do you have any sort of a humorous attitude towards it both when you were captured and now that you have been released? I know some people will use humor as a way to cope with things.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions (including repeats!). I think I’ve read this entire thread and have a few more questions, if you are sticking around on Reddit for a bit.

  1. You mention here that your main concern is suppressed anger. How have you dealt with that?

  2. Your stepmother mentions that they became close to the families of some of the victims. Are you also in touch with them, and do you find that difficult? I imagine there must be some aspect of guilt that you survived when they did not.

  3. Can you think of any hypothetical situation in which this would not have happened? And what are your views on the future of Iraq?

  4. I see that Terry Waite commented on your release but did any former hostages contact you directly? Could you see yourself contacting released hostages in the future, or do you feel it’s just best to move on with your life and not read about such instances?

  5. When you were released, you were cracking jokes on the phone. How did you think you were able to maintain a sense of humour?

  6. Got any other motorbikes?

  7. Did any of the pillows get the job?

Kudos on making your appreciation of your stepdad known to him – I’ve been there too. Teenagers are awful.

Thank you, and enjoy your travels.


  1. The anger has not been to much of a problem, but I am worried that one day I am just going to flip out kill someone

  2. After I was released I did meet with the families of the guards, but I have not had contact with them since.

  3. We had a slight radio problem and with hindsight we should have turned back. The future of Iraq is hard to say, I don't think it will split up but I have always said that if it does then it will involve three countries - Iran will take the south, Saudi will take the middle and Kurdistan will become independent.

  4. I have met a number of former hostages (including terry Waite) I would meet with released hostages if it was beneficial for them, but I don't see myself as being some hostage guru in the future.

  5. I just did not think it would be healthy to get to depressed and I guess these situations give you a dark sense of humour

  6. I now have a honda st 1300 and a honda nxr125 trail bike

  7. The interviews with the pillows were very one sided

sorry if this is late or if i didn't see the response before - i read quite a few posts but was unable to find this answered.

since you received your salary for the years you were held captive (which i'm sure is nice but not enough to retire on) what are your plans for the future? will you continue in your field or are you planning on doing something like write a book etc? thanks for doing this. i admire your mental strength.

I am currently on a motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. you can follow me at

I will return to work in the IT field sometime after the motorcycle trip is over.

are you going to write a book about this experience?

Don't know.

I attempted to identify you through DNA remains about a half dozen times in one of the downrange laboratories. During captivity did you ever intentionally leave behind evidence of your stay, whether it be biological or otherwise?

Yes, I did, I sometime picked the skin from the bottoms of my feet to let people know I was held there.

How do you feel about governments negotiating with kidnappers to get your/others release? I was slightly surprised to read that bodies were exchanged for militia; while it would be a comfort for the families, it seems they have been rewarded for killing someone, whereas a dead hostage should surely lose all value in negotiations...

At the end of the day someone has to negotiate, maybe it should not be government, perhaps a UN organisation (UNHOST)??? This militia played the hostage game well and got everything they wanted and more

Had you ever received any training on how to deal with such situations? Anything like a civilian version of SERE school prior to being assigned there?

We had half a days training in Bagdad about car jackings not trainings that assumed they would come in the work place. I did not get SERE training, but I do speak at government institutions on SERE training courses but I do not get paid for any of these talks.

I know you said that you thought you were going to die every day, but what did you think the first time you thought you would be executed or the most significant time(when they blindfolded you and shot a gun behind you). Did you think of your family? Were you in a rage? Did you try to beg your captors? I hope this isn't prying and I don't mean to be sadistic at all, I'm just curious as to the perspective of someone that genuinely thought they were going to die for sure.

My plan was to think about walking the dog as a kid, and I said to myself that i would be strong and show no fear. As soon as they put the gun to my head I just started shaking - I was very annoyed with myself

Amazing..Welcome back. Pretty pathetic you didn't get any compensation though.

Such is life, not going to dwell on it

Have you plotted your revenge? Is there some diabolical plan in the works that you will enact on your captors? Do you ever want to go back and make them suffer?

I'm so happy you are back! If you are ever in Chicago please PM me I'd live to show you around the city if you've never been here!

No revenge, no diabolical plan.....However, I will be in the Chicago area next week you can follow the motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. at

Sorry just saw this, are you still in the area? :)

no, sorry. I have just arrived in Cleveland

what have been the biggest challenges since you have come home.

Adjusting back to full time working hours.

Hey mate,

I seem to have missed this by a few hours, but thank you for the fascinating insights. I'm glad you're back safe.

On the off chance you're still reading the questions, I was wondering:

Are you back in Lincolnshire? If so, do you feel like things have changed? Many people that have been away from home for long often comment that they feel their home hasn't changed, but they have - can you relate with this, or do you feel differently?

And finally, what are your aspirations now that you're a free man again?

I wish you all the best

I have not been in the UK full time for a while now. I am currently on a motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. you can follow me at

My new aspiration is to have a walk on part on Homeland.

would you ever go back to Iran to visit if the government shifted towards a more moderate one ?

I would not go back under the current state. Someday in the future maybe.

Often, when people have a problem or have gone through some sort of ordeal, it can be very helpful to talk to someone about it. Has answering questions and talking about what you went through with reddit helped you?

Yes. I find it therapeutic to do this sort of stuff. And unfortunately some people have questions I do not have an answer for at the moment.

Were you turned?


Did you fap?

Was more concerned with death.

Did you have any sexual experiences? Did you masturbate at all? 2.5 years is a long time...

More concerned with the imminent threat of death, plus I was ALWAYS being watched, in the toilet, in the shower, everywhere.

Were there any times when you saw or heard a military patrol go by the location you were held at?

Do you know where in baghdad you were being held?

Were the captures Shia?

Any talk from them of their life situations concerning the war, their everyday lives, why their job was guarding you, what else they'd be doing if they weren't there with you?

Did you receive any kind of survival evasion resistance escape (SERE) training prior to starting the job?

Did they torture you for information, and if so, did you just feed them bullshit to make them feel they were getting something?

Sorry for the big post. I'm a former US Army Soldier, and I can say that I am very humbled to have read all of your responses in your AMA. Thank you very much for doing this. I was posted out on the karrada peninsula when Altae was taken when he left the green zone to visit his wife. Had lots of time to think about what happened with him. I really can't say what I would have or would not have done. All I can say is I'm glad I never had to find out, and I'm glad you made it out. You are a hero, truly a hero.


Sometimes the military would come in the house, but the militia were tipped off hours before they arrived. In the bathroom there was a secret room behind the sink, and they would put me in there handcuffed and blindfolded along with one of the Iraqis. The Iraqi would put a gun to the back of my head so that if we were found I would be executed immediately.

I was actually held in Basra for a long time, I don't know exactly were I was held in Baghdad.

Yes, the captors were Shia

We talked about their life, family and religion in great detail. If they were not with me they would have been police officers on the street

I did not receive sere training, but I do sometimes talk on sere courses now (don't get paid for that)

They did beat me up and stuff but not for information, they never believed I worked inIT

So much for the "America doesn't negotiate with terrorists" plot lines in movies. Wow. Glad your back. Cheers.

Correct, I was held by militia not terrorist

How does it feel to have been taken hostage because of your need for more money in a land we have no business being in? Do you still think we are justified in taking over Iraq and are you regretful that you placed yourself in a very dangerous situation for the sole purpose of making money?

I work in IT in developing countries, the Iraq government had requested help in fixing their IT problems, no one in country could do it, so my company sent me. I do not think the military occupation is justified. Making money is not my sole purpose, doing IT work and riding motorcycles is my purpose. Just so happens the IT work was in a dangerous situation.


Damn. I can't believe that happened to you. When you came back, how did everyone react? Did your family know you were being held hostage?

People knew I was held hostage and it was always believed that I was alive

Are you married to a beautiful short-haired brunette and are considering a run for political office after turning on your co-conspirator sniper Corps-mate?

No.....but if you know a beautiful short-haired brunette that would be interested in me, PLEASE introduce me.

What was the most surprising aspect of captivity? Least surprising? Does modern media accurately portray what being held hostage is like? Also, what was the most interesting thing to see in society once you were freed?

Lastly, good to hear you left O.K.

To be honest the biggest problem was boredom, just spent months sat in an empty room

I'm reading this as I literally stand in line at the New Jersey Deparment of Motor Vehicles (DMV) waiting to get a new driver's license.

At one point I thought to compare myself to you. Then I thought, fuck me.

Glad you're home, mate. Enjoy a Sunday roast everyday.

Also, what IT work did you do? I'm surprised that hasn't been asked on here yet.

Also, I just turned down a job with KPMG (from which BP spun out and died as you know).

Database development using MS SQL Server 2000 and Crystal reports XI

If this AMA is still going on, you said the last year you had a play station. Why did they give you one? To my knowledge such things are pretty rare over there. Sorry if someone already asked this and I didn't see it.

It was more to relieve the boredom of the guards to be honest.

I followed your plight on the news, no questions, just wanted to say well done for making it though and welcome home!!


Were the British also held in custardy, or were they kept in more of a Creme Anglais?

Custardy as well....I fixed the typo.

Did you believe in God when you were taken, and if so did this experience help or harm your beliefs? When you got home did most of your friends/family think you were dead or was there a way to communicate with them that you were alive?

I did pray when I was hostage, I felt that it was better than just wishing and hoping. Most of my family beloved I was still alive, the guards families had been told some months earlier that they were dead

How do you feel about paying ransom or fulfilling hostage-takers' demands, and do you feel this encourages more piracy/hostage-taking/evil?

What do you feel the effect of your ordeal and its conclusion had on the wider conflict?

If I were in charge I would not have done it. Well by the time I was released the troops was withdrawing. You will see now that the militia that held me is now in government so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Did the thought ever cross your mind to build a metal weaponized suit, blow them up, and fly out of there?

No, but good idea.


No, I only knew of the other two Americans.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but how did your family and friends react to this. How much information about your situation reached back home during your time as a prisoner? How have things changed with you and your family and friends since your release? This is an incredible story, I hope you, your family and friends can truly live the rest of your lives happy and in peace.

They were shocked and upset, but the information flow between the militia and the British embassy was pretty good - once communication had been established, which took about 6 months to do. I am in contact with my friends much more now

how was the food?

Good rice, hummas, beef, lamb, etc

how was the food?

In 2007 it was not so good, but it improved after that

Did you acquire respect for your jailers? If so do you now think it was a genuine respect or a mechanism to coupe ie Stockholm syndrome etc?

No Stockholm syndrome, I understood their cause but I didn't agree with it. I respect anyone who shoves a gun in my face.

Is custardy as delicious as real custard?

No, the real deal is far worse.

Do you suffer from anything such as PTSD? If you go out now do you always tend to let someone know where you are or heading to? How did it feel sleeping in your own bed again?

I can't express how much reading through here has put the little things in life in to perspective. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer everyone's questions with the chance things may be brought up that you wish not to relive. Good luck with the future!

I don't have PTSD, I have been checked for this. Sleeping is better that it used to be but not great. I don't inform people if I go out

In captivity, did they ever let you have fesanjun? What about tadiq?

Don't think so, but I'm not sure.

sorry to hear what you had to go trough, so does homeland seem realistic to you? And why did they exchange the bodies of dead people before you??

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

The bodies were bout out first because this was apparently British policy

Why did they finally release you? And did they make you give out information that you knew about the army? And has this whole experience make you value life more now? Like what do you do now?

I was released in an exchange deal. I had no information about the army, I am just an IT guy. I work less and travel more. I am on a motorcycle trip to every state in the U.S. at the moment you can follow me at

Have you ever seen the movie Iron Man?


do you have a taste for revenge after this ?


Did you ever find yourself just not caring anymore and thinking all sorts of weird things were funny?




what clothes did they have you wear were they normal like jeans t shirt or their style of clothing?

Most of the clothing was track suit based

Having being held captive for so long and fearing for your life everyday during the captivity do you think this has maybe changed you as a person? Was your character a little different before the captivity?

The problem is trying to work out if I am the way I am now because I was held for two and half years, or am I the way I am because it is two and half years later

How has your life been since you returned? Have you met a woman and gotten married? Do you feel your life will ever have a sense of normality to it?

Am hoping you live happily ever after Mr.Moore, no-one on this earth deserves it more I think.

I work less and travel more. I am now on a motorcycle trip to everystate in the U.S. you can follow me at No not even close. No normality.

Did you ever try to show sympathy for their cause to gain better treatment? Ever try to "convert" to Islam?

I did try to understand their cause, but it did not mean that I agreed with it. I did show an interest in Islam, but i had no interest in converting

What was it like working with Claire Danes?

I will let you know when I get my walk-on role as an extra.

Who are you voting for?

Can't vote - I'm British

What if you met your captors again? Just hypothetically, would you talk to them? If yes, what would you say?

I would talk to them, I would ask them how their new job is going in the Iraqi government.

What persuaded you to do this AMA? Also, what was the firs thing you did once you got back home?

I decided to do it myself, just thought people may find it interesting. I think the first thing I did when I got back home was to buy a new pair of shoes

Thank you for your service. I can't imagine going through that.

Are you satisfied with VA healthcare? I'm not....

I am not a vetern. I am a British IT guy. I do not know about VA healthcare.

Do you feel that you've had a worse experience than the hundreds of Guantanamo inmates who have now been held hostage for over a decade now?

Difficult to compare, but I would guess not. I do not agree with people being held without trial.

Do you feel things may have been different for Sega if you had stayed a little bit longer before moving to EA?

Maybe, but you need to ask the other Peter Moore, he may have better insight than I.

Did the military have a good idea where you were being held hostage at any given time? If so, do you know if they had a spec ops team observing areas to find you and rescue you?

No they never got a location lock on us. The Iraqis were always being tipped off hours before troops entered the area

I hope this doesn't offend you because I respect ya.. In your day to day life, how many times have people(relative/friends) cracked jokes about your captivity? Jokes that made everyone including you laugh? I ask this because in my life, I sometimes find that humor brings light to the darkest places.

All the time constantly, yea.

Did the military have a good idea where you were being held hostage at any given time? If so, do you know if they had a spec ops team observing areas to find you and rescue you?

No, they never located us

Since your release, have you taken up hiking or something similar?

I just think if I was held captive in a small room, and released, I would want to see something like the grand canyon just to confirm that I'm not held prisoner.

Not really, I ride motorcycle. I am on a roadtrip to every state in the U.S. and I have been to the Grand Canyon (twice) you can follow the trip at


Wu-Tang Clan no contest.


This Iraqi militia were no push over


Yu may be on to something here

What was the first thing that you did upon returning home? The one thing you wanted to do?

Glad you're back.

Bought a pair of shoes. Eat garlic bread.

Any specific shoes?

Dr Martins, UK size 12

Please explain this to me.

Iraqi police officers (us allies) took you hostage? How does that shit work?

The police officers were also in the militia.

What was the first thing you did when you got home?

I'd imagine that first poop on your own toilet felt awesome.

I bought a pair of shoes, and the British toilets are amazing.

whow, its kinda strange that i am one of the first to ask this, what do you think about the war. and if there is another one would you go again?

I do not agree with the war, I work in IT in developing countries, If there is an IT issue in a country and they asked me to go, I would go.

I guess this is kind of a belated welcome back but glad you're here.

Were you in any way prepared for this? The only book about a hostage situation I've read was Michael Durant's "In The Company Of Heroes"...not nearly as long as your story but he was one of the only ones they bothered to take alive.

How was your relationship with your fellow prisoners? Was any kind of military structure followed? As a civilian, did you take part in it?

Not prepared to be taken hostage. Relationship with fellow prisoners was good. No military structure.

Did you receive any kind of compensation, benefits or at least get paid over time when you got back?

I was a direct employee of the company (not a consultant or contractor). From March 23rd 2007 (when I was employed) to 1st May 2010 (when I resigned) I was paid US$275,000. I paid US tax on this salary as I was employed by the Washington DC office.

Bizarre question but… did past beheadings of hostages in Iraq ever cross your mind? I think I'd be paranoid about this.

Yes, constantly.

Did you ever change clothes?


About the PlayStation, did you get stuck with the shitty controller?

Lol....ALLLLL the time.

Did they ever put you in a situation where you had to translate for them?

Yes I had to translate documents for them.

Hi, is there some reason you gave yourself the username: bd504840? And in case you haven't answered this already, would you consider going back to Iraq?

I tell people it’s my body dimensions, but actually it is my old university student id number.

How did you please yourself sexually during this period ?

More concerned with the imminent threat of death, plus I was ALWAYS being watched, in the toilet, in the shower, everywhere.

Hi Peter, i'm glad you are back you seem like a very nice guy I hope things are ok now :) . I got one question, since you came back, have you ever felt/wanted some kind of "revenge" on those who kidnapped you ?


This may sound strange, but how was the atmosphere on the day you left? I can only assume you made SOME sort of relationship with your captors, as you've explained some of them were keen to be fair to you etc. what were your/their emotions like on the day you were released? Did they give you a handshake and parting words? Did you lash out in anger once you were freed by their clutch?

It was very subdued that’s why I didn’t believe I was being released. They had told me a number of times that I was going to be released so I didn’t believe them when they told me this time. I just thought that Al Qaeda had captured some of their militia and I was going to be exchanged with Al Qaeda. I was then basically driven to a Militia members house and handed over to an Iraqi government Minister, who drove me to the British Embassy in Bagdad.

were you harassed?


Did you ever fight back against your captors?


What did you miss the most about civilized life here compared to life there/standards?

Being able to walk out in the streets, and not having to look over your shoulder all the time.

You said in "return for their bodies", meaning they were dead? Do you know of a reason why you weren't?

I was told that they either tried to escape, or were in a house were they thought a raid was about to take place

I don't know if you're still doing this, or you've already answered it, but did you get times to jerk off at all?

Wasn't top of my list of priorities

How often did you think about trying to escape?

Thought about it a lot, but never got an opportunity to do it

If you ride your bike through Philly, let me know and my fiancée and I will take you out to dinner

Heading that way - will let you know

Were they really worth who they got traded for?

I don't think it was a good trade at all

Hey at least it helped you out.

For sure - it was obviously good for me personally but not sure it was good in the grand scheme of things

Do you currently have symptoms of PTSD, flashbacks? Were you ever raped?

I was checked out and I am told that I don't have PTSD. I do get flashbacks a couple of times a day, which is much less than I used to. I was never raped

What were the most suprising changes after not seeing the western world in over 2 years?

People walking around talking to themselves - Bluetooth technology had taken off

Do you watch Homeland?

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

Other than talking to your pillow and making metro stations on your wall, what memories kept you focused on survival.

I tried to keep my mosquito kill rate above five, this is difficult when you are handcuffed. I also used to see how big a ball I could make by using fluff from my clothes

Is there anything that you do differently now in your life other than work. I.E. Visit relatives more often or anything?

I travel a lot more, and keep in contact with my friends

people like you/situations like this are what keep me going in life. I'm going through a pretty rough patch in my life and I just want this year to be over with and I feel like it will never end. Then I see people like you who survived over two years being held fucking captive and I just think, well shit. I can make it through this.

You know, things in life don't always go according to plan, but you get through them.

Wow, it gets deeper... according to this guardian article Peter was just about to put a system online that would account for Iraqi oil revenues putting a stop to much corruption and skimming ($18 billion in Iraqi corruption, estimated.):

The computer system Peter Moore was in the process of implementing, known as the Iraq financial management information system, was nearly complete and about to go online.

Vance Jochim, who was the chief auditor and a US adviser for the Commission of Public Integrity based at the US embassy in Baghdad, said: "The new system would provide more transparency and accountability over the oil and other revenue handled by the finance ministry" – which he said had been resisting its implementation for nearly two years.

Judge al-Rahdi said: "The ministry of finance was the centre for the tracking system. It was linked to 11 other ministries. They started using the program for a few months, but after the kidnapping of Peter Moore the ministry of finance immediately stopped the system. As a result all the other Iraqi ministries were not able to keep the program going."

Eight months after the kidnappings, the only other location with a full record of the Iraqi government's financial transactions and records of possible financial misconduct – Iraq's Central Bank – was destroyed in a fire. The subsequent investigation found that it was arson.

The intelligence source said: "Many people don't want a high level of corruption to be revealed. Remember this is the information technology centre, this is the place where all the money to do with Iraq and all Iraq's financial matters are housed. The centre is linked to the Americans and all the money transfers. Everything, right down to the last penny, is in that centre."

Vance says the track record of those involved in helping to find Iraq's missing millions is not a good one. The woman who invented the automated computer tracking system that Moore and the others were sent to install and teach left the country without notice, because people had begun asking about her at the ministry of finance and her security firm, Kroll, believed she was on the list for attack.

Dude I feel for you, you were just trying to do your job and found yourself right in the middle of international war, governmental corruption and criminal syndicates. What's the moral here; be careful who you work for?

There is always a bigger picture. I was working on the financial system and my work would have shown misspending, but I am not to convinced it was as high as the British press made it out to be

Would you mind elaborating on a few things.

I'm curious to know a bit more about the 2009 friendship with the militia major.

I'm curious to know more about how you found out about the others that were killed and any situations that surrounded that? How was it played.. how did you find out?

When they took the chains off.. do you literally mean they hadn't been off for a year? Were your wrists rubbed raw? Were you strapped to the wall? Were they like the ball and chain kind of deal or normal handcuff like chains?

How did they treat you most of the time?

What kind of conversations took place between you and your captors?

Who have you talked to and met with since your release? Did you meet the president.. head of CIA.. operations.. etc..?

Have you gained anything from this? Do you see it as mostly negative or mostly positive?

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. If you ever write a book I would be willing to proof read and help promote it without any compensation.. have you ever considered writing a book about your experiences? I imagine you could get a pretty good publishing deal without even trying very hard since you have such a unique story? Have you thought about running for president like McCain?

He first appeared in late 2008 and we did not communicate, but then one day he sat next to me and we talked about America. I asked if I could get out of the chains for a bit as I had not walk in over a year & half, so he agreed to let me out for an hour a day. We just built things up from there. I was hoping that maybe he may turn me in, but that never happened.

The number two commander - Laith, came to see me after he was released and told me everyone was dead. I knew that two guards were dead as the BBC reported his release for exchange of the bodies.

It was one chain, with one end padlocked to a grill in the wall - houses in Iraq have these metal bars in the windows. The chain then went around each ankle and with its own padlock. To go to the toilet they would undo the two padlocks from my ankle. My ankles rubbed raw. The handcuffs were normal (hand the markings Tru-Spec ATL-1 70590 on them if you want to research it)

Most of the time I was just left on my own

I have many conversations, most about family and life in Iraq/UK. We also talked about religion, the invasion and the workings of the militia

I have only really met investigation people, although I did meet Gordon Brown who was prime minister at the time. The agencies I met with were SO15, MI6, CIA, DoD, MoD, Foreign Office & FBI

I just see it as a significant life event, I sum it as being an interesting cultural experience, but not one that i would want to repeat.

I have thought about a book (more so since this AMA) but I just feel that I am making money off the back of dead people. I'm not actually sure about how to even go about getting a book deal

You are a better man than all of us. I would have cracked and done something rash after like a couple days.

I don't know, people can adapt to difficult situations.

I feel honored that you responded. How many seconds did it take for you to realize you were still alive? Was it as soon as you heard them talking again and recognized some voices?

I think it was when I realised I was still handcuffed behind my back, and then I heard laughing, so I was thinking "ok, get a grip, your not dead, just get with it". With that they just lead me back into the room

Do you know what the point of this fake execution was supposed to be? To remind you that they could totally kill you at any point, or... what? It was obviously for your benefit, but I can't see the reasons behind it.

Not really sure, but if was to scare me it worked

I'll just try to go to sleep without thinking about socioeconomic reasons for terrorism, kidnapping, and torture. I sincerely hope you are able to do the same, brother. I'm pretty sure I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I hope my heart is in the right place, which is, I guess, the most anyone can possibly hope for.

I really hope your life now is as good as it can be. peace yo :D

Hi, thanks for the comments. I think my life now is ok. I work much less and travel much more. I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Thanks again

Former human rights worker here. Two main motives for mock executions. 1) psychological torture often to destroy people mentally, not just extract info 2) hostage takers get bored and do it for their own amusement. I used to read accounts like Peter's all the time. Prisoner thinks he's dead. Realises he's alive when he hears captors laughing. Fuckers.

Thanks for the insight.

lol so you finally did it! (posted to /r/talesfromtechsupport, apparently i suggested it when you did the AMA months ago, now i'm getting emails from random redditors about the suggestion) anyway i'm hoping they make you basically the king there, as i'm pretty sure no one will be able to even come close to your story. one random internet dude to another, i really hope you have some true peace in your life now, as you seriously deserve it.

Hi. It was because of your suggestion that I did it. I was just reading back my iama and reread your message

wow, i'm amazed and so pleased! my suggestion was half-joking, but obviously, we in the redditsphere live in the best of all possible worlds. i am so glad that you survived - i'm not even sure how to say so to someone who lived through such a uh reallyreallyreallyshitty experience, but man, your IAMA was absolutely amazing - even humbling, i'd say. please, never stop spreading your journalistic accounts!

Erm... i'm really really drunk so please forgive any grammatical errors... i feel incredibly honored that you responded!

Thanks for your comments. Have a drink on me

I just came to this thread from TTFS. This is a great AMA, thanks a lot for doing it. Not many people are ready to openly speak about experiences like this, much less answer nearly every question, and even more less the kind of questions Reddit can come up with.

Thanks, pleased you liked it

I just came to this thread from TTFS. This is a great AMA, thanks a lot for doing it. Not many people are ready to openly speak about experiences like this, much less answer nearly every question, and even more less the kind of questions Reddit can come up with.

Thanks for comments

I don't mean to question what happened, but did you consider that they might not have been killed? I don't know the circumstances or details, of course, but it's always possible they just wanted to scare you.

I knew two of them were dead as it had been reported on the BBC

Did they see the irony of watching that particular show, at all, do you think?

I don't think so

what I mean is did you feel that some of them where good people, or did you think they where all bad.

I did feel that under different circumstances we could have been friends

You say "they wanted to know about us", Did you find that their view was twisted, or did they have a general understanding? Also you say you learned about islam, did you ever hear they're views on other religiones?

They had a odd view of America, that everyone lives in a big house, has three cars and the women sleep around

prison break (which annoyed me)

I am so sorry, but I can't stop laughing at this. I think it's amazing how they did not managed to break your spirit.

That's ok, I find it funny now

What about the wedding ring? Didn't they notice?

It is standard practice to not wear jewellery when working in developing countries - it makes you a target for mugging

What about not wearing a wedding band?

It is standard practice to not wear jewellery when working in developing countries - it makes you a target for mugging

It's probity a good thing you didn't have a wife, Imagine coming back home to a wife that's cheated on you from your absence.

That would be a nightmare!

Well obviously, but these people actually believe that a captured prisoner is making these statements against his government/cause? Would we believe shit like this wasn't coerced if our governments started disseminating similar statements from captured terrorists?

As far as I was concerned it just proved I was still alive

I asked for certain foods and certain types of toothpaste

Interesting. I was going to ask: were you allowed brush your teeth twice a day? Floss? Any oral problems? -- apart from the tooth you lost due to the AK47, obviously!

Interestingly they brought in some floss one day and said that they had seen a solider with it so they thought they had better get me some


Basically I was driven to a militia house and handed over to an Iraqi government minister, who then drove me to the British embassy

did you ever see conflicts between the captors?

have you ever met anone else that had been in a similar situation? It seems like this is one of those things that absolutely no one can understand unless they have been in it.

I have met other hostages since I got released. There were some arguments with the captors but nothing serious

brody was there for 8 years

Now that's hardcore

What are your feelings towards the native Iraqis now? That's not me asking "are you now a racist" you've been through hell. I would be surprised if you weren't wary of them.

Do you feel resentment towards all of them? Or just your captors? Do you get scared by Muslims in the UK?

It's fantastic that you're back man. I remember reading your name in the Guardian.

No, i don't feel resentment to them. The ones I worked with I got with very well.

I'm actually more curious about what happened after you got back.

Did the time away from your job hurt your employment prospects? How did your old contracting firm act throughout the situation? Did the IRS go after you for not paying taxes while kidnapped? Any arrest warrants for missing jury summons/etc? Did your insurance company actually cover the costs of your recovery (seeing how you weren't technically working 40 hours or more a week during your kidnapping and therefore were not a full time employee)? What happened to your mortgage? Credit score?

I have retrained but I do feel that it has affected my job prospects for the future. I was on a salary so my tax was taken out of my salary on a monthly basis, so no IRS problems. The British embassy took care of the recovery costs

So many militiamen and leaders being released for bodies of guards must not be public news. As far as I know the policy was "we don't negotiate with terrorists".

I was held by militia, not terrorists - the detail is in the words used

Was your family scared? Did you ever get to contact them over Skype or another platform? This is so sad :( I hope all is okay for you.

They were concerned but not scared, while I was a hostage I had no contact with them

How did you feel every morning when you woke up and realize where you are and reality comes back?

Did you use to have dreams where you where away or free? Or where you kidnapped in the dreams too?

I did dream that I had escaped or that I was lost in Iraq. After I was released I used to dream that I had to go back as I only been let out on part time. When I woke up, I just thought "here we go again, just try to survive the day"

And how did you feel when you were waking up after dreaming you had escaped?

Yeah, that was the depressing bit

Many years ago, I saw a play entitled "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me", about three men held hostage in Lebanon under much better conditions than yours. Have you seen it? If so, what effect did it have on you? Have you had any post-release experiences that significantly lightened your load? Here is a link to one production of the play.,_yet_funny,_hostage_situation

No, I have not seen it but it sounds interesting. I did meet terry Waite who was held hostage in Lebanon for five years. It made me feel like a part timer when I heard his story

Is doing this AMA a positive in getting things off your chest, etc?

Yes, I find it therapeutic to answer questions like this

did they kill people in front of you?

No, I never saw anything like that

How did they tell you that you were to be released? How did that moment feel?

They woke me up and told me - it was 5am. I did not believe them as they had told me many times before, so I just turned over and went back to sleep. Once I was in the British embassy I knew that I had been released

What did they do to you. I'm sorry if this is a personal question and you don't want to answer

Just beatings and restrained

If any, what moments of laughter did you experience, e.g. while watching TV or playing playstation with your guards or the families you lived with? Any "normal" situations that evolved out of a habit of somehow getting along with the few people that were there?

We played this table tennis game which was fun and we did laugh at some of the sports


I was never in Iran - this story is not true

Now that you are free..what are your future plans and are you still employed with bearing point?

Bearingpoint went bankrupt in 2009. I am currently riding a motorcycle around the USA - see for more info. After that I don't know what I will do

I have to say my friend, I just about read almost every comment that you answered. And I must say, you have given me great inspiration. You are a true hero! The fact that you are so calm about it as well," is even more inspiring. I thank you for your words, and very glad you made it out alive. My question is, have you been able to get back into the swing of things, of civilian life, like did you ever find the women you imagined? Or something other.

I don't think I have got settled back. I have been doing loads of traveling, and I'm still single

Did the US government ever check if "they" had turned you?

Yes, I was debriefed by the extraterritorial unit from the FBI

Did you ever fear for your head?


so they torture u but gave u a ps3 to play with? im confused

Beaten and stuff in the first years, give ps3 in the finals year. To be honest I think the ps3 was only bought in because the guards had nothing to do

Did you feel vengeful after being released? Angry?

I am just glad you made it out ok, all things considered, and thank you for doing this AMA.

I was angry and some things still make me angry, but basically I'm ok

You, sir, are the bravest sonofabitch ever.

Now that you are home, I am curious, do you suffer from agoraphobia at all? Do you ever want to return to that region of the world? What is on your bucket list? (if you are ever in PA, not only will I happily make you garlic bread, but cookies. lots and lots of cookies.)

I don't have any sort of phobias (other than fear of dying). I would return to the Middle East, but not in its current condition. On my bucket list now is to finish this motorcycle trip around the USA and to get a job - nothing exciting

What do you think about the US engaging in torture? Do you think gitmo should be closed?

I don't agree with people being held without trial. People should be charged or released not held indefinitely

Were you ever able to wash or be washed over the 2.5 years? If not how was this (I know it was probably the least of your worries, but I'm still interested!).

I did have showers fairly regularly after the first year and in the final year I showered almost everyday. I used to was my clothes in the shower, and his is a habit I still haven't got out of

Is there a reason you were captured? What use would an Iraqi militia have for an accountant?

On the face of it they took use to do an exchange, but there is some speculation that my work would have exposed USA money going to these militia through the Iraqi government. By the way I'm not an accountant, I'm an IT guy

What are your life goals now and are they different from before you got captured?

Do you think you're better at waiting patiently for things now having been forced to do so for two years, or does it bring back painful memories?

I just work less and travel more now. I hate waiting in line, if anything I am not patient at all now, it annoys me waiting in a line for one assistant when the counter is designed for four

I was under the impression the US army controlled the Iraqi police force, were they all crooked cops? How does Britain stand for this?

The collation trained the police, but security was handed over to them once that happened

After your experience, what is your current view on what is happening in Abu Ghraib ?

I don't think it is right to hold people without trial

Being chained a room, with the same sounds, the same walls, the same everything day after day minute after minute... were you ever close to cracking? did you consider escaping though you knew if caught, you were dead?

I used to talk to my pillow, so I think I did crack up a bit. I did consider escaping but I never had the chance

Were there any surprising things about the progression of technology and the changes to society you discovered after returning home?

People walking around talking to themselves - Bluetooth had taken off

How did you deal with your urges to masturbate or did you have to do it in secret...i know it seems silly but as a guy i need to know in case i ever get taken hostage

I never had this problem, I had no sex drive at all

What was the biggest overall cultural or societal chance you noticed when you returned to society?

People walking around talking to themselves - Bluetooth had taken off

This may sound bad.. but did you ever contemplate suicide or deep down did you know you were going to be set free?

Yes, especially in 2009 after I knew that the guards were dead. I knew I was going to be released, but i wasn't sure if I was going to be released alive

Have you sought professional therapy? How do you feel as a person now in terms of stability? I read in here that you think about your capture at least once a day. How much does this interfere with your day-to-day life?

I did get checked over by a military psych after I was released and given the all clear. Psychologically I feel very strong, but I do think about the hostage situation everyday, I guess it will always be with me. It does not interfere too much with my day to day life

I couldn't even imagine having 2 years and 7 months just taken away. How does it feel knowing you can never have that time back? If you weren't captured, what do you think you would be doing now?

I would like to think that I would be working for some large IT firm somewhere in the world

in case you seen the tv series Homeland , what do you think of it and would you betray the US (more the people responsible for warcrimes ) if you were in the same situation as Nicholas Brody ? (scenario you were held hostage for years , then some arab puts you in a house to teach english to his son , and then the US bombs a school where he studies and kills 80+ children and then covers up this )

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more



I never did sere training, but I do now talk on sere courses. I did have a plan to escape, but I never had the chance to implement it

What do you make of the whole situation are the Troops in Iraq actually making the country better than it was?

Unfortunatly it did not work out very well

I Know you've probably left and wont answer this but any way,

How has your perception on war changed because of your ordeal, do you now have a completely different view or believe it is a legitimate way to solve problems?


I was never a big fan of war, so it's not really changed. I guess if one country invades another then war will happen

Wow, that reply alone, tears fall from my eyes. That's beautiful and I can almost sense what that felt like.

Unfortunately when then took me out and put gun to my head, I forgot about that thought and just started shaking - I was really annoyed with myself for that

Hi Peter, I hope you are not sleeping by now. ;) I wanted to ask you what you think would be the best questions to you. And the answers to that questions, of course. What were for you the most surprising parts of this experience from you? What are the things you hadn't thought about or could even imagine before you were held hostage?

I hope life treats you kindly from now on. And have a nice trip tomorrow. :)

Kind regards, Sanne

That in its itself is a great question. Maybe something on the future of Iraq, my answer would be that if it split up then Iran would take the south, Saudi the middle and Kurdistan would become independent.

Most surprising, being released alive after so long - there was no reason for the militia to keep me live.

Do reddit is one of things I hadn't thought about :-)

Do you think it was because they asked "More?" and you thought they asked "Moore?" so you replied "Yes"?

Maybe, you never know


It was good to catch up, with working overseas for so long I had not seen them in years.

Looking at my spelling on this AMA I still think I cannot type properly, but yes my IT skills took a hit

I can tell you exactly what I was doing on the day of your release! It was my birthday. Congratulations on being rescued and gettin out alive.

EDIT: WAS my bday

Happy birthday

One hundred Iraqi police officers? 100? I knew there was a bad relationship between the coalition forces and Iraqi security forces but... wow.

A hostage situation must be horrible whoever you are but I always find it extra disgusting when they take contractors and non-military targets. I can't sympathise with that at all.

Were these official police officers or did they use that old chestnut "militia wearing police uniforms"?

Were any of them ever held accountable or brought to justice in anyway?

These people were official police officers with police ID, but they were also militia. I guess it's a bit like being a teacher and a scout leader - they can be both

Under the Iraqi reconciliation process the militia are exempt from prosecution and are now part of the Iraqi government

Did you make any friends there, or did you have someone special who treated you a bit better than everyone else? Someone who sympathised with you?

I got on better with the guard in 2009

Wow, I thought the US and Iraqi government were supposed to be cool with each other, and that the US was trying to help the Iraqi government become stronger so they can keep the crazies at bay. I'm obviously just a teenage idiot living in the blissful middle class.

Anyway, so do you feel any hatred for these people now? In your experience and opinion, just what the hell do they ultimately want? Pain for everyone?

I don't hate them, but I wasn't happy about what they did to us

Do you have a new lifegoal after expericening this mess?

How much do you appreciate life now?

Could you describe a typical day from 0am to 12pm when held with captives/ alone/ blindfolded?

What did your close family and friends say after seeing the "dead" Peter Moore?

I just work less and travel more, I appreciate life very much. I would just sit there doing nothing. It was strange though because you could see shapes and colours even though I was blindfolded, I think it was my other senses kicking in. My family were always told that I was alive so they were relived that I was out

Were there any "guards" who seemed like a particularly understanding person? ie: Someone who treated you well, talked to you etc?

The guards in 2009 treated me the best

Were you ever tortured or hurt while you were held hostage?

I got beaten, was chained up for two years, blindfolded and handcuffed for a year

Did you develop pressure ulcers from sitting/lying in the same position for so long? Was it difficult to walk when they finally allowed you to get up? I am happy you are back safe and enjoying your motorcycle again. Be careful heading out east. Heavy storms are coming to the east coast.

Yes, I did get ulcers. In the first year I would split my day into four by lying on my back, right side, left side and then front. When I was eventually allowed to walk around (2 years after i was taken) I had massive pain in my back and shoulders. I also damaged muscles in my foot and leg somehow

Also, how has it been integrating back into society? What's been the hardest part?

Not sure i did so well, I left the uk and went back to Guyana for a couple of years and now I am in the USA. Hardest part is people thinking that I am crazy or something

1) Did you suffer -at some point- from stockholm syndrome and felt some sympathy for your kidnappers? 2) What methods did you use to keep your mind busy/sane/focused?

No, I did not have that problem. I used to design metro systems on the wall and try to keep my mosquito kill ratio above five per day - difficult when handcuffed

Did you ever try to talk to them? Or have you ever had a "normal" conversation with one of them? Did any of them try to talk to you?

After the first six months I used to talk to the Iraqis regularly. In 2009 we talked all the time

Anything? How and where did you relieve yourself?

Didn't have an issue with this, not a priority

If I may ask, what was the best part...besides getting rescued, of the whole ordeal?

Getting taking out the chains after two years and being allowed to walk around the room

Your description doesn't mention who you were held by, only that you were kidnapped by Iraqi Police. Who was behind this, and why were the police involved?

It was a Shia militia called Asiab an Haq, which translates to the League of the Righteous

Holy shit man, it sounds like you went through absolute hell on earth. I was a soldier during your captivity, and I still feel guilt to this day what I was involved (*indirectly, was never deployed there) in a war that got people like you put into a situation like that. You're seriously stronger than anyone I ever met in the military for making it through that.

I think in an ideal world being a soldier is honorable, but we haven't had honorable wars in a while, and the whole field has been tainted as a result. I wish I'd been able to have been a soldier fighting against Hitler, but it seems we just have bullshit nowadays. I know a lot of you think we are evil, but most of us envisioned ourselves as supermen who would go and fight evil that would be akin to Hitler, only to find ourselves embroiled in a mess of unjust wars.

Iraq was a very messy situation, still is

Was anyone secretly nice (or I guess, less cruel) to you during the whole thing? Or attempt to make your time there a little less horrific? I always wonder if any of these people feel even the tiniest bit of pity or sympathy. (Though I doubt it...)

The guards in 2009 were ok, I got on well with a militia major

Having now gotten back, what's the most unexpected thing you really enjoyed? I imagine you had a list of stuff you were looking forward for, but did something sneak up on you?

Probably doing this reddit ama

We were told that the U.S. had control of Iraq since 2003, and that any remaining infighting was between intermittent local groups. In light of the Bush/Cheney doctrine proclaiming total U.S. control of Iraq, exactly what group do you claim had control of you?

It was Asiab al Haq, the league of righteous. The us military had captured their leaders a few months before us in retaliation to them killing five American soldiers

Did you ever attempt to make your very own Iron Man suit?

No, but good plan though :-)

Did you ever become aggressive or argumentative towards your captors? I know I wouldn't have been able to keep my cool and would have caused myself to be killed bc of my frustration.

Later on I would sometimes argue with them a bit, but I did not push my luck to much

I don't mean to ask something your probably get asked all the time. How did you able to stay alive without them killing you,and what was the worst thing that they did to you

I was told that if I didn't try to escape they would not kill me. I did not try to escape

How has this experience changed you?

I work less and travel more, my risk perception has also altered

This is probably the most interesting ama on Reddit yet.I remember reading about this in the paper.. I'm happy to hear that you're doing well and not allowing it to affect your day to day life. :) my question is does anything specific ever set you off? dark rooms, scary movies etc?

Usually when I am just sat on my own daydreaming

When did you stop crying and accept your situation?

After about a month

Were there any moments when you thought you were going to die?

Everyday and in 2009 when I was told the guards were dead, I thought I would never make it out alive

Did you have any conduct after capture or similar training before going to Iraq? Did the guards?

The guards did, they were all ex-military. We all had half a days training in Bagdad about car jackings not trainings that assumed they would come in the work place.

If you had control of a Predator drone over your captors what would you do with it?

Good question. Half of me says let bygones be bygones, the other says that if I knew they were in a house then fire it at them

How do you feel about show Homeland

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

What types of food did you eat? What did it feel like eating your first meal at home?

Mainly things like rice, hummus, beef, lamb, etc. I was really craving garlic bread when I first got home.

were there any moments of compassion shown towards you?

The guards in 2009 treated me better, but I would not say compassionately

Can you describe the moment when you were reunited with your family and friends?

I was taken to a government safe house and met with my family there. I just walked in and said "hello, how are you?"

what about other family? (parents, siblings..) how often in those 3 years they heard infos about you?

also, do you suffer from PTSD?

I was give the all clear on PTSD. I think the British embassy updated them on a regular basis, but the government never believed I was dead

I'm in Laramie, Wyoming. About 45 min away from you right now. How was your release handled?

I was driven to a militia house and handed over to an Iraqi government minister who took me to the British embassy in Baghdad

What I find absurd is that they were trading for dead bodies before they traded for you. What were your thoughts on this when you first heard it?

For so e reason this was government policy, i don't know why. I think it is a stupid policy

Did they ever ask you about your own religous beliefs?

If they did what would you of said? (also would you of been telling the truth).

Do you think they would hate someone who is an Athiest more? or someone who was a Christian? or someone lying and pretending to be a Muslim?

Lastly, Do you get more of a buzz out of life now and appreciate everything more and think you feel happier than others as you can see things now for how great they really are?

P.S. Glad you are back to freedom now. Best wishes & Take care.

We regularly discussed the difference between Christianity and Islam. I think they would hate someone who is atheist, or someone who follows a religion with more than one god. I do find simple things like washing the dishes and walking to the shops very enjoyable now

You are amazing sir. Just want to let you know that.


Did you have any escape attempts? Or plan to break out? I'm sure it must have crossed your mind somewhere along the way.

We did have a plane, but never had the chance to implement it

1.) How did they treat you?

2.) What is something you feel we should all know about your captors?

In 2007 treatment was rough, 2008 was better but treatment in 2009 was actually pretty good

I hope 'Locked up Abroad' does an episode on you.

That would be good to see. They did one on Iraq about a driver who was held for six weeks..... SIX WEEKS!!!

How did your family deal with the entire ordeal? Did they ever give in to the idea that you were dead?

They were always told that I was alive, unlike the families of the guards who were told in early 2009 that they were dead

What made you decide to post on reddit?

I just thought it would be an interesting AMA

Did you accept the risk when you took the job or did you just think that it wouldn't happen to you?

I knew it was risk, but I had hostage insurance and never thought i would be taken for political purposes

what was it like meeting up with the british guards with whom you were captured while being imprisoned? I'd imagine they were of the few people on earth who felt the exact same way you did... I can't imagine the isolation and bond that was acknowledged at the time...?

It was interesting, we did not have much in common - other than being held hostage. To be honest I was happy once I had been moved away from them as they were not handling it to well. They gave me good advice though

How did you survive with out reddit?

Didn't even enter my thoughts :-)

You said in an interview that your body guards death could possibly have possibly been averted. What do you think should have happened to change this?

A deal could have been made much earlier

can you prove you are who you say you are, and that you were indeed a hostage. Sorry to ask, but this reddit community is really just a bunch of ignorant kids, and I don't buy it, you can't spell!

I have already sent proof a number of times, but google "Peter Moore hostage" and compare this picture

Let me please first say that I am sorry for your pain and am happy you have made it home safely. After reading a lot of the questions and your responses, I'd like to ask you how you were able to feel so... Accepting? I feel that if I was in your shoes I would have a hard time looking past, or accepting, of the militia that held you. I understand some of your captures treated you, from what you've said, significantly better than others. Was it difficult to not lump them all into the same category? And how you say you would want them to lose their job, are you playing that down or would you really not want any physical harm done to some of your captures?

I did not like the situation I was in, but there was nothing I could do about it so I just tried to make the best of it and improve my environment. Some of the Iraqis were ok and we had a lot to talk about, other were just evil. At the end of the day harming them now would not achieve anything

Was he killed in captivity? If so, why do you think they spared you?

He was, I wasn't there when he was killed


How has your experience changed your perspective on the purpose/meaning/importance of life? Glad you are safe.

I just enjoy life, work less and travel more

Can you describe your release? Was it something cliche like they give you clean clothes and tell you to shave/shower?

Your view of the entire conflict must have changed, any points of view that the rest of us may not realize or understand?

They did give me new clothes and did a release interview. They drove me to a house full of militia were there was an Iraqi government minister - he took me to the British embassy

did you ever think to use the ps3 to try and contact anyone via wifi?

No, but there was a laptop with wifi and I memorised the names of the transmitters. I got to look t it once when the guards were out of the room

No, but there was a laptop with wifi and I memorised the names of the transmitters. I got to look t it once when the guards were out of the room

Oh, it was a ps2

Why did they kill (execute?) the other hostages?

I was told that they either tried to escape, or were being held in a house that they thought was being raided

Oh man, I'm sorry. I know nothing can erase the memories but money would at least help you get a few things off your mind.

It would, but I guess I will just have to continue to work, just like everyone else :-(

I'm sorry you went through this. How has this experience changed you as a person? You seem to have taken everything in your stride with a stiff upper lip. Makes me proud to be British.

I just work less and travel more

Were you worried about poison of some sort being put in the food?

Never crossed my mind until now. Thinking about it the Iraqis ate the same food as me

How often did you shower or bath?

In 2007 not so often but by 2009 almost everyday

Any reason behind that username?

I tell people it's my body dimensions, but actually it's my old university student ID number

During your 2.5 is there one specific day that stands out among the rest? Would you mind sharing? If not, don't worry about it -- just glad to hear you're safe.

Probably the one were they took me outside, knelt me down, and pretended to execute me

What is your favorite country you've ever been held hostage in?

Held hostage to tax in the UK


I don't hunk it's right to hold people without trial indefinitely

Do you suffer from PTSD? If so, what are some ways you have overcome it?

I was given the all clear by a military psych when I was released

What was the most surreal moment/activity of returning to Britain? You mentioned it was weird to see yourself all over the news; would you say it was something along the lines of that or maybe the smaller/trivial activities of everyday life..?

I remember seeing people walking around talking to themselves - Bluetooth had become commonplace

By the end of it all, were you sick of shwarma?


This is possibly a strange question but why did they kill the British gaurds and not you?

They said that the guards had either tried to escape or had been held in a house that they thought was being raided

How was the food?

In 2007 not so good, by 2009 I was eating the same food as the family downstairs

did you make friends in prison?

did you ever consider a plan to get out?

was there any day/moment at all when you found yourself somewhat happy about something (this reason not being anything related to the possibility of being freed)..

Technically I wasn't in prison. I didn't really make friends, but we got to tolerate each other. There were happier days, especially with the guards in 2009

Today I was Reminded: don't take work in Iraq.

Good idea

Do you have some funny moments?

In 2009 I was playing table tennis with one of the Iraqis, the ball bounced off my bat and hit me in the eye. He next day his commander turned up to do a proof of life video and assumed this Iraqi had punched me

I've served in the Middle East in the past and some of the beliefs they have just boggled my mind. During times you were able to talk with your captors, did they ever say anything that was just a total shock to your sensibilities?

They would say that it was there religious duty to protect their women from the west

I'm curious about this and I would understand you not answering for personal reasons, but have you suffered from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of what happened?

I was checked and monitored for this after I was released. I was given the all clear

What did you dream about while you we're held captive? Any recurring dreams?

Running away, and getting lost in the street. Had this dream constantly

any Stockholm syndrome?


As an Iraqi who's been living in modern civilization all his life and never stepped foot there, how fucked is my country?

I would not recommend you go, especially under the current situation

I figured, and everyone I know's been saying that, but does it look like it'll ever improve?

It will improve (ie stabilise) but I'm not sure it will becomes American/Western friendly any time soon

Honestly, this would make such a good movie. I plan on becoming a movie director, and if I do, I'll definitely make this into a movie.

Ok, sounds good. No one else has offered

It is amazing, and INCREDIBLY relevant to your history. The essential story behind it is someone being changed by something very similar to what you went through, and becoming incredible because of it.

Will go check it out

Shit, glad you're ok. Have you watched homeland?

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

Did you experience the Stockholm syndrome in any way ?

No, , not at all

Did you fap?


On a scale of 9 to reddit how much do you hate America?

I am traveling around the USA now, it's a nice country

You should write about your experience.

Sort of feel like it is making money off the back of dead people

A proof maybe?

Have you watched Homeland yet?

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

Where did you poop? Before and after the chains?

They would let me go to the toilet two or three times a day

How long until you assassinate the VP ? Also, your wife is hotter than shit.

Hmmmm, reality check

No question, but I'm glad you're back and safe.


How did they "trade" you?

The militia Leader was handed over to the Iraqi army. I was driven to a militia house and handed over to an Iraqi government minister, he drove me to the British embassy

Did you ever get the urge to fight back or debate argue with your captors? Or was it all hopeless at that point?

Fight - no, but did debate religion many times

Think you made some good points? Were your captors thick headed?

We mainly discussed the similarities between Islam and Christianity. I don't think I changed their perception, but maybe help them understand things a bit better

Think you made some good points? Were your captors thick headed?

The ones in 2009 were actually not to bad. They were serious about Islam, but I would not have said that they were religiously extreme.

You were released on my 21st birthday.

Happy belated birthday

Was there a point during Your captivity when You knew You would surely die? And what interesting things did You observe during the rest of the captivity, in which I assume You got used to the life of being a hostage. What behaviors did You notice that interested You and made You shiver at night .

In 2009 after they told me the guards were dead. They would pray three times a day without fail and most would never eat during daylight hours. I also got to see a ton of stolen military documents

Do you think Tony Blair should be arrested for being a war criminal?

I think the reasons for the invasion were false and questions should be asked, can't see anyone be charged with war crimes though

I have a question specifically related to when you were blindfolded and cuffed. Did you find your state of consciousness shifted fundamentally?

As in, without vision did your sense of smell grow, did the voice in your head get louder? Your awareness of particular parts of your body grow/decrease?

Yes, I used to see shapes and colours. I guess it was my other senses getting stronger. I could visualise people moving around the room

what did you do in your first week home?

Bought a new pair of shoes I think

I'm truly sorry you went through this. Just out of curiosity and no offense intended, but what are your religious beliefs (if any), and how has this ordeal affected your faith (or lack thereof)?

I certainly prayed much more than at any other time. I just felt that praying was one up from wishing and hoping


No Stockholm syndrome. In the end we tolerated each other

Do you harbour any ill feelings towards Iraqis? Or just your captors (if even them).

No in both cases

This question may sound odd. When away from forms of music people still manage to get songs "stuck in their head", what, if any, songs/tunes did you find yourself thinking about/singing in your head while in captivity?

And also, I am so sorry that this has happened to you, you make us all stronger by being stronger than us.

I never got music as a hostage as it not inline with Islam, but the stupid Hanson song umm bop kept bouncing around

What is the longest you went without seeing your own reflection? What was it like once you saw yourself again?

2 years, 7 months & 1 day - thought I looked old

What effect does being blindfolded have? What do you "see"? Does it have any effect on dreams/imagination?

I used to see shapes and colours. I could visualise people walking around

after what has happened to you and what you have suffered, do you hate, have bad feelings against Arabs/Iraqis/Islam?

Don't hate, but I think Islam is a bit cult like

All right then. But my family are also considered foreigners to Iraq. Im guessing you assumed otherwise?

Well if they are foreigners, then they choose to live there. They should probably move to somewhere safer

Photo as proof? Reddit time stamp of course....

Well, i am not going to ask you anything but if you read this.."You are a fucking imbecile to risk your own single life for your stupid government and money". Be glad you are not dead you fucking moron. I hate idiots like you who kill people for no fucking reason. Invade 3rd world countries with no defense for your own benefit. You fucking idiots deserve to die.

I'm a computer programmer,didn't invade any country


Er... No


Thank you is all I want to say, but I do have a question.

After the whole experience what is a normal day like for Peter Moore?

Right now I am riding a motorcycle around the USA, currently in Lincoln Nebraska on route to Chicago. When I finish that I will go back working in IT, possibly back to South America or the Caribbean

Did you think about posting on Reddit often during your captivity?

Never thought about

What is your favorite hobby if you have one?

Computers and motorcycling

What kind of place were you held in? Some kind of concrete room or wood or something? Was it bright or dark? Cold or warm?

I was generally held in an upstairs room in a house with all the windows blacked out


In some ways it was nice not having a mobile phone going off all the time. It would have been fairly relaxing if I didn't think I was going to die

I thought this was Peter Moore. Sega / ea guy I wanted to ask him a million things.

Aside from that I'm glad you're ok.

Sorry about that


I did not have sere training, but I do now talk on som sere training courses

Do it all again, or sit through back to back episodes of Dr Phil?

Do it again :-)

Ok, back episodes of dr phil

I watched an episode of Locked Up Abroad where 2 journalist got kidnapped and help for ransom, they were "asked" to covert to Islam which they both did disingenuously...did you ever think of converting for possibilities of better treatment? Also ever think of doing a special on that program?

No, we would talk about the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam. I would do a program like this if I was asked

please tell about the best and worst facets of humanity as you see it now.

Generally people are very kind, but occasionally a minority of people can be extreme

I was in Baghdad in 2009 and remember your name coming up in a number of briefings. I was happy to hear when you were released and am more happy to see that you're doing well today. Other than the obvious effects of long term captivity, how has your outlook on life back home changed?

I work a lot less, travel more and definitely have an altered perception of risk

You say bodies like they're dead.

They are dead

So they wanted just their bodies? Why would they trade dead bodies for alive ones? That is intense.

Just the trade that was agreed. The first exchange in may 2009 was supposed to be for live people, the British embassy did not expect them to be dead. This is a quote I found in a news article by a group call "Terrorist Monitor" which demonstrates the odd thinking of the militia:

"An AAH spokesman pointed out that the return of the remains of the two men fulfilled their part of the deal as it had not been specified that the hostages be returned alive; “The agreement stipulates the handover the hostages but not conditionally alive. We have met our obligation regarding that part. Now the other party should fulfill its obligations and release a group of the detainees” (al-Hayat, June 22)."

What games did you play on the playstation?

FIFA football and some first person shoot em up

That must have been horrific. Did you beg/plead with them or did you try and not give them any satisfaction in what they were doing/had just done?

I'd like to think that's what I'd do but obviously until you're in that situation you wouldn't know how you'd react.

No, I did nothing other start the shake. I was very annoyed with myself for showing fear

How does it feel being the reason terrorists will continue to take hostages?

I really wish countries would stop negotiating with terrorists...

Technically I was held by a militia not terrorists, but it was me that negotiated the deal. I would not have authorised the exchanges if I was in charge

You've said a few times that the care got better over the years. Do you know why is that?

Different sets of guards and some of their leaders got released in early 2009

I logged in just to congratulate you, I hate that ignorance has caused you such dismay.

Is ok, thanks

Did you ever beat off while being held prisoner?


Tough fucking shit, you tried to profit off of a bullshit war.

Thank yer fucking stones you got off lucky

I tried to profit from working in IT, would have been paid the same no matter were I was working

What was the one thing or event that took place that you will never forget about your experience being held hostage? Also, how many times did you think shit, this is it..?

One time they took me outside and pretended to execute me. Every time we moved house, about once every two months, I thought this was it

Sitting in captivity, you most often said to yourself, "I would kill for a ______ ?"

Beer!! The simple pleasures

How much did you hear about major current events while you were in captivity? And if you heard very little, what was the most shocking current event you learned about after being released?

I did have tv from mid 2008, but no news channels, so I got the news from watching tmz, Oprah and dr phil

What were the conditions you were held in like? How were you treated?

Chained, handcuffed and blindfolded for the first year, only in chains for the second. Usually kept in an upstairs room of a house. Treatment in 2007 was pretty harsh, 2009 was pretty good

How are you holding up psychologically? Has it been difficult to re-enter regular society, or was it a short enough captivity for you to be able to comfortably continue your life.

Psychology I am doing ok. I have works overseas since I have been released, in Guyana, South America, but I have not worked for all of 2012. I am currently doing a motorcycle trip around the USA

How has this experience changed the way you interact with people and society in general?

The friends I had before I was a hostage I get on well with, meeting new people is a bit more challenging. Saying you were a hostage seems to put people off a bit


Just memories of the Iraqis. The heart starts pumping pounding and the adrenalin starts o flow, sometimes it causes jolts in my limbs

While a hostage, did any of the people around you (especially the family you mention) show you any kindness?

No, we just ended up tolerating each other

How has your experience changed the way you feel about Iraq and it's people, or the Middle East in general? How was the reunion with your family?

I think the Iraqis are ok,the ones I worked with were good. I would go to the Middle East again, but in the current situation. The reunion with my family was good. I had not seen them in years as I was working in South America before Iraq

During in your time were any of your captors nice to you?

The ones in 2009 were pretty good

Are you aware that you have the same name as an infamous serial killer in The UK?

I am, but he is in prison so it's ok

Was it anything personal toward you or what you may ideologically represent to them? Or were you and the guards just low hanging fruit for them to use as a bargaining chip?

I was told it was because they tried to escape. The last time saw any of them was December 2007

What was the most surprising thing you learnt about what transpired in the 'real world' when you got back?

The Beijing Olympics had been and gone

What was the first meal you ate after getting home?

Went out with friends for pizza and garlic bread

What was the food like?

In 2007 it was not so good, but by 2009 I was eating the same food as the family living downstairs

Since you were tortured, do you think that what they did to you is as bad as water boarding? In other words, if you were captured by the American military and they water boarded you, would you be thankful in comparison to what they put you through in Iraq?

I don't think so, never been water boarded, sounds pretty bad to me. I think the big difference is in the conditions being held. America keeps its prisoners in cells and gives them exercise and a phone call home once a week

After going through all of this, what is a major thing you look differently at in life?

Work, try to do as little as possible and travel more

Any book, documentary, or movie offers? Only asking because I can see someone somewhere salivating to publish or script it.

No, never had any offers of anything. I am thinking I may be able to get a walk on part though in Homeland :-)

I cant tell you how happy I am that you are alive. And here among us.... That you made it! I really wished that things like this did not happen to anyone. But this is how life can be. And I am greatfull that you are sharing this with us. Making us feel that we really never have experienced anything close to possible... That whatever situation we are in is smaller than very small peanuts....

If you ever end up in Norway, my house and guestroom is yours.


I was in norway a few months back, did a talk for NorDISS - your intel people

care to talk more about the fact that this wasn't widely reported?

Just don't think there was that much interest in it. Also the company of the four guards Gardaworld employe a PR company to protect their corporate image. I think they suppressed a lot of stuff. In fact that PR company (called Millbrook Partnership) threatened to take me to court for saying this stuff

What little thing would make life a little bit better while in captivity?

Not being in chains so that I had more movement

So as a fellow IT guys, I have to ask... What's your specialty? Did any technology change sufficiently while you were out to get your attention? Are you back in IT now?

Microsoft SQL database development is my area. I missed out on Windows Vista but everything else just had newer versions. I am currently riding a motorcycle around the USA but I have worked in IT since my release and intend again

Are you a secretly turned POW working for Abu Nazir?

Er, no

I have to know what games you played.

Noughts and crosses, and chess

How did your friends and family react? Was there an announcement or did you kinda just show up back in the States?

I went to see them after I was released and they were happy, but it was a low key affair

Though this may come across as a dumb question, is there anything you are not allowed to discuss about your experiences over those 2.5 years (because some government agency said so)?

It's a good question, no I never been asked not to say anything by any government agency

Was there anything that you missed that you constantly thought about?A food,music,women,etc.Also what is your feelings toward the Iraqi people now?

Riding a motorcycle and I developed a craving for garlic bread for some reason

Did you befriend any of the guards? Did any of the guards take a liking to you?

The guards in 2009 were pretty good to me

Were there reasons for the beatings you received? Not trying to say you deserved them, just did you do something to agitate your captors, or were they just in a particularly bad mood that day

It was mainly in 2007, we just had a couple of really bad guards. We initially named then Alpha and Beta, but they were soon renamed to Arsole and Bellend

Explain the metro system you created

12 stations linked with the optimum amount of track with the optimum amount of trains depending on the time of day. The biggest station had to accommodate a town with a population of 250,000 people

Welcome back! If you were American, who would you vote for this November? Do you feel one man or the other has a policy or idea that would help prevent awful situations like the one you endured?

I guess I would vote for Obama - better the devil you know. But I haven't been following it and I can't vote in the USA

Why did you choose to do an AMA on a Friday night when everyone is out drinking?

... Not me Im at home Watching Star Trek and reading Reddit :)

Okay. Real question. What did you miss the most while you were held captive?

Next time I will do one midweek :-)

Strangely it was garlic bread - I don't know why

Gotta ask what the smells were like in your environment.

Living in one room for so long, the smells were pretty bad.

Damn have you ever seen Marathon Man? There is a scene near the end when a Nazi is recognized by some of his former prisoners. What would you do if years from now you were in line getting your morning tea and you see one of your abductors chilling out hanging with some new friends he had made because he's assumed a new life? What if he was with his new family?

Not sure, I guess at first I would be surprised, but I would talk to him and be civil. I wouldn't kill him or anything like that

What do you think you would do if you ever came across one of you captors? I know it is highly unlikely, but hypothetically speaking. The world is a small place after all....

As they now a political party it is likely that I could meet them in New York at a UN meeting or something. I would just talk to the, calmly and drink tea

what were you fed?

Basic rice in 2007 but after that the food got pretty good, probably the healthiest I have ever eaten

Did you ever feel as if any of your captors felt sorry for you, but couldn't do anything?

Not really. I felt we just tolerated each other

did you ever consider trying to escape? how much security were you under when you were captive?

I considers it and had a plan, but never had chance to implement it. There were always at least two guards on duty

Can you tell us a little bit of what happened before going to Iraq? How did you learn about the job, why did you interview for it, etc? I know the money is good, but the work and isolation is also a lot tougher than a regular job.

Before the problems, how was it working in Iraq? How were your days going?

Also, being a rider myself, it's cool that you ride and I just subscribed to your FB ride reports.

I was working Guyana, South America and I saw a job advertised for IT people for developing countries. I found the job on a website called and emailed in my cv. I was interviewed over the telephone and thy offered me the job. Working into Iraq was find, I worked with local Iraqi IT people and I got on well with them. The money that I was paid was good but I could have got more working in the USA - it's just that I decided to work in developing countries some years ago

Hardest part?

Accepting that I was going to die, and then not dying

if you haven't already, are you going to go back to IT? Do you think you will be able to go back to your life as it was before you were captured?

I have worked back in IT since I was released and I will do so once I have finished this motorcycle tours of the usa

Did you ever masturbate while you were being held hostage for 2.5 years? I find it hard to imagine a man not touching himself for 2.5 years. You never started scratchin' your balls and feel your willy brush up against your hand and think fuck it, might as well?

Never had the chance, did not think about it

Did they let you brush your teeth? Did it ever seems like they were going to rape you? or did they?

Thy did let me brush my teeth after a couple of moths. Never raped me and never thought they would

Not a real question, just sort of an odd request. I used to work with a couple of guys who knew you from Richmond, Va. I was with them when you were released and it became common knowledge and they were very, very happy. It was sort of surreal.

To the request: If you get a chance, call up Ric (I don't want to mention his last name, but I suspect you know who I'm talking about) and just tell him hi again. I don't know how often you see or talk to him but your ordeal and release obviously impacted him greatly. Make his day and set up some plans the next time you're back in Richmond. (If he asks wtf is going on, just tell him Kip reached out to you in a weird way).

I know the name, get him to follow me at my motorcycle Facebook page, I don't have any contact details for him.

Do you believe that war with extremists is a winnable war? such as the on going conflict in Afghanistan.

I think it is winnable, but not in the way we are doing it. I think it needs to be more covert as I was back in the 80s

No, I got paid my salary though

Did get free medical treatment - we have the NHS in the uk

Was there anything particular that you did while held captive, that may have saved your life?

I tried to get a good relationship with them by talking about their family and religion. I also accepted food and books from them.

First Meal you had after being released?

Can't remember but it was in the canteen of the British embassy

After you were released, what were you most surprised to learn about that had happened during your captivity?

I was surprised to learn that all my friends knew about it and had not forgotten about me

Custardy Cue 4chan antics

Sorry, bad spelling

Dude, welcome back.

-Did your captors ever try to convert you to Islam?

-If you could line your captors/abusers up against a wall, would you shoot them or let them go? Me, I'd shoot them.

No, they never converted me. I would let them go, after talking to them first

Was there any chance of getting some pussy? Or were you at least able to masturbate? I mean come on, 2.5 years to a Redditor is incomprehensible!

No pussy, the thought of death was to great

I could circle jerk about the justifications of asking this all day but the final result is: Who are you voting for in the upcoming presidential election?

As I am British, I can't vote in the American elections

First, thanks for you service, I can't imagine how hard that was.

Second, my question. Are you voting this november? If so, would you mind saying who for? Respect.

I am British, so can't vote in the USA election

"US custardy" - Tommy Pickles

Sorry about that

This is absolutely insane. Wow, thank you for doing this AMA. Have you written extensively about your experience at all? An article, or a book? Speeches/talks? Do you plan to?

I have written a 4000 word essay about it after I got released - never die anything with it though. There have been a few articles in newspapers done about but nothing big. I do a few talks but mainly to schools, colleges and government agencies - it's all unpaid stuff

Do you resent or hate your captors now? My wife and I were talking today about why we feel how we feel about middle-eastern Islam and the insecurity in the region. Mainly the terrifying things happening in Syria right now, on a humanitarian level, it just stirs hate, which I don't want to have. You have a reason to hate, do you?

I don't hate them, the Iraqis I worked with were actually ok people.

Wow, I haven't heard of your story before - I am glad you made it!

Basically we were fed three times a day and generally taken care of. We were kept in chains handcuffs and blindfolds.

We had loads of gun pointing and told to do Nd say things on video

My family were very happy, they thought I would never leave the uk again.

Do you watch "Homeland"? What are your thoughts?

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more


No, I don't hate them. The Iraqis I worked with were fine people

During the harshest time of your captivity, what sorts of things (if any) did you look forward to that kept you going? Was it as something as basic as getting to eat rice, or did they let you go outside?

Did they ever have a doctor examine you while you were in captivity?

Who did you communicate the most with during this time? What were typical exchanges in this communication?

I used to think about walking the dog we had when I was a kid.

A doctor came to see me a couple of times because I was really ill at the end of 2007

I just communicated with the Iraqis around me, no one else

Were the guards regular guards, or did the guards keep changing. If the guards were regulars, did you engage in conversation and establish a connection?

They did shifts, so there would be eight guards, with four on at any time. They did a two week rotation

How did your captive treat you? Did you have food water available at all times? Did you have access to a bathroom? Did you masterbate at all?

I had water available all the time, bathroom upto three times a day. No masturbation

Do you know if the government implanted these Militia men with RFID chips?

If they did they didn't work!

Do you have any intentions of traveling in the near future? Do you think you will ever go back to Iraq? The middle east? Europe?

I am travelling on a motorcycle trip right now around all of the USA - follow me at I have been back to Europe (as I am from the UK). I would go back to the Middle East but not in the current situation

Were you tortured at all? and if so, in what way?

Beaten, mock executions, kept in chains, blindfolded and handcuffed

Just your right foot? Did they keep you at an angle or something?

No I had one of the British guards sat on it for the first few days as we were transported down to Basra in a false compartment in the back of truck

What have you been up to since your return?

I went back to Guyana and did some IT work for a couple of years. I am now doing a motorcycle trip around the whole of the USA. Follow us at

Were there any little things that kept you going? Or at least gave you some feeling of hope that you might make it out alive?

Just my shear stubbornness to stay alive

I am a clinical psychology student in the U.S. What do you think is the biggest failing of our profession and how do you think we can better serve combat veterans/ veterans of war? With the amount of school we have to go through to become licensed psychologists, the possibility of us serving ourselves is rare. I know that no matter how much I toil about the struggles our our veterans, I will never understand what it is like to have gone through these experiences, and that everyone's experience in war is different. Basically, how can we do a better job when you folks come back?

Interesting question. Not really sure. What was useful to me was asking my psychologist for academic papers on hostage theory, but there was not a lot of research. I wanted to understand some of the problems I may encounter. What I would say is that I am in the US now and if you want me to do a talk to you class then let me know. I will be in the US until feb 2013.

Sir, I am so sorry you had to live through this experience, and so glad you made it out alive. I just want to personally wish you all the best in your recovery.


Thanks, and I truly wish you all of the best.

I thought about that, and dreamt about it, but never had the chance to carry it out. Don't know how to use a gun anyway.

I got on well with the guards in 2009, tolerated each other more than friends

I was driven to a militia safe house, where there was an Iraqi government minister. He drove me to the British embassy

I know it's been said but, thank you for your service. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that.

Questions, and I apologize if some of these are repeats.

How old were you when you signed up?

Any of the Iraqis treat you better than others?

What is one incident/moment/person that sticks out the most in your mind?

I know that in situations like these, people like to tip-toe around the subject/don't bring it up/treat you super differently. Do people treat you differently? At home? At work? Do you prefer it that way or would you rather have them knock it off? What is the best thing that someone can say/do that makes you feel normal?

I realize this happened a few years ago so things might be different now than they were back in 2010, so bear with me.

Thanks for doing this AMA. Thanks again for your service. If I could shake your hand, I would.

I was 33 when I went to Iraq, I wasn't in the military, I was working for a company.

The ones in 2009 treated me well

When they took me outside, put a gun to my head and did a mock execution, I thought I was dead

People do treat me differently, they expect me to have a mental problem. The best thing is people asking me to just fix their computer

What did the company you worked for do after you'd been captured? Did they work towards your release? Did they pay your wages for the time you were in captivity? Did you have any contact with them after you were released?

My company continued to pay my salary and they were prepared to pay any ransom, but the militia did not want money and my company went bankrupt in 2009

How did you manage to stay sane over such an extended hostile period? Can you describe how your mental state changed throughout the whole ordeal? Glad you beat the odds btw :)

I'm not sure I did - I used to talk to my pillow. In 2009 I just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be killed

I just would like to say, Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for serving your country and that I'm sorry you had to pay such a high price for it. As a fellow service member, I cannot imagine what you went through. Again, I cannot say enough. Thank you.


Tell us of your one of your escape plots.

One of the Iraqis was ill, and one of the British guards was a medic. The Iraq needed an injected and the medic said he would help. We discussed injecting the Iraqi with air

How did you cope from day to day?

Once I had the blindfold removed (after a year) I used to make a metro system from dots on the wall and work out mathematical formulas for shapes on the curtain

You brave son of a bitch. Just wanted to stop by and say I admire you wholeheartedly for going through that.

Edit: why did I get downvoted...

Thanks, sorry about the down vote though

How were you treated?

I think in 2007 the treatment was harsh, but it got better. 2009 was the best as I was taken out the chains and allowed to walk around the room

You shouldnt have accepted that post, its immoral.

I thought the job was ok, it was sorting out a computer problem for the Iraqi government - they requested the assistance.

Are you now a Muslim convert and a 'sleeper' terrorist, or have I been watching too much Homeland? Jokes btw - what do you think of the show?

I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more


None, was the least of my worries


I have seen a 30 second clip of where he is at a party and goes out and shoots deer. It made me feel sick, so I have never watched any more

Sooo... Potatoes or Chicken?



Of course - silly me

2 and a half years? Pffff. Some of those Arab civilians in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay have been held without trial for more than a decade.

Very true and I don't agree with that

I don't know the whole story but were the militia leaders arrested for crimes or kidnapped by americans? The table works both ways I suppose

The militia leaders were capture by the Americans in response to them killing five American soldiers

Ok apologize but if they kidnapped you and held you for ransom. the ransom being the release of other militia and leaders (Sorry for saying al qaeda) I would call that terrorism im my opinion whether it be by well known groups or not

The big difference is that they will negotiate with militia but not terrorist

Glad you're back. You're probably not answering questions anymore, but if you are, I hope you see these.

1. If you're a POW is it possible to remain in the service after you're rescued, or are you discharged? Can you explain the process you went through in regards to staying in and/or being discharged?

2. If you're discharged, what type of discharge is it? (Admin honorable, I'm assuming?)

  1. What sort of benefits/payouts did you receive as a POW that you would not have if you were normally discharged?

  2. Do you feel like you shouldn't receive special benefits/payouts, that you are not receiving enough, or that there are things you feel could benefit you better/more that the government is not providing for you? And anything else you have to say about the system as a whole in regards to POWs.

Thank you for answering if you do!


  1. Assuming you are a civilian now, how are you transitioning into 'normal' life. As a vet, I've had trouble myself because of the differences. But as a POW, it must be much harder. Are there any 'small' things that bug you? For instance, I was flying squad in the navy (rapid response damage control stuff) and any casualty was called by ringing bells rapidly. Because of that, any time I hear ringing bells my adrenaline goes way up super fast and I will always wake up for ringing bells. Do you go through anything similar?

EDIT2: After reading more replies I realized you're not military. But I'm still interested in answers to the questions you feel apply to you. Do you think you deserve more than just the base salary you get now, for example?

Did not receive any additional payments other than my salary. My company went bankrupt in 2009

People seem to think I must have a mental problem, so people are very careful around me

Did they have cous cous?

I hate it now

was there ever a point during your captivity when you actually wanted them to kill you?

Thanks for doing this AMA, and I'm sorry you went through what you did.

Basically it was to force America to release their leaders

How do you feel about al Qaeda flags being flown by the Libyan rebels, the ones we helped?

Not a big fan of al qaeda


I did not agree with the war, but I felt that doing my bit may have helped in someway. Never thought I would taken hostage for political reasons though

Not particularly religious but did pray when I was a hostage

What are your opinions on the war in the middle east?

It was wrong to go in, but the current situation is very bad. Not sure where this end to be honest

This might sound a bit sadistic, but was there any one capture who was worse than anyone else? If so, what would you want to see done to him?

In 2007 we had a couple of guards who were particularly nasty

Besides the psychological torture, did you find one more painful or worse than another? One that was ineffective?

The psychological torture is way worse - it hangs around in the back of mind

Were you tortured?

I was beaten, handcuffed, blindfolded and chained etc

What's your opinion on the Iraq war in general? Did it change after you we're captured? What's the biggest change you've noticed since you got released?

I did not agree with it, but I thought by doing my bit would help in some way

What is your take on where IT people fit people on the scale of Civilian ----- Combatant?

Do you think those who in the supply train of conquering armies are fair game? If someone was an IT man working for the Taliban, would you think the Americans could rightfully detain them? Weren't you fair game since you were occupying their country? Even without guns, you were a necessary component of invasion.

I was completly civilian. I have no military connections at all. I wasn't occupying, the Iraqi ministry of finance had a computer system which needed fixing so they asked my company to sort it out. There was no one in Iraq that could fix it.

What did they feed you?

In 2007 just rice and basic food, but after that we got good food - probably he healthiest I have ever eaten


Once I knew that the guards had been killed, I just assumed that I was going to die as well

Why did they keep you alive?

They said that the others tried to escape

You say towards the end you had a television. Did you watch anything that reminded you of your life back home (sporting events, news, Western shows, etc.)?

Most of it was American tv. They enjoyed watching prison break which really annoyed me

Did you plan seriously about making an escape while you were there? Thanks for doing the AMA btw.

We do have a plan, but never got the chance to implement it

Why did you take the job in the first place? Were there underlying motives? Was your job guilt free? Did you feel like you were in danger at your job? How much were you paid? Where there any points at witch you truly thought you would be killed? Were you tourtured? How? I am truly glad you made it out of that he'll and are alive to do as you please, and that one less family has to grieve the loss of a loved one. Also has it changed your outlook on life? Do you plan to continue in your line of work , or do you now want to make a drastic change and attempt to change your mark on the world. Or simply get comfortable and forget as much as possible? Thanks!

It was working on a computer system that I had worked on while I was in Guyana so I knew that I could do the job. It wasn't a military job and it was for an Iraqi ministry (again similar to my work in Guyana). I knew that being in Iraq in 2007 was risky but I had ransom insurance, didn't expect to get Aiken for political reasons. I was paid US$275,000 for my total employment which was from March 2007 to May 2010 - I paid tax on this salary.

I still work in IT in developing countries, but I do work less. I travel much more


No, nothing like

Could you possibly explain how the exchange of you and Qais Al Khazlli went down? I'm assuming that you two didn't show up and then both sides just counted to 3 and shoved you to the other one. Could you explain how that whole situation happened?

Also, how far in advance before the exchange were you notified that you were going to be going home? What was your immediate reaction?

I was driven to a militia safe house were there was an Iraqi government minister, he drove me to the British embassy. Qais was handed over to the Iraqi army and released when I got to the embassy.

I was notified a few hours before, but I did not believe them as they had told me many times I was being released

Hey Pete, I hope this doesn't get buried, but I really want to get into the wartime reporting aspect of the media, I'm in my masters right now. Since all you have been through are you against people going overseas?

No, I still work overseas

Other than working a significant amount less, in what ways has this experience changed your life, your outlook and attitude? How are your relationships with those closest to you, the people you've met since and the strangers you'd encounter on a daily basis affected by this?

It's so incredible to me that one could just assimilate back into society after fearing certain death on a moment-to-moment basis for years.

I think my perception of risk has changed, what was risky before is not risky now. I have a good relationship with my friends that knew before, not got many new ones

How has your view on life changed since this experience?

I work less and travel more

What was the first thing you ate when you got home? And what were your friends and family's reactions?

I think it was to go any buy a new pair of shoes. My family were obviously very happy

I hope you don't mind me asking, but you mention that two of the guards were killed. Do you happen to know why they were killed but you were not?

I was to,d that it was because that they either tried to escape or because they were in a house that they thought was getting raided


Kill and escape. I would not do two and half years again

Why did you accept the post? Did you believe in the mission? Was it for the money? Adventure? Combination of all three?

I work in IT in developing countries and it was a civilian job working in an Iraqi ministry. I thought it may help someone somewhere

Thank you for talking about your experience on Reddit. I hope you can turn your dreadful experience into something beneficial. A couple questions:

Not angry and can forgive.

I now work less and travel more

You're a better man than I. Like the main character from AMC's Hell on Wheels, I'd secretly carry around a list of names for each of the people who wronged me, hunt down each person on that list, but extract my revenge in to bring upon them a slow and painful death. Easier said than done right?

Just got to move on, I can't be bitter for the rest of my life

How do you feel about most Americans and World citizens really ignoring this and your experience. And what does it say about Terrorism?

Do you think all the money and time we are spending is well spent or are we really helping the cause?

Because IMHO between you guys (the victims) the media and the response by the USA (can you say Homeland Security) I feel like I have spent at least 1/100th of the time you have captured by them for no real reason.

Good question. I think Afghanistan is definitely a waste of money. Iraq was a bit better but still not a good return on investment

My name is laith...

Laith who?

Did you develop Stockholm syndrome while you were being held captive? What was your relationship with your captors like?

No. My captors in 2009 were ok

Is your life back to normal now? I mean, is your relationship with family, and friends strong again?

It's as normal as it can be. I work less and travel more now


It was difficult as I had not been back to the uk in seven years. I actually went back to Guyana two months after I was released, so I am not sure i did really adjust back

Is there any wage amount that could be offered you that would make you consider going back into a country in conflict?

Good question. Not really, I didn't do it for the cash in the first place. It depends more on the reasoning behind it. For example, if they had the same problem with the same system in say Liberia, then I would consider it.

This is a question directly to reddit. Why does this post have 16,831 down votes, What the actual fuck?

Doing some googling on this, it would appear that:

"Reddit employs a downvoting algorithm in order to keep people from gaining the system as well as enabling newer content to hit the main page"


No, but I do now speak on some sere training courses

What did you do for the majority of your time?

In 2007 just sat thinking, a lot. Once the blindfold was taken off I planned a metro system with the dots in the wall, and held conversations with my pillow. In 2009 I had tv so that helped

Oh man... what kept you alive? Hope? Faith? Sorry if this has already been asked.

Sheer stubbornness on my part I think

This is by far the best AMA I have ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses. Thank you.




Did you ever expect Jack Bauer to save you?

That would have been nice

Do you still have any trust in the Iraqi government, considering they took you away? Also, we're you interrogated and/or tortured? Threatened by death?

The Iraqi government - no, but the Iraqi people are fine. I got on well with the ones I worked with.

I was threatened with death, I had mock executions etc. when we moved or houses were being searched they made it very clear that they would kill me I spoke.

There wasn't much of interrogation - they never believed that I was working in IT, so the questioning never got very far

If you were intelligence why would you not be armed with something?

I wasn't working in intelligence. I wasn't working for the military. I was working in IT in the ministry of finance, Baghdad

I have a question that I haven't seen asked (but I know that in over 5000 comments, it was probably asked and then missed): What was the hostage trade like? I assume it's not as dramatic as you see on tv. How nerve wracking was the situation for you, or did you manage to stay calm?

Thanks for still answering questions after the AMA "ended".

Basically, I was driven to a militia safe house were there was an Iraqi government minister. He drove me the the British embassy.

Basically, I was driven to a militia safe house were there was an Iraqi government minister. He drove me the the British embassy.

Forgot to add that the militia leader had been handed over to the Iraqi army. Once I was released the Iraqi army let him go

Hi, it's probably too late for you to read this, but I would just like you to know that I have read through your answers and previously did not know about what happened to you.

I am truly in awe of how well you handled yourself and how open you are in talking about it here. Thank you for doing this and for responding to the questions so thoroughly.

I wish you well for the future.


What sort of effects did it have on you?

They told me one of them was a flu shot, made me feel very ill and drowsy

Oh my goodness... I'd be terrified. I can't even imagine... Do you have any post traumatic stress? How was it to come back home? Did you have nightmares?

I was cleared of PTSD by a military psychiatrist, I do still get dreams about it and flashbacks - about three times a day, which is much less than I used to get. Coming back to the uk was odd, it was the coldest winter in twenty years

Western friendly = Friendly to keeping Iranian energy markets open to development by western oil companies. Iran briefly had a democratically elected Prime Minister from 1951-1953. We helped create a coup to overthrow their democratic government because Iran wanted to nationalize the country's oil. Oops on our part.

Yah, oops again!! We seem to have a habit of doing things like that

How did they communicate with you if they didnt know how to speak english?

They all spoke some English, as it is taught in school. I could also speak some (very) basic Arabic

What happened after that?

They drove us to the market in Sadar City were we all got into the back of a truck. We were then driven to a house and split up into other vehicles. Ultimately myself and two guards were put into a hidden compartment in the back of a truck - we spent two days in there while we were being driven south to Basra

What was the one thing you did to keep yourself going? Did you believe in some god or what?

Just stubbornness on my part. I reached a point where I thought that if they are going to kill me, then it is because they choose to and not because of something that I did

Have you recently watched any of these shows? Or do they just bring back horrible memories? Thanks for the reply :)

No, I have not watched them since, although I did think I could make a good guest on dr phil :-)

Hello Peter. I used to know you in Guyana as I was a Peace Corps Volunteer while you were VSO. My name is Mike and I remember the last time I ran in to you was at the canteen at the school across the street from your work. I even have this weird picture of you of one time when we were drinking rum and our friend Scott was wearing your bike helmet. Anyway, you may not remember me but I sure do remember you. I am just really glad you made it out alive and are doing well. For whoever is reading this and Peter's posts I will let you know that Peter is a very normal but a really great guy. He's no SAS or Navy Seal and Peter is proof that you don't know what your body and mind can take until you experience it.

I have a few questions. Was there a memory that you used to think of while in captivity that either kept you sane, or a memory that you couldn't help but think about? Also, what did you dream about?

Bless up to you Peter. Cheers, Mike


Thanks for the comments. I remember the rum session :-)

In answer to your questions:

  1. I used to think about walking the dog we used to have as a kid & I also imaged myself buying a motorcycle

  2. I used to dream that I had been released but the chain was still attached to my feet so walking was difficult

I am currently doing a motorcycle tour of the USA visiting every state my motorcycle - follow us at

Thanks again

How long were you blindfolded for?

Basically for the first year. The blindfold would be taken off once we were in the toilet and to eat

What games did you play?

On the playstation I used to play FIFA football and a couple of first person shoot em ups (can't remember the name of them). I also played an Iraqi version of noughts and crosses with the Iraqis

May I ask....Do you still play playstation, or did the whole ordeal ruin gaming for you?

Not specifically a playstation. I do play computer games on the ipad which is more portable and fits in with my travel lifestyle better. I don't play violent games or watch violent films though

Thats understandable. If you havent heard of minecraft, Then here it is. Its a game where you can shape the world to your liking, and is available on Ipda Computer and Xbox. The most violence it has is fighting monster, which you can turn off at any time. If you like, I can get you an acccount to use.

Yeah, will look into it. Thanks

Tv and play station? Can you extend on how they let you have that?

It became clear that when I was moved to a new set of guards they did not communicate with each other, so I was able to build up 'luxuries'. For example after about a year I was moved and I said that the last group would let me see tv for an hour a day, I just built it up from there. In June of 2008 I did a month back to Baghdad and was held by what they termed 'the northern faction' and I said that the last group gave me a tv - they agreed. They blocked the news channels though

Your courageous story is inspiring. I was wondering how much did you physically change? Weight loss, did they allow you to shave, cut your hair, nails, etc.

I lost a lot of muscle mass. I lost most of my weight at the end of 2007 due to being ill. They did allow me to shave and shower. Initially once every few weeks or so, the longest I went without a shower was two months. By 2009 I was showering daily and would shave using hair clippers once a week

holy crap, that's tragic. i'd talk to a good employment attorney, that's shit you retire over.

Such is life, I'm not going to dwell on it. I could spend years and all my money fighting something I may never win

Have you ever watched Homeland?

Only saw a 30 second clip of it, didn't like it so never watched anymore

I doubt you'll even read this, Peter, but I want to say to you that the dignity and bravery you're displaying here is the most humbling thing I've ever seen on the internet - you make me proud to be a human being and I aspire to be even half the man you are one day.

Thanks, I've read it

I Don't know of you'll read this but I am absolutely astounded by your story. My question is how did you push past it? You seem to be more or less a happy person despite all this. I would like to know how to overcame it.

Not sure i have completly, but in some ways I tried to treat it like riding a bike, if you fall off you just get back on again. What happened to me was an extreme situation and I knew that as long as I updated my IT skills I would be able to get another job. Also I had planned many things while I was a hostage, such as the motorcycle trip across the USA, so I was eager to get on witht that. I would say that basically I am a positive person, so I tend to look at the glass being half full

No offense or anything but these people don't follow the true islam. Please don't take what they said was Islam as the truth, go and check out r/islam

Will do. I did say to the militia that I wouldn't say anything about Islam as there seems to be a lot of interpretation and clearly I will offend someone

You. Are a good man

Thanks, I try to be

You weren't compensated by the Army/Government?

No, not at all

HOW?! I want to do this.

I work in IT, so I just do a few months here and there. Remember I also got paid my salary for the time I was a hostage. I am also not married, no children and no mortgage, so my annual expenditure is not high

I work in IT too ...but my job wants me there all year. How'd you work that one out? Do you own your own consulting business? You hiring?

Well, I am lucky in that I work in international development which is mainly contract based and generally pays well. I don't own my own company, that would be far to stressful.

Since my release I worked for two months in 2010, in Guyana, earning US$500 per day. Then I worked for 10 months in 2011 also in Guyana at US$300 per day.

I have not worked since November 2011 - I have been riding a motorcycle around the USA and Canada. I will probably return to Guyana in a couple of months to work on a two year, full time contract. Just feel that in the absence of anything better to do, I may as well work in the warm tropics.

Websites that I use for finding jobs are sites like and

Hope this helps a bit

Hey thanks so much for taking the time to give me advice buddy, I really appreciate that! I'm going to look into doing something like that because I'm a big advocate of both helping develop third-world countries ...and working as little as possible in the year! I will send you a pm if it works out!

Great. Look forward to hearing from you in the future

i would have request full time pay plus all over time for the 3 years

I did try to negotiate more, but they wouldn't budge that much. With my company being bought out, I wasn't even sure what salary scale I was even on.

Ya I've seen em all. I'm a big fan of traveling and I've been in a few tough positions myself, however nothing anywhere near as crazy. I live vicariously through the people who have. If you want to submite your story here is the adress to do so.

Just for information, I sent them an email and they sent me this reply:

"Hi Peter,

Thanks for this. We’ve been asked by Nat Geo to look for stories concerning Americans for this series but it would be great to keep your details if you don’t mind, if there is another series following this one? I’ve read some about your story and it’s definitely classic Locked Up Abroad territory.



Only saw a 30 second clip of it, didn't like it so never watched anymore

Hi Pete. First of all respect for what you had to endure.

I'd be interested in working in IT in developing countries (maybe not Iraq though) - do you have any advice/pointers?


First of all you will usually need a masters degree in IT or equivilant subject to be even considered.

The best way into international development is through volunteering, in my case i was in guyana with Voluntary Services Overseas which is a UK organisation. In the US, Peace Core is one of the better known organisations. These organisations usually place people in developing countries for around two years.

There are websites that advertise these jobs, here are a few of them so that you can compare your skills with the requirements:

Hope this helps

Interesting. You don't need a MSc for most IT positions nowadays, I wonder why this is not the case for volunteering.

EDIT: Does this requirement differ between GOs and NGOs?

This is more a requirement for working overseas and international NGOs. For government then a BSc or Industrial certifications should work fine

Well, shit. I'm originally from Peterborough and the fact that you live so close to me really emphasised how real this all is. I'm glad you survived and pleased you had the strength to do this IAMA.

thanks for your comments

You are a very inspiring person, what you went through and came back from is inspirational to what humans can handle


Do you have any family? if so how did they handle your being held for so long? Was there anything you wished you could have told them well you were being held? anything you wish they had or hadn't done? Thanks.

Only parents, I'm not married or anything. They were obviously worried about me being a hostage and I think it was particularly stressful for them when bodies started to be returned, but I have worked overseas for many years so I hadn't seen them in about four years before going to Iraq.

Interestingly I did get a letter from them in July of 2009 which was forwarded to the militia by the foreign office. The only thing I wish I could have told them was that I was alive.

I guess the biggest thing I wish I hadn't done was get taken hostage! With hindsight we could of avoided this by spending less time in the ministry of finance

You were probably craving garlic bread because your brain craves what it lacks. e.g. carbs and fats to burn. And garlic is known to have some healing properties.

Depressed person wants chocolate = increase serotonin.

Interesting, thanks for that

This is way late, but do you feel that SERE training would have helped you while you were held?


I didn't recieve any sere training before going to Iraq, but what is funny is that I now talk on sere training courses.

The problem I think with sere training, is that there seems to be an assumption that there is some communication going on. This was not happening in my case and it took about 6 months to get negotiations under way

That's interesting... Do you think that your captors weren't responding to attempts of the US to get you back, or might it have been something else? Is there anything that you talk about now that you would have benefited from had you know about it before being held? I know that most of SERE talks about POW situations, but your case is a hostage situation, for which there can really be no ground rules besides GTFO at your first good chance. Did you build any sort of rapport with your captors, what do you think led to you being held alive for so long? Do you have any recordings of your talks? I'm very interested in this, being a member of the flying, deploying air force. Please don't feel obligated to answer if these questions are tedious to answer.

Thanks for your time

Edited for clarity

For some reason it took a number of months to get speaking to the right people. In fact, communication about us only came about by accident following the release of five fingers belonging to five American security guards taken in Basra from a company called crescent security group.

I think the best advice I can give, is to build a rapport, which is what I did. I know from working overseas to always talk about family first, so my opening question would be are you married? Do you have children? I would also talk about religion & the differences between catholsism and Islam.

I don't have any recordings as such, although the militia took many video recordings, but there are a couple on youtube. One from march 2008 and another in early 2010 after I was released.

I was told that the others were killed as either a result of trying to escape or because the militia thought the house was about to be raided. I never tried to escape and no one ever tried to rescue me.

I am ok talking about it, so if you ever want further information then just message me. I also do talks in Europe and the USA, so if you want me to do a talk (assuming you are in Europe or North America) then just message me.

that annoyed you? you got a cake and you could not blow out the candle and it annoyed you? wow thats just wow

It was the small things that I found irritating. I guess it annoyed me because it make me look stupid

Holy crap. I was just reading this AmA for the first time. I can't believe you're still answering stuff.

What's been the hardest thing about being back in normal life for you to adjust to?

I think that the most difficult thing for me is/was dealing with the press. People just don't seem to accept that I was working in IT in Iraq, they assume that I must have been working in military intelligence or something similiar.

Yeah I can imagine. I guess they just want a better story than you being IT. Their audience would probably be more interested in reading about an intelligence officer being held hostage for that long than someone in IT. But I still think your story is amazing no matter where you worked when you were captured.

Has a lot of the press gone away by now or are you still getting a lot of their attention?

It had gone away, but the inquest into the death of the last guard is taking place on November 26th and I suspect my apparent intelligence connections will be raised again.

Also Iraq has just release a Hezbollah guy called Daqduq who was captured along with the Khazali brothers back in 2007. He was an advisor sent by Hezbollah to train militias in Iraq

Yeah. I'm sure no matter how much you deny it or have proof otherwise there are always going to be people who aren't going to believe you because you're trying to "cover it up" or something.

What does an inquest like that entail? (if you know)

Just read a couple articles about Daqduq. What do you think will happen with him now? It seems like he's disappeared from what I can tell. Do you think that the Iraqis denial of the US request to extradite him is a play to show how little power that they have over there now?

Sorry for all the questions. I am really quite fascinated by all of this.

An inquest is a British legal requirement for anyone killed in unknown circumstances. The idea is to establish how and when the person died. The inquest will then rule as to if they died illegally. I anticipate that this guard was executed so it will be ruled an unlawful death.

I think as long as Daqduq stays in Lebanon then nothing will happen to him. I am surprised the US handed him over to the Iraqis - I would have thought they would have took him to one of their military prisons other than Guantanamo. If he leaves Lebanon (other than to Iran) then I suspect he will be arrested and deported.

I think that Iran now has a greater influence in Iraq than the USA, and some of the militias that Daqduq was helping are now part of the Iraqi government, so I think that it was not in Iraqs interest to prosecute. Also, it would appear that most of the evidence was collected by the American military when he was in military prison and, according to the press, that evidence is not addmissible in the Iraqi courts

Hmm.. That's all really interesting. I'm interested in seeing how it will all pan out. If he decides to be smart and stay where he's at or if he makes a mistake and gets arrested..

Alright, one more question then I'll leave you alone. How would you say all this changed your perspective on life?

Two major changes:

  1. Risk perception - What I thought was risky before (e.g walking in a bad area at night), I now think it is no risk.

  2. Work ethic - I used to work all the time, now I just try to work for a few months and travel the rest of the time

Thanks for the questions

Ahh makes sense. I'm trying to do the second one myself right now. Today is actually my last day on the job then I'm just finishing off this semester of school and It's traveling time.

Thanks for all your answers.

Here's some new news about Daqduq:

All I can say is that I take off every single hat I own to you sir! Best wishes to you.

Hi, thanks

Were there any nice guards? And, were there any rude ones?

The ones in e final year were ok, but the ones in the first six months were a bit nasty

I apologize for lady gaga.

No problem

Holy crap you`re on!

I just read through (most) of this entire thread... and I've never been so interested / obsessed / emotion about ANYTHING in my entire life.

Again, please write a book. This story needs to be everywhere. Hell, a movie could probably get made about this if you wanted.

One thing I noticed was that when you were released, you said that you went to the families of the guards.

What did you say to them?

Did it help?

Were they glad to see you? Or sad because you brought up past feelings that they began to move on from (assuming it was a good year or two after the death of the last guard)

Why the fuck has the President NOT shaken your hand yet? A captive living like this for nearly THREE YEARS deserves the highest medal available, even if you are only a citizen.

I always said that i would not discuss the contact of the meetings with the families but basically they wanted to know what we talked about.

Did it help? - I don't really know but hopefully it gave them a bit of closer in some way

Not sure they were exactly 'glad' to see me but they were not hostile to me

I'm just reading your AMA after your post on /r/talesfromtechsupport.
You should definitely come see us in /r/motorcycles and talk about your journey through the sates!

Will check it out. I have just hit Tennessee which is state number fifty.

I just wanted to say how amazed I am at your story, it really brings people like me back to reality, and how grateful I am to have such an easy and simple life. I think you are a role-model to everyone who has had it rough in their lives. I wish the best for you and your family and hope that you can get over what has happened to you, Sorry if I am late on this post, but I just had to leave a comment.

  1. I read all of the posts and replies and didn't see this asked, but what are you doing now for a job? And where do you live now?
  2. I read that you were blindfolded for the first year with your captives, do you mean 24/7 or just for most of the day?

Thank you for doing this, and hope you can enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.


thanks for comments. In answer to your questions:

  1. Right now I am currently in the USA. I have just spent the last eight months riding a motorcycle around 50 states of the USA. I intend to start working back in IT overseas in March, it will either be in the Caribbean or Africa.

  2. The blindfold was removed to go to the bathroom and to eat meals, so it was on most of the time but not constantly. We had to sleep blindfolded and handcuffed

Following the laws of Islam and Christianity you get the same punishment

its just that Islam goes thru with it threats (actually practices its religion correctly)

I don't think that killing people for not following the religion is inline with Islam. It's certainly not in the Quran.

its made pretty clear in the Hadiths.

Wikipedia says - "Hadith are regarded by traditional Islamic schools of jurisprudence as important tools for understanding the Quran and in matters of jurisprudence."

So..... How does that give someone the justification to kill someone who does not believe?

well im guessing they believe that god gives them the power.

and that's there justification to kill if that is what god wants

But it does not say that in the Quran. Sunni basically take the path that they can do what they want and if god does not what them to do it then god will stop them for doing the action.

Shia say that god presents many choices and leaves it up to the human to decide which one is the right choice to take.

None of those philosophies say that it is ok to kill people for not following Islam.

im fine with Islam as long as they dont follow the Hadiths

there not really the quaran they were written by people after Muhammed unless im mistake and im pretty sure im right in saying the guys who wrote it were the same ones that destroyed the Muslim scientific empire during the dark ages

Yeah, that sounds about right. Its all down to people interpreting it in different ways

That is seriously crazy. Where did the psych get his degree, walmart?

Times a healer. I think they just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to kill anyone (or myself)

I'm pretty sure if they knew you had severe PTSD then they would have kept you in medical care. These flashbacks could have caused you to have the same feelings as when you wanted to hang yourself in the chains. I recommend you see another psychologist or psychiatrist to really make sure you don't go crazy. You don't want to go down in history as the retired veteran that shot up his apartment/mall

Its a good point, as I am not seeing anyone now.

What was the first thing you did when you came back to America?

Well, I am British so I was sent back to the UK. The very first thing was that I was sent to a government safe house where I went into 20 odd days of debrief. To be honest it still felt like I was a hostage. I also met up with my step-parents and I telephoned some friends.

Following the debrief I returned back to Guyana in south America which were I had been working before Iraq.

I eventually went to the USA in March of 2012 and I spent a year motorcycling around the USA visiting all 50 states. I am currently in the UK and will be returning to Guyana in a couple of weeks or so

What did you get promoted too? Do you ever joke about that?

When I was first employed I was a database developer, by the time I was released I was a senior consultant. Although I never actually worked out what I was supposed to be a consultant off :-)

As you can see I do joke about it

Are you still traveling the states?

finished in April 2013, but will be heading back there as I am returning to Guyana shortly.

That Iraqi minister must have had some balls.

His name is Sami al-Askari, he had some connection to the militia leader who was exchanged for me


There going ok. I am back working in IT overseas and will be heading back to Guyana shortly.


Some people have said that, I don't feel particularly inspirational I have to say, but, I would like to think that my story, and in particular this reddit, may help people in someway

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Peter Moore conducted on Reddit on 2012-10-26. The Reddit AMA can be found here.