Matthew Lillard

May 30, 2012

I'm Matthew Lillard. Stu from Scream, Shaggy in Scooby Doo, and most importantly Steveo in SLC PUNK!. I now direct, who woulda guessed? AMA

I'm Matthew Lillard, I'm an actor and I'm sorta, semi-famous. I've been in lots of movies, some of em good, most of em bad. I have many children, a dog named Rocket who got run over on my birthday and a wife who hates it when I talk dirty on Twitter. I also can't spell. I wanna tell you about FAT KID RULES THE WORLD... a movie I directed… it's rad.

Come and get some…AMA!

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EDIT: i'm out. My fingers are bleeding. Support. Love. Thank you for reading my blithers... If we make it, I'll be back with a VENGEANCE! Keep up with the fatness on Twitter @matthewlillard and @FatKidMovie

[No question]

I'm here. bring the noise. i can't spell. sometimes I cuss. I'm naked as i type this.

You need to post pics of said nakedness for science. That's how we roll around here.

that's funny. Pictures of nakedness are not permitted. But i'll draw you something sick.

How much weed do you actually smoke? Or do you have "Jim Bruer Syndrome"?

never smoke weed... but I love herion.

I had the biggest crush on you when I was sixteen. Thanks for doing this!

what I'm ugly now? I blast clooney's wife for Christ's sake!
I'm a piece of ass....

I believe this calls for a celebration! THE NO PANTS PARTY! insert trance music with pelvic thrusting here


Matthew, Stu's motive couldn't just have been peer pressure, I'm sure Wes pulled you aside and told you Stu Macher was in fact the puppet master, right?

crazy story, i was suppose to do SCREAM 3. I was in jail running some kids to kill people at school and right before production started Colombine blew up... movie script out the window.

OP will surely deliver.

what is an OP?

never trust anything from someone named "GoodGuyAnusDestroyer"

I haven't laughed that hard in a LOOONG time. GGANUSD. shit. funny.

As much as Heroin Bob? :-P

he was straight edge.


YOU are a suck up.... I love it.

No need to hide your excitement! COME! Dance the dance of my people with me!

yuck. Put your pants back on.

Spandex? I hear its a privilege. Not a right

hilarious line. Maybe my favorite ever.

Thanks for not saying fag

wouldn't. I love gay.

I have a friend that works at leverage. apparently you took a picture in your undies that is making the rounds through the office because you are so endowed down there. so my question is... congratulations?

I never took a picture in my undies.... it was video.

I never took a picture in my undies.... it was video.

(and that was a joke)

Oh Man, I was gonna say something about this line but I figured it would never be seen. That is one of my all time favorite lines. Was it written that way? You played it off so well.

improved. me. Totally.

Fuck that. Mr Lillard you are still my only cetebrity crush. Never thought I'd be able to say that to you. Rad!

I have now recieved this news and will hold onto it till i die!

You absolutely rocked in Hackers. Do you still keep in contact with any of your co-stars from the film?

THey're all famous, like really famous, I'm not as famous. We don't roll in the same circles. THe good news is I like them all and I think they like me. When we do see each other it's love.


I think it's crazy how this movie has fully come on lately as a classic in the cyber/geek world.

I always wondered what Lord Nikon was up to these days.

me too. someone find out.

He did the Shield and then Prison Break, most recently was Earl in The Lincoln Lawyer. Now Phreak on the other hand went on to Ramon in Con Air.

and then disappeared. He was also in that tunnel crashing/stallone film.

This. When I read "and most importantly Steveo in SLC PUNK!" I felt you missed the mark on the most importantly. Hackers was and still is an amazing film.

Do you feel like that role is kind of who you are normally? A bit quirky and what not. You seem to play that well.

Just to let you know, I will watch a film just because you're in it. Loved without a paddle.

i'm that guy in terms of energy. but I never braid my hair.

If you still keep in touch with Linda Cardellini, tell her that she needs to play more hot, smart female roles because I say so.

yes. I love her. she plays HOT DOG WATER on MYSTERY INC. the new Scooby Doo series.

Only to find out that you forgot to invalidate memcache and cassandra and by the time anyone sees your modifications to postgres reddit will have moved on.

you're too deep. Pull out.

Did you shag her scooby poo hole


[No question]

I'm still trying to figure this out. Do I just track down and start answering questions?

Pretty much. Just answer whatever you feel like, as long as you don't repeat Woody Harrelson's mistake.

shit... what was it? did i do it already? I did didn't I....

When they schedule AMAs I think the mods should kinda key them in a bit on what happened there, how the website works and to just have fun. I believe someone made celeb AMA guidelines somewhere.

Edit: Spelling

they don't. My buddy Jordan told me a bit... that's it.

Dude, if you keep ASKING questions you'll never get the fuck out of here.

i'm here forever and ever... you don't scare me

You definitely aren't doing it. He refused to answer any question that didn't pertain to his latest project. You're taking the time to answer replies of replies of replies and posting honest shit while tactfully promoting your latest project. You, sir, are doing it right.

thanks. I'm trying. God I'm trying...

Tell Joran I'm stealing his name for my D&D campaign.

i play. I like you best of all trentlott. (but wait... i sorta hate you screen name)

well thanks again for doing this. much appreciated. Definitely gonna watch Fat Kid Rules The World

Please do. it's rad.

What's your favorite class?

I run a Dwarf thief/MU named Beadle.
He's rad.

Hey man, thanks for doing this.

I always thought that Thirteen Ghosts was a great horror movie - the ghosts were all really well done, the production value was great and you probably did the best acting job out of the bunch. Yet, it didn't get great reviews and didn't make a lot of money.

As an actor, how do you deal with the "aftermath" so to speak of a film like that? I know you probably think it's a lot better than the reception it got - but do you feel the need to try and defend it, or do you just say "hey, I did my best" and move on?

Great question. You live with it. You own it best you can. I know that DUNGEON SIEGE sucked but you try and love it for what it is. It's like your kid... ya know? You really hold on to the positive.

I just wanted to piggyback this comment to say that I loved Thirteen Ghosts. I watched that movie about 100 times in one summer. Also helped that Matthew Lillard is super fine.

I think watching that movie 100 times qualifies you for a big ass award!

Best actor by far but the Jackal was amazing too, and I loved that the DVD gave backstory and all of the ghosts.

You also had the best death scene but I dont know if it is a compliment to say "Hey man, you are pretty amazing at dying."

The funny thing is that the big african american ghost dude disappeared in the middle of the shoot and they brought in another big arfican american ghost dude. different dudes

I love that you type how you talk. It's epic.

i'm a better speller when I talk....

I enjoyed Dungeon Siege, I totally forgot that you were in it... oops. I might have to dig that out when I get home tonight!

Edit: Ray Liotta was fricking creepy in that movie.

Liotta in leather pants and a king with a face that didn't move. That movie sucks.
I love Uwe Boll. and the cast. But it's a movie fail.

I bet it's tough to read bad reviews of things you've done. haha personally I couldn't be as chill about it as you are! It's got to be refreshing though to do something like this and hear from people who appreciate your work. Thanks for answering and good luck on your directing career.

you take the good and the bad... take em both and there you have... the facts of life.

Don't get high off the hype, don't get low with the blows. (may be the lamest thing I'll type all day)

Whoa, I enjoyed that movie. Hell last Monday I was on the couch hung over watching you try and shoot arrows through Burt Reynolds' chest. It may have taken five tries, but YOU EFFIN' GOT HIM!

he's slow. and old. and his face is hard.

I should do HUNGER GAMES.

When you are doing interviews and have to talk about those movies, do you roll with the punches, or talk about its virtues or flat out lie about it?

I heard Edward Norton simply refuses to talk about movies he has done that he doesn't like. Is this a common practice at all?

Norton is just ignoring the work... that's believing he's better then the movie. I don't agree with that at all. Own what you did.

I am a graphic designer. I do work that I think is just fckin amazing...and then you get the clients that have no idea what is suppose to be what in a design the hire me for. The end product ends up being a total sht pile. They love it. Go figure. There are those that love sht piles. One person's sht pile is another person's treasure. I never usually agree with "critics" because they are just so...uhh CRITICAL. I loved all of your movies and always had a crush on you from Scooby-Doo! :D Keep on making movies! fist bump

i think if you ask people to critically think, they're programed to be critical. In school we're rewarded to craft new and interesting opinions... it's shallow to say "I loved it".

But again, for everyone that hates something, theres someone who loves it.

EVeryone passed on distribtuting FAT KID RULES THE WORLD but if you ask anyone who saw it... or mostly anyone, there's real passion for the movie. people Love it. REALLY love it. Emotionally... yet Hollywood passed.

There's no counting for taste.

Haha I know. When I first saw it I had no idea what it meant. It's one of my favorites now.

I just had to re read that shit. I'm not that smart.

I personally would like to see people compete for a "big-ass award".

That's hot.

Also do you still skate at all? I remember Sk8 tv was one of my favorite shows on TV and loved watching you rip a bowl!!!

i never ripped the bowl bro. I was hired to be the white kid and make the parents feel safe around the dangerous world of "skateboarding".

Why can't you say big black ghost?

because that's not PC and I'm totally fuckin' PC.

Yeah, I'm sure if Matthew read the headline in Louis CK's AMA, he might get a few ideas about distribution.

::subtle cough::

I just hit that link and lost this thread... I just got back. That's bad. right? I have to promote my film so does he. I do have an agenda, that's not wrong or un-reddit is it? shouldn't be.

Agreed. There are indie movies out there and cult classics that were not held up well when they first came out. I mean...SHIT! Look at freaking Office Space! It was considered a flop in theaters sales and critics, it is now an infamous cult classic. Same with Fight Club and Citizen Kane for the love of the Flying Spaghetti monster and his noodlieness! I think there is no counting on the critics, but your fans...we are here and we are always happy to watch your movies over and over again! Still love the line, "Feeling a little whoozy over here!" I say it all the time and always see you in my mind! fist bump


I seem to remember Matthew was on Letterman or another late night talk show and advised people "Don't go see it" regarding 13 ghosts.

never worked there again. my bad.

Do you watch your own movies?

only when I have a fever.


I loved SLC Punk. I hadn't watched it until recently, but the part where Bob dies actually got to me.

I'm glad to hear you're directing, but I wish you were in more movies. I think you're a funny guy.

shit. tell everyone you know! I need more work!
and if you like that movie... I really think you'll dig FAT KID RULES THE WORLD. True story.

Every time I watch SLC Punk I get misty at that scene. Every single time.

It's the proudest moment of my acting career. We shot that scene before lunch and I had nothing. Everyone went away, I stayed in that little room and worked myself into a frenzy... when it was time to start after lunch I was ready to loose my shit.

Only posers die, Bob!

Brutal scene.

improved line.
everyone behind the monitor was crying...

fucking spoilers god damn


rosebud is the sled in the beginning.


Not really, its showing consideration for people who havent had a chance to see a movie that has things in it that can be spoiled. The Game of Thrones books started in 1991, Its been over 20 years but im not going to spoil them for anyone.

It's a spoiled, lazy, self-centered mindset

Not taking anyone else into consideration is exactly this really isnt it.

The movie is awesome, I wouldn't worry about it being spoiled now, it will hold it's own.

but that whole passage of fruity-ness was awesome. Thank you for making me laugh out loud.

If you watch it with commentary on, James Merendino (Director) and Michael A. Goorjian (Bob) start making fun of Matt for the giant vein bulging on his forehead during that scene. I thought it was a funny contrast to the otherwise extremely emotional scene.

That giant vein ruined my career.

Now that I'm getting old and fat it's harder to see and I expect to be hugely famous any day now.

That giant vein ruined my career.

Now that I'm getting old and fat it's harder to see and I expect to be hugely famous any day now.

I forgot sarcasm doesn't work on Al Gore's interweb....

The one fucking book I randomly picked up at a library almost a decade ago and fucking loved the absolute hell out of, which is sitting within 5 feet of me pretty much at all times, is now a movie thanks to you?

Well, looks like I need to sell my body to help fund the Kickstarter.

don't sell your body. Just parts. You totally don't need BOTH kidneys.

and thank you for the help... you know the impact of that book. The movie has the same love and commitment of telling the story of someone lost.

Matthew - I thought you did a great job on the descendants, also I just watched wicker park yesterday, just saying.

How much of a misconception is there about wealth in Hollywood, not that I want to know how much money you have, but more that a person in your position as you say semi famous (dude everyone knows who you are, you were in scream for fucks sake, and hackers) but I think that people assume if they recognize someone from a movie that they must have millions of dollars, so how difficult is it to manage money in between movies while also having to stay out of the public per se (I mean you can't just go get an apartment on la cienega, you'd get bothered all day) so does that have an effect on rules you choose where you may even take a role in something that you feel is subpar just because you have bills to pay? Also is clooney is cool as very one says he is? Any interesting stories from the set?

Thanks for doing this man!!

you have tons of stuff here. I love Wicker Park everyone in that movie is beautiful and we had a blast shooting in Montreal.

Ohhh my GOD... being an actor is terrible for money. Yes I've made a lot at time in my past, but the truth is that version of Hollywood is LONG gone. Hollywood use to be run by artist and people who loved artist... people who wanted to make movies for all the right reasons. For the love. the Art. To tell stories. YEs to make money as well, but it was about both. NOW i feel, it's mostly about bottom line and making money. Supply and demand dictates you pay what the market dictates... how much do you have to pay someone to be in a George Clooney/Alexander Payne film? NOTHING!! Because everyone in the world wants to be a part of it. Therefore you pay nothing. And that continues until you become something they need... I'm not that kind of actor. I'm blue collar and very replaceable.

tirade. sorry. hot button topic. I need a job because I need to make money to feed my family. Just like everyone else. Yes I can hit a home run at some point... but that's yet to happen for me.

Clooney is the best.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhaaaaaaaa. THAT'S HILARIOUS. I swear on my daughters eyeballs... that's not even close. How much do you think I made on DESCENDANTS?

I'm also curious about this answer. There's going to be a range of how wealthy certain actors are, and it would depend on how well they manage their wealth as well. It's possible to be filthy rich, but mismanage your money so badly you eventually end up working at McDonald's or something. I think we have this label of 'rich' or 'not rich', it's not going to be binary like that.

sure. Look at athletes. Totally applies.
I'm glad I have a wife that is the Ying to my Yang... she is conserative, I'm a loon.

This is obviously subjective, but I think you're underestimating your... draw? Any movie you're in, I'm willing to watch or at least give it a shot, even if it would otherwise be 'meh' for me. My SO feels the same, and I'd bet we're not alone. You've got a distinct presence, not replaceable at all.

thanks. but studio's don't agree. They're way more keen to give things to people with great Abs. My abs suck.

If you believe in me, what I do... you'll love FAT KID. I swear on it.

I love that this is such a genuine reply. This sounds silly to say, but thank you for just being yourself in this AMA!

totally. who else would I be?

I'm not fake. I'm me. I don't get people who are like that on things like this... why fake me? Makes no sense.

My guess: An authographed head shot of clooney, a hotel room, and some kraft service.

It would be worth it.

“The amount of days you work, as a successful actor, isn’t very many and if you’re doing a movie like this, you get less than a union teacher — well, maybe not less,” he says. “It’s 1,600 dollars for five days a week, and then you have to pay taxes on top of that, plus 10 percent to management and 10 percent to an agent, so 1,600 dollars for a week isn’t that much money.”

that's from an interview he did about getting paid less than 2,000 a week for being a part of the Descendants

winner, winner, winner.

true story. I have three kids and a moderate size house.
I do what I love, I'm proud of my life, i wouldn't change it... but I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination.

I wouldn't mind to get that much per month....

it's a week of work. The only week of filming I did that entire year. $1600. for the year...

I think that site is a guess on all your known assets and earnings. Assuming you got a typical LA home, how much you've made, etc.

But tell the truth, you're pushing some Spielberg bling, right? Scream is on TV every freaking weekend. They back up a dump truck full of $100 bills every showing for residuals right?

declining scale. this thread is making me sad.. I'm off to find someone asking me about my sex life....

What's the most shameless - but actually awesome - way you used your fame?

I very rarely wait for a table. I have a perfect amount of fame... Not hassled, rarely wait.

My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.

that's awesome. what's your stripper name?

Something like the ability to unlock any door with your mind, or chill any beverage with merely a light touch. Not likely to save any lives, but certainly useful on a regular basis.

hilarious. I want both powers.

I have to wait for tables, but I make up for this by using handicap bathroom stalls even though I'm able-bodied. It makes me feel like a celebrity.

so wrong. Use the "family bathroom" instead. It already smells like poop...

SLC Punk was a huge part of my high-school years and remains one of my favorite movies. What is your opinion on the current state of punk music today?

I don't follow that scene and would be a poser if I tried to answer. I will say if you dig punk rock music, check out FAT KID.

I'd assume he listens to some at least, considering he did FAT KID RULES THE WORLD

I did the film because the story... not the music.
I fucking love the energy...

Did you know anything about the Mormon religion before this movie?

I dated a girl in high school and thought we were going to get married... she was mormon and her mom told me it wasn't really going to be a long term relationship. N.M. (i edited the name... some people told me to. I'm such a rookie)... Tustin. I loved that Mormon!

Is there going to be a UK release at all, or will it just be in the US? It looks like a fantastic film, and you seem like a really cool guy (I don't know much about your acting, because all I've seen of you is your role in Scooby-doo) so I'd be really interested in supporting it. Either way, I'm definitely considering contributing on Kickstarter.

Thanks for doing this AMA; it's very interesting reading.

Edit: I accidentally a word.

I wanna make out with you hard. Where are you in the UK... I'm coming to get ya!

Is there going to be a UK release at all, or will it just be in the US? It looks like a fantastic film, and you seem like a really cool guy (I don't know much about your acting, because all I've seen of you is your role in Scooby-doo) so I'd be really interested in supporting it. Either way, I'm definitely considering contributing on Kickstarter.

Thanks for doing this AMA; it's very interesting reading.

Edit: I accidentally a word.

I wanna make out with you hard. Where are you in the UK... I'm coming to get ya!

I wanna make out with you hard. Where are you in the UK... I'm coming to get ya!

So serious I posted it twice.

Can you handle 11 kids? And donating 10% of your TWO MILLIONS dollars!!

funny. No.

You might want to redact that name. There are nutballs on reddit at times.

I'm such a rookie. done.

if you support Fat Kid's kickstarter, then it will get released in select theaters by the end of the summer :)

I love loampham... what he said. If you guys support it, it will happen.

Why don't you go the Louie C.K. route and just sell the video digitally online yourself?

I didn't know people would care... I'm SHOCKED to see how many people are here. It's bananas.

How's the transition from acting to directing? Also, what made you choose to start out directing with Fat Kid Rules the World?

Love your stuff!

For me it's about someone lost in the world and I was that kid. My high school life was miserable. Totally lost.

It's based on a great book by KL GOING and I was asked to do the book on tape. 20 pages in I was crying becasue I was so moved and I optioned the rights. It took 9 years but I finally got it made. finally. And it's fucking awesome. I promise... we've played through the roof and I'm thrilled it's getting out into the world. check it out. check it out. Help our kickstarter.

Also, as a prior fat kid, thanks for making this adaption. I read the book when I was a fat kid and found it awesome. Looking forward to the movie.

it's epic huh? I loved the book and it meant the world to me, seeing me in a book... The only way the movie gets out there is if we hit our goal on Kickstarter. check it out... this is me pushing my shit... sorry I have to it's my love.

it's epic huh? I loved the book and it meant the world to me, seeing me in a book... The only way the movie gets out there is if we hit our goal on Kickstarter. check it out... this is me pushing my shit... sorry I have to it's my love.

do you hate me for that?

Contributing to the discussion and casually promoting your work without throwing it in everyone's face in every comment. I like the cut of your jib.

thanks sailor. I'm trying to be cool... and funny and worth wasting you valuable time on. I just had to eat but I'm back... there's a lot to get too... shit.

That audio book was amazing. You are one of my favorite audio book narrators. Do you plan on doing anymore?

hardest job of my life. NO. I can't read that slow and I have a mushy mouth.

Just watched the trailer, looks pretty fucking awesome!

really? cool huh. I'm tellin''s the center of my universe right now and I'm so proud of it, it's bananas.

Hold on. They made a movie. Based on the book. I may have screamed with glee. That book is amazing!

agreed. It just so happens to be good too. <scream again> I can hear you.

This is the most sincere product stumping I've ever seen. ...I, I think I love you.

we should totally hook up for drinks and see if we can change the world together...

I saw it at SIFF and it is indeed fucking awesome. Also, you included a few songs by Butts in the soundtrack - my friends Rachel and Shannon are in the band :)

THEY ARE THE BESTEST EVER! No shit, love those songs. Everyone check out BUTTS. the band. Not the award.

I'm in this movie. I play Troy. Donate. -jacob wysocki

if you're in this movie... what is printed on the back of our crew shirt? The quote I say all the time???? Hmmmm......?


ok. just figured out what RAMPART is. poor bastard. He has no idea how ugly that legacy is.

don't worry, you are so much more classy than harrelson in this respect. I'm actually gonna check it out now.

Thank you for checking it out....and I'm actually gonna come over to your house tonight and do your dishes.

Thank you for checking it out....and I'm actually gonna come over to your house tonight and do your dishes.

(i wish I was a dude that did this thing -- :) --cause I woudda done that at the end of the last comment)

I actually didn't realize there was a kickstarter for the project until just now. What the fucking shit I almost missed out on this. This movie is something I don't mind being shamelessly pushed. Please do more of that. Donated.

I can't believe how generous everyone here is... can I come back? Can I buy a house in this REDDIT.COM world? I'm all about this. Truly. I wanna run for city council.

No, you're doing this whole thing the right way. Everyone understands it's a give and take, and both sides should get something from AMAs. You're diving deep into comments and answering openly, which is more than a lot of celebs do (only replying to top level questions). No one has a problem with relevant plugs.

i just wish someone would ask me something juicy? It's all SCREAM and 14 GHOSTS and shit... lets get down to the dirty already! AMA? hardly. I'm going to the bottom of the page... they know where it's at!

Let it be this time!!!! It's me bro. C'mon baby.

MY MAN! You are him and you, my dear friend, are amazing. WOrld! REDDIT.COM... my new tribe... Jacob Wysocki is a genius and the soul of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD. If you want to see an amazing actor in his element, if you have the notion to be moved, inspired, if you believe that the new great thing can be unlike others you've seen before... that he can look like you or me? Find Jacob Wysocki and know his work.

He. is. Brilliance.

not kidding.

Can't wait. Hope to see you do more directing if this pulls through


If you see this, Mr Lillard, each one of the points on that comment is somebody that agrees. Everybody loves you!

i had no idea... thank you for that. wow. that makes more sense.


tell her you're the man of the house and we're best friends and we're going to VEGAS together and we're gonna get drunk and gamble and maybe ride a bull or something cause we wanna and if she don't like it she can hit the road... because we're friends and friends are there for each other and nobody gets between bro's bro. Tell her that.

I feel like his performance in SLC Punk was one of the few genuinely authentic acting performances I've seen. It wasn't like watching a movie, it was like watching someone's life. That movie was amazing and positively changed my life and perspective on a lot of things when I was in my late teens.

thank you capxxv. very kind.

So since you pointed to your role in SLC Punk as the most important one, is it safe to assume that's been your favorite role to play?

If that is indeed the case, what is it that made Steveo so important to you and your career?

On a side note, I still love that movie for taking Devon Sawa and throwing him into a role that I NEVER would've expected him to play.

Because I got to carry a movie. I got to be the guy... nobody has let me do that very much... I'm always a side character and every frame of that movie is me. Or mostly every frame. I got to be heroic, funny, dramatic... it spoke to kids in a real way, made an impact of kids in a real way. It was huge for me.

You need to be the lead role in more films.

shit. tell everyone you know.

[No question]

1.4 million readers... no way. that's bullshit... right?

It's legit. Not all active or anything like that, but I'd bet at least a quarter million at any time. Your AMA will land on the front page. A front page that for sure a half million to a million people will see. Then this gets linked on twitter, facebook, blogs, news articles...

You got a big audience today man!

EDIT: and there you go, front and #1 of ALL of Reddit's millions of users and thousands (?) of communities:

I don't understand? THere's awards for this shit... Cause i'm a WINNER! I'M GONNA WIN THIS THING!!!

Please tell me I get a trophy... how do I get a trophy? Or a plaque? Can I get a plaque??

I will totally get naked for reals if I can win something cool. For reals guys.

He couldn't fuck anything up if he tried. If anything, he'd make it more awesome. Because he's Matthew fucking Lillard, and he's amazing.

Edit: I can't believe I misspelled his name. Fuck.

hahaha. shit you guys are hilarious.
I won't freak out. promise. I'm like Tom Cruise in TOP GUN bitches! WINNNNNNNING.


(that's hot)

you didnt make for a very convincing cape cod league catcher :)

edit: that is a great movie btw and you were hilarious

agreed. They had to put padding in my sliding shorts to give me an ass. I have no ass, just a really long back.

Also ruptured my scrotum on the film. Hate it when that happens...

Youre doing it! So excited to see what's going to happen! Let it be this time!

yes. yes.... yes. I love it!

aaaaand... 99% of the 1.4 million are completely anonymous. muahhahaha.

super hot.

I just saw Dax Shepard's movie Brothers Justice. Should have been named "This movie is entertaining for 20 minutes and then it will be boring as fuck."

I love those guys. Best friends I have in this business... I would kill for them. True story.

Hi Matthew, anything interesting to say about your work on The Descendants? Is George Clooney's man-charm contagious? If so, did you attempt to bottle it?

I took snippets of his hair, framed them and hung them above my bed. Each night I high five that piece of him as I make sweet love to my wife.

He's better then you can ever imagine. I heart him to death.

Does your wife find that at all strange, or is she kind of into it?

totally into it. She gazes deep into his hair the entire time. She washes the hair weekly to keep it fresh and pure.

and you even got to bang his wife in the movie.

high five!

it's not real.

but his hair is...

Also, (and I'm trying to find a non-offensive way to say this) was there ever a point where you or someone on set called bullshit on his "wife" cheating with you? No matter how neglectful the character was supposed to be, you know--Clooney on his worst day is still better than about 95% of the male population. He's just a beautiful man.

Ok, so despite that awkwardness, I still want to thank you for the countless hours of QUALITY entertainment (and hotness) you've provided me!

Not offensive at all... it's not about looks for her, it's about charm and attention and the life he brings Clooney's wife. It was my biggest fear, that I would be a joke.

That's the genius of Alexander Payne.

[No question]


Who the Hell is working?

Ps... if you like me at ALL? If you love punk rock! If you didn't fit into the "normal high school bullshit world..." Check this out and love it HARD!

If everyone gave a dollar... the movie would help save lives. True. Story.

I'm "working"... (minimizing Reddit when my supervisor walks by)

I just donated 5 dollars to your kickstarter!

You're awesome, by the way.

thank you. and thank you.

I think most of us can pitch in five bucks. Only a few weeks left. I kinda want the 7 inch vinyl though.

tell your friends! We need help. Desperately.

Seriously, if you hung out on Reddit we would have your lovechild. That's sorta how it works.

i'm ovulating. Lets do this shit.

iTunes says my play count on Without a Paddle is 67. Holy fuck. What happened to my life!?

wow. you win. You also need a new hobby.

How young are you people?! Scream was an amazing movie and no one has even mentioned it. You were great in that, first thing I ever saw you in. Your acting style is just ridiculous and can go so many directions. Oh yah and you're hilarious. Be my friend.

i'm now your best friend. forever. we should get tatoo's of each others face.


hackers. Because you said please.

What does Courteney Cox smell like

like angel farts.

in 4chan land, OP is always a fag, hence Empw was thanking Kylebrowning for actually telling you the actual meaning of OP, instead of the internet lingo hate-version. Don't worry, we don't think you're a homophobe. you know about 4chan? 0_0

Your Russian and your language didn't translate there... WTF?

Wow, I can't believe you replied to that! This is the first time I've ever had an reply in an AMA.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your awesome films and has many people have pointed out Hackers is amazing. It is one of my all time favorite movies. I really connect with your character -> see ADHD. Haha.

Thanks for all your hard work, and I'll be sure to check out your new movie!!


two reply's in one day... you're hot Poppi, get to VEGAS

Hey Matt, loved you in Scream. I heard that Scooby-Doo was originally scripted and shot as a much more adult-oriented movie, but then got edited to be more family friendly. If that's true, any chance you could give some details on the stuff that got cut out?

gladly answer. It was after the heat of SHREK and the studio was all for a above the kids head line of comedy... they brought in James Gunn (SUPER? SLITHER? He's the best ever, love him) and he delivered that version of the script. Yes to all the things you think it is. Smokey van. Velma eyeballing Daphne. Fred being gay because of the ascot. When we tested the parents flipped their lids and Warners got scarred. Its' one of the crown jewels in their library and couldn't risk a back lash.
also the demons were really scarry... they were softened.

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I'm here 3 hours... I can't feel my fingers and I have to eat... how long do I stay?

I need to say stuff about FAT KID and I'm just banging around being funny. SHIT! You guys... I need help. Please. I swear you'll be happy you supported this's awesome.

Our king.

who is your king? (if I hit that link, it'll take me forever to get back down this far.)

[No question]

i'm out. My fingers are bleeding.
Support. Love. Thank you for reading my blithers... If we make it, I'll be back with a VENGEANCE!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Matthew Lillard conducted on Reddit on 2012-05-30. The Reddit AMA can be found here.