Marques Brownlee

November 18, 2014

I'm Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) and I make tech videos on YouTube. AMA!

I review things. I explain things. I talk about things. Anything with an on button is game. You can check out what I do here:

I’m also a business student & Ultimate frisbee player.

My Nexus 6 review just went live, and I answered a LOT of questions over on r/Android.

Here I'll answer questions about YouTube, tech, or anything else!

I’ll try to be here all day. Because Reddit is more important than class... right? <- Proof

Update: That... was a LOT of questions. I answered a few hundred today - hope it was fun! See you around the internet.

Hi Marques!

You started out reviewing things you happened to have or you bought for yourself. How and when did you decide to buy something just (or especially) to review it? How did your parents react to that, assuming you were still pretty young?

The thing is - I didn't start out going out of my way to buy things to review. I bought things that I was going to use anyway, then decided to do a review on them after the fact.

It started with a laptop that I bought. I bought it for myself for school, then made about 40 videos on it!

What computer do you use now?

8-core Mac Pro.

Honest question, why would he need to do that?

Adobe Premiere with 6K Raw files LOVES RAM. After Effects LOVES RAM.

What is the video you are most proud of?

Ooh, tough call. There are a few special ones, but I think the relatively "not-so-special" RX100 MKIII review ( is tops because it's the first video I shot with my current camera, and I got a lot of interesting shots, and I think it unlocked a lot of creative stuff that I've been trying in videos since.

In terms of pure visuals? iPhone 6 Plus Review:

Your perfect phone video looked cool!

That was a lot of fun! Props to The Verge for the awesome animation work that really made the whole video. I'll be doing more stuff like that (I suck at animation) with them when we get the chance.

Would camera did you use before your C 100?

Canon's 5D MKIII Canon 60D Canon t2i Sanyo Xacti CG10 HP Pavilion dv7t webcam

Hey man, love your videos. You continue to be one of the more unbiased reviewers out there today, and countless people thank you for it.

I have a couple questions, feel free to answer any/all:

Thanks again for the AMA, and keep doing what you're doing!

/r/android says hi!

Glad you've enjoyed the videos!

Have you ever met Matias in real life?

Edit: Senpai noticed me!

Nope, but he seems like a pretty chill guy. Dat wardrobe doe.

Hey, Marques! I’m a huge fan of your videos, you’ve definetly got some of the best tech reviews out there. Every product I’ve purchased after one of your reviews has more than lived up to expectation, so thanks for that.

I’m curious to know what your plans or expectations are once you graduate college. With your current position you no doubt have a few more open doors than most college grads, so I guess this is kind of a “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question. On a related note, what is the state of MKBHD in five years? Will it always be just you, or will you expand?

That's awesome! Graduating will only open up more time for me to make videos & talk tech. I have 3 papers due in the next week, and I'm not even close to done with any of them.

I get asked a lot if I'll "expand" or bring in more people, and that's a tricky thing to change. I enjoy doing everything now, but there's a pretty good chance I won't be able to keep up with everything I want to cover forever.

What do you usually keep in your backpack?

My laptop, 1 5-subject notebook, a couple folders and my Jaybird Bluebuds.

What laptop do you use?

13" Retina Macbook Pro

Hello Marques, really fond of your work. From your twitter account, “Fun fact: I've never accepted money to alter any video I've ever made in any way.”.

Can you name some companies that did offer you money? Is that common?

I won't name any, but yeah it happens all the time. Check out almost any other channel doing videos consistently. There's always sponsorships, interruptions, ad-reads, etc.

I don't do those because I'm not a fan of watching them. My #1 goal is to make videos that I'd want to watch.

Ever been addicted to a game? Also LOVE your videos man. Keep up the fantastic work. (This is the first time I'm early in an AMA omg)

I am absolutely addicted to NBA 2K15.

What's your myteam like on NBA 2K14/15

I replaced CP3 as starting PG for clippers. Moved him to starting 2 guard. Jamal Crawford at 3, Blake and Deandre at 4 and 5. We're killin it haha

Do you plan to stick with mainly phones and accessories or do you have any other fields you'd like to get into?

Anything with an on button is game.

Nice. I'm excited for your TV remote reviews.

Heck yes.

Build quality: C+ Feel in the hand: A Button layout: B Ecosystem: A

Overall: B+ would recommend.

Hey, how's your hand? is it better now? does it affect the way you make videos?

anyway, what's your initial impression of the Nokia N1, would you be doing a video about it?

Love your videos!

The hand is healing fast! It no longer affects making videos (thank gawd I don't have to edit lefty anymore) but I'm still strengthening and doing physical therapy every week.

Nokia N1 looks ... interesting. I'll definitely try to get my hands on it.

What happened to his hand?

Broken 3rd metacrapal a few weeks ago. Surgery went well :D

His hands are fucking huge lol, when he holds an iphone6+ or a note 4 it looks completely normal in his hands. But when I hold a 4,7 inch phone it's almost the same as Marques holding a 5,5 one.

Here, I'll just leave this here:

Hey Marques!

What do you think about the Z3 compact? I kind of want to get a decent phone that'll fit in my pocket, but is a decent phone. Should I keep on looking for something in the Sony line or is there anything better available from LG/Samsung/ etc?

Z3 Compact is definitely the best compact phone of 2014. I've had one for more than a month, but there are so many videos I could upload RIGHT NOW and be on time with. That review is one of them. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it more soon!

What is your favorite spread to put on bread?


Do you have bae??

My camera counts, right?

How much do you think your whole setup (cameras, software, phones, etc.) is worth alltogether?

Oh geez I probably couldn't put a value on it. You can try to tally it if you want? :o

Here's my attempt:

4-Bank of Lights (Fluorescent) x2: $500
Canon C100.......................: $4,375
Panasonic GH4....................: $1,999
13-inch Retina Macbook Pro.......: $1,899
Epson Artisan 730 Printer........: $375
Nexus 10 Tablet..................: $349
Sony RX100 Camera................: $410
Manfroto Monopod.................: $75
Manfroto 504HD with Tripod.......: $750
Manfroto 502HD x2................: $380
iFootage Shark Slider............: $730
RED Scarlett.....................: $14,000
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 x2............: $1,600
Anton Bauer Battery Pack x2......: $700
Canon 17-55mm F2.8...............: $880
Canon Tokina 11-16mm.............: $500
Canon 70-200mm F2.8..............: $1,430
Philips Hue LED x6...............: $180
BlueLounge SUMO..................: $18
Various Phones x9................: $5,400
Hi-hat Tripod....................: $280
iPad Mini 128GB..................: $660
Nexus 5 Wireless Charger.........: $50
Fuji X100S.......................: $1,200
Colorware Apple Keyboard.........: $175
Magic Trackpad...................: $75
Logitech Performance MX..........: $100
Perixx Mousepad..................: $12
OFC Express Stands...............: $100
Asus PQ321Q x2...................: $3,000
iKey-Audio M505V2 x2.............: $330
FocusRight Scarlett 2i2..........: $160
Audio-Technica ATH-M50...........: $180
Sennheiser MKH416................: $1,000
Zoom H4N.........................: $200
Mac Pro..........................: $8,099
BlueLounge Cable Box x3..........: $90
Various Battery Chargers.........: $100
Total............................: $52,361
Range (+-5% to account for error): $50,000-$55,262

I'm shooting with the RED Epic Dragon (CF) - upgraded from the Scarlet a few weeks ago. Either way, this chart is insane haha.


Make better videos. Short and sweet.

Would you see yourself on a TV review program?

Nope, I hate teleprompters and scripts.

Thanks for your great work. How will you maintain your sincerity and journalistic integrity as your popularity explodes? Have you given any thought to signing an ethics pledge?

I'll say "same way I have since the beginning." I talk about things from the perspective of the consumer - mostly because that's what I am. A guy going out and buying things and sharing that experience with the viewer. Nothing should change that, but if it ever does, I'll absolutely make it known.

Hey Marques, is there a Miss. MKBHD?

My camera?

She's a beauty.

She's blushing.

Hey Marques, I'm always wondering if you're kind of a celebrity at your university. And has your fame ever helped you to pick up a girl?

Nope haha. Internet notoriety doesn't get essays done either :/

Hey Marques! Long time fan. I was always curious, what are you planning to do with your degree after you gradute? Are you just going to continue making youtube videos and keep the degree on the side just in case?

P.S I've been uncontrollably saying "dope" ever since your collab video.

I don't have any plans with my degree when I graduate, but I know it's something I'll be glad to have in my back pocket. So yeah, more videos. But now with a degree. So dope.

What is your favourite keyboard?

Don't hurt me for this. I love my Apple keyboard. It's actually a Colorware model, so it's jet black with white letters.

I've tried mechanical keyboards (red and brown switches) but never stayed more than a few months. I just type (essays) way faster on the chicklet keys with barely any travel. Plus it's super compact and I can move it off the desk when I need to shoot a video there.

Have you tried topre switches?

Nope. Should I?

Hey, what does the "K" in MKBHD stands for? :D

My middle name :P

Have you ever been approached by Honey Nut Cheerios to advertise for them?

I wish. I actually approached General Mills last year just to give them a heads up about what was happening, and got a generic canned response.

"Thanks for using our products"


Oh my god hahaha

Are you able to support yourself and actually make a living off of your YouTube videos?

Yep. Which is awesome and blows my mind constantly. As a student, though, I don't have a lot of expenses. I buy food. I play a sport. But that's about it.

ultimate frisbee?

This may be a stupid question, but how do you get all the gadgets which you review? Do you buy them or are they sent out to you? I've never understood how it works. Your videos are great by the way!

Most of the devices that show up on video are purchased by me. Occasionally that's not realistic (or possible)... looking at you, Nexus 6... so manufacturers reach out and offer to send devices to get them on video.

Hey Marques, love your channel.

Just 2 questions: What is the phone you're currently using as your daily driver and what's your all time favorite phone?

Thanks for doing this AMA and keep up the great work.

My "daily driver" is different every week, so not sure if it counts. I have a Nexus 6 in my right pocket and a Droid Turbo (review incoming) in my left.

I was asked for my favorite phone of ALL TIME the other day, and I went with the original Moto DROID. Something about its timing, with the ad campaign and the new OS... Exciting stuff! I'll never forget that unboxing.

What car are you driving now and when are you going to get a Tesla?

Red Toyota. Red Tesla: In the works.

Do you call your car your daily driver?

I would if I drive daily.

I mostly just wanted to say thank you for the honesty, thoughtfulness and integrity.

No tech questions, it what is you long term plan? Do you see yourself doing reviews at 40? will you design tech?

Also what are you going to do with you business degree?

No problem! If I still like making reviews when I'm 40... hell yes. I've had thoughts about designing tech, but 2 things:

  1. Design is hard. I can't draw.
  2. Actually producing that tech is expensive. It's a whole 'nother ballgame.

The "Dream smartphone" stuff and concepts like that are the closest I've come to designing tech. Stuff like that is fun.

Where can we get the MKBHD accessories ? (Shirt)

Soon! Before the end of 2014.

What is your typical workout for Ultimate Frisbee? I am in amateur and looking to get better!

Legs legs legs. Leg speed. Foot speed. Cutting drills. Running laps. Squats, lunges. Vertical. Repeat.

MKBHD Reveals The Mystery of The Cheerios!:

It has something to do with his camera when he first started.

Beat me to it haha. I guess it qualifies as an "inside joke" at this point :]





Hey Marques!

Love your videos.

Was wondering, what's your favorite disc to throw?

Ultrastar. Classic. Never quite got used to the Innova, but I'm working on it.

Today you teased us with an awesome MKBHD logo shirt. Will you be selling any merchandise or apparel? When can we buy one?

Yep by the end of 2014, a bunch of new stuff like that will be revealed. Including a site. Big things coming.

I'm deeply curious, what are your thoughts on Linus Tech Tips?

Linus is the man. Met him at CES last year and we've been in touch since. He cranks out videos like no tomorrow, which is awesome.

He's the only one that makes me honestly consider the merits of having a crew or partner working alongside to make videos.


You shoot your vidoes in 4K these days.


I'm actually shooting in 6K, but yeah finishing in 4K means much larger video files. 6K raw at 8:1 compression from the RED Epic Dragon comes out to about 20MB per frame.

My Nexus 6 review, rendered out was just 8GB though.

Holy shit. How long did it take to upload and process the whole video? And also time it took to render lol

Processing takes waaaaay longer than uploading ha.

Rendering can take 2-4 hours, depending on what VFX / plugins look like for that project.

So what are you using for storage for all this? Do you keep all of your RAW footage, or just the rendered footage?

I have a 12TB Thunderbolt RAID for all the finished projects. I don't keep any of the original files.

Hey man,

I've played against you numerous times, most recently at High Tide. What's your favorite college/club tournament to attend?

Sick! I hope it was fun ha. High Tide is almost always my favorite tournament. DIII Nationals has also been awesome each year I've gone.

You seem so non-biased. So, which is it, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone?

If I can only pick one, it's stock Android 5.0.

What do you think of the newly announced Nokia N1 tablet?

Edit: MKBHD answered this question here.

Nokia N1 looks ... interesting. I'll definitely try to get my hands on it.

Interesting, to say the least. I want to get my hands on it and see what it's all about.

Hey Marques! What was the weirdest fan encounter you've had?

Alright so I went to an ultimate tournament with my college team a couple of weeks ago in another state. We're having a team dinner at some random diner we found, and I'm checking Twitter as we wait for our food.

I see a tweet that says something like "Oh, I didn't know you were on this campus. Cool." from a name I don't recognize. I assume it's someone who saw me while we were playing Ultimate. Neat. I reply that he should've said hi.

I get a reply minutes later - "didn't want to disturb you, seems like you're with a big group"

Wait what? Now? Right now? Did this person just see me?

Long story short, 5 minutes later I'm shaking hands with this dude in the diner because he saw us walking in. Not even a weird encounter, just a weird way for it to happen haha

Hey, whats up Marques, how are you doing? I have been a big fan of you and your videos. My big question is, do you het recognized in Hoboken and NYC? How about at the university/college where you study? Is your relationship with students and teachers different than before you were a big Youtube star?

Oh, and do you have a favorite dinner place in New York? I'm going there in a couple of weeks ha.

Anyway, have a great day, keep the good work up! - A fan from the Netherlands, currently living in the States.

EDIT: pastrami and rye it is!

Once in a while someone stops me and says they've watched the videos, which is pretty awesome. I also have no idea how many of my teachers have any idea what I do. I'm thinking a few of them figured it out, but I'm not sure.

Katz's Delicatessen in NYC is the bomb.

Hi MKBHD, what is your daily driver right now and why?

Nexus 6 and Droid Turbo, because I'm reviewing it.

Does your family understand the magnitude of your success/popularity? How do they feel about it and are they as passionate about tech as you?

Yep, and they're awesome and supportive of every step.

Is OVERWERK your favorite producer? :)

Top 5 for sure. In no particular order:

Wolfgang Gartner Daft Punk OVERWERK Deadmau5

[Very long question]

Damn! Alright here we go.

1: Depends on the reviewer. Some (AnandTech, for example) do an awesome job of highlight the specs and technical details of new devices in a way that I (not an engineer) never could. I love that.

2: Short answer: It's expensive and a lot of work. A lot of writers in tech are just like me - tech enthusiasts who love writing about this stuff, but don't necessarily know all the technical details of every new chip or piece of hardware. There's an awesome balance though. there are people who will read (and watch) both! I just wish the engineers made more videos.

3: Fans! Same reason a die-hard Bulls fan will swear to you that they're the best team in the NBA, and anyone who disagree sis wrong. Same mentality that convinces people that one version of software is the best that exists, and anyone who buys anything else is an idiot.

4: Design is hard! I honestly don't know the answer to this one. But whoever does should step up and make a million bucks.

5: Seems like design is getting a bigger focus, and software value-adds are making a big move. Everywhere I look, there's an ad about a sweet design or software value-add.

6: Chrome. Chrome OS has so much potential left on the table. Literally anyone on any platform can use Chrome.

1: I'm convinced Apple has been doing the core/clock speed architecture right, while other OEMS are more caught up in this core count race that isn't really going anywhere. Reminds me of the sensor size vs megapixel count race.

2: For most, the difference is negligible. Yes, some subpixel matrixes offer higher effective pixel density than others, but which consumer are going to notice?

3: Thanks ha. If I had to guess, that choice was made entirely from a financial perspective. They cut a lot of corners to meet that magical price point, and that was likely one of them.

4: I simply don't have the tools or the time. Keep in mind, my videos are coming from the perspective of someone who bought the device, used it and is giving impressions on the actual usage. Sometimes 2 different behind-the-scenes engienering decisions will yield the same user experience, in which case I won't even mention it. It may seem like I'm overlooking a technical detail or a spec change, but at the end of the day I'm mostly going to be talking about the final result, with a few exceptions.

Hope this helps!

Hey Marques! Any particular reason you didn't review the Xperia Z3?

Working with the Xperia Z3 at the moment. I mentioned before, but there are about 12 videos I could upload RIGHT NOW and be on time. That's one of them. Working on a bunch of stuff for the end of this year!

Do you ever root your phones, and what is the reasoning behind your decision?

I stopped rooting phones about a year ago, because all the things I'd root for are now included in these Android devices. Higher clock speeds, data backup, etc.

Do you still recommend the Nexus 5? And in your opinion, what's the closest phone to a Dream Smartphone?

Nexus 5 is an absolute steal right now.

Hey Marques.

I have a few questions.

  1. What degree are you currently on your way to receiving?
  2. Why that degree?
  3. What was for breakfast?
  4. How do you like your streak? It better not be well done.

1: BS.

2: I'm interested in business! Concentrations in marketing and information systems for kicks.

3: 6 waffles.

4: Medium

Do you purchase all the hardware you review?
What was the most disappointing gadget / piece of tech you have ever bought?

I know you are graduating in business. Have you heard of dogecoins? What is you opinion on digital currencies and it's promises for the tech world?

Almost all of it is purchased by me, yeah.

Most disappointing piece of tech I've ever bought? Geez. I don't remember any because I've blocked them all out of my mind haha.

I've heard of dogecoins and bitcoins and all these other virtual currencies. I haven't had a reason to use any of them yet, but I'm all ears.

How often do you get recognised walking around campus?

From people I don't know? Not very often at all, actually.

Could you explain more about your video setup? What type of camera do you use? What software do you use for editing? Is it just you shooting or do you have help?

I'm shooting with a RED Epic Dragon (CF) and 90% of the time I'm rocking the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. That glass is one of my favorite pieces of tech in a long time.

I edit with the Adobe suite - Premiere for most of the editing & coloring, and After Effects once in a while for some motion tracking or vfx.

I'm the camera man, lighting, set design... everything :]

Do you learn all of this as you go along, gradually? Or was/were there a point(s) in your life where you sat down and said, "I'm gonna up my game" ?

I think that after almost every video I upload.

$50k camera, sub $1k glass.

While sigma is huge in value I think you may benefit from a Zeiss cineprime, considering you can afford a Red camera already.

Thing is... I can't abandon zooms. Cine zooms are nice, but they're huge.

Hey MKBHD! Love your videos, I hope your success continues to skyrocket!

If YouTube didnt catch on for you, what would you be doing after school?

That's a tough question! I was thinking about it recently and I honestly have no idea. I watch so much YouTube that I can't imagine NOT making videos.

Real italian pizza bro. Step up your game :D


Hey there! Career-wise, where do you see yourself going in the next few years? Will you keep doing YouTube videos forever, or do you think you'll move towards a more traditional job once you graduate?

I'll keep making videos as long as they're fun and can get better!

Hey Marques! I love your work. I have a couple of questions for you:

Thanks for all your awesome videos! Have a nice day.

Love the OnePlus One as a phone. Hate OnePlus as a company, unfortunately. Almost makes me hesitant to recommend the phone, but it's so damn good.

I'll either sell or give away phones/devices that I don't want to hold onto anymore.

Mr. Brownlee, I'm a huge fan. I have a bunch of questions for you, so feel free to answer any or all or none of them.

  1. How's your hand healing?

  2. How do you pronounce your first name?

  3. If I happen to be up in New York and I see you walking around, is it okay to approach you and say hello? Assuming of course that you aren't filming at the time?

  4. I'm still using an HTC EVO from like 2011 and I'm looking to upgrade this holiday season. My top prospects are the note 4 and the 6 plus. I like the openess of Android, and I'm minoring in computer science, so I can appreciate the OS, but I'm having a tough time getting over the 6 plus. I just WANT it. Any advice? And given that anything on the market right now would be a huge upgrade for me, do any phones come to your mind that I should also check out?

  5. What's your plan long-term? Is YouTube going to be a thing for you for the foreseeable future? Or are you looking to get a job with some tech company and publish your reviews and such through their platforms?

Thank you sir!

My hand is healing super well. Gets better every day!


Do it!

Go with your gut! If you've watched reviews and don't see any reason not go buy something, chances are you're going to like it a lot.

More videos! I don't see YouTube disappearing anytime soon, which makes it a great place to put my videos.

Hey mkbhd. I am always wondering how you can afford to purchase all this new tech while going to school. Technology prices are rising almost as much as tuition cost. Do you work or does your channel earn enough money through advertising to pay for it all? Also! You should do a video about your ultimate! Saw you got a top 10 defensive play last year and would love to see more!

I don't have many expenses as a college student (mostly food) so I'm able to put advertising revenue right back into the production of new videos.

My college team Ultimate highlight reel from this past year:

Hey MKBHD, You are certainly well connected in the tech world; What are some of the future innovations that we could expect from the smartphone industry apart from the obvious slimmer and larger phones. And, do you think modular phones will take off?

A huge part of me hopes it's battery technology. Phones can stop getting so thin, thanks :]

I'm super pumped for modular smartphones and everything Project Ara is doing. Modular anything makes me excited.

What's your GPA? :)

3 point something ;)

does iPhone 6 normal blend?


Do you have any plans if the YouTube career ends?

The day YouTube ends is the day I start uploading my videos to... whatever is the next best thing. Vimeo?

Any tech product you would love to review, but is too expensive or pointles?


Do you also have normal shirts and not just athletic T-shirts?

Yeah, but I play ultimate way more often than I just sit around. So only a few haha

Hey. Love your videos!

I noticed a while ago that your very old videos show you golfing when you were younger. Do you still golf? What's your handicap?

Keep up the good work!

PS, please don't work for The Verge anymore. You're too good for them.

I still golf when I can! I got my handicap down to a 9 last summer.

I don't work "for" The Verge, I'm working with them on stuff that I otherwise couldn't do myself! Animation , for example: Really hard. Super time consuming. They killed it!

Where do you golf in the area? I was living in Jersey City and had to travel out to West Orange for a decent course.

Mostly Union county courses.

You tweeted that you got an email from the Beats by Dre people after the video you made about their headphones.

Are you allowed to talk about the conversation you had? Pleasant? Unpleasant? Informative? Propaganda-like?

It's been radio silence since that tweet haha

What makes you prefer OSX over Windows?

It's just UI preference at this point for me. There aren't many "must-have features" that I use on either platform, so it's just the UI I'm more used to.

I first tried it when I put together the Hackintosh Project, and have been using ever since.

Is stevens tech going to natties this year?

That's the plan.

What's preventing you from buying a Tesla? Affordability?

A place to charge it.

Hey, do you wanna build a snowman?

Hell no it better be 60 degrees next week lol

Hey there mkbhd. This will probably get buried since I'm late.

Just had a a fellow senior in college how do you find the time to get school work done and produce such great work? I am a part time wedding photographer and can't help but put my school work off sometimes to get my other (nursing) work done. Do you tend to do the same? Best of luck with the rest of the year...may is just around the corner!

Oh absolute. I'm so guilty. 3 papers due this week and final exams coming up. But I'm worried about how I'm going to get these shots in the Nexus 9 review right :P

If you had to choose only one, would you choose doing tech reviews or Ultimate Frisbee?

Nope. lol

Hey dude, dbrand here. Been intrigued by your MKBHD site for a while. Surely you can't reveal too much, so we'll keep it to something you might be able to leak.

As you imagine it right now, what would the navigation bar items be titled? Just trying to get an idea of the content types.

if you can't say, it's cool. you're still a monster.

Home. Videos. Contact. Other mystery tabs.

Can't reveal too much ;)

Hey Marques, what earphones are you currently using?

Jaybird Bluebuds X

With all of the 4K videos you shoot, how long does it take on average for you to render the video with your Mac Pro?

2-5 hours, depending on how many effects, plusgins, etc.

What's your favorite Daft Punk album?


Smart watches. Are they worth it right now, and which one is best?

Video upcoming on exactly that :]

You boys gonna make nationals this year?

That's the plan.

I've noticed (what looks like) a volleyball sitting in your closet in your videos, but you only ever talk about Ultimate. Do you play volleyball, too? I'm a huge volleyball guy, so I NEED to know haha.

I've played, but never organized or competitively.

Hey Marques. If you could be head executive director at any tech company for one year, which company would you choose and what is the one thing you'll want to introduce there?

YouTube. I'd get the ball rolling on a lot of things that I wish were happening already.

This may be a random question, but your videos are always well put together. I was curious to know how much footage doesn't get used? Do you have like gigs of unused footage from each review episode? Do you have any bloopers?

I don't keep the extra footage, but yeah they're are usually a few minutes of unused footage of stuff.

Plus all the time I'm on camera thinking of how to phrase stuff while staring off into space ha

Hey Marques! Love your videos, I wanna know what's your favorite kind of video to make? Reviews? Rumors? Tests?


Hey there! I love your videos alot and watch everyone of them. I just received the awesome facet signed by you and Justin.

Just wondering, did you sign it while you had your hand broken or did you wait to sign it? Also, how is you hand doing? Can you play frisbee properly again?

I signed then all lefty! The hand is healing super fast though, and I can play ultimate righty again.

Hi Marques. Keep up the good work. A word of advice before I ask my question: You're doing very well on your own, and a lot of tech companies are looking to add you to their roster. Most of these companies need you before you need them. Keep this in mind after you finish college, as the desire to build your resume and earn prestige might make you do a hasty decision you'll regret in the future.

As for your reviews, are you ever going to do Windows Phone 8.1? You kind of gave up reviewing Windows Phone devices after your Lumia 1520 video.

Again, keep up the great work.

Thanks for the advice. Believe me I'm thinking about this stuff all the time :]

I do plan to revisit Windows phone, since a number of changes have been made since my last review.

What kind of music do you prefer?

I'll listen to pretty much anything good, but I probably listen to more "electronic" music than anything else.

  1. What tech device do you love the most?
  2. How interesting are your boxes of Cheerios?
  3. Is it true that you have big hands?
  4. What do you think about being a heretic on r/androidcirclejerk?

I really like your videos, they seem to me pretty objective without being overly technical. Your 1+1 Revisited video was very important to me to decide buying that phone. Thanks for the AMA!

1: My camera & lens.

2: So interesting

3: No doubt haha

4:I have clearly shamed Lord Duarte

Hey Marques! Huge fan of your videos.

How did the unmistakable "Hey whatisup guys" intro become a thing?

Slow evolution, actually. I started by trying to have something to say near the beginning of every video that reminded people that I'd done other videos.

So it started with something much longer like "Hey what's up guys, Marques Brownlee here back with another HD video"

That shortened over time :]


Notification LED isn't a huge deal for me. The lack of a non-vibrate mode is a big more of a big deal to me.

I actually personally really dislike the new Calendar redesign the most of any of the new changes.

Any reason why you seem to prefer mac over PC?

Mostly UI preference at this point. I switched to see what it was like (while building a Hackintosh for a video project) and have gotten used to OSX since then.

Hey Marques! I'm watching your videos since some years now and I really like how you do it.

Do you think you will review (more) Windows Phones? I think they are too underrated.

What do you plan to do after you have graduated?

Yep I definitely plan on coming back to some Windows Phone 8.1 phones by the end of this year.

Hey Marques, what's the biggest reason you prefer android over iOS?

Google service integration; Customizable UI

Hey huge fan. Do you mess around with ROMS or do you leave your devices all stock? Thanks!

Not as much this year as I used to. A lot of the features I used to root for are now showing up in devices with no root needed!

Hey man. I remember seeing you first time when Lamarr Wilson had you on a google hangout with him. Seeing your channel that time, I would never have known you'd grow this big. But here you are, and I'm a fan. Making reviews and constantly trying to update yourself about the latest in tech, do you ever feel its getting monotonous? I remember a video in which Jonathan from TechnoBuffalo spoke about how things have started getting monotonous and its only human to feel that way. Secondly, do you plan to expand MKBHD to a company of sorts (Again, like TechnoBuffalo)? Thankyou for your videos and keep it up.

As long as tech continues to change, it keeps my interest. I think making tech videos can get monotonous if you keep making the same video over and over again. Gotta mix it up!

Hi. Have you ever been paid to promote a product? Since you are sponsored with gadgets and other pecuniary? If you do are you not bias and misleading at times? You do great work regardless.

Never once, which I think keeps everything neutral. I'm coming from the perspective of someone actually buying a product and reviewing it for what I got out of it.

Whats your major?

Business & Technology

Concentrations: Marketing & Information Systems

What's your plan after school is finished? Are you going to get a regular 9-5? Do you plan to stick with youtube as a career?

I think you have a good shot at being one of the most popular tech reviewers on youtube. Your videos are done very well.Thank you for not overusing jump cuts in your videos.

I plan to put the time saved back into making videos. A 9-5 would take waaaay too many hours away from production! Thanks for the kind words :]

How is this getting more attention than most celebrities?


Were you naturally good at explaining things so effectively or did it get better after you started on YouTube? You do excellent job explaining and displaying. Good work!

Nope, as you slowly go back in the video archive, the videos get worse and worse. So I started off with terrible videos. But on the other hand: Progress!

Hey MKBHD, what do you think the best camera is? Just for regular shots, nothing too fancy. And also, what's 9+10?

Depends on your budget. There's a different answer for every price range.

Twenty one.

Yo Marques! I'm a huge fan. Keep doing what you do.

How's the Nexus 9? First impressions? When's the review coming?

Review is in the works!

Hello mkbhd so do you memorize everything or do you have like a tele prompter?

Neither - it's somewhere in the middle. I sit down and press record with a list of bullets in my lap. Then I just talk about them to the camera, to the point where I feel like I've effectively made the point I want to make.


Technically that would be illegal lol

When I read your comments, I hear your voice in my head. I watch your videos way too much.

As for a question:

What did you always want to be when you grew up?

Mission accomplished haha.

Professional golfer.

Hey Marques, i'm wondering, were you tech savvy back when you were in highschool?

Maybe not savvy, but I've been hyper-interested in other people's computers & phones as long as I can remember.

What class are you answering these questions in right now?

Corporate Finance

Hash browns or homefries?

Hash browns

Wanted to say thanks for making these videos for us. First heard of you when a classmate of mine showed a bunch of us your OnePlus One video. I looked up your channel on youtube and became a fan. :)

I also have some questions for you.

What's the deal with your wifi networks? You had 2 in one of your videos and network speed seemed amazingly fast. Or is it normal in America? If not, how much does it cost?

Also, you gotta tell us about the females. Had any girlfriends. I mean, you must've... In addition to your camera...

Thanks for making this AMA.

I have decent Wifi from Optimum - 135 down, 35 up. I have a 5GHz band for my capable devices, and a 2.4GHz network for everything else. I pay less than $100/mo.

No time for that. Which is why the camera gets so much attention haha

What is the most unique thing with an On button that you would take a look at?

Also your dream smartphone video was so spot on. Any plans on ever joining up with a phone company to help out with a design, or would you at least entertain offers?

Supercars :P

And thanks! The Verge did a badass job with the animation, which really made the video. I doubt any smartphone company will take on such an ambitious project, but I'd be all for it.

What watches do you wear/own?

Only smartwatches at this point haha

Is it a pain to carry the epic red camera around with you to shoot at certain areas?

Once in a while, yeah. But it's so worth it. Love the camera to death.

You recently made a video with Verge. Will we see more such collaborations with them? I think that was one of your most awesomest videos ever!!!!

Yep, absolutely! The have a killer video team that make animations and neat stuff like that possible. So I'll be working with them more to create stuff like that, that I otherwise couldn't.

What is your philosophy?

Work hard, play hard.


Just wondering, what are your favourite Wolfgang Gartner songs?

Push & Rise.


Hello!, what do you think about Oculus Rift? have you tried?

I've tried it a few times! Most recently with the latest development kid at CES 2014.

I'm not a huge gamer but it's been super immersive and fun every time. I'm pumped to see more games and experiences come out for it.

Who was your toughest match-up in your ultimate career?

Where do you see your ultimate career going in the future?

Do you think you will ever use your fame to promote the sport in the future?

Will you ever leave New Jersey for a better state?

Toughest individual matchup so far has actually been my own teammates at practice. But that's probably because it's when I'm pushing myself the hardest.

I'll keep playing Ultimate as long as it's awesome. So hopefully forever.

I'll talk about Ultimate whenever I can!

Soon :]

Hi Marques!

What's your favorite launcher for android? And, what launcher would you recommend for older phones?

Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher. I'm a vanilla launcher kinda guy :]

What is the plan to get the Metro East more than 1 bid this year for Nationals?

Help other ME teams do well. Scrimmage them. Play more big tournaments. Have a big season.

how you liking your RED?

12/10 would recommend.

But seriously, I have a long way to go learning to shoot with Dragon. But it's been everything I've hoped for and more so far.

Are you supporting #skydfund2015?


Marques, thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a big fan of your videos!

I have a few questions, feel free to skip the ones that you've already answered.

  1. What's the best way to learn to throw a flick? I've been trying to learn, but they always go sideways.

  2. You've mentioned your parents in your videos, but what do they think about you spending all this time and money on these videos? I'm sure that you make more than enough to cover your costs though

  3. What are you in school for?

  4. What is up with the cheerios boxes? I never understood them, nor have I seen a video explaining them.

  5. Do you ever get recognized on campus? or does everyone pretty much know who you are?

Thanks again for this AMA, you're awesome.

1: Flick is all in the wrist. I broke my throwing hand recently, and I'm relearning to throw flicks and it's absolutely mostly in the lead finger and the wrist. Spin is everything!

2: They're been awesome and supportive so far, which is awesome!

3: I'm in school for a business major, and I happen to be learning a lot about marketing & information systems while I'm at it. 1.2 semesters to go.

4: It's a bit of an inside joke at this point :]

5: Once in a while. People really into tech might know, but for the most part we're all here to study.


The average 8-minute review video, from the time I press the record button to the time the video is uploaded could take anywhere from 6 - 20 hours of work.

I've never actually timed it, but the workflow has certainly changed a lot over the years! Shooting RAW changed a lot.

How do you and the other device reviewers get along? Like Pocketnow, The Verge, and others?

Also, I freaking love your desk.

We're all bros! I recently worked with the Verge on that Dream Smartphone video. I've been on the PocketNow podcast multiple times. I've found that the tech video community, especially on YouTube, all gets along really well.

What was the electronic device that you had the most fun reviewing?

Tesla Model S

Hey MKBHD two questions.

1) What is your favorite piece of tech that you've reviewed that isn't a phone or tablet?

2) Who's playing in the NBA finals this year and who wins it all?


The Tesla.

Sooo early to make that call. Warrior/Spurs in semis. Bulls/Grizzlies on the other side?

Do you safely remove your USB devices?

Every time, actually.

Hi Marques! love the channel, your one of the few tech reviewers I go to to catch up on what the latest is in tech. Just 2 questions:

  1. What would be in your (updated) top 5 "what the hell were they thinking" tech products?

  2. What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a tech convention?

1: Blackberry Passport

2: Showgirls, ever year at CES. I still don't get that.

Hey Marques!

A few questions actually.

  1. Will we see more collabing with other youtubers ( reviewers/nonreviewers)

  2. Will you stick to reviewing on youtube for the rest of your life?

  3. Vlogging channel? :D

  4. What do your parents think about this whole yt thing?

  5. Deadmau5' new album thoughts?

  6. How often do companies approach you to test their products and what types of products are you asked to review apart from phones and tablets?

  7. When did you know that your Youtube channel would take off?

These are the questions I could think of from the top of my head. Will probably come with more so be prepared :D

1: Absolutely! I love a well-done collaboration. Win/win/win for everyone.

2: At this point I have the flexibility to do whatever interests me - right now it happens to be tech video on YouTube, but that could change.

3: No chance. You really want to watch me do homework all night? lol

4: They're very supportive and do actually attempt to watch videos :]

5: Pumped for Entropy.

6: I'm asked to check out things all the time. I can only make so many videos, though, so I have to choose very carefully.

7: Imagine a gradient from yellow to blue. Yellow on the left and blue on the right, fading gradually. Where's the first blue pixel? No clue! It's been a steady progress :]

what is your wpm ?

I can honestly get it over 80wpm when I'm cranking out an essay.

Pancakes or Waffles?

Tough call. Pancakes, unless they're Belgian waffles.

Hey MKBHD, have you ever been asked to produce a video that you've chosen not to do?

Every. Day. If you could see my inbox right now, geez.

One thing I mentioned earlier is that I make videos I'd want to say. I get asked for a "rate" to make a video I'm not interested in. There is no rate for that. I make what I like :]

Hey MKBHD, hope your hand is better. Love your videos man, keep them coming. What tips do you have for a beginner youtuber?

Thanks man - My #1 tip for getting started with video is to make them about something you're genuinely passionate and interested in.

Making videos is a lot of hard work, and you're not into it, it'll burn out fast. Pick something you wish you saw on YouTube, then go out and try to make it!

Hey Marques, I love your videos, how was it working with The Verge, and what is the possibility of future collaborations?

Yeah those guys are awesome - shooting out in NY with their video crew was awesome, and the animations for the dream phone were absolutely killer.

We'll be doing collaborations like that more often, too. If I did that animation, it would've taken a VERY long time.

Hey! I'm from your hometown and currently go to CHS. Any plans to return and possibly talk at the school? That would be the coolest thing. Keep up the great work!

Oh whoa, never thought about that. I always liked getting out of class for assemblies, so I'd absolutely be down to be a part of one of those assemblies.

If you were given a chance to guest host WWE Monday Night RAW, would you accept?

Does that involve getting chairs thrown at my head?

Do you plan to stay in New York for the rest of your life?

Nope. Too cold haha

Hey Marques, love your videos.

I'm curious, what tech channels do you like to watch on YouTube?

Check out the channels in the sidebar of my channel :]


Well the bottom half of a mermaid is just a fishtail. So top half.

First of all, you're basically living my dream life - reviewing tech and playing ultimate frisbee? You've managed to make a career out of two hobbies I have a passion for.

My question is about your ultimate career-What has made you decide to play in the professional leagues as opposed to the elite club teams in the area such as PoNY? How do you hope the pro leagues effect the sport as a whole?

Thanks so much for repping some pretty sick jerseys in almost all of your videos!

Thanks man! I've played with a fast-growing club team in GSU that I think is going to be at an elite level very soon. The pro season also has minimal overlap with the club season so it's been all good!

Hey Marques!

I love watching your videos and look forward to seeing new ones! You've helped sway my decision in picking up a N5 because of dat pure android experience. So thanks!

Who's your favorite team? NBA? NHL? Or MLB?


What screen size on a phone is perfect for you? Thanks for doing this AMA, by the way.

I'd say there's a perfect device size for me, not screen size. The LG G3 is pretty close.

Hi Marques! In short time, you have become one of the most, if the most reliable source for reviews on YouTube.

Do you feel alot of pressure before uploading a video? Like the latest Nexus 6 review.

Only the good kind :]

The more eyes see my work, the more constructive feedback I can get on what I did well and what I need to do better. I think of it more as motivation than pressure.

By "constructive feedback," I hope you don't mean YouTube comments. ;)

You'd be surprised!

Hey Marques, I love your channel, you're my go to source for tech vids. I've always loved your set up, what type of speakers do you have? They look sick with the red accents.

They're iKey Audio M505V2's. They're actually no longer manufactured, as iKey Audio went out of business. They're pretty similar in size & sound to the KRK Rokits.

How do you feel when tv programs use bits of your video without your Permission?

I don't really mind it, since they're not rebroadcasting the whole thing and they usually at least show my name somewhere.

I get more ticked by spammers reuploading entire videos and trying to monetize them.

So as a fellow college student, and fellow tech enthusiast, I must say that I absolutely love your videos, but also that I am insanely jealous of you. That drawer full of phones... whew.... But on a serious note: how did you start out reviewing tech? I mean I know you got a laptop and did videos on it, but what prompted you to do that? Did you always have a knack for being on camera?

I started off with no knack AT ALL for being on camera ha. The first videos were screencasts, so literally just using software to record my mouse moving around the screen. They were tutorials, and mostly teaching people how to do things.

Moving to using an actual camera and doing videos about hardware was a natural progression, since I was just as interested in the hardware as the software.

Hi Marques, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! My question is what is your favorite flagship to come out this year?

I'm gonna go with HTC One M8 Google Play Edition.

How do you manage your social media? It must be difficult to manage Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other platforms and still manage to show up and keep up with studies. What tips would you give to an aspiring Youtuber? Could you share some SEO tips and marketing techniques that you use? Thanks! Big fan btw!

Social media is easy! I can Tweet whatever I'm thinking, and I share my thoughts on Facebook and G+ all the time. It's the video production that I spend the most time on. SEO comes after content.

What samartphone is at the top of the quality/price ratio?

Nexus 5, OnePlus One, Moto G.

A friend of mine really wanted to ask you this question.

Why do you have a car in NYC?!?

I live outside of the city, in NJ. I also drive thousand of miles a month with my teammates for Ultimate.

Hey marques, did u get the YouTube golden button??

Yes! It's huge. Too big to hang it anywhere in the place I'm in now, actually.

I'll have to display it wherever I go next!

Did Machinima asked you for permission when they showed you on their channel or what?

Nope, but I was ok with the usage :]


Back in the day I had an LG Voyager.

One day in NYC I stepped out of a taxi and it slipped out of my pocket directly onto the curb. As it fell, I stepped directly onto the phone (which was open) while it landed on the curb.

This snapped it in half. But the wires stayed put. It kept working!

Hey MKBHD, huge fan but I've got a question. My girlfriend is really interested in getting into photography, and when we watch your review on the Sony RX 100 Mark 3, she told me that was the camera she wanted.

What I want to ask you though is that is the camera truly worth the $800 price tag? I know in your video you said it's the best pocket camera but do you think it's worth spending that much on a camera that will only be used occasionally?

Yep, I think it absolutely is. And if it's pushing the buck, the MKII is almost as awesome, at a discount.

MKB, I'm deciding between the Nvidia shield and the nexus 9. What makes either of them the ideal android tablet?

Size. Shield Tablet is a bit smaller, but they're very similar in a lot of ways now that Shield has gotten Android 5.0. Can't go wrong with either!

My Nexus 9 review is coming soon.

Hey marques! have there been a situation where u didn't like Ur video content but still posted it on YouTube? after graduation are planning to start Ur own company?

Nope, but the opposite has happened. Usually once I start shooting something, I work on it until it's done.

But occasionally I get into a project and start to really hate it. Then I scrap it. I scrapped half of an iPad Air 2 Review before I deleted all the footage and restarted on it.

Hey Marques!

I'm a long time fan. In fact your review swayed me towards the new Moto X, which I love, and I've always came to your channel because of the reviews that are more organic and showed the device at all angles. Good and... not so good. Haha

I'd really like to do more to support your channel than just consuming the content. Do you have, or plan to set up, a way I can directly contribute to you? Like a Patreon or direct donations? Also, I know you are in college now, but do you plan on continuing to make videos in the same way after you graduate?

Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed the videos.

The closest thing I have to that is the YouTube "tip jar" feature on the sidebar of my channel. It's pretty new and plugs into Google Wallet! It just kinda sits there in an unobtrusive way, which I like :]

Hey, I've been doing Youtube for a few years now (with a really crappy camera), and I want to improve and get a new one. I have $400 to spare for a camera. Do you have any suggestions for a good camera in this price range? Thanks and I love and am inspired by your videos.

Sony RX100 (MKI)

Can't really go wrong with it, and it retails $448 right now. Might even go lower on Black Friday.

Hey MKBHD - love your videos! Just started making some myself and I was wondering what your workflow is like?

After some trial and error I ended up with the following order:

  1. Test device
  2. Write down what I want to say
  3. Film what I need for the final video
  4. Cut the video...

You seem to be quite comfortable with speaking in front of a camera - was it like that from the start?

And do you have a script?

That would be the super-simpliefied skeleton of a review video, yeah. I don't have a script, but I do keep a bullet list of things I want to talk about before I hit the record button.

How long have you played Ultimate Frisbee? Did you play any other sports in HS?

I've played Ultimate since 8th grade. I've also played golf since I was 9 years old.

Hi Marques, I have a Nexus 7 (2013) and after I got Lollipop on it, I feel like they didn't put much effort into the tablet version and just stretched out what they made for the phone, so I was wondering what you think about the direction Google are headed with in regards to tablets? Do you see them optimizing in the future or scrapping support for tablets altogether?

I'l be talking about exactly this in my upcoming Nexus 9 review, for sure.

That broken hand looked painful. How many stitches?

16 stitches. 1 plate, 7 screws.

Hi Marques, Are you trying to go for the longest AMA of all time?

Should I? How long would that have to be? Haha

How long till you team up with a company to get your dream phone built for the masses?

The sooner the better! Obviously I can't build a phone myself, so it would require teaming up with a manufacturer to make something like that happen.

Who is your role model if you had to pick one ? What are your thoughts on Elon Musk? Love your vids!

Can I pock Elon as a role model? That guy must be busy as hell.

Do you still use your nexus 10?

Yes, only because I'm still waiting for those Nexus 9 stand cases to be released.

Hey MKBHD, what are your thoughts on the droid turbo? I got it on launch day and so far i can't find a single flaw.

It's my favorite phone on Verizon by far. I'm working on my review!

What's the one thing you dislike about living in New York or the Greater New York Area?

The weather. It is cold as hell right now.

Hey Marques, I just rewatched your Oppo Find 7 Rant video where you talked about how 1st gen 1080p screens on smartphones had a lot of inefficiencies and needed top end specs, massive batteries to keep the phones working well. Are we seeing this again with quad-hd e.g. Droid Turbo, Note 4? Would you suggest holding off on buying either of these phones? Been eyeing the Droid Turbo...

That's exactly what we're seeing (again) with this first generation of QuadHD phones. Deja vu.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Marques Brownlee conducted on Reddit on 2014-11-18. The Reddit AMA can be found here.