September 16, 2013

AMAA - Ask Madonna Almost Anything.

Hello Reddit! I'm excited to do this! Just finished working out, now I'm in front of the computer....ready for your questions...

Verify my love: And again:

thanks reddit. nice chatting with you. next time send photo. I want to start a Revolution of Love - are you with me? Then send people to

You're coming over for dinner. What the hell do I make?

make me a dirty martini

Pharell Williams once said he suggested to Daft Punk that they should produce for you. Frankly, it would be the ultimate fucking collaboration, ever. Would you consider it?

I would love to work with Daft Punk

I would love to work with Daft Punk

just waiting for them to return my call

Is there a new album coming in 2014?

there might creative juices are flowing....

Madonna do you ever think of writing an autobiography?

yup. but i feel like i need to live more of my life. a short one is coming out in Harpers Bazaar

hello Queen!!! what is your next project?

secretprojectrevolution artforfreedom. coming soon.

Did you heard about technical mastering issues on some "MDNA World Tour" DVD & Blu-Rays in Europe ?

yes and im absolutely horrified. my label is looking into it...trying to get to the bottom of it. it might be a case of old technology not working with new technology. please be patient.

I have so much respect for you for answering this question. You have INTEGRITY! Love that about you. xo

i spent 6 months editing and doing the sound mix for the DVD the last thing I want to hear is that the fans arent getting the fruits of my labor

Is #secretproject your more ambitious project?

its a very ambitious project because it deals with very controversial issues...both global and personal. im extremely passionate about it. it means more to me than anything i have ever done before. in one week it wont be a secret.

Madonna what are you going to do tonight?

test the projection of secretprojectrevolution on a wall

Hi, M! I hope you're doing well. ♥ What is the last dream you remember that you're willing to share?

Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream.

As a straight man, I think I've had the same dream.


Big fan and current University of Michigan student here. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened during one of your concerts?

all the power went out in the middle of the show for an hour in a stadium in Cordoba. That was fun

i was there!!! incredible after all

god bless you for staying

My love! I know many a gay man (including myself) have performed to one of your songs, but I must ask, when was the last time you saw a good drag show? Sending you a zillion kisses from Vancouver! XOXO

every night of my concert in the golden triangle

Good afternoon Queen, i'm from México, i want to ask you if you have ever think about doing a movie about Frida Kahlo?

Also i want to ask if you're gonna write a memoir at some point in your life?

Thank you for everything you have done for LGBT, Israel, Syria and minorities.

i would love to make a movie about Frida Kahlo but one was already made

Madonna, I heard you visited an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland while on MDNA tour there last year. How was it?

i got really sick to my stomach. but the rides werent long enough. i felt cheated.

Are you fan of reddit?



ill be sleeping with my alien tonight

Throughout your career you've taken a stand against homophobia, sexism, ageism etc. but what current issues drive you to voice your opinion creatively ?

Censoring of artists, around the world. Censorship - for instance Pussy Riot.

Where have you not yet traveled that you would like to?

Egypt and an island off the coast of east Africa called Lamu

Good evening Madonna! Do you want us to ask intelligent questions?


I've missed your iconic backhanded replies

ive missed sharing them with you. keep asking questions you know the answers to.

If you could describe the Harpers Bazaar photo shoot in one word what would it be ? :)

quick and painless

Madonna, I'm trying to make a 2013 playlist, what is the song this year that you have playing on repeat nonstop? I could use the help. =]

On of my favorites songs out right is "Oceans" by Jay Z and Frank Ocean

Madonna, what is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

there's so many. when i went out on stage and said hello to the wrong city. sleep deprivation.

In your MDNA tour DVD you talk about how much you appreciate the love of your fans, and at the end of masterpiece i can see the emotion in your eyes. What do your fans mean to you? You mean so much to use. we really truly love you

we exist because of one another so its circuitry its totally reciprocated.

Welcome M! As W.E. was STUNNING, looking to direct another movie?

yes thats next on my to-do list. direct a film.

whats your favourite method of procrastination?

plucking my eyebrows

No questions. Just saying thanks for being so fucking badass.

thanks for noticing

I know you love soundtracks. Which ones have you been listening to recently?

The soundtrack to The Skin I Live In.

“American Life” was an unfairly maligned album and many of you fans rank it as one of your best. What do you think critics and casual listeners “didn’t get” about that album?

because i dealt with alot of controversial issues in it. i criticized american politics, the entertainment business in hollywood..i was in an angry mood when i was making it. maybe that came across. but i was in an angry mood when i made my last album too

what mood are you in right now?

feeling pulled in a million directions

Hi Madonna, how do you calm down when you get angry? Love.

i dont its a hot mess

When will you release a sequel to Sex? I believe we've waited long enough.

probably never there is no sequel one time only

Which music video was your favorite to make?

justify my love in paris

Hey M, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter on stage to a roaring crowd?

what city am i in again? and then....breathe....

Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina has unfortunately been denied parole and a Russian news outlet’s headline “No Russian Feels Any Respect for Pussy Riot” is less than progressive. How important do you feel it is an artist’s duty to voice forth a statement of equity between such issues and do you feel it’s being used enough in the current year 2013?

(I want to sincerely thank you for your support for social and political justice, specifically the Pussy Riot movement. I’ve been a fan since I was 4 years old. I’m 24 now. “You’ll See” was the first proper single I’d ever owned. Thank you also for the great music & being an inspiration to generations upon generations).

its essential its the artsts responsibility to reflect society and have the freedom to express themselves

Hi Madonna! When is Blond Ambition Tour coming to DVD?

when i can find the tapes in the archives

Do you believe in Astrology? What is your rising sign? Do you feel more your sun sign or moon sign or rising sign?

i believe in the sciene of astrology i do not know my rising because you need to know your time of birth but my moon is in Virgo and i feel equally split down the middle 50% leo 50% virgo

What is your favorite dessert?

A lemon tart or the rose lycee macaroon cake from La Duree

⭐☀Madonna ☀⭐ I love everything you do, and I love you of course. So do millions, as you know, and you have fans in all walks of life. What would you tell the ones who will probably never meet you and can't ever afford to see you live?

thats the great thing about making music and films. it reaches people you havent met yet. i can still connect with people thru my art.

Hi Madonna. If you decide to write a book for women, what is the first subject that comes to your mind?

dont give to a man what he doesnt give you first

Why u do not have any pet at home?

i have fish and some cockroaches

Are you coming to the Hard Candy Fitness opening in Berlin? I wanna work out with u ;)

yes, see you there

M why didn't you sing Love Spent in São Paulo? We missed it a lot. You had to spend your luv on us.

i think i cut it out because it was raining and i was on the edge of the stage naked and i wasnt feeling well

Madonna (holy shit, I can’t believe I’m even potentially talking to you),

I’m a 22 year old gay guy (how’s that for a stereotype?) living in Texas, and I just want to thank you for everything you do. When I went to your Dallas show last year I ended up bringing my very conservative mother with me, and you brought us much closer together. She has never been ok with me being gay, and she still isn’t completely there yet, but, her eyes were opened for those two hours. She danced with the gay couple next to us during “Girl Gone Wild,” sang at the top of her lungs during “Express Yourself” (nice job reclaiming your song, by the way), and held me during “Like A Prayer,” but, what really struck her was your “Nobody Knows Me” video interlude. When she saw me and most of the people around us begin to cry, I think it struck a chord in her.

So, even with all of the unwarranted criticism you receive, thank you for continuing to speak out and stand by your message. Thank you for standing up for gay rights when it WASN’T a popular thing to do. Thank you for fighting against misogyny and ageism. Thank you for being genuine and not exploiting your fans, unlike certain charlatans that like to try and emulate your career. Most of all, thank you for continuing to make great, and criminally underrated, music.

I guess I should throw actual questions in here after that diatribe.

Have you ever considered making an album of acoustic or orchestral reworkings of your personal favorite songs (from your back catalogue)?

Also, if you met someone that had never listened to one of your albums as a whole, which one would you personally recommend that they listen to? What is the quintessential Madonna album according to you?

Thanks so much for doing this, and I hope you get back in the studio soon!

yes. ray of light

hello God! Would you ever fight and talk about LGBT rights in Africa? We need you!

of course and i have. I made a statement about the law in malawi for people being arrested and sent to jail for being gay.

Whose idea was to re-invent the famous JPG corset?

it was gaultiers idea to re-create the black patent leather cage

Madonna I want to apologize for booing at your concert oct 16th 2008. You mentioned Obama and I booed . I have felt bad for years after. I think you are a wonderful person and an amazing artist. Thank you for inspiring me all these years.

i forgive you

Can you name one gay guy you wish you could turn straight?

frank ocean

how can the planets affect our behavior? me and my sister were born the same day and we are very different #AskMadonnaAnything @Reddit

the same year? are you twins? if you are not born the same year, its totally different. the planets the moon the suns the stars were all lined up in different ways. If you are twins you were born at different times.

bold WE ALL KNOW DETROIT IS A TOUGH CROWD!!! WE LOVE YOU DONT GIVE UP ON US!!! PLEASE KEEP COMING BACK!!! p.s. what did guy do with the photos of all the tattoos of you?

i cant tell you, its x-rated

What should religion and politics do to help World PEACE?

not get involved with one another. separate church and state

Where should I put these hydrangeas?

up your ass

Where do u keep your award trophies?

i dont, they are in my award closet

why do you think people have such a hard time wrapping their head around everything you do? it seems like people are so confused by you.

because i dont explain everything nor do i feel the need to.

You have accomplished pretty much everything. What's your proudest achievement as an artist?


Hi Madonna! Would you consider doing a full-on rock album?

full-on no

In Die Another Day (love this song !) you say : "Sigmund Freud, analyse this". Can you explain why ? You like his work ?

Hope a new album for 2014 ! I can't wait 4 years again... Because if you are not getting old (.), I do ! ahah

actually im not a big fan of Sigmund Freud, it was meant to be ironic because i dont think everything can be analyzed i think he was too celebral and a misogynist. im a fan of carl jung.


if i could find the right venue to play in

Hello Madonna, I was wondering what was it like to watch yourself during the MDNA movie screening in NYC? What were you thinking, what were you feeling? :)

exhilarating and exhausting

Madonna is true that Rocco will release an album??

he wishes! Just need to get him thru the 8th grade right now. get him to do his math homework!

turn him on to sacred geometry, it'll revolutionize his math Life!

like what? alchemy? Be more specific

loveu Hi, Honestly how much pain you felt for the wound you received in the face on the show in Medellin?

i felt no pain i had too much adrenaline pumping through my veins it was hours afterwards

Would you consider ever doing a small fan tour with less known songs (but very loved) like Skin, Falling Free, Time Stood Still etc for the real fans?

sounds like fun - who is going to pay my overhead?

what do I need to do to make you go on a date with me?

send photo

madonna please my beauty is on the inside xox

i still need to see it.

i still need to see it.

show me your internal beauty then

What is the best present you got for Your B-day?

i got a bong in the shape of a penis

Will you be my boo?

yes ill be your boo

Will you be my boo?

send photo

Did you get to do anything exciting in Pittsburgh, like visit the Warhol museum?

no i wish i love Pittsburgh i didnt get out

If you would have a tattoo what would it be?

if i knew what i wanted to have as a tattoo, i would have one

If you would have a tattoo what would it be?

send photo

Hi Madonna!! Listen, I go through a rough breakup after a 3 year relationship with my bf...what should I do to ease the pain?? Which of your songs should I play repeatedly???

gang bang

gang bang

the song gang bang from my last record

If I twerk for you, would you twerk for me?

send photo

Have you ever considered going into politics?

i have gone into politics. my work is political.

Have you tried making out with the grills on?

yup it works

Define hate. Is having a difference of opinion considered hate nowadays?

no having a different of opinion is right hate is intolerance hate is discrimination hate is when you think youre better than someone else

What comes to mind when I say Erotica?

great record

Are you still horse riding/show jumping much?

horse riding yes show jumping never

Theres something or someone that you miss?

i miss free time and more sleep

if you were a gay man, would you be a top or bottom

i am a gay man

How did you get in to character for Evita? :-)

did a lot of research spent a lot of time in Argentina interviewing very old people that knew her learned how to tango read every book i could about her

Are you bringing out any more fragrances /perfumes? I have Truth or Dare but is there another called Naked as I cant seem to find it in any retailer's in the UK :( ??

dont get me started on that tired ass subject

Is your publicist or an intern typing everything for you? Be honest. This is still awesome. Thank you!

my housekeeper im vaccuming the housekeeper is typing

Would you go back to school?

if i had the time

if i had the time

school is fun you just get to learn

Hello Miss Madonna, So, I just got back from Europe. Had the most amazing experience in Santorini. What's your favourite place in Europe (i.e. culture, people, food)? And, please don't say France b/c your boo is French! lol xo

my boo is not french, number one. and my favorite country in Europe is Italy.

Do you have any plans to begin any new charities? If so, what?

go to ive started a lot of different projects

If I invited you to come to Mexico to see Frida Kahlo’s house, would you come?

ive seen it twice already but thanks for thinking of me

I don't really have any question for you. I love your music. Acknowledge me.

send photo

In the song "I Dont Give A" are the lyrics "baby Jesus on the stairs..." or is it "baby Jesus understands"?? Please settle this bet for me. I love you.

Baby jesus on the stairs

If you had to live on a stranded island with two other people for the rest of your life, what two people would you choose?

I can't leave my kids behind so there will have to be room for 4.

Ray of Light album helped me come into my own in small town Nebraska, and know that there was love and acceptance in my future. So many of us have had similar experiences through your music. I can't imagine what that must feel like for you. How often do you think about who your art is reaching?

only when i hear comments like this from people do i think about it the rest of the time i only think of how i would like to explress myself i think about expression not results

Would you ever wear a disguise and go to Walmart or some place ordinary people go?

id just go to walmart and not wear a disguise.

how long will you be on reddit for ?? I am a huge fan from pakistan ! Thanks for your efforts to spread education here !

yes when secretproject comes please go to and share any story you might have its good to know my message is getting out there

What is your favorite thing to do when your having "me time"??

pluck my eyebrows

What is it about Frida Kahlo that inspires you the most?

that she was the subject of her art all of her work is a self portrait and yet she shared universal stories and feelings by sharing her personal story also she was a freedom fighter and she lived a controversial life and was a survivor so i admire her life story and art the way she lived her life as well as her art

The pleasures of life are food, sex, sleep, among other. I have three questions: What is your favorite food, your perfect sexual position and how many hours do you sleep a day?

beg your pardon

Ever tried a ouija board?

yeah when i was younger

What's your favourite french movie?

breathless la piscine last year at marienbad

What does it mean to be reductive?

look it up like i said i dont like to explain everything

Last concert you went to?

The Labeque Sisters and Kalakan in Menton

Which is the first song you've ever heard? (that you remember)

something by Harry Belafonte because my mother was obssessed with him when i was a child

Are you easily distracted? How do you cut out the "noise"? I struggle with this.

so do i concentration staying focused

Hi Madonna, years ago during an interview on Italian television, while answering a question about the relationship you have with your fans you said:"it's like a love relationship, sometime they love me, sometime they hate me". Is is still so?

i dont remember saying that and if someones your fan i dont see where hate comes into the picture

What is the last thing you laughed about?

the fact that i had a dream about brad pitt

What super power would you like to have and why?


clone myself get more done that way sleep more work more

OMG Madonna I love you!!!!! <3 Have you concidered of studying anymore religions?

im studying the Quran

In W/E there is a place called Zabloshki. This word is not exist in russian! Just to let u know

i didnt name it the name was already there

Which famous woman would u want to kiss? ;) luv

dead or alive? send photo

what does Marlene dietrich means for you?

she is the archetype of an iconic strong female equal pats masculine and feminine

I love the guys in "Girl Gone Wild" how did you find them?



i saw their clip on youtube they are called Kazaky

Hi Madonna, A lot of your philanthropic work focus mainly on Malawi and the Middle East. Do you have plans of expanding the aids to other impoverished regions like Latin America?

yes hopefully ray of light will expand globally.

if you could talk to your 20-year-old self, what would you say?

don't take any of this personally

The triangle brought so many of your fans together and also brought us closer to you...will you do another pit for your next tour??

i think i need to change shapes. maybe a silver rectangle. rose gold circle.

M I love the MDNA Tour DVD/Bluray cover and i like to know what was the concept used?

thats me a photograph i took of myself

When r we going on a canoe ride??

when you send me a canoe

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Madonna conducted on Reddit on 2013-09-16. The Reddit AMA can be found here.