Lisa Foiles

June 21, 2011

Per request, I am a former All That cast member (Lisa Foiles). AMA

My name is Lisa Foiles, I was on Nickelodeon's All That for seasons 7-10. I know almost every member of the original cast (seasons 1-6) personally from our huge 10th Anniversary Special, so I'll do my best to answer inquiries, confirm suspicions, and, you know, just disenchant the entire experience.

To start things off, yes, I have hugged the Big Ear of Corn.

EDIT: Holy f*ckin asscrackers! I had no idea how much fun this would be and how many people would show up. Thanks for the warm welcomes to Reddit. I'm going to go mix myself a drink and finish watching Blazing Saddles. I'll check back later, and feel free to hit me up on Facebook/Twitter! Thanks again.

It says here you were on even stevens as well, was there a big difference in working for disney or nick?

Only Union-wise. Disney is SAG and Nick is AFTRA, so all the Disney kids get royalty checks from reruns and we... don't. (Thanks, AFTRA.) Other than that, the filming environments were very similar.

Was Josh the funniest dude of all time? Did Danny Tamberelly suck? Were you pissed Kenan and Kel got their own spinoff that happened to be the greatest show of all time? How's the pay?

Oh fuck, did you actually have to work with that little twat lovely human being?

IT WAS A COMPLETELY NON-FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. You can convey secret messages via Caps Lock, right?

To be perfectly honest, I've never heard of you or All That, but imdb says that your cat Spice had a twin sister named Sugar who died, and I just wanted to pass along my condolences.

Oh, good. Glad THAT'S the info on my IMDB page.

Did you have any role in the writing of your imdb/wikipedia pages, did your agent do them or were they completely fan produced?

Completely fan-produced, I haven't touched them. Half the information is wrong, lol. But I did enjoy when Wikipedia said I had a child named "Sabrina Angel." Totally what I would name a kid.

Best and worst moments?

Best: When Kenan came on "Sugar and Coffee" as Miss Piddlin, and rope swung into the side of the set, almost breaking it. Live audience went wild. Worst: 17-year-old Avril Lavigne demanding booze in her dressing room and then being all cranky when Nickelodeon said no.

Any verification?

I tweeted it. Does that count? @LisaFoiles

(I'm new here, feel free to point and call me names.)

If it was a member of the original cast, I would probably care. Bring Kenan, Kel, or the fat white girl here and let them do an AMA please. The show sucked by the time you got there. Back in the day when Kel was marrying orange soda, shit was classic.

Haha that's exactly what I was telling people on Twitter! "No one on Reddit wants a member from the NEW All That!" I completely agree the original seasons were better - it was my favorite show growing up. But hey, we did our thing for a new demographic, don't hate on us. :)

Just stirring the pot. Did you meet Kel or Kenan?

Both. Total sweethearts, especially Kel. Seriously, that guy is a total class act. Hilarious and so personable.

Can I get Amanda Bynes number?

Can you believe I wrote it down on a script page during rehearsal with her one time and then lost it? I want to go back in time and slap my 16-year-old self.

Dearest Lisa Foiles, What videos have you planned for the next couple of months?

I'm going to be in the Fallout: Nuka Break web series. Probably scantily clad. Should be a good time!

When will top 5 come back?

For all Top 5 inquiries:

Hi Lisa. I think i speak for everyone here when i ask - how come they weren't any dinosaurs(especially velociraptors) in any season of All That? Every show could use some dinosaurs once in a while. Another thing, were you also a gamer back then?

I'm pretty sure if we had a Velociraptor as a cast member, we would be the best show in existence. Too bad those prehistoric dickbags SUCK at memorizing lines.

And yes, been a gamer my whole life. There was always an Xbox in the All That green room, but I rarely played it because Nick just gave us really crappy sports games.

Do you think your time spent on All That has led to your continued success or is it just your pure unadulterated talent?

Love your web series work.

Haha, I owe a lot to the show, definitely. The most significant thing All That did for me was make me insanely brave. During the course of that show I had to stick cockroaches in my mouth, let tarantulas crawl on me, work with Tom Green, and lay down in a glass box filled with live frogs. After being on that show, hell, I will do anything.

Confirmed via her Twitter! Read her Kotaku Posts + Watched the Top 5 on Escapist. I never watched all that. Big fan :)

Question: At What point in your life did you realise your love for games? Would you prefer to Act or to continue writing articles if you were paid the same regardless?

Thanks! :)

Both. Acting is my first love, but all things video games is a close, close second. And I realized my love for gaming when I first plunged Mario into lava in Super Mario World.

Any run-ins with Pierre Escargot? Ever get to go in his bathtub?

Haha, an AMAZING sketch. I'm sure I was in that same bathtub at some point, since we reused every single prop/set piece over and over and over. For ten years.

Lori Beth Denberg always seemed like the funniest of the original bunch. Would you agree? (also, has she lost weight since appearing in Dodgeball?)

She was hysterical. I was always super jealous she got to be on every episode of Figure It Out. REMEMBER THAT SHOW? So good. Summer Sanders was hot.

Anyway, the new cast members and I were all pretty heartbroken that Lori Beth didn't show up for the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special. :/ Still don't know why.

I was gonna ask about that stuff. Did you ever do other shows on Nick besides All That? I didn't get around to watching much Nick as a kid...And on a side note, when you say Summer Sanders was hot...?...

Also, did you get around to dating/fooling around with any other cast members? I just sometimes wonder who in TV shows are seeing each other (like SNL, etc.)

I was on Wild and Crazy Kids, Slime-Time Live, U-Pick Live, Snick Sleepover Jam, On-Air Dares... probably a ton more I can't remember. (I was SO drunk!)

As far as cast members dating other cast members, not really. We were all basically brother and sister. That being said, I totally had a crush on Jack DeSena. But he had a girlfriend. (BITCH.)

When you were doing children's TV shows how often were you told that everything had to be more expressive? Did you go into All That with any other acting work and learned the over the top nature, or were cast members naturally that energetic?

Oh geez, we were constantly told to be MORE excited and have MORE energy. It helped that we were already rambunctious tween hellions, but holy crap. We'd lose our voices every live show. Sugar and Coffee nearly killed me every time we filmed it. And I had prior acting experience, but nothing can prepare someone for being on All That. It's like theater times ten.

Do you love orange soda?

WHO LOVES ORANGE SOD--- hey wait, that wasn't All That.

for that fallout series thing your doing with the finfrock will we see you wearing power armour lol

I've been told I'm not going to be wearing much. So. There's that.

Was Lori Beth Denberg nice? Please say yes, she was my favorite. Except the librarian sketch annoyed the shit out of me.

Never met her. She didn't show up for the 10th Anniversary Special. :( We were sadface.

is uh.. is that you?

Holy boob shot, Batman.

Alright you probably want to talk about All That, but my questions is did you talk much with the people on Leverage? How are they all in real life?

SO sweet. The entire cast and crew was absurdly nice. Christian Kane made a point of thanking me during my last day of filming. I love when actors are real people.

Do you have a real reddit account? How did you find reddit, and find there was interest in an AMA from an All That cast member?

Over the last few days I've been getting all these messages on FB and Twitter that Reddit wanted an All That cast member for AMA. I REFUSED. ...Until today, stupid crash7800 made me sign up for an account. So here I am!

Was there a lot of swearing when somebody screwed up their lines? Any real adult humor in any of the scenes that we never picked up as a child?

No examples off the top of my head, but I do remember watching some old sketches recently and my jaw dropped at some of the adult humor that was slipped in there, haha. And surprisingly there wasn't a lot of swearing, except from Kyle Sullivan. He had the foulest mouth of all. I used to punch him every time he cursed in front of the live audience.

What was it like... working? I can't imagine having to go to a job at the age of however old you were.

Also, re: Even Stevens, was Shia Lebeouf a douche? He seems pretty douchey nowadays, but I liked him as Louis way back when.

I did spend a huge chunk of my childhood on set. We would shoot All That during the summers, so I'd go from school to All That then back to school, for four years straight. Wouldn't trade it for the world, though.

No comment on Shia.

Wow your hot, was there any drug use going on behind the scenes? and are you now doing hard or soft core porn? can we get a link?

I believe you meant "you're."

Do you feel that All That restored the integrity of Nickelodeon sketch shows to its You Can't Do That glory after the horrors of Roundhouse?

Nickelodeon is such a weird network. Honestly things started to go downhill for all live shows around season... 8 or so of All That. It's like the humor has changed through the years - I can't quite put my finger on it. Instead of clever, quirky, unique humor on shows like Salute Your Shorts, it's turned into dumbed-down humor with the occasional inappropriate joke that go over all the kids' heads anyway. Strange. Miss the old days.

I never had the privilege of watching "All That" when I was a kid, but I'd love to hear about the off screen shenanigans that went on with other cast-mates.

Hmm... we had foosball tournaments! And I'm definitely going to brag that one time I kicked Aaron Carter's ass at foosball. He got TURBO CRANKY. And then he went over to hit on Chelsea.

For every hour she doesn't answer this, I will forever dislike one of her movies.

Edit: Starting with "Master of Disguise". I don't kid around here, Lisa

UNETHEXTREME. Is that a word?

What's your opinion of today's TV aimed at younger audiences? I guess, what made All That so epic in our minds and what makes today's shows suck so much?

Today's shows are surprisingly bad. Especially on Nick. I said this in a different reply, but it's like the humor has gone from quirky/unique to just being completely dumbed down. Go back and watch Salute Your Shorts, and then try to get through an episode of that f*cking Lil Romeo show without suplexing someone. UNPOSSIBLE.

How many hours a week did you have to put in?

Did you contribute to the writing process at all?

We worked from Mon-Fri and did promos on Saturdays, usually over 10 hours a day, despite CHILD LABOR LAWS stating that was illegal. But I didn't say that. Ahem. And no, we never really had a say in the writing. We'd suggest lines of dialogue occasionally. That's about it. Ad-libbing was frowned upon.

Lisa. I love you. How do I win your heart?

Buy me these:

If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your show on the Escapist?

Also, any plans for future shows?


Lots of shows in the near future, actually. The Fallout web series for sure.

Never watched All That, but I'd like to say I enjoyed watching your Top 5 web series, and I hope they return :)

Haha thank you for putting up with my weekly insanity.

Do you have any Vital Information for my everyday life?

One of my favs: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When a truck backs over your foot, go AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH."

I thought "Sugar and Coffee" was the funniest thing I had ever seen when it aired.

FUN FACT. I choked on that GDAMN sugar every single time. And the coffee was actually flat Coke, so it made everything very sticky.

Why have you stopped making top 5's for The Escapist? Are you working on something else?


Are you still writing for kotaku?

Yep! Just did an E3 video/column for them a week ago:

I don't have anything interesting to say or ask, but I just discovered we share the same birthday and I've never met/talked to anyone else born on 9/29. So, yay!


What were your parents like? Did they push you in to acting at a young age?

And what was it like balancing working and doing rehearsals/shows with school?

My parents never pushed me into acting - in fact, they picked up everything they had and moved to CA for my career even though they couldn't afford it. Super thankful for them.

And the balancing act of school/All That was NUTS. Every minute we didn't spend on set rehearsing, we had to spend in the school room. Where we drove our set teachers crazy. We'd bounce around that place like jack russell f*cking terriers.

Firstly: All That was one of the greatest shows of my childhood.

question 1: Did any of the kids you worked with come in with or develop a larger than life ego?

2: what was your favorite sketch to perform?

3: Has being on the show ever had negative repercussions during your adult life?

All That was definitely my favorite show growing up, way before I was ever privileged enough to be apart of it.

Q's in order: 1. Hm. We had a few ego issues, but hell I'm not naming names. The egos usually came from the celebrity guest stars/musical guests. Most were very kind, but a few... yikes. Pretend I subtly said 'Avril Lavigne' and 'Aaron Carter' mid-cough because I don't want to type it. 2. Fav sketch was definitely 2-Gether 4-Ever. Jack and I were basically best friends, and the fact that I got to tackle him out of his chair, resulting in both of us always getting hurt, was way more fun than it should've been. 3. Nah, not really. People always get a kick out of learning I was on that show.

Who was the funniest kid in America, and was he/she really all that funny?

That was Christina Kirkman! The tiniest little child ever. Yes, she's a riot. Her Boston accent always cracked me up.

Does Kel really love orange soda? This is vital.

FCK I never asked him. I need to go back in time to remedy this. Fetch my DeLorean

You can swear on the internet, we won't tell anyone.

But my mom will find out. And then she'll adjust the parental controls on my Xbox again.

Love your show, your funky dresscode really goes with your personality. I hope to se more top 5´s in the future. Keep it up Lisa.

Thanks a ton!

Not to be weird or anything but you were always the hottest cast member.

Also, what is Kenan Thompson like? Kel Mitchell? Is Amanda Bynes a stuck up bitch?

Kenan: Super chill, very nice. Kel: A TOTAL sweetheart. Amanda: Beautiful, always nice to me, always had her lines memorized. It was really an honor to meet them. SORRY I DON'T HAVE DIRT. ;)

Holy shit you grew up to be quite the woman.

Any plans to go back to acting?

Just moved back to Los Angeles from Portland for that very reason! Portland has better beer, p.s.

Did they really drench you in sugar and coffee?

YES. PRAYED FOR DEATH. Sugar always made me choke and the coffee was super sticky since it was Coke. Fun sketch but I'm amazed I made it out alive.

I loved that show so much. That, and the Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel. All of those.

Any surprising facts about the guest stars, or your cast mates, from behind the scenes?



I remember coming home so drunk that "All That" was the only thing i could tolerate. Cause it wasn't so fake and egotistic like other late talk show were like. Grade 5 was an interesting year.

Then we were both drunk! Fantastic!

Ok Lisa, so when I was younger I totally had a crush on you. What are you up to nowadays?

I write for Kotaku and make web videos about vidja gams. And I play a LOT of Tetris.

If you have any dirt on Ryan Coleman, I will pay you handsomely in cold hard Karma.

HMM sensing a backstory here.

what is shiver about?


I think one of my favorite sketches were always, "Vital Information For Your Everyday Life." with Lori Beth Denberg. While I liked him in Pete and Pete, I don't think Danny Tamberelli pulled it off as well. Your thoughts?

Haha, I love Danny dearly but I definitely threw a rage fit when he took over the sketch. Not that he did a poor job, it just WASN'T THE SAME. Lisa smash.

How did you end up landing your spot there? Or maybe I should ask how you got into child acting in general?

They had a nation-wide search for a new cast; thousands of kids auditioned. Being an anti-social homeschooler gamer nerd, that audition process was a total nightmare. (Newsflash, kids are annoying.) I had seven callbacks before they narrowed it down to seven. And I initially got into acting through community theater.

Are you still in touch with any of the cast members you worked with and what happened to the big ear of corn? You didn't eat him did you?

I want to make a distasteful big-ear-of-corn-bathroom joke, but I'll refrain.

I still talk to Kyle Sullivan, Shane Lyons, Jack DeSena, and Chelsea Brummet occasionally. The other day I ran into Alisa Reyes! We had a chat - it was a crazy little reunion. And I saw Kenan at an E3 Bulletstorm party last year. He remembered me and I felt heaps special.

What's your favorite breakfast food?


Who's more awesome, Kenan or Kel?

WHAT Obviously I can't pick, but I do want everyone to know how amazingly rad Kel is.

Lisa you need to do some more top 5's on The Escapist.


1) Something I'll probably never get a chance to say again, I had a huge childhood crush on you.

2) How did you wind up working for Angry Joe?

  1. (high-five)
  2. I don't even remember. He found me on Twitter. But I do stuff with Spoony now.

Do you feel bad that you became a part of Nickelodeon as it was beginning its descent into being a poorly programmed network? Nickelodeon of the early to late 90s was amazing.

We all knew it, and were huge fans of the old 90's Nick shows. Yes, Nick definitely started to go downhill when we arrived, but we still made a decent effort to bring All That to a new demographic.

Is E3 or GDC horrendous for you? You would rather stand out among that crowd.

The only thing that makes expos horrendous is the heavy smell of B.O.

Just like to say I totally had a girl-crush on you back in the day!

Also, were you ever involved in a sketch in which there was a sleepover and a dead pet squirrel named Deaddles? For some reason, that was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw your picture...


Haha, and yes, that would be Slumber Party. I played the goth girl, Claudia. Fun sketch! Deaddles smelled horrible. Probably because he was actually a dead squirrel.

All That and the other Snick comedy shows played a big role in shaping the sense of humor I have today, so thanks for that.

What was the audition process like for All That? I know shows like SNL and Whose Line is it Anyway have fairly rigorous auditions so I'm wondering what it's like for a kids show.

It was utter insanity. Nick held nation-wide auditions, and I went through seven callbacks. We had to read a scene, prepare a monologue involving three different characters, and then answer a series of questions from the producers.

You've changed your hair color a lot over the years. Which color do you think you look the best with and why red?

I get bored easily. And I have no idea, but I like the red. Redheads can say ridiculous sh*t and no one questions us because they just assume we're crazy.

Is Amanda Bynes as cool as I hope she is? She was my first TV crush.

She's a sweetheart, yes. :)

Who is your favorite photographer in the whole world?


Top 5 foods. Go.

  1. Pizza
  2. Sushi
  3. Cinnamon rolls
  4. Tacos

dear lord, you've made me realize how much i miss that show. do you get offers to go on shows like SNL, since that's basically the adult version of All That?

I really don't think I could handle SNL. The major difference is that, for SNL, you gotta be a sharp-as-a-tack improv actor. Surprisingly, Nickelodeon frowned upon us ad-libbing. So in a way, it didn't really prepare us for SNL-type stuff. We stuck to the script.

  1. I saw you posted that Avril Lavigne was a drunk. What other interesting celebrity encounters have you had?
  2. Where's your career headed now? I'm too lazy to imdb.
  1. I covered that with a big list in a different reply, and I am way too lazy to retype it. Just scroll up a bit.
  2. Video games. I write for Kotaku and make web videos, mostly.

so, how does one get into the whole hollywood thing? i have always wanted to write comedy for a show but i am from vancouver washington.

If you had questions about getting into acting, I could help, but the writing field in Hollywood is a whole different ballgame. No clue.

I just wanted to say I always thought you were the hottest cast member, and when I was watching Leverage I always thought "MAN she looks familiar!" But I never put the two together! Glad to know you are still acting - keep being awesome!

Thank you! Pretend we just high-fived.

Oh! You were also in that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois imagines having all girls, huh. What was it like shooting an episode of that show? I like to imagine that Bryan Cranston is hella hilarious. Tell me any and all stories.

Bryan and Jane were two of the nicest people I've ever worked with. It's amazing how sweet they are in real life and how they can just flip that neurotic switch when the cameras are rolling, haha. Not a ton of stories from Malcolm - it was a smooth shoot. Frankie showed up in a new car one day. Probably worth hundreds of thousands. HE DID NOT OFFER TO GIVE ME A RIDE. Jerk!

How rampant was the drug and alcohol abuse among the cast members? I desperately want to see an E True Hollywood Stories:All That!

"The All That cast drank heroin out of firehoses."

Nah, we were actually pretty clean kids. Or I was anyway. ...Now I want to ask around.

Very important: What did repair man man man man fix for you?

Sidenote: My mom won tickets to the All that music and more festival two years in a row which also won her the best mom ever award. Such a great time both years!

That's pretty rad. And getting to see Kel do the Repairman sketch was pretty much a highlight of my life.

I was scanning your wikipedia page and came across the Snick OnAir Dare thing you did with Drake Bell years back. It's amazing how much I remember those segments now that I think back and how longs it's been since I've thought about it lol. Anyway, I always thought you were great on All That - thanks for being a staple of my childhood.

Thanks! P.S. That chili dare with Drake made me vomit. A lot. There was a lot of vomiting. Almost projectile.

how did keeenan and kel get along?

Like best friends, from what I could tell!

Hey Lisa, thanks for taking the time to do an AMA.

In other TV shows and films, it is often that actors contribute many of their ideas and opinions during production. As a child actor, did you see this level of respect and opportunity to provide input or is it reduced due to your age? I question this as I remember one of your articles on Kotaku whereby you presented the idea of a Monkey Island movie to an exec (if I recall) to which they took little interest and consideration towards.

Second, as you're also a video game fanatic as well as an actress, would you ever consider voice acting for a video game? If so, is there any particular role or character you'd ideally want to play?

This is tjlawrence by the way who I'm sure you're already familiar with by now.

Also, hire me at Save Point. KTHX.


I loved All That as a kid, it was like the kid's version of SNL. Why did it go off the air?

It ran its course. Ten years is a looooong time.

Do you haveany plans to go back to tv? What is your favorite band? What shows do you like to watch nowadays?

Just moved back to LA to get back into acting. Favorite band is maybe... Muse? Shiny Toy Guns? Journey? One of those. And does reruns of Arrested Development count as a show I'm currently watching?

I had grown out of Nickelodeon by the time All That had started airing, but I do know you from the Angry Joe Show.

If I may ask this: I don't see you on it anymore, what happened? Have you left the show? Are you allowed to talk about it? If not, just answer "CONTRACTUAL" and that's all I need to know.

I'm not digging for dirt or anything, I'm just a fan of TGWTG. Also, for the record: I liked your work on the Angry Joe Show, but I couldn't get through your "Top 5" show on The Escapist. Top XXX lists get boring after a while no matter who does it, y'know?

Anyway, peace!

I hear ya! Top 5 isn't really happening anymore, so no worries. And as far as the AJS, I don't know, it just wasn't really working out. I might go back and do more stuff with him eventually.

Just want to say I think you look amazing (Thats the creepy uncle stuff I have to throw in there.

And I just want to say how brave you are to list Master of Disguise on your resume.

Oh come on, it was clearly the best film ever made.

one thing i never understood was where actors live. do you just find a place wherever you like and then fly into where they are shooting, or are all of you in LA/NYC?

It's always easiest to live where the work is, so yeah, LA and NY.

Have you met Ben Croshaw from Zero Punctuation?

(Figured it was a possibility since you do the top five on the Escapist)

Nope, never have.

What do you think of iCarly? I find it funny, well-written, and the slapstick acting of Jerry Trainor extremely entertaining. Mind you, I only watch it when my kids have it on. Because, ya know....I'm a grown-up. ahem

Are you sure that you aren't Jerry Trainor? I think you might be.

Did you ever get to roam around the set of the other shows? I would have killed to run around the Hidden Temple.

Oh man, that show was gone way before I joined Nickelodeon. If I ever got near the set of Hidden Temple, Chuck Norris himself wouldn't be able to tear me away.

Doesn't that girl Victoria Justice totally look like Chelsea Brummet?

PS This is the coolest AMA of all time, I adored you. I watched All That religiously and always looked forward to it. Thank you for cracking me up! Also, I can't really appreciate SNL now because it fails to live up to my memories of All That.

Haha, that is a huge compliment, thank you. Mega high-five!

Wait, that is a stupid question, scratch that, I can think of something better.

Of course from the web series it is known that you like video games. What other geeky activities do you like?

DnD? (If so what is your favorite class?) Comics(Favorite series?)

Just started playing Magic: The Gathering. I suck pretty hard at it. Like I'm almost inconceivably bad. Even though that word might not mean what I think it means.

What's Kel up to these days?

Voiceovers, mostly.

Hi, thanks for doing the AMA, now I have the All That song stuck in my head! :D

I'll leave this here:

Thanks I'll take the rest of the call off the air.

She was a guest, wasn't she?... hmm I barely remember her. She must not have been on set for long. And green slime is disgusting. It's pudding-like.

Do people ever recognize you on the street from All That? I don't think I would... your seasons were seasonal rot to me, in fact I had to google you.

Also, whatever happened to the girl from the early seasons who did the lemonade stand and Ross Perot? She was really funny, but I think she disappeared off the face of the earth.

Oh.. uh, Katrina! I think that's her name. Yes! She came back for the 10th Anniversary Special. Super nice.

Serious question - would you consider posing for Playboy? Cause that would be rad.

Only if I can have video game controllers hiding my naughty bits.

Did you ever enjoy any of the cuisine from Cooking with Randy? Also, were you there when Chris Farley did the show?

Ahh man, no. I would have LOVED to meet Chris Farley. That was a few seasons before I joined.

Is there one skit that you remember as being particularly horrible to do?

Unreal World was pretty horrible, only because we all had to sit in hair and makeup for HOURS to prepare for that sketch. And my wig hurt like a bitch.


Olmec checked into the Betty Ford Center shortly after the cancellation of his hit show. He is currently under house arrest with Lindsay Lohan. They've both been recently seen with Amy Winehouse and the bucket full of feces she's calling a career.

I just wanted to say that reading your responses on this thread are absolutely hysterical/delightful.

Thanks for being so down to Earth and answering all of these questions. :D

I do what I can. Having Blazing Saddles on in the background helps. Oh, and this water bottle of vodka.

In case you answered this, my bad, but do you keep in touch with any of your cast members? Also, what is your Xbox Live name? I don't necessarily want to be friends, I just want to compare achievements and either feel great or awful about myself, depending.

Haha. I don't give out my gamertag - the last time I had a public tag I got way too many pictures of dicks.

I talk to Kyle, Jack, and Chelsea on occasion. Alisa Reyes actually lives close to me and I see her at the mall every now and then. Random, I know. She gets mad when I call her Kiki.

Any plans to work in the gaming industry as a voice actress or writer?

And to ask an All That question since that was the initial request:

What Who was your favorite musical guest?

Edited for grammar.

I had a small voice cameo in Ms. Splosion Man, and I'll definitely be doing more of that with Twisted Pixel in the future. Favorite musical guest was definitely Barenaked Ladies. They played a full concert for us, just because they felt like it.

So what course of events led you to the Angry Joe show? How do you feel about the guys/gals at TGWTG?

Don't really know them. I mostly work with Spoony these days. And I think initially Angry Joe found me on Twitter.

Who was your favorite guest star?

Hmm..... wow. Will Friedle from Boy Meets World was maybe the coolest.

Did you ever meet Cousin Skeeter???

I need to know this.

OMG THAT SHOW. Totally forgot about that. No, never had the pleasure of meeting that puppet. Shame.

So it's been two hours and I'm not sure you'll even see this post, but wanted to say it's awesome you took the time to respond here.

Have you checked out the rest of the site yet? If so, think you might stick around? We've got subreddits for just about anything you can think of.

EDIT: Also, admittedly, I hadn't followed you much in your gaming journalism or what have you, but Zelda fan? Get to play Ocarina of Time 3D yet?

Definitely still here. I got Twizzlers and put on Blazing Saddles, so I'm good. I will absolutely check out more of Reddit. Hell, what's one more site to waste my freetime on?

Haven't played the 3D one yet! I fail.

Hey Lisa, I've read some of your articles and videos on Kotaku and find them hilarious. So being a gamer, let me ask you; what games are you playing at the moment, and which ones are you looking forward to in the nearby future?

Dying to play Uncharted 3 and Bioshock Infinite. I'm counting the days... Currently, I'm going to be starting LA Noire here soon.

Wait a second... Lisa Foiles from Kotaku = Lisa Foiles from All That? WHY DID I NEVER MAKE THAT CONNECTION??


how was working in front of a live audience? Was it nervous or did you feel right at home since the audience was younger?

It was a rush of excitement. I was rarely nervous. I only got nervous when we did LIVE stuff.

Please go through an average week on the show. What do you think about SNL?

Monday: Table Read, Rehearsals Tuesday/Wednesday: Rehearsals, Run-Through for the Producers Thursday: Film Friday: Film with Live Audience

SNL is SNL. Don't really have a comment. It's funny most of the time.

What is it like watching yourself on TV, or knowing you've been on a popular TV show in general? Me personally, I don't even like to look at pictures of myself, so I can't imagine what it'd be like seeing myself on TV. Did those experiences and/or the characters you played have a strong impact on who you are now?

Also, now that you're involved with gaming, is that something you're planning on doing for a while now? How did you get into that anyway?

I usually hate seeing myself on TV, haha. And I hate when people play my Internet vids while I'm in the same room. Drives me nuts. Being on All That definitely impacted my life. It made me an insanely brave person willing to try almost anything.

Gaming will always be apart of my life/career, I'm sure. I am rarely seen without a controller during my freetime!

I think I speak for everyone when I say A) Damn girl, you fine and B) What happened to Josh Server?

I have no idea what Josh is doing! One of you, go find out.

I was never into the show (I'm not from these parts) but Shane used to be in my theater class in high school! Think this is pretty cool.

Shane's the man!

Be honest: Was the cast drunk most of the time or all of the time?

ALL. ALL THE TIME. The coffee in Sugar and Coffee? 151.

Why no more Top5? :(

Lisa, what happened to "Everyday Achievements"?

Keep being redheaded (and awesome), it suits you!

EA was totally a just-for-fun project. I'd love to bring it back sometime with better quality. And better acting. And more of my cat.

Were most of those On-Air Dares real? How were they?

99% of them were real. They were vomit-inducingly awful and I prayed for death.

Hey Lisa, remember that time in college when you were sitting on my couch and accidentally ate paper? Then we sang the TonxTheDestroyer song??! ;)


You look way better with dark hair...just saying.


If Amanda Bynes' twitter is anything to go by, do you think she is slowly going crazy?

example: here

.....No comment. Definitely no comment.


I appreciate your willingness to embrace large vegetables. What's your relationship situation?

I'm in an abusive relationship with my Tetris cartridge.

do you ever get the desire to get back into comedy? Also, Good Burger...great movie, or the greatest movie?



I unfortunately have no questions. I just want to thank you for the memories.

Can we have some links to stuff that you are doing now? I am now following you on Twitter :D

Hey, thanks! I'll be in the Fallout web series starting soon, and I have a few web show projects of my own debuting in the near future. Plus, I have stuff on Kotaku every month!

You look like a night elf priest


I believe my dad was a construction coordinator on that show. Just curious if you ever knew him. His name is Ray Oxley.

Oh man! That name is super familiar and I'm pretty sure I know exactly who that is. So cool!

Were/are you aware that the show you were on was a pale imitation of Roundhouse?


Who was your favorite person to work with/talk to on the set? And, how did you react when that whole "Kel died" rumor surfaced (if you even heard about it.)

lol I never heard the Kel rumor. Did they say that if you played an All That episode backwards, it would say "KEL IS DEAD." ? That's what the rumor should have been.

On set, Jack was probably my best friend. We used to sing showtunes loudly during rehearsals just to annoy people.

So what are you up to now? Also if you had a Delorean with flux capacitor installed what would be the first thing you do?

Go back to when George Lucas decided to make the Star Wars prequels and punch him in the jaw.

Go back to when George Lucas decided to make the Star Wars prequels and punch him in the jaw.

With a shark.

Do you feel like you got to write articles for Kotaku because of your writing ability. Or the fact you're semi famous girl gamer?

Part of anything I do in games will always be gimmick-y, I can't escape that. That being said, I went to college for writing and it's one of my passions.

What different characters did you play? How friendly was the cast outside of shooting? Who is the most memorable person to you from that era that you met?

  1. Too many characters to count.
  2. We all got along, aside from some bitchy girl-fighting
  3. Meeting Bruce Willis was pretty nuts. He was such a cool guy.

Jack DeSena used to hang out at my house quite frequently. He was friends with my old roommate. Thoughts on Jack?

LOVE HIM TO DEATH. He was my best friend on the set.

Looks like twitter confirmed? A question, do you believe that broadcasting for children has severely gone down in quality? At what point do you believe the no-return mark was? I believe Drake & Josh was.

No. It was the God-awful Lil Romeo show. That was the shark jump.

Question, Do you plan on staying an active member of reddit? Also, were you ever slimed(The green slime from the game show I cannot remember what it's called). Also, all that used to be one of my favorite TV shows back when I was a little sappling.

I'll give Reddit a try, yeah! And the slime is disgusting. it's very pudding-like and stained my blonde hair at one point.

What are you up to now?

I write articles/make videos for Kotaku and other video game sites.

How does it feel to be part of one of my favorite franchises from my childhood? I'm sure it was one of yours, as well.

All That was my favorite show before I even thought about getting into TV acting. Seriously, total dream come true just being able to audition.

You were on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. What was Bryan Cranston like?

Professional, so talented, and extremely nice/personable. He's definitely a role model of mine after filming Malcolm. And holy crap is Breaking Bad amazing.

Two questions:

Given the consensus on the decline of live shows, have you watched any of Nick's cartoons? My old college roommate watched Chowder and some pirate show all the time, and while it definitely wasn't my bag, I'd sure call it 'quirky.'

Having been on and off shows on and off the internet, any advice for anyone looking to make it on either format?

I haven't kept up with Nicktoons ever since they changes Spongebob's voice. WHY IS IT ALL OF A SUDDEN HIGHER PITCHED?! Lisasmash.

When it comes to internet show success, just make your own show as good as it can be before pitching it to a big site. Sites will be more likely to pick up your show if you can bring them a new fanbase.

Hey Lisa keep up the good articles that I see on kotaku. That is all, no requests.

Will do. ;)

Just found your Escapist series and have become hooked :D

Woo! The episodes only get crazier as you keep watching. Good luck with that.

Are you really a geek, or do you just play one on TV?

Wait, what's the difference between a geek and a nerd these days? I don't know which one I am.

How was your relationship with the Pickle Guy?

Haha Pickle Boy was also the dialogue coach, so I was pretty good pals with him.

Roughly how much do you get from royalties per episode? (Noticed your Disney comment)

None. We don't get residuals. It's a TOUCHY SUBJECT. I get royalties from other shows though - the amount gets smaller the more times the episode airs. Pretty sure my checks from Even Stevens are like fifty cents by now.

What's the deal with everyone hitting on Chelsea. At first I thought you were annoying, then I got older and developed a crush on you, then i started stalking you, i got a few locks of your hair from ebay, which developed into a few more things, now I'm president of your fan club, and devoted an entire room of my house to things you've touched, then I lost my job because I constantly watched re-runs of nick and snick and nick at night. Then my gf left me, and now I'm left with a room full of your miscellaneous things, no job and the hope that one day you'll notice me. If you're wondering, I'm here, I'm here!

OH! That was YOU in the back seat of my car the other night! Wow, you are a stealthy stalker. Best I've encountered. High-five!

Ben Croshaw of zero punctuation did an AMA not long ago. Since you work at the escapist have you ever had the chance to meet him? I bet he is a trip.

Nope, haven't. Hope to one day.

Lisa, what happened to the Top 5 show on Theescapist?

Do you plan on continuin that?

Also, I know you must be tired of hearing this, but holy shit you have a perfect boobage.

Ahem. <.< >.>


Isn't that a Disney show?

And I wonder if you're thinking of that other Disney show (which is like All That, a sketch comedy show), "So Random".

I'm unfamiliar with all of this because kids TV these days makes my soul cry.

Lisa, if you are going to Comic Con this year, will you allot some time to hang out with the Adult Swim crew??

I'm going to try to get to Comic Con! Never been. Would love to!


Yeah, I should definitely get around to taking some nude photos. I keep pushing it down on my to-do list.

Kenan and Kel were definitely buds.

Do you like Spongebob?

Yes, before they CHANGED HIS VOICE. WTF

What's Frankie Muniz like?


we have proof let the AmA begin. ok first question was your show made in Florida or California?

California, on Sunset Blvd. The original cast filmed in Florida.

Would you consider your experience with All That a positive one, or do you wish you could've done other things in your youth? If so, what are some things you feel you missed out on?

Would not change my time on All That for the world. I don't feel like I missed out on anything except stupid overrated basic stuff. Like Homecoming Dances. Screw that.

What's your opinion of Jack DeSena? I saw his work on Dorm Life and think he's hilarious

He is absolutely hilarious and has pretty awesome hair.

I'm trying to become a standup comedian, can you hook me up with some sweet gigs?

I know nothing about stand-up comedy. Except the parts about airline food.

You know you've made it when your Wikipedia entry mentions you had to dance with clam chowder in your pants.

My mom is proud.

Are there any currently-syndicated shows running on Nick/Disney that you can say you genuinely enjoy?

I wouldn't know; I don't watch those channels anymore on account of they hurt my brain and push me to the edge of a raging breakdown.

I had no idea that you were on All That! I only recognize you from the Top Five with Lisa Foiles. Mind blown.

That being said, what are some of your favourite video games?

Bioshock 1, Uncharted series, the Monkey Island series, Grim Fandango. To name a few of the greats.

You worked with Reba McEntire?


i hope you got paid alot to do all those dares

Not. Enough.

Holy crap, no way. I loved All That when I was younger! Thank you for having a role in my childhood haha :) Definitely remember you! Did you ever get to meet Kennan or Kel (I know, different shows, but same network so I figured its worth a try) :)

Yes! They came back for the 10th Anniversary Special. Awesome guys.

Your wikipedia page says you are from Spokane Washington. So is my friend Kellon. Do you know him? Also, congrats on having a wikipedia page, bro.

Is he dating my cousin? My cousin is dating a Kellon.

Do you still talk to any of the old cast?

Some! Ran into Alisa Reyes at the mall the other day.

Ever meet Yahtzee? If so, is he a right cunt or a decent fellow?

Haha never met him.

Dear facebook friends of Foiles, speaking for all of Reddit, we are sorry we come off as 'boring'. Once you get to know us, you will find out we are quite sadistic and we don't talk as much about what we're currently doing.

Haha, no! I said it was boring back when no one was commenting for the first half hour! I didn't think anyone was going to show up. OOPS

I have no idea who you are (Well I'm learning) but I did notice you have model type pictures and seem to have worked for Nickelodeon so I was wondering how the progression goes for female celebrities on kids show to sex icon?

I take it those aren't all Nickelodeon photos being linked in this thread?

Pretty sweet, I guess. And no, those photos aren't Nick related.

No question and I had no idea who you were, but from your replies here I have decided you are funny and I like you. Carry on.

Fair enough. We should high-five on this someday.

What do you do now for money?

I sell Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men to third world countries. And sometimes I do stuff on the Internet.

Pancakes or Waffles?


What are you up to recently? Any roles you didn't take that you wish you had now?

Nah, not really. Just did a movie called Shiver with Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers fame. Unfortunately, this movie does not involve giant bugs from space. Sorry.

Firstly thanks for the nostalgia kick it's awesome reading your comments below. Secondly you rock. Your background on your twitter is awesome, and you look great!

If there's one thing I've got... it's an awesome t-shirt collection.

As a fellow female gamer, I think I would like to get into the field of vidya game journalism. I am decently attractive and generally know my shit. (Not that my appearance should have to do with anything, but hey, it can't hurt my chances.) How would you suggest getting into this, just starting a blog and going from there? Or did you jump through any sorts of hoops first?

Also, kudos for getting into the field in the first place. I just mentioned appearance not having to matter or anything but goodness knows your tits can get objectified.

Also also, loved All That, but y'know, that's a given since I'm on this thread in the first place.

Internet-five for being a chick gamer! I would definitely say start with a blog that you regularly update. That's basically how Kotaku found me - I was ranting about God knows what, PROBABLY FABLE, and they asked if I'd do a guest column. Just constantly put yourself out there and stay active on the social sites - namely Twitter. I owe a ton of my net success to Twitter. Game on!

I just want to say that I never watched All That as a kid (except for the occasional Pierre Escargot skit), but your replies on here make me want to get in MY DeLorean and change that. Wonderfully hilarious, madam.

I do what I can. Also, this flask helps.

Was Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman as much of a dreamboat in person?

MORE SO. I actually had a crush on Jack at one point. DON'T TELL HIM.

Do you feel that being a "childhood fantasy" has contributed heavily to the sexualization of your public persona? That is, have you felt pressure to be frequently "scantily clad", as you say, because many men have lusted at you since you were part of their childhood?

I don't care about being scantily clad because I do lots of crunches. Dammit I want my stomach seen!

Okay Lisa I damn near fell over when this AMA caught my eye and had a weird flashback to the summer of 1994...le sign

Now riddle me this Miss Foiles, If the NickTeen Execs called you on the phone tomorrow while you were playing Duke Nukem Forever and told you that they wanted you to create your own show that could be about anything but you had to use only cast members from SNICK shows who would be the cast and what would the show be about? Also what would you call it?

It would be called PROJECTILE VOMIT MURDER HOUR. And it would be a live-action Metalocalypse-type show, only with more violence. And it would only star me and Mark Saul.

And wait, who the hell said I was playing Duke Nukem Forever? Are YOU playing Duke Nukem Forever? I'm sorry.

I did not have cable growing up. This AMA has made me curious. I am now interested in this. This=you. Oh.

Why didn't you do what normal people do when they don't have cable and just steal it

I was surprised no one had asked this yet seeing as how so many people have commented how much they enjoyed All That. What was some of your favorite childhood shows or did you not have time between the show, school, and a social life? All this talk about childhood shows I tried to think of what I used to watch back then and the most vivid memories I have are of Wonder Years.

Oh wow, Wonder Years was forever ago. Man I miss that show. I was really into the super old 90's Nick shows and cartoons - Angry Beavers, Rocko, Aah! Real Monsters, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, etc.

What is your favorite subreddit, and why r/circlejerk?

Edit: Also, if two trains are initially 300 miles apart, and train 1 departs at 70mph, while, at the exact same instant, train 2 starts traveling towards it at 60mph, how long before they meet?

Math is hard let's go shopping

Why was your era more child based and relying more on fart humor/less intelligent jokes? Was it a decision to dumb the original All That which was pretty adult and smart at points or did it just so happen that your writers didn't want to continuing being funny?

I have no clue. I hated when our humor became dumbed-down. By my second season, I was over the fart jokes. BRING ON THE HELEN KELLER JOKES AMIRIGHT

how often are you recognized on Xbox live?

Never! Which is surprising because my gamertag is "HiThisIsLisaF0iles2008"

Never! Which is surprising because my gamertag is "HiThisIsLisaF0iles2008"

P.S. That is definitely not my gamertag.

What was your favorite moment on All That?

Probably when Kenan swung on a rope swing dressed as Miss Piddlin during Sugar and Coffee and nearly broke the set in front of a live audience. Hi-larious.


I HAVE AN AWESOME REPAIRMAN STORY. I've been dying to tell this:

You know how Repairman's catchphrase is shouting "MA-JIGGY!!!" ? Well that wasn't supposed to be the line. The original line was "I'm gonna go fix that thing-a-majig!" But during the table read, Kel read it wrong, and said "I'm gonna go fix that thing! MA-JIGGYYYY!!!" And everyone burst into laughter. So they changed that to be his catchphrase. Hilarious.

How do they get those little pimentos into olives?

Elvin magic.

How does it feel to have your own wikipedia page?

I'd like it more if it made me sound more awesome than I am. Like I punch sharks into the sun or something.


I have a PSD file of my signature - do you want that? You can print it out.

Five minutes. You have FIVE minutes! (Did they even still do that gag later in the season?)

You talked a bit about the work schedule being hellish, how much got done in that amount of time?

Favorite old Nick show?

One week = one episode. So maybe, 3 full-length sketches and 3 short sketches?

Fav old Nick show would be Angry Beavers.

On behalf of the redditors who aren't going to offer to eat your farts, welcome to reddit, we have many kinky nerds here who would actually like your farts. You were lovely on the show, you're still gorgeous, but your cheerleader character was appalling, not the acting, just the character. If I could forget that high pitched voice, I'd rank you above Amanda Bynes on the show, and would probably put that Holy Boob Shot as my desktop background.

That horrible character voice still haunts me. When people ask me to do the voice, I just stare at them until their internal organs start to explode. It's a rare gift; I use it wisely.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm not sure how one would actually eat a fart, but Reddit has me believing it's possible. So. Props.

Which pokémon did you choose as your starter? Any favorites?

Any of them that use the Splash attack.

It's funny going back and watching All That, now that I'm so used to the comedy of late night TV, it's all so very adult but i've become so accustomed to it that when I turn back to youtube for some quality All-That childhood revisiting time I notice the comedy is VERY G-Rated. I'm curious, how often did you guys have to cut material whether it be from cursing, or you guys adding adult themes for shiggles? I guess what i'm really wondering is, is there some KICK-ASS blooper reel that we are all missing out on?

Oh man, I have an AMAZING blooper reel. I don't know if I could ever post it due to copyright bullshit and Nickelodeon mailing me bombs or whatever, but it's awesome. And regarding the whole G-rated thing, I think we did get in trouble with censors at one point. I wish I could remember which skit.. May have been the sketch about cannibalism. Ha ha! It's funny because I'm not joking.

Did you ever get to meet Pete & Pete? Specifically Petunia

Only little Pete. Never Petunia. I would lick her if I met her. Which might be weird for Danny Tamberelli's arm.

So anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Also, what's your view on society thinking that gaming is a predominately male activity? (which is false.)

Also what are your favorite games, and are you part of the PC gaming master race?

And to balance out the unentertaining seriousness of the above questions, boingo boingo whoopsy knickers.

Gaming IS a predominately male activity. More guys play games than girls, it's just a fact. That doesn't mean it's bad. Girl gamers like being the minority because it makes us special, and gives us an excuse to whine. We're good at that. Fav games are probably the Monkey Island series, Grim Fandango, and Bioshock 1. I only PC game on occasion.

Were you ever on legends of the hidden temple?


More like All That Ass.

Oh hey that's my ass! I recognize it!

Want to get a coffee sometime?

I can't tell if this is a Sugar and Coffee joke or if you're just asking me out.

do you think an 'All That' type show would be successful nowadays?

why/why not?

and: favorite band to perform on the show?

Barenaked Ladies, best band ever to perform. They played us a full concert just because.

Who knows if All That would be successful if it came out now. Or a similar show. I'm constantly baffled by the things that become popular. In other news, I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be a crappy housewife.

You're from Spokane! Me too.. Just had to give a shout out.

WOO! Remember how downtown is really hard to navigate

When I was younger, I watched All That whenever I could. Thank you very much for the laughs.


holy shit. "i'm about to perform mouth to ball resuscitation!"

And.. wow. Yeah. That's definitely something that was said.

did you ever think of yourself as selling out while you were on nick?

Sometimes, but then I remember I have a Kids Choice Award Orange Blimp. And that's made it all worth it.

What do you think of the Disney rip-off of All That called So Random?

PFFFFFFFHHHH. Or similar angsty hipster scoff.

Foiles, if it really is you, I remember loling so hard to your Vocabulary With Lisa sketches. They were great. To this day it's the one segment from All That I remember truly being hilarious. So thank you.

Also, when I Googled you to refreshen my memory, I did not expect the images I saw.

EDIT: PS How old were you in the Vocab With Lisa sketches compared to the pics on Google?

Oh wow, Vocab with Lisa. That puppet was terrifying. I did those first season I was on there, so I was maybe, 14? 15? Who even knows. I was so drunk!

So can we meet up some time for drinks or something? I'm free all week, save Thursday.

I'm only available Thursday. Damn!

Ever work with G4/Attack Of The Show? They seem to be right up your girl/video game alley, demographic etc. (Words are hard.)

Barring that, you seem like you would fit right in on my favorite podcast, The Nerdist.

Did I just encounter you on Twitter? I think I did. Sneaky bastard!

Were you gay as a child, or only when answering AMA questions?

I wanna say both... is that a valid response? Hold on, let me ask your mom.

Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead - what's your preference?

RED. It works the best for my Hipster Ariel impression.

Thanks for taking over my elementary school when I was little. It was a lot of fun.

No problem! Sorry if anyone got hurt from the tanks and missiles!


The guy's pretty cheesed off.

Oh man... I loved All That! Come to think of it, I don't quite remember anything on Nick that I didn't like. I was born in '87 and shows today just don't feel right. There's obviously something missing, or it's the other way around and there's too much of something. On top of that, too many fucking reality shows on T.V. nowadays. Have any future silver screen endeavors?

Side note: I love you!!

I totally have a scary movie coming out soon that I did with Casper Van Dien. It has lots of blood and hopefully nudity.

First off, I couldn't place your name at first and asked my mom if she did since she always watched All That with me and she screams "COFFEE AND SUGAR!"

Any advice for a chick moving across the country to start acting professionally?

Do not let casting directors define your opinion of yourself. You'll get plenty of 'too short, not pretty enough, too tall' bullshit. Ignore it and be a rockstar. And then drink a Rockstar.

What have you been doing since All That? It's been like 10 years since I saw you on the tube.

I write for Kotaku and make stupid internet videos. And sometimes I do freelance writing for a company that makes Tofu. I am completely serious.

What was your favorite sketch from your time on the show? Any videos/clips of your favorite moments?

btw THANKS for doing an AMA!!

Loved doing 2-Gether 4Ever, mostly because tackling Jack was really satisfying.

so how many facebook friends have you made in the last 4 hours?

Somewhere around a buttmillion.

What are you doing on the internet?

Looking at seahorse porn.

We are boring as fuck because I think you have met a group of people who actually have these questions in their heads. Probably for years. This IS reddit and all.

I THOUGHT this was going to be boring when no one showed up for the first half hour, but then it sploded so now I'm not bored. Thanks for keeping me busy!

Ms. Foiles, from what I've read in this AMA, you are my new benchmark when it comes to finding a significant other.


I feel like I missed the party and won't get noticed, but how did you actually go about getting on the show? Did you have parents that whored you out for fame, or were you just incredibly lucky?

HAHA you said "whored." No my parents were super supportive and awesome. Certain amount of luck went into it, yes.

Favorite beer and are you drunk now?

I SHOULD be drunk. Favorite beer is Guinness.

so i notice from your facebook that you recently indulged in some tostitos with a hint of lime. i made a fanpage for on facebook for them because they are so tasty.

the end. can i be your friend on facebook? i'm a girl so it's not creepy. :D


Lisa - I used to be a member of an online club/message board dedicated to the cartoon orbit game website and neopets called techman's, and there was a girl who said she was you - was that you then and is this you now?

HA! No way!! That was totally me. I was obsessed with that. I think about it every now and then. So crazy we've run into each other again. I loved that message board.

I give your face a ten and your asinine.


You made a few jokes about being drunk on the set. I'm just curious: was alcohol present at all while on set? Were there any times that the older actors showed up intoxicated or high? How about you, did you ever show up inebriated?

I certainly was never intoxicated by anything on the set.

Do you like the band Pink Martini?

LOVE THEM! They're from Portland. Or Eugene, one or the other.

Your IMDB says you're from Spokane. If this is true, then I would just like you to know that this was the first and last city in which I ever convinced a train hobo to buy me alcohol.

That. Is amazing.

...she thinks we are boring.

LIES. I only thought it was boring during the first half hour when no one was showing up. Then people showed up. Then it wasn't boring. Then it was awesome.


Ah, my first meme.

what's your favorite All That sketch? your favorite SNL sketch?

All That sketch: 2-Gether 4-Ever; SNL sketch: King Tut, Steve Martin DUH. Isn't that everyone's?

After reading everything and seeing that you answered every question, even repeats, I would definitely like to say thank you fore being awesome.

So I'm gonna ask something no one has asked yet.

Do you like nutella?

Well of course I like Nutella, what kind of anti-American Neo-Nazi do you take me for?


They would always record the live audience's laughter, but then alter it in post. Every dumb sitcom does it.

What was your least favorite sketch you participated in?

Was never a huge fan of Tilt-a-Hurl. The fake vomit smelled worse than real vomit. FACT

Did you get to jump on the trampoline for the opening scene of All That? If so, how was it?

Also, weirdest thing about being semi-famous GO

We didn't do the trampoline bit for our opening credits. (WHICH WAS B.S.)

Weirdest thing about being quasi-famous is when people ask me to sign body parts. I've become an expert clavicle-signer.

No question. I watched All That for several years in my youth, but I think I stopped watching before you were on the show, because I had no idea who you were when I saw this thread, but I clicked anyway because I saw the original request thread and was curious.

I've now read every single question and answer in here and felt compelled to say you seem totally and completely awesome and now I feel I must pay attention to anything you do in your career from here on out.

Good luck, best wishes, and thank you for doing this AMA.

Thanks!! Yeah, if I hadn't actually been a cast member, I probably would have stopped watching All That about the time I joined. Just an age/demographic thing.


I was basically raised on mid-90's Nickelodeon! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED THIS MAKES ME.

Here's my question: Why did All That stop having only R&B acts and rappers as musical guests? LL Cool J. TLC. Lauryn Hill. Immature. Dru Hill. Mase. Soul For Real. Wikipedia says Nas and A Tribe Called Quest both performed on the show. So did SHAQ (!!!).

All That wasn't the same without 8-year-old-me going "huh?" when Lori Beth Denberg asked us to give a round-o'-sound to a really obscure R&B group like A Few Good Men.

It is my secret theory that All That began its decline phase when the producers started booking pop acts instead of groups like Az Yet and 112.

Do you know why this happened?

What are you talking about?! We had amazing rap performances from groups like "DA RASKALZ CRU." Kill me.

No idea about the selection of musical guests - there was never any rhyme nor reason to who we booked; we just went with who was available. That's why we ended up with acts from Debbie Gibson to Chris from Dreamstreet.

What was the most awkward moment for you on the show? Did you ever mess up your lines or were you ever thrown off by someone else?

Oh we f*cked up our lines constantly. And then the director would beat us. CALM DOWN I'M KIDDING. Most awkward moment was when a member of O-Town gave me a hug in the green room and thanked me before he left, and I had no idea who the hell he was.

Her favourite pastime is punching sharks into the sun.

This is what I read about you on Wikipedia.

FINALLY something accurate.

So let me get this straight. Not only are you a television star, but you were on one of the best shows of our childhood. And I see we are but a miniscule two weeks apart in age. And you're from Spokane, whereas I just moved to Seattle. And wait, seriously wait... you blog... about video games and general nerd tomfoolery?!

How are we not dating yet?!? Don't worry, it's not like I've been compulsively following your life and career from an obsessive overly-fixated emotional attachment spawning from an unrequited childhood crush, or anything. Promise! And I already have some experience dating over-the-top gorgeous, highly successful women. So let's do this? Call meeee !

That aside, thanks for the great AMA! This is seriously one of the funniest and most entertaining AMA's I've read. And damn you for having 19k comment karma in < 24 hours of creating your account. /shakes fist

How did you do that thing with the e's? I MUST KNOW

You're probably more well known around these here parts for your Kotaku/Save Point/Escapist/being-really-attractive stuff than the Nick stuff to be honest.

I was going to say "I'm a fan" but that's not quite accurate. I enjoy your work, I like that there's room for it to exist. I appreciate you being a part of legitimizing this niche of online content, and being the happy face of the otherwise cynical field of game journalism. Yourself and Felicia Day are basically my favorite people in the world, in terms of being the faces of what I want entertainment to move toward being.

Seeing as this is an AMA, I'll try and manipulate this idea into a question. In my eyes at least, you present yourself with an attitude that reads... "It's okay for girls to be dorky and into games, in fact, it's totally fucking rad."

Is that a conscious decision on your behalf, to create this Lisa Foiles brand, or is that the real Lisa just having a blast doing work you love? Did you take stock one day and think "Hey, I've got something going on here that I could make a buck with!" or is it just happy accident?

I'm not even sure if I'm conveying what I'm trying to ask here... basically I'm a 27 year old dude who works in advertising, and I look at you doing top 5s etc, and I see you fucking nail it, in terms of providing a product that reaches your audience, and I can't help but think... is she really smart, or is she just really cool, or is it a magical alignment of both?

Aaaand turns out I sound like a total creep :/ whoops. Oh well, hitting submit.

All the best Lisa. Love what you do.

I would certainly be a smarter person to spend hours trying to figure out the "Lisa Foiles brand." But honestly, I just do stuff. I try to be honest, tell it like it is, have fun with what I do on the net, and if people dig it, cool. If not, oh well. I think more about what kind of stuff I want to produce as opposed to "what is going to get me famous?" Does that make sense? I have a feeling half the shit I'm saying in this AMA will come back to bite me in the ass, but who wants to hear a bunch of bullshit, pre-approved answers? A lot of people support me, the least I can do is be down-to-earth. We're all a bunch of Internet dorks anyway. Egos are for d-bags.


Oh wow, no way! I owe 90% of everything to my mom. She is brilliant with just the right amount of crazy to help me take risks I wouldn't normally take.

What was your favorite episode to shoot?

The reunion special OF COURSE. I had a total mirthquake.

Not to get in the way of the drool pool here, but I have a serious question:

How much are your good looks a double-edged sword in your work? You've had acting experience since you were young, and you've got your own angle, but whoever uses your talent is probably going to play up your hotness. If I'm a producer, how do I sort you out from good-looking people with zero talent? Other than internet ogling, what are some of the real tradeoffs with being attractive?

That's a good question. Honestly, I don't see myself as being crazy-attractive; I'm a pale nerd with ugly feet who uses her DS stylus to scratch her ears. SHUT UP YOU'VE DONE IT, TOO. That being said, I'm also not oblivious to the sex-sells thing. It has never hindered me - people show up to my sites for the cleavage but I like to think they stay for the humor. And the cake.

Can your friend in the glasses really fart on command? How is he not afraid of shitting himself?

Also, how?

And for a real question, how did you get into acting?

YES HE CAN. It's freakish and unnatural and makes me question my taste in friends.

Got into acting through community theater. Then eventually went to Hollywood and found an agent.

Would you ever be on Dancing with the Stars?

Haha I almost was. But at the last minute they picked Master P and Romeo over me. BASTARDS!

First, I'd like to say that you were my favorite cast member & my first girl-crush.

Now that that's out there on the internet, what was your favorite sketch ever? Favorite ongoing character? Who do you miss most from the show? Do you keep in touch with any of them? Have you ever considered SNL like your costar(I think you'd rock that shit)?

Thank you!

SNL is a little too improv for me. I'm only a semi-talented imrov actor. Usually those situations send me into a Buster-like crippling panic attack.

I only stay in contact with a few cast members (Jack, Kyle, Shane, Chelsea), favorite sketch was probably 2-Gether 4-Ever, and my favorite character was probably Claudia (Slumber Party.)

No questions, but I just watched the episodes where you starred in Anthony Saves the Day! It was awesome!


Sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic I watch clips of snick on YouTube. Do you ever do that and feel like you're watching home movies?

I hate watching myself on TV or the Internet, haha. I'm weird like that. I'll watch other Nick shows, but never mine. The sound of my voice is like a thousand dying screech owls.

• Who has been the coolest actor you've met? • Were you a fan of Stick Stickley? That dude was the bomb. • Are you a Harry Potter fan? Looking forward to the last movie? • Do you watch Fringe or True
Blood? • Would you ever do nudity for a film/TV role? Why or why not? • Are you straight or bi? • What's your boob size? • Has a casting director or producer ever creepily demanded sexual favors from you to get a role? • Spit or swallow?

  1. Maybe Will Friedle. (Boy Meets World)
  2. STICK STICKLEY YES I totally forgot about that little guy.
  3. My favorite Harry Potter film is the first half of the first movie. Before his voice changed.
  4. Neither.
  5. Probably not because my grandma watches everything I do. That'd just be awkward.
  6. I'm straight but buy-curious. 7-9. lol. Okay I'm leaving now.

Have you ever hung out with Mark Saul? He's a pretty cool dude.

We've emailed back and forth and have been trying to meet up! I should call that kid.

Sugar and Coffee was always my favorite, and I can't believe how fast that time has gone by! Thanks for being a favorite part of my childhood.

And what'd you think of Frankie Muniz?

Frankie Muniz can be described in one word: Rich.

What was your favorite nick show to watch of the era if it wasn't All that?

Cartoon: Angry Beavers. Live action: Clarissa Explains It All.


I don't really have female friends. I don't know why, but I can rarely ever develop a lasting friendship with a girl. However, a lot of my guy friends act like whiny women. So. It works out.

Jack DeSena, please tell me he is awesome in real life. I want him to be awesome in real life. He portrays one of my favorite cartoon characters (Sokka from Avatar).

He is ridiculously awesome, yes. Cool guy.

I saw you at E3 but was too scared to say hi, so hi!

WHAT. You should have tackled me. Hi!

Why is it that every time you post an article on Kotaku, the header image has a picture of you stuck into it somewhere, but when its an article written by Brian Crecente, Brian Ashcraft, or most of the other contributors, there is no image of them at all? Are you comfortable being sexualized as a "girl gamer?"

I do NOT choose which pictures are used for the header images of my articles. I just send off the article with some photo selections and they choose. And I don't really feel 'sexualized' as a girl gamer. Most readers and internet folk I encounter treat me like a normal human. ...Most of them.

You got to hang out with Tim Rogers at E3 this year! What's that guy like? He seems too awesome to be true.


So as a random dude who finds you awesome, Can I get an internet high-five?

WHA-PSSSH! That's the Internet high-five sound effect, right?

Ahh!!!! All That was my favorite show when I was little. I remember being 6 years old and jumping on the bed along with the credits.

Then we didn't have cable for a few years, and when we got it back, I was surprised to see that All That was still on! BUT was sad to see the new cast wasn't as funny. I remember you though, you were funny.

Anyways, since you know all the cast people. 1) do you keep in contact with them still? 2) did you have a crush on anyone? 3) was there drama on set? 4) who is that older narrator guy that narrates everything? 5) can you get me Josh Peck's digits? ;D

  1. Some! Chelsea, Jack, Kyle, Shane.
  3. Between the girls, yes. Always.
  4. Pickle Boy was also the narrator/Know Your Stars guy.
  5. I don't have them! I fail.

top 5 video games?

  1. Monkey Island 1
  2. Grim Fandango
  3. Bioshock 1
  4. Odin Sphere
  5. Day of the Tentacle

How come you haven't done anything with The Escapist lately? Is it true that they never pay their contributors because I've pitched them a few times.

...No comment.

TIL one of my favorite actresses from my favorite childhood TV show is on my favorite website, and she reviews some of my favorite things.

I think the approriate sound effect is guuuuuuuhhh as I melt into my chair, but I could be mistaken.

I hope that chair wasn't expensive. That sounds gooey.


Casablanca is my favorite film, and also I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy more than I will probably love my own children.

There were some provocative photos of you when I searched for your name on google. How do you feel about that?

Hungry. Or maybe that's because it's lunch time.

What was it like working with Bruce Willis as he sported that giant yellow hat?

That was a LIVE segment, and they gave me about 5 minutes to memorize those lines. We had no idea Bruce was going to do a scene with us. Probably the most nerve-wracking experience of my life. But he said, "Hi Lisa!" so that totally made it all worth it. KORBEN DALLAS KNOWS MY NAME.

I remember a contest to be on the show All that. I wanted to enter, but never did. Were you there when it all went down?

Also, how can I get a job as a voice actor on Nick?

EDIT: Or on anywhere really. Just help/tell me. EDIT AGAIN: How did you get on the show All That?

Get a VO agent! That's the first step. And I just auditioned for All That.

Who the hell would really down vote this thread!!! Probably people who didn't grow up with All That :(.


i just want to buy you gold and ride your ass every day when i wake up. how's that for a pick up line? i'm trying to get a feel for your demographic (women.).

More of a silver girl.

  1. I love you.
  2. What kind of acting work do you like best?
  1. Wayne's World taught me to reply to this with "Thank you."
  2. Comedy. Comedy is my favorite, where I excel.

Thank you sooooooooo much for doing this! Few questions:

  1. Was there anything interesting that happened backstage?
  2. What other shows were filmed at the studios when you were there, and did you ever visit other sets?
  3. How did it feel when it ended?

Again, thanks so much!

  1. Sometimes we would get into the ice cream bin and eat colored Popsicles before shooting so our tongues would be weird colors. Then the director would come over the intercom from the booth: "What the- DAMMIT LISA WHY IS YOUR TONGUE BLUE."
  2. Nearly every live-action Nick show you can imagine was shot at Nick On Sunset. All the current ones, too. Also that building is super haunted.
  3. I cried. For a long time. Then I bought a cat. True story.

Please talk about your experience with Even Stevens as well! Loved both all that and even Stevens.

Even Stevens was a great experience, everyone was very nice. Especially Tom Virtue, the dad! Shia is out of his mind.

Alright, I'm about to sound like a grizzled, ancient, bitter geek here but I swear I'm only 23 and a sweetheart, so please excuse this:

It seems as though you are taking up the "Geek Chic" style and culture, especially in the department of video games. How much of that is truly you and how much of is it a show to be in the limelight? Guh, see?! This all sounds too harsh.

If it truly is how you are, how do you feel about the direction "Geek" and "Nerd" are going? At this point, it is almost cool to be a geek but I almost feel that people take the title without really having the passion for something that comes along with being a "Geek". It seems to have been diluted down to, "OMG! I'm on Facebook! I'm such a geek". Like, bitch, you ain't passionate about Facebook, and if you say Farmville as a verb so help me I will climb through this monitor and chock a ho.

If it is you, you seem like a pretty rad chick, so good luck in all future endeavors ChickBro.


SUPER ULTRA MEGA EDIT: Have you ever met Adam Mother Fucking Sessler? I may still hate on G4 quite hard but god damn I love that man. BONUS POINTS QUESTION: Do you go to PAX? E3? Which one's better? (there's only one real answer here)

I don't think about what I can do to get recognized/be popular. I just do stuff and have fun. I'm a video game fanatic, but God help me I love six-inch high-heeled shoes. So just because I'm in heels and a mini skirt talking about video games doesn't mean I'm a poser or trying to be idolized for "Geek Chic." It means I just genuinely like all of that stuff, haha.

I HAVE met Sessler! That guy remembers everyone he meets. Crazy-good memory. Nice guy.

I think PAX is better. PAX is for the gamers. The way it should be.


I never encountered your exploits on All That...I must have stopped watching before you joined. However, I've read through most of your comments here and you seem to have a stellar personality. Would you consider doing a semi-reality tv show like Dancing with the Stars to boost your fame and show America said stellar personality? I mean, if the world can fall in love with Kendra, you've got a really solid shot, right?

I was totally going to be on Dancing with the Stars, but at the last minute I was replaced by Master P and Lil Romeo. TYPICAL.

Is your favorite pastime punching sharks into the sun?

Please tell me that's going to stay in my Wikipedia page haha.

does watching this bring back old memories? Was the cast like a family?

We were like brothers and sisters, always looking out for each other. I miss that environment! And I miss kicking all of their asses at foosball.

It's cool that your super down to earth and funny. I'm refreshing to see that you people in tv land are real.

I'm not sure if you know this, but according to Wikipedia, I also punch sharks into the sun.

I watched "All That" a VERY long time ago as a kid (mostly seasons 1-6), but sadly by the time you got on the show it would appear I had since grown up and moved on from Nick :( (caught a few eps of season 7 but that was it I think) But I'm very grateful you're doing this! They just don't make shows like they used to.

Before you got into acting, did you watch Nick often back in it's golden days? (Rocko's Modern Life ftw!) It seems like you got to live a lot of kid's dreams by appearing working for Nick.

What else are you into besides acting and (judging from the comments) gaming? Any particular genre of games you like or don't like?

Do you plan to stay in acting indefinitely, or do you have other plans for further down the road?

Even if you don't get to my question, thanks again for the AMA!

YES. I did. Angry Beavers is still one of my all-time favorite shows.

And yep, I do a lot of game stuff. Mostly columns and videos. No genre in particular, though I am mostly an FPS and an Adventure Game fan.

Just got back into acting, actually! Moved back to LA a few months ago. Did you know they have smog here?

Requesting pictures and/or description of your romantic partners. Just curious what kind of guys you're into.

Noun. Garbage. Used in a sentence.

"If I had to choose to be friends with you or garbage, I'd choose garbage! BAHAHAHAHA!"


I remember there was some small sketch that you would do where a cast member was randomly chosen to do something disgusting, I have a memory where one guy (I think he had glasses) took a shower in maple syrup and then rolled around in trucker beards. Did you ever have to go through that?

ON-AIR DARES. They were the worst thing ever. Like a kid's Fear Factor. I had to be in a bathtub full of dead fish and I smelled for a week. No joke.

I was good friends with Shane Lyons in high school (in Santa Clarita). Do you have any funny memories of him?

He and I were awesome friends. And he's an amazing chef now! He cooked me dinner once - it was a party in my mouth. Shane's a great guy, I miss him.

So if all the cast members of All That were trapped on an island and forced to fight to the death ala Battle Royale, who would come out the winner?

Alisa Reyes, because she was Kiki on Kiki's Island, so she's already got a leg up on us.



Is this your doing?

Can't argue with facts.

What kind of music are you into?

Alternative and Classic Rock. And chiptunes!

so the picture on your about page (which is titled videos in the url?? wut) is photoshopped from one in your twitter bg (with red dead). Why the unnecessary photoshopping?

Why in the hell does it say Videos in the URL? WTF.

Because I was bored.

Before anything else, I had a huge crush on you as a kid. Anyway, I was wondering what it was like to watch yourself on TV as a kid? Also, how was it interacting with other kids at school and such? Any special treatment? Thanks!

I was a homeschooled freak, so I didn't interact with other children. They frightened me. My Dreamcast was my only friend.

Also I hate watching myself on TV.


Too many to count. It's even grosser than it looks.

While I dont remember you from All That (I think I stopped watching before you came on). I will say I have read your comments and now have a crush on you. Well done Lisa Foiles.... well done.

Just wait until you see me punch a shark into the sun.

Was there anything that you did on Snick On Air Dare that you really wish you had not taken part in?


I saw this earlier, but I didn't believe it was you until now, especially with your sayin' holy f*ckin asscrackers.

As for Top 5: It's a little rare for a true gamer chick to exist let alone proclaim her passion to the world. You've given us someone cute and spunky to act like a smart-alec little sister who we always end up listening to. You presentation style is great, good research, and the double-cutting away from your reaction shots gives tit a a kinetic "you're just seeing the best bits" feeling. Keep up the good work. Let us know when the hijinks behind the camera settle down so we can start watching again.

Hey, thank you!

So, what is slime really made of?

A lot of food dye and pudding. And probably boogers in there somewhere.



What was the WORST part about being on All That. Long hours, shitty directors/ producers?

On-Air Dares. It's the only thing I regret, haha. Disgusting.

I am sorry to say I honestly don't remember you from the show, but I have so many fond memories of the show in general. I'm wondering how you got to be on the show, and why you wanted to be on it.

Grew up watching it, and it was my favorite show as a kid. When I heard about the auditions, I couldn't pass it up.




On IMBD it says you were on the 700 club? I want to know a little bit about that experience.

I was featured in a section about kids in the entertainment business.


ME TOO! Wait. hug back

Hey Lisa I'm HUGE fan of All that and 90s Nick, True that today's children Programming has gone to hell but is there anything out there that you enjoy?

No. Kids TV gives me indigestion.

No. Kids TV gives me indigestion.

But that Phineas and Ferb show is pretty sweet.

How does it feel to have allllllllll of my upvotes?

EDIT: All That was my favorite show as a child and to this day I still find myself thinking about that show. I hope that you know that you are awesome!

DOUBLE EDIT: Were you ever on that show Figure It Out?

I WISH. Figure It Out was the best game show ever conceived by man.

Yo what happened to the top 5?! Whyd you stop doing them for the escapist. Shi was awesome.



Sometimes I visit! Got lots of family there. I lived there for like ten years or something. Don't remember. (I was so drunk!)

Most of the All That cast is visibly doing their own thing. So... what ever happened to Kel? Any idea where he is now, or what he's doing? Also, do any of the cast still keep in touch?

Thanks for the AMA!! This is pretty freaking awesome. I love the internets!

Kel does a lot of voiceover work now. I only talk to a few of the old cast members - Jack, Chelsea, Kyle, Shane, mostly.

Write the word "fuck" without censoring it. Do it.

FUCKBALLSASSCOCKSWOOKIEEPUSSY. There. Now I'll be grounded for a week. I hope you're happy.

How do you feel about Chili and Cheese ?


What are your favorite moments from the All That cast behind the scene?

Playing foosball in the green room and walking to Amoeba Music on our lunch breaks. And singing showtunes with Jack. GREAT now I'm all sad and nostalgic.

I just wanted to say that I love this picture with Bryan Cranston from your official website. Was he as fat on set as he looks in that photo? Because he looks damn skinny these days in Breaking Bad.

He wore a fat suit for that episode. :D FOR THE LULZ

WTF was going on here?

I was eating chili in a giant vat. Don't normal people do that

I heard Danny Tamberelli was given an SUV by Nickelodeon (he went to my school, and a few alumni have told me stories about Danny and his SUV). Did you ever get anything like that from Nick?


According to Wikipedia your favorite pastime is "punching sharks into the sun." True or false?

Why don't you go ask the smoldering shark carcasses.

I remember you from the "What if they were girls?" episode of Malcolm in the Middle! Any interesting stories from the set? Was Bryan Cranston awesome?

Bryan is a fantastic guy. No crazy stories from that experience, but yeah, Bryan and Jane were so awesome to work with.

Apparently you sometimes write/wrote for Kotaku. How is dealing with the Gawker Media empire? I've heard some things.

I'm just a monthly columnist. I'm not submerged in the Gawker world by any means.

It took me a second, but I remember you. All That was the stuff back when I was a kid. I suppose it has been asked before, but how was the atmosphere with the group? Fun? Lively? Sucktastic?

Not a moment went by that someone wasn't cracking a joke. We were uncontrollably hyper teens. It was like summer camp for four years.

14 days after the release of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for the NDS you posted a video about the top 5 Dogs in video games to the Escapist. Missile, the dog in the aforementioned game, is in my and several other people's opinion, the Best Fictional Dog of All Time. How in the world could you not have mentioned him?

...Is what I would have sent in an angry email if I was prone to doing that sort of thing after I watched said video. I assume that you either hadn't had time to play the game or the video went into production before it came out. So now I ask: Have you played Ghost Trick yet? And if so, what did you think?

I filmed the Top 5 Dogs episode probably a month before Ghost Trick was released. Just unlucky timing. And no, haven't played it yet, but you make me want to! I'll check it out.

Did you ever meet Doug Funnie? He was one of my favorites. :)

I just tried to type out the Doug theme song in "DOO DOO DOO" form. It wasn't working. Doug was awesome.

I just realized you were in Anthony Saves the World. I'm a huge fan of him and HAWP in general. I haven't watched your episodes yet, but how is it working with Anthony Burch? Is he as hilarious/creative as he is on HAWP?

Anthony is a hilarious dude. And I just met Ashley! They are both awesome.

Are you still in touch with any of your fellow cast members? Also, what was the Big Ear of Corn like? Friendly? Tasty?

Some of them, very few. And mostly smelly. He'd been around for a while.

I almost ran right into you at E3. You were hoisting some camera equipment and being a busy-bee, so I didn't bother you.

I thoroughly enjoy your articles and sense of humor. Stay classy!

P.S. - You look much taller on the Internet. ;-)


You mentioned being a part of Fallout: Nuka Break. Have you met Brian Clevinger? What's he like? for those who don't know.

Not yet! Hope to soon.

Have you ever seen Firefly? We shall sacrifice you to pasty Fox executives if not.

I adore Firefly with the burning passion of ten thousand dwarf stars.

What was working with Tom Green like?

Utter. Insanity.

Just letting you know that boobs comments are annoying but if this were to happen on 4chan it'd be pics o' dics, so this is prolly better.

Wanted to say that I'm a big fan, and that you were my 3rd favorite person on All That (sorry I have to rate Kenan and Kel above you cause, well, I love them). Thanks for doing this and for making my childhood one that's fun to look back on!

Haha, thanks!

I just wanted to let you know the sound stages in Orlando that the earlier seasons were shot on (not sure where yours were shot) are now infested with rats and other assorted nastiness. Nobody but the Lotto and Wrestling shoot there.

I remember the green room and Nick offices being really nice way back when though. It was always nice to walk into the theme park after work.

Wow. That's so sad. I always liked the Orlando studio...

along with your beautiful looks and everything you've said on here, between being nice about most of the people you've worked with, being an avid gamer, having a great sense of humor, I could keep going but I'll just get to the point. I love you, spread the word to other girls that they need to be more like you. hahaha. in all seriousness though you're awesome for coming on here and talking to fans, hope all is well.

Thank you! High-five!

How are you liking your new house? (not a stalker, just remembered that article from Kotaku xP)

It has bugs sometimes. This annoys me.

It says on your imdb that you were in The Master of Disguise. That movie is so awful it's the greatest comedy film I have ever seen. Marriage request imminent. Also, since we are on the topic of movies, what are some of your favourite movies?

Casablanca is by far my favorite movie. Also a big fan of Boondock Saints.

Totally unrelated to your acting career but your review of the back to the future game on Kotaku made me buy that game, and I'm loving every minute of it! I loved all that back in the day though. That's all I have to say.

Oh, awesome! Yeah the games are a total blast!



Your name makes you sound like a pornstar.

How is Foiles a sexual word in any way shape or form? lol.

Apparently there is a I hate lisa foiles page on facebook

who out there holds a grudge against an All That cast member?

How do you know I didn't create that page out of pure self-loathing?

What was your salary like at the beginning? How much were you earning by end of the tenth season?

I don't remember. I was too drunk.

I loved that show! Hhah, wow, have you been getting many acting jobs lately or what are you doing now?

Mostly internet vids but getting back into acting lately!

Did Kel really turn down SNL?? (I'm still waiting on a dark Good Burger reunion, ala Clerks 2; would still be loads funnier than most stuff on there lately)

What's it like to be a game journalist now? Was it hard to break into? Any tips for those of us so inclined?

I was just a game blogger until I sent one of my rants to Kotaku. They asked if I wanted to contribute a Celeb Guest Column, and that's how I got into it. Kind of a weird path, so I'm not sure that can be turned into any type of advice, haha. And I have no idea if Kel turned down SNL...

Explain this:

I was bored.

This might be one of the most amazing threads I've ever read. Both nostalgia and awesomeness that you as a person have portrayed. I'm an aspiring camera operator/DP and love when I meet awesome actors

Thanks!! This whole AMA thing has been a blast.

Do you wish you could go back to those days on possibly the funniest kids show of all time, or are you happy with where you are now and the way your career has turned out?

I'm kind of okay with not being on a kids show anymore. But that being said, I would totally be on a kids show again if I were asked. (I'm apparently a whore like that.)

I just want to say how much of a joy it has been to look over this thread and relive some of the greatest moments of my childhood.

My first fit of gut-busting tearful laughter watching All That. Begging my dad to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? with me Saturday nights. Reminiscing on all the amazing shows Nickelodeon put on back in the day.

I too feel the sting of the quality drop on today's children's shows- why doesn't Nick have a channel for all this stuff, like Boomerang? Noggin & GaS are INSUFFICIENT.

Anyways, I'll just leave this here:

Also: +2000 respect points for Lisa Foiles.

HA! Awesome link. Also, Are You Afraid of the Dark? made me cry one time. True story.

How much did you have a hand in writing the sketches? Who had the most?

Nah, we didn't help with that at all. I always wanted to, though.

Question from a lady viewer: How do you stay in such rockin' shape?

I eat a lot of cereal because I can't cook. That's about it. The Lisa Foiles Cereal Diet!

You may be the only person who can help this: WE MUST FIND "Without Meat"!!! It does not exists on the internet yet, and I fear it may have been lost forever. Any idea where to look, or start asking?

SO GOOD. Wow, I would love to see that sketch again!! Jack and Bryan did such a great job in that video.

How would you describe your taste in men?

I like nerds.


Haha yes Save Point is my silly dumb game site/blog.

  1. Still writing for Kotaku and have some new web shows coming up!
  2. A professional motorcycle racer. I'd ride a GSX-R750.
  3. The show will always be considered at its best during the first seasons. Classic stuff.

How did you feel when Frankie Munez stopped your car and asked if your mum if he could 'take you'?

Edit: Did you get all the pickles you could eat?

HA! I remember that. And yes, there were always pickles available. Except the ones on Pickle Boy's tray. Those were fake. Don't ask me how I know.

Were Kennen and Kel just as awesome in real life like they are in the show? Do you still talk to them? Party with them? I always thought it will be cool to smoke with them as the character Kennen and Kel... you are hott btw, I know all the guys here are saying the same thing!! :3 Nick treated you well :) What are you doing now? Sorry I am asking too many questions...I miss that show!!!


and... hahahaha!! That show was awesome.

Kenan and Kel were SO cool in real life!!

So sad I saw this posted 10 hours after. I just want to say you were my favorite of the newer cast members. And now reading your hilarious comments and knowing you're a Redditor, I have become an even bigger fan. Thanks so much for all the laughs!

Thanks! I'm new to Reddit - love it so far. Fantastic community.

Hopefully You'll be back later to answer more questions O:

I was wondering. How did you get the role? I've always wondered how people get picked for these kinds of things because I've been around Hollywood before and I saw the Nickelodeon on Sunset studio but didn't see anything relating to "We're looking for so and so to audition for so and so"

I found out about the auditions through my agent. It was a long audition process, but obviously worth it.

I know this won't get responded, but I will say that I don't think I got past the first handful of seasons of All That, I grew up with the original cast, and started to "outgrow" the show after a couple years. That being said, I wanted to ask if there was ONE skit / scene of yours to convince a now 24 year old kid that "Hey, the later seasons were worth watching too!" what would it be? Preferably one with you in it (so I'll know who I'm talking to), but not necessary.

I doubt I could convince someone my age now (24) to watch All That, or try to get them to admit it's funny. It's just not our demographic. The show was for 10 to 15 year olds.

Lisa, I enjoyed your Lara Croft and Guardian of light Review. Well delivered and you looked absolutely stunning.

For those who would like to see

Thank you!

Do you have anything to say about what you're doing with AngryJoe and Spoony?

A THREE WAY. Kidding. I work with them on occasion, but nothing serious or long-term it seems.

You most likely will not see this, but you are one of the reasons I started to write comedy. Hilarious.

Awesome. :)

Hey, have you seen a ping pong table around here? I left it in the parking lot when I was moving and...



How does it feel to gain 12,000 comment karma in 13 hours?

I'm new to Reddit so I don't know what that means. Do I win any sort of baked goods?

I'm a huge fan of yours from All That! If I ever see you IRL, can I get a real high five/hug from you? Pretty please?

ONLY IF YOU CAN HANDLE MY AWESOME HIGH-FIVES. I've been known to high-five people through the earth.

If you a role that you where offered in a movie/tv show/web series/whatever involved nudity would you do it?

I'm asking this as a serious, non creepy question.

Depends on the role and the director.

Thanks for doing this and thanks for giving us more than just the same old actress interview stuff.

So what was it like being in a vat of chili? What was the best or worst dare you did?

It resulted in an hour-long vomiting spree.

Growing up I could never get over my love for the original cast and i have since always resented new kids...especially that kyle kid! However, I think this AMA has changed my opinion.

Did any of you kids smoke weed?

No one has EVER offered me weed. Do I not look cool enough or something? COME ON GUYS I'M COOL.

Were you sad when the Nick studios got shut down? I still can't believe that happened. :( Watching videos about it was sad.

Also I love that you're a gamer now. <3 Yay for gamer chicks. (Which I am one.) What's your favorite game nowadays?

Been playing a lot of Bulletstorm actually, haha. I secretly love it.

Hey Lisa! This will probably lost amongst the barrage of comments being blasted at you right now, but I'm good friends with Jack De Sena! My older brother and Jack wrote and starred in the "Dorm Life" web series, and I've been taking some classes with him here at UCLA. He's a funny man! Don't bring him to Vegas for your 21st though, just a piece of advice.

I LOVE Jack. But yes, I am terrified to party with him.

Snap. We share the same birthday. 29/09/86!


since the place from where i come from does not air nick, i am not familiar with the shows. but still, i need to know if this is you -



Wow, this is such a throwback. You're making me want to watch reruns. And now that i'm thinking about Nick shows, I just got a minor flash of PTSD about Zeke the Plumber.

I do have a question though, (might be kind of boring) but what was the post all-that career trajectory of many of your cast mates?

Did anyone's parents cause problems at All That?

Pretty much all of them, all the time.

I stopped watching All That around season 4, to instead focus on internet porn and beer drinking. What would you say were the sketches I need to go back and find?

Any I find for you won't be as good as your porn and beer. So. I won't even try.

This is by far my favorite post. Although I have no questions, I'd like to thank you on behalf of all the kids that grew up watching All That and thought television couldn't be better. I'm 19 and frequently reference the show in conversation and when people catch on we usually have awesome conversations about the show, so this post made my day!


I'm only familiar with the first several seasons of All That, so I did a Google image search to see if I knew who you were.

Thanks. I needed another celebrity crush.

Edit: Oh, you're also that girl that I occasionally see whenever I watch things on The Escapist. Neat-o.

A question: Did you watch All That before you were a cast member?

All That was my favorite show growing up. I used to pretend to be the characters constantly. I think I still have a cassette tape somewhere of me doing Coach Cretin.

Hey, I used to be a little girl in Singapore who got All That reruns aaaaall the way from the States. You were my favourite. :)

Aw, thank you!

Why do you think Kenan's career has taken off, leaving Kel on the side lines? I LOVED them together! I'm so happy that Kenan is on SNL, but a part of me wishes Kel could be there with him. Agree?

I think Kel is happy with his voiceover career. VO artists make a crapload of money and have amazingly flexible hours.

Holy Shit! this is seriously nuts, I used to watch All That alll the fucking time as a little kid. Wow!

It would be my dream as a photographer to have a photo shoot with you!

Let's do it! :D

This is years old and you'll probably never see this, BUT LET'S TAKE SOME DAMN RISKS.

If you could pick one show from the 90s to come back to Nickelodeon, what would you pick? Give your top three choices in order.

  1. Angry Beavers
  2. Salute Your Shorts
  3. Ka-Blam! For Prometheus and Bob

What was it like with school? You were a child star, and I'm guessing you weren't home schooled, so how was it all being the girl in school who's on TV?

I was definitely homeschooled. I didn't like being social.

First of all I would like to say thank you! All That was my childhood, its been so long since I have thought about it as soon as I am off work many re-runs will be watched.

now a question for you, I have interest in doing voice acting (Video games would be my top choice). I don't have any formal training, but friends tell me it is something they think I'd be good at. So any pointers as to how I would get into that world?

I don't have a lot of advice other than try to get with a VO agency. Record a demo CD and send off your info to some different agents. Good luck! :) The VO world is very difficult to get into.

Whats it like laying in a bathtub of dead fish?

I smelled for a week afterward. No joke.

What is your opinion on one Noah Antwiler?

He is an extremely kind, intelligent, and hilarious human being.

You were on the 700 club in 2002. WTF did you do on the 700 club in 2002?

I was featured in a 'kids on tv' segment.

were there cliques amongst the cast members or did everyone hang out all the time? any of the cast suck up to directors or anything? did it seem like there may have been any favoritism? i work in the corporate world so i'm just seeing if it was similar.

There was occasionally some high school drama, usually between the girls, but for the most part we all got along. The producers kept things very fair.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Lisa Foiles conducted on Reddit on 2011-06-21. The Reddit AMA can be found here.