Lil Dicky

April 12, 2017

Hi I'm rapper Lil Dicky and I just released a video for my eleven minute song "Pillow Talking" AMA!

I spent the last ten months creating this video. It stars John C Reilly, the wolves from Game of Thrones, my brain, dinosaurs, aliens, soldiers and other cool stuff. Here's a link to the video: Proof:

Do you fuck with the war?

no i dont fuck with the war

When is the new music coming, LD? It's been almost 2 years since Professional Rapper came out.

be patient, it takes me a while. i'm working all the time. it'll always be worth the wait, but rushing it and making subpar content is the last thing i want to do. i have really high hopes.

So like, we should check back again tomorrow? Or nah?

Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you're back in the studio instead of doing Trojan commercials

i love those trojan commercials! Don't forget, comedy is just as important to me as rap. fans of my music will have to understand that as my career evolves. i really want to do both.

Hey David,

I get mistaken for you a lot, to the point that I have a whole shtick I run through where I just pretend to be you and go with it. Its shown me how terribly annoying being famous can be. I've started collecting pictures with "fans" calling them my #LilDickyPics

Happy Passover btw. (I don't think we look too similar but I get mistaken for you 2-3x a week)

Edit: If we could get a picture or video with all your doppelgangers that'd be awesome.

Edit 2: for the people asking for pics do you not know how hyperlinks work?

the funny thing is, i get mistaken for me a lot. like in the sense that people come up to me ALL the time and say "you look just like lil dicky". and i go, i am he. and then they go, no you aren't. and then i go okay. and then they go are you really him? i go yea. they go "rap". isn't that crazy?

didn't know more shared this burden. Its to the point that its gotten kind of annoying with how often people ask me. Like fuck whatever I'm doing, they've gotta interupt my conversation or attempt to get a drink to tell me they're a huge fan.

would be cool if we could all collaborate on something

should we all get on a track?

Hey Dicky, big fan.

In your Snapchat recently, you had a clip of yourself rapping along with what sounded like a sneak peak of a new song from you. Can you confirm this and possibly give any further details on upcoming singles/ album?

im making new music all the time. some of it sucks. some of it is amazing. youll hear the good stuff only. been working a lot with brain lately too, he's been in the studio a ton. trying to get him out there.

About how long after talkin wit a bitch did brain get to poop?

brain still gotta poop, look at his twitter @hardbodybrain

What's some advice for us guys with Lil' Dicks?

don't even sweat it. guys are lucky that girls value personality so highly. if she likes you enough, she won't even care. she'll be so moved by how much she likes you that she'll orgasm easier than she would with a guy with a huge dick who isn't as cool as you. you should also do a lot of foreplay.

Hey man,

The latest music video is flawless. 10/10, will watch again at least twice. It's great to see a young boy from the Philly suburbs making moves out there.

I saw you perform when you came to UMD last May with T-Pain. He put in work, sure, but between us, you carried the concert.

Seriously though, when are we getting another album? You put out life-changing stuff, and I'm hype for whatever you give us next.

dude t pain killed that shit, that was my first time seeing him live and he blew me away. he has choreography! be patient about music. it takes me much longer to make than most artists. the music is very involved. and my personal bar is so high at this point, that it takes a lot to satisfy me. and if i'm not satisfied, i can't show you guys

Whattup, LD?


it was loosely based on a few different encounters. and no, i dont fuck with the war

Do you like having sex with female's that have vaginas?

no i dont like it.

If you had to get a tattoo of someone's face who would it be, where would you get it, and why?

hmmmm...maybe allen iverson's face on my heart. he just really impacted my life, growing up in philly.

Do you eat ass?

no i havent, but my bitches ass's still look juicyyyyyyy

Previously you came out with the STM music video which cost you $600. This time you spent nearly $700,000 on another perfect video. Why did you decide to splurge so much on the new project?

CGI man. CGI is so fucking expensive. when i talk about dinosaurs, you can do some cheap, cheesy animation, or try to make it look as real as the movies. to make it look as real as the movies, it's gonna cost you a pretty penny. i also have way more money in the bank to spend than i did when save dat money came out. so i could make these moves easier.

Hey there, LD. I love your AKA's. Any chance I can get one?

AKA ketchup packet

Any plans to collaborate with Drake or Chance the Rapper? That would be crazy

i'd love nothing more. hopefully one day

What's your favorite rap album of all time? Besides your own

college drop out

Hey man. Real talk. You have the hottest chicks in your videos. What steps do you take to make sure you don't pop a boner on set?

jerk off every morning before you go in...but honestly, i get boners. i can't help it. i tell the girls "i'm sorry if i get aroused, and i'm sorry if i don't." pretty cool line right

How do you come up with some of your AKA ideas?

i just force myself to sit there and thing of random thoughts. and all these random words and nouns come into my head. and i write them down, and pick my favorites

Hey Dave! I am a huge fan of both you as a rapper and as a person. I've been impressed with how real you still are despite being so popular. Do you feel like your fame has affected you much on a personal level?

Loved the pillow taking vid. It was truly the best music video I have seen. It was exactly as I envisioned the song so I can see why it took 10 months. Worth the wait! By far my favorite song of yours!!

Keep it real, LD.

i dont think my fame has effected me in the slightest. i honestly barely feel famous, compared to where i envision ending up. so, i just think to myself about how small of a scale all of the attention is now, to what it will be like in three years. ask me again in three years. hopefully ill be the same dude. i think i will be. ive always envisioned this life for me, so none of if surprises me

Hey Dave,

You're performing at my school at my school on the 23rd with 2 Chains and my fraternity is a huge fan of anything you put out. Any chance you'd stop by for a dope after concert party were throwing?

honestly, i used to go to the college parties, like 3 years ago. but even then i felt too old. now im 29. i just feel stupid. and then it's just non stop picture taking to the point where it's lost its appeal. but i certainly appreciate the invite

What up LD?

What's your favorite AKA you've given yourself in a song?

Love the new video, too. Exactly as I expected it to be. Okay, I didn't expect John C. Reilly as God, but the rest was on point.

Keep doing you, man.

probably "watch your girl pussy, homie"

Being a Richmond, VA native, I am curious as to why you chose UR over all of the other schools. It is an incredibly nice school, but why did you choose UR specifically?

i wanted a pretty campus, somewhere not too far from home (philly) but not too close. and a good school, with a small undergrad total. checked all those boxes

What's the story behind the name Lil Dicky?

made it up randomly the first day i got my computer and fucked around with garageband in 2010. called myself that as a joke, was listening to lil wayne, etc.

How does one compare apples to oranges?

easily. one is red. one is orange. one has one texture that's less juicy and slimy. the other is slimy. etc.

LD! Grandest Fans here. We love how successful you have become, very well deserved.

Do you remember writing the ScanGauge Rap song for your Kickstarter?

We play it at every party!

very very vaguely. im happy you guys liked it tho

Fucken loved this video, Dude. The production is sick!!! Especially loved all the attention to details you made, the shit on the side tables, no dabs shirt, but yo! the sound effects blew me away. Did you do those? Sounded so cray.

no we hired a great sound design company, Voodoo Highway Music & Post Inc.

What was your favorite thing about doing XXL and how was it being one of the only non-trap artists on there?

i just loved being around all those rappers at once. it was fun and cool for me. i liked lil uzi's swag. like just walking around, he would be like "you see it right? you see it..." and it was sooo funny

Hey Dave, did you vote in last year's election or have you still only voted at prom tho?

i voted! i felt like it was necessary. didn't do me much good tho

Hello Mr. Bird,

Big fan! What was the process for filming this like? A few days of filming or did you practice and get it all shot in a day (minus CGI and shit)? BTS in the future...?

Sincerely, A Manilla Envelope

this was 5 days of shooting. 3 for the bedroom scenes, and the set was built from scratch, we took the walls away during the cgi stuff and had green screens there. then we shot the soldiers stuff in one day. then we shot john c reilly one day

How much your Bar Mitzvah money, and what specifically did you invest in with the money to start off your career?

it was like 6k, and it was about 2k per video back then, so it bought me 3 videos. and my microphone.

What are the chances of LD getting a Frank Ocean feature on the next album?

i should be so lucky. blond is my favorite album of the last 5 years.

Did you really use your bar mitzvah money to the get the rap shit started?


Hello David.

Have you ever met the legendary Larry David? If not, what would you want to go do with him should you meet in the future?

no but holy shit, yesterday, i took a meeting in his office. the guy im making my tv show with makes curb with larry. and it's the same office they shoot in for curb. i felt like i was really on the right track in life.

Would you rather fight ten one syllable words or one ten syllable word?

Thanks for the art, by the way :)

either or, because words can't hurt me!

LD, longtime Dickhead here, seen you twice live and you put on an amazing show. Two questions feel free to not answer both.

1) when do we get a new project from you?

2) any thoughts of doing something comedic outside of hip hop?

1) i don't know that answer. this stuff takes me a while. and i was touring a lot last year so ive only had the last few months to lock down in the studio. just be patient, i never ever wanna rush stuff.

  1. yes for sure. im working on my own tv show. it's just as important to me as music.

What is your favorite album? What makes you like it so much?

college drop out. i love almost every song, it came out when i was like a junior in high school, i had never heard of kanye before that obviously, it was just a perfect storm.

Do you still go on a lot of tinder dates? Not in this AMA's title anymore

i dont tinder as much, no.

The real question is does your tinder profile really say that you're 6'?

yes. it does

What's good Mr. Leftward-Sloping Penis! What in your opinion was more iconic: rapping with Snoop, or getting head from Juanita in his office?

youd have to put them neck and neck, no pun intended

D, huge fan. What has been your favorite music video to make to date? They're all so clever and unique. Maybe share a cool story from one of the sets too?

ex boyfriend no question. cuz i just knew the whole time it would change my life. and it was fun. and back then, you didnt have to get permits, do things officially, you just ran around with a camera and filmed. shout out brian storm - my DP

If you could collab with any artist, past or present, who would you pick?


Hey Lil Dicky, would you ever consider creating a rap opera like R. Kelly's? With the success of Pillow Talking and your comedic interests I feel like you could pull this off really well.

i think ill always be making long stories out of raps. whether or not it'll be a rap opera, i dunno. but im sure there will be more 10 plus minute videos where i'm telling stories.

Hey LD, just wanted to say thanks for doing this and for finally releasing the Pillow Talking video - it was definitely worth the wait!

I'm assuming everyone else will ask about if/when you've got new music coming out, so my question is this: If you were trapped in an empty room with no doors or windows and only a perfect clone of yourself, would you fuck or fight the clone? You're released after an hour and no one will ever know what happened in the room.

i have to fuck him or fight him? only two options? id love to just talk to him...but if that's not an option. fight him. it would be such a good, evenly matched fight

Hey there Stem Cells,

Who in the music industry would you want most to feature in an upcoming single? Also, who is your musical idol? (If they're not the same one)

Big love from Israel, you're making every last one of us proud af.

drake may be the answer to both questions. im coming to tel aviv for a festival early july, i better see you out there

LD big fan. How do you feel about the future of the 76ers? And who is your MVP and ROY winners this year?

i feel good, but id feel better if we got the lakers pick this year. and if everyone wasn't so goddamn hurt all the time.

MVP russ no question (what a good call to choose him for that song right)

ROY - Dario

LD - how have you changed the rap game?

i think im doing a lot of stuff, on a pretty successful level, that's never been done before. i rap about sucking my own dick, ya know? and i still went platinum. i think that's pretty sick.

Hey Dave,

During your time in the Bay Area did you ever try "Little Star Pizza"? If so (This is my girl and my GO TO spot whenever we're in the city and want to have a pizza picnic)

Follow up question:

Who's your favorite Tanner family member?

yes many times. my roommates were obsessed. personally, im not too into corn dusted bottoms of my pizza tho. michelle

Have you copyrighted the AKA nickname format?

i dont feel like that's something one can even copyright. can you look into it and get back to me if i'm incorrect

Who do you have in XXXTentacion vs Drake?

i will defend drake to the death of me at all times. anyone that tries to discredit drake doesn't make sense to me.

Be honest with us. How small is your dick, Lil Dicky?

2 inches soft, 5 hard, great girth tho.

Any chance you will be doing a song with Wayne anytime soon?

ugh i need to i love him so much

Mr. White Zinfandel,

Thank you for doing this AMA. I've been a massive fan of you since the day Ex-Boyfriend hit Barstool and went viral. I was in your fantasy football league through your Kickstarter fund, and I went to one of your first three shows in Boston. At that show, I remember vividly you walking through the crowd rapping the first verse of Russell Westbrook on a Farm. At one point when you walked right past me and my friends, you and I made eye contact and rapped to each other for probably only 5 seconds. It was a crazy experience for me because I think everyone there could tell you were gonna make it big someday. My question is do you ever remember moments like these, or other specific moments from your early shows? If so, what were some of your favorite/funniest/most embarrassing things that happened?

Also has Manager Mike got better at Fantasy Football? He was so bad

hey dude, what a great post. i don't know that i remember specific encounters, but i remember those early shows, and having those moments with fans, and loving them just as much as you did. those were the good old days. the way you guys knew it was going to be special, i felt like you guys were special because you saw it in me first, and that mattered a lot to me. im not sure what the most embarrassing moment was, but this makes me laugh

Hey LD,

Big fan here. What team do you want to win the NBA championship this year? Also who do you think is the best team in the NBA right now? Lastly, do you like Steph Curry? because I don't..

All the best

EDIT: Go Raptors

i want the spurs to win. i think the warriors will and are the best team. i love steph. i always have. he was my facebook profile picture in 2008, when he was a sophomore at davidson

Will Brain be getting a spin-off?

brain has been cooking, that's all ill say

What's up LD, I saw you front row performing in Omaha last year, and I handed you the blunt that I had rolled for the show while you were rapping Too High. You took it and handed it to GaTa, and I wanted to know if it actually got smoked or did you have to toss it??

Also, are you ever coming back to Omaha??

i bet we smoked it

How big is your dick? Is it actually 5 inches?

yes. maybe a HAIR smaller

Hey Dicky. Any other music videos for songs from Professional Rapper in the works?

i think pillow talking was the last one. the next video you see will probably be a new song. which is cool. but i have no idea what that will be at the moment.

Sup Dave?

Who was your favourite artist to collaborate with and why?

Also who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

well, a bunch of collabs happened digitally. brendon urie came into my studio though, and sang it right in front of me. so that was my favorite. because as soon as he sang, i knew he was perfect and it was cool to witness the moment in person.

Good work on the video, Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis. Any word on your next tour?

im not really touring this year, so i can keep recording and working on my tv show

Hey Dicky, I'm a big fan and I'm really hyped to see you live at UMass Amherst in a couple weeks.
What do you feel is your biggest achievement as a rapper and what's your ultimate goal as a person and as an artist?

probably going 1 on billboard rap charts, it's just such a tangible thing. and having a platinum single. ultimate goal as a person is to find happiness and satisfaction, all while making the world a better place through laughter and inspiration. i think the same can be said about me as an artist as well

Where you draw your inspiration from? I love your songs, especially the ones that are goofy as hell (nearly all of them)

who knows, i have a crazy brain (no pun intended). sometimes i think of shit and cant believe that i did.

Do you really make a living off of your music?


What's your favorite pizza topping and why is it pineapple?

buffalo chicken

What shows have you binge watched?

house of cards, stranger things. first half of breaking bad. the wire

Hey Dicky,

Video is amazing. 10 months well spent.

My question for you is: have you considered doing any acting gigs at all? I feel like you would do good in a comedy movie or maybe an SNL skit.

i wanna be a movie/tv star and comedy writer for sure. just as much as music

Do you think the seam between your nuts means that we were once two different people?

i never thought about that. but no i dont think so

Can you tell us more about the show you're working on? Id love to see you in a comedy show or movie.

based upon my real life and true experiences. just me being me. a guy trying to be a rapper

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

i think so yeah. it's meat on a bun.

Why the anti dabbing movement? I mean, I'm all for it, but where did it come from and what does it have to do with this video?

to me, it's just enough already. it's too easy to do. too accessible. sick of seeing dumb ass white kids dabbing

How tall are you ?

5 10 and three quarters


Thanks for Doing the AMA man.

My biggest question is...

Are you actually as frugal as Save Dat Money suggests?

im pretty cheap yea. i drive a 2002 toyota avalon. i do spend recklessly on food though. i just get so hungry

Is brain going to feature on any new upcoming songs? Or was he just a one hit wonder?

brain's been whippin it up

What was it like working with Ian Eastwood?

fantastic, he's a great dude

How long do you think it will take for "SOMEBODY SUCCCKK MEEE" to catch on as a worldwide phenomenon?

mannnnn. hopefully not too long. do you like it. do you think it's funny

Who are some of your hopefuls for this years draft for the Sixers?

i really want malik monk. i think he'd fit perfectly.

When are you finally going to go outside and tame James The Squirrel?

i think james is fairly untameable if i'm being honest

How has your life changed since you started rapping?

ive gained my independence and freedom. so many people are forced to do stuff they dont love to survive financially. im soooo lucky that i get to do what i love. it's such an amazing thing.

Whats your thoughts on Israel. And are you planning To make a concert in Israel :D?

im coming early july to tel aviv for a festival!

What was it like working with Brain? He seems like a super cool dude.

man it's a blessing. he's inspiring. so unique in his approach. just a blessing, and i rarely use that word

Are you an Eagles fan? If so, how you feeling about our team and Carson Wentz?

i am a big eagles fan. i feel good about wentz. i think he very well may be a stud


You are a lyrical genius and I love how your mind works. Love you lots.

My questionnnnn,

So ever since we met the Burds, I've been wondering if your mom has yet to have a conversation with Puff. Daddy's mom? Like have they been able to hash over the woes and worries of their rapper son's lives and did Momma Diddy get to tell momma Burd how she backs her the fugg up?

That would be a lunch I'd like to sit in on.

no my mom has still yet to speak with mrs diddy. id pay so much money to see that. i say fugg too

We're you considering anyone else for the role of God?

no, when JCR reached out to me one day to tell me he was a fan, i knew he had to be god. he's too good.

When you got your start, how did you leave your day job? Do they still remember the day that Dave Burd left them?

i didn't really quit until like 5 months after i put stuff i think they saw it coming for a while, it didn't necessarily surprise them when i said that i was gonna pursue the music stuff.

Hey Dave, my hipster moment was liking you before the Save Dat Money music video. Anyways, 3 of my friends and I drove 3 hours last year to see you perform at SUNY Delhi. Why the hell would you perform at SUNY Delhi?! Place is a shit hole.

Also, if you were given the choice to not go to Richmond and go strait into the music industry ad be an instant success, would you do it?

they paid me my rate haha. i remember that show. great question about college. sometimes im like, fuckkkk, all these other rappers are 19. and im 29 and im still a relatively new artist. but then i think about how much i loved college, and how important it was, from a perspective POV, to have the exact, normal life i had before lil dicky, to make lil dicky be what it really is.

What is the process like to find these women for your music videos? Any awkward or funny stories?

usually i hold auditions. no real funny stories, but for the molly music video, we asked the girls about their last break up. and a few of the girls began to cry when talking about it. it was kind of funny.

What tips would you give to someone starting out and learning how to rap?

BE YOURSELF. don't try to be cool. or like other rappers. you'll get lost in the shuffle that way

How would you describe your relationship with James the squirrel?

very up and down, hot and heavy. he loves me, he loves me not type of thing

Hey LD, we are both proud members of the Toyota Avalon family.

Will you ever consider selling it for a better car now that you have the money? Or are you going to ride that bad boy until it breaks down?

i dont want a new car until my avalon is a risk to drive because it's so old. it was my grandfather's car, so it means that much more to me. i wanna ride it until it breaks down.

i wonder what kind of car i'd get next. i have no idea.

Hey, Dicky, can you comment on your rumored beef with Hogman the Intruder?

*edited to Hogman. I knew it was Hogman and not Dogman. Autocorrect got me -_-

you mean hogman the intruder...fuck hogman the intruder

When you were on Jake and Amir's podcast "If I Were You" you said your dick was too small to have sex from the side, but in your new video, it shows you doing so. Has your dick grown since the podcast?

Also, will you make another appearance on Jake and Amir's podcast? Thanks!

i knew this would get called out. it kind of is too small most of the time. but sometimes i can pull it off, if the girl gives me the right leverage.

i hope i do, i love those guys.

When will Weird Al be featured?

i dunno but i certainly respect that man, he paved the way for sure for sure

Hey LD, Two questions: 1) Do you have plans to do more shows in Canada? 2) How can I get in your next video?

i think im doing a festival in canada in late july, it just hasnt been announced yet



Your freestyle skills are amazing. How did you get so good at it? did it take a lot of practice or are you a natural born talent.

all of the freestyles you see are written before hand. i cant freestyle off the top of my head. most rappers perform written stuff in that situation.

Hey Dave,

If you could create the most perfect song encapsulating a single event or emotion or both, what would it be about?

Much love


thats an impossible question. i guess, ideally, if i figured out true happiness/the meaning of life, and somehow conveyed that in a song, it would be the ultimate high

A very well made and edited video, I enjoyed every minute of it. My question is, what is your actual stance on aliens. You Think we could take em?

if they find us before we find them, very doubtful. im sure there are some aliens we could kill, some that would kill us

LD, I'm pretty sure I got bars and people would like to hear them but I don't know what to do with that talent. How can I get my music heard if I'm rapping over instrumentals I find online? And how can I get in touch with people to make me beats or really learn the fundamentals behind making beats?

thats how i started, just on instrumentals i found online. its totally possible. i would use these free, amazing beats to your advantage. take a drake beat and make a sick song out of it. industry beats are way better than ones you'll probably be able to get from some random producer you meet in your town. just be original and creative.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

rainbow sherbert

Lil Dicky, why you so bad at basketball?

im not bad, im really good

Lil Dicky,

I'm a huge fan of your work, but more of your skill set. I like pillow talk, but the antagonist was probably my favorite on the album. Do you have any plans to make a serious hip hop record in the future?

if by record you mean song, yeah. but a serious album, i just hope to god nothing happens in my life that would ever have me making 12 unfunny songs. that's just not who i am.

Hi Dave, I noticed that in a couple of weeks you will be performing at the spring concert for Umass Amherst, can we expect to see you dartying at the townhouses around that time?

i doubt ill be dartying. i dont know what that means. but we should hug for sure

I love your music?


Has anyone ever sucked you off after you said "somebody suck me"?


Hey LD! Huge fan.

How did you get Tom Petty to be in your 'Save Dat Money' video? Did you get to speak to him personally? Are you a fan? I already loved you and the song but when I saw he was in the video, sealed the deal for me.


his step son was a fan, and one day i bumped into him and he was like if you ever wanna meet tom, let me know. and i remembered that moment when i was making save dat money, i reached out to every celeb i could.

Hey there! I just want to say that "Pillowtalk" was actually the first song I heard from you. My friend played it in my car on our way to football practice and we were laughing the whole way there. Since then I've been listening to everything. Just want you to know you've got a lot of fans (at least around me) here in SoCal.

Anyway, my question: How does it feel to be a professional rapper?

i respect that. i like that's the first song you heard. it honestly feels amazing to be a professional rapper. its a true dream come true

LD any chance you would release an extended version of your Tim Westwood freestyle as a full song?

i feel like any longer would be too long

Do you have an hidden talents no one knows about?

im really good at drumming on my chest

LD!!! Loved the album and think you gotta be one of the most underated artists in music. What would you consider your top 5 albums all time? Whether hip hop or not.

hell no. it was a good start. but i listen to most of it cringing now. some of it is timeless. but to be that much of a classic, the whole thing needs to be timeless.

Did you enjoy your time at the University of Richmond?

definitely. college was super fun

Hi Dave,

I've been a huge fan of yours for years. Your rap style is unmistakable and unique. I never get tired of listening to your music.

You've built a brand that is one of a kind. I hope that you're proud of that, because it is pretty incredible.

So I have to ask the obvious question. Tits or ass?

thank you sam tahoe, i appreciate that. i am proud. tits for sure. ass doesn't matter a whole lot to me. i have a small dick so a bigger but could end up being problematic

Saw a video on YT that shows you setting fire to the basketball court and hitting 8 straight 3s. Are you really that good or did you just cut out the bad bits?

go watch again. no cuts. one take. im really out here

My fiance wants to invite you to our wedding. Not to preform or anything, just as a guest. If you got an invitation would you come?

realistically, no. i barely have enough time to go to my friends' weddings. but i still love you guys and respect your union

Yo LD, any chance you would make a video for Russell Westbrook on a farm if he wins MVP?

i think we're too far removed from that song for a video. but i really hope he wins

Do you think you'll ever get a mainstream hit?

i do, yes.

What's up, man! Do you have any plans of writing a show or a film in the near future?

yup, working on a tv show as we speak

heres a question: why dont you make real music instead of rap trash? Your music is probably tarsh and your personality even worse

here i am caring


i made 600 bucks, and yes, she really was. i love her

Why do you always add a ton of fake comments, fake advertising comments or loaded questions ["where can I buy your new shirt!?"], and generic fake compliments to promote your videos? Or maybe I answered my own questions?

i've never done that once

Why do you think anyone cares?

it just seems that people do, i dunno. feels like people objectively care. i sell out a lot of concerts

Damn that video was good and seemed like a conversation out of experience. My question for you LD, is what's the weirdest situation you've been in after a one-night-stand?

one time i woke up in the morning, and saw the condoms on the floor, each one with a hole in it. so i had to bring this girl with me to planned parenthood and get her the morning after pill, all while i was on spring break in australia. it was crazy

Why do white kids listen to your music when they could listen to way better rap music by black artists? Are they that scared of black people that they have to subject themselves to your "music"?

super weird question

Have you ever tought about changing your rapper name?

What did your parents and relatives say when u told them you're going to be a rapper named lil dicky?

i think i have to see it through as lil dicky. i truthfully dont like introducing myself as lil dicky, ill always say dave. but lil dicky is like batman, it's a symbol more than a person. know what i mean

[No question]

guys, i'll be sticking around for another half hour. just a heads up

Hey man, huge fan, when you wrote "Bruh..." were you planning each topic or did you kinda rap about what came to your mind and tweaked it from there to be smoother?

i had a few punch lines i knew i had to get in, but a lot of it i just came up with randomly as i wrote

Dude, I love your work. You are very entertaining and it seems so easy to you. When you have your hard days, what do you do to get back on track?

mannn, i have hard days for sure. but ironically, ive had a few of my best days creatively the day AFTER my worst days. when i have bad days, i just always keep in mind that it's a part of the process. you cannot let it get you down. gotta stay the course.

Was the song Molly based on an actual event?

i did have an ex gf named molly, yea

Hey Dave,

Working on any TV shows, standup or screenplays?

tv show

What's your body count?

low forties

Would you rather rap battle Obama on weed or Trump on speed?

trump on speed, i love obama and dont like trump

Lil Dicky, what's your favorite chewing gum?

i like 5 gum a lot. and mentos gum

Who is your favorite Eagle of all time?

probably brian westbrook

You do this Trojan commercial that they play on Howard 100 all the time, every sentence you have an inflection in your voice that makes it sound like you're asking a question. Why do you do that?

"Guys there's something we need to talk about?

People don't use condoms and it's disgusting?"

Has anyone helped you to work on this issue? Have you been told this before?

do i sound stupid? am i a loser? should i stop talking like that

Was it weird taking shots for T-Pains music video to include in the Save Dat Money music video? Also how many houses did your u go for before that old lady let you use her house?

it was so funny. he's the nicest guy in the world, so i didn't feel abusive or anything, but it was definitely weird to do that to my song while everyone else there was doing something else to another song

What was it like performing in Ireland on Halloween last year?

so sick. justin bieber came to it and hung out in the green room for a few hours before it, which made it even cooler

I don't see the fridge you promised. The one, like, with the crushed ice. What is that about, are you pulling one over on us?

i dont even have a fridge with the crushed ice. that's how big of a loser i am

Dave! Huge fan. I saw you in my town of spokane Washington and loved the show. What's the biggest difference in performing in big cities with huge crowds and the smaller ones like spokane?

honestly, i find that most shows are venue dependent. even if it's not a big room, if the room is designed the right way, then the energy will be there, and 300 will feel like 3000. festivals are my favorite though

Hey! Big fan. Also Pillowtalk is one of my favorites.

What's the best piece of advice you could give to someone trying to get over a break up?

it wasnt meant to be! you'll find someone else. ive been the most sad ive ever been over a break up, and now when i think about it, im completely unaffected. time heals all.

Hey David, was curious about how many hours you put in on a daily basis when you first started, and how much did it affect your daily life?

i put in a lot, im not sure the amount, but there was no free time at all. it effected my daily life in every way because it BECAME my daily life

What did John C. Reilly say when you approached him to play God for this video?

he said heck yea, he's a fan, and im a fan, so we were both excited

Why isn't ex boyfriend on Spotify?

i dont own the rights to the beat, it was in my mixtape days

You mentioned earlier in a comment you may or may not get boners with so many hot girls in your vids...did you get one while shooting Pillow Talking? Know her personally?

definitely some blood pumpin, and i got to know her once we made the video, yeah. she's still a friends

What's been the biggest highlight for you either professionally or personally in regards to your music?

i love kevin hart, and one time i had a show in vegas by a pool, and out of nowhere, kevin hart was on stage with me, hype manning my entire concert. that was pretty surreal.

I live in jenkintown currently any fun non Philly places to visit?

go to la pergola in jenkintown. one of my favorite places ever

Are most your lyrics based off of actual experiences? Thank you!

it all kind of varies. sometimes it is. sometimes it's not.

So I watched your freestyle on Sway in the Morning, and it was awesome! How memorable of an experience was that? Also side note, the line about Michelle Obama was incredible

super memorable. i was so nervous. i dont know how i did so well. whenever i get scared about life, i watch that and remember how well i performed under pressure

How does it make you feel that you have had an impact on people's life? For example mine. Your music along with a handful of other artist have helped me stay positive and stay motivated in making my own music. Love your work yo.

it makes me feel really good. thank you for sharing that.

Hey LD, has storytelling always come naturally to you? Before you really started rapping, did you do anything else in the arts?

Anyways, keep doing you man, you inspire me and I'm sure a lot of other to pursue their dreams and not get complacent with their current level of success.

Also, I think Old Pictures of Young Dick is a great album title, I know you have tossed the idea around before, I hope you get the chance to use it.

i think so, i was always a pretty good writer. used to get A's in english, creative writing, etc. i feel like i was born to be a writer, and rap is just one way in which i write

Most important question in the ama. Do you like pineapple on your pizza?


Honestly dude fuck you and your whole career. You make a joke out of a real genre of music and exploit social issues you have no connection to for profit. You sell a watered down version of a powerful and colourful genre to kids who think they're somehow above the greatest american culture art form since jazz but like you cause you're just soo ironic

Your ass got banned from hiphopheads for buying up votes so you moved to videos where they're fine with it and made a career. You don't ever come around until a video drops now here you are promoting your boring garbage with a transparent ama to sell your shit.

Fuck you

Your music sucks you are so contrived I honestly think you are the worst thing to happen to rap since gun violence.



i think if what you were saying was true, i wouldn't be getting the feedback from true hip hop pioneers and legends, like busta, questlove, snoop, the game, sway, timbaland, the list really goes on. when i meet these people, they tell me how MUCH i'm doing for hip hop, and how i'm helping to push the genre forward. and i feel like they have a much more valued opinion than you do, when it comes to the genre. ive never bought an upvote in my life either. so, i just think you're super off base all in all

2 part question: why are you somewhat popular if your music sucks, and how can I make sure I never hear your music again?

i dunno, i guess enough people feel differently, and i think if you cut your ears off, or even committed suicide, you would never have to hear any LD again, but i really don't know the deal with afterlife. i hope you dont kill yourself though, it's not worth it just to avoid hearing my music. you have too much to offer

Hey Dave, Have you met Topanga? Was it awkward?

i sat across from her at a talent agency one time, and was too scared to say anything. but i snuck a pic and IG'd it, and she commented, just say hi next time

Lil'D I am a big fan of yours and have been since I heard that Lion King rap way back when.

About this particular song: Could you speak a little bit on referring to the woman in this song as 'bitch'? I get that there is an element on anonymity, like why you don't want to give her a name, but why is she so often bitch? Is it stylistic, and works better with rhyming schemes or syncopation?

Do you think that doing so predisposes your character (and perhaps the audience) to be contrary to her opinions before they are voiced?

I am not trying to single you out for something or even be overtly critical here (I say bitch all the time myself) but am interested in hearing your thoughts on this, and if you really want to dig into it, how you navigate depicting woman in your music.

really just for the rhymes/rhythm of the song. plus bitch is pretty common in rap. and i think using it in such a normal conversation is weird and humorous

[No question]

5 minutes left!

You grew up in Cheltenham and I have a few friends that live in Elkins Park. How often do you visit home?

im from elkins park, im back there like, 4 times a year

Hey D

I just got turned down for a summer internship that i really really wanted, and now idk what to do with my summer. Any ideas?

id try to find another internship maybe

which social/music platform would you say has brought you the most success? is there one you would suggest focusing on more than others?

probably youtube. my videos take me far

Been waiting for this video forever and it did not disappoint!!! Quick question. Have you met Kanye yet?

not yet, but im really close, i can tell

Since you fuck with hypotheticals :)

If aliens did have the advanced technology to visit our planet do you really think it would be a hostile takeover?

Ps That video was so silly love your style made a new fan here !

it's hard to tell. i feel like we'd react so aggressively, that they in turn may be forced to act aggressively

Are you the Former Packer quarterback?

favre? no

What's up LD, I saw you at Pizza Box on Limekiln Pike before. Real recognize real. Anyway, I recently saw that Logic's Twitter name is Rap Larry David, how do you feel about that? Not trying to start any beef between you two but you're Rap Larry David in my book.

i feel like that's me. i told him that. but i can't tell him how to handle his twitter account

Your performance at case western this past fall with Flocka was one of the most entertaining concerts I've been been to (and I've been to quite a few). Come back to Ohio soon!

My question is, do you get fucked up before your concerts? Also, what's your typical "post-concert-itinerary"?

thank you! i never drink. i smoke usually though. post concert, it's immediately about showering. after i shower, i usually get food. too often it's fast food, cuz not much is open late.

Do you think that the majority of rappers acknowledge you? Or do they think of you as a shtick?

If so, is that frustrating?

no, rappers love me the most. any time i meet a rapper, they make it clear how much they appreciate what im doing.

Why would you consider it selling out? He's said before he got into rapping to eventually become an actor. The whole trojan thing goes with his sort of identity, he gets to make money off of it and gets his foot in the door with acting

yeah - i like writing and acting, and i get to do that with trojan, and i genuinely believe in safe sex. so i dont consider it selling out.

[No question]

guys thank you so much for coming! i gotta get back to work. i love you all, stay happy!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Lil Dicky conducted on Reddit on 2017-04-12. The Reddit AMA can be found here.