Lil Dicky

August 19, 2015

I'm Lil Dicky, I just released my album 'Professional Rapper,' and I still go on a lot of tinder dates. Ask me anything.

Hey, my name is Dave. I live in Santa Monica, California. I'm from Philadelphia. I rap professionally—every day I hope to bump into my soulmate.

My favorite meal is called "company chicken" and "company noodles." Because my mom would make it when company would come over.

That’s me in a nutshell.

My album 'Professional Rapper' is out on iTunes now


The AMA team is helping me out today—we're filming and it's being transcribed so my text tone might not be intact!

EDIT: I'll be answering questions for another 45 minutes before I have to go.

EDIT 2: I had a little less time here than i thought so I gotta hit the road and continue to edit this music video! It's gonna be the best one yet, by'll see soon. I've never been more excited about a video in my life. Thank you reddit for the continued support. I love talking with all of you! Peep my album "professional rapper" if you haven't yet, and please - KEEP ON SPREADING THE WORD! Love you all, LD

do you fuck with the war?

No, I don't fuck with the war.


You the man. Professional Rapper was great, So Hard was great, thanks for both. I listen to them weekly in the car, in the shower, pregaming, whatever. Don't take too long in between records because I've already worn out both tapes! I also saw you in Columbia, MO and you said we were maybe your favorite crowd (sorry other crowds), so shoutout Mizzou for that! That show and crowd really was awesome, thanks.

My question is on Work (Paid For that?) when you say the lyric "I'm getting paid for that" is your tone incredulous, or is it ike "yeah, what, come at me, I'm gettin' paid right now"?

Like are you saying you can't believe you're getting paid for that like wait hold up a second, I'm even getting paid for this, are you serious? Or is it more like yeah, I'm getting paid for that, you know I am, whatup, Dicky in the house.

Anyways, that song is sick. Beat goes real hard and it gets me pumped up to do some crazy shit whenever I listen to it. And come back to Missouri soon! Either Columbia again, Kansas City, or St. Louis!

Thanks LD.

u/gregmav1, thank you for the praise and enthusiasm, I appreciate you. To answer your question, my tone in "Work (Paid For That?)," I'm pretty much, I suppose, flabbergasted at the fact that this has now become a full-time job. It's like a euphoric state of flabbergast.

I think the first way you put it is more accurate than the second way. It's like I can't believe I've pulled this off.

Hey Dicky. Huge fan! My question is if you got to collaborate with any artist, past or present, singer or rapper, who would it be?

Well, I would probably pick someone who’s no longer an option, because that seems more advantageous than picking someone who’s alive and potentially a possibility. So I’d probably pick Biggie because he’s one of my favorites ever, and it’s just completely impossible to do a song with him at this point. I’d rather use the hypothetical laws of this question in my favor.

Hey Dave, big dickhead and general hiphop fan here.

How do you feel about having any discussion of you or your music banned from Reddit's largest hiphop community, /r/hiphopheads?

EDIT: lmao Lil Dicky really is the most divisive thing on reddit, huh. Everyone needs to chill, stop bashing on people; LD or the r/hhh mods

EDIT2: Yo, stop sending hate mail to /u/zigzagzig or any of the hiphopheads mods!!!!!!!!! Like you can disagree with a mod and not be a child about it lol. Also, you can be a fan of LD and other hiphop too! Everything from Young Thug to Chief Keef to Kanye and more. Y'all need to stop hating. Go listen to Lil B and be more based lol

Yeah, I don't know, I feel like it's unjustified–I don't really know why it is. From my understanding, there's a belief that I'm gaming the system but that's the furthest thing from the truth. So, I suppose it's disappointing. I'd love to be a participant in that subreddit.

Edit: I'm being told that no one can see the other comments I've made on this and I want people to hear me out, so I'm adding a link to the rest of my side of this:

Founder of r/hiphopheads here.

Back before he was as popular as he is now (2-3 years ago maybe) he was caught doing vote manipulation multiple times for all his video releases. We warned him when it first happened, he said sorry and had no control over it, but then it happened a second time, and so on. After 3-4 times we officially banned his music and discussion about him from r/hiphopheads. This is the only artist this happened for and he seems to do well on /r/videos which I think is more his niche anyway.

For example, him and/or his friends/fans would post the reddit links to their facebook fan pages/groups and ask for votes and his stuff would shoot up within minutes.

We respect his hustle though. :)

EDIT: Some evidence of LD's fake accounts vote manipulation

Tweets from his video producer which he deleted shortly after

Found via this thread

I simply don’t know what you’re referring to on multiple fronts. For one, I don’t do any vote manipulation. When I began putting out videos, I honestly barely even knew what reddit was, I was completely unfamiliar with the site, let alone the complex intricacies of “gaming a system”. The realities are, if I saw a video of mine posted on Reddit, the MOST I have ever done is shoot a text to my high school friends (say 5-10 guys) saying “yo dudes, my latest video is on reddit, if you get a chance, upvote it.” I highly doubt this is the type of “gaming” you guys are referencing when discussing my ban. I assume you assume something bigger is going on, because this seems fairly harmless to me. These are 5-10 people of tens of thousands that are deciding on content. My content just does really well on the platform, that’s really the bare bones of it. There’s no cheating going on. I’m honestly getting fairly tired of answering the question, to be real.

EDIT: One thing I’ll add - and this goes to show my complete lack of familiarity with the platform at the time, was I posted the initial ex boyfriend reddit link to my personal facebook account, saying “look guys, it’s climbing reddit, go upvote” or something, not at all thinking it was a remotely frowned upon action. It seemed like a completely logical thing to do at the time. Now, I hear that type of thing is frowned upon, so I haven’t done it since - and once again, I seriously doubt that was the “gaming” that would get someone banned from a subreddit.

I simply don’t know what you’re referring to on multiple fronts. For one, I don’t do any vote manipulation. When I began putting out videos, I honestly barely even knew what reddit was, I was completely unfamiliar with the site, let alone the complex intricacies of “gaming a system”. The realities are, if I saw a video of mine posted on Reddit, the MOST I have ever done is shoot a text to my high school friends (say 5-10 guys) saying “yo dudes, my latest video is on reddit, if you get a chance, upvote it.” I highly doubt this is the type of “gaming” you guys are referencing when discussing my ban. I assume you assume something bigger is going on, because this seems fairly harmless to me. These are 5-10 people of tens of thousands that are deciding on content. My content just does really well on the platform, that’s really the bare bones of it. There’s no cheating going on. I’m honestly getting fairly tired of answering the question, to be real.

EDIT: One thing I’ll add - and this goes to show my complete lack of familiarity with the platform at the time, was I posted the initial ex boyfriend reddit link to my personal facebook account, saying “look guys, it’s climbing reddit, go upvote” or something, not at all thinking it was a remotely frowned upon action. It seemed like a completely logical thing to do at the time. Now, I hear that type of thing is frowned upon, so I haven’t done it since - and once again, I seriously doubt that was the “gaming” that would get someone banned from a subreddit.

Beyond that, what warning or apology are you referring to? Like, where was this warning given to me? Where did I apologize?

I don’t recall any of that, and it’s just not true. I have nothing to do with the upvotes of the videos that get posted, and I would never apologize for something I didn’t do. So that’s just another example of us disagreeing on the realities at hand.

We aren't saying you're the one who was manipulating the system. It was your friends/fans who were submitting the videos to r/hiphopheads then posting the link on their facebook groups/pages asking to upvote, and within minutes they'd have 20-30 votes which is unheard of unless you're Kanye, Kendrick, or Drake. I understand you're a friendly likable guy and do not have any bad intentions.

If I could search back in modmail or PM's with you from a few years ago I'd pull up the conversation, but I don't think there's a simple way to do that.

EDIT: Some evidence of LD's fake accounts vote manipulation

Tweets from his video producer which he deleted shortly after

Found via this thread

So forgive me if i’m misinterpreting, but you’re saying I’m not behind the manipulation…rather, it is most likely fans (because my facebook friends were certainly not active participants in the immediate upvote of anything, as I mentioned) - so it’s fans that are actively encouraging upvotes…because they are fans and want to see me succeed…because of that, I am banned from being a part of the hip hop subreddit? Doesn’t that seem unfair to you?

What facebook groups are you referring to anyways? Even though I’ve got nothing to do with it, I’m curious what evidence you have about these groups that are responsible for my entire career.

I know I’m not Kanye or Drake, but maybe it’s because these people feel closer to me, and perhaps more responsible for the launch of my career (since it all began on reddit) which makes them even more impassioned to upvote with fervor.

At the end of the day, what I’m seeing here is that I’m being punished for having super passionate fans. Like I’ve said, I really don’t have anything to do with the success of my videos.

In all honesty, it sounds like you are making yourself bigger than the subreddit itself. The subreddit is about hip hop. I am an up-and-coming rapper, that people in the reddit community seem to enjoy. Don’t you think the purpose of the subreddit is to give people everything they want to see and hear about the latest news in hip hop? By banning me, you are removing a part of that conversation, whether or not you like my music or not. It was #1 on billboard last week, it’s relevant to the discussion.

I only ever spoke to one mod, user Naly_D, and all i did was tell my side of things, in email form. Go and check the email, it was basically this exact conversation. He seemed to believe what I had to say, and nothing else ever came from it. You literally just said i’m not the one gaming the system, so why am i being punished for it? And why am i still receiving messages consistently that say I cheated the system? Why is this still the prevailing opinion in your subreddit if you just admitted I'm not organizing anything? I admitted that when the first video released I posted on my personal facebook saying that it was on the front page and to go check it out. I was completely unfamiliar with the practices of reddit and had no idea this could ever possibly be considered an issue. Once I was told that this was a problem, i told people to stop. This all happened after my 2nd or 3rd video released, and as far as i'm told, happened in the videos section of reddit, not even your own sub. You say my friends gamed the system, but that was maybe 10 people, within the first month of my existence on youtube. You say my fans gamed the system, but isn’t the entire point of the system that users submit content and vote it up or down based on whether they like it? So if I have a lot of fans on this website, wouldn’t it make complete fucking sense that my content would consistently do well? How is this gaming the system? It IS the system.

Hey Lil D,

I'm just wondering how much thought you put into your "AKA ______" intros to your songs. Is it just kinda the first thing you thought of or what? I always find those hilarious.

Thank you. It certainly varies. Sometimes something will come into my head on the spot. Sometimes I'll think of something as I'm walking down the street and write it down and say, "I gotta use that for my next AKA." Or sometimes I'll take half hour out of a day and just brainstorm AKAs. It really comes in different forms.

Hey LD, thanks for coming. What is something your fans don't know about your collab with Snoop?

They probably don't know that I had a wish list of people that I wanted to play the part of the interviewer in that song. And he was the actual number one person on my wish list, so it feels great to have my ideal boss to play that part in my job interview. He created, to me, the ideal version of that song, which is a very satisfying feeling.

Dave, I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about how your first time meeting Snoop Dogg differed from the fictionalized version portrayed by Professional Rapper? For example:

1) I feel like there is no way in hell /u/Here_Comes_The_King actually waited 4 minutes and 55 seconds into your introduction to ask if you wanted to smoke a blunt. You guys would’ve been on at least blunt 3 by then right?

2) Girl Meets World has been out for over a year now. Do you think you’ll ever be able to make the transition from jerking off to 14 year old Topanga Lawrence to the 34 year old Topanga?

3) Does Juanita give great head? I feel like Juanita gives great head.

To answer your first question, I actually didn't meet Snoop until after we made the song–we weren't in the studio together when we made the song. The first time I actually met Snoop was at the BET Celebrity All Star Game, so I met him like on the court. And it was great he's like the nicest guy in the world–really a larger than life figure and spirit, super funny and talks to everybody. He was one of the coolest people I've ever been around. We didn't smoke any weed together because it was held in an indoor facility and police and children were there.

The second part to your question–I don't think that I'm gonna be jerking off to the 34 year old Topanga Lawrence. Just because I don't know, I don't think there's enough compelling footage out there.

And the third part of your question–after that video cut, the fictionalized version of myself actually backed out and didn't get any head. So I don't know.

How's it going Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis?

Huge fan since back in the Ex-Boyfriend days, and currently listening to the entirety Professional Rapper on repeat until my brain tells me no.

I'm curious if Pillow Talking is in any way based on an actual experience you had? My girlfriend and I have a hard time breathing while listening to it.

How was Hannibal Burress? You made my comedy/hip hop worlds collide--so thanks for the mini stroke.

And lastly/necessarily, do you fuck with the war?

So “Pillow Talking” isn’t based off of one single true story, but there are definitely a few different conversations I’ve had over the course of my single life, being in bed with a girl, where I just realized that we kind of philosophically differed. You’re just sitting there after you have sex and you end up talking and you end up learning a lot about the person. So it was based off, I suppose, true experiences and conversations, but it wasn’t one single night gone wrong the way the song is.

To answer the second part of your question, I also love Hannibal Buress. Hilarious dude. My pleasure to make your comedy and hip-hop worlds collide. It was a true treat.

And no, I don’t fuck with the war.

how many times a day do you get recognized on the street (% wise?)

what's your favorite song on the album?

also it was dope meeting you the other day (i gave you a hat)

I don't really go outside that often—I'm usually kinda holed up working. When I do go outside and I'm walking around, I would say, in reality, 99% of the world doesn't know who I am. And I can go hours upon hours without somebody stopping me. But, you know, if I went out on a Friday night to a place where 18 to 25 year olds are, I'd be getting recognized all night and taking pictures. It's definitely picking up more and more everyday.

My favorite song on the album is "Pillow Talking."

It was great meeting you! I remember exactly where we met, and I appreciate the hat! It's a sweet brand.

Did Michelle Obama let you freak?

No. She didn't.

Do you listen to podcasts?

I don't really listen to podcasts, no. I started listening to Serial and then learned halfway through that the case wasn't even resolved in real-life. I couldn't have been more disappointed with that fact, so I was just completely discouraged from continuing to listen.

"Pillow Talking" was a work of art. Any plans to make a music video?

I will 100% be making a music video for "Pillow Talking"–when? I can't tell you, but every song you think deserves a video on my album likely will get a video over the next calendar year, we'll say.

In "Molly," you rap about a girl whom you still love despite an unfortunate breakup due to a difficult decision regarding your career. Just how hard was it to make that decision and do you now think it was worth it?

It really wasn't that difficult of a decision because I knew what had to be done. I knew that I had to pursue my dreams before anything. Going for music wasn't something that I regret and it wasn't something that I debated really. Me and Molly aren't going to get married at this point, but even if it was my absolute soul mate, at the time I don't think I would've been able to put her in front of me accomplishing my dreams.

So the decision wasn't the difficult part. It was living with the realities of the outcome.

What's the recipe for "Company Chicken" and "Company Noodles"?

I'd have to dig super deep into my emails to find it from my mom. I know sour cream is involved. I know baked whipping cream is involved. And there's like...parsley, oregano, chives, and mint in the pasta. But that's all I can really tell you. I don't think that's going to do you much good.

Firstly, holy shit Lil Dicky I’m glad you blew up. Professional rapper was an amazing album and I will be a dedicated dickhead for years to come. I got to meet you in Dallas on tour and your show was brilliantly played. I was the guy who made a painting of you and gave it to you at the end of the show.

What are your plans for future comedy rap? Like, I know you said you wouldn’t be doing songs like Lion King anymore but which direction are you taking your rap style? Also, if you drop by Dallas again, can we smoke together and get too fucking high? Keep up the good work, bruh! Year 3 here we come.

First and foremost, you should know that your painting is hanging in my living room, so it's going to good use.

Secondly, my style is constantly evolving as a rapper—I don't even know where it's going, all I know is that I hopefully plan on including a lot more of the rap game within my concepts in the near future. I think the bigger I get, the more opportunities and windows will open up with producers or other rappers. And I think utilizing my concepts within the entire realm of hip-hop could be super interesting.

As far as smoking weed together and getting too high, you must have completely misinterpreted my song "Too High" because being too high is literally the last thing I want to be. I've toned it down—I'll throw a high-five at you though, and smoke super casually.

What's the greatest experience with a fan you've had so far?

I mean, I've had sex with one, so...probably that.

Hey Mr. Dick

How does being a rapper affect your tinder dates?

Well, typically by the time I go on the date, I've had the usual small banter talk in the app. I try to steer that conversation towards profession, and whenever they ask me what I do for a living, it's always great to say I'm a rapper. And they say, "What?? Really??" And I'll send them a link.

So by the time that I actually go on the date, they typically have seen some Lil Dicky, which certainly has to give me a leg up.

Dicky. I've been listening to your stuff for a couple years now and I love it. Friends went and saw you in Philly your first tour and I made it up to DC for you last year.

One of the things I've always loved is all your nicknames and AKAs. I think I saw you say somewhere you're just gonna keep making new ones because fuck it or whatever, and I like that.

My question for you is which of those pseudonyms is your favorite?

(Personally I'd have to go with The Original Pancake, but Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis will always have a place in my heart. That sounded weird)

Secondary question I just thought of. At your DC show, in White Dude, you said like Staples or something instead of ATT for where the people Adele has to date probably work. Different from the recorded song, and I could tell a lot of other people didn't expect the change either. Do you have any thoughts on the differences between studio recorded work and live shows, especially with regards to how you personally perform in each?


I think 'Firm Handshake' is my favorite one ever. I think it was the first one I ever thought of. Like, cause I put 'Lion King' out the first day with 'Ex Boyfriend'– that was the one I used in 'Lion King'. And I just think it was the first time I did AKA anything and it was Firm Handshake and it was so ridiculous and felt so funny–I think without having that first one feel so good I might not have been tempted to do so many others later.

Well, I try to improvise a little bit live and I try to give people something different from what they expected in terms of the exact jokes. You know, I make a lot of jokes in my songs–rather than use the exact same jokes you've already heard, I like to allow myself to improvise and make jokes up kind of on the spot, because I think it allows for legitimate laughter. If you know what's coming it won't be as funny.

How did friends and family react when you made the switch from a career to rapping?

Well, my parents (before I put stuff online) and my girlfriend at the time, Molly—I was in Hawaii with all three of them, and they kind of all jumped on me at dinner and said that they don't want me to put this stuff online. They were really against it because the thought was, if it doesn't go well, it might impact my ability to get future jobs, the internet's permanent, the stuff's pretty racy material, etc.

But as soon as I put stuff online, it blew up immediately. Like "Ex-Boyfriend" made it to the front page of reddit and got a million views in the first day. So it became a very quick "I told you so" moment that I didn't have to wait very long for. And now everybody's completely on board and they get why I'm meant to do this type of stuff.

Hey Mr. Leftward sloping penis. Would you be willing to work Eminem if he were interested?

100%. What a dream!

Thanks for doing this Dicky,

Dying to know: Digimon or Pokemon?

You know what, I was never into the Pokemon world. That being said, I am very into, visually, what I've seen out of Pikachu, in terms of his image. Like, I like the yellow look. He seems like a guy I can very easily get along with, so I have to lean Pokemon—but like I said, that's without knowing the traits of these characters.

Could you please compare apples to oranges?

Yeah. Oranges–the peeling process is a bit more cumbersome and I think people are less inclined to eat the peels of the orange as they are an apple. They taste completely different. But at the end of the day, they're both circular fruits.

I don't know. I don't really eat fruits. I don't have much to say.

How the fuck did you get Snoop to do a song with you?

I sent him the song.

I'm at a point where my managers can reach out to anybody's managers. There's no artist that we can't at least get in front of, in terms of speaking to their management. And then if it's a respectable product, that product will then go from management to artist. Artist will hear it, decide if they like it. In this case, he liked it, the idea of it and all that, and he did it.

Mr. Original Pancake, loved Professional Rapper, what's your favorite cereal?

You know what? The other day I was just thinking about how impressive our society is in cereals. There are so many cereals - or is just cereal? Maybe it's just cereal. No, it's cereals!

There are so many cereals that blow me away. Frosted Flakes are amazing. Frosted Mini-Wheats are incredible! Cinnamon Toast Crunch is unbelievable!! Like, the textures are all amazing. Honeycombs!!

I just think we're so behind in so many areas of society, but like the one place we're not is in cereal. I don't think whoever is behind the cereal gets enough praise for that. So let me use this forum as an opportunity to thank, like, cereal and whoever is behind cereal. All that being said–I think I'd go with Kix.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

One horse-sized duck. I think a hundred of anything would be incredibly taxing—I don't know. I mean, if they are horses, they can run into you, they're probably fast. Even if they're duck-sized.

I think my odds are just way better with one single item. And a big duck doesn't feel incredibly threatening.

To go up against the horse-sized duck, the first thing I thought of, I don't know why, is just a baseball bat to the head, like, over and over... I don't know what that says about me.

Hey Dave, huge fan. Other rappers talk about being the one from their crew that “made it”. Now that you have “made it”, how’s your relationship with your crew? Are they all in Philly or spread out/do you crash on their couches when you’re in town doing shows? Are you still in a fantasy football league with them?

Thanks for being a humble & accessible dude, keep on killing it!

My relationship with my friends at this point is really no different than it was when I was working at an ad agency in San Francisco. Because, you know I was removed from all my East Coast friends living out in California anyways after college. I guess now, I don't really socialize as much on a day-to-day level, where as before I was living with a lot of my good friends and we were watching Sportscenter at 9pm every night - now I don't really do that. But I see people more than I probably would've otherwise because I'm constantly touring the country and I've got friends in all these places. Like, I would never visit my friends in Colorado more than once every two years just as a normal dude, but now I'm going on tour and I'm in Colorado twice a year and I get to see people that I wouldn't see. In a weird way, it's allowing me to see people more but spend the casual, quality time less.

1) How leftward sloping is your penis actually?

2) What was it like working with Snoop and which other rappers out there would you like to collaborate with?

1) I mean, it certainly depends on the humidity, along with several other factors. Like right now, there's no slope. It's just like...imagine a thumb resting atop two...I don't even know if it's two. Right now, my testicles feel like one thing. Honestly, my penis right now is a soft penis... I'll just show you. It looks like an inch. There's no slope. It's just there. So like I said, it depends. Right now, it's essentially like an extended clit.

2) It was great working with Snoop. He understood what I was trying to do immediately. It didn't take him long. He was into it.

I'm just like you guys in terms of how I perceive Snoop Dogg. I'm very much like what an icon that guy is, you know what I mean? Meeting him, he couldn't be more of a dream in terms of what you'd expect him or hope that he'd be. He's like the ideal version that you'd hope for in your dreams. That's who he actually is. So it was very wonderful to meet a guy like that who you have such high hopes for and he actually exceeds them.

In the future, there's a lot of rappers I want to work with. Right now (and it's not just because I said "in the future"), my number one rapper to work with is Future.

Oh look. Snoop Dogg just tweeted at me. Which is cool. But like, I do have a song with him, so I shouldn't be that excited about a tweet. But it is the first public acknowledgement of that song, so it does feel good. I'm going to retweet it.

LD, huge fan, 2 quick questions, What was your favorite meal at D-Hall at Richmond? and are you a big WaWa fan?

Well, the one thing I always loved were the fries. I'd wait for them to dwindle and then I'd get the fresh batch because the fresh D-Hall fries, at least when I was in school, were unbelievable. So that was my favorite D-Hall move.

I was also into the panini station: roast beef, a little fresh mozzarella. But! My favorite move at Richmond was to go to the pier and you know how they had chicken finger sandwiches and they had buffalo chicken wraps, but they didn't offer buffalo chicken sandwiches?

I was the first guy to suggest why not put the buffalo chicken that you put in a wrap on a bun? And I'd get that all the time and because it wasn't a menu item, they didn't actually have that prepared. So every time I requested it, they had to make it fresh—and I got a fresh buffalo chicken sandwich every time from D-Hall. And, you know, certain cashiers weren't overly enthused by this, but other ones respected the hustle.

I was a huge WaWa fan until they stopped serving grilled chicken—now the only chicken I can get is breaded form and I don't think WaWa is especially strong at the breaded chicken. So, you know, I love WaWa simply because it's a northeast staple, but if I'm being honest about the type of food that I'm enjoying, WaWa doesn't really satisfy me at this point.

Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Oh, there are so many. But the one that comes into my mind is...I'm watching TV in my parents' room, on my mom's and dad's bed. There was only cable in their room when I grew up. I don't know why. So I was forced to watch TV on their bed. And I was in my boxers. Nothing else but my boxers. And my mom walked in and said, "Dave, you're open."

I said, "What?" Not thinking at all about what she's talking about.

And rather than saying, "The flap in your underwear is open and your penis is exposed," she decided to just simply use her hands and close the flap herself, and walked away as if nothing had occurred.

I've actually never talked about that with her, because it's ridiculous. I don't think she remembers it. But it was a horrifying moment in my life. That was the worst day of my life, I think.

Hey man, just saw you at Summerset and your show was amazing! You said that you were going to go do some Molly. How was that?

Okay, so here's what happened with my molly experience. I began feeling it a lot within an hour, to the point where I actually puked. I know that's not necessarily what typically happens on Molly, but it could have had something to do with having just played a set, being jet lagged, whatever.

All that being said, I think I may have ended up puking out the Molly, because I took it in water form, and as soon as I puked, I ended up not really feeling it much. So I was underwhelmed overall, but it could have been because I puked. The thing is, it was on such an extreme trajectory, that I'd be nervous about what would have happened had I not puked. My DJ's face was twitching. I hate being too high.

Hey LD,

It says on the album cover you studied abroad here in Melbourne! What did you think of your time here and can we expect to see you any time soon?

Also, as a current marketing student, I was wondering just how big an impact your degree has helped you out, especially in regards to your music career?

Loved the new album man, keep it up!

So my experience in Melbourne was like really unique, in the sense that it wasn't at all what I expected to be. I expected to get off the plane, throw on a pair of board shorts, get picked up by some blonde dude with long hair and like, just really be outside in the sun for 5 months with girls. But Melbourne was kind of chilly and what I learned quickly is that Australian girls have no interest in American guys–I mean that's what I gathered or whatever I was doing was not working. I think American guys flirt kind of in a forward way.

I remember specifically being in club, and like touching a girl's shoulder being like - "Hi, how's your night going?" and she just flinched just like "Don't touch me!". And the American girls couldn't be less interested in the American guy when there like tons of Australian hunks walking around. So I've never gotten less female attention in my life than the 5 months that I spent in Melbourne. BUT, I was with these five other dudes who were going through the exact same thing and it was like a weird male bonding 5 month period where a bunch of guys just hung out and got drunk together like 3 nights a week. I don't know why that's that interesting–but it was probably like 3 or 4 nights a week. And we didn't do anything but be stupid with one another. There were things like me being put in a shopping cart and thrown down a hill–that's the kind of stuff I did in Australia. I need to go back and experience it as somebody that's capable of hooking up with a girl.

And marketing - what I learned in school didn't at all help me in terms of this, but I think what I got in school in terms of a degree got me a job at my advertising agency and working at the ad agency how possible it was to create content very easily and cheaply. We had an in-house production wing at my agency, so every day I was seeing these short little videos that they'd churn out that looked amazing that they did in 6 hours, for no money, and I thought 'Huh... I wonder if you could apply this technology to your crazy ideas.'

Other than that, I don't put much stock in the school/work life contribution to my rap career.

Waddup Dicky?
My question is, have you ever released any songs that weren't as popular as you had hoped? Like you thought it was amazing, but upon release it just did okay? Vice versa too, you thought it was okay but everybody else thought it was amazing?

It hasn't really happened for a song, but I thought the video for Jewish Flow was one of my best - and the view count didn't really reflect that. Sometimes the views don't go your way. Sometimes, they do.

Hey "Mr. Leftward sloping penis"! first off, I want to let you know that I'm a huge fan and we blast your songs in the kitchen where I work. But for my actual question, were you always interested in becoming a rapper, even as a kid? and how good are you a freestyling?

I was always interested in being a comedian, but I certainly was always walking around rapping casually, freestyling to myself. I actually did a 6th grade history report on Alexander Pushkin via rap over Clipse Grindin' beat. So rap has always been a part of what I do, but my ambitions have always been rooted in comedy.

I'm ridiculously average at freestyling. It's annoying.

Lil Dicky, like many have said, big fan and first and foremost, congratulations on all the success you've had!#

So ive been watching your youtube videos and love the cribs videos. Would love to see more of you doing more videos like that where you just talk, extremely entertaining.

Also, in your very first cribs video, you were talking about a weed brownie in your freezer and was about to explain why you were too scared to eat it but never got to find out why. Can you clarify this?

Well - I am beginning to work on my scripted TV show, so ideally, in 2 years, Dave Burd the actor/comedian is in front of you just as much as Lil Dicky the rapper is.

I never ate the brownie because my neighbors each took the smallest bites, and freaked out to the point of legit panic attacks. Which really made it less appealing.

In the antagonist you mention how the music you're making now isn't what you really want to be doing, what do you plan on doing in the future to separate from the comedic rap?

It's not that the music I'm making isn't what I want to be doing, it's just the style of rap I love wouldn't make sense coming out of my mouth. I love rap that shits on everyone else, all of the doubters, the people in their way, the struggle, and basically - in a swagged out way, discusses how they can't be stopped.

That vibe would sound corny coming out of me. I have nothing to be angry at. Nothing to hate on. Nothing that's really truly been in my way or preventing me from getting where I need to be.

Long story short, I love rap that has a chip on its shoulder, but I don't really have justification for the chip. That was all I was saying.

Alright, first off I love your music! I've been following you for a long time, but I wanna be real for a second. I don't think you will find it offensive because I've heard you mention this in a few of your songs. Although I do really enjoy your music it gets old too fast. I think it's the humorous aspect that wears on me. Don't get me wrong please! It's funny as hell, but you can only laugh at the same thing so many times. Your song Darwin is one that I can listen to over and over, and most likely because you left out the humor. In fact the lyrics make it sound like your true ambition is to make an album with no humor at all and still be respected. Well, I'm here to say PLEASE DO! You're right, bro! Your flow is crazy! So my question is do you have any intentions of making a more serious album any time soon? I would be the first to pre-order!

I hear you - and totally get that the jokes may not be funny the 50th time around. That's why I try to uphold the musical integrity throughout, to make sure it's sonically pleasing.

I think there's a lot of non comedy on my album. Only a few songs are straight up jokes. Songs like personality have a funny edge to them, but I see that less as a comedic rap song, more as just a rap song with some character to it.

But there are songs on the album that are dead ass serious too. Like Molly, Truman, Antagonist I and II, Oh Well...I tried to be diverse on the album, because there are as many people like you saying "I wish he was serious all the time" as there are saying "I wish he stayed funny and didn't get so serious." So it's hard to please everyone. I tried to give everyone a little bit of something on this album.

Hey, Dave AKA Lil Dicky AKA Independent Variable.

Big fan of your music, it's refreshing to hear someone poke fun at some rap stereotypes, and giving them a different perspective (as you said in Professional Rapper), while not trying hard at it (because you project yourself in your songs). Is the rap life everything you expected it to be? Also, What do your parents think of the turn that your life has taken? PD: A song about life in the suburbs as opposed to life in the hood would be amazing (I haven't listened to the whole album so maybe you have already made it).

You know what, I feel like only now am I beginning to feel the rap life. I've been holed up working for the last 4 years on this stuff, so my success truly hasn't impacted my lifestyle.

But like, last week I spent a day in Atlanta with Rich Homie Kwan, and it was one of the best days ever. So fun. Such a good dude. And for the first time, I felt like "wow, you really are a rapper." So I'm looking forward to this year, because I think I'm gonna have a lot more fun than I had been having. The issue is, I'm so forward thinking that it's hard for me to slow down and stop working until I get where I want to be, which is a long ways away. But purely for inspirational purposes, both for TV and music, I'm gonna make a huge effort to socialize more this year. So it should be fun!

My group of friends and I were all looking forward to seeing you in Houston back in June. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled out due to weather and we all found out that the show was not being rescheduled just a few days ago. You have been one of the catalysts that has broadened my perspective on creating songs. I have been able to get in depth with my lyrics to evolve my style. What developmental tools or criticisms would you give to someone interested in following a similar path to yourself?

I'm sorry about that Houston show - I was super excited to do a show in Houston, important city and rap city specifically, so I'll have to get out there soon.

I just think it's important to be yourself at all times. Once you cheat yourself, you've got little left to stand on. So just be yourself, and try to succeed that way, before resorting to anything else.

Holy shit dude, I'm a big fan, been listening to you ever since you released Ex-Boyfriend, you're suck a unique rapper and I love your style

My question is: How did people like Snoop Dogg, Rich Homie Quan, etc. react to when you pitched your songs to them and asked for a feature? Or did they come to you? Did anyone turn you down because of how ridiculous your songs can be?

A lot of this stuff starts with manager to manager emails. So I never know full on initial reactions. But in meeting up with Fetty, Rich Homie, Snoop in the last few months, they all love the content we created together, and truly get what I'm doing. Which is awesome.

I went to them, they didn't come to me. I hope people come to me sometime soon. That would be cool.

In "Attached at the Hip" your Dick blames your Brain for the premature ejacs:

I'm prayin you stop abusing, but you confused

If you blame me for the ejacs

This about your brain I came because I react

Hope that you concede that

Now that we've heard Brain on "Pillow Talking", is there ever going to be a Brain v Dick track?

(Been a fan since early on and couldn't be happier to see you still killin it.)

Man. What a question. What a comment. I didn't even realize this until you brought it up. I won't rule it out.

I know Brain is gonna come out with some shit this year, he's been working.

In "Professsional Rapper", you say "But ain’t nobody else doing funny type rap". Would you consider Lonely Island to be in a similar funny-type rap genre? Would you consider collaborating with them on a song in the future?

Yeah I suppose so - but I don't really view them as being true hip hop if that makes sense. If we're evaluating them as rappers, I don't think they hold up in that landscape, despite being funny as shit obviously.

I think I'm one of the first people doing both well. If you want my candid opinion about it ;)

during your last concert in Dallas you poured water on me. I also passed you a blunt during "Too High". You're the best person I've seen perform live! How often do blunts get passed to you?

It happens a lot at shows, and the issue is, I don't like being high up there. It's a lot of responsibility to be in charge of like, 1,000 people's fun. I don't take it lightly. I like to smoke right before Too High, because it's usually like 3 quarters of the way done the concert, and it gives me a boost. But early on? I go out there dead sober. Way funnier dead sober.

I've successfully gotten multiple of my female friends (all 3 of them) to become fans of you. Are you proud of me? We were at your concert in Bloomington, IN and it was nuts. You're the man, keep it up.

Do you have any plans for an upcoming tour with all of your new material? I have no clue how you would perform a song like Pillow Talking but I can't wait to see.

So proud. Great work. No plans yet, we're figuring out the tour thing now. May headline, may try to go out with another artist. Pillow talking goes soooo hard, we just did it at a festival. Only 3 minutes of it, but still, hard ass 3 minutes. at an actual LD show, I'd consider doing all 11 minutes.

If you could collab with anyone, who would it be?

Right now? Future.

Big fan homeslice!!! What are your top 3 TV shows?

Fresh Prince, Curb, The Wire

How long did you work at a normal job for before you quit to pursue music?

What made you decide that it was time to pursue this fulltime and not as a side project?

What's your favorite dollar menu item?

3 years. It was always the preference, and as soon as I put something out, it proved itself as worthy, with ex-bf getting a million views in a day. Once that happened on the first day, I knew then and there that I was meant for something beyond an office job.

LD! I love you. Favorite food?


Hey Dicky, huge fan, I love the album.

My question is: Was there a moment during your rap career that made you think "Damn I finally made it." ?

No. It still hasn't happened yet. In truth, I do not feel like I've "made it".

I think there's a moment where you become mainstream famous, where everyone knows who you are. For Macklemore, it was thrift shop, for example - even though before thrift shop, he was probably even bigger than I currently am in terms of popularity. I haven't had that moment yet.

I think my next music video may end up being that moment for me.

Is Brain endorsed by sprite or is that simply a preference of Brain?

simply a preference, though brain would fuck with sponsors i think.

What was your undergrad like? Obviously you were interested in Rapping but still focused on your school.

very focused on getting good grades. I didn't love freshman year, so I got my grades up then and there because I thought there was a possibility I'd transfer. I didn't, but then my grades were so high, that I didn't want to let them drop. So I became obsessed with maintaining my GPA, which ended at 3.93.

Dicky....Original Pancake....Young Dick. My question to you is - Ass or titties? Or both? Or that loud ass bud?

I prefer face and naval. If I had to pick between ass and titties, I would pick titties though.

Loved the album original pancake, my question is, do you feel that you can make any type of music you want now, and can now separate yourself from the funny rap a little and make more serious type of raps?

My second question is how does it feel to make it out of "the trap". Not the conventional one, but the one you do speak of, I do feel that I have been sucked into that trap and wonder what it feels like to live your dream out.

Thanks again, love the music man, good to see you finally making it big.

Umm, I feel like I can make whatever music I want - I just need to figure out what that is. I don't know what the next album is gonna look like. I have some thoughts. But I wouldn't mind, like, redefining my sound. I don't know what my sound is yet. On the album, I bounce around between sounds - which is cool, but I feel like I still haven't fully figured out my evolved rap state yet.

It feels great to live my dream. It's really happening. What a relief.

Would you have 5 foot antlers on your head for the rest of your life (that you couldn't shave down) for $25 million?

nah, money doesn't drive me in the slightest.

Hi Dave, very nice to meet.

Do you have any more music videos planned right now? Or will you hold off since you released the professional rapper animated video?

yes, i'm editing the latest one over the next few weeks, and it will come out soon. It's gonna be my best one yet.

I had lyrics from 'staying in' in the about me section of my OK cupid profile and my boyfriend of almost a year saw it and had to message me, so you're pretty much directly responsible for the best relationship of my life. Just wanted to tell you you're fucking awesome and thank you :) <3

Can you please please please come to North Carolina again?!

that's amazing! thanks for having me a part of your couple. I'll be back, dont you worry.

Thanks for doing this AMA. I've only heard your stuff recently, but I bought PR, and I love it.

In the song Professional Rapper, you say 'I don’t care about the money Like, it’s the respect that I’m wanting' While I do respect you, considering much of your stuff is comedy rap, do you feel there may be a limit on how much the industry can respect your stuff compared to say Compton Gangsta rappers?

I love and respect your stuff, and mean no offence, I am just interested to hear your opinion on comedy rap as a subgenre.

I hope there's no limit. I think I'll need to continue to reinvent myself, and add new dynamics to the music to be able to attain said respect, but I think it's what I'm meant to do. I'm a very creative person, and I think I can rap in a completely unique way. All while really rapping.

From the guys you collaborated with on the album, which ones did you have to convince to work with you and which ones were on board from the start?

T Pain, Brendon Urie, Jace and Hannibal were all fans so it was pretty easy to approach them. Snoop, Rich Homie Quan (I know I misspelled his name earlier, my b Quan) and Fetty - I approached without knowing if they knew who I was.

Sup LD, I loved your new album, real great shit. My question is about you featuring on other rappers work. We haven't seen feature on any other rappers songs yet. Is that in the works in any way right now? And how would you go about it? Thanks dicky, your the shit.

Ps. I met you in Toronto at your show after your set, you complimented my hair. It was the best night ever. Thanks yo, your killing it!

I've got a feature verse coming out with a rapper you guys may not have heard of soon, and I may or may not be cooking up another something with Mr. Pain...but hopefully this just gets bigger and bigger to where more artists are approaching me. I want to do feature verses so much. It would feel very liberating to me, to only concern myself with one verse, as opposed to a concept, 2-3 verses, and a hook

How did you get Brandon Urie to sing? Did you know him or was that just a random person you were like "yo that dude csn sing"

he tweeted at me one time, and i replied back telling him i was a fan, and then i had this song that i thought he could sound good on (molly), he came in the studio that week, and man oh man...was he the perfect guy for the song.

How did you react to Anthony Fantano's review of Professional Rapper?

I haven't even seen it. I am sure it's horrible - I can tell he doesn't find me amusing. But, it doesn't really phase me - it's impossible to please everyone. As long as my fans are happy, then I'm happy.

Hey Dave, what is the tinder line you've had the most success using?

This is my go to online dating line.

So, I've been thinking on an opening line for a solid 4 minutes...haven't come up with much, and at a certain point, you've just gotta move on with your day.

My new strategy is to inform you of my incompetence, and hope that you find it endearing.

It honestly works reasonably well.

Hey Dick, you said in an update that you had a couple tracks to push out at the very end that tied the album together. Which one's were those? Just wondering because some really stood out.

Truman and Work we're the final two. I knew I wanted one more light hearted song that would go well live. And I also knew the time to discuss my 9-5 job and being a rapper was now or never, since the project is themed around that. So Work was a big add.

And I knew I needed a great outro, ideally one that inspired people to act. I think Truman is just that.

Those 2 came last minute, and they were crucial in my opinion.

Joints or blunts?

joints but I don't know why I'm saying that.

Who's an artist you'd really like to collaborate with that would surprise most fans?

Future and Colbie Callait, and John Mayer

Lil D, What song on the album was the most fun to make?

Pillow Talking. Most of it was freestyled (though the plot line was incredibly well mapped out).

I met you at Summerset at a tent back at the campgrounds. You only stopped by for a couple minutes but my brother started gloving for you and you said that you wanted a pair. Do you have any plans to start gloving?

it was cool to see those gloves. yeah, maybe i'll buy a pair

I love your rants in your videos like how you would pick up chicks online when you were younger and how Seal is out here dating models. Do you just come up with those on the spot or are they part of your song writing process?

the rants seem to happen on the spot. they're way better than way, because they don't seem forced or scripted. I love them too, it's my favorite thing to do when I record.

Hi Dave new dickhead here I only have one question for you, is your dick really THAT little?

it's terrible soft, for sure. but hard, it's 5 inches long, and pretty solidly thick.

CHS grad here. What was your favorite area of Cheltenham?

I love elkins park because that's where I grew up. Like, around Myers, Frank's pizza, etc.

Do you jerk off mobily?

I don't

Advice to future artists?

be yourself

Hi LD! Thanks so much for doing another AMA. I am such a huge fan! You 100% deserve all the success and recognition you are getting. So happy that more people are getting to experience you!

Can you tell us anything about the TV show you are currently writing?

I want it to be the best show on TV. I'm super driven to make this show. It's like Curb, but for a younger dude, set in the rap game. Obviously, some Entourage ish elements to it as the rapper becomes more and more famous...essentially, it's a scripted version of my life.

It's been so entertaining since I've began rapping, and it will only get crazier once things actually take off in a bigger way.

Even if I never rapped, I would have wanted to showcase my comedic perspective on life. Like, if the character was just a dude at an ad agency, I would have loved to make a show. Now, with rap, I have a ridiculously entertaining backdrop

How are your parents? They seem very supportive on the interludes, how was it performing in front of them for the first time?

they are awesome, i love them with all my heart. it was interesting performing. I withheld a few jokes knowing they were there, because I wasn't interested in telling people sex stories knowing my mom was listening. But they are amazing, and only as an adult have I fully been able to appreciate how much they mean to me.

David, Are you ripping the bong / Smoking an L while you answer these questions?

sober as a gopher, i got shit to do today

LD, how was working with Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan? I've been loving $ave Dat Money lately, keep up the awesome work!

it was great - i am such big fans of both. And both were so nice to me, so into the song, etc.


I think this song is the one, guys. But it's on us.

Hey LD, AKA the independent variable. As a man who also has to get women with my personality, what trait would you say you have found most important to do so? Also, Do you ever see White Dude coming on iTunes? That track is legendary in the Caucasian world.

Edit: Oh fuck, how could i forget. How was your first time trying Molly?

for me, it's certainly my sense of humor. But I'm also sweet.

Molly was interesting. I think I was underwhelmed, but because I puked some of it out.

What is your take on the Drake-Meek feud?

Drake showed what I've been saying for years. Nobody is on his level.

Where do you hope to see your music in five years?

I honestly don't know, and that's crazy, right?

Here's what I do know. I'm not like, a music guy. I have very little experience. And all of the music you've heard, it's been me by myself doing it. I need a top notch producer, like Pharrell or somebody, to take me in for a week, and figure out what my sound could/should be.

I want musical help. I think it would make things even better.

i can sing too - I think you'll see more singing. I love singing.

Do you think Having a song with Snoop will be a regular occurrence on your future albums?

maybe, who knows? maybe he'll promote me next time, and the album will be called "middle management."

Hey D! I really liked your first Mixtape and your Album. Do you believe that you are one of the best rappers technically, like I do? <3

I don't know - there are so many incredible technically skilled rappers out there that aren't big because they can't make a good song. It takes more than technical skill.

As a fan, I don't even care about technical skill anymore. Which is ironic, because I think that's what you guys value most from me.

But like i've been saying throughout this AMA, future is borderline my favorite rapper right now, and I don't think you would label him as the most technically prolific rapper.

But he raps his ass off in a different way. His lyrics are amazing to me. It's hard to explain, but until I got in the rap game, I wasn't able to fully appreciate how beastly a guy like Future really is.

And as a fan, I care a lot more about that than lyrical prowess.

What's your main plug for jerseys? What team do you use in fifa? Also just wanna say I love you

I been getting them from China lately.

Bout to cop a whole lot more baseball jerseys.

What is your favorite lyric in one of your songs?

that's a tough question. i really like "forget about your era, pat summit."

Hey dick, huge fan man really loved pro rapper and the messages you're throwing out right now. I do have one question about the meaning of some of your songs.

Sometimes you say you just need to be you and keep it as authentic as you can, but in the album you also said that you need to change in order to keep growing and adapt to the craziness of actually being famous and shit now, also didn't really understand how you said you're not making music you like to listen to, like what? lol

Whatsup with these contradictions?

thanks LD

I'm not sure what you mean.

I do keep it authentic at all times, but I have different forms within me. Sometimes, I like to be funny. Sometimes, I like to be serious.

I didn't say i'm making music I don't like to listen to. I pour my heart and soul into my music, and love it. I said the type of rap that I love (let's say, like Future for example) isn't the type of rap I can make, or that people want to hear from me. That's all I was saying.

As someone who almost exclusively listens to Oldschool hiphop, i fell in love with your new album when I found it, which made me check out your older stuff and i'm really down with it, most of all because of the fact that you are great lyrically and because of the originality. Anyway, my question is actually if you feel like Big L had any influence on you as a rapper, as i see some similiarites in your styles?

He didn't really influence me, I've barely listened to him if I'm being truthful. I obviously respect him, and what I've heard is super dope. And I know he influenced other artists that in turn influenced me, so indirectly he certainly impacted me, I suppose, in thinking about it.

Did Snoop Dogg and all the other features understand the concepts of your songs right away?


Are corporate jobs really that shitty? Asking for a friend who might hate business school

I mean, not necessarily. I just think for a guy like me, who always felt like he was born to be an entertainer, it was tough. But life could have been much much worse.

I'm just not at all about living my plan B life until plan A fails

do you think you could elaborate a bit on your actual writing process? I would be so interested to hear how that goes down and if it's changed over these last few years.

It hasn't changed at all, which is annoying.

I'll get a beat. Freestyle high over it, to understand the tone, the cadence, the style of rapping, the sound.

Take the coolest sounding parts of the high freestyles and mark them. Use them as a guide for writing.

Then I'll write stuff that sounds like those freestyles, just with lyrics that make sense.

It's such a terrible process, because it takes so long, and I can't just come out of the studio with songs. But, my stuff is so detailed, and well thought out, that the writing process simply takes a lot of time.

Hey Mr.Firm Handshake, what would your life be like right now if you had not started a rap career?

I think i'd be a well positioned copywriter at an ad agency, writing commercials, probably in SF.

Hi Stem Cells,

If you could clear something up that would be great. In Flames, you say "Better stop comparing me to Andy Milonakis Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, man I swear it's so obnoxious". I totally get that, you want to be taken seriously, but I know in some interviews you say that you always saw yourself as being on tv or doing some form of entertainment/comedy. I guess Flames would be the first song where you basically say you're going for the rap thing seriously.

At this point in your career, could you see yourself doing something similar to those guys? I mean, like watching you do interviews and pretty much any time you aren't rapping, you just seem to be super relatable and funny so I could see you doing really well as pretty much any type of entertainer. Or have you decided to just focus on the rap thing until you are the best in the game.. or whatever. Idk I'm just a fuckin white dude who doesn't really fuck with rap for the most part but then again I bump "Bruh" and "Who Knew" more than Ex Boyfriend these days so I definitely respect your talent. Keep it up man and I look forward to anything you put out in the future.

I want to be a comedian, and a rapper.

All I was saying in flames (which, when I listen to now, that song sucks to me, so it's hard for me to even go back to it) - is that I'm really rapping, not just being funny here, people.

But I want to be funny when I rap sometimes too. And I'm going to want to be funny when I'm not rapping, and hopefully acting/writing sometime soon.

I want to do a lot of things, and never be boxed into any one role.

Original pancake how much poon have you slayed since the album drop?

I've had sex with one girl

I saw you were filming with Melissa again recently. Which song and when can we expect to see it?!

i cant spoil the surprise like that

Words of wisdom for other 5 inch dicks?

just work your ass off in there. it's all about will power

Dicky! Been a dickhead since the beginning! In your first cribs episode did you live in LA? Also what was your job before getting into the rap game?

no that was in SF...and I was working at an ad agency

LD, to me Oh Well is the most real song on album, i feel like a shithead sometimes and just say oh well to myself. What was the last situation that was where you just said "shit i have to write rap about this"?

right now, i'm kind of holding off on writing until things change for me. Professional Rapper tells one story. The next project needs to tell another. So, I want my life to begin changing, so I can begin speaking to what's going on now.

Hey Dicky, I live right next to Cheltenham in Abington and I'm a huge fan. What are the chances you would do a sick half time show at the Abington vs. Cheltenham football game?

i think id be down to do that one time, for sure

Hi Dicky just wanted to say meeting and hugging you was the highlight of my life, whispered "1000 views" in your ear surprised you knew what i meant. From the beginning man.

I was amazed i found you without a crowd of fans around you, are you still appreciating being able to go out publicly and looking like your average jew? Or are you hyped for becoming more and more recognized even if it means you cant do normal things without running into dozens of fans?

I am appreciating it, because to be honest, I think the days are numbered. And who knows what that'll be like, when you simply can't walk around in public. So I've been appreciating it.

That being said, I want to blow up as fast as I can. The faster I accomplish my dreams, the faster I can devote my life to my soul-mate, whoever she is.

What up Mr leftward sloping penis?

Big fan of your work - quick question. How often do you check your gmail account, it is it only for booking ? I been trying to hit up since after your show in Dallas but haven't gotten a response and didn't want to offend you. Anyways keep doing what you're doing , you're so inspiring!

i check it but things get lost in the shuffle. i tend to only respond to friends or work related emails, or fan mail that really elicits a response out of me, if that makes sense.

What do you do to blow off steam?

play basketball - and i dont do it nearly enough.

but honestly, rap. rapping is a great way to blow off steam.

Yo LD!

A lot of people have been giving you praise for this album but I think the real stand out of this record is Brain.

Can you please explain how you discovered Brain and if you plan to do any further collaborations?


mannnn...brain just came out of nowhere on me - real shit. all of a sudden, he just came through in a session, and i was like holy shit - this dude is the dopest.

so i knew i had to get him on a track, and pillow talking felt perfect. i think we'll be collaborating forever, for sure. he's working on some solo stuff too.

Hey Dicky, big fan.

As we all know, your outro game is on point. Do you come up with them on the spot? Do you have it written down? or do you just have general idea of what you want to say?

usually i have some thoughts to speak of, and i let it all come off the top. it's funnier that way. i wanted my album to have a lot of outros, because i dont want yall to think im going mainstream or soft on the game

LIL DICKY!!! I love your witty lyrics. What was your Major in college?

business with a concentration in marketing

Hi LD! Huge fan!

In your last AMA, you said you were at the perfect level of fame. You said you could go out in public and maybe be recognized twice, but that 90% of the population had no idea who you were. Has this changed any?

nope - i think i'm at a very similar place. it's bigger, but not to the point where it impacts my day to day.

Hey Lil Dicky, thanks for doing this! I'll be seeing you at Bumbershoot in a couple of weeks and am so stoked.   As someone who is destined for the corporate world, but not totally sure that's what I want to do, I was wondering how you ultimately decided to pursue your passion and risk it all?

well, i didn't really risk it until it was proven. I didn't quit until i knew i was onto something. i did both at the same time. i think that's the right approach, because going for it is obviously encouraged, but you may want to earn the right to go for it first. while maintaining practicality. there's a lot at stake in life, and you can't be reckless. but, i've always said, i would never settle for plan b until plan a failed.

How do people react when they aren't familiar with your body of work, find out you're a rapper, and then hear some of the hilarious and ridiculous things that you say about yourself?

it's usually funny. they get a kick out of it.

even this weekend, i played the mainstage at a festival. after, i walked around and talked to people. a few times, i was like, so, do you guys know who lil dicky is? they go, yeah i love that guy. i go yeah, cool.

they had no idea it was me! i am just very unassuming, i suppose.

Do you feel reddit has helped at all with your publicity? I personally found out about you through your first AMA on here.

100 percent - ex boyfriend was my launching pad, and it was largely due to making the front page of reddit. it's been a key part of my movement.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, you are the kind of personality that makes AMA's great to read and from your responses to fans that you met (I'm a new fan and am learning a lot about you as I read) it seems like you genuinely care which makes this whole thread that much more amazing!

My question is, as a white comfortably middle class jewish guy that looks exactly how you would expect someone with that description to look (I'm a self depricating jew myself so I absolutely love your look and vibe) , do you ever worry about being accused of cultural appropriation or not taking an art form that has been used to express civil unrest and incite change seriously? This has happened to several artists as the rap genre expands (not that this is an exclusive problem with rap, it's just rap is a new enough genre that it is still actively used by the socio-economically oppressed whereas many of the other genres created in similar situations have been around long enough for it to be less controversial) and each artists has handled it differently, so I'm curious if you've thought about how to handle it if the situation does arise where you get called out for "not knowing the history of rap" or making a joke out of an art form that is used to take on serious issues for the under privileged. (I doubt any of this would actually happen since you seem to be genuinely yourself in your songs and aren't trying to create this image of a thug, but you never know in this day and age)

this issue is something that i dont take lightly at all.

I hate it if/when someone says I'm making fun of hip hop, because that's the furthest thing from the truth. I love hip hop. It's given me my voice. It's truly where I found out who I was. It's everything to me.

Just because I'm taking one art form that I love (comedy) and applying it within another art form that I love (rap), it doesn't mean I'm devaluing the importance of the genre. I don't think anything is "above" being influenced by comedy. Who doesn't enjoy laughing? Can you imagine if comedy wasn't ever accepted as a part of film? We'd have no comedy movies.

I understand people being confused, but I think you respect hip hop by a) going hard every song and rapping your ass off. and b) by being your complete, original self. Realness is one of the most important factors to hip hop, to me.

And I think I do both of those things. Which is why yes, even though a lot of my songs are funny, I think I deserve to be taken seriously in the rap world, regardless of race, class, gender, anything. If you go hard and are true to yourself, and people enjoy listening to your music, it's real.

How did growing up in Philadelphia (cheltenham) influence you and your music? Any ideas to every team up with Meek?

I think it gave me my competitive edge. I compete out here.

I would love to do a song with Meek, and I even have an idea for us. I look forward to meeting him one day.

what's it like to be famous?

like you have that actual knowledge now i'm curious to hear your take on it

to be honest, i barely feel famous. there aren't any real perks yet. I can't skip lines. the other day, the night my album came out, i couldn't even get into a bar in NYC. Went to 3 bars, they were all too crowded. Couldn't even get in. Had the #1 album in the country too!

It's nice to get complimented and recognized by people throughout my day, but it's pretty low key right now. I haven't popped off the way I think we all think I eventually will.

What's good lil Dicky! Been following your campaign since lion king and it's been incredible to watch you develop and get the recognition you deserve. Anyways as someone from the Bay Area my question is would you say the Area affected you as a person/ rapper in any way at all? Gotta come back out here for a show sometime soon. Thanks for reading

for sure - i mean i made my whole mixtape in the bay. lil dicky was kind of originated in SF. so it certainly impacted me. in probably more ways than I can even explain. it was the predominant setting for the life changing moment of my life.

Whats your favorite sandwich?!?! GO!!!!

chicken cheesesteak

Any advice for a junior copywriter? Love your music Dave. Saw you in Madison, WI this past spring... Shit was nuts.

just outwork everybody. I feel like my experience was, creatives didn't necessarily have the drive that I had - so it was easy for me to just out hustle the other writers. I had the drive and the creativity. Use both and you can do whatever.

Hey Dicky, how often does your credit card get declined?


After having your album debut at #1 for rap on Billboard, did you have an "I told you so" moment with your parents? I loved the story about them sitting you down for an intervention style meeting on you wanting to pursue rap and imagine this is a pretty sweet feeling of redemption

not really, i think that first i told you so moment was all they needed. this time, it was pure pride and joy.

If there was a Rotten Tomatoes site for rappers, what would you be, and where would other rappers be?

i think i would be a 97, and they would hover around a 64

Lil Dicky

When's the next badminton tournament and how do I enter?

i dont know - but i do know that you arent ready for me

How cool was it to get to work with Snoop Dogg?

awesome. hes larger than life, truly.


So much about you is your voice and how you carry yourself.

How would you feel about doing a streamed AMA where you open the AMA, come back in a few hours and then sit down and answer the questions verbally?

I think for someone like you it would be awesome, althouh you're still hilarious through text.

i hear you, but i really do enjoy the opportunity to type up what i'm feeling. that way, nothing gets lost in my blabbering. i can be thoughtful in my exact wording, etc. we were filming this and transcribing it for the first hour, and i enjoy being able to type it far more, which is what ive been doing for the past 2 hours

What's your favorite dinosaur?

T rex

What part of your life has changed the most since you've become a Professional Rapper?

I travel a lot more

LD! Love your stuff, man. Bought your album all the way down here in South Africa. Your video/track with Snoop is one of the most original things I've ever seen. Will the "Professional Rapper" album cycle see you touring countries other than the US & Canada? Need to see you live, bro.

i really, really hope so. if i could get to SA, it would be unreal. I haven't even been to Europe yet, so my hope is touring can open these doors for me.

LD, I've been to a ton of hip hop shows over the years here in NYC. 90% of rappers are terrible live performers. They show up late, drunk, high. Have no breathe control and look like they never rehearsed. How do you feel about your live shows and do you plan to do any acting?

i take a ton of pride in mine.

i get there early. go on sober. rap without backing vocal tracks. rehearse. and even have coordinated jokes, routines and moments.

i want to put on the best live show in the industry. it's my goal. and once i get more money, i'll be able to invest in it and itll get crazy.

i plan on doing a lot of acting, yes.

Whatsup Lil Dicky! Considering your music videos are works of art and I heard that you’re the brain behind them, do you see yourself doing anything in movie writing/directing/production somewhere along the line?

yeah, i want to be a comedy writer and actor for sure. director too perhaps, but i'm not very organized visually.

Hey man, would it be okay if I just tormented your album and sent you money directly? I'd rather you get my money than anyone else.

i actually prefer the album sale, if i'm being honest. money doesn't drive me, and i'd rather boost the stats in terms of sales, simply to look better in articles, or what have you.

Hey there Dave, love everything you've brought us thus far! Your live shows are fantastic as you engage the crowd like few other acts I've seen do (Madison shows are on point!). One of those acts with similar crowd control is Die Antwoord. Did you have a chance to meet those weirdos over the weekend at Summerset?

PS.. Your Snapchat's that day were great!

no i didnt get to meet them and i wanted to very badly. they make amazing music videos.

Hey Dave, I just saw you at Summerset music festival in Wisconsin and your set was absolutely awesome (don't worry I wasn't on that soft fucking hill)! You may remember a friend of mine that's been at your meet and greets, he plays dodgeball with me at our university. ANYWAY, my questions are:

What's the biggest crowd you've performed in front of?

How do your parents feel about you being a rapper? And being called Lil Dicky?

How many miles are on your 2002 Avalon?

How was your first molly experience after your summerset performance?

Sorry if any of these are repeated.

I think the biggest crowd was a bunberry.

I think they are super proud of me. At first they were concerned, but now, my mom texts me telling me she's been listening to my album on repeat. I don't know their thoughts on Lil Dicky as a name, nor do I care to find out.

I don't know the mileage actually. No idea whatsoever. I've never even looked. That's the kind of guy I am, completely aloof about a lot of things.

Molly was kind of underwhelming, but I think I puked most of it up.

How has the industry reacted to you and your style of rap ?

Your album "professional rapper" reminds me a lot of Eminem's Debut album... Do you have another side to your rap that is more serious or is comedy/silly rap the nitch you plan to stick with ? (no disrespect intended, I'm a big fan of your album!)

everyone i've talked to in the rap community has really embraced me with open arms. I've seen nothing but love. rappers really respect what I'm doing because they know how different it is. producers can see the effort I put into song-writing, and beat selection.

As far as my style, I don't think you can peg me down to one particular style - my album is pretty diverse.

Hey Dicky, been a big fan ever since I saw the ex-boyfriend video that someone posted on reddit. From there, I listened to your mixtape, and I remember being really impressed by The Cypher, just because it was straight up bars. Bruh is the same way, and that's my favorite song on the new album.

My question is: what's your favorite type of song to make? Do you like having structured verses and a chorus or just spitting?

I'm not sure. I think emotional songs, like Truman or Russell Westbrook on a farm, with metaphors, are my favorite songs to make.

Writing hooks is fun too - but it's also hard and frustrating.

Hey Mr. Dicky, big dickhead here. I wanna know, what was it like recording with the big label artists on your new album; snoop, Fetty Wap, T-Pain, etc. Were they into the comedy parts of your songs, or did they just respect the music? Thanks for answering questions!

to be honest - a lot of this stuff happens digitally these days. not just with me, but with any artist, due to touring schedules. it's hard to get in the studio with people.

so working with them was mostly an electronic thing, and they love the comedic angle i took, for sure. i think it's what excited them the most, was how different it all was.

Hey Mr. Burd, I'm a big fan. I first found you back on YouTube and I really enjoyed the album; my favorite song is The Antagonist.

I saw the video of you performing on Sway (hilarious btw) and it prompted me to wonder, who is your favorite person you met through your music? Also, who do you still want to meet?

Ps. I was so relieved when T-Pain tweeted your album. I don't think the rap game could have handled a beef between you two.

honestly, my favorite people that i've met (and it wasn't a ton of hanging out, but i've met them twice) is Rae Sremmurd. Those dudes really live their lyrics, they are so turnt up at all times. Just non stop fun. It's great being around them, they put a smile on everyone's face, lift spirits, get you excited about being alive.

I really want to meet Larry David and Will Smith. And Drake.

Dicky, love the new album and basically everything you do. Your content puts you in a different category than most other rappers, however your abilities and style could match any of the best rappers out there and I believe if you decided to go more mainstream with your content, you'd be the next big thing.

So my question is, do you ever want to be considered as a serious rapper or are you happy with your current status?

Like I've said, just because I'm making jokes sometimes doesn't mean you shouldn't take me serious AS a rapper. I'm typically rapping my ass off, so I don't care what I'm saying, that deserves to be taken seriously, even if it's the most intricate rap about sucking my own dick. If it's dope, it's dope.

My goal is to make me mainstream, and not have to conform to become more popular.

If you had to collaborate on a song with 1 professional athlete, who would it be and why?

shaq because he's got a song with biggie and a platinum rap album and he's the fucking man

I doubt that you'll read this, let alone respond. My buddy is probably your biggest fan. I love your shit to, nowhere as close as him though. He is a data manager and one of the nicest stoners I've ever met. He is also 32 years old and a virgin.

If I could tell him, hey Lil Dicky, AKA Leftward Slopping Penis, told you (dating advice here), do it. What would the advice be?

don't put any pressure on the situation. it'll happen for you when the time is right. you've made it this far, i would wait for the right girl, as opposed to just paying a whore to get it over with. just do what feels right in your heart, don't succumb to any of the societal pressure.

Hey LD. Got a fee questions for you man.

First off I'm a huge eagles fan. How do you feel about Chip Kelly and all the moves he's been making and our chances this season.

Secondly, any chances in coming to knoxville, tn next time you go on tour? Me and friend made the drive to Nashville to see you out there and we're there for 15 minutes and got kicked out by security after being falsely accused of something and we are huge dick heads and would love to see you live.

Thirdly, have you ever solved the shower conundrum after a sweaty show?

Thanks for being the realest rapper man.

i trust chip. i really do. i like his moves. i just hope he's in this for the long haul, because it would be bush league to turn this franchise upside down and leave without seeing it all through.

nashville, ill be back im sure.

i have not solved the shower issue. it's still a logistical nightmare.

Whose Molly and what is she doing now?

That song hits me right in the feels. My fav on the album. Also Oh Well is a perfect description of my life at the moment so thank you for that.

she's my ex-girlfriend. she's back on the east coast finishing up school. great gal

Hey Lil Dicky, I was just wondering what you were like in high school?

pretty similar to how i am now, just significantly less attractive.

but i won class clown, for example.

Hey Lil-dicky Honestly I never heard of you till reddit started posting videos. I honestly think you're just O.K. Here's a couple questions: Where do you see yourself topping out? Do you consider Snoop a Mentor? How do you see Eminem? (seeing as you'll probably be compared to him a lot). What good, if any, do you plan to do with your money?

i don't like your phrasing, so i don't feel like answering your questions

Im about to get teeth pulled, have you ever had a tooth pulled?

Wish me luck. Omg. I'm so scared.

nope, never have. it'll be fine! they probably numb you and it'll feel awesome.

Hi LD. Huge fan! What was your favorite part about the podcast you did with Jake and Amir and would you do a part two?

honestly, just meeting them. i like them a lot. we hang out. they're good dudes.

Are there any jokes in any of your songs that someone has desperately tried to talk you out of including?  Like a legal team trying to protect you from a lawsuit or your parents thinking something stepped over the line?

there are moments where i discuss if it's too much, but typically, if i think something is funny, i go with it. i believe in the art of the joke, no matter how insensitive it may be. it's an art.

How did you get so many important features on the new album?  Word of mouth, connections, or did you do like a kid straight of out college, sending your resume out to literally anyone you could imagine, shotgun-style?

everything just came together at the right time. i got good enough at the right time, people started paying attention, it all just clicked. i love the features on the album.

Is there a song or songs from the album that you want to make into a music video?

molly, save dat money, personality, pillow talking - all will for sure get videos.

and i bet 2-4 others will as well. (in addition to lemme freak, white crime, classic male pregame, and professional rapper, that are already out).

Hi Lil Dicky!
Humor is such a big part of your voice and aesthetic, and funny viral videos played such a big role in your come up.
Both of these can be traps, like OK GO being seen as just a music video band, or Flight of the Concords albums never being seen as much more than works of comedy.
You however, have a lot of technical skill and are really motivated to leave a legacy in hip hop. What is the long term plan? Do you hope to stick to your guns and prove to people that humor and viral marketing are legitimate facets of legitimate hip hop or do you hope to later record and be applauded for more austere work?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

im just gonna keep doing me, and hope that it sticks.

Hey LD,

If you could borrow one skill of a past or current rapper's what would it be and from which artist?

rick ross's voice.

What House would House Burd claim their allegiance to in Westeros?


Referring to a recent tweet, what artists do you appreciate now that you would not have at the beginning of your rap career?

Future, 2 chainz, young thug are examples. they are amazing. and i wasnt able to see why 3 years ago. now i do.

Pats or Genos? Also, favorite memory at Richmond?

Pat's...pick up basketball was my favorite part of college.

How did your parents react to you recording those phone conversations?

And when will you come to Europe?

they were annoyed/mad at first. but i begged to use the call for interludes and they agreed, as long as i promised i wouldn't ever do it again. which sucks because i could have done this every album. those interludes were from a single phone call. imagine if i recorded them every week.

i hope i come to europe this year. i really do.

Hey Dave, would you say that your album being at the top of rap charts last week was the accomplishment of some of the goals you talk about in the song "Professional Rapper"?

perhaps, sure. it was a nice accomplishment. still a long ways to go. it's a good entry point though.

How does the writing process differ between your funny songs and your more serious songs?

process doesn't really differ - i may brainstorm a bit more for funny stuff, and let non funny stuff just come to me as im writing more.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Lil Dicky conducted on Reddit on 2015-08-19. The Reddit AMA can be found here.