Kenny Hotz

January 1, 2013

I am Kenny Hotz AMA


EDIT 1: New youtube channel - Every episode of KVS plus DVD extras and all my other shit.

I am going to keep this thread going as an open-ended Q&A. I will check back in whenever I'm not boning supermodels (rarely). But if you ask a question that hasn't been answered 50 times, I'll answer it.

The number one question has been about KVS season 7 or what I'm doing next? The answer is go to my youtube and share KVS, TOTW, Testees, etc. with your friends. More demand = Networks giving me money to make more shows.

Check out my website, lots of new stuff in the works - Making subversive, uncensored and user gen ad content. Make a cool ad send it to me and I'll promote it on my Network!

What were some competitions you wanted to do on Kenny Vs Spenny, but for whatever reason were never able to do?

Tonnes. But the one Spenny wanted to do was 'Who could jerk off more' and 'who could fuck his mother more' but I didn't want to lose

Would you rather fight 100 goose-sized Mounties or 1 Mountie-sized goose?

I would like to 'goose' a mountie.

Edit: Or mount a goose... I've already fucked a turkey on national television

It was already dead though, so I'm not sure if that counts. Also it was national tv in Canada, not the real world.

Oh really? What countries has your show been aired in?

Hey Kenny, huge fuckin fan. I'm confident that you wont be posting any pictures of Gurthanthaclops, so in that case my question would be - What competition(s) in KvS did you really want to do that never got approved/aired?

Who can smoke more meth.

Is your relationship with Spenny accurately represented on-camera? Do you get along well off-camera?

The show is real. Our relationship is real. KVS was a documentary

Kenny, what's next for you? KvS is one of my favs and Triumph of the Will was fun.

Trying not to get wasted every night or bone too many supermodels

How aware was Spenny of the show's running joke? Did he know he was always being manipulated and played along for the humor of it, or was he actually that gullible & naive?

When Matt and Trey met Spenny they knew the show was real and they put us on Comedy Central. He had no idea, but he's finally figured it out.

Why does the show have writing credits?

Because that's the only way we could get paid through Telefilm

Hello Mr. Hotz. I can honestly say that Kenny vs. Spenny is one of my all-time favourite shows.

My Question: How much of the show was "staged" sometimes it seems that you have planned how something should work out beforehand. I may be wrong.

When you shoot for an entire week. Cut it to 20 minutes and add cool music, it's hard to make real things look real.

but Its quite clear that you play it up for the camera a bit, lets be honest. and spennys entire character is such an archetypal whinny guy that perfectly contrasts your over-the-top immaturity. I love the show either way, but you aren't like that in real life. are you?

things where more emphasized on camera but the core persona are really us.

Hello Mr. Hotz. I can honestly say that Kenny vs. Spenny is one of my all-time favourite shows.

My Question: How much of the show was "staged" sometimes it seems that you have planned how something should work out beforehand. I may be wrong.

there is hundreds of hours of stuff i did that never worked! but why show it its boring.

The episode to see who gets the most kisses was horribly fake.

It really ruined my perception of the show :(

That's how I felt when you served me a chai latte with a hazelnut squirt by accident at Starbucks.

I know how you feel. The episode of "Who can have a goat tied to them the longest", near the end, when he has the goat carcase on the table and reveals that he actually had 2 ropes tied around his ankes he does a little celebration dance. This is when there is a cut and the camera is farther back. You can see there is only one rope tied around his ankle and not two. It then cuts again and he is beginning to remove the rope form his akle.

I sent him a Facebook message about it and this is his reply:


Here is the link in the picture I posted

Look we shot the show real. Matt and Trey aren't fucking losers. They never in a million years would've executive produced us if the show wasn't real. It's the only show they've ever executive produced for anyone else. Ever. Google it.

Friend's with Spenny's cousin. He candidly said some parts of the show is scripted. I'm sorry there is no such thing as 'reality' when a broadcaster is involved.

Your friends with Spenny's cousin? You need some new friends.

Usually. That episode was a buzzkiller. Kenny was good, but the plot for Spenny and the groupie was just made the show feel like a parody of itself.

Welcome to Television.

Yeah, I understand that. It's just that episode in particular that really caricatured Spenny. And the girl having a mic when Spenny gets out of the van to 'go meet her' where the camera men are still inside the van - which tells me that that whole scene was scripted.

Other episodes are still great, just that one was just too Spenny.

So sorry we wanted the audio in the show. Apologize for having a mic. Maybe it's better for you if we have some lady in the corner doing sign language. What's wrong with micing someone that shows up before they go on camera? Seriously? This is all you got? How about you made me spit milk out my nose for six years instead of shitting on me. Curious if you reddit "toddlers in tiaras" like this.

Yeah. I was a fan for a long time, but lost all interest when I was no longer able to suspend my disbelief. You'd think that the premise of the show would have been crazy enough that they could have played it straight and honest and kept their audience. "Jackass" was a show, much like KvS, that relied almost entirely on the WTF factor. Parts of it may have been trumped up for drama, but you never thought that Knoxville and the gang were setting out to deceive you.

Oh really? That was a series of unrelated vignettes that had nothing to do with the dynamic of two best friends who grew up together their entire lives. Bam's show is super fucking fake. What else do you think? The jews flew the planes into the world trade center? Hugs.

And the music was cool, who's responsible for all the Sabbath and King Crimson, also is there anywhere I can get the track list?

Duh. Get the track list at Kickasstorrentz just like I did when I stole it for the show.

Speaking of real, the episode where neither of you could touch the ground had a certain cabinet that was literally box to look like a cabinet. When Spenny knocked it over it was all false inside. did you guys really have a fake decorative cabinet?

Yes. We did. Cuz the house was fucking massive. Problem? If I didn't want you to see it I wouldn't have shown it. Don't stab the wizard bro.

i don't think you can fake pumping air into your ass to make big fart sounds

You can. Try it, it works.

Quite a bit of it is fake. I live in Toronto and know a variety of people who've been on the show from my acting/improv community. One girl in particular was a love interest for Spenny and she pretended she didn't know who she was.

First of all, if you're in Toronto and you do improv... you suck. Go to L.A. Smarten up.

P.S. Improv means 'I'm too lazy to write anything' the stupidest form of comedy there is. Have fun serving Zucchini sticks at East Side Marios.

Although it's quite the honour for Kenny himself to try and cuss me after I just tried cussing Spenny + the shows production 2 days ago, this really seems like a sad attempt at being edgy...

That was the episode I most recently watched, and I actually thought it was newer. I was also incredibly stoned.

I called it out because all you were saying in your ama is "100% real."

But the real kicker was the humiliation: "how are you supposed to know I kissed the balls a hundred thousand times if I don't wear lipstick?!"

Thanks for this though. None of my friends can say Kenny Hotz has cussed them on the internet.

Too high to understand what this means. Thanks? Was it good?

I understand man. Thats why I provided the picture to show both sides. I am saying I understood how he felt when watching segments of the show. The show not being completely linear makes sense with the amount of cutting that must be involved when working with the time constraints you had. What you need to understand is that the world we accept when watching the show is sometimes broken or cracked when things like this appear. I love the show. I have watched every episode about 20 times, no joke. I am a bored security guard in real life and all I do on my 8-16hr long shifts is surf Reddit and watch Kenny vs Spenny. Please, do not take this as bashing and I apologize if thats the way this is coming off. I understand that it probably is a spot worn thin by many criticisms.

no probs! that shit happens when editors made their cuts.

So.... who really smoked more pot The crew or you and spenny?

Me of course. What are you a Spenny fan?

I go to school at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. I was grocery shopping with a friend of mine when I noticed Spenny with his wife. My friend and I approached him and spoke to him for a few minutes. We took a photo with him. Afterwards, my friend pointed out that he looks as if he's been doing drugs. Well, does Spenny have a drug problem?

He also looked very depressed. Well, is Spenny depressed?

Yes and I apologize for both

So he actually got married?

I don't know about married, but he just had a baby girl. I hope the family gets her back.

What!?!? I go to Queen's University too. Does Spenny live in Kingston?

Yes, and he loves Queens.

Not talking about the unversity

I really dont know when your fucking with us or not.

That's exactly where I want you

Almost died laughing at that comment. Kenny, you NEED to get a new project going.



kenny vs spenny is the only "reality" show i believed was real. so i really think that he is fucking with us. spenny did a don't drink and drive thing a while ago. willing to bet that he has his shit together.

Let me tell you something about that fucking ad that makes me crazy. When we were in high school, Spenny used to drive around with a Smirnoff bottle in his drunk. Never in my life have I seen anyone drive drunk more than that fucking guy. Also, every bit he's doing in that commercial I basically gave him on a platter. It's horrible. Who would ever do one of those lame things. He probably got caught drunk driving and a judge made him do it.

Edit:: Oh god, you made me so mad. Your question just made me want to destroy him so bad and destroy him. I promise you that if I ever get a chance to do more episodes, I will fucking destroy him. Thanks for making me mad. I love you.

Have you seen the rapping episode? I still love the show but that episode dashed any hopes of reality.

Have you seen the octopus episode? Marlon Brando could not act like that. The show is real. You fucking dick. If it wasn't real you wouldn't on this AMA. The guy drank 90 beers, almost died and I puked on him. Watch the fucking series and stop shitting on me for spilling my blood on the screen. Enjoy your Everybody Loves Raymond DVD's

Obviously some of it's scripted - the only question is how much?

Scripted? If it wasn't for spell check I'd be legally retarded. The only thing that was scripted in our fucking series was the end titles.

Fun fact, often celebrities get to do those ads as part of "community service".

The More You Know.

Excuse me? Did you just call Spenny a celebrity??? The guy rapes ameobas.

All I could find on the Spenny custody battle.

I had no fucking idea!!! Bum fuck produced a fetus! That is un-fucking believable, save that website! (Runs out of room)

holy shit his ex wife sounds like a cunt

It's a perfect match for a dick.

Do you have aids?

I have maids

Whats going on Kenny,

I've always wanted to know this; how did Spenny react when you revealed he had been getting blowjobs from a transvestite? Did he flip out off camera or what?

Happy New Years!

He basically quit doing the show. I broke his brain. My bad

How fucked up have you made Spenny from tormenting him all the time?

Ask his victims.

Why did he care so much? Blowjobs a blowjob imo.

Email me I'll send you my address

OK, I haven't seen KvS, but this thread has just convinced me that I should. What way should I buy the series in order that you receive the most $ for it.

Too late for that, watch the fart episode, it's my favorite

Fucking Fuck Spenny. That stupid Fuck

Hi Mrs. Rice

In the episode where you had to see who could do more with girls, did Spenny really go that far with a Tranny or was that just for the show?

Do you actually think he would allow me to fake something like that?

Huge fan of KvS as well as Triumph and Testees.

Just curious what does a guy have to do to get an autographed pic of ya?!

Whip out your tit when you see me

i want my autographed picture

aw. thats so nice

Silencio vs. Maurice Del Taco, who would win in a naked knife fight?

Silencio, but Maurice would be too busy masturbating

I wish I had an interesting question to ask knowing this will be on the front page soon. But I have never seen your show.

So um... How are things?

Best. Question. Ever. Have fun on r/geek

Hi Kenny, what is one of your favorite quotes from KvS that you still laugh at from time to time? for example, "Baby want milk milk" makes me laugh every time i think of you saying it

That is one of my favorite lines. So proud of the millions of jokes I made.

"Joey want rape" is my personal all time favorite.

haha mee too

Just wanted to let you know that I named the PC I built after your first chicken "Zyclon Cra X." You and your quotes are legendary.


"Stupider than a caveman" "The strongest walls will always falls"

good one! i can tell ur a tru fan!

I'm embarrassed to say, but where was that quote from? I'm thinking of when Kenny dips his "meat" in a saucer of milk, season? episode?

i love that

Other then Spencer's mom, what are you working on currently?

love from back East <3

Just did a google youtube channel deal. Finally pitching more TV. Cross your fingers for the KVS movie. There's "talk"

If there is a movie, please don't make it too mainstream. I mean stick with what people love about the show and just amplify it with hopefully less restrictions than TV allowed you guys to work with.

we'll see no movie deal yet

Kenny, I am a huge fan. I missed your interview with Chris Hardwick at JFL42 and it was a very sad day for me.

Any chance of you and Spenny releasing the script you did for Pitch or trying to get it made into a movie now that you might have more pull in the biz (and of course barring Spenny not hating you)?

The script from Pitch is on the pitch DVD. Right now I'd like to make anything.

How did the broadcasters react to the "Kennibal" episode of Triumph of the Will? Was it hard to put it past them?

Also, if you could rate Spenny's mom on a scale from 1-10; what would she be?!

Kennibal: They had a fucking heart attack.
Spenny's Mom: .001 - and that's just because 'it' has a vag.

Did you ever do things to Spenny that were against your will?

Just working with him

Which was your least favorite of all the competitions to do?


are you mentally ill ?

Does that include being Jewish?

When are you coming back to the UK?

When you get a Burkah law

Do you still like to nug out ?

Nug any more

Are we going to be seeing Anything from you soon? I loved KvS, Testees and Triumph of the Will! Any chance for more?

Yeah I'm on 'To Catch a Predator 5' this Sunday

What is Spenny up to these days? Does he acknowledge Single White Spenny as a horrible show?

He works as a portalette in an AIDS hospice.

Also, can you tell us about the best reaction you ever got from Spenny when he went back and watched the episode and saw the kinds of sht you pulled?

Violent freak-outs usually

does any of them in particular stand out? like did he ever go right off the deep end and start destroying your guys house or something?

I love that you realize how fucking crazy the guy went. That was a big part of the show for me was to show people that he was violent and I wasn't. People that are Spenny fans confuse me. Whose side are you on? A guy who's violent or a guy who's not? Thanks for saying that, you really know your shit on the series

How long did it take him to forgive you for the alley cum in his face?

not sure he was still pissed from getting dosed with acid


Let's just say I'm still scrubbing my finger

Did you use your stump finger?

No, I only use that on hymens.

Would you rather sit on a dick and eat a cake? Or sit on a cake and eat a dick?

Sit on a dick I guess?


He was totally on acid, fuck you that was real. And he acted really cheezy in Qi-Gong cuz he wanted to come back to the series so I let him do the scenes he wanted. It's always hard to keep the guy doing the show. Sometimes we all had to suffer for it

Hi Kenny! Is KvS available on region 2 DVDs? Hit me up if you're ever in Cambridge, Ingerlund; I know all the good pubs. Spencer Rice is a shit eating fuck head.

Fuck the DVD, steal the shit off my youtube channel like everybody else.

Hey dude, do you and spenny ever hang out away from the show? If so how is it when the cameras are off?

Do you guys plan on making anymore shows together?

What have you been doing?

Also, I loved the show KVS and laughed at your amazing antics! Keep it up!

I'm only allowed to see him during visiting hours at the pedophile wing of the asylum

Any chance for Kenny vs. Spenny season 7? Even a little chance?

I would love to do it, I would do 500 more episodes. It's my favourite show in the world. Call comedy central and showcase and bug the shit out of them.

Also, not to be Woody Harrelson, but the more online fans I get the easier it is to convince shitty broadcasters to give us a fucking show.

Are you actually communist, your house is full of USSR stuff.

No, it's just shit I collected when I was a kid. Fuck the commies.

What about shooting it yourself and putting it up on something like YouTube?

That's not what the show is. I do shit that needs cash. I can't wander around with an iPhone. It's a network series. We did the low budget when it started. Better to do something bigger better and cooler. But I hear ya.

so Spenny is not the problem?

No, he is a problem. But that's why the show is so good. It's a series. We need a broadcaster. Simple as that

Who would win in a or you?

Me. I'm famous and have cash and my girlfriend's hotter

I was under the impression that you chose to end Kenny vs Spenny. Am I wrong?

Yes. But I'm happy it ended while it was still good. Now I'd be happy if it ended shitty with me getting tonnes of cash.

How much more do you think spenny can handle?

Maybe one more guy in his butt. But 4 cocks is a lot right now.


Too busy ramming girl's parts


How about just finish your culinary course at George Brown College. Why are you on reddit? You're missing the latest episode of Warehouse 13

It's true, the internet is the future for all media.

Everyone has the internet (everyone who matters) now, yet more and more are cancelling their cable services everyday.

I am not sure exactly how kickstarter can help in this situation, maybe it can buy you the camera equipment needed. After the filming and editing it shouldn't be too difficult to do what you have done in the past in terms of uploading your videos to youtube and maybe having them all on your website for easier access.

And if your a youtube partner you make money from the views.

That's why I just posted all my shit to youtube. Watch it. Share it. Convince people with shit tonnes of money how great it is and we'll do 100 more seasons. Fans/Buzz/Demand = Shows

Get your family guy on. I'll be ready

No wonder you barely have a career.

really? what office do you work in?

As someone who has actually been raped, fuck you. What a worthless excuse for humor. You have absolutely nothing to gain from this except the approval of idiots and rapists, whom you have just flippantly validated. Way to be on the side of rapists.

Edit: To anybody late to the party, the quotation marks and p.s. were edited in later.

sorry didnt mean it like that!!!!!!

Hey wow your a great person..... I AM FUCKING KIDDING Hope you fucking choke and die you slimy scumbag piece of trash.

didnt you get your cd?

Right, but you did the low budget before and it worked. Are you less proud of this idea now that you don't think it's worth the same as when you started?

i don't go backwards, i go forward


i think all rapists should be executed

Have you considered funding a Season 7 using a crowd sourcing site like Kickstarter, getting the budget you need, and then publishing it online?

I prefer scabbing corporate cash. I don't want to take my fans money. Fuck that. Let me milk the piggers first, and if that fails then I'll bow my head to you humble folk. And I'll suck your dick.

If the show does come back is there any chance of getting the old crew back to film it? Brendon, Donny, Sebastian and the rest of the crew seemed like they would be a lot of fun to work with.

Could never do the show without them. Wouldn't even think about it. Only member of the crew I don't want to return is Spenny.

The funnier stuff was when you guys would see who could go longest without sleeping, or who could stay in the van the longest, etc. In other words the cheapest ones were the funniest. You don't need a huge production budget.

I hear a lot of people talking about how Season 1 was the best. But my hands were tied. I love Season 1 don't get me wrong but we were smoking weed brah, and I slipped him acid. Watch the rest of the shit and smarten up.

Are Matt and Trey not backing you up or what?

They put my show on Comedy Central. What more do you want? Are you backing me up? WTF have you done for me? Go conjure Satan and tell him to slice me a cut of that Bilderberg Cake

What happened with Showcase?

What happened with googling?

I'm just wondering, how's your relationship to Spencer nowadays? Are you still pals?

It's getting better. I love him like my down syndrome, amputee, aborted... brother?

That was the one seeing who could keep the octopus on their head the longest right? I can't see how that's allowed on TV! I wanna know.

No, instead of spending 40 bucks on 2 shitty hits of acid, I pretended to make my friend high, thus ruin my career forever. We filmed my friend on acid.

But that is blatantly illegal. How could it possibly be left without as least some legal interest?

It's illegal? Try watching Intervention and the first 48. Sorry we're not allowed to show someone on acid when every episode on A&E is someone squirtin' Krokadil into their cock. What the fuck dude. Get a television. I'm getting done with answering this show is fake questions. What are you shitting on me for? Trying to get you guys to jerk your rods. Send your shit to X factor, I'm the only guy out here trying to do something real that doesn't suck. Do 20 hail mary's and send me your mom's wedding ring

how is your relationship with your friend mr Vernon, used to be my science teacher and every year he would tell us he knew you, and one year he actually called you in the class room because no one believed him

Yeah it's true. Very old friend. But my apologies for him molesting you.

You tell me why, sir!

No, I refuse.

In a world without abortions we would all have more friends.

Just be friends with abortions

Hi Kenny! Were there any competitions that you guys (or maybe just you) wanted to do but couldn't do because of the broadcaster's restrictions - something just too crazy for television?

Yes, always. But dump your pants and those types of shows are embarrassing to me now

Kenny, thanks for doing the AMA, and Happy New Years!

What was your favorite humiliation of Spenny on Kenny vs Spenny? And conversely, what humiliation that Spenny did to you was the worst for you?

Oh, so many I loved doing to him. All of them were great for me. Tongue scraping I think was the worst. Number 1 worst humiliation was sitting on a toilet on University Ave. Can't remember the show, it just made me look at my life and think 'wtf am I doing?' But looking back I loved how lucky we were.

what was the worst episode for you?

I think rapper. Cow. Some of the Season 1 stuff I felt like we weren't allowed to anything. Cuz it was CBC.

I have two questions.

Are you currently working on anything new? Is there a blu-ray release of Kenny vs Spenny planned?

No blu-ray and yes, I am getting back to work. I'm gonna sell a fucking show, pray to god somebody is stupid enough to give me a deal

Be honest. Did you ever pork Bianca?

No, no I did not. :(

Hey Kenny! I wonder whats going on with the Kenny vs Spenny house now. Is some random guy living there or does the production company own it?

It's always been rented to Ryerson students in between our filming. I still hope they haven't found that bitch in the southwestern wall.

No question, I just wanted to say that I have the most confusing crush on you. You are delightful.

Thanks Spenny. Get over it

So what we happened between you guys in Amsterdam in 1999?

Duh, he tried to kiss me, what don't you understand?

In the K vs S episode involving the haunted house:

After that huge construction noise scared the shit out of everybody, how long was Spenny chained in that room before someone finally got him out? Was he just as scared/confused as you and the camera crew were?

He was so happy and wouldn't shut up about what pussies we all were. Even though he probably pissed himself while we were all outside.

Can we please get a show of just Kenny 3000?

Fuck yeah! One of my favorite characters ever. My brother's favorite as well.

Did spenny ever get back together with that hot chick from the "Who can kiss more girls" episode! I cant believe he fucked that up!!!!

That was a trannie.

What's your favorite type of cookie?

I met a stripper named cookie once. She was pretty crummy.

But seriously: Weed

Can you name some good ideas for K vs S episodes you have thought of recently or just never got round to doing? Reason I ask is because after season 4 it turned pretty shit but it used to be complete genius when the ideas for comps were classic, simple things e.g. handcuffed, blindfolded, staying awake, farting, drinking beer. Do you have any good ideas left?

Have fun dating your wannabe DJ boyfriend. I love all my episodes. How's Sudbury?

How do you like your coffee?


I love your shit kenny. The Hoxton is awesome. Question. Will you be making another triumph of the will or something similiar.

I would love to, but eating people on TV is none too cool for advertisers.

when is The Dawn coming out?

Every morning baby

Thank you for gracing the world with some awesome Canadian television! Which episode was the most genuine fun to film?

I think 'fart' was my all-time favorite. 'Naked' was fun too. I loved shooting the show with my pals. It was just us. So much fun. I miss it.

Hail Satan?

Call me Kenny

Is there anything in the works with a network to air Kenny vs Spenny or Testees (c'mon season 2!) in the states? Something new? I genuinely hope to see more of your work, stuff like impractical jokers and what not just don't match up to KvS

I'd say the climate is so corporate now it's hard to work in my genre, but I'm trying. And I'm an incredible pitchman so I think I'll get another show.

how are your testicles today?

They smell like a Mr. Sub assorted cold cut.

To this date, what was the most defining moment in your life?

Hmmm... good question. Fuck off

I enjoyed the Christmas Special, even though I wish the competition was a little more intense.

So you still hang out with all the crew from KvS?

Yes, Matt Marek is sitting next to me right now. People shat on the Christmas Special. They came to us and said 'It has to be for families'. I begged them to do, 'Who can be crucified the longest?' But they said no. They gave us over a million bucks so I wanted to do a competition that showed the fans what it was like for us off camera. Maybe that didn't come across but if you watch a Christmas Special and realize that I'm showing the scenes that we've never shown before in the series, maybe you'll all stop shitting on me for it. Personally, I loved it, thanks for saying you did you, means a lot.

P.S. Fuck You

I have watched all the KvsS episodes, in the last couple of shows it felt just kinda scripted.. wasn´t there a part of the show planned/acted?

I had to prepare all my stuff. Gay guys to rape Spenny. Make sure I had acid. Finding a capaberra. But Spenny's content was 100% real. I've said it many times. When you shoot 30-40 hours a week and you cut it into under 20 minutes, it looks so good and tight, so sure you think it looks fake, but it's fucking real. And I think that's why it got so big. People just knew it was real. Trust me I wish I was such a genius that I could have written all that. If you saw Single White Spenny, you'd know the show was real. That's why I loved that series so much, because it should prove to everyone what he is like when he acts. KVS is real. Shut up. Deal with it.

what has been your least favorite challenge? What has been the worst humiliation for you personally?

Check others, answered this a few times. Hated doing humiliations, they destroyed. But my favorite part of the show was when Spenny did a humiliation even though he won. Like in the 'beer' episode where I puked, so I lost... but I made him believe he lost.

Why don't you make a kickstarter for funding for kenny vs spenny season 7?

Cuz I'm not a lesbo that wants to make some shitty webisode about why my dad doesn't love me.

Did you and Spencer really have a gay moment in Europe? France I think it was..

Uh, he did.

Kenny, out of all the outfits and personas you have, which is your favorite?

I love Helmet, Silencio, Del Taco, Kenny3000

But my favorite is Kenny.

I really was hamming it up for you cheezers.

Imagine Spenny's face when he sees this.

Spenny won't see this unless it's on

Whoa, she is visibly related to spenny. weird boner.

thats why I didn't fuck her. She looks like a hot spenny in a wig

I like better. Not for profit.

Don't go there... they stole all of Spenny's vids.

Are you coming back to Calgary this year?

I hope not

Kenny! Me and friend are writing a fucking wicked script. We've seen Pitch. Can we cut the bullshit and email it to ya?

You lost me at fucking wicked. If you need to send it to me you're in big trouble

Was there any competition that someone won so fast you had to cut or restart it?

'Stain' was lost in the first 5 seconds. Had to change the rules on a lot of them. We were doing a TV show, we had to deliver an episode or they would sue the fuck out of us. There was a lot of pressure. Like the pressure Spencer's grandpapa put against his teeny sphincter when he was an infant.

What ever happened to pilgoor?

He was covered in rosemary and lemon juice.


No... but I had to think about it

Is the Mosque you built on TOTW still up and running?

Yes, the bomb didn't go off

what is this 'talk' about a KvS movie?

I've turned down the movie twice because it was during the series and didn't think we were ready for it. But being a Jew if they wanna throw me millions to make the funniest fucking movie ever. Sure? Why not. Will bail Spenny out of prison and hopefully do it

What are some of your favorite movies? I'd recommend "Funny Games" (not the U.S. shit)

I just love really great shit. Too many to mention. Films with "whites only"

Are you still good friends with your camera crew?

Yes, super close. Hang all the time. Matt's here now

What ever happened to Donny?

he split to do his own stuff, he just show a porno show with spenny i hear. i always liked donny!

Does Spenny ever smile? I'm not even joking I've never seen the guy smile.

Only in playgrounds

I had never heard of your show before this AMA, but the way you are answering everything gets respect. Here goes the next few hours of my day discovering your insanity.

send me the laundry bill

Who is the real mastermind behind 911?

I can't tell you, I don't want to die.

(The Jews)


You could fuck the hole in it.

Hi Kenny,

Who does a fan have to actively bother to get Triumph Of The Will a second season?


Dude I ate a guy. It's over. :(

Hi Kenny,

Who does a fan have to actively bother to get Triumph Of The Will a second season?

xo comedy

more testees please!

Duh. I had a 3 million dollar deal for 2nd season. It's not always sunny in Kennadelphia

What did you do for New Years Eve last night?

Didn't get her name

What are you working on now? It seems like you're doing a lot of Youtube uploads and trying to establish a Youtube channel with a high following so you can make online ad revenue. Is this correct? Why do online media when you have connections into the big media companies?

That shit's the new TV. Turns out everything I've been doing is the flavour of the decade. Trying to do both TV and digital. Wish me luck

Would you ever take part in a celebrity reality show?

Sure. My pal Tom Green did it. And I have a lot of pals who've done that shit. Wouldn't do it for the cash or the ego boost, I just wanna do funny shit on TV. But nobody asks me to do anything. I think I'm being ignored, have been for years. Not that I care. I just think that if someone wants to sell Doritos to Canadians, give me the gig. But I really don't care, I'm super happy and I love my life.

Please do a collaboration with Tom Green. I'd personally explode.

google us weve done some vids together

Do you and Spenny still keep in touch?

Only when I have to post his bail

How hungover are you?

My penis is hung over my couch if that's what you mean

Oh man I feel crazy lucky to catch this AMA happening. Kenny, you're a goddamn genius. KvS was one of the best shows I've ever seen, and I got all my friends into it. We need more you on TV. I mean honestly, the dead octopus episode you guys did should be one of the most famous half hours ever televised. So for my question, seriously, seriously how is your friendship with Spencer after the show? I imagine that he wouldn't want shit to do with you anymore. Haha

bxb thank you. I love you. You are the reason I do what I do. It's so nice to hear that you're such a fan. Thank you so much for saying that shit it really means a lot. Forgot your question

No questions. I just want to buy you several beers for the entertainment you've given me. Thanks

Just beer? Okay, I'm in

Don't you own a bar in Toronto?

Don't you own google?

i saw you downtown on queen st one day. you looked haggard as fuck. anyway, anything new in the works?

Yes, squirting on hot 18 year olds does that to you. Just rubbing noxema on my dick cuz right now it looks like Freddy Kruger

Have you tried to give the Segway another go?

Fuck you segue, I fucking hate you

Is there some way that you wished you could have broken spenny's spirit and never managed to?

Really? Sorry you only saw first episode of Season 1. I feel bad that I destroyed him.

Is there some way that you wished you could have broken spenny's spirit and never managed to?

i did.

Hey Kenny!

How many times have you gotten in trouble with the law for some of the crazy shit in KvS? How did you get out of it?

A lot. We got a lot of calls after shows have aired. Cops are mega fans. In fact, they drive me around like Taxi cabs. When cop cars see me they go 'Hey Kenny, where you going?" and they give me rides places. I fucking love those assholes.

is audrey your daugther, girlfriend, fukbuddy?

all three


i can really be against it thats how spenny was born

What projects have you been working on lately? can we expect to see more k vs s? are you going to be writing for south park this coming season?

No, there is no writing for South Park. Matt and Trey do everything. When I got in there I realized I was pretty useless, but I love those guys very much and we're still friends.

Is it true Spenny went bankrupt and moved to Kingston? He also tried to plug his new show to us that only plays on a channel you have to order. needless to say I ordered it

Yeah... he's a bit of a mess. But I love him and miss him. I managed to save all my cash.

For the uneducated this is some of his best work.

I'm not super happy about the mother jokes but I needed to get Spenny into a place where he was defensive in the competitions. I don't hate his mother, even though she really is a bitch. Spenny is funniest if he is angry, violent and neurotic. I actually destroyed our friendship for you guys. I hope you appreciate it. Thank god it did, otherwise doing that for no reason would have been a nightmare.

I know that you were a war photographer during the Gulf War. Could you share your favourite picture from your time there?

Also as a fellow Torontonian, I have loved KVS for years.

It was 1991, I actually sold a Kilo of weed to fund me going to shoot that shit. It was really fucking heavy. I don't ever wanna be anywhere near that fucking shit again. People are fucking crazy. People can show up at our house and shoot us and kill our families at any time. Mankind is fucked. Enjoy your life. Be good.

Any news from dr. Goldfield?

He quit the show. I made some joke about him causing 911 and he freaked out and locked us out of the store. For the Christmas Episode he waved for the camera and he's got some KVS 8X10 in his window in Koreatown - Bloor West. But I fucking love him. He is weird, crazy and amazing

I was so proud when I visited Toronto for the first time and I randomly stumbled upon Dr. Goldfield's pharmacy by complete coincidence. I saw the poster in the window.


Hey kenny, love the show you are an evil genius..Your youtube channel was great when first released but why are some of the KvS episodes being set as a private video? Thanks

Because I will lose my channel if I show boner, semen, better porno, I can't believe my channel is still up. We have one of the rudest most disgusting shows in history. I have to pull that shit off youtube or I lose my partner deal with google. If I were you I'd be happy that I dug someone who couldn't show his shit on youtube instead of yelling at me for being so cool.

P.S. send me nude pics of your sister. And I'll send you the ones I have

Are you bored by the repetitive questions from people ignoring the previous AMA yet?

I've been asked the same questions since 2002. No, I'm happy people care. I love all you guys so much.

How many times a month do you actually go down to the Hoxton, just to hang out?

I rarely go now. It's too crazy. Wasted people trying to buy me shots of Baileys. Everyone trying to take my picture. I love the place though. I own a fucking club, it's insane. I'm gettin' old, it's hard to do bumps and not bone piggers.

Now that you're not doing the show anymore, do you have any outlets do do your many awesome characters such as Goldar?



No, they let a lot of strangers sit and write South Park with them. I love those boys. I'm especially close to Matt. I can't even tell you how cool it is to be friends with those fucking guys. I will tell you one thing though that I've never ever mentioned before. The first time they met Spenny, the next day they told me 'Do not ever bring that guy out, ever again.'

True Story

How often do you still utilize the F.A.R.T. system? This was the most hilarious part of the show to me, were there any negative consequences to blowing air up your asshole?

I can't believe it worked. I actually invented it during the shoot. It's my favorite show of all time. When I watched Matt Stone fall off his couch in his house watching that episode, I was thinking to myself 'omg, this is the greatest episode in the history of canadian comedy... 2nd only to Tom Green.'

I would watch Kenny vs. Spenny if you were not on it.

You can, it's called Single White Spenny

Hey Kenny, fucking love all your work.

What can your fans do to make sure we see more of your ass stuff on TV?

Spam/Hack/Embed Any and all of my shit to any big celebrity. i don't know if you guys realize that me having facebook fans, twitter followers and subscribing to my youtube channel gets me shows.

Broadcasters need incentive. The next show I do is going to be fucking retarded.


Can you acknowledge my existence, oh great one?




Kenny, I love you, I have a few questions:

In the Sperm episode did you really steal that x-ray machine and radiate Spennys balls or was that just for show? And was the cause of his sickness actually the meat you fucked?

What was the worst humiliation Spenny gave you?

What was the worst humilation you gave Spenny?

Worst being, it was something you would hate to do again.

Amazing Question, dying to answer this for years.

I did a lot of things in the show to mislead Spenny, this was one of them. I knew that Spenny was secretly watching some of my footage to see my tactics, even though we had a deal that he was not allowed to do that. Because I felt that would actually ruin our series. Even his crew was under strict instructions not to tell him 'there was acid in the orange juice'. The radiation machine was a plan that I used hoping he would see the footage and freak out. I think I fucked up by putting that stuff in the show. But I never radiated him.

We just did so many episodes and I was editing so much shit, at the time I just thought 'oh that's cool, the audience will love that' but I should've told the audience what was going on. I did so many things that were worse than that for real. In the end I'm just happy that you're so into the series that the things that piss you off are the same things that piss me off.

Thanks for watching.

Fuck the rest of your questions

Was the marijuana song that you sang in the "Who can smoke more weed?" competition just something you came up with on the spot? My friends and I often sing that song to each other; and we pretty much lose it every time. So thank you for that.

Everything in the show is something I made up on the spot. Thank god I'm a genius or I'd be sucking dicks in Kingston with Spenny

If the cameras weren't rolling, I assume you guys would fight a lot but not do such sadist things to each other? Is that fair to say, do you feel like you "turn it on" for the cameras?

Also, I have some funny/contentious relationships with friends but at the end of the day we both like each other. Has the show ruined your friendship or did you start doing the show after the friendship was already ruined (or maybe it's not ruined at all)?

In the 'outtake suitcase rant' when we were on the couch, I had no idea the cameras were rolling. This is 100% the way things were when we were shooting the show. I wish everybody knew how real our relationship is. I think the people that really understand that are the ones that are just maniacal about the series.

No, the show 100% ruined our friendship. But it's getting better.

I love him and I do miss him.

is Spenny aware that "Single White Spenny" is probably the worst thing made EVER! Also what do you think of it? BTW Loved Triumph of the Will, if you cant do a 7th season on KVS Please Do more TOTW

I'm so happy people loved TOTW. It's so amazing to me that I could do something that KVS loved without Spenny. When I got the gig I literally shat my pants because I literally thought there was nothing I could do that would come close to KVS.

Also super happy Spenny's show was so shitty, even though that's a horrible thing to say about a friend. But he was a real dick to me, and took me for granted. Hope he learned his lesson.

If he has learned his lesson, I'd love to do more stuff, but he needed to eat shit. Cuz he really is who he is on the show, and it really is hard working with such a dick. Especially someone you've known since you were 6. Thanks for asking, nice to rant.

How was your experience at Forest Hill in Toronto?

90Jew10 you mean? It's the same high school that Drake, Lorne Michaels, and Howard Shore (Composer of LOTR) went to. Filled with rich jews, my family was really poor. But I loved it.

Hi Kenny, I'm new to Toronto, can you tell me your favourite places? Brunch spots? Parks? And which has better dumplings, Mothers or the Dumpling house?

Yes I can, but I won't. It's called Yelp

KvS was one of my favorite shows and I was really sad when it ended. I know there are some spin-offs from other countries. Which ones, if any, would you recommend?

They all suck. I went to a lot of countries trying to get them to do what we did, but in the end they were just a bunch of hired actors, nobody had the balls to stay up for a week or slip some other guy acid. Elton VS Simon and Ed VS Spence were tolerable. But there's only one Spenny... thank god.

You worked with my friend Brendan T on your last show. Did he do anything funny?

Did I?

Oh wait, yeah that's Jamie's cousin. I gave him 50 bucks to clean up all the dog shit in my back yard. Well, I still haven't paid him. Tell him hi

Are you a Jew?

No my parents are

Kenny you are my favourite! 2 questions. How are you so awesome? And how much time after you guys decide which competition you're going to do, do you have? Is that when you come up with all of your crazy schemes? Thanks!

Awesome ---> I dunno, I never really thought I would end up on TV in front of the camera, but thanks, nice to hear.

Each episode was really different, I kinda felt early on that no one was really watching us and I could really do anything I want. Like we really did smoke a POUND of weed... and the Cndn taxpayers paid for it! Nobodie's ever done that.

They were getting huge numbers so they didn't really care. The ladies running the network weren't really watching us so it became a catch 22 where it just got crazier and crazier.

Secretly I'm happier it ender because I would have had to machete down syndrome midgets... there was nowhere else for us to go. Unless they give us Season 7, then fasten your fucking safety belt.

Kenny you are my favourite! 2 questions. How are you so awesome? And how much time after you guys decide which competition you're going to do, do you have? Is that when you come up with all of your crazy schemes? Thanks!

it was different for every show.

i'm going to get this photo of your face on a t-shirt. what do you think???????

Wear a sweater over it.

But seriously, send me the pic and I'll post it

i'm going to get this photo of your face on a t-shirt. what do you think???????

i think you should cut out the guy in the background

Hey! Why didn't Brendan come back for Triumph of the Will? Was that your decision or his? Were there any ideas for TotW that you never got to that you could share?

Brendan was super sensitive and when we went to film Spenny running to some anonymous funeral in the mom episode he refused to film it. I always felt that I can't have anyone on set that has any morals whatsoever. I love Brendan, he's great, but everyone on the team has to be a team player. But I love him, and he really was amazing on the show. I miss him, we don't really hang out any more.

He did marry a girl that worked on KVS though. That's a marriage that happened because of the show. So there's that

Hey! Why didn't Brendan come back for Triumph of the Will? Was that your decision or his? Were there any ideas for TotW that you never got to that you could share?

brendan was doing other shit i think and he wouldnt do some shit on kvs that worried me about doing triumph. he wouldnt shoot the funeral spenny went to when i pretended to kill me mom. i need a crew that is ruthless.

I'm ruthless (and live in Toronto) hire me!! Will work for experience.

what can you do i need someone!

How do you get such hot women?

Be on TV for 9 years duh... Though I did score retarded hotties pre-celebrity.

How do you get such hot women?

i only date blind chicks

You are a fucking legend.

Just legend?

Thanks for the AMA, Kenny. Always been a fan.

I noticed how you've started putting a bigger emphasis on your Youtube-channel.

What's the idea/plan behind the whole fan-submitted viral video thing and what is your response to the fan-response of the whole thing?

Google offered me a premium youtube channel. What am I supposed to do? KVS has 70 million hits on youtube on over 4800 channels. I didn't spend 20 years of my life working my ass off to not interact with my fans. I have no choice, I gotta do this shit. I love all my fans and I want people to watch my shit. Simple as that.

From Edmonton, here. You guys are a national treasure.

What was the hardest thing you had to do during the entire series? Kiss each other? Something we might not have seen?

It was all hard. It was fucking insane pressure and the show was insane

I stayed awake for a week, it fucking sucked

From Edmonton, here. You guys are a national treasure.

What was the hardest thing you had to do during the entire series? Kiss each other? Something we might not have seen?

stay awake was by far the worst!!!!!!

What was it like on Sherbourne St? Did you actually live there or was it merely a house to film the show? Every time I have to walk by I get swarmed by park folk and other NFA individuals looking for pockets to search.

Kicked out of our first house in Season 1. So we moved to murdertown where people wouldn't complain about us shooting.

We lived together for years before the show, and whenever we shot the series we lived in the house. But once we had cash, no reason to live together.

What was it like on Sherbourne St? Did you actually live there or was it merely a house to film the show? Every time I have to walk by I get swarmed by park folk and other NFA individuals looking for pockets to search.

it's murder town i fukng hate that area

what is your hummus recipe?

At the end of Pitch

Hey Kenny any chance you can convince spenny to also do an AMA?

Only if there's kids on it.

Hey Kenny any chance you can convince spenny to also do an AMA?

he'd suck at it. everyone would just troll him

If I recall, you own (part owner?) at least two bars. why bars? do you think your celebrity helps? I must admit, I do act like a total loser and text people if I see you at the bar I frequent (d&b)

It's good business in Toronto. It's fun, why not

If I recall, you own (part owner?) at least two bars. why bars? do you think your celebrity helps? I must admit, I do act like a total loser and text people if I see you at the bar I frequent (d&b)

why not, it's fun.

Hi Kenny,

How much does the cancellation of Kenny vs Spenny have to do with Spenny being a pug-raping homeless retard? I saw the episode where you tried finding a replacement for Spenny, but have you considered trying this seriously? Perhaps if you had someone that was equally devious and clever, you could have a different angle altogether. It’s fun watching Spenny struggle, because he is a holocaust-denying pedophile – but, it would also be awesome to see you face a challenge. Someone that is also willing to cheat to win. TLDR; can you compete against someone that isn’t a gutless loser?


As a competitor in that proposal, the thought of me losing is hellish. I think the thing that made the show so great was the exact reasons you depicted in your comments. KVS was a genre piece that lived among Jackass, Tom Green, Celebrity Death Match... now we're all older and smarter, if I got the shot I could do something that would blow that show out of the water... not that I wouldn't wanna keep doing it.

You are one of the comedic gods Kenny. I just visited Toronto a few days ago and visited the famous KVS house. How weird do you think it is for the people who live there now with all the foot traffic?

Don't care. Sad they live there. Wanna do more shows. Sorry bout all the model squirts on the carpets. Hope you don't mind the smell of octupus.


You'd need to get me wasted if I went to Windsor.

Director? I dunno, Spielberger? Who ever has the most cash wins in my book. I'm just like you

Can you give some more details on your time in the military. Also, why is Spenny such a fucking bitch? That fucking dumb David Schwimmer with Down Syndrome.

The war shit was fucking crazy. I watched some guy get his head blown off in front of me. I prefer jizzing on sluts. Don't insult David Schwimmer. To me, Spenny's more like Jar Jar Binks with Assburgers

Hey Kenny,

How come in KvS you always seemed to be better off in the show? Meaning like you had the nice upstairs room with the gaming systems and TVs and nice bed, nice paint job etc, where as Spenny just had a plain bed that looks like a prison cell. You also always seemed to have more money than him in several different challenges and some of the stuff you pulled off.

Also, how did you guys find 'Fetnite' in the who has the biggest balls episode?

Cuz I basically did everything in the show. Spenny was a lazy bitch. Sounds like you don't get my shit.

Send that reddit question to lil wayne see what his take is

As someone who really appreciates vulgar sense of humor, I don't see myself as vulgar in real about you? Do you consider yourself to be vulgar in real life?

No, I just consider myself to be honest

What turned out to be the most controversial episode of KvS?

AIDS letter did NOT go over well to say the least.

Me doing Kennibal on TOTW really fucked with the Canadian Broadcast System.

I've never seen Kenny vs Spenny. My friends have been fans for a while and I've enjoyed the few clips I've seen. Now that I've read your AMA I am going to make time to watch it, starting with today's hangover. What should I know now that my journey begins?

Glad you left your cave. Start with Season 1 Episode 1. Bit of a journey. Sorry for destroying your love of humanity in advance.

I love the music used in KvS especially the stuff from Holy Fuck. How involved in the editing process and music choices were you compared to Spenny?

I did everything

He did nothing

That's not bullshit.

He rarely showed up in the edit

anyone will tell you

100% true

I instigated all the music choices and sat in every fucking edit for years.

Still kinda pissed about it

To prove it, watch his new show, and my new show and tell me who was responsible for KVS

Can I get a high five?

you can get a high 4.5 - chopped off my finger when i was 4

Picture? With penis?

Send me an imax camera.

Can you expand on the reaction that Toronto had to the 'Jesus Sucks!' banner that flew over the city? I know in the episode, a few radio stations picked up on it, but was there really a big outcry? Any hate mail or attempted lawsuits from that episode ('Who Can Piss Off More People') in particular? On a larger scope, if can share your favourite hate mail that you've ever gotten, that'd be amazing.

You and KvS brought so much joy to me and my brother's life. Largely because we were kids without cable and having you on CBC made our world bearable. I recently went back and watched the series and it's even better than I remembered. Thanks for a bunch of great times!

Thanks so much for saying so, I fucking love you, the reason I did everything was for guys like you. You sound like brother who totally loved watching it and I'm so happy I got so many of you guys through high school and university. It wasn't just the Jesus sucks thing that pissed people off, I think it was the fact that we were so great and everything else was so shit. The worst reactions came from the apathy from the idiots making shitty shows in Canada. The whole show in itself was the antithesis of Canadian Content, people hates us long before the airplane stunt. If it wasn't for you guys I'd be on a farm in Muskoka. Thanks for making me still care

I can't appreciate this enough. You're utterly (and sadly) fucking right about Canadian content then and now. Robson Arms? Corner Gas? I don't know how anybody took those seriously. If it weren't for you getting out of Muskoka, I might have never moved from Ottawa to Toronto to pursue pretty much your career path (currently a photographer hoping to break into comedy). Thanks for making me care about you caring, man!

PS: Saw a show at The Hoxton in the Spring and it's damn near the coolest place I've been. Band was great, stage was awesome, the girls were foxes and the whole place reeked of good vibes. Good call!

I was gonna rip on you, but I really like you. So don't fuck your shit up. Life is short.

Hey, you probably don't remember this, but I was on Bloor in Toronto on a Saturday night and saw you, after watching Kenny vs Spenny for the first time, earlier that day.

I said, "Hey Spenny!". And you looked and me dryly, as if I just kicked your sick dog, and calmly said. "Its Kenny."

Anyways, I'm sorry.

Do you forgive me?


Do 30 push-ups

how was ryerson when you went there? for the love of god do another show. any show. just do one.

Also, go on joe rogan's podcast

Yeah, sure, ok, call Joe Rogan. Thanks for caring.

What happened to your kitten mug?

Still got it.

Not really a question...but two KvS episodes I'd give my right nut to see made: "Who can stay in a treehouse the longest" (or who can build the best treehouse), and "Who's the better substitute teacher".

Praying that Kenny vs Spenny comes back one day...and Trailer Park Boys for that matter. Thank God Canada knows how to make brilliant comedy, because we here in America sure as fuck can't seem to get it right!

I've heard a lot of competition ideas, surprisingly enough those are two I've never heard and I think could work.

Too bad you don't run Fox studios. I'd love American money to make more shows

You should tour europe in some kind of show with spenny. It's nice here in austria (especially in my cellar).

Not much into the sex tours but dressing Spenny up like a donkey and ramming bottles of beugalais (sp?) up his ass does sound tempting

I'm Fred Astaire. What the fuck is a Kenny Hotz?

What the fuck is a television?

Hey Kenny fellow Canadian here how did Spenny react when he found out he ate your puke and not his?

Let's just say it wasn't the best day of his life, but it was one of mine

Kenny, what if you told spenny you crept into his room each night and gave him hickeys where his nipples are supposed to be.. just so he would fit in

There's nothing more disgusting to me than touching his skin. He is truly the most disgusting person in the world to me. Keep asking those questions and you'll be second

Was their any other crazy things that Spencer did that you couldn't show on camera when you slipped him LSD?

No, but in the beer episode he went so fucking bonkers that the broadcaster wouldn't show the footage. He punched a glass picture frame on our wall and sliced his finger open. Showcase flipped and wouldn't show it.

i'll make a note and post it on my youtube for you

Just got a place on Queen West. Can we hang out? Free beer!

Do you have a vag?

Any good stories from early years of you embarrassing Spenny (before the show)?

OMG, tonnes. Let's meet up with that guy on Queen West for a beer and I'll tell you all about it. As long as he has a vag. Or you do.

Again, Probably too late to the party. I used to watch the show when it was on CBC (i think the first season), and I fucking loved it. I would love to here some background about how you guys came up with the show/pitched it etc...

My god, oldest question of all time. Pitched it, someone picked it up, got super fucking lucky, then nobody monitored us while we were doing it.

Mr. Hotz,

I would just personally like to thank you for brightening my life with your show. My question is how on earth did you come up with all of your different characters (Yarp Yarp, Goldar, and Silencio)?

Just luck I guess.

My girl and me lived in Eglinton a few years back. One day we decided to find the house where you guys filmed KVS. Got off the subway at Sherbourne (sp?) and quickly found the building. As it was a nice day we decided to walk a little further. Quickly found ourselves in the most ghetto-y ghetto two white people had ever seen. Nearly got stabbed.

Good luck with everything. Lots of laughs :)


Will Ryan the bread ever feel true love?

Only in our dreams

Can you provide a colorful description of how it felt when you let out that ripper on the stairs thanks to the Flatulent Assistant Rectal Tool?

Thank god for that. That made the show my favorite thing ever. Can't believe it got picked up on the mic, it was so far away. Favorite moment in the history of KVS

How big is spennys dick?

Not sure, don't own a microscope

If you ever decide to do a KvS again, what will be the very first competition you'd want to do?

Has Spenny always been dramatic over little things, or did that just start when you guys decided to do KvS?


Decide to do? Google "Cancelled"

Kenny, great to see you on reddit! Having been watching your antics for the better part of a decade, we must know. When was the last time you got laid?

It's the burning question that my ENTIRE house wants to know. Please be honest.

What time is it?

How did the neighbors feel during the taping of the show? Did the cops show up very often?

Got booted out of our first set. Had to move to murdertown. Was very hard shooting cuz Spenny would scream all the time. Used to get mad for all the screaming he did.

Giant Kenny VS. Spenny Fan here...

Would you ever consider doing a cross canada tour, to sign DVD's or promote Triumph of the Will or something. Would love to meet you, but it seems Atlantic Canada often is ignored. :(

Also, Any future projects in the works, Triumph of the will episodes, KVS, etc? (Hilter Gangnam Style doesn't count)

Yeah, I love Canada, I'd love to go meet people. Maybe this year I'm starting to do that more. Ask some club guys if they want me to show up, and I'll come

Thanks for putting all the KVS episodes on youtube, netflix Canada only has the first 3 seasons.

I haven't read all 1200 comments so this might have been asked already, but how did you end up meeting Matt and Trey? Have you ever voiced any characters on South Park?

They were secretly watching the show on the gameshow network and turns out we had a mutual friend who contacted me. This has always been a wierd connundrum for me. I would love to know who watches the show. If there's any way you can twitter celebs and find out who is famous who is a fan, I'll suck your dick. For all I know Obama likes us.

Thanks for putting all the KVS episodes on youtube, netflix Canada only has the first 3 seasons.

I haven't read all 1200 comments so this might have been asked already, but how did you end up meeting Matt and Trey? Have you ever voiced any characters on South Park?

Dude, trying to answer so many questions. Matt and Trey found us. Why aren't you reading every word. This is fucking reddit, blue-blood royalty shit.

Can I hire you to do Maurice Del Taco at a party? I'm in Toronto and it would be hilarious

Great AMA and happy new year!

Depends, not really into being your puppet, but for cash I'd suck off DR. Mengala, and I'm a Jew

Hey Kenny. I loved watching KvS, (well, hated it too sometimes... bit of a sick pleasure I suppose) You are diabolical, and that's probably what builds the appeal of the show.

How/when did you and Spenny become friends? You guys appear very different from each other, it's hard to imagine how you'd be more than just casual acquaintances.

dad's were best friends in the 40's. I remember Spenny when I was 6 years old.

Did you ever do standup comedy in Toronto and if so how did it go and where did you do it

never did it, never wanted to, don't want to, probly never will. Stand up's dead. Youtube is the new stage


KVS went way too far. TOTW went even further. And Testees was so far out there it got me cancelled. Don't have a problem going too far. I have a problem finding Networks that will let me






Ask a question, still here

Still here now?


how many girls have tried to lick your butthole? how many do you think regretted it?

First of all I don't have to try any more, been on TV for 9 years. 2nd of all yes, I licked their butts, I was super horny, very perverted and every girl is a virgin to me

Who is kenny hotz?

Google it


I've met Charlie Sheen. I'm not a fighter.

Would you be willing to "ease up" on Spenny if doing so he agreed to do another season. If so how long would you go along with it untill it was back the same?

Would you be willing to watch it if I did 'ease up'? ..... no

Kenny ! Huge fan here, I have every season on DVD and have seen every episode a million times. Would you and spenny ever go on a live comedy tour ? Or could you release a cd of songs about spenny and his grandpa ? I would buy it ! No matter what mood I'm in ill laugh whole heartedly at ' who can imitate the other guy better' thanks for the AMA !!

yeah, I'd like to tour with Spenny, but don't really wanna milk the KVS stuff. Rather do more episodes. Not really into the cash, just wanna do amazing shit

Kenny ! Huge fan here, I have every season on DVD and have seen every episode a million times. Would you and spenny ever go on a live comedy tour ? Or could you release a cd of songs about spenny and his grandpa ? I would buy it ! No matter what mood I'm in ill laugh whole heartedly at ' who can imitate the other guy better' thanks for the AMA !!

yeah, I'd like to tour with Spenny, but don't really wanna milk the KVS stuff. Rather do more episodes. Not really into the cash, just wanna do amazing shit

thanks for answering! You guys could sit and talk for an hour and I'd find it hilarious ! Also a while back I asked on twitter if you were ' a boob guy or an ass guy' you answered with ' A POO GUY' thanks for the honesty!

You're welcome.

Hey Kenny, Huge fan! I was wondering of the crew of guys you filmed with who was your favorite to work with?

Sebby really is the only other guy that deserves to be put up there with both spenny and myself

Hey Kenny, Huge fan! I was wondering of the crew of guys you filmed with who was your favorite to work with?


Can you please hook me up with Bianca?

You can hook up with her yourself at a Hamilton strip club


What the fuck have you being doing you bitch? Get a fucking deal pansy!

Thanks mom

Hey Kenny, really really thank you for making me fucking laugh man. I've seen the entire series more than 10 times honestly, I pray to god that you get a new show. Where can I get your T-shirts?

in my laundry

KVS is one of my all time favoite shows even though I know what is going to happen I still rewatch the episodes all the time.

My question is: Did other members of your family ever think what your did to Spenny was cruel? I mean your sister and Mom seemed to play along but what about your brother. Or did they just genuinely hate him?

We all just hate him. Our family is better than his. Just the way things are

Who is your favourite Pro Wrestler?

Who is your 2nd favourite Pro Wrestler?

Don't you think Oshawa is terrible?

I love all the shitty guys like King Kong Bundy and George the Animal Steel. Not a wrestler guy but I love what Andy Kaufman did.

Oshawa is Hamilton with downs syndrome

Whats the stupidest shit you've ever done?

Answer this question

What do think of Triumph of the Will sharing a name with a Nazi film?

OMG i had no idea?! What film? Never heard of it

How often do people recognize and approach you in DTT? Ever get free shit just because of who you are?

Ever meet random people who immediately hate you just because of Kenny v.s Spenny?

I love being approached, Spenny hates it. I think most people recognize me. I get free desserts in every restaurant. Been going on for years. I love it. I do. If you ever see me on the street and don't say hi you're a fucking loser.

Love you all

I know you both live in Kingston, but I can't help but notice that in the concert episode Spenny referred to Matt as "Wearing a winter hat in 95 Degree weather." Now, first off, he used The Imperial System to measure heat, and secondly, toque. For these reasons, I have to ask. Are one or both of you American?

So sorry you lost your meds. I would live in Kingston if you're talking about Jamaica (less crime, less black people).

Were you that chick with the shopping cart?

What is the pussiest move that you have seen Spenny ever do?

I would say, that's like asking Hitler what was his favorite Jew he killed?

Too many, too much to ask

Man, this is ridiculous.
KvS was my favourite show back when it was on the air, I still rewatch some of the old episodes from time to time.

Now, tell me. How is it that a handsome talented motherfucker like you have Spenny as your best friend?
Dude looks like he's perpetually greasy.

Also, subscribed to your youtube, liked your facebook, all that shit. Get something on the air so I can watch it.

He wasn't really my best friend, he's kinda like the wierd muppet sitting on Jabba The Hut's lap. It's just nice having a suck ass freak next to you.

What's your favourite TV show?


I saw you this past summer randomly in Chinatown (on Spadina, I'm pretty sure) while entering a restaurant. I overheard you apologizing to the people you were with for "ruining the evening" or something like that. Sounded like it'd make a good story, so what happened? Also, I recall you were with a nice chick, so congrats for that.

Also, love your shit. Keep doing it.

That happens every day. Thanks for noticing

So i remember the triumph episode where you ate the placenta, and that cook did some work! Did it really taste amazing, and have you had this guy cook you non human items

that guy is an amazing chef. Works at Parts and Labour. You should go. A big fan of cuisine de Vag

Thanks for doing an AMA again!

I read in the comments that you had ideas for like 500 episodes, could you reveal a few of those ideas, just to get us to want it even more?

I also wanted to do 'Who could be grosser' - 'who is better' and 'first guy to knit a sweater wins' - seriously.

That was a private joke between Spenny and I... if we could do 'Who can knit a sweater wins' and make it funny it'd be the greatest thing ever.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring script writer, what would it be?

Don't do shit.

Fundamental truth of all content: Neil Simon told me in person 'It's all in the work'

Do amazing stuff and you'll be huge. Simplest fucking concept on the planet.

Dearest Kenneth,

  1. in the "Who can produce more semen" episode, how did spenny react when he saw that the semen he got in his mouth was not only yours, but juiced from random dumpster condoms?

  2. in the arm wrestling competition, you beat up on that kid from sault ste. marie pretty bad. how did the parents react? and were there any other potential candidates for spencer nolan rice?

  3. and finally whats going on with "triumph of the will" i thought that show was pretty kickass, any season 2 plans?

thanks for reading, im a huge fan of yours

  1. i'm not sure any of mine was in it. Was a bunch of back alley johns. Still have nightmares about picking up those disgusting condoms. Can't believe I did that. To me that was even worse than him getting a bunch of taxi driver jizz in his face. I'm sorry you even mentioned it. Go away

What exactly happened to Spenny? I'm reading a lot of things that I never actually knew about.

Syphillis does a lot to the human mind... especially when untreated. Let's just say that homeless man deserved what he got. Even if he did get HIV from the BJ

How do you get your hair looking so fantastic?

I use G-juice for gel


mmmmmm, no

Where the hell did you find a guy like Bobby? He might be the nastiest dude in the universe.

He was over last night for New Years. Hadn't seen him in ages. couldn't agree more

I always felt when I watched the show that you know you had no chance to win by really following the rules, especially in any kind of sport competition, was it really like that? Or was it just more fun for you to win by breaking the rules or doing stuff that is way over the line from Spenny's point of view?

My god, it was so much fun to destroy that guy I can't even talk about it. I miss it. I'm sitting here reddit instead of shooting the show. I'm in hell

I would love to see you do something with Paul Teller. You guys seem like you could make an awesome team. I was a huge fan of KVS when it was on the CBC and recommended it to a lot of my friends. On a related note, I've lost a lot of friends after recommending you're show.

Yeah, can't wait to do something with a wannabe Tom Green, great idea. Go back to watching Zoink'd on YTV

What else can we do to help get a season 7 of KVS?

Lick a sea turtle's ass. Supposedly the Innuit think that'll do it.

I am the only one of my friends who knew of and loved KvS. It was one of my favorite TV shows. You're awesome.

Anyway, of all the stuff you've done (be it episodes of KvS, competitions/humiliations or other things), which is your all time favorite? What do you wish you could work on?

Fuck that, sounds like you need to get new friends

KvS aired on Mondays where we live. In high school, my friend and I would wear our Team Kenny shirts to school every Monday. And if one of us forgot, that person would be forced into a humiliation. Man I miss the show.

I love you, good job. Well done

Thanks for putting all the episode on 1 youtube channel.

As a french Canadian I discovered the show after it was ended because of a cheap spinoff in french.

Anyway I've seen most of the episode online and IMO I think those show would gain more views if they become web exclusive no?

I mean a lot of show that I watch and get stopped from airing is because of the broadcaster and they got low view rating on tv but I barely never watch tv for those, only online.

All that to ask you, do you think it would it would be better to have them on the web instead than tv?

You lost me at french canadian. Have you seen me trying to like french people in my new series? Watch it on my channel

Hey Kenny. You fucking rock!

I was wondering what your neighbors thought of Kenny versus spenny. You guys made a LOT of noise all the time so either you had the coolest fucking neighbors or they were gone a lot. Like who seriously doesn't notice spenny shitting his pants on LSD in the back yard?

They were all crack heads. we lived on Sherbourne in Toronto. It's like Main and Hastings.

What's the worst physical injury you received during the show?

Getting hit by that fire hydrant was the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life

Do you feel as old as you look?

no, god no

One time I saw Spenny on the street having a smoke with some buds of his, and I stared at him as I walked by as if I was going to go up and talk to him and be all like "sup dude! ur awesome!" &c. I held his gaze until I saw the prospect of having some random bonehead on the street interrupt his conversation with his friends produce glimmer of dread in his eyes, and then I stoically nodded and continued about my business.

I felt that I was channeling you in some way there. I just figured that I'd let you know.

I don't think walking around the back alley of gay bars is a good thing for you to do. Stop it


Sebastian only other person involved in my deviousness. Jeff Kassel from Testees did a bit. Derek Harvie from Tom Green as well.

Why did Testees get cancelled?

Shows get cancelled. Welcome to TV

What was it like writing for South Park?

What do you think? Sick retarded

Is there anyway you can record the Grampa song from "Who Can Impersonate The Other Guy Better?" I would pay good money to buy that masterpiece off of iTunes.

Steal it off youtube like everybody else. Why buy it?

what are you favorite current electronic musicians?

owning a club in toronto has introduced me to a whole bunch of people. i met Diplo, he's a big fan. Kraftwerk all the way. I love all shit that is great. I'm not sure who or what they are, but gimme 3 hits of ecstacy and I'll jerk off to Boyz2Men


Pug raping = True

Pedophile = True

Racist = True

Good Actor = False

What were your thoughts when spenny was about to jump off a cliff in one of your episodes?

Please do


Drain G juice outta my belly button

What's your favourite bar in Toronto?

Ak-Bar - The Schwarma guy at the corner of Yonge and Dundas

Big time fan from Belgium. Loved Kenny vs spenny , testees and your survival show. Looking forward to more new work! How do you look back on your work with south park? would you ever go back (they could use you) and what about working more for kevin smith? Maybe join his podcast! Would love to see more of your crazy banter

After Zack and Miri, never heard a word from Kevin. Love to do his podcast. Feel free to call him and let him know. Super nice guy, love his stuff

Whose decision was it to upload all of the episodes for free on youtube?

Was the network happy about it?

My channel, I did everything. Don't care who's happy about it. Enjoy. Send all the shit out

Hey Kenny. When you did Kennibal for Triumph of the Will which body part was the hardest to eat?


So you obviously get paid for the new you tube channel. Does Spenny see any of that money or do you have the rights to the show now?

Obviously? Actually, I'm not getting paid. You might notice that from no ads being posted. I never really got paid enough for doing all the shit I did. But I am rich and my cock is something you'd see dangling off the Carlsburg Wagon

KHotz! Yes that's your name now. Bow down. Hehe. Which show has the funniest moments cut from it for censorship reasons? And what were they?

Every show. It's the best show ever. Have fun watching Warehouse 13. We're all fucked

Kenny hotz love you love your work. I was wondering if you could give a shoot out to my sister Morgan who till this day says "you my friend are stupider than a caveman".

sure, hi Morgan. glad you liked the show. send yarp yarp your used tampons

I ran into Spenny here in Winnipeg, he was kind of a douche but what can you expect right? What kind of hoops did you jump through to do the who can smoke more weed episode? Did you really lose your bag or did you straight blaze him out? Which was your favorite episode?

Let's just go back to Spenny being a douche. Yes, he is a fucking dick. Thanks for noticing. Feel free to spread that shit. I just can't believe there are Spenny fans that shit on me. What's wrong with people?

How did it feel using Spenny as a bidet? that by far was my favourite humiliation.

it was pretty insane i did it. can't believe i got that on tv!!!!!!!

Hey, why does The Hoxton suck so much?

probably cuz i banged your ganny there

Hey Kenny, i don't get how Comedy won't pick up more kvs! what the fuck are they thinking!

retards, tell me about it. but theyre loss. they dont deserve that type of gold i guess.

Hey Kenny, fellow Torontonian here, although living abroad at the moment. I've seen you downtown a lot, but was too shy to say anything. This is because a few years ago my friend made a fake MySpace account with my pictures, and you messaged "him" and said dirty things about me. I was 15 in the pictures. Congratulations on The Hoxton! Love the show and hope to watch lots more... I share it with as many Americans as I can.

thx so much. sound like me if i made that joke.



Kenny why don't you take all the profit you made and get spenny a pair of nuts? Guys a total bitch

bill gates doesnt have that type of cash

Did spenny really try to get you to have a 3 way in Amsterdam?

yes a 3 way. him me my penis.

glad to see you here again... you make canada proud


Did you ever found out what Al Pacino thought of your script?

no but i hear his garbage loved it!

Not a question at all, but my name is Spencer and I hate when people call me Spence and because of your show my friends call me Spenny. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. Love the show!!

its a bad thing.


If you had eleven fingers, how would you use your extra finger to your advantage?

not sure but i'd have to pay and extra 10% for manicures.


yes, and the 2nd Messiah could come back too.



Hello Kenny i am a huge fan of the show. i created this reddit account purely so i could ask you this question. on the episode who can get further with the other guys mum what really happened when you put spencers mum to bed? hope im not to late 4 u 2 respond.


i stuck the tip of my finger into her snatch. just enough to get the smell on it. i made spenny sniff it. it never made it into the series because the broadcasters considered it incest. a strict no-no that never made the cut. i killed me it was the best ending EVER!

There were so many restrictions on the weed episode that I have been wondering this for years: how did the broadcasters let you air an episode where you dose Spenny with acid? Did you just lie and say it was fake?

no they just let us. thats it. we shot it they showed it.

Where did you bury your down syndrome brother Lenny?

in my heart.

Happy New Year Kenny!

same to you!



Kenny, how fucked up was your apartment after the episode with the goats?

fleas everywhere!!!!!!!!! it was a fukng nightmare

my family and me go to peace mosque every week شكرا this is thank you in arab.

great! enjoy the halava


no idea, i don't think he ever saw her again

Why do I find you so attractive? My ex-boyfriend introduced me to your show, I think if he knew that I thought about you during sex one time he'd probably regret it.

On a completely unrelated note, could I maybe put your penis in my mouth and take a picture?

'during sex one time' sounds like you need a new boyfriend. and i'd b surprised if you could fit it in your mouth. the olny ladies that could give me a BJ is the statue of liberty!

Of all the guests on KvS (everyone that isn't related to you or Spenny, or your crew), who was your favorite? Did you know Gavin McInnes before the cooler episode?

yes i was a pal of gavin's i loved him in the show. bobby is my fav guest. we made our 1st movie with him in 85.

in triumph of the will do you know if your mom ever used those vibrators ?

maybe, i have to change the fuses alot

Kenny Hotz you chode slinging motherfucker. On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would at least acknowledge my girth for no less than 3 rocks of crack cocaine?


I made an account on this shit site so I could ask if you will have sex with me. Now: will you sex me?

only if you are actually 13

There was no coconut

tru dat brah...

Hey Kenny, i've only ever met Spenny, which kind of sucked. It was on 4/20, and he was at parliament hill and he was smoking a goddamn cigarette while literally everyone around him was getting stoned. It was pretty lame. Think you could make up for that this 4/20?

brutal story. even hitler could make up for that

How soon do you think it would take for Spenny to angrily eject from an AMA of his own?

if theres kiddie porn on redit...not very long

Hey Kenny i hope you get a new show going, but whatever you do you have to involve Brendan, i really want to know what that man is doing with his life now, any updates?

he got married, heard he's well facebook him and say hi!


thats what GOD just said!

Kenny! You should have your own subreddit :')!

you're right! good idea.

Kenny Versus Spenny on youtube was an idea i had toyed with, lol but who better then the men themselves

man, himself. i did it. Spenny is ok with it though!

What's it like knowing Spenny is superior to you in every way including penis length?

i have no idea?!

How was your "Brown sugar" ?


How did you get away with all the shit your did in ToTW? Like you stole so much shit and robbed stores..

How could you put that on TV and not get in deep?

ya that was kinda stupid. but cops cant prove i did it after it was shot, nor does anyone complain. it's not like some koreans are going to call the cops if a suit is missing! and they will NEVER see the show. but i feel bad next time i'm in vegas i'll bring them some cash

The Papal Chase blew my fucking mind, probably my favourite thing that you've ever made. I loved KvS and Triumph was rad but fuck man, Papal chase blew my fucking mind.

so nice thanks i also posted it here. with the short spence and i did in 94

Do you still stay in touch with Spenny? Is he jealous of your accomplishments or that you are the fan favorite?

yes we still talk and are pals. he'd never admit i was a fan fav though...

"poopie cocky poo. mommy, imma rip one in one two"

bobby was here last night!

How high are you on a scale from 1-10?

dont smoke weed much anymore. i use to smoke 10 a day in high school.

Kenny, is getting "Kenny (is) Hotz" tattooed on my ass crossing into creepy fan territory?

yes but who cares!


no fucking way that was me!!!! maybe spenny. i have never and would NEVER do that. not me sorry.

I want to smoke with you.

then what? stare at the wall and cry?

Why hotz? Why not hots?

ask my ancestors

how often are you at the hoxton?

not often. too cold out

Does Spenny honestly not realize what an abrasive asshole he is? The way he treats people around him is insane, like the time he wanted to tape babies down to make his commercial or one of the many times he shouted at or even spat at his crew? How the hell does he live with himself?

good question. i wonder about that everyday!

Of course, I miss one of the few AMA's that I give a shit about because I feel like a bloated warthog after last night.

What fan have you met that stands out to you as not being a typical KVS worshiper? Whether you admit it or not, everyone likes a rape/pedo/racist joke.

And thank you for the many late nights of trying not to cackle like a trailer park matriarch so I wouldn't wake up my family, you were my rebound when jackass ended and a legitimate reason not to do homework.

so happy i helped you guys enjoy your tv time more~ there are alot of non typical fans. older even elderly women especially. tons of girls LOVE the show which totally surprised me.

No question, but I remember when the Kenny on Paris Hilton video happened, you fucking got me you blue-balling bastard. Love the show

ya all i wanted to use was a shot of the hilton in paris! i wanted to beat spenny but posting a picture. couldnt get the rights. that totally pissed me off. ended up dancing on a porch pic of it. didnt work for me but sooo glad u like it

I can no longer properly pronounce the word "sorry" because of you.

me neither

i really wanna see more triumph of the will, gonna do any more?

i wish.

What happened to testees? I LOVED that show!

me too. and the 1st season was banged out. 1 show a week like southpark. if it kept going it would have gotten way better.

In the "who is the better pro wrestler" were you actually hitting spenny with the hammer cause that was hilarious!

rubber hammer

Dear Kenny. I'd like to bone you. Signed me.

send pics...maybe

Kenny, in the "who can touch more boobs" competition, Spenny's humiliation was that he ate popcorn from kernels that you ate and later pooped out. Spenny was oblivious though. Did you do that because Spenny refused to do a humiliation? Cause I think he won that episode. What happened there??

-one of your biggest fans from the USA

great question. i just wanted him to do something he would NEVER do! i also loved the fact thats it a secret humil. poop corn was a gift from tom green and derek harvie they gave me it. they wanted to do it in the show and never did. so derek told me to do it. pure gold!

Hey Kenny, I hope it's not to late but I just want to say I've been a huge fan of the show for a long time. I would crack up watching it with my brother. You are one funny guy and I hope you see this.


You rock kenken.


Love your show, hopefully we can make something happen. It is reddit after all.


Firstly, YOU ARE A GOD. I am a HUGE fan of the show.

Could you please list for me your most treasured relics? (for example the recordings of Jim Jones.)

Kind thanks!

theres a lot. homer pic given to me by matt groening. original cheech wizard sketch, gifts from joni mitchell and matt and trey. stuff like that... also just got an email that gordon lighfoot is a fan. stuff like that makes me sooo happy

I just wanted to say how big of a fan I am, KvS is amazing and I loved The Papal Chase. Just wanted to say good job!

thanks so much!

My friends keep telling me that the show was scripted. I don't believe them but, at the same time, how can Spenny be such a dumb fucking idiot to fall for all your shit? Was the show set up before hand? Or is Spenny actually that stupid...

i hear this alot. he always thought i'd cheat but who could really predict i'd throw acid in his juice. all my tactics came out of left field. he could never guess what was coming. does that make him an idiot, no. it's how he reacted once it happened that does to me i guess.

Kenny! Was Spenny actually tripping on lsd during the octopus episode?

yes. not sure what the big deal is. i bought acid and slipped it to him cost me around $50 i think. we had an amazing cable network that let us show it. thats it. deal with it.

After watching the gay guy episode of KvS I now understand why you write for South Park, you are basically a real life Cartman.

but skinny and not a dick


any chick who let spenny touch her tits is a revolting mess in my book. ewwwwww!!!!!!

KvS is probably the only show that I can say I've seen every single episode 20+ times. It never gets old. Kenny, do you ever feel yourself slowing down now that you're older? Do you still pull the same pranks and still live the same lifestyle?

yes im getting older for sure!!!! and those pranks where mostly for spenny and people who fuck with me in my life. if you douch me you end up dead.



Hello, I loved Kenny vs Spenny, and think I watched every episode. How does it feel that out of all of the jokes, the one where you had your friend fart to make spenny laugh was one of the funniest things.

amzing i love that as well

How did you end up doing photojournalism during the gulf war? Do you still do any photography or was it just hand in hand with your interest in cinematography?

back then i wanted to be a photographer. the gulf war was the big story so i went. don't shoot anymore though. if i cant do something 100% i'd rather not bother

Hey Kenny, big fan! Always wanted to know was Spenny a factor in the shows discontinuation?

no, what i did to him was. times have changed....that genre is dead now.


One(maybe dumb) question,is it all fake? Your show looks pretty real,maybe sometimes not,but in my country, they copied you two, that looks like fake shit.

ya most of the guys who copy us suck. shows you how real we are!

Why don't you Kickstarter a new season?????

the rights are shared. who know's i might do that eventually

I met you one time at the casino in Niagara Falls. I said "Hey aren't you Kenny from Kenny vs. Spenny". You replied with "Yeah man Spenny is sucking dicks for nickels in the washroom". You then proceeded to buy me and my buddies a couple beers. You then signed a hilarious napkin for me. Great guy, thanks!

Edit: proof of napkin.

I have a picture with you at the bar too but I'm too lazy to find it.

holy fuk i'm a nice guy. cool napkin frame it. it could sell on ebay for 2k

How did you enjoy the montreal just for laughs festival?


What do you enjoy about the Hoxton? It caters to a crowd very different than you from what I've seen of you.

why different? younger maybe but i like the crowd there. i'd be happy taking cash from nazi's so not sure what ur getting at

What happened to ryan?

he feels crumby

Your ability to type sure has gone up since the last AMA! Thanks for continuing to answer stuff after 8 hours! No questions but love your stuff. I'll keep supporting in any way I can.

you want to support me fans online are the way! tweet celebs my shit and spread triumph of the will.


Holy shit man, it's been 20 freaking hours and you're still answering shit? Alright, you've sold me. A-tweeting I shall go!


Did you ever feel bad for Spenny?

sometimes but he's seriously been a huge dick to me.

Does his dickishness go beyond what he does on the show? I know Robin (the tiny cheerleader) told me that even though you are a vile human being (presumably in the best way possible), you are a million times better than "that asshole" Spenny.

whos' robin? from the show?

First off your an inspiration to comedy. I am student filmmaker and most of the comedy and joke delivery i have used have been inspired by you. You are truly a devious mastermind that really knows how to get in someones head. I love show and was heart broken when it ended, and would pay to watch a kvs movie 100 times over. But anyways my question, what originally inspired you to start Kenny Vs Spenny and after you initial inspiration how long did it take for you to get it going? Also what advice can you give someone like me trying to get in the business?

kvs came out of PITCH but the show is 1st person to sell the script wins!


How was working with the South Park guys? Did you ever drop acid with them too?

amazing! didnt drop acid smoked sativa with one of them once it was CRAZY! good good guys i really love them.

Do you have any idea who lives the in the house now?


What happened to Dr. goldbloom? Also, Thanks for uploading the KvS episodes to your youtube channel (><)

he's around. np!

Your. Dance. Is. So. Fucking. Good.

That's all

used to do it for my bro as a kid.


that's what homicide squad is saying in the morgue right now!

Hi Kenny, I love Kenny vs. Spenny and I read through your last AMA on reddit trying to find the answer to this:

What were the devices you used to measure farts in the "Who can blow the biggest fart" episode? There's no clear indication for what it is or what company you guys went to to get the meter's.

Thanks so much for doing the AMA!

not sure but it's the meters gas companies use to measure methane google it!

Also. Traveling challenges across Canada where you guys don't know what you are doing till it is announced. Have guest judges and a mediator so you don't have to get it on with donkeys if sick people vote that up on website.

i hear that alot. road trip. no thx! not the show, sorry. xo


You should redo episodes that people vote on. Let's the people choose. Throw in new ideas that people can vote on as well. Like ones you cheated on it would be hilarious for spenny to be all pumped about getting revenge and then loose anyways, fair and square. Like the beer drinking one. No more .05 for you Kenny. Ha ha.

same as abouve -i hear that alot. remake eps. no thx! not the show, sorry. xo

Can you post that E.T. porn video somewhere else? I wanted to show a lot of people that before youtube pulled it.

i got fucked by youtube for that!

First off, huge fan. KVS and your ugly face of demented comic genius should have never made it onto television, because it is all simply too good and unusual for general public consumption. For that reason you will have a very hard time landing a deal, but you damn well deserve it, and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with the bored and uninspired suits who won't know what you could come to be. Respect. You will make it.

Anyway, my question is this: how the hell did you get Spenny to continue doing the show for so long? Was the money really good enough? I can just imagine him walking down the street and having people literally point and laugh at him, throw feces at him, ejaculate upon him from balconies, etc. How did you manage to prevent the complete nervous breakdown that I would think was totally inevitable for someone with Spenny's... mental fortitude

good point about the suits. i agree, thats the problem! and spenny yes, cash. he's really just into the cash. not me, i love the art. trey told me once, dont worry about the $ just do amazing shit and the $ will come...

hey Kenny huge fan of KvS one of mine Favorite TV shows of all time.

one question, besides Spenny, who else would you like to do a KvS style Competition Show with?

Happy New Year.

great question. nobody. spenny was one of a kind

Kenny, HUGE FAN of your show, it is by far my favorite Canadian export. The fact that KVS isn't one of the biggest shows in the world boggles my mind. I try and convert everyone I meet into a KVS fan!

My question is how did you not go to jail for dosing Spenny with LSD? He seems like the kind of guy who would press charges. Also who can piss off more people was a master piece!

what he gonna do press charges and lose a massive tv deal? really? also, after seeing the show he loved it. thats life...

Here's hoping you ever answer this :

What's your molasse ribs recipe? Looks amazing

fuck ok. 2 racks of ribs 1/4-1/2 cup molasses. tons of garlic!!!! (10 cloves) i use the chopped store bought. 2-3 heaping table spoons. then i pour in a 2/3-a full bottle of white or red wine or beer (a couple of cans). make sure you almost cover the ribs in liquid boil the shit out of them with the lid on keep adding some more liquid molasses or garlic if need be. i usually don't. when the ribs are to your liking pull them out boil the sauce down into THICK taffy and then add the ribs again and stir the ribs in the hot sticky sauce. i like to toss in green onion and sesame seeds once its done too.

enjoy the are fucking sick!

ps. you the 1st person i've ever told that too. but people always ask!

When eating SUNFLOWER SEEDS do you: a.) open the shell and eat the seed only. b.) just go for it and eat both the seed and the shell c.) you don't eat sunflower seeds

i buy them de-shelled. what am i a gypsy?!

What is the one thing from KvS that you regret doing the most, and why do you regret it?

Also, I'm a huge fan, Please make more shows or something, we need it.

some shows like dump in pants were a little to gross in the end. pardon the pun.

I gotta say when it was on Comedy Central and I learned there were 100s of other episodes, that made my life. I would literally watch them on repeat all day everyday for years. Do you regret anything you did?

i think i might have been able to save the series on comedy central. if i fough more. oh lessons.

Hey Kenny, I really enjoyed KvS and was wondering if there is any footage of Spenny's reaction after a comp when he realised what you had done (similar to the credits from the x-ray machine stunt)? If so, any chance of you uploading them to youtube?

thats in that episode. over end titles. him calling his lawyer. it's all the same type of freak out. not much difference between them

If a new season comes out, please please please get the same crew members, it won't be the same without the guys!

of course

My question for you, oh holy hotz, is what happened to Franky, the adorable dog in your pilot video?

he just died in LA a few months ago. great dog. very missed.

Kenny, I love you. You are a genius at pranking Spenny. Love the goat and alcohol challenge episodes. I'll write/email CC and tell them to get you back on the air!

please do

What's your favorite movie of all time?

sounds like you trying to hack into my gmail.

um, forget it.


helen keller would think that!

Will you come drinking with me?

doubt it.

Do you ever feel bad about the shit you did to Spenny? Has he ever tried to kill you?

yes and no

what's it like being the most famous man in toronto

its fun!

Can u bring Testees back?

i wish

Wow. I never new you were so famous, Kenny. I'm a massive fan. I've been watching KvS from a young age and I can safely say you have turned me into a gigantic, immature teenager. Cheers <3.

cheers back!


Is it difficult working with spenny? cause we all know how much of a bitch he can be on the show. How do you cope with that guy? i noticed he'll say some harsh shit to you when hes mad. anyway i fucking love the show you seem like a cool guy. oh and does he really have aporn addiction? hahaha

very difficult, but thats what makes him spenny. and he keep doing this porn shit?! nothing worse that porn as a subject the lowest wrung on the totem pole for me... i wont touch that shit again we already did it in kvs once i do something i move on!

Did you actually bang the beyonce lookalike in the journalist episode?

didnt bang her. but fuk her body was retarded!

Yo Kenny, Love your work! So I'm turning 19 in march, and I was wondering if you would have some shots with me?

um no. but i love you

KVS is my all time favorite show! What do we have to do to bring you guys back? It's nice to have at least one show Canada can love the shit out of and actually be proud of! You, Kenny, are my hero. I love you.... And Spenny is a wiener. :)

duh and thanks!


I live in Toronto, wanna grab a beer some time?

not really unless your rich, hot or own a network. but thx

How much weed did you buy for the "Who can smoke more" competition? Also what is your favorite humiliation? Mine is still the one of Spenny eating cat food, its literally 5 minutes of pure hilarity.

who knows cant remember. and i love that as well. it's the longest one in the series

I put the quote where you said, "it is doom that has come to thee in a keg of water" (from the episode where you two couldn't touch the floor) in my quote section of my senior year book.

haha, fuk i love those lines too!!!!!!

How much shit dod you take for the "Jesus Sucks" banner you had flown around

a lot i almost sunk the series doing shit like that!

absolutely love KVS. you're a dick, spenny is a pussy - it's brilliant.

excuse me?! I'm a dick?! he's a dick and a pussy. why am i a dick? because I entertained u for almost 9 years. i abused spenny because he deserved it.

i'm not a dick i'm a hero. get it straight!

Have you ever actually got into any legal trouble during filming?

many many times. it just the nature of the beast.

I miss Testees and I miss KvS, and this thread is making me remember how sad I was when I found out both of those would be cancelled.

Any chance of a kuve tour or something similar. As a Canadian I know a fuck-ton of people that would show up to witness something along those lines.

watch TOTW here: enjoy!

Testees. PLEASE.... PLEASE make more.

i fucking wish!

Kenny, I love the episodes with your sister, she's a real fine piece of ass. Thoughts on running a train on her, you're invited.

i get the caboose!

How/where did you first meet Spenny?

it was in a playground bathroom public toilet he was 6. i accidentally went wee wee on him. his parents used to paint him white and make him pretend he was a urinal. it was to get money from anonymous gay pedophiles. hey don't judge everyone gotta eat!

you're great for doing an ama, question tho. When a fan asks to have a picture taken with you, do you usually say yes or is my highschool friend really lucky?

always say yes i love my fans. i'll do anything for them. most of the time

you're great for doing an ama, question tho. When a fan asks to have a picture taken with you, do you usually say yes or is my highschool friend really lucky?

always say yes

you're great for doing an ama, question tho. When a fan asks to have a picture taken with you, do you usually say yes or is my highschool friend really lucky?

i always say yes

About to support the shit out of you after reading through this.

thanks mm

Kenny, in episodes where you had judges (ex: Who do black guys like more?) What was the reaction after they find out you fool them?

they freaked! one of them actually got really mad.

Nice R8 ;) 24/f/toronto. If you want to. I was thinking. Maybe. Could we?

not sure thats a code or your a fan typing with palsy?

Who came up with the opening cinematic and the audio track for the intro to KvS?

me thats why i'm in all the shots and spenny's face gets covered in each panel. i even screwed him in that! he wasnt around much for post production. also the music was modeled from "procreation of the wicked" celtic frost.

When Spenny was on top of a cliff threatening to jump off a cliff on the biggest balls challenge did you actually expect him to do it? Were you genuinely worried or did you assume he was full of shit and threw him a bone?

threw him the bone 100% i hated that so much what a baby. i had to keep feeding him shit like that now and then so he'd keep doing the show. so annoying, hate that about him.

ill be allowed back into canada in about a year and a half. whats new there? i used to go every year for visits and drive through rather than fly to the lower 48.

this is not IAMA travel blog!

one more thing. you should pitch a show thats like survivorman but with you and spenny. the final episode could be you cannibalizing him or having him cannibalized or leaving him with a cannibal tribe somewhere. or it could be something where you both travel to various different cultures around the world and the contest is to see which one of you integrates or is accepted by the culture more. itd be pretty funny to see spenny fail at various customs and rituals

we did that. woods episode

wheres your club?

on the corner of google ave and search lane.

Kenny! This will probably get buried but i have to ask.. Is Spencer really that naive/stupid? There were moments when i thought the show was scripted, because of how naive he was.

Miss your show! Take care

ya i also made him look pretty bad in the edits...


thx! i love nyc!

Hey Kenny, just wondering if you'd ever seen anything shittier than Single White Spenny?

have you?

did spenny name his daughter allistar?

? i gont get it?

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

reply to the same question twice.

For your law breaking episode, what research did you do beforehand to find all the laws to break?

searched 'what laws to break' - but i knew that there was old stupid laws from the 1800's that i could fuck with. ps. that's matt stone's favourite show!

One of the things that makes me chuckle on reddit is when people I've never heard of boldly post AMAs. It's like "Hi, I'm nobody. AMA." XD

i'd rather be a nobody like you

kenny...u should be president of some fucked up country man !

did u know that in germany they copied your show ? it's called "elton vs simon". it is not bad but it has a sour taste to it because they COPIED EVERY FUCKING IDEA from your show...

in the end, they did live shows on tv roasting each other.

by the way do you speak german ? you sometimes made some fucked up funny comments on germans.

cheers man

yeah i know the show, i invented it, read the end titles. i speak a little german.

hey kenny, in that episode where you tricked spenny into thinking he had HIV, did you purposely let people see the house/mail address? and if so did you ever get fans ringing to say hello?

no. that was an accident. we used to get people banging on the door to say hi all the time.

What's a Kenny hotz

95% water and dna and a clydesdale horse penis

Has there ever been a competition that the producers wouldn't allow?

i'm the producer!

Why did you eat people?

because i knew that it was the only chance anyone would get to do it. i'm kinda sorry i did, but when you get these opportunities in your life to make insane unique shit, you grab it and deal with the consequences later

did you plan on throwing the homeless cum in spennys face or was that a spur of the moment thing?

spur of the moment. i cant believe i did it. felt so bad afterwards. and it's not homeless cum, it's probably from cab drivers and anonymous gay johns

Do you like tacos?

love them!

And what happened to yarp yarp? xD

he's cryogenically frozen in area 51

Kenny, I am a huge fan! I don't know why but I never get tired of KvS. I've watched every episode so many times!

What is your favourite KvS episode you guys have done to date? My top two are Meat and Drunk. Never gets old

fart. meat and drunk are in top 10


you're probably right. but fuck you for being a dick

Hi Kenny,

Love your work i was a bit curious, was there any humiliations you wanted to do but never got a chance to?

single white spenny took care of that

Why do people like me hate people like you?


Is there any drug use that goes into the making of this show, so you guys can keep up with everything and keep it interesting?


Kenny, u are fucking awesome, but I must ask something, when u and spenny were doing some comedy act thing in Montreal, I think I just saw u driving around, do you have a black BMW crossover( or at least I think it is a BMW) I wanted to know if I actually saw you, because that would be fucking awesome. And also, what was the absolute worst humiliation you ever got?

wasn't me. my butler drives the bentley

Not a huge k vs s fan but love the weed episode and especially your quote there was no coconut. Me and my buddies use it to define sad situations. Hahaha thanks for the response bro good luck in life!

glad to hear you're kind of cool. thanks

I actually forced my girlfriend to watch who can stay blindfolded the longest because she said the show sounded dumb. She now loves it as much as I do,and laughed hard enough to cry at the end of Who Can. You need to be put in charge of more shows. That was my question.

i love that girls love the show. toss one on her chin for me

Did you really bone the beyonce look-a-like?

ummm i tried but my dick wouldn't fit. i can only screw girls that have had kids

I just wanted to say that you are a brilliant individual. Triumph of the Will was an incredible show. I gained a whole new respect for you when I saw it. I know there's probably no chance of you starting it up again but I loved it. On that note, you need better marketing because I just think a lot of people never even knew that show existed.

welcome to canada!

Why is your dick so big, Kenny?

so it can fit into hippos

How much input did you realistically have on episodes of South Park and were there any episodes / story-lines that Trey and Matt would give you most of the credit for? SP became exponentially better over the past 4 or 5 years so I basically just want to know if it was because you quit writing for them.

Just started watching KvS, shits funny.

yes. i did write everything on south park always, but don't tell them i said that. they're rich enough to have me killed

When you farted on the staircase for 11 seconds straight I almost shit my pants I laughed so hard. I love showing that to women to see if they have a sense of humor or not. Testees was utter genius and I wish there had been more than one season. The episode with the giant dong spray seemed like something straight from your fantasy journal. What was that thing made of? It looked very much like a real giants dick.

uhh that was my actual dick

norma says hi!


Come to Australia some time?

There are tonnes of fans here. Would be fuuun.

dying to go!

Who Are you?

i am the way the truth and the light

There's no way I believe that at least a couple of episodes were at least slightly staged. Like the episode with the children's choir. To justify using the kids that way you had to emphasize the character Spenny to make it feel okay that the kids were okay for disliking him.

why? that makes no sense.

Was Audry your girlfriend during the the viral vid episode? Did you ever call up any of the girls after the who can bone more episode?

yes audrey was and still is my girlfriend. and, no. i wasn't really into any of the girls on the show. i get more pussy than tender viddles

SHITS AHOY GAYLOR!!! MORE KVS in the future??!!?!?!?

fingers crossed for a movie!

Hey Kenny I was just curious if you've ever thought about trying and do something with the dickhouse guys who do jackass and the like? They do some out there stuff.

i like their stuff but not really into the stunt shit

Is it legal to masturbate, yes or no?

yes and it's also legal to send me the footage

Where should I send it and do you really want me, a guy to send you my footage?

send it to spenny. it'll be my birthday present to him

Hey there sailor boy! What happened to Dr. Goldfield and how did you meet him?

he's still around. and one of the office pa's in season 1 knew him and thought he'd be good for the show

Hey Kenny, huge fan. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Just wondering if there will ever be a Triumph of the Will Season 2 or if you are working on any similar projects?And will season 1 be released on DVD anywhere outside Canada?


i want to do a new show. i'm trying to. fuck the dvd, just download it like everyone else. send me the 12.99

Hey Kenny! Huge fan. Are there any episodes that were way to bad to air that you really wish went on? If so, what where they about?

the only show we did that the broadcaster wouldn't air is idiot. they said i was making fun of retards. i've been making fun of retards since ep 1

Do you fuck with Spencer even when you guys are not doing a competition?

i regret what i did already.i need to be paid to destroy his life

Did you actually have all those costumes at the house or did you plan that stuff beforehand?


How is Wolfish?

haven't spoken to him in a while. i'll give him a ring. thanks for the reminding me

Is it true that you flipped a coin to see which role you would take in the show?

Thanks, you are my hero.

are you serious? what do you think? i wish i was an actor. i'd be the new seth rogan

What's Brendan the sound guy doing nowadays? Also, Spencer Rice is a shit eating fuck head.


Kenny, What xbox games are you playing and will you add my Gamer tag? Also, if a network were to pick up KvsS season 7, are you both up for it??

i kind of stopped playing xbox. getting tired of it. i think we'd both do a season 7

I can't think of anything to ask that isn't redundant. I just want you to know I've been watching KvS since CBC, and still watch it on netflix a lot (got my wife into it, yay!) And you are one person I truly want to meet before I die. I love you, man. Your shows are awesome.

thanks! love hearing that

What is going on with Triumph of the Will, can we expect more episodes?

I loved the pilot.

spennys doing a pilot right now. he works for air canada

what kinda music do u actually listen to?


Wha did you do last night?


Was there a single time you cheated/lied on the show and felt bad about it?

yes. too many times

Exactly how big is your dick? ;)

in feet or metres?

Is Ryan the rye bread still alive and well?

that question is stale

What is the best idea you have ever had?


I see you at the bar (dog and bear) near my house all the time, that and random restaurants on ossington. I never say hi. just thought I'd share.

glad you don't say hi, but hi

Any Chance of Spenny doing an AMA? I've always wanted to get inside his head

yeah he's going to do an IamAchildmolester

What was the best moment in your career?

going on conan

hey kenny... big fan :)

just wondering: every time i go to Toronto, i look for you but not sure if you actually live there anymore? do you go to the Hoxton and Dog & Bear often?

i live in your mind. i don't go to hoxton or d&b often

I'm a big fan of your photography. Do you have more copies online to see? Do you still shoot photos?

don't shoot much any more. but i'll ebay some shit for you soon

What was meeting matt and trey like?

what do you think?

Considering how much spenny looks like David Shwimmer with downs syndrome, did you ever consider just working with David and maybe letting spenny be his stunt double or something?

ummm yeah. i'd like to work with shwimmer

Hey man I gotta ask, how much stuff have you shop lifted in your life so far?

tons. i used to steal a lot as a kid. wouldn't advise doing that

Your mom is hilarious and always seems to be a good sport. Is there anything that you did on KvsS that she wasn't particularly proud of?


why is your house sideways?

why is your question retarded

I just want to say thanks for giving us a couple of awesome shows with KVS and Triumph of the Will. I actually really loved the latter and was wondering if you were going to do another season. That show caused me and my friends to laugh the hardest in our lives I swear! Also do you still smoke the green? I remember the one episode of KVS you probably outsmoked Spenny crazily but I\m curious if you still do when not filming a TV show?

a little



Fucked anyone famous?

does masturbating count?

Hello Kenny. What exactly happened to that huge bag of weed you lost in the competition? Did you lose it for good? If you found it where was it? Also a quick description on how you and the crew felt during that competition?

i think brendan took it.

Thanks for the AMA Kenny. I always wondered, in the KvS episodes where you were obviously breaking the rules behind Spencer's back, were those victories later revoked after being released?

don't care. he did the humiliation, that's all that's important to me

How did Spenny react when he found out that he was eating popcorn that had gone through your entire digestive system before it was popped?

none to pleased

What was the meat pukes all about? You really got poisoned from raw meat licking or just overate meat for life, p.s I tried cow tongue because of that episode, its fken amazing!

you tell me. i still have no idea

you should travel the world and film it

you should pay for it

Why does Maurice Del Taco not have his own show? Seriously I'll watch anything when you are doing that character.

yeah i love that guy. did you see his first appearance in papal chase? on my youtube channel

Who inspired you to become a comedian?

my family. or i was just born one

How many times did you fap to Bianca Gross' nude scene?

more curious about how many times she fapped to mine

When you parked your car in the middle of the intersection in Toronto to piss people off, how long did you leave it there for?

Love your show by the way. Thanks for being crazy/awesome.

a wile can't remember

I am addicted to kenny vs spenny. Theres nothing better than smoking a bowl with friends and laughing our asses off at you're crazy characters!

Will Maurice Del Taco ever make a comeback appearance in your online channel?


what with your obsession about Hitler and nazis?

i'm a jew

What is your beauty routine to keep yourself looking so attractive?

i gargle yak jizz

Are you ever gonna have kids, Kenny?

that's a spenny question. i hear he has kids all the time

What's the most bizarre animal you've caught Spenny having sex with?

a ceratothererium simum

CALL ME KENNY 1 403 393 8140

i tried. no answer

Hey Kenny. Do you still keep in touch with Matt and Trey? Any future collaborations in the works?

i see matt now and then

Kenny, absolute fav. video game? Fav. console? Is it harder to play with 3/4 of an index finger?

i love first person shooters. xbox only and always. half finger thing isn't great

I could have sworn I saw Jamie holding a PS3 controller in the who is the better wrestler episode when you were trying out a bunch of characters for the crew. Weird.

Edit: Found it

i have both

Whats the most fucked up story you have of Spencer that happened outside of Kenny vs Spenny?

too much writing to do. go read his blog

Give me a recommendation for a book, movie and band you're going ape-shit over right now?

the last book i read was tv guide. i don't read. movie - gg alin hated. band - zeppelin

Are you still dating audry? I went to high school with her. My step brother kissed her. This is my only claim to any sort of fame. ANd I am proud of it.

thank him for the herpes. still date her

Hey Kenny, whatever happened to that Lab Rats show?

google it

How's the Iron Shiek?

you talking about the thing on my dick?

Kenny Hotz i believe your grandfather was my family doctor in Hamilton ON for almost 40 years, i havent seen him in years but I hope he is doing well!

he's my uncle and he's 95 and his diapers are moist and full

Does a show like KvS make you rich, or did you just make a decent living while it was running?

i'm pretty rich

hey kenny, how much of triumph of the will was staged?

only the staged parts

What's your favorite thing about Spenny?

his partner



I saw you were a writer on Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. What the fuck was that?

first gig spenny and i got paid for. made 6 g each. it was fun

Can Spenny be blamed for the female turtle?

No, he can be blamed for little boys disappearing

Who made the intro of the KVS episodes?


are you by any chance related to terence mckenna?


Can we pretend I'm famous and have me headline at the Hoxton?

just get famous!

Ever thought about making an album? You're quite the singer.

i would love to!

TIL Kenny Hotz is a 13 year old boy who thinks rape jokes and gay jokes are funny. SMH.

you just learned that? most people i know learned that years ago. also, you have dinosaur in your name and you're calling me 13?!

You've quite the fanbase here in Iceland. Ever thought about going there and maybe do a stand up or meet people that would be interested to work with you?

i love to go there. sell some herring and send me a plane ticket!

You see Brendan, Jamie, Sebi and Kevin much?


hey kenny... seen any more guys blarting in boys town recently?

no thank god


i just did in the snow. come and get it.

How pissed were you after Spenny tore all of your clothes after he found out that you made the note that said he had HIV?

not very.

Did you ever get attacked on the streets of Toronto when you were doing Maurice Del Taco? I mean it's obviously rude to gays. Haha

Actually, we have a large fan base in the gay community, including Spencer.

Spenny appeared on Top Chef Canada as a guest judge. Given the fact that you are the one who actually can cook and appreciate good food, any chance we could expect to see you on Top Chef?

I'm so pissed about this. I bumped into the producers and told them I wanted to be a judge on the show. I guess they retardedly called Spenny (not being fans) and he took my spot. They told me I can be on the 2nd season. I said "fuck you, the only way I'd go after Spenny would be to stab Jesus."

How was the experience of writing for South Park? How much of Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow was yours? Please say at least the jew gold.

That's basically the only thing I ever got into South Park. But hearing Cartman do my line was fucking Biblical.

Fuck youtube. When the fuck are you gonna be on a show again? Also, I noticed your show was produced by the South Park fucks and were shortly on Comedy Central. Fuck you, I'm an 'merican, and I'm drunk and you crack me up, get your Jew ass back on TV, you fuck. Also, what's your connection with them,. they are funny mother fuckers. Or run for a state senator out here, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE! Fix this financial shit!

Dear Mr. Obama, I understand your need to be incognito. Are there really aliens? And where were you really born?

Hahaha. Yes, aliens are real. They have a weird anal fetish so we let them anal rape people in exchange for technology. I was actually born in the USSR, I'm a secret Russian weapon designed to bring socialism to America. My health care plan is a clear example of this, obviously, as it give everyone free health care and abolishes the health care companies.

Hahahaha, I don't even remember writing that, but you're fucking awesome man, I wish you were in more stuff. I'll check out your youtube stuff and your website. Seriously, be in more stuff.

Smoke another

Thanks for the laughs, man. Laughed til I cried when you took a shit on Spenny's cauliflower. Loved when you both got stoned and looked at each other, saying "I don't think we can do a show." Also, I think I have a crush on your mom!

Please bang mom. I'll pay you.

I wanna thank you kenny for helping me and my roommate bare the stresses of University! would literally have went crazy if I had not been able to sit down every night and watch an episode of KvS! keeping fingers crossed about the movie! Good luck and thank you!

I really love doing that for you guys. A big part of me doing the show was making sure that I blew your minds season after season. You guys totally inspired me to make great shit. Thank you.

Huge fan of KvS and TotW here! My question is did the placenta you ate actually taste good enough to eat again? Also, what is your favorite aushwitz/hitler joke? I can't stop laughing when I remember: "my grandfather died in auschwitz, he fell out of the guard tower shooting jews"

Placenta was gross, tasted like Kid liver kidney. Let me tell you why I make holocaust jokes. It's cuz everybody hates the jews and I figure if I'm self-deprecating maybe they'll think twice about insulting the original Master Race.


I have not been on a streetcar in ten years. But I do often sell my sex slaves there.

Hey Kenny , I have one question . What's your next show , that i can look in germany ? I miss your dirty jokes .

I miss my grandparents, thanks for killing them.

Ok Kenny, what would you rather do... 3 way with Bianca and Spenny or Spenny's mom.


Any time I pull out my dick it's a three way

If i ever ran into you in real life and offered you to smoke a joint with me, would you? Because that would probably be the most defining moment in my life.

In that case sure, why not. Grab a hit off ya. Hope you don't mind the herps

If you could bang any celebrity, who would it be?

Marylin Monroe. Got a shovel?

Where DO the butterflies sleep?

Watch the episode

ur Triumph of Will episode Rags to Bitches is probably the most brilliant thing ive ever seen, do police ever give you shit after episodes like that air where u break the law;?

No, they're mega fans. Haven't gotten a ticket in 9 years.

Putting up all of your shit for free is noble and I love you for it. I am a new fan and will happily pay for whatever it is you want to sell me now... including the D.

Get a paypal account.

I actually still sing "some people wanna. But i dont wanna the marijuana" been stuck in my head for years!


What was your favourite part of the show kenny vs spenny?

Cashing the cheques.

Why won't Spenny just embrace the insanity?

Also: re-watching the biggest fart episode for the umpteenth time. Still keel over in laughter watching you walk away let down after trying to fart on Spenny's head, only to let out the fucking earth-shaker of a fart slip out as you walked up the stairs.

I'm so pissed because I had almost 4 million hits on some clip some fan posted on youtube and viacom shut it down. So please post all my shit everywhere. Thanks.

Did you set Spenny up in the kissing episode when that random girl showed up? Also, thanks for the laughs over the years man. You are the number 1 person my friends and I quote in Day to day life.

No, wish I did though. That was gold. Poor girl.

I asked this last time the AMA happened. I got effed in the A for even suggesting it.

We did hundreds of hours of Television. Not one person has shown me anything that proves the show was scripted. Next time I'll wear a condom. Thanks for admitting I hurt your bum bum. I love you. Send me your parents Jewelry for doubting a god.

Holy shit, you're still answering.

I would say that he's a celebrity as he's been on multiple cable television shows. Does that mean he's intelligent, attractive, or otherwise useful? I'll leave that to the viewer to decide on their own.

screw that i'll answer it. yes!

Can you give us the full story of when Spenny tried to kiss you in Amsterdam?

Dude, he was wasted, like crazy wasted, and he tried to kiss me. I was crazy wasted too and beyond not interested. I could gargle a pound of heroin and still not wanna kiss that guy.

I know on one of the last episodes of KvS you and spenny said that you were going to remain friends after the show... After all the torture, did it happen?

Unfortunately yes

If you could be asked one question, what question would that be and how would you answer it?

That is an incredible question, and I'm actually sitting here right now trying to figure out how to answer you because you're one of thousands of questions I've answered over the last 9 years that I'm actually perplexed about. So fuck you for making me use my brain. Haven't I done enough for you?

What are the craziest/meanest things you've done to Spenny that didn't make it into the show?

Basically working with him is the meanest thing I ever did to him. The rest is all secondary.

What ever happened to the dog you had in the "who can gain the most weight" pilot episode?

He just died. So sad. Loved him.

What are your and Spenny's family reactions to the show? I imagine that Spenny's family is a little ashamed of what happens to him and how stupid he is. And your mom probably high fives you whenever you visit.

Do the antics you guys have ever cause for awkward moments?

My family is all over it. His family are dicks and never really acknowledged how amazing he was for doing it.

Hey Kenny. I'll be honest - I saw your name, and had no idea who you were, but a thing went off in my head that said, "I know this guy.." so I googled you, and found out that it was from Testees. I think it's a crime that this show was so short-lived.

I'll spare you the whole, "BRING THIS BACK PLEASE," thing, because I know it's way out of your hands, but I just wanted to thank you for creating one of the funnier shows in my memory.

Oh my god, I'm so upset that show didn't keep going. I fucking love Testees. I'm so distraught that it didn't continue. To me the first season was shit. I really think it would've been the new Family Guy.

Kenny - In the episode where Spenny wanted to commit suicide, what the hell made him go to that specific spot?

He was just being a dick.

Do u maybe come one time to austria - vienna? :-D would be awesome

I got wasted at the "The Tunnel" - I've been to Wiener world, and I've visited Mozart's Tomb. But you guys made Hitler... so fuck you


Jaws. (had to think about it)

As a fellow Kingstonian , I'm so surprised how many redditors are actually in my community. P.S. you're fucking hilarious kenny


So what happened to both you and Spenny after the end of KvS? What did you both do in your downtime?

I'm rich. Spenny's poor.

How much fun was it to break all those laws in the episode about who could break the most laws?

SO MUCH FUN! OMG! And super paid, made tonnes of cash. Paying me to smoke weed and do crime. Fuck that shit was the best.

Do you still shave with hand soap in bathrooms like a vagrant as evidenced in Pitch?


if you were alive 70 years ago and were put on a train going to a holocaust camp, what would you pack in your suitcase?


Are you still trying to have sex with Spenny's smoking hot cousin?

I've banged chics that make her look like Ruth Gordon

Have you been to ?

I have now. Reminds me of my bedroom

Just saw you own The Hoxton. I love The Hoxton. Mind if I pretend to know you to impress women?

EDIT: Actual question. I'm interested in photography and saw some of your shots in KvS, they were amazing. Do you have any favorite photographers?

Why don't you come over. You can use an 8X10. Shave first. I love muscles.

If the show gets off the ground again (let's say a bunch of redditors harass the comedy network/showcase), would you consider sourcing competition ideas to the internet?

I've tried that in the past, but truthfully no one's as fucked up as I am. But please god send molotovs

My favorite t shirt was the one with Hitler and under it it said "spennys dad" what was ur favorite couch t shirt?

Loved so many.

Are you and Audrey still together?


Kenny, I just wanted to say that I loved all the kvs stuff you guys did, and i'm upset you aren't making new episodes. My favorite was "who can go the longest without sleeping". That shit is just straight up funny and interesting. I was wondering if you and spenny ever thought about doing some sort of live show or live broadcast event or something. I would pay serious money to see the Kenny vs spenny show on tour

I'd feel like I was ripping you off

I wouldn't. because I love you

let me try to steal from the rich 1st

How was doing the first episode of the series? Did you know that you would straight away play the maniac, and did spenny know you would be a maniac?

I don't think Spenny was prepared for the onslaught but I got into. I really got into it. I really surprised myself. I'm so happy you like it.

Good Guy Kenny Hotz answers almost every question in his AMA.

Tell me about if. Fuck it sucks. ugh

hi kenny why are there so many funny jews like yourself

I'm more curious why there's so many unfunny Muslims

How shitty was cbc?

Shitty all the way to the bank.

I've always wondered. How regularly do you shower and brush your teeth? The tongue scrape humiliation will always be my favorite

Not often. But who cares. My dick looks like Freddy Kruger.

I saw you at Jacob's once with a very sexy chick. So I can attest that you at least pay for hot pussy.

She bought dinner

Hey Kenny, Frank Ristenko (not sure about the spelling of his last name) used to work with you. I found this out when we got talking about the show one day and he mentioned that he knew you. Anyway, he ended up getting an autographed copy of season 5 KVS from you for me. Just wanted to say thanks!

Get a life.


Did Spenny really get a chub while getting a lap dance from that male stripper?

What do you think? Why are you making me answer this? It was on camera. Hugo gave him a boner, please god let me get back to the real questions.

If you had to sell all of your records but one, which one would you keep.

The Jim Jones Album - Proof

You are amazing. Please do whatever you can to get a new season of KvS... Do you think you can take Spenny to an even lower level than he is right now? How?

I need one of those Matrix digging machines from Zion for that. Send naked pics

Kenny - do a fuckin podcast.

Hotzcast - Streaming live from starting mid january. Got a deal going with SiriusXM - if it sucks I'll kill it.

Tupac or Biggie?

Deepak and Twiggie

I fucking love you. Are you aware that you are responsible for the breast less teens of this generation? Do you regret making us lol our tits off? I look forward to hearing back from you.

I would look forward to not shooting zombies. But thanks for the interaction.

you're still answering questions?

what am i supposed to do? their still asking

Which world leader would you most like to fuck?


Kenny, I just watched the "Who Can Eat the Most Meat?" episode of Kenny vs Spenny for the 100th time, and then watched the pork episode of "Triumph of the Will". Which one of those is the real Kenny?

P.S Every character in any video game I make is named Pilgore now.

both, but 1 is older and wiser. not sure which 1 though

Hey Kenny, I met you on the street a few years ago during Nuit Blanche and I stopped you to say hi and shit and I told you that you were my second idol and you went on and asked "Who's your first? Hitler?"(not sure if you remember) and it was awesome. Do you always get bugged everywhere you go and is it frustrating going out and doing everyday shit because of people like me?

no. i love it

The episode where you guys went to Cuba for a vacation on the network's dime. Did the network know about that ahead of time? Was this revenge for cancelling the show? I love you guys, and would gladly pay for any premium cable show just to watch you guys again.

they had no idea

It seemed like you and spenny could still be considered friends for the first couple seasons of the show, was there a certain competition that finally broke him enough to stop that? Or was it very gradual?

true. but i think that made the show better!


wow! so happy for you and so cool i helped. crazy! i'll set up a mail box so you can send me something. remind me soon! xoxoxoxox


What subreddit do you most frequent?


Kenny you're awesome, and when you shot your episode in "Sault Ste. Marie" you gained yourself a few loyal slaves in this town forever!

Spenny Sucks Farts.

cool i liked it up there

what is Sebby and Brendan and the rest of the crew up to these days?


Is Spencer always such a whiney baby? Are you always such a prick? I stopped watching your show after the goat episode when you scared the goats with the remote control car. Totally douche move.

oh my god!!!!! I'm so very very sorry i scared a goat with a toy. Will you ever forgive me?! I promise to kiss every barn animal i see from now on. Enjoy your taco bell torture food. but I think i made up for it in my don't eat pigs triumph episode!

I wish spenny would do an AMA.

on what? how to rape pugs!

You like Trailer Park Boys?

i prefer trailer park girls. they give better bj's

Testees was my favorite show when I was watching TV.

That's all I got

that's enough. thx

This word gets thrown around a lot, but have you ever been diagnosed as a sociopath? You really seem to have absolutely no conscience.

watch my last series and then get back to me

Hey Kenny, I've watched the show for years, and is by far my favourite. I recently watched the season of Triumph of the Will and was blow away by it. In the cannibal episode, what was the worst part?

getting cancelled!

I just wanted to say that I love you.


I just wanted to thank you for teaching me the cheek kiss head turn trick. I've found women think it's strangely charming. Usually.

glad youre using it padawan

Kenny, your scheme in "Who Can the Sell Most Bibles" was outright Machiavellian. What went into planning something that elaborate? How did you know Spenny would react in that way?

Also this one may have been asked (if so feel free to ignore), but did you ever do anything so horrible to Spenny that you felt bad?

he was sooooo pissed.

Hey Kenny,

Big fan, and I've served you in my bar a few times. You are super nice and funny! Here's my question..

How fucking scary was hanging out with Zanta? Haven't seen him around T.O. in a while, but man, I always found that dude super creepy. Is it just an act?

Thanks for the many hours of entertainment you've given me over the years!

some guy called me a dick for putting him in the show. he wanted to be in it and was a nice guy?!

Hey Kenny, I love you. Send me an autograph?

send me your tit i'll sign it

Do your Mom and brother watch the show?

I can't believe what your brother does for you sometimes... Just thinking about the "First one to get a boner comp."...

they love it more than you guys!!!!!

Who can bone more women is private, fix it.

cant my channel will get pulled cuz i show the trannies wiener in it!


loving movies i guess

Testees still rates as one of my favorite shows...ever. Why did it end? BTW the fat/ugly/zombie episode was comedy gold.

thx, so sad its gone!!!!! whaaaaaa!!!!!

Who is Kenny Hotz? Even when Barack Obama did an AMA, he was labelled as the POTUS. I don't care enough about this guy to google him.

people have been asking me this. i really just a guy who likes making funny shit.

Does Spenny have any redeeming qualities? He seems to only have bad ones.

let me think about that and get back to u

how on earth did you think o the poop corn humiliation. just brilliant.

tom green and derek harvies idea.

As someone from America, who has never been to Canada, I'm dying to know how to properly make poutine. Care to hook me up with a recipe? teen poo...yes!

Saw you were still anwsering questions, why did spennys mother never want to be seen?

would you want to be seen if you gave birth to spenny?

How much of your own money do you spend during the show, for example bribes, or does the production company pay them?

yup everything is paid for

Huge fan here. Would you appreciate some competition suggestions from us? I think it would be a great idea :)

no need its cancelled

So did Dr. Goldfields herbal shop get extremely successful because the show? Was he really as laid-back as you portray?

I loved the episode who can eat the most meat on a scale of 1 to 10 how sick were you really?

What games are you playing these days?

yes and yes

What did happen in the episode of who can get further with the other guys mom?

nothing i want to remember


Saw Tom Green live last October. After the show I got drunk with him (coincidentally, I'm drunk now!) and I asked him a bunch of shit. Most of it was how the Trailer Park Boys is the best TV show on the planet, and that you vs dicklick is a close second. Anywho, he had me call you on his cell phone. I left a VM that went something like, "tis hot out today, I have an eeling Mr. Rice is in a crabby mode," then went on to tell you NOT to do a seventh season because I think it will set Spenny off and he'll do something really deranged.

Anyway, why don't you and Spenny travel and do live shows? Strengthen your grassroot following (especially in the US), which will lead to more shit (ala the TPB guys with "Drunk and on Drugs" or "SWEARnet").

You are the man and go fuck yourself old country style, yarp yarp.

PS-cock in the shitter suckin a tit. Vagina!

haha thanks!

I'm rewatching everything on your channel. Late question: in S2E8, "Who can kiss more women," was the Donna woman that had a crush on Spenny genuine? Did he ever contact her after viewing the tapes?

not sure he ever saw her again?

Hey kenny, i just watched the pilot to KvS and saw that you had a "the price is right" nametag on your fridge, were you on the show back in the day?

yes with spenny it was great

I have an idea.We should create a Paypal account and all the fans donate so we can get this masterpiece of a show back on TV.I want to see Spenny get humiliated again.

i've had that idea too

Why did KvS end?Was it because you didn't get enough views?

really? u think thats the reason?

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Kenny Hotz conducted on Reddit on 2013-01-01. The Reddit AMA can be found here.