Joseph Gordon-Levitt

June 26, 2015

Hello again! Joseph Gordon-Levitt here. AMA...

Dearest ladies and gentlemen of Reddit,

I think about 6 months is as long as I should ever really stay away from here. And I'm sure you guys can think of plenty more things we should talk about.

And, by the way, it just so happens that the second season of HITRECORD ON TV is playing on television these days. I'm really proud of the show all of us over at hitRECord made together, and I think you'll like it. Here's a link to the first episode of season 2 --

Oh yes, and of course, the proof. Imgur

So, as Indie Sr. said to Indie Jr. in a rare moment of blimp riding safety... "What do you wanna talk about?"

Well, the fire alarm in the office below ours actually just went off. And it's almost been an hour. So I'm off for now. Thanks for the chat, you guys, I had fun, as always. See you next time... <3

What are your thoughts on today's amazing news?

It's beautiful. I feel very lucky and proud to live in the USA, where this kind of progress is possible, even if sometimes it feels slower than it should.

Hi Joseph!

I read that early in your career you "did not enjoy being recognized in public, saying [you] 'hated being a celebrity'."

Has that sentiment changed at all over the lenght of your acting career? How do you guys deal with being scrutinized by the media at every moment, and is there any way, as a celebrity, to find some "alone time" away from the public eye?

I love getting to be an actor, and I love it when people connect to the movies and shows and stuff that I work on. Personally, I don't at all like making a public show out of my private life, and I try to avoid it as much as possible. Some actors feel differently about their own private lives, and that's fine by me as well.

Hey, Joe, thanks for all the great work. I’m a sophomore in college majoring in chemistry, but I really like writing. I think novelists have the coolest job in the world. What advice do you have for an aspiring writer?

Write as much as you can. Don't worry about what other people think of your writing. Just do it. When the time comes to share your writing with other people, it'll feel natural. And by the way, we do writing challenges on hitRECord all the time, and it's a really warm and encouraging community to do it with.

What ratio of peanut butter to jelly (jam?) do you like your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Why, 50/50 of course

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

I like the one Alfonso Cuarón did

Hello Joe! What is your view of Edward Snowden? And how did the movie change it?

Frankly, I didn't know very much at all about Snowden when Oliver Stone asked me to play him. Once I spent some time reading up on him, I grew to admire what he did a great deal. Of course, that's just my opinion, and I certainly don't think that my opinion counts for more or something because I'm an actor. But I would encourage anybody who's even a little curious to spend a bit of time looking into it yourself, and not just trusting what people say on TV.

Are you currently watching a new tv show?

Louie Season 5!

Hi Joseph, what's your go-to dance move?

The one where I listen to the music and don't pay attention to what I look like

For my own headcanon, what do you suppose Blake did after discovering the Batcave under Wayne Manor?

Put on "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke

Hi Joe, do you prefer all you can eat sushi or hotpot? And why?

Hotpot - for the chicken heads

Hi Joseph! What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime? And where is your favorite place in the world!

i just love being at my house

Hey Joe!

If you could collaborate with one person from any period of time, who would it be? Also, you're a beautiful man.

I would love to meet the first monkey who every started saying words and see what she has to say.. and thank you :)

J'ai perdue mon paon. L'as-tu vu?

Oui il est avec moi, il me prefere. Tant pis pour toi..

What do you bench?

During Don Jon I got to 200... now it's more like a buck 25

So what's your favorite meal?

Your mom

If you can have a super power what would it be and why?

definitely empathy

What is your favorite book of all time?


Hey Joseph!

What's the last song you listened to twice in a row because the first time through wasn't enough?

The first song, on the first Alabama Shakes album... but I forget its name

Is the story true that when you were at the Bronx zoo one time, you jumped into the ostrich pen and managed to ride one before security finally apprehended you?

o yeaaaa

How do you keep your eyebrows so nice?

I have a team of robots, working round the clock

Do you have a favorite pillow?

Your mom

Hey JGL! Glad to see you return and I had two long winded-ish questions for you.

First, I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman saga and cannot wait to see how you get this project to the masses. Besides a lack of fist fights, is there anything about your adaptation you can share? I know you got a ways to go to get to A Game of You, but to me it seems like that story in particular would be a nightmare to successfully pitch to the studio (main franchise character basically just has a cameo, female lead, trans issues, etc.). Either way, you can bet I’ll be rooting for you the whole way on that massive undertaking.

Secondly, I saw you done some screenplay work and I was wondering if you have any advice for first time writers. Been working on a story for the last few years now that I haven’t come back to for either writer’s block or that feeling of dread that no one will ever read or care what it is you have to say. Any personal experience combating those shitty thoughts?

Either way, looking forward to whatever you have on the horizon. You have yet to disappoint.

Yeah, there's tons of little brilliant moments throughout the series, and we certainly can't incorporate all of them. We are using a whole bunch of specifics straight from the comics, but of course, we're also having to do a certain amount of invention, and in between that, there's tons of re-appropriating, re-contextualizing, combining, consolidating, and all manner of things that literalists might not like. But what we try to be completely faithful about is the overall sentiment: that Dreams and Stories and Magic are actually all the same thing, and that they're real, and that they're powerful.

Would you rather have your dick where your ass is or your ass where your dick is?

I'll never tell - but that's a great question!

Important question here: Red or blue slushies?


Has life been easier for you being so damn sexy?

No one said life was fair.

How do you keep it so real?

Also, what should I do for dinner?

chicken salad, and chicken salad

Hi. What movie of yours are you most proud of?

I wouldn't rank them, because movies aren't sports, but there's definitely some lesser known ones I'll happily shout out: Manic, The Lookout, Hesher, Mysterious Skin, The Wind Rises (english voice)

What's the first album you remember buying?

Michael Jackson's Dangerous + Guns n' Roses' Use Your Illusion II - on CD

Hello, Joe! You seem to have great taste in music, and I need some tunes, so pop quiz – What songs would you choose as the soundtrack if you were:

Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine / Adagio from Concerto in D minor by Glenn Gould / Surf's Up by The Beach Boys / That's Where It's At by Sam Cooke / Electioneering by Radiohead / You Wanna Be Starting Something by Michael Jackson

What is your fondest memory from working on 3rd Rock from the Sun?

And was the High Commander as cool and funny as depicted on the show?

The scene where French and I were trying to feed the baby. I'm embarrassed to watch it though because they used the take where I couldn't keep a straight face. And yes, Lithgow is a shining white knight, and a personal idol.

Now that it's legal, will you marry me?

No. But that's mostly because I'm already married. Also because I don't know you.

What's your favorite scary movie?

Predictably enough, I'd say the Shining. But, for a more obscure answer, try Audition by Takashi Miike.

Hey man.

What did you have for breakfast?

I unfortunately didn't have breakfast today

Write the first thing that comes to your mind?

Your mom

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.

Two quick questions on your Sandman adaptation:

  1. What would you say is the most difficult aspect of translating Sandman to the big screen?
  2. Given the large scope and episodic nature of would you say it is best suited for a big screen adaptation, or would a small screen adaptation fit the bill better?

I think a big screen adaptation is a better idea and here's why. If you did the episodic version, I think it could very well end up as a not-as-good-version of what is already brilliant in the comics. But by reworking the material into a big movie, Gaiman's brilliant characters and ideas get to take shape in a way they never have before. Also, I think Sandman deserves to look absolutely mind-blowingly awesome, just on a visual level, and as cinematic as some tv shows are becoming these days, they still can't compete with big movies visually, just because they can't afford to.

What do you think was your break through piece?

I'm not sure there is such a thing, at least for me, it's been really gradual, and taken a long time. Or perhaps Manic. Or Inception.

Would you rather have finger-length legs or leg-length fingers?

And no, your fingers don't actually turn in to legs nor do your legs turn in to fingers. They are simply adjusted for size.

Thank you Mr Gordon-Levitt

after serious consideration... finger-length legs

What is your spirit animal? Mine is a Chinese Sea Otter.

Your mom

Can I have $500 ?


Would you like to come over for some BBQ? *That is a completely non creepy invite. My husband and I cook really good food and I just want to share it.

Charcoal or gas? (hint: gas bbq is an oxymoron)

I want to join hitRECord but I'm quite shy. Any tips?

Start by lurking - you'll see it's a really warm and encouraging place to be - then try contributing something

Hey Joseph,

I loved you in 50/50.

Question: What's your top tip for asking girls out?


I'm really enjoying season 2 of hitRECord (I enjoyed the first as well, of course) -- how do you feel things have changed between the first season and the second?

In the second season, we've managed to include way more contributions from the community, which makes me happy, and makes the show better.

Do you like Star Trek and why is that so?

positive sci-fi ftw

When confronted by a spider in your home do you kill it or pick it up with paper and release it outside?

just last night i actually scooped up a baby centipede on a piece of paper and set it free

Hi so among these: James Franco, Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill who would you kill, fuck, marry ?

I would definitely marry Seth, that's for sure. Jonah and Franco and I would probably just have a big murderous orgy.


Thanks! Favorite part is hard to say. But I do know that any time I make any little thing, write a little story, sing a little song, anything really, I feel good. (Also, MLT.)

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Joseph Gordon-Levitt conducted on Reddit on 2015-06-26. The Reddit AMA can be found here.