Jex Blackmore

July 28, 2015

I'm Jex Blackmore, national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and organizer of the largest Satanic event in history. AMA!

I am a member of The Satanic Temple Executive Ministry, a non-theistic religious organization that facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists and advocates for individual liberty. I'm also the Director of the Detroit Satanic Temple chapter ( and organizer of the Baphomet Unveiling this past Saturday the 25th - the largest Satanic event in history.

Verifing my identity: Website:


UPDATE: It is past the midnight hour, my computer is turning into a broomstick and you people make me sick. Just kidding, this was a great experience. Thank you for all your questions, feel free to message me online if you have any further thoughts. Visit our website where you can find a wealth of information: HAIL SATAN

What would you consider the goals of Satanism? In realistic terms.

To empower individuals to challenge tyrannical systems.

That is a noble cause, that many fight for without satanism. How does your organization differ from that of ?

Tyrannical systems can be a broad term meaning many things to many different people. I consider many things tyrannical that you may not, can you give example of some tyrannical systems that you openly oppose?

A unifying attribute of all Satanists is our embrace of our outsider status. Satanists adhere to the principles of individual sovereignty and rejection of tyrannical authority. Additionally, Satanism is deeply rooted within a rich historical and literary framework, which spans thousands of years in cultures across the globe. We embrace our philosophic roots as part of our religion. These histories and concerns are of tantamount importance to us, but are not fundamental components of Humanism or other secular philosophies.

We oppose theocratic law.

The paradox of embracing the outsider status is that it is contingent on what the majority of a population consider "acceptable". Your very identity relies on outside influence and mass opinion. Isn't that a shaky foundation for a group so strongly rooted in the sense of self rather than others?

The affirmation of the self, despite characterizations from normative society hardly relies on normative opinion to form selfhood. However, I suppose it's possible that Satanism would not exist if there was not a societal practice of disparaging outsiders and using them as a scapegoat when groups oppose the established power.

so please correct me if i am mistaken in this (especially being late to the thread), but this sounds very similar to the Ubermensch theories of Friedrich Nietzsche. Or, through the way you phrase "tyrranical systems" could mirror the american revolution.

What things do you find "tyrannical?"

Tyranny and oppression arises when the power to rule is in the hands of religions. Theocratic legislation imposes a singular morality upon all. Many currently within the US Congress believe that all areas of business, commerce, science, education and government should align with biblical law. This not only opens the floodgate to religious oppression, it renders the non-believer a second-class citizen. The imposition of religious, moral law upon a diverse nation of believers and non-believers is tyrannical and oppressive.

So, it's really not a religion then? More like a club with a unifying cause.

The Satanic Temple has all of the defining features of religion such as a shared set of values, history, traditions, culture, aesthetic and community. However, ours is a religion in which the God question is not of primary concern. Here's a wikipedia about non-theistic religions:

Sounds like Libertarian to me. Your response sounds political and not particularly religious.

Our identification as Satanists informs our political opinions. In the US, many religious leaders are political. Also, informed by their beliefs.

That is a noble cause, that many fight for without satanism. How does your organization differ from that of ?

Tyrannical systems can be a broad term meaning many things to many different people. I consider many things tyrannical that you may not, can you give example of some tyrannical systems that you openly oppose?

We oppose the imposition of theocratic legislation.

This is exactly the way I see it. Satanism can only exist where there is strong religion. You tell someone in my city that you live for yourself, that you think your time on this earth is limited, that we should be allowed to care about our own worldly desires, and they will say you're just like everyone else. Throw in "and THATS why I chose to be a satanist." and people will be unnecessarily confused. "

But I don't believe in Satan, or anything like that, I just want religious people to leave me alone so hard and let me be selfish."

Dude, everyone has a right to be selfish sometimes, you don't need Satan backing you to have a little bit of self-advocacy.

If you are a freethinking, 'non-religious' individual - and it sounds like you are - most of the religious right would label you a Satanist, a sinner, and under the manipulative gaze of the devil. So, we own it instead of allowing the term "Satanist" to be used pejoratively against us without the capacity to define ourselves on our own terms.

Thinking the same thing. This thread is nothing but shock value. "We're outsiders. We're against things! SATAN! Yeah!" historical and literary framework...


Freethinkers, Feminists, members of the LBGTQ community, Scientists, Philosophers, and political dissidents who have questioned and challenged the church, or the theocracy have been labeled Satanists and heretics for thousands of years. Many were killed or imprisoned as a result. The literary concept of Satan is rooted in Judeo-Christian texts (although one could certainly trace the roots of the Satanic concept to pre-Christian cultures), and matured as humanity intellectually progressed. For example, Satan was deemed the ultimate corruptor in the Middle Ages, and evolved as a cultural hero and liberator within the enlightenment period.

Sounds like a very hipster-friendly organization.


Just sounds like some kind of teenage rebellious fad. I'm sure you'll grow out of it.

Using Reddit as an outlet for irrelevant, insulting, and unproductive commentary to ease your own insecurities is something it seems you haven't quite grown out of from your teenage rebellious fad...

So you're against theocracy, but what are you for?

What would you suggest instead of theocratic law, in realistic terms.

secular law.

That seems to imply that any arguments against abortion must be religious in nature.

Anti-abortion arguments are based on religious, moral and philosophical opinions.

What do you think of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Do you or a number of you have prejudice against Christians? Since your ideals and beliefs are very opposite and contradictory.

We do not judge those with whom we disagree, however we stand against those who unjustly force their beliefs upon others.

Is there still talk of moving the Baphomet statue to Arkansas, and if so how is that whole thing going? As a Little Rock native, I absolutely cannot wait to sit in his lap!

We are currently reviewing the process to submit a display on capitol grounds. We will move ahead as legally permitted. I hope you get a chance to sit upon the lap of Lucifer!

Do you think Detroit will try to come after you guys during the Marche du Nain Rouge?

Everyday feels like the Marche du Nain Rouge!

How did you get involved with The Satanic Temple and the religion?

I became a Satanist after my experience within the church, learning that the what's natural was often condoned as "sinful" or "satanic". I got involved with the Temple after interviewing Lucien about the Temple right after they announced the formation of the organization.

Will you be doing a tour with the new statute? I really wanted a picture with it and I live in Tulsa, so OKC would've been perfect. Secondly, can I still hope that it'll be installed in Oklahoma? Our governor is a real douchebag so I kind of think we earned this.

No plans right now for a tour - but we've discussed it. It looks like the supreme court decision stands regarding the 10 commandments monument, and in that case we won't pursue placement of the Baphomet. I agree that your governor is a douchebag. I encourage you to find ways to challenge him throughout his term.

Where is your gift shop!?

A: Which movie do you feel most embodies the spirit of Satanism?

B: Which album?

A: Pink Flamingos B: Defenders of the Faith – Judas Priest

If you found out a member threatened a theist or had violent extremist inclinations, what is your policy on that? And in extension, is there a standard of absolute honesty among members within the organization?

We have no tolerance for violent threats, racism, or misogyny within TST. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about absolute honesty. We respect our member's privacy and don't demand they indulge personal information or other content they are uncomfortable sharing.

Why do you choose to worship something that by most other "religions" is considered bad? Even if all of it was real and God and Satan wear real... why would you lean towards something that represents hate anger darkness lies ect.

We do not believe that Satan represents hate, anger, lies, etc. We do not conform to the Judeo-Christian concepts of evil or God. We are Satanists and unapologetic. We have no interest in changing who we are to comfort the superstitious.

But isn't what you are promoting just another form of superstition? An alternative version but just as superstitious non the less?

We do not promote superstitious ideologies whatsoever.

Hi Jex, I am a sex addict (bisexual male), in Satanism, does the organization allow sex with other members?

We do not police the lives of our members in any way. Fuck whoever you'd like (consensually). 8=======D 666 (.)(.)

Has your group ever thought about changing your name to avoid poor preconceived notions of what your organization is about?

We have no interest in changing who we are to comfort the superstitious. We are Satanists, therefore we belong to a Satanic organization.

I mean, you said earlier that you don't believe in Satan...why bother calling yourself that then other than for shock value?

We believe in the Satanic ideal, we acknowledge a history where the term "Satanist" has been used pejoratively against individuals who have challenged systems of power, we embody all of the defining features of a "Satanist" by those who employ the term. Why is being a "Satanist" shocking? Therein lies the reason we continue to exist.

What is the most annoying misconception you come across, about Satan? And would you like to clear it here?

Most annoying misconception is that Satan is real. He's not.

...So you are only saying "Hail Satan" because it's edgy then?

"Hail Satan" is an acknowledgement of the Satanic tradition, our culture and successes.

What are the future plans for the statue? What's next for the chapter in Detroit?

Hopefully to move the statue to the Arkansas state capitol. Reproductive rights is one area we are focusing on in Detroit.

Which Detroit coney dog does the Satanic Temple endorse: Lafayette or American Coney Island?

We think all Coney islands should be endorsed equally.

How many souls were sold to the devil last weekend? What do you say to devout Christians (who don't know how to google) who are totally 100% convinced you're in league with the actual devil?

Approximately 666-700 souls were sold to the Devil. To those Christians whose minds are enslaved by biblical mythology we say: Don't waste your prayers on us.

Hi. :) Can you tell us a little about what Satanists believe in and what it means to be a Satanist?

I cannot speak for all Satanists. There are many different understandings of Satanism and Satanic philosophy. That beings said, Satanism stands for individual sovereignty in the face of tyranny, and the pursuit of knowledge even when that knowledge is dangerous. We believe in the power of individual will, not the collective consciousness of the mindless masses.

What's an out-standing point of view that many people don't know about your group?

What practices do you have?

Does your status affect your relationships with other people?

(1) Everyone involved is incredibly sincere, as opposed to being trolls. (2) Activism as worship. (3) Being a spokesperson who receives death threats occasionally gets in the way of my social life - In fact, I'm currently yelling at my funny guy for not coming up with a funny response to this.

What's the reason of life?

That's for you to determine.

How do you feel about theistic satanists and would you welcome them into the Satanic Temple despite not sharing their beliefs?

So long as people adhere to our Tenents they are welcome to join. People may determine if they would like to join us or not.

Did you change your name to make it sound satanic ?

I didn't change anything. I was born Satanic.

Whose genius idea was it to weed out protestors by having everyone in attendance sign a paper selling their souls to the devil? Did anyone actually leave at that point? Were there any other security protocols put in place that we may not have heard of?

The contract was my idea. As far as I know nobody left. We had a decoy location that ticket holders had to first visit before receiving the secondary location - which was one of four intersections surrounding the venue. Attendees then had to find a "psychopomp" wearing a red scarf and recite the passphrase "as above," and wait for the response "so below". They were then led by foot to the actual venue.

How was the Baphomet statue paid for?



Isn't Satan a god that you worship? Or is it just about a culture that appeals to you and there are no beleifs?

No gods, no masters is our philosophy. Supernaturalism is not a prerequisite for sincerely held beliefs, of which we have many. Learn more here:

I guess with no supernatural beliefs calling it a religon seems strange to me. It sounds like a fulfilling cultural lifestyle but no different from many other non religious identies such as psyraver, goth or starwars fanatic. These all have spiritual aspects and I identify myself as a hippy psyraver. But I find the term religious implies an actual belief in the supernatural you are gaining spirituality from.

Though this might be a nationality thing. I'm in Australia where there is no real reason to identify as a religon while in the US it seems like everyone must have a religious category assigned to them.

The idea that religion belongs to supernaturalists is backwards, and offensive. There are several other recognized Religions that are largely considered to be atheistic (Buddism for example). The metaphorical Satanic construct is no more arbitrary to us than are the deeply held beliefs that we actively advocate for. Are we supposed to believe that those who pledge submission to an ethereal supernatural deity hold to their values more deeply than we? Are we supposed to concede that only the superstitious are proper recipients of religious exemption and privilege? In fact, Satanism provides us all that a religion should, without a compulsory attachment to untenable items of faith-based belief: It provides a narrative structure by which we contextualize our lives and works. It provides a body of symbolism and religious practice — a sense of identity, culture, community, and shared values. Read more here:

What type of socioeconomic system do you support based on your satanic philosophies?

Personally, I support Anarcho-syndicalism. However, I don't speak for all.

Why do satanists and setians hate each other?

We got 99 problems and a Setian ain't one.

Do you actually believe in supernatural entities or is it all metaphorical/symbolic?

The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religious organization dedicated to Satanic practice and the promotion of Satanic rights. We understand the Satanic figure as a symbol of man’s inherent nature, representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom rather than a supernatural deity or being.

What kind of involvement do you have with the legal challenges surrounding the 10 commandments at various courthouses and the potential placement of your statue?

What would you like to see happen with regards to religious symbols on state property?

What's your perspective with regards to the establishment clause?

(1) Our only involvement is in regards to our own attempt to install the Baphomet next to the 10 commandments statue in Oklahoma and wherever it goes next (hopefully Arkansas)

(2) We believe it's best that no displays of religion are promoted by our government. However, if there is to be any religious expression it is better that a plurality of beliefs are represented.

(3) The establishment clause should be upheld.

Do you ever get annoyed by people asking questions about satanism that a 2 minute google search would answer?

EDIT: Also, if religion were to change, like if people started treating Harry Potter like they do Christians today, would you change your organization to be "voldemortists"?

YES. and no - Our organization was not founded to oppose Christianity. We have affirmative beliefs as Satanists.

Where is the statue now?

Undisclosed location.

What ever happened with Brian Werner of Vital Remains? He seemed like a big part of the Satanic Temple, and now isn't, as far as I know.

He was asked to resign.



Out of these four choices, the obvious answer is Ozzy. I'm sorry, did you have a question?

Some say satanists are just our for attention.

What would you say to those people?


Does it ever upset you that if you are wrong to believe in Satan and God is the one and only superior being then you are going to burn in hell for eternity?


How many capes/robes do you own? I honestly couldn't see myself owning no less than three.

What do you wear the other four days of the week?

Have you come into contact with any adorable, talking, rapey Woodland Christmas Critters?

Only Pastor Bullock.

What makes your made up religion any different than every other made up religion?

Have you seen our T-shirts?

How has being a "national spokesperson" affected your personal life and persuits? I mean you were already hot so it couldn't have hurt your personal life, but how has it affected or helped your professional goals or your pursuit of more knowledge?

I feel personally rewarded when fighting for a cause I sincerely believe in.

Hi Jex, Saw you on Let it Rip the other day. You held your own well but it seems at times like you're a little unpracticed in front of the cameras but I can totally understand that and I think you have a strong personality and it will come through consistently in time. My question is more organizational -- is TST moving forward with you more as the face of the organization over Lucien? Is Lucien still a part of TST, and if so has his role been diminished? I'm not a member but I'm what you would call an interested observer who has followed you guys for a few years and being supportive while thinking of joining.

Also - any plans to modernize your forums? They seem pretty dated frankly from a tech standpoint. Thanks for answering if you get the time - I know it's already been an hour.

I do not have any media training but I do my best to be as transparent, eloquent and sincere in interviews. I hope to improve over time. Both Lucien and I are spokespeople and we are both members of the Executive Ministry. I'm not in charge of our forums, but I'm sure if we had the resources to update, we would.

Do you enjoy the band Ghost?

I prefer Witch.

How do you feel about Doug Mesner's past as an advocate of "Might is Right" philosophy? On his Three Ring Radio show with Shane Bugbee they both often made racist, sexist and anti-Semitic jokes. On one occasion they referred to Adam Parfrey as a money grubbing k***. Do you think he changed his views since then and that he reformed?

I'm embarrassed by that interview and cannot speak for Doug, however, I can tell you that as an organization we do not support the Might is Right philosophy, and if for whatever reason Doug was to begin promoting those ideals I would not continue my involvement with the Temple.

Hey there, just wanted to say it was great meeting you and I loved the event. Everything was amazing and so well organized. I drove fourteen hours just to see it and it was worth it.

I was wondering about what must be done to start a chapter? I would love to begin one in Iowa.

~ Your wolfish friend

I'm glad you enjoyed the event! Was it you with the wolf mask? We are currently suspending the creation of new chapters - but stay tuned because we will announce new opportunities as they arise.

Do you plan to build more Satanic temples in the future?

There is no future.

On a regular basis I see other religious groups set up at train stations or other public locations to pass out literature and to witness. Does your Ministry actively set up anywhere public in order to recruit or spread your word?

We have set up information booths in public locations. However, we do not proselytize or actively recruit.

you don't think that "satanism" is kind of childish?


What can I do to support TST that doesn't envolve giving money?

You can volunteer with a local chapter, advocate for us online, start positive dialogues, challenge theocratic legislation.

I met Anton LaVey in a book store in San Francisco quite a few years ago. Really nice guy. Read his book (The Satanic Bible) and it made a lot of good sense to me. Is the Satanic Temple part of or the same as the Satanic Church, and how close to LaVey's original ideas is it today?

We are not part of, nor do we endorse The Satanic Church. We find LaVey's ideas archaic.

Does your belief system have any relation to the Christian Satan?

No. However, we believe we are part of a Satanic lineage, where free-thinking individuals were persecuted as Satanists at the hand of the church.

What is next for you and the promotion of TST? It is good to have eloquent speakers to whom others will listen to, and have reasonable discussions with, and you have mentioned many times an interest in having such discussions. Any such plans or similar promotions to the grand Baphomet Unveiling that gave, imho, a great positive view on Satanists?

In Detroit we are working on several local campaigns in regards to reproductive rights - a topic that is dominated by the religious opinions of legislators. We also hope to host a public conversation regarding the nature of religion and history of Satanism.

What's the difference between atheistic and non-theistic? I'm atheist, but I like your organization's mission and ideals, so I'm thinking about coming to a meeting. Where are those held, by the way? I can't find any information on the website. Contact us if you would like information regarding meetings. We do not publicly announce our private meetings for safety.

Why even use satan as a figure? It's about self empowerment in the face of tyranny right? Seems more effective to not acknowledge the devil to begin with.

We are Satanists.

Thanks for doing this, this is super fascinating and I'm learning a ton. Let's say someone wanted to join your organization, right? How would you recommend they go about talking to their friends and family about this change? I can imagine you guys have quite the stigma despite you standing for pretty solid and upright things. But how would you advise someone on talking to loved ones about becoming/identifying as a Satanist?

Thank you for your question and support. I think it's best to come to the table with good information about what you believe and why. Remember, you do not have to be apologetic for your beliefs, but you can offer people an opportunity to understand.

Hello! You say the statue unveiling was the "largest Satanic event in history", but I've covered media events in LA and back on 6/6/6 the Church of Satan held several public events that were on a similar scale. For example, their media arm, Radio Free Satan, held a sold-out "Satan's Rockin' 666 Eve" event which had between 700 to 800 attendees. Here are my sources: Time Magazine promo, LA Times, Warren Ellis on the event. Stanton LaVey, who at the time was affiliated with the Church of Satan, also held an event which included Danzig and Alkaline Trio, which sold out their venue and topped 800 attendees. Promo Source. This is not including the sold-out private event for the Church of Satan's own 666 Satanic High Mass and their recent Year 50 Conclave, both were invite only but peaked at several hundred verified Church of Satan members.

How did you come to the conclusion that the unveiling was the largest Satanic event in history? Were you aware of these other large scale events?

Yes. However, ours not only reached close to 800 attendees, it had a massive cultural impact and solidified the role of Satanism in public affairs. This wasn't just a party. It is a revolution.

Is it possible to have a wedding at your temple? Just yesterday, my girlfriend and I were having a conversation about marriage, and we both decided that if we ever opted to wed, we would want to tie the knot in a Satanic ceremony.

I've been meaning to call different organizations all day, but just haven't had the time. Imagine my excitement when I saw your AMA!

We are able to officiate weddings. Contact us if you decide to tie the knot.

Who would win in a fight, Satan or Cthulhu?


You don't actually believe in what you teach, correct? Is this whole thing a publicity stunt to show how hyporcrital some laws in the U.S are?

What kind of question is that? We absolutely sincerely believe in what we teach. This is not a stunt. Yes, we have an unjust, often-theocratic system in the U.S. that many suffer from as a result, and we intend to assert our own beliefs within this system to make room for a diversity of practices.

As an atheist I wonder: what are your personal "religious views" (meaning deities, afterlife, what we atheists consider as being "superstition")? And what does it practically mean in your particular case to be a "satanist"? (cults, beliefs etc..)

There is a Satanist who calls himself Lord Harrington close to where I live. He owns a company that cleans up people's shit. He lives in a castle that he had constructed in a small town full of hillbillies. Seriously.

I was considering purchasing a lot of land across from the castle and constructing a large catapult over a few months, just for the comedy.

I would never fire a catapult at anyone in anger, but let's play devil's advocate for a second.. :) If I did would I go to hell, or does it reverse and guarantee heaven or what?

I'm glad you wrote. There's no way your forces could defeat Lord Harrington. We already have trebuchets and companies of long bowmen at arms. If there was a hell - you'll surely find it here.

Do you recognize that there are different people/organizations around the world who also call themselves "satanic" and that practice questionable things or have superstitious beliefs? Doesn't it bother you to bear the same name?

We are well aware that there are many interpretations of Satanism. It does not bother us that some of those interpretations are different than our own.

Yay I'm comment number 666.

Have you ever felt state or local governments have unfairly watched or messed with you?

Members of the legislature have unfairly targeted us. Sometimes my phone makes really strange static sounds and I get interference that sounds like a room of people talking. Not sure what that means?

when a satanist sneezes, do you say "bless you"?

I say Gesundheit

What is the Satanists church view on Prostitution or sex workers in general?

Do what thou wilt

I think every guy has had a dream of a satanic worshiping chick in leather that wants nothing more then to seduce you with hot sex in order to capture your soul.

Have you ever roleplayed this fantasy?

That fantasy is my life...except I'm the one who's worshipped instead of the other way around.

What's the truth behind ouiji boards? (I've heard a lot of different things)

Ouiji is a game.

Are you involved with it in any way?

I have played with Ouiji boards but do not think they have any supernatural power.

Why do you people waste time and money building a statue of a demon? aren't there other satanic activities that can be more useful? also, are satanists bad?

We don't consider the statue to be a waste of money or time. We are involved in many other activities. It depends on your definition of "bad."

Kinda random, but it's about Hell. Wouldn't Hell just be this giant gay strip club full of stoners and alcohol? That ain't that bad.

Hopefully, and if so I'm pretty sure I'm already in hell and it's not bad at all.

I'm a nihilist. Can I still join?

Why would you want to?

How much does it cost to summon a demon? Can I pay for classes so you can teach me how to summon a demon?


most of the LeVeyan ideals (principals) fit me but whats the deal about rituals and magic?

is it explained in the satanic bible?

We are not LaVeyan Satanists, and we do not believe in magic.

What cool swag do you get for joining?

If you want, you can purchase a membership card. However, joining costs nothing.

What is the structure of your organization like? Does it resemble a structured church, like the Catholic Church, or a loose organization, like Islam?

Chapters are self-organized. There is no hierarchy within the National Executive Ministry.

Why satanism ? Is this really needed to challenge our tyrannical government . A % of people in the US . might agree with u . But using satanism to get attention to a cause like ours is wrong . I abhor religion . But using the same system as other organized religions like you are doing , but calling it satanism is just as stupid .

We do not abhor religion. In fact, religion is part of human history and has been central to many positive aspects of advancing society. We do, however, believe that religion can be divorced from the supernatural. The fact that our religion lacks the "god" element does not make our beliefs any less sincerely held than someone who does believe in the supernatural. The very fact that Satanism draws so much attention is part of the problem we aim to address. We will not change who we are to complement the comfort level of normative society, and we do not apologize for who we are. We simply ask that our government uphold the rights guaranteed to us under the constitution and I do not think that is stupid.

Does TST practice magic, incantation, and invocation?

On occassion, metaphorically.


Sup Jex,

Is the lore of fallen angels mating with women and breeding something you consider Christian mythos?

Do you consider the fall of angels and of man independent events or plot twists in a single lineage?

The Apocrypha portrays the fall of the angels (or the rise of lucifer depending I suppose) to be the result of their mating with humanity, spawning a half-breed whom in turn gave birth to tyranny (given the knowledge to have power over men). Any light you might shed on this understanding or the lack of it, which there may well be, would interest me greatly.

If accurate in substance, this would seem to suggest that the character called the light bringer who would inform man of good and evil would do so through introducing the heart of it via the means you denounce with your life's work. That tyranny and the nameless one are no more than fruit and tree, poison alike, as the Story goes.

If you could show me the error in my deductions, I might like to think that no entity of any caliber is responsible. That we're not dealing with a living intelligence as adversary, but only bad code which is passive. Inferior intelligence invested in the past but now disconnected from source, only present by dint of momentum; its current gravity gathering more only through bygone energies and institutions, presenting as the People's inertia but not alive unto itself.

What do you say, Jex, do you believe in angels?

No. I do not believe in angels.

How many death threats have you received from good honest Christians?

I'm not sure who would be considered a "good honest Christian," but I have personally recieved death threats from several dozens of people who claim to be Christain. Look at any comment thread following an article about TST and you'll find many more.

What separates your flavor of Satanism (the non-actual-luciferian kind) from simple atheism? It appears to just be vocal atheism coupled with political action.

A unifying attribute of all Satanists is our embrace of our outsider status. Satanists adhere to the principles of individual sovereignty and rejection of tyrannical authority. Additionally, Satanism is deeply rooted within a rich historical and literary framework, which spans thousands of years in cultures across the globe. We embrace our philosophic roots as part of our religion. These histories and concerns are of tantamount importance to us, but are not fundamental components of Humanism or other secular philosophies.

What exactly distinguishes you from LaVeyan Satanism? Or are you a branch of or are you LaVeyan? Do you accept the satanic bible?

EDIT: and if you are laveyan/accept the bible how do you explain the "magic" rituals? do you believe in them or just ignore that?

There's already a response to this question.

Why do you practice a religion that is is named after the symbol of evil? I respect you guys, I just want to know what the deal is.

We don't believe in the judeo-christain concept of evil.

What is your belief that happens when a person dies?

The body dies and begins to rot. There is no more "person."

so what exactly do you guys do ? and what do you believe in ?

Everything your organization believe in is in line with the Satan of the bible, coincidence?

I don't think that's true but I do see some parallels.

I'm from the area, I wanted to go but...$25? Was it worth it you think?

Do you think going out to a movie with popcorn is worth $25? Do you think having the one-time opportunity to see The Unveiling is worth missing a movie for? It's all relative.

Are you (and other Satanists) evil?

It depends on your definition of evil.

Here's my question. Why do all of you involved in the satanic stuff have to change your names? It's rhetorical, really, because we all know it's to sound cooler to each other. Lucian. Jex. Gimme a fuckin break. You know no one can take you seriously with that shit right? Every time I see a satanic temple worshiper on tv, or hear them on the radio, my ears perk up, because I know the hilariously try-hard cool guy name is incoming very shortly, so I turn up the volume and wait, so i can shit myself laughing when the pretentious douche has to name drop him/herself. I'm not saying the practice should stop, because it's hilarious to me personally. But you have to know it's the legal disclaimer to whatever shit you're about to say. You might as well start adding shit like "the magnificent" to your names as well, because after a hearing you call yourself Jex, nothing you say can be taken seriously.

Thanks for your input Aegis420.

Given the non-theistic nature of your temple, why bother having people sign their souls over to Satan as an effort to keep out protesters? It just seems to add fuel to the fire of the protests.

Edit: Oops, already gone.

It was intended to weed out potential Christain infiltrators.

Do Satanists love their neighbor?

It depends on the neighbor.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized archangel, or 50 duck-sized archangels?

Do the archangels look like ducks? If so, I choose duck-sized.

Does your image of satan align with the masculine or the feminine?


Why Baphomet as a symbol?

Judging from your responses, you are just another religion.

I think we have quite enough of those. How is yours any different?

We do not believe in supernaturalism. Not all religions are created equally.

Does god exist? Is Satan also a part-timer like Devil?


I too am very angsty, have several piercings, hate my well off middle-class background/parents, dress in mostly black and think "everything's unfair" - can I too be a satanist?

You don't need my permission to be a Satanist and athough my wardrobe is mostly black, I cannot relate to those other characterizations. However, it seems as if your comment was intended to be condescending and I feel bad that you're so insecure that you invested time to vomit out another cliche stereotype from your insular world-view. I hope this brief ego-boost stopped you from hating yourself for just a brief moment.

Can you elaborate on the fact that "Satan" is a construct of Christianity, and a Belief in "Satan" is to acknolowdge and believe in the Christian religion which goes against the fundamentals of "Satanisim?" Also, is your group more "self idealized" when it comes to your beliefs and Ethos or do you adhere to the 9 statements put forth by Anton LaVey?

PS. No one died in the name of Satan this year while thousands upon thousands have been killed, maimed and tortured in the name of other gods.

We do not adhere to any doctrine of Anton LaVey's.

Sorry if I'm too late. Do you guys believe in an afterlife? If so, what is it?

We do not.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Jex Blackmore conducted on Reddit on 2015-07-28. The Reddit AMA can be found here.