Harley Morenstein

December 17, 2012

I am Harley Morenstein, ex-high school teacher and creator of EpicMealTime and Epic Chef! Ask Me Anything!

I used to teach high school and currently make a living creating video content on YouTube and selling a cooking set! My new show is called Epic Chef and I make Gordon Ramsey look like a nice guy in comparison -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Um-uS2ytU Ask Me Anything and at 4pmEST onwards, the rest of EpicMealTime cast will be here to answer specific questions towards them!! PROOF: http://instagram.com/p/TWYDAdOxgx/ [EDIT] THANKS SO MUCH!! Front Page status all day was awesome!! I posted all our social networks if you want to continue cyber-sexing us!! Thanks again!

How much weight have you gained since EMT began?

I gained about 35-40lbs at my fattest. It was cool to finally have a gut big enough for me to name. It's name is Balthazar. I levelled out at about 15-20lbs more than when I first started.

Coolest gut name 2012.

All Our Gut Names; Cousin Dave: Tony Hawk, Tyler: Guttstible, Prince Atari: Iago, Epic Mook: Elmo Blatche, MusclesGlasses: Obama

Do you ever worry about heart attacks?

Actually no. I also don't worry about liver failure and cavities. It's a tricky balancing act between "Life is precious and rare so make sure you cherish it by taking care of your body." and "Life is precious and rare so make sure you cherish it by eating plenty of bacon and drinking lots of whiskey and doing what you want!"

Lets get this out of the way,Would you rather drink 100 mickey sized bottles of JD or 1 horsed-sized bottle of JD?

I drank horsemeat JD once!

What'd it taste like?

It tasted beautiful and lean. Just like a horse should.

What are you hiding under that beard?

A bearded fist.

Is there ever a moment where any of you seriously consider how this could affect your bodies in the long run?

Yeah. We seriously considered it. It affected our bodies in a little bit of a fat way.

What is your favorite cooking show? What is worse than a vegan?

Favorite cooking show is our own. No joke. But Man v. Food is awesome as well! The only thing worse than a vegan is a vegan couple.

What is your favorite liquor?


That was a surprise

I'm full of surprises. ....not hitting on you btw bro. Just saying.

What influenced you to create Epic Meal Time?


What was your main reason for giving up teaching?

I never gave up teaching. My voicemail still says "Harley Morenstein substitute teacher and host of EpicMealTime..." I currently don't teach because I have close to 3 million subscribers on YouTube that wait for a video each week and my students totally understand that I have a responsibility to make it rain baconstrips online!

Something along the lines of "How do YouTube partnerships work?"

I think it's cool for me to answer those types of questions. Google doesn't really help answer questions concerning the dirty details and someone in my position has gotten a lot of incredible insight. But, we seem to have downvoted him into a depression. Oh well.

Fellow teacher here (music). Ever give any thought to returning to the classroom?

Always. I still get substituting calls. One day when I have a little free time I'll do it. I doubt I'll have any control over the classroom.

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What gave you the idea to start epic meal time?
  3. Any tips for making kick ass steak for Christmas dinner?
  1. Pizza and Hamburgers. Pizza Hamburger. Hamburger Pizza. Either/or.
  2. Hanging with the guys and getting messed up. We came up with the concept and it was a rare occasion where you wake up the next day sober and act on your drunken idea.
  3. Butter and Dr. Pepper

Hey Harley, huge fan of EMT. I have two questions:

1) Have you ever had one of your creations go horribly wrong? If so how? 2) I met you guys at Globe last spring and you were all awesome. Of the three main clubs on the corner of St. Laurent, which is the best? Buona Notte, Globe or Koko? Or is there a darkhorse?

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!

1) Our first time doing Meatball Deathstar it was slightly pink. We made it again immediately after but properly this time. 2) We always enjoy showing people that we're not douchebags outside of the kitchen too. I prefer xbox over all of those clubs by the way.

Do you ever game with fans?

We are starting our own gaming channel! We are so psyched about it and we'll always play with our fans!!

How have you not died of alcohol poisoning?

I ain't no bitch.

How many vitamins/ supplements do you have to take to off set all the fat and calories?

None. Most of us just don't eat bread and starch 6 days out of the week. We just eat lots of meat and our bodies like it.

What do you think of this idea? It's basically a way to make your living while partying in cities around the world.

Travel to different parts of the world known for excellent food (Mexico City, Singapore, Shanghai, Istanbul, etc.) where you spend several days sampling the best, meatiest, strangest and greasiest of the local food and getting a feel for it. Then you enlist the help of an awesome, local restaurant to help you make one of your awesome meals based on local food like you did with the Epic Eggroll in January 2011. I'm sure that local fans, including redditors, will be able to help you out with finding a good place and restaurants be willing to do it as long as you pay the restaurant enough. That or try to do it in a fan's house if they're cool with it and can help you cook the new foods.

Also, The area around Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina is meat paradise.

TL;DR Travel around the world doing Epic Meal Time, party, and have an awesome time doing it. It opens up an entire world of different types of meat and alcohol.

It's an incredible idea and very similar to two different concepts we have played around with. Whatever we decide to do in the future we make it so that it's still possible to create a new EpicMealTime every Tuesday. So a travelling party channel is totally something we've played with along with some other cool show concepts. In 2013 we should have about 6 shows rolled out.

What are good low budget, easy made meals for a college aged student, that aren't microwaved?

And seriously what do you do about a vegetarian. Like you've made a really good meal and give it to your friend, only to remember they are a vegetarian?

I recommend going to Costco and buying things in bulk. Make yourself a chilli and keep it in the freezer with a whole bunch of ground meat and it could last you all month. You can also buy a huge amount of beef tenderloin for 65$ and end up getting a whole bunch of steaks out of it too. Good moves especially if splitting with a roommate.

Hey Harley,

  1. How the hell are you not clinically obese? How the hell do you keep all this stuff off?

  2. Why haven't you done the cinnamon challenge yet.

  3. I imagine all this cooking, shooting the video, editing the video, adding all the sound etc much take a lot of time. But roughly how long, in terms of hours does it take you to actually make each video?

  1. Four Hour Body. I only recently discovered this and it's awesome. Grab the book.
  2. Not a priority really. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a Throne of 1000 BaconStrips and so cinnamon spoon is much lower on my list.
  3. On average from conceptualization to upload it could take 40 hours.

Are you really going to cater Joel and Kat's wedding? I read that tweet, that would be hilarious.

It would be awesome! I hope we get the opportunity to take part!

Have you ever weighed yourself before and after filming an episode?
And if so, whats the most weight you have ever gained from it?

I do that before and after dripping a twix. Never with an EMT though. I'll do it next time.

What was teaching highschool like? Were you the fun teacher? What'd you teach?

I used to enjoy trolling the kids. Sometimes I would have a tv set up at the front of the class so when the kids came in they were all like "yessss! We're watching a movie!" and then after taking attendance I'd be like "Oh! This TV is from the earlier class....weird.....take out your textbooks and turn to page.."

What is the most money you have spent on just getting the ingredients for one of your creations on Epic Meal Time?

Turbaconepicentipede for Thanksgiving last year. It cost about 5000$ to stuff 10 pigs with 50 birds and attach them all ass to mouth and garnish them with Baconators.

Is alot of that money due to sponsors paying straight for it? Or do they just give you money and then you allot out that money for food / production / etc etc

That was NOT a sponsored meal. We fully paid for that ourselves (it was worth it) and 75% of it ended up at a soup kitchen since it was too much for us to finish. We don't get sponsored that often. I turn down WAAAY more sponsors than I choose to work with. The only sponsors I say yes to have to fall under certain guidelines: 1. It can't be no bitch shit. 2. I (Harley) need to like it myself. So, netflix/certain videogames/certain movies are all cool as long as I like it myself as a person and am comfortable vouching for it. I would never integrate something I dislike. 3. No vegetables or anything that has the word "mini" or "fun-sized" in it.

What's your record for alcohol consumed during one show?

St. Patrick's Day episode this past year. We all got completely wasted and downed over a bottle each. It was a shit-show!

How much can Muscles Glasses lift? (Bench press, squat, deadlift, etc)

Ask him this personally at 4pmEST!

What's your favorite recipe that you've ever made? Are there any that you haven't tried yet but are really excited to?

Also, you're attractive as fuck.

I really enjoyed 84 Egg Sandwich! But I love those shitty McDonald's egg sandwiches. Also, I would like to make love to you. If you're female.

Jealous of all the bacon sex you're both about to have...

I'm jealous of your incredible username!

Lucky for the both of us, I am in fact a female! I propose an evening of steak, whiskey, and wild sex.

Ok. What do I need to bring?

You handle the cooking, I'll handle the booze. Also, bring rope and/or handcuffs.

I have so many boners now.

I love the new show, Will you be bringing in unknown chefs (or even fans) to participate in Epic Chef?

I love your nerd tattoos ;)! We will absolutely be bringing in fan chefs and unknown chefs. The next episode features fan chefs actually on Friday!

What has been the most unexpected impact of EMT on your life?

I can finally afford a gaming PC!!!

What games do you play on your gaming pc?

Only ones that are NOT available on console. I do this because most my friends play online consoles. But I did get Borderlands 2 on PC and Hitman on PC.

What was the most disgusting meal you had to eat on the show?

Turtle Soup! I fuckin hated it. Everyone else liked it though.

Was it actual turtle in the soup? because where I live they call it turtle soup but it doesn't actually have turtle

It had butchered turtle meat and we served it in a turtle shell with Jack Dan... actually... here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toiLy3R-38M

Harley, who is the best pro wrestler in the world today?

Goldust. Always and forever.

Fat Goldust or slim Goldust? I mean, slim Goldust had more energy to do cool shit, but fat Goldust felt more like the true son of Dusty Rhodes.

Fat Goldust. Dusty Rhodes is not the father of Goldust in my eyes. He's his own entity!

Can I be the sauce boss for a day?

You can be the sauce boss from now....

You can be the sauce boss from now....

....until now. How was it?

Hows the Jack Daniels sponsorship coming?

Jack Daniel's does NOT sponsor us. Allow me to prove it... I prefer Jameson over Jack Daniels. I also enjoy Johnny Walker Black very much!

I'm a vegetarian but for some reason I absolutely love the show, not all vegetarians suck, I just love dem animals! Anyway, do any of you guys (except muscles glasses) work out or do you just not eat for the rest of the week after filming an episode?

The rest of the guys will be here answering at 4pm EST. But, I can say that Tyler and EpicMook work out.

I met you guys last year at my school. Forgot to ask: has Jack Daniels ever contacted you about the immense publicity you've created for them?

No. But we sold a Whiskey Lube at one point and they thought it looked too similar to their packaging. They asked us to stop selling it. They were very kind about the whole thing.

How was it working with Lights?

She's beautiful.

How long does it take to shoot an entire episode? What's Deadmau5 like in person?

Could take up to 12 hours of filming for an episode. Deadmau5 is fuckin cool. He just cracks jokes and rips through cigarettes like a madman!

Would you ever go back on PKA with Kyle, Woody and Wings?

Any time. We are however coming out with our own Podcast very shortly. Working title: All These Things. I will read every suggestion for a name posted here though.

what is the best thing epic meal time's popularity/fame has allowed you to do?

Inspire people from my hometown. I come from Montreal, Quebec and it's a really incredible place. It has awesome people but it seems isolated. It's a hard place to "break out of". Most Montrealers move to Toronto or some other city to "make it happen." I feel we inspired lots of people from our hometown ever since we became successful.









I agree.

Will you shave off your beard and mail me the hair?

I have four bags of beard hair from when my beard was it's thickest. I plan on making an awesome paint brush set with it.

Hey Harley, what do you want for Christmas?

Custom Nikes that are all white but the Nike Check is in baconstrip print. They don't exist but you asked me what I want and I can want anything.

How long does it take to lose the weight gained on EMT week after week?

Some of this fat here will probably be with me forever. I look forward to spending a lifetime with this gut.

Have any of you encountered any genuine health problems since EMT started? Surely all dat bacon goodness is hurting someone.

Wrong. It's not hurting anyone. We're all healthy.

I know you love Mortal Kombat, I'm a Liu Kang guy myself, which character do you like to play as? Also do you play Smash Bros? If so which character do you play as?

I prefer Dead or Alive to be honest. But Sub-Zero for sure. Also, never a big fan of Smash Bros. I wasn't really ever good at it.

Just came here to say that I love the beard, man.

Thanks bro. My beard appreciates that.

How did you get the chefs on epic chef to agree to appear on the show?

I said "Hey! Wanna cook on the internet?!" they were like "Fuck Yeah!" I was like "I'm going to be mean..." they were like "Bring it."

Would you kill for bacon?

Yes. I would kill a pig for bacon.


Harley. Which is me. I got it while cruising the internet looking at fatso meal pics. I decided nobody is doing a show about these wild meals and it could be really fun. It was never meant to be weekly but once the first episode got 100,000 views I had to jump at the opportunity to keep it going.

So does the camera guy get to eat any of the delicious food? Or does he just get to watch and wish he wasn't the cameraman?

The cameraman is the same guy that eats with a knife and fork. Cousin Dave. So yeah, he gets in front of the camera too!

Hey, I've been watching the show since the very first week you guys uploaded it.

Could you tell us why MusclesGlasses is off and on every few episodes?

Every member is off and on every episode except for myself. You just only notice MusclesGlasses cause he's awesome and you miss him so much when he's not there because you have a crush on him.

Have the fast food restaurants you get your supplies from begun to recognize you and get that kind of "oh shit here he comes" look whenever you show up?

Sometimes I go to Wendy's and the employees start sweating. They start tripping out and I'm usually just in there for a single Baconator.

McDonalds seems to vastly underestimate what is a "good amount" of bacon for their burgers

McDonald's has the worst bacon of every fast food chain.

Why have you never done anything super spicy? Just not a fan?

Huge fan of spice! The tricky part is spice doesn't really read on camera. So we've added plenty of habaneros to some meals but nobody really cares that much because they don't get to fully appreciate how spicy the meal is by watching. That being said we've been waiting to do a Spice Meal with a scoville counter instead of a calorie counter.

Seriously dude. Tell it to us straight, are you drowning in copious amounts of vagina thanks to Epic Meal Time? How much are we talking here? What's the craziest offer you've had random ladies throw at you?

I had a guy offer me his girlfriend for a night after a live show once. She was down. They were both begging. I felt weird inside. There are lots more opportunities with the opposite sex for me now, but there must be a balance. Being with too many partners will certainly make you feel gross. I'm a clean freak and I like to know someone first, so I never get down with random sluts. I like to know someone's not psycho before i finger their mouth with my penis.

On one of the next episodes can you end it with "Next time we eat Reddit"?

Reddit would hate that.

Next time we eat 9gag?

Reddit would hate that.

Would you ever consider asking Action Bronson to come on the show and do a guest appearance? He used to be a chef incorporates cooking into his lyrics. He also has a small time cooking show on youtube. Here is a link for one of the episodes, not a lot of bacon in it but it is still a ridiculous creation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY-yTaW9vdY

I've been back and forth with Bronson non-stop. Really looking forward to working with him. It's going down.

If you were to recreate a set from any movie on EMT, which would you do and how would you do it?

The gym that Drago trains in during the Rocky 4 montage.

Favorite game, movie, and restaurant?

Game: Metal Gear Solid Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo Restaurant: Fogo de Chao

What was your favourite part about teaching history? And how did you get the kids interested in it?

I love EMT, watch it every week. I saw you guys when you came to the University of Waterloo. THAT was an amazing show. Keep up the good work.

remember that drunk dummy in the crowd that got thrown out!!

...or....was that you?

Do you have any weird stories from your days as a teacher?

A student once said "Sir, you seem like a cool guy and not faggy like other teachers. Do you have a number for a guy that can hook me up with chronic?"

What are the odds of doing a cookbook, or even better, maybe a student cookbook?!

We have created a cookbook and it's available at http://shop.epicmealtime.com It's awesome and has all our original recipes and a forward written by Jamie Oliver...actually just a legal letter written by Jamie Oliver directed at us. But it's still in the book!!!

How much do you drink and/or eat on days when not filming?

It's not a job, it's a lifestyle. We can't turn it off. - Tyler!

How many pairs of sunglasses does Muscles Glasses have? Is it just the one, or does he have a closet full of them somewhere?

I have a small warehouse of them, but I've never had to change them yet. - MG

Muscle Glasses, so how much do you lift now??

All of it. -MG

This shouldn't be a question, clearly it's Jack Daniels.

Or the kind that gets you drunk fastest. -Tyler!

What brand glasses are MusclesGlasses?

They were forged by a wizard in a volcano. -MG

Favourite place to eat in Montreal?

There's a slew of great places, but I really love a Dic Ann's burger. -Tyler!

I found half a pound of bacon and someone's foot in this Wendy's bathroom. I need your help.

Deep fry it. -Tyler!

Are you guys ever going to release exactly how you made these meals so the average joe can cook them safely?

We have a cookbook available at http://shop.epicmealtime.com We also have a starter cooking set available at http://smart.epicmealtime.com We will be releasing a NEW show shortly that will show you how to cook using our cooking set!

How did the whole idea of "Tyler is stupid" come about? It seemed like a quite a slow process.

Was "slow process" an intended pun? -Tyler!

Hey I live in Montreal but I'm still looking for the best delivery pizza in the city. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Spanos Pizza. Best pizza!!!

You guys thinking of making an insane recipe book?

Yep, it just came out. shop.epicmealtime.com -Tyler!

Love the show, it's inspired me recently to begin making my own epic cooking creations!

What's your favorite video game Harley?

Awesome! I'm happy. I like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Halo, Mass Effect!


a hater's dozen.

The new format of EMT you've created, Epic Chef is very much like a reality TV show and for me has disillusioned me from EMT altogether. I no longer view the show every Tuesday as I've given up on it.

thnx. -Tyler!

Have any of your previous students tried to hook up with you?

yes. it was inappropriate and it didn't happen.

Tits or Ass?

Pussy. -MusclesGlasses

So.... Thoughts on Video Game High School....?

Fuckin love it and I was super stoked when Freddie told me I'm in VGHS 2.

What is the most pounds of bacon you have eaten in one day?

During the FPS Russia video I had about 80 strips. -Tyler!

I'm really getting a "Chopped" feel from that Epic Chef episode you posted. That show rules my nuts hard. Yours too?

I tried to parody Chopped with this new show Epic Chef ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Um-uS2ytU ) just like I tried to parody regular cooking shows with EpicMealTime.

Love your show, if you die as a result of your show, what would your funeral to be like?

Also, loved your Nerdist episode!

When I die, I want my friends to toss me out of planes and high buildings over and over and really freak a bunch of people out. -Tyler!

name foods that you hate and will refuse to eat...

Dried Apricots. Dried Papayas. Dogs. Dolphins.

Did Angie Varona ever respond to showing up on the show?

She did at first, then just stopped communicating. I'm not trying to be a creep.

You can creep for me though and remind her.

Exactly how drunk were you at the shorty awards

I think we were all operating at 99%. Harley smashed out award 5 minutes after we got it. -Tyler!

What is the best bacon you've had?

Sucrerie De La Montagne, Rigault, Quebec. - Tyler!

How do you guys offset dying? Considering your diets, you should all be colossal or dead from heart failure.

I've died 3 times. -MusclesGlasses

besides anything food related whats your dream occupation?

Professional. -Tyler!

So is your plumber just on call, or does he swing by the day after you film every week?

He gets called in every once and a while. We just add it to our tab. -Tyler!

how much diabeetus/ high blood pressure/ liver disease do you have?

Maaad 'beetus. -Tyler!

With whom would you like to do an EMT video? Which celebrities, living or dead?

Bill Murray and The Rock.

With whom would you like to do an EMT video? Which celebrities, living or dead?

John Candy. -Tyler!

Favorite Epic Meal?

Whatever comes out next. -Tyler!

What is something that you would NOT eat on the show?

Dogs and Dolphins

What is something that you would NOT eat on the show?

Dogs and Dolphins. Also, I hate cilantro. Ew. -Tyler!

Hi Harley. I remember doing improv with you at Dawson and being an extra in a teaching skit with you at McGill. You were always wicked funny and terrific in front of a camera. Are there any downsides to being internet famous or is it all awesome all the time?

Hey! I have an incredible memory, I would remember you if you said your name. But either way, I loved that improv class. Thanks by the way! Downsides are people think I am the character I portray in the show, when really thats an embellishment of douchebaggery for entertainment. Also, people think I "changed" or have an ego because of the shows success. I lost some friends over jealousy and it was ugly. I also had to leave Canada for the time being and that sucked. BUT!!!....I get extra bacon for free on most my burgers now when I eat out. Worth it.

What are your thoughts on Swedish Meal Time? HowToBasic? That guys that punches food and stuff. And what was it to work with the SourceFed guys?

Swedish Meal Time was awesome and everyone in our crew was very disappointed that they stopped. HowToBasic is amazing! Maybe my favorite channel. -Tyler!

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

6'3 255 -Tyler!

Where does the food you don`t finish usually go?

Prince Atari's fridge. -Tyler!

Hey I have no real questions. I'm just a big fan of your show! Just wanted to say I look forward to your show every tuesday! #BestThingOnYoutube

11" -Tyler!

Jesus or dubstep?

JesuStep -Tyler!

Been watching since the angry french canadian, always look forward to the shows. Any chance we will see more throwback episodes?

Our Throwback Thursday episodes get posted directly to epicmealtime.com now. -Tyler!

How do you feel about Canadian battle rap?

Please direct this question to our battle rap coordinator @lemme_kno . Thanks. -Tyler!

Me and my friend had argument the other day about this, you see we both live in Quebec and from your video i assume that you are from Montreal. so he says that you don't speak french. so do you speak fluently french?

Nous parlons francais un peu. -Tyler!


Thanks for coming out! We always show lots of appreciation to ours fans when we meat them in real life. That was an incredible night and we had a blast! The video turned out great and we all got pretty messed up. We try and do more behind the scenes but it's usually the way more graphic stuff in those videos and our business relies on other businesses willing to advertise with us.

(video we're referring to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLpttwk4-FA )

How fucking cool was it to chill with FPS Russia? He seems like he'd be crazy as shit in person.

One of my best friends now. -Sauce Boss

MusclesGlasses, favorite meal you've eaten?

The fast food ones, and the bacon ones, and the meat ones, and the candy ones. -MusclesGlasses

Hello Harley I'm a big fan of the shows and have seen nearly every EMT, and as an up and coming chef down here in Miami I was wondering if your going to bring in fan chefs from all over the place if so I'd love to be on

We absolutely will! We had a great time with Season 1 and we'll go even bigger for Season 2!

If you could eat bacon with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

Ghandi. -Tyler!

Why do you guys hate shoenice?

We don't. Not sure I can say the same about him, though. -Tyler!

A-what up EMT? I'm a big fan of you douchebags, and I've got some questions.

How many of you guys have any sort of formal training in the kitchen?

What's the number one tip you have for someone who wants to make a living off of food?

Just for shameless self promotion, you guys interested in picking up an intern for the coming summer?

1.None of us have any formal training. 2.Throw bacon on it. 3.You're hired as my burger intern, job description: bring me burgers. NOW!

I bought your cook book, signed and all. all i want to say it its awesome as hell. I have made 3 things already and my kitchen reeks of bacon. I couldn't be happier. thanks!

Welcome to our lives. -Tyler!

What does your IQ have to be in order to be "so smart it's stupid"?

Infinity. -Tyler!

How do you like deadmau5?

Lots? -Tyler!

Let's say you've got a $30 budget, and you're driving around looking for something to eat from one of the local fastfood restaurants. What are the main choices you'd be deciding between, and at which restaurants?

Wendy's. Triple Baconator with a side of fries but dress them like a fully loaded baked potato*. Fresca to drink.

*They will be confused by this offer but persist. Tell them to put fries in the baked potato conatiner and dress itfully loaded with cheese and bacon bits. Ask them to charge you whatever the fuck they want. If they charge more than 4$, tell them they're fucking up and going to lose a customer for life. If problems continue mention that it's "Have it your way" when they tell you that's not their motto respond by saying "Well maybe it should be your motto." then pour your Fresca out on to the floor and ask for a mop. Clean your Fresca puddle. Apologize. Pay for your Fresca and leave.

Were is muscleglasses, I miss him...

Behind you. -MG

Hey, you're annoying! Your overly-aggressive-for-dramatic-effect macho posturing is annoying too.

I guess it makes you money though, so fuck me, right?

Hey! I create free content every week of my life! Some people like it. You don't, so fuck me, right?

Do you guys prefer to be call Quebecers or Québécois?

We prefer to be called Sir. -Tyler!

What food have you always wanted to try and use for a recipe on the show that you haven't been able to yet?


My friend Wolfgang is a huge EMT fan and saturday was his birthday. Could you wish him happy birthday in a no-homo way?

Happy barfday Wolfy, hope you got yo dork sorked by some sloots. -Tyler!

Why did muscles blow me off at E3? Made me sad.

Busy gettin' blown. -MG

Want to go to chez Paul tonight and have a pitcher with me6

Last time I was there a guy got stabbed in the washroom while I was pissing in the urinal. It was chill. -Tyler!

I got one question. Has anyone part of EMT crew gotten medical attention for eating the incredibly large amount of food u guys produce?

MusclesGlasses got a full medical workup and he's in better shape now then when we started, so since he eats the most we're just assuming the rest of us are fine too.

You know what Cinnamonburger rhymes with?

Finna Murder?? DID YOU JUST LEAVE US A CLUE?? -Tyler!


Internet forever

Whose ya daddy?

Neil. -Tyler!

Who would your dream guest star be, to have on EMT?

Bill Murray. -Tyler!

What's your favorite Pokemon?

The black one.

Can you get muscleglasses to post his workout regimen, supplements and diet restrictions?

Eat Everything. Go to the gym and lift everything once. -MusclesGlasses

How much money do you make? Don't be a phaggot, just tell us what you made last year from YouTube. No-one is going to rob you or call you uncouth.

One Quadrimil. -Tyler!

I'm from Toronto. Where is your favourite place to eat here?

Denny's, this goes for any other city too.

How long does an average EMT meal take to create?

From concept to filming to editing, one episode is about a 40 hour process.

I highly doubt you'll read this.

I am a huge fan of the show and have been for quite some time. I've worked with The Fine Brothers and for a brief little bit had a chance to see what it's like inside the "YouTube" world. Your audience is worldwide and to me it's an great way to hit a much broader audience.

I've moved to LA to follow my dreams and work in the sound world and for whatever reason you need an extra PA, extra Sound Guy (A2) or post-sound guy I would gladly help you guys out!

Happy Belated Hanukkah and keep on making those vids please!

Thanks! Private message me your info and maybe we can make something happen.

How did the show affect your carrier? Were there any conflicts with the administration so to speak?

My carrier is fine. I rarely drop signal and the rates are fine. -Tyler!

When are you guys releasing the cooking set and your new cooking show?

We have our cooking set up for sale right now on http://smart.epicmealtime.com We plan on teaching people how to cook with it!

Were any of you guys redditers prior to the AMA? If not, are you considering using the site at all?

I browse but rarely post. I think Harley and Dave are more involved. -Tyler!

If there are any leftovers after a episode, who takes the extras home?

Prince Atari usually grabs the good stuff. -Tyler!

Wasn't there meant to be an EMT ep with Tyler The Creator? What ever happened to that?

Maybe one day. I hope. -Tyler!

Any plans to take the show off the Internet and onto television?

That's like going to 1960 and asking if we have plans to leave television for the radio. -Tyler!

What do you have to say about Houston Zuckerman?

Well, first and foremost, he's a real sweetheart. He's got a great smile and sense of humor. He has an incredible work ethic and is trustworthy as well. -Tyler!

Where's the rest of the EMT crew?

Here. -Tyler!

How did you guys like working with FPSRussia? Did he let you guys play with any of his toys?

It was awesome! He let us fire guns and smash things! It's like Disney Land for maniacs at his place! -Tyler!

You guys occasionally hop across the border to the US for some episodes. Do you ever plan to hop further afield such as across the water to the UK?

I really hope it happens in the near future! -Tyler!

Are you ever going to do a collaboration with Furious Pete?

He's been in three episodes already. -Tyler!

Where do you think EMT will go too now? seeing as there may be a Bacon shortage O.o

Who do you think got it all??? -Tyler!

How do you guys split the Youtube money? Ever had any arguments about it?

We keep it all in a big room in our office and only dig into it to pay the delivery guy. -Tyler!

MusclesGlasses, do you have names for your biceps?

Ryan and Tyler Armes -MG

What are your plans now that the McRib is back?

Uh, eat a lot of them? -Tyler!

What was it like to make Epic Meal Time become so... epic? You said in another response that you knew you were on to something after your first show got over 100,000 views. It's clear that your production values went way up in the next few episodes, and obviously your popularity exploded -- how did you make that happen?

Bacon. -Tyler!

Have you ever turn a vegetarian back to the dark side of the meat?

Yes, on several occasions. Its quite a rewarding feeling. -Tyler!

How many EpicMeals do you guys have locked and loaded ready to use at any given time?

  1. We rarely have episodes saved, we usually film once a week to meet our deadline of a Tuesday release.

whatever happened to Sarah?!

She's around. We like to bring her in once in a while as a treat. You guys don't deserve her all the time. -Tyler!

In all honesty, how's your alcoholism?

Raging. -Tyler!

Have you guys had any offers (perhaps from Food Network) to air your show on TV?

We did a pilot for G4 but for now we're focused on the internet. It's smarter anyways. -Tyler!

What would you do if bacon was made illegal?

What would you do if breathing was made illegal?

can i get an internet high five?

WHAM! -Tyler!

Do you enjoy drinking 4lokos? I've had it one time before and I will never drink it again, never.

I actually love it. It's like LSD in a can. -Tyler!

How did you guys all meet?

We all live in the same neighborhood, grew up going to schools and camps together.

If you had to choose between eating a moldy burrito or having to eat all of a 50 pound burrito which would you choose

50 pound burrito every time.

How often does Muscles Glasses exercise? What's his routine like?

His routine is walking around with every single one of his muscles constantly flexed.

Im a new stand up Comedian from montreal. Do you guys ever perform any comedy around town at the clubs?

No, but I've been thinking about it lately. -Tyler!

How do you feel about HowToBasic's cooking?

SMART! -Tyler!


He's been in three episodes already. -Tyler!

Hey Harley, what are you playing at the moment?

with my penis. -Tyler!

How tall are you?

Tyler - 6'3 Dave - 6'3 Ameer - 6'3 Harley - 6'6 Mook - 5'10 MG - 7'5

Are tyler's celebrity pictures actually cut or does he just shop them to cut out half the face?

80% of them are actually taken like that but sometimes I have to crop them. -Tyler!

Have you ever been close to a heart attack and told the doctor he was being a bitch? Or are doctors for bitches in general?

Heart attacks are for bitches. You fight through that shit. -Tyler!

How did EMT get started?

Friendship. -Tyler!

This will be buried, but as an Australian, i really want you to 'Epic' some sort of Aussie meal. There's plenty of choices, so take your pick or do them all :D

We'll keep it in mind! -Tyler!

Hey, What would your advice to aspiring youtubers be?

Be consistent, by funny, be dumb, and use bacon. -Tyler!

in a totally consensual way between both parties, would you every try a little human?

If the circumstances called for it... -Tyler!

Can I have a rainbow pig?

No, rainbow pig has you. -Tyler!

Does the food ever get cold and unpleasant during filming?

Nothing a little zap cant fix. -Tyler!

What do you think of bacon, that isn't bacon strips?!

All bacon is good bacon. -Tyler!

Hey Harley, would you ever use Comic Sans as the Epic Meal Time font?

I actually ALWAYS think about this. -Tyler!


I'd say its been at least 3 or 4 days. -Tyler!

This probably won't get read but.. Have you ever thought about doing an episode that involves MRE's (Meals ready to eat) that they serve to soldiers, i would love to see your take on an epic military food meal!

Great idea. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks. -Tyler!

Let's say the world's supply of bacon runs out tomorrow. What do you use instead?

We drink more to null the pain. -Tyler!

How much does musclesglasses lift?

all of it

In the Big Stupid Smore episode, you told everybody to send you a new hat. About how many hats did you receive? Which one was your favorite? Did you find the beat up Penguins hat that I sent?

Yes we got your hat, thanks! We got about 50 hats. Some of them are on display at our office and some of them get worn pretty often. I took a 'T+A' hat that someone sent and wear it all the time. -Tyler!

Any tips for a loner? I really need friends.

Video games. -Tyler!

If you were the Devil, and all bacon haters and vegans were sent to hell, what would their eternal punishment be?

Eternally make out with Steve Buscemi -Tyler!

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten outside of EMT?

I had crocodile once. Also I had a kangaroo burger that was pretty good! -Tyler!

What are EMT's limits in shocking or doing crazy shit? Have you ever felt that you've gone too far? And does this makes you feel that you can lose your place in the top for making something that goes over some "limits"?

no limits, we might surpass some of our viewers limits of what's going a little too far, but we'll never put any sort of limit on what we are capable of.

would you like to do a show with the Trailer Park Boys?...I think that would be the greatest episode of epic meal time in the history of epic meal time.

That would be awesome!!! -Tyler!

Would you get the girl from my drunk kitchen to come on your show?

She's been on the show twice already. -Tyler!

What's your favorite thing to put sausage in?


How fucking old are you guys? O.o

Harley - 27 Mook - 30 Prince Atari- 28 Cousin Dave - 28 Tyler - 24 MG - 6,548

Hey EMT, huge fan of the show. I work for a sandwich place based off of the Rutgers Grease Truck/Fat Sandwiches. Lately we've been getting into social media (commericals on Facebook/Youtube) Would you ever consider collaborating with us for a special? http://www.carslatenightdelivery.com/montclair-home.html


EDIT: Our current "commercials" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olpiWccY-Zs&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NUpq4ZdpYA

mail me a sandwich. -MusclesGlasses

Who is your favourite KOTD rapper? And who is your pick for Arcane vs, Dizaster?

I don't know if I have a favorite but it's definitely NOT Loe Pesci. And Diz will win. -Tyler!

where did you get that poutine from the first episode? Want to try it.

Labelle Province

Gentlemen, is the crew interested to wreck havoc in Montreal Thursday (20th)?

3 Lincoln Navigator limos booked, will rent a real mime (dude that doesn't talk, just moves) for entertainment, will rent a homeless guy, pay for clothes, liquor and food. Also plan to attempt a Guiness record.

P.S.: Our crew is more stupid than yours. Crew record provided on demand.

N.B.: Limo seats of those who give me permission to slap Tyler's face if will accounted for.

As great a night as that sounds, we're not home at the moment. Can we get a rain check? -Tyler!

The 3 loco EMT was hilarious.

How did you guys meet up?

Why does riff raff wear gold pants?

why wouldn't he wear gold pants?

Does Muscles still talk to the redhead mom (Brave's mom... Poor girl!) from VidCon 2012? I did the good deed of giving him some moonshine, he was already hammered.

That moonshine led to taco bell being thrown around the hotel room at Jenna Marbles and Harto.

If you were extended a license to cook an endangered/or protected species. What would would it be, and how would you cook it?

Deep Fried Paula Deen. Extra Crispy. - Tyler!

What gave you the idea to make all that food? Does the food ever get finished? what inspires you to make the different types of food? Are you catering deadmau5's wedding?

We love food, we love eating, all the food gets finished, and yes we will cater Deadmau5's wedding.

If you could say one thing man who first found out bacon, what would it be?

You gonna finish that? -Tyler!

LOVE the show! Any plans in the future for a cookbook?

We released it recently. shop.epicmealtime.com

Do you guys film/edit all the content yourself? If you need a good, cheap editor; hello!

Thanks, but Cousin Dave handles that department. -Tyler!

Who has been your favorite guest to have on and why?

Tony Hawz, cuz he's fucking Tony Hawk!

How far in advance do you film an episode? How many per week?

It depends. Sometimes we get 3-4 weeks of bank in advance, other times we film on Sunday to release on Tuesday. -Tyler!

What is the best drink and food combination that you have ever tried?

bacon jack daniels

This is one of my favorite AMAs and I've never even seen your show because gluttony disgusts me, like puke-inducing.

With that said, do you like black girls? ;)

Yes. -Tyler!

What did piggies ever do to you to give birth to your baconfrenzy?

They were just too damn tasty. -Tyler!

What's snoop like irl?

Exactly how you'd imagine!

hey man one question... whats is like to work with furious pete? although he used to talk shit about the whole show in his early vids but nowadays you seem to look very closed friends XD grettings from mexico :D

He's a chill guy. He got our attention by being a dick but then put on the charm and now we're all good friends. -Tyler!

Have you ever not finished a meal? Do you throw away the uneaten food?

Most of what doesn't get eaten gets brought to our office or Prince Atari takes it. -Tyler!

My girlfriend bri, is your biggest fan on the planet! I always wanted to ask how did the fourloko chili taste?

It literally made MG lose him mind. He's never been the same since. Also it was delicious. -Tyler!


Maybe. -Tyler!

Would you guys be down to come to Alaska?

You paying? -Tyler!

How do you not die from eating all that food? DO you work out? Did you consult your doctor?

We work out. Fuck doctors. -Tyler!

Breaking my comment virginity to ask this: What happened to the throwback thursday episodes? I really liked those and was really sad when you guys stopped uploading them.

Throwback Thursdays will be airing every Thursday exclusively on our website; epicmealtime.com

How was wandering around the universal studios backlot during Gymkhana?


If you could have anyone at all on the show who would it be and why?

Bill Murray. I don't think I need to explain that. -Tyler!


Montreal. -Tyler!

What's one thing you guys have made that you could never get tired of eating?

Liquor. -Tyler!

Did you take the idea of epic meal time from Regular ordinary Swedish meal time? ..no offense, I much prefer ROSMT

Although they are awesome and we think their show was great, they were a parody of ours. -Tyler!

How much weight have you guys gained over the years of filming epic meal time?

On average the crew's probably about 20% heavier.


You'd explode right before pressing Enter.

Are you guys planning to do another tour around Canada?

And what were some of the favorite highlights of the first tour you did?

crazy drunken Canadian fans

Ok, Whats FPS Russia like in person?

Even crazier. There's guns and weapons everywhere. -Tyler!

Does YouTube ever send you cool swag? If so what's the coolest thing you ever received ?

Nah, just huge checks. -Tyler!

I wish to visit your wonderful home country. Where would you recommend?

Montreal for strippers, Vancouver for pot, Toronto for business. -Cousin Dave

Are you drunk yet?


when will you guys make a bacon flavored condom?

no condoms -MusclesGlasses

Hey Tyler Lemco whattup! Got a somewhat personal question, how was playing basketball at John Abbott College? That's where I'm attending now, and do you still play basketball at West Park/Terry Fox park?

I had a great time at Abbott. AA Provincial Champions 06'! (My team pic is on the wall downstairs somewhere). I've been pretty busy but I go to Westpark once in a while. A couple years ago I was there every single night no exception. Good luck at Abbott! -Tyler!



Have you ever thought about making an epic corndog?

You mean, like our fourth episode? -Tyler!

This is for Tyler, thank you for retweeting all the dumb shit i send you, Also what do bears taste like?

Thanks for sending dumb shit! Keep it up. Bears taste like fear. -Tyler!

what was your favorite meal to eat? also bacon.

coffee and donuts and cigarettes (off camera) -Cousin Dave

This may have already been asked, so I apologize if it is a repeat question, but here goes;

Where did you guys all meet? Were you guys performing sick bacon flips together in your adolescent years?

We all grew up living within five minutes of eachother so we sort of just knew one another. MG and Tyler are neighbors. Harley, Dave and Ameer went to high school together. -Tyler!

Do you still rep the West Island?

Of course. Forever and always. -Tyler!

Is Tyler retarded or a genius?

That's for the scientists to decide. Also, I'm a scientist. -Tyler!

Muscles glasses, ever consider being a professional wrestler and winning the real championship belt?

Yes but I'll only wrestle in a steel cage vs. Vince McMahon. -MusclesGlasses

You have had quite a few guests on the show. Who is your favorite "celebrity" you've had and why? Have you had any surprises from them? What has been your strangest celebrity interaction?

My favorite is when we had Obama on set. He didn't want to be on camera though cuz he was getting mad drunk. Fuckin chill dude. -Tyler!

Who will carry on the title of Sauce Boss when you die?

Sauce Boy. He will be ready by then.

St-Denis or Crescent?

Wherever there's more sluts. -Tyler!

Do you eat all the food you actually make?

If it doesn't get eaten right away then it gets eaten later on. -Tyler!

Would you like to share a hooker?

sure, shotgun first (I'm taking both holes) -MusclesGlasses

Is muscle's glasses going to be in the Expendables 3?

He has some issues with Dolph Lungren. We'll see... -Tyler!

Food on a Stick?

SMART. -Tyler!

How much does muscles glasses bench press for his 1RM?

the max

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Sorry, that was me. I had beans. -Tyler!

Would you ever do a feature with a frat at a huge university and make something insane and get ridiculously fucked up?


What is your connection to/opinion of Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime?

I think it started out as a funny parody of our show and it turned out really awesome! -Tyler!

Are you guys planning on catering deadmau5's wedding?

We hope so! -Tyler!

Are you going to do any more collaborations with FuriousPete?

I don't see why not. -Tyler!

Do you guys donate any of the meals & extra food to homeless shelters or soup kitchens?

Some of the larger meals have been donated afterwards. -Tyler!

I saw you in Montreal once and shook your hand!

I know. -Tyler!

What do you have to say about all those people who deem EMT fake, and that you spit everything out in between shots?

Haters gon' hate, you can't really change that. -Tyler!

Why no pizza nikkos love? I work there and know you guys live nearby.

We eat it all the time! -Tyler!

What do you see yourself doing after your Epic Meal Time phase is over?

Probably racecar driver/ astronaut. -Tyler!

What's up?

nm u? -Tyler!

When you are full, do you have to keep eating during filming? or can you tag in a bro?

Full? What is that? -Tyler!

Harley, I always wondered how many core EMT members are there? I have seen older videos with many different faces. How many people are officially part of epic meal time?

Officially; there's Harley, Muscles Glasses, Mooky Gwopson, Cousin Dave, Tyler!, and Prince Atari. We also bring on guests and special friends every once in a while.

Is that the chick from My Drunk Kitchen that always shows up in cameos?

It's possible. She's always hanging around drinking our booze.

Where is the cook book??

shop.epicmealtime.com ... it's there.

MusclesGlasses, what are you afraid of?

The lack of fear. -MG

Favorite sauce?

The kind with liquor in it. -Tyler!

How long do you plan on doing EMT ?

Until we die or the internet shuts down. Whichever comes first. -Tyler!

Bacon, sausage, steak. Marry one, never eat one again, fuck one. Go.

I'd marry the bacon so I can wake up to it every day. I'd fuck the steak cuz it's probably the thickest and juiciest. Chuck the sausage. -Tyler!

Wanna split a hooker with me?

Sure. Shotgun bottom half. -Tyler!

Have you ever thought about tallying up the total number of bottles of Jack Dagnals and Grey Goose and Jamaican Sewer water that you have drunk since the show began, if so.. how many??!

No calculator can handle that. -Tyler!

Do you feel that its okay to waste food?

Not at all. We usually keep our stuff as leftovers or if theres enough we'll donate it. -Tyler!

Do you feel that its okay to waste food?

No I don't. Which is why we never do.

How did this relationship with KOTD form and is there going to be any collaborations?

Organik said "put your money where your mouth is" and we said "no, we put bacon there, but we like money too" and we've been giggling together ever since. -Tyler!

is it true that steven seagal is going to appear in your show

This is the first I hear of it but I sure hope you're right!! -Tyler!

MusclesGlasses, how much can you lift?

Pretty much all of it. -MG

Sup Harley! First video I watched from EMT was the taco one, you know the one with some jack Daniels sauceeeee. Y'all are some bad asses but lately I haven't liked some of your videos. Can you guys return back to the way you all were in the first couple of videos?

Fuck yo lettuce signing out!

Please specify what you mean by the way we were in the first couple of videos? Cuz we're still just a bunch of drunk buddies making dumb meals to make us feel like pieces of shit. Not sure exactly what's changed. -Tyler!

From the looks of the new "epic chef" people thought you guys were pretty mean. Think you'll change it up a bit?

Been a fan from EMT for a while, keep it real.

It's important to remember that any "mean" comments were all in good fun and were taken as a joke by all the contestants. I think everyone who competed on the show had a great time. -Tyler!

Are you guys from Montreal area? Or Quebec province?

Montreal. West Island. -Tyler!

What is your favorite food to have get stuck in your beard?


Do you like karaoke?

I love it. Although I usually just end up freestyling my own words. -Tyler!

Favorite type of bacon? Like peppered or applewood.

The kind that came from a pig's body. -Tyler!

Would you ever consider making a cook book?

shop.epicmealtime.com ... we did, bro! -Tyler!

What do you think of foody people like Anthony Bourdaine?

Bourdaine is pretty gangster. -Tyler!

Have you ever thought of coming down to Australia and doing some shows? I know there are plenty of us here who would just go absolutely bacon at the thought of it!

I've heard that we have a huge fanbase out there! We gotta make it out one day! -Tyler!

In what ways has Epic Meal Time changed your life?

Well, now I eat and make money doing it. That's probably the biggest change. -Tyler!

I got you and Muscles verified on Twitter. How has your life changed since then?

What happened to me? -Tyler!

--------------- I don't cook much so should I still buy your EPIC bullshit product?

yeah i dunno probably - Tyler!

Best experience with a fan?


Why do you spend 40hr on a 4-5 minute video? Seems inefficient.

Coming up with a concept is a group thing, then the filming/cooking process usually takes about 6-10 hours. Then it takes another 12-15 hours to turn 20-30 hours of footage into 3-5 minutes. -Tyler!

Why the fuck?

Because the fuck. -Tyler!

Are you guys Paleo during the off-time?

Some of the guys stick to the 4-hour body during the week. For the most part, our diets aren't terrible because there isn't much candy or junk foods, just copious amount of meats. Dead animals FTW. -Tyler!

What would you do if bacon was made illegal?

I guess that would make me a criminal. -Tyler!

Is it an Internet crime that I've never actually watched am EMT?

No, you're just stupid. -Tyler!

Are you actually going to cater Deadmau5 and Kat Von D's wedding? (I saw your tweet)

We'd like to. -Tyler!

What really hides behind muscle glasses' glasses?

Horrible, horrible things. -MG

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Chop off a limb. -Tyler!

are any of you jewish

yes, most of us

Any surprisingly weird mix of foods that turned out to taste great?

peanut butter and hot dogs

What are your cholesterol levels like? Has a doctor ever told you to eat healthier?

our doctors hate us

How many times have you shit yourself following an EMT filming?

Never shit myself in life. But we all use the same toilet on set. It sucks to be that toilet.

Would you ever consider coming to Ireland to do an EMT? You could expand the Jack Daniels Breakfast...

send us plane tickets and we'll come

Hey we drank some beers when you were at Mohawk college in Hamilton, just wanted to know how you've been?

still drinking

What is your ideal first date?




What made you decide to make a youtube channel where you make thousand-calorie food and then eat it?

Um, cuz its delicious? -Tyler!

What made you decide to make a youtube channel where you make thousand-calorie food and then eat it?

the taste

Have you ever been approached to do something more than YouTube? Do you wish to be?

I truly love the internet. TV is cool, but too slow. Nowadays you have an idea you can make it happen right away. Epic Chef is an idea from a couple months ago and its already released to the audience. Videogame High School was on YouTube and is now on netflix. Im happy to bring content to my audience for free on YouTube and i never really think about other means of distribution. I love the internet.

Muscles glasses are you bulking all year? Keep up the swole bro.

I bulk and cut at the same time for maximum human strength levels -MusclesGlasses

Is there any talk of a EMT movie? Cuz that would be epic

yes, always talking

Is there any talk of a EMT movie? Cuz that would be epic

We're tossing around a few ideas.

Hey Harley! Thanks for doing this AMA! You are a freakin boss! Just a few questions for ya!

-Were do you find all the babes for your show? Friends of yours or just chicks you met on the street?

-Besides wrapping them in bacon, how would you improve on making baby back ribs?

marinate it in beer, deep fry, and cover in Jack Daniels bbq sauce. -MusclesGlasses


I'm sorry our FREE content that you have the option to watch annoys you.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

tell them to give me a box of them -MusclesGlasses

Tyler is my favourite! Closely followed by Harley and fancy man haha.

Why don't you let Tyler cook more? And can you make an epic Australian style meal? Like a fast food meet pie and sawse!

And where does muscles glasses keep going!

Cheers for the awesome videos guys! Always makes me laugh!

If you know Tyler then you can understand why he doesnt cook that much.

Do you see yourself doing "Epic Meal" stuff ten years from now?

We can only hope! -Tyler!

If I want to "get drunk off pancakes" how much jack per amount of syrup.

equal parts

Hey muscles lets fight

you lose -MusclesGlasses

How did you feel when Anthony Bourdain called your food "...hardcore, military grade content, to be used in wartime PSYOPS situations ONLY. Not Safe For Children, even the pleasingly plump--or fans of Paula Deen."

And went on to say "In fact, don't let Ms. Deen see this. She'll steal recipes for her nearly as lethal show."

Big compliment, or biggest compliment?

Where is this from? -Tyler

Muscles: what's your day to day diet and workout routine?

high calories and high intensity

Hot damn. You guys are heroes. Question! Why Jack Daniel's? Isn't there an equally hard ass, bacon-worthy whiskey that better reps Montreal?

We're not exclusive to JD, we'll drink anything!! -Tyler

What do you do with all the leftover food? Seems like it could feed a small country.

a small country or Prince Atari's fridge. -Tyler


Check out thanksgiving episode from a couple of weeks ago.

I see you guys around Dollard/Pierrefonds/Roxboro/Pointe Claire sometimes. It's cool. Last time I was up there I saw MG at Fairview.

MG runs Fairview

Dont you think you are wasting food? What do you do after with the leftovers?

The leftovers either come to our office or to prince atari's place or sometimes, if theres enough, we donate them.

Why are you so awesome?

Cuz we can't find the antidote. -Tyler!

Are there ever any leftovers from your videos? Or is it really all devoured in one massive food orgy? And does bacon actually taste good with everything? Or do you just get high off it?

Bacon tastes good with EVERYTHING! -Tyler

Do you guys like chocolate milk?i haven't seen an episode with chocolate milk in it

Great call! -Tyler!

Did you know eating one strip of bacon shortens your life by 9 minutes?

No way, that's just a stupid myt.....


He's already been in three episodes, dawg

You're a fan of JD & Jameson. Do you like Scotch whiskey? If so, what's your favorite?

I like me a nice Glenlivet. -Tyler!

How do you get those amazingly hot girls on your show? I want to meet them!

We fuck em' first then feed them.

AMAs with you always just seem like bro-time.

So how have all of these broments been for you?

Magical. -Tyler!

How much time does it take to edit the film on the computer?

approx. 20 hours. -Cousin Dave

how do u feel about ur substantial decrease of views since u started?

Never noticed since we're still the #1 Online Cooking Show in the world. How do you feel about them?

How hungover were you at SXSW last year? You looked pretty rough for your show presentation.

You can't get hungover when you keep drinking! -Tyler!

Have you ever worried that you aren't using enough bacon?

Every day of my life!

Do you prefer wiping front to back or back to front?

I prefer the dry-up. -Tyler!

How big are your shits?

About the size of an average six year old boy.

What's the message behind epicmealtime?

Friendship and sharing -Tyler!

Do you ever get really awkward looks at grocery stores when buying so much food?

We usually have to explain our show to the old check-out ladies at grocery stores. -Tyler!

Who edits the videos?

Cousin Dave

Would you be willing to compare beards with me, Harley?

Yes. You lose. GG.

My only question is: did you really get drunk off pancakes?

VERY drunk off pancakes!

Since you've started doing EMT, how many women have sent you pictures of their naked bodies covered in bacon?

My Instagram @HarleyPlays has some of those pics on it

I was a vegetarian from birth to the age of 18. I began eating meat because of how awesome you made it look.


I'm glad we could help. -Tyler!

Harley what is your favorite beer?


I was part of one your videos that never made it to youtube (Angry French Canadian eating contest at a frat house in Montreal) around years ago. Whatever happened to it?

We didn't know what to do with it. All you drunk college kids were puking the whole video haha

Would you ever have someone like Anthony Bourdain on? In his early catering days he loved making wild display pieces. It was mainly heroin induced but it'd work.

We would love to. Open invitation,Tony! -Tyler!


No major injuries, but Tyler has a bad mouth that bleeds all the time.

You don't have half the personality or charm of Gordon Ramsay. You seem like a frat boy who panders to morons.

Well why don't you go suck Gordon Ramsey's dick if you love him so much! Cause you can just forget about putting mine in your mouth after your rude comments.

whos house is the best to cook at and what episodes were filmed there

Mooky's house is the best thats where we normally film. Episode #1 was Harley's kitchen and a couple of episodes were in MG's kitchen. None were ever filmed at Tyler's, Ameer's or Dave's. -Tyler!

I love you Tyler!

Thanks Dawg!! -Tyler!

Whos you're favourite KOTD rap battler?

The guy who does the interviews on their media channel.


Our epic Songza playlist!!

How did you guys discover reddit?

Uh... it's the engine of the entire internet?? -Tyler!

Opinion on the Heart Attack Grill?

A very SMART restaurant. -Tyler!

How long do you expect to live?

So far I'm doing alright. -Tyler!

Does muscles glasses ever talk?

It's more of a bark. -tyler!

Out of all the Epic Meals you have created, which one was the most epic? And which one was the tastiest?

I'd say the most epic was the 60-animal Turbaconepicentipede. -Tyler!

Will you ever release a cookbook?

shop.epicmealtime.com .... We did, bro!

What is FPS Russia's full arsenal like? And is he truly Russian?

It's insane. I don't even know if I saw a fraction of what he's got but there was A LOT! Like, under the sofa cushion. -Tyler!

If you were stranded on an island with five people who would they be?

Muscles Glasses, Cousin Dave, Tyler, Mooky Gwopson, and Prince Atari.

which one of you can hold your liqur the best?

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm the resident drinking champ in the crew. Mook is pretty excellent as well. -Tyler!

Tyler i use your pick up line everyday. works every time.

Nice job, bud! -Tyler!

How many penis' do you suck in a given week?

I'll punch one dick for every down vote you get. Starting with my own.

Have you ever checked out Furious Pete on youtube? You should do an episode with him!

He's been in three or four episodes of ours already, dawg!

How long did it take to make the Turbaconepicentipede and how much did it cost? Oh... And how long did it take to eat everything? Seriously, I mean that should've taken you days if not weeks... Thanks :)

It took us about 8 hours to construct and it costed about $5000. We ate a lot but there was still tons of leftovers so we donated it to a local soup kitchen. -Tyler!

wil you guys ever be on reddit again? cuz this is the shit

I'm sure we'll be back! This is fun. We only do fun things. -Tyler!


Definitely a deal breaker. Sounds like your boyfriend is hiding something. -Tyler!

I saw you in Kingston, Ontario once. I figured that you'd be getting swarmed by people asking for pictures, autographs and what not. So I decided to set myself apart by just staring you down with a menacing look on my face and when you made eye contact I just kind of growled a little bit. Not sure if you'd remember that ?

You shoulda come said hi! -Tyler!

Why so much bacon?

I don't think we use nearly enough bacon, actually. -Tyler!

What the hell are epicmealtime and epic chef ? Because they sound stupid.

Have you even been on the internet??? -Tyler!

What colour are Muscle Glasses' eyes?


Have you ever thought about putting out an epic cook book?

shop.epicmealtime.com We did, bro!


He was the only one who knew how to actually cook. We had him help out for a few episodes but ultimately decided it's better to be dumb and not know what we're doing.

what store do you guys shop at most of the time?

The grocery store.

Are you guys still based in the West Island or you moved in the states ?

Greetings from motherfucking Quebec!

We're still based in the West Island. We're out in LA right now for a couple months but that's still home! -Tyler!

Did you like living in Montreal?

Summertime- Absolutely it's the best place on earth. Winter time- It's hell on earth -Tyler!

How do you train yourselves to eat so much?

It's called being hungry. -Tyler!

So...a Baconator, a Teen Burger, a Big Mac, and a Whopper have a free-for-all ladder/cage/deathmatch of EMT proportions. Who wins and why?

In my opinion? Baconator. It has the most bacon meaning its the strongest. -Tyler!


For Tyler: You're a chef, right? Or are you full time EMT now? What is your personal signature dish? Favorite thing to cook? I am also a Canadian chef.

Also: How much money do you guys make from the show? Answer if you feel like it.

Also again: Fucking, eh. You guys make me laugh until shit comes out of my face for real.

I am by no means at all a chef. I actually have no clue what I'm doing in the kitchen I just throw shit together and guess and it usually ends up working. Mook and Prince Atari do the majority of the cooking on the show while the rest of us lend a helping hand here and there. My best dish, though, is making cheesy Egg-In-The-Hole in a bagel. -Tyler!

Is it still fun to make videos ?

It is! We all still have fun. I mean, it's basically just getting drunk with friends, right? How could that be bad? -Tyler!

  1. Do you prefer the fast food or candy/sweets episodes?
  2. What did you think of working with the "Kids React" kids?

I prefer fast food and anything meaty over the sweet candy stuff. -Tyler!

I didn't expect my evil twin here... How'd you find me?

HEY! You get back in the attic!!

I know you most likely wont answer, but, will you continue to use reddit, after this AMA is done?

Of course.

If i send you a hat, would you wear it then fill it with bacon and Jack Daniels and send it back? obviously not a bitch hat.

Sure, gimme your hat and i'll get it dirty for you. -Tyler!

Does your apartment smell like rich mahogany?

No it smells like bacon and vagina.

Harley, were you walking around osheaga this year? My friends said they saw you

Yes, the whole crew was there.

You still live in DDO?


I'd give up Sauce Boss to be the Pussy President. Wait, no. That sounds bad.

Has Muscles ever gotten close to beating your ass? If so, what did you do to provoke him?

And how many vegans can you eat in one sitting?

No, I carry his urn.

I don't know if your still here, but I got to know. Did you teach yourself how to cook, or did you attend some sort of culinary school?

None of us know how to cook. We don't know what the fuck we're doing in the kitchen.

have you developed any health issues from eating the things you've made?

Is 'Getting Fat' a health issue?

Who is Fancy Guy and why did he start the fancy gimmick?

He is Cousin Dave. He films and edits the episodes. And it's not a gimmick, its a way of life.

are you really catering deadmau5 and kat von d's wedding?

We're down!

I saw you on sources and waved. You did not wave back. WHY MR MORENSTEIN, WHY? YOU'VE BROKEN MY HEART.

I was probably concentrating on the new Coldstone

How did Muscles Glasses come to be?

Funny story... he has Muscles and he wore Glasses.

How much do you guys make from EMT? If you don't mind me asking!

All of it.

you guys should do like a music tour except its cooking and you go to peoples houses. thad be sick.

What musicians go to peoples houses?

Bacon or more bacon?

Oh, and what king of shampoo do you use?

To answer both of your questions: More bacon.

Can you comment on the quality of that cooking set? As a starter kit it looks great and really does have the must haves.

It's ideal for anyone looking to make some SMART meals like us. It has everything you need. Plus, we're going to be releasing videos showing you exactly how to use the kit to it's utmost potential!

What is MuscleGlasses' real name?

Guscles Masses

Met you guys out in mtl one time, thanks for the picture!

Show us!

Unoriginal question, but food related: Who would win in a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich?

I think a grilled cheese sandwich is sturdier. It breaks less easy and nothing falls out of it like a taco does. Also, is this a soft shell taco or hard shell? If it's a soft shell then I'd take grilled cheese no doubt. If it's hard shell, I have to reconsider a few things. -Tyler!

Unoriginal question, but food related: Who would win in a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich?

Prison rules? -Harley

Refering to your kickass cookware, will you be selling the knife set separately in the future?

Not sure. If I were you, I would buy the whole set and sell all the other items on Craigslist and try not to get stabbed!

This is just a Canadian stereotype of mine but do you speak french? I always have this idea in my mind that every Canadian must speak french.

We do speak french. Not very well, but we do.

What's you favourite tv show?


Do you Poop bacon and Cum Jack Daniels?

vice versa. it's quite painful

How was it working with Ken Block?

He's a really chill guy and a sick driver!


Definitely, I'm getting on my grindstein now. Coming up with lots of new tracks and hopefully an album before the summer! -Tyler!

Just out of curiosity, how is arika sato like?

she's awesome! Plus she takes sexy pics on her instagram! http://www.instagram.com/arikasato if you want to follow her.

How was it working with/for freddie during the shooting of VGHS?

It was awesome. He's so talented and laid back! I saw him film a scene running next to a motorcycle with a camera in each hand and he kept the shot in focus and he was just wearing flip-flops.

This will probably be buried, but thanks for being awesome :D. Also what type of camera do you use to film EMT?

We used to use a 7D now we use a 5D. -Tyler!

This will probably be buried, but thanks for being awesome :D. Also what type of camera do you use to film EMT?

My pleasure! We film with a Canon 5D.

If you retire as a youtube partner, do you get retirement funds?

I think the pension kicks in after 3 million subs. Not sure. -Tyler!

Are you subbed to /r/deadpool?

Awesome! I'm at the top of that! Cool.

If you were be assassinated, who do you want you're assailant to be?

My own liver or heart. -Tyler!

Harley, it's your mother. Why can't you just meet a nice Jewish girl and settle down? I've done a lot for you in your life, and I haven't asked for much. Is that too much to ask?

yes it is! You can't tell me what to do!!! I'm a grown ass gangster now mom!

You should go on iron chef with your crew PLEASE

We have our own show called Epic Chef....so they should come to us.

McGill, Concordia, or UofM?

graduated at McGill.

How did you ended up in Freddiew's VGHS?


Can you give us some insight on the business side of things for EMT?

Bacon is business. Business is friendship. That's how to succeed. -Tyler!

Do you like turkey bacon?

I wouldn't say I like it. I mean, it's a horrible substitute for real bacon, but I'll grab a strip or two if there are no other options. -Tyler!

How did you learn to cook so good?

We were all born with it. -Tyler!

How do you come up with the ideas for your food creations

It's usually the result of everyone hanging out and getting drunk. -Tyler!


I happen to find Zack Galifinakis pretty funny actually. Either way you shouldn't wish death on anyone.

Harley, there are so many ridiculous and inappropriate things I would do to you.

lets do S. if youre a girl.

Holy shit you just made my fucking life.

Also, yes. I am a girl. Preparing my anus.

how do I gain access to it?!

Hey Harley, it was awesome to meet you at E3 this year. Have any of your students ever tried contacting you? I can only imagine how cool it would be for an old high school teacher of mine to do something like this.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/UIkva.jpg

I miss my beard.

How much money was spent outta pocket b4 u could guys became a youtube partner?


No question. I just wanted to let you know I made my reddit account while making an Epic Meal during a Halloween party last year while dressed as you (Sauce Boss shirt, Expos hat, hoodie, and, of course, an epic beard). While chugging some Jack from the bottle, someone asked me, "What are you going to do with this extra bacon?" As I looked up from my Whiskey induced haze, I stated, "There is no such thing as extra bacon, only necessary bacon." I just wanted to share that with you.

Thank you so much! You remind me that my work is making the world a better place.

Do you have a brother or a twin?

a brother that looks a lot like me from Ottawa.

[No question]

Thanks so much for all the awesome questions! This was great!! We always read comments on our Social Networks if you want to keep in touch with us! One of us at any given time are looking through questions and comments! Here's our info: http://www.epicmealtime.com YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/epicmealtime Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EpicMealTime or http://www.twitter.com/harleyplays Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/epicmealtime Google+: https://plus.google.com/107307848559396764238 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/harleyplays

Thanks again!!

Has the cameraman for EpicMealTime ever made a cameo appearance in any episode? (I only ask because I don't know what he looks like, and I may have seen him without knowing it, if he ever appeared.)

The cameraman is Cousin Dave, the guy who eats with a fork and knife.

if you stuff a rat inside a squirrel inside a raccoon. What do you get?

An erection. -Tyler!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Harley Morenstein conducted on Reddit on 2012-12-17. The Reddit AMA can be found here.