Gillian Jacobs

March 14, 2012

Gillian Jacobs

Hello Redditors! I return to answer more of your questions!

What was the mood like when you found out the show was going to be on hiatus? Did you make any backup plans in case it wasn't brought back?

It was a really weird week. I think everyone was making fun of the situation and we started calling ourselves "the most expensive webseries in history." We were relieved to hear that our episode order wasn't reduced and we would get to film all 22. I didn't make any back up plans because we just kept shooting the season. Very happy we're back!

Oh wow. Just realized you were in Book of Daniel. I loved that show and was so disappointed that it was canceled. What are your thoughts on working on that show? How did you react to the seemingly nonsensical cancellation of the show based on the boycotts that clergymen shouldn't be represented as real human beings with real problems?

That was such a great experience. It was my first ever TV job and I had no idea what to expect. The backlash against the show seemed very silly because no on had even seen the episodes. I thought the show treated religion and people's religious beliefs with respect and never mocked them. Maybe it should have been a cable show... Thanks for watching!

I have these three questions that I've always wanted to ask to someone from the show:

  1. I've read somewhere that many jokes from Community aren't actually written in the script but rather improvised by the actors. What's your favorite line from the show that wasn't originally in the script and who improvised it?

  2. As a non-american who regretably has to resort to piracy in order to be able to watch your amazing show, is there anything I can do at all to support the show and get it renewed for a forth fourth season?

  3. Where do you see yourself whenever the show inevitably ends (because, sadly, nothing lasts forever)? Are there any other projects you're currently busy on?

Thank you so so SO MUCH for this!

EDIT: Wasn't expecting to see this at the top, but I'll take the opportunity and link to Gillian's earlier AMA:

  1. I think Donald calling me the AT&T of people.
  2. I would say buy the DVDs and merchandise from Show the network you're willing to spend money on the show. (Thank you for watching. We love our international fans and are excited to see the show is relaunching in the UK, etc.)
  3. I just worked on a movie called "Burt Wonderstone", I have a film called "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" coming out in the summer and a movie called "Revenge for Jolly" premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival soon.


Have you ever been to one of Donald's concerts? How was it?

Yes! Several. I went to his first ever concert in Queens which had an audience of about 50 people. I was so proud of him that I was beaming from ear to ear.

How well does Jeff kiss?


What was your favorite episode to shoot in the series so far? Or is one of the up coming your favorite?

Wow. That is a tough question. The flashbacks episode was really fun because we got to run around the backlot of Universal for a day and shoot the train depot, haunted mansion, old west town, Mexican village, etc. We only had until 5pm so it was a race against the clock all day to accomplish all of the world and somehow we managed to do it!

Is the pillow fight/blanket fort episode going to be on the same epic scale as the paintball ones?

Very different and yet still epic. There is geodesic dome..

Hi. You're great on Community! Keep it up.

What was the hardest scene to film because somebody was cracking up?

And how awesome was it working with Sam Rockwell?

I think you can see it on the Season 2 DVD extras but Ken Jeong spent an hour trying to say "Don't say that in front of my baby! Better cover it up with some classical music..." He could not get through the line and it went on and on and turned into some alternate reality where we were going to spend the rest of our lives trying to finish that scene. I don't know if I have ever laughed that hard.

Can we ever expect a lesbian love story between Annie and Britta? And would you be up for it if it was written?

Who knows! We've always said- any two people on this show could be a romantic pairing. :)

How do you really pronounce bagel?

the proper way!

Is there anything you can tell us about the Pillow War/Blanket Fort war we saw in the trailer? Who is on who's side?

I really don't want to give too much away but there is an epic battle scene. Did you spot the Pillow man who vaguely resembles the Michelin Man? He may be my favorite part of the episode.

If you wrote an episode of Community, what would it be about?

Hmmm....Not sure. Maybe a ghost story at Pierce's mansion? Thank god I'm not a writer on this show!

Effing love everything you do. Does it ever get to you that you play a character that is the butt of not only your fellow character's jokes, but the jokes of the Community fanbase?

In other words, how does it feel that your character's name is mostly going to be remembered as a synonym of messing something up?

I love it! I love that Britta is terrible at everything but keeps on trying! No matter how much she is made fun of she never gives us. She is a stubborn little hypocrite and I love her.

Do you have a preferred hashtag for Community? #sixseasonsandamovie?

I love #sixseasonsandamovie !

Hi Gillian, first, thank so much to you and the cast for making Community such a great show. I can't wait until tomorrow! If you could go back in time and act in any movie ever released, which one would it be and in what role?

Great question! Waiting for Guffman looks like it would have been an amazing film to be a part of. Thanks for watching!

Great to see that you're starring in so many upcoming movies! God forbid if Community doesn't return for a fourth season, I know I'd be satisfied seeing the cast in other projects. Which upcoming movie of yours are you most looking forward to?

"Burt Wonderstone" is gonna be awesome, I think! And "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" come out this summer. I think that is gonna be great too.

  1. I presume the picture of you spanking Alison Brie was a candid picture of the two of you on set. Can you confirm?

  2. Were you ever unsure about whether or not Community would return?

  3. Do you guys know the full picture when you're filming, or are you as surprised at the many layers as we are?


And yeah, I've been waiting for this AMA.

EDIT: Well I think I'm funny. Oh, and here's the image for those of you who have ZERO idea what I'm talking about.

  1. Har har har
  2. Because they didn't reduce our episode order we were pretty confident that these 12 episodes would air at some point. We just didn't know when. The 4th season is more of a question mark at this point. (fingers crossed!)
  3. A lot of times there are jokes I don't get until I watch it on TV! Or scenes that I'm not in are a total surprise when I watch them. I love the details and layers of the show. I think we all watch the episodes multiple times.


The other day I was giving a presentation in class when I suddenly remembered that there was less than a week til Community was back on air. I started having flashbacks to all the awesome moments in the show and then had to hide a big stupid grin as I thought about Britta's awkward Christmas song. I have no questions, but just wanted to let you know how much I love Community and you and your fellow cast/crew are doing magnificent work.

I appreciate that so much. Thank you for watching. I hope you love these next twelve episodes.

Is there any fun off-camera story you would like to share with us? (Keep up the good work in Community by the way!)

Gosh...They shot part of "J. Edgar" near us and Chevy wandered over onto their set and pretended to be on the crew until Clint Eastwood noticed him.

Seeing as Donald Glover is a pretty awesome rapper (personal favourite, seen him live, bought the album etc.) and the various musical segments have been hilarious and/or ridiculously catchy; is there any chance of more musical segments, stingers or dare I hope... episodes?

Edit: foxed my spalling.

I can't remember off the top of my head but I do think we as a cast should record all the weird songs we have made up over the years and sing continuously off camera. They are pretty dumb but we love them.

If you had 3 cats what would you name them?

  1. Cat
  2. Smoosh face
  3. Lord Bubblebath

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

an elm?

Do you have any other projects you have your eye on / what would be your dream role?

I think it would be awesome to play Jean Seberg. She had a crazy and messed up life.

Do you feel like the TV industry is totally out of touch with the 18-35 demographic? How do legitimately funny and entertaining shows keep getting canceled and according to jim gets 8 seasons?

Our awesome 18-35 yr old fans don't necessarily watch TV live anymore. I think a. the networks don't know how to count them and b. they want viewers who sit through ads. All of tv is changing right now and people are scared and confused. I think they will work it out eventually and our ratings will skyrocket because people are watching!

Who is your biggest influence as an actress?

Good question! As a kid I was on obsessive Katherine Hepburn fan. I also really loved Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Tilda Swinton and so many other people. Don't know if you can see their influence in my acting but I look up to all of them.

Do you think robots will ever understand human aesthetics?

I think they will eventually be programed to understand our aesthetics, yes.

Hello you amazing woman... questions:

1) the funniest thing you guys have done on set that we have not seen... maybe you guys had to stop filming because it was so funny

2) how did you get into the acting game, and for any budding actors out there what, in your opinion, is the best way to follow that dream?

of course, the obligatory I love community and you guys, thanks for making TV funnier!

  1. It is all soo dirty and not fit for network television.
  2. I started acting at 8. On Friday's in Pittsburgh they would list auditions in the newspaper and I started responding to them. I got cast in some plays and did theater from 3rd to 12th grade. I also took acting classes every Saturday from third grade on. I would find a good acting class, read a lot of plays and do whatever acting jobs are available- be that plays, short films, dinner theater, whatever. Good luck!

What's Chevy's weirdest old man story to-date? I've noticed several interviews with the cast that talk about his tendency to tell weird/off-color stories.

He claims to have been roommates with David Bowie for a week. I still don't know the full story there...

What is your favorite film of all-time?

Fanny and Alexander by Ingmar Bergman

What would say to someone who has never seen an episode of Community to describe it?

Hmmm...It is unlike any other comedy on TV. Really ambitious with very original characters. It is playing with what it means to be a network sitcom. Sounds very vague!

I'd never shipped TV characters before but something about Britta and Troy has made me become one of those annoying internet nerds that claims they are destined to be together! Can we expect anything between then in the second half of the season?

I'd say you haven't seen the last Troy and Britta hug...

What was your favorite moment in filming community?

Probably Paintball Season 1. Getting to work with Justin Lin and making an action movie in a week!

Did you come up with the 'Me so hungry' dance or was that scripted?

In the script it said "Britta does a weird dance" and the line was scripted "Pizza Pizza go in tummy. Me so hungee. Me so hungee." The dance was my weird, awkward invention.

Oh Britta is in this.

I am!

Do you think you would survive if you were stuck in Jurassic Park? You must encounter the T-Rex and raptors at least once. I feel like I myself could outwit the Tyrannosaurus, but no one can beat those raptors. D:

I would be like Newman in the out house.

what are you listening to currently? and who are some of your all time favorite musicians/bands?

I know next to nothing about music! Yvette is horrified by my lack of musical knowledge. I went to a Wilco concert recently. That was pretty great.

Charley has already given us the inside scoop on the blanket fort episode during his AMA, what other awesome things can we expect this season?!

Law and Order episode, the death of a character, EPIC season finale, a video game...

And will we see more of 'the snake' in the later half of this season?

EDIT: Seriously? Downvotes? ಠ_ಠ I asked a legit question...

Maybe. I can't actually remember right now! The snake has been replaced with the hungee.

Britta, Was the "Pizza Pizza, Me So, Hungy, Me so Hungy" choreographed? I'll take to answer off air.

I came up with the dance myself. Lyrics by the great Chris McKenna.


Gosh. A lot of luck. Determination FOR SURE. A thick skin and a healthy dollop of talent in there too. You can't give up no matter how many times you get told no.

If I recall correctly, you were in Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. How did you like that movie?

I think that is a great film! Sam and Angelica are awesome in it.

So happy that you guys are coming back tomorrow - can't wait!

Which character do you enjoy Britta interacting with the most? Which character do you wish you could get more time with?

I would love to have a Dean/Britta episode. He hates me more than anyone and Jim is a genius- obvs.

20 minutes in and no one has asked her whether or not she's seen Rampart yet?


How did you guys deal with "filming in the dark" for the last 12 episodes, so to speak?

We just kept going because in terms of the day-to-day shooting of the show- nothing changed. But we made a lot of jokes about "the lost episodes" or our "most expensive webseries in history." We always felt confident that these episodes would air.

  1. I love the weird physical comedy bits you do! How much of that is improvisation and how much is from direction? (I like to imagine the script just says "Britta does a weird, clearly stoned pizza dance" and then you run with it).

  2. How much of yourself is in Britta? Are any of her quirks your quirks?

!. You're totally right. I come up with the goof ball moves on my own. The script will say "Britta does the snake" or "Britta does a weird dance" but it takes my special brand of lack of awkward to bring them to life. I'm so grateful to the writers for giving me these gifts. I really look at all of those moments as mini presents. 2. We both can't sing and we both can't dance. :)

Do you hate the musical episodes as much as I do?

EDIT: I love that I'm getting down votes. I'm not allowed to not like the musical episodes? I didn't insult them, I just said I don't like them.

No way Jose!

Even though you portray Brita as kinda a crazy Psych major, As an actual Psych major, I love her character!

My question is what is Danny Pudi like in real life? Is he as, for lack of a better word, weird/awesome as Abed?

How awesome is it working with Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Joel McHale... God the whole cast is incredible!!! What is it like?

Love the show, can't wait for the new episodes!!!

Danny Pudi is the nicest, sweetest, most outgoing person I know. He loves people and will talk to anyone. He doesn't have the vast, encyclopedic pop culture knowledge that Abed does and he is waaay more into sports than Abed.

The cast really is incredible. I'm really lucky to have them as friends and costars. My face hurts from smiling almost every day.

How do you feel about the direction Britta's character is taking? It seems like in season one she was sweet, but misled. Now it seems more like she's a little too principled (and vocal about it) and that kind of takes away from the sweetness. Do you ever wish they'd reign her in a bit? (BTW I'm a big fan of yours, just wondering how you feel about it)

I think she is still sweet! She genuinely cares about the others and wants to help them even if her help is unwanted and not helpful. Even more so now that she is a psych major! Look out for some extra bad head shrinking in upcoming episodes.

Hi Gillian! Where do you see Britta after graduation? Where would you like her to be?

A super successful therapist with money in the bank.

Were you at all upset that the name GillianJacobs was not already taken on Reddit when you signed up?

Ha, no!

Are you amused by the review for Regional Holiday Music on AV Club having over 30k comments?

I think it is AMAZING!!!! Our fans are the best.

Does Chevy Chase have that 'old guy' smell when you're near him?

No! ha!


  1. Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  2. Midsummer, Love's Labors Lost, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night, As You Like It
  3. Never written a play

You're the worst.


Are you excited for Britta to get her used iPod Nano in 2014?

I'm sure it will break within two weeks. :)

You have unlimited resources... what prank do you pull on your castmates. Or alternatively, if you love them too much, what prank do you pull on a competing time slot.

I am no good at pranks! Probably outfit Ken Jeong's trailer as a doctor's office...

I just have to say that the cast of Community seem to have the best chemistry off screen and you all seem to be really good and genuine friends. Do you see members of the cast working together on other projects in the future after the twelve seasons and a porno are finished?

I would love that so, so much. We know each other so well as performers and everyone is so versatile that I could see us doing any number of things. I'm so lucky to work with them.

If you had to spend the rest of your life with one person on the set of Community, who would it be and why?

HARD QUESTION. Don't Sophie's Choice me!

Hi Gillian!

  1. How do you deal with all of these questions???

  2. I read an early version of the script for the pilot of Community online and your character seems pretty different from the Britta on the show - she was a lot more serious, and had this whole detailed anarchist activist backround - was it you that took Brita in a different direction, or was it the creators of the show?

  3. It always cracks me up when Britta does something like the "me so hungy, pizza in my tummy" dance, in part because it's so unusual on TV for an attractive female lead to be dorky - do those things tend to be improv on your part, or do writers actually write that stuff out?

Thanks, so happy to have you (and the rest of the cast) back!

We worked on the script during a rehearsal process with Joel, Dan Harmon and the Russo Brothers before we shot the pilot. I did not suggest any script changes but I think the scenes between Jeff and Britta evolved a bit as we read them out loud and worked on them.

The writers are giving me more and more dorky bits like that and I give them more awkward, weird seasoning. I'm so grateful for the writing on this show and to play a female that is pretty unique on TV.

Before you started working on Community, was there something you thought you would never do, but ended up doing it during the course of Community? If yes, how did it work out for you?

Firing a gun, for sure! And I think it turned out pretty well. :)

Does it bother you that your once bad-ass character has turned into the typical dumb blonde?

I don't think there is anything typical about Britta no matter how badly she may screw things up.

What's the longest period of time that you've managed to use the same tube of chapstick? Additionally, have you ever completely used up the ink in a pen?

Edit: I have officially had a conversation with a celebrity. My life is complete.

Wow. I have a chapstick on my bed side table that I have had for years. I think it predates Community. And I think I may have used up all the ink a pen.

Would you rather have glass jars for hands or snare drums for feet?

Glass jars? less noisy?

favourite sandwich?

plse answer the sandwich question

Right now it a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich with arugula on a baguette.

Were you guys covered in welts and bruises after shooting the paintball episodes? P.S. You are awesome! :)

Yes! and THANK YOU!

Gillian! Im a big fan! You are amazing!

Couple questions:

  1. What is your favorite episode of Community?

  2. Where did the "Me So Hungy" Dance/Song come from? Lol. It was amazing btw.

  3. Have you and the rest of the cast ever thought of doing a comedy your? Or maybe you could group host SNL!

  1. too many to pick! Short list: Paintball 1, D&D, bottle epsiode, timelines
  2. Chris Mckenna and the writers wrote lyrics and it said in the script that I did a weird dance. I came up with the specific moves on my own. :)
  3. Both of those ideas are awesome.

Sadly I didn't think of any great questions so Ill stick with an obvious choice. Is there a paintball episode this season? Glad the show is back.

There is not a full paintball episode but there is paintball. Vague enough? :)


  1. Chocolate and peanut butter snacks!
  2. Last song I hummed was San Francisco BC by the Silver Jews
  3. I want to know more about her parents and family!


You ok? :)

Charley Koontz recently acknowledged my existence and I died a little bit from happiness. Anyways, trying to come up with an original question is hard...okay...

  1. Where do you see yourself and Community in 3 years?
  2. Do you feel that this is the highest point of your career thus far?
  3. Anything super vague and secret that you can hint at to keep us fans drooling for more?
  1. Community will be the most popular show in the world in 3 years!
  2. I would say yes!
  3. Danny Pudi's costume in the celebrity impersonators episode will BLOW YOUR MIND

Does Chang kill everyone at the end of the sixth season?

Perhaps. Or maybe only in his mind...

Is Dan Harmon just a regular genius or is he an evil super-genius?

Regular old genius

What was your favorite theme of an episode? e.g. Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, etc.

What was your absolute favorite episode to work on?

What are your favorite recent TV shows (besides Community) and movies?

If you and Annie got into a fight, who would win? Thanks for doing an AMA!

  1. Maybe Pulp Fiction. That was pretty awesome.
  2. I love Tim and Eric, Xavier Renegade Angel, On Freddie Roach, Eastbound and Down, RuPaul's Drag Race on and on and on
  3. I think Annie! She is tough.

Hey -- saw your Rupert Pupkin tweet and I just want to make sure that you don't commit a B&E at Jerry Lewis's house. Or tie him up and sing him Ray Charles songs. All the best...

I made another "King of Comedy" reference during an interview and Joel said "no one has any idea what you are talking about." Ha!

What do you think of Britta's transition from "the hot chick" to the person who, well, Britta's things?

Love it! She is so fun to play as a character. Hot chicks are a dime a dozen but there is no one else quite like Britta. It is such a gift as an actor.

What television or movie trope/cliche have you not done on Community yet that you'd like to try?

Also, you and the rest of the cast of Community are awesome. I love following you guys on Twitter!! :) <3 <3

Live episode? That might kill us though...

Thank you for watching!

How do you feel about Britta's transition from Jeff's crush, to the character all the dumb jokes are based on.

Was this a natural transition, or did the writers actively pursue it?

See answer above! I love it.

I.go to a community college and its scary how well the show nails certain aspects of what a community college is. Did you or any of the cast attend a CC to research your role?

No but we used to shoot exteriors at LA City College. That was a lot of fun!

As a fellow Southwestern PA-er, what are your favorite places to go in Pittsburgh? Also what are your favorite made up Pittsburghese words? Mine are gumband and jaggerbush.

I said "nebby" today!

the Mattress Factory.


First of all, i love you. Second of all, my questions: If you could star in a classic movie, which movie would it be? If you could play a character in a deceased TV show, who would it be?

Valerie Cherish on "The Comeback" and play Katherine Hepburn's part in "Philadelphia Story."

I absolutely LOVE Britta and you are amazing.

I was wondering how many of the pop cultural references you understand the first time you read a new script? I heard somewhere you're the one the cast asks about the really obscure ones...true?

Thanks for doing this!

Thank you! We don't get a lot of the references individually but usually collectively we get most of them. We look up the ones we don't get!

Has the cast/crew ever actually played paintball together?

No! but we should

Thanks for doing this (again)! Love you a lot. What's been your favorite ridiculous/embarassing Britta moment to film, and, if different, to later see in an episode?

Probably the tree moment in the Christmas episode!

Love Community.Trying to find a non-creepy way to say that I enjoyed your role in Choke that doesn't make it seem like I am saying "I have seen your boobs." Any help?


I am a huge fan of the show! So you can imagine my smile when I saw you were doing this. Looked a lot like this: :DDDDDDDD. What do you think the reason for your casting was for the role of Britta?

I feel like I just got her. It was such an easy fit for me with the role. Not sure how to articulate it any better than that! Thank you for watching the show.

  1. Who would win in a fight, Yvette Nicole Brown or Jim Rash?

  2. Has Jim Rash brought his Oscar to set, and if so did anyone get confused over which was which? Because he looks like the trophy.

  3. How does it feel to be the second most beautiful person on the show (after Jim Rash)?


  1. They are both fierce competitors.
  2. He brought it to the Paley Fest!
  3. I am aware of how beautiful Jim is. No need to rub it in.

What's your favorite in- or recurring joke from the show? Maybe even something the general audience hasn't picked up on yet?

Chang tongue!

You answered most of the questions I had, but how was the making of the animated shorts? Were all you guys in the same room recording together, or was it separate (as it usually is with animated movies/shows). Thanks!

We recorded the separately in the same booth where we do ADR for the show. It was very quick because we recorded on breaks from shooting Community. I thought they turned out great!



What's it like to work with Dan Harmon?

He is probably the most creative person I have ever worked with. I had no idea how ambitious this show would turn out to be. I'm in awe of it.

can you recommend any books or movies or shoes or pizza toppings?

Chuck Taylors. Wearing mine now.

Does Britta have a slightly different feel for you depending on which writer is mostly responsible for the episode? Do some of the writers tend to focus more on certain qualities while others focus elsewhere?

I don't know the answer to that. Hard to tell when you read an episode who pitched a specific joke or story idea. They're all great writers.

Have you guys figured out a way to work Jim Rash's oscar into the show somehow? (I'm anticipating it in dean-ster egg form)

Did you see part 3 of Abed's Master Key? (our animated shorts)

Favorite line you've ever improvised for Britta?

People's champion!

oh. brittas in this?


paul f. tompkins: mustache or no mustache (also, what are the odds of him guesting on community)

He already did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Troy's birthday episode from season 2.


The phrase "Let's let Britta sing her awkward song" has become sort of a 'catchphrase' in our house, whenever someone wants to do something and they are not really very good at it, but we love them and will support them anyway. My question is - do you actually sing that awkwardly, or were you making it worse on purpose for the show?

I am not very good at singing but not as bad as Britta!

do you maybe wanna get a coffee sometime?

i looove coffee

People are too fast at asking questions on AMA's :( Now i'll never get the chance to ask you out...


After the film stops rolling, who is the most hilarious gal or guy?

Donald, Jim, Ken or maybe RICHARD ERDMAN

How do want community to end?

in a giant fire!

I see you haven't made it out of the internet since Paul F. Tompkins brought you in. Do you have any idea how to get out?

No clue. Lasers?

Which other tv show would you most enjoy doing a parody of in Community?

I'll give a classic Joel answer- Hillbilly Handfishing

Are you really a poor break dancer or is that strictly a Britta characteristic?

I've never attempted to break dance in real life.

If you had to make out with any costar of yours, who would it be?

Professor Ian Duncan

Didn't recognize you by name (sorry haven't seen Community), but I googled you and saw you were Cherry Daiquri in, that's awesome! Also, you should tell me why I should start to watch Community!

It is the best show you're not watching! Ask all these other Redditors!

So-- Community has some awesome fans. What's the craziest fan experience you've ever seen or been a part of?

People starting to cry at Comic Con is pretty surreal!

Britta is one of my favorite TV characters ever. I don't give a shit if she's supposed to be the worst, I think she's the best! You should know that. (I am a lady person, btw)

Thank you so much!

will you be sad if community is canceled? I will be sad

I would be very, very sad! I started crying during the Daily Beast interview when we talked about that possibility.

What's your relationship like with Chevy? Is he as strange to work with as Dan Harmon often says?

Thanks so much for the AMA Gillian. You're the best. By far my favorite character on my favorite show.

Chevy and I have a great relationship. He texts me Onion headlines and goofy fake names.

Thanks for watching the show!


Hmmm... can't answer for sure as I haven't seen any of them cut together. I think they are going to be awesome. We loved making them.

Are you jealous that Annie's Boobs gets so much attention? How many times have you pitched for a Britta's Boobs?

Ha! I'm medium boobs.

What upcoming episode in this spring are you most looking forward to airing/enjoyed filming the most?

I think our season finale is going to be epic!

Can you get Neil Goldman to give me today's twitter award? My twitter name is @WH_Woolhat

I would really appreciate it.

Also - Will we get to see Britta win at something? At anything? I feel bad for the girl

She is winning at life! I love Britta the most when she is failing.

What is your most Britta-like moment in real life? Like, let's say you REALLY Britta'd it.

You guys tell me I Britta things all the time! I posted a link to an old AMA one time. Certainly Britta'd that.

I love how your character has gotten a lot goofier since the beginning of the show, what made the writers/producers decide to do that?

I think she is more fun and relatable that way. She's come into her own.

Who are your favorite actors? How did you get into acting? Is working on Community better than getting eaten by a mountain lion?

I started talking an acting class in third grade and fell in love. Way better than getting eaten by a mountain lion!

Favorite actors- Tilda Swinton and John Hodgman!

Gillian! Do you, in fact, ruin everything?

Sometimes. :(

What pie are you going to have for pi day?

Hopefully banana cream pie

Hi Gillian. Im late to the party and just started watching Community on Netflix. It has been a long time since a tv show has made me (and more importantly my wife)laugh out loud, so thats awesome! Can't wait to get through them all! Thanks :)

THANK YOU and your wife for watching!

I once heard your name being thrown around for the Evil Dead remake before that got its lead, was there any truth to this?

Not to my knowledge. :)

What would your dream role be?

Masha in "Three Sisters"?


They are the best! I am so lucky to be a part of this cast.

What's your favourite "Shut Up Leonard!..." moment?

and of all the ridiculous relationship pairups that the writing team put you through, which is your favourite? (doesn't necessarily have to be Britta related, but Protest Britta/Security Chang is one of my faves)

Britta gets a Shut up Leonard moment! I loved Britta/Chang and Jeff/Dean "Kissed by a Rose."

You're one of my favourite TV series crush. I'd die happy if you'd acknowledge my existence.

HI! You totally exist!

Any stories funny stories of anyone "Britta-ing" something on set?

My attempts to jump over a couch in Paintball 1 were amazingly horrible.

Favorite movie from the 1960s?


Are their any other Community easter eggs that you and the cast know of but are waiting for the rest of the audience to figure out?

We hid Torg in the Christmas Pageant set

Thansk for the AMA! Quick questions:

That we were coming back for the rest of season 3?
1. Don't remember 2. Dan Harmon's tweet 3. I think we did a group email!

Are you and Alison Brie aware of r/gillianjacobs and r/alisonbrie?

No! Ha! :)

If you could slap any living person, who would it be?

Ken Jeong again and again

Do you love me as much as I love you?

Of course I do.

please return for a 4th season!

I would love that so so much.

What was it like shooting the new episodes knowing you were on an "indefinite hiatus"?

Weird and also exactly like shooting the other episodes.

Hi Gillian! Big fan of the show! I'm also a big fan of The Thrilling Adventure Hour at Largo, any news of when we can see you back there?

Also, you played Linka from Captain Planet for a hilarious Funny or Die video. We got to hear you with an accent! Is that something you work on or was that something just put together on the spot?


Not sure when exactly but hopefully very soon!

That is my pathetic attempt at a Russian accent. Thanks for watching!


We are relaunching in the UK! I tweeted a link to an article about it. Now you can watch legally!

Where did the whole "me so hungie" song come from? It was repeated in the pagent episode....Will it return again?

From the brains of the writers! Chris McKenna wrote the timeline episode. I hope it returns again.

According to you, which timeline from "Remedial Chaos Theory" is the reality?

All of them?

love the show! i can't limit it to one question 1. Who will the next Community cast member to win an oscar be? 2. Favorite secondary character? 3. It was just mean to announce that Britta would be a Psych major and then not bring John Oliver in for the season. Is there anything the fans can do to make sure he comes back for at least a few episodes in the 4th season? 4. And can everybody from Community please guest on Childrens Hospital? I'm obsessed with both shows and obviously the Rob Corddry connection is there.

  1. Richard Erdman!
  2. Starburns
  3. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have him back but his Daily Show schedule is so demanding that we couldn't make it happen. I would have loved a Duncan/Britta therapy- off
  4. You have not seen the last of Rob Corddry on Community!

What do verbs do?

I gave you a shout out on the Hulu Morning After show! Not sure if it will make the cut. :)

[No question]

I am going to answer questions for 5 more minutes. I'm starving and need to get some lunch!

What is your go to lame joke?

A skeleton walks into a bar and says, "I'd like a drink and a mop."

How similar is your personality to Britta's? Would you ever quit school to impress Radiohead like she did?

I was a very good student. I don't really have the anarchist streak like Britta does. But in lots of other ways we are similar.

Hi Gillian! How much of Britta's clothing/style crosses over into your own personal style?

I love a lot of her tops and jeans. I am obsessed with striped shirts so I covet all of Britta's striped tops.

If you could do a crossover episode, what other show would it be.

Cougar Town! Duh!

Love the show! What is your favorite Easter Egg in an episode of Community?

Abed delivering a baby!

Do you know anything about this syndication deal with Comedy Central? Does that mean a guaranteed season 4?

I just read about it too! I think it is great news but I don't know that it guarantees anything.

When is "Choke" coming to Blu-Ray?

no clue!

Who is your favorite costar (both in real life and the character)?

Sophie's Choice! Don't make me pick!

Thank you for being awesome, Community is the best show!

Thank you for watching!

Why are there palm trees at Greendale if it is in Colorado? There are actually a lot of weird things about what goes on at Greendale that just don't work with Colorado. For example, no one takes sailing for an easy A. People take snowboarding if they want an easy A. Leonard mentions Kroger but in Colorado it's called King Soopers. There are no apartments above the Adult stores on Colfax and, if there were, Annie wouldn't be able to afford it. These are small things but they drive me crazy.

Why didn't they just set the show in LA, since the writers are obviously more familiar with it? Does Dan Harmon have a secret thing for Colorado?

We have the same questions! I don't know. They stopped hiding the palm trees at a certain point. We always joke that show takes place in Sacramento. I have no good answer to your very valid questions.

Please Britta the rest of the season, and then throughout the 6 seasons and a movie!

I will try my best!

No questions, just a HUGE thank you for

1) being an amazing actress

2) being willing to do an AMA on reddit, and

3) helping make Community amazing.

(also, a very high pitch masculine SQUEEEEEEEE Huzzah for Community coming back tomorrow)

Thank you for watching!

[No question]

I am so hungee! Thank you all for being so awesome. I'm sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions. I will try and answer more at a later date. I learned my lesson about reusing old AMA links so I will create a new one. I WON'T BRITTA IT!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Gillian Jacobs conducted on Reddit on 2012-03-14. The Reddit AMA can be found here.