Freddie Wong

May 18, 2012

I am Freddie Wong. I make YouTube videos. AMA!

Hey folks! Some proof -!/fwong/status/203612072834113536

I am Freddie Wong, a creator of weekly YouTube videos and self-described C-list internet celebrity. Together with my friend Brandon Laatsch, we run the 5th most subscribed YouTube channel at, and our videos average approximately 5,000,000 views each.

We just put out two episodes of a feature-length webseries we've been working on entitled Video Game High School. You can watch the first episode here:

The 2nd episode is already up on our new site

Ask me anything!

And on a personal note, I hate AMAs where the guy comes in and answers like 15 questions and peaces out. I will personally answer EVERY question I get, and if I DON'T, then there's probably a very good reason why I'm not answering that question publicly. In the interest of time, if I see your question has already been answered, I'll skip it - take a look before you ask!

Fire away! Also if you see something from BrandonJLA, he's Brandon Laatsch, the co-creator of the YouTube channel.

(looking now "Every question I get" was pretty ambitious. Still cranking away though!)

I loved your video where you went back in time to tell young Freddie about the horrors of current gaming. I thought the kid playing you did a great job. Did you know him prior to the video, or did you have some sort of "Freddie auditions?"

Didn't know him - had bizarre Freddie auditions.

Hey, I don't know if this has been asked before but what made you follow film and editing? I'm also an editor (not that good though) and I really love your work. So, If you can, got any tips? Haha :P

Just having a computer growing up and messing around with videos and old vacation footage. Check out "In the Blink of an Eye" by Murch if you haven't already

Love your stuff man!

The post-credit teaser after Captain America showed Agent Coulson beating up two convenience store robbers while unable to choose between two products. It seemed very very similar to your skit, Cereal Killer. Which came first? Did they rip you off?

See the resemblance? Despite their massive special effects budget, your skit looked much better.

Also, what was the song you were listening to in Cereal Killer?

I doubt it. The song was the Arcade Dominator song from the Arcade Dominator video.

You should find a way to do something with Rooster Teeth. Live Action Rvb?

We're going to their convention!

How did you get to work with Zach Levi, and how was that experience? You were in an episode of Chuck once. How is the environment in a set like that compared to what you usually do with your Youtube videos?

We are kinda buds from the INTERNET. A pro TV set is really interesting - they get a lot done but it doesn't seem like it. Our sets we run around like chickens with our heads cut off in comparison

You did say you would answer all questions.

I question the questioner.

Have you ever thought of doing a holonovel? A video in 3D where viewers can choose the character from whose perspective they will be watching the video? Well, a step towards holonovel?

This is confusing and scary to me.

Do you put your toilet paper over or under?

Under. Better tear leverage who the heck would do it over!?

If I just told you I loved you would you answer? Ok, no, but really; -What makes YouTubers like you, and Sam and Niko, be able to just continually pump out high-quality, quirky videos on such a regular basis without running it into the ground? What's your secret? -Do you ever like, ya know, just hang out with other YouTubers in the area? -Who would win in a fight, Brandon or you?

A lot of practice and just sheer drive to do it. Don't know who would win - Brandon's got weight and size but I have a bit of training

Do you speak/understand Mandarin?

Understand pretty well. Speak with a white dude's accent.

How do you feel when people tell you you have too much time on your hands, or have no life? I hear people say that about a lot of filmmakers on youtube (myself included) and get sort of pissed off. I'd like your opinion.

I rarely hear that actually. To me doing what I love is not wasting time - it's spending my life in a way that actually makes me happy in a meaningful way.

How is the film major at USC? Is is more artsy and hands-on like a regular art school or more theoretical? I want to work in the entertainment/gaming industry later on when I graduate from art school (storyboards and whatnot, woot!)

And finally, you seem to always be a huge fountain of ideas, how and where do you get your inspiration? :)

Thanks, and btw, all your vids have made me and my friends laugh a lot and I would love to be an extra in one of your vids...

Not art school at all very hands on. The trick is with any film program is to use it to meet people and work with them after school.


Is Snapp still teaching that?

Have you ever tried a game called Arma2?

I was super into Op Flash back in the day

What is you favorite sandwich to eat? And what is your favorite beer or alcohol that you drink?

Midnight Cuban from Paseo in Fremont, WA. Best sandwich in the world. Not a beer drinker but Brandon is. He says he likes the Stone Arrogant Bastard as well as Bud Light Platinum.

Do you do much travel for the videos?

Occasionally - we love getting out of LA. We just did a bunch of travel in Utah and shot some stuff with Devin Supertramp

Freddie, I was an art major in college, and graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art, which has turned out to be semi useless. I can't find work in computer art anywhere. I barely got an unpaid internship recently, but I have to work full time so I can't do both. Any idea where a good place to start is? I am not against taking out a loan and going back to school. Thanks in advance

-A big fan

Don't go back to school. What city are you in? Find people in that city and freelance.

I saw you at the LA Live Starbucks maybe 8 months ago or so. I remember you being as hyper in real life as you are in the videos. There's something about your gait that has a bounce to it.

Anyway, belated "Hi!" Keep up the good work on Youtube.

Hyper huh? Hahahaha

Freddie Wong!

How/where did you learn your weapon disarms?

Just by watching movies and nerdy gun videos and also just thinking about what makes sense. Some of it's from Krav Maga

Hey freddie, first of all your the man. Secondly, for a job application in marketing i have to send a one minute video to microsoft which is supposed to tell them why i love microsoft products but i wanted to throw in some fun editing to show them that i know how to attract attention to their products. Have any advice? (not a very skilled video editor)

Don't come off as too corporate. Have a distinct style and voice but make sure they take you seriously. What's the position exactly?

Favorite game?(sorry if this has been asked, I really want to know.)

Quake 2 CTF!

So I noticed you're from the Seattle area and was wondering, do you often come back to visit, or do you hate the rain up here?

Love the rain love the overcastness and at the risk of confusing everyone else who isn't in the know love Dick's. I get back when I can

So when I become a relatively big named youtube partner, we're going to do a collab together right? Do you enjoy Vancouver? I'll probably break it with giant robots soon. ;)

*edit: the "o" in "do"

I look forward to it. Great city.

How often are you recognized in public?

Do people treat you like a celebrity?

Does being Internet famous give you an advantage with the ladies?

How was working with Steel Panther?

  1. Depends on where I am. It's getting to be more constant now.
  2. Only if they recognize me
  3. Not. At. All.
  4. They are the funniest dudes ever and also completely different when out of character


FXPHD is great

Holy Santa Claus shit!!! I love FreddieW vids! Just alwaays been curious Freddie, how do you and Brandon fund all of your videos (they look like they are really expensive to make,) and do you guys actually profit from the videos you produce?

We profit and use that profit to help fund everything

Freddie, do you like Minecraft?

Love it. Hate it for how much time it's killed from my life.

Hey Freddie. If I wanted to start filming and editing short "gun fight" scenes tomorrow, what camera would you recommend I buy? I live in Tokyo, and there is a cool, quiet, neon-lit street near where I live. Do I need anything specific capture action in such a low light setting?

Canon T3i is pretty good in low light. Combine it with NeatVideo and you got a low light BEAST.

How did you get hooked up with the Epic Meal Time guys? Harley Morenstein is hilarious in VGHS.

Side note: I used to day dream about a similar concept to VGHS when I was in middle school.. But the games were Starsiege, Tribes 2, and Mechwarrior.

Side note 2: A mech inspired video would probably be quite the challenge.

No kidding I learned they were in LA and invited them out to dinner on Valentines Day. Yup.

Me and my friend were inspired by you and made our own channels, I'm not asking for promotion but just tips? Were starting a series fallout Texas and were doing this seriously even though we know we aren't going to make it big like you did. But what would be your best advice for a starting channel like us?

Don't worry about getting viewers and worry about becoming good filmmakers. The viewers will come.

How did you get your start on Youtube? I never have understood how people just randomly get millions of views after a few videos.

It's because those videos cause people to want to share them. That's how views are generated. If you ever saw a video and thought "OH my friend would LOVE to see this" and want to send it off, that's what I'm talking about. That impulse defines popularity online.

do you like pie?



Destin here from SmarterEveryDay (lame show 'bout science). If I could bring a new phantom over around vidcon would you be interested in goofing off for a couple of hours? Please type your reply faster than 120 WPM. -Huge fan.

Hahah yes I love slow mo

Freddie, I live 40 minutes from cedar point, an extremely awesome theme park, better than any six flags, IMO. For roller coaster day, do you consider theme parks all over the country? how do you pick where you are gonna go? is it the same park every time? Why not take a trip for rollercoaster day?

TL;DR- COME TO CEDAR POINT for roller coaster day, we love you out here!!

We may do Cedar Point at some point actually!

Hey Freddie! You seem to be a huge gun fan, do you own any real guns? If so what?

Nope! California is a hard place to own guns and I haven't bothered.

Do you aspire to make feature length films someday? If so, and if you had the means to make one right now, what would it be about?

Video Game High School is feature-length. I have a few ideas I really want to do but I think they work better as "series" than actual films you know?

Is youtube your full time job?

How does it feel to know that you have 3,208,048 subscribers and counting by the second?

How much money do you earn everyday?

Do you frequent reddit on any other accounts?

Do you enjoy making videos?

  1. Yes.
  2. I don't think my mind can properly even comprehend that number.
  3. Can't answer this - NDA'd
  4. Nope this is my primary.
  5. Love it.

I don't have a question, but I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos. I've shown them to the wife, kids, friends, etc. If you're ever in Charlotte, NC, look me up, I'll buy you and Brandon some beers and show you around town.

We were in Durham earlier this year.

At the moment I've got two questions: 1) As an entrepreneur yourself what advice do you have to budding entrepreneurs? 2) If an entrepreneur has an idea for a website but isn't good at building said website, what resources would you recommend?

  1. I read "Rework" recently by the 37Signals guys - great book.
  2. Find someone who can build a website. Pay em fair and well.

Hi Freddie and Brandon. I love your videos. Can you please list a couple of scrapped video ideas (preferably ones that you started and realized just weren't going to work)?

Brandon once had an idea for a thing where a dude vomits up popcorn. Who knows how that could've gone?

-what video are you proudest of? -what video did you like the least? -who are some other youtubers that you like to work with, or just hang out with? -what is your favorite video on YouTube? -I don't know if you can answer this one but how much do you make? Sorry about all the questions, hope you can answer them all :)

  1. Very proud of how Video Game High School is turning out. That and am very proud of the sound design for Beach Justice.
  2. Wong Fu are all cool guys.
  3. Genki Sudo - World Order
  4. Sorry - cannot legally do so.

What is your opinion on Sony Vegas as an editing program?

Like every editing program - pretty good! Might not handle the pro formats but might not need it!

Are the YouTube videos your only job? Is your only source of income the ad revenue? Do you know if you still get paid if we have ad blocker on?

We don't get paid if you block our ads I'm afraid.

Abou how long does it take you to edit a good special effects video?

Anywhere from a day to an entire week.

How long have you been playing guitar?

Since 2000. Kind of dropped off as we've gotten busier with videos.

How long does each video take to shoot on average? How many retakes do you do?

Under 6 hours on average. Only one or two takes per angle unless something specific needs to happen.

Can you respond to me so I can add you to my list of youtubers I've talked to?



I just did the Skip Barber racing school. It's so much fun but I'm afraid I don't have the balls for true high performance race car driving!

what are your thoughts on Vimeo? You could upload VGHS there so backers can download it. Not sure if it'll be in HD though.

...interesting. Do you know if Vimeo limits the number of downloads that can happen for a file?

Challenge Accepted!

If you were in a bed between a gay man with big di*k and an incredibly hot girl, what way would you turn? You may not leave the bed, and there is only 5% chance that you will get any action with the girl.

You said you would answer every question and I demand an answer.

EDIT: Sorry Freddie, I also meant to write: They are both facing you.

180 so my feet are on the pillow and turn towards the girl.

Hey Freddie,I am 14 years old and I like doing VFX videos but I can't find decent places to film because there is very realistic guns in most of my films. Can you suggest how I can discover good places in Sothern California?

Just talk to your neighbors and always be doing "school projects"


If Reddit removed all my karma I would not lose an ounce of sleep.

Do you play Starcraft 2? If so what league are you in. Also love how we both have black widdows ;D


Me and my friends have a youtube channel that we make videos on for fun. We have 2 very talented editors, our acting isn't that bad, and we have a few some-what popular videos, but the majority o our videos have very few views.(under 700) What are a few tips that you could suggest that would get us more well known and get us a larger fan-base? Did you get popular by means of promotion, or did it just sort of happen? (I'll link our channel if anyone's interested)

Post them here. Let the masses speak!

I really want to get into lighting, stage lighting and the like. Do you have any advice for a 17 year old guy trying to get into a profession like this. I would like to know like the first steps into getting into something like this. I plan on going to college for theater lighting and design.

Stage lighting? Theater design is your friend. High school drama productions get in with that. New York is the city you should head to

Did you ever almost give up in the early days of your YouTube career?

Nope. We've only being doing this since March 2010

Hey Freddie, Jaron from NM. Do you think Niko could ever show off his computer called "Gigga Please"? I would love to see what makes up his custom build!

Hahahahaha I'll ask him

Look, Freddie and Brandon, I love you guys.

I've been following you for years and well, it's pretty obvious to some there's been a decline.

Of course I don't mean in skill or popularity, those have both been continually increasing, but I digress.

You guys MUST be aware of the content change that's been happening since your major spike in popularity. Sure the huge amount of money has meant you can buy better equipment and use proper locations but I can't help but miss the days of stuff like Beach Justice, Future Rock Band and Near-Death Experience.

You know, the days before every second video was a first-person or some mainstream garbage-based video..

I've just been wondering if you've even been aware of the mainstream approach you've been taking to your videos and channel or if it's all been gradual in your collective sub conscience..

Additionally I'd love to know if you're going to be making any more videos like the good ol' days. Maybe some more work with Sam and Niko (I mean on-screen as well as FX of course).

P.S. VGHS is a good concept, but I still don't understand why it isn't a movie. Also the Razer promoting is a tad over the top.

inb4 downvotes purely because I may have a more unique opinion.

You're telling me Golf War or Don't F With My Cream is mainstream garbage?

Also we used Razer throughout VGHS because they were they stepped up to the plate and donated everything to the production. The sheer volume of props we would've needed to buy would've destroyed our budget

Hey man, you're probably done by now. Figured I'd ask anyway. What was it like working with Andy Whitfield? Were you a fan of Spartacus before that? And if so, what do you think of vengeance?

Had only seen one ep of Spartacus and have been meaning to watch it because I hear it's amazing after two eps. Whitfield was incredible - just a totally rad dude

Where do you get your awesome glasses?

I... don't know. Beijing China actually

Hey, Freddie! (hoping this still works despite 4000 comments) my question...

As my idol in Everything Videowise, you've brought me so far in my efforts within the past year, and I have chosen to dedicate my life to become a Videographer. So, Freddie, Can you do me a huge honor, check out our channel, and tell us what you think? Link below...

Thank you millions for this post.

Nice work! Shorten your intro and when you color correct make sure your whites are white and not gray

r u dat freediew guy? y do u spend so much time making dumb videos?! LOL

peace yo

get money get paid

Where was VGHS filmed? It looks super familiar I just can't think of the name

CSU Northridge?

My brother and I are going out to LA in June to scope it out for our planned Sep-October move out there. Will you show us around? :-D

I'd be rubbish at it

Can you give me tips for coming up with ideas for videos? I'm the media manager of a company, and all the writers in my department aren't doing any work, so I have to come up with ideas for commercials :(... If you do reply, thank you so much. You're a big inspiration to me!

I've found good ideation requires a mind fertilized by reading tons of different things, watching tons of different things, and listening to tons of different things. Be open minded and let your brain do the work of cross associating things to form ideas.

Do u plan to ever do another roadtrip like u did last year?? i got some sweet locations u could shoot at in Houston, Tx..

Yes but we'll probably do it in a more focussed way.

You like lord of the rings?

Yes! Peter Jackson must've had the pitch of a lifetime to get that gig.

Hey I have a question will you ever make a new milkman superhero video?

YES. Got a lot of hilarious ideas for the world's worst superhero

I remember watching the Celebrity TF2 match. Where it was 9v9 and you were playing sniper. Very good btw. How does it feel to be the King of Bullets?

I'm actually pretty bad - they just cut to the best parts of my kills

Will you still be putting out shorter videos while releasing VHGS? I'm only asking because I can't seem to really get into VGHS. Don't take it personally though I can't get into anything with a story arc that lasts longer than 30 mins. Terribly short attention span don't cha' know.

Yes - sporadically and we're looking at doing so on Tuesdays.

Noticed on the new vids some of the 5secondfilms crew are in the cast. Awesome that the amateur (not really though at this point) California based youtube crews have gotten together.

Plans on adding any of the staff to new videos?

Brian Firenzi lived on my floor freshman year actually. We're good friends from BACK IN THE DAY

What are your thoughts on swearing in youtube videos? I know some Youtubers won't have swearing or will censor it to keep their videos professional. I personally don't like swearing, I mean, I don't mind a word or two, but it's kinda annoying when every other word is a swear. So, yeah, what are your thoughts?

I try to not swear but offline I swear like a sailor.

Am I late for the party?

naw bro you bring it

Hey, im just graduating high school trying to start my own studio here in Canada. We shoot with large crews all over the city but keep getting in trouble with cops for not getting permission. To get permission here I need a 600$ a month insurance, and a student like my self making around 100$ a week cant afford that. Any advice or tips?

Make your crew smaller. If you look like tourists or just students with no cash nobody bothers you. Big crew means you should have money.


Old holdover from an earlier draft - people keep mispronouncing his gamer tag as "Brained" when in fact it's just his first name and last initial.

Like me!

How's that 12th day of VFXmas coming along?

Wait until this year!

what background did you guys need to get into film college;and what did they teach you that was practical and what you used in the field?

Just writing samples. The most important thing about film school is all the networking and meeting people.

If you had to pick a porn star to have a guest actor/actress in one of your videos, who would you pick and what would they do?

If it's a lady, Sasha Gray. She'd pontificate on philosophy. Ron Jeremy if it's a guy because he's hilarious.

As soon as I landed in San Diego and got situated at my sister's apartment, I took a walk down to Mr Frostie's because of your video.

And it was GREAT RIGHT?

What's your advice for an aspiring VFX editor? Is it hard to find a job editing just in the regular film industry? Youtube is my dream, but I fear getting noticed would be difficult. DFTBA :D

I've found if you're easy to get along with and technically competent it's easy to get a job. A lot of spergy or straight up crappy people out here.

Hey Freddie, I just wanted to say your videos are awesome and all the other praises you've been getting from everybody. But +1 so my praise is best. Anyways, do you guys think you might do some more contests, or even just events, where you have us call you with a specific template for what we have to say? I remember seeing the video awhile back, and I still laugh at it as hard as I did the first time.

Yes! I loved that too.

will you sell more copies after the run of the show is over?

i bought a bluray, but im just curious. And will there be plastic covering for the bluray?

Yes we will try and get the show in Best Buy if Best Buy is still around.

What truly inspired you to become such an amazing Youtuber? I was also wondering if you have read or are watching Game of Thrones?

Inspiration came from just wanting to do what I loved doing. Watching GoT. Lovin' it. Joffrey getting slapped by Dinklage made my life.

How do you feel about pants?

Also, how did you get to become so awesome? :D

freddie, frist of all, you are awesome. Second, I'm loving VGHS. Third, I make youtube videos, and want to grow my audience, I've thought about collaborating with other youtubers, but none live in Vermont. I have looked, and haven't found any even small channels. What would you recommend? Also, shot in the dark, wanna collaborate?

Vermont is pretty far out - rely on yourself and read this:

Burlington is a pretty artsy place, isn't it?

Hello from Pennsylvania!

Do you guys play battlefield 3? Because I saw on VGHS they mainly had their FPS being "Field of Fire", and the logo resembled Battlefield. If you do play, what console, or PC?

Also, what's the chance of you guys giving away a suped- up airsoft gun with all the nifty attachments like rails, holo scope, suppressor, ect.?

PC mostly for FPS. Console too - just depends on what I'm in the mood for.

Hey freddiew whats up? im brazilian and a huge in brazil we dont have much resources to learn how to do special effects, i mean don't have universities, what do you would recommend to me to learn and be a genius like you bro? hope you can answer i need this advice.

All the resources you need are online. Start with Video Copilot. Take some FX PhD courses.

Freddie, Brandon… I simply wanted to thank you for all you've done for us (the viewers). I, and many other people I know, are inspired greatly by your weekly videos and from your lessons. We strive to become the best we can possibly be- especially after seeing how much fun it can be. It's exciting to witness you guys grow in popularity in the last couple years, and taking the next big step with the VGHS Webseries.

Thank you.

Oh and p.s. Freddie, I was placed in your old dorm room in the cinema level at USC. Drop by sometime...I'd love to take you guys out to lunch and just chat.

At the end of the hall eh? First door next to the ladies section you know!

If VGHS series skyrockets through the views and fans(which it will!) will you consider into making more long web series, and possibly into the mainstream media ever?

Yes and any entry into the mainstream media is dependent on the mainstream media not giving us a deal that f's us over.


There's a lot - I'm thinking of adding a blog section on where I discuss it all. Everything from our ideas with thumbnails to tags to release timing. All things people don't usually think about.

I have to say I am loving the series so far.
Cringed at the Cool Hat kid bit, but other than that it is all gold
One minor request, there does not seem to be an exposition character. The VGHSniverse is pretty damn cool and has a lot of unique elements. An exposition character would help flush out the world a bit. It doesnt even need to be in the main episodes, but a sub vlog by a side character would be excellent.
Basically, I want more.

Also, you are awesome

also, also, there is a /r/VGHS

The cool hat bit will blow your mind with where it goes.

is this you as a kid?

Hahaha not quite but almost


Writing sample. Good. Writing. Sample. Convince them you are at your core a passionately creative person


I wanted to say that both my 10 year old son and I generally get a kick out of your videos. There have been a few blah moments, but mostly, pretty cool stuff!

With that said, any advice for how to get a 10 year old to work on the type of stuff you guys do? He seems to find it interesting and I'd like to use that as an opportunity for him to pick up a skill.

Any thoughts?


Buy that kid a camera. Show him the fun of photography and video and then let it go from there.

Show him movies. Great movies. Good movies. Talk about movies with him. Ask him what he liked what he didn't like what his favorite parts are.

Help him make little movies - stories he comes up with anything. Encourage him and if he has an affinity for it he'll gravitate towards it.

You have a preference on equipment? Cameras? Software?

I like Canon and Sony cameras, and Adobe's software.

will you ever bus a cafe again?

We might do something different. Give bad haircuts maybe?

I emailed you about a video idea I wanted you to make. Why didn't you email me back?!

I get a LOOOOT of emails at this point

What is your opinion on bronies?

Do not understand them. I earlier asked for three MLP episodes to help me understand them.

I thought this day would never come!! Hi Freddie, I'm Rich, and I have 2 Questions for you...

  1. If you had one day left on Earth (meteor scenario), what would you do, and why?
  2. Zombie Outbreak! What is your weapon of choice/survival techniques?
  1. Roadtrip! I like driving a lot plus probably should get out of the cities.
  2. Firetruck. Take it up the LA river (no traffic) into the desert and wait it out. Got a LOT of water, and any zombies will have the desert to contend with.

I love your videos.

There's already like 3k comments so I'll just leave this as a "I love you" post.

I'm subscribed to your channel, and I think you are a landmark of YouTube and the internet, a display of what is possible when a few people with a lot of imagination, skill, or time can achieve.


Freddie, long time fan, Why the fuck are you so incredible? Please come to Georgia and have my kids, so to put this in question form, Will you have an 18 year old male's kid?

Not physically possible. YET

Did you ever expect to be big on YouTube? And what helped you start out?

Brandon and I had always watched YouTube so we thought there would be an audience for the stuff we liked to do. Getting a lot of blog love early on was very encouraging

Hey Freddie, I have 2 questions. 1, what are the specs for your beastly PC? 2, I'm not doing so hot in mathematics, yet I love computers and am thinking of doing VFX or computer programming. Is that skill of math required in VFX and/or computer programming?

Math helps in programming and you don't really need it in VFX



Why did you change the date of Roller Coaster day from April 27th to May whateverith? You can't change the date of a holiday! 8 of us drove down from Seattle to Magic Mountain to hang out, but were forced to ride roller coasters after roller coaster...I thought we had something special wong...

Proof we were there,

That's... wow really cool but HEY I CAN CHANGE MY HOLIDAY WHENEVER I WANT

What is your favorite movie of all time? Other than your own, what is your favorite youtube channel to watch? Are you an Angels fan?

Hard Boiled. Love Rubydog189, Warialasky, and Mastermilo82. Not into baseball - too slow

Once all the episodes of VGHS are up, will there be a full version of the entire movie for one sitting available?

There will indeed

Why did you start making youtube videos?

YouTube was a great place to find an audience

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Pumpkin. Mmmm good.

You are awesome?

That is a question.

Not really.

Hey freddie i been a fan of yours sense early 2010 and after I started watching your videos it got me interested in the film industry and me and a friend have been doing small projects on and off and last summer made our first movie. Its not the best but it something now we are working on a sequel to that movie...And now my question. Think that both me and my friend have enough experience we have decided to start a Zombie Apocalyptic series and wondering if you had any pointers?

Find and befriend some makeup people. And look into matte painting - you can add a boatload of production value to any zombie movie with matte paintings.

Sorry if this has been asked, but I tried searching through the mass amount of comments.

What video games do you play the most? PC or console?

Xbox or PC primarily. Console because I got a kickin' TV

Hey Freddie! Have you seen The Avengers?

Yes. It was great. I didn't even mind the lame-o superhero bs setups.

Do you ever play Guitar Hero anymore? I enjoy the videos where you pwn at it.

Haha not really. The age of the Rhythm Game is waning

Hey freddie are you following any kickstarters right now and if so what are they?


If you had unlimited munnies what would be your rigs/ cameras/ etc. etc. gear in general

Want that Sony FS700. That's really about it.

What happened to the 12 day of Christmas video???

It was mysteriously never finished!

so invested in the kickstarter for VGHS and I keep getting emails that there is a survey on the way but I keep hearing that. Is there any way you can give me a general idea of when the survey will be out or the stuff will be sent out?

You definitely should have gotten it at this point - check your spam email.


Not really - we always let all our neighbors know beforehand.

Where do you get all your muzzle flare from?

Some are Action Essentials, some of them are our own guns.

If I want to start doing mini video's with special effects/mini series, what camera would you recommend to start(note that I'd like a 1080p entry level camera that can last a bit). Thanks! Love your stuff(specially the new web series).

Canon T3i

Whats your upload speed and download speeds?

50 down 10 up

Hey, so i am a sophomore in high school and am thinking about college... I really enjoy writing fiction and am currently working on a book that'll hopefully get published. But my question is this: I am wondering if it is a good idea to #1 go to college for screenwriting and minor in cinematography or #2 go to college for english literature? I also want to get into computer science and robotics as well, but don't know how to include it into my my college opportunities? so i would really like to know your opinion...

Sounds like you got a lot of influences pulling you in a lot of different directions! If it's screenwriting you don't need to go to college for that but Comp Sci and robotics you do. Better focus! Ask yourself what you're truly interested in.

Do you help with your brother's show (Feast of Fiction for anyone who doesn't know) at all? What do you think about it either way?

I helped him with the idea but he does all the work that little bugger

Hey Freddie, fan of your work. Just a quick, random question. Why did you choose USC for school over your other choices?

In all seriousness?

Mexican food in Los Angeles.

It was between NYU and USC both considered the top tier film schools, and in the end mexican food won over pizza.

Why do you release previous episodes on youtube whilst releasing new ones on your website?

We want to get people on our rad new website!


Yes. Just not up in Seattle when you guys are in session often.

What is the hardest part about making youtube videos?

The lack of sleep and social life.

Do you realize how hard it is to think of an original question to post just for a reply from you?

But seriously, how much stuff do you film that doesn't get uploaded?

Very little. Only videos where we are screwing around for future posterity's sake. My friend Kevin, who edited the Pearl Jam documentary once told me "Record everything. You will not regret it." and I took it to heart.

I'm 12 years old and started doing visual effects a year and a half ago. I was just watching harry potter and wondered how they do there effects so I searched it on youtube. After a while I came across you and was like "Holy freakin Balls! That was awesome! So i watched your muzzle flash tutorial and got after effects. At first all I did was action scenes and then I started getting more storyline based and in depth. All I have to say is you are my inspiration and I would have never started making movies and doing what I love without your videos. Please respond, just say something that would make my day!!!!!!!!!!! Anything, also have you heard of filmriot I watch them every week and they kind of have the same style as you. Funny and actiony.

                         Sincerely, Your AWESOMEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's awesome - keep it up!

How are you able to track the viewers on VGHS? Seems like it's pretty important to know your audience.

Analytics and surveys basically.

Just a quick question, and it's just a stupid little thing that was bothering me. In the first episode of VGHS, "The Law" mentions that he was going pub-stomping, and he ends up joining Brian's clan match. How does this work? Are they dumb enough to not password the server/make it private? It was just something that sorta got on my nerves when watching it. Other than that, I'm loving it!

Brian's idea of a clan match is clearly not an MLG type of affair - heck he was late for it. Normally you'd forfeit that. It's really just him and a bunch of his friends going against some other "clan" on a random public server because they're high school kids who can't afford a real server with password protection and slots.

From which country are you / your family originally from?

China - I was born in the US though.

You are awesome, I was so glad to meet you when you came to my job at Google office nyc! Everytime i brag how I met you people go "who is Freddie Wong?" and I punch them in the face!

Man that'd be so horrible if true!

Hey Freddiew, how are you, joined reddit just for you... a couple o questions, any tips on where to get prop weapons? and did you like the Avengers?

Airsoft guns! And really liked The Avengers!

Whats the status on the winner of the 2 million subscriber sweepstakes? It was a long time ago and you haven't said anything.

It's happening - VGHS just got in the way

Hey Freddie, can you speak Chinese? (Mandarin or Cantonese?)

Speak Manadrin crappily can kind of understand Cantonese

What was your first job?

Helping my parent's construction company. Residentials.

When you where younger, what was your dream job?

In a weird way kind of what I'm doing now.

Pun: There seems to be Sum Ting Wong with this.

Question: Are all the top youtube video celebrities "within the circile". Like you would wake up and call KevJumba and say yo let's go chill with NigaHiga at the penthouse of the WongFu tower...

Sort of except everyone's ALWAYS BUSY

What is your first memory of YouTube, a specific video etc...

Winter break, the Lazy Sunday vid which got on YT and pretty much was one of the first big vids on that site.

What's your gaming rig PC specs? I want to know if the famous Freddie Wong has a kickass rig or not (and how updated it is). 2 years ago mine was fucking kickass (i7-920 & SLI'd GTX 480s).

Is there any PC shooter I could have the chance to see you on these days?

BF3 is the only one I'm on really. Trying out DayZ though!

What was the best part about making VGHS?

The payoff of watching everything come together.

Where do you guys get the cash to do your videos?

We are YouTube Partners - we share ad revenue with Google.

I heard you totally blow at driving formula cars and that you lose to Mexicans every time. Is this true?


How many people work for the FreddieW channel? Just for the regular videos not VGHS.

Brandon and myself, and Ben our BTS guy and Lissette our producer girl

Just want to stop by and say I really love VGHS! What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Longer more expensive and more expansive series than VGHS online!


High school was too small for groups (only 110 kids in my class)

Hey Freddie, quick question. I always watch your behind the scenes videos and am amazed at how much work may actually go into a simple looking effect.

Are there any effects that you and Brandon just "can't do"? For any reason?(resources, knowledge, etc)

Anything animation heavy we aren't good.

I remember you from Gamefaq's Guitar Hero II boards and now look what you've become. When did people stop noticing you as "that guitar hero guy" and started noicting you as "that asian guy with guns"?

I don't know! I was too busy making videos to realize when that happened.

So how often do you pick up a Guitar Hero controller nowadays? Could you get through Dragonforce like, right now?

Edit: Found some other GH question you answered, but this is just for curiosity's sake.

Yes probably.

How do you feel about youtubers who offer prizes to people who leave comments/subscribe/etc.?

Hate it. Short term solution.

What should I watch on Netflix?

Get Tampopo

Why are you so epic?

Don't try. The definition of cool is not trying or my case accidentally bumbling around

How long does it take to do a simple special effect, and a complex special effect?

A simple one is 30 seconds. A complex can be DAYS


With all due respect, your personal website is kind of lackluster and, in my opinion, not too reflective of the kind of high-quality work you put out. Ever think of considering a redesign? someone on Reddit.

Like...for free.


My personal website?

Hey Freddie, big fan and graphic artist myself here. My friends and I all like to make short films and try out different after effects techniques, and we love watching the new videos you crank out.

My question for you is this: My close friend, who doesn't do much redditing, is a huge fan of yours... I mean we're talking big (He's even made a reply video to your typing challenge that got a good amount of views). Is there any way you could give him some sort of a shout out? Or maybe even just comment on one of his videos? It would mean more to him than I think you know. I could PM you the link if you're interested.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!!

Link me

are you aware of the presence of your persona in the game infectionator? do you feel that this is a great game, or the greatest game ever?

Yes and it's totally awesome how powerful I am


Chrono - Time. Trigger - gun trigger. Guitar is self taught and I love the instrument and the physical feel of playing it.

Hey Freddie!

I'm an aspiring youtuber and have a few questions on how to get better.

What tips and advice can you give to aspiring YouTubers out there?

When it cones to making my next video, I'll often hit a road block and will release a video that I think is crap. What's your creative process and how do you overcome writer's block, so to speak?

Will you be at playlist live next year? I sure hope so!

Thanks for taking the time to look over these questions! Hope you find the time to answer them!

  1. Practice the craft. Work on getting better as a filmmaker and don't worry about building an audience.

  2. Release it. Then do better next time. If you get into endless tweak mode you get bogged down.

  3. If they even have one next year!

I met you and Brandon very briefly at E3 last year. Are you going again this year? If so, any predictions for the show?

Yes! Signs indicate it will be... a let down. More of the same no next gen stuff. I hope I'm wrong though.

What kind of video games do you like to play (besides FPS's like CoD and Halo) Favorite Board Game?

The Resistance is the best card/board game ever. FPS guy - so BF3. Just got Max Payne 3.

Some friends and I are getting into film-making and VFX. Our question is: Where do you find your filming locations? Some of them are quite excellent. We're especially curious about where you find a location such as that used in "Time Crisis - Ft. Andy Whitfield".

That's just our street. We build around what we have access to and go from there.

How did you get motivated to start making videos with your friends? For Brandon and Freddie, what are your favorite subreddits?

Motivation is like how do you get motivated to fire up the Xbox and start playing video games? It's something I like to do so "motivation" isn't really necessary.

Hey Freddie! I'm a big fan..never used reddit so I hope this gets through to you. First question, I really want to get into film making and graphics utilization, how did you get started and what do you recommend doing to start getting experience? And second, why are you not a Hollywood director yet?! Or at least being a part of major Hollywood film?? Your work is amazing! Thanks very much :)

Start out by learning industry standard programs. Most have learners editions so you can get those skills. Then do every tutorial you can get your hands on.

I just bought a Canon Rebel t3i. The onboard mic is quite horrible as I'm sure you're aware. Any suggestions for cheap fixes?

External recorder OR they make some DSLR external mics.

Do you like FRED?

Lucas is a very cool guy

Dear freddie.. and brandon if he is reading this as well. This is just sort of a general question, but do you guys ever have much free time, I mean, you guys pull all nighters and some times day long sprees of editing videos every week, seems like a crowded work schedule but a fun one at that. (And if this question sounded rude, like a 6th grade girl saying "get a life" it is not intended. this is a serious question)

Very. Little. Free time. I DO need to get a life!

3 things.

  1. If you had 3 wishes from a genie, what would you wish for?

  2. what do you think about the price of candy these days?

  3. Are you going to make a video about this AMA?

  1. - The ability to forego sleep without any negative side effects
  2. The ability to clone myself and remerge with said clones (obviously painlessly)
  3. Parking spaces to magically open up whenever I need them.

  4. I became an adult so I can afford whatever candy I want whenever I want.

  5. I may do a big blogpost on Rocketjump summing up my responses

Hi Freddie! Do you have a favorite channel on Youtube?


Premiere Pro CS6 vs Final Cut 7 vs Final Cut X?

Haven't tried CS6, but I think I gotta get outta Final Cut. Signs point to Apple giving up on it.

Did you go to college, if so then where, and what did you major?

Went to the University of Southern California and was a film production major.

Follow up question

What is your favorite Skill based toy? (Rubik's cube, yoyo, spintop, ect)

That japanese one where you poke the rod in the ball (yeah yeah I know)

Do you have a Job? I've always wondered what you do besides the video, like a job or school.

Making videos and putting them online is a fulltime job.

I never thought I'd get the chance to actually talk to Freddie Wong...Wow. I really don't have any questions about VFX or anything like everyone else so let me see.

I noticed in "Final Fantasy XIII is a Terrible Game" you guys had a PS3. Who actually plays on that (you or Brandon?) and what are the odds of us getting to play some time?

Also, your face on "Home, Alone" cracks me up every time I see it.

Keep up the amazing work guys. Been following your videos for a couple awesome years now.

It's Brandon's he will own you in Twisted Metal

How do you keep your hair that way while doing so much action?

Naturally VERY thick hair.

Who's your favorite MARVEL super hero? And do you like or hate Justin Bieber?

Punisher is so rad. I got no beef with Bieber dude is just doin' his thing he ain't like enslaving child soldiers or anything.

You mentioned a little while back that you might have a 48-hour video contest. I would really enjoy this. Also, would you announce when the contest will be like a week beforehand and then not give the prompt until it starts, or would you just bring it up out of the blue and enjoy the chaos? Also, thanks for doing the AMA, and thanks for giving me a reason to drive to Kansas City on Monday to ride roller coasters!

We'd prep it. Some more lead time is needed because we really really want to give away a bunch of cool stuff

In 7 words accurately sum up your relationship with Brandon.

Scary how well we know each other

If you could eat anything right now what would you eat?

Could go for some froyo

What is youre favorite action movie?

Hard Boiled. The masterpiece

First of all you guys are awesome!
When you guys were making the Battlefield series of video series, with Corridor Digital, were you ever afraid that you were taking on more than you could do.
Good work on all of your work and I enjoyed the first episode of VGHS!
Keep up the good work!

Never afraid of biting off more than we can chew!

So your facebook fans get to know about this 5 hours late?

Hahahah sorry Facebook is weird - if we post things faster than once every four to six hours it hurts us

Why don't you have a more prominent role in the production of VGHS? A lot of the VFX looked like your work but the credits show that the only thing you had to do with it was the idea.

I am a co-exec producer and a co-director. That's quite a bit! Gotta read the credits at the beginning!

Ever played Minecraft?

A boatload.

Hey Freddie! Im a huge fan of your work! What type of advice would you give someone who wants to work in the movie industry? I really want to go to school for it in a few years :D

Make friends and don't fall in love with the industry right now. By the time you get old enough it might be totally different.

I thought VGHS was going to be in theaters

It may very well still

We were forced to watch your guitar hero video in my post world war II popular music class when we were learning about schizophonia. I don't have a question, just thought you should know you made it into a university class curriculum.

Wait what? Schizophonia? That sounds bad!

Hey Freddie!

Do you ever think you guys are going to take this into the next level (As in Industry wise)? You can defiantly see the increase of production value and just raw action scenes that are very well done. Do you and Brandon ever think you can create movies?

We do and we want to do it without needing Hollywood behind us. I think putting things online direct to people is the future.

Should I have my high-res download links for VGHS yet, or will those only come once the whole thing is out?

They'll be coming out as the show is coming out but we're still working out hosting.

Multi-part question:

1-Have you heard of Gencon Indy? ( 2-If so, and if you have not gone, would you be interested, time permitting, to join us corn-folk in Indy for 4 days of pure gaming? I know if you had the time, the wonderful folks who put it on would love to have you.

PS: LOVE the no scope head shot 360 into a Miata...wish his collar was more popped

Time time time - sounds awesome but I'm bummed that my schedule doesn't let me do cool stuff like that.

Great work!

What kind of camera do you shoot with, and do you record audio through the camera or do you mic to a separate audio recording device like a Tascam?

Sony EX1 primarily right now. Just onboard mic or external shotgun.

Hey Freddie! I'd love to buy you a taco at King Taco in downtown. You should do a fan meet up there. Anyway, I was wondering if you have done any work with USC post graduation? Also, have you considered taking on interns from the university or neighboring ones?

We're done some talks. But interns are always cool!

freddie, saw you at NAB. you guys are so inspirational. the only reason im doing videos now is because of you guys. my question is, are you into spiritual practices? ie yoga/meditation?

I did some meditation on a short trip to India. It's HARD. Calming the elephant mind is powerful stuff. On the other hand now I can fall asleep within 10 seconds of closing my eyes.


  1. And yes. I'm a fantastic driver.

Hey Freddy. I have a question about a particular documentary type project you were involved in a few years back. The project was to follow around the Armageddon Laser Tag Tournament through the brambles of Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio and film our many adventures, matches, and drunken antics (especially the antics). I'm just curious if you have any idea what happened to that project. I was hoping to see all of us making fools of ourselves from the third person.

Still being edited, I believe.

Did you ever consider just quitting the whole video editing thing?

Naw. Enjoy it too much.

-a friend of mine was an extra on VGHS, and he said that not only was it cool working with you, but you managed to have no shortage of really attractive women on set. based on episode 1, i'd agree. how did you manage to get such a photogenic cast? open casting? agency?

-do you believe string theory is a legitimate scientific theory, or merely implausible hackwork? (i could see that debate in a future video of yours... a bunch of nerdy physicists arguing over the validity of string theory, and having it escalate into a giant battle with gravity-bending, dimension-warping weaponry from their lab.)

You are Chinese, and owning our AMA for the one quality we typically miss: dedication. You promised you would answer every question.

My question is this: Do you ever stop? and if so, what slows you down to that?

I stop to eat and stop to sleep. It's sheer physical necessity for those things.

I love watching your videos. I think that most of the ideas are brilliant, and those that aren't the best are still far better than anything I could ever think of. Just a few questions: how did you meet Brandon? What caused you to want to create these videos? And where did you learn all the stuff you put into your videos? Thanks!

We met freshman year at USC. We learned everything self-taught.

Hey Freddie I really want to start making videos what is the best program for a beginner?

Mac - iMovie is good. PC - Lightworks. On mac too in a few months.

Hey Freddy, Colin here. Does the Bu Hao movie exist in any form I can watch online? Was it ever shown after highschool?

I need someone to give me a DVD to properly rip it as my drive that had the master is LOONG gone.

Great production and surprisingly decent acting. But, the video you're plugging I found more or less incomprehensible trending to eventually hamfisted, for story and dialogue. Flatly put... it was not good. But who cares, since you have 5 mil. views a video and make good money doing something you love. Props.

Give it a few more episodes, if not just for me, just so you can quit it when it's proper to quit it.

Hey Freddie have you thought about make a vid in NY?

NY is pretty strict but I love the city

Freddie, what ever happened to this?

Also, do you hate it when people call you "Fred"?

It's going to be bigger soon...

Not really Fred's a nickname

Hey Freddie, on the off chance you get to read this, I'm looking into a school in Burbank called Video Symphony. Are you familiar with it at all? If not, what are some good alternatives for video editing/production schools out there? I'm looking to make the big move from New Hampshire!

Not familiar actually. Tons of resources for that stuff in LA though!

Hey Freddie, on the off chance you get to read this, I'm looking into a school in Burbank called Video Symphony. Are you familiar with it at all? If not, what are some good alternatives for video editing/production schools out there? I'm looking to make the big move from New Hampshire!

Move first. Figure out later. Trust me.

Why are you so bad at Ninja Warrior?

Haha just kidding man. Your videos are awesome. I'm really not even anywhere close to your level, so I don't really have much to actually ask you. What kinds of software do you use for video editing? How many people are generally involved in your projects? What has been your favorite expereince so far?

Ninja Warrior is actually WAAAAY harder than it looks. Unbelievably so.

Hey Freddie. I love your videos. You're quite awesome. What do you think the future is of high production value free video content like what you and Corridor Digital do? Also, where do you get the money for all of the stuff you do? I see a lot of youtubers with much lower budgets than you (seemingly) like Shane Dawson or PhillyD, who are supposedly earning as much from youtube as you are, and spending just as much to keep their own channels running. I like their stuff too, and I know they don't really need RED Epic's and 3D effects, but it still seems like you guys have stuff much closer to cinema quality while still staying "on budget." Thanks and keep rocking!

I think that the moment we can make productions that rival traditional media in terms of storytelling and value, the game changes entirely.

Tales of New/North debauchery please! I think we were a class year apart at SC and just knowing that I could have met you and Brandon and known your awesomeness the entire time makes me sadhappy.

One time we entirely switched two people's rooms when they were out watching a movie. A lot of effort for a very short and hilarious payoff. Also for some reason my door got a lot of vomit on it.

Why hasn't Brandon been the feature in one of your videos yet?

He will be in a WW2 video coming up

Hey Freddie/Brandon! I've been a fan of your work for a few years now. The thing I'd most like to know is - out of all the videos you've created, which one was the most entertaining for you and why?

Hypnosis with Kevin Pollack because hypnotizing our friend for two months in preparation for that video was like a constant hilarious party

First off, massive fan. I was just wondering regarding VGHS if this is something you are planning on continuing for a while. I mean you mentioned you wanted a second season (with regards to something about the FPS focus) so I was just wondering how long term this project is? Absolutely love it :)

No idea how many seasons - however many is enough to tell the story arc I suppose!

Hey Freddie, what's your favourite video game at the moment and of all time?

At the moment it's Battlefield 3. Of all time has got to be Quake 2

i met you at road to seoul in ktown, and you let me take a picture with you. whats your favorite thing to order at kbbq?

Dude everything.

Hey guys, just want to say how awesome your videos are and how much I hate you for making the episodes of VGHS so short!!! Anyway I was wondering what lenses you use on your 60d and if you think a fixxed 50 or a telephoto for the same price would be better for filming with??? Thanks alot guys and keep the videos coming!!!

It's interesting that less than a year ago people would have said that 12 minutes per episode is TOO LOOOONG and today the comment we get is it's too short! 60D we use the kit lens and a Sigma 8-16. Get a telephoto if you're filming

Are you ever gonna do anything apart from a web-series??...have you got anything exciting lined up in the foreseeable future ?

If doing something apart from a webseries involves losing creative control and getting tons of oversight, then it's not really all that interesting to us at the moment.

What do you guys do when you're not making youtube videos?


Why didn't you go with programming?

Wasn't when you decided to start filming a pretty big risk? I mean, you couldn't have known that you will get so popular.

I went with film school so that decision was undertaken before YouTube even existed. At the end of the day I think there's always job potential in entertaining folks.

Are we going to see you guys on youtube in 15-20 years?

Five years ago MySpace was the biggest social networking site of all time. I don't think the internet will look anything like today in 15-20 years! But I hope whatever comes of digitally distributed content direct from artist to consumer is something we can be a part of.

Hey Freddie this is really cool because you and Brandon made me want to make films. You met my friend Allan Dixon at Rollercoaster day, hes from Ireland and went over to meet the billionaire guy. Anyway, I really want to get into film making, and I'm doing a degree in Computer Science in case it doesn't work out for me, but what advice would you offer somebody whose friends aren't all into film making. Like all your friends seem to be really into film making and playing computer games and making music and all really cool things, but none of my friends seem as into film making as I am. Do you think to be a good Youtuber you really have to live in LA? That seems like where everybody is. Thanks a lot if you answer this

Find friends who are into that stuff. That's the first step - you gotta be creative - find them at film festivals, organize a film thing yourself, whatever it takes. You don't have to live anywhere to be a "good Youtuber" - you can do what we do anywhere.

Did you know that most Indian you-tube subscribers have you subscribed?

You must be our favourite after RWJ ofc...

Always interesting to see what parts of the world think we're funny

How long on average does it take to edit one of your videos?

Just the edit is usually less than a day. The other stuff (vfx, sound, color) take longer.

the donations to make VGSH exceeded well past what was needed for the original ideas was there any pressure to make it much bigger that what was planned with new plans and concepts or just stick to the original script and find new and better ways to portray it

To be honest, while the donation exceeded what we had set out for, what we ended up with was still supplemented by other financiers because if you're paying full union rates for everything, what we raised is considered a paltry sum. Plus we wouldn't have done anybody any favors by changing up the script suddenly.

Youre really good playing the guitar right? Can you give a decent aspiring guitarist some good advice on how to become better and what is the most important thing to learn and such? :)

What kind of music do you want to play? Practice songs, use powertabs, watch live performances. Mimic the greats and develop your own style and sound and go from there.

Have you ever thought of traveling over seas?

Let's say, hypothetically, Australia?

I've traveled overseas many times - I assume you mean for filming stuff? Haven't considered Australia specifically no

I'm selling my old Canon XL1 which I've had for a while and used in uni for shooting stuff, but thinking I should probably get a DSLR or something like that to replace it so I can still film stuff if I need to. So slightly more generic questions to follow, but with the aim of getting some advice too.

Gushing comment next.

Videos are awesome and make me want to get back into VFX and all that lovely stuff. Cheers

Are you going to release a BTS of the editing of VGHS?

Yes a lot of BTSes for VGHS coming

What was your reaction when you saw the video parody of you, made på oneyng?

Hearty laughter heard for miles

Hey Freddie! Love your videos. What got you started into computer programming? I'll be taking some college computer science courses and I have close to zero experience with programming. Any helpful programs, tips, and suggestions would be great!

Just messing around in like BASIC and stuff. Did a little bit of C on an old Gateway but I'm definitely not the person to ask.

How often do you look for actors..and what are the criteria you set for said actors?

Not too often - if it's for a longer project we'll do a casting session and the criteria all depends on what the character calls for

Will VGHS be available as an iTunes podcast?

We're looking into the alternate places to put it so yes

why do you perfer macs over pcs?

Don't prefer one over the other - both are just tools really

'Real life portal gun' sequel some day?

Working on that, actually

What has happend to (Why do you make a new site?) btw you are awesome! and brandon and the other guys too!

The truth? Our lawyers strongly advised us to not use because owns a trademark on the word "Face" so any website with Face in it could possibly be sued by Facebook.

Yes, I'm serious.

Hey Freddie, do you get much time left to play video games nowadays and do you ever play anything like League of Legends/ DotA? Also... I have a zombie apocalypse obsession, make a zombie video please? :]

No time for games anymore, really. Except for Trails Evolution. Always got time for that.

Have you and Brandon ever been in any major disputes/arguments?

Not really. Usually we'll go back and forth over stupid stuff like when the freeze frame should happen in The Rocket Jump vid

Do you take inspiration from "The Room"? We all know how great that movie is.

hi doggie

Freddie! I met you in Chicago on your roadtrip and offered the team a home cooked breakfast. Remember me?

1) Where is the football kick/ throw video? 2) Check out Paintball Explosion in Dundee and the Paintpall place in Joliet. I am sure they will be some great places for you guys to shoot! :D

  1. Didn't edit together well :(

Do you hang out with other asian youtubers like wongfu, new heights, arden, clara (all the above i got to hang with so i'm super curious cuz you guys seem to all have a nice community thing going on), nigahiga, YTF peeps, and whoever? ALso, who's your fav youtuber?

I have but we're all super busy these days. Favorite is MrChiCity

Hey Freddie and Brandon. Love VGHS! So funny. How many episodes are there gonna be? Do you guys write the scripts by yourselves or is someone else involved? Not that I don't think you can write this, but I think it's the most comical stuff I've seen from you yet. :)

9 episodes - the scripts are written by our friends Matt Arnold, Will Campos, and Brian Firenzi.

Hey freddiew what do you think about reddit ?

Great time waster site.

how long does it take and how mean people dose it take to make one of your videos

Usually only a few - or the greatest number of people in a single shot +1 to hold the camera.

What do you think of the razer nostromo? (the keypad you use in VGHS) Also have you played the arma 2 mod called dayZ?

It's hard to break my ESDF habit with it, and yes.

more than 4300 comments. you still think you can answer every question?

There are a lot of repeats here to be fair

i had burnt some meat in my sauce pan and it has left a deep burn mark on the pan, i have tried most run of the mill methods to get rid of the mark (soap water sponge, soak) do you have any better suggestions?

Baking soda + water solution.

I need help, i am not very used t playing fps in ps3, ca u tell me a way to practice and get better faster?

Eschew friendships and embrace the PSN network for 12 hours a day?

Do you make a living from the videos? I'm an great fan but I don't have a YouTube account to subscribe to you... Should I and how does it help?

Yes we do. Subscribing is basically just a notification system to let you know when stuff happens or gets put out

When you guys are shooting with DSLR's do you use Prime lenses?

Nope. I think on DSLRs you'd be very hard pressed to see the difference between primes and zooms unless they were side by side but I'd love to be proved wrong.


I think they only did one and that's it. Satriani was cool but I felt like a fool playing his song on plastic guitar.

How long have you been playing guitar

Since freshman year 2000

I am a huge fan of your videos, and am starting to get into video editing myself with a YouTube project me and a few mates are working on. In terms of visual effects which would you say was easier or better to use, Sony Vegas (which we're currently using) or After Effects? Keep up the amazing work dude, VGHS is awesome!

AE is a visual effects program, Vegas is more of an editing program.

has anyone found that arrow you shot into the woods in utah?

Never - I think it's lost.


You started earlier than I did

So Freddie, do you speak Mandarin Chinese?

Mediocre at it. Understand it very well though.

Is the girl at 3:52 in the video you posted the same girl from 2:27 in this video (/watch?v=B9tNGEt6rmE)? If it is, who is she?

Do you prefer having alot of effects like in big blue ball machine (with tons of copies of yourself) or less effects with just muzzle flares and stuff ?

Depends. Doing tons of muzzle flares can get tedious for sure.

Why is it that when I read your replies I read them in your voice?

I have a super annoying voice I think!

Is your subscription feed fucked up like mine? It's keep reposting the same content when i click 'load more.' sadly, the new yt is still very buggy.

Don't think so but we only subscribe to a few people

How common is it to be like 3/4 through making a video and then realising it's complete rubbish and you trash it?

Rare. In fact, at 3/4 you have to keep going because the last 5% makes the video go from crap to acceptable.

I have been watching your videos for a while now, I'm a big fan, but I've always wondered what you get your money from. Is it when someone watches a whole ad or clicks on it or what? And I hope you don't mind me asking but how how much do you make per video?

Ads that show up the revenue is split between us and Google - we are "YouTube Partners"

Does the new YouTube layout annoy you too?

Not really - if it was the old layout we'd all be shocked I bet at how antiquated it was.

As a side note: what would cause Brandon's stress level to go above absolute zero?

Possible answers include: girlfriend, future mother-in-law, Fred sneaking through his underwear drawer, Joss Whedon agreeing to collaborate on a video, etc.

Seriously nothing.

As a side note: what would cause Brandon's stress level to go above absolute zero?

Possible answers include: girlfriend, future mother-in-law, Fred sneaking through his underwear drawer, Joss Whedon agreeing to collaborate on a video, etc.

NO wait I take that back Brett Farve getting killed in a traffic accident.

Was VGHS meant to sound like VGA Chess?

Hahah never thought of it that way

My little brother that is 12 now is really interested in film making and such and he follows your videos, he uses fake blood from ebay with his friends and toy guns he kept, i asked him if he has anything to ask and he asked what advice could you give about where he should get his props online?

He'll need to be 18+ or know someone 18+ but try for gun props. Other props - craigslist and ebay are your friends.

I think in one of your old videos you said you were a b list celeb, what happened? :P

Anyway, if you had x amount of money, what part of your videos would you change? From coming up with the idea to uploading it on youtube.

Downgraded. I think I would hire on some more people - doing all nighters every week starts to wear on you after a while.

Apparently USC from ~4 years ago owns YouTube/the Internet. Kina played to a packed house at the Fillmore last night. It was filled with a mass of crazy people from the Internet singing along and professing their love for her.

Since this is an AMA - favorite Cinema Floor story?

Yeah crazy right? Brandon actually used to do her sound when she performed around USC.

Too many ridiculous stories but most involved my incredibly drunk hard partying roommate

I used to work two streets away from you (figured from the building in your alley background) at a fashion company. As a 18 year old aspiring filmmaker I wanted to say hey because I saw you guys filming but was too scared. How do you feel about fans coming up to you? Love your work keep it up!

Never be scared. We're always down!

Remember the web serious pure pwnage? any chance FPS doug and Jeremy will make an appearance in VGHS? how bitchen would that be?

Not this season but we may ask them to be in future ones

I am a musician who loves gaming. are you really into gaming or did your friends just bring up the idea of video games to you? and if you do like gaming, which games? P.S. i love the fps cod spoof videos!

Always been a VGNERD

I love you man :) couple of questions here...

When's the next Jedi Assholes?

What's it like working with Steel Panther?

We missed our "May 4th" window this year, but we have a solid idea just need some props.

Steel Panther is hilarious and out of character are just normal middle aged dudes with a wicked sense of humor.

Why do you use so much vignette effect?

Backing off on it now actually

What country would you film your videos in besides america and why :)

Any one where there's leniency for filmmaking

Are you guys planning on doing an other road trip? If so! Will you come to Montreal Canada ?

Montreal is a bit of a drive for a road trip - more likely that we just fly there.

What is your favorite fruit? And which do you hate the most?

Kiwis. Raspberries. Durian fruit sucks.

Who'd win in a fight out of everyone you've worked with, one vs one tournament and battle royale style?

Logan Olson 1v1. Battle Royale probably Logan as well. He claims to be able to take on and win against INFINITY twelve-year olds.

Whats the best way to get veiws (without spamming, veiw bots and all that cr@p)

Make content people like and share

First of all id like to say you are a lucky motherfucker to have a job like that.

My question: what car do you drive?

VW Passat wagon yeah baby a station wagon.


Played piano and really want to get my hands on a hang drum.

How was your experience filming Chuck? I got very excited when I saw Freddie Wong the YYZ king on my favourite show.

Totally awesome - had my own trailer and everything!

Highest percentage of notes hit in Through the Fire and Flames?

92% I think? Something like that.

Why have you not made a "Stress Level: Zero" shirt yet? EVERYBODY WANTS ONE!!

Gotta make sure the design is something everybody ACTUALLY wants!

We had the pleasure of meeting you in London! How would you feel about helping make a Western Web series with Zombies just outside LA!

Gary from SneakyZebra

Odds are we'll be super dee duper busy!

It was great to see Harley on the cast of VGHS. You guys have epic meal time lunch breaks?

We took the actors to their 2011 Thanksgiving episode - they were all thoroughly grossed out

Whats the most you've spent on any one of your (non commercial/for client) videos?

A full week or up to two

Big fan (so is my little sister). My question is: do/did you ever worry that the next video you post won't be well recieved? When my friend sand I used to post random videos on youtube we always feared negative reaction (indeed, we recieved it from some people, it made us sad-face). I was wondering what someone with a huge following feels like when they hit the upload button compared to someone who gets maybe 301 views. :)

Always - but the thing about once a week? Not that big a deal because there's always something new next week.

Loved your character on Chuck man! Did you see the ending of that series? if you did what did you think about it? Also is Zachary Levi and Yvonne as nice as they seem?

Yes although I didn't see much of Yvonne on my one day on set.

Are you a Metal Gear Solid fan? If so which was your favourite of the series and why?

Snake Eater. What a th-rilllll

Please tell me VGHS is not as, whats the right word, Cheesy insulting and stereotypee. Its not bad. Its well made. It just seems to me like OOOO LOOK AT THE NERDS DOING NERDY THINGS. LOL THAT GUY IS THE BEST GAMER EVER. LOLOL. And thats just hard to watch. IMO

I think the key to remember is that we're making fun of gaming and gaming culture just as much as we're embracing it wholeheartedly.

Pie or Cake? And which one specifically?

Pie just like the Ace man.

BIG fan here, what is the hardest vehicle to create with vfx?

Any vehicle made out of fire and human skin

Sounds to me like, considering you 'run the 5th most subscribed YouTube channel, that you are just trying to promote it more.

We've done one AMA before and I've got an inbox full of requests for this from people who missed the first one.

A question about the set of VGHS: With the school set, did you create from the ground up, embellish an already existing building, or cg most of it in. Also, how much do you spend on sets for certain different things eg: filming in a studio or filming at a created set.

VGHS is basically CSU Northridge. Sets and locations we usually try and get for free in return for a plug, but otherwise, we pay the city standard rates of "Way too much for way too little"

Do you dislike (or in some way look down upon) older stuff you've made now that you've improved? Is there a certain point at which you can say "this is when I got good", or is it a constant gradient?

I think Chrono Trigger and Light Warfare marked a distinct people

How much did film school help you in the long run?

In the long run - the technical side of it not so much but the "having friends in LA to make movies with" side of it quite a bit.

I remember seeing your Battlefield 3 commercial, and thinking at the time how you really captured the 'only in Battlefield' feeling. As loading vehicles with C4 is a very common thing for players to do in game, I was wondering whether you got the idea to copy this from watching other youtubers videos on Battlefield, or your own experiences playing the game?

From playing the game myself.

Have/will you play Tribes: ascend? Making a video of people flying around like that would be awesome :)

I never got into Tribes back in the day, but I hear this one is good.

Do you still know the name of your first video?

I think it was vacation footage cut to "I Heard it Through the Grapevine"

The true question is Creedence or Marvin Gaye?

Oh Gaye

What microphones do you suggest?

How did you start marketing (promoting) your videos?

Shotgun mic - almost any well reviewed mic, dynamic - SM57/58 or the Audix equivalent, condensor - I have a Shure KSM27

Do you think film school is worth the cost of tuition? Or do you think learning from doing is better?

Learning from doing is always better but you can't learn "meeting like-minded friends and working with them" by doing. Film school is a good easy place for that - it's like paying for friends, in a weird way.

Have you ever gotten any offers or job offers from a game development company? If so, what was the companies name?

For game development? No

What do you think about the recent changes to YouTube? Channel designs, new ad types? Love your videos btw :)

All part of the evolution of the site, and all things that people like to complain about at first and then forget about a few weeks later

I have a couple questions:

  1. What advice could you give someone who wants to create something on youtube that would garner a lot of attention? Is it best to simply "do what you love", or to try and pander to what you think many people want to see, or some combination of the two?

  2. Did you ever play any of the old sierra/lucasarts games? If so, which ones are your favorite?

  3. What do you think you would be doing if you weren't making videos?

  4. How exactly do you start making money for your youtube videos? Do you have to achieve a certain number of views/subscribers before youtube decides to contact you or something like that?

  5. Do you think it's better to say things like "Remember to subscribe!" at the end of your videos, or not?

  6. Ever seen Rurouni Kenshin? I'm watching it right now and it's amazing.

  1. It's a bit of both, depending on how much of an audience you want.
  2. Yes, oh man. Kings Quest V, VI, and VII, Full Throttle.
  3. Probably computer stuff or video game stuff
  4. At the time there was a application process but now if you have a video that qualifies for advertising based on a threshhold Google sets for "popularity" you become a partner
  5. It helps from what we've found, but it can kill the likelihood of blogs embedding your videos because no blog likes to put in advertisements for other people on their site
  6. Nope

RayWilliamJohnson is very shit. I remember you making a video with him addressing the "trolls", but do you legitimately enjoy what he does (or rather, what he takes from other channels and comments on with silly voices)?

I got no problem with his stuff - I have to assume people who hate him also hate Tosh.0. If you want to be up to date on silly funny videos every week, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place than him.

Wilco puts on a great live show. Have you had the chance to see them?

I saw them when they opened for REM at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Totally great.

Wilco?! Don't tell me Yankee Hotel Foxtrot's your fav.

For me tied between YHF and A Ghost is Born.

Except you'll be better off in 10 years time.

Life isn't about salary. It's if you're happy working for other people or working for yourself. I'm in the latter situation right now.

Military guy here. If you want someone to fix your weapons up for the price of a small cameo and a beer or two, let me know.

Haha they are... EXTREMELY broken. If you look closely a lot of tape everywhere

none of them work now though after being kicked around so much

Yeesh, I'm guessing they're not the $300+ Tokyo Maruis and such?

A lot are broken when we get them because we don't need that functionality

Why is Arma never an option in that question?

If Arma was a sexual act it would be incredibly frustrating for an hour and then you would have the most mindblowing orgasm of your life for .5 seconds.

Did you get any other work from that?

It's definitely added a veneer of legitimacy to what we do

Have you seen 2012? I have watched it about 30 times and still dont understand how they did the ending.

Yes just incredible

I cannot tell you how much those podcasts helped me when both travelling across the UK to and from Uni, and also when i broke up with my girlfriend. Especially the one with Benji tells those wrestling and party poop stories.. just gets me every single time

I will be sure to relate that to him!

Which I'm willing to do as soon as they're able to handle the traffic; thus far, it's been impossible for me to watch anything on the site without constant pausing.

Working on it!

You ever try Mexican Coca-Cola?

Dawg I was into Mexican Coca-Cola before people even were talking HFC vs Cane


Dublin Dr. Pepper. Do it.

The only man who can turn on the power using an unpowered computer.

I had the only UPS in the room apparently

Have you seen this?

Yes it's hilarious

Have you ever visit in finland at Digi Expo?

I wonder if your still doing this ? but ill ask anyways... Im going to college next year and i have no idea what im going for, i love movies and i like to make films but i dont know if thats a good career. my question i guess is, did you know what you were doing when you started college, or were you in the dark ?

I started off being a film major because that's what I wanted to do but I had plenty of classmates who figured it out later or even changed from film to something else. Luckily most programs don't really get into film stuff until end of sophomore year/beginning of jr year anyway so you can just go to a school with a film program and apply once you're in

Hey, just a question about VGHS. If that one girl is the captain of the school's jv fps team, does that mean there are other video game high schools they play against? If not, where do their opponents come from?

Yes, and that's a subject for the next season - this season we're within the school and next season we expand the universe

Hey Freddie, I'm a huge fan of your's and it would be awesome if you could reply to this.

Have you and Brandon ever thought about coming out to Australia? You guys have a massive fanbase out here full of people who would love to meet you or be in one of your videos. There are heaps of good locations and it would be really good for your channel in terms of gaining a bigger audience. It would also convince us that you care about overseas fans too! Thanks man. P.S, loving VGHS at the moment, can't wait for the donators skype call.

Never been but would love to go!

Mother of god.... You've been on reddit this whole time? I'm a dumbass.

Peep the reg date brah

do you play quake?

I used to, yes, quite a bit. Q2 mostly.

How many subscribers/video views do you think it will take until someone can make a living off of YouTube? We're at 340 subscribers :D

Depends on what "making a living" means for you - if you're in LA it's a lot more than if you're in certain other parts of the United States/the world. Assume Machinima's CPM rate and do the calculations from there

I was wondering if you are going to make any martial arts videos or videos with martial arts in them, sometime in the foreseeable future.

So, what's your relation with the Website Rocketfish? Why do they get VGHS videos earlier?

I assume you mean Rocketjump - it's a site we're starting

Testing that "every question" thing:

So...would you rather be cursed to always speak so softly that no-one can hear you unless they make a concerted effort, or to always speak so loudly that absolutely everything you say is always audible to everyone?

The former. It makes you seem more badass

what college did you attend (if you did)? and what was your major?

USC - cinema production

Have you seen The Raid: Redemption? It's pretty amazing and seems right up your alley, not to mention the director said that your videos were in part inspiration for it.

Yeah dude The Raid was the best action movie in YEARS

Are you still responding to this? If so, I put another comment right at the start of the session but you didn't answer it :(

Butthurt now.

harsh bro

You are probably the only famous asian youtuber that didn't get popular by doing asian stereotypes, how does that make you feel?

I don't think about that too much so I'm ambivalent towards it. I'm also a decent driver!

Freddie, what do you believe was the hardest video you have worked on?

Probably all 9 episodes of VGHS

whats your favorite camera to film with

Really like the Sony EX1

What was it like working with the EpicMealTime guys? Did you actually get piss drunk?

And also, what's it like working with WongFu? I'm a huge fan of them, but you guys sorta cater to differ things. Would you ever do another vid with them in the figure?

Actually not much of a drinker but good lord are they. Wong Fu are awesome - we'd love to do anything with them anytime

hey freddie! do you guys get city permits to shoot with replica guns or do you just do it guerilla style and hope for the best? if so, have you ever been caught? i guess the same question applies to shooting in general without any permits. i'm shooting a short film on red epic now and we shot at a location wthout a permit, but we have some outdoor shoots coming up soon with a gun involved and i'm worried about the possible problems. thanks for answering!

Guerilla. You can't get caught if all the people who would report you know and are cool with it. Approach them, talk to them, and if necessary, pay them.

How long have you been a redditor?

3 years +

Did you ever come to cologne, Germany

...Yes actually once on a family trip. Had amazing (of all things) Italian food there

Freddie would you ever come to UK and meet up with fans, also are you and would you ever become a brony?

We did a UK meetup briefly end of last year and as stated before I really don't get the MLP thing.

My friend said he saw you once in an elevator in San Francisco once, but he just stood there in silence, too intimidated.... He greatly regrets it lol

How often do you get recoginized? I assume it is no easy task to keep women away. What's a day like as Freddie Wong?

Not as often as you'd think and girls don't really give a crap. A day is usually get up WHENEVER I FREAKIN' WANT and then work until like 2 in the morning

If you became a Jedi would you be an A-hole and abuse your powers to do funny stuff or would you fight the dark side?

Total A-Hole.

What software would you recommend for action effects, price is no barrier (if you get my meaning). Action Essentials?

After Effects does just about everything you'd want in a compositing program. Action Essentials is great.

Hey Freddie. Two questions.

  1. From your perspective, what's the video that you've made that you're most proud of, and why?

  2. Which YouTuber do you aspire to work with (who you haven't already), and why?

  1. Beach Justice. I poured a lot of effort into the sound design for that.
  2. RubyDog189 - those guys are hilarious

Freddie, where do you get all of your ideas from? You seem to have sh*t tons of them.

Brandon and I just kick stuff around

In epic VFX time, did it really take as long as it said to render? This may be a stupid question but i have no frame of reference for rendering time.

Yes - we ballparked those times though

how long have you been filming VGHS

October thru just before Thanksgiving was principal photography and then pickups etc. throughout the next few months

Favorite Pokemon?

Squirtle. So dirty sounding.

Hey Freddy, awesome videos! What videos do you have coming up?

VGHS and some stuff we shot in Utah with Devinsupertramp

Hey freddie, I'm curious about something. Why is it that you and your friends (sam, niko, brandon, etc) continue to work on films independently and not in an established production firm? t seems like you have one of the most impressive resumes

Technically we are all our own companies so we are technically "established production firms." The key is working for ourselves as opposed to for someone else

How is nigahiga in real life?

Hilarious. Laid back. Dude hails from Hawaii and it shows

Have you ever been told you're too tall short?

For an Asian male I'm slightly above average in height, especially if I go back to China to visit relatives. There I'm a behemoth - all that American nutrition doin' me good

When you first started making youtube videos, were your hopes to be seen by someone and get into the movie industry more quickly? Or did you start just out of sheer enjoyment. Did you ever imagine that you would become one of the most view channels in all of youtube?

It was just to make what I wanted to see online and hope other people would enjoy it. Really the goal was to see if one could build an audience online and then make stuff for that audience and make that sustainable.

When you first started making videos, if you used Adobe After Effects then, did you say, attain it legally?

AE was actually an educational version back at USC

Lets talk Money. How much do you make out of these videos? and where does the money come from? If you don't mind me asking you.

Money comes from Google's advertising split as a YouTube partner.

If you're still answering questions, how long do you think VGHS will continue for? I'm lovin' the first two episodes so far. And if it gets popular enough, do you think there's a chance of it becoming a TV series? That would just be amazing.

9 total episodes. TV series is an interesting question because I think it thrives in an online environment, and getting on TV puts a LOT more restrictions on the story we want to tell

Freddie What inspired you to make videos?

Watching a lot of movies when I was a kid and wanting to do that

Just came to say nice sniping of thewreck in the TF2-mixup! Sat beside him, he seemed pretty intimidated by your bowilicious skills.

Edit: Also keep doing what you're doing because you're doing it right! Screen-five

He totally shouldn't be hahaha

What kind of hours do you guys try to work? do you have a set time that you edit videos, or is it just a constant thing?

Crazy hours. Trying to get weekends back though

I Subbed for Guitar hero. why No more? :'(

Guitar Hero died my friend

How many episodes/ seasons are there going to be of VGHS or have you not decided yet?

9 total

It's been crazy watching your progress ever since the YYZ video. In the past few months, I've got my girlfriend to start watching them and it is now a weekly ordeal. Sorry about this not really being a question, but I felt that you should know how awesome you and your crew are. Also, high five for a fellow lactose intolerant guy!

I keep a pill container on my keychain with... lactose pills in case I encounter ice cream. Lame or cool?

You a hockey fan? If not you should be. You should also make a movie with hockey k.

Saw one of the US vs Canada games at the winter olympics and it was incredible. Hockey live is way better than on TV by a jawdropping margin


First, I love all of your videos. You guys have done such an awesome job. Now, my question. I am an acting major who is very interested in all aspects of film. I am currently trying to write and produce the screenplays I've written, which I've recently started making them more like 5 minute episodes, in to YouTube series. Do you have any advice for someone getting started with this? Ty for your time and keep on rockin mane!!


Yes - screen acting as I'm sure you've noticed is way different than stage acting. If you want to be a good actor you should know how you look on screen - how your facial movements read at different focal lengths, how your physically needs to amplify or diminish based on the shot, etc. Easiest way to do this is act out good material and shoot it like a movie and EDIT IT YOURSELF. Take notes on your takes of what you're doing, and in the edit, pick the good ones and refer back to those notes and try and learn what works and what doesn't. Do screenplays of movies you've never seen then compare your performance to the actors in the movie. What are they doing differently? What choices are they making and why?

Do you get confused with the asian guy from heros alot?

Used to. Not so much anymore!

Do you ever bang any of the actresses in your videos?

No come on dude

Who is someone you would like to collaborate (that you haven't already) and why?

Nick Cage. The greatest actor of our time.

Is Hellenor Brozevelt ever gonna get the band back together?

We... might. You'll see in VGHS - there's a song that Brian wrote that's in there and I'm laying guitar under.

1) Have you guys ever had to give up on a project idea because it was simply too hard to accomplish the VFX you wanted, thus becoming frustrating? 2) Do you and/or Brandon take on commissions that aren't on your YouTube channel, or do you only stick to collaborations that will end up on freddiew? 3) If a VFX artist wants to collaborate with you and/or Brandon, what are your requirements for taking on a project with them? (Other than them not sucking)

  1. Yes - we had a "music loop" idea for a video we shot the week of Guitar Army that we had to abandon because we neglected to compensate for lens distortion on the edges of the frame. We did Guitar Army instead.

  2. Used to, but not any more. It's all stuff that we can put up now.

  3. Haven't run into that. A reel would be a good first step to see how we could best utilize said person's talents.

Will there be any focus on the fighting game players at VGHS?

Light - the two sports we focus on are drift racing and FPS.

My roommate went to Lakeside and he said that you went back one time for an alum night or something. He said you were trying to be serious in your presentation or whatever and everybody was just like "Omg you're the guitar hero guy!"

Thoughts on this? kinda curious

Hahah I remember that I don't think "serious" is the right word but my rep proceeded me in that case

why don't you also post to youkou or tudo? is there any incentive to do so?

It's just extra bandwidth (in terms of people power) on our end to do that and manage it all


Just a strange technical question. Given that you upload many high quality videos online, do you upload all the videos from your Google/Youtube account yourself or do you manage uploading videos between other people, even colleagues? I have a personal Gmail (only) account and I'm not sure it's wise attaching a permanent channel to it.

What would you do to make things easier in terms of security and convenience in the long term for uploading "quality" content?

(Enjoying your new series, a lot) Thank you, Dash

We do it ourselves - I believe you can disassociate your gmail with your youtube now. Security wise, change the password occasionally


Crew is usually 10-20 people and then extras can be quite a bit

Freddie! Just wanted to say your videos are awesome. I played BF3 with you awhile ago. I kept saying in chat, "SAY HELLO TO ME!" Then you finally said, "Gadgetguy789 RULES!!!" I never got a screen shot....


If someone forced you to choose between having your asshole sewn shut or your mouth which would you pick and why?

I assume permanently? Mouth. Permanently fused bunghole results in medical complications but you could always do something about nutrition without a mouth.

What's the best way to promote videos on YouTube? I feel really bothersome when I spam channels and the regular stuff. I try to be creative when I spam but what's the best way?

Don't spam. The best way is having videos people want to watch. Those videos will get shared, and on and on. Nobody got to where they are or kept up with what they do just by spamming their videos around - it's a temporary measure to gain a few views in the short term but you want lasting viewership.

OMIGOD. It's you! Have you ever considered joining the Army or Marines or Navy, so you could be by guns ALL the time?

I am neither brave enough, fit enough, nor have the visual acuity to properly serve in the military.

Why do you still use terrible sound effects? each video sounds like COD. Why not spend a little time making the sounds close too realistic?

Define "realistic." When it comes to weapon sounds if you made realistic sounds it would sound empty and fake. Truth is we're used to "movie" reality in movies and even movies you might cite as realistic have a healthy layer of artificial/subjective sound on top of it.


Precomp first

Is it/was it ever awkward or weird for you when a teacher or parent saw one of your videos? It's something Iv'e always wondered about youtube stars =]

(btw it's awesome of you to do this, thanks!)

Nah not really - they're so ridiculous to begin with it's hard to be awkward around it

Thank you in advance for doing this!

  1. Whats your carrier goal? (What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?)

  2. Where do you get the music soundtracks for your weekly videos?

  3. How did you learn about reddit? Are you filming this AMA right now?

  1. Continuing to do online videos in whatever form makes sense and whatever form supports me and my friends financially

  2. Either I compose them or we use stock music

  3. Don't remember how I learned about Reddit. Just have been using it for a while.

are there any other youtube celebrities that will appear on Video Game High School?

Nope - we kinda front loaded them

How do you get so many celebrities to star in your videos?

Two ways: 1. Offer them the ability to do something acting wise they normally can't and have it be seen 2. Don't take up more than a few hours of their time.


This is going to be kinda long. I also know that after making this comment you've probably been kind of swarmed with pony-related comments. So, as a preface: if you'd like to only respond with "I read your comment" to let me know that you did so, that's totally fine. If you want to push my comment to the end of your queue and keep it there until the interest in this AMA has completely died down so that you don't end up responding to this for a few days, that's also totally fine. It's more important to me that you end up reading it than anything else; take as long as you need.

Also, just to answer you directly: "The Return of Harmony" is a two-parter episode featuring John De Lancie, actor of Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation; "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is an episode which I think does an extremely good job of introducing all of the characters; and "The Super Cider Squeezy Six Thousand" is an extremely entertaining episode.

Now onto what I really wanted to talk about.

For me, personally, I never became a brony because of the show. I loved the first two episodes, but not nearly as much as many other shows, and it quickly declined in quality for me. Ultimately, if I'd been watching purely for enjoyment, I never would have sat through more than maybe two or three episodes; even though the show was good, there were far better shows available in Netflix's vast selection to spend my time on.

The reason I stuck with it was curiosity about the fanbase. I wasn't fully aware of the existence of bronies at the time; I'd seen the Just Kidding, I Posted Pinkie Pie meme used a few times on Reddit, and thought it was funny enough that I used it myself a few times, but at that point I had never heard of bronies. It wasn't until later when a friend whose tastes are generally similar to mine mentioned the term on Facebook that I found out what they were and decided to take his recommendation and try it out, starting with the first two episodes.

I realized something quickly. A guy who has that particular type of insecurity that makes you change yourself for others could never be a fan of this show. In addition, someone who jumps to conclusions without full evidence can never be a fan of this show. If a person fits either of those traits, they will hear that the title of the show is My Little Pony and immediately lose all possible interest. "I can't possibly like that; I saw the version from the 1980s," or "I can't possibly like that; it's for little girls and therefore must be like all other shows for little girls" are both examples of where someone who jumps to conclusions without evidence will be unwilling to like the show, and "I can't possibly like this; people will judge me for it" is an example of how someone who changes themselves to suit others would be unwilling to like the show.

So, as far as I could tell, in those two ways, being a brony required a certain level of maturity from a viewer. Sure, people could have other flaws, but the show required that you have neither of those two: you don't jump to conclusions, and you don't change yourself to suit others. In those ways, at least, I thought the show required its fans to be mature.

This seemed to me like a solution to one of my biggest problems in life: a complete lack of intelligent communities on the Internet.

Now, my theory was wrong. Turns out people can be bronies and still totally suck. But I got lucky, and happened to stumble into a segment of the community which didn't suck; /r/MyLittlePony, back when it was at about six thousand subscribers, had some of the most intelligent and active discussion I'd ever seen in any subreddit. So I stuck around for that. I watched the show not for personal enjoyment, but for the fact that I wanted to be part of what I saw as an amazing fanbase, and if I had to pay for that by devoting some time to the thing that the fanbase was about, that was fine by me.

Over time, the show has grown on me, and I'd say by the end of S2, it completely sustains itself on its own and I would keep watching even if the rest of the fanbase disappeared. But my point with all this is: there are a lot of different reasons to become a brony. Some people really are totally obsessed with the show; some people are totally obsessed with the fandom. I really love the fact that you're willing to give us a try by watching three episodes, but I'd also appreciate if you could keep in mind that there are plenty of bronies who aren't as obsessed with the show as the fanbase seems to be. Bronies like me who are fans of the fanbase are not rare at all; I'm just estimating, but I'd say they make up around a quarter of the fanbase.

To summarize: I think it's great that you're trying to understand the fanbase, it makes me incredibly happy to know that someone I admire so much is doing this. But you can't understand the whole fanbase just by watching the show; you have to look at the other appreciable aspects of the fandom as well in order to understand all the reasons to become a brony.

And I'm sidetracking a bit here, but there is a LOT of fan content out here, and I happen to try to compile a lot of it right here if you're interested in seeing some.

And I risk looking arrogant to some of my fellow bronies here, but I consider myself to have a lot of expertise on the fanbase, higher than most bronies and non-bronies alike, because it's a deep interest of mine and I've spent a lot of time studying it. In fact, I'm hoping to appear at a TED conference at some point and share some of my insight on the fanbase. And while I admit to having my share of haters, I've sometimes been called a somewhat respected member of the Reddit brony community. My username is recognizable at the least, if not universally respected. So, if you have any questions about the fanbase, I may just be the guy to go to with them, though I might also recommend fielding them publicly to places like /r/MLPLounge, to get a wider range of opinions, as I'm by no means the only expert. The drawback to fielding the question publicly is that some people may not know what they're talking about, but I trust you to be able to tell the difference.

Anyway... I'm sorry about this being so damn long, and the fact that you're already flooded with pony-related responses, but I strongly felt the need to say it, as you're a huge inspiration and general badass figure to me and I really think it'd be awesome if you became a brony (and even if you don't, want to make sure you understand the fandom to the maximum extent possible). Thank you for your time reading through it.


Good points. I'll start with those episodes you listed.

Hi, freddiew, Wat did ur parents say when you said that you are gonna make movies??? and how well didi you do at school and your favourite asian country except japan and china...?

They were actually surprisingly cool with it.

Is there alot of places like yours to rent or buy and also how much does places like that cost around? and also 2 more things could you do future tutorials on the music or soundtracks you guys make also you should consider one day investing or creating a site / community for aspiring and good independt film makers and vfx and computer geeks can network together would be amazing idea where its all about vfx film and etc.

You gotta head to the warehouse districts of whatever city you're in and look around. is hopefully going to be that site.

What do you think about the film Equilibrium? The action scenes reminds me of your videos. :]

I saw the trailer with my brother when it first came out and we bought tickets immediately. No regrets, although Ultraviolet was pretty bad.

What do you prefer? Premiere CS6 or FCP(X)?

Haven't used both enough but leaning towards Premiere.

I've loved editing video and creating visual effects since I was a kid, and over the past year and a half, your videos have inspired me to retain focus. I've always wished to have some sort of dialogue with you, so here it goes:

  1. Ever hear of the Descendants of Erdrick? They're a video game tribute band out of Austin - this is their guitarist, Lobos:
  2. I almost won a contest from a video that I made with some friends based on League of Legends ( ); it's gritty, but I'm EXTREMELY thankful for your advice on how to approach sfx.
  3. What are your opinions on a DSLR like the T3i compared to a the Sony EX1?
  4. What was it like getting approached by Google to speak in a YT creator class?
  5. *waves
  1. Haven't heard of them.
  2. Awesome!
  3. I like the EX1 better but the T3i is a great camera. If all you can afford is the T3i you're in great shape.
  4. Pretty awesome - it's always fun talking about what we do.

Video Game High School is shit. And you should feel bad.

I don't expect everyone to like everything

Are there any video ideas that you really wanted to put through and produce, but didn't? For what reasons?

Almost always ridiculous costs associated with the idea. Sometimes, we're able to bring those to fruition with the help of a brand because otherwise there's no way they'd ever happen. Nobody's bitten on our floating living room platform idea

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Freddie Wong conducted on Reddit on 2012-05-18. The Reddit AMA can be found here.