Evan Mathis

February 17, 2012

I am NFL OG and redditor Evan Mathis. AMA

Obligatory proof: https://twitter.com/#!/EvanMathis69/status/170633507989757952

Most of you probably don't know who the hell I am, but at least a few guys on /eagles and /nfl have requested this so I shall oblige. I've been in the NFL since 2005, a redditor since circa 2007, and slightly relevant since a few months ago when I finally got a starting gig.

If you're a reporter or a blogger please don't quote anything I say in here so I can try to be as much myself as possible. Politically correct gets old. I'm always open to interviews if you'd like one outside of here.

Since I didn't really schedule this I'll do my best to answer all the questions over the next day or two. And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was.

Edit: I said I would try to answer as many as I could. I would now like to know the record for most responses by an OP in an AMA. Someone figure it out because if there's anybody that responded more than I just did, they deserve a trophy. Ever been late to a reddit front page party and known your comment would get buried? I know your pain. That's why I dug and responded to pretty much everything.

I'm still a Twitter slut, so follow me:


Hey Evan! Huge Eagles fan here. I just have a few questions for ya.


Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Bob Baumhower

Shhhh, reddit's my little secret.

I answered this question elsewhere in this thread. There's only over a thousand comments you have to read to find it.

Bengals fan here. Is Nate Livings really that good? I mean, really?


Yeah, exactly.

Sub-question: Please rate Paul Alexander's coaching/assessment abilities on a scale of 1 to 10.

Paul Alexander's coaching ability = 9 :)

Are you mad that your throwaway is going to have more karma than your real account?

Yes. I actually am.

Hey Evan! I KNOW YOU! We were friends in kindergarten and I went to your house to hang out literally every week. I'll give you three guesses as to my identity but I doubt you'll need that.

Even though we haven't seen each other in over 20 years, I still geek out when I see you on tv.

Glad to see that you are on Reddit and are still awesome.

+1 Twitter follower.

Brandon Morgado. We spent many days playing Nintendo, eating McDonald's, going to birthday parties, and watching the Rock-afire Explosion perform at Showbiz Pizza place. I'll never forget. +1 Twitter follower.

Okay, so I don't expect you to answer all of these, so if you find any of these worth answering, do leave the rest out:

  1. What's it like having played for so many teams (okay, so 4 isn't exactly a record, but it's some amount more than 1)? Do you think it affects how you approach your job, and the team, compared to guys who have been with the same team since they entered the NFL?
  2. Favourite sport that is not football - to play or watch/follow?
  3. Has Andy Reid ever tried to eat you?
  4. Do you get a lot of creepy/obnoxious fans?
  5. Any good stories of weird stuff that has fallen in your lap because you are an NFL player?
  6. If you're ever in Denmark, I'll buy you a beer. That's not a question.
  1. My first 6 years didn't go how I wanted them. The last 9 will.
  2. UFC on occasion. I'm sad that Brock Lesnar retired because I wanted to pummel him.
  3. Just once.
  4. No, the Philly fanbase are all angels.
  5. Not yet.
  6. Thanks.

Do you guys pull any pranks on eachother in the locker rooms/ meetings? If so, what are some of the best ones? I know we used to have a blast back in high school messing with people.

Last April Fool's Day I sent spoof texts to multiple teammates phone's from Marvin Lewis' number informing them they had been cut.

How do you like living up north and do you live elsewhere during the off-season?

I can live anywhere and I do like living in Philly. I live in Scottsdale, AZ in the off-season.


Thanks for doing the AMA, huge Eagles fan. First off, love the O-Line play this year, and despite how my question may sound I am a big Vick fan. It seems to me that Vick's drops can be wildly inconsistent at times, maybe that's just part of the play or maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but does Vick's style of play make it more challenging to block for him? Would you prefer blocking in a scheme where you generally knew where the quarterback was going to be, or do you like blocking for a guy that is more the play-making style of holding onto the ball and trying to make things happen.

Not many other QBs can run for 30 yards on 3rd and 10. I don't mind blocking for Vick because he has big play potential at all times.

When you score your first NFL touchdown, how are you going to celebrate? Do you have any dance or antics in mind? Personally, I'd like to see you act like you were riding that T-rex you talked about earlier, take out its brain, and spike it. Just an idea.

I think I'll just walk through the tunnel and leave the game.

He is one of the the best offensive linemen in

You stole my joke.

As an Australian, I have no idea who you are. In 10 words or less, tell me.

Evan Fucking Mathis.

NFL draft is coming up, I was wondering if you had anything to say about the sorts of guys you believe succeed, and the sorts of guys to stay away from.

Who is the most talented guy you've played with who never made it?

Who is just the most talented guy you've played with (or against; any position)?

What is the biggest difference between playing a game, and watching a game, as far as understanding what goes on?

Pre game meal?

Have you ever bought weed from Jerome Simpson?

You started 15 games for the Panthers in 2006. Can you go over some of the main differences between that outing and this last year?

One of my favorite players is Ricky Williams. What's he like? Does he smell nice?

Are you willing to share your feelings on Mike Brown (assuming you have any)?

Who on the Eagles do you expect to have a breakout year?

Who is the most underrated player on the Eagles? That you've ever played with/watched?

I just watched the 8 week training offseason video. It says your went from 308 to 286, but on nfl.com it says your playing weight is 302. Is that number right, and if so, what is the extra 16 pounds from? Also, your lean mass went from 241.02 to 253.7, so you gained 12.68 pounds of muscle and lost 35.09 pounds of fat.

If you read this, hope to see you in Minnesota next year. If not, I'm really glad you've made it anyways.

TL;DR. <3

I'll condense it to the most important part. Does Ricky Williams smell nice?

Yes, Ricky smells like natural herbs and trees.

Hello, how bad are the cheap shots in the trenches? Eye gouges, titty twisters, punches, etc. Can you give an story of a cheap shot someone has taken on you?

It's not that bad. I stepped on one guy's hand by accident this year and it started bleeding. He was very upset and I felt bad. I wanted to hug the poor guy.

Is it true that all O-line guys sit around the lockeroom, practicing their endzone dance for that incredibly unlikely event?

We do not have one. If we did, I would not have done it, that's $10,000 that I need.

I've been reading this AMA for the past hour, and you are fucking awesome.

Anyway, I'm playing as a TE in the Israeli Football League (yes, there is actualy a football league here!), and I wonder what is the best advice you can give about becoming a better football player.. It's not a pro league.. We all do it just for the love of the game.. But i'm trying to be the best i can be.

Thanks and good luck next season!

Every decision I make in life, I ask myself how it will affect my football career.

Hey Evan, how do you think we'll see the guard position evolve in the next decade? Is the position going to require teams to put a higher premium on athleticism like the tackle position?

I ask because as the league becomes more and more dominated by pass first teams it seems like DTs and 3-4 DEs are becoming more and more athletic to counter that offensive evolution.

I was a remarkably forgettable RG in my day, so this AMA is legitimately one of the more interesting that I've seen.

Thanks for taking the time out of your off-season to answer questions!

Maybe I can set the mold. I can do more at 298 than they can at 340.

The before and after pictures of you on this page -- are they legit? Tell us about how you got there.

We knew people would think that the before and after was doctored so we monitored the progress... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezaAMcCy3u4

hey that's cool man. Thanks for doing the AMA! My only question is do you think I have a future in NFL parody songs.


Everything was a fairytale until I lost her damn number. :(

She's pissed, bro.

She's Asian? Man I was wasted.


how the fuck did you pull this off?

Here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezaAMcCy3u4

Obligatory "I'm a big Niners fan" post here....I feel like Justin Smith got robbed of the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2011. Agree or disagree?

100% agree.

How often do you guys make fun of Jason Babin for his stance? I mean...the guy has his face dug into the grass.

His stance is fine. He dresses up as a Jersey Shore cast member way too often though.

So back in week 5 or 6 I think it was, some jackass "fans" put a sign up outside the Linc saying "fire Reid" or some bullshit like that. Apparently and from what I recall reading, you and Watkins(?) went out and confronted them about it. I seem to remember them saying stuff to the media like you had threatened them. Instantly became a fan of yours after that and finding out you were a redditor as well kinda sealed it. Any light you could shed on this encounter/your side of the story?

Disclaimer: I am a meathead. Jason Kelce and I were leaving the facility on a Monday after a few losses in a row. A group of guys hung a sign that read, "ANDY THE TIMES.... TO GO." They were referencing a line Coach Reid uses in press conferences, "The time's yours." Anyway, I didn't want to see that in the team's front yard, public property or not. I told them to take the sign down or I'd take it down for them. They took it down, got mad, and went to the media. It caught national attention. Some people whined about freedom of speech, I whined back about freedom of speech. I made up with the guys as we all were just bitter about the state of the Eagles at the time. The returned with signs that had a more motivational appeal. If I had to do it over again I would have confronted them in a nicer way. But like I said, I'm a meathead.

Are there some players in the NFL who you know do not work their ass off? Or is generally universal that you have to have a driven mind frame all the time?

I think I answered this one elsewhere but this thread is huge now. There are plenty of guys who do not work their ass off. Some guys could be way better and have much longer careers if they were more committed. I'm not selling anybody hear by naming names. Some dudes are very good without working their ass off. I couldn't imagine how good those guys would be if they actually put in max effort.



I'm guessing one-inch margins. How close am I?

It's actually on an Excel spreadsheet.

Follow any sports other than American Football?

I'm actually not that big of a sports fan. I watch a lot of Intervention on A&E. That should be a sport.

I Love You.


You need to learn about IPA.

India Pale Ale is awesome.

Is Evan still there???

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. I'll sneak back soon.

Could you protect a philly cheesesteak from a hungry Andy Reid?

I'd eat it first.

Two questions:

It's a passionate fan base that expects the best and they aren't afraid to express themselves.

There was definitely a target put on us early on. I do believe that a full offseason would have helped us avoid some of the sloppy play that resulted in the turnovers that killed our season.

How much you Bench/Squat/Deadlift ?

Who is the strongest dude you've ever seen workout? How much did you see them do?

Who is the LEAST strongest big man you've ever seen, how much were they working out with?

I play in the IFL btw, and I'm just curious, and a bit of a meathead,lol

To avoid injury, I don't usually max out. Some of my rep maxes are 455x10 on bench, 600x5 on squats, 405x4 on hang cleans.

Strongest dude that I've ever seen live was this one beast in the mirror who looked like just like me.

Least strongest, I won't name names but there's guys who struggle with reps of 275 on bench. From an NFL lineman, I expect a little more than that.

This article: "For pro athletes, it's just a job" in the LA Times, was saying that professional athletes don't care about winning/losing nearly as much as their fans. How true is that?

I can believe it. You aren't really invested in the Eagles as nearly as much as me. I've been a fan as long as I can remember. You came last year and did a great job, but you are a free agent now and you would probably play for the Redskins if they pay you a little more than the Eagles.

It's not true at all. Athletes have to have the ability to put negative things behind them. A player has to not let a blown play linger in their mind or it will have a negative impact on other plays. That ability carries over to losses too. While we will always try to learn from what we did wrong, we have to get over it. Gronkowski was seen partying and people made the assumption he didn't care. Would you rather the guy have been at home crying? His season was over with and it's going to be months before he has to play again. Saying he didn't care is ridiculous. He is a terrible dancer and that should be the main issue here. If the Eagles wouldn't pay a little more than another team then I have to keep that in mind. Would you want to go somewhere where you were viewed as not worthy of a higher bid than a rival?

whats michael vick like as a person?

He's a friendly, likable guy off the field and a fierce competitor on the field.

Whats the most memorable game you've ever played? Why so?

None worth mentioning yet. I would like a Super Bowl story to be the answer to this question some time in the future.

Thanks for this ama, I'd like to try and fill in some gaps I couldnt figure out from watching Hard Knocks.

What is the relationship like between the players and regular office staff in a football organization? Where is the dividing wall? Is it like on the set of a movie studio where extras dont talk to stars, and crew never sit down with the cast?

Are you sent/shown any highly specific advertising during the season? Its a group of men in a certian age range all making large salaries, there must be some sort of targeting going on regarding financial planning, cars or audio equipment. Can you detail any of this sort of thing if it goes on?

Aside from cutting guys from practice squad, etc, what are some of the functions of the Director of Pro Players that we wouldnt know about?

Can you give us one or two pieces of slang specifc to the NFL player or OL community?

Every organization is different but usually players and staff are on a first name basis. The most socializing of a team's employees usually takes place during meals in the team's cafeteria.

Some of the big name players are sent things like headphones, video games, and various clothing. Companies want people to see athletes using their products.

I have no idea of their job description and duties required.

I'm drawing a blank for this one. I can't think of any slang outside of play or defense identification. I'll remember the question and start paying attention more.

What is Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson like in the huddle? Does Vick get in the lineman's face about blocking?

Everybody has great composure in the huddle. No, Vick doesn't get in our face just like we don't get in his face if he is responsible for a turnover. That kind of talk doesn't increase accountability, it's usually just cancerous.

i heard vick will electrocute or drown his linemen if they make a bad play. any truth to this?

Let it go.

I've always wanted to ask a lineman this: when you were younger did you have dreams of being a quarterback or running back, but then one day said "fuck it, I'll just be a lineman," or did you always want to be a lineman? I'm not saying that the offensive line isn't important, because it is extremely important, but they don't get nearly the spotlight some of the other players get.

I always wanted to be and still want to be a defensive lineman. Dammit.

What is your nerdiest hobby?

Also, please take us through a day of eats for you.

Thanks man!

reddit, Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Scramble With Friends. All day, every day.

I eat nails.

Conversation I just had with my girlfriend:

"Awesome! Evan Mathis is doing an AMA."

"Who's that?"

"He used to play for the Bengals."

"I didn't know there were any guys in the Bangles."

"Not the Bangles, the Bengals. He also played for the Eagles."

"Hotel California?"


"Oh. I don't know him."

She's answering exactly as I trained her.

Here's a curveball, what do you think of Paul Johnson running the option at Georgia Tech...and do you think that it is possible to translate a similar scheme to the NFL with a QB like Vick, RG3, Pat White, or gasp Tebow?

Your definition of a curve ball is interesting.

The option is just a good way to get your QB hurt. There's too much money invested in QB's for anyone to risk it on a regular basis in the NFL.

What interests do you have other than football? What would you like to do once you're done playing?

I'm a meathead nerd. I workout and play on the computer all day.

When I'm done playing I want to be so well invested that I don't have to work and can just knock various items off of my bucket list that I haven't written yet.

Is Aaron Rodgers' impression of Kyle Vanden Bosch accurate?

I've never played against him. But Rodgers' have no reason to make that up.

Hey Evan! What do you think about the Giants being the world champs, but is 0-2 against the redskins this season?

Also, do you check /r/nfl often?

Anything can happen in this league. Once you're in the playoffs it's a fresh start.

I never check /r/nfl but I do Google myself all the time.

How often do you check gonewild?

It's on my subscribed subreddits but I only look at what makes it to the front page.

It's awesome to see an NFL player doing an AMA! I don't know who the hell you are but I'll ask two questions anyway.

1) What is your favorite play to run on offense? I was an OG in high school and my favorite play was a quick trap where I was the trapping guard. Best chance for a pancake block :)

2) How important is strength training for an NFL O-lineman? What's your dead/squat/bench?

  1. I like running plays that come to my side and having the pressure of making the key block.

  2. Strength training is important to a lot of OL. There's some guys who don't workout that much and are still amazing football players. I don't deadlift often nor do I max out. I can squat 600x5 and bench 455x10.

It was either before the season or in the beginning, I remember a group of guys were outside the novacare complex with signs about firing andy and other b.s. like that. I remember hearing a story about a few players that went out there mostly linemen. Were you among them? I remember hearing Kelce's name and maybe yours. If you were what was said? Did you smack them down? Just wondering what happened because I remember hearing you guys went out there and stood up for andy.

tl;dr: what happened when the hecklers were outside of the novacare complex?

either way good luck wherever you land man. thanks for an awesome season.

I said take the sign down or I'll take it down for you. They obliged. They went to the media. Media had a field day. We all kissed and made up.

How is protecting a mobile quarterback Mike Vick different from protecting a pocket statue like Carson Palmer?

This is the question I get asked most often. The main difference is having to be ready to run down field with Mike when he's scrambling so I can continue to protect him.

When it comes to a "sacks allowed" stat, how accurate is that? How many times are you credited with a sack (or blamed) and your thought is "That wasn't my assignment who got through." ?

Do you feel that the current generation of advanced metrics is doing a better job of gauging a lineman's performance?

What DTs run the best stunts?

How do you assignments differ in moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4? Which defense do you prefer blocking against?

Are you looking forward to seeing "The Lorax" or are you more of a "Thin Ice"/dark comedy sort of fellow?

I hope you and the birds can reach terms on a multi year deal. I want to see you and Peters blocking for Shady as long as possible. Thanks for a great year.

A lot of guys get blamed when they shouldn't. Stat keepers usually have no idea who the defender belonged to and sometimes the OL can get credit for a sack when the QB had been holding the ball for 7 seconds. That one should be on the QB. I haven't given up a sack since 2006 and I'm bragging here because it's relevant to the question. :D

It takes watching a lot of film to be able to gauge a lineman's performance. There's not many people who are committed to doing that to the extent required to form an accurate analysis.

The 49ers, Bears, and Giants all run some pretty good stunts.

They aren't that much different. Most teams that run 3-4 also sprinkle in plenty of 4-3 in a game and vice versa. Rarely will you ever see the same defense for an entire game.

I'll have to go with Dr. Seuss. Thin Ice's 53% Rotten Tomato user review will keep me from seeing it.

Thanks for the support.

You probably won't get to this but what was your favorite professional team when you were growing up? Also what's it like to play for a major football school like Bama?

My uncle played for the Dolphins until I was 5. I kind of became the type of fan that was more a fan of certain players as opposed to any certain team.

It was awesome playing for Bama. The Crimson Tide following is unbelievable and playing in the SEC definitely prepared me for the NFL.

Do you agree with shady that osi is overrated and soft

Osi is a great pass rusher. He's not the best run defender.

How concerned are you about the fact that pro football players tend to die younger and that O-lineman have a frighteningly high incidence of early onset dementia after football?

It might happen and I'm okay with that. In the near future hopefully science can find a way to limit the effects that the game has on our brains. I've thoroughly enjoyed my 30 years. As soon as I run out of NZT I know that I will start to decline mentally.

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Founder's Favorite at Cold Stone. Gotta have it.

Evan, Thanks for doing this, I am really intrigued by your input.

  1. What has the transformation been like going from high school to college and now pro football? What are some of the big challenges you had to overcome to be successful at each level?

  2. From a technical and x's and o's standpoint where do you see the game going in the next few years? Are more teams going to be looking for the more athletic type linemen rather then going automatically to the 350 lbs guys?

  3. What other sports do you like/watch?

  4. If you weren't playing in the NFL what would you want to do as a profession?

Thanks man, huge Eagles fan and although the season was kind of disappointing the O-line and Lesean were were the biggest highlights! Thanks!

  1. My journey has required me working to improve every single day. I've come a long way and still feel like I can make a lot more progress.

  2. It really doesn't matter what you weigh as long as you can execute. I can do everything I need to do at 298. If I can do everything better than anyone who weighs more than me, then let me be proof that 350 isn't the prototype.

  3. Not many. I casually watch most sports but don't get too caught up in any of them.

  4. Psychologist, writer, something along those lines.

Evan, huge Eagles fan here, what do you think about the team going forward and where do you feel the team needs improvement? (both players and staff)

Add a few beasts in free agency and have a full off-season together. Nothing will be guaranteed but with some hard work 2012 could be very special.

You're watching television. Suddenly you realize there's a wasp crawling on your arm. How do you react?

I impale it with the same weapon I used on the dinosaur. It kills the wasp but now I'm bleeding profusely. I bleed out and die.

Roll tide from an alumn. What's the craziest thing you saw in Tuscaloosa at a party or get-together?


I should have a great answer for this question but I can't think of anything. I must have been blacked out too much.

Evan, I had dinner with Jon Dorenbos and I asked him to fill out some answers to an "AMA" style thing for a radio contest... think you could shoot him a reminder to check out the questions I gave him at our dinner at Chickies and Petes? It would be a huge help to the reddit community. Jon was a BLAST! Thanks for a great season btw, hope to see you re-signed.


Evan, I had dinner with Jon Dorenbos and I asked him to fill out some answers to an "AMA" style thing for a radio contest... think you could shoot him a reminder to check out the questions I gave him at our dinner at Chickies and Petes? It would be a huge help to the reddit community. Jon was a BLAST! Thanks for a great season btw, hope to see you re-signed.

He said he did them, send me a message with your e-mail address and I'll get them to you.

Have you ever played rugby? If not, do you have any interest in checking it out for fun?

I have not. I will check it out after I retire, seems like a bad ass sport. If I did it now I'd just hurt myself.

What are each of the coaches like behind closed doors? Who is your favorite offensive and defensive coach?

Howard Mudd is awesome on and off the field. Even when he's mad he's full of awesome.

On the defensive side, I've never heard anybody speak so harshly and evil as Jim Washburn. You do not want to let that mother fucker down. It works though and it helps that he knows his shit.

how do you feel about flannel shirts?

With my hands.

You're right, I didn't know who the fuck you were. But a quick google search, and now i'm terrified.


And by the way.. I mean seriously, how does it feel to have trained/worked out like that? I have to assume it was either through the NFL, or at the least, some private trainer... But holy shit man, you look like a fucking warrior after that. Must feel pretty awesome to be in that kinda shape.

Yes it felt great. Plus I became a billboard for my gym. Now I'm back training just as hard again and making even more progress. Ready to smash some faces.

Is there a certain play you hear in the huddle that makes you say fuck yeah i'm going to knock someone's head off?

Yeah, there are plenty of plays like this. Knocking heads off is my forte.

My friend Julian joined the Eagles this past season. How does he fit in with the rest of the OL personality-wise (especially knowing his awesome personality)?

Second part: I didn't have a home team to root for growing up so I've adopted the Eagles recently. What's the first thing I need to know as a new Eagles fan?

Julian is the type of guy I would expect to be on reddit. He's a Dragonball Z, D&D, Pokemon, and Skyrim fan. The OL is always a melting pot of personalities so he fits in well.

Our mascot is an eagle.

Which team was your favorite to play for?

The ones that let me play, so the Eagles.

Steeler fan here.

Dirtiest player who loves the distinction?

Do you ever get a chance to see your mug/replay on the huge screen in Dallas Stadium? What's it like to appear so monstrous?

I would say Suh even though I haven't played against him yet.

From the field we can't even see the damn screen. On the sideline you can barely see it. When I want to see the replay of the play we just ran I can do that everywhere except Dallas.

a redditor since circa 2007

Damn you really are OG.


will desean jackson be on the eagles next year?

You know just as well as I do.

so what are you favorite sub reddits?

/gonewild /wtf

What is the most offensive haiku you can think of to write?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck you

Best AMA I've seen on Reddit. So only one thing to ask really. Can I have you're autograph?

Also since we're on the subject. How often do you and other linemen get asked for autographs?

/Packers fan

Yes you can.

Not as often as the skill positions, but every now and then.

How does it feel when your throwaway account has more karma than your real one?

I've come to accept it. The karma whore deep down inside me makes me want to start using this one as my main.

Shit, I'm late to the party but this is literally the most incredible AMA I've read! You are a legitimately badass dude that I watch on TV 16 times a year! Thanks so much, I wish you and your family the best of luck in the upcoming years.


I usually eat fairly clean and implement a carb-cycling diet.

My favorite one to mention is bench 455x10.

OL. I've always been the strongest player on my team since 11th grade.

Absolutely and I like it that way. Guys like Michael Vick get hounded (no pun intended) when they go in public.

Scott Pioli knows what he's doing. I wouldn't mind hanging out with Stevie Phantom.

hey man, 49ers fan here. I fucking love the eagles. I fucking love Michael Vick and loved to see you say he's a good man.

Saw what you said about Justin Smith. It sounds like you have the confidence required for someone playing at the level you do, what goes through your mind when you know you're going against the toughest guys in the league? is it "oh shit gotta do my best" or "he thinks he's hot, i'm gonna kill him."

My guess is the latter.

you are beast as fuck. thank you so much for the AMA


HUGE Eagles fan here! I've always wonder these questions. If you can answer them, I will be forever grateful!

No routines. I just make sure I'm well rested and well fueled.

Our DL is probably the loudest.

Not always, but very often. Fingers can get very sore during a season.

I'm usually working out the next morning but will feel the hits from the game for a few days.

Not at all.

I don't know, how strong are they? I'd love to challenge some.

Bench 455x10, squat 600x5.

Worrying that I might have rolled over on my chihuahua Thor and killed him.

I realize this may be a weird question, but since you've said you're non-religious I feel comfortable asking it...how do you feel about LGBT people and the absence of their presence in the NFL and major league sports in general?

As a younger gay man who only came out a few years ago, I'm increasingly finding it more and more discouraging that there's so much talk about pro-LGBT stuff in the political/activist realms of our society and then so few legitimate role models that are respected by the mainstream media. And that's not to hate on sports, btw--no true Hollywood A-lister is even openly bi, when you really think about it, with exception to Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris, if they even count. How do you think the institution of major league sports may play a role in this? And why does the world have to be this way? :(

Also, know of any sports closet cases? Don't name names, I mean, but do they exist to your knowledge, and why don't they just come out? Frankly, considering stats on the percentage of LGBT people, I assume they do exist.

It would be hard to be out in professional sports. It seems like locker rooms are so behind the times more often than not. Don't be discouraged by any of it, just be you. If somebody doesn't accept you for who you are, fuck them. I know of one very good player who I have heard from multiple sources is gay. I can't confirm it though. Someone wrote an article that's relevant to this conversation and asked some of us about it. http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/eagles_players_opinions_vary_when_asked_about_prospect_of_gay_teammate/9233806

I read in a sports illustrated article once that shit gets dirty as hell quick when in the pile. guys rubbing stuff in other guys eyes, biting cheapshots etc.. any truth to this? has any of it ever happened to you?

I don't ever see it nor would I ever do it. There's no reason for me to be in a pile anyway unless I'm trying to recover a fumble. I don't think this is as prevalent as it's made out to be. I never hear anybody complaining of anything that happened to them in a pile.

How big and thick is your cock?

Using the metric system?

Who can eat more cheeseburgers - you or Andy Reid?



Could you do me a solid and not play against Dallas this year? You are too good and I'd like to see if we can make a run this year.

I'll consider it.

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, can we at least agree on this?

Fuck the Giants

That's how grandma died.

Hey Evan,

Is Jason Avant the coolest man alive?


I pissed off a Lions linebacker and his step-father in a bar one night by flatly stating that most players are on some type of perfomance drugs , (steroids etc..) Might have thrown out 60% figure. What's the flat out truth? Best estimate? Do players compare and trade info? How to beat the blood test?

In this day and age I don't know how anybody would do it. If anybody is still taking anything it could only be HGH but that will be tested for soon. Your 60% figure is so far off. It's got to be less than 5%. When half the team comes up to my locker and asks me if my casein protein supplement "works" I know that these guys aren't educated enough to risk their careers taking performance enhancers.

Are you a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

I've seen every episode. I need to be on the show. Make this happen nsport44.

Not a fan of football, butttt.....

  1. Did you swap your twitter profile pick to success kid for brownie points?

  2. Did grow out your hair in order to look more awesome like Thor?

  3. Keep the hair, you look like Thor.

  1. It was success kid before I decided to do the AMA. I actually change my avi every few weeks.
  2. Yes.
  3. Done.

Just out of curiosity, were you an OG in high school, or did your natural athleticism allow you to play another position? If you were an OG, did you manage to be a standout player? How does that work as an OG? "That guy blocks the fuck out of people"?

Never played OG until my senior year in college. I was an OT until then. Now some refer to me as "that guy that blocks the fuck out of people."

so did you see woody harrelson's rampart yet? (directed by owen sanderson)

Let's get back to what I'm promoting... oh shit I forgot to plug the new Beanie Babies.

Hey Evan. Thanks for doing this. Big Eagles fan here...

Which individual defensive linemen are the worst to face in your experience?

How about an entire defensive line as a whole?

This question has been answered multiple times and I will come off as a fanboy if I do it again.

As far as total DL's, the Giants and 49ers were very good this year.

With the Superbowl allowing a designated section for 1 tweet [or other social platform update], do you see yourself using that at all in the near future? What are your thoughts on it?

I haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about. But sure, sign me up.

Who would you say you're closest to on the team?

I'm in Arizona right now so it's hard to say.

So how do you see the DeSean Jackson situation playing out?


What free agent or draft kid would you like to see the eagles sign?

Thanks for the AMA. Most of us are pretty knowlegable, we definitely know you.

Eagles need to draft a member of the Crimson Tide.

What is life like for a NFL player? Like what is an average day like during both the regular season and the offseason like for you?

It's work, but it's fun. During the season we pretty much have no life. During the off-season most guys have lives. I don't, I just train hard, browse reddit, and play games on my phone.

cool of you for doing this... I am a Big Redskins fan, but i follow the NFC East as a whole. Who is the toughest Defensive lineman you have to face in the NFC east? Is Vick tough to block for because he moves around so much you lose track of him?

Jay Ratliff.

I just watch the defender's eyes. They will tell me where Vick is.

What do you think of arena football?

It's sweet.

As a Giants fan can you please say 1 nice thing about a player on the Giants and if you want an insult about the team or players? Much respect to you guys on the O-line. Unpraised heroes.

Sure no problem. Chris Canty is adorable. No insults today.

(Don't know if you can or will answer this but worth a shot)

(Excluding your team) who would you pick to be in the Super Bowl next season?

Ask me after free agency and the draft.

So how many years do you think it'll be before you sign with the Redskins?



What it is big homie, so what's the verdict... Best Buffet outside of vegas? Best chain restraunt? City with best food outside of hometown or Philly? Lastly, best place to grab a beer while on the road?

YO MASTER, what it is. Best buffet = I'm going count Fogo de Chao as a buffet. Best chain = Outback. City with best food = Vegas I don't drink on the road.

How do you get that little blue check next to your Twitter account name? I'm trying to get myself verified on Twitter.

Make an account with your name and act like it's someone else claiming to be you. You can then send your information to Twitter to verify that you're the real you. Or have your agent do it for you like I did.

Hey Evan, huge fan here... how important is nutrition to your performance in the NFL?

Very. I have specific guidelines that my trainer gave me on what to and what not to put in my body. There are built in cheat meals and days to maintain my sanity.

  1. What's your favorite away stadium to play at?
  2. Do you prefer zone or man blocking?
  3. If you had only one chance to woo the woman of your dreams, what would you do?
  1. The one with the football field on it.

  2. Doesn't matter.

  3. Rohypnol.

Big time steelers fan here, whats it like against harrison? Do you view "dirty" players as dirty? Suh for example?

Harrison is a beast. He's very talented, athletic and plays all out on every play.

Suh does some dirty shit. Do that against me and you're putting a bullseye on your face.

I read this as "I am NFL Original Gangster and Redditor Evan Mathis. AMA" Since I feel like a dumb ass can you tell me your favorite color and why?

That's what it means.

Blue since I was a kid because it released a certain level of serotonin and made me feel joy.

Is the NFL really like Any Given Sunday?

Hell no. I wish there was a Christina Pagniacci.

One more question, if you could sing one song flawlessly, what would it be? Who would it be to? And on what stage would you sing it?

I'm going Theme song of Family Ties, to Allan Thicke, famous actor of Growing Pains, watch the rage build up, right before knocking him out in the octagon, UFC Main Event 150

I'd sing Notorious Thugs by Bone & Biggie at the MGM Grand in Vegas to a crowd full of Playmates.

Obligatory: Have you met Tim Tebow? What do you think of him?

Also, what do the players think about Spygate and the Patriots in general? It seems like there may have been evidence that the Patriots cheated in Super Bowls and that the NFL swept it under the rug for the sake of the league. The media has largely forgotten about it, but a few players mentioned it after the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl again.

Haven't met him.

Spygate? They videotaped some shit, I don't see why anybody gives a fuck. They would have still won without it.

Evan, now that we are close personal internet friends and all, what are your real feelings on Andy Reid? In my opinion, the Eagles need to find out if there is another Harbaugh brother out there somewhere to coach the team, shake things up a little. On a side note, if you ever find yourself in San Diego, beer is on me.

He's a great coach with a proven track record.

Do you know any other players who are redditors?


If you were stranded on an island infested with zombies and could only have 10 items. (Lets pretend you have access to food and water so you don't need to list it) What would you bring and why? Also: Lets go Eagles!!!!

I'd bring some zombie repellent, Joanna Levesque, Amanda Bynes, Megan Fox, Elisha Cuthbert, Katy Perry, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and the Time, Love, and Tenderness album by Michael Bolton.

Evan Mathis, what's it like to be a real football player, but get overwhelmed by other football players smaller and less talented than yourself? Especially considering draft status, signing bounses, etc....

Just part of the game.

Evan, big Eagles fan here. Freakin awesome of you to do this AMA.

I've always wondered if you get more time off following a win during the season? What's your schedule like during the week?

Sometimes we'll get an extra day off following a win. Tuesday is the typical off day for a team. Most guys show up every day anyway to get a workout in and watch film.

HUGE Eagles fan from Arkansas.

Straight up, do you want the Eagles to re-sign Desean Jackson?

Also, was there a lot of animosity in the locker room a a result of his contract negotiations?

If the number is right then yes.

Nah, I didn't see any animosity.

As a Panther fan, I've always heard that Jake Delhomme could be near incomprehensible at times when calling plays. Was he as much of a ragin' Cajun off the field as he seemed to be on it?

Thanks for doing this, btw, it's always cool to see players reach out to the fans in whatever small ways they can.

Jake made sure to enunciate the plays. Every now and then the Cajun would creep out though.

I speak for every Eagles fan when I say they better resign you. I feels good to have the best guard in football on your team. Keep up the good work next year!

Thanks. <3

Hey Evan, die hard Eagle fan here, 1 question for you. How does it feel to be so jacked now? I watched that training video you look like you are ready to rip some heads off next year.

That was last year. It felt good and I ripped some heads off. I plan on being in better shape for the 2012 season.

Evan, huuuuge eagles fan. What do you think the team needs the most in this upcoming draft?

Depends on how free agency shakes out but with a few good moves, Eagles can be very dangerous.

There's so much media hype that tends do distract people from football itself, how do you guys as a team deal with it all?

Is it addressed in the locker room or at meetings or is it something that's mostly ignored? For example when people start talking about how someone should be fired or let go, is that something being discussed by the team as well, or just the media trying to start drama?

We try to avoid it because, like you said, it can distract guys from football. If there's some topics that tend to be trending a little too much then sometimes coaches will address them. For the most part, guys know how to process it all mentally.

What's the most money you've heard a player get paid at Alabama? How about the SEC as a whole?

I received $0 in handshakes, payments, etc. at Bama. I sound like a good guy if I stop right there, but I was never offered shit! I would have taken anything I could get. I've heard stories around the NCAA of guys getting paid. College players should be paid for what they do.

I'm not for a moment suggesting that Philly sports fans are Neanderthal bastards from Hell but has anyone ever chucked a beer bottle, battery, hand-grenade or cat at you?

Not yet. I'm keeping my head on a swivel though.

What's your opinion on Desean Jackson's situation?

It's become a somewhat of an over hyped media soap opera.

What kind of diet are you on?

Carb cycling.

What do you miss most about the collegiate football atmosphere as compared to the NFL?

It was louder.


It's not that hard to do it the right way. I don't change what I take too much so I know any supplements I'm taking are safe.

I think you can get jerseys on the NFL's website.

You're building a dream team out of current NFL players. Nobody has contracts anymore and you have unlimited money. Who do you pick?

Evan Mathis.

How was the wait in the draft for you? Where you expecting to go in the 3rd round?

I was projected 2nd-3rd. It was definitely a long day. I was playing PartyPoker to pass the time.

Who do you watch film on to improve your game?

I watch myself and try to perfect it. I have all of Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans games on DVD because people claim they're the best. Haven't learned anything from them.

Hey Evan, few question here.. Hopefully you can answer them!

  1. What is it like to be an NFL player? What are the pros and cons of it?

  2. Since your an offensive lineman and don't get as much love as the other positions (even though you're just as important), do you ever get jealous over other teammates getting all the attention, such as Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy, or DeSean Jackson?

  3. What is your most memorable moment as a football player.

  4. What is one interesting thing that most people don't know about you?

By the way, thanks for this AMA!!! It's not everyday you get to ask a pro football player questions! Once again thanks!

  1. It's great. Pros = living my dream. Cons = killing my body.

  2. No way, I don't want it. I like being able to go in public.

  3. No single one defining moment yet. I need a Super Bowl ring.

  4. I own the Rock-afire Explosion.

Do you know anything about DeSean Jackson's contract? Is he getting the franchise tag like ESPN has been saying?

Don't have a clue.

Eagles fan suffering in NY, was there a lot of pressure filling the void left by Todd Herremans at LG? Also congrats at filling that void so spectacularly.

My expectations of myself were exponential to that of anybody else's, so no.

Thank you. <3

Flyers, Phils or Sixers?


What's it like down there, on the line? Like, what is something your every day person could liken it to?

Must be focused at all times before and during the play. A split second lapse in focus could be detrimental.

Which is the best James Bond movie?

Austin Powers.

How would you describe the impact that Howard has had on your career? Coaches often call him the best in the league and the players seem to LOVE working under him.

You answered your question perfectly.

What team, has the most wasted potential in the NFL currently? Who is your favorite team? Who is your most hated team? And what team do you think just flat out sucks?


As much as teams change year to year, I don't have any of these opinions.

What helmet do you use? What would make you change to another model?

Why do so many players still use the old nutshells (VSR-4 and the likes)?

Any other gear you would recommend for a young Oliner?

I don't know the model. It's a Riddell and it's a large.

Stop thinking about gear, nothing you wear is going to give you an advantage. Unless you get Wolverine blades installed. I can get you some Adamantium.

How does it feel to play against some of the 'elite' players that you idolized growing up (or are there any)?

Is it still a game to you or is it more of a job?

Thanks for doing this!

I'm 30. All the players I idolized growing up are retired.

It's a game. I have fun smashing faces.

What's a typical breakfast?

Carbs: 40-50 grams from starch source plus 15-25 grams from fruit source

Protein: 20-30 grams from lean animal source plus 15-25 grams from casein protein powder

Fat: 2-3 grams from fish oil caps/flax oil caps

If you could only eat one cereal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If we get a /eagles meetup goin, will you come have a beer with us?

Fruity Pebbles.



I think I've maintained my passion for the game. It helps me play at a high level when I love what I'm doing.

Is there ever any real, "bad blood" between teams and their players, or is it all fan and ESPN made?

How is it for an offensive line trying to suppress Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Chris Canty and Jason Pierre Paul at the same time, twice a year?

There's not much bad blood. Usually it's media driven.

They are a very talented bunch but I love a challenge.

How do you feel when you can't complain about bad refs? As a fan, I get so mad with the refs and the calls they can make! I can't imagine how you must feel

They're human, they make mistakes.

Are there any particular D lines that you hate matching up with? If so, why?

No. I want to kill everybody.

  1. Favorite restaurant in Philadelphia? Come to Supper!
  2. Favorite other sport to watch?
  3. Favorite subreddit?
  1. Continental.

  2. UFC

  3. /jailb.... I mean /funny

Carolina shouldn't have let you go. Those bastards!


Hi Evan, thanks for doing this! As a lifelong Eagles fan born and raised in Philly, I am sick to death of the mischaracterization of Eagles fans as the worst in sports. Yes, we booed a drunk guy in a Santa outfit that the team pulled out of the stands when they had to cancel their halftime show. On the other hand, we've never beat an opposing fan into a coma in the parking lot. So my question is, what is your opinion of Eagles fans?

They're a passionate group that expects the best.

Evan, I'm a huge fan of you. My two favorite teams are the Eagles and the Bengals (I'm from Cincinnati). While you were in Cincinnati, what did you think of Carson Palmer? I personally think he was AWFUL, and if you guys had a quarterback who could actually throw, the o-line would've gotten the praise it deserved.

He was friendly.

Original Gangster?

That is I.

biggest nerd on the team/in the league?

Julian Vandervelde.

I love the Eagles, and I really really hope you stay in Philly. Any idea on a new contract, or is it too early at this point? Also, I watched the training video you did - pretty impressive stuff, but it didn't stop me from eating fried chicken for dinner :)

Way too early at this point.

Mmmmmm, fried chicken.


The shortest question with the longest answer.

Who is the most selfish player in the NFL

I don't know anything about anybody else in the NFL, all I care about is myself.

What is your favorite thing to do when in the pile? I have read of all sorts of vicious things being done, would love to hear what the worst you have seen/experienced along with your favorite punishment to dish out.

Why the fuck would I be in a pile?

Was this season as hard for you as it was for me?

Exponentially harder my friend.



A lot of QB's have a special relationship with their OL

I know Tom Brady buys his OL a relatively large present every year. Get anything like that from Vick?

Not yet, he owes us.

When you guys play the Redskins, are you all totally serious, or just like, alright these guys suck, lets just win real quick and get drunk.

I'm always totally serious. This is the NFL.

What's your favorite fast food place?


Using Spoofcard to call teammates acting like a reporter, doing an interview, and telling them to show up at the facility the next morning in a suit at 6 AM for a photo shoot.

2 bags of Little Caesar's Crazy Bread.

I have a guy for that.

I think Evan Mathis is a cool guy. eh does reddit AMA and doesn't afraid of anything.

/Watch and weep WH.

I approve of this.

I imagine you and your teammates travel a ton and have to eat out all the time so I'm pretty sure you're an expert on this topic.

What's the best restaurant you've ever been to and why?

The best steak I ever had was at Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria in Las Vegas. 9 oz Kobe filet medium rare. I miss it.

Roll Tide! Came here to say this.

And ask who's been the biggest influence in you since you've been in the league?


Howard Mudd.

Thanks for doing this, Eagles fan here for nearly 30 years despite never even being to Philly.

Thanks for the AMA man, feels good to have the rest of reddit see what great players/people we have.


Fuck yes. I would love to play DE. I'd get at least 20 sacks.

I do charity work through my gym. We're having an event coming up where we're donating $5 per pound lost by each member over the course of 8 weeks to the Children's Hospital.

I started playing in 8th grade, was terrible until 12th grade. I played TE until 10th grade when I moved to OL.

What's the funniest thing you've said pre-snap

And the funniest you've had said to you

I've never said anything funny in my life.

Gerard Warren takes the cake for funniest thing said to me. It's elsewhere in this thread, go find it.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

One molested me one time.


Do you think Suh is a dirty player? If no, who do you consider a truly dirty player... and who do you dread lining up against the most?

From what I've seen he is, haven't played him yet. I can't think of anybody I consider dirty. I dread lining up against nobody.


war tide, roll eagle

Evan, what do you honestly think about Dave Spadaro?

I think he's bald.

Thank you for doing this Evan. What was your height/weight during high school and what motivated you to keep doing what you love (play football)?

6'5 240 as a senior. Football is all I've ever wanted to do.


Depends on which drug.

When you get called for an obvious hold, do you think "you got me" or do you argue with the refs about it? Is holding usually on accident or on purpose to protect the QB/RB? And how do most ref/player arguments go?

I only argue when I think it was a bad call. I don't argue much though, I don't get that many penalties.

an original gangster?



That dude's creepy.

How would you (or your team mates in general) feel about travelling to the UK to play in an IS game? Would you enjoy the opportunity or is it an annoying inconvenience?

Too far.

What is your favorite advice animal?

I connect with socially awkward penguin.

who gets laid the most on the eagles?


Who would win in a foot race, Flash or Superman?


From what i've read, the life of an NFL player (during the season) seems pretty scripted. You guys practice more than any other sport I know. Is it everything you imagined?

It's everything I imagined.

Congrats on becoming a Reddit Legend. Awesome AMA.

The 2nd one will be better.

Favorite book? You can have a few, I don't mind.

I'm too ADD to read books.



What is the craziest thing you've ever wanted to put in your own Wikipedia page? Is it you once killed a dinosaur? I bet it involves a dinosaur...

You're on to something.

Since I didn't really schedule this I'll do my best to answer all the questions over the next day or two. And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was.

I don't know who the fuck you are, but upvoted for this comment. Good luck with your AMA. Hope you don't get Woodied.

If you see Woody, tell him I'm giving classes.

There was an AMA awhile back from a closeted gay offensive lineman at a major college program. Just wondering what your take would be on a player being openly gay in the NFL. Any chance we'll see that happen in the next few years?

It'd be tough to be openly gay in the NFL. I wouldn't have problem with a gay teammate but there aren't many guys like me.

relevant: http://playerperspective.com/nfc-east/philadelphia-eagles/eagles-players-opinion-ga-teammate/

Like many others here I am a huge Eagles fan and I always wondered; do you and other players ever listen to Philly Sports radio? I know sometimes they can be pretty brutal.

Also, is there a particular Eagles player you admire?

Howard Stern is the only person I will listen to talking on the radio.

I admire Evan Mathis.

Have you ever felt the urge to line up on the D Line, just to see how it goes?

Always. I asked Marvin Lewis if I could play DL during January 2009. He told me I had to stay on OL.

What was it like going through the lockout as a free agent?

It was weird not knowing where the hell I'd be playing.

Is it harder to block for Michael Vick than other quart backs because of his unpredictability? Also, any thoughts on the Desean Jackson saga/franchise tagging? How great is it to get to play Sunday or Monday Night Football?

The first two questions I've answered 53 times. Prime time games are awesome. It's fun knowing all eyes are on you.

Will you come play for the Bears? I'll buy you a deep dish pizza and show you around the city.

Does the contract include anything other than the pizza?

Is it harder to block for a running QB like Vick or a regular one like Palmer?


What was the recruiting process like when going from high school to college?

Also, how did you feel about going in the third round of the draft? About what you expected or did you feel you deserved to go earlier?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

The recruiting process was pretty cool to a high school me. I was going to go to Alabama whether I got a scholarship there or not. I was entertaining the other colleges with the intention of it generating more interest from Bama.

I wanted to be the first guard taken. I was pissed when Logan Mankins went to the Patriots in the first. He hasn't done too bad though.

Do you like new country way or old country way?

What's a country way?

Hey Evan, I see you've bounced around the league a bit. How do players set up living arrangements in that position? Does the team help you, do you have to find a place alone? Do teammates who aren't guaranteed to be around a long time usually crash together? Do you prefer to live where you're playing or stay in one particular place the whole time?

Also, please accept my preemptive apologies for the beatings the Redskins will be handing to everyone this upcoming season.

Guys who bounce around usually just get apartments. I stayed with a teammate for a little while when I was in Miami, moved to a hotel, then got cut. Got picked up by Cincinnati and lived in a hotel the rest of the season. The team will cover the first week of the hotel and the player is responsible for the rest.

Evan as a die hard fins fan I'm sorry you didn't stick with the team back in '08. You tore it up this past season. Your uncle Bob is one bad dude too btw.

Uncle Bob is a monster.

What's it like to work with the most famous Canadian ex-fireman in Pennsylvania, Danny Watkins?

He's a character.

What is your favorite beer?


What was being on the practice squad like? I was not very good in high school and was on the second team frequently. It was really hard to be able to accurately mimic the opposing team. Did the starters treat you well?

I've never been on the practice squad.

What is the toughest part about making the jump from college ball to the pros? I know the skill guys talk a lot about the change in speed, but I imagine strength has to be wildly different also, especially in the trenches.

I came from the SEC. It's the same thing.

What DT/DE do you hate matching up against?

I love all my victims.

Giants fan here. TAKE THAT. Nah, just kidding. I have a ton of respect for the Eagles.


Vick's always been electric, didn't let me down.


I was ecstatic when Howard Mudd called me and told me the job was mine. I was excited to get out and dominate.

My rookie year was 2005. I didn't play at all so I felt I had no part in the success. I was very raw then, if I had better guidance I could have helped them do better.

Which do you prefer: Pancakes for breakfast, or pancakes for stats?


Do you watch and are you a fan of "It's Always Sunny"?

Yes. Get me on the show. Now.

Hey champ, how do you feel about the boys up in big blue creaming the division and jitterbugging all the way to the championship? Does Brandon Jacobs run his motor to the tunes too often?


You were on the bengals? Where'd you live when you were playing here?

Hyde Park.

Hey Evan you are a free agent this year if I'm not mistaken, where do you think you will end up or where would you like to end up?

That's an expensive question.


I'm a dork.

What's your favorite... Movie? Food? Non-football sport? Actor/actress? Candy bar? Song? Workout? Video game? Holiday?

American Beauty, Rain Main

Little Caesar's Crazy Bread


Mila Kunis


Mo Murda by Bone

I don't workout.

Grand Theft Auto

Any holiday where there's food.

Ever done something bad/mean in a fumble pile?

Do you actually count pseudo-stats like 'pancakes' or some amazing knockdowns of defensive players?

Your RB had an amazing year. did the OL/you get anything special from him as a token of appreciation.

I'm sure it's not even a possibility as a guard, maybe as a tackle. but if you lined up as a TE and the offense was on the 1 yard line and a play was called for the ball to be thrown to you, what are the chances of it actually working?




It would work every time.

Evan, I've never heard of you but based upon the few answers to this AMA that I've read, you just became an instant favorite of mine in the NFL. Love the Dinosaur story. Anyways...

I'm a huge Steelers fan but wanted to know:

How do you feel as an OG going up against the Steelers Defense? Are there any players on the Steelers that you know on a personal level? If so, how often do you guys get to see each other during/outside the season?

Keep it up, man. Happy you got the starting position. You seem like a class act and any Football player that is a redditor is a bad-ass.

Steelers always have a great defense, James Harrison is a great player. I don't know any of the guys personally.

I'm a tight end/defensive end at a very competitive high school (we just won our third straight state championship) and am going to be a junior next year. What have you found to be the most effective way of eating to gain weight? Also, what is your favorite blocking drill that you have ever done throughout high school, college, and the pros?

Eating and working out hard always worked for me. There are no blocking drills worth doing. Actually practicing it is the best way to perfect it.

My last name is Matthes, so if we were at a party and someone referred to either of us by our last name it would get confusing: how does this make you feel and are you jealous of how awesomely my name is spelled?

I'm sorry about the misspelling of your last name.

How much longer do you think it will be until the Browns win an AFC title?

It hasn't crossed my mind.

Does Atlanta have any interest in you?

Every team should.

How was your time in Cincy? A lot of people talk about the management there and seem to think that there should be some changes made. Would you agree with that or did everything seem okay while you were there?


Bears fan here, what are your thoughts on protecting Cutler next season? God knows you could be a huge help.

Also, what is your most embarrassing highschool experience?

I like deep dish pizza.

My haircut.

What are your feelings on professional athlete salaries today? Too much? Too little? Fair market value? Do you think it creates a rift between the athletes and the fans?

For the fans that believe it creates a rift, where would they rather the money go? It's always been fair market value.

Diehard chiefs fan here. Can you come play for us? we need an outside guard bad!!!

Tell Pioli to call me.

Evan, how does it feel to be an NFL original gangsta? thanks

Damn it feels good.


I Google myself 20 times a day.

Can you tell me how rampart inspired you to become the man you are today?

Thank you for doing this the way. Rampart.

I'm not going to answer these ridiculous questions. I'm here to promote Rampart.


I like pizza.

Congrats on the season. The line seemed to play better with you in than out.

Do you think Mike Vick is too hesitant to run now after being beaten over the head with the 'READ YOUR PROGRESSIONS' so much? It seems like he's making one last read before trying to run, which is just enough time to get caught from behind by some speedier DEs.

I don't know how to play QB.

Offensive lines seem to be having trouble against the defense (Bears fan, but it seems to happening a LOT this year) - what's up with that?

That is a very general statement.

I remember when Chris Kluwe posted on the gamefaqs NFL board .... greatest day of my life !

2nd greatest day now... right?!

To be honest, I'm not a big sports fan and I have to support the Giants as a New Yorker, but I just wanted to say that I am glad to see this down to Earth AMA and that a footballer has his head screwed on right and even hangs out on reddit.

One thing I should ask--a lot of professional footballers have been ruined by poor financial planning. I saw on Wikipedia that you have a one year contract. Do you have a good financial advisor or some knowledge of investment to prepare yourself in case the NFL gig falls through?

I blew all of my money on ridiculous toys, vehicles, food, and blackjack. Hopefully I make enough in my next contract to make up for all the terrible planning. I will also be hiring a financial advisor.

Dear Evan, wtf is a nflog?

National Football League Original Gangster or Offensive Guard.

Have you ever wrestled a sumo? Do you think you could take one?

Yeah, Haloti Ngata.

Stuff like this has been in the news thanks to Brian Burke (NHL) and Gareth Thomas (rubgy league) lately - so I gotta ask: gay guys in the NFL?

None that I know of.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how warm is the bench when you are on it?

I have above average body heat so 7-8.

No question here. Just a big Eagles fan. You played fantastically this year! Hope you get offered a fat new contract.

I appreciate it.

For the other big guys out there, what type of car(s) do can you drive?

I fit very comfortably in my 2007 BMW 750Li.

What is your favorite meme?

Socially Awkward Penguin.

I hope the Eagles do you right and resign you with a good deal.

You have a lot of fans in the N lot.

Yay N lot!

Roll tide!


What's the hardest part of blocking for a running back like LeSean McCoy?

Keeping a block when he goes the wrong way.

How tempting was it to just use your real reddit account for comment karma?

Too many posts in taboo places.

Best memories playing for the Crimson Tide or just UA in general? Any Iron Bowl memories?

War Damn Eagle.

Beating Auburn 31-7 in Auburn in 2001. rmft.

Dammit. I'm probably too late to this game. I just wanted to say this was an awesome AMA. And also, could you please cockpunch Vick for me? I said please and everything!

You're late. Did you bring a note from your doctor? And you want me to touch Vick's cock? No.

How does it feel to have your own Wikipedia page?

The same as this feels...


It seems you're answering most all questions in here, and thanks a lot for doing so.

I was wondering about the player's in the NFL's take on the criticizing of Mark Sanchez from the Jets. Do players think of him the way most non-Jets fans do, acting as if he's terrible? Or when you go to play him do you see the rookie who took his team to the AFC championship and did again so next year?

I haven't seen him play enough to make a valid judgement.

Coconut water: yay/nay?

I know Ricky Williams likes it, but it's been a while since I tweeted with him. Maybe he uses something else now.

HELL NO. It fucking tastes like coconut water.

Hey Evan, what are your favorite books? (Please don't give me some Catcher in the Rye bullshit. I respect you too much.)

I like Stephen Hawking's work.

what's it like being a professional athlete? It's always seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me - a guy with no athletic ability beyond cycling. There are THOUSANDS of women throwing themselves at your feet. How do you deal with that? What's your day to day life like? Do you get recognized often? Have you ever thought you might've enjoyed a penis in a completely non-gay way? What's your favourite colour? What do you do with all that money you make? Can I have some? Any awesome stories to tell? What's the coolest vacation you've ever gone on?

Thank you for answering these questions!

I wish I lived the life that you imagined I do.

How many 5 year-olds could you take on at once?

The specifics:

I'd say about 300.

Thanks for doing this! Q: Do you feel a constant pressure to be in top physical condition given the number of guys trying to get into the NFL? On days where you feel like having a "cheat day", what do you eat?

They'll never be near my physical condition.

Cheat day is all about Little Caesar's Crazy Bread.

Is it always sunny?

All lies!

Hey Evan, pull any good pranks on anyone? seen any great locker pranks?

In Carolina Steve Smith & Jake Delhomme used to dump Gatorade coolers full of cold water over the stalls while guys were taking shits.

Dear Evan,

Are you worried about this username giving you bad luck?

From, me

I control my luck.

How many Eagles cheerleaders have you had your way with?

In real life or in my mind?

Are you preparing financially for retirement? I've read that an exceeding high number of NBA and NFL players are bankrupt/broke several years after they retire due to many poor financial decisions.

My casino stories make Charles Barkley look like Warren Buffett.

What do you think about head injuries? Ever hear of any NFL dudes with BPPV? Ever hear of any NFL dudes with unexplained dizziness?

Head injuries suck. No I don't know anybody with vertigo.

What do you think about Rashard Mendenhall questioning the truth about 9/11 and the backlash he received over those viewpoints?

He watches too many YouTube conspiracy theory videos.

Did Vick ever buy you and your OL teammates anything? At least dinner?

I'm patiently waiting.

My coach notified me last week that I will be the starting Varsity Offensive Guard on my team next year, as opposed to my start last year at Offensive tackle. Any tips?

Yes. Kill everyone.

Hey brother, always fun to see a NFL player on here. Did you enjoy your time in Carolina? I saw that you and Gross were close, which other Panthers did you enjoy and which ones got under your skin?

I wish I would have played more while I was there. Other than that it wasn't too bad. I got along very well with most the team, especially the OL.

Is there anyone scarier than Jarred Allen?

Are we talking about scary haircuts?

Who is the first player you would pick to be on your team if you could choose anyone? Or Player you admire the most, or however else I could phrase it.

Evan Mathis.

You said elsewhere that you feel like you have a lot of miles on the clock left. Do you feel that OG's get better the older they are? I'm a rugby guy so I know from experience that there are certain positions that are played better by older guys who are battle hardened and have a few scars. Do you think your couple of years experience in the NFL helped you have this break-out season?

I've improved every year. I've yet to physically decline so I'd say yes, a lot get better as they older. I'm sure there's a time when most decline but I've yet to start that journey.

Hey Evan, I'm a canadian linebacker, got hurt in training camp for university, year off etc. waiting to get my shot again, i feel like coaches look at my gut and judge my athleticness before i get a chance since i've been a 3x all star in previous years where the politics are less... in your face. I saw the video, whats your best tips for losing the gut, other than eating, what did you focus on mainly to lose the olineman look?

Do research on a carb cycling diet.

Who is the best defensive lineman in the game? Is it Jared Allen. I bet it's Jared Allen, right? 'Jared'. 'Allen'. '?'.

Jared Allen called. He's got a restraining order against you.

Coming from a Vikings fan, who is the toughest defensive tackle to stop and why is it Kevin Williams?

I've never played him. I apologize for when I do.

What is your every day username?

That is a secret.

How come the eagles suck ass evan?


Man, my Bengals missed your G skills this year - They should have done what they could to keep you around. Nice breakout season by the way.

AJ Green and Dalton were nice additions for you guys.

Aside from including yourself in it what would you do to improve the pro bowl?

As a professional in the league do you realise how strange the game can seem at times- specialist players for specialist positions some people only doing a very specific thing for a few plays in a game? Do you feel very different to athletes from other team sports that tend to have more continuous action and ask people to do more things and perform more like all-rounders than specialists? (I guess the most obvious comparison is with either Rugby code/ Aussie rules).

Winner gets $100k, loser gets $0. That might create competition.

I'm too used to football to think anything about it is strange.

Would you like to see more NFL players do AMA?

I believe the bar is set too high.

Who is the best defensive lineman you have ever faced?

I've answered this one 52 times. Your punishment is looking through the thousands of comments to find it.

Thanks a lot for this, great AMA!

Earlier you mentioned that it was hard to have a family christmas, are there other times you feel that it is hard to have a family life?

Do you go to games in Philly? Or not really a fan of other sports/Philly teams?

I am a future athletic trainer, hopefully at a pro level, how are trainers treated in the NFL? Friendly, or just another person at the work place?

Thanks again!

It's hard to maintain a normal schedule during the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas schedules get weird.

I didn't get a chance to check any out yet.

Trainers are treated great. They're all part of the family.

How do you feel about Tim Tebow and all that he's done for the game?

I kid, I kid. ESPN seems to get off on asking you guys about the kid all the time. Anyway, what's your favorite thing about playing in the NFL? Do you guys have high hopes for next season?

I feel like Reid is disrespected as a coach. He's been consistently good for as long as anyone this generation besides Belichick. I liked you guys coming into last season and I like you guys this year. The Giants will probably have a better season, and the Cowboys will come in with high hopes (like every damn year) but I feel like if Vick can stay healthy your team can go far. Good luck dude.

Btw I can say good luck considering I'm a Rams fan and...yeah, I'm not expecting any miracles. 10-6 would be a great season.

My favorite thing is smashing faces.

Yes we have high hopes.

Yes, Reid is a great coach.

Thanks for the post.

Evan, I live about 30 minutes from Philly. You enjoying the Philly area? The fans are really loyal and will get rowdy some times but I hope you love us as much as we love you and the eagles!

I do like Philly. There's great food everywhere.

You ever feel like an asshole when you let someone just destroy your qb?

I gave up 0 sacks and 3 hits this year. Those hits felt terrible.

Do a lot of NFL players play fantasy Football?

A fair share do. I gave it a go a few times. I sucked.

How much do offensive and defensive players interact with each other? It always seems like they're a part of 2 completely different teams, just in the same uniform.

What do you think of Alex Henery? Is he cool or awkward, or a terrible person? I'm a Husker fan so I'd like to know if he adjusted to NFL life.

Same with Michael Vick, what do you think of him, in general or as an athlete or whatever?

Nah, we are all the same team. We all get along great.

Alex Henery is cool, calm and collected.

Mike is a good dude and an electric athlete.

Who do you hate run blocking the most? Pass blocking?

I love all my victims.

Has Nick Saban reached out to you and other past players to stay involved with the program? Also, what do you think of Bama's upcoming draft class?

Bama does reach out to their guys in the pros to keep us involved.

What would you add/take off of your wiki artical?

It needs a sweet picture.

I have no idea who you are, I know nothing about the NFL...but this is already one of the best AMA I have seen! So my question is who would win in an armwrestle? You or The Rock.

I would destroy Duane.

As a Raiders fan I was a big fan of Nnamdi Asomugha, in your honest opinion who is the better Man to Man, bump and run CB, Nnamdi or Revis? And why do you think the Eagles season went the way it did and who do you think will win the AFC West in 2012?

I don't watch enough corner play to form any kind of opinion on that topic.

Our season went so bad because of turnovers.

Someone other than the Broncos.

What's your opinion on how David Akers was treated?

How much do you squat/dead/bench/clean?

I have no idea how David Akers was treated.

I bench 455x10, squat 600x6, hang clean 425x4

What's the capital of the canary islands?


Thoughts on Jared Allen??

His number is sweet.

thoughts on ndamukong suh? personally, being a huge Husker fan, I like to thing its all Passion and not stupidity that hes playing with. thoughts? also whats Alex henery like??

It's not all passion. There's no reason to lose control and take stupid ass penalties.

Alex Henery is a bad ass kicker.

College or Pro?

Personally i'd say college, pro seems like it is about the money until post. Every college game seems to get 100%.


I'm listening to "Who is it" by Michael Jackson right now. I tell you this because your question bored me.

Huge panther fan here, did you ever spend time or talk to Steve Smith? is it true that he is a locker room thug?

He's a cute little Smurf.

What is your most memorable moment in your football career?

It hasn't happened yet. It will be when I win a Super Bowl.

What percentage of the Eagles current roster would have their asses kicked by Chuck Bednarik, right now, with Chuck being 86?


Finish this sentence: So there I was, balls deep in this chicks ass...

and she was dead.


If you could only pick one person (besides yourself) who helped get you to where you are today, who would it be?

Howard Mudd had the biggest impact on my career.

How do you feel when you're the one that false starts in a crucial situation? The look on a lineman's face after a mistake like that is as close to the face of an ashamed puppy as a >200 pound, often bearded man can get.

0 false starts in 2011. Damn I'm awesome.

Evan, Bengals fan here. Thought it was bullshit that you couldn't start over Livings and hope you have a great career with the Eagles going forward.

Thoughts on Cincy and why no one there could recognize what everyone was saying about you deserving to start?

No point in my crying over spilt milk now.

No questions, just a creepy "ummm, wanna grab a beer when you're in Pittsburgh" thing. Go Birds.

I'm standing behind you.

Evan, life long eagles fan thanks for doing the AMA it is really cool of you. I just had one question. What is it like to play with such a highly controversial player like Michael Vick?

Who's that again?

I've always been curious, and it may be common knowledge, but how does the travelling schedule typically work with away games?

Leave the day before the game. Arrive around 3:30pm. Chill out, eat, meet, eat, sleep, wake, eat, bus, kill, home.

How accurate was Playmakers? Don't lie, I know you watched it. Everyone watched it.

I loved that show. Was completely inaccurate but it was awesome.

How big of a beast is Owen Schmitt and why doesn't the FB get enough love?

6'2" 245lbs. FB's are a dying breed. :(

You are surrounded by wealth, can you impress us with some of the awesome things you have seen that we never will (nice cars, homes, etc)?

Also, any awesome stories of celebrity status (funny hookups, cheating in marriages, etc)

I own the Rock-afire Explosion.

I need you to find Katy Perry and bring her to me.

If you could be face to face with someone who down voted this thread in what way, non violently obviously cause you're probably a little bigger then the average redditor, would you convince him to change his vote?

I would make a witty meme and share it with them.

For an 18 year old guy who is hoping to continue to play Football in University in September, could you give me any tips?

Yes. Dominate.

What are your hopes for the team next season or your future in general?


How does a 300 lb Football Player get a 6 pack?!

Please give us your diet/workout plan!

Video for those interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ezaAMcCy3u4

Carb cycling.

How does it feel to be the 1%?

I'll be dead when I'm 50.

Where can I get a good deal on wholesale plantains?

Where is the cleanest bathroom in topeka, ks?

How many times do you find yourself wishing people in walmart would gtfo and move out of the aisle?

Topeka, Kansas.



Any thoughts of where you would like to play if you aren't re-signed by Philly? Falcons fan here, we could sure use you if you aren't.

No thoughts yet. Patiently awaiting March 13th.

Big football fan, not a fan of the Eagles. My question: What OLineman would you like to play on the OL with that isn't on the Eagles?

Chris Myers would be cool to play with.

How many times have you broken your fingers?


You're the man for doing this

  1. What's it like blocking for Vick?
  2. Best friend in the NFL?
  3. Favorite football memory?
  1. See the other 234 posts that asked this.

  2. Evan Mathis

  3. Winning the Super Bowl in the future.

/r/eagles regular here. and as of now, evan mathis fanboy.

  1. is there actually a quota on how many false starts jason needs to have in a game?

  2. did anyone have a few unkind words for vince young after the whole dream team debacle? or after the 3rd interception against seattewkrw OW OW that hurts to say, FUCK where's my alcohol

  3. what kind of a person is desean?

  4. how fun/difficult is it blocking for a guy as quick as shady?

PS: if you're ever in the university city area, come to 3200 race street and i'll buy you a beer.

  1. Not anymore.

  2. aowhuefopaiwuhgpoawuighpoawihgr

  3. He's cool and fast. Like a cat.

  4. It's fun when he runs the right way.

PS: I'm outside.

I don't follow football at all so I don't understand these questions too well but I have to say this was/is an incredibly entertaining read. Thanks for doing this! :)

Sex Potential Growth.

I saw your 8 week transformation, nice work!


1) What was your diet like? Calorie deficit or surplus?

2) Did you do much cardio?

3) Was it really 8 weeks of hard work? No bs?

  1. Carb cycling. Calorie surplus.

  2. Not too much. A couple days of steady state cardio a week.

  3. Absofuckinlutely.


Katy Perry, Joanna Levesque, Myself

How often do you have guys trying to fight you because you are in the NFL?

Also, could you put a good word in for me? I've been working on my long snap.

Not too often because I'm Evan Mathis.

Sure thing dude.

  1. Who's the smoothest cat on your team?
  2. If you assembled your own offensive line of current players, who would be on it? And who would you most like as a QB? All hypothetically. (hope this doesn't get the PC reply)
  3. Queefs: cool, meh, wtf?
  4. If you could change your last name for one season, and Goodell didn't have a say in it, what would it be and why?

Thanks for AMAing!

edit: Everyone is doing it; shouting out allegiances. Jets fan here.

  1. Evan Mathis.

  2. Evan Mathis at T,G,C,G,T and QB.

  3. There's a time and a place for everything.

  4. God.

Favorite pre-game meal?

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Favorite nickname on the team?

And favorite subreddits?

Thanks for doing this! I'm practically famous now!

Steak on wheat bread with ketchup, mustard, onions, and lettuce. Served with a side of rice and broccoli.


Danny Watkins calls me traps. It makes me feel special because I have big traps.

/wtf /funny /adviceanimals /gonewild

Do you read r/gonewild for the articles like I do?

Of course.

What's your go-to Wawa order?

Never been. :(

Evans for lyfe!


Hey Evan Mathis! BIG Carolina Panthers fan here, firstly I want to thank you for your time in Carolina proud to have you as a Panther dude. Secondly, I play college ball up here in Canada, Center/RightGuard, I have to ask:

Also my fellow Offensive Lineman and best friend is a HUGE Eagles fan, also wears 69, and loves what you bring to the Eagles. He says he can't wait to see what happens this season with you, Jason Peters, and Danny Watkins and the boys.

I'm living a dream in the nfl.

The training program will be on zoneap.com soon.

Tell your friend he's awesome.

How do you feel about the Giants winning the Superbowl and How do you feel about Giants beating Patriots?

Good for them.


Yes, we can crash a prom.

Eagles fan here, thanks for the AMA!

Thanks bleeder of green.

Can you please post a photo of your best derp face?


As a huge Eagles fan, thanks for doing this.

I don't really have a question, more of a plea to protect Michael Vick next season as if he's your 2 month old child dropping back to throw a pass.


Hey thanks for doing the AMA- if you could pick a "fantasy" OL to play with who would that include?

Evan Mathis lined up from LT to RT.

Redskins fan here! lol just curious on your thoughts on where the Skins are now and how they can get back on the right track.

Thanks dude! You're pretty cool... for an Eagle ;)

They are mostly in their respective hometowns right now and I don't know the next time they will be on a train.

Most satisfying de-cleat guy on his ass block?

Man, so many to choose from.

Giants fan here. Great AMA and you obviously have a personality to match. I will never root for the Eagles, but I will always root for you. Good night, sir.


What is your favorite highlight of yourself?

My hair.

What do you think about the head-to-head calls?

Do you think they're handed out fairly?

For the most part they are. They are there to make the game safer.

Hey Cowboys fan here. How does it feel to be able to completely dominate the Cowboys at will.

It feels good. I'm sorry.

Opinion of the 1985 Bears? Walter Payton?


There are two 1976 Topps BVG 10 Pristine Walter Payton rookie cards in existence. I have owned both of them.

Walter is a legend.

How'd you feel about your season, with the Dream Team (I'm an Eagles fan, FYI)

8-8 sucks.


I hope you have nightmares now.


Who is that?

Would you consider doing a cameo on "The League"? Do any players enjoy the show?

Hell yeah I'd do it. I used to watch it but I got lazy.

I read this as NFL OG TRIPLE OG... had a good laugh. My question, do you play Madden, and can you tell a good story about playing a game of madden as far as gambling or what have you?

*Also thanks for doing the AMA!

I play Madden a little. I'm terrible. My brother is awesome and will take all of your money. I'm trying to set up games with him and my teammates so he can get rich.

have you played against demarcus ware of the cowboys (dallas fan here)

The Eagles are in the same division as the Cowboys. That means we play the Cowboys twice a year. Do I need to continue?

God I hope you stay in Philly.

Is it fun blocking for Shady knowing that he'll make some ridiculous cut and get an extra 10 yards when most other backs in the league wouldn't have been able to make a move or find a hole?

Thank you for calling me God.

It's fun when he goes the right way.


Sometimes I accidentally knee people in the head.

Evan, how do you feel about possible (already happened?) helmet changes to limit concussions?

Anything that can limit them is great.


I'd destroy him.

My team vs. another team, my team wins.

The average of all those players is 8.7.

What's the locker room food like?

There's no food in the locker room.

Currently working on a Recreation Management and Business Management degree...how the hell would I get a job doing anything in the NFL? Also, I am a tall male with hair...I hear that helps.

If you have hair you should be fine.

Do you have friends on other teams? What about friends on rival teams? Like, do you have any secret buddies on, say, the Cowboys?

Also, thanks for the AMA.

I have friends and acquaintances on most teams.

Is it true that players threaten to break other players' fingers at the bottom of a fumble pile?

Never seen or heard of that except for 52 questions on this AMA.

Evan, I noticed on your wiki article it says you live and train in Scottsdale in the offseason. This is where I also live. If I see you I am going to ask to take a picture with you so I can post it on here. Will you oblige me?

Yes. Just come to Zone. Address is on www.zoneap.com

I don't follow football at all, but, from now on, I'm identifying as an Evan Mathis fan, just because you seem really cool, and genuinely funny.

I hope you have time to play GTA V when it comes out.

I'm a jpGrind fan.

I will play the shit out of GTA V.

What is your favorite woody harrelson movie?

White Men Can't Rampart

As a Canadian, I'm not entirely sure what football is, but after this AMA I can honestly say that FOOTBAUGH.

I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

Do you think you'll go into coaching after you stop playing?

Not a chance.

Do you wish you played for the Patriots? Or do you REALLY wish you played for the Patriots?

Also, can you guys please sweep the Giants next season? I'd hope for you to hurt Eli, by injuring people isn't really cool and you're probably pretty sensitive to QB injuries with Mike behind you...

My high school team was the Homewood Patriots.

Yeah sure, no problem.

No question. Just a Bengals fan that is happy to see you get playing time and have success. Good on ya.


Does OG stand for original gangsta in this instance?


Are you playing on the Eagle's off-season bball team; if so, come out to Best Buddies Delaware's BlueGold High School game!!!

That sounds like a good way to get hurt. I'm scared.

Do you play pokemon?


What's your favorite bar in Philly? Where do most of the Eagles go after a game for a drink?

879 Lounge

Big Michael Vick fan, what's your opinion on him? Is he a good leader in the locker room?

Yes, he's a good leader. Average dresser.

So you think if the Bucs get Dwaye Bowe and Mario Williams that they can hit the playoffs?

They need Jeremy Lin too.

How is Micheal Vick as a person? Do you like him?


did you ever get your degree from alabama? is having a degree as a pro athlete really all that worth it?

Yeah I got a marketing degree. It makes for a sweet paper airplane.

How does it feel having a home game in Washington every year? Because it sucks for me.

I'm listening to Oasis' Wonderwall on iTunes right now.

Fan fan here, Favorite place to play?

Aria in Las Vegas.

Aw man this is fucking cool. Lets see, I have to come up with a good question...

Do you keep track of other teams in the league? If so, what is your opinion on the Bucs? Do we suck or what?

If not, what is a pregame ritual you or your teammates do?

I like the Bucs' pirate ship. It makes me feel like I'm at Treasure Island in Vegas.

I don't have any pregame rituals. Most everyone else does a bunch of weird shit.

Hey man, think you can get me a try out in Philly?

No problem.

I just read you were a state champion heavyweight wrestler in high school. Do you think your wrestling career helped improve you football skills? If so, what ways?

It definitely helped. I kicked fat kid's asses. That's what I do in football too.

What does your diet look like during a week between games or during practice? Is it difficult to maintain your size?

During the season I eat a lot more to recover from all of the practices, games, and workouts. So my diet looks like no diet at all.

Let's say you have the first pick in a draft of all players in the NFL. Who would you take?

Evan Fucking Mathis.

How long do you plan to continue playing football? I know there are a lot of what if scenarios here, but do you have any plans?

Also, if you didn't play football what would you be doing?

8 more years.

Surfing reddit.

Doesn't calling your account EvanMathisThrowaway defeat the purpose of a throwaway account? Also, you were ranked the best LG in the league last season by several sites. How does such high praise make you feel?

Maybe. Maybe it does.

It makes me feel terrible.

Is there anything you don't like about "football culture?"


Have you ever used a meme reference to the press?

Yeah I'm sure I have. I'll do more in the future if that's what you'd like.

On a scale of one to awesome how good is Shady McCoy? Huge eagles fan here.

Awesome + 1.

are you scared of anyone in the nfl that you lineup with?

I'd be scared to line up against myself.

Hi Evan. My question is: As a Cowboys fan, fuck you.

Also, what Makes Andy Reid so good? Doesn't seem to matter which 11 gentlemen are on playing for him on offense, his teams always produce.

Thank you. <3

Andy's preparation is key. Detail oriented.

Being a Packer fan, I first have to say, I want Jenkins back! D:

BUT, on a more football related note, how'd you feel about that "dream team" label from your back up QB? :P And, does Andy Reid have much a personality outside of football? He always seems kind of bland when I see him talk in interviews.

He doesn't give anything up in interviews. He's much more open to us.

Mr. Mathis sir, born a Browns fan... one of the hardest things you can be. Is there ever a bunch of wisecracks made in the locker room when playing, success-challenged teams such as saaaay...Cleveland?

When a team starts to do that is when they get their asses kicked.

Your team is bad and you should feel bad!

Okay fine. I'll go cut myself.

How do you think it'd feel to walk around with mayonnaise all over your feet?

I've done it before. It's overrated.

Great AMA, thank you.

My wife doesn't understand the appeal of reddit...how can I explain it to her or is it not worth it?

Good luck with your NFL career and congrats on becoming a starter!

Force her to see everything on the front page for a week straight.

Evan, I'm a D-tackle in a league that describes itself as "between college and CFL". What are some legitimately effective ways of getting around a semi-pro game? I'm 6'3" and your "before" weight.

How do you protect your knees?

What do you eat before games??

Get around a semi-pro game? Drive to it.

I keep my feet moving.

I eat a steak sandwich with onions, ketchup, mustard, and lettuce. Along with rice and broccoli.

Why are you not considering a team change to my beloved Chiefs? I am sure it is only because this is the first time you've been asked :)

Edit: very bad spelling error

Tell Pioli to text me.

Yo Evan! Turns out Danny Watkins is a pretty big deal fireman here in the Okanagan (Canada). Any chance you bring the guys up here for some fun activities!?!?

Yeah, sign me up.

Looking forward to the 2012 season, I'm sure you're with me (an Eagles season ticket holder) in saying that the most exciting development is the LINCOLN FINANCIAL FIELD TURBINES, AMIRITE!? Nothing like going green and playing for the green and white, eh?

Fast food: Is seven nights a week too much for Taco Bell et al?

Also, what Philly area malls do you like? Franklin Mills, Cherry Hill, KOP?

But in all seriousness, thanks for doing this. I'm already a fan of you and the team but you've taken it to a whole new level.

This is my favorite turbine song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGbVoDVWZsc

Limit the Taco Bell to 5 nights a week.

King of Prussia.

Are you as weirded out by all the religious nonsense and flag humping that goes on in the league, or at least the playoff broadcasts, as I am?


So a few questions here from a big CFL fan. 1. ever watch any three-down football? 2. Are any players for the Eagles uncomfortable about Vick's past? 3. Whats it like switching between Coaches? Is it a big transition? 4. Tell us your best joke please

  1. Occasionally.

  2. Not that I know of.

  3. I had 4 head coaches in college, I'm used to it.

  4. Fuck you.

Evan! I'm so glad you're a redditor! Hopefully the line can stay healthy and have a great year. I'm proud of how well you played!

Thank you for showing the enthusiasm via three exclamation points.

First, let me get this out of my system....BIRD GANG! You can thank Vick for that. Second, I really hope you stay with the Eagles. Third is the actual question, how do you feel about the Packers and the Giants being the last 2 champions, knowing that they both highly contributed to kicking the Eagles out of the running? So what makes this year the "breakout" year?

That means the Eagles are close, time go get this shit done.

This IamA is a whole lot more uplifting than the micropenis one a few spots down.

I'm responding to posts 3 days after my front pageness so I don't know the one you speak of. But I approve of your post.

Who's your favorite player in the league?

Evan Mathis.

My roommates and I have always been curious about whether Pro-Athletes play Fantasy Football, do you or your teammates play? If you do, do you like to pick yourselves?

I used to play but I was terrible. I always forgot to set the roster and would start guys that were on the bye week or on injured reserve.

How's Mike Patterson doing?

I haven't seen him since the season. I'm sure he's doing superb.


Turnovers were our problem. Turning the ball over and not taking it away.



You have to ask how I feel about Bama winning the championship?

I do keep in touch with a lot of my Bama teammates.

TR & JJ are great.

I think a few Bama guys have potential.

Atlanta Falcons fan...Are the eagles and the falcons becoming a "rival"? Everyone knows the entire Vick story and what not and it seems the NFL is cashing in on this.

Do people on the Eagles see this also or is it just us down in Atlanta?

It's a rivalry of which bird is better.

Hi Evan.

The Eagles were widely picked to dominate the NFC this year, but for the most part they underperformed. As a football fan it seemed to me the primary reasons were a surplus of prima-donna personalities and questionable coaching decisions by Andy Reid et al.

I know its unwise to criticize your boss, but is it time for Andy to leave and for the Eagles to clean house?


My cousin is Derek Landri. Is he an asshole?

No, Derek is a sweetie pie.

Did you have to clear this AMA with Eagles PR?

Fuck no.

I know it's cliche, but a lot of people have pointed to Tebow's religiousness as some sort of anomaly, even though it seems like religion has long been a part of the NFL - hell, just look back at Reggie White. What do your more religious teammates think about the controversy surrounding Tebow's beliefs?

This question makes my head hurt.

What was your time like in Cincinnati? Was sad to see you go.

I would have liked to have played more.

I love you more than Louis CK, because you're a member of the best football team ever created and also a Redditor. You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar... and a badass.

No questions, just keep being awesome.

Awesome it is then.

Was this always what you intended to do? Was there one memorable moment when you realized you had a legitimate shot at being a professional athlete, or was it more of a process?
How old where you when you started to notice that you weren't just a little bit better than the other kids on the teams, but the kind of one-in-a-thousand player that makes it to the NFL?

I've answered this question twice in this AMA. Since I am a fan of my work, I suggest you read every single post and enjoy it in its entirety. :)))))

What's your favorite cheesesteak (or other sandwich) you've had in Philly so far?

I liked Pat's and Talk of the Town.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you and the guys make frequent trips to Pats for your free cheese steak?

Wait, it's supposed to be free?

1) What happens at the bottom of a pile up?

2) What do opposing players say to each other on the line before the ball is hiked?

  1. Nothing.

  2. They sing Frank Sinatra songs to each other.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh so I'm obliged to despise all teams from that other city on the other side of PA. However, a NFL player who is also a Redditor is undeniably awesome, so I am now an Evan Mathis fan.

Just don't ever play for the Browns. Or the Purple Browns.

Okay, got it.

Hey Evan I have a question I've been dying to ask an NFL player.

You grow up a huge football fan and root die hard for one team your whole life and then get signed to play for a team you probably could have cared less about until then.

Do you still root for that team AND yours? Do you stop being a fan of that team all together?

How weird does it feel to play and want to beat that team?

I'm curious to hear your answer but if you could throw out a few texts I'd like to hear what some other nfl guys have to say about it too.

I was never the fan of any particular team. I was usually just a fan of different players.

I grew up in Alabama and college football was the biggest thing there.

Are you natty?


You ARE A BEAST! Thank you for doing this AMA, you rock so HARD!!!

What is it like to walk out onto a field of 60,000+ people screaming? I mean, have you ever just stopped looked around and been overwhelmed with emotion at achieving a dream?

Crowds were bigger in college. I stay pretty even keeled nowadays.

As an athlete on Reddit, I'm so glad to see this and to see that people are actually asking moderately intelligent questions about the game itself.

Anyways, would you ever consider being traded to the Chiefs? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

Plea$e a$k the right way.

How much can you lift in most primary lifts (Bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.)?

Bench 455x10

Squat 600x5

Don't deadlift that often.

Are there more concussions in the modern game, or were they going undiagnosed/unreported? Have you ever dealt with concussions?

I think there will always be concussions in football. I've dealt with some minor ones.

If you and forthewolfx were to be in a sumo match against each other, who would win?

Me. Obviously.

Your sport is not called football, the game you call "soccer" is football. Would you mind changing yours to Hand Egg so we could have it back, many thanks xx

National Hand Egg League. I like the sound of that. I'll get it done.

Hey Evan, I can't say I knew who you were before today but I still thank you for taking the time to do this AMA!

Anyhoo. I'm sure you were aware of last year's updated NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. But did you know that it included a seemingly minor but actually quite important change with regards to its non-discrimination clause? More specifically: it added "sexual orientation" to the list of protected classes!

Has this largely gone unnoticed amongst the players, in your experience? (If so, I think that's totally understandable, btw--there was a lot on the line, we all know that.) And, more broadly, do you think the current climate of the NFL could reasonably allow for an openly gay participant? Are you aware of any players who are widely known to be on "the down low" (as it were)?

Whether you even get to read this (let alone respond!) or not, thanks again for taking the time to do this AMA! You seem like a real chill dude, and if you ever wanna be smoked out (can you even smoke weed during the season and/or off-season?), I'm not too far from Philly so I'd be more than happy to do the honors.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much is Aaron Rodgers the best QB in the league?


What was it like being recruited? What were the college visits like? Any particularly good stories from back then?

I used to introduce myself to all the other recruits then immediately ask them how much they bench pressed. Geez, I've always been such a meathead.

If you were an NBA player, who would you be?

Are you related to Robert Mathis?

Passing is obviously more important now than ever due to the new rule changes; do you think this is good for the game?

Do you think referees do make-up calls? How often do you think this happens?


I would be a really good one but people tell me I look like Pau Gasol on steroids.

Yes, closely.

Sure why not.

I don't think so.

Hey Evan, it's awesome that you're doing this (although you've probably stopped taking questions)

I'd like to ask about the offseason for a player.

What is your workout routine during the offseason? Is it like a vacation or is it still pretty intensive?

Your post is buried down here and it's been three days, but I haven't forgotten about you. It's going to take me forever but I'm trying to respond to everyone.

Personally, my off-season workout is much more intensive than my in season workouts. I really take advantage of all the time and try to make as much progress as possible.

I myself have been through the trenches as an O-Lineman, even managed to play college ball but never made it to the pros, we used to have to take a chew before each meeting just to stay awake, paint us a picture with words what its like to sit through meetings.

I pay attention. That's why I'm good. Caffeine is awesome too.

What's the worst your balls have smelled after a game?

And which game was this?

They always smell amazing.

Any other athletes on reddit?

Not that I know of.

Who is the craziest player in the NFL?


Be honest, do you think a football game is more fun for the players or the fans?

Definitely more fun for me. You just get to sit there and watch. I'm out there smashing faces.

What's your pant size?

What's your preferred car to drive?

Where's the first place you go during visiting game trips? Not a team obligation, but like a restaurant, or club? Titty bar?

Secondly, I just wanna say how much respect I have for you and all your peers in the pros. Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a fellow offensive lineman, though I never played past high school. I checked your wikipedia page out and see you're listed as 6'5" and <300 pounds. I was measured as 6'7" 313lbs a few months before I turned 16. Did I fuck up majorly by not somehow getting Sandra Bullock to turn me into a NFL Lineman?


BMW 750Li

I'm a lazy bastard on road trips. I sit in the hotel room and order room service.

Yes. You fucked up.

Aren't you a free agent? I would suggest that you play with the Bears (my favorite team) who usually have trouble on the O-line, but I'm not sure they would ever be willing to pay for a top ten free agent.

Ignore the Julius Peppers signing that was a fluke.

Their your favorite team? Well shit, sign me up!

best IAMA ever

I approve this comment.

Bengals fan here - Sorry our staff was too busy derpin' around to start you last year. Anyways, what did you think of Carson asking for a trade and wanting out? In Cincinnati now, he's regarded as a quitter who didn't care about the team and was never able to lead his team. Any truth to these claims?

I wouldn't call him a quitter. He'd been there since 2003 and had likely grown sick of the way things were done. I understand him wanting out. The addition of Green and Dalton allowed for a fresh start for the Bengals so hopefully this season was the one that gets them on the right track.

Um... Never heard of you. I suppose I could google you, but, well... Shit. I don't even know what sport you play 0_o you seem like a nice enough chap though.

/So... Could you tell me something about the movie Rampart?

Yes. It stars a guy who never called Roseanne back after taking her virginity.

Hey pal! Are you following r/philadelphia at all?

Why don't you come out for an r/philadelphia meetup? We meet up in Center City at least once a week. It'd be great to have you out for drinks with us.

I'm not yet, I'll add that one to the list.

Sounds like fun, perhaps we can make that happen one day.

I hope you'll be able to get to this question (there are a lot), but how do you feel about the risks of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football?

3 days later but I got here!

CTE is a very real risk associated with football. It's my hopes that scientific technology will catch up with the disease and prevent what it does. If I'm not mistaken, repetitive sub-concussive head hits cause a buildup of tau protein in the brain. This tau protein can lead to Alzheimer's as well as other degenerative brain diseases. A drug that broke down the protein and/or prevented Alzheimer's would really help the situation. Much easier said than done. I've said before than I'm wiling to take the risk to live my dream as an NFL player.

Who in the NFL do you respect the most?

A guy like Brian Waters, who has been playing at a high level for 13 years. I'm aiming for 14-15 and know it's not going to be easy.

How would you describe the physical grind of professional football, or professional sports in general? Can you provide a breakdown of how much training you actually do in a day/what sort of work you do in a day versus how much mental preparation? If you're vaguely interested, I'm curious about numbers in your lifting e.g. squat, clean, bench.

Also, how the fuck do you deal with a guy like Peppers (have you ever played against him?), or Ware, or Pierre Paul, or Tuck? I mean, honestly. That just doesn't seem fair.

A regular work day during the season includes hours of meetings, a bout a 2 hour practice, a workout sometime during the day, obviously breakfast and lunch at the appropriate times. There is a good deal of time spent watching film and reviewing the playbook.

I answered the weight lifting question elsewhere in the thread. You must play Where's Waldo to find it.

The best way to stop the guys you mentioned is to get on them before they get going. This prevents them from getting their hands on you first and also prevents them from getting a full head of steam. I love having a challenge like those guys, they are all great players.

Are you subscribed to r/nfl? If so, do you make subtle posts such as:

This guy really deserves more love and is the best OG ever

I'm not subscribed to any sports subreddits. But I think you're onto something. Next year I'll make 42 accounts and start a bunch of different threads about Evan Mathis needing Pro Bowl votes.

This is Awesome! Australian NFL fan and loving this thanks! Two questions:

  1. Which team did you support growing up?

  2. Which team do you thing the Eagles (obviously) will be playing in the NFC championship then the Superbowl next season?


  1. My uncle played for the Dolphins until I was 5 so I kind of watched them but obviously didn't know shit about football.

  2. I need to see how free agency and the draft plays out before making my picks.

Did you become a professional football player exclusively so you could do an AMA?

Yes, Alexis Ohanian contacted me and told me his plans for a website he was helping to start. I thought it sounded like a great idea so I've been preparing this entire time for my AMA.

Lifetime Eagles fan here. I must admit I fell in love with you this year. I had heard some great things about you in the spring but you were nuts this year. Enough of that on to the questions.

How has Howard Mudd helped you develop as a player? And what is it about his system that gets the most out of more athletic linemen like yourself?

I love you too.

It's not Howard's system, it's his techniques. What he teaches would work in any system. He just likes athletes doing it and not 345 pound Jabba the Hutts.

Doubt this will get answered, but i would love it if it was.

Between football, basketball, baseball and hockey there are over 2500 professional athletes just in the usa (idk the number really, but think its between 2.5k and 5k), around 50-250 of them should be gay (if not more). There are none that are currently out (as far as i know, there have been a few that came out after they retired).

How would you react if a teammate came out to you. How do you think the rest of the team would react?

Edit: A well known, professional american athlete, in a sport like football, who was openly gay could have a great positive impact on literally millions of people around the world.


If Mac and Dennis from It's Always Sunny wanted to really try out for the Eagles, would you let this happen? Don't let me down, Mathis.

Of course, but I think Green Man has the best chance.

Since I'm allowing them to try out, I need to be allowed to try out for It's Always Sunny.

What are your feelings regarding NCAA post season? To you favor a playoff or do you think the BCS works well enough?

BCS is lame. There needs to be a playoff.

I got a few. Even though I'm not an Eagles, I'm now an Evan Mathis fan, so thanks for doing this.

Is there a certain defender that you hate seeing lined up across from you? How likely are you to be playing for someone other than the Eagles next season?

Would you consider my favorite,the Titans? Two HOF Linemen on the staff, and we are in desperate need of better guard play...

I love a good challenge so I don't mind lining up against anybody.

My crystal ball won't allow me to see beyond free agency yet.


There's no kind of racial divide between players.

Big city, great weather.

Run blocking or pass blocking?


What was your diet like during your transformation?

High, medium, and low days of carbs based on the intensity of that day's workout. It's called a carb cycle. It was the first time I tried it and it shot my metabolism to the moon.

What is your all time favorite football play ever?

and how good does it feel barreling down on poor little DB's when you get a pulling guard play, wait do the eagles even have a pulling guard play?

The one where I score that hasn't happened yet.

Eagles have a lot of pulling guard plays. Those little guys can be shifty though. None of them are going to take you on, they either cut your legs out from under you or jump to the side.

Serious thoughts on this picture of you.

There is a cat in your pants.

Ever play rugby?... Now thats fun shit.

Not yet. When I retire I will.

have you fucked Kim kardashian yet? every other athlete in the US has so just wondering

No, I have a >>>girlfriend<<< that wouldn't approve of me bringing a Kardashian home.

Do you have a son?

I think I have him on XBL.

Yes. My son's name is Jesus Christ.

Better gameday atmospheres, Saturdays in the SEC or Sundays/Monday Nights in the NFL?

Also, in a hot dog eating contest who you got, John Madden or Eli Gold?

Better ribs, Dreamland or Archibalds?

Great question. I'll take the easy way out and make it a tie.

Eli Gold.

I haven't had Archibald's yet, do I need to try it?

Major league sports have become a massive money making entertainment market. Is it possible that leagues fix games via the refs to increase the chances of preferable match ups during high TV rating grabs like the playoffs or championship games? If possible, have you ever seen a call made as a player that you thought was questionable?

Hell no. You would see a lot more badass Monday Night Football games than the ones you do that were scheduled before the season started.

Referees make mistakes but I've never once thought anything was rigged.

So what's your non-throwaway account?

Having the other account allows me to be completely uncensored and anonymous.

I went to school with J-Mac. He is a MONSTER.

Nice try Monster Energy Drink.

Evan, thanks for taking the time. As a fan, I've always found it interesting to hear players talk about their transitions from college to the league and what that was like. I know there are certain "restraints" on time spent on football in college, but what is the change in practice and prep time like from college to the pros?

Also, do any pro players you know read a lot?

Practice intensity and length gets a little easier in the pros but you're going against better competition.

There are plenty of guys who read a lot. I am not one of them unless you count reddit as a book.

Who is your favorite Chicago Bear? Favorite opposing player and why? Who is your least favorite Packer?


Robert Mathis. He's my cousin.

I have no reason to have a least favorite Packer.

Evan, Whats it like going on a silent cadence in a dome, such as week 2 in ATL or in a rival stadium like the home of the She-men. Also, what was your favorite moment and the season and what can we expect from the O in 2012?

Silent cadence takes a little more focus to do. Everybody on the OL has the watch the center and see the defense at the same time.

Favorite moment was when I won the Super Bowl in the future.


Just wanted to say thank you for helping our o line not do the stank dance this year!

No problem.

How much do you squat?


What kind of music do you like? Do you listen to something else on gameday to pump you up?

I listen to pretty much everything except country.

I quit listening to music on gameday. I just get focus and stay even keeled.

This is literally the best and most down to earth ama. Gj I dont hate you.

I read this in Chris Traeger's voice.

Have you ever google image searched your name with the filter off? I suggest you dont!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I searched "Evan Matthews" sorry for that

Oh fuck. I'm scarred for life.


You are terribly incorrect. The last time I ran a mile was in 10th grade and it was around 8 minutes.

I could probably do it in 7 minutes but I'd be bedridden for 3 days after that.

Charlottean and Panthers fan here.

  1. How did you like Charlotte and the organization?

  2. Is Jordan Gross as goofy and weird as he seems on TV.

  3. Was Jake Delhomme hard to understand? Smitty has said it took him a long time to understand Jake in the huddle.

  1. I liked the city a lot. It's hard for me to give a non-bitter opinion about the organization when I felt like I should have been utilized more.

  2. He's actually not weird and goofy at all. He's pretty damn funny and one of the smartest guys I know.

  3. If Jake got real riled up sometimes he regurgitated some Cajun nonsense.

Why does the Bears offensive line suck so bad?

It lacks Evan Mathis.


How long did it take you to type that? I'd guess literally seconds.

What do you think about Rampart?

This is the only Rampart that matters in my life:


"And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was."

Hall of fame comment right there.

He's still one of my favorite comedians.

What's the first thing you do when you go back to your hometown?


How much do you keep up with college football? How good did it feel to see Bama dominate LSU?

The only team I really watch is Bama. It was amazing watching Bama dominate LSU, especially with a Bama/Under 2.6 to 1 parlay.

Evan, do you have an Agent? Got something I'd like to chat with you about. If you want you can pm me any relevant info.

Drew Rosenhaus is my agent.

He is not hiring.

I'm not having sex with you.

Thanks for taking the time to give honest answers. A couple sort of related questions:

I want to play DE still.

I do not want any glory. I like being able to go in public and not get attacked.

A team full of professionals that bust their asses.

Do you have a permanent offseason home and some form of temporary housing (apartment or what not) in Philly? Or do you buy a house every time you move to a new team?

I have rented apartments during the season for the past few years. I'll have a long term deal in March so I'll buy a place then. It will be awesome and have arcade games.

Evan, huge Eagles fan, season ticket holder since 89 (parents had me one when I was 4 months old) what is the best part of playing for Philadelphia? and what is it like playing for coach Reid? The media gives him crap, but numbers dont lie, hes an AMAZING coach!!

I love playing in Philly. Best part is the food. Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the game.

Did you know Saverio Rocca well? Aus Redditor interesting in my AFL players ;)

I've yet to meet Rocca. He's a redditor eh?

actual football question here. When Vince Young went and called the Eagles the "dream team" what was the reaction in the locker room?


best play you have ever made?

The touchdown after killing the dinosaur.

if im doing the math right, according to your 8 week transformation video you put on 12.6 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks WHILE losing fat. sorry.. but that isn't humanly possible.. even with steroids.

I do many things that aren't "humanly possible."

Who the fuck said I was human?

What is the most intellectually challenging part of the game?

Adjusting the game plan and blocking assignments each week based on the team we're playing.

As a Philadelphia Eagle, why haven't you done everything in your power to make guest appearances on The League and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?


I've always wondered this as I played high school football, but do the Offensive linemen actually have to learn the plays? other then just blocking and creating holes. Like in comparison to say, the receivers/tight ends/qbs

Fuck yes we have to learn the plays. You think we just line up and run at whoever we want? Watch 5-6 year olds play. That's how it would look.

Why does Paul Alexander think that Nate Livings deserved to start over you? I really hope you answer this. I'm a Who Dey diehard and it really sucked seeing you go.

Because he spends his free time playing the piano.

What was the culture change from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Philadelphia Eagles?

Night and day.

What does it feel like when you turn around and see the man you were supposed to be blocking laying on top of your quarter back?

How big is Jason Pierre-Paul in person? i could only imagine he is scary.

I allowed 0 sacks and 3 QB hits this season. My hits were against the Falcons, Giants, and the Bears. They are burned into my mind so that I will not let it happen again.

JPP is the same height as me and 20 lbs lighter. He's human other than the fact that his arms touch his feet when he's standing straight up.

How was it like living in alabama?

Southern cooking can not be beat.

I coach football at a volunteer level(for now) for 6th grade kids I have a lot of issues getting my O linemen to be take the fight to the defender instead of sitting back. Any suggestions for drills or things I can do to improve my kids?

Yeah, wait until their balls drop and they actually have testosterone in their body. I wasn't any good at football until 12th grade. 6th grade is too early to matter.

Just saw this AMA and thought "RMFT!"

Hell yes.

probably get buried but, big fan! I liked the work you did with cincy! With that being said, how is playing with celek? I grew up next door to him but we played for different schools and anytime we played him the D dreaded it. Just wondering if most D's have that same feeling?

Hell yes it got buried but I'm digging.

Celek is a tough dude and a playmaker. I wouldn't know how the D's feel since I'm on the offense of his team.

Evan, man, I was a huge fan of yours when you played for the Bengals. I was super freakin pissed when we let you go. Do you still harbor any ill will towards the Bengals' front office? Or would you consider coming back next year (I think you're a FA this year, maybe?), or is there too much bad blood?

I (FWIW) think that you could be an integral piece in us making a deep playoff run next year if we draft a stud RB for you to block for!

I'd $till con$ider coming back.

I know you wrestled in high school. How much would you say wrestling has helped you in football? Thanks!

Throwing fat dudes around is my forte.

Always wondered this, but how much do you hate playing the Saints? Thoughts on Jimmy Graham? He played basketball I heard...

I haven't played the Saints since 2006.

I went to college with Roman Harper. That's the only way I can relate to you. I hope this is okay.

Evan, I listen to the football today podcast with Ross Tucker. He said that right guard was the hardest position to play since you are one on one with a defensive tackle or 3-4 defensive end a lot of the time. Have you ever played on the right, and if so can you give some input on this? Also, what do you find to be the hardest aspect of the game? Thanks a lot, it's really great seeing a professional football player doing an AMA!

I started 2006 at RG. The hardest position to play on the offensive line is the tackle to the QB's blindside.

The only thing that's hard for me is playing hurt.

Reading your response about being hit and the sub-concussive blows: I just got into an argument with someone about who is most likely to suffer from injuries.

I said offensive/defensive lineman are most likely to 1) suffer concussions and 2) suffer other various injuries from the explosion off the snap that a lot of defensive lineman throw at you. He said running backs because they get hit frequently (that lineman weren't up there on the most likely to be injured I was flabbergasted). He also claimed other things like not playing football means you really don't know the sport (yet I had to explain what the goal of a defensive lineman is to do and that's make sure that all offensive lineman are on their ass).

Could you help me settle this argument by giving your input since you are a professional football player? Please.

Your friend is wrong. Every single play, there is hits on the OL & DL. Each of those blows counts. The research shows that those do cause subtle concussion-like damage in the brain.

You're wrong about the part about making sure we are on our ass. DL rarely bull rush and try to do that. They try to separate and play with leverage more often that not.

Whats it like the block while Vick is scrambling around behind you? Do you get confused? How do you know who to block?

I just watch the eyes of the defender. They will tell me where Vick is.

I just want to let you know that I am screen-capping and saving all of your responses so that I can pull them out at opportune times when you make it big.


What's the NFL?

Your screen name works.

Does Mike Brown suck as much as people say he does?


did you play football in high school and if so were you a guard then

I played DE and OT in high school. Didn't play guard until my senior year of college.

Hey! Glad you're on Reddit...I went to high school with you and your little bro Adam :D I'm Rebecca McBride and don't really have a question...just happy to see someone from Homewood on here!! Good Luck this season

Hey Rebecca! Indeed good to see a fellow Homewoodian here. I'm glad I found your post. Hope all is well.

Hey bud. As a cowboys fan, I hate you. As a person/redditor/nfl fan, you are now one of the coolest people ever. Have a good offseason!


Was i supposed to orignally think OG meant Original gangster?

It does. And it was a good idea.

What are your thoughts on Roger Goodell?

Terrible hairdo.

you're giving me an even better reason to love the eagles

Your screen name doesn't fit with this comment.

Who Is the biggest shit talker you have ever played against?

Hard to answer that. Any time guys start talking shit I calm them down and let them know everything is going to be okay.

What path did you take to get to the NFL (i.e. college-CFL-NFL) and how many years after high school did it take you to get to the NFL? I'm a gr. 10 Canadian OG with NFL dreams

I went to college for 5 years then was drafted.

Make it happen.

What are some of your favorite game-day traditions?

Fuck tradition. :)

So... How do you feel about our (Eagles) chances this upcoming year?

Very good.

Evan, are there any other redditors in the league? And one time I got pancaked in front of an Eagle's scout at practice doing board drills, could you tell him to disregard that?

I'm sure there are but I don't know for sure.

Board drills are stupid, I'm sure he disregarded it.

Evan Mathis fucking rulez

I agree with you.

When were you last in T-Town and have you spent much time around Saban? Favorite item off the Baumhower's menu? Any thoughts about coaching after your NFL career ends?

I went to the Bama UT game during our bye week last year. It was a damn good time.

Fried pickles and hot, honey bbq wings.

No coaching.

Hi there. Thank you for being one of the best Eagles this year. Will you be just as awesome next year? Also, can I have a hug? I'm lonely.....

I'll be double awesome next year.


Very cool man! It is so refreshing to see stereotypes of professional athletes blown away. I have felt lately that there has been a surge of down to earth athletes in the media, like KD and Jeremy Lin for example. I wonder how many NFL players are on reddit? Do you know any others? I'm curious, are you a registered republican? I would imagine most athletes are fiscally conservative? Is this a fair assumption?

I don't know how many guys are on reddit.

I'm more libertarian than anything.

For some reason I read SNL instead of NFL and didn't understant shit for a while.

Perhaps I should give them a call and become an SNL OG like Chris Farley.

How can you be the best according to some sources but still be paid so little?

I didn't become the best until this year. Wait until March.

Evan, thanks for the AMA! It's probably the best I've read. I really appreciate how candid you've been. It's awesome to know you guys are just normal people like the rest of us mere mortals.

I'm a huge Chiefs fan. We've definitely got some cap room for you and an open spot. We're ready to make a big playoff push if we can upgrade out O-Line and that's where you, my new best friend, come in! When Scott Pioli gives you that phone call, please take it and our boat-load of cash. KC is a great town. Hope you like BBQ!

I'm patiently awaiting Scott's call.

I've spent years in and around football, but 180lb guards didn't really project well to the next level when it came time to make my college choices. Apparently, "scrappy" is only a positive quality when you have the measurables as well.

I did get a gig working for the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee, and while it was awesome to meet a bunch of current and former players, there was one image that has always stuck with me.

I met Conrad Dobler, a former guard himself, at Radio Row, and his knees look like something you would see in a horror movie (picture at the bottom of the page here, but it's not pretty).

Does that sort of future ever concern you?

Those are mostly guys that had multiple surgeries on their knees. My uncle had 6 off-season knee operations during his playing days in the 80's. For the most part, the medical field is far more advanced then it was back then. Even if it wasn't, getting the chance to live my dream is something I'd always choose to do even if it mean destroyed knees and two decades off of my life.

What was the hardest transition from the college level to the NFL? Obviously the talent is higher across the board, but was their one specific aspect that was unexpectedly difficult?

Also thanks for doing this!

The transition wasn't too bad other than what you already mentioned about the talent. I've always been the type to take care of myself in the off-season so doing it when I got the the NFL was nothing new.

As someone who went to school with Justin Smith (yeah Mizzou!), and had friends that went to high school with him, he was a pretty fun dude. He'd drop by parties around our apartment complex and basically take up the whole room. Guy was massive. Glad he's still doing his thing.

But, random question. As a girl, part of my job is to be in a locker room to gather quotes from athletes after games are finished. NOT my favorite thing to do, at all. I was wondering if:

  1. Guys (in general) appreciate when I wait when they're dressed (like undies/pants on), or if you don't give a shit, and,
  2. What question do you hate being asked by reporters the most? Or what questions do you think don't elicit a good response from you guys?
  1. Yes. Please wait til I at least get my pants on.

  2. Most of them are pretty damn mundane and redundant. I'm usually giving cookie cutter cliche responses when I'm getting questions from that same breed.

do you know why andy reid hates talented linebackers?


Do pros call one another "bitch" as often as in high school football??? I always wondered about that but I never played past H.S.

No, the number of "bitches" is negatively correlated to length of time playing football.

Yo bro, big eagles fan and follow you on twitter. Fokou has called me a smartass on twitter and me and sexy bologna tweet all da time, even though you never tweet me back. As what most eagles football future board members consider as the eagles biggest obligation to resign, why aren't you tweeting me back bruh.

I usually tweet back people who are witty and not saying boring things. Perhaps you need to step your game up. I also rarely tweet back anybody who talks about football. /yawn

Who's Evan Mathis?

He's the Kenny Powers of football.

This has definitely been one of the better AMA's I have ever read, thanks!

In all your travels, whats been your favorite place to go for reasons outside of football? (best food, most relaxed, best culture, people, etc...)

I have a lot of traveling to do after I retire. Ask me this question in 8 years.

After reading this AMA, I will be trading for you on madden.

That will be the smartest thing you've done in your entire life.

And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was.

Haha, this sealed the deal for me. Holy shit, great IAMA, and thanks for coming by to answer some questions!

By some you will soon mean ALL.



Thank you for restoring some Eagles faith in this Philadelph-ian, you magnificent bastard.

My work here is done.

What's your workout routine? I also don't have access to an NFL level weight room, so how could it be simplified with basic workout equipment?

It is too much to put into a reddit response. It will be on zoneap.com in the near future.

I play Madden Ultimate Team, and I have discarded you more times than I care to disclose... With that said, I'm sure you're better at pushing people than those folks give you credit for.

I started this year out as a 77 on Madden and finished as a 91. Changing that rating was my only motivation in life.


Does he owe you money?

Was Vick given too tough a punishment?

No, but he has paid his time.

I'm an Eagle fan from South Carolina, are you guys gonna do an away game down here in Atlanta or Carolina next season? I've been dieing to see my Eagles play.

The schedule comes out in April. I'll make a few phone calls for you to see if we can arrange that since you don't know how to get on a plane.

Diehard Lions fan here, how about coming here and blocking for Matthew Stafford?? Nah jk, for real though, do you think you could handle Ndomukong Suh?

I would annihilate him.

Are you friends with any players on a different team in the NFL? If so, who?

I've been on 4 different teams and went to college at Alabama. I have many friends in the NFL.

What car do you drive?

A Prius, a cargo van, and a 750Li.

I swear this is a true story. I went to a high school in LA and you crashed our prom after party (Universal Hilton). You ended up taking the virginity of a girl named Roseanne. You didn't call her afterwards. She cried a lot. Do you remember any of this and can confirm or have you been so knee deep in hollywood pooty for so long that this qualifies as a mere blip? I'm not kidding.

You were too late to use this joke. Rampart.

No questions, just read through this and you're a good shit, I like you.

You're a good shit, I like you.

Who is the nicest defensive player you have played against. as in reggie white where he would pray for the person before the snap

Sam Adams held me up when the running back was about to fall into my legs. He could have used my body to make the tackle but he did a good deed and saved me. I put him on the ground the next play.

How do you feel about Eagles fans?

You want me to stereotype an entire group of people? Are all Eagles fans the same person?


Your font is huge.

How are individual stats compiled for the o-linemen?

Not many stats exist for OL. ProFootballFocus.com does the best job at doing OL stats, as they track sacks allowed, pressures, hits, penalties, give a pass blocking grade, and a run blocking grade.

Whats your favorite stadium besides phili to play in?

Bryant Denny Stadium.

Favorite NFL Stadium to play in outside of the Linc. Why?

I don't care, I'll play anywhere. It's more fun when there's cheerleaders.

Most people know the difference between the guard and tackle positions, but I think few understand the difference between playing guard and center. Besides snapping the ball, obviously, can you talk about some of the differences between the types of things a guard needs to be able to do versus that of a center?

They're very similar for the most part. The center snaps the ball and makes more calls. Guards are alone on pass protection more than the center as the center usually gets help from one of the guards.

You're so manly. I love you.

After reading your comment history to confirm that you are a female, I love you too. <3

How bad is it at the bottom of a scrum?

This is the most asked question of this AMA. I'm going to start making up an answer since I don't have one. One time I saw two guys accidentally have sex in the bottom of a pile.

Now if I can only get you to play for the Raiders...

Tell your people to call my people.

if you could assemble the greatest o-line from historical non-football figures, who would you choose??

Left Tackle = Tiny Lister

Left Guard = Hulk Hogan

Center = Ultimate Warrior

Right Guard = Paul Bunyan

Right Tackle = McLovin

Admit it, you want the Eagles to switch back to the classic Kelly Green uniforms. Am I right?

I love green.

Compare and contrast the front office/organization of the Bengals and Eagles?


This is the only AMA to have me bust out laughing. Awesome.

On to my question. What was the locker room like when the season started off slower than expected? To an outsider, it seems like everyone is always positive on any under-performing team, but I suspect some of the players are a little down.

Also, I know some kids who went to high school with Kafka. Pretty cool he's in the NFL now.

We stayed positive and practiced with high energy since we knew we had the ability to be great and the coaches were doing what they needed to help us improve.

what defensive line do you hate playing against the most?

also go broncos =D

I equally love all my victims.


Mike Maser, meh.

Jake Delhomme is a great dude. He's a wine connoisseur.

How fierce is the hatred between the Eagles and Cowboys? Being a Cowboys fan I always wondered just how bad it is. Also, i'm a senior in HS with a sport specific statistics project due next month so I would love to take you up on that interview offer, a no is completely understandable though.

I hate everybody.

You get two questions for your project.

New Favorite redditor

Me too.

What was your favorite part about playing in Carolina at the beginning of your career? Least favorite part? Thanks for doing the AMA!

Easiest answer of the entire AMA. Best part about playing in Carolina was Phat Burrito.

Least favorite part was all of this awesome sitting on the bench.

Hey, just stopping by to say the Eagles are my favorite team, and you guys work hard out there on the O-line for an unconventional QB. Keep up the good work bud, I feel good about next year.

Keep bleeding green.

Are you mroglolblo?

I wish.

Hey Evan, just wondering if any players in the locker room partook in the Andy Reid being fired talk that the media was talking about for a little while

Never heard it even once.

Holy shit, you seem down to earth. Thanks for converting me to an eagles fan. What has been your favorite game you've ever played? Also, being on the line, do you ever have music playing in your head? When i watch highlights, i can't help but think players have stuff playing in their head. If so, what songs?

Favorite game I ever played was Halo 3.

This is the song that plays in my head during games... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQp5l4-sfFA


I have dug up your comment and would like to welcome you to the Mathis Army.

Hi beautiful, thanks for doing an AMA and being real!! Reddit loves that!

Thank you. Now let's get back to getting your daughter away from Mormonism.

How do you feel about Philadelphia sports fans booing players/teams constantly? If I were a player I think I would hate it, but maybe it is different once you are there on the field.

I think they're just trying to scare everybody.


Evan you are a fucking stud on that O line. I started watching you on TV after I noticed you playing well in Madden to be honest. This AMA has been awesome thanks for being straight up.

I'm glad I didn't let you down on Madden.

What is your favorite food to top with gravy?

Salisbury steak.

So you're number 69... did you choose the number for comical reasons or were you arbitrarily assigned it


I just want you to know that many Bengals fans were pissed that they let you go, much less didn't give you the start. Your Football Outsiders numbers were way above the rest of the OL. If you ever need a self esteem boost from that era of your career, head over to Cincyjungle.com and search your name to see that you really did have quite a few fans of your game.

Don't worry, I Google myself 20 times a day.

Huge Eagles fan here Evan, I'm glad to see you doing this AMA. My question is...in the offseason, how frequently do you feel the need to bully paying fans who are standing on public property and have every right to be there? Would you say you do it more frequently than during the regular season, or less frequently? Thanks.

All humans are subject to my bulling at all times.

mac or pc?


Firstly, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this.

What was it like working with Juliette Lewis? I think i'm coming down with a cold, any hints or tips to either make it go away or possibly more comfortable. Did you have to miss out on some family commitments while filming Rampart?

Rosie Perez was better.


Yes, I couldn't call any of the virgins back that I banged.

Lions fan here..... How badly could Ndamukong Suh kick your ass?

I can't wait to play him. I'll apologize to you in advance.

If you could be any kind of black person what kind would you be?

The Jay-Z kind.


A lot. It's in this thread somewhere. Go find it.

Were you at any of the makeshift offseason lockout practices in Marlton at the turf field in the park outside of the big blue barn? I tried to go every day after school, and I never managed to see one of those.

I didn't have a team during the lockout.

Awesome AMA Evan! I really appreciate seeing you do this.

I am a huge Ravens fan so here is my question. What makes Haloti Ngata so good from a linemen's perspective?

I appreciate you taking your time out to do this Evan Mathis. Good luck in your free agent negotiation and I hope you lock up a great deal-you've earned it!

Haloti is a very big, strong dude. On top of that, he's a great athlete and very smart at using his techniques.

How did you enjoy playing for the Bengals? Sorry if this question was already posed.

It's around here somewhere.


We dey.

  1. How much did the lockout affect preparation for the season, etc.?
  2. After a disappointing 2011 season, what are your realistic expectations for 2012?
  1. I used the lockout to get in the best physical shape of my life.

  2. Parlaying the energy we finished with in 2011 into 2012 would be the start of great things.

I played defensive line my entire career in football. How boring is it to be an offensive guard? You don't get to take funky steps and pick up rushing DEs and linebackers... you just get to absorb blitzes and double team nose guards. You ever dream of the glory of defensive line?

You need to watch more football. Go watch me play.

Yes I still want to be a DE.

Is playing Football every bit as fun as it was in High School?

I hated it in high school because I was terrible.

Coming from a huge Eagles fan, what was the feeling in the locker room after this season's not very successful year and how do you guys feel about this upcoming season?

Obviously we were pissed about how the season played out. Everybody feels very good about the future.

I understand you might not want to answer this, or maybe give a PR type answer, but...

Watching the game, every single game, there are always "halftime adjustments" that need to be made. How true is this, really? Is there that much dissecting of plays and whatnot, or is it really just the coach yelling his head off for a few minutes and you talking just a bit with your other linemen?

And for a reddit-style question :

Seven of Nine, Caprica, or Jane Fonda circa Barbarella?

Most adjustments take place during the game and not at halftime. Waiting until halftime to adjust something is primitive.

Definitely Jane Fonda circa Barbarella.

Why won't anyone want to play for the Cleveland Browns?


Do you think Jeremy Lin could play OG in the NFL?

Fuck yeah.

Evan, Do you want dJAck back next year?


Hey Evan, I'm a huge Miami Dolphins fan. I see that you played on the team in 2008, which was our best season in recent history.

I know you're not on the team anymore, and wasn't with them the whole season, but what do you think was the major factor that got the team up to 11-5 in '08, and has been missing in our recent 7-9 and 6-10 seasons?

Chad Pennington.

What's the leftover, overall opinion of former Eagles??... I'll start with an easy one: Donovan Mcnabb

What is a leftover, overall opinion?

  1. From your knowledge of Peyton Manning's injury and subsequent surgeries, do you think he should return to the NFL in 2012, or call it quits?

  2. If you ever suffered a neck injury that put your ability to play football into question, how would you react?

  1. I'm not a doctor yet.

  2. Ouch.

Hey OG, how much can you bench? Also, who on the eagles can eat the most in one sitting (not counting yourself)?


Maybe Jason Peters.

Has anyone said you looked like Trey Parker before?

I'm sorry, I was eating chips and couldn't hear you. Did you ask if I'd been to Bay Harbor?

I tailgate all the home games, when I show up next season in a homemade Mathis jersey (I'm a poor college student, give me a break) how many other fans will assume I'm wearing a personalized jersey?

(I have always thought that O-lineman are the most underrated players on the field on any team, I was a qb growing up and you guys have all of my respect.)

[if you're still reading do you ever have any worries about CTE, or other brain injury type things? or is it something you try not to think about?]

The fans will recognize your awesomeness as you show you're a member of the Mathis Army.

Your brackets and parentheses are cute. I can't think about those things because I hit my head to hard.


Ascending indeed.

If you played for the New England Patriots would they have won every Superbowl from 2005 to present? Why are you not a New England Patriot?


They drafted a Pepsi machine in 2005 instead of me.

How much do you admire two time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning? Wouldn't it be great to play for guys like that who know how to win championships?

I'm gunning for a Super Bowl.

Giants fan here. I hate the eagles with a passion. What is your most hated team?

The Tecmo Super Bowl Raiders.

I don't normally watch football, but this has been an awesome AMA to read! Thank you

You are welcome. Thanks for reading.

Do you think Julian Vandervelde will ever get a chance to play significantly? He's a friend of a friend.

Also a classically trained opera singer, in addition to being a backup offensive lineman for the Eagles.

If he's as good at football as he is Dungeons & Dragons he's destined for greatness.

Do you use Toradol before every game? Are NFL players aware of the side effects? It has been known to cause acute renal failure which can kill you and can cause other serious kidney issues long term.

Yes I do use it before every game. I have a guy for kidneys in South Africa.

You are awesome.

From a Pats fan


From Evan.


You edited this and changed refute to disapprove. Now change the word disapprove to "have an unexplainable passion" and we'll be good to go.

What's your opinion on rampart?

What's your favorite funny thing on the internet?

Does my name make sense to you?

Do you play any games online? If so which ones and PLAY WITH ME.

The video game Rampart was better than the movie.

freeones.com is pretty funny.

I didn't play Zelda after SNES.

None right now.

Roll Tide!


Who's the easiest player you've had to block?

That would be mean.

Are there any other NFL redditors that we should know about?

Just one.

Cowboys fan here, but I am seriously considering buying an Evan Mathis jersey. You seem like a genuinely awesome dude. Despite the fact that you play for the Eagles, I wish you luck and hope that you don't suffer any of the life-shortening brain damage that has been associated with playing in the NFL.

Jersey or not, welcome to the Mathis Army.


I understand where he's coming from. Evan Mathis is awesome.

A) you are the coolest fucking guy ever, and my new favorite player

B) who is the hardest person you've had to block

C) dc;ig

A. Agreed.

B. Justin Smith, Jay Ratliff, Haloti Ngata, James Harrison

C. Deutsche Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft is all I could find.

Seeing as how I am no different from the rest of reddit: OMG THANKS FOR DOING THIS!

1)Have you had any crazy fan experiences (stalkers, creepy letters, general craziness)?

2)How did you get started in football?

3)If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4)Can I now become your creepy stalker and send you letters (only if you respond negative to question 1 of course; I don't wanna take someone else's job)

(edit: grammar)

  1. There was a girl a few years ago that used fake pictures, a fake name, and used to always call and text guys. She did it to guys on every time. I'm the one that exposed her as a phony and it was fun. She called herself "Lauren Smith." I made a Facebook group on the subject. http://www.facebook.com/groups/41856718167/

  2. I started in 8th grade but I sucked until 12th.

  3. Little Caesar's Crazy Bread.

  4. Send all stalker letters to:

Evan Mathis 15820 N 84th St Ste 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

How good is Sione Pouha?

He's pretty good. Not against me though.

Lifelong Redskins fans here, but it's been a love-hate relationship for the last few years, i.e. since Dan Snyder bought the team and especially since Deon Sanders. Out of spite, I secretly cheered for the cowboys this season. Convince me that I should (a) sell my Skins jersey on ebay and (b) root for the eagles instead of the cowboys.

All you need to do is buy an Evan Mathis jersey and all will be right with the world.

I see that you were an Alabama wrestling state champ. First is do you feel that wrestling helped your football career at all? If so how? I am a former NJ state champ at heavyweight. I am also 6'5 and 300+. Also I am from South Jersey and an Eagles fan. I would like to challenge you to a wrestling match because I would be honored to wrestle a professional athlete. If you accept I could make it back to SJ to fulfill the challenge. If not still cool just want to let you know you're awesome.

What are you wagering on the match? I'll give you 10 to 1 odds.

does Justin Tuck look like Bane to you up close with that demon of a facemask?

I see the resemblance.

just want to say i think its awesome that you're a redditor and doing this ama for everyone! =) love football. keep up the good work and stay safe... as possible :P

Will do, thanks for reading INFJ.

I hate the Eagles, but after this AMA, I will cheer for you every time I see you on TV. Unless you're playing the Jets, in which case I'll be too busy sobbing quietly in the corner to pay any attention to you.

You have just signed up for the Mathis Army.

Roll Tide Evan. I'm gonna holler at you next time I see you at Gallettes


I haven't been to Gallettes in a long time. I'd need to shave the beard to try and look college age.

Did you hear that Whitney Houston passed away?


1) Whats your usual username?

2) As a redditor, are you proud of this? http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/puqct/so_i_was_looking_at_reddits_search_queries_on/

  1. You're not getting that.

  2. Yes. Yes I am.

How, if it all possible, would one plan to block the one they call Jason Pierre-Paul?

Grabbing his chest and manhandling him.

Diehard Cowboys fan here: I see the Eagles and Cowboys rivalry as a huge deal as do most fans. Is it as big to the players as it is to us? Who do you think the most talented player on the cowboys is? What is your HONEST opinion of Tony Romo?

I would also like to say that as much as I dislike the Eagles, you're a badass and mad respect. I hope you answer this.

Division games are always huge.

Jay Ratliff is the best defensive player on the Cowboys.

You're hope has been fulfilled.

If you could play any other sport, what sport/position would it be?

Heavyweight boxer or UFC fighter.

How does it feel to be considered one of the best guards in football? Also why the hell did the Bears not throw large sacks of money at you this past offseason to help keep Cutler upright?

Also are the stories about QBs taking their o-linemen out to dinner, or buying them all gifts as a thank you present true?

Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Nobody threw any money at me in 2011. 2012 will be different.

Yes, QB's usually treat OL to some type of gifts, usually at the end of the season.

Can you tell us about your training regimen and diet? Regarding training, I'm especially interested in how you balance strength training with endurance. Low carb seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. Is that part of your diet too? And the 1/13/2011-3/10/2011 transformation was pretty dramatic. Anything different there?

Thanks for the AMA!

Death to low carb.

It's all about carb cycling.

Offensive Guard you smuck.

Break it up you two.

why did we fuck up our sport names?


I fucking love the eagles.

You love fucking eagles?

Dude. As a diehard Cowboys fan, I came here specifically to find a way to talk shit about or to you. But after reading some of your posts, I honestly can't. You seem like a legit cool guy, and I fully support your dream of battling a t-rex in an arena gladiator-style while a million screaming fans adore your prowess.

Fuck you too man!


Who do you think would win in a fight: a grizzly bear or a gorilla? Explain your reasoning.

Grizzly bear for sure. They have claws and huge teeth, plus they are stronger.

Alright as a livelong Eagles fan and resident of Philadelphia, I gotta ask:

What's your favorite thing about the city and how is it being a Philadelphia Eagle as opposed to any other team in the NFL?

Favorite thing: food

What's different about being an Eagle than any other team in the NFL is you play your home games in Philadelphia.

What does it feel like to have a better team but , still get owned by the Cowboys in the media?

Since when does anyone respect the media?


We all have a buffet waiting for us. Games are long and we are hungry.

Pats fan here and Im still bitter about the Super Bowl. Hold me?


HUGE eagles fan here. I just wanted to know what it is like to guard the Giants d-line. Do you guys do more preparation/film watching the week in advance to playing these guys? Thanks

Guard them like in basketball? I bet it'd be hard.

We watch a shitload of film every week.

have you ever punched another man in the nuts in a pile up?

Why would I be in a pile up?

I played football in college and easily over half my team smoked weed. Do you burn blunts? Are you an ent? I sure hope so.

I don't know what you're talking about. [0]

Hey Evan, great year last year keep it up man! Anyways, what are your thoughts on the Andy Reid staying/going debacle this offseason?

He should stay. End of story.

I'm a Bengals fan. Do you hate Paul Alexander as much as I do? Why is he still coaching?!

I <3 Paul.

Did you throw discus/shotput in high school? It seems like alot of lineman used to throw in high school. Also, whats your opinion on Brandon Jacobs? He's my favorite player but I know that he talks crap, does it really get the other team pissed?

I threw shotput my senior year in high school but wasn't very good. My best throw was 49'.

I don't care what anybody says, to think about all of that during a game would just be a distraction.

Hi Evan,

Out of the team who most egregiously overestimates their Madden abilities?

Do you have an opinion one way or the other with regards to the possibility of an NFL franchise in London?

Shady McCoy thinks he is the best video game player of all time.

That would be a lot of traveling.

Came across this on the interwebs:


That seems like quite a transformation. Not like I have a question...but here's one anyhow. How many hours was that per day to get in shape like that?

1 hour/day

6 days/week

Diet is the most important part. Did a carb cycling diet and it was awesome.

What are your thoughts on the football and football debate between Amurrica and the UK?

Well if you're talking about the name, soccer definitely deserves the name football over football in Amurrica.

As a lifelong Eagles/Philly fan (duh!), did any of the guys on the team or executives take notice, not of the vocal anguish, but of the lack of attendance at the last game? I know that it was a huge shock for me to see even a few empty seats at the Linc?

You know as well as anyone how supportive,vocal,rabid we Philly fans can be. You guys know that we love ya, but you should also know that we always show up for a game.

So, did anyone even notice how empty it was at the end of the season and how uncharacteristic it is?


edit -- Thanks for this awesome AMA!

I don't count empty seats. I have a game to play.

We love you too.

No. We were busy winning.

No question. Just wanted to let you know you have a new fan. Thanks for the hilarious AMA!


I'm sorry about your brain.

What was your favorite team growing up? And does that play any role in free agency?

Chicago White Sox.

Yes, I would love to play baseball.

I've never talked to a famous person before..so...uhh...sup?

retracedylan's bucket list:

[ ] Kiss a girl

[ ] Talk to a famous person

[x] Get a response on a buried post on reddit

Who is the hardest player to block? Skol Vikings!

I've answered this questions 42 times. Enjoy this picture of a fat Lion-O.


YOU'RE SO COOL! Well, to be quite frank, I don't actually know who you are or anything about you. But I like you. +100 for communicating with the layman. Why do you go on reddit?

Because it's awesome. Why do you go on 4chan?

I may be late but what hey...


Not gonna lie, I wasn't really a fan, but holy crap are you athletic for a guy your size! I can do the same upto 42 inches but from 5 feet lol no way in hell!

Question: What do you think about hits that are head to head as opposed to leg or knee hits?

Yes you are late and so am I.

White men CAN jump, fuck you Woody Harrelson.

It's all part of the game. Ouch.

Roll Tide!!!! The crimson tide nation is very proud of you!

Thank you. rmft.



Gotta know, if the Mathis were a unit of measure, what would it measure?



If you had to kiss any NFL player, past or present, who would it be? Hint: my user name

You spelled Favre wrong.

Saw that you were expecting a kid, just wanted to say congrats! Is it your first?

Yes, it's our first. Thank you. :-D

Dude Evan, I've been an Eagles fan ever since I've started watching football. I'm a huge fan of you and what you did for our offensive line last season. You're a great guy, and in my opinion, the Eagles biggest free agent. Yes, I think you are more important to the Eagles success than Desean. I really hope you resign and get the big contract you deserve.

Thanks for the kind words. Keep bleeding green.

We need you on the Bears! YES NO?

Yes you do.

You are one sexy man. That is all.

Thank you. I hope Andy grows up to be the WoW kid he's meant to be.

Best cheesesteak in Philly?

Not anymore, I ate it.

Was geography and being a Bama fan your main factors in going to Alabama? Did you consider any other schools or did you always know you wanted to go to Bama?

I was going to Bama whether they offered me a scholarship or not. It's that whole bleed crimson thing.

Life long Packer fan here. No bandwagon.

Do you have a favorite weather condition to play in? I've always believed that snow and cold always make for the best games.

The hardest to play in is when it's in the 90's and high humidity. Everything else is fine.

I am a blogger

If you're a reporter or a blogger please don't quote anything I say in here


Graffiti with punctuation right?

  1. How often do you pretend to be someone else whilst taking the field (i.e. Vince Papale or Marcus Aurelius)?

  2. What negative and positive things did you hear most often about Eagles fans before coming to Philly?

  3. Freestyle rap - GO!

  1. Different character every game.

  2. I heard that they were passionate.

  3. http://i.imgur.com/aNyAu.jpg

Go Patriots. Homewood Patriots, that is.

Patriot Power.

sorry if any of these have been asked, im late to the interwebs today..

what is your:

favorite movie

favorite band

favorite tv show

favorite thing to do with your $$

favorite sport besides football

thought(s) on concussions and the new rules in the nfl

favorite pregame meal

----how fast is mike vick really?

Favorite movie: American Beauty, Rain Man, Requiem for a Dream, The Neverending Story

Band: M83

TV show: Dexter

Money: Spend it

Sport: Women's beach volleyball

Too many head hits to have thoughts

I eat a steak sandwich on wheat with ketchup, mustard, onions, and lettuce. Along with rice & broccoli.


TIL: I love Evan Mathis. Problem though...I hate the Eagles :(

If I put in a good word (like it would matter or something), any chance you'd come to the Giants? Defending champs, eh?

Loving me is allowed.

I'd consider it, thanks for putting in the good word.

i sometimes masterbate with socks on

You should be paying more attention to your hedgehog.

I hear you like /r/adviceanimals,

What do you think about "what other people think I do" memes?

Too many pictures.

I'm late to the party, and I doubt you will answer this because of who writes your paycheck.. but do you have any reservations about playing for fans who are often described as the worst in sports in the US?

You doubt I will answer this because who writes my paycheck? I don't get it.

No, why would I let that effect my career?

what do you think about Jeremy Lin?

I <3 him.

Thanks! This is probably the best AMA ever!


Are you a dog person? If so, did this, in any way, effect your or any O-Linemens intial relationship with Michael Vick? Is it difficult to block for someone you don't like? Who was the QB you cared about the least/maybe didn't want to block for?

Yes I am a dog person. Vick did his time. I'm over it.

Cute little anecdote: Michael Vick was the first black person to hold my chihuahua, Thor. No he did want to hurt him and no he did not try to train him to fight.

No question, just wanted to tell you I am a new fan. This has been one of the greatest AMA I have ever read. I never realized how much better it would be if you have someone who is really into Reddit. You sir are awesome.

Welcome to the Mathis Army.

I am pretty sure I am way late on this, but you might get this randomly one day and decide to answer.. Ever consider playing for the Detroit Lions?

"you might get this randomly one day and decide to answer"

Oh how right you were. I had a workout with them a few years ago, they have really nice facilities. Great fan base too.

Lifelong birds fan here. What is the upside of Jason Kelce? Is Herremans the coolest o-lineman? How bad of a coach is Juan Castillo?
Hope you stay an eagle. The o-line last year was one of the few positives that the fans can hang their hats on. Now that i know you're a redditor, I'm now a lifelong Evan Mathis fan :)

Kelce is smart and a great athlete.

Todd's the 3rd coolest OL.

He's not bad.

You're now in the Mathis Army, whether you wanted to be or not.

I've got a few questions for ya... 1) Which NFL team was your favorite when you were growing up? 2) Did you enjoy your time in Philadelphia, and how much $$$ do you want/expect for your new contract? (They better fucking resign you) 3) If i troll Howie Roseman, will you let me have your gamertag for xbox live? 4) Are you tired of answering everyone's questions?

  1. Was more a fan of players than teams.

  2. Yes I sure did. I want Albert Pujols' contract.

  3. For sure.

  4. Nope. Just trying to answer EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

A couple random observations about this AMA...

  1. You're built like a caveman made out of rock on a low-carb, high-manliness diet--and you're wittier than I am--and richer--and better looking...
  2. Forget it
  1. It's actually not low carb.

  2. You will outlive me by 35 years.

Evan, big fan. Bigger fan of my Eagles though. So get a contract in line and play with them again this year! Shady better have taken you and your fellow OL for a dinner after that season. Good luck with everything!

He owes us one but he's still on that rookie deal.

I've got a few questions.

  1. Can you let us know how you feel about your coach? Please be honest.

  2. I need to work on a few things this offseason, most of the issues with our 8-8 finish this season are clearly on me. However what can you do as a player to improve the team?

  3. Why isn't Jon Runyan returning my calls?

  4. Anyone see my sandwich?

  1. I love you.

  2. Run behind me every play.

  3. Too many concussions.

  4. I ate it bro.

Do you think guys like Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, and Trent Richardson, that leave Bama after their junior years, miss the college football landscape and wish they had stayed (especially with it being Bama)? Or do you think the money keeps them happy enough to have no regret?

How much do you miss it, if any?

It would be risking a lot of money for guys like that to come back for one more year.

I enjoyed my time there but playing in the NFL was my ultimate dream so I'm enjoying it just fine where I am.

R/trees? Salary cap on or off on madden? Did you gank a lot of people on WoW?

When I retire.

I only play exhibition.

Looter extraordinaire.

Hi, Evan! Can you say hi to Julian V for me? Tell him the Daydreams comic shop misses him.


Hey Evan! loved watch you and the rest of the eagles play this year.

Got a question. My son is 4(almost 5). I can't get him to watch much more then 15 minutes of a football game(he'll watch about an hour of redzone channel). Any thing you can recommend I can try to get him into it more?

Yes. Don't force it on him.

well if you are an Eagle you should be focus on the off season because you guys shit the bed BIG TIME. because of this the giants won the title again! The last time we missed the playoffs they also got a title.

Bill Cohwer in 2012.

Your -21 comment karma leads me to believe you're negative all the time. Ever tried beer? Xanax? Both?


Well I haven't started in a Super Bowl yet. Making the front page of reddit is always good. I've been able to do it on my main a few times without anybody knowing who I am. /dance

What what point did you realize you were about to make millions of dollars, and what did you think?

Well this next contract will be my first one that's millions of dollars. I was so excited about it that I did an AMA on reddit.

Hey Evan... Unfamiliar with the Eagles non-skill players as I'm a relatively devout niners fan so maybe I'm asking something that is already widely known but...

Do you have a particular nickname that stuck with you during college or highschool. Back in my glory days I remember nearly every guy on the team had a nickname. Is there any nickname most the guys call(ed) you by? And if not... what SHOULD they call you by?

EDIT: I am impressed by your Reddit AMA endurance... must be all those extra hours at the gym

I've had bunch of random nicknames but nothing that ever really stuck. When I played for Carolina they called me Ogre. Joey Porter called me Buff Cuz when I was in Miami for that short time. In Cincinnati one of the strength coaches nicknamed me Megaman. Fuck, those are all just meathead nicknames aren't they?

My Internet endurance us unparalleled.

Im happy to see a big guy getting some recognition. many fans don't realize what a big role you guys play in the outcome. Who is the most underrated Defensive linemen you have played against?

Kyle Williams from Buffalo. Helluva player.

How do you order your cheesesteak and whats your place?

Provolone, onions, and mayo.

Pat's was my favorite of the bunch.

Ditka vs. a hurricane. Who wins?

Follow up: what if it is Hurricane Ditka?

Isn't that what killed Chris Farley?

What are you going to do when this inevitably shows up on Sports Center?

ESPN would be scared to do that. Imagine what the redditors in the Mathis Army could do.

I respect you immensely and wish for you nothing but success. I'll even watch the superbowl next year when you get there. -a Canadian that has never watched a full game of Football

You've just been drafted to the Mathis Army.

Do/did you know Kyle DeVan? My ex-gf's family knew him and had him over for Thanksgiving when he was in Indianapolis, and he was apparently the nicest dude ever not named Evan Mathis.

I do know Kyle and yes he is the nicest dude of all time.

Collegiate athlete here. What steps did you take in college to advance from an NCAA athlete to a dominate pro?

Outwork everybody. Bleed dominance.


I don't know him personally but I've heard he is awesome.

Yes I'm a gamer. Was addicted to WoW in 2005.

what server?

I was addicted to skullcrusher back then too.

My warrior.. Jeager the Fine!!!! kinda looks like you..

Bonechewer? Something like that.

Striking resemblance.

My warrior's name was Titanious.

I like football but I don't really follow the NFL. I kind of want to start now and be an Eagles fan because you're fucking awesome.

Is that wrong of me?

No, great idea.

Evan, HUGE FAN. Can i be wheeled into the locker room to cool you guys down after a game?

Yes. And I'm sorry to hear about your black lab.

Being on a team that looked like they would be near unstoppable on paper this season, you must have been disappointed for how you guys started off. What part of this team do you think needs help the most? and can you tell us any funny stories from around the locker room or something?

Yes 1-4 sucked.

We have to take the ball away more than we turn it over.

Danny Watkins owns a firetruck.

Favorite Reddit novelty account?


I also live in Philly what does a starting nfl player like to do when not at work? Do you like chickies and Pete's? South street? Have you realized pats and genos are garbage and tony lukes, Steve's, and chinks are the best?

I really don't do much during the season. I only went out once the whole time I was there. I try to rest and and relax more than anything. I will get out for a good bite to eat fairly often though.

I liked Pat's, I haven't been to the other three you mentioned, I'll give them a try.

Top 5 hardest Defensive tackles to move? As in, run stuffers, guys you can never push backwards.

Haloti Ngata, Shaun Rogers, Kyle Williams, Vince Wilfork, you only get 4.

I took Mike vick in the first round of 2 fantasy drafts. Did your passing game struggle more because Andy Reid hates me or because desean Jackson hada butthurt?

Who the fuck takes a QB in the first round of a fantasy draft? That's now how you win.

TIL Evan Mathis is a badass. Awesome AMA, man. I'm a Rams fan but you might have just opened up a tiny Eagles-sized hole in there.

I'm sorry about your tiny hole.

I don't know football but you used to play for the Bengals?

How did you feel about Cincinnati overall?

I used to drive through the hoods for fun.

How does it feel to be the number one left guard in the nfl? (yes i can read wikipedia)

I didn't even get a t-shirt for that.

  1. Roman doesn't have a big neck.

  2. Apparently not.

  3. rmft

So...r/trees ?

Are you asking if I partake in the consumption of Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol or are you asking if I am subscribed to the subreddit, /r/trees?

I was origionally a Broncos fan when I clicked this, but your so freaking awesome I'm a Eagles fan, now! But, I have a question. Do girls swoon over you? Also; Coke or Pepsi? I prefer Pepsi, but.. yah know, My new favorite Football player may change my mind.

One girl swooned over me so I made her my girlfriend.

Coke. I did like Crystal Pepsi when it existed.

Do you still have that band from the Chuck E. Cheese's (or whatever) at your house?

By "or whatever" you mean Showbiz Pizza Place. The band is the Rock-afire Explosion. I do still have them. They are in storage right now. As soon as I get a big house I'll make a badass bar and have a stage for them to perform Jay-Z songs on.

Even though the Bengals made the playoffs this season, we fans still think Mike Brown is a giant greedy old man who's horrible at making Football decisions (re: not playing you) and will ride in the coattails of his father until the end of time. What was your experience like with Mr. Brown personally?


Opinion on wagering on the NFL. Is it controlled? Fixed? In any way shape or form? Thanks

There's not a chance in hell that it is fixed. Don't be a conspiracy theorist, it's not healthy.

Evan, You're a beast on the field; Question though, how much training/lifting/conditioning do you have to go through in the NFL as compared to college or high school?

In the NFL there is far less mandatory workouts. I stay ahead of the pack by doing way more than I have to.

This will surely get buried, and I can only hope you get to answer it.

How does one get to the NFL? I mean, I'm playing college ball at the moment, and I KNOW I can get there, but I just don't know where to begin. Aside from the whole go to college, get drafted, etc.

Another question is, do you think it's possible for a person to get in shape without any type of athletic training facilities? To clarify, I mean like you just going to the gym, and running on your own.

Shit, these questions suck, but tbh, how many chances does one get to ask a FB player.

I'm really going to push this boundary with this last question, but is there any way in hell you could PM me one of your guys weight training/ conditioning workouts?

Yes, this is fucking buried.

Do what you have to do to be the best. Study a lot of film of yourself, of others, of the best, of opponents, and learn everything you can from it.

Yes, you can get in shape anywhere if you know what you're doing, are working hard, and eating right.

Some of the workouts will be on zoneap.com in the near future.

I really have no idea who you are. But, thanks for the AMA. That is all!

Thanks girl from Houston. <3

Did you ever know or play with Quiton Mikell? I ask because he's the only good thing that's ever come out of my High school.

I know who he is, never played with him. You weren't a good thing to come out of your high school?

Hi Evan, long time Eagles fan here living in giants country.

Just here to say thank you very much for the AMA but thank you even more for the precious seconds of pocket protection. Let's win it next year!

Damn straight.

What would you do if you couldn't play football?

Be a full time redditor.

This is easily one of the best AMA's I've read in some time.


I really hope your agent is talking to Pittsburgh. We need so much help up front it's not even funny. :(


You mean you hope Pittsburgh is talking to my agent.

what a fuckin lie

You have failed miserably with this novelty account. Try again.

Did you play football all growing up? Did it mean as much to you then as it does to you now? I started varsity as a sophomore (RT) but my heart just isn't in it, it just feels like a chore. I'm 6'3 and am 290 lbs, mainly far but have been working on it in the offseason. I've been told I have potential, do you think my outlook on the game will change? I get fantastic grades and foresee political activisim in my future. Any advice?

You are meant to be a political activist if you that's what you foresee. Your heart has to be in whatever you're doing. I always knew I wanted to play football. I got fantastic grades too but putting 8 figures in the bank seemed a little more appealing than anything else.

Evan Mathis, you are now my second favorite player. Number one will always be Brian Dawkins, so you're number one out of all qualifying players. I'm a huge Eagles fan and I hope you are here for the 2012 season. Please bring this team a Superbowl and I'm sure you will be immortalized in the city forever.

  1. How far can Vick actually throw?
  2. Is Desean the fastest on the team?

Nice, go get your Mathis jersey.

  1. Pretty damn far.

  2. Probably.

Got three questions for you Evan. 1. If you could have one superpower what would it be? 2.What is your football movie? 3. Favorite comedian?

  1. Flight

  2. Waterboy

  3. George Carlin. Living: Louis CK, Katt Williams, Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan, Daniel Tosh. Is that too many? Get over it.

Congrats! You have made it to the front page Friday, February 17th, 2012!

You need a text and e-mail feature.

you sir are the man

You sir are jelly jam cake in a pan.

Can you say hi to Danny Watkins for me. I am from his home town West Kelowna. I am living and working in Seattle at the moment though.. Dang.. now i have another reason to follow the eagles this year!!

I'm on it.

Hey, you're my new favorite Eagle. Good job. I live in Philadelphia. I buy you 30 Guinness to entertain my friends and I for an hour. Your humor is on pint (get it?)

I got it. And drank it.

What changes must you guys make in order to succeed into the playoffs next season?

Take the ball away more than turn it over.

  1. How was Jake Delhomme when you played in Carolina?
  2. How frustrating is it to try and cover Vick as he runs around, or do you just trust he knows what he is doing?
  3. Is New York's defensive line as dangerous as the media says they are? Pierre-Paul?
  1. He's a good dude.

  2. We run around with him. No big deal.

  3. They're very good, but we handled them.

You are clearly smart. Has your wit/intelligence ever caused any problems for you at work? Are you the nerd of the offensive unit who gets teased for knowing too much?

The nerd with wit is the one who can overpower every situation.

Roll Tide Evan!


Down goes Tyson. We have a new champion.

Additionally, I'm short, skinny, white and work out 5 days a week. Anything else I can be doing in the off season?

I'm defending my title as we speak.

Make sure you're eating.

I have to say as baltimore ravens fan I knew who you were before, Knew you were a pretty good linemen but now you're one of my fave players in the NFL. Funny guy.

You've been drafted to the Mathis Army.

I have to know. How often do you get pussy just thrown at you?


Do you feel like a boss rocking the number 69? haha

Of course.

Since what_os has yet to show himself...:

What operating system are you currently running?

The computer I'm on right now is 10.6.8.


I can do 455x10, 225 probably around 40 times now.

What are your thoughts on the current emphasis on "player safety"? I know you addressed this briefly before, but I'm curious to hear more. Do you buy it's sincerity? Do you think rule changes are the way to go, or do you think players should have to assume the risk? I'm a Steelers fan, so I imagine you know which side of the debate I come out on, but I'm curious if the rest of the league views the rule and game changes (particularly h2h, defenseless player, and qb hits) with the same hostility as the Steelers seem to do somewhat openly.

Second, and more importantly, can you introduce me to all of your football player friends so I can become an agent?

The rule changes are good for the game. It will lengthen careers and put a better quality product on the field. Guys ruining their bodies is not the way to go. Everything is well thought out and done for a reason.

I don't have any friends. :(

Hey Evan, I just wanted to say thanks for this AMA. Definitely the most interesting one I have read since being a redditor! I think a lot of us forget that professional athletes are real people as well, and we kind of put them in a league of their own and it's really awesome to see a professional athlete be real and down to Earth. I don't like the eagles since they used to enjoy knocking the Packers out of the playoffs, but I will cheer for you and hope that you stay healthy and keep playing at the ridiculously high level you are!

Thank you so much for this!

No problem. Can I have my honey mustard back please?

Favorite movie?

I've answered this one twice somewhere in the above 2500+ comments. Go fish.

Anyway you could acknowledge this guy...


As an Eagles fan, watching this guy rant after every game is perhaps the most hilarious highlight of my week.

No seriously, dude is fucking crazy. Show the love.

I've seen the guy. His videos are fucking awesome. I think I've talked to him on Twitter before too.

Your AMA title should read "I am Evan Mathis, one of the most awesome people in the world". Because it's true. I'm from t'town and everybody loves you. Roll tide.

I approve of your title change.


being that they had one of the best rosters in the nfl what the fuck happened with the eagles this year?

Turnovers. Not like apple turnovers but turning the football over and not taking it away.

I'm a Titans fan, but I've always had a soft spot for the Eagles (couldn't help it after all those lost conference championships). So, naturally, I was stoked when we snaked Babin from you guys, and then pissed to see you snake him right back. What does he have to say about his time in Tennessee?

He was similar to me, didn't get played a lot early on then shined when he got the chance. I think his allegiance is to Washburn.

Evan, HUGE FAN. Two part question:

  1. Do you think that Tony Danza will ever come out of retirement?
  2. Has the league's approach towards training with hydraulic levers on garbage trucks changed since 1998?
  1. He will come out of retirement to play Sylvester Stallone in the unannounced biopic.

  2. Those are on the steroid list now.

I think I love you.

So what are you so afraid of?

You mention you're going to have a kid. Do you feel you are sufficiently prepared and mature enough to tackle that responsibility at the young age of 30? You think football has made you a better person in regards to this field of life? What do you think would be your parenting style, if you have any such thing in mind? And lastly, how many kids would you like having?

I can handle any challenge the world has to offer. I'm very excited at raising a kid. My parenting style will be to educate as best I can but allow opinions to be formed on their own.

I wouldn't mind having 4+ When I retire I'll have all kinds of free time.

Hi Evan,

I am a lifelong Alabama fan, born in Eutaw, AL and raised in Tuscaloosa.

Did you have any serious thoughts about going elsewhere for college?

Would you have walked-on to 'Bama if they hadn't offered you?

I really enjoyed watching you play in college and this past season in the NFL when you finally got a clean shot at starting.

(I know this is probably way too late to be answered, but I just wanted to chime in since this is such an epic AMA and I've been a fan for a while. I love seeing awesome people succeed.)

I tried to make Alabama think so in order to possibly leverage a scholarship offer. I got one but I was going to Alabama no matter what.

You were very late. Tsk tsk. But like you said, this is an epic AMA.


What kind of car do you drive? I mean, making 700k+ a month definitely merits you to drive what you want. haha

You mean a year?

I have a cargo van, a Prius, and a 2007 BMW 750 Li.

would you be willing to give me $89,000 so that I may finish schooling?

thank you for your consideration.

Would you qualify for my Stripper Scholarship program?

Quite possibly the best AMA I've read. Been a Twitter follower and a fan since my great friend Dustin W. spoke very highly of you out here in AZ Happy to see all your success and I want to get into ZoneAP for a getfit challenge session this summer. Best of luck to you!

You and Dustin both get your asses into Zone for the next GFC. It starts March 19th.

What are your gym stats right now? Specifically squat, bench and deadlift?

I know that you had a pretty sick combine. I am a Jets fan and we had a pretty atrocious O-Line in 2005, the year you came out for the draft, so I remember reading your scouting reports. I wish we would have drafted you instead of Mike Nugent and Justin Miller.

I've answered this question about 7 times somewhere in the 3000ish comments. I told one person to play Where's Waldo, I told another to go fish. You get the point.

  1. How much can you deadlift?
  2. How much can you squat?
  3. How much can you benchpress?

Haha fuck, you guys remind me of me in 12th grade.


how do you feel about the Philadelphia Passion losing to the LA Temptation in Lingerie Bowl IX this year? It was a truly devastating loss for our city.

I'm still not over it.

Just wondering, how did you numbers (clean, squat, bench) and your speed (40 time) change in those 28 weeks?

They definitely improved. I never maxed out or full speed tested anything. There's no point in doing those kind of things when preparing for a football season.

As far as I know I'm the fastest and strongest OL in football. /flex /gronkowskidance

Mr. Mathis, what is a single play that you recall vividly due to its impact on a game or it's unbelievable nature (ex: Tyree Super Bowl catch).

One where you practically said aloud "Holy shit. I can't believe that!"

You needn't have been involved in it. I'm just curious what impresses or shocks an actual player, as opposed to a generic fan.

Thanks, good luck next year. I'm a Cowboys' fan, so I won't mind if you take two games off. :)

The opening day game of 2009 when I was on the Bengals and we played the Broncos.

This... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxSMP8yY-Pk

bears fan here. Do people seriously hate cutler like the media does? seems like a chill bro. also showed how bad the bears are without him. Are you friends with any of the current bears players?

I have no idea, I don't watch too much media coverage.

I know a few of the Bears. I played in Carolina with Julius and Omiyale.

Roll Tide


After reading this AMA and realizing I actually have drafted you on a few of my teams in Madden, I think I have a new favorite player. If you're ever in/near/around Massachusetts, I've always wanted a friend who has played in the NFL just to see what it's like since unfortunately at 5'9 250 I didn't exactly have a great frame to play college/pro ball.



What was it like to work with Vince Young? I heard he was a bit of a handful with the Titans.

Yeah it'd be tough to fit him in your hand.

I have no questions. Go fucking eagles!

Well said.

NFL Original Gangster and Redditor.

That is correct.


How is sharing a locker room with all the new free agents the eagles signed?

No different than sharing it with anybody else.

Is there any team that you dread going up against? Not necessarily because you think you'll lose but just because the players are douchebags, or they are maybe a little more rough than necessary, etc.?

The Orlando Magic on the original NBA Jam always gave me fits.

Just want to say that this is one of the best AMA's I've seen in a long time, thanks for giving us your time and keep kicking ass out there!

My pleasure.

Having played for the Bengals for a couple years, how was it going against the Ravens defense? How about the Steelers?

(Ravens fan here.)

Both very good defenses with talented players that required a lot of film study.

Let's say your contract is a million per year. How much of that reaches your bank account?

After taxes, living expenses, agent fees, bills, etc. I'd say about $300,000.

you made somewhere in the range of 735k last year. can I have some?

I spent it all already. Dammit.

What's the biggest difference, aside from the money, of playing college football vs playing in the NFL?

I'm a big time NFL fan over college because the skill level is just so much higher, but college fans are always saying how they have more heart, pure love of the game, etc. The only thing that i think is pretty cool about college is the coaches' play calling. It can often be more risky because the defense isnt very good or whatever, and that can lead to exciting play. I know at your position, there is only so much difference, but could you shed some light on some of them?

It's not entirely too different. I'm from the SEC where there's always a shit ton of talent. It takes heart to play in the NFL, saying there's more in college is ridiculous. 99% of those kids want to be in the NFL.

EVAN EFFING MATHIS! Someone visited the Bengals.com message board last offseason claiming to be you. Was this you? Question #2: is the Bengal's management really as messed up as Cincinnatians believe? Question #3: why are you so awesome?

Edit: I know this will be buried, but the reddit world should know: Evan Mathis is also a champion of hamburger eaters.

  1. Yes it was me.

  2. Hehe

  3. This would take too long to write.

Hell yeah, I still have my trophy from that day.

How do u feel about the giants once again taking home the lombardi trophy

I'm a machine, I don't have feelings.

Bengals fan here, absolutely hate that you never got a solid chance and they kept Nate instead. Always thought you were clearly the better player and better fit on the line, and I'm FAR from the only one. Wish you had stuck for sure.

Do you still keep in touch with Whit Kyle or any of your other former teammates at all?

I sure do. Kyle is getting married in July. /gameover

I don't know anything about NFL or football being yuropean, but this is an interesting ama nonetheless. Thanks.

Thank you. You are on day 53 of not smoking, keep it up.

Well, Evan Mathis, I'm a fan of yours now. It feels weird being a strictly NE fan, but now I shall follow you and watch, so do some good shit! and make me proud!

You're now in the Mathis Army. This may require going to war in the future. Standby.

Hello sir. Big fan of the Eagles here. And by big fan I mean die hard obsession, but I digress. Is it weird to you showing up to work with all these big name guys in the league like Vick, Jackson, and Shady? Or have you gotten past all of that and just look at them like your teammates at this point?

It's easy for me, but they must remain starstruck showing up to work and seeing Evan Mathis.

How do you feel about Suh's (i cant spell his first name for the life of me) 'incident' when he smashed the Green Bay linemans head into the ground and then curb stomped him?

That was stupid and selfish.

I have a few somewhat relevant questions to ask. 1.Why the hell did you create this mutilated monstrosity of a thread? 2.What are your favorite sub reddits? 3.What made you decide to pursue football instead of wrestling? 4.When you said, "... I won't be Cinderella tomorrow, ..." Did you, in fact, imply that you are a transvestite?

  1. It's part of my plan for world domination.

  2. http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/pyhxj/i_love_my_new_necklace_feelings/c3tbk57

  3. Alabama lost its wrestling team to Title IX.

  4. Yes.

I have watched you since you came in the leave over 5 years ago. Could you please tell us about the weekly (during the season) pain you have to go through. The people that said "you didn't do your job. You have to deal with ppl around 350 pounds a day (at the smallest). Where do you get sore and how do you deal with it?

My elbows and fingers get sore and I get some deep bruises. Cold tub, ice, anti-inflammatory meds.

Hey Evan, I'm a big Eagles fan. How much different is it to block for a scambling QB like Vick than like Palmer for example?

Gotta be ready to run with him and block down field.

I yelled "hey Mathis! You suck!" during the fourth quarter of the game at Washington last season. Did you hear me? If you did, did you get discouraged at all?

I was too busy being awesome.

Don't know if I missed out on this but.

  1. Is it true that O-lineman break a finger once a game?
  2. What position is harder, LG or RG? I've heard RG is more difficult because you are 1 on 1 with the 3 tech more often, but I'm curious as to what a pro has to say about this.
  1. I've never broken a finger.

  2. Depends on the offense. All are different.


They use a dart board.

I've been a Bama fan since I have been me, and I know that this thread is nine hours old and you probably won't ever see this, but I have to ask this:

If you were to build an all-Alabama O-line, left to right, who would it be?

Chris Samuels, Evan Mathis, Dwight Stephenson, John Hannah, Wesley Britt

You are now my new favorite Offensive Guard. What can i do to get ripped (Jr. In highschool) Lifting weights isnt really cutting it for me.

Diet is key.

This just makes me even more of an Eagles fan. I didn't realize Evan Mathis was such a cool dude.

Thanks Colorado.

Fuck, this guy is awesome. Brocrush.

And I don't even watch football.


How concerned are you with long term injuries, such as concussions?

I forget.

Evan Mathis, The OD of the OG!!

Od = a replacement for "God" in some minced oaths.

Who is the best/funniest DT shit talker that you have gone up against? (especially before the snap talk to try to get in your head)

I mentioned elsewhere in this AMA that Gerard Warren told me he was going to eat my pussy.

If you were in a bar and it was locked and 10 bikers decided they wanted to kick your ass, but you got to choose 1 NFL player to fight alongside you, who would you pick?

Jeremy Lin.


I do miss it. I wish I could have done it in college. I might as well go win the UFC heavyweight title then retire and do something else on the bucket list.


He is far from a jackass. He's a great dude.

Sorry Evan, I'm a GiLints fan.


Really great AMA! As a hulking great slab of man, what's your take on the MLP and Brony community which has appeared in the last few years?

Do you know and players who are Bronies and/or closet Bronies (no names necessary)

Keep up the awesome work, my best mate is a huge Eagles fan so will enjoy this read, Hope to see you at Wembley soon!


I feel like Alex smith got robbed of the comeback player of the year award. Do you think he deserved it?


I've always had this impression that a career as a pro athlete is the one where you spend years improving yourself, staying at the top of your game and all that jazz, and that while the financial aspect of it all is better than what your average working class Joe earns, for the huge majority of the pro athletes it's not the sort of money that would ensure one is set for life and that a lot of them have to keep working after their career ended.

How close or far from the truth are my feelings and where do you fit in? If you're set for life do you still plan to get involved in something just to keep yourself occupied and if you're not do you plan to stay in football in some way after your career ends or do you plan to pursue some other form of career?

If I retired today I'm sure I could live for like 3 months without working. I'll fix all that next month.

www.ZoneAP.com will be huge one day anyway so we're all good.

Hah... all the people in here got trolled so hard. Like asking nicely will keep sports center off this if it was really him.

You're an idiot and recipient of the only downvote from me in the entire AMA.

As a fellow former lineman (my kneecap was on the left side of my left knee, never got to play my senior year and lost two scholarships) how does the madden effect work? Are you mad that they shorted you on your skill set and would you like to rub your accomplishments in their faces?

Update your roster. I'm a 91 now. They're paying attention.

Now we need a Brian Scalabrine AMA. Congrats on starting Evan!


Seriously, you were my favorite bengal based on fan interaction alone when you were here. No real question, just really thought I'd let you know.


If you could fight any non-living person, who would you fight?


May I start off by saying I hate the Eagles (because i'm a falcons fan and vick and stuff) but I love the Eagles line and wish we could compare keep up the good work


When you were in cincinnati you were known for your ability to eat A LOT. Have you always been able to eat like that, or just something developed over time?

I've always been like that. It was really hard for me to put on weight in high school so I just kept eating.

Is it possible to reach and to succeed in the NFL without using performance- enhancing drugs?

Less than 5% of the NFL uses performance enhancers, so yes.

What is Tim Tebow like?

You know him as well as I do.

Evan, congrats on your personally successful season, you had a hell of a year. I know you've only been with the Eagles for a short while, and I know that answers may be limited on a public site, but I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on the Eagles front office; such a built up year and sadly, such a disappointment for us fans... what to do? What about Andy? Your opinions on his future involvement with the Eagles?

Vick did what to dogs???

The front office is great, they know what they're doing. The biggest problem for the team this year was turning the ball over more than taking it away. Fix that and we're golden.

Thanks for doing this AMA. It amazes me how pro athletes are very similar to us in terms of (as said above) playing games and what not.

When did you absolutely KNOW you wanted to be a pro football player?

..and who was your first crush? Explain her in 6 words.

9th grade.

Ashley, braces, glasses, curly hair, cute

Did you root for a team after you guys failed to make the playoffs?

Were any players from the eagles get more upset after the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS won the super bowl?

I wanted to see the 49ers do well.

Who won?

Great read, I would like to share a beer with you. By share I mean two separate beers. Here goes my question: Who would win in a fight, Tim tebow or drew brees?

Drew Brees would have him on his knees.

I feel like Guards get way less respect than they should, by the NFL and otherwise. I've always wanted to know if guards, centers, and tackles got the respect the deserved in-team and/or throughout the league?

We get all the respect we need.

during your 28 weeks of training, of careful were you about what/when you ate?

That's the absolute most important part.

For the non-Americans, what is an "NFL OG" ?

NFL Offensive Guard or Original Gangsta.

Everyone please upvote the following thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/circlejerk/comments/pmne2/i_am_an_atheist_if_i_get_1000_upvotes_i_will_kill/

Awesome AMA, man. I've always played Noseguard. Tell me: Just how effective is misdirection in the trench? Things like feinting, swimming, ripping, etc. I've always felt like it's what helps me get sacks, but I've also had coaches call me a twat for using that instead of just my size and strength to get through the center and his two to four best friends. I'd love to know a pro's opinion. Especially someone who's job is to prevent such nonsense.

Also: Seriously. Best AMA opening ever. Rock on.

The more moves you have the better. Sometimes it's best to run them over.

how is your brain. Trama?


What was Vince Young like?


As a Giants fan, I should hate you. But I like the Eagles too, they're an awesome team.

Mr. Mathis, I am currently trying out fort D1 football at a major school in Florida, I am 6 2.5 and almost 290 lbs, but I feel like I am too tiny for OL (that is what I played in high school, blind side tackle, my specialty was pass block).

So I am going for 3 tech on dl, what are some simple tips you can give me to succeed in making the fall roster?

I currently run a 5.0 40, I have 3 weeks to prepare for the second elimination which is a 2 week work out period where they will eliminate I guess 2 of the 3 d linemen going out.

Oh, and I feel linemen should get a lot more recognition. You guys are my heroes, I watch offensive line every time I watch NFL. O line pride.

Give it your all at all times.

How does it feel sharing a name with me?

Similar question: what do you think your odds are (American) if you were put in the UFC Octagon with Junior Dos Santos? Be realistic, please.


I would knock him out in the first.

What's tougher–pass blocking or run blocking?

Run blocking takes a bit more effort.

Please reveal instances of game-fixing?

We know that not every player may be in on it until it's their turn, but c'mon all the players have got to know that it goes on.

Not a fucking chance that it goes on. We make too much money to be able to gain anything that would ruin the integrity of the game.

Hey Evan, thanks for doing this. As a former OL who could only dream of having your job, you have become one of my favorite players and I will be cheering for you.

As for my question: What team were you a fan of growing up and what is it like to play them now?

Not really a fan of anybody other than the Alabama Crimson Tide. That's what its like growing up in Alabama.

I have not used twitter, never had a twitter account and was never going to have one.

I made one just so I could follow you on twitter. You sir, are awesome.

Tweet me, I'll be your first follower.

RMFT Thanks for staying through the darkest days since Ears Whitworth. 1. Four words or less for each: Dubose; Ropeman; ItsRollinBaby; Shula; Saban 2. Other than the coach telling you to, what was the reason(s) that you made the switch to guard after playing tackle for about 3 years? 3. When you know that the good ship Bama was taking on water? 3. I HATE those cheating West Georgia cowfelching barnrats (42-14).

1- Dubose - secretary

Ropeman - clueless

ItsRollinBaby - Would have been better

than Shula.

Saban - Thank you.

2- I projected more as a guard in the NFL.

3- and 3. Whaaaa?


How much of an impact has your uncle Bob Baumhower had on your career choice and the way you play?

Thanks for doing this, very interesting read. I've been getting into American Football recently because of my boyfriend. It's bigger in Ireland than you'd think!

Bob has always been a great influence to me.

Thanks for posting about me in /LadyBoners

I have no ... no idea what a Evan Mathis is. Or an OG ... ?


Evan, I'm British, 7 years younger than you, and a packers fan. Nevertheless, I want to date you so bad. I think you're wonderful <3

You're a little old for me but I approve of your /gonewild post.

This AMA is awesome...I am a true team flipper. I am going to be an Eagles fan this coming season! I see that you have a gym in Scottsdale. Do you have any plans of opening a Tucson location? Do you ever visit Tucson?

No plans for a Tucson location. I have actually only driven through there and seen it on Man vs. Food.


Damn straight.

Why do you think its appropriate youre paid millions of dollars to play a game while millions of people are doing things critically important for the people around them, and still cant feed themselves? How do you look at yourself in a mirror every day when you keep a salary that could feed thousands of people?

I look in the mirror and say "Damn Evan, you chose the right job."

who else thought this said Nilbog for a split second?

I think you're on to something.

I'm from the same town as Colt Anderson, and played football for his dad. What are your thoughts on Colt?

He's a beast on the field and he's great Words With Friends competition.

If you could be on any other team which one would you choose?

LA Dodgers.

How many sets of pads, uniforms, cleats and helmets do you get through in a season?

1 pair of shoulder pads, 6 jerseys, 3 pairs of cleats, 1 helmet.

Evan mathis, I may be a cowboys fan. But you sir have my support.

Thanks cart of tart.

So what are your thoughts on my Cleveland Browns? Think we'll see a decent football team come out of that city in our lifetime/ever?

I didn't watch them much this year so I can't make a valid prediction.

favorite sunny character... go!

Green Man.

What's it like to have made it to the NFL... you know the highest you can get?

It's all part of the master plan.

What's you favorite video game these days?

Twisted Metal.

If you could pick a team to be on in the nfl besides the eagles, what team would it be? Also is there a team you actually hated growing up. I always imagined if I were in the nfl I would never be a raider. Ever! Criminals I tell you! Also do you play fantasy football or know anyone in the league who does?

Can't answer these types of questions with free agency around the corner. Instead I can offer you this...


....for everyone who was also wondering....WTF happened last year bro? Eagles shit the bed.


What Operating System(s) do you run in your computer(s)?

The one I'm currently on is 10.6.8.

Why did you use a throwaway?

So I can be uncensored and anonymous on my main.

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Samoas all day.

Did that McPoyle ever make it during the public try-outs?

Practice squad.

Australian Iggles fan here. Did you play with Sav Rocca? (punter) Any funny stories regarding foreign players?

Nah, never played with Rocca. Danny Watkins is Canadian and spells ghost "ghoast."

Don't follow football well enough to know who you are, but I find it cool that you are chilled out and have a good sense of humor. Anyways you should give the cameras a troll face (shoutout to reddit) on camera next season!


Hey Evan, huge birds fan here. Do you remember that play Week 8 against the Cowboys, where Romo thought he made a huge completion and they had to review it? That took forever, and I thought it would be a good time for me to reload my beer supply and take a piss. When I went to go get more beer, however, the line was ridiculously long, especially just to get Bud Light. I remembered from a previous game that there is actually a good beer stand somewhere on the 200 level, with a bunch of different kinds of beers. I figured it was worth the trip up there so I could maybe get a Yuengling or something. When I was going up there, I saw this fat lady slip and fall right by the escalators, and she couldn't get up. There was a huge crowd around her and it looked like she got really fucked up. I tried to get a picture of it with my phone but my camera was screwed up ever since I took my phone to the beach and got sand in the lens. They told me that otter box cover would protect the phone, but it didn't do shit against keeping sand out. That's the last time I listen to anyone at the AT&T store.

You need a LifeProof case.

Where's our table guy? Is he on vacation?

He showed up late.

Favorite stadium you've ever played in (Lets say... Collegiate and Pro level!)

Bryant Denny Stadium

Eagles fan from Philly here...

Andy Reid is a GREAT coach, but I think part of the reason why the fans lost their respect for him as a leader because they don't fear him.

You should stage a fight between Andy and a fan, and have Andy kick his ass (and kick him while he's down) in order to help put those disgruntled fans in their places.

I hereby volunteer to be the dummy who gets his shit pushed in (metaphorically).

Also, re-sign with the Eagles.

Also, LOL @ #69

Okay, when can we do the fight?

Just wanted to take this time to say Roll Tide! Tuscaloosa native here. Enjoyed watching you at Alabama. Congrats on your NFL career man.


Thanks Evan for doing this! I'm an eagles fan and I have been very disappointed with our past few years of play (I know you weren't with us). I just have a few questions.

• How can the offensive line better protect Vick so that he doesn't accumulate as many sacks/injuries?

• Who do you think we should draft (specific person)? I'm thinking Courtney Upshaw.

• (irrelevant but I want your opinion) Who should get Peyton Manning?

Thanks! I hope you return because THIS IS OUR YEAR!!

I haven't allowed a sack since 2006. The OL has a whole didn't allow too many this year.

Courtney Upshaw is a great choice.


Wow, dude you are awesome. Just three simple questions.

  1. Do girls flock to you guys like crazy because you guys are NFL players?

  2. What do you think about Chad Henne? Random question, but I think he is extremely talented and was done extremely wrong in Miami.

  3. What Ronnie Brown like? I met him once and he's like the nicest dude ever.

  1. No.

  2. He's cool.

  3. He is a very nice guy.

IBig Eagles fan here!! I feel like Mike Vick would be so much better if he were able to smoke a little bit of weed before each quarter. It would help him stay in the moment. Most pro gamers and some professional fighters and pro baseball players claim that marijuana is a performance enhancer. Additionally, I would much rather have my players smoking weed in their free time rather than drinking alcohol. Its therapeutic affects on the body are quite the opposite of the degenerative physiological affects from alcohol. So I guess my question is: Can you put in a good word to hire a consciousness altering coach for the Eagles? Im in graduate school studying game theory, and I guarantee it'd help the Eagles get to the ship

No problem. I'll get Coach Reid over to /r/trees right away.

Did anyone else only click on this because they were curious about what an OG was?

Yes I did.

Sorry if this was already asked, but why did you try to take sign mans sign? You dont think you guys had a dissappointing season? I just dont understand the mentality of cheering for a team when you are not performing to your potential. I did hear you talk about it a little on the radio, but I figured maybe the Eagles made you do that?

Also, does Juan Castillo know what he is doing?

I thought it was a really cool sign and thought I could get a pretty penny for it on eBay.

Who the fuck said I don't think we had a disappointing season?

I didn't tell you to cheer.

No the Eagles did not make me go on the radio.

Sí señor.

whats the most fucked up youve seen a player get from head injuries?

and the steriod thing, what percentage of the league are NOT on steroids/hgh?

The ones that die young.

95% are not is my best guess.

Ravens fan here. I know ray lewis has been a mentor guys in the league. Has he had an effect on you at all? If not, what is your opinion on him? Great AMA, btw! You've won yourself another fan and good luck next year.

He talks too much.

I haven't played football since I was 10 (23 now) and I want to work my way into the UFL, assuming it still exists in a few years. My plan is to join a local unpaid semi-pro team next year and I hope to prove myself there. Do you have any suggestions or pro tips for along the way? I'm hitting the gym Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri in a Upper A, Lower A, Upper B, Lower B split. Hopefully start working in footwork drills, route running, and sprinting on Sundays or something. I eat paleo (/r/paleo) and I try to keep my carb intake to potatoes / yams, and only if necessary for a workout.


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 255 lbs

Arm Length: roughly 33.5"

Hand Size: roughly 9.25"

EDIT: I should add that I'm going out for TE/LB, so just general advice, not position specific.

You sound like you're on the right track. I hope you can run and catch.

Hey Evan. You ever think the NFL and sport in general will get serious about performance enhancing drugs?

They are serious about it. HGH is the only testing that isn't implemented yet.

NFL Redditor, Awesome!


Do you remember this by any chance?


Call of Duty back in November!



Best pony?

I'm not a Brony.

Don't know if you'll ever see this, but I'll ask anyway.

Are you friends with Owen Schmitt? He went to WVU at the same time as me, so I'm just curious if you guys love him as much as we do.

Yes, we love him as much as you do.

How much calories (roughly) would you say to eat in a day?

How many days a week do you train?

How long do you train for (I.e 1hr30mins a day)?

Do you take any supplements?

What kind of a workout do you do? Like compound exercises or isolating specific muscles on a day e.g. chest and triceps on a day?

Thanks for answering I need to transform like you did by July haha!

I don't count calories, just carbs, proteins and fats.

6 days a week. 1 hour a day.

dextrose, casein, whey, aminos, no xplode

M- arms, T- legs, W- core, T- torso, F- power, S- core

Evan - please come back and play for the birds next year - we need you!!! You were such an awesome addition for the new Mudd line - great to see you and Peters dominate the left side - very impressed with what you do out there.

You joke that some of us don't know who you are - this is the way I would put it - Evan Mathis is the best interior lineman I had never heard of until this season...

Oh - for a question. So I am a huge fan of the Mudd and Washburn coaching additions (for bringing you and Babin to our team is a big reason, but I also love their coaching styles - old school rugged with no bullshit). Anyway, I loved the video that NFL films made about those two going to Africa together and I still watch it every once in a while to get fired up about them coaching together for Andy.

Do you have any stories of those two from Eagles practice? Do they get after each other in drills like you guys get after the D Linemen? Would love to hear about your interactions with those two...both Mudd and even Washburn too, just in case the D Line coaches ever give you guys shit...I would love to hear them talking smack.

Thanks for working so hard for our team, it means a lot more to us than you can ever know...


Yeah Mudd and Washburn to get after each other at times. They are quite comical to watch when they are both really pissed off.

They are two of the best at what they do. They do yell and scream a little but they are communicating a point. I've played for coaches before who just scream and aren't even saying anything.

After playing in the NFL, and now making a ton of money I'm sure, do you still get as excited as you did in high school for game days? Also, what kind of cars do you own? Thanks a ton for doing this. It's very interesting, and you're a fantastic dude.

I get more excited for games now, I'm in the NFL.

cargo van, Pruis, 07 BMW 750Li.


Congrats on having my favorite number as your jersey number.


How do you feel about steroids in NFL? Are you guys tested a lot? Do you ever get angry getting a beating from guys you know are on it?

Great AMA!

We get tested all the time. Not many, if any, are on it. I've always been the strongest player on my team and I've never taken any banned substances.

Me take a beating? Ha.

Evan, huge Bengals fan here. While you broke our hearts, we still love you.

... And you're hot. US LADIES LIKE BEARDS.


I read your muffin story when it was on the front page.

hey evan, when is the right time to start football, is junior year too late?

Hell no it's not too late. Go for it. I was never any good until my senior year.

Hey Evan, you've got a ton of comments and questions here, so I don't know if this has been asked before, but I've been an Eagles fan for a long time for someone my age. I'm 20 years old, and the earliest I can remember being a Birds fan was 1996, so almost 15, 16 years. I've never stopped being a fan of you guys. Anyway, my question is this. Who is the funniest and most carefree guy the Birds have in the locker room?

That Evan Mathis guy.

Giants fan here but holy shit just take all my upvotes. This has been an incredible/hilarious read. Thanks for doing it! Just come to The Giants and I guarantee we can make a half time show where you stab a T-Rex in the eye mid field and make Michael Vick holding your dog Thor our mascot. That's how you sign a free agent.

Very intriguing offer.

Roll Tide man!


Have you ever been to the gold club in center city?

No, should I go?



I don't know if you will or even can answer this question, but I've been wondering how do you and your teammates feel about having to protect and listen to a person who have been arrested for animal violence ? I can't imagine myself playing as WR having to trust and bond to a person like that, do you try not think about that at all ? I just started watching football last year and perhaps if it was not by Vick and Jackson I could be an Eagles fan right now.

He paid his time. I'd trust him with my dog.

how often do you get pissed off at the QB?

That wouldn't help anything.

Larry Allen- GOAT?

Yeah. Monster.

Have you ever been to r/spacedicks? Thanks for the AMA!!

Yes, boring.

Are some games fixed? I feel like it happens sometimes. Also, what kind of stuff gets said during the play, I always assumed there's a lot of shit talking that goes down.

No games are fixed.

There's a little bit, not a lot. You can hear some of it on the TV.

Hey Evan, I hope you read this. I've got a couple questions:

As an offensive lineman in high school fighting for a starting spot, what is the best advice you can give to improve footwork?

As a lions fan, is it true that that is the dirtiest team in the NFL? More specifically, is Ndamukong Suh really that dirty? Do you think that "the stomp" was intentional or is his (likely BS) story true?

Good luck to the Eagles and please, for the love of god, keep them Cowboys out of the playoffs forever. My dad is a Niners fan and so I've been raised a Cowboys hater.

Think fast. Do ladder drills. Make sure you aren't carrying too much body fat.

Haven't played the Lions. Suh's stomp was definitely intentional.

Philadelphia college soccer player here. If you ever want a workout partner let me know, weights you have me easily but cardio I could maybe be of some help or at least it be fun.

I'm terrible at cardio. It wouldn't be fair.

How did you improve so much in one season after being (no offense sir) just an average starter with the Bengals into one of the best with the Eagles.

Also, did Juan Castillo ever help out with the line this year.

That's where you're mistaken, I didn't start for the Bengals. They had me sitting on the bench. Oops.

No, Juan was busy with the D.

Redskins fan here: I have never been to a game. However, I plan on going to one within the next 2-3 years. If said game is a Redskins vs Eagles game, okay... And I come within ear shot of you, while your signin stuff or near the sideline and such... And I yell to you "When does the narwhal bacon?!", could I expect a response?

Yes, if Alexis Ohanian doesn't respond first.

Longtime Eagles fan from South Jersey, now living up in NYC... I had the privilege of watching you help Vince Young - of all people - beat the now Super Bowl Champ (blech) Giants in their own stadium this year. It was a glorious day, surrounded by disgruntled fans in blue jerseys. As an added bonus, I only had 3 beers poured on me the entire day:


I just wanted to say, thank you, OG, E. Stay with the team this next season and keep that hot streak at the end going!

That was a fun game. Thanks for coming out and showing support. 3 beers isn't that many, congrats.

Whats the weirdest things you've heard while one the football field?

Britney Spears music.

As a player who protects an exceptionally mobile QB, how did/do you adjust your style to fit his, while he's trying to change into a (slightly) more traditional role? I'm a Broncos fan, so I know the next two years will be interesting, to say the least. How did the thinner air affect you?

What's your opinion on helmet designs and facemask styles? Do you have a strong preference? Would you wear anything similar to Justin Tuck? Be the Green Optimus Prime?

(Come to Denver, good beer there too.)

When MV scrambles, I'm ready to scramble with him.

The thin air makes it just a little tougher to breathe.

I'm not wearing any facemasks that block my vision too much.

As a left guard, what do you think about the story / play of Michael Oher (the left tackle for the Ravens and story of The Blindside)?

Also, huge Eagles fan out of DelCo, keep up the good work!

It's adorable.

Evan, who was the defensive lineman that you found hardest to block. Thanks for doing the AMA, a salute from a fellow lineman.

This one's been answered 23 times. I'll leave it to you to find it. :-D

Original gANgStAaaaa

That is I.

I am a High School D/O Lineman, my coach told me I'd be better suited to play OT than DE and to be honest it stung a little bit, I felt like D Line was where my heart was. After reading this, I know can accept my identity as an O Lineman. Thank you, Evan Mathis.

I'll always miss DE.

My last name is Mathis!!! Good to see a fellow Mathis doing well out in the world! :)

You're destined for greatness.

For the last decade, did players in the league look at lions as a joke? Or did you still try to convince yourselves that it was an important game?

The one time I played them I didn't dress. Nobody can get looked like as a joke though. That's how you lose.

What is it like to play one of the least glamorous positions in sports. Do you wish you guys got more attention or are you fine with doing the dirty work and then letting the quarterback/running back get all the glory?

I'm fine avoiding the spotlight. Socially awkward penguins survive better that way.

i just became a huge evan mathis fan. you're workout video is a real motivator for me to get off my lazy ass and exercise. not a question, but i just wanted to let you know you are awesome


How big were you in high school? I.E weight, bench etc

6'5 240 my senior year, benched around 400.

I don't watch much football, but I had to say thanks. This is the best AMA I have ever seen on this site. Everyone should have to read it before they are allowed to do an AMA.

AMA for Dummies by: Evan Mathis


No, but thank you.

If you and Jarrett Johnson ever decide to make a road trip tv show, I'll be your driver. You and he are both funny as hell.

Okay, I'll ask Jarrett. I'm sure he'll want to turn it into a hunting show.

just how prevalent is troladol in the locker room before games?


When you were in high school and college, what did you lift at your core lifts, like dead-lift, squat, bench and power-clean? Also, I'm assuming you played both ways at some level, what made you decide to focus on offensive line instead of defensive? Thanks.

My best HS bench was 400, college it got to 500. Dead-lifted 500 in high school, didn't do it much after that. I didn't squat a lot in college because I had stress fractures in my tibiae that made everything hurt. Had to have rods surgically implanted.

I wanted to play DE, they always saw me as an OL. :(

I love the Eagles! I've been a fan for as long as you can be a fan of something. Do you have any role models that played in the NFL or do now?

My uncle, Bob Baumhower, played for the Miami Dolphins and was a beast.

Do you ever secretly hope someone will fumble so you can recover it and run it in for a touchdown Hulk-style?


Compare the NFL coaches you've played for. How different are they?

Very different.

What do you listen to to get pumped up for a big workout/durning a workout?

I used to have to have good music to get pumped up. I then started viewing that as a crutch and found a way to get in the zone without music. That way I can be at my best in any environment, like a football field.

probably way too late and you won't see this but:

How do you feel about Pierre Paul?

I don't have feelings for him.

What year did you graduate from the powerhouse Homewood High School in Alabama? I think I played ball in college with one of your fellow o-linemen...Andrew Reid ring a bell?

I graduated from HHS in 2000. Yep, I know Andrew.

I definitely read this as "I am NFL Original Gangster" instead of "I am NFL Offensive Guard." Both make sense.

Double entendre.

And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was.

That line made me laugh. Thanks for the AMA. On to my question:

How much drug use (including steroids) among players have you seen? why do you think it is people don't get outraged about steroid use in the NFL to the same extent that they do in baseball and other sports?

I've seen a lot of guys smoke weed, haven't seen or heard of anybody doing steroids.

hey Evan how do you feel with all the success you have had under Howard Mudd? How much credit does he have at making you a premier guard this season? I am also a big eagles fan and also a big Bama fan, so I have known about you for awhile.

He definitely taught me the techniques that make football easy for me.

I have a few questions, excuse how they are all irrelevant to each other...

  1. When did you start playing?
  2. How old would you consider "too late" to start?

  3. Do NFL stars pay any attention to their stats, or play hard no matter how they're doing statistically?

  4. If you HAD to choose who you wanted to win Superbowl XLVI, would you have rooted for the Giants or the Patriots?

Thanks in advance.

  1. 8th grade.

  2. 28

  3. I'm sure some pay attention but they're all going to play hard.

  4. I predicted the Patriots by 3 but I really didn't care who won.

  1. Is the 3-4 harder to line up against than the 4-3?

  2. Has there been an occasion when a DL left you feeling owned after a play? If so, who?

  1. No, they are both easy.

  2. Owned? No.

are you doing any stops at local bars to sign some memorabilia or my NEW MATHIS jersey? let us philly boys know were your going to be VIA twitter / Reddit! much love!

Hell yeah I'll sign the jersey.

What would you consider the "intangibles" that are important for a football player? What about your position specifically?

What is the importance of locker room presence of an individual? How does it vary player to player, and how does it affect the team?

What is something that most of us who don't play professional football probably don't realize or appreciate about what you do, and about the game in general?

I really hope you see these questions; I'm always asking my friend who plays D1 college football similar stuff, and I love hearing about the sport from a serious insider's perspective.

Dedication and toughness.

As long as you bust your ass on the field you're okay in my book.

We're laying our bodies on the line to entertain.

Hey man! I actually met king Dunlap awhile back! His brother goes to the same college I went to! Awesome guy! He was really nice and took time out of his day to talk to me!

Yeah, King is a good dude for sure.

Hey, you are awesome. Good luck! You have all of Reddit rooting for you as you are the only known Redditor with athletic gifts. You are our shining hope for our kind. Godspeed.

I will represent the reddit universe as best I can.

I'm going to present you three short NFL clips from 2011, tell me which one is funniest to you:




Definitely McElroy throwing the ball from 10 yards beyond the LOS. These are great clips.


Can we hang sometime? Judging by the fact that you love video games, and the slight chance of you living in or around Philly, it would be pretty chill.

Plus, you love reddit. I love reddit.

Let's go hit up Pat's or something.

I'll make sure to do so in a well lit area near a lot of people.

To what extent do the "star" athletes look down on the backups and the nonglory positions like yourself? My least favorite part of being a lineman was only getting recognition when I screwed up. I guess my question is geared more towards the stars that aren't your teammates.

Haha, they don't look down on us.

Any links or more details you can give us on your diet during your 8 week transformation?

We're going to put some info about it up on zoneap.com in the near future. If you want to research it yourself, what I did was carb cycling.

favorite cereal?

Favorite Tv Show?

Fruity Pebbles and Honey Smacks


Is there a sibling rivalry between you and your brother Robert, especially because you guys are on opposite sides of the ball?

Yes there sure is.

Evan, how does it feel to no longer be a part of the Bengals organization? Freeing? Life changing? Or, just a different gig?


oh sorry, the Caucasian guy

Am I the only one who caught the Modern Family reference?

I have a question! Have you listened to the audio book "The Rookie" by Scott Sigler? It is the only thing that has even remotely gotten me interested in foot ball and the damn thing is amazing.

I don't listen to audio books. Nor do I read books. I'm sorry.

I'm a Steelers fan, we've had some... problems with our offensive line recently. I understand you're a free agent soon, would you pretty pretty please with a cherry on top sign for the Steelers? We'll even get you that pony you've been wanting, it'll be awesome.

I'm not a Brony! What other farm animals can you offer?

I don't like football, not one bit. I don't think I've ever sat down and watched an entire game in my entire life. Even when I played football in my earlier years, I always found myself bored and near-daydreaming when not on the field (and yes, I kicked ass at OT(wait... that is a real thing, right?)). But you. You I like, guy. I have only one question for you, it's sort of a three parter though, if you don't mind.

My question is this(the earlier part is irrelevant, please don't read it): What are your top three favorite colors? Descending order, if you would.

Blue, Green, fuck I've never been past my first two favorite colors. My head is about to explode. Ah, the image of that reminds me. Crimson, Crimson is my third favorite color.

Detroit Lions fan here...

Who do you think is the dirtiest player in the game?

What one team would you absolutely hate to get a call from regarding your free agency?

Is Eli Manning as much of a little bitch as he seems?

How many of the Eagles cheerleaders hang around the locker room after the games? I used to work for the Detroit Pistons, and those cheerleaders/dancers were the biggest jersey chasers I've ever seen.

What are your thoughts on Spumoni ice cream?

Ryan Kalil is the dirtiest player, he rarely bathes.

The Allen Wranglers.

A little bitch with the Lombardi Trophy.

The cheerleaders aren't allowed to hang out with us. :(

Never had it. Mail me some.


  1. Of course.

  2. Trent Cole

  3. I'm terrible at beer pong. Can we play Taboo instead?

If you have any dogs, do you bring them around Vick or do you try not to tempt him?

Vick was the first black person to hold my chihuahua. They got along joyously.

As you and your "co-workers" are paid extraordinary amounts of money for a sport; would you or one of your comrades give me $1,000,000 USD? (total being after taxes)

I'm an avid football fan at the college level, but just have no interest in the professional sport. I have yet to decide if it is because a majority of the players seem to have sold out, or if the whole industry is designed for immature jackoffs and a handful of quality people have just gotten trapped in it.

I feel a donation to my retirement plan would go a very VERY long way in changing my outlook on things.

TL;DR: I like football, I like money. You play football, you have money. Please give me some?

I like money. I play football, I am broke.

Ooh, ooh! How much link/comment karma does that account have (rough numbers)?

This is obviously the only way to objectively measure how awesome you are (until PFF comes up with something).

I've made the front page with it. That is all.

never heard of you, also don't know what an OG is.

I'm sorry about your Google machine not working.

So..... There's so much to ask

You did too? That's awesome.

How'd you start out in football? what motivated you? Do you have any heroes or mentors you looked up too?

I wanted to be able to not have to work after the age of 35.

My uncle played for the Dolphins until I was 5.

Hey man, what's for dinner? I'm pretty hungry.

Leftover Salisbury steak.

As a Cowboys fan I know who you are. I still give you props for doing the AMA this way that is way cool of you. One of my best friends is from Philly and he would get a kick out of this if he understood Reddit ;) So.... Since I am not an Eagles fan my only real good questions is What is it like to stand down on the field in the new Dallas Stadium. You are the only person I have had a chance to ask ;)

Thanks for doing this by the way

It's a very impressive stadium. However, two first world problems exist there. There are no automatic flushers on the toilets in the visitor locker room. And I can not see the replay of the previous play if I am standing on the field.

Thoughts on Juan Castillo?

Juan's a very smart dude. I expect great things out of him.

In your humble opinion, how long til my Raiders are back in the Superbowl?

On Madden or IRL?

Evan, have you ever "Tebowed"?


Tell Jason Peters that Buffalo laughs at his greed.

Dear Buffalo,

Thanks for the best tackle in football.



How did you choose to go to Alabama? How did you like getting dominated by Tennessee so bad while you were there? Go Vols.

You're a Tennessee fan? I'm sorry about your life.



What's your rating in Madden? What can you do to improve it?

Started out at 77 this year, finished at 91. Just bribe EA Sports.

My wife, a hugggggeeee Eagles fan (sorry, I'm a Browns fan) had this question:

Dream Team?

I'm sorry about your wife being hugggggeeee.

In training, do you guys ever reverse roles? like o-line and d-line has to play skill positions/secondary? where would you play??

I'd be the best DE in the NFL.

This is one of the best AMAs I've seen in quite a while.

Me too.

Eagles Fan von Germany here.

  1. I was wondering, whats your opinion on the Game in England in general and the thought of adding one (or even more) games in Europe (or somewhere else in the World?). I know it probably fucks up the Teams shedule etc but for some Football fans its the only chance to see you Guys play live.

  2. Will there be more "The Eagles Players Show" next season? Need some more Dorenbos locker room shenanigans!

  1. Just give us a bunch of Ambien and throw us on the plane.

  2. I'll make sure it's still there for you.

FUCK! Can't believe you started this AMA while I was at work! Couple questions, if you're still answering...

  1. No he's too busy running his mouth.

  2. All day, ever day.

  3. Ron Fucking Swanson.


Okay, I'll allow negative sacks next time.

I don't really follow football, but why did anyone hire you when you were the fatbody at the start of the transformation video?

That was after two weeks of not working out and eating whatever I want. I wanted the before picture to be terrible.

Why don't more players use some of the 'better' helmets. They say no helmet is concussion proof, but some are certainly more resiliant than others.

For instance, 90% of the cuncussions you see are players wearing the outdated Riddells (Desean, Aaron Rodgers) rather than the new DNA, Ion or Revo Speed which are all proven to be more concussion proof.

Nice try helmet salesman.

iama chief's fan... but, how do you feel about 'occupy wall street'...? how do you feel about 'occupy philadelphia'... ever visit?

I don't have feelings.

Are you mad that you got stuck with Coach Shula, instead of Coach Bryant Saban?


First off, thanks for taking the time to read these questions.

Secondly, as some one who has torn his ACL, I know that it is an extremely debilitating injury.

Are ACL tears very common among linemen, and if they are, are there ways you guys try to avoid them?

Thanks again.

They aren't very common but they happen. I just always keep my feet moving. They usually tear when your feet are planted and someone falls into them.

Who's the fattest defensive tackle you've had to go against?

Ted Washington was like 415 when I played him in 2006.

Question 1: Who is the player you least like to line up against and why?

Question 2: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

  1. I love all my victims.

  2. Tom Manning

If you were the Eagles GM what changes if any would you make?

Thanks for doing AMA the right way!

I'd dress better and workout harder.

What subreddits do you read on your real account?

All of the taboo ones.

How bout dem cowboys?

How bout em?

this is the first time i have read an opening statement from someone i dont know, whos doing an ama, and not think "he sounds like an ass".... i think thats a compliment....

This is also probably the first time someone has done an AMA and answered the 2945th comment. :-D


I wish you the best of luck with your aquarium maintenance.

You should of been a Cardinal =(

Poor Russ Grimm.

Why does football suck massive dirty balls?


So is your primary account "Bozarking" or what?

You might as well answer now before it becomes a big deal.

I'm sorry about your baby.

as a football player, What's it like to get paid so much money for doing as little as possible?

Sounds like I chose the right profession.

Seriously. Millions of dollars to entertain you stupid fucks because you can't read a book or something?

What a fucking waste of money. Football is for fucking douche bags.

I read your comment history. There's two possible solutions, weed or Xanax.

Hey, what do you think about Mark Sanchez? Rex Ryan?

I don't think about them too often.



What is an NFL OG?


Do you use steroids?

No, not until I retire.

Are you any good? If so, please become a Steeler.

Good at what? I'm pretty good at Temple Run. Is this enough to become a Steeler?

Why is football so uninteresting to watch?

Because you play much more interesting games on your PC.

You participate in an activity that keeps the masses distracted, corporations fatter and minds dumber. You are what is wrong with the world.

But I give a lot of money to Charity. She's a stripper in Vegas.

How does it feel to be overpaid and regarded as a hero even though all you can do is throw a pig skin?

NFL is shit.

YOU ARE SO FUCKING WRONG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I couldn't throw a football to save my life.

As far as being paid and the hero part. Feels good. A+ Would recommend.

You were the best guard in the NFL this past season according to Pro Football Focus. How does that make you feel? Do you pay attention to stats and analysis that detail your performance on the field? Why or why not?

It makes me feel terrible.

Holy crap! Huge Eagles fan and new Evan Mathis fan after your sick play this past season!

Questions = How important is head coaching in the NFL? How important is it that an individual player like or respect their head coach? Do players notice/ get angry when a player is overpaid or under-performing? I assume you practice against Brandon Graham; any chance he turns into a stud D.end? Is the Eagles org. similar to the other orgs. you've played for? Any differences fans would be interested in hearing?





No, way better.

The Eagles are a top notch organization from top to bottom.



Evan, is there a different mentality blocking for Michael Vick compared to a QB who doesn't scramble as much?

Yes. Be ready to run.

Aha! You already asked these questions!

How do you feel about Peyton Manning?

With my hands, bowchickawowow.

Hey Evan, I saw that you said that you actually weren't all that good in football until about 12th grade.

I was wondering if you can gives me a motivational speech on how to achieve my dreams of playing in the NBA (mostly because I suck at football). Also, I was wondering how you became so awesome? As in like what have you done to improve since 12th grade?

I've always worked to get better. I have always wanted to be the very best. I was very far from it then but I'm very close to it now. I will keep working every day to get better. Stay hungry, stay driven, stay relentless.


I don't bother with false idols, only FSM.

Evan, I am a Bears fan. Does Julius Peppers take plays off alot? When I watch games he disappears for a while and then will suddenly reappear. I know you dont not line up against him all of the time.


Where do you want the Pro Bowl to be? Where do your teammates want the Pro Bowl to be?

Hawaii. Hawaii.

Evan Mathis, what is your honest opinion of the Washington Redskins?

Redskins is a very racist word.

I grew up with Julian vandevelde, can you tell him josh bishop says hi.


How cool is it being number #69 in the NFL?

Slightly cooler than Miley Cyrus.

Yo EV, shout out from Tallahassee and the Thornton family. This is Casey, Clay's brother and i work for Aaron. I just heard through the grapevine that you were gonna have a baby and thought i would send along my congragulations, i know your family has to be excited!

Roll Tide man and congrats on your success.

Thanks Casey. You are the third from last comment of a 3000 post thread. Congratulations to you for me finding this post.


Evan, just a quick question from a Patriots fan. What is it like to block a guy like Vince Wilfork, I know you guys had a game this year and I want to hear how hard it is. Now that Vince has finally been getting his due in the last 3-4 years, people are recognizing his presence as a force.

And would it be harder to kill him or the Tyrannasaurus?


He's a large man. It's best to stay low on him to maintain good leverage. He would be a tad bit harder to kill than the T-Rex.

Best advice for someone getting ready to go into college football?


This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Evan Mathis conducted on Reddit on 2012-02-17. The Reddit AMA can be found here.