February 8, 2012

IAmA Egoraptor. That sounds weird. I am Egoraptor. Better. I make cartoons.

Howdy. I am Egoraptor.

I'm responsible for The Awesome Series (Metal Gear Awesome, Awesome Reach, PokeAwesome, ETC), Sequelitis, Girlchan in Paradise, and Lemon 'n Bill. I've made over 80 animated shorts. I make a living off of Youtube. I've made animated shorts for MTV. I have a show in the works for a major network television channel. I was recently a cast member on Sony's Playstation's "The Tester" where my footage was heavily edited to make me look like a doucher. I don't normally talk like this.


Let do this shit.

EDIT: Thank you all for being so fucking kind to me. I've had such a good time answering questions. I only took like 4 hours out of my day to do this and I hope that doesn't make me a loser celebrity who only answers ten questions but I tried to answer a ton until I got to a point where 20 questions in a row were already answered. I hope that's okay, because I'm so hungry, I need to go eat and then get some work done haha. Thanks for hanging out with me!!

would you like some pound cake?

Where and when?

Let's just do what Freddie Wong did but instead of a Costco Pizza Party. Its a pound cake and not Costco.

Something about the way this comment is worded is hilarious.

I want a baby goat, can I have one if I really try?

Depends on your motives here.

Any plans on more Girlchan any time soon?

Oh yes. I've been doing weekend movie jams with animator friends to put out really quick content, and it's been wicked fun but Girlchan is "next." We've already got 2 episodes written so Girlchan will not die anytime soon. You'll learn about Kenstar's past. He was a mech pilot (he wasn't very good)

Many thanks. I'd reply with Kenstar's catch phrase in appreciation, but you're probably having enough of your own quotes thrown at you in this thread as is.

Throw one in for good measure, c'mon, I can take it.

What is your favorite video game of all time?

Mega Man X. If that was too obvious, Gitaroo Man.

What's your favorite species of flightless bird? This one's been bothering me for a while.

How many are there? I only know Ostriches, Emus, and Penguins. I like Ostriches because they put their heads in the ground. That shit is hilarious. Have you seen that shit?

Neither have I. Because it's a lie.

How annoyed are you about this whole The Tester thing with them using things out of context and making you out to be a huge douche?

I am a little annoyed but I expected it. It's funny to me on the other hand. I'm really interested to see how it goes over, because it seems like a lot of people think I'm a cocky asshole now. I'd like to think my fans are smart enough to realize shit was edited to hell.

to be honest I don't see how anything you were saying (apart from the serious bits of course) could be taken as serious, I just cracked up when I saw you pulling those faces in the car. Also, how insufferable were the other contestants? SKYD1DDY seems like the only cool guy there, even if he is odd

Everyone was nice. It was hard because I went on with the intention of making it a joke but I really liked everyone immediately. So I had to balance being cool with everyone and making a joke out of the show. It was hard. I'm not a heartless guy.

doesn't it take a cocky, douchey asshole to think he has fans?

Take a look around, donkey. I'm an Athiest bro, I don't state something as fact unless there's evidenceOHHHHHHHHH HOLDSHANDUPFORHIGHFIVE

When did you start doing animations/becoming interested in animations?

I started animating real young. I'm talkin like 6 or 7. I drew flipbooks into my textbooks and on post-it notes. Cartoons always interested me and I always wanted to be some part of them.

I really started hammering out cartoons when I program called Easytoon, maybe age 15, 16? A lot of them never got shown around on the internets but they existed trust me. I started making Flash cartoons when I was 15ish I think.


You should have expected it.




What is the future of Squilities, and do you have any games more awesome then Mega Man X lined up?

Sequelitis is my new favorite so it's going to last a while. Any game more awesome than MMX? It's my favorite game so... no. lol Next Sequelitis are Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time. Then MGS1 vs. MGS2. Then Mass Effect vs. Mass Effect 2. Then probably one on Mega Man X4.

I like getting ahead of myself a little.

What is the color of your asshole?

I don't bleach it if that's what you're asking. Is that what you're asking?

How long did it take to fully animate PokeAwesome?

Also, what's your favorite Pokemon?

I hate this question because it displays my utter laziness. It was about 3 months or so. but that's on and off. It was probably a little under 2 weeks of work. I was also working on Sequelitis 2 at the time, so I guess that's kind of an excuse. But not really. I'm just fat.

I'm taking a picture of this reply and framing it on my wall.

This picture makes me look fat.

Did you already get voted off The Tester?

I wish I could but I can't answer these questions or Sony will kill me.

Are you ready for Halo Reach?

Never even played it bro.

Happy that way.

How tired do you get of people regurgitating quotes from your cartoons?

I used to, but now I guess I've developed a barrier. I hear it so much I'm numb to it. Maybe I've programmed myself to appreciate it, because, in the end, how bad is it really? They're quoting things I said because they love it.

Are there any video games that you will never parody as part of the Awesome Series, and if so, why?

I used to say Halo, but woah nelly I was wrong.

Grand Theft Auto is another one, but I think I've written a script about it. Battlefield or Call of Duty, because I dunno what to do. They're so boring, there's no soul or character in them. You shoot guns? Where's the joke? War isn't funny.

Pokemon. Now that's funny.

What jacket are you wearing in this picture?

It's from Forever 21, I dunno what it's called though. I got it recently so it might still be available, but winter is ending pretty soon.

Why do you hate black people?

Woah. Woah hey now. Hold on a second. Who said anything about.. geez. Wow. I... Well...

How upset were you when the iOS port of Mega Man X featured just about everything you said was wrong with gaming today?

It's pretty depressing, but it's also uplifting that I've gotten nothing but comments saying how disgusting it is. I'm glad people aren't suckered into it. That's what's more upsetting.

Is the Tester actually worth watching? The other contestants look like the product of getting into gaming because they thought G4 was "the shit".

I laughed. So maybe. This is better though:

How great is it to be trolling Sony right now?

Feels good but my footage is also in their hands, so they can do whatever they want. They can show me for 3 seconds and never again if they want. They can make me look like an asshole (which they did).

Is the current season of the Tester already shot? If yes, when did you get eliminated, or did you win?

I can't answer this, but yes it's all been shot already.

Is there a sequelitis that you're afraid to do, possibly because of viewer backlash or just a game that's too close to your heart to pick it apart like you do? Loving your vids man!

No game is too sacred to pick apart, in fact the games that are sacred are the ones that need to be picked apart the most because gamers are obsessed with hyperbole (best game EVER etc). If these games are so great, why? And what can we learn from them?

I get a lot of requests for Zelda 1 and 2 but I dunno if I want to do that, there's too much that's different it's hard to compare similarities.

Did you get any offers from any video game developer with the open letter video you made?

I got an email from an indie developer who wanted to make The Great Puppy Invasion but I never heard from them ever again. I'll be visiting EA this Friday so maybe I should ask, but I don't wanna seem arrogant as to assume everybody's seen one of my least popular videos haha.

What is your opinion on voice Actor Billy West? Do you like his work/voices?

He is an incredible talent and one of the best in the industry. That being said, I've met him in a con scenario and I didn't like the charging for autographs, or the attitude. I can understand if an agent is looking over your shoulder, but he was alone.

I'm sure he's a swell guy, but that was my impression.

As a related question, have you voice acted professionally? I heard that you did something in Marvel Ultimate Alliance or a similar game, or am I mistaking you for somebody else?

That's true. It was fun but they didn't care, and neither did I, really. I was only in a couple versions of the game. I've mostly done iPhone games from home.

I would like you to know that you draw the best expressions I have ever seen, and your voice acting and narration always makes me laugh. I love you.

Thanks I love you too... but you know, no homo.

What was your favorite cartoon to make? And will you ever make a cartoon with Harry Partridge?

My favorite cartoon to make waaaassssssssssssssssss fuck what was it

Metal Gear Awesome 2 was fun, that was kinda like a journey. My tablet broke and I set a deadline for myself and when I was late a couple folk made a cartoon about it being late, and it was really heartwarming because I was so stressed out. It took a long time.

I also really enjoyed making the Saints Row toon that just came out because it was the first weekend movie jam we've done, and animating for shits and giggles (HOW IT SHOULD BE) is awesome with good friends.

What was your favorite cartoon to make? And will you ever make a cartoon with Harry Partridge?

Oh and the Harry thing, I've voiced for him before, but I think we work better alone. We also have vastly different styles, both in comedic voice and in animation.

I love the guy, though, he's a total gentleman and everytime I meet with him somewhere it is a total joy.

I just want to say first off I am a big fan, your reviews are quite insightful and you have provided me, my brother and our friends with hours of laughs.

I just wanted to ask about your creative process? How do you get from concept to finished video?

By the way, I don't think that pigeon gave a fuck either.

The process is a long one so I'll try to condense it.

Concept and script. If it's about video games I play a game and take notes. If it's supposed to be funny I usually play with a friend or two. Bouncing ideas and cracking jokes are the heart and soul of comedy, at least for me. After I take notes I write a script. I try to be loose about it, be in a giggly mood.

Audio. I record in a makeshift closet recording booth with a condenser mic on Adobe Audition. I improvise a lot. Sometimes the entire cartoon is improvised (PokeAwesome, Lemon 'n Bill, Mr. Literal) and there's no script. Sometimes I mix the entire clip in Adobe Audition, sometimes I cut it up and time it out in Adobe Flash. Either one's fine and has its benefits. Editing audio in Audition allows me to give it more effects, make it sound nice, and leave sound editing to this stage. Editing in Flash gives me much more control over how the cartoon is paced and timed based on visuals, but you have to reoptimize the audio at the end which is a pain.

Storyboard/animatic. I don't do a proper storyboard, I just time it out in flash, which is sorta like an animatic, but it's really rough. Then I just start building on it, adding keyframes (the major poses) and then drawing inbetweens (the actual animation between keyframes). I clean up, color and do backgrounds, and then lipsync last because I hate it, and it sucks. That's it really. If I wanna add video effects I use Sony Vegas, but I hear Aftereffects is better, so what the fuck do I know.

How long have you been a Brony?

I'm not so SHUT UP

Did you know you make me giggle like a complete school girl whenever you yell "fuck"? or just yell in general???

Oh and I'm a guy.

Oh dear sex would be weird.

Because I'm a guy too.

Who is your all time favorite video game character?

Ulala from Spaaaace Channel 5!

I don't really have a question, but I want to thank you for all the laughs your cartoons brought me. You're a funny dude. I love you. No homo. Slight homo.

Mostly homo? Thanks dude. :)

Extra homo.

Double meat homo.

Why are your teeth so yellow?

Right? I was bad about brushing as a kid. Now I'm a lot better but the damage has been done.

Do you any sort of formal education, and did you expect to be able to make a living off your animation when you started?

No, and no.

I've always subscribed to the idea you can teach yourself anything. Probably because I grew up poor and knew I wasn't going to college. When you draw, you gotta love it, and when you love it, you learn on your own. It does take a lot of dedication because sometimes you don't love it, but you just gotta keep doing it for the times you do love it.

I didn't expect to be making a living off of cartoons at all. In fact I thought of a lot of contingency plans. I wanted to do massage therapy, I mean, not really, but I thought I could do it because animation wouldn't get me anywhere. Voice acting was close, but I still had my doubts. Animation kinda swept me off my feet, because I always did it on the backburner, but it was never my career focus. Don't get me wrong, though, it's always been my passion, I just didn't think it would pay the bills.

What's your dream job?

Job, as in work, I mean.

I have it.

If I had to dream bigger, I'd want to run a studio that makes games and cartoons. I've wanted to develop a game forever. I did a couple but they all failed.

I really want to focus on a Treasure-like studio system though... keep it small. I've never wanted to be a huge conglomerate like Disney, just a couple guys making passionate games or cartoons. That's what it's all about, really. I was never interested in money, just enough to buy food and video games. Creating awesome art is what it's all about, because when you die, who the fuck cares what kinda money you had, people care about what you created.

Watched the first ep of the Tester today. What exactly was edited out to make you look like a doucher (Pretty big fan over here)

Alright so here goes.

The interview process was unreal edited. They asked me DIRECTLY about my youtube channel in multiple ways. I did not just come out and start blabbing about my channel and how my fans eat it up. I'm not that arrogant. I wasn't even going to bring it up if they didn't ask. But they did, a lot. In fact that was the whole focus. In retrospect I probably should've just said "I don't think that's important" but that also could've drilled me for that too.

Also, I played a prank where after the interview I came in crying, and they used that footage as if I was actually upset. Leaning against the bed with my head down, lmao.

There were things they didn't show, like how I had a dinosaur pajama set that was hilarious. I'm pissed, I spent 70 dollars on that shit, and they didn't even show it. I think they are upset I made a joke of their show.

Do you think you'll ever make a Sequelitis about any Sonic game?

I'm not sure. I don't like Sonic. I really don't. I guess that could be an interesting topic since I don't like any of the games, but we'll see. It is really interesting to see them try to bring a 2D formula that didn't work too well and put it into 3D where it REALLY doesn't work too well. They try so hard.

Are you single?

No, I am engaged to a lovely woman.

How has The Tester been for you as an experience, because the first episode really doesn't look all that great. More like a ripoff of Fear Factor than anything.

It was an interesting experience and I'm glad I had it. I met some cool people and I learned a lot about lots of things (the most of which was how to light a greenscreen properly) It was terrible though, it really was. the living conditions were shitty and the place was immensely uncomfortable.

Your game criticism in the Sequelitis episodes is incredibly insightful. Do you have a background in something like this and you're brilliant or are you just brilliant?

Haha thanks. I don't have a background, just passionate about games and taking it a step further. I've read many many articles, books, and watched lectures so I like to think I'm educated somewhat formally, but even then my views on game design are dissimilar to any one mindset. I think the biggest catalyst to my education was Jon Blow. It was reading about him and hearing his lectures that really made me think there was more to gaming.

How do you feel about Lemon 'n' Bill not being as close to how popular your other series' are?

I was always a fan and felt they deserve much more attention.

I expected it. I either thought people would love the shit out of it or no one would care. I'm glad it has a loyal fanbase and I still think it's hilarious, but it definitely makes me put less focus on it. I've recorded about 4 new episodes and haven't "animated" them yet. It's just so boring to animate. A whole day of bobbing shapes up and down. Kill me.

I'm sure you are asked this a lot, but how do you stay motivated and devoted to one project? I mean you have ADD and yet you're able to finish cartoons 10x faster than me...

Hahaha this is a good question.

I grew up with ADD but I didn't know, so my theory is I developed habits to cope with it to actually get work done.

I think it's mostly guilt, or pride, or something. I get really upset and emotional when I don't accomplish things for a while. I feel worthless and I need to keep going. So when I accomplish things I feel euphoric and ultra happy. I think I trained myself this way. Like, I made myself feel bad when I didn't accomplish anything. Maybe this is a bad thing to do, it used to really kick my ass. Like, for a while I didn't know how to relax or enjoy myself. I couldn't play video games unless there was a work-related reason. Maybe that's why I got into game parodies. I've since learned to relax but that was my transitional period.

Some easy things to do... set goals and deadlines and tell people about them who support you. Make sure they know to support you and root you on and yell at you if you're lazy. Turn off your modem while you work. Or at least make a note not to browse the internet or look at Facebook or Twitter. Drink a lot of water.

Any chance for another Pokeawesome video?

Edit: Guys the name of the video is Pokeawesome, I'm not making it up. Why the downvotes?

Maybe, Pokemon is so fun to make fun of. It took so long to make one, but it's because of the overload.. there's TOO much to talk about, I can't choose. I choose you. okay

I'd understand if you're not at liberty to answer this, but I found the majority of the other people that were cast on The Tester to be massive tools. Is it also the heavy editing at play, wherein they're actually some pretty decent people, or are they just as detestable as they appear?

Edit to elaborate: Not all of them were bad. Like, I was really sad to see Ashichan go, cause she seemed like one of the coolest people there. Not only her, but BurnNebelheim was pretty alright. But some people, such as Suskaiden, just really grated on me.

Editing is always a factor, so yes. I liked everyone. You didn't really get to know them as a viewer, just their hyper exaggerated personalities. I will say though that Suskaiden is really like that all the time. She is kind, I think, and I did still like her, but she was very loud and boisterous and clearly more animated when the cameras were on her. I think she made herself out to be a villian right away consciously.

But everyone was sincerely there because they wanted to be. I got a lot of shit, like, were they actors? They weren't, they were all really gamers and they all really knew their shit.

Whatever happened to that pigeon on your porch?

The theory is that it was very sick, and I think it was someone's pet, or something. It was tagged, and apparently birds don't stand next to their poop like that. I have two friends who are bird owners and they immediately told me "that bird is suck, dude." One of them has a hard time watching it. I kinda feel bad.

The video you posted of the panel you did was hilarious. Are you planning on uploading all of your future panel discussions?

I really hope to, but it's really a matter if I can film them properly. I had a Georgia based group of filmmakers volunteer to film my Florida panels, which are always fun as hell, and I think they can mic the audience and me really well so it actually is a joy to watch and you don't have to struggle to hear the questions. I really wanted to subtitle the videos but, fuck, that's so much work, and I got cartoons to make.

Next Sequelitis.. SHOW YOUR FACE AND TALK PLOX!!!!

Sequelitis will always be cartoon (unless live footage makes more sense like the thing about manuals) but I will make more shows with my face. I'm planning a show that's just me talking about games you should play and who they're interesting or fun. The other is a show about me trying to beat games on hard mode.

Do you remember the classy gentleman you met by the fruit stand at Disneyland last Sunday? That bloke was I. We meet again. I forgot to ask you then, how recognizable do you think you are on the streets? Also, do you always dress that classy or was it just for dapper day?

Why hello there. You were looking mighty handsome there.

I do try to dress nice but I'm also the slob that goes to Walmart in his pajamas. Depends how I'm feeling I guess.

I'm always surprised I get recognized but I've come to realize I do have a distinct face (and hair). I only put my face out there sparingly but the response is unreal. I think as I put more panels up and start doing shows with my face it'll get worse, but hopefully it'll still be at a level I'm comfortable with.

What is the Question if the answer is 42?

shut up + your face =

Play any MMO's? If you do, which one(s)?

I play Tribes Ascend. Rotparoge. Come play with me sometime.

DO you have any tips for someone who wants to get into Voice acting? its my dream job but i don't know where to start or what to do and you seem pretty sweet at it :3

Do it. A lot. Online. For free. Two things will happen, you'll get noticed (you won't) or you won't.

I haven't really done a lot of pro stuff myself but from what I hear from my pro friends is just to move somewhere like Texas or LA or New York, find VO workshops, and be fucking good. Get a class with your favorite VO's and network. You can't really get into an agency unless you have someone walk your demo in.

And just keep DOING IT. If yo love to do something keep fucking doing it because if you die and you weren't a success at least you did something you LOVED.

What would it take for you to collaborate with someone?

A good idea, a good friendship bond, a good talent, and a good attitude. I have so many talented friends who I haven't even collaborated with yet. I wanna be so nice to everyone but I'm only one guy, and animating takes so long. I wanna accomplish great things with my friends and people I admire before I die.

Aside from your Newgrounds/Youtube work what else have you done? Anything commercially ?

I worked for MTV for a while doing their stupid show, and I recently have been talking to a major network about spearheading a show. As far as animation work, I worked for commission for a while when I was desperate. I hate it. I don't like animating for other people. I really detest it. I enjoy the creation process, not just animating.

What tips could you give someone who wants to start with flash animation? I mean venusaur, with a question mark.

Get Flash or Toonboom and look up some tutorials on Youtube and START. And don't ever stop. If you stop you're done, that's fucking IT. Don't stop. DON'T STOP. KEEP DOING IT. Animation takes a long fucking time and I didn't end up answering questions from fans on Reddit overnight. It took years. And even now I'm not at the point I want to be at. GO. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

Which of the Awesome series is your favorite?

Metal Gear Awesome 2 holds a really deep place in my heart. But I love Awesome Reach because it launched me forward a great deal. But PokeAwesome was so fun. I dunno man, I like them all. Except Awesome Rising. That one blows.

Have you considered doing an Awesome Minecraft?

Considered it, no ideas though.

Hot dogs: Are they better with or without ketchup?

I get in moods. Sometimes only ketchup. Sometimes ketchup and mustard. Sometimes only mustard. Sometimes plain. You can't open up the book of my life, read a page, and expect to know me bro.


Ask Rubberninja he would be thrilled to hear this question.

What's your favorite 5 video games?

Mega Man X Gitaroo Man Shadow of the Colossus Metal Storm FUCK I DUNNO There's so many good ones. Yoshi's Island uh Mario 3, IloMilo, Braid, Lumines, Tribes, I DUNNO GOOD GAMES I GUESS

Did you complain to Sony about making you sound like a "Doucher"? I would be pretty pissed off if I was in your position.

I dunno I think I made a comment to some people at the launch party, but whatever. They can do whatever they want, it was their contract.

Have you played other games that makes your dick rock hard? and can we get some sneak peaks on upcomming sequelitis and awesome series?

Another game that makes my dick rock hard is Gitaroo Man. I love that game so much. I love playing Smash Bros with some good company. That makes me hard. Got this sounds weird.

Sneak peaks I already gave for Sequelitis. Awesome Series, Link to the Awesome is next I think. Then a Mass Effect one.

Who is your main inspiration for animating? Your artistic style is a very unique one which has inspired many other animators, I'm keen to know where it came from.

There's a lot of influence from a lot of people. John K and Joe Murray were big inspirations as a kid, Akira Toriyama influenced me to the nth degree. Then guys like Hiroyuki Imaishi and Osamu Tezuka. Anything animated in Kanda style really. Pywakit influenced me a lot, also Loish. Lots of 80's and 90's animes and american action cartoons. The new Thundercats has been really tugging me by the tie.

Your voice diversity in your cartoons fucking amazes me. Did you have to grow up practicing and stretching your vocal cords or have you just always been able to sound anyway you want?

Yeah you have to practice. It sounds so formal but really just do stupid voices while you're making eggs or in the shower, and you can't hold back, you have to belt that shit out, or else you'll always sound like you're trying not to wake your parents. Try to imitate real people who have weird voices. A lot of the voices you love from cartoons are just them imitating someone they know for real.

What would be your estimate amount of sketches before you decide finally put a character into one of your animations?

I'm actually a really loose animator, I don't do character sheets or anything like that. I tried it once and the animation came out really bland and on-model, and I didn't like it. I think the charm of the awesome series is the wackiness and I think going off model really works for it.

What are some of the shorts you've done for MTV? I didn't know you did those. :o

All the old awesome cartoons before Metal Gear Awesome 2 were for MTV.

Are you planning on making a Mass Effect awesome cartoon to coincide with the release of Mass Effect 3? I saw you mention it in one of your panels put on youtube, and I was so GODDAMN EXCITED.

I'm planning two Mass Effect productions. I dunno how soon they can come out but they are a definite yes. The Mass Effect toon is hilarious, and the Mass Effect Sequelitis will be really good I think.

Dude, Adventure time. You finn or jake?

I dunno what that means but I do like me some Adventure Time.

The game you've always wanted to design... what's it going to be like? Are you doing any of the voice acting (if any) in the game yourself? Are you doing the art? Are you developing it in flash, or a different language/framework?

Please make it playable on non-windows systems.

It's a platformer because I like platformers. But it's like wave based combat, it should be neat. I will be doing the art, and any VO, but I dunno if it'll have any. I dunno what language it'l be in, it's only on paper right now (a lot of paper), but whatever the programmer I find wants to program it I guess. I'll try to keep in mine to make it payable on non-windows machines. :)

Any more plans for Metal Gear Awesome? They're probably my favorite animated videos I've seen.

Yep MGA3 woo

Have you ever killed a drifter? Any tips for others with such prospects?

That bitch can swordfight I'll tell you that.

As a gamer with some experience under your belt, what do you think the number one threat to gaming is?

Hmmmm... "threat to gaming" is vague. I guess I can sum it up to one thing.

As an artform, I think a problem is game design in general being misconstrued as a business tactic. Games were commercialized so quickly in their lifespan that they had no time to develop into works of art, they're all mass produced slop. So stuff like achievements or leveling up or upgrades that are viewed as fundamental game design, good game design, respectable game design, are really just manipulative business tactics.

I think the public's perception of gaming is skewed even more heavily by this, and there is no respectable, artistic game to look to when arguing games as art. So shitty manipulative games are going to keep coming out, more people are going to think that's all gaming is, and no big strides are going to be made by people who aren't absolutely hardcore into art gaming, therefore no one will respect the big strides made by these people. It's a niche and it shouldn't be.

With all this in mind, I think the biggest threat is nobody saying anything about how respectable gaming can be, and keeping it a niche. My ability to speak to a lot of people in a manner they can understand about games is an ability I hold very dear to me, and I think it's important that I educate people on how gaming can be very significant to human life. In addition, I think people not making good games is a huge threat too. lol.

Where'd the idea for the "Awesome" series come from?

I just wanted to do the voice of Snake in a cartoon. seriously. After I released it MTV wanted more, and that's where the "series" came from. I enjoyed making them so I kept making them even after they weren't paying me [scraps].

Saw you at the MAGfest panel and I did not find you to be a doucher. Thanks for being cool and approachable!

Thanks man, I'm glad you came and I hope you had a good time!

What's your favourite movie? And which movie do you strongly dislike?

My favorite movie is Speed Racer. So much passion and heart and it's just pure raw energy.

I dunno about don't like, I try not to be super negative about shit like that. I just saw One for the Money in theaters and it was shit, I walked out. I also didn't like Iron Man, and everyone seems to love that movie. It was really hokey and boring and pandering to me.

How long does an average episode of girlchan take to create, from concept to completion?

There is no average episode of Girlchan really, Ep 1 was like 4 minutes and Ep 3 was like 10 minutes. So I dunno, it also depends how much actual animation I wanna put in it. So I guess maybe a month.

Well done on The Tester so far, especially with the bugs 0-0 after getting to know the competitors was there anyone on the show so far that you thought you'd better keep an eye on?

I thought either Reality or Akilleez was gunna win when I first met them. They are total ballers.

What do you use to make flash cartoons?

Adobe Flash.

Did you ever get a hug from Adrianne Curry?

I did, and it was out of the blue. I wasn't even "on set" and she came up and hugged me. It was really sweet. She was really nice to me.

Hey Ego! I have a few questions :)

Do you use a tablet? Can you give us a hint as to what the TV show is about? How much planning goes into your work?

I also want to say that you are a big inspiration to me. I find your shorts to be so damn hilarious. Keep it up! :D

I use a tablet, it is a WACOM Cintiq 21UX. But any WACOM will do. I used an Intuos 3 for a while, and before that, a Graphire (which is now called the Bamboo)

I can't really give any hints about the show because honestly we haven't written it yet. The fact is they want ME and not a specific show. They want to hear what I have to give, and they want to work with me to create a concept.

so how come you decided to go on the tester, also have you seen the hilarious gif on 4chan of you dancing

I thought it would be funny. That's it really. It sorta was.

And yes, the meme images are fucking hilarious, I love them. My favorite is the one of when they unveil the PSVita as the prize for the first challenge, and everyone is clapping wildly and I just have my arms folded going "eh"

So how do you plan on actually breaking into the video game industry, as a person who aims to be a producer? Your artwork and animation is pretty damn stellar, no two ways about it. My question is...have you actively tried going for a job at a smaller studio, or an independent?

Also; how annoying was it that they kept saying 'work for playstation?'

(as an aside. I've worked with Adrienne Curry through a contract job specifically relating to video games...and I bet off screen all she did was talk about fucking, nudity and whatever, amarite?)

Actually, she talked mostly about Diablo. And I think she talked about her boobs and how her dress was fitting at one point. She was cool.

Breaking into the industry is a silly term. I've gotten e-mails from dudes at huge studios and small studios alike. I've had developers contact me for some advice on their design. I'd say I'm already there. I really just want to make a game, and I'm doing that, slowly but steadily. I'm focusing on animation right now since I have a lot going on with it, but there will be a point where I switch gears to the game. When, I don't know, but soon.

Do you enjoy Super Mario 64 or any video game that has been gone from 2D to 3D?

Mario 64 is pretty good but I've always hated HATED 3D Mario's controls. And they can't let it go. Mario 3D Land controlled way better but he still has that weird momentum thing where if you change direction at a certain point in the jump or walk you go really slow and it bugs the shit out of me.

Have you considered doing a full length feature, 90 minutes? I'm sure if you get a kick-starter going we'll help fund it.

Yes. I have one almost completely written. That's a project that's deeeeaaaar to me. It will be made. A kickstarter... maybe. I don't like asking for money though, I might fund it myself.

What would you recommend to someone who loves gaming and the idea of designing their own game, but can't draw for shit and lacks math skills? As a senior in high school, this is a burning question...

(I'm more of a writer myself anyway I guess, LOVE your videos man!)

Game Design isn't based on programming or art, it's about good ideas and good judgement. Just doodle some ideas on a notepad with stick figures. See if you can make some friends who will help you a lot. There are plenty of great artists and great programmers who are not good at designing games and don't even want to design games.

Love your work man! Yesterday me n some buds were pushing a car outta a garage to work on it, and it started rolling down the driveway, I'm shiting myself screaming cuz it's my dad's car...what does my friend do? ... He jumps on the hood and yells "RIDDIN ON CARS!!!"

Your friend is an asshole, and also a real cool dude.

Will you bear my children?....I mean Venusaur...with a question mark


What do you see as your ultimate goal in animation? Would you like to get your animation in some type of television arrangement (like MadTV did?)

I dunno. I just wanna make a lot of cartoons. There are a lot of cartoons I want to make, but television syndication is not really a huge goal of mine. I think I'm happy with 7 million views on one short, you know what I mean?

Megaman Legends 3 Yes/No?

I was never a huge Legends fan but it was fun. I was excited but it got cancelled so that's kind of a bummer.

Just out of curiosity, do you know if you'll be doing a Sequelitis episode on Final Fantasy? It would be nice, but I can only imagine it would be an hour long or so, so I can understand if it'd take too many resources to be a reality. Still, I really like the way you break things down, and it would really be awesome to see you apply that to the FF series.

I don't know, because they all have slight changes. Maybe a big episode about all of them would be interesting, but fuck, that's like months of research game playing and I'd probably get wicked tired of fucking RPGs. We'll see, but thanks for the suggestion.

Ever miss the old Gameshout Radio days with me, Teegtahn & Capt. Maverick? Hi Ego. :D

Hahaha those are good memories. Good to see you man.

Are you making any money now that you're posting your videos on YouTube now?

yes indeed

Will you be making anymore cartoons with Mr.Literal? I laugh every fucking time I watch that video...

The joke can go so many places, but the novelty was the punchline, I think, so I'm not sure. I wanted to do a Mr. Sarcastic, but I realized soon after developing the script that Kids in the Hall already did it, so I dropped it.

Were you on /v/ last night? Or was it an impostor but you seem similar in how they made you look like a douchebag also I think you looked like the only normal person on the show... other than the military guy who is unmemorable.

Got to love oh yeah your youtube fanbase you just cant go by on that...

The actual Video on youtube Tags: Egoraptor

That was me, yes.

I totally made an account, just to ask you stuff!

My question:

Despite what may or may not happen on The Tester, which I'm sure is already finished filming, do you regret opting to participate on the show? What can you tell us about how it was like to be filmed for a reality TV show? I saw on /v/ that everyone there was relatively nice according to you, so I wonder if they've taken a lot of people out of context.

I'm also curious -- those diary room type things, where you are solo and talking about what is going on, how are those filmed? Do they film it after the day is over or did you shoot them all at once at the end of the show? Do they ask you pointed questions like "How much of a bitch is that bitch?"

I don't regret it but it wasn't fun. I try not to regret experiences in life 'cause they shape you, all that warm fuzzy shit.

Yeah /v/ was nice to me, which was cool. They were really shitty to me when Awesome Reach came out, but they still use my reaction images. So whatevs.

This is a good question. The diary shots film at the end of the day every day. They ask you questions about everything that happened that day and you have to phrase it like it's happening right now. They take aside one outfit and you have to put it on when you're doing it every time. There was one day (the second day) where he told me it was okay to not put on the outfit because I had an outfit that was similar. You'll notice on the last part of the first episode (where I'm talking about how IM GUNNA WIN THIS) I have a brown blazer with a vest, but immediately afterwards, during the same sentence, I have a different outfit, a grey blazer with a black hoodie underneath. That's a perfect example of how edited and cut up the show is.

I totally made an account, just to ask you stuff!

My question:

Despite what may or may not happen on The Tester, which I'm sure is already finished filming, do you regret opting to participate on the show? What can you tell us about how it was like to be filmed for a reality TV show? I saw on /v/ that everyone there was relatively nice according to you, so I wonder if they've taken a lot of people out of context.

I'm also curious -- those diary room type things, where you are solo and talking about what is going on, how are those filmed? Do they film it after the day is over or did you shoot them all at once at the end of the show? Do they ask you pointed questions like "How much of a bitch is that bitch?"

My bad, they do ask you questions that aim you to answer how they want. Like, "How do you think about the way she acted? Do you think it was really crazy?" So then you instinctually answer "I don't think she was really crazy" when you could've said any number of things. It's tricky shit and I fell for it for a while.

Who's your favorite Pokemon?

If that's too difficult, who are your top three?

Top three: Scizor, Elekid, Bronzong. I like me some steel types.

So why are you doing this?

Woah.. deep shit.

What was your first animation? HEYEHEENE!

Flash animation? It was about Gundam Wing. In the show Heero always has a gun on Relena and she says "go ahead and shoot me" and I made a flash cartoon where he did.

What was your major in college?

No schoolin'. I was poor and I had bad grades.

Psn name?

I actually don't have one.

Can you spoil everything for us, and tell us who wins?

I can't.

How do you come up with the amazing voices you use in your videos, or do you naturally talk all over the top and animated like that?

No but it's easy to turn on and off. You just try to mimick people you hear, even cartoon voices that already exist, you can tweak them slightly and make a completely different voice.

will you make small tutorials about coloring and shading in flash? Just like what buttons and tools to use? or if you can explain it here? : )

I will make tutorials. I've been putting this off. I love teaching people how to create better so I really want to make things that are easy to understand and not fucking complicated and stupid like most tutorials on the internet.

Do you have any tips for people that want to start animating?

Don't stop. DON'T STOP.

Okay so, level with me here for a second... Your animations are pretty sweet bro, and I'm curious to know if you're going to be at any cons in Texas this summer. If so I'd like to know. Not like I'm gonna stalk you or anything, cause if I did I'd be in a box. But we should totally chill bro and have super chill super time. And that's enough of the references to your jokes but seriously bro, seriously. LETS FUCKING HANG!

I might be going to San Japan in San Antonio again this year.

Odd question but whats with the swag outfits? In your panel you were seen in a suit. But then you come on The Tester with like a scarf and stuff. Whats up with that man?

I just like to dress nice. You got a beef with that? I'll fuck you up.

How long does it take you to make a Sequelitis episode?

Also please make a quabillion more of them because they are incredible :D

I'm lazy so it varies, but the casltevania 4 one took like 3 days, so I guess multiply that by how many minutes the longer ones are.

MEGAMAN MEGAMAN! I love Sequelitis!

Now that that's out of the way... What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own comedy series but has zero talent for drawing? I mean, zero. Like my stick figures are drawn terribly.

Also, when will you be in the NJ area? I'd love to come to one of your meet n greets or panels...

Do live action stuff? Haha tell some jokes whatever way you can bro! Sometimes stick figures work if the jokes are good.

I dunno about NJ. I've never been there and I have no plans. Nothing against the place, just, you know. I never leave the house.


I think a sequel could be any number of things and that's why there's so much to talk about when comparing them.

I think most of all a sequel needs to maintain the spirit. Castlevania 4 did that well, but it also let it hold it back. Things changed and the game should've changed in other areas to accommodate the changes. Games are a big puzzle and everything affects everything else.

You can keep the spirit alive and still have different game design. Like Zelda 1 and 2. Completely different game but same spirit. It's about exploring and battling epic monsters. Woo (that's very general but you get the idea)

Plan on doing any more collage with NinjaSexParty?

Yes we have more things planned, they'll blow your mind to shit.

I have been watching your animations for years, and it has been pretty cool to see your style evolve, do you have any plans to move out of flash onto other mediums for larger projects?

EDIT: Because seriously, I would pay money to watch a show drawn/voiced by you

Syndicated television shows use Flash. I dunno that I'd "move out" of it. It's what I use.

That being said there are plans right now for me to do a television show. Will it be better than my cartoons online? I dunno, I hope so, but making a 15 or 22 minute cartoon is a much bigger challenge than making a 2 minute cartoon.

Being a big Megaman fan, what are your opinions on the iOS version, and do you have any quick thoughts or ideas on how Capcom (or whoever may pick it up) could bring him back better than before?

Mega Man was always about great level design, singular challenges, and jumpn and shootn. If Capcom can replicate this in whatever way they see fit, awesome. But if they try to RPGize Mega Man and give him level ups and huge cutscenes fucking... UGH, I will be angry.

Are you going to watch the movie Rampart?

Hold on gimme a second I'm raping a blonde girl at a party (totally not calling this bitch)

I'm a real big fan of your work Egoraptor, and I'd like to know, what is your favorite Castlevania game?

Castlevania 1 is probably my favorite. Everyone says I'd like 3. I should play it totally.

How was Meredith on The Tester? Did anyone tell her to "b-back that ass up?"

She's super cute. And she was really sweet. I loved when we were inbetwee takes and she'd like, take a moment to reset herself, it was adorable.

You've mentioned at magfest that you find most of your jokes unfunny after hearing them so much. What joke/phrase do you hate hearing the most?

Zombie Cancer. I just don't get it.

Do you have any advice for a newbie animator, who doesn't exactly know where to start? Love you and everything you've done, by the way!

Yeah buy The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams and draw from life every day of your life until you die.

What's it like to be working with 'stars' of Newgrounds like 'Rina-chan'?

lol it's cool

You ever seen a video by some other guy and been like "awww fuck, I wish I'd thought of that shit first."

Also, when/how did you first start fucking around with Doug Walker? You should do it more.

Oh, and also, how fucking hot is that tattoo chick from Tester?

Is that too many questions? Feel free to skip one.

All the time. Anything I ever see that's funny, I wish I'd thought of. Good ideas are so badass.

I met Doug at Infinite Bits and every year we have a con together we do something funny. He's just a really swell guy and I love seeing him.


Oooo uh

It takes a while to write Sequelitis. The Mega Man one took fucking months. It's so hard to be funny, informative, correct, and pace it all perfectly so that it doesn't get annoying or isn't overlong or filled with too much fluff. It's really stressful recording 30 minutes of dialogue and realizing it's all shit and I have to rewrite it again for the next week.

Castlevania 4 was fun because it was quick and easy. I had one thing I wanted to touch on and made sure I touched on it effectively.

I write them by playing the game a fuckton and looking through strategy guides and etc etc. Just a lot of research. i also have to get in a giggly mood when I write it because when I get too quiet I end up writing like a grumpy old man.

What is the overall goal for your future? Like would you like to see your animation or voice skills used on a more proffesional (in the industry itself) level or do you want to keep going the way you already are?

I just wanna make a lot of shit that's funny and interesting and makes people think about stuff or have a good time. When I die I hope it sticks around. that'd be cool.

Hey Ego, I recently met you at Shadocon(OK, not that recently.), and I'd like to say thank you for being such a nice guy to me. Taking pictures and autographs? Man, you rule. I hope that I get another chance to meet you so I don't spaz out like the last time.

Dude for sure, next year, be there. You and me. Magic.

Did you like Mega Man 9 and 10? I loved both but I see a lot of negativity towards 10. Also, if you can, opinions on the Vita from what you played in The Tester?

[edit] Also, what is your favorite piece of animated work from Television or Film, based on the animation?

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

I think 9 and 10 are both solid. I think the complaints are less important than the core. Like, the music isn't good, it's weird how it's so serious. Like who cares. And I didn't even really think the music was that bad, In fact mentioning MM10 got Blade Man's tune stuck in my head.

MM9 and 10 did everything right as far as level design and game design. Really solid, fun games. But I'm glad there's no MM11.

Any chance of us seeing a Mass Effect Awesome?


Is Ninjanomyx a real person? I'm watching The Tester now and I refuse to believe this person actually exists.

Ninja is so cool, I like him a lot. He was a really funny guy and I got along with him really well. He seems like a nerd who's reeeally fuckin nerdy but doesn't care. I'm down with that.

Sup bro, big fan here. I'm the same asshole who sent you pictures of a gift inspired by you my friend gave me. But anyway...

How did you come up with your format for Sequelitis?

Also, I'm a huge Mega Man fan myself. Any chance of a Sequelitis comparing Mega Man X to 2, 3, and so on?

Edit: Why not plug it again, just to be annoying.

That was fuckin awesome!

I came up with the format for Sequelitis over the course of like, a year. Seriously. I wanted so badly to do a game analysis show, but I didn't know how to approach it without being an AVGN ripoff or coming off as too boring or preachy. The mixture of comedy and substance was a really fucking hard thing to get right and I wrote so many scripts for these types of shows until it hit me when I played Simon's Quest for the first time in my life. All of the things I wanted to talk about in game design were perfectly portrayed by the comparison of Castlevania 1 and 2. It occurred to me that this was the best format for talking about game design: comparing similar games.

I might make a Mega Man X4 episode.

Are you aware of, or been introduced to Homestuck in any way?

I'm aware of it. I tried to read it, I didn't get it. Asked a couple Homestuck fans if I should hammer through, they said no. I lifted an eyebrow and never looked back.

Can you recommend me some awesome anime series to watch?

Hikaru no Go, Re: Cutie Honey (only the first episode), Area 88 (the 80's one), Iria: Zeiram the Animation!

You're a cool dude, and I enjoy your stuff. Looking at the trailer for the Tester Season, I think you're the best crier. Even if yours is fake. How do you respond to the fact that you look like Jack White's younger brother?

I hear that a lot. I dunno, Jack White has really thin lips. Mine are full and wonderful.

What cons do you usually go to?

I saw you at San Japan and you were easily my favorite part about it. Go to more in Texas! We miss you, dawg!

Whoever invites me! San Japan again, Shadocon, maybe MAGFest again, I LOVED MAGFest!

What is your least favourite videogame you have played?

I dunno... There's a lot of ridiculously bad games. I don't like Call of Duty, it's boring.


I laughed so hard I cried.

What do you think about Bad box art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken?

I think it's the funniest godamn thing.

What's next on your to-do list of animations?

Link to the AWESOME.

I think you have an awesome fuckin stance on video games and the way you approach learning / progression in the sequilitis videos BLEW MY DAMN MIND. HIGH MOTHERFUCKIN FIVE FOR BEING A RAD DUDE AND MAKING ME GIGGLE

Thanks dude highfive!

Do you have any brief thoughts or ideas on how Capcom could bring Megaman back? I mean, besides throwing the fat goofy, pistol wielding version of him in Streetfighter X Tekken, of course.

I dunno, keep it a platformer but upgrade it a little bit, like how X was for Mega Man. There's so much more you can do with platformers.

What did you think of Max Gilardi's portrayal of you on Wisenheimers?

Hahaaha Max has it out for me. I swear someday I'm gunna wake up and he's gunna be standing over my body with a knife, and then he'll see I'm awake and he'll zip around and whistle.

Max is funny and I love it.

Would you ever consider doing a Kingdom Hearts Sequelitis / Awesome? Also, I love your work!

Kingdom Hearts... that's a possibility. But the changes were a lot more subtle. It'll be hard to do but maybe.

How was the Tester event in Santa Monica the other day? I wanted to come, but couldn't make it. And a "work" related question: Did the video Letter to Developers ever cause a game dev to talk to you about their game for pointers or anything of the sort (I know it was a haha video, just curious)?

It was alright. I got to actually chat with Gocke for a bit and that was cool. Saw J-Tight and SkyDiddy again which was aaawesome.

And no, Letter to Game Devs never resulted in consulting jobs :p

What is your favorite color?


Why were you making that duck face in the van at the start of "The Tester" Ep. 1? did someone let out a really bad fart and no one wanted to open a window?....or were you just bored?

I was trolliiinnn

Where did your name come from? Also, which came first: the character Ego or the name?

I was 9 and really liked dinosaurs. Wanted to invent my own and Egoraptor was born. Originally it was a raptor and there's an entire history of how the character has changed. Now it's just "Ego" but I still go by Egoraptor.

Sequelitis 3.

Is it gonna be as awesome as the Megaman sequelitis?


It's comin bitch

Hello mayne! So you're awesome, and I love you and your cartoons, so one quickie: Did you watch cartoons like I Am Weasel, Cow and Chicken, and all that other crazy shizoroony? ... I liked that cartoon too! :D (dora teh explora reference)

Yes, but I was mostly a Nicktoons kid because I didn't have Cartoon Network growing up. But Dexter's Lab and brilliant, Cow and Chicken is really good.

A bit New Wave for my tastes.

But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.

Sup Egoraptor, dude from /v/ here. Saw your thread yesterday.. so, since you don't actually even have any trophies on PS3... do you even play PS3 games? If so, which ones.

Also Sequelitis, fucking love that shit mang.

Yeah, I like Flower a lot. Uncharted is also really good. Super Stardust really hooked me in for a while too. WarHawk kicked ass online.

I had "I'd like some pound cake" saved as my message tone on my phone for about 18 months before anyone truly understood what it actually was. It was 18 months of waiting but after someone finally recognized it I had decided to let it go, thanks for the best ringtone a guy could ever have asked for bro.

Oh I guess I should ask a question. Do you miss newgrounds?

Miss Newgrounds? I go there every day!

Do you play any MMROPGS? Any in the past? RS RO Maplestory etcetc?

Nope, never touched one. Seriously. I did play Dungeon Fighter really briefly to see what it was like, but no. No MMORPGS for me. The core is really bring to me. I love playing Tribes Ascend though!

Ego, how do you feel about the accusations that you're only on the show to get fans? Also, more Sequilitiseseseseses please.

It's silly. I went on the show FOR my fans, not to get NEW fans. I just wanted to be funny.

Hey Egoraptor! Can you describe your workspace? In other words, your tools of your trade and such. Such as, a certain tablet? Do you listen to music while you animiate and if so, what kind? What's your ideal working environment like? Are there certain essentials that HAVE to be there? Like something you're OCD about not having, etc.

I have a huge Ikea desk with three monitors. One of them is a Cintiq21UX which acts as my table. I have posters and toys all over, and my table is always a mess. I have a vectrex on my left so I can play some minestorm when I'm dead inside.

I listen to music when I clean up, or color. I don't when I animate, because it's too distracting. I do when I keyframe, because it's inspiring. I listen to a lot of techno, like Tiesto and Kaskade and shit. I like funk music, like Jamiroquai or Brothers Johnson. J-Pop too, Utada Hikaru and shit. Genki Rockets. I like 70's Rock too, shit, I dunno, good music. My ideal working environment is an air conditioned room with nothing going on in it. Unless I'm working on a group project then I need people to chat with.

I need to wear my smudgeguard glove or I refuse to draw on my tablet. It's so essential to my process. It makes drawing on a smooth surface so much easier, because my hands get clammy really fast.

What was the first thing that went through your mind as you saw the cockroaches man. Did they smell pretty funny?

They smelled wicked bad, but they just kinda tickled a little. They were nice guys, none of them like went into my nose or anything.

Have you ever played abes oddysee (or exoddus)? I liked those games.


I'm hungry. Want anything while I am out?

Dude I'm starving. Pick me up some tacos.

Did you ever figure out why that pigeon was just chilling on your front porch like that?

On an unrelated note, I'm really digging Sequelitis. "Megaman! Megaman!" has become a goto phrase in my friend circle for annoying "helpful" characters in games.

On a somewhat related note, thanks for signing that copy of Rockman and Forte I bought off of ebay from you like 3 years ago. Had to mod my Super Nintendo to play it, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks man. I've since bought a new one, so enjoy that.

Wassup bro, you play league of legends?

I don't.

Does mixing the fuck out of 5 dozen eggs in a bowl really creates a huge dick?

Why don't you try it.

what did you do before you became the Egorapter we know & love today? (Do you have a dog?)

I don't have a dog, but my parents do, and one of them was kinda like my dog when I lived with them.

I worked a lot of jobs before I animated for a living. I worked at Blockbuster, I modified power boards for outdated phone systems, I worked construction, I gave tours on the Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I'd rather be doing this than any of those.

Banana or Pickle?

I dunno man they ain't comparable.

How much moneys do you generally make in a year?

Enough to buy video games and pay for a house.

Who's you're favorite between Oneyng and psychicpebbles and all those guys?

No favorites, I love them all. They are all my bros and I really like them.

You going to Anime Expo 2012?

I will have a booth there, yes!

I watched The Tester premier last night. And i agree, they did make you look like a doucher :|. But i don't approve of that. They kinda made it seem like you weren't taking it seriously. Anyway. So overall, how would you rate your time on The Tester? Who wins :| ? Aaaaaaaaand i heard a rumor about Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask Sequelitis (my favorite series of yours). Is that rumor true?

No, I am doing a Link to the Past vs. Oracina Sequelitis next. I can't say who wins. I wasn't really taking it seriously.

Was it awkward using the shower and bathroom in a house full of relative strangers? Did you ever think that Sony might try to film you showering so they could use it to sell PS4's?


It was weird. Lemme tell you about the shower.

We had two showers. One was completely exposed next to the bathroom, so if we wanted to shower there we had to make an announcement, and no one could use that bathroom when it was in use. The other one was outside. It was like 40 degrees out. And the water wasn't heated. So you take your pick. It was pretty horrible.

Did you intend your third Sequalitis to be that short? I mean yes you didn't have too much to touch on in Castlevania IV, but why choose that game?

What other games do you intend to do on Sequalitis on?

I also heard that for the longest time, the website "That Guy with the Glasses" had been trying to get you in as a contributer for the site. Are those rumors correct? If so, what were your reasons for declining that offer?

Also, just wanted to say that you are awesome and hope to meet you in person someday.

Yes, it was meant to be that short. I wantd to call it something like Sequelitis shorts but I got lazy. I only wanted to talk about one thing, so I did.

I talked about it because I felt like it was important enough to say. I notice a lot of sequels get dumbed down for staying too consistent and don't try to branch out. Castlevania 4 was special because a new mechanic made the old meta irrelevant, and everyone seems to totally love on CV4.

I dunno about TGWTG wanting me as a contributor, but I'm good friends with Doug. We've never talked about that. I think I reach a wide enough audience with my Youtube channel so I don't think it's appropriate to split distribution venues.

Do you prefer playing games that are now considered "retro" compared to more modern games? Or is it just on a game by game basis?

I just have a lot of retro games and I think they're cool. I guess the appeal is that they come from a time where things were simpler and weren't filled with cutscenes and overlong tutorials. I like that. Plus most AAA games are the same these days. But there are a lot of good indie games out there.

Whats the show about and how excited are you? Also if anyone could be on it who would you want?

Dunno what the show's about, but I'm pretty excited. I'm scared the studio system will really bum me out, but I'm keeping an open mind. I really don't want television to ruin me, you know? There's so much evil in the entertainment industry, keeping all the animation local to me and my house feel really good, and it's gunna be hard to give up my IP's to a television studio.

Your cartoons were the first things to make me laugh so hard I cried and pooped my pants a little. Sir thank you and NEVER stop making these works of art!

Thanks man.

I've followed you since your beginnings on Newgrounds. I love your work Ego, always fluid animation. Who else in the animation community inspires you or just makes you laugh?

Stamper on Newgrounds really cracks me up. Marc M (Sick Animation) really makes me laugh too.

hey RAPtor why did you fav that guy who's reviewing the Tester? he got like 1548 dislikes was that sth you expected happening?

Hahaha maybe...

How do you feel knowing that 90% of people who are fans of your ancient DBZ in a nutshell think it was voiced by the voice actor who did Invader Zim?

I've actually spoken to Horvitz about it and we had a good laugh. He still gets people telling him it was hilarious.

I guess I just take it in stride. It happened so long ago. I remember it was my only claim to fame and it bummed me out so much, but now it's just a funny memory.

Will you ever be in Knoxville, TN? You're kind of my idol as far as internet goes, and it'd be snazzy to meet you.

If there's a con there that would like to invite me, sure!

We already know that Mega Man X is your all time favorite, but what are your second and third favorite Mega Man X games?

2 and 3. lol

How do you feel about the Cult following of My Little Pony? And how were the people you met on the Tester?

I think it's interesting. It seemed like a novelty but it really caught on. It's a good show but I don't get why it's so huge.

They were all cool.

How much help do you get on your projects? And do you feel that if you have too many people helping or working on your projects they might lose your focus.

Not much, and yes sometimes. We've been doing moviejams on the weekend, so far with Me, Jaxxy, Rubberninja, Tomamoto, and my fianceé Suzy. It's been fun but I can see where creative differences come into play. I am a little concerned that my upcoming projects are going to e bigger and need help creatively, but I think the moviejams are good experience. I guess the key is to hold strong and prioritize what is important to keep and what is good to let somebody else work their magic on.


goodness me


They're all gamers. Some more serious than other, but in the end they're all good people imo. I liked them all. I don't think they just wanted to be famous. Well I get the feeling Suskaiden had some interest in being a villian or at least get a lot of attention. Honestly she did a good job, so props to her.

Also, compared to when you first started getting popular, and into animation, how much faster have you gotten at animating a standard length cartoon?

MUCH faster. And I seem to always be picking up speed. I will reach the singularity soon.

I have followed you since the very beginning brah!

Keep up the good work, and keep making us laugh!


Thanks pal!

How do you feel about Playstation putting your name in there tags on Youtube, without putting anyone else's?

Hahahaha. They drill me for self promotion, and then use me to promote their show.

If you could live any day of your life a second time, what day would you choose and why?

There was a weekend where a bunch of friends all got together and went to Anime Expo. It was incredible, and it was SO much fun. That day.

How would you describe your experience on The Tester overall?


Okay you have a million questions already... I just wanted to say I watched the Girlchan in Paradise episodes a couple of weeks ago and I literally had to stop halfway through the second episode because I was crying with laughter.

And since this is an AMA, which Girlchan characters were you voicing? Also, why is Yusuke the only one who's lip synched?

I voice Kenstar, Kotobaru, Kotomaru, The pencil guy, uhhh.. maybe a couple others. Oh Swirly Glasses.

Yusuke's lipsynced because I thought it was funny. It's a very expensive joke.

DUDE SEQUELITIS IS THE BEST THING EVER, RELEASE MORE. (Probably because I'm a cynical bastard)

Have you every played any of the Persona series, and if so, is it or is it not the best thing ever?

Persona is neat. I like how the story elements are important because you basically have to judge what the best reply is to a statement based on your knowledge of a character. It's neat. But I think the link between the dating world and the battle world is a little silly. The battle system is good too but it's just like, I dunno, the focus feels off.


Seeing your love for Castlevania makes me want to know if you've played Dark Souls or Demon's Souls and what are your opinions on them? I always felt like those games are what Castlevania needed to evolve into.

I get asked this ALL THE TIME.

I haven't played these games. I suppose I should.

Will you be the voice of Daremien in the next Sailorman?

You know, the one where they're all dead?

And in hell?


Any chance aniRAGE can get a shout out on your new TV show? wink wink nudge nudge

hahaha maybe

Been a fan of your work for many years; Sequelitis is absolutely brilliant, and I hope to see it continue for a long time.

On that note, ever consider an episode comparing Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie? I think the question of whether "bigger" and "more collectibles" means "better" is one worth addressing.

That's interesting. I've played neither but that's a good subject. A lot of games like Super Mario 3D Land have collectables as the goal, and it's compelling but is it manipulative.

Would you encourage and endorse JonTron to try out for the Tester 4?

Hahaha no I would not encourage anyone to try out for that show. But if he did I would endorse him.

Hey Egoraptor, huge just about everyone else, I guess. I have a couple of random questions.

I was 9 and liked dinosaurs.

My favorite awesome tribute video is Awesome's Creed. I still quote it.

The best part of making a living the way I do is fuckin doing what I want every day. It kicks ass. I love animating and playing video games and all that jazz. It's awesome.

Ego, how did you look so sexy in those pajamas?

Personally, I think you should sign and auction them. You'd make some good money off of them.


I heard how much you loved The Angry Video Game Nerd in your Castlevania 2 episode of Sequelitis.

What do you think of THE IRATE GAMER?

What a Piece of Cowabunga shit.

What is/was your favorite cartoon show?

Rocko's Modern Life.

Where da video games?!


what do you think of skullgirls. here's gameplay if yout haven seen it

It's cool and I'm excited that Alex finally got his game off the ground. It's gunna be AWESOME.

Ego, what's your favorite anime? I know that you like Gurren Lagann because it was your computer background when you were doing a liveststream one time, but are there any recent anime that you've really enjoyed?

Also, I love all of your work. All of it.

Recent anime? I haven't been keeping up. like, besides Gurren Lagann the most recent anime I watched was Airmaster. I like Full Metal Alchemist too.

For the longest time you had that YouTube video of "Metal Gear Awesome is not on Youtube". Did you suddenly realize the potential for income there was and throw away your previous opinions or did you just give up on trying to keep your work of it?

The reason I hated Youtube was because the quality was terrible. They fixed it and supported HD, so I released them on Youtube. It wasn't until after that that I realized you could make money.

Highschooler here; what should a bright-eyed, apple-cheeked, aspiring animator be looking into in terms of high school/post-secondary programs?

Life drawing. LIFE DRAWING. I CAN'T SAY THIS ENOUGH LIFE DRAWING. If you have an afterschool life drawing course where nude models come in and pose, TAKE IT. LIFE DRAWING IS SO IMPORTANT.

Are you and "Jon Tron" pretty close friends? I noticed the other day that you were in one of his videos. How did you come to meet him?

PS. Your animations are hilarious

I love Jontron. We are very close. I met him because I saw his videos and sent him a PM telling him I loved them.

Did you know you have a page on IMDB?

I did yes but they spelled Sequelitis wrong.

How often have you been stopped in public because someone recognized your voice and was like "Holy shit, are you Egoraptor?"

My voice, very rarely, but it mostly happens at stores (I don't talk much in public) like gamestop. I actually get recognized by face a lot. It happens... I dunno, once every 2 months?

What does your family think about all the animations you make?

They love them, they are probably my biggest fan. My Dad is my number 1 cyber stalker, seriously.

Is the next Sequelitis going to be longer like the first 2? I've enjoyed all of them, but Super Castlevania 4 Super Castlevania Super was way shorter.

Yes, the next Sequelitis will probably be like 40 minutes long christ.

On the Tester when you said that you being on the show would bring in more views, did you mean views for your own youtube channel or views for The Tester?

I took it to mean you will help the show get more viewers, but everyone seems to think you were shamelessly self-promoting.

I meant the show, The Tester. I was trying to suck up to them shamelessly.

How long did it take before you were contacted to become a contestant on The Tester? (From when you first applied to when they actually selected you.)

Hmmm.... When the contest was still going I believe, after the top 20 thing. It was funny seeing people argue over how I wasn't going to make it when I'd already gotten the call.

Arin, why aren't you married? Is it because you like meat too much? You could be married AND still eat a lot of meat.

I didn't know that.

Serious question: Can we play gaemz together?

Actual question: Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con this year, even just as a fan? What's your favorite part of the "fan" part of conventions? (So not hosting the panels) What PC games, if any, do you enjoy?

Tribes. Rotparoge. Do it.

qoute I'm kidding, I don't want to waste your time with more of that crap. So, I was wondering if it's difficult making a living off of YouTube and Newgrounds? Or is it not that bad?

It's not difficult. It WAS difficult when I wasn't so popular, but now that it's easier to bring in hits it's very easy living. Don't get me wrong, animation is still hard as shit, but the fact that I don't have to work my ass off every fucking day just to make ends meet is so nice.

How much did you like this video?

Loved it.

I'm just beginning to learnh ow to animate in Flash and so far it's a pain. How long did it take you to get so good at animating?


Why is it that you are somehow one of the least insane people on the show. Does the show make the other contestents look worse to, or are some of them really that annoying?

I guess I've never been really wacky. If I'm in my element I can be pretty outrageous but I've grown up a lot. I think a lot of the people on the show were noticeably younger than I am.

I do not have anything to ask about your Tester run or series itself. Your Q&A panel and others have answered it already mostly.

In your Castlevania 2 video, you said that the RPG aspect was honed, but still bad in overall game design on later games. Castlevania aside, do you think RPG genre itself is bad in general gaming world. And I mean RPG in lines of Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, not whatever action game bioware has recently made.

Sorry for the weird question, I have gotten my share of enjoyment from older RPG's lately, and your comment felt like RPG design in complete is something that should not be. Or is there instances where RPG is acceptable even to you?

So you mean JRPG

There's no rule of game design and the fact that RPGs exist mean they're valid, but do I think story elements should be so blatantly disconnected from gameplay? No.

The core design of an RPG is the battle system and there are BARELY any games that focus solely on battle. Battling is interesting!!! But in these games you can break the game so easily by leveling up and making the battle too easy. It's really silly. Why not make a game where each battle is carefully crafted and your abilities at the time are carefully crafted? Wouldn't that be ultra compelling? A number-based battle with really intricate rules that's SET IN STONE. How awesome?

But leveling dumbs it all down, makes it fake compelling. It's sad.

Hey, Egoraptor, whatever happened to that video you were gonna make where you come up to me at a coffee shop and rant about that Dragonball thing you made way back? You think you're too cool for me now that you're on the Tester with Tyra Banks?

You need to shut your mouth and listen up fool. This is the real life, I can't be goin and having coffee with you all the time, I gotta go stick my head in bugs.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Egoraptor conducted on Reddit on 2012-02-08. The Reddit AMA can be found here.