Danny Tamberelli

July 10, 2012

IAMA comedian and musician Danny Tamberelli. I was Little Pete and a cast member of All That. I worked from 6-18 with Nickelodeon. Now I play in bands, write sketch comedy and enjoy Woody Harrelson movies...

Hey redditors, I narcissistically searched my name a few weeks back on here and saw a request for me. I am pumped to do this. I will be here online til whenever, this is fun... @dtamberelli is the twitter, goto manboobscomedy.com for verification. You'll see up there that I too enjoy cute cat photos. www.jounce.org is my band of 11 years and I also played with Richard Lloyd from the band Television. Ask me anything, Im game.

EDIT1: Also, 7 Colorado Kool Aids deep and not planning on stopping now.. EDIT2: Going for the longest AMA bc im too far deep in Coors and have nothing to do until tomorrow. Who knows the longest time spent on an IAMA? EDIT3: Thanks guys, I am gonna continue to get drunk but I need some food. i'll try to come back later but thanks for the good time!

Make sure you hit up www.jounce.org (when its working again), www.manboobscomedy.com and @dtamberelli for my twitter to find out about happenings. Thanks Reddit and PEACE! 9 hours and 10 minutes...thats my dedication to you and reddit.

Put yourself back in the mindset of Arnold from The Magic School Bus:

how does it feel to have a school bus full of your classmates inside of you?

It felt nice to know that some people on that bus that i didnt like got to go through my bowels.

Who didn't you like? It seemed like everyone got along, but we also didn't see behind the scenes.

we all did for the most part. As I said earlier, i was in the middle so I was the older kid to the younger crowd and the youngest of the older crowd so I got my fair share of getting fucked with but there was never any hate.

Ok. Thanks for doing this, and great bass playing!

appreciate it!

Have you actually been researching reddit to drop that Woody Harrelson reference, or are you a redditor now? One of us?

Do you still talk to your on-screen brother, the other pete? Anyone else from the show?

I am a reddit reader...thats how I knew about that harrelson interview. As far as Mike, big pete, we hang once in a while in brooklyn. It can get weird though at a bar when we are both sitting there. Sometimes theres a leprechaun and a pot of gold in the bar

have you ever heard that john stamos and bob sagget hang out together and go up to kids and their 20's in the bathroom and they go to the urinals on either side of the guy and have conversations in character. if you and mike maronna did that it would be the ultimate mind f.

I will keep this in mind for next time we chill, thats fucking hilarious


on long island next to queens

Who was your favorite nickelodeon cast member on your shows to work with?

I have been friends with Kenan and Mike Maronna since I was single digits and still talk and hang out with them here in NYC. I teach Kenan guitar lessons right now. On All That, I was the youngest of the old kids and the oldest of the younger kids so I tended to hang with the older kids but also Mark Saul, a younger cast member and I were writing partners on the 6th season and got a few sketches onto the screen

Did you see Mark Saul's gum advertisement with the Tiger? I saw it and was freaked out because I haven't seen him on anything in years.

i did, it was awesome! Hes on Greys Anatomy as well

Wait, you guys actually wrote for All That?

Was that common, or was it just something you tried after being on the show for a few years?

it wasnt common at all. We were the only 2 cast members with WGA writers credit and got paid for our sketches. It was a great experience and obviously helped Mark to write for Greys Anatomy as well. As for me, I guess my manboobs are my all that sketches all grown up, or all grown adolescent

Will you teach me guitar as well?

NJ/NYC area i'll teach ya.

The idea of you teaching Kenan guitar blows my mind. You need to just release one picture of the two of you doing that to make every 90 kid die happy.

i'll think about it. He's pretty good too

If you come stay at the hotel I work at, I'll hook you up with alcohol and any drugs you could ask for. I'm here in Vail, CO all winter!


I normally reserve that special for childhood heroes, but who could be a better hero than a fellow redditor?

werd up!

why'd you have me removed? I WAS ALWAYS WILLING TO DANCE FOR YOU!

think how streched and wrinkled Petunia would be if I actually got it when I was 7. I dont know if youve seen me lately but she'd have a foopa...Nobody wants that

danny, baby -- you're beautiful. i'll jounce with you any time.

miss you baby!

FUPA, man. FUPA.

I know, but it reads better. What about the internationals on here? They need it phonetically

Much respect but I believe it's Fupa. Has your band covered summerbaby? If not will you?

I know its fupa, i wasnt thinking. My mistake. and yeah, Jounce has played it once after we did it as the blowholes in Feb. We have played some Miracle Legion stuff and on our last EP, there is a version of ML's Heart is Attached.

Hey Danny! (Fellow Danny here, up top! )

Anyways, just a few questions:

Answer any you like, or none! I just love your work, from Little Pete to Jack Campbell, Fat Cop.

Danny, I became a hockey fan on Mighty Ducks. I turned 10 on the set, Emilio Estavez took us all to see Waynes World in the theaters. Was an excellent experience.

Summer is still as hot as I remember and yes the slimings were ridiculous. I was taking 4 showers a day.

This AMA just gets better and better... "Emilio esteves took us to see Wayne's world.." Drool...

i had to ask him what gratuitous meant during the "Gratuitous Sex Scene' I wish i could remember what he said, I was too busy looking at Tia Carrera

I have this idea that Nickelodeon is super strict with the child-actors.

Do you have any stories where you were punished for being a kid?

not at all man, Nick was super cool and very relaxed as opposed to the "Rat" channel. I did get in trouble on Pete and Pete during the Range Boy episode where 12yr old me drove a gas powered ball picker upper thing all over the Nutley NJ driving range during lunch. People were pissed

TIL the nickname that Team Nickelodeon holds for The Disney Channel ...

and I love it.

fuck right!

Hey Danny! Thanks so much for doing this!

Here's something that's bothered me since I was a kid: How much of "Figure It Out" was staged?

On some episodes it seemed like the answer was incredibly obvious and you guys were losing on purpose (like, if the clue was the mimes barking like dogs, you all would answer "lobsters" or "yogurt eating"). Then sometimes you guys would blow it out of the water and get the whole answer right on the first round, so the kid went home with barely anything. I always wondered if there was some quota of winners/losers you had to fill.

Were there some kids you were rooting for and would try to let win (conversely: were there some kids you just hated and tried to make lose)? Or was it totally random based on how you felt that day?

hahaha, totally random. I pretty much judged the confidence level of the kid and whether or not they thought they were too smart for us. Then I'd go extra hard to guess it. Most of the time though I wanted the kids to go to Smugglers notch and get a piece of the agro grag

Danny, between P&P and All That, you are arguably the king of 90s nick. As of late, its incredibly popular for people in their late teens/early 20s to annoyingly circlejerk (obsess over how awesome) the 90s were. Since you are on the inside looking out, would you say this is all over-hyped nostalgia? Also, whats the backstory to the big ear of corn? Where is it now?

90's nick was a product of talented and creative staff and writers. People like Will McRobb, Katherine Dieckman and Chris Viscardi from P&P and Tommy Lynch (Alex Mack) as well as Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider. These people along with Nick president Gerry Layborne (sp?) were blazing trails. Thats why I think there is such a resurgence of the 90's shows. Those shows werent cookie cutter shows. There was depth and substance that seemed to have affected many people. Myself included

And the corn? We need to know.

Corn went when Lori Beth left didnt it? If not, I know she knows something

Katherine Dieckman did amazing work for Pete & Pete with Will McRobb. I was lucky enough to see some of her preliminary storyboards for one of the first Pete & Pete shorts; her contributions helped craft the show into the 90s classic it lives on as today.



and amen

You stayed on my couch once while we were in college. We smoked a blunt together and briefly talked about le bass guitar. That was cool. You were an enjoyable houseguest! On campus, people seemed to be both too fascinated and/or intimidated to say hello. Do you find it hard to hang out in crowds of people born in the 80's? (ie. "OMG IT'S LITTLE PETE!!!!").

hahahaha, thanks for the sleeping space. It was weird in college but I got used to it. Most people were always cool but then theres the few beer balls types that would be annoying or scream PEEEETTTTEEE at the top of their lungs at a packed party...But it taught me good ways to diffuse situations like that. All in all though it wasn't an issue. except for my game. I had 0 game because i never had to really go up to chicks. Guess thats why I watched so much of that Canadian with the shit on head

The pickup artist Mystery I am guessing.

thats his name

I saw your band play in Syracuse a few years ago while I was at school there. You ended up sitting at a table real close to my friend and we wanted to say something but didn't want to seem like jerks. So, uh... "hey"

hey, whats up?

How did you get the gig playing bass for Richard Lloyd's last tour? Are you still on good terms with him after what happened in Cleveland? What kind of bass rig are you using? What's your favorite Little Pete one-liner?

I got the Lloyd gig 3 years ago from my friend in LA. He was actually the guy who got me into television. Told me that Richard was looking for a bassist and i should go audition and at least meet him. I did and he gave me the job. I toured with him for the last three years and stopped in Cleveland. I dont think I will play with him again, I wish him well but those 5 days took a lot out of me. I was doing way more than just playing bass. I was tour manager, guitar tech, couples therapist and then a bassist. I have a Trace Elliot head and 2 4x10s. I use a 91 Japanese Pbass. "Bite my scab blowhole!" or "And thats how you turn a colt into a gelding"

What happened in Cleveland?!

Oh dear, the suspense. It's killing me.

tour ended, he got into a verbal fight and some pushing and beer spilling on the drummer Billy, the drummer from Television. Then some other stuff happened that I cant really talk about right now, but that was the last night of tour, and Richard hasnt left Cleveland since.


ahahaha, he knows all about what happened in Cleveland that Dick Jones!

Hijacking this post to ask you about Jounce since no one else in the thread even knows you have touring with them for awhile now. Can we expect Jounce at any festivals this year? Also you need to get a website instead of using myspace... who the fuck uses myspace anymore?

we dont, www.jounce.org and facebook.com/jounce

He also hit the female singer from the opening band.


I was a big fan of The Mighty Ducks and enjoyed the series. What caused you to not be involved with the 2nd or 3rd movies? And do you still keep in touch from any of the guys from the original Ducks?

I was too short to be in the 2nd movie bc they were going to the junior olymics and I still looked 8. I have talked to Josh Jackson once in a while and Aaron Shwartz who was also in Pete and Pete

Do you wish you were fat as a kid so you could have been in Heavy Weights?

i tested for heavyweights and wasnt fat enough. If they reboot it now though, im a shoe in

Hey Danny, glad you're doing this IAmA. First off, I'd like to say your role on Pete & Pete was among the top highlights of my childhood. Practically everything spouted by Little Pete was a stroke of genius and a moment of instant hilarity. So onto my few questions:

1) Only recently have I come across your music with Jounce and I must say, awesome! "Who Hates The Office" is indescribably amazing and your guys' sound is just epic (speaking of which, love that Faith No More cover). So when can we expect more? Have any new material that hasn't been put out or still working on something new? Or are you all on a bit of a break for now?

2) See any of the old cast and crew from those days on a regular basis? You know, besides Maronna. Great "interview" with Nightlinez, funny stuff. But what's with the hummus? Nothing wrong with the poundage you've put on, but you DEFINITELY could get more for a bj. I mean come on, that's like celeb-head, should charge a premium for that.

3) Any plans on going back into acting? ManBoobs would make for a great sketch comedy show, like on Comedy Central or HBO or what-have-you. I mean hell, Maronna had Slackers, 40 Days And 40 Nights, and even Ameritrade. When's your time to return to the limelight? Of course, you could always keep making kick-ass music, then all would be forgiven.

So I hope you get to see this post, let alone answer any of my questions. Regardless, keep up the awesome and hilarious work, though it will have to be without my £2 a day. I mean, come on man, that's like almost $100 a month! I have my vices to feed!

thanks Gary! Jounce just got signed to this indie label Riot House Records and we will be putting out a new record in the fall. Manboobs is just chugging along, the more people who see it will help us get more exposure so then I can pitch to HBO.

First off, I'd like to say that I've looked up to you since I was a kid. What was your favorite part of being involved in Nickelodeon shows? Were there times when you didn't enjoy your job?

the only times i didnt enjoy working was when I was missing stuff at home. I only got tutored on the sets, I went to public school my whole life so when i had to miss parties, proms, homecomings etc. it made me sad but whatever, thats life. At least my parents were cool enough to keep me in school and play rec sports. I dont feel like most child actors who say they lost their childhood.

What sports did you play?

baseball, soccer and hockey

Was Figure It Out at all scripted? Also ever make out behind Billy The Answer Head?

no scripts for panelists and there was one Billy makeout sesh. He started it and in fact it was the last time Billy was on the show. I told an adult

So you and summer sanders? ever?

nah, I begged her to wait for me to grow up, but she wasn't waiting for me...still crushed a little inside

Tell them to release season 3 of Pete and Pete on dvd.


does it bother you that people have been pirating season 3 for years due to not being released? or are you just happy we all love that much?

do it! It deserves to be out there, It was a great season

When I was a kid I desperately wanted to be friends with Little Pete. That show was a very formative part of my childhood, so thanks for the memories. Now my question: How did you feel when you were told Artie was going to be written off the show? (If you acknowledge my existence by answering this question, I am going to tell people that I met you and we hung out.)

I was sad. I loved Toby, he was the man and we woud just goof off all day. I was sad like all of you. Note: Toby gave me my first cigarette. He denies to this day but he did.

You heard it here, folks. Artie was kicked off of Pete and Pete for giving Danny Tamberelli cigarettes.

hahahaha, nobody knew it was Toby. Everyone knew I smoked butts on the set though. I used to make the PA who drove me to work give me cigs and blast superchunk. He later became the Editor for SPIN magazine.

next time Superchunk has a reunion show in Chapel Hill (they are the most badass shows) you should come down and let me buy you a beer.

would love to come to their hometown rager shows. I'll be waiting on the beer

I just kinda need to hi-jack this comment real quick and tell you that I think you're sexy. That is all.

successful highjack

What's your favorite beer?

Boones Amber Ale from Anderson Valley. But my goto cheap beer is highlife bottles, icy cold.

The remasters are brilliant Foolish being my favorite.

Foolish is my favorite Superchunk record too

Soooooo? Buying smokes for kids leads to success? j/k. But I am curious what brand you smoked.

i smoked wahtever I could shakedown from people.

haha nice, how old were you to be on set rippin' butts? Did anyone care or no? You must have some fond memories. Pretty tits.

i prolly got people in trouble for giving me cigs on the set but they didnt really tell me anything or tell my parents. and yes lots of fond memories of tits ive been privileged to see over the years.

Not sure if highjack is implying something or is an unintentional misspelling.

writing is hard sometimes. FUPA, HIJACK...anything else I need to correct?


youd have to message me pics so I know what the baby might look like. Also, looking to keep the ginger intact for procreation only. I see enough firecrotch on myself...wait...if youre shaven then its all good. nevermind.

When you were playing the younger pete, how did they manage to keep the tattoo of Petunia on you? Was it a stamp, or did and artist have to repaint it on you before every shoot?

Good question! They had the full color ones for a long time until they ran out. Then they got a stencil made and had temporary tattoo paint to color it in. I had to wear saran wrap on my arm after shooting and to take a shower until the shoot was finished. I had a dirty forearm most of production

At the NYC reunion Danny said that he would have to cover his arm in plastic wrap every time he took a shower so the temporary tattoo wouldn't come of. I think he didn't wash his arm for something like a month. Gross, but dedicated.

thanks for clarifying.

I'm not sure how big of a sacrifice "not bathing" ranks at nine years old...

not that bad at all. Great excuse to tell my parents

I masturbated to you when I was a child. I am male. Does this bother you?

eh, whatever works for you pal. Glad I could help

Yeah, you were great fapping material back then, like this pic.


No pedo intended, I was a kid then too.

glad I could be a help

Since you enjoy Woody Harrelson movies, how did you like Rampart?

hahaha, best all time. I watched it as much as I watched Lynch's Inland Empire

I went to Bennington College in Vermont and often heard legends about your time at school in Western MA. Did you realize then that you were possibly the most celebrated New England college student since Rivers Cuomo went to Harvard?

Also, how did you enjoy your time at Hampshire?

hahaha, I had an excellent time at Hampshire. I finished All That and was in the 2nd half of my senior year of high school. I didnt want to miss out on college so I applied early decision to NYU and to Hampshire. Got denied from NYU and got into Hampshire. 4+ years of adventures followed. Wouldnt take it back for anything

Haha one of my best friends goes to Hampshire got to ask him if he has heard any stories.

im sure there are, if you have some i will deny or confirm.

Bueno Y Sano. Nuff said.

been there, ate that

Did you ever go to Hampshire Halloween? Best event of the year.

my band headlined the 2004 one. It was amazing , still one of the top shows Ive ever played

Hey Danny, enormous Pete and Pete fan! I've been following all the reunion shows along with any podcast I can get my hands on. A couple of questions:

1) Did you or any of the other actors have any input into the scripts for Pete and Pete? Did you get to put any of your personality through dialogue or acting into Little Pete?

2) I sometimes wish that Pete and Pete went on for 15 seasons, but at the same time, I think you guys finished at the pinnacle. Can you give us your take on where the Pete and Pete brothers would be now (2012)?

3) Summer Sanders is a hottie

Not so much for pete and pete. But for the most part I just sort of acted like myself. Its weird too because I WAS growing up at the same time so part of me thinks that the people on Pete and Pete directly influenced my childhood and the person I am right now. I mean I havent put down a bass in 19 years. I think we finished at a good spot, I think it could have gone downhill after 15 years. the petes in 2012 are living in an apt in BK and living their own lives that intersect on occasion. Theres a bong on the table, but its a nice Jerome Baker.


playing bass with iggy pop during the dance fever episode. Taught Mike and I how to play TV eye and then we jammed it for a few minutes until my amp blew up.

Didn't he blow out your amp or something?

he did blow it up, I still plug it in once in a while and hear the sweet death of an amp

What was the deal with Figure It Out? It seems like every single episode, all they wanted to do was punish you! Are you still cleaning slime out of your ass to this day?

sure am. Is that what kids are calling poop these days?


i did get to drink underage at a couple spots in LA. I did get to drink, make out briefly and see some 17yr old Jessica Biel boobs. My favorite after Kids Choice Awards moment. At least I think it was her...Thats my story. My friend also made us all really good NJ fake ID's

You can't mention 17 year old Jessica Biel boobs and not go into details. Info sir!

those were all the details i got. It was a brief flash. It was like my first encounter at a strip club where you realize you can look but cant touch...We used to chill when I lived in LA, but that was the only encounter of lips and boobs. detailed enough? I feel like i just took all the mystique out of it

how does it feel to be on the same level game-wise as justin timberlake

he can touch, I couldnt. He wins

whatever dude most guys would cut their dick off and drag the entrails through broken glass just to hear jessica biel fart over the phone. You're a man amongst gods on that one. If you're ever in Florida you got a friend in me I got fat blunts and fat white bitches on deck for ya

good to know, thanks man

Holy shit that is amazing. I have the wierdest boner right now. U crimson haired and in 7th heaven. Side note I work with mike....local 52 whatt

local 52!


the bike radio. was that the 5000?

Do you know the missing lyric from Hey Sandy??

i'll never tell. Its prolly what you think it is though.

That's what I always thought it was too but I've never been able to find confirmation... I figured my childhood idol, Danny is as close to a resident expert we're gonna get

Can you settle a sure bet?

In "Waiting for October" he makes reference to "Daddy taking off his belt"

yes he does. I think its a hanging reference bc that song is about the end of the world

I think "Can you settle to shoot me" makes more sense with the next lyric, "Or have you picked your target yet".

However, I really like the line you came up with.

believe waht you will...I only sang it . What do i know?

Seeing any Phish shows this summer?

was at the 4th, 6th and 7th.

Fucking hippie.

im not a hippie.

Don't worry. I volunteer at Free Ride in Pittsburgh. I hang around plenty of hippies. But you never answered my question in the root thread, nor have you apologized for your part in turning me into a proto-hipster; everything that's cool now made me the weird one in school!

my apologies

Favorite Phish songs?

Rift, Maze, Curtain with, Vultures and their version of Drowned

Who would've thought it, that's where I am.

no future at all

I'm doing a review for the Phish show. Favorite song of the Spac shows?

I think the 2nd set friday was amazing full through. Sand and Ghost were killer

Hey Danny, I'm a late 20's-something and grew up watching you on Nick. Holy shit man, you're right, those were not cookie cutter shows, they had some real depth to them and I still think about all of those wonderful shows to this day.

What was it like working with Iggy Pop?

we used to eat lunch together almost every day he was on the set. Talked about how he got his nickname from working in a pet store and about touring and drugs and stuff. People never treated me like a child, they always just talked to me like a peer so I was privy to a lot of TMI on the part of adults. I cant blame them though, because I didnt act like a normal child.

What do you think happened to Nickelodeon? It used to be so good.

$$$$. It turned to what the other kids channels were doing. They were making shows to get people involved in a franchise for life. Nick is doing what Disney was doing over a decade ago

What are your thoughts on Rampart?

im only fielding questions about rampart from now on ok guys? I guess i have to state that.

I'm so excited you're doing this!! I had the biggest crush on your growing up. I used to tell people that I was going to marry you and we were going to have redheaded babies as I am also a redhead. I would still do this. I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't mind as he is a huge fan of yours.

What was your favorite project on Nickelodeon to film or be part of?

What was backstage of All That like?

Marry, Shag, Kill:

Billy the Answer head Petunia Kenan Thompson

hahaha, Gingers will live on!!

Pete and Pete was the coolest bc it was shot on film so it was like a 7 year movie set.

Backstage of All That had a big ass tv and Playstation where I would kick peoples asses in Madden 98'. I schooled Mase once.

Marry Petunia, Shag Billy, Kill Kenan. I think he'd be cool with that

I watched the videos of The Blowholes reunion this past spring and was very happy to see some Polaris tunes being performed live since they have been a profound influence on my own music. Did you get to spend much time with Mark Mulcahy or the band besides the 'Hard Day's Pete' episode?

video for those interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHZG_qamwyk episode clip mentioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zKyEKEs4us

Huge influence. Mark was a really cool guy who became my friend at 12. He would send me tapes and vinyl. He'd call my parents house and talk to me about music. I got into a Miracle Legion show at the Fez in NYC in 94. He really helped push me musically and I am forever grateful. We played a gig in New Haven and Mark came out and played with my band Jounce along with Mr. Ray Neal, another member of Miracle Legion

Do you have any vital information for my everyday life?

Colorado Kool aid is slang for Coors Original made popular by the outlaw country stylings of Johnny Paycheck, and I will only be fielding questions on Rampart.

...thought I couldn't love you more. And then suddenly: Colorado Kool Aid.

JOhnny Paycheck is GOD

Well, it's a can of Coors brewed from a mountain stream.

It'll set yer head on fire an' make your kidneys scream,

Oh, it sure is fine.

Yeah, we was havin' ourselves one of them real good times.

applaud this man!

A friend of mine went to Hampshire College with you; is it true that you went streaking on campus for Halloween? Can you elaborate?

that never happened. I did run around a few times hallucinating but from what I can recall there was no nudity. I did knock my roommate into a stream during the easter egg hunt where we would all hide kegs in the woods and run around on easter sunday getting shitfaced...Ahh, those were the days


typo man, c'mon I went to 5 of them...


Summer is amazing, heres us and John Elway hocking a terrible toy secretly funded by dentists. Note the sweet haircuts summer and I have... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CablPKv_9IQ

When I hear John Elway I had hoped for a Vortex football reference.

nope, soundbites. Gota signed ball and everything

What does Nickelodeon slime taste like?

like pudding, food coloring, water and icy cold refreshness

What does GAK taste like?

never ate gak, just made fart sounds with it

On a scale of 1-10 how hot is Summer Sanders in real life?

10, c'mon you have eyes dont ya?

I don't have a question, I just want to say i'm sorry I used to always throw burger king trash in you're driveway when you lived on Bay Rd. I feel bad for that now, that is all.

hahahaha, thats amazing. good thing it would just blow towards Belchertown

Woah, wait a second--You lived in/near Belchertown, MA on Bay Rd.?

935 bay rd in Amherst


is that your address? I Lived on the top floor

Dude. If the person occupying that address now is a Redditor who happens to stumble across this thread, he might just shit pure nostalgia.

Also, my question: "Colorado Kool-Aid" is brilliant. What's your preference: Coors Heavy or Coors Light?

Banquet Beer #1

Has being a "Pete" ever got you laid?

Its gotten me a fair amount of women for sure. Using lines like these, "Who wants to see my Big pete? " "You ever been slimed? Want to?"

How does Danny Tamberelli sit down with balls that big?

its hard

"I don't like to brag about my penis, but let's just say...


If you haven't used that one yet, not a word. You're welcome.


Query, "Want to see my Big Pete?" Answer, "Yes, would you like to see my Petunia?"

that'd be a first

How was Richard Lloyd? When I played with him in NJ he was beat down and did a ton of muttering on stage. Still can shred though.

he can still play when his head is in the right place. Unfortunately it wasn't this time.

My brother wants to know: What's your favorite color?


Did Nona F. Mechlanberg ever get her middle name changed from Francis, to either Frank or Forklift?

hahaha, you'll have to talk to her dad about that.

I heard you listen to the Comedy Button, and Brian Altano says he can get you on as a guest. Is this true?

This is true, Brian and I have been talking. It'll happen.

What do you think about the new Figure it out? Any plans to be a special guest?

havent watched it and heard theres not Billy the answer head so...

And no plans to get slimed again, just once more for old times sake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsI362ZxTlE

So Nick owns the word "slime" you have to say "sludge"?

didnt want any trouble

do you think you will need more than 5 colorado kool aids before this AMA is over?

im on #3. and I got another 2-3 hours. AND BUSTED! Tape_echo is this man! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=510557049249&set=t.22701257&type=3&theater

He's a Bear and my roommate. Bring more Kool aid when youre home from work brah

This guy could us a Colorado kook aid.

hit the store then brotha!

Who do you think was the funniest person on All That?

Kenan's frenchmen sketches were always my favorite as a kid. That and the stoner metal kid...

Also, have you had any contact with Kel in recent years?

Kenan and Kel were the funniest and hardest to make laugh. Most common diss during rehearsals and readings were the two of them yelling, "cheap" or "cheapness" when they didn't like a joke or character.

What is your favorite bass guitar, and what would your ideal bass look like?

Do you also find jokes about Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs" hilarious?

I love my Pbass, but I have been in the market for Rick 4001 from 75-78. It rubs the lotion on the skin?

What was your favorite skit you ever did on All That?

I loved doing Fat Cop for all the breakaway stuff i got to trash. Theres one with Randy where we literally trash the whole set. Only did one take of that one


I hope so. We did commentary on it and everything.

I also just wanted to tell you how much Pete and Pete hast meant to me. The Pete's were like my childhood friends. Growing up a lonely, shy suburban kid in the Hudson Valley, I could really relate to the show. It made me feel a lot less alone at a time when I felt like the world was against me. I always admired and envied Little Pete's courage. I met you at the NYC reunion, and meant to tell you this in person, but I was just too shy. Thanks for everything, Danny

no problem man, I felt the same way. It really did something to me and to alot of you. Im glad we can all share that and not my hep C

I'm sure there are some people here who wouldn't mind sharing your hep C as long as it was acquired in a reasonably exciting way. Any suggestions?


What are your favorite TV show you haven't been in?

OZ, South Park, Simpsons, Breaking Bad, WOnder Years, Trailer Park Boys, The State, Mr. Show, UCB

i wish i could upvote you a thousand times for "Wonder Years" have you met anyone from the show? if yes, do you have any cool memories of them?

Fred Savage and I have chilled at Phish shows in Las Vegas. He's the man and a great director

i liked you on pete and pete, but you were obnoxious as hell on that show with summer sanders. i guess i don't have a question.

thanks for coming out anyway. Some people liked it some didnt. Glad to know where you stand

What is your favorite memory from being on All That?

having Phil Collins in the audience while im dressed as a caveman asking me for my autograph for his kid. I told him i'd trade. We did.

Phil Collins from TPB?

not the mackerel smelling breath guy, the drummer guy

This is probably the weirdest thing that I will ever say on reddit, but you taught me the word "regurgitate." Thank you for increasing my vocabulary as a child of the 90s.

hahaha, amazing

Did they ever let you run the Aggro Crag just for fun? What about the Double Dare obstacle course? Or the Hidden Temple?

i did run around the DD obstacle course, but no climbing of the crag.

Would you ever hit up Dan Schneider for a cameo appearance on one of his shows just for the hell of it?

Sure, I love Dan. He taught me about self deprecating humor and will be forever grateful. Gave me a good thick skin.

Do you ever shout "TASTEEE!!!!" ?

more than once. Loud, quiet, sultry, longing, angry...

Did you used to work at a bagel shop in NJ for a while?

I did during highschool and some of college. People get all weird about that since i was on TV, but honestly it was a good thing for me to be a normal kid with normal responsibilities. It was also a parental rule that would have made my late teens more frustrating than they already are

In that case...

Do you call it taylor ham, or pork roll? Only one is correct.


Yikes, I am a little disappointed in your answer.

well im not, if its pork roll then you are from the wrong part of the state

what was the drug use like during nicks heyday? or if any at all? also i live in southern california and found out about your show at the echo in la and missed it :( will you be doing another one soon?

drinking and weed, nothing much more than that. I would get psychedelic at Phish shows but not around really any other people except my older brother Pete. We are doing another pete and pete show on 8/28 at the Orpheum in LA.

I was so sad to miss you guys at Cinefamily last year! How do I get tickets to the 8/28 event at Orpheum? I can't find it on their website or anywhere and I MIGHT DIE IF IT SELLS OUT AGAIN.

you heard it here first. Keep checking and it'll pop up. They bought my tickets out there already

Seeing how Michelle Trachtenberg turned out, do you wish you and Nona Mecklenberg had some serious onscreen romance.

Are you still friends with her ? Are you guys secretly dating because that would be icing, sweet delicious butter crea... okay sorry I'm done.

hahaha, not really. We run into each other in the city but her and Amanda Bynes were both like little sisters to me and to top it off I do have 2 little sisters in real life who was friends with them both. So I have never had that little tingling in my penis for either of them.

Protip, don't get in a car with Amanda Bynes.

Or so the tabloids tell me...

hahaha, thats the truth

Are you still friends with Pete? Can you confirm the twitter @michaelcmaronna as him? He argued with me once. I am curious.

thats it

did you ever meet neal brennan? what did you think of his comedic writing for Nickelodeon? Did you catch his recent appearance on Marc Maron's WTF where Marc stated that the only person who has ever "retracted" their interview (by telling him not to air it) was Neal?

Only met him briefly, thats all I got. Funny he wrote Good Burger and Half Baked

You're awesome. But I must ask you the burning question... What is your favorite pizza?

fra diavolo w/sausage from Kinchleys in NJ, or a plain pie from Johns of Bleecker.

Will you ever go to Edinburgh comedy festival with your Manboob peeps?

You'll sell out 10 times over.

you gotta connect?

Hey Danny! I've been a fan of yours for so long now, and since I'm a girl I can say I appreciated some of your other work such as The Baby-Sitters Club (come on, it was kind of awesome...) and also Igby Goes Down, incredible movie. I recently saw Lori Beth do a cameo on Workaholics, do you keep in touch with her or Jack De Sena or even Amanda Bynes? I don't remember which performers overlapped on which seasons but they made it seem like everyone was so close and it made me wonder whether or not you all still spoke. Thanks!

shhhhhh, lets keep the Babysitters club thing a secret ok? But yeah, Igby Goes Down is a great film. Culkin is great in that.

Also Amanda Peet's titties.


Who wrote the vital information pieces on All That? What was it like replacing Lori Beth in the role? How do you think yours were compared to hers?

mine were never as good as LBD's. It was sort of something that just needed to happen. I didnt write them and sometimes I didnt like saying them, so I'd yell them or look pissed off reading them. I was getting too cool for school at 15-16 so the jokes werent doing it for me. All Hail LBD's Vitals! proly the biggest shit talking point on my twitter when they run the All Thats.

Reddit crashed your bands site! Facebook page is here everyone!

thanks man!

How did it feel when you beat up the Atlantic Ocean?

refreshing, it was actually really fun. Didn't you try it when you went to the beach? I still do it and im 30...yup redditors i am 30. Feel old?

Hello Danny, I've got a random question for you. Im from NJ and one night several years ago i was driving around red bank with some high school friends when someone mentioned that little pete from pete and pete owned a bagel store in the area. I remember us not believing him but now that I have the opportunity to ask: do you or did you ever own a bagel joint in NJ?

never owned, just worked at my hometown bagel store

Massive P&P fan growing up with Nick in London. How does it feel to know that the show had such wide, international appeal?

it goes to show that some kids shows will stand the test of time and span all ages and demographics. Its pretty amazing

I have a question. Just between you and me and the internet, I'm a partying gal. What about you? Ever tried shrooms? Ever get black out drunk?

ive seen around 100 phish shows and went to Hampshire College...I have fun.

I can only assume you got called Pete all the time in real life. How much did this piss you off and how did you deal with it? If it were me, I think I'd lose my mind.

it can get annoying. If they yell danny, i usually turn around. If they yell Pete, i usually ignore.

Danny, thanks for all the good memories, I really wanted my own radio station because of you.

Anyways..my question...how did you cope with not being on nickelodeon anymore, and also, seeing what it has become today?

Im fine with being out of it. I had a good run and have no regrets at all. It is what it is, IM sure the kids working today are still treated well. Thats Nickelodeons way. Its commendable

Hey Danny,

What is your favorite band/genre of music at the moment? This can be in regards to your musical inspiration or just what you listen to.

Also, I read your comment about smoking ciggs and Superchunk. You are more a hero to me now than ever before.

i love all kinds of music, and it all influences me. Right now im really into the new Spiritualized record and outlaw country. I cant stop listening to Johnny Paycheck and George Jones right now. Was just at 3 phish shows and going to the Fuck yeah Festival in LA sept 1-2

Do you listen to any metal?

thats what I grew up on. Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera...into Mastadons new record right now. AND GHOST!

Thanks for the AMA, Danny. Since you've been out of acting for a while, how many people still recognize you on the street? And more importantly, how many fans have you seen with a Petunia tattoo?

I get it all the time still. While fatter and facial hairier, my face is still the same. I have seen a good number of Petunia tats in person and sent through the internet. There was one on a woman at one of the reunion shows in NYC...It was amazing

I have the same birthday as you (and James Dean and Nick Nolte and Gary Coleman and Ted Koppel and John Grisham and Mary Steenburgen and Alonzo Mourning and Seth Green and Creed Bratton and Jules Verne).


How many times did you masturbate to summer sanders?

been a while. Just finished

I met you at the Library in the east village 5 years ago. You asked me if I wanted to go to a baseball game and I gave you my number. Why didn't you call?

What? If I asked you to a baseball game youre prolly hot and maybe I overslept? Wanna goto a baseball game?

Do you only ask hot girls to baseball games? Now that I think about it, we were actually talking about taking peanuts and brown bagging fortys to a little league game because we were drunk and thought it would be fun. So I guess that means you thought I was ugly. Ouch.

sorry, i asked hotter girls to go to little league games w/me


Im local in NYC/NJ area. Glad you're back. Thanks for all you do


man, I dunno...There are usually a fair amount of em in NJ. I'll call up fat man Christie

embarrassing random things/who did what drugs on the shows? etc.

Im sure a few. Do you remember the Orange Lazurus episode? It was a straight LSD trip...The censors hated us.

Did being a successful actor as a child allow you to now, as an adult, pursue these creative outlets? Or do you hold down a day job and rock Jounce on the side?

Also, we seemed to have killed your band's website. Will Jounce be touring?

hahahaha, glad youre all interested in the band. I work on the side by teaching bass and guitar lessons on the side. I still act and do voiceover work. im in a new Animated movie I cant talk about as well as a new videogame that also has me bound to an NDA. No 9-5er at the moment. I did drive a boxtruck full of wine around NYC for 2 years when I first moved here. My great grandfather started the oldest italian wine distribution company in nyc. Vinvino 1908

hahahaha, glad youre all interested in the band. I work on the side by teaching bass and guitar lessons on the side. I still act and do voiceover work. im in a new Animated movie I cant talk about as well as a new videogame that also has me bound to an NDA. No 9-5er at the moment. I did drive a boxtruck full of wine around NYC for 2 years when I first moved here. My great grandfather started the oldest italian wine distribution company in nyc. Vinvino 1908

Jounce will be doing a cali run in late august and then do some more touring in the fall when we release our new record.

I met you at a Richmond University event while you were dating one of my sister's friends. You were a perfect gentleman and took some pics with my little sis.

Thanks for being a good sport during a time that I'm sure you weren't too jazzed about being noticed.

its all good, that was the most dressed up i have ever been...except my own sisters wedding. Glad your sis had a good time

Do you know that mentioning Woody Harrelson is taboo in IAmA?


In the Episode "Papercut" who made all those badass weapons out of paper?

John Yick or Dan Fish

There was a scene in P&P where someone put a sign in the back window of the school bus saying "Being Kidnapped - Call 911." The driver behind looks at it, puts a red light on the top of his car and flips on his siren to arrest the bus driver. This may be my all-time favorite TV scene and I repeated the prank endlessly in middle school. From a 90s kid, thank you.

thats what im talking about! Nice work

Ever party at UMass Amherst? Could of sworn I saw you, but that school is so big it could have been a doppelganger.

my first big party college experiences were at UMASS Amherst. My college gf went there

And you like wings at Jimmy Jeez

i love wings at Geez

hey danny! i'm a college gal in good ol' amherst, massachusetts...any plans to come back around (to perform comedy, see indie bands at the ironhorse, smoke decriminalized drugs with me)?

hahaha I will be there in the fall. I hit Amherst up anytime i can find an excuse

Were you one of the actors that pretended to know how to skate in Mighty Ducks?

we all had to go through a 4 week crash course in hockey. I had a figure skating stunt double and most of the kids did for the big game scenes

Danny Tamberelli Danny Tamberelli, you were awesome in that Wendy's commercial a few years back did you get to meet the cryogenically preserved corpse of Dave Thomas or not?

he was still alive at the time, and yes I met him and no I didnt get a wendys for life card like I was told...

Thanks for doing this AMA! When I was little I got really excited when you were joining the cast of All That and then I always felt bad because you were often the butt of jokes among the sketches involving the cast as the cast. I thought you were too cool to be the butt of such jokes.

That isn't a question, but thanks for being a part of my childhood nonetheless.

hahaha i know, it was a real departure for me. It was ok though, I learned a valuable lesson in humor and how you being the butt of the jokes is funnier esp if you embrace it

I saw you at the Underdog Lounge in North Haledon for the NBA Finals, my question: Have you ever tried their Thai Chili Wings? If not I highly recommend them they are delicious.

fuck yeah, they are really good!

Hey Danny, no question here, just wanted to say: Go Giants.

going for a thumb ring!

So did you and Alex Mac ever?.........just say yes


One thing I've always wondered about child stars on Nickelodeon... do you make enough money to never have to work again when you're on a hit show like Pete & Pete? Obviously I don't want numbers... just want to know if you hit the life lottery before you turned 12.

they didnt call it nickelodeon for nothing . Glad it wasnt pennylodeon. I got a lot of nice bass gear, car 4 years of college and about 6 years of NYC living. No lottery but i can hold my own.

r u gey?

do you want me to be?

You met my roommate last year at The Nines in Ithaca, NY. She was the good lookin' Japanese/Irish girl.

If her boyfriend wasn't there would you have tried to fuck her?


Danny! I don't have anything in particular to ask, but i really wanted to just tell you how much I wanted to be like Little Pete when I was a kid. He made me question authority, think differently, and just made me realize that weird = awesome. I watch a Pete & Pete episode whenever I'm bummed out. That reunion with The Blowholes I saw on youtube was one of the best things I've ever seen as far as childhood nostalgia goes, I always wanted to see that and you guys delivered. Also I have tattoos and it's basically your fault. Anyway, thanks for doing this AMA, also you should have hooked up with Nona, she wanted it. Actually I guess I do have a question, did you realize how many awesome people were on the show when you were doing it? like Iggy Pop, Steve Buscemi, Hunter Thompson, Michael Stipe...those guys? or were you oblivious to their fame like i was as at a kid?

thanks again, for the memories and whatnot.

I knew who most people were and for the record, Hunter Thompson is NOT Hunter S Thompson. BUT my grandpa was Bill Hickey! "Grace DIED 30 Years AGO"


When I met Iggy, his wife was there and she was asian. I said to him, " Cool, going the John Lennon route huh?"-bear in mind i was 12 and not being intentionally offensive. he laughed and said yeah.

Giants record 10-6, wildcard

You were the first redhead I had a crush on, starting a long and storied line of awesome redheads. (I mean, this is back when it was age appropriate for me to be in love with Little Pete.) I don't have a question, I just wanted to tell you that you are incredibly awesome and thanks for doing this AMA!

glad I could get you on the ginger tip...figuratively and literally

Do the Phish phans at show bother you? Whats it like being a "celebrity" fan?

i get a lot of free offers for drugs, sometimes i oblige. Then theres the spunions who wont stop staring at me. Eh, its all part of it

What's it like to be soul less?

i have 0 consideration for anyone else so i guess I got that going for me

Say you weren't involved in a band or manboobs right now. What current TV show would you want to act in? Would you go back to regularly acting on cable TV?

I'd be happy rocking in Workaholics or Trailer Park Boys. I really wanted a cameo in Desperate Housewives but i guess I missed the boat

Let's get back to discussing Rampart, please.

my mistake, only Rampart questions at this time, please guys

Hey Danny, I hear someone's been interviewing a lot of Nick folks for a book. Confirm/deny?


You. I like you.

...obviously not a question, deal with it.

im fine with it. thanks

Do the drapes match the curtains?

sure do

Playing with Richard Lloyd sounds amazing! Did you play Television songs? Are you a big punk fan? Were you a punk fan in the 90's? A "yes" would be enough to make me go back and re-watch "All That" with a new set of eyes.

yes, and yes. We played Elevation, See no Evil and Friction. This last bit of shows I did was with Billy Ficca the drummer from Television

why did you stop acting?

went to college and started touring. Still doing some stuff though to keep myself busy.

What's your favorite type of hard liquor?

Powers Irish whiskey and Wild Turkey 101

Anderson Valley makes amazing beer. Summer Solstice is too good.

I love that brewery. My favorite US brewery by far, though 21st amendment is pretty damn good too

Tera Melos did a pretty rad cover of Hey Sandy, and the visual representation of the Pete & Pete intro is pretty spot-on too!
Thanks for being an awesome part of my childhood, and somehow tying into my present musical interests!


i have seen that! they nailed it

Do you remember filing the babysitters club? And were they bitches?

I didnt get to Fill and any of the babysitters...I did want to fill Dawn though

Is Toby Huss, or "Artie, the Strongest Man in the World," as awesome in real life as he was in the show?

more awesome than you can imagine. Hes the best!


i booze it up, i just dont sideswipe cop cars when im drunk

Was Dan Schneider the perv he's made out to be?

Thanks for answering questions; sorry this is a difficult one

not a perv at all. I have never heard that and I doubt it very much.

Loved Pete and Pete growing up. My question: How did you get into acting? Was it something you always wanted to do? Or was it more like, "Hey son, do this so mommy and daddy can afford this beach condo..." Was it "your career" when you were younger or were you just a shopping spree for your parents? (Something I've always wondered about child actors.)

no beach condo. I met a manager when i was a little kid in a store. My mom got her card, I got asked at a supermarket if i was on a commercial and I said no. From then on i kept repeating commercials and telling my mom i could be on TV. She called the manager after a year or 2 and I booked my first commercial. My parents didnt steal any money from me.


sure I 'd do it, it would be fun to work with everyone again. Thats what has made these reunion shows so great.

If this has been asked, I apologize.

I started an account just to ask. What is your favorite episode of P&P?

Hard Days Pete, it was my favorite and changed my life forever with music. Dan, the prop master gave me my first bass during that show and havent put it down since

Did you guys ever smoke weed or drink during all that filmings?

we may or may not have smoked in between shooting the Figure it Outs...

I thought you looked a little glassy eyed at times


Was there ever any improv on All That? Favorite 90's nick show? Childhood crush on any fellow actors? Thanks!

yeah, we were able to improv out for sure. That was a very cool part about the show. If you added stuff during rehearsals and runthru's that were funny, we'd add it to the script

Hey man. I got your AIM screenname from a friend about 8 years ago and would occasionally try to strike up a conversation- looking back I probably just bugged you, did that happen a lot? Anyway, great everything, glad you're around.

that did happen alot. Now if you can remember the AIM name you are super rad


wow, you got it! Great Job! You have been a old internet accoster.

Hey fellow former Wyckoff citizen here. Was the lowest point in your life working for Goldberg Bagels or do you have some Andrew Zimern back story?

hahaha, that wasnt a low point at all. I hope I havent hit my low point yet. No gutter stories about me smoking crack and getting filthy in the streets. I'll be sure to let all you know when that happens

I'd just like you to know that I printed out Keenans hug menu and hung it on my wall. Tell him Bobaweave needs a John Denver next time you see him.

hahaha, very nice!

Dude Danny...I work for a bass effects pedal company called Source Audio. I will do everything in my power to get you a free pedal. If you are down for it, that is.

they make a bomb octave pedal dont they? I will rock the shit out of that!

I have one very important question... what

is in

a Colorado Kool Aid.

Also you're awesome. I grew up on All That, Pete and Pete was the shit. BRING IT BACK!!


Couple of things:

I went to SUNY Purchase with Mike Maronna, and he had just started dressing all goth and wearing a kilt. He was kind of a douche. Do you guys still keep in touch?

Think Michelle Trachtenberg would bang you now?

PS - I love how you, Mike Maronna, and David Caruso are all supergingers, but you all have Italian last names.

theres a lot of Irish Italian love where I come from. And Mike is not douche at all. We def keep in touch, he dropped the kilt though

1st thing, my great grandma and i used to watch All That together every week. we both loved it. i don't remember much about pete & pete (i was born in '90, you see) but i do remember something about someone having a metal plate in their head. or atleast i think i do. maybe i've been deceiving myself all these years???

2nd thing is, you have always been, and will always be, my most favorite ginger.

3rd thing is, will you say hi to me? my name is katie :3

4th thing is, would you ever allow your own children to get into show business? why or why not? if you do have children or something and they do happen to be or not be in show business, well i'm sorry i just didn't feel like googling it.

i packed quite a bit in there, my bad.

Hi Katie, I would let my kids if they wanted to, I learned from my parents how to balance work and being a kid. Thats why I have no true hollywood story.

any hope for a Mighty Ducks 4, Minor Penalty?

fingers xx'd

Still have a ticket stub you signed for my babysitter at a random concert she met you at. Thank you for my childhood.

hahaha, nice. I wanna know the concert now

What's your favotire of the 90's nicktoons?

I always wanted to see a P&P/Rocko crossover.

Thanks so much for doing an AMA!

Rockos Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy for sure!

What was your first Phish show? Did you see any this summer/planning to see any second leg? How did you get into Phish?


If you had been a child television star on the Disney Channel during this last decade instead of Nickelodeon during the 90's, you would've recorded a debut pop album that no one would listen to.

Does this make you sad?

nah, im fine with where im at. It would have been nice, although my band at 17-18 sucked balls...

Sorry we touched you without your permission! I was at The Shep with some friends, and you were there talking to some hot chick. My friend and I sat next to you at the bar and touched your elbow "discretely" but you looked at us and obviously knew... How does it feel knowing so many strangers have such fond memories of you? Loved watching you back in the day.

busted so hard... It feels ok, see I have developed secret powers to know who is looking/touching me


I got a little touchy with Christy. Might have been a DHJ...def was a DHJ.

how good are chicken or the egg wings, right?

LBI ref...wow. Excellent!

Did you ever do stand up? Would you ever do Marc Maron's podcast? Who were the best writers on All That? Was improv utilized or encouraged on All That?

Heath and Kevin were great at writing sketches and of course Dan Schneider who wrote all the Fat Cops

I go to James Madison University here in Virginia, and we had a guest speaker who was the founder of Midnight Spaghetti come and talk to our music industry class about his festrivals and whatnot. He said that you participated with the band sometime in the last couple years, is this right? Everyone knew your name when he said it, it was pretty funny. If it was true, how did you meet him and get involved with all that?

I play in Midnight Spaghetti when I can. Mickey is a great dude and great funk songwriter.

Dude, I make a request for an IAMA and then I miss it because I'm at work. Or are you still doing this?

My question, what's your favorite memory of Pete & Pete ? (I always identified with the show because I'm a Pete)

i got ya man. One of my favorite memories was sliding down a huge block of ice down a hill in NJ. We had to do the shot 10-15 times. I was 10 or 11 and it was glorious. Thanks for the request, this has been really chill

Were there any actors or actresses you worked with on Nick that you didn't like? Did you have any "romantic encounters" with any Nick tail?

I did used to date Erin Dean who was the chick from Allen Strange. She was also a bass player.

Did you ever find yourself in a particular sketch on All That and thinking to yourself, "wtf? This is the most unfunny sketch on the planet"? And if so, how would you try to turn that around into something good?

many of the Vital Informations made me feel that way, so instead i'd just yell the punchline to evoke humor. Sometimes it worked, other times it sucked

Pete and Pete is one of the only shows that makes me feel such strong nostalgia, you where all awesome.

Are you a Polaris fan?

huge fan

What an idiot. I have more respect for Charlie Sheen than you. You're nothing but a failed child actor gone hipster.

wow, thats not a lot of respect. Why are you on here then? And please, I invented Hipster...just ask MTV

OK I googled you. I have found that you are not a hipster. In fact yer rocking plaid like a boss. Good luck in the future and lose some weight, don't become a diabetes statistic.

i'll try my friend, thanks for your concern

Hey Danny, Love P&P, all time best, I was wondering if you could answer a something about my favorite episode " Grounded for Life" what was it like in that tunnel and was it a real tunnel they had you in or some sort of set up, and did you get the " Hoffa wallet" joke? what was it like on the set with the other kid actors in between shooting?And this show definently had the best soundtrack of all time, Polaris/ Miracle Legion rules. Anyway thanks For P&P and all the great memories, you Kick Ass. Nightcrawlers!

they had me in a big tube they cut in half and filled with dirt. I did get the Hoffa reference but prolly bc i was from NJ/NY and always heard he was buried under giant stadium

I'd like more information on this show at the Orpheum on August 28. I mean, a Tuesday? Really?

yup a tuesday. Thats all i got. its a FYF presents

Let me see if I remember this correctly: On "Figure It Out," one of the kids saved their toe jam in a jar and I believe it was you who ruined his collection by putting peanut butter or something of that nature into his jar. I was so upset that you or whoever did that to that poor kids toe jam jar he had been saving for so long.

please, i saved him.

Hey Danny like mostly everyone else posting here I grew up watching you on Nickelodeon. You've answered pretty much everything I would have thought to ask so... I want to make a formal request to see you on the new season of Eastbound and Down in some capacity. Thanks in advance.

Please let this thread reach Will Ferrells ears

I grew up in Massachusetts and the rumor amongst the Amherst college crowd was that you were a "provider" of certain illegal herbs while attending Hampshire College. Was this just a rumor? I've had multiple friends claim they went directly to your for their recreational activities. This was also a very popular rumor, so sorry if someone already asked this. As soon as I saw you were doing an AMA, it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Loved Pete and Pete growing up.

edit* spelling

hahaha, no but my roomates were providers. It was always pretty good though

Dude! I met you at a Phish show once in 03' - do you still attend shows? If so did you rage SPAC this weekend with us!!???!

was at the 6th and 7th

Hey Danny, big childhood fan of yours. I enjoyed Pete & Pete but I really enjoyed Bonehead Detectives, I thought you guys were really funny and the show was pretty interesting. Did you enjoy working on that show, and do you have any interesting stories from it? (And were you really that into dinosaurs?)

(For those of you who do not know Bonehead Detectives was a show on Discovery Kids. I remember it being very entertaining for a kids educational program).

wow, boneheads was shot in the basement of fairfield university in CT. I had the biggest crush on Rebecca Budig, she was so hot and cool. Thats it.

I'm actually really good friends with your cousin here on Long Island, who didn't tell me he was your cousin until about a year after I first met him. I have one thing that I need to know...WHAT WAS ADAM WEST LIKE!!??

my principal was the man! if you look me up on FB, you'll see a sweet ass pic of me as a kid with Adam west throwing up devil horns!

My girlfriend went to college the same college as you, and once saw you fall in a lake. What was that like?

it was cold and we were sooo drunk. We ran home, changed and continued to rage.

Frozen Waffles...YAY or NAY?

I like Funk n' Waffles

Speaking of a 90s circlejerk, 90s music was amazing. And one of my favorite episodes of P&P (which is I guess what we're calling it now) was the episode where Little Pete falls in love with his first song. I still to this day know that my 'first song' was "In the Garage" by Weezer when Weezer was good.

Seeing as you're now in a band making music of your own, do you know what your 'first song' was?

my first song was prolly Smells like teen Spirit or RHCP Behind the Sun

F.M.K. -> Amanda Bynes, Kel, Lori Beth Denberg

Amanda, LBD, Kel

Amazing. Are you ever playing/performing in the NYC area?

Knitting Factory BK on 7/21 my band Jounce is playing

So, one time, probably about 5 1/2 years ago, you played a show in a Mexican restaurant in Teaneck, NJ with your band, Jounce. Your family was there and ordered a shitload of food but didn't eat much of it. They left early and my friends and I were sitting next to them. We ate ALL the leftovers and pretty much had a great time thinking about how we ate the "Tamberelli Family Scraps". WHAT SAY YOU ABOUT THIS?

You enjoy our family Herpes?

What are you selling, Danny?

my body

Did you know when you put in Danny Tamberelli in Google. The first option is Danny Tamberelli drugs?

yes I do, you people are so goddamn nosey!

Danny, I went to see your show in Youngstown last month. My question is...how do you rock so hard?

Rock and Roll Gatorade, which is BEER

Do you accept all friend requests on Facebook, or are we actually friends?


Knicks or Nets?


Danny Tamberelli... I used to "prank" you all the time a couple years back. My friend got your number at a 311 concert in NJ and then gave it to me. I used to call you once in a while when I was drunk. I don't know if you remember but I would ask you if you ever got to bang Summer Sanders or any of the other people on Figure It Out. Last time we spoke you were at some premiere for Hip Hop Nation? I think it was called. Then you got a new number.

Not cool, man. I would like your new one because I miss our talks. You were always a good sport about it.

hahaha, thats amazing. There have been a lot of pranksters and I thank you all. While you are drunk talking to me, I am prolly drunk too so it made for great conversation

Danny! Glad to see you here. I bet you miss hanging out at arts & crafts in Maywood, NJ :-P

wow, thats throwback!

You went to school in Western Mass and seem to be into alt/indie rock. Are you a Dinosaur Jr fan?

Love Dino jr, been listening to them all interview until an hour ago. Switched up to the Jam

You have excellent taste in music, and you did so much for my childhood. Thank you so much for everything. As a follow-up question, do you think that Massachusetts had the best alt-rock of the late 80s-90s? You could just mention Dino Jr, the Pixies, the Lemonheads and Buffalo Tom and make a compelling argument, without even mentioning the other awesome bands that MA produced in that time frame.

thats the truth man. MA bands keep it real. Except for Stained. Theysuck

My 8-10 year old self had a huge crush on you as Little Pete. I just wanted to say hi, and that I'm really glad that you're doing well for yourself. Can you just say something back to me? My inner kid will be overjoyed :)

Hey there!

I was at a comedy show in New York City and you were in the audience. Someone saw you from my group and kept asking you if Petunia was real and you replied that you "were like 8 years old".

Just wanted to see if you remember this.

Oh and please tell us how Artie is in real life?

that seems like a normal response I would give. Was this recently? Night of the Living with the amazing Kurt Braunhauler?

Hey Danny, I made a reddit account seconds ago to partake in your AMA. I grew up in the town where Pete and Pete was shot, South Orange, NJ. What was your experience like there and did you ever go back?

South Orange was great to us, I got to shoot some rockets off and slide down a block of ice in that big park with the huge hill

Hey Danny thanks for doing this AMA. I saw Jounce play in Downtown LA a couple summers back and was blown away. I got 'Meet me in the Middle' and still listen to 'These Things' regularly. Any plans to make it out to the west coast again? Also, couldnt find the lyrics anywhere but on 'the hard way' Is it "Whale out of water, boat on a street?"

"Theres Whale out of water, theres a boat on a string"-Robert Pollard.

Coming back west the end of August

Did you ever want to drink the Orange Lazarus? Do you miss being in "the loop" at all. Do you still have the hat?

still have the hat. It will be forever in my possession

Hey Danny, like everyone else, I grew up with you and as a female and a fellow ginger, You were one my first crushes. Did you ever write anything for Pete and Pete? And do you have any advice for sketch comedy writers?

Im glad I could help you figure out boys. I didnt write for Pete and Pete but I did for All That. Just keep writing and if you get a chance to study at UCB you should. I havent but my writing partner has and he says its a game changer.

ever hook up with a costar?

Christy from All That, Erin Dean from Allen Strange, maybe alex Mack.


Pitstain was my favorite i think

You fucking rule for doing this.

How much snatch did you pull from the other females who worked for Nick?

a few

Do you think President Obama should fire the officer who pulled over fellow 90's Nick star Amanda Bynes? Do they not know who she is?

hahaha, that was hilarious. Dont hit cop cars drunk and they wont come after you

lol that first quote is hilarious. Obviously fake though.

I love this one. I think my manager tried to get it taken down and then they bashed her. Linda Ellerby was a Silver Fox though

Did you ever get to fuck Summer Sanders?

it woulda been statutory

Is Michelle Trachtenbergs head/face really as big and doughy in real life as it is on TV???


I have been trying to get ahold of Keenan for like a year now, calling managers, agents, PR guys and shit. It's impossible. I just wanted him to do an IAMA! Next time you are showing him positionings for the minor pentatonic blues scales, get him to do an IAMA!!

only if he remembers the exercises and isnt too busy rolling a joint

Yo danny this will probably get buried, but what was your favorite thing that happened at Pet Place? Also, ive smoked with you a few times, the first of which was a bowl at a dmb concert at giants stadium like 12 years ago. Are you still an ENT?

ENT forever

Hey Danny! Thank you for doing this and I love you so much.

Do you think children of the 90's who grew up watching Slimming on Nick television programs and the rise of Bukakke videos since they starting to become of age have any direct correlation?

I smell a senior Thesis or as we Hampshire college alums call it, a DivIII

Yo, Danny, can ya send me a lock of yo hair, Im a 21 year old Mexican male

pleasepost your address in the thread and we'll see what happens

Dog night tonight, Danny? I wanna buy you a shot for doing this!

fair enough

Is it true that you boinked Linda Ellerbee when you were 9 years old?



really? downvote.

Other than Iggy, did you have a favorite cameo appearance on the show?

BIll Hickey and Chris Elliott

You seem to have kept things together really well in comparison to some others with childhood fame. What kept you from falling into the drugs, drink, etc. spiral?

Also, what do you do when not playing in your band and such? Are you full-time into that and the sketch comedy?

I just dont get caught. In my spare time from writing and playing music I go to sporting events, chase tail and go exploring around the world. I just need Australia and Antarctica to touch all 7 continents


As a musician myself I have a couple of questions about your career. Have you made enough of a living as a base player to support yourself and if so could you have done it without your success as a child star? Also, do you feel that people appreciate your music more for what it is or because you used to be on Nick. Loved Pete and Pete as a kid. Thanks for the good childhood memories.

well I teach lessons on the side. Bass and guitar. I hope people appreciate it for the music. We dont really advertise that Im the frontman of Jounce and people buy records and come to our shows so I guess we are doing something right

Will you answer questions about Rampart?

ONLY about Rampart

Did you ever notice Summer Sanders' nips that were always showing? I know I did. Must've always been cold in that studio.

why do you think i had to take 4 showers a day?

How was Lori Beth Denberg???

LBD is the best! One of my favorite people in the world.

I would just like to say that I thouroughly enjoyed partying with you until the wee hours of morning in Ithaca a few years back.

Also, Bowie vs. Maze, which wins?

Maze always. ANd I have partied very late at Ithaca before. We love the Nines!

P&P was my favorite show, put that shit on Blu Ray. I can only find it on dvd. Def going to start watching Manboobs and get my friends to as well.

thanks man, spread the manboobs!

How was working with Richard Lloyd? Television is one of my favorite bands, and Lloyd and Verlaine are incredibly talented guitarists with interesting approaches. Marquee Moon floors me every time I listen to it. What did you learn from Lloyd musically? Does any singular thing come to mind? And what's your musical background, what first got you started?

Richard is a very interesting and talented guitarist. I too was a big Television fan so getting to play with him was amazing. He taught me a lot about playing on one string and being able to stay in position to change from scaler on multiple strings to one string to keep you on your toes. He loved to extend or add parts to tunes live so it was a lot to keep up with. I started playing at 11 and studied upright bass in college.


youre welcome

We killed your website.

you did. thanks. I guess you'll have to troll the web if youre interested

Has Richard Lloyd told you any good stories from Television?

He told me some pretty funny stories about himslef being fucked up and getting in trouble and having the label bail him out. Like climbing a pole on the 101 freeway in LA to steal a sign for fun. And that time he drove the wrong way down broadway drunk and high and when the cops pulled him over he said, " Im a mess bc my girl left me and im trying to find her..." they let him go. Yay for the 70's

Danny, you were the person who made me proud to be a redhead. I hate that I missed this!

stay strong!

A while back my friends met you at McMurhpy's in Ridgewood and said you were a douche. How accurate is this description of you?

depends on how drunk he/she or I was and if there was any 'PEEETE" shouting involved

Did Woody Harrelson pay you to mention him in the title? He did didn't he. He did. Don't cover for him now. The plan was to appear to be humorous while secretly embedding the idea "Hey ... maybe he's still an OK dude" into our heads!!

What did he give you? $5? $10? I hope you didn't take less than $10.

$23 plus a 2 dollar tip if i didnt mention his name. oops

Danny. I know you have heard this already a million times but thank you again for the AMA.

I hope my request is different enough to interest you and not weird enough that you ignore it.

My wife and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in 6 days and I thought you would be able to help me make it as memorable as can be. You are her absolute favorite nickelodeon actor. She has seen almost anything that you have been in and even recorded (think vhs days again) all the episodes of Pete and Pete that she could. Would you be interested in recording a small greeting for her just giving best wishes or maybe mentioning the anniversary? I just know how big this would be for her(Amanda) and I can almost guarantee happy tears as well as an unforgettable anniversary.

direct message me and I'll see what I can do

Hey Danny, Not a question but a comment. I used to work at Showplace Studios in Dover... We had chatted a few times about the masters of the Jounce records. Either way, just sayin' wassup!

You still have those masters?


does a bull break china in a china shop?

being that Amanda Bynes spun off her own show from All That, was there ever a feeling of hatred or jealousy towards Nick for her getting a show and you (or anyone else like Lori Beth Denberg or Gabriel Iglesias (wouldn't that much come to think of it)) not getting one?

no jealousy at all. We are all in different places. I wanted to go to college and play music and make sketch comedy. I was able to do all that and Im grateful for it

Not a question, just still in love with you, and have been since I was 7 years old. That is all.

since 7 huh? I feel creepy now

I'm 25 now, if that helps.

i feel better now. Thanks for clearing it up. Thanks for hanging out

Whenever I get to meet you, can I give you big Hug? I have always wanted a hug from Danny. :)

i hug

question...who do you believe is the strongest man in the world?

Andre the Giant

Peanut M&M's or plain?


Mr. Tamberelli, have you/do you listen to WFMU?

Best show is hilarious

Would you be up for a Wrigley 500 rematch? Come to Kentucky.

always, but your last name must be wrigley

As a fellow NJ native, I must ask... Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?


Did you ever meet Patty Hearst when she guest-starred, and what was she like/did you ask her anything about the Symbionese Liberation Army?

yes and I was in love with her daughter...Dont know where she is, but if shes on reddit, Its true!

Did you used to go to shows at the Wetlands ?

Where do you go see most of your live music now ?

still one of my favorite places to see music thats dead now in NYC along with Brownies and CBGBS

I finally joined reddit after 3 years of lurking just for this thread.

kudos to you. Welcome. Ive been stalking here for about a year

I just wanted to say that I think Pete and Pete is probably the greatest television show i've ever seen. It inspired me to write a screenplay that's like David Lynch/Quentin Tarantino do sci-fi Pete and Pete. How does that make you feel?

id read that

Just wanted come in here and leave you some love and respect for Pete+ Pete. That show helped me understand that there was other weird and fun people out there, and gave me something to associate with. Really only hoping you read this, but if you do respond, What was it like working on set with Iggy Pop?

He was the man, Ive talked about him during this today but one of my favorite people to work with. And super down to earth.

hi danny. first of all the core of my childhood is smiling reading your answers. i remember when you and michelle appeared on that episode of space cases (of which that show made a lasting impression on my life) and was wondering about your experience working with that cast. i don't believe i've seen a space cases question yet and wanted to relive the great days of nick once more. thanks!

hahaha, to be completely honest, I dont remember at all. I think it was shot in Toronto

Whatd you think of Trey's flatbrim on 6/6?

hilarious and green

I once had a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese made by you from Goldberg Bagels.

It tasted of excellence. I thank you, sir. That's all I got for you.

i make em the way should be, lots of t ham

I...just want to fan girl right now and tell you I loved you growing up and had/have a giant crush on you.

I'll be leaving now..

thanks, Bye!

Pete and Pete was my absolute favorite tv show growing up. I still reference it in my everyday life. All I want, is to give you a high-five. That's it. Are in SoCal? Let's meet up!.... No homo...

JOunce will be in LA on the 30th i think so we can high five then

Hey Danny, thanks for doing the AMA!

My friend's brother played drums in Every Good Boy, and I think you might have played bass with them? If I'm not totally making this up, I'd love to hear about that experience, from your perspective. I still have a copy of the demo CD, and it sounds amazing! A shame the band did not take off.

It shoulda but when the drummer and lead singer date and then break up...well, its bound to dissolve. i loved playing with Dave though. Really solid drummer

I figure no matter where I post this the chances of you seeing this are slim, but as a fellow bass player, who are your favorite bassists?

Jack Bruce will always be my personal favorite for his live stuff with Cream.

JOhn Paul Jones, John Entwhistle, MAtt Friedman, Jaco, Stanley Clark and Paul Jackson

Like Les Claypool?

love Les!

No question, just a thank you for the work you did. Pete and Pete always cheer me right up when its on, and I frequently use your insults when talking to my girlfriends dad, even though I'm almost 30.

atta boy!

First of all.. I LOVED Pete & Pete and it's amazing that your doing this, Thank you! (give my regards to Petunia)...

I had a friend at Hampshire years ago who was passing around a tale involving you, sir and a chocolate bar containing mushrooms of the psilocybin variety. Have you or any other redditors heard a similar tale? Did you even go to Hampshire?

maybe that happened. I love chocolate.

What are your memories of working with Shirley Grant? She represented a couple of kids I knew (and me) and always talked about you as one of her great successes.

she was my manager for a long time, very nice woman and worked very hard for her clients.

Were fig newlies as good as they looked?

better, they make fig newtons taste like canadian geese shit

I fucking loved Jack Cambell Fat Cop. Please do moar comedy!!!

check out www.manboobscomedy.com and you'll see more comedy

Were you as pissed as I was that Laurie Beth Denberg never let anyone else win on "Figure it Out?"

she was damn good at that game. She came to kill dreams every time

I don't have a question at all, I just feel compelled to mention that you made my childhood. I grew up in Los Angeles and went to a few live tapings of All That.

Also, I think this is my favorite AMA that I've ever read, because you're actually answering all of these questions like a real person. It's nice to read through the answers and think "Damn, I can totally relate to Little Pete."

thats the way it should be. This has been really cool and I like to talk to people.

I'm also super impressed that you're still at it. 7+ hours now? Look at you go!

im on vacation still. Keep me on it

What was it like to have Martin Van Buren stuck in your nose?

itchy, you see that muthafuckers muttenchops?

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA! I don't have a question more of a comment :) I met you a few years ago when your band played at my college. Thanks for being such a cool guy and for playing my favorite rendition of Black Betty

our pleasure, Black Betty and Ramjam are the shit! Thanks for the kudos

Just commenting to say this is the first ama I've read to the end, thanks for doing it (and the great show memories!).

no problem, thanks for reading. Drink Colorado Kool aid!

you used to walk by me all the time when I was smoking on my stoop in alphabet city. I always wanted to say hi but didn't want to bother you. I moved now but if I ever happen to run across you again how do you feel about people coming up to you?

its all good, im not someone to be a dick unless you are. But you dont seem like one, so go ahead. Come up to me if you see me in the east village.

I went to Umass Amherst at the same time you went to Hampshire. I had a friend who saw you one day when out at breakfast and suddenly decided she was obsessed with you. She had friends at Hampshire and would make us go to parties there in the hopes of tracking you down. One evening we lost her for several hours only to find her covered in mud and looking cracked out screaming I saw Danny Tamberelli! Her tale then went that she found you at a small party/group of friends drinking, you were smoking weed, she grabbed your pipe, took a hit, told you of her love for you, and was promptly kicked out of said gathering. My question for you is do you remember an insane short black haired short girl attacking you during in probably 2002? Her opinion of you changed that night, she said you were a dick and we no longer had to go to Hampshire, I thank you for that, it's far too difficult to make it from one end of Amherst to another wasted!

i dont remember but glad you didnt have to keep stalking me. Sorry your friend thought I was a dick. Weed is a hell of a drug

Dear Danny Tamberelli, I hated you on "Figure It Out!"

But when you accidentally guessed the right thing while attempting to be funny. Oh, many lulz were had, many lulz indeed.

I still found it a bit repetitive for you to get slimed more and earlier than anyone else. Way to take one for the team.

thanks man

Here's a list of the top AMAs... You're number ~130 or something. I've no idea what the record for longest is, though.

Question: if, for some miraculous reason, they did a Pete and Pete reunion special one-off sort of thing, would you be game for it? Would the rest of the cast?

I would for sure, I cant speak for the rest of the cast

Danny, would you rather have popcorn kernel stuck in the back of your throat for the rest of time, or have cheeto fingers for the rest of your life?

BTW, there is no way to avoid the cheeto fingers, they would seep through gloves for example.

tough question, perhaps the hardest one on reddit yet. I say cheetoh fingers because i like the idea of the flavor savor, which is why I have one. you keep tasing fake cheese and isnt that what we all want?

So how often do you get laid? How many ladies got to experience the red dragon?

hahaha, im 30. Lost my virginity at 16. I was on TV and went to college and live in NYC. The math is crazy...3?

I saw you play in Oneonta. You guys were great! It was also cool that you weren't offended when we asked you stupid drunk questions about Artie, like if he is allowed within 500 yards of a school or playground.

hahaha, I remember that question actually!

Dear Skinny Jeans, even though it was Fing hilararious, I hope u were'nt too mad about getn hit with a cheeseburger on the streets of Montreal last year. All was right with the hijinx cosmos that night......haha. Just sayn hi my friend, and I think this is really cool of u for doing this. C u soon guy!! GINGER POWER!!

I love Midnight Spaghetti and I cant wait to play music in the northeast with them 8/4-12

Maywood pool?

took 1st place in the 1988 freestyle al county at Maywood pool. I was a goddamn champion at something

Do you know Brian Altano? He claims that your a listener of his podcast "The Comedy Button", and swears he can get you to come on the next time your in San Fran. Is he full of shit?

no shit. Hes for real. Brian is a cool dude

Danny, I was so happy to see you doing this AMA, never thought id see you here! I have so many amazing childhood memories of watching Pete and Pete, and now that I'm Here writing this I have no idea what to even say. I am completely frozen in awe. So I guess you should feel pretty awesome that you can bring a girl to speechlessness simply by your Internet presence. Rock on you beautiful beautiful boy!!!!!

Rock On! Thanks

I have a dream to get high with little Pete when daylight savings takes us all back in time. What are you doing November 4th?

getting high

Hey Danny I've met you twice at two different phish shows.... One in NJ where we made out.... Do you remember me?? is that your MO? Do you get a lot of tail just for being Pete?

not my MO, but it happens. Was this in the 90s or 2000's?



Danny Tamberelli's IAmA - Sponsored by Coors

Try for a straight 24, I think that should earn you like Reddit Hall Of Fame or some shit. Or, at the very least, your own subreddit.

Actually you got me...This whole AMA was a ploy to get sponsored by Coors

Do you want to talk about Rampart?

only Rampart


NO, but he did tell me he put a gun into an ex gfs bag while she was going to the airport...Later I found out it was SAm Kinnison bit. That raped me. Does that count?


we only met once in Philly and it was awesome! We had the whole museum to ourselves

Hey Danny, big fan here. Was Lori Beth Denberg as hilarious on camera as she was off it? Also, roughly how many times do you think you got "Slimed"?

(If you answer this I will order Pete and Pete DVD set and bask in your glory!)

buy jounce instead and i'll answer you.

OK fine, maybe 200 times

Purchased! I actually love the vibrato on the guitar here. Rock on !

dude! Nice, glad you like it!

so, AMA? ever been arrested and if so, for what?

never convicted of anything, but sometimes shit happens and you hire a lawyer

  1. Did you ever have Kevin (the stage manager) buy you forties under the impression that it would make him cool in the eyes of cool underage actors, only to then laugh at him for being a tool afterwards?

  2. Does Josh Server have a nice penis? Would he let me look at it? Would he dress up as Earboy if I were into that? Does he have a more XXX rated parody persona like Dickboy? (The question is would Dickboy have two phallic like antennas for ears or just one big ol' shlong?)

  3. How many pairs of flannel shirts do you have? What's the best way to wear a flannel shirt?

I love you, Danny Tamberelli. Always and forever.

Kevin never bought us booze, my ex gfs best friend fucked Josh and she said it was big so there ya go. I have a plethora of flannels. Wear flannel. thats it

come play a show in california. san francisco/sacramento area.

late august we will. Check jounce.org if it ever returns form a reddit beatdown

I hear you're a Mets fan. As a longtime Braves fan, I'm in a glass case of emotion. I won't allow my simmering distaste for the mets to sully my liking your work. That said, I'd totally tea bag mister met.

i hated the braves forever. Now my sister is married to one. So i talk a lot more shit. DONT YOU DARE SULLY MR MET

I just want to see if you truly are running the gauntlet here, because if anybody can do the longest AMA it has to be the same guy who's ear wiggled the longest after being flicked. "Ow ow ow ow ow" (most memorable Pete moment I can think of)

that was great or Teddy blowing milk out of his nose

this'll get buried, but this is the best iama yet. I hate these things. thanks, duders

werd, thanks man

How the hell did you end up meeting and playing music with Richard Lloyd?!

Way to merge two parts of my formative years.

worked with punk rockers as a child, and played with punk rockers as n adult. Its pretty cool if you ask me

“I can make any girl squirt and that’s just a god damn fact.” – Danny Tamberelli in an October, 2003 interview with Teen Nick Magazine. That was in response to the interviewer asking what his favorite episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete was.

Fucking genius.

its true

How fucked up were you during that interview?

not a real interview. its all a hoax

Damn. Actually kind of disappointed.

cmon, thats a a horribly written article. Its not funny


hi lori!

Thank you so much! I love you so much! My boyfriend says you're still doing comedy? Is there someplace we can come see you?


Danny, you're the fuckin' man. No questions here, just wanted to say Go Giants!



I'll tell Matt

Easily the best AMA I've ever read.

love reddit and you people

If/when I see you in brooklyn, can I just come up and say hi? Are you cool w shooting the shit for a few minutes?

unless i have to take a shit, then its a quick hello/goodbye

Are you now tempted to switch Reddit accounts.

Fess up, Are you a karma whore?

noooo, i'll keep mine and the other one that you all dont know shit about except the mods. Deal with that

Hi Danny!

Remember that Fender Rhodes you bought from a guy in Ramsey? Well he endorsed the check to me as part of his rent. I kept it as a little trophy until the check was about to expire, so then I deposited it. Thanks.

wow, Branciforte?


16 and maybe.

Ok, I must know: are you an Anaheim Ducks fan? I'm interning with an NHL team (Team withheld because I don't want to get stalked by internet people.) and if I had access to free tickets, I'd totally give them to you as payment for making my childhood a better place.

Im a Devils/Kings/StLouis fan. Long story.

St Louis bc as a child i loved Brett Hull

Devils by region

Kings from living in LA and loving hockey. This Stanley Cup was hard to deal with, although I was routing for the Devils. Was happy the Kings got a cup. That being said, I'd always goto a game

In what context did you play with Richard Lloyd?

bassist for three years. toured the states, england and Canada with him.

You almost played in my city, but the show got cancelled. How would you have felt if I had shown up in all flannel? More specifically, how would you have felt if several people showed up dressed like little Pete?

its all good. Let your inner little pete out. It doesnt bother me, just remember I had a 12yr old sized penis then

How did the voice acting sessions for The Magic School Bus work? Were you alone, or there with other cast members? Any fond memories with that cast/crew?

we used to do the scenes all in a room together with all of us. It was pretty cool. Stu Stone is still rocking out in LA. Hes a hilarious dude

Does the carpet match the drapes?


Thanks for an amazing show, and making kids from NJ proud of something! Still watch all the episodes while vacationing in Amsterdam, my #1 favorite classic show from Nickelodeon to this day.

Hell yeah man! Jersey Whut!!!

Any aspirations to get back into acting, especially in some sketch comedy? Or are you pretty content with what you're doing now, like just writing? It would be great to see you pop in on SNL with Kenan or something.

check manboobscomedy.com there is a sketch with Kenan on there

Yeah a fucking Powers lover! About to go to the bar and have some myself.

me too


post it, I'll listen

I think the longest ama, in terms of OP answering question was this motherfucker.

http://redd.it/nmmjr NSFW

He answered new questions for 5 months.

well I cant do that, but I will respond for 9+ hours

One time back in 1997 or so I was at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA with my family. We were watching the wild west show and I saw you and Kel walk in. You each had a pretty girl with you. I remember seeing that and being a little star struck. Do you remember going to Knott's? Did you have some boysenberry punch?

It was Kenan and I do remember that. We did have nice looking ladies there. That was my only time at Knotts Berry Farm

I friend of mine invited you to a party via Facebook and you clicked maybe. We got excited and put up a "Welcome Danny Tamberelli" banner up, but you never showed. Care to explain?


What is your opinion on all the New Jersey hate on reddit? Also, I saw your band play at the Downtown in Red Bank a few weeks ago with the Amboys. Obligatory ass-kissing: I really enjoyed the Toadies cover and liked Pete and Pete when I was a 90's kid. yada yada

thanks dude, all the haters can hate. NJ gets hate from all angles. thats what makes us tough

Yo dude, I met you while I was working at East Pleasant in NY about two years ago. Glad to see you're still doing what you love. I grew up watching your stuff on Nickelodeon and it was the shit. A bowl and beers waiting if you're even in LA.

end of august. Im down

Come visit Morgantown, West Virginia! WVU knows how to party, we'd love to have you visit and have Jounce perform

lets get a show going on!

Jounce rocks and it was great working with you when you guested on The Jersey Royale record in the studio! You are not only hilarious and a great actor but also a fantastic musicians. Just wanted everyone on here to know that. rock on! -Jake Antelis

thanks Jake, the record sounds great! Any redditors in NJ need someone to track and mix, this guy is your man. Really great space and he has a great ear. Good to hear from you my friend!

Preteen me had a huge crush on you. Adult me would be DTF.

That being said, thanks for being a part of my childhood and allowing me to think I would have the chance of talking to my childhood celebrity crush.

I always miss AMAs.

Barack, I am flattered. Im glad you are DTF

Fuck dude, please answer this. I talked to you one the phone about 6 years ago. Your sister was at the Point Pleasant boardwalk and I was working the stands and her friends asked me to give her a free stuffed animal. I asked why should I do that, then they told me she was your sister. I said I would do it, but only if she could prove it was true. So she called you and gave me the phone. I asked what the name of the tattoo on your arm was in Pete & Pete and you promptly answered "Putunia", I knew it was you. I told you I was a huge fan and loved Pete & Pete, it was by far one of the best shows Nickelodeon ever produced. You said something like "Aww, thanks man". Your sister got that stuffed animal and I would do it again in a minute.

thats hilarious and I do remember that. Totally weird

I need to know if you will go in a date with me.

I need to know alot about you first.

Thank you so much for doing this AMA for this long. I always hate that the AMAs that I want to participate happen while I'm working!

I've been a huge fan for a long time. I'm sure this has been asked before (with 2k comments obviously). Did you feel the possibility of P&p being such a lasting hit early on, or did it take some time before the realisation was made? I firmly believe that the humor and quirkiness of that show vastly affected future humor in television.

Obligatory "I'd love to buy you a beer" or "hang" or whatever you say to famous and/or inspiring people.

I agree for sure. I didnt know it would be such a lasting thing, but I did realize that it was good TV and made people think. Thanks for chillin

Holy shit you were in Youngstown recently!!

yup at the Lemon Grove. i'll be there again in the fall

danny, will your band be coming to Boston? ill bring the weed.

we play the Middle East usually when we are up there

Hi Danny. I smoked a bowl with you after that show w/ Lloyd on the street outside Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ. It is one of my fondest memories. Thanks.

hahaha, thanks for the burn. that was a fun night of good music

Hi Danny its Peter, just wanted to say thanks for doing this, now I totally feel like a complete worthless loser piece of shit. So, thanks.

god I miss you.

apparently (from the pictures i've seen) you don't have a soul. how does this make you feel?

soul less

about 10 years ago, i believe i met you in coney island during the siren music festival. you scolded me for having one of those goldfish you win as a prize. could this have been you? or have i been lying to people with this story all these years.

I sort of remember that. I have been at a few of the Siren festivals and talking bad about feeder fish in coney Island means I must have been drinking. Still have it?

Are you involved in any acting projects right now? or, are you pretty much over it?

www.manboobscomedy.com is my main acting gig

Thanks for the great backyard bbq parties in Alphabet City. few years back. smoked a blunt when you had that cast. Good to see you finally do an ImA

hahaha, I miss that backyard, I dont miss that cast and my ankle still lets me know I broke it when the weather is bad. Glad you had fun at my apt!

My wrist does the same thing. People think I'm lying when I say it predicts rain haha.

sucks right?

Danny! Were you ever baked for "Figure it out"?


Speaking of... Big Pete looks high as balls in the opening credits for Pete and Pete. Can you substantiate or deny this?


just seen the Brooklyn comment, not to be a creep but what part do you usually stay around so I can just find you give you a pound and shit myself in happiness?

greenpoint,Billyburg ,park slope. Make sure you wear your "oops i crapped my pants" when travelling these hoods

Dear Danny, When did you first smoke pot, also please say with who and where? Thanks in advance

at a U2 concert at Giant Stadium in NJ. PopMart i think it was. Spacehog and Fun Lovin Criminals opened. SOme irish guys were sitting above me and asked if I wanted to, "smoke a bit of the mud?" I didnt get it, then he brandished a joint in front of me and we went to the Spirals outside the stadium and puffed. 97?

Danny, I'd like to have your babies. are you currently taking applications for surrogate mothers?

theres a list now, but send all info in PM and my secretary will get back to you. Ginger?


Syd is amazing, hilarious and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Shes family

DUDE, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?! Sincerely, a concerned black tranny.

thanks for the concern. Im right here.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Danny Tamberelli conducted on Reddit on 2012-07-10. The Reddit AMA can be found here.