Chris Pratt

April 24, 2015

Chris Pratt! AMA! Still half-drunk. Let's make some mistakes today.

Hey dudes. Well, you asked for it, and I'm thrilled to be here to answer your questions.

Oh, and by the way, JURASSIC WORLD is out June 12.

Victoria's helping me get started. AMA!

Thank you guys for the questions. I have to go. I am doing Jimmy Fallon in a minute. I am so thankful for all the support, it truly means a lot. You guys have been really nice and cool. And I mean that. I have very few haters (not to brag) and that is nice because I am a people pleaser and I will do anything to make you like me. Absolutely anything. I mean it. I'll tell you to hit me up with all your strange sexual and non-sexual requests... wait, no... I'm hearing this is over now. Oh well. I love you. Go see Jurassic World if you please and here's a link to a clip:

Take care. God bless. See you at the movies!

Hi Chris,

I’m a big fan, thanks for doing this AMA! I have three questions:

How did you and Chris Evans become friends?

Are you a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and if so who’s your favorite character?

Finally, your favorite pizza toppings?

Thanks Chris!

Hey there! Thanks. Chris and I met on my wife's movie "What's Your Number." I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. I love Arya Stark the most. I like meat on pizza and cheese. and sauce? I pretty much like all pizza. anchovies too.

I know that it is just a role, but are there any similarities between you and Peter Quill? What about Andy Dwyer?

Quill and I are basically the same person. We were born in the same year. We loved the same movies. The same music. If I were kidnapped at 10, taken to space and based my ideology on the pop culture of 1979-1989 I would be Peter Quill.

Hey Chris!

I always enjoyed Andy Dwyer on Parks and have been so happy to see you become so successful. I know there is a behind the scenes video from the set of Parks and Rec of you pretending to get a call from Steven Spielberg asking you to be in the next Jurassic Park. Did you ever believe that would actually become true and what has it been like getting these amazing roles?

Thank you. I never believed I would work with Steven Spielberg on a Jurassic Park sequel. It was a joke at the time both literally and figuratively. It's been a dream to get to play these roles and work on the projects that I have.

Hi Chris!

Less than a month ago I made an April Fool’s Day post on the r/movies subreddit saying that: you told us that you would do an AMA if we got a picture of your abs to the top of reddit.
I April Foolsed a bunch of people and it get to the top of reddit with 1.5 million views. A week later your AMA was officially announced.

My question is did this post have anything to do you with deciding to do an AMA? Pls say yes.

Absolutely. I heard about it on twitter and have always wanted to do one of these. I was thrilled to hear so many people were interested in me doing it. So I called Allison my publicist and said, "Hey, I know your job is to typically babysit me and make sure I don't do anything too stupid or say anything to ruin my career, but, i want to do an AMA and you can't stop me I'm STarlord!"

What is your favorite movie and why?

That is such a hard question. Probably something i saw as a kid simply for the sentimentality of it all. So Like Goonies or Bloodsport or something like that. Or maybe Rambo First Blood or the last Rambo where he outruns that dog, that shit was fucking crazy, or maybe City of God because that movie is awesome or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Across the Universe because I love the Beatles so much, or Country Strong, because just kidding, but that movie is actually really good but not my favorite of all time. Maybe the Neverending Story although I'm sure it doesn't hold up but I'll never know cause i'll never watch it again cause i hate when movies that i loved as a kid don't hold up for instance tango and cash just terrible.

Hey Chris, did Eminem ever give his thoughts on your awesome performance of Forgot About Dre?

No. but i met Dr. Dre last night!!!! Holy shit bro! that was crazy. I wanna see that Straight Outta Compton movie so bad. Looks great.

Hey Chris, what would Andy Dwyer/Johnny Karate/Bert Macklin be doing right now?

Here's something you might not have known about those characters. They smoked a lot of weed. they'd probably be doing that right now.

What brand of tequila were you having? How you holding up?

I was drinking Patron. But then Hornitos, bad call. I'm holding up well. I'm on a juice fast thing so the tequila juice fit right in! haha! actually doing surprisingly well. I must be a pro!

What's your favourite dinosaur?

Not just saying this but probably the velociraptor. They are pack hunters and super cool. But also I love the Mosasaur. That's the water dinosaur thing from the trailer that is SO FUCKING BADASS! Funny story, before I got Jurassic Park I gave James Gunn a wrap gift of an authentic Mosasaur Jawbone Fossil. So basically I can control the future.

Who would win in a fight, you or Nick Offerman?

Trick question. We would never fight. Unless it was us against anybody else in which case we would win.

My landlord says you used to rent the same house as me back when you were filming Everwood. Is this true? (The house in question, Salt Lake City, Utah We've also gotten some junk mail addressed to "Chris P. Pratt", but p isn't your middle initial. Anyways we've been having a longstanding debate between the 4 roommates about which room you would have picked. Please settle this once and for all. Oh and we'll be hanging a picture of you, your choice, in your room to pay respects to those who went before us. Oh and have any good stories from living here?

Yes I did! Cool man. I had the upstairs. The back bedroom was my beat laboratory and the other room was my bedroom. You'll notice the baseboards in the kitchen might be all fucked up cause I made a mouse trap out of bungee cords and screws and nails and stuff, with a little trip wire, no joke, there was a lot of thought that went into this, and pot too, and i whacked the mouse good but never killed him but did definitely do a lot of damage to the baseboards. anyhow. I love that place. And i hate mice. you still get mice?

Would you rather fight 1 Lil’ Sebastian-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Lil’ Sebastians?

Most definitely 100 duck sized LIl' Sebastians. Because I could kill most of them easily, but the remainder I would capture and breed as glamour pets. We could make literally hundreds of dollars.

I was recently bitten by a radioactive Chris Pratt. What is about to happen to me?

Oh no. You're probably gonna get fat and then skinny.

Chris...I read the book of Jurassic Park before I saw the movie and I have to say while I thought the movie was great and well-made, it lacked of lot of the grittiness and intense moments the books captured. Can we expect a reboot more towards the books in this movie?

Also...are you yourself a Lego master builder? If so, what set(s) are your favorite sets? Classic, modern, themed,etc?

Movies have a hard time of capturing the grittiness of a novel. Whereas novels have a hard time being done in an hour and a half. This is not a reboot. It plays as a sequel 21 years after the events of the first movie. And it deals with society's relationship with science and how much it has changed over the past couple decades. We are no longer impressed by magical and wonderful things. Imagine if dinosaurs were back, and had been around for 21 years, would anyone think they're cool anymore?

If you could change a word from the title of any films or television show you've starred in, what would the new title be?

Example, "Sharks and Rec"

Zero Dark Thirsty?

Hey Chris, welcome to Reddit! Super excited that you’re here with us today.

Two questions for you:

That's all! Thanks again for doing this AMA! :)

Great questions. Perfect sandwich? two slices of white bread, mustard, mayo and a platinum american express card. fictional characters from literature? Call or Gus from Lonesome Dove.


We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Nick Offerman a couple times, and when asked about you, he brought up phrases including but not limited to “magnificent beast”, and “most beautiful creation”. Do you have a response that can go on record?

Nick is a best selling author. He is a very rare breed. He is the epitome of integrity. He's wildly intelligent. He shakes your hand, looks you in the eye and remembers your name. He is thoughtful and kind and absolutely devoted to his craft, his wife and his friends. He takes magnificent craps and sends them to me sometimes. And I like that very much. It's almost like he's from another time, a better time, when people were more real. Although they didn't have texts back then so I guess it's a wash with the crap pics.

Hey Chris loved you in guardians of the galaxy and I'm stoked for Jurassic world. I have two questions.

1) what's it feel like going from living in a van at 19 to now being a movie star and being able to afford basically anything you want?

2) what advice would you give someone like me who wants to be an actor?

Thanks for doing this!

Hey buddy, thanks! Advice for being an actor is this: figure out whether or not you believe in yourself, and if you don't, find a way to. Because even more than you want it, you must believe it. And learn about yourself. The rhythm of one's spirit is just as important as what you look like or what you sound like. Who are you? What's your voice? What are you dying to contribute?

Hey Chris! I heard you met your wife, Anna Faris, on set during a movie. You're both great, I've loved her since the first Scary Movie but Chris you've stolen my heart since Parks and Rec. When I first discovered you two were married I was blown away because I thought you guys are perfect for each other, all while I tried to smother my intense jealousy. My questions for you are what drew you two together? Is there some cute story in which you guys fell in love? Is Anna a great wife/mom?

Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny, just as much as my crazy career and the way I fell into this life. She and I grew up 20 minutes away from each other but never met until we met in LA. We both got our start in horror spoofs. We both did an animated movie for Phil Lord and Chris Miller. We both made our careers playing guileless nitwits for laughs. We both have parents that have suffered with MS. The similarities go on and on. Anna is a great wife. Very patient and understanding. Very supportive. So kind and genuine always. And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in laws that I truly love.

How can I convince my friends that Jurassic World is gonna be great?

Tell them they don't want to be the only people on the planet not to see this movie!!!

[No question]

Thank you guys for the questions. I have to go. I am doing Jimmy Fallon in a minute. I am so thankful for all the support, it truly means a lot. You guys have been really nice and cool. And I mean that. I have very few haters (not to brag) and that is nice because I am a people pleaser and I will do anything to make you like me. Absolutely anything. I mean it. I'll tell you to hit me up with all your strange sexual and non-sexual requests... wait, no... I'm hearing this is over now. Oh well. I love you. Go see Jurassic World if you please and here's a link to a clip. Take care. God bless. See you at the movies!

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Chris Pratt conducted on Reddit on 2015-04-24. The Reddit AMA can be found here.