Bruce Campbell

April 12, 2011

I'm Bruce Campbell: AMA

Hey Reddit – demon-killer and ex-Navy Seal here to answer your questions. I’ve got someone manning the keyboard for me throughout the day – but I’ll be checking in and replying from 12:30-1:30 EST and again from 4:30-5:30 EST.

EDIT: Thanks for your comments and thanks everyone for supporting Burn Notice for four seasons! We're just started shooting season five with more carnage and mayhem starting June 23rd. Don't forget to check out The Fall of Sam Axe on USA Network this Sunday!

EDIT: Listen up you primitive screw heads! Thanks for tuning in for round 1 of this discussion, get ready for round 2 - if you can handle it!

FINAL EDIT: Hey folks! It's been great hangin' with ya, answering your lame, repetitive questions... and keeping me from the pool. All will be forgiven if you watch the Sam Axe TV movie this Sunday on USA Network at 9pm. Keep in mind that you pay my salary and I appreciate that. I have been saving up in order to pay YOUR salary, but I'm not ready yet. If you keep watching everything I do, I will be able to save up to pay your salary. See how that works? Have a good evening and stay tuned.

What do you do outside of acting that is a big deal to you?

Hiking in the mountains of Oregon whenever I can.

Outside of your movies, what was:

1: The most awesome moment in your life? 2: The most awkward moment in your life?

  1. As a parent you have to say that it's the birth of your two children for starters - otherwise they'll kill you.
  2. Most awkward... Not being allowed to star in the second movie we made called Crime Wave. The studio shut me down and it hurt like a mo-fo.

I think you were great as Renaldo, though. I tend to like you most at your smarmiest.

Thanks for the underhanded compliment. Those are my favorites.

How do you deal with such a devoted fanbase? Few actors have such a following.

The truth of it is I don't do anything about it. I cant control your minds and I wouldn't dare try.

Maybe we control yours... O_O

You do, why do you think I make so many crappy movies?

How many times per day does someone come up to you and say "Hail to the king, baby?"

0.5 times per day.

How often do you say to your self, "Hail to the king, baby"?

Every day.

Every time he masturbates.

At least I still can.


Army of Darkness was made in 1991 - do the math.

Don't apologize for us. Bruce is a big boy, he can take it.

No I can't, I'm crying right now.

I have to tip a hat to a guy who has the balls to anonymously condescend to Bruce Campbell.

Here's my anonymous condescension: suck it.

  1. What's your favorite zombie movie?
  2. Can I put you on my speed dial in prep for the next zombie invasion?
  3. How hot is Gabrielle Anwar in person?
  4. What is your favorite scene from Burn Notice?
  5. What is your favorite quote from Army of Darkness?
  1. I don't like Zombies.
  2. No.
  3. You think I'm gonna tell you?
  4. The one we haven't filmed yet.
  5. "Stop with the stupid questions"

What was your favorite Chuck Finley persona on Burn Notice? I loved the crime scene investigator one that you took on in Season 4. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!

Also, gotta say that I love Burn Notice. Of all the shows that air in India, Burn Notice has to be a shining beacon in a sea of utter mediocrity.

I agree - you are very smart.

A redditor once posted a story about meeting you on here. He said when he recognized you and said, "Hey, you're Bruce Campbell!", your response was, "Hey, someone's gotta be", and then walked off. Some other redditors hypothesized that this was your go to line that you used for any fans stopping you in public. I was just wondering whether or not that's true.

That's pretty accurate - ya. Got a problem with that?

Any word on Evil Dead IV or Army of Darkness II?

Also, does it hurt to be so awesome?

No, and Yes.

Goddamn Bruce, broke my heart. Are you not allowed to give us any info? You can trust me Mr. Campbell

By the way, Evil Dead IV and Army of Darkness II are the same thing.

I also want more words about Evil Dead 4. Now that Sam Raimi is done with his goddamn spiderman movies, he's gotta have time for this.

Sam is doing a $200 million dollar prequel to the Wizard of Oz. He's a tiny bit busy. In all honesty, we would all love to make another Evil Dead movie. When that will happen? Who can say - we're all working on other jobs right now. We're not trying to dodge anybody's questions, there just isn't that much to talk about. The remake's gonna kick ass - you have my word.

On Burn Notice, how hard is it to portray a handsome man's man that attracts women like flies?

Also, do you actually drink a beer in each take?

It's easy.

Only water - or else I'd be in rehab right now.

I'm a 26 year old straight, married, man, and I'm swooning at him being on reddit too. I feel like a Beiber fan.

I think you are a Beiber fan. Who is Beiber?

At what point did you realize you had become a cult icon?

When people keep saying it. My wife keeps calling me dumbass.

Holy shit, it's really him and this is only ten minutes old! C'mon lotic, think of some fucking questions...

So, for the past several years you've mostly been working in TV and voice acting - Burn Notice, video game/cartoon voice work, and of course the original ass-kicking Old Spice commercials. Your last real leading role in a movie was in 2002's Bubba Ho-Tep (and thank you very much for that). Do you see yourself returning to film work as something more than a cameo appearance or voice actor any time soon?

Because, and I'm sure you know this, if you did, we'd probably all poop ourselves silly.

edit: So sorry about forgetting "My Name is Bruce"

Go re-study IMDB.

Morning, good sir. I don't so much have a question, but I would like to take this chance to thank you for being awesome. I met you at a book signing several years ago and you were the very model of casual ease and courtesy.

Also, you smelled DELICIOUS. My little fangirl heart was all aflutter.

Must have been the Old Spice baby.

1) What did you never accomplish with your career that you wish you had?

2) What do you think about the fact that you appear in scholarly books about film and that people may well remember you 100 years from now?

3) Is being a celebrity ever not worth it? I imagine not being able to go to a gas station without a hassle would be a huge bother.

Incidentally, I'm a big fan - I follow as many of your movies as I can and even skimmed your book.

EDIT: Bruce, by "skimming" I meant that I read through it quickly and didn't mean to imply that it wasn't enjoyable or not worth keeping on my shelf to this day. If you think you were being overly defensive and feel embarrassed for lashing out, please let me know by never responding to this post. Thank you. We love you Bruce.

  1. I can't answer that because I'm not dead yet.
  2. I'm good with that. That's why I lie all the time- to pass false information down through the ages.
  3. The good news is I'm old now and nobody recognizes me anymore.

I look forward to skimming your book when you write one.

What was your favorite character that you played amongst the movies you single handedly made good?

I never have a favorite character. I leave that up to the pundits and the audience. Every character is equally as important to me.

Hey Bruce Campbell, why don't you go ahead and do us all a favor and do a collaboration with Nathan Fillion. Please?

Sure, just as soon as I find out who he is.

In a world where everyone tries to get ahead by taking everything very seriously, you seem to have made a career out of not doing this. Do you take not taking yourself seriously seriously? Or does it just come naturally to you?

Edit: Seriously though, I personally find you so refreshing because you seem to understand a concept that most people, myself included, can't fully commit to: that as long as you are enjoying yourself and doing no harm, everyone else can f--k off. This seems to me to be your main draw. Any tips to going full on existential freedom?

Are you serious?

  1. What do you think of this?
  2. What's changed most about your mentality with acting and movies since your younger days?
  3. Favorite role?
  4. We should party together
  5. Thank you for doing this!
  6. If you have time, you should put up some awesome pics, I'm sure the community would love them
  1. I call it a waste of cement.
  2. I used to say yes to everything, now I say mostly no.
  3. Still alive, don't have one.
  4. When you wake up.
  5. Back at ya.
  6. Sure, let me put my pants back on.

Would you tell my wife you love her? I say it all the time but I think it would mean more coming from you.

If I tell her she has to prove her love to me, know what I mean? (wink wink)

Was "Bubba Ho-Tep" based on a true story? I say it wasn't, but the homeless man near the interstate insists that it was.

Are you that homeless man?

You've been in film for years, but you still don't have the name recognition that we know you deserve. Does this come up during casting interviews and talks with producers? I mean, you've clearly put your time in, but for some reason more people know Nicholas Cage's name.

Also, I loved "Confessions of a B Movie Actor" and "Make Love!". Thanks for writing those.

I guess you'll just have to buy Army of Darkness ten more times to support my children.

My friend and I met you a few years back crossing the street in front of Hooters during Comic-Con. You were really cool about it, thanks. Afterwards, we were kicking ourselves for not inviting to have a beer with us. If we had asked, would you have come?

Yes, but only to Hooters.

I just want you to talk about Brisco County Junior, I was the most disappointed kid in the world when that show got canceled.

Here's another one: Santa is fake.

What is your "secret" hobby or interest that most people don't know about?

Under-water basket weaving.

Honestly, what do you expect him to say to this?. He's a professional and still active in the business. He's been invited to do a cameo in each film in the series. Even if he thought it was shit, do you really think he's going to say so?

Trust me. I know him well. He's one of my biggest fans and thinks I'm one of the coolest persons he's ever known....although, whenever I remind him of that, he usually just tells me to shut up.

Why don't you shut up. Spiderman was the best piece of shit I've ever seen!

Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter?

Don't you have recycling to take out?

How can I become the sexiest man alive once you're dead? Do I have to kill you?

If you did then you would be in prison, and that is not sexy.

Did you get to keep any interesting props from any of the Evil Dead movies (or Army of Darkness)? You are undoubtedly awesome as well. I got my parents to watch Bubba Ho-tep and we were dying. You do a spot on old cranky Elvis!

My brother has the shotgun from the original Evil Dead - not because he likes the movie, but because he likes guns.

You're the reason I watch Burn Notice. That is all.

If I gave you five dollars would that be another reason?

Did you play the Evil Dead Videogame?

Yes, and I was killed in 13 seconds.

Do you think if you would have made your movies today that you would have been able to reach more mainstream success, or were there any conscious decisions on your part to stay away from long term mainstream commitment?

The reason I ask is because even your "non commercial hits" showcase your talents and I find it hard to believe that with all of the work you have done, you wouldn't have had the opportunity to make more mainstream hits.

From a big fan who watches Burn Notice now and reruns of the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. :)

Just so you know, I currently have two bosses. One is Rupert Murdoch at News Corp and the other is General Electric. I have a seven year contract with these companies. Does that sound mainstream to you? Sounds like I'm workin' for the man to me...

What do most people say to you on the street when they see you?

"Hey pal, can't you see I'm walkin' here?"

who's hotter xena, gabrielle, callisto?

you rock and thanks for the good times

All three at the same time works for me.

Who would win in a fight between you and the Old Spice Guy? Since you know, you were the first

Me, because I make more money.

Hi Bruce, thanks for your time! It seems like every single one of my favorite actors has said that they hit patches where they just about "gave up" and became real estate brokers or farmers or whatever.

Was there ever a time where you considered schlepping it out like the rest of us, and if so what careers or jobs did you consider?

Fan moment: Thanks for reminding us that life doesn't have to be so serious all the time.

Yes, after I got divorced, I wanted to become a park ranger, but the pay sucked - so I decided to become a cult icon.

Hey Bruce Campbell, do you Reddit often? or is this a first time kinda thing?

I'm a virgin, please be gentle.

  1. I have heard that Sam Raimi is planning a remake of Evil Dead. Will you be involved in this, and if so, in what way?

  2. The Ash character has very specific mannerisms. What were your influences for these (speech pattern, attitude, etc)?

NEWSFLASH: We are remaking Evil Dead. The script is awesome. I will be one of the producers and possibly play the milk man.

I just want to tell you that if a girl doesn't like Army of Darkness, I dump her.

You might want to re-think that. There aren't that many girls around. But if she doesn't like Burn Notice - dump her immediately.

As a self-proclaimed horror movie fan, how do you feel about the direction the genre has taken in the past decade? Music, repetitive camera-tricks, etc. How do you feel about "hand-held" camera horror movies?

Just on a side-note, I wore a white shirt with your grinning, diabolical face on it to "Evil Dead the Musical", came out covered in fake blood - attempted to take the train and was almost arrested. Good times were had by all!

There's too much torture porn. We have to get back to actually being scary, not disturbing.

1) How do you handle the constant questions about making more Evil Dead movies?

2) What did you think of the Evil Dead musical?

3) What movie are you most proud of?

  1. I'm sorry, did you say something?
  2. Laughed my ass off, with that play, if it's done well, it's really funny. If it's done poorly, it's even funnier.
  3. My very last one - in 2051.

Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows of all time and your character is a big reason why. So, here's some questions for you:

  1. What do you think of the direction the series is heading?
  2. Do you get to drink real drinks on set?
  3. How much of the dialog in the show between you, Jeffrey, Gabrielle, etc is scripted by the writers and how much is off the cuff/improved?
  4. Have you or any of the cast been able to have input to your character development?
  5. Could you sneak a reference to Reddit in an episode?

Thank you so much for this AMA! HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!

  1. I don't really know where it's heading, that's what I like about it.
  2. Dude...
  3. Most is written, we throw in the occasional quip if it makes sense.
  4. I say why bother? The writers are doing a great job.
  5. Yes, for $5000 in a brown paper bag.

Is there a film role you turned down and wish you hadn't?

Nope. If I thought the script sucked, that's all that matters.

I once sold you some DIY materials in Gladwin, Michigan. My friends don't believe me. Frankly, I fear I may have gone insane. It is a story as old as time - girl meets demon-killer, demon-killer buys drywall screws.

Assuming I am not crazy, just what were you building in that small redneck town?

We used to have property in Gladwin, Michigan. So that was probably me. How can I return my ball-peen hammer?

Which do you prefer - crunchy peanut butter or smooth?

Crunchy, with salt.

  1. In your Wiki bio, it states you are "A legendary B-Movie actor". Do you take this as a compliment? Please explain.

  2. If I had only one celebrity to ask out to have a beer, you would be my choice. This is due to your personality from Burn Notice. How much of your own personality shines through in that character?

  3. Do you put your pants on one leg at a time?

  1. Isn't that like a semi-boneless ham?
  2. I am exactly Sam Axe - I've never told anyone this. The writers don't write for me, I make it all up, because it's just me.
  3. Actually, I put my pants on over my head, which proves my talent.

Are you planning on writing another book?

Yes, it's called Vagabond: An Actor's Gypsy Life. Look forward to it in a couple of years... but send me the money now if you want to. I'll put it in a nice safe place... my back pocket.

What was it like working with the Coen Brothers?

Those guys are awesome and they deserve all of the success they have had. I'm a little pissed though, they each owe me $20.

How do you like Miami?

Do you live there most of the year?

Do you have the same kind of fans there that you would encounter anywhere else?

Miami is really groovy, get your butt down here.

Ironically, I bomb at events in Miami, so it's a great place to work - no one recognizes me.

First off I wanted to tell you that you are the reason I got into acting. You were an inspiration in the fact that you just got on screen and had fun with your roles. You taught me that if I believed in the role, no matter how out there it actually was, that enthusiasm would sweep others into believing also. Ive been a huge fan since Brisco County Jr. back in the day, and have always known that Ass kicking + Laughs = Bruce Campbell.

My question is this: How have you come to terms with the success of the movies like "Army of Darkness" when you have more serious roles out there? Was there ever a point where you felt like your abilities were being overlooked?

FYI Army of Darkness bombed when it came out. It only took 20 years to become a cult classic. As a general rule, comedic presentations are often overlooked. Everybody thinks comedy must be easy because it looks easy.

What is the typical Bruce Campbell breakfast?

Mega-smoothie, gluten free toast, tomatos and olive oil on top.


Shut up and be me.

Anything more you can tell us about the Sam Axe movie? You know, just between you and Reddit?

Also, how do you deal with being such a legendary figure to so many people. I've heard you're very cordial and polite to fans, but deep down do you want to clear the room with a boomstick?

First answer: Matt Nix wrote this movie for the fans, because Matt Nix is a fan. So Matt tried to make a cool character for FANS, and we both hope that we succeeded.

Second answer: Just a reminder to all, even legendary figures take the trash out.

I took a high school class with Chris Guyor in Rochester, MI. He always claimed to know you. Fact or ficition?


What's the stupidest question a fan's ever asked you?

(I was in the audience in Edinburgh when someone asked you about shit-flavoured ice cream. Everyone wondered what the hell kind of a dumbass question that was...)

"What's your address?" followed by "how much do you make every year?" My response was "tell me your social security number?"

Zombie Western - Good idea or don't mix the two?

It's already been done about a hundred times, hasn't it? It's not about the genre, it's about the story.

Long time fan, first time asker. In your new movie coming out on USA, Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, are there any references to some of your older stuff that my brothers and I can look forward to when we watch it?

Watch it and answer your own question... but YES, keep your eyes open.

What piece of work that you have done are you the most proud of? Not necessarily the best, but what brings you the most pride that you either got to be a part of or you feel that you pulled off the best. And why, of course.

Check out a movie called "Running Time" - nobody really saw it, but it's a very cool, real-time crime drama. Check it out.

Sam Raimi's car... smelly, or really smelly?


What is your favorite beer, hard alcohol, and cocktail?

I made up a drink called a Rum Dinger - ingredients: Meyers Dark Rum, Kahlua, and a splash of ginger ale on the rocks. A little sweet but pretty good. Add some lime to get some nutrients.


  1. Favorite car - 1973 Chevy Bel Air. Biggest piece of crap I every had, but lots of memories.
  2. Jay can have his little chin.
  3. I eat bison exclusively... that's actually true. Bison clip the grass and don't pull it up by the roots like stupid cattle. You need bison on the range, not cattle. By eating bison, I will create a market for it, thereby creating a value for it, thereby helping it survive. By killing the bison, I will save it. Please do the same. It is higher in protein and lower in fat.
  4. No, except the last 10 minutes. The rest is silly. Admit it.
  5. I actually don't like guns, so there is no wrong way to hold a gun, because there is no "right way" to hold a gun.


Boxers or briefs - neither. I wear a hybrid. And I will not tell you any more about my undergarments.

I used to go to Groves High School too! I hated it though lol. Do you have any fond memories of high school?

I loved high school. You must have been one of those greasers, or stoners or losers who hung out in the C-9 bathroom. I hope you're proud of yourself.

HI Bruce. I met you in Flagstaff at a book signing. I was with a good friend from Saginaw, and you took some time out and chatted with us (mostly him, for obvious reasons), and I want to say thanks for being such a cool person! It just made me like all of your movies and TV stuff more! I also really enjoyed your book!

Are you planning on doing new cool stuff in the future or near future that us fans should know about?

Check out the Sam Axe TV movie this Sunday 9pm on USA - that's pretty near future, eh? Sorry it took so long.

Were you surprised with how loved Bubba Ho-Tep is? Personally, I think it is amazing, but when you try to explain the plot to someone else, you come across as a crazy person.

Well, aging Elvis in rest home movies with cancer on his penis aren't a huge sell these days. But if you can get past that, it's a really sweet story.

I've seen a lot of big-name actors doing AMAs recently. Are you normally a redditor, or is this just something a lot of famous people are doing these days, like Twitter?

Also, what's your favorite breakfast food? :)

This is a brand new experience to me, I've done a lot of Q&As but not as much on the internet - mostly live. I guess twitter is something I should investigate as well because it's almost live.

Favorite breakfast food: hot grape nuts.

Hi Bruce, on Bubba Ho-Tep the chemistry between you and Ossie Davis looked genuine. What was it like to work with him?

When I worked with Ossie Davis he was 83. He had been making movies since 1946. It's always great to work with someone that experience because they're relaxed and really good at what they do. Ossie was playing a guy who thought he was John F. Kennedy. The funny thing was, he had been around so long, that he actually met JFK.

Why do you charge money and make fans choose between a pic or an autograph at conventions? Seems like taking advantage of fans who have sunk lots of money into your work already.

Just so you know, here's how I work. I charge the convention promoter $X for me to show up. How he charges you is out of my control. So feel free to punch him in the face, not me. I'm just a chump trying to feed my family.

What was it like working on Xena Warrior Princess? You were one of my favourite characters.

Working on Xena was great. Lucy Lawless is tall and hot. My character was always trying to get in her pants. The only reason why I couldn't is because she would kick my ass if I tried... and believe me, I tried... on and off camera. But don't tell my wife.

What do you think of Scientology's influence in Hollywood?

I don't think it's that big of a deal. I think marijuana, alcohol and cocaine have a bigger influence on Hollywood than Scientology - not that that's a bad thing.

Are there Bruce Campbell groupies and do you bang them?

What is the most amount of coke you have snorted off a hooker?

Do you demand coke and hookers in your trailer?

What kind of beverage do you drink when you partake in hookers and coke?

Groupies - Yes and yes. Do you think I'm stupid? Coke - Ask Charlie Sheen because I was passed out. Beverage - Tiger blood, dumbass, duh.

Why the hell do we only see you in B list movies while shittier unworthy garbage actors crap up what would otherwise be good movies with their inability to measure up to your obvious greatness?

You need to see movies that are not B movies. People think I've only been in B movies because they only watch B movies. I've been in a French film for god's sake.

Did you make Old Spice smell better? Can you invent a scale to measure your impact?

Yes, because even my sweat smells sweet.

Just curious, why the huge interest in b movies?

Just to let you know, you're the only reason I watch burn notice.

B movies can tell crazier stories. Not everybody is interested in the "standard Hollywood formula". Only B movies are man enough to break the mold.

Do you ever feel sleighted by Hollywood in that you may have been typecast like the bulk of Star Wars/Trek actors have been? I've always wondered why you didn't have more mainstream success.

Ironically, fans type-cast me more than Hollywood does. I've done French films, Disney films, unrated films, I played Ellen's boss, so I don't know what to tell you - people watch what they watch. For example, a Brisco fan is not necessarily and Evil Dead fan. There are plenty of Brisco fans who haven't watch Evil Dead and vice versa.

I saw you in the tour for "The man with the screaming brain" what were the best and worst parts of shooting in Bulgaria?

And any planned future projects with Sam Raimi?

Bulgaria is a fine country emerging from Communism. I was glad to be able to shoot there to witness its emergence. However, because of their problems, it was not a great place to make a movie. But now that I have filmed there, I feel like I can make a movie anywhere.

I bought your book, Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way, but my technique hasn't improved at all and my wife still can't climax unless we have Burn Notice on TV while we're going at it like a pair of farm animals.

What am I doing wrong?


You are a god among men Bruce Campbell.

What have you been up to lately? Any chance of an Alien Apocalypse 2?

Actually, I've already been hit by lightening, so there's no chance of a sequel.

Do you think you could beat the most interesting man alive in a fist fight?

EDIT: OMG Bruce Campbell replied to my post! (well, whoever is manning his keyboard did, at least)

You mean like last night? Now he's the most interesting unconscious man in the world.

  1. Share your top story/blooper that never got out of the movie set, preferably during filming of Evil Dead/AoD.

  2. Which Evil Dead was the most fun to work on ?

  1. The only bloopers in that movie were me being injured... and I didn't find that particularly funny.
  2. None of the Evil Dead movies were fun to work on. That does not mean that I don't like them. It just means that they were all difficult to make and it leads me to my current theory: movies that are easy to make are hard to watch and vice versa.

Why are are you not involved with / starring in Bubba Nosferatu?

The answer is simple, Don Coscarelli and I could not agree on the script. It happens all the time. I have great respect for Don and I hope that he actually even makes the movie. As we all have seen, franchises sometimes outlive the actor.

I know this was touched upon briefly in 'If Chins Could Kill' but what was it like to work with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on 'The X-Files'?

Love your books and all of your movies. Thanks for being awesome!

Duchovny was a joker. Gillian was all business.

Sam Axe knows how to appreciate a good beer after a rough day (and sometimes during). I'm dying to know, is there a particular beer out there that you have a personal preference for?

I actually gave up beer two years ago. I'm sort of a high end tequila guy these days. Drink responsibly!

Thanks for the AMA!

How are you feeling today?

Cheers mate!


how did John Hodgman end up coercing you into writing your first book? i'm guessing rabid fanboy-ism.

John Hodgman was an assistant literary agent. He sent me an email suggesting that I write a book. I thought he was crazy. Who's laughing now? By the way, John through his exposure on the Daily Show gets more residuals from TV than I do. I now hate him.

Could you take yourself in a fight?

On a Friday night, yes. On a Monday morning, no.

I watch TV shows that I wouldn't normally watch, only because you're in them. I just wanted to say that.

I answer posts only because you post them. I just wanted to say that.

I'm a huge fan. I love your movies. I've always thought that your style would fit well with Quentin Tarantino. Have you ever met him or spoke to him? Is there any chance we'd see you in a Quentin Tarantino movie? I think that you in a Quentin Tarantino movie would about be the most amazing thing ever.

Quentin Tarantino and I were actually in a scene together in a movie in 1991, Eddie Presley. I had just completed Army of Darkness and he had just completed Reservoir Dogs. We basically talked for an entire day and I enjoyed him very much, he's a very bright, passionate filmmaker.

Do you hold a bitter grudge against the Old Spice Guy for usurping your position?

No, because the initial idea of Procter & Gamble, the company behind Old Spice, was to mount a $200 Mil campaign to reclaim the scent market. Their intent was to do that with a myriad of spokesmen, actors, print campaigns and TV campaigns. They were never looking for an Old Spice guy. The good news is that the check cleared.

Which movie have you starred in that seemed the most believable?

Aren't all movies fake?

When you guys began writing The Evil Dead, who first introduced the idea of tree rape?

I think Mr. Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert were the geniuses behind that sweet sequence. That's where several people usually walk out in any public screening.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Just being able to stick around for 30 years.

My King,

I consider myself honored to post in your presence. Tales of your whit and excellency have traveled far throughout the land. Bow to thee, wielder of the holy Boomstick. Heart to thee, the man who can split in twine and defeat his inner demons. Every morning I wake and chant the holy Klaatu prayer. I prostrate myself before your mechanized saw of justice, the right hand with which you judge all the unworthy. I humble myself before your left hand, that of reckoning. I swear to always keep my intelligence about me as a consumer, and to do so specifically at the S-mart retail chain.

I hail to thee. Before you I am merely but a child.

Turn around so I can kick your butt.

Did you know you look just like a bartender in Waikiki?

Wait a second, I do bartend in Waikiki. Were you the jerk who stiffed me that one night?

If you could be a woman for a day, what sort of shenanigans would you get up to?

I have played a woman twice. I will never do it again. Between high heels, wigs, hair removal and corsets, I realize that women are basically crazy.

The photo doesn't convince me. Give us another one with you flipping the bird.

Come to a convention and I'll give it to you in person.

I'm sure you get asked all the time to be a part of a low budget production, my question is what would prompted you to say yes, and why? Also, if it's simply a question of money what do I need to pay you to come to my birthday party?

Does your dad work for General Electric? If so, I will give you the routing number to send the $100,000 per hour to attend your birthday party. Cake is extra.

  1. Any plans for another Evil Dead game in the works, and if so, will you be voice acting?

  2. Is Jeff Donovan as cool in person as he is on the show?

  3. When did you start playing piano? (as per your Old Spice commercial a few years back)

  1. No news there.
  2. Yes, but that's strictly "need to know".
  3. I played when I was 14 and gave it up. Old Spice asked me if I could sing and play the piano. I said no and no. They said "that's perfect".

If there was a zombie outbreak, how would you survive it?

I would throw your lifeless body in front of them as I ran away.

Does it make you sad that Reese Witherspoon has a manlier chin than you do?

If so how do you cope?

I just met Reese, we had a chat. We worked it out. It is no longer a problem.

My brothers told me they once peed on some bushes by a house in the Applegate many years ago and then someone shouted, "THOSE ARE BRUCE CAMPBELLS BUSHES YOU IDIOT". They were a little sorry but mostly excited. "I peed on Bruce Campbells bushes! Oh my god that's so cool!"

My brothers are idiots but you are extremely cool.

You and your brothers are all idiots.

Do you believe in magic?

No, not even "movie magic".

Even though I've seen Evil Dead and Army of Darkness since my youth, you'll always be "Autolycus" to me, as I was (am) a HUGE Hercules/Xena nerd.

Do you keep in touch with your Ancient Greek family from those shows?

Yes, Aphrodite and I float around the stars often.

Will you marry me?!?

I'm engaged to be married in Vermont in June...I would be happy to have you preside over the wedding instead of some Justice of the Peace. I can offer you that plus a plate of chicken cordon blue and $300 cash.

I'll do it for $200. Sign me up.

You once came down to Nacogdoches, TX for a film festival featuring "Bubba Ho Tep". If rumors about the Q and A session held there were true I would like to apologize on behalf of the town. Also, if it is true you referred to them as all "jackasses and morons" then I would consider you to be a great judge of character.

Is there a story worth telling about that incident or were the rumors greatly exaggerated?

I have no issues with Nacagdoches. I mostly abuse every audience, in every town. My good writer friend Joe Landsdale lives outside of Nacagdoches so I would never say anything bad about that fabulous town. It is however the birth of the Marx brothers.

how did you first meet sam raimi?

I first saw Sam Raimi dressed as Sherlock Holmes playing with dolls in the hallway when I was in 8th grade. I remember walking way around him because I thought he was a weirdo. I should have known better.

What is Burn Notice actually about?


Jesus tapdancing Christ in a birchbark canoe, it really is the man with the iron chin! The one dude so god-damned manly, he can play a character with a chick's name and be twice the man you'll ever be!

My question: When the hell's Evil Dead 4 coming out? If I have to find the funding for it myself, I will.

Also, you freaking rule, dude.

You sound like such a man that I think only you can play the role of Ash in Evil Dead 4. Start working out. I'll call you next week for more details.

I love you. How did you come up with the idea for "My Name is Bruce"? How do you feel about karo syrup?

I refuse to use Karo syrup ever again. No offense to the company, but it has scarred me literally for life.

Dear Mr Campbell,

Can you please create an ensemble action movie starring yourself, Mike Row, Les Stroud, R Lee Ermy, Patrick Warburton, and a handful of other striking fellows?

In fact, it wouldn't even need to be an action movie. It could just be the group of you wandering through the woods looking for something and it would practically write and sell itself. Please make this happen. I had a much longer list in mind, but I think that you get the gist of what I intended.

Aside from that, I just wish for you to continue to have a long and successful life. Thank you for entertaining us for so many years.

I'll get right on it.

What awesome stories do you have from filming The Evil Dead trilogy?

I hurt my ankle really really bad while making that movie. Thanks for brining up that horrible memory.

What is your favourite Sandwich fillling?

My favorite combination is sauerkraut and eggnog. If they don't have that, peanut butter and whipped cream will do the trick.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Bruce Campbell conducted on Reddit on 2011-04-12. The Reddit AMA can be found here.