Bo Burnham

April 29, 2013

I am a comedian named Bo Burnham. AMA

Hello reddit! Proof.

I have to suck first and plug this mockumentary TV series that I made called "Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous." It premieres this thursday at 10:30 on MTV. So I would love you to either watch it or tell me to go fuck myself because you're not going to watch an MTV show helmed by a former "YouTube Sensation" (I totally get it).

And I'm going on the road soon with my brand new stand-up show!


UPDATE: Thank you for all the questions. I had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.

Bo! Huge fan.

So why MTV?

Thanks Addyct! The show itself is about a young, obnoxious kid who desperately wants to become famous in any way possible. And MTV seems to be the place that has sort of cultivated and nurtured that mindset. So I figured, where better to start this conversation about fame and its strange impacts on young people than the belly of the beast!

I love your comedy, but I'm not sure the same people who watch Jersey Shore will get your type of humor. Anyway, good luck and I'll definitely check out your show.

That's fine with me! I didn't want to just preach to the choir. Even if consciously all the motives of my show don't register with the audience, hopefully subliminally a lot of the ideas of fame as poisonous and hollow can seep into their tanned brains.

And thanks for the good luck wishes!

  1. Who were your idols starting out?
  2. Who is your current favorite comedian not named Bo Burnham
  1. Oh man, Steve Martin -- if you enjoy listening to comedy and haven't listened to "Let's Get Small" or "Wild and Crazy Guy," do it now. He's so amazing and silly and theatrical. I listened to a lot of George Carlin and Bill Cosby as well.
  2. There are many favorites. Hannibal Buress, Tig Notaro, Hans Teeuwen, Tim Minchin, John Mulaney, Jon Dore, Rory Scovel, Dylan Moran.

You say "former" YouTube sensation. Does that mean you won't be doing any more YouTube videos?

I just said "former" because I figured that the act of being a "sensation" was behind me. When I return, I will be a "Youtube OhThisFuckingGuyAgain."

What ever happened to the movie you were writing with Judd Apatow?

So yeah, I was working on a musical with Judd Apatow that was going to be sort of an "r-rated high school musical." We did a few drafts of it and it ended up not going forward. Over the course of writing the script, Judd taught me how to write and structure a screenplay, as I had no idea at the time. So it was a huge win for me -- learning how to write from someone whose writing I respect so much.

I know you're probably busy, but will you ever do a collaboration with George Watsky? Also, I saw the pilot for your show and it was HILARIOUS! :)

I would love to collaborate with George. He's super talented and much more talented lyrically than I am (so I'd be happy to get my ass handed to me). Glad you liked the pilot! Heard it leaked. Sweet!

What is your favorite dipping sauce?

Too personal.

Listen pussy, what is your favorite fucking dipping sauce?

You said "ask me anything". This is reddit. You must deliver. We have an option here called "AMAA" or "Ask me almost anything" for pussies who don't want to answer personal questions, but you chose "AMA"...

so now, one more time, what is your favorite dipping sauce, you candy-ass fuck?


How long does it take you to write one of your pieces [songs], on average?

Depends on the piece. When I was writing more dense, pun-filled songs - those could be written over a period of few months. Songs that are a little more theme driven, with longer jokes can be written faster (maybe a week). This new stand-up show I'm doing has been a whole different process. A lot of the material incorporates backing-tracks, so the process for finishing bits is a long back and forth between working things out in a recording studio and testing them out on the stage. So some of those bits have taken over a year.

what song are you most proud of?

I tend not to feel proud as much as I feel excited. And I always am most excited about my newest material. There's a lot of stuff in this new hour that I'm really excited for people to see and excited to perform. Unless you meant which song in general, in which case I am most proud of "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega.

Also, what song are you most ashamed of?

Most comedians don't ever apologize for anything they say, because I think it sounds cool to be like this absolutist beacon of free speech or whatever. But I'm not happy with a lot of the jokes I told when I was younger. In particular the song "The Perfect Woman" which just makes a series of really easy, not clever deaf jokes. I think about the fact that maybe some poor deaf kid was made fun or teased with one of the lyrics from that song and I feel sick. Now, I still do material that is considered "edgy." And I still make plenty of dark jokes about sad topics. But I've put the thought into them and can stand behind them. I was 16 when I wrote "The Perfect Woman" and I just find it kind of mean now.


Totally. And I don't for material that I think I was writing subversively or ironically. But in this instance, they would've been using it in the same way I was using it.

Do you regret anything about the path you've taken, instead of going to college or doing something more "normal" with your life?

College definitely would've been fun. When I was watching all my friends do college, I sort of wrote it all off very angrily. I convinced myself that college was stupid and pointless because I was jealous that my friends were having the time of their lives while I was stuck in a Ramada Inn in North Dakota. I've grown up since and realized I was wrong. I'd love to go back to school in a few years and take some science and music classes.

Did you enjoy going on WTF with Marc Maron? Seems like a tough guy to get along with.

I really did enjoy it. I was super intimidated going into it but Marc was very nice to me. I was confused by it.

You were also hilarious on Pete Holmes' "You Made It Weird." You guys still keep in contact?

Yes! Pete is a great friend and such a beacon of light and punchability.

favorite musical? ps- I'm stoked for Stone! Also, you make my heart giggle.

Just saw Matilda on Broadway, and it is honestly now my favorite musical. It's fucking amazing.

How do we fix africa?

I've been saying this for years, Olive Garden has UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS.

I watched the leaked version of the first episode (partly due to a love for piracy and partly due to being in a country where it's not going to be shown) and really liked it. How in control were you for the creative process of the show? Is there anything you would've liked to have been done differently?

All good! Pirate away. MTV gave Dan Lagana (the guy who co-created the show with me) and I a lot of creative freedom. People might watch it and think that MTV censored me, but it's quite the opposite. I wanted to try something different, and I didn't have any interest in doing a television version of my stage show or a show where I played a fictional version of myself (that's way too trippy for me). There's plenty of things I would've done differently, but I feel that way about everything that's finished. Really glad you enjoyed it, that means a lot. Truly.

Bo! If you could pick one, what heckler stood out the most and how did you handle it?

My shitfaced step-aunt showed up at one of my shows and I told her that her kids where probably ashamed of her without knowing that she was, indeed, MY shitfaced step-aunt.

How do you feel about Louis C.K.?

So underrated. He'll make it one day, though.

Bo burnham!

Do you actually read a lot of shakespeare/lit? Cause you deliver it pretty well.

Thanks! I used to read it and perform it a lot. Haven't been able to as much lately. I'd really love to get back into theater.

How do you think being a theatre kid helped with your success?

I truly have no idea how my success happened. That part of it is a lot of stupid luck. But I can talk about my comedy and my comedy is very influenced by me being a "theater kid." So much of what I do onstage is seeking out the thrills I would feel doing theater in middle school. Just recently, with this last hour of material, I finally found a way to "listen" on stage again. Listening is one of the most fun aspects of theater and there usually isn't much room for it in stand up comedy. So I started incorporating backing-tracks into my act, so that I could actively listen on stage rather than just spout for an hour straight.

And my theater teacher in high school taught me that the most important and impressive thing someone can do on stage is take a risk. That one sentiment has guided so much of my act.

I rambled. Hope that answered your question?

Huge fan Bo!

Had you not blown up as big as you did, would you have pursued higher education? If so, what would you have gone to school for? What are your main academic interests?

I loved physics when I was younger. I would read "The Elegant Universe" and think that I was destined to become a great physicist. It wasn't until AP Physics in high school that I realized that you needed to do a lot of grueling, insane math before you could get to the fun "science philosophy" that I thought I was heading towards. I definitely would've pursued higher education. I was a week from enrolling before I decided to drop out. I miss school and learning, but I know I still have plenty of time for that.

Read "Fabric of the Cosmos" I found that to be a much better book by Greene.

I have read it! It is wonderful.

mr. dankert. something about greasing people up.

Yes! Mr. Dankert was the greatest!

Hey Bo!

You came to my campus in the Fall (UW-Platteville) and put on a great show. I worked on the production crew that set up and struck the show for you, and got a very brief chance to say hi. What struck me was how quiet and reserved you seemed to be before and after the show.

So my question is, do you do any kind of prep before the show to sort of "get into character", or is your stage presence more organic than that?

Also, you deep-throated one of our microphones and our boss was so grossed out by that he made us throw it away.

Have fun with the new tour and thanks for bringing a little comedy to our lowly rural campus. It was easily the best show we've had here for awhile.

Oh man your boss throwing away the microphone really made me laugh.

And as far as me being quiet and reserved, I think I'm always like that. Not just before shows. It's always a little weird for me, because I see my performance on stage as very much a character that just happens to have the same name as me. I think some people mistake my shyness offstage for arrogance or standoffishness. I hope you didn't. I try to be as polite and nice as possible in my everyday life. I just see people get disappointed that I'm not like the "life of the party" when I get offstage.

and so glad you enjoyed the live show! platteville was a fun one, I remember it.

What else can you deep-throat?

anything microphone-shaped.

"Love is being the owner of the company that makes rape whistles. And even though you started with good intentions trying to reduce the rate of rape. Now you don't want to reduce it at all because as the rate rape declines you see an equal decline in whistle sales. Without rapists who's gonna buy your whistles?"

Haven't listend to it for awhile but I think I am close :)

Answering MY questions?!?! WHO'S FUCKING AMA DO YOU THINK THIS IS, BITCH?!?! xo

So when are you coming back to Britain? Also, how different would you say your new stuff is from your old?
ALSO and yaaaaay

Trying to come back as soon as possible. I think I'm going to get back to Edinburgh in August. Then going to try to get to England soon after that. I think my new stuff is very different than my old stuff. I'm a huge fan of bands like the Beatles and Radiohead and Animal Collective -- bands that changed their sounds and styles drastically album to album. I'm trying to do that with comedy. To have albums that feel like they tell jokes and communicate ideas very differently from album to album.

How did you feel going from writing silly songs to somewhat serious songs(Art is Dead, Nerds)? Were you nervous about how your fan base would react to the new songs?

Yeah for sure. Art is Dead especially. Nerds was just sort of a little side project thing for fun. But once Art is Dead was out there, it bought me so much freedom. After that I really felt like I could do anything I wanted to onstage (I still want to be funny 98% of the time). I have to thank people like Tim Minchin, though, who helped pave the way for seriousness in musical comedy.

Art is Dead is my favorite song of yours to date. You have a good intuition, just trust it and you'll be fine.

Thanks willowsharks! There's a lot of more stuff like that in the new hour. But it tried to make it funnier than "art is dead" which is a bit of downer.

How did you learn to be so tall while not looking so tall through my computer screen

I surround myself with large objects.

You said in the trailer for Zach Stone that you wanted to be a famous slut. So please post some nudes to r/ladybonersgw. Full frontal, full rear and a cumshot please and thank you.

I don't know why but the term "full rear" really made me laugh. I've just never heard that before.

no but really show me your butt.

Fine. NSFW

To what extent does "Rant" reflect your true feelings regarding Catholicism and religion?

(P.S., I think you're awesome.)

Um, I think that reflected my 18 year-old, just-out-of-an-all-boys-catholic-high-school views pretty well. I'm a bit more mellow than that now. I do fucking hate the institution of the catholic church and that didn't change when Francis went to the pawn shop. (P.S., Thank you!)

favorite porn site

Do you remember playing N64 with the interracial siblings down the street way back when? Great times

YES! Taylor and Cody?! hahaha

Where did you go for 2-3 years?

Just been quietly touring as a stand-up, working on this tv show, and a few other things. I think there's this urge from a lot of people to stay relevant that's really annoying. I don't want to bother people unless I think I have something worthy of their attention. So yeah, I've just been working. Now a few of those things are done, and hopefully you like them!

did you have to make any sacrifices to get a show on MTV? if so which? such as jokes you wrote but weren't allowed to be used and so on.

Not nearly as much as you'd think. We wanted to make a silly and sweet satire about a young kid and his family. So most of our fights were about things like being able to show the camera crew and Zach being able to reference the act of filming during a scene. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I think it's different and weird and something I can stand behind.

What is your favorite book?

That's hard. A recent book that I really loved was "Born Standing Up" -- Steve Martin's memoir. Favorite: maybe Catch-22?

What was your social status in highschool?

By the way I absolutely love your attitude towards everything. You're hilarious and REAL at the same time.

I was a theater kid but I went to an all-boys school so there really wasn't much of a social status. Without girls to impress, guys seemed less hostile to each other. I just had a few close friends and kind of kept to myself.

I did backstage crew at an all-boys' theater. For actresses, they just borrowed girls from a nearby all-girls school, and then the actors at ours would go on loan to them in return. Not being an actor, I'm not sure how exactly they arranged kids to volunteer for one anothers' productions, but it seemed to work.

Yeah we did that for a few roles. We had girls from other schools who did theater with us. One thing that I loved though was that a lot of us guys would play female roles. Like we had an all-male version of the sirens in The Odyssey. It was great being at a catholic school that wasn't afraid to dress boys up like girls for the sake of theater.

I challenge you to come up with a joke that would offend even us Redditors.

Carl Sagan walks into a bar. The bartender turns to him and says, "Get out of here, faggot!"

Hypothetically, if you were playing Supersmash, who would you pick?

100% Kirby. Yeah, I'm that dick.

Did you ever find the G spot?

Yeah it was in her pussy the whole time!

Hey, Bo! Is this the mockumentary about high school you were writing? I thought that was being written with Judd Apatow? When the hell is Sin Bin going to be released?!

Can't wait to see you at the Keswick Theatre next month! I wish you all the best and every success in your career. Thanks for being so nice to the super awkward and shy like myself at the meet and greets after your show.

No the Judd thing was a musical that never ended up happening. This is a whole different project. I think Sin Bin is coming out On Demand in the fall!

Hope you enjoy the show at the Keswick! And thank you for coming to the shows and staying afterwards to meet me. My job is super easy and too fun.

Why did my parents get a divorce?

Because your father wants to be a better father to you and he feels that the only way he can do that is with a little distance from your mother. And your mother wants to suck my dick without feeling guilty.

I'm guessing your parents/relatives/teachers might have saw your stuff back when you were a new Youtube star. Was it awkward putting out such raunchy material at a young age?

Oh for sure. My mother is not a raunchy person in the slightest, but is so loving and supportive that she couldn't help smiling through it all (though it may have been through gritted teeth.) I just finished this MTV show and my mother can truly enjoy it and love it because it's about a kid and his family. Having my mom genuinely enjoy something I made, made it all worth it.

Forget the password for /u/comedybronzemine ?


What's your favorite play/musical you've performed in and why?

Probably The Baachae. It's a play by Euripides and it's just amazing and epic and bloody and beautiful.

How come you don't seem happy when I make you a burrito at Qdoba?

Because I'm at Qdoba getting a burrito! Duh! Do you work at the one near the North Shore Mall? I haven't been there in forever cause I live in La now.


Definitely serious at the time. There's also a bit of hypocrisy built into that song, and it being so melodramatic is supposed to be mocking how melodramatic artists tend to be (even when their trying to be self-aware or introspective).

Hi Bo! I'm a huge fan and I was wondering if you have any plans to come to Canada on this tour?

I want to! Hopefully soon. I've only been to Toronto and Montreal and would love to go to the other two places that your beautiful country has.

What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Rice Krispies Treats cereal. Different than just Rice Krispies. Amazingly so.

"Wait so his name is Zach stone??"

-people I'm not friends with anymore

It's fine. It'll be some weird social experiment at the very least. I'm down with that.

Will you answer this question?


At one of your live shows you explained why you don't sing "Klan Cookout" anymore because of how you told all the black people to sing along with the chorus and after only one person stood up and sang it you said "The bidding will start at $50." I thought that was the funniest part of the whole show


Wait, did it really get "removed"?


I noticed that you're going on tour but not in Canada. If I buy you 10 pounds of poutine will you come to Toronto?

It has to be Poutine served to me on the stomach of a Saint Catherine street stripper.

do your parents actually think you're gay?

My dads just think i'm Bi now.

Fuck, Marry, Kill; Gary Busey, Mickey Rourke, Joan Rivers.

I'd have trouble telling them apart I think.

Every time I listen to your album "Words, Words, Words" I catch some new pun that I never picked up on before. Which one is your favorite that you think people may not have noticed?

I think people got almost all of them. There's a stupid joke about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that I loved that I knew wouldn't be a huge hit hahah.

I think you've said before that you don't want your shows to become "concerts" where your fans are singing along with your songs, and I understand that sentiment. Has this driven you to start moving away from musical comedy? Do you have any plans to record an album of more "serious" songs (e.g. Nerds, Art is Dead, Rant...)?

Thoughts on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino?

It hasn't made me want to move from "musical comedy" as much as it has made me want to change the format of how I perform it. Try to close the fourth wall a bit so that it doesn't feel like a casual performance of some silly songs I wrote and instead feels like a weird sort of one-man-show, comedy musical thing.

Donald Glover is great and a very nice guy.

Are you planning on returning to YouTube at some point? It seems like you haven't really used mahnrubob, even though it would be perfect for small videos while you're on the road. I mostly just want to see more content from you, but you do seem to be a quality over quantity type of person. I love everything you do and will definitely be checking out Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous. Looking forward to more from you.

I definitely want to return to it. I think the days of me performing songs in my bedroom are over. I love that little spot of my life and don't want to ruin it by recreating it when it doesn't seem genuine.

I have a plan to HOPEFULLY (and I stress hopefully) be able to pay for my next special myself and release it on youtube for free.


quivers in ecstasy

Do you find your irresistible body to be burdensome? Like when you're trying to walk down a street, and you are being overwhelmed with cat calls and pickup attempts, do you find yourself wishing that you were just a little bit less ridiculously good looking?

It's hard. Having a perfect body at 6'6", 185 pounds is tough. My dime-sized nipples become anthropomorphized sirens, calling out to the ship-bound women. Also my hairless chest and somehow hairy-ass may be one of nature's sexiest mysteries.

Would you consider cheesecake a cake or a pie?

I'm lactose intolerant so I just consider it future diarrhea.

Do you consider yourself a stand up comedian? Since you always sit down.

I consider myself a sit down and stand-up mime/tyrant.

There's a terrarium. The glass walls are 20 feet high, it's 50 feet wide, and 100 feet long. There is nothing in it except for sand, which covers the floor. Would you rather spend 24 hours in there with a 5'3'' 120 lb man who honestly just wants to kill you. He has no weapons. But he is furious, crazy, psycopathic and wants nothing more than to kill you. He is not a trained fighter or anything, just some random, small, psycopath that you pick up off the street.

Or would you rather spend 24 hours in my terrarium with a 3 year old with a gun? The gun is taped to his hand so he won't drop it or anything, and let's say he's strong enough to hold it. There is unlimited ammo. He doesn't speak English. You can't reason with him, because he's a toddler. You can't touch the kid (to disarm him, incapacitate him, etc). He may shoot you, he may not. He probably has horrible aim. This is a random, psycopathic toddler that you picked up off the streets.


Choose the kid. I can't touch him but I can quickly throw sand in his eyes, knocking him to the ground, and then bury him.

Why did you choose to go to St. Johns Prep?

My mother was the nurse there so I got to go for free which is great. I really loved the school. Amazing teachers, I learned a lot. The theater program changed my life. Also, no drama and I had a close group of friends.

Do you sleep with your groupies?

Is it sleeping with them if they're dead?

Why are you so over-rated?

Because I'm not as good as I'm publicly perceived to be.

With your new tour, will you be releasing a new album along side it like Words Words Words?

Yes! And a new special.


nothing much, sir.

There seems to be many comments and I think this will just be buried,

but did you happen to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Book of Mormon Broadway play?

If so what did you think of it?

And have you listened to Stephen Lynch at all?

I did see it. It is amazing. So funny and thoughtful. They are truly geniuses. Stephen Lynch is great. Always been a huge fan of his.

Why don't you wear t-shirts that fit you?

because they don't make t-shirts in extra skinny long torso.

Has anyone ever said you look like Ellen DeGeneres and Eddie Izzard's love child?

That is the nicest physical comparison of me I've ever heard.

Do you smoke weed, Bo?

no [7].

What is you name?



No, Bice.

What's something you can give me for free?


Bo Burnham, we need to talk. I'd like your thoughts

I was a few years younger than you when you became a 'sensation'. I didn't predict the importance you would have.

For about two years, in my 6th form (Catholic School too) I would watch countless hours of stand up. I pirated hours of specials, I fell in love with comedians without having ever heard of them before. I'd never heard of Patton Oswalt or Bill Hicks or even Steve Martin. I downloaded the whole canon and it was all I could think about.

'Words Words Words' was unlike anything else I had heard. It was an entirely different type of comedy, I guess it was theater.

I'd only ever done one play, and that was in primary school. I wasn't an actor, I can't sing.

I did two standup gigs last year, moths apart. It's coming up to the first anniversary. I've gone to university to study English Literature. I tried acting, but I've discovered I don't enjoy it if it's not funny. I still can't sing. To tell the truth, which I daren't tell anyone else, I'm not enjoying what I'm doing.

I love comedy, but regardless of any praise, I think I'm terrible at stand up. I try to write but it's so difficult. I've started chairing a new comedy society but I shouldn't be, I'm lazy and I'm scared.

I love you and your comedy, your life inspires me, I'm honestly a little obsessed. I mean, I hate you, but you're the best.

Any thoughts?

Yours vicariously,

'Luke Gannon is Gonna Be Famous'

Stand-up is definitely difficult. But it's something that you get better at. As long as you're enjoying doing it and enjoying the act of improving, keep doing it! I've had a lot of luck in my career, but the most satisfying part is still my relationship with my own work. As long as that is strong you don't need anything else (other than money for food).

Hey Bo, thanks for coming to Western Illinois University, it was fun (:

Glad you liked the show!

You came to my school like 2 years ago (SUNY Albany) and you RULED! I was one of the few who knew u from "Im Bo Yo" on YouTube. Keep being hilarious, Bo.

Thanks Matt! Albany is great. I always loves the crowds there.

Bo, I put hipsters to shame when it comes to having seen your material before everyone else. What do you think has changed the most with your work then and now?

It feels like night and day. Any 22 year-old will tell you that the way they think now is worlds away from how they thought when they were 16. It's the same with my comedy. And will hopefully will be similarly different when I'm 30.

Bo, do you really hate it when people sing along at your shows? Why?

Isn't it like any other concert, say, the jonas brothers... many of the fans sing along... why do you get upset?

I'm never really as angry as I am on stage. I think watching anger on stage is fun for an audience. But I do want the comedy to be experienced in the moment, rather than how a song is experienced at a concert. But granted, that should be on me to come up with new material that you haven't seen before (and that's really the reason I don't post stuff on youtube until it's out on a special; because I want people to be surprised when they see it for the first time live). But you can sing along. I don't really care. But I will still yell at you.

When you get kids are you going to start making jokes about them? Seems like a lot of comedians are doing it now ever since Louis Szekely made it popular.

I don't think I will. I tend to avoid very autobiographical stuff in my stand-up. I'm just personally a little uncomfortable with bringing the people in my life that I care about into my act. I don't want someone to see my mother or future child on the street and say shit to them because of something I've said in my act. That's just me personally though.

Wow this is awkward, i just pirated 'Words Words Words' last night.

Not awkward at all. Go for it! I have plenty of money.

Hey Bo!! when you were in Grand Rapids recently, me and a friend had tickets, only to have his car break down on the way there and the tickets get jacked (we think) by the guy who helped us.......when will you be back in the Detroit area so we can have a redo for the night?

That blows! I'm going to be in Royal Oak on May 12th.

I loved a ton of your early work and waited for new clips religiously when you became a true sensation, but have not seen any of your work in the past couple years. Any suggestions as to where I should begin catching up on your hilariousness?

Plenty of people have recorded shitty videos from live newer live performances that you can check out. My new special will come out later this year. Been working for a while on it.

I'm engaged to a girl that you kissed when you were three and was there at your birthday party when you almost drowned.


A while back, I faxed you and asked if you needed a personal chef.

Do you still need one?

No but I need a fax machine.

This makes me sad. PM your shipping address and I will gladly get you a fax machine

Just fax me it.

WTF, Bo... no love for the Pacific NW? Have your agent (you do have an agent, right?) book you at Harvey's Comedy Club.

I'm holding off on the West Coast because I think I'm going to perform my special somewhere there. Just haven't found the right venue yet.

This may be a tad personal, but you joke a lot about how you were molested as a child, is there any truth to this? Or is it a characteristic of your persona?

I wasn't. I'm just an idiot.

Explain this:

Yikes. Well that's not me, obviously. And he has 206 friends. This isn't good.

Hi Bo. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you enjoy rating things?


I'm just going to write a really long comment in hopes that you will see it. I started watching your videos probably a few months after you uploaded "bo fo sho", so about 5 years ago. After that I didn't really do anything but watch your videos day and night on Youtube trying to memorize every lyric and even play some on the piano. Your lyricism and comedic gold (in my humble opinion) brought me to see you as one of my idols and I too started to write satirical and "funny" songs. You've really helped me become the man I am and hopefully people see me as a funnier and more likable guy. So if you are reading this, I would just like to say thank you and ask for a simple "hello". Cheers :)

Wow, thank you so much. That means so much that my comedy did all that for you. Writing stuff can be really frustrating at times, but it's a lot of fun and I hope you're having a blast doing it. Hopefully you can come out to a show one day and we can meet!



What is your favorite genre of music, kind sir?

Brubasket! Good seeing you, me. I will say the genre of The Beatles.

If you could insert (hehe) yourself into any TV show but play yourself which show would you chose and why?

To Catch a Predator.

Massive fan.

"Art is Dead" was sort of a sudden slap in the face to everything you appeared to be doing in "Words Words Words." Why add that to your routine, and can we expect more like it in "what."? It's my favorite.

Just something I was feeling at the time and I felt like it should be expressed in the hour long show where I can say whatever I want. Plenty more of that kind of stuff in "what." The new show is meant has a lot of surreal introspection. Like there's a duet between my left and right brain that is, hopefully, as meaningful as "art is dead" but a bit funnier.

What's your most memorable high school experience?

One of my teachers asking me if I shaved my legs in front of the whole class. I didn't. I just hadn't hit puberty yet. That sucked.

funny last night was the first time i ever saw any of you're work

Hope you liked it!

Bo, I'm reading your responses/writing a paper on Skinheads. Can I get a quote from you to include in my paper to make sure my professor reads it?

Skinheads are bad. They are not good.

Hey Bo! Do you remember coming to UNC Asheville a while back and performing there? I was the one that spearheaded your booking, and picked you up from the airport and managed the event and such.

First off, I want to say you were a top notch performer and a professional off of the stage. It was a cool event and bringing you to campus was the highlight of being on the programming board for me.

Though, I have to say that my favorite part of it all was after the show. Blowjobs and weed and partying were being offered to you all around, but you had me tell everyone that you had an early flight just so you could skip out on it and not feel awkward for not being interested and telling folks such. Even better is that you were pumped at the fact that there was a ping pong table that you could play at for free.

Thanks again man. It was really a killer time and I hope to see you perform on stage in the future when I don't have to deal with the worry that comes with coordinating the event.

Oh, here's an embarrassing picture of you and I after the show.

Holy shit that is a terrible photo of both of us! hahahaa

I definitely remember that show. It was a weird, well-lit room in like a sort of study area, right? Yeah that was super fun.

I tend to just want to relax and go back to my hotel room after a show. I really appreciate everyone wanting to hang out, I've just never been the party type and I tend to feel a little stressed in large crowds.

Thanks for helping put on the show. I remember the show being very well run, and if I was smiling after the show like I was in that picture, it must've gone well.

Bo, I cannot correctly communicate the excitement I have to see you in LA this June. Hopefully this time I can finally find out where all the sour patch parents are.

Club Nokia! It should be a lot of fun. That's a great venue and it has a large sound system that I will be assaulting you with.

I cant think of anything to ask but my ex-girlfriend didn't like you and i didn't break up with her so i apologize

She was crazy

She's gone now. Let's not speak of her.

I'm pretty sure you had a show at The Playhouse in Norwich and I didn't know who the fuck you were, I was just drunk and saw the sign.

How was it!

It was great! All the shows in the UK were amazing. Audiences are very patient and polite. Freaky at first, but wonderful once you're used to it.



I think one of the hardest things about musical comedy is figuring out how to get the lyrics to sit well in the music, without one element stepping on the other. And you do that brilliantly! You also took a song that is inherently repetitive and did a lot to make it not feel that way -- the slow little semi-bridge about "beef jerky" was awesome.

I think you're well on your way to being very good at this. You have all the right instincts. My only bit of advice would be to find more of a theme or "premise" for the song. Right now, it's a very funny list of hypothetical questions/silly metaphors. The title is "Life Advice" and I think if you had a little mini-chorus or mantra that you could repeat a few times to echo the premise of your title, the audience will then know WHY they're hearing the song (shitty example: these are things that I have learned in my life then go back to listing all the different funny lessons).

I think doing that will help the audience to contextualize all of your great one-liners. If you can combine great jokes (which you have), a fun tune (which you have), and a strong theme (which you almost have) then you will have sure-fire musical comedy smash, kiddo!

But amazing job. You're very talented.


I'm going to try to meet as many people as I can after the shows. So I'm sure I'll see you there. Looking forward to it!

First off, ass kissing-I think you're the funniest, most original comedian of this century. Secondly, question-I love all of your songs but I've found myself watching your special: Words Words Words and you seem almost irritated during alot of the performance. Have you been under a lot more stress since fame hit or were you just irritated by the interrupting fans?

No that's just the particular persona that I thought best served that material. This new show has a different persona and so will the next one. With WWW, I felt like a lot of the show was about the precocious, arrogant impulse of getting on stage like I was. So I just decided to be that. And thank you for the lovely hyperbolic compliments!

are you having a show in new york city any time soon? my friend and i want to go see your live show because we are the only ones quick enough to understand how witty your humor is

Yes! The Best Buy Theater on May 18th and 19th!

Simple few questions... How do you stay focused and in-role on stage?

Why did you choose to be more refined and serious, rather than jovial and audience-friendly? (That may not be the best way of describing it, but think George Carlin vs Louis CK)

How do you remember and practice your act - do you test out material on people or alone?

What do you think of Tim Minchin?


I have done theater since a young age, so I'm pretty comfortable staying focused on stage. It sort of becomes automatic after a certain point (the focus I mean, not the act).

In my last special, I experimented with being sort of dead-pan and ultra-serious. I think it helped me distance myself from the persona I had used during my YouTube videos.

I'm less serious onstage now than I have been. My persona onstage usually comes from the material, so if the material calls for me being serious, or is made funnier by me acting serious, than I'll do it. I just find my regular self boring so I try to avoid it.

I don't test material out for anyone but audiences now.

Tim Minchin is amazing. I was luckily enough to become friends with him after being a fanboy for many years. He's is very down-to-earth and too smart.

What is your favourite Tim Minchin song? Also Have you ever listened to anything by Flight Of The Conchords?

"Thank You God" and "White Wine in the Sun" probably.

Flight of the Conchords are amazing. Huge influences on me. Their half hour special on HBO blew my mind wide open. My song "3.14 apple pi" is my blatant rip-off of hiphopopotamus vs. rhymenoceros.

Hey Bo!!

Thanks for getting Zach Stone's name out there through your show, that guy really doesn't get the amount of exposure he deserves.

When are you planning on coming to Australia?

Hopefully soon! Was supposed to do the Melbourne festival this year, but couldn't. Want to be there soon with you fine, upstanding assholes.

Hey Bo. I notice a lot of your songs and routine integrate Literature, History, and various other disciplines. Do you ever worry about your jokes going over the head of the audience?

No. Audiences are very smart. I really believe that.

Bo! You are my favorite comedian and I've gotten so many of my friends hooked on you! Even my mom. I hope that you make many more videos so I can learn all the words to those too. Thanks for being so great!

Awesome! I love that you got your mom hooked on it. I'll definitely be releasing new stuff this year. And I'll make it as easy as possible for you and your mother to enjoy it.

You seem to have a voice that suits acting or working in a musical production. Have you ever considered acting in one or producing one? Also, do you have a favorite musical or musical performance?

Edit: I just saw your favorite musical is Matilda. Do you have a particular favorite performance that sticks out to you?

I don't have a good enough voice to do professional musical theater. I wish I did, but I don't. Bertie Carvel's performance as the Trunchbull on Broadway blew my mind (it's running on broadway now). It is honestly one of the greatest performances I've ever seen on a stage.

Are there any jokes that you don't feel comfortable telling? Like, are there any lines you don't want to cross?

I don't want to joke about leather jackets. It's a long story.

No offense but i fucking hate your music because a kid in my dorm plays it constantly, other than that its pretty awesome.

I would hate it too, if I was you.

who is the most famous person you've had sex with not named Bo Burnham?

Robert Burnham

Quick, name 5 things that aren't Bo Burnham.


Yo, Bo.


You had me hooked with new math. I was I think a freshman in high school when you did it and I hadn't learned half of the things in the song. So it continued to make me laugh every time I listened to it and understood more of the jokes.

So my question: How long did that take you to write because it seems fairly intelligent on multiple levels of math?

I was always a math-minded kid growing up. When I started taking Calc AB in school I realized that it probably wasn't the field that I wanted to go into. But I knew enough to make a bunch of stupid puns about it. Glad you liked it!


Yes! I'm going to release a new hour of stand-up/music this year.

Can you tell me about the different Hondas that you have for sale?

Well this honda is has four doors and so does this one and this one has a steering wheel and so does this one.

Would you please be my marriage officiant? My boyfriend and I adore you!

Only if you're a guy. I don't believe in straight marriage.

Best novel you've ever read?

Catch-22 I think.

Hey Bo!

I was wondering when and why you decided deep throating microphones was a good idea. I was at one of your shows at a laugh festival in Michigan last year and it definitely got my attention.

P.S. Here is a picture of my friend who was too shy to actually go up and get your autograph. such a big smile!

The deep-throating was demanded from the song. It's about young pop-stars and how they are basically blowing Satan, so to demonstrate that, I pretended that the microphone was Satan's penis and I blew it.

Are you gay?

Define gay.

What is your spirit animal?


How do you like your pineapples?

In the trash!!!

What's with the oblivion plug.

It's a great movie and so is Rampart.

When will we expect a picture of you sleeping from your exhausting AMA covered by paper.

Once my sweetheart catches me slippin'

Dear Bo,

I humbly request more math jokes/songs.

Thank you,

A Math Guy.

You're being irrational. I'll show myself out.

when you call out hecklers during your shows, is that a genuine anger that we are seeing or is that part of the act?

They anger that is expressed is exaggerated. But I don't like people interrupting the show -- I think it ruins the experience for others and usually the heckler thinks that they're being fun and part of the show. It's anger on behalf of the audience. I get payed no matter how terrible the show is.

You suck. Thoughts?

Yeah, yeah I can see that.

Did you read this question?


How do you feel about Montana?

I think if it weren't for that southwest corner it could be a real nice polygon.

Did you hate going to Youtube live?

And what is your best line in a song in your opinion?

And why aren't you coming to Texas, are you scared?

I thought Youtube live was a blast. It was a complete shit show and I think Youtube was a bit in over their heads, but I just got to go up and sing a stupid song with Katy Perry sat atop my piano. No complaints!

I don't know what my best line is. I like my newest stuff the best. Don't have a particular line though.

I am coming to Texas soon, hopefully and I am terrified.

Will you ever come to Canada (preferably the East Coast) to do a show?

Yes I will. The musky scent of Montreal has been floating across the border, beckoning me.

Why weren't you funnier in Hall Pass?

Because I'm no good, mom!

I've never been more intimidated behind a keyboard to ask something but if I don't I'm gonna beat myself up over it! I'm comin to your Atlanta show in May and I was wondering if you're gonna have an opportunity for the fans to meet up! Ill be the guy creaming in my pants.

Yes! I'm going to try to do a meet and greet at every show. I can't promise anything because sometimes I'm sick or tired and have to rest after the show. But I will try! Thank you for buying tickets.

My personal favorite church hymn: All the seats at the Sunday masses filled with the masses massive asses... Classes pass as fast as molasses. Serimonial reading glasses, read.. A little but of Leviticus. ALL THE KIDS ARE A LITTLE TOO LITTLE FOR THIS. I could go on.


Are you really related to a boy named River? He says he knows you (through extended Mormon family hubbub) and I don't quite believe him.

He's a liar! A dirty, shallow river.

How do you come up with your lyrics and what's your motivation?

I wish I knew what my motivation was exactly. It'd be nice to say "just to make people laugh and make them happy" but it's also probably to satisfy this childish urge in me for attention and recognition. And I come up with them just by sitting at a keyboard and banging my head against a wall for months on end.

Bo, I just wanted to say you're amazing. Recently just got out of a long term relationship and your stand up is about the only thing that has made me laugh. Will you be touring near Seattle in the near future?

That's great. Really glad that my stuff helped you during a difficult time. I will definitely be doing Seattle soon. I'm just trying to figure out where I'm recording my special before I lock in any west-coast dates.


I wanted to write stuff that could hold up to multiple listens. So I don't have an urge to over-explain anything. I still listen to my favorite comedy albums and laugh at things I didn't catch the 24th or 25th time.

If it were to rain a certain candy, and you could collect it by buckets only, which would you want the forecast to include??

I don't to choose. I want it to be like that scene in Kazaam.

You rock!

Thank you! Unless that's some sort of Midsummer Night's Dream-esque insult. In which case, you acorn!

Big fan :))

What's the craziest thing a fan has offered to you?



Do you think your show will ever make it to netflix?

I hope so! Not sure what MTV's deal with them is. I'd love for this to be a show that people find on their own a few years from now. Of course I'd love for it to be successful when it airs, but as long people eventually see it, even if it's only one season, I'm happy.

Bo, you seem to be very musically, and lyrically talented would you ever consider starting a "Serious" band with other musicians?

I think I'm pretty good with lyrics but I'm not very good musically. I want to become better. I'd love to be in a band. I think I could learn a lot from working with talented musicians.

Whats your favorite subreddit? Also I'm in love with you.

/r/cringe it's like a drug.

I missed you when you came to my college a few years back. Can you do a makeup performance for me in my basement? I'll give you beer.

Make it half a beer and we have a deal.

Hey Bo, I'm a huge fan. Ive got two questions. 1. Are you an atheist. I know you went to Catholic school, but Rant made me curious. 2. How soon will your new stand up show be available on video or to watch on the internet?


  1. I am. But I don't have nearly as much agression towards the idea of religious belief as I used to. There's a new song in my new hour of material that is from the perspective of god. It's silly but I think explains my views pretty accurately.

  2. Yes! I'm going to try to make it as easy to view for everybody as possible.

Are there any songs you wrote that you wish never got popular? Ps: big fan and you kinda make me erect :)

I have ones that I'm not too proud of. But I have to acknowledge that it was a perfect storm of attention that allowed me to have my career. If go back and take out one element it could be JEEENNNNGGAAA!!!



I think it's funny you're doing this AMA, because just last night The song "art is dead" came to mind.. I forget why.. but I remember thinking "I wonder what Bo Burnham has been doing lately"

clearly the answer to that is "this AMA right now... as well as a TV series on MTV, a new stand up show, and also,ever so slightly, poking fun at the Morgan Freeman AMA"

but anyways, my question for you, good sir, is as follows:

"Since you've stopped doing your youtube stuff, I've completely lost track of you. which is a shame, because I always thought you were funny. Without plugging your new MTV show, which I may or may not decide to watch, what would you say would be the easiest/best way for me to enjoy your comedic stylings?"

well my last hour special "words, words, words" is available on netflix to watch. if you don't have that, I'm sure it's on all the popular pirating sites and you could watch it that way.

also, when the new hour of stand up is recorded, I will try to make it very easy to view. I appreciate you wanting to see more stuff Phinq!

Hi! As someone whose name is Zach Stone I have planned on replying to all tweets you make with the show name in it just to amuse myself. You're cool with that right? I mean you only stole my name it's the least you could do.

Of course! Just make sure to be very racist/misogynistic and get me in trouble for it.

I'm good friends with a certain chubby asian dude whose name rhymes with BJ. He's mentioned that you survived off a diet of Mountain Dew and candy. Care to comment?

He is not chubby! And that is all true.

I saw you once at my school in Clarion, good show. I was a little disappointed how scripted it felt, looking forward to your standup though, good luck!

Glad you liked the show. Yeah my stand up tends to be very scripted. I'm not an off-the-cuff casual type of comedian. It's not for everybody.

SHIT I'm probably late and you're my favorite comedian, but I'll give it a shot anyways. How often do you actually hook up with people after the shows? And can we move in together so I can have an infinite source of comedic relief? (those two questions in no way correspond to one another)

I do meet and greets after every show, so we can definitely chat then! You will be disappointed by my wisdom though.

HUGE leap of faith Hopefully up-votes will help! But I'm seeing you Thursday may 9th in Milwaukee! you should hook me up so I can meet you in person!

I will try to do a meet and greet after!

Bo, I have to comment because I fucking love you. I've listened to your music ever since I was like 12 or something and as I get older I start to understand more and more. It's all so funny. "I'll have you going Down like you're growing an extra chromosome." I have a playlist on Spotify of all your music. I LITERALLY LOVE YOU. But to add a question so that you might possibly respond, Where is the inspiration for your songs, like what inspired you to make up the story of High School Party?

Thank you for all the kind words! All the songs are inspired by different things. High School Party was just a musical interpretation of how I really felt at a lot of the parties I go to. Others are just fun fiction, others dark, horrific journeys into the bowels of my soulllllll!

Are you ever going to collaborate with TJ Miller again? Love Ying Yang twins.

I'd love to. TJ is terrifyingly funny.

The real question. Are you gay?

A fake response. Sort of.

You suck.


I hate your face, how do you live with it?

I own no mirrors.

Will you be adding any extra stops to your comedy tour or are the shows currently booked the only shows you will be doing for "What"? I just noticed that you weren't coming to Austin, or Texas at all, and I was disappointed that i wouldn't get to see you live.

I'm going to try to. Definitely some Texas dates, also portland, seattle, san francisco, others..

I've seen you twice! Once in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead and at Penn State a couple weeks ago! I love your performances! Where did you get the inspiration for "We Think We Know You"? I think its very funny and kind of lets us have an insight to what coming into fame was like for you, especially the shallow people from high school trying to take advantage of you.

That song started with the idea of remixing these voices and miming it out. It seemed like a fun sort of different idea. And then I thought of what the actual substance of the bit would have to be to fit it. Then the idea of taking all these people that I have to listen to, and feel powerless over, and using music and comedy to sort of conquer them. A bit cheesy but I it's a super fun bit to perform.

I have a tattoo on my back. It's some of your lyrics from the skng art is dead. How do you feel about that?

Pic or GTFO.

Hey bo fan since MySpace days here! When are you going to start making music again or are you done with that?

Definitely not done with it. I have a new hour of material that I'm going to tour in a few weeks and then release as a special later in the year!

During my freshman orientation/information night (not sure which) at the Prep you were one of three current students at the time that answered questions for like ten minutes. Your answers, which were fucking hilarious, during those ten minutes made the hour or so I had to sit there completely worth it so thank you for that.

That's awesome! Hope you liked going there. I did.

i played halo with you ;o

I suck at halo! Tell NO ONE.

Would you rather do a line of coke off a dead hooker or sleeping homeless man?

I'd rather do a homeless man than a line of coke off a dead hooker.

Hey Bo, huge fan, i actually met my current girlfriend of 2 years after discovering we both were crazy about you in a high school English class. Needless to say you make me say "Oh Bo!" any day of the week. My question for you is; what do you do in your free-time and are there any weird habits you do regularly?

That is so cool that you and you girlfriend bonded over my stuff. That is weird and truly mindblowing for me.

I spend a lot of time on the internet in my free time. I also like puzzles and playing the piano. I'm pretty boring.

Late to the party, but just wanted to say way to kick convention right in the balls. Seriously man, it's awesome to see someone so young following their dream.

Please don't fly too close to the sun too quick and burn out. It'd be nice to see your talent continue for decades.

Thanks Pure_Gonzo, I appreciate that. I'm not too worried about burning out. Sure, I could get much less popular in the coming years, but that's okay with me. As long as I can keep writing and putting out stuff (which is easy to do nowadays, regardless of your level of "fame") I'm happy.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, though.

Saw you perform years and years ago at All Points West. Met you briefly in a merch tent. Had never heard of you before that; but am going to say you are quite charming, and glad to see you've really grown much more successful in the last few years. You're a hoot and a holler. Keep at it, dude.

thanks dude! All Points West was amazing. I lost my shoes in the mud when it rained on saturday. Thanks for wishing me well.

You should definitely preform on military bases. Sold out shows everywhere!

I've performed at a few military schools and loved it. I would love to do a base sometime!

why are you so amazing at rhyming TELL ME YOUR SECRETS

Is that Pete Holmes' real laugh?

Yes. I wish it wasn't.

"Art is Dead" is a great work of art. Keep it up.

Thanks, man!

Your dad was one of the loudest football coaches I've ever had. Also thanks for being my conversation piece at parties when people ask where I'm from. A lot cooler than the bad guy from disturbia.

hahaha Yes my dad definitely gets excited about coaching. He's great. And DON'T YOU DARE SAY A BAD WORD ABOUT DAVID MORSE.

Hey Bo, I grew up obsessed with Carlin, Rock, Murphy and looking back on it, stand up comedy in Hollywood doesn't seem to be as prevalent. Why do you think that is? Or am I an idiot that should shut his face?.

I think one of the best parts about stand-up is that it travels and meets the actual people that it's supplying it's product too. Hollywood stays in this little bubble and only views the public through spreadsheets. If stand up isn't terribly prevalent in Hollywood, I think that's a good thing.


My father wanted to name me Bo but my mom wanted me to have a real name to fall back on if I wanted to be a doctor. So they legally named me Robert but I've been called Bo my entire life.

You came to my campus (CNU) earlier this year! Thanks for that. (:

Hope you liked the show!

You're alright bo, you're alright.


Bo- big fan dude.

I'm not sure what year it was, but maybe 3-4 years ago you played at the Edinburg fringe festival. In the middle of your set some asshole walked across the stage to leave- without breaking character you asked "Where ya going buddy?"

He screamed "HOOOME, Muthafucka!" and without skipping a beat you said "Well, you already payed for your ticket, so I won, MOTHAFUCKA!" I think that you handled the whole thing beautifully, but it was really clear that the heckling threw you off your game. For the record, I still think your set was one of the funniest I saw at the Fringe Festival.

I was really surprised when I saw you just hanging out in the bar area afterwards. The girl I was with was terrified to bother you but (drunk) me loudly introduced myself and asked you to say hi to her. That was a highly decent and cool thing to do, and got me an outside the pants handjob later that night. Thanks dude!

Oh, one last thing. As a New Yorker, I normally want to bash people's faces in with cinder blocks when they make 9/11 jokes, but your bit about how fucked up it is to play Jenga on 9/11 made me snort Strongbow Cider from laughing so hard.

Thanks for all the kind words. Yeah I remember that particular heckler. It was such a small venue that he had to cross ACROSS THE STAGE to leave. So yeah that definitely threw me off a bit.

Glad you liked the show. Edinburgh was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I'm going to try to go back there this summer for the fringe.

You still owe me an autograph. I remember meeting you and wanting to ask but you like tower over me. I didn't know you were that tall in person. I'm 6' and I felt short.

Is your new show gonna be streamed? I stopped watching MTV altogether.

yeah, i'm obscenely tall. the show will definitely be on and hopefully other services like hulu and shit.

What is your perfect sandwich?

Turkey club no tomatoes. I find tomatoes very graphic.

What are some of your upcoming tour locations and dates?

Link here. hopefully you're close to one and can make it out.


Not really. My fans tend to be very polite and understanding. The hardest thing is having people mistake my asshole onstage persona with my offstage persona. It's not very often, but it happens.

You have mentioned that your persona on stage is not who you are in real life and I have heard that this is similar with a lot of standup comics. Do you regret that? Do you feel like when you step onto a stage that you are confined and can't differ from what you are expected to do and be?

Quite the opposite. I feel like I can truly be whoever I want to be onstage. And that I'm not just limited to being "myself." If I want to be an asshole for this next joke or a psycho or a prude or a pervert, I can do it! But I still think I still reveal myself in a way. I'm not any of my stage personas, but I am the guy who would want to be those stage personas. Does that make any sense?

Hey Bo...I used to jump on your trampoline as a kid...and stare at your sister's friends. Thanks for that. Poet and the Rent for life.

POET AND THE RENT! Holy shit. I haven't thought about that in almost ten years. (it was a play that i did in sixth grade)

I notice you have a few more "serious" comedy songs and have enjoyed that you mention Tim Minchin helping pave way for that sort of comedy to work. Currently is there any topic(s) or issue(s) that have been really on your mind lately that you may adapt into a song to be released to your audience?

Are there any really on your mind that you would like to express more but know it wouldn't work into your comedy?

Most of the ideas in my new hour are introspective and a bit self-centered. This new show, "what.", is suppose to be sort of a grotesque deconstruction of myself through comedy. There are a few issues outside of myself that I address. Particularly in a song called "Repeat Stuff," I talk about how gross and destructive the industry surrounding young pop stars is.

Is Bo short for Bojangle?

It's actually long for B.

Salutations from SJP. Mr. Ford says hello

Lovely! Please say hello back. He was my favorite teacher.

You came to the movie theatre where I work to see "The Room" a couple of years ago. I was really nervous to ask for your autograph, since I thought it would come off as unprofessional, but I'm glad I did! Do you remember me, by chance?

Yes! I was with my friend Joe and the movie was fantastic.

Good work man, nice AMA, only one odd question, Where are you from? just wondering as I have cousins (through marriage) named Burnham from Massachusetts and its a rather unusual name. :)

I'm from Hamilton, MA! We have a small family, but there's a chance!

Can you do a double backflip?

Only a triple.

Who did you have for sophomore English? -Fellow SJP Alumni

Mr. Klein! He was amazing.

Have you ever seen Wet Hot American Summer? If so, do you love it?!?!

(If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Still catching things I missed on the first 36 watches. So silly. So wonderful.) ((Also you're the best))

One of my favorite comedies of all time. Wanderlust is also amazing.

we went to high school together, Bo. Great day to be an eagle

Yes! Were we in the same grade? Kyle?

How did your audience react the first time you sang "Art is dead"


I'm sure someone here has said this already.

But I rather enjoyed your performance on Conan. Very entertaining. Hope your career goes well _^

Thanks a lot! It's a little weird and all over the place but I had fun.

Bo is it everything you had wished for.

It is. If it is what I think it is.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Bo Burnham conducted on Reddit on 2013-04-29. The Reddit AMA can be found here.