Billy Mays III

April 3, 2013

I am Billy Mays III, only son of Billy Mays. (Also known as Infinite Third) Ask Me Anything.

Hey Reddit! After many requests from fellow Redditors, I've realized that this is inevitable and that people are interested in hearing about my dad.

EDIT: I'm trying to answer everything I can.. and I will continue to randomly pick off questions. Thanks for being cool, Reddit! And I hope you'll all stay connected via Infinite Third:

EDIT 2: Thanks again, Reddit! I'm still going to answer more questions, just taking a short break. Also, thank you to whoever gave me Reddit Gold! I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it but I'm sure it's mildly entertaining.

EDIT 3: Forgot to mention that I run this little blog as a tribute to my dad:

Here's my Twitter account. I'll tweet this link to verify: Also, I'll post from my Infinite Third Facebook page if that helps:

Talk soon!

How do you feel about Vince, the shamwow guy?

My dad always had a grudge against him and, at first, I tried to be a peacemaker but then I decided to just let him have his silly rivalry.

Years later, I met Vince and he had only nice things to say about my dad.

For fun, I sometimes play up on the rivalry but I have no interest in any real conflict.


I took this photo in LA. For some reason, this blown up mugshot of Vince was in CONAN's prop room.


Anthony Sullivan.

When your father would yell at you, would it just sound awesome

He would rarely yell when not in front of the camera. And, as he would say, "I'm not yelling, I'm projecting!"

"And if you don't cut it out, I'll project my foot up your ass!"

Edit: I couldn't be prouder for this to be my most upvoted comment. I may just retire from commenting after this. Thanks, Reddit.

Would be a worthy swan song indeed!

Do you have his godlike voice?

Not quite but I think my voice is getting stronger with age. (I'm 26)

How did you like his portrayal in the South Park episode?

I enjoyed the shit out it! Huge South Park fan and I'll admit, I was nervous when I heard that he would be part of the Dead Celebrities episode. I watched it alone and tried not to publicize it but was pleasantly surprised and honored. I really want to meet Trey and Matt someday.

It would be hilarious if InfiniteThird came here only to promote his products and refused to answer all other questions.





So what exactly is it that you breathe?

I breathe air, too. But the way my dad used to say it, for some reason, he would word it like that usually. Hmm...


Possibly. But I think the baby's mother should have a say.

Did it ever bother you that your dad was a running gag to people? Or, were you guys laughing all the way to the bank?

We laughed, but definitely not to the bank. My dad just enjoyed the fact that people spoofed him and I've always found it interesting that his image turned into this meme type thing.


Don't worry, he never owned a Bentley. Just spent waaaaaay too much on lease payments. : )

What did your dad do before he was a pitch man?

He played football in college (WVU Linebacker) and I'm pretty sure "pitchman" was his only real profession.

What did you think about Pitchmen?

Do you like Anthony Sullivan?

Would you rather they continue playing your Dad's commercials or not?

I really enjoyed PitchMen and was pleasantly surprised by the way the show turned out. (I'm not exactly a fan of "Reality" TV)

I love Sully. I consider him a good friend.

And I never minded anyone playing his commercials posthumously. If there's anything I know, it's that he would have expected all his partners to continue using the image he developed to continue helping their business. But I can understand why it's weird in some cases.

I've seen at least one of his old commercials (Kaboom) where the same footage was used, but his face had been cropped out and the voice over was redone by some anonymous woman. How do you feel about that?

Eh, it's not the ideal situation but I guess I can understand why it's done..

And what's your opinion of Kennedy?

I've hung out with Kennedy during the filming of Season 2 and I think she's a really cool person. I would like to catch up with her next time I'm in LA. But as far as PitchMen went, I'm not sure she was the best fit for the show.

Is his TV character persona much different than him in real life? Has he ever brought his character home?

He was pretty much the most warm-hearted, generous person in regular life. He honestly never looked down on anyone. His "character" was just his long-developed skills as a pitchman personified.

Are you following your fathers career choice?

Somewhat. I've worked behind the scenes in the production of infomercials for the past 6 years and am now transitioning further into my passion, which is pretty much just general creation. (art, music, writing, media, content, etc..) I do casually represent companies that I believe in, just not on a large scale yet. Perhaps someday if the situation calls.

I've been browsing your Infinite Third band page and I love your music. You have lots of albums listed, any suggestions on where to start if I wanted to hear more?

I was also wondering how you got into music and what other bands, if any, you get your inspiration from (my first thought was Explosions In The Sky). Thanks, Billy.

I would recommend "Gently" which was the album o wrote dealing with my father's passing:

Or (eardrops) which is my more recent ambient collection:

And I would say some big influences on my music are: Hammock, Eluvium, Reggie Watts (Beatbox improv), Mogwai, EITS and many more...

Fuck yeah Reggie Watts. Also, listening to Frequent Seas (just got that when typing it.) You make very beautiful sounds.

Thank you! Yes, Reggie has influenced me so much because I've always been more comfortable improvising than playing fully written material and you can tell that most of his stuff is improvised. (although, I'm sure he pulls from previous ideas, which I also do.)

I added all your mausic to my Work playlist, it suits it excellently. Good stuff!

Thanks, keep in touch!

You should check out Four Tet.


Your song "Yield" is fucking awesome.

Thanks! It seems to be a favorite of many. : )

Beats Antique?

YES. Saw them at Bonnaroo once.

What is your fondest memory of your dad?

There are A LOT but this is definitely up there:

He took me to LA when he was on Conan (one week before he died). I always said that if he got on Conan that he'd HAVE to take me with him and when it was confirmed, there was no question. He said: "We're going to LA."

What do you think about the Jabo0ody Dubs parody videos of your dad (ex. here)?

Edit: A playlist of all 16 of his Billy Mays parody videos here!

I love them! My dad wasn't very computer/internet-literate but he would always mention "Jaboody Dubs" to people who were. We've been in contact with the man behind the dubs and he's good people.


I appreciate this question.. and I will answer the best that I can.

My father was not a perfect man. He grew up in a notoriously shady town and it's a wonder he ever even made it out of there alive. He liked to party growing up and these bad habits did indeed follow him into his adult life. He struggled with many different impulses throughout his life. BUT...

I can say, without question, that in the years before his death (I would say the peak of his career) he was in no way a "cokehead." He was dealing with a bad hip and 2 botched hip replacements (his third was scheduled for the day after he died) and was overprescribed painkillers and other stress-related drugs. And with his history of addiction, this was not a great combination. It got to the point where he had trouble being his public self (traveling, always working on shoots, etc..) without painkillers to mask his excruciating hip pain.

And as for the "cocaine" found in his system, it is quite possible that he indulged in the drug sometime before his death but once again... HE DID NOT OVERDOSE. Actually, the drug itself was never found in his system. Only a certain residu that is usually attributed to cocaine use.

For the record, I'm not trying to cover up anything. I just think it was a shame how the headlines were written after the report came out and the fact that people say he "overdosed." I truly believe that "prescribed" drugs played much more of a role in his death than any "illegal" substance.

Notwithstanding, I will not lie and say my father didn't struggle with drugs throughout his journey. But, as I lived with him for the final 5 years of his life, I know that he was not a "cokehead" and that he tried his best to be a good human being.

Anyway, sorry for ranting. Thanks for posing the question like a real person.

EDIT: Thanks for the nice replies, everyone! And thanks to whoever gave me Reddit Gold! I will... do whatever- Reddit-Gold-is-used-for with it. And I will enjoy it, I'm sure!

While I realize you are probably interested in're asking a dude if he's aware that his dead father used cocaine. Kind of a dick question, man.

edit Yeah, I's an ask me anything. Just seems kinda harsh.

edit2 Since OP responded, I'll retract my statement. I still don't think it was a cool question to ask, but I guess, sometimes in life, you just have to ask the hard questions.

Thanks for defending, my friend. But I have dealt with this for a very long time and have made peace. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It's called Ask Me Anything, not Ask Me Anything But That or Lob Me Softballs. If he doesn't want to answer it then he won't answer it.


No prob man...I know I wouldn't want people talking like that about my parents after they passed...even if it were true. Glad you made peace with it, and I plan on checking out your facebook page tonight when I get home.

Peace! Keep in touch!

I just wanted to say that my dad was a heroin addict, but it all started because of the prescribed pain killers in the hospital. I don't believe it makes him a bad person, he just made some poor decisions to turn to the drug. I'm so sorry to hear about his passing, but as an outsider, I assure you this isn't what he will be remembered for, despite what the headlines said.

Thank you.

My sister died when I was 16, they found traces of cocaine and Ecstasy. What shocked me most was the way people reacted, kind of turned their noses up at it. I can only imagine how hard it was to go through this but in the public eye. Much respect.

Sorry to hear that. Yes, I think people are judgmental of weakness (in the form of drug addiction) because they're afraid of their own impulsivity.

Thanks for being candid. My dad struggled with addiction as well. His death, however was due to hospital neglect and too much morphine. After 10+ years of sobriety, a botched surgery takes his life and the death certificate says...overdose. I can relate to the confusion and irony here, and I appreciate your honesty. Your father will be missed.

Ah, sorry to hear that. But we know the truth!

Hey Billy III, Thanks for your AMA. I'm sorry for your loss.

-Other than monetarily, how has being the son of Billy Mays affected your life before and after your father's passing?

Any funny stories about your father that you can share as well?

I've always used the analogy of a blanket from The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo: Something like... a blanket helps you stay warm in the winter but can be a burden in the summer.

Sometimes, it's of benefit to be "Billy Mays" and sometimes I just want my privacy/anonymity (Thankfully, no one cares THAT much.) But it's ALWAYS an interesting experience.

I'm thankful for all of it, really.

Other people have actually read that book!? And you of all people actually paraphrase it!?

It has been a good day.

I try to read it once per year at least! Always get something different from it.

How was your father discovered? Did he do any acting/voice acting prior to becoming the face of OxyClean and other products?

He was trained by some of the best boardwalk pitchmen of Atlantic City and beyond, a dying breed.

I remember hearing an NPR story about your father and pitchmen in general

Link for those interested:

Thanks, never heard this!

Have you ever over heard someone talking about your dad or making a joke not knowing you were his son?

Yes, I usually like to let them talk and then allow them to feel slightly awkward when they find out. But I usually always assure them that I don't mind. (and I usually don't.)

Can you give an example of a time that you did mind?

Honestly, no. Most people in person are generally polite when discussing him even not knowing he's my dad. I've found it's the anonymity of the internet that makes people say shitty things, usually.

What is the best piece of advice your father gave you?

He always said that "Nerves are good." (Like before doing something intense, public speaking, etc..) "It means you're alive."

I don't really know why I loved your dad's commercials when all other commercials like it I tend to tune out. I guess that was part of the magic that made him so great.

Anyway, how was it for you and your family when he started to become such a well known and successful name? I'm not entirely sure how fast his popularity rose, was it all at once, or did it build slow enough to make it easier to adjust to? I'm just kind of curious as to how things changed for you and your family because of it.

He was on TV much earlier than most realize (Home Shopping Network). He really didn't become "famous" until he was 40 years old. (Died at 50)

Your father motivated and inspired me to pursue my inventions for years. I'd stop and make time just to watch him sell anything. I was shocked when he died. I miss him still, and you have my deepest condolences.

I don't have a question, but thanks for doing this AMA.

Thank YOU for being motivated and inspired. Keep going!

What is something that no one really knows about your father but makes you proud?

His generosity was hard to really describe. Not just with money but with time, love, listening, etc.. as well. So many people continue to share stories with me about how much he gave to them. And I believe it because he gave so much of all those things to me.

What was your dad like outside his job? Hobbies, etc? Do you know how he got started in his career?

He liked luxury cars... maybe too much! At the time of his death, he was leasing 4 totally unnecessarily expensive cars. I think he just liked to drive them because, to him, it represented some level of success that he had finally attained.

As a car buff which cars?

Ok, fine.. at the time of his death, he had a Bentley, a Range Rover, an Escalade, and a Mercedes SUV (I forget the models)

Just wanted to come by and say that your music is pretty cool. Not long after your father passed, I saw an experimental music show where somebody played triggered and manipulated audio from various Billy Mays commercials over drone loops while another person played the drums.

Nice! I'd love to see that.

I see on your twitter that you have a Les Paul. How old, what kind, and other guitars?

Fairly new, American Standard Classic. And that's pretty much my baby. I also have an American Fender Strat but I'm about to pass it along to a friend.

You're not answering in upper case.

Kinda disappointed.


I'm no longer disappointed.

Also this is the first time an OP of an AMA has answered me. I think that means we're best friends.



We ARE friends!

Can I be your friend too? Please. Pleeeeeeease. Pretty pleeeeeeeeease. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Ok.. but my Reddit-friend storage is almost full.


My dad was "2" AKA Junior.


Sorry. Yeah, my grandfather is Billy Mays I aka Senior.. Although there were two Billy Mays's before him with different middle names.

Obviously from your other post, you were able to meet Hulk Hogan as a result of your dad's career....any other celeb meetings?


there is a group of ad-lib comics dubbed, "Jaboody Dubs." They have a channel on youtube, and they take infomercials and overdub audio tracks to them in hilarious ways. It appears that they were inspired by Billy Mays, and to date, I have always believed those ones are the best. Have you ever seen them? Do you think this would be something your dad would have appreciated and laughed at?

here is my favorite one, for Kaboom.

Yes, we loved them!

Asked and answered

Thank you, citizen!

I'm sorry you lost your father so soon. Are there any recordings of your dad in his normal speaking voice?

Yes. If you can find it, I would recommend his interview on the Tonight Show. (with Jay Leno. The Conan one was more silly and less personal.) EDIT: But Conan is THE MAN.

EDIT 2: Also, there are some great personal interviews with him from the PitchMen series on Discovery.

Your father was the best pitch-man i've ever witnessed. Anytime he'd come on TV, you would just be drawn to watch him. Very charismatic. He seemed to have that genuine enthusiasm for life that makes people just want to be around him. What is the coolest or funniest memory you have of your dad?

One time (after he was already mildly famous), he got chosen out of the crowd to be part of a David Copperfield illusion. Needless to say David recognized him and so did the crowd.. It was a uniquely funny moment. (As an epilogue, my dad ended up being the only person NOT to sign the non-disclosure agreement about how the trick was done. Of course, he told me and I was not impressed.)

It's an illusion. A trick is something a whore does for money.


Did you ever see the Epic Rap Battle of History with your dad in it where he battled Ben Franklin? What did you think of it?

Yes! It is indeed EPIC.

Your dad and my dad were good friends in our home town where your gram still does notary. He told me a story years ago about how your dad placed a brand new computer on this local struggling families front door for Christmas and never took claim for it. It always stuck with me that when I would see your dad on tv to know he was really a good man and never forgot where he came from. I just wanted to share this so people would know we really did lose a good man and not just someone who was on television. It's always good to see someone from your hometown make it but it's even better when you know the person deserves it. Take care.

Thanks for sharing! And yes, he never forgot his roots!

Not a question, but just wanted to let you know that I have this engraved on my Caps Lock key on my keyboard.

EDIT: OP DELIVERS! Sorry for the phone quality.

Why? Not sure, I was shopping around for a mechanical keyboard at the time and WASD offered custom keys with an image of your choice. I just so happened to stumble upon the image of Billy Mays and thought it'd be awesome if I can activate Billy Mays mode at will.

I'd like to see a picture! And I'm sure Reddit would like to, as well!

Do you think your father is in heaven partying like its $19.95?

If heaven were a real place, yes. (shoutout to ; )

(Although, I wouldn't identify myself as STRICTLY an "Atheist," I agree with most of the positive aspects of the subreddit.)

EDIT: Yes, /r/Atheism can be a shitty place but come on, they're family... right?

EDIT 2: Well.. I didn't think this tongue-in-cheek comment would be so controversial but oh well... I won't delete it. Surely, there are good people among /r/atheism who appreciated the nod.. If not, who cares?! I'm swimming in Reddit Gold! Muwhahahaha! (What do I do with Reddit Gold again?)

For future reference, you can simply type /r/atheism and reddit will automatically link it for ya. ;)


If you mean family as in the criminal drug addict black sheep that nobody ever talks about, then sure, yeah, they're family.

Ok, I can see that.. Oh well, sometimes it's entertaining.

We're all atheists here, but we all hate /r/athiesm.

Oh, ok. That makes more sense now.

There are actually positive aspects to the circle jerk know as /r/atheism??

I don't know. Apparently not.. But I'm pretty sure I've enjoyed some content from it.

I KNEW the Fedora on your picture at was giving something away.

No.. trust me.. I don't call myself an atheist. But, coming from a catholic upbringing and being aware of the stupid parts of organized religion, you can see how I might be sympathetic to the subreddit, no? Also, I do agree that it is annoying at times.

/r/TrueAtheism might be a better sub to shout out to...

I'll have to check it out! (Still pretty new to Reddit)

Ignore the /r/atheism hate. /r/atheism is fucking amazing, and all are welcome there all of the time. They may not feel welcome, but that is on them, because they are welcome.

The commenter above you is in now way correct or representative of the opinions of most Redditors. He is representative of a small group of vocal atheist-haters.

We are the largest atheist community anywhere, and we are not afraid to be vocal regarding our opinions among this community. Many people dislike us for being ourselves, and to more easily dismiss us, create straw men regarding our character.

Experience it for yourself, and I think you'll see how awesome it truly is.

Thanks. Good to have another perspective.

How do you know someone is a atheist?

They'll mention it.

But the funny thing is that I'm actually not an atheist.. : )

Did you always want to do music or did you ever consider doing something similar to your dad?

I've considered it and I've been asked to, but I am creating my own life and if it intertwines or mirrors his, then it will be natural rather than forced.

Not a question, just a random fact you may find interesing:

My friends and I have a "Clan" in COD: Black Ops 2 called "BMay" (stupid clan system only allows 4 chars, it was BMays in previous games) and all of our names are products that your father pitched. As the leader, naturally I am OxiClean, but we also have AwesomeAuger, ToolBandit, GraterPlater. There are others who have played occasionally as well, but those are the main ones.

We often get people yelling "BILLY MAYS HERE" at us, it's pretty funny. Your dad is an icon.

/random factoid

I enjoy reading this!!

I was hoping I would see this AMA pop up soon after the Hulk pic. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss, the last episode of PitchMen got me right in the feels.

Me too! To this day, it hits me hard in the feels.

How did your father groom his beard so well?

He did it all himself!

EDIT: With the occasional help of production makeup artists on shoot days.. (Hi Makeup Artists, thanks for doing what you do!)

I too beatbox, who has been the most influential on you as an artist?

He's not famous but my good friend (and brother from another) named Michael is a beatboxing master. I would always ask him "How do you do it?" and he would answer.. "I don't know, I just do it." and it was just what I need to hear to realize that there is no technique to "learn" but to just DO IT.

How many blue shirts did your father have?




Sorry if this oversteps any boundaries, but how is your relationship with Deborah? By the way, your Dad is my hero; I look up to him not only as a Pitchman, but as a person & want to be just like him :D

Deborah and I have a strong bond. Almost more so after his death. But yeah, that's kind of personal.. It's ok, though. : )

Do you regret not having your aka be Infinite Turd?

No, but don't worry.. My friends from Pittsburgh, whom I grew up with, still call me Turd to this day.

His beard was so powerful and dark. Did he color it or was it naturally that dark and powerful?

He colored it! I don't feel like I'm letting out any kind of big secret. His father has full white hair/beard and I think my dad would have had a high percentage of grey hair all the way back in his thirties.

So your grandfather, Billy Mays I, is still alive?

Yes. 75 years old and looks like Kenny Rogers.

Me and my friend spent a summer imitating your dad, at first we made fun of him but after a while we realized that we wanted to be him.

Haha, I feel like this concept could make a silly short film or something..

I work within the DRTV industry. Came to pay my respects to an icon. Be well B3.

Thanks, anonymous friend!

EDIT: Wait, nevermind. I think I realized your identity. What's up dude?!

Hi there! I always miss the good AMA's and don't ever see them until they were long finished and inactive. Since this one is still developing, this is very exciting.

I'd just like to say thanks for doing this, and let you know how awesome I thought your dad was. I always enjoyed when one of his commercials was on, and really enjoyed Pitchmen. :)

Thanks! Glad you caught it!

If there is one thing you'd like us all to remember about your dad, what is it?

He was humble/down-to-earth until the end.

Looking at your twitter cover I'm assuming you're a musician. If you sing do you use the same glorious voice you're father has?

Mostly instrumental as of yet.. But I do Beatbox a lot.

What is one fond memory you have of your dad at work, if you ever visited the sets?

Also, I thought you might enjoy knowing I idealized you dad at a very young age. He was my first crush, (a husband who could get my whites THAT white in just one wash?! Count me in!) And I wanted to be just like him. My poor family endured me "projecting" for many years, "with the stain removing power of oxy you can get that right out!" When my brother spilled juice, "but wait, there's more!" When my mom collected my laundry, etc...

I just want to tell you he really was a phenomenaly charismatic person and I will always own my family reputation as his biggest fan. Thank you.

Yes, I worked on a lot of his infomercials as a production assistant. It was always a blast working with him.

What was your friends general reaction to who your dad was? How often would they tease you?

Not too crazy. Most of my friends growing up knew him before he was famous and still treated him like a human being.

How often do you have this conversation:

"Well yeah, I produce and I'm a musician and I'm trying to get--"


Quite often... But I don't mind. : )

I always thought there was only one Billy Mays but today reddit was like, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

THIS is one of my favorite random comments so far.

Glad you made it, B3. No questions to ask, sadly.

It's ok, Mitch! Glad YOU made it. It all happened so fast..

If Billy Mays were Here! what would he think of Reddit?

I don't think he would be quite literate enough to do anything on it himself. But I'm sure he would've done his own AMA and made me type. : ) He DID end up getting into Twitter just before his death. I even taught him how to tweet on his own.

Do fantastic beards run in the family?

Yes they do as a matter of fact.

I have no question, but I use your dad as my Mii.

That's awesome.

Long live Billy Mays. I would always watch infomercials as a child on saturday mornings and would sit through the entire duration of them! kind of random right? but doing so, I found out about your father and well, know that his products were the best products!

would you happen to know which of your fathers campaigns did the best? my vote is oxyclean

Yeah, Oxi-Clean was his most notable product but he did have some other extremely successful more independent products. Mighty Putty being one of them.. Um.. Zorbeez, etc..

Hi, I am 1LAguy, also known as Odd Digits.

Hi, I'm Billy.

Yes i have a question, Who is Billy Mays

Some bearded guy who yelled at people to buy stuff on television. Oh, and he was my dad.

Listened to a little of your music, really interesting stuff. Have you been playing music since you were younger? What did your Dad think of it?

He supported my music fully. In fact, he always encouraged me to follow that and never tried to force me into any particular line of work.

Do you also have a glorious beard?

Yes. Right now it's a bit out of control but I would still call it glorious, I guess.

This was my Halloween costume the year your father passed away. People always told me I looked like a younger billy mays, so in February, I had settled on being him for Halloween. When he passed away, I was devastated. I still wore the costume after much deliberation. I hope you like it


Since your dad had probably cast (and most likely still does) a rather large shadow - what do you do in your own life that you hope will make a name for yourself?

I make music and stuff: : )

What are your predictions for the second half of Breaking Bad's Season 5?

That they all die. Just kidding, I'm still stuck in Season 3. Haven't kept up much. Great show, though.


Thanks for the kind words.

I lost my dad a few years ago and kept a voice mail message from him on my phone for weeks. Do you listen/watch your dad's old commercials?

Well, as you can see, I do still keep up with his public persona. I just enjoy exploring his impact on pop culture:

What do you think of jaboody dubs on youtube? He does put some obscene language over your fathers work, does it offend you or do you find it funny?

Love it.

Dude, your music is awesome.


Thank you so much for doing this AMA! What is your favorite activity aside from being a musician?

I am into all forms of art! I write a lot.. Also, I'm into health. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and stay active.

This comment got some controversy. Sorry for that

It's ok. I'm not offended. But my father was FAR from a raging alcoholic. It's all good, friend.

A while back I recall you were selling some stickers of your fathers face on your site Where's Billy Mays. Do you ever plan to sell them again? I want to buy a collection of them and stick them everywhere.

I never sold them. Only gave them away. And there are only a few left. I may get more printed in the future perhaps!

What what Billy's favorite dinner food?

Probably steak. Which unfortunately didn't help the whole heart disease thing, I'm sure.

If it was grass fed it would have helped.

I agree with you somewhat. But even then... too much is not beneficial.

What are some or your favorite bands/artists? Also, i work at a concert venue. Would you ever consider going on tour? We'd love to have you here!

Yes, touring this summer. Stay in touch!

Your music is phenomenal. You've made my day.


what do you do as a job?

I freelance in the television production industry and I own my own business.

What do you think of my Billy Mays Costume?


My wifi is named after your father. I don't have any questions as I will blissfully remember him as I want to. May he rest in peace.


I'm sure you won't see this by now, but I remember being really little (I was born in 93) when the first OxiClean commercials came out. My family and I started impersonating your father any time we wanted to convince each other that something was awesome, and when he started getting (more) mainstream success, we were really happy. Your father is the first example of "I liked ____ before it was cool!" in my life, and now I'm unfortunately a bit of a hipster.

Just wanted to let you know. After his death, I was really upset that they started using other spokespeople for his products...

I DID see it. Thanks! :)

Since you're Billy Mays's only son does that make you immediately awesome in every aspect in life?

No, that takes work!

Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. <3 You seem like a really awesome person and your dad was such an iconic and great man. I am sorry for your loss, he was definitely taken too soon. I am happy to know he left behind a great legacy. Keep up the awesome work and continue making him and the rest of us proud. <3

Thanks, friend!

How was he as a father, and as a person? Did his hugs feel like a teddy bear?

As a matter of fact, yes. His hugs were known for being amazing. I pride myself on my hugs, as well. : )

It makes me so happy that you seem to be so level headed/chill about life in general. I play a game called APB:Reloaded and regularly group with a guy that goes by BIRRYMAYS. He modeled the character to look like your dad. Here is a screenshot. This is a video of him in action. He is one of the best players in the game... and it makes me laugh pretty much every time I see him running around completely destroying people.

editAnother longer video.

This is amazing! Mind if I post it on

Can you reply to this so I can say 'Billy Mays son said hi to me?'

Yes, if that's what you're into. : ) Hi.

How do you react to people that quote Billy Mays in memes and jokes saying things like "But wait, there's more!" etc. Does it make you feel proud, offended, or what?


Your dad's passing really got me down, and I've been following you on both Twitter and Instagram since. I don't really have a question, but I wanted to say that I admire what you do and all of your passion and strength. I also wanted to admit that I think "Infinite Third" is an extremely clever name. All the best to you and your family!

Thanks! Stay in touch on Twitter and Instagram! I'll follow you if you tell me who you are.

Billy Mays III, you are playing your music around Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, FL.. is this correct? I found your CD on the ground one night while wandering around ybor city and LOVE it. Best find ever. Well done, very well done.

Yes! Glad you found it!

did your dad ever tell you he loved you?

Every day. Although, I'm not sure if you wanted a serious answer to that.

When you tour Dublin, don't take the way they say your music name too personally.

Infinite Turd, I presume? Can't wait!

If you came to Australia, would you like to have a beer with me, or a few aussie redditors?

Yes, I want to play music there in the future!

You won't see this but just wanted you to know I've spent the last couple of hours watching your dad's commercials at work. I had forgotten how awesome they where. Just goes to show the power of technology and the ability to bring back lost memories.

But I did see this! Thanks, friend. : )

So is he Billy Mays Jr.? Or did he just decide to name you Billy Mays III for the LOLs?

Yes, he's Jr.

Are you aware your dad is a playable character in a video game mod known as Garry's Mod?

Yes, I've posted their tribute on!

What kind of music did your dad listen too?

In his final years, he really liked the band Snow Patrol for some reason. They're pretty good, I guess. I took this picture at the 2008 Champs Sports Bowl between Florida State and Wisconsin. I found out at the game that your dad was a FSU alum For whatever reason, he descended down from the upper levels of the stadium and walked on to the sideline. He walked right through the middle of the crowd. He posed for pictures and signed autographs the whole way down. He just happened to pass by me when I took this. Seemed like a real genuine guy.

That's so amazing.. Thank you!

Just wanted to say, your music is incredibly relaxing.

Thanks! I make lots of different other stuff too..

I just went through Frequent Seas, truly impressive. I'm checking out that stuff too now, it gives me hope that "electronic" music can still be good quality. If you don't know them already, check out Muse. They are a truly great rock trio that incorporate elements of digital and "space" into their tracks. Very unique and interesting work though, best of luck in the future!

Thank you!

The obligatory AMA question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-size horses or 1 horse-size duck?

I think I could outsmart the horse-sized duck.

You're the first OP to reply to me!!! Can we be friends???

Already are!

Never lost a parent, can't fathom what it must feel like. Is there anything about your relationship with your father that you would've changed ? Showed him that you cared more, for example.

Nope. Fortunately, I was always very appreciative of him and always expressed it. Which made it easier to cope with his death, I think.

Not really a question, but I think I saw you at some festival in Wisconsin a couple years ago. You were advertising something for dryers. I remember you saying that you liked to do things in person while your dad liked tv more.

Nope, don't think that was me.. Sorry.

I don't know if you're still around. I love your music; I listened to it before I even knew who you were. What are some other ambient artists you're into?

Hammock, Eluvium, Stars of the Lid... and I follow Lowercase Noises pretty closely.

Did you go to St. Malachy in Kennedy Twp, PA for elementary school?

Yes I did.

What kind of education do you have? The only reason I ask is because your answers are articulate and well written beyond what I'd expect from any average Joe.

Just an Associate of Science in Recording Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. But I've yet to actually have to mention those two degrees to anyone who pays me for anything.

Ah, I'm a musician myself, but don't know a whole about recording music. Thanks for the AMA.

Just experiment! Might I recommend following Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) if you don't already? He gives great tutorials on all aspects of being a musician:


I don't know if this counts but all the pallbearers (myself included) wore blue shirts and khaki pants. You can find photos somewhere on the internet, I think.

Did you attend Jesuit High School? I remember abou 6 or 7 years ago, I was at Maggiano's at West Shore Mall when I saw you and your dad pull up in a Bentley and you were wearing a nice blazer and someone told me you went to Jesuit and were a few grades below me. I'm class of '05. Do you still live in Tampa?

Nope. Went to High School in Pennsylvania. Yes that was probably me at Maggiano's and I still live in the Tampa area now.

I met your dad once and spoke with him fo a while. He seemed like a really nice guy with tons of energy. May he R.I.P..

Thank you, Ass_Explosion.

I met your dad a few times when I worked at sweetbay in Odessa, dat beard.

Yup, we lived right down the road from there!

Not a question, just a story. When your dad passed, that year in October(?) I was at Roger Williams Pumpkin Fest and they had a group of pumpkins memorializing all the celebs that we lost that year. Your dad was the second one and whom ever carved it did an awesome job. I thought he was an a cool guy and it hit me right in the feels. That is all.

Wish I could see it!

I read through 80% of the OP's posts and can't find one line where he answers if he uses OxyClean. Just answer the question

I used to! Not anymore, though.

Like Geaux, I also chose your dad as my Halloween costume the year he passed. One of my best Halloweens to date.

What was one of the best pieces of advice your dad ever gave you that you found the most useful in your life so far?

Awesome costume work!

I love the wall of pedals. Wanna be in a noise band in central Maine? Heh.

I would love to play a show with a noise band in Central Maine when I tour there!

I see you like guitar pedals. What's your favorite atm? Mine's between a Murf Moogerfooger and a few Death by Audio pedals. I'd love to hear your music.

Hands down, my Boomerang III Phrase Looper. It's the heart of my music.

Are you stoked to have a strain of marijuana named after your dad? yanno,"Billy Mays Haze?" I totally would be.

Yes I am! TIL...

I really liked that CD that you gave me at the new years party 2 years (2011-2012) ago. But i will admit that I did lose it. No questions from me, but I wish I coulda seen you play while you were in town. Keep up the good work man.

Nice! Was that in Orlando at Matt's house?

yes indeed it was sir. I thank you for opening my eyes to the vegan world too! matt says hi as well.

YES. That was such a beautiful night! Take care.

hey man, i listened to some of your music earlier, and it is... BALLSY to say the least.

What made you get into the drone music? you have multiple 30-40 min long songs and that shit is not easy to compose and make it sound good for long periods of time.

I don't really know.. It kind of just happened. Sorry if that answer sucks but it's probably the most honest way to explain it. Thanks for listening!

Same thing happened with me man. I made some drone compositions in college and my friends were like "who the fuck would listen to this" until about 5 mins in when it started kicking in hard and they truly enjoyed it.

keep up the hard work man, you're pumping out albums like CRAZY!

the one you wrote after the passing of your father was amazing, I'm gonna take my time and listen to them all, and of course buy the ones I enjoy the most!

Sounds good! Please keep in touch, my friend!

Hi, I'm James Howerton III. Isn't being a "the third" awesome?

Yes. Yes it is.

This'll probably get lost in all the other comments, but I remember reading a comment a few months back when someone else figured out who you were, and mentioned doing an AMA at some point. I just wanted to say kudos to you for following through on it!

By the way, I checked out your tunes and they are rad!

Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad I did it. Put it off for awhile for silly reasons.

I have a song called "Billy Mays Cocaine", which is about hipsters and named in a bit odd tribute to your father. (I about cried when I saw he was dead on the tv at work, given the string of celeb deaths going around) but now I'm feeling as if I should rename the song, never really thinking how his family might feel. So basically would you be okay if I kept the song title or would you feel better if I changed it to something else?

Well.. If you think it's appropriate then keep it. I'd obviously prefer that not be the title but it's your artistic decision and I support it either way.

I'm listening to your song "Stillness in Movement" right now. Would just like to say that I'm really enjoying your music.

Thanks, friend!

I have a bobble head of your dad. My GF apparently paid decent money on eBay to get it for me as a birthday gift.

That is all.

I have one, too! Those are pretty limited. Is he wearing some kind of baseball uniform?

Do you actually go by Billy? or do you go by Bill, or Will, or William?


I think you should know that the night before your father's death, my friends and I repeatedly said "Billy Mays here" for a long time and to this day, we're convinced we killed him, so sorry.

It's ok. I forgive you.

Hey man, I'm one of tue guys who was there. We felt so horrible, you have no idea. I'm really sorry.

Just don't let it happen again!

Did you or a sibling go to Full Sail in Orlando? My friend said your father was at her graduation.

Yes, I graduated from there in 2006!

Sorry if you're still not answering questions but how did you cope with losing your dad? I lost mine in January and I'm still having trouble coping.

Sorry.. it's tough but it gets better. Sadness is perfectly natural. Letting go is the lesson you're being taught. : )

Since your father seems to have been a man who appreciated football, and a native to the Pittsburgh area, I would much like to know if he was a Steelers fan.

Of course he was!

I am interested in hearing about you. Clearly, you are a man of good character, and I suspect your father had something to do with it.

How are you? Do you have advice for others currently coping with the loss of their father?

Thanks, I'm great! Um... I think it's important to feel/accept the sorrow/darker emotions that come with it while also focusing on the positive things in life somehow.

I saw you on the Pitchmen tribute special and you look so much like him! Your music is awesome and so are the tributes to your father (RIP). I've been using Orange Glo in my home for over a year and I LOVE how it smells and it makes my wood floor look fantastic! In the tribute you did say there's no question your first son would be Billy Mays IV. If and when you have your son (future Billy Mays IV), could you post some pics of the little guy in khakis and blues like his grandpa? :)

Thank you! And yes, I will post pics! : )

Thank you for doing the AMA by the way. I really enjoyed the picture yesterday with Hulk and your dad. I listened to some of your songs and I think they are pretty mesmerizingly good!

For my question, "have you personally ever endorsed any products?"

Thanks! Um.. Well, I endorse a few things locally through word of mouth but nothing on a major scale yet.

Yesterday while I was pushing my 4 year old son in a shopping cart through Home Depot, my Son rose up from the cart and pointed to the Oxy Clean display and said, "Dad, look! Oxy Clean!".

So I guess you can say your Dad has had a lasting impact even on the young people of the world.

: )

I don't have a question -- and I may be too late for this -- but I just wanted to let you know that your dad was an icon in the best way. Also, one of my friends runs several popular DayZ servers under the banner of BMRF - Billy Mays Remembrance Foundation.

Edit: After listening to "Gently," I can say that your music is wonderful. Sounds like Four Tet meets EITS, Caspian, and the soundtrack for Braid.

Thanks! And yes, so glad to know about this Billy Mays Remembrance Foundation now.

Are you from Mckees Rocks too?

Yes, grew up there mostly.

With all this talk about you father, and I loved his work. What about you. What are your interests? What makes you tick?

Well.. Thanks for asking! I create sounds and other stuff. Here are some links to check out if you're interested in Infinite Third:

Did your dad and the Shamwow guy ever meet? If they did, what kind of shit went down?

Yes, they met at Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, oddly enough.

Yo Billy Mays III, I use to see you play all the time at undergrounds. Always a good time. Music Box says whatsup!

Yo! I love those guys!

I just wanted to let you know your music is chill as fuck.

Thank you! So glad you used those words to describe it.

The Venture Compound: pretty awesome, right? Also, how are you liking Tampa Free Skool?

I consider The Venture Compound my "home venue"! It's pretty much where I developed my sound.

Seeing as you are only 26 and your dad died in 2009, you were 22 when he went. Seeing as how I'm 22 and had my dad die eleven months ago tomorrow, what do you feel helped you the most coping with the loss of a parent you were close to?

I realized that it was ok to feel sorrow/sadness but, at the same time, use his death as an inspiration to take chances in my life because it's impermanent. Letting go takes time but acceptance is important. Hope you're doing OK with it. Took me a few years to let go of some of the heavier emotions associated with it. Peace, my friend!

I don't like celebrities and don't buy into the hype around them. I view it as a fucked up type of people worship.

With that being said, your dad is the only person who had "celebrity" status that I actually felt sad about when I heard the news. I am (not was - I still am) a huge Billy Mays fan. Shit, I still feel sad about it every time I see Sully try to pull an infomercial. The infomercial industry just isn't the same without your dad - he really gave it a manner of credibility.

I hope you realize your dad was truly an awesome person.

Thanks, appreciated.

Whoa I know this guy! Billy, it's me, the kid who told you he wears your Infinite Third pin on my apron at Publix! I was blown away when I saw your AMA as a top post. Congrats!

PS: Tell reddit about your upcoming plans for the future! (?)

Ha! Thanks, bro!

I'm so sorry your Dad passed away. Is it weird to have so many strangers LOVE and feel a connection with your Dad!??

Not really. I respect people who are able to feel a strong connection with a stranger. I think my dad appreciated that and never took advantage or felt too weird about it.

I have a friend who met you in an airport because you liked his iTunes playlist. This was probably about 2 or more years ago.

Holy shit.. I remember that!

I just want to say that your dad was a good person. I was a huge fan and his death really saddened me. I wish you the best of luck in what ever you decide to do.

Thank you!

I have heard a few reports of your father being a generally not nice person to annoying fans on a few occasions. Did his celebrity ever cause issues for him in terms of anger and frustration?

No. In fact, most people have nothing but great stories around meeting him in public. But I could imagine, with his schedule and hip pain, seeming rude for keeping to himself or being quiet every once in a while.

Everyone sees your dad as some hilarious infomercial guy, and kinda worships him. With that in mind, what was your dad actually like?

Quiet, generous, funny. He liked to dance. Liked watching football.

Was it true that he was buried in an oxi clean shirt?

Somewhat. It was actually just a blue-button down shirt.

Seeing how your a musician, was your father a musician, also? I like to envision him playing any sort of instrument he approves of as he would do it loud and proud.

He never really explored his music side too much. But I can tell you, before his hip problems, he was a surprisingly good dancer.

Do you sometimes wish you couldn't always hear recordings of him or people going, "Billy Mays here!"? I remember Yoko saying with John it's just a reminder of what she's without

No, I take comfort in it. As though he's still around through the way people remember him.

My grandpa has always hated your dads commercials. He would always say "godammit here's Billy to yell at me again!" Yet I recall him using 90% of you dads products.

No question. Just thought you might like to hear a funny story :P

Haha, awesome.

What can you tell us about the first Billy Mays?

He's 75 years old, quiet, and lives in the mountains. And he's really into natural living (growing food, gardening, etc..)

I assume you're asking about Billy Mays Sr. (my dad's dad)

Is there more?


Don't know if you'll read this at all, no real question here, but just wanted to say your Dad was awesome.


I want to ask you a question about you and not your father, what do you want to do for a career? Are you studying for anything? Xbox, ps3, or PC?


And... PS3.

You have so many questions left to answer. So all im going to say is that the world of pitching products will never be the same without your dad. He's a household name around here and is greatly missed!

Thank you!


There IS more. But you don't have to wait.

Do you feel that you have a different perspective or view on life because you had a famous parent? Why or why not?

Good question..

I feel that I have an extremely UNIQUE perspective.. but really.. we all do. I notice that, famous or not, everyone is going through very similar things at the core.


Whenever they send it? (Shamwow wasn't one of my dad's products.:)

love your music man keep doin' you and my one question is do you ever struggle with living up to the legend your dad was/will forever? Or is it more like whatever you do you know you will make him proud?

The latter... I know that as long as I follow my passion/dreams, it would make him proud.


I know.. Missed opportunity.

Is your father your role model in life?

One of many, yes.

Hey man, I've actually been a big fan of your music since it was Soft Words Traverse. Was wondering if you have any plans for Infinite Third coming up, such as new music or some live shows? I certainly hope so. Thanks!

(Bonus question! What's the last movie you saw and whatcha think of it?)

Yes! I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign next week to get my new album released! And I'm going on tour this summer into fall.. and many other things! Keep in touch via

(Bonus: I recently saw Life of Pi and really enjoyed it!)

If that kickstarter includes the album on vinyl and/or other cool stuff you can have all my money

It's actually a double-CD package of my album (eardrops) along with the as-yet unreleased (eardrops2). I do plan on having Gently pressed to vinyl later this year, though!

Listened to some of the music at, enjoyed much!

Do you consider your dad's success a boon or shadow for your music endeavors? No effect? How did you come about to making post-rock? (apologies if you don't like that label, seems like a lot of instrumental musicians hate it).

One more thing and I'll shut up, saw you shared Matt Stevens music on your site, love his stuff!

Thanks! I consider it mostly an advantage, for sure. But I try not to exploit it unnecessarily.

If I had to give one reason for the type of music I make, it would probably be.... Mogwai.

And yes, Matt is a great guy!

I just wanted to drop in and tell you that your dad seemed like an amazing guy. I have no idea why I was always so fond of him but I was. Best wishes and I'm sorry for your loss. (I'm sure you won't even see this but I just wanted to say it)

Thank you! : )

How often did/do you visit McKees Rocks/Pittsburgh? You say your Dad never forgot his roots, but man, must be hard to justify leaving Florida for Pittsburgh weather most of the year.

He used to visit once or twice per year. Currently, I'm the longest I've ever been away from Pittsburgh since I was born. (almost two years)

Relevant. Your father was a great man.


Have you ever built the Billy Mays Cube? In my dreams I imagine these peppered all around the Mays Estate sitting on shelves and desks in every room!

Someone DID make me one at some point. I don't have it anymore, though..

Hey man, me and a coworker met you on the pier in downtown Clearwater when you and a friend were out there jamming a year or so back! We picked up a few of your albums after that. You provided us with some good jamming while we were eating lunch!

Now I go back and check your site and you have like... 3 more albums that I have to check out. Keep rockin, man!

Yes, I remember! That was an amazing day.

Decided to check out your music. It's actually pretty damn good. Might I know the specific inspiration behind the name Infinite Third? I know three is often a spiritual number throughout many religions and spiritualities (e.g. the holy trinity, etc.) just wondering if it's a bit more personal than that.

Also thanks for the awesome AMA. Your answers that I've read have all been very thoughtful and honest and I appreciate that. Cheers.

I like to leave it abstract because many people come up with their own interesting meanings for it. But yes, my personal reason has to do with my name/bodily self being "the third" and then the "infinite" part of me.. duality.

My boyfriend made this video right after your father's death as a tribute--he worked really hard on it. It would make our day if you would look at it!

That.. was awesome!

Your music is really good... I am actually surprised. I was expecting it to be awful, but I am listening to Gently right now and I just have a raging music boner.

Thanks.. If your music boner rages for longer than 4 hours, please see a doctor.

This might get buried under the comments, but I just want to say that I saw your father shortly before he passed at a restaurant. My table was across from his, and we have him a small wave, and he gave us a genuine smile and wave back. I can imagine that people as recognizable as he was can get fed up with random people acknowledging them, but he seemed really nice and cool about it. Left a good impression.

That is all.

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about stuff like that.

Awesome that you're doing this! I have no question per say, but people have told me my whole life that my father looks like yours, and I know he would lose his shit if Billy Mays own son confirmed

Sorry for the quality, it's an older pic. But again, thanks for doing this and good luck with your music!

Ha! He does!

List off a few other people who are in your genre of music. :D

Lowercase Noises, Hammock, Eluvium, God is an Astronaut, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Stars of the Lid...

Is that enough? : )

I am really enjoying your music at the moment. It reminds me a lot of Explosions in the Sky and some other ambient artists I have enjoyed in the past. Sorry if it has been asked, but- when did you start making this kind of music? What was your motivation? Keep it up, I will be listening!

Thanks! I started in that direction in 2009 because I went through (and survived) and apartment fire and then my father died a few months later. Somehow, my music became more.. emotional. But it's constantly evolving.. I've been making one song per day since May 1st, 2012. You may enjoy some of it:

Dear Billy - Why is your music so awesome? How do you manage to find the time to create new content almost every day? Is the practice very therapeutic and meditative for you?

Love you, dude! And yes, it IS meditation. ~*~

Thank you for doing this AMA, as a member of Reddit I feel I should apologize for the lil' assholes below that that should be allowed to breathe for thier rude comments,they are not true Redditors. Stay strong man.

Thank you! I appreciate the support. : )

As a fellow Redditor, are you upset that you haven't gotten the horse sized duck question?

But I did! You'll have to find my answer. : )

In nuclear power plants why do have to split plutonium atoms to make fission happen why can't you do this with just any old type of atom?

I think it has to do with the stability of plutonium..?

Hi Billy. Thanks for doing this AMA. Are there any plans that you know of to make a movie about your dad's life?

There have been talks but nothing confirmed as of yet.

I wrote this in honor of your father

Love it!

Billy Mays really struck me as an awesome dude after watching his show on Discovery where he and Sullivan would help inventors get their products out the door. As an inventor myself (or wanna be inventor, I guess), I absolutely loved that show.

Yeah it was "reality" TV and clearly editing plays a big part in how a person gets portrayed on those shows, but I thought that Mays seemed like a genuinely nice guy that happened to bust his ass and turned out to make a fortune. Him and Sully seemed to really be good friends too... I can't imagine that that kind of friendship could have been faked just for the show.

Yes, they were good friends and I consider Sully a good friend, as well.

Is it true that you're part of the noise scene in St. Pete? I've been to the Pangea Project quite a few times and everytime I go someone mentions you. The guys from Nequam Sonitus are friends of mine.

Yes! I played the INC Pre-show last year and I'm on the same shows as Nequam Sonitus from time to time.. Love those guys! Their cassette is sitting on my desk right now, as a matter of fact.

My Fantasy Baseball team name for the past few years has been The Big City Sliders with a photo of your Dad's face. I'm never changing it. No question, just thought I'd share. Your Dad was awesome


Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your music, I'm a huge Minus the Bear fan and some of the nuances I really enjoy in their music can be found in yours as well... 10/10

Thank you! I like Minus the Bear, too.

Do you still live in the Pittsburgh area? I'm pretty sure your dad grew up in McKees Rocks (a shitty area as you said before). If you still live here, let's get a beer!

Nope, I live in Florida. But I make it back to the Burgh every once in awhile.

Not a question. Just a comment. I worked with your dad once and it was awesome. I posted about it in the Hulk Hogan thread.

Thanks for sharing that. : )

No questions, this has just been a really solid AMA and I wanted to say thanks. Answered the hard questions, and well.

You and your dad both seem like genuinely good people. If I know dads, he was probably more proud of that than anything.

Thank you, my friend.

I had made this picture awhile back. What do you think? Do you think it's funny? Do you think it's offensive? Do you think it's stupid?

I think it's... Funny!

Did you dad every see this picture?

I don't think so but I've always laughed at that one!

Real talk: This is one of the best AMA's I've read in awhile. Thanks for doing this, your dad was a great man.

Thanks, KingWhompus.

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the Billy Mays stickers you sent years ago. I was one if yours and Arwens first Twitter followers. Good times all around.

Awesome! Glad to be connected still!

is there any chance you will get into infomercial advertising like your father? or have you decided to take a different approach to your career choices?

I'm a musician but I've learned a lot from my father:

From an early age, your father was my hero and idol; I've always enjoyed everything about his delivery: Dedication to the product, his projection, and presence. He is the one who pushed me to try and pursue my dream of voice acting or radio (people always tell me I 'have one of those voices'). It seems strange asking by proxy for any protips he might have had, so I think I will simply thank you for doing an AmA, and say that the world is truly a lesser place without him. Thank you for your time!

Thank you! Keep pursuing that dream!


I really don't have a question, but I just wanted to tell you:

In 2009 I had the pleasure of meeting your father at the "Snapple Big Apple BBQ" in NYC, just weeks before his passing. He was passing out samples of Oxyclean to people like me who got BBQ crap on our shirts.

He was mad cool, down to earth, true to his character and a real crowd pleaser. Meeting him was a real highlight of the event for me.

And that is it. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

Thanks for sharing that. : )

seen any good movies?

I recently saw Safety Not Guaranteed. Enjoyed it.

I feel like you and Hank Williams III should do some kind of collaboration.

Wow, that would actually be intense.


You are Billy Mays III. I am to assume that your father was Billy Mays Jr. (Correct?)

Is which case, my question is this..

What was Billy Mays Snr like? Did you know him? Did he have any influence on your father (or yourself)?

Tell me about the original Bill.

Quiet mountain man. White hair/beard. Carpenter. 75 years old. Full of wisdom.

I like turtles ;)

Me too. How do you feel about turtles of the Ninja variety?

Look just want to leave this out there, your dad was a real idol and rolemodel for me, I loved it whenever his comercials came on, but really he seemed like an honest generous man, and that really helped most of my decisions and hearing LouReddits comment about him, to me, this just proves it more!

Thanks for sharing that.

Are you the one who stole the bugs? Or was that the other guys kid?

That was me. But I must admit.. that segment was slightly provoked by the PitchMen producers.

My cousin actually worked with your dad for awhile and she only have good things to say about Billy. I freaked out when I saw her on Pitch Men. How did your dad grow such a magnificent beard?

Who is your cousin?

And I think the beard was mostly thanks to genetics!

How did you not title this "Hi, Billy Mays III here to share with you my AMA"?

I failed.

I don't have a question, but I wanted to drop in to let you know that your father personified a communist's worst nightmare. He was a true American hero.


Do you still use the massage chair I sold him in Tampa, FL?

I'll never forget meeting him at the back entrance of Brookstone to give it to him; it was like a drug deal for a massage chair.

Ha, my stepmom still has it! I used it many times when I lived with him.

Just wanted to say that after watching Pitch Men on Discovery, I developed a new respect for your father and his line of work. He had a serious work ethic and seemed to genuinely care about the people he was working with.

Thank you for saying that.

No question, but want to say I'm sorry for the loss of your dad. I'm still struggling myself. If you're ever near Lafayette, IN I'd like to buy you a beer.

I don't really drink but I will let you buy me a water!

Whats your personal favorite subreddit?

So far, I'm enjoying /r/listentothis and /r/EarthPorn

You might enjoy /r/freemusic and /r/cassetteculture. I also really love /r/glitch_art.

Unfortunately, /r/noise is isn't very active. You can pretty much search for anything you're interested in and find a sub for it, though... /r/ambient might be right up your alley, for example.

You'll find that the smaller subs tend to be the most rewarding. Some of the larger ones are pretty terrible... like /r/music.


Ah, thanks! Subscribing now..

Cool... I'd highly recommend posting your daily drops to /r/freemusic, by the way... it's an incredible project and exactly the kind of thing they'd love there.

Looking forward to seeing you at Parallels tonight!

I will do that for sure. See you tonight!

Not really a question, but a few years back when I was in highschool, for our spirit week's celebrity day, I went as your dad! It was a lot of fun, it was my first time growing a full beard, I had the khakis and a blue button up that said Oxyclean on it.
I would walk into each class and go "HI BILLY MAYS HERE WITH MATH CLASS!" or something along those lines. I tried to stay in character as much as I could.

That's awesome!

I know your dad was from Pittsburgh. Are you from, or currently living in, Pittsburgh? If so, what part of town do you live in, and what's your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

My favorite thing used to be Primanti's!

Were you surprised by the Internet's outpouring of love upon his death with things like this tribute song?

THAT was one of my favorite tributes!

I saw your father about 2 weeks before he passed away. He sat 2 rows up from me on a flight from GSP to St Pete/Clearwater (I think?). I took some candid pictures and videos of him boarding and such before takeoff. Only time in my life have I played the paparazzi role...

Haha. Care to share the photos?

If you could urinate any one liquid without anatomical difficulty, what would it be, and why.

Also, guess what your Dad would have answered.

Probably liquid hot magma.

I can't answer for my dad, though.

I was just about to go to bed when I came across that picture of you with Hulk Hogan. I'm from england so had only heard of your father through south park (youtubed that hell out of him afterwards). What did you think of the episode? Oh and I followed the link to your music and thought it was awesome! :)

Thanks, mate!

I know it's done, but I think it's inspiring that someone could inspire so much fond memories in so many people. I actually was saddened by his death. To be honest, when I hear celebs dying, I usually just smirk, because I'm a jealous person. But your father was a great man, and all of our generation shall miss him.

Best to you and fam.

Thank you.

I met your father the day before he died. I was working in the Philadelphia International Airport at a kiosk and he passed through my terminal. I got a picture with him and his autograph, and was devastated to discover his death the next day.

And no, this isn't really a question but I really just wanted to let you know.

The photograph is here, btw if you're interested.

Thanks for sharing! Mind if I put the picture on ?

Do you ever watch videos of your father? I always wonder if famous people's families like that they have a wealth of footage of relatives who have passed, or if it is too painful to watch.

Sometimes I enjoy seeing footage of him. : )

Billy and Sully live(d) in Tampa Bay. I live here as well and was wondering if you do too since you said you lived with him the last 5 years of his life. If so, do you still live here? Does your band play locally? If so, when/where is your next show? Do you make it to any Bucs/Rays/Lightning games?

I'm playing tomorrow night (Saturday) in St. Petersburg at The Venture Compound!

I post where I'm playing on Facebook, usually:

I think it was the day before your father passed, but his plane had an incident at Miami Air port where the front landing gear gave out. I was picking someone up at the airport and I saw that plane, went home later that night and saw the great Billy Mays doing an interview on the incident. Then the next day I saw that he had passed. So I kind of was near (a few hundred feet) your father a few hours before he died. Just thought I'd tell my story. Sorry for your loss.

Wow, thanks for sharing that.

I read that you worked on the set of Pitchmen. What was it like to work with your Father?

It was always a blast.

No question, just wanted to say that your dad is probably the only TV sales guy I actually enjoyed watching. He actually brought good humor and energy to his pitches and seemed like a good guy. Seeing him monkeying around behind the scenes solidified it for me. The Internet's adoration of him is well deserved.

: )

Do you know about the Billy Mays Remembrance Foundation ? They've been hosting some quality Arma 2 servers ...

Yes, they've been brought to my attention through a few comments in this AMA. Thanks!

I knew him for a little bit, we would go to the same dry cleaners and I would see him there every once in a while and we'd talk about 'Murica!

Haha, cool.

My old gym teacher claimed that she was your father's cousin, and that she went to his funeral. Is there an "Erika Lavelle" in your family? She'd be your 2nd cousin.


My husband I were HUGE fans of your Dad. We would watch "Pitchmen" and I also listened to the "MJ Morning Show" to hear stories about Billy and Sully. We felt like we had a special "bond" with them, especially your dad. I came up with a half dozen inventions because of the inspiration I felt from listening to your dad. When I heard he had passed, I was truly shocked and saddened. I'm not sure what I am trying to say, but I'm so sorry you lost your dad too soon and even though I never knew him - I miss his presence in the world.

Thanks for sharing this. : )

Not a question, but I dressed up as your dad for Halloween when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I don't know why I had the impulse, but I painted on a beard and carried around OrangeGlo all night.

P.S.: Your dad kicks ass.


You and I met once, back when i lived in Clearwater, what's up!?

Not much! What's up with you?

First i want to say that i truely admired your dad for his hustle, your dad also directly my lifestlye and way i live for i generated alot of money through affiliate marketing, selling almost all of his products he promoted online... he was a great man, and will be missed.

Also i have a tshirt of him that i like to wear, heres a picture

That's a cool shirt! And I'm glad you're on the hustle, my friend.

I dressed up as your father one year for Halloween. It was a popular costume, I enjoyed it.

Sweet! Have you seen this?

As someone who worked in the DR Marketing industry for close to 7 years, we all had alot of respect for your Dad. The day I found out he passed was pretty gloomy. I remember sitting in an editing bay watching raindrops hit the windows and playing a few of his commercials.

How does it feel knowing that so many pitchmen try to mimic his style and energy?

His impact on the industry is a comfort. And thanks for sharing this. I feel I'll always be tied to the business in some way.

I just want to say that I'm an advertising guy from birth working in the industry in NYC. I've never done infomercial-type stuff, but I listened to everything your dad said. He was an advertising genius. That show he starred on, "Pitch Men" was eye-opening. Your dad left us too early, but that show at least let the world know a little bit about his approach.

You'll be glad to know your dad is a heavy influence on everyone in advertising up and down Madison Avenue all the way to Brooklyn.

Thanks for sharing!

Your grandmother is the best notery ever.

Yes she is!

So Billy, are you planning on staying a musician or would you branch of into other things while doing that or do you want to solely focus on music ALSO can you say Hi to me so I can be able to say Billy Mays son said Hi to me.:)

I tend to focus on many different things. And... Hi. : )

I'm not sure if I'm too late, but I just wanted to let you know that your dad inspired me like a lot. In high school, I was known as the "Billy Mays" guy because I not only had so many products he endorsed but I also can do a mean Billy impression and would bust it out all the time during school assemblies and such. I've suffered from major depression for as long as I can remember but whenever I would see your dad on TV, it seriously would brighten my day. He always seemed so genuine and all-in-all a great guy. Right before he passed, I was actually planning on making a pilgrimage from here in Ohio to Tampa (my uncle lives there) in hopes that I would somehow run into your dad just so I could thank him for how much he inspired me. As a theatre major hoping to work in the field of acting, your dad has and continues to inspire me how to be humble with fame and overall how to be a generous and pretty awesome person. I'm sorry once again if I'm posting this too late for a response or if this seems scatterbrained, but I just wanted to thank you for how much of a serious impact your father had on my life and to let you know that he still has some pretty big fans out there. Long live your laundry!

Enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

hey billy, thanks for doing this, some really cool stories. just thought i'd tell ya i'm digging your music! keep it up man, the binaural shit is great and your electric has a dope lo fi feel to it that i totally relate to.

Thank you! Glad you're digging it.

I'm friends with your cousin Matt. Do you guys still keep in touch? He had only good things to say about his time spent with you and your father.

Yes, I grew up with Matt.

There should have been an alarm clock which just yelled entire Billy Mays commercials at you.

I agree!

Wow, fuck me for having a life and going out, missed my chance.

Username noted. : )

Can you just recognize my existence with a reply?

Recognized. : )

When are you going to step into his shoes and sell me anyfuckingthing?

I can go ahead and sell you my music:


I like your music, good job.

Thank you.

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck? Also, pancakes or waffles?

Already answered the first one. And... PANCAKES.

How close were your dad and Anthony Sullivan? I remember seeing a special on The Discovery Channel and Sully seemed really upset, like he'd lost a true friend and not just a rival/coworker.

They were very close and we remain in contact to this day.

Question one: Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Question two: if yes, did you happen to end up with the "Billy Mays here for ---" card?

Not yet but I've seen pictures. Explain to me how the game works?

One player is the "Card Czar" and reads a black card ("Billy Mays Here for.. Blank!") to the other players. The other players pick one of their white cards (everything from "Oversized Lollypops" to "Two Midgets Shitting into a Bucket") and give it to the card czar face down, who then has to read each combination, and pick one without anyone knowing who submitted what. The one picked gets the black card as a "point" and the next player becomes the card czar.

Oh, right on! Kind of like an adult version of Apples to Apples? Sounds fun. Thanks.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Billy Mays III conducted on Reddit on 2013-04-03. The Reddit AMA can be found here.