Anthony Green

October 17, 2013

I'm Anthony Green.i sing for Circa Survive and a project under my own name. My 3rd solo album "young legs" comes out nov 12th. Ask me anything.

Hi Reddit. I'm Anthony Green and I'm the singer in Circa Survive + my own solo project. I'm about to put out my 3rd solo album, Young Legs. It's the first album that I'm self-releasing on my own label, Moshtradamus. Ask me anything! For more info about the new album: Got to wrap it up everyone. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. For more updates and cool shit follow me on Instagram anthonygreen666 and twitter anthonygreen and come out to see me on tour. Feel lucky to have such amazing support from you all. Proof:

Hi Anthony! I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this Ama. I am a huge fan of Circa Survive and your solo work. Juturna and On Letting Go basically made up the sound track to my high school years.

Stop the Fuckin' Car and Your Friends are Gone really hit home for me. I have spent many a night belting your songs in my car. I actually got to meet you and take a picture with you the last time you were in Tampa, Fl. You were so nice! Thank you again.

Here's my question. I just wanted to ask out of all of your songs which is the most personal to you? Or hardest to actually write down?

Thanks a lot. A lot of songs have had that effect in me but the circa song spirit of the stairwell was reall difficult for me Still is.

What was it like to work with Chino Moreno? Is there anything else you guys might work on in the future?

Love him, he is amazing. Would love to work with him on anything. I'd build a house with him

Hey Anthony!

Got 2 questions.

1.) Are you ever planning on doing anything with Casey Crescenzo?

2.) Is is true that on the last tour with Coheed, you and Claudio would kick each other in the nuts to get your voices ready?

Hey! Yes and yes

My favorite show I've ever been to, hands down, was Halloween night 2007 at the white rabbit in San Antonio. Thank you for that special evening and thank you for reading!

That was an amazing night. We went crazy.

Hey Anthony, I have no idea how to work this website! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do, it's interesting to see how many lives you've touched, now I see I'm not alone in feeling such magic, and gratitude toward you. Here's a question, what inspires your lyrics? Also, a lot of your songs leave me feeling haunted, is there any song in particular that you feel haunts you?

People in my life mostly.

Hey Anthony, big fan. Many questions I would like to ask but here's a non music related one, we just got a gray male kitten what's a good name for him?

See you soon...


When will you play 9:30 Club in DC?

And best cheesesteak in philly?

I make the best cheese stake in Philly! For tour dates check out

Hi Anthony! I just wanted to tell you that some of your lyrics from the first Saosin EP helped me get through a lot!

Would you ever do a reunion tour with the guys for that EP?

Are you coming to Columbus, Ohio any time soon?


Thanks a lot. I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Hey Anthony, thanks for doing an AMA! Circa Survive has been my favorite band since I was 16 when Juturna came out. Thanks for making such amazing music and being such a big part of my life! So anyways since this is an AMA, what is your favorite song to perform?

Thanks a lot!! People ask this all the time and its so hard to answer. It's changes constantly. Get out is always fun. They are all pretty awesome for me to play. Sorry if that sucks but that's the truth.

Hi! I have a few things.

  1. Your kids are absolutely adorable. Probably some of the cutest kids I've ever seen. How do you balance your family and touring? I've always wondered how families stick together like yours seems to do when you're always traveling.

  2. A few years ago you did a "secret" show in Avalon on the boardwalk, and someone took your picture, and you were tagged in it, and you made it your profile picture. Anyway, I took that picture, and just wanted you to know how much I was bragging about that to everyone I spoke to.

  3. I noticed you didn't say anything about Saosin in your description. Are you not fond of attaching that band to your identity?

Hey hey 1 thanks. My family comes out as much as possible 2 that rules 3 I just don't sing for them at the moment so I didn't put it up there

Hey Anthony, long time fan. Can't wait for Young Legs!

One quick question. There is an old cover, floating around the internet, Circa Survive played of Modest Mouse's "Interstate 8". Is Modest Mouse an influence of your's or did you guys just play the cover for fun?

For those of you who haven't heard, here is the cover!

We did that right before violent waves came out. Love that song and I know a bunch of the other guys love modest too

Are there any bands or any certain type of music that had an influence on your newest album coming out?

Frank Sinatra

Does it bother you or make you feel good when people ask you how to play a song that you've arranged?

Makes me feel awesome

Hey Anthony! Is there any particular song that you love to cover live? Keep up the great work, man.

Love playing the deftones diamond eyes. And good old wars coney island

Day to day, what inspires you?

The world around us is so bizarre and beautiful and chaotic. This is another question that always gets asked, what's inspiring, fuck what isn't inspiring ?

Hey Anthony have you ever heard Sonny Moore's cover of Seven Years?


What's your favorite Circa album to have been a part of?

The next one

Hey Anthony, I'm a big fan from Brazil, any chance Circa Survive will be coming down here anytime soon?

Would love to but we have to be invited by a promoter or win the lottery to afford it, hopefully someday we will get down there.

Hey Anthony! What are some future projects that you're working on or planning on?

I'm working in a kids album sorta of. And started working on new circa stuff that's the best shit I think they have ever done

Hey Anthony, what's something that you always find yourself writing about over and over again?

My wife

With regard to your lyrics (in any song(s), you choose) how much of them are inspired by your philosophy.. religious, non-religious, spiritual or otherwise?

Sorry for the heavy question, I'm sure a lot of us would love to know though!

Also, thanks for being the fucking best. <3

They all do in one way or another

Hey Anthony! I really like Circa Survive, my cousin has the On Letting Go album cover tattooed on his side, and my girlfriend thinks your kids are adorable.

I'm a singer and I was just curious, what was the hardest part about getting to where you are now in music?

I guess learning how to stay true to yourself and still get your music out to the people you want to hear it. Still very much learning how to do this.

do you remember Greg Itzen from like lions??? I'm friends with his younger brother also in a band with him... i was listening to some like lions and your on some of those tunes. I wanted to ask what was your experience with all them guys?

Love that dude

Tits or Ass



Sure I'm always around at the shows and on my upcoming tour ill be hanging out at our merch table every night

hey man. have you or would you ever record somthing with your son at his current age?

Yeah trying to get my whole family on the kids album I'm working on. Hope to have it out soon.

hey Anthony! just wanted to say how much I absolutely adore you. you're the nicest, most down to earth guy and every time I see you (solo 2x) and circa (13 times) I fall even more in love with your music. CANT WAIT FOR YOUNG LEGS.

but my question, what do you think about the whole movement of the "Circa Family" on twitter and real life? and how have you managed to raise some of the most beautiful little boys in existence?

love you, man!

What's the circa family on twitter? And thanks. I'm the luckiest dad in the world. My kids are so cool it unreal

Favorite city to play shows?

There are a lot of rad places but Philly is our hometown. Gotta love the home town show. But there are a lot of places that feel like home town shows

Hi Anthony! First I'd like to say a big thank you for doing this AMA. Circa Survive has been one of my favourite bands for the past 6 years.

My question is do you ever get tired of playing songs from Juturna and On Letting Go, or do you still get as into playing them as ever?

side note: If at some point Circa Survive would do a few tour stops in Canada, I would cry with happiness.

Not really. I have such an intimate relationship with the songs that its actually pretty amazing feeling to sing them every night on tour

Who do you like better, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles?

Fuck that's tough. The Beatles by a hair

I was just wondering how awesome is Will Yip?

You can't even imagine

Let me start by saying you and Circa have been a huge influence on my life since your old days in saosin. I'm a musician who's been singing for 4 years and just started a new band with some amazing people. This is what I want to do with my life, and you are the one who inspired me to follow my dreams.

With that being said, what was your main source of inspiration for Juturna?

How was the writing process different from Translating the Name?

The process for me is always the same and its a,ways changing. The element that's the same is that I'm listening for a melodies to sing with what's there, but the feeling is always different and the content changes with each song. Some might take forever re writing while some maybe come much easier

What is your greatest fear in life?
I love your music and you deserve mad props!! Thank you for making my life so much better than it could have been.

Being alone

Anthony, are you a Coke or Pepsi guy?

I fucking love a fountain coke

Are your wife and kids involved in any way with the children's album your working on? if so, how?

Trying to get them to sing on it

I also wanted to know if you did a lot of vocal training and have to use a lot of restraint with your voice or does it just come naturally?

I warm up a little. Mostly just sing a lot and get as much rest as possible

What do you say at the end of Dear Child?

I say I'm sorry

I just saw your ig post. just wanted to say what's up. your music is awesome! can't wait for young legs! your how's are always inspiring!

Thanks so much

Oh, my sweet, my questions are not worthy.

But seriously will you play Seven Years?


how do you get your voice to be so intense and god like?

I'm always yelling at god


Oh wait that's not a question. But I know we're all curious.

It's all over our record I think

Hi Anthony :) I I was wondering what it felt like when you knew you were in love?

It feels amazing.

Anthony, I'd like to know how you balance your life being on the road away from your two beautiful boys and wife

I just try and visit as much as possible and they try and come out on tour as well

What's your favorite T.V. show??

Breaking bad

It would be a dream come true to hear you collaborate with Maynard James Keenan from Tool. Who would be your dream to collaborate with?

That would actually be my dream collaboration. He is a genuine artist.

I just wanted to say Circa Survive has pulled me out of some pretty horrible moments of my life.With that being said, who was that band or artist who's done that for you?

Nirvana was a great band to have growing up. Them and radiohead and tool and so many others helped me. Music is so powerful and healing. It can really effect your life in positive ways

How big is your dick? My friend wants to know. He's straight.

My dicks not that bug but I know how to fuck.

I only have one question;

Is that LIGHTS singing in the background on "Just To Feel Alive"? Because if so, that's a collab that needs to happen more often.

Yes it is. She is amazingly talented and a wonderful person.

Hey Anthony! Long time fan. Green apples or Red apples?

There's a time for both

Hi Anthony! I know this must have been asked several times, but is there any chance for more music from The Sound of Animals Fighting? I LOVED those albums!

It's very possible

Do you prefer bigger or smaller venues?

Got to love playing for lots of people but smaller venues feel so good.


I'll be around

So I've been listening to a podcast by Yoni Wolf from Why? and he often mentions how his older stuff is somewhat embarrassing, or ... not shameful; but it's just harder to appreciate the earlier music that you've written.

Do you ever feel that way about your earlier stuff, or have you ever been like "I don't ever want to play this fucking song ever again...?"

No not really. I didn't want to play seven years out of spite for so long but the truth is that I love the song and I'm happy to play it acoustic at my solo shows

Have you ever thought of working with Dallas Green?

Love his music and would love to sing with him

Saw you guys play a Holloween show in Dallas, dressed as breakfast food with a giant blow up spider. (Super Rad) What are you going to do this year to top that?!?:)

Playing a secret hometown circa show!!!!

Hey Anthony I'm huge fan! My question for you is do you have a training or lessons in singing? If so, what exactly? If not why are you so amazing?

No training

Hey Anthony! Out of all the bands you've toured with which one is your favorite to tour with?

So hard to pick there have been so many awesome tours.

How do you always have the energy to play a terrific live show every night?

The music really drives me physically

Anthony Green. The man of all dreams; so to speak. Such an amazing and powerful impact you have in your vocals. Those high pitches and smooth transitions just make me want to die among those songs. Toughest part is, what songs? – Just a few personal words from an admirer. You influence people, you inspire. You change people. With just sounds. How fuckin' awesooome is that?

Question(s) is (are) Anthony: 1. What is it, that makes you happy? Aside from creating the music you love and family. (Lovely, perfect family by the way.) 2. I've been wanting to watch you [Circa Survive] live since "Blue Sky Noise" was released – unfortunately; that didn't happen. Will you playing any other tracks [from past albums] while touring? 3. If not, can you PLEASE play "Dyed in the Wool"? – Austin, TX next month? haha. Joke.... but seriously. 4. What was it that made you perceive life the way your lyrics are pertained? (Not seeking for any drug use, stupid shit stories people are glad about.) Just a more in-depth look towards your mind. As mention; very influential. 5. I will be seeing you this Nov. 26 (Two days prior my Fathers birthday, alongside Thanksgiving.) Is there any way... ANY way at all — that you can just acoustically play, and sing harmoniously..that ONE song. The ONE song my ears and all my senses have been anticipating to hear, feel. The song that makes me feel complete. Complete as to die in peace. Which —you've guessed it. (I hope), Dyed In The Wool. I'll message it in a bottle so you'll remember. Haha! Rather, a painting of mine with the songs' name. Either it's yours to keep, or just the fact that you simply acknowledged it in what we sometimes don't perceive; which to me, is better than a trophy. You're an amazing guy. You really are man. Such a great Father (which matters the most, and I'm glad to see that you're doing a better job than my father did with me, haha. You're a loving husband, you have such a happy wife, children and just a happy LIFE in general. I admire you. Never got the chance to say those words to you. What a relief.. "I Felt Free". Haha! Great job on everything man; you've accomplished so much at such a young age still. Your songs, your band, your energy, your harmonic sounds, your loud screeches, the down tempos that shift dramatically, all that — keeps me alive. You, keep me alive. I'm not looking forward to my future, I'm looking forward to yours. I hope I didn't type too much. I guess that happens when you chance to talk to the man that changed your life. Thanks a lot. For everything. Your time on this to be precise hahaha. I'll be delighted to here back from you. Thanks and take care.

I can answer one of your questions. My children make me happier than anything on earth. They are my light.

Hey anthony! I'm about to see This Town Needs Guns tomorrow and I was wondering if you knew them? Math rock at it's finest! I have a band of my own and I'm sure many other people would like to know what you think it takes to succeed to be a great band? Thank you! :D

They are awesome

Are you going to be on the new GOW album? I love those guys!

I hope so the demos I've heard sound amazing

Hey Anthony!
I'm a big fan!! I could listen to you read the phone book. Weird question, but... what do you dream about?

My dreams are really strange. I keep a log of them sometimes. I dream a lot about sex



The Translating the Name ep came out in 2003. how does it feel to have peaked over 10 years ago?

If this is what's its like to have already peaked then I love it!

Hi, I was the one who asked you during your twitter askathon if Circa Survive was going to repress Juturna and On Letting Go on vinyl anytime soon. You guys said that you were.... yet...

Infinite silence?

We are working on it

Hey Anthony, how do you sing so damn high for such a long time? I would love to be able to hit those high notes. Any tips? Miracle sun will always be one of my favorite songs ever just saying.

Just sing like you sing. Don't worry about it being high or not

I mostly only listen to country music, so it's easy to tell your music scene is not mine. But you are one of my all time favorite vocalists. I have so many songs by you. You are awesome!

Wow that's awesome thanks

Whats your favorite scene in eternal sunshine??

When she is yelling to Joel to call her from her bedroom window. And it's snowing. And the music that play. It always moves me. It's only a few seconds long but I'm always brought to tears by the song.

OK Computer, Pablo Honey, or The Bends??

I'm a full catalogue type of guy

I saw a video of you going off on a kid cause he kept on asking you to play seven years. Can you explain what went down? From what I heard you are a very nice guy and I know you must of had your reasons.

I was drunk and that kid was being an asshole for about an hour before that video was taken. The perfect storm

What scares you most?

My kids bring hurt

I miss The Sound Of Animals Fighting. Is there any chance of you guys making more music together?

I wouldn't be opposed haha

Hey Anthony I fucking love you and I'm so glad to have met you at a show you are amazing man. What drugs do you do I'd like to know if any

When I was young I used to do lots of drugs. It had a terrible impact on my life. I'm lucky I made it out ok. Shit can take something from you'll never get back.

Can you name some of your tattoos?

The lady on my chest is talula


Can you just reply to this with "Avi is the shit"?

Thanks, You're the shit

Avi is the shit. Unless he's a rapper. Then he ducking sucks

Dude. Handshakes at Sunrise was a beautiful track. Just lovely.

First circa song me and Colin ever wrote !

I don't know anything about you. Tell me one thing about you.

I love music and breakfast Someday technology will combine the two and I will cum out of my butt wiener for it. Shit. I just got hacked

would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

Fuck I guess the bug duck. But even that's going to be fucked. Fuck that's a scary thought

Anthony I am a huge fan of all your work and you do a lot of good. :D but anyways what was it like being in audience of one way back when?

One of the most fun times in my life. We made the best jams

Would you ever cover a song by The Doors? If so which one?

Panama song maybe or riders on the storm

I don't have any questions but I just want you to know that I love you and your music.

Thanks !!!

I keep hearing this crazy fucking story about you and a giant bag of beans from literally several people, all from different stops, at warped tour 2007.

jesus christ, man


What vocal exercises help you deliver your orgasmic voice?

Just running the scales helps a lot

My friends and I often refer to you as Tony Verde, is this okay by you?

Haha sure

Are you a fan of Bukowski? If so, what is your favorite book by him?

End of the world poems

Do you think Cove does Saosin justice?

I love him and his voice. He is awesome and still making great music

Dude. What hair product(s) do you use?


I hope you see this. In 2009 I struggled with depression and I listened to Avalon every day. It introduced me to how music can heal you and save you from yourself. Your music saved me. I still listen to your songs every single day. I just wanted to let you know that your music is a gift to the soul.

Thanks - Katherine (Dallas, Texas)

Glad to share in the healing power of music with you Katherine

If for some unseen reason you were playing your last show, what song would you close with?

Meet me in montuak

Do you guys ever record your jam sessions? How awesome are Colin and Brendan when they're just riffing on top of each other? I fucking love the complexity and textures of their guitarwork in On Letting Go and Juturna. I've never heard anything like it.

But I noticed that Blue Sky Noise marked a real change departing from their style in On Letting Go and Juturna. Also, as a lyricist, what can you attribute your change in lyrical style to? The change from the abstract and poetic to the concrete and straightforward?

Much love, I'm listening to Suspending Disbelief right now.

I feel like we change on very album

Settle an argument for me please: Is Macklemore in your video for Medicine and Poison? Keep making music. It is wonderful.

Yes that's him

My friend & I have decided that we're going to share you when Meredith's not available. When it's not my turn, I'll have Brandon Boyd. Agreed?

I'm sure that would be fine

Is Good old War still your touring band. I got a chance to see them once with Needtobeathe and they sounded amazing. How did you come across them and choose them as your touring band.

Yeah they are putting out an album and doing a tour after my tour I think.


Never liked coke that much. Wasn't my drug of choice. Odes are I was just being an asshole

Anthony, this is Justin from the Idea Men and Five Stars For Failure. This isn't a question.

No it isn't really? I loved your bands so much. Still do.

No it isn't really? I loved your bands so much. Still do.

I miss your music

do you write circa lyrics before, after, or during the creation of a song?

It's always different.

Hey Anthony, You did a live Twitter chat/acoustic show with fans about a year ago. I asked you if you liked hamburgers and you said "I eat Hamburgers in my sleep". I wanted to know how you do that. Thanks Brodawg.

I put them under my arm when I'm falling asleep then when I wake up they are gone

Was at the Saves the Day at Union Transfer a few weeks ago and was stoked when I saw you come out during the encore. Can't wait to see you there next month.

What's a fun show. So good to see saves the day killing it at a sold out show. And that is the best venue in Philly hands down.

will green beards ever make a jingle?

Dude we have so many jingles ! We just keep them privet

Hey Anthony thanks for joining us on reddit! Do you think you will ever work with rx bandits again?

Yeah I would love to. They are so talented and greats dudes also

Would you rather pick your nose and eat it (a decent size booger) or lick the bottom of a homeless mans foot?

My boog no question

Anthony, what are you going as for Halloween?

I think a zombie but its hard to decide.

Hey Anthony! My best friend is your biggest fan, and she's sleeping and is going to be so upset that she missed your AMA. In her honor, would you tell me what your favorite bands are? Thank you so much, you're so awesome.

Right now listening to the queens of the Stone Age. Saves the day. Good old war. Local natives. Fiona apple frank Sinatra psychic babble dear hunter tool Tom waits Elliot smith the get up kids promise ring sunny day roots title fight torche black mouth super rainbow jimmy cliff bob madly Jon Brion balance and composure tortoise king tubby the smiths the list goes on and on

Huge fan of SOAF, any chance we'll get to see or hear more from you guys in the future?

Very possible

I love your work with Geoff Rickey from Thursday, I've been listening to them since I was a kid. Have they influenced your life as well? How about Glassjaw?

He and Darrel have been huge influences to me. Getting to know Geoff has been one of the mot rewarding relationships I've made in my career. He is a true friend

[No question]

I'm still nervous to play. All the time. It's a great feeling though. Like the feeling right before you kiss a girl. Doubt is a part of the game you just have to work through it and make it work for you some how. It's nature to doubt yourself when you have other people's opinions getting involved. You have to sort of ignore it or it can destroy you.

Has anyone told you how awesome you are

My mom hahaah

I've been to so many Circa Shows, and I've waited for hours after to talk to you, and I always talk to all the other members and they respond and they remember me and the next shows, and you had to goto court in my hometown and I tried to say hello and let you listen to my bands CD and you guys told me to fuck off and I was being pretty cool and it was pretty crazy that you were in my home fucking town near my house and you still couldnt bother to say hello. I never came to any more shows after that. But I still listen to juturna everyday.

I never told anyone to fuck off bud. You must be mistaken.

What kind of drugs do you enjoy?


Hey Anthony, little different type of questions: What's your favorite sport? sports team?

Have any political idols or do you connect with any political movement?

Keep being a great and influential person!

Love foot ball and baseball. Love the eagles and the phillies. I love politics, my family has some deep roots in politics. My uncle was the mayor of Philadelphia and my grandfather was a congressman I think. I try not to discuss it most people

SO proud to know you come from Philadelphia. What has this city meant to you?

I love this city so much. I couldn't say why it is pretty rough but I feel home here.

would you and circa ever consider releasing an album of b-sides and acoustic versions of songs?

We have been talking recently about re recording some older songs acoustic just for fun

Need a bass player?! PICK ME!

Have you ever heard of nick beard. We need o get him on here

What is your most embarrassing moment? Thanks for doing what you do. You've touched a lot of lives.

I pooped myself onstage a few times. I was sick and it just exploded. I don't think anyone noticed but I was very upset to say the least

did you really get kicked out of saosin for spending all of the band's money on coke?

Yeah that's what happened

What a creepy fucking album title.

Yeah if your a creep

Favourite asian food?

I could choke to death on fried rice and I'd be happy


Yes they are awesome

Hi Anthony,

A friend of mine is a huge fan of yours, and he's at work right now, kicking himself that he's missing this. He wanted me to ask you at what age did you decide having kids and being father was the right choice?


Edit: Here's a pic of my friend meeting you behind Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

Best thing to ever happen to me. Not for everyone but my boys saved my life.

Name my future child!

Girl Goldie boy sue

AYour sound changed a lot of over each of Circa's four albums and AG's albums. What influenced the changes in your lyrics?

Natural growth I guess.

This isn't really a question but I usually have your music or Circa playing in the background while I'm having sex... it sets the mood.

Me too

will you ever be in another saosin album? sorry, but someone's gotta ask

It's possible

Cooled off in the mush fountain at Roo with you a couple years ago. Great set and thanks for the fun!

Great time

Hey, Anthony! You are without a doubt my biggest inspiration. I hope you see and reply to this. Also, Avalon is my favorite album of all time. Anyways, what I wanted to ask is:

  1. What is your purpose in this world?

  2. Do you believe in anything after death?

  3. Finally, is your dyslexia getting better?

Thanks, Mr. Green. I love you to death, man. Even if you don't love me back. Keep making music!


1 I think my purpose and everyone's is to spread love and joy by being honest and compassionate. Connecting with each other truly 2 I believe that our sprite transitions into another mon physical form 3 no I think it's getting wroes

Have you ever met Leah dunham?

No but I'm friends with her boyfriend

Saosin was by far my favorite project you did. Are you going to get into anymore hardcore type of projects with screaming and singing like Saosin?

Will defy be doing a hardcore record sometime soon

Someone screwed up, about half past the night.

Wish I'd been up I could have had a laugh and then run. Hahahw we just had a duet

How do you feel about about Dance Gavin Dance's new album?

Heard a song the other day and was surprised never listen to them before but they were pretty interesting. I dug it.

I was always curious who wrote the lyrics for most of the Jutruna songs? Did you write it all?

99 percent.

If you had to pick one song to get somebody into more hardcore music, what would it be?

Refused deadly rhythm or anything by this day forward

Hey Anthony!!! This maybe a personal question but do you believe in God?

I believe in a higher power

Anthony, please name my daughter. She's due in January and you're her mothers favorite musician.


Hey Anthony :) are you looking to develop Moshtradamus further and put out other acts on the label as well, or will you keep it solely for your own releases? What made you self-release vs. releasing on an indie?

At the moment I'm just focusing on mine and my friends stuff but for sure am looking for cool bands and writers and artist to work with

What is your favorite 80s movie

Better off dead.

Anthony green, you are the fucking shit. I want to thank you so much for a show i went to a year ago in san fransisco! I traveled over a hundred miles to go and see you and the other guys in circa. You guys were sold out, and you got me and my boyfriend in for free, and motherfucking first on the guest list. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAN & THANK YOU SO MUCH! Btw, you have an amazing family, love the pix you and meredith post up :) take care man.

Glad you had a good night

I just saw a Circa Survive tattoo today and was floored someone was as big of a fan as I was. More so up here in Canada where I haven't seen as much popularity. My question for you is, will you consider some Canadian tour dates?

As soon as I'm allowed in to Canada ill be there

Huge fan, I was deployed with a guy who knows you. His name is Adam kothe, and said you two had both ran away from different places and some dude took you guys into his home in California. Adam always plate the guitar and ran away from Montana, and he said you were always writing poetry and you two eventually started playing music together. He also said he's played a couple warped tours with saosin as a fill in. This story he told was amazingly detailed, and I believe him but I've always wanted to ask you too. Is this true an do you know Adam Kothe?

Sorry I never heard of him. Sadly I'm a lot of people's imaginary friend it seems.

What are your thoughts on the band Copeland?

Love them and love Arron.

Anthony the best thing about you in my opinion is how available you are to your fans. I've only seen you perform twice but both times you were just walking around, playing music on the street, giving out hugs, and generally reeking of dank bud. Have you always been this personal? When did the street show thing start?
Any more TSOAF stuff I should look forward to?
Remember the tour yall did with Good Old War. At the San Antonio show you sang deep in the heart of Texas? That was cool

It was always there it started when I started. I guess it just never stopped. Th whole point of plying music in the beginning was the hang with friends and play for people and people are always in the street so it made sense.

are you gay

I'm human.

What's the best part of your day?

My kids are pretty funny all the time. Lots of laughs in my house.


Probably answered this a million times. Just google it I'm sure you'll be able to find something to wet your whistle

Who was the sexiest assistant engineer ever on any of Circa's records?


TK (y'know, from Rattlebox )

Hey to! How are you

Do you remember opening for Muse in Louisville back in '05? Basement, sweat, hysterical french women? It was a fun night.

I do and it was

How cool is Will Yip on a scale from 9-10

He is off the scale man. Best producer I've ever worked with.


In dec

Favorite type of pancake topping?

I'm a traditional kind of guy

You probably wont see this, but I was at the show at the Polaris club in Philly when Avalon came out. That slow version of Semi-Constructive Critisism was the single greatest live music experience of my life, plus the fact that the next day, I got on a plane to California. Thank you for that, and I will always listen to your music.

Love that cover

When can we see a "holiday" album?

This year

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Anthony Green conducted on Reddit on 2013-10-17. The Reddit AMA can be found here.