Andy Milonakis

August 27, 2013

I am Andy Milonakis AMA!

My Proof:

Exactly who are you?

I'm an alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy

What's it like working with Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty?

Riff Raff is bouncing off walls like a super human, and Dirt is circling around like an advanced jew...and I'm sitting in a corner like a weird meditative greek

Any new Three Loco material coming soon?

Yes, we're working on something really big but can't talk about it yet

Hey Andy, big fan of Three Loco. Any chance you guy swill come to the UK at some point?

p.s. the old peanutbutter takeaway skit was fucking golden

I would love to come to the UK....hopefully we'll get some international bookings soon. I want to try real fish n chips...the american stuff probably pales in comparison

What movie are you embarrassed to be a part of?

Every movie besides Waiting haha

Do you miss doing the show, or possibly the exact opposite, do you possibly want to distance yourself from the show?

I miss doing "A" show but not that show, it was a lot of hard work and after 3 years of it, I felt like that was amount of time for doing the same type of thing over and over....I definitely want to work on new tv stuff but that one was the perfect amount......A lot of people don't realize how hard it is to get a TV show but you can work on tv pilots for years and not get any picked up. I was lucky to have my first attempt picked up....god bless Jimmy Kimmel and MTV for giving me a shot

when can we get some more young sachi tunes?

Very soon, all of my new solo stuff will be Young Sachi

What did you do for work before The Andy Milonakis Show?

I worked on Jimmy Kimmel live and then before that I was a network admin for an accounting firm in NYC

How does one go about making beef stew out of lemons?

You have to use your imagination

How rich are you?

Extremely rich, emotionally.

I saw you walking in Little Tokyo once and wanted to show some love. Is this normally a good idea or do you like to be left alone?

I'm always really nice to my fans and it's not fun for me every time but I make sure I'm nice and always take a picture and treat everyone with respect.

Can we hang out?

only if it happens naturally

Do you still eat pancakes with Hyrup? Where's Ralphie at these days? If they made a third "Waiting" movie would you be in it?

I don't know where Ralphie is, I miss him. I would do a third waiting, why not, but this time I would want to graduate and be a cook so I could put my balls on food

Do you miss the Andy Milonakis Show?

And was hotbox with Dumbfounded as fun as it sounds?

I miss it I guess. Dumbfounded is dope, yeah it was fun

can you rap over my beat?

probably not, but you never know

What's your favourite vine that you made?

I like breaking dishes and piss people off by making lazy vines

You still good friends with Ralphie from The Andy Milonakis Show?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

I don't ever see Ralphie but I love him. no problem

Dude, why are you a Lee-head?


How did Three Loco come to be? How did you meet Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty?

Dirt saw Riff on youtube and Riff put his number out there like Mike Jones, so we called him up and started making videos with him....then we formed like Voltron

What is Lil B the Based God like in person?

Very sweet dude, I took him and his manager out to lunch, they were really cool. I asked Lil B if he wanted anything in the studio, and he just asked for some bud, so I brought a bag of some kind OG Kush..we made the song at Dirt's house to Dirt's beat and made the video in the same day.

does twin steven try to have sex with you? if so whos on the bottom and whos on top?

He's not my type, cuz he has a weewee

Have you ever shot a music video with your parents?

no but I put my dad in some youtube videos, because he's a funny Greek

Any rapper or producer you really wanna work with that you haven't yet?

I'd like to sip lean with lil wayne and make a chopped & screwed track with him hah

Are you proud of the The shoe you had on MTV or are you embarrassed by it? I personally loved it and it is a fond part of my teen years.

edit: re-edited the typo i had taken out since he made fun of before i fixed it.

I'm proud of the shoe in my pizza, nah I'm very proud of it actually. It's one of the things I'm most proud of in my life because it's not easy getting on a show but the fact that it's my name...I would be a sucker to be embarrassed by that

What happened to Ralphie? was he killed by robot snakes?

robot snakes they're attacking

Will you please make more music with Lil B??

I tried, he's been aloof, i'm sure he has plans for what he wants to do, but I'm down to make more

I loved waiting, very much a happy movie for me. Is that really what you were like as a teenager or is it all part of a bigger stage persona? Either way brilliant film, hilarious part played by you.

I started smoking weed at an early age, and I started drinking 40's at probably 14 or 15, so yeah, that was pretty much what I was like....I also worked as a busboy. Damn, that was my life.

Did the andy milonakis show get you hella laid?

The vaginal opportunities were multiplied by a large number...yes


dope I love helping people get laid

Andy! I am one of your biggest fans. I ESPECIALLY love your Vines! Do you make your Vines up on the spot? How's being friends with Marlo Meekins? Thanks so much for doing this! You rock!

Marlo is awesome. I make vines on the spot, I think there is a nice payoff sometimes when you think things out but it makes me just want to put less effort into it, and be like fuck it, whatever is on my head, I'll just spend 2 seconds on and vine it. It's more natural and less punch liney

Any plans to return to TV?

Yes. Definitely


Prob if I was in England or he was in LA we could do a little video verse collab. Lunar is dope

You still hang with Ralphie?

nope :(

Serious question: On average, how many titty pics do you receive a week?

It depends if it's a week when I put my email on twitter or not. I get enough

How do people usually react to your actual age?

People are annoying and pushy.....Even if I shrug it off and tell them that it's annoying, they still continue to push.....Not a lot of people are really cool, biggest problem with going out is dealing with idiots.

Andy, what are the best AND worst parts about being famous?

best part is freedom and having awesome fans, worst part is being bothered by annoying people who don't understand respect.

I've seen you post some fucked up as shit tweets (but funny as fuck nonetheless) only to see you come off as 'offended' when someone insults you in a very, at least in my eyes, mild way.

Do people really get to you over twitter when they insult you?

No, not normally. When I respond to someone insulting me and I diss them back, I don't do it because I'm super offended, I do it because it gives me a creative way of writing some funny shit to say back to them. People misread that as my being offended, when I just think it's fun to talk shit back

Where do your vines come from

God's weewee


I'd like to attack one horse sized dick by launching 100 duck sized horses at them with a catapult, or in this case "horsapult"

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? What's it like working with riff and dirt nasty?..also, your vines are funny as fuck

Sometime it's pure passion, and sometimes, it's the fact that I want to continue making a living off of being creative....

Are you going make a season 3 of The Andy Milonakis Show?

I did, it's on itunes

How bummed are you about all this talk of radiation in the bluefin tuna? IT'S MESSING WITH MY SUSHI.

very bummed....I'm staying away from sushi for now but...FUCK

How did you get started on MTV?

Jimmy Kimmel brought me in the room to meet the main people I needed to...

andy, were you ever president? if not, do you have a penis?

nice old school reference

How may I tickle your fancy?

foot massage

Have you tried to shop another show to any networks?

Yup, behind the scenes a lot of stuff has happened.....I did a pilot for IFC and one for E!, but the stuff i'm working on now i'm excited about.....

where's wubby

in my dreams

Favorite part about working with dirt and Riff Raff?

Free drugs

On average how much do you pay for strippers?

0, I actually got a free lap dance from a really hot stripper once because I told her if she guessed my age within 5 years I will pay her double, if not I get a free lapdance. She lost. It was extra hot cuz it was free haha

What was your favorite sketch from your tv show?


Will you come to my birthday party

yeah just send me 20K

will you be my friend if i pay you

Probably haha

what's your favorite type of peanut butter?

I make homemade peanut butter in my vitamix blender. it's annoying but so good

how did the Andy Milonakis Show start?

Kimmel hired me to do bits for his late night show and then saw potential in making my own show so he sat me down with MTV

I just wanna say how much I love you. So funny, dude. I sing your theme song all the time!

thanks! :)

Favorite type of banana?


Are you a better rapper than Lil B?


Are you upset with Hollywood with their recent fascination with Abraham Lincoln? We all know you started it with Karate Lincoln!


If you ever come to south Texas you wanna eat some Mexican food with me?

if it happens naturally but i wont plan it, i hate plans

Did you happen to have a relative that was an MTV executive?

No, Kimmel believed in me and found me on the internet

How did voicing NEPTR come about?

Penn Ward asked me to be on his show on Twitter. It was such a G way to ask someone to be on a real show. I saw his pilot and said yes immediately

Do you invest in technology?


Would you recommend using a grapefruit peel as a helmet? Is it effective?

it's very fragrant and lovely

You make people laugh, what tickles your veggie?

watching drunk people fall

Your Vines are hilarious! But I have to ask, how annoying was the clean up for your "don't drop that dun dun dun" vine where you smashed plates all over the kitchen? Or did you have a maid clean it up lol. i wouldn't walk barefoot for days after that

I didn't clean it up. I hired some russian models to clean up my broken plates

This is how you drink beer on planet suck a dick! Anyways are you ever gonna do another song with lil b? That would be greattttt. "Hit em with that left hand get real creepy"

I want to

Me and my ex-girlfriend used to use your name as our safeword, just to let you know.

haha dope


I have no relation to that person, sorry

Amazing! What's your favourite Three Loco verse?

paranoid on dem boys

what do you have to say about the rumors of Riff Raff jacking off in front of his hairdresser?

two sides to every story...why would she be so offended and take 19 pictures of him naked. suspect


I work on a lot of different stuff, live music, collabs, tv cameos, art....plant a lot of seeds, I stay making money and I never sit back and just live off old money

How often do you get denied going into bars/clubs with age restrictions because of your appearance? And how do people react when they learn your real age?

I usually don't get ID'd but when i do, they don't give me a problem.

Are there plans to bring back the "A day with Riff Raff" web series?

nah but we got something better

What did you do after the Andy Milonakis show ended in 2007? It seemed like you had dropped off the face of the Earth.

People don't see you on TV every day and they think that you're not doing anything. Most stuff in Hollywood happens behind the scenes, there's a lot of meetings and planning that goes into creating new shows and movies.

How did your show take off? And what were you doing before all of that?

Network admin, Kimmel cosigned me with his MTV friends and they gave me a shot

What's your favorite part about being you

My mind...I feel like I'm unique and since everyone has different situations growing up with either their parents our surroundings, sometimes it's not a choice but you're brain gets fucked by a lot of different variables.....I feel like I got lucky and I'm happy how I'm self aware and how I look at the world and treat people. Sorry for the runon

How is it to do what you enjoy and be famous while doing it?

Hard work...I have a lot of fun and I feel lucky but I still bust my ass. I've had a ton of real jobs, and this is only mildly easier

Hey Andy, big fan here. I follow you on twitter, because you're the only celebrity I know that doesn't give a shit what people think or say and I have a tremendous amount of respect for you because of that. Growing up, who was your biggest influence? And who did you look up to? I always wanted to know why your brain is wired they way it is.

Old SNL peeps. 90's NY rap shit. Thanks, I take pride in how I handle close minded sheep......It's important to be free and everyone gives me excuses on why they can't be free and I think most of them are bullshit. If people don't like me cuz I say what I want...then fuck those people.

Why are you so fucking awesome?

My heart is made with unicorn blood

Man, the theme tune to your show has been stuck in my head for like the last 6 years

dope, it worked

Who does more coke: Dirt or Riff?

who do u think?

What was your favorite memory from working on "Waiting"?

Smoking weed in my trailer, and getting drive thru booze in New Orleans

Dear Mr. Alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy,

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? If not, then what is your favorite pizza topping?

Thank you,


I like black olives and pepperonchinis (spell check)

Do you hate Bruno Mars?

no idea

Favorite candy?

Anything with Wafers....kit kat maybe. if it's non chocolate candy then probably sour skittles or sour patch kids. Very good high snacks

If there were, in fact, peas on your head, why would you be opposed to being called a "pea head?"

I was never a pea head, I just stated that I rock peas on my head, that doesn't necessarily make me a pea head

1.) Are you as crazy and outlandish in person as your show, tweets, and vine videos portray you or is that just an act?

2.) You had your run on MTV, Waiting, did some great cameos, etc. It seems like you haven't really done a whole lot with acting but you're incredibly memorable.. How often do you get recognized and is it flattering or annoying?

3.) I'm so bummed Kanrocksas got canceled, I was looking forward to that man.

I love you.

  1. sometimes I am but I'm very chill a lot of the time.....sip good booze slowly and act really calm.

  2. I realized that auditions and acting isn't really for me, I just want to be more of a creator and create shows or opportunities for myself. I kinda get recognized for a lot, probably because even though my show isn't on, I do a lot of internet stuff...and Vine is a new can be very flattering and also very annoying.

  3. I'm bummed too, sorry

I am building a smoke room and I want to purchase some of your paintings done while on dissociatives to hang up around the area, would you be interested in selling them?

Yeah, they're a little on the pricey side but email if you're serious

Do you think Three Loco is simply "joke rap", or how was it meant to be appreciated?

Also where can I download the whole hot soup mixtape?

Just google "hot soup milonakis" Three Loco is not joke rap, we have silly lyrics but we use real beats and we don't go for any real gimmicky theme, we just write fun raps....People can call it whatever they want though, it doesn't matter to me. We got really good feedback from our first project together and I'm really proud of it

If someone wants to get Involved in acting what would you recommend?

Move to NY or LA and start taking improv or acting classes......the opportunities are mostly in LA...and some in NY

My favorite episode of your show was the one with Biz Markie, cause I'm an old school hip hop nerd. I would love to work with Biz Markie on just about anything. Also loved the Paul Wall episode, because I'm a hip hop head from Oklahoma, and that's music I grew up to.

Was there one celebrity who you got to work with that just blew your mind to be working with? Did you ever almost have a Chris Farley moment when doing an interview?

Dr. Dre came up to me at Mastros steakhouse in Beverly Hills and tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to call his son, he was super nice and he is an idol of mine so it was really awesome.

When are you and action bronson going to do a mixtape together? Your twitter back and forths are the realest.

hah thanks, it's real fun, I think we should do a video together

How'd you get involved with Adventure Time?

Penn Ward hit me up on twitter

Can you think of five things that rhyme with Milonakis?

that's your job. GO

would you do a remake of the Andy Milonakis show if MTV signed on? BTW you lay some sick rhymes.

Probably not, unless it was different enough

You, Tom Green, and Kevin Smith, are my idols, cause u guys all made it on mainstreme tv doing what you loved doing, and not conforming. It's fucking rad to see!

thanks man

You're a Lee Head

no, don't call me that

Which dude's fish food?

A rich dude's fish food of course

Who gets the most pussy in Three Loco?

Does it count if you get it but don't want it?

I know on twitter you have said that you like fans more than Hollywood folk, but who is your favorite "famous" person to spend time with?

I don't spend a lot of time with that many famous people, they're more acquaintances...i don't know some are pretty cool but usually too high maintenance and just feel like I'm not on the same wavelength as them.....some are normal i guess

What is the craziest mishap that has happened on your show?

I got high by accident on the wrong day. we had only delivery pranks that day and I didn't realize it and I smoked a lot of weed and had to interact with strangers while I was baked, It was scary haha


Thanks, I answered this a lot, Kimmel found me and brought me to meet MTV

ANDY!!!!! I hope you read this and remember the US Open in Huntington Beach this year you freestyle battled my friend and signed my cigarette!!! It was the best. Thanks man

Yup, i remember. whats up

I have a pack of Shenaniganz matches, would you sign it for me?

If i meet you randomly in person i would

Does Nicholas Megalis have bed breath? He looks like he might be one of those people who does, but no one ever tells him so he just lives his life with bad breath.

nah, he's a chill dude. very minty breath

If you put some cheese on your head, can I call you a cheesehead?


What's Nick Kroll like? Dude seems hilarious, especially as Dr. Armond and C-Czar.

very hilarious. cool dude

How old are you really? I remember some truth/rumor that you are a lot older than you look... or something.


Thank you for showing me the ways of a gangster.

all g my g

What was your experience voicing NEPTR like?

really fun, I got to voice act in the same room as Bender from Futurama and Spongebob. So cool

Good guy Andy Milonakis responds to every comment in his AMA.

Yeah thanks unless i answered it already or its rude

What does Riff Raff smell like?

baby sunflowers


102 person orgy

Where is the coolest place you've been to?

Where my father was born. Crete in Greece.

Why did I think you were dead?

cuz you're a dumbazz bitch

You have always seemed fairy grounded! How hard is it to be normal in Hollywood?

Thanks, very easy when that's your character....and I started late so I couldn't become corrupt late in the game

What did you have for lunch today?

I made a bacon and egg sandwich with some sea salt and fresh cracked pepper on wheat bread

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?

shes chill, I smoked a joint with her

do you do your art as just a way to make more money, or do you actually enjoy making art?

I love making art, its not a crazy amount of money but it would be a lie to say I wouldn't like to make a lot of money with it but I really love making it

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?

I would be an African Grey Parrot. I could fly and they're really smart

What was it like working with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Lion on Mac and Devin go to high school?

both really cool. Me and Snoop rolled a joint in the class room while security was waiting outside, then we went behind the locker to smoke real life we were acting like we were badass high schoolers hahah

At this point in your career. What profession do you consider yourself? And to what effect do you feel that vine has added to your resurgence as a public figure?

If I need a label, I guess comedian....Vine has brought me a lot of new young fans that don't even know about my MTV show which is kind of cool

The hmelly eggs skit in your show has made my life significantly better. Thank you for that, and for doing this AMA.

thanks, it was based on my old childhood friend.

Do you feel your condition had been exploited by others?

Or is it something you simply embrace?

I get away with murder, it inspires me to act crazy in public......some people in Hollywood might try to exploit it, but who cares.

Would you agree that "I'm clean and dope like heroin soap" is your best line thus far?

I like it, it's one of my favorites. My twitter bio is probably better though "rappers used to be notorious and now they're no Biggie"

"Fuck you with a loaf of bread, make you cheat on Atkins."

If you wrote it; its your best.

I did write it

my favorite line of yours has to be, "Hoes on my dick cause I look like a deadman, Hoes on my dick cause I treat em like a bedpan."

edit: hoes


what is the biggest challenge you have faced since the show has been off? Also I follow you on vine and you are absolutely hilarious! I love your comedy!

Biggest challenge.....I guess to not listen to all the negative people who think just because you don't have a show anymore that means you're washed takes people 10 years sometimes to go out to Hollywood and get a few lines in a movie....So I just gotta be thankful that my show lasted and put me in the I just gotta work hard on doing my next big project and it's not always easy but I'm gonna do it.

No question. Just wanted to say I love your shit and thank you for all the laughs growing up. Also I follow you on vine and its the only reason I check it anymore.

thanks dude

What is your drug of choice?

Does alcohol count? Weed is nice but I have been slacking on my weed skills......I also am very careful but once in awhile a Norco is pretty nice.

What is your favorite pie NEPTR?

key lime

Yo big fan, have you ever used the fact you look really young to your advantage?

And if so in what ways?

I get away with a lot of stuff. Most dudes don't fuck with me because I look young

Huge fan Andy! Quick question for you, how big of a role do trees play in the creation process of your music?

My older stuff I was higher for, sometimes I write drunk....rarely do I write high anymore. I go in phases though

If you weren't an entertainer, what would you be doing for a living?

IT stuff.

When Diplo asked to rap on "We Are Farmers", were any of you like "uh, are you sure that's a good idea?"



thanks. it helped make it easier. I think some drugs in moderation is ok. Weed 100% of the time...........I'm not a fan of heavy drugs like coke, heroin or meth, I think you should never even dabble in any of those. bad move

you're awesome. like seriously. how much would I have to pay you to come rap at my sorority's semiformal down in Atlanta??? the rest of three loco would be more than welcome/encouraged

don't discuss prices on here but email


to try it once at least, yes

Why aren't you and Jimmy Kimmel friends anymore?

We are, he's really busy but he's very loyal. still my homie

Would you ever go vegan?

hell fucking no

What's the stupidest thing Three Loko has ever done together?


I'm the guy who sold you that Sony laptop probably a year or two ago, still use it?

(edit spelling)

The last Sony laptop I bought was about 10 years ago. I only use apple products now

If you had to give credit to a rapper that inspired your flow today, who would it be, and would you have ghb induced group sex with them?

Big L, Biggie are my fav

So you filmed 'Waiting' in New Orleans. I was actually an extra in it. I have the Shenanigans menu and everything from the dining scene. What did you think of NOLA and did you have a blast?

had a great time, yeah. Frenchman street was sick

Andy I just want to thank you for having had such an awesome show. What's your favorite strain of weed?

traditional OG Kush


no idea, hope so

How is/was hanging out with Nicholas Megalis? Any drugs involved?

He's a really dope dude.....I forget, I don't think drugs were involved

Devin & Mac go to High School.. How high?

pretty high

cold or hot pizza for breakfast?


I remember I once crushed the spirit of two pre-teen girls wanting to catch the new episode of Degrassi by claiming the remote, switching it to The Andy Milonakis Show and chuckling to the beat of Slim Jim Dolly. No question, just reminiscing.

Good luck with everything you're up to nowadays man.

haha sweet.

Andy, dare me to pull my dick out?

please don't

What was it like working with Ray William Johnson?

Edit: What was it like being on =3?

i was thankful for the opportunity but the scripted joke thing is not my favorite

Hey Andy! Just wanted to let you know you're a stupid, obnoxious, piece of shit!

Take care!

sounds like you are, cockface

Dude, your vine of you breaking plates is hilarious. What drove you to do that?

I was doing a joke, saying I wasn't going to make lazy vines and then breaking plates on my floor.....but people on vine are really young, a lot of people didn't get it

Who is the best rapper alive?

That's a tough one...not sure. Best dead rappers Big L, Biggie, Big Pun, Tupac

Schmandy Schmilischnakis.

I appreciate the shit out of you and have since I first saw your shit floating on the internet whenever the fuck it was. While your art is in and of itself fantastic (motherfucking Young Sachi. Woah) I appreciate the very off-focus way you address the retarded values of the music industry and the horrific quality of mainstream music - by doing it better than them.

You're a fucking genius, and quite frankly I think (especially your recent musical work) you are on par with The Lonely Island (esp. with Spring Break's near-silent social commentary) and Die Antwoord (see Fatty Boom Boom).

The world needs more of your anti-humor and anti-commentary.

Thanks Evil. I appreciate it

My girlfriend and her cousin absolutely love you, so much that each year on their vacations they repeatedly sing "smear some cream cheese in my gold locket etc etc" (along with practically almost every other quotable you gave the audience) throughout the week till the rest of our ears bleed. I texted her immediately asking her if she could ask you one thing personally what it would be and this is her question...

"Did you come up with your own show?" like were all the concepts, skits, and songs created solely by you, or did you have a staff of writers? What was your inspiration for most of the segments?

I came up with all the songs and a lot of the sketches but we had writers that had ideas also. They usually would write ideas but the actual dialogue, most of that was improvised or partially improvised to make it natural

What is your biggest accomplishment in life. (Other then being fucking awesome)

Thanks...Probably my MTV Show. Never expected that to happen and it let to a lot of other great things..

[No question]

Thanks everyone, I'm gonna take a break. My penis has carpel tunnel syndrome.....I'll come back in like 15 and try to answer a bunch more

[No question]

I also, welcome questions about life....not just about my retarded show......but it's your account you can ask whatever you want


No but I went Snorkeling in the british virgin islands 2 weeks ago, it was awesome

do you ever get recognized on the streets?

what is the most common thing people remember about your show?

how did you get the show to begin with?

Delivery pranks and Ralphie. yeah people come up to me

How was working on Mac and Devin with Wiz and Snoop?

very fun, I drank lean on set haha

Boobs or Butt?


I just want you to know that I'm 30 years old and cannot see a jug of orange juice without thinking about how it raped my father. Thanks for that.

thank you :(

All I want for christmas is some Andy Milonakis. Can I expect you under my tree this year? I'll provide the drugs.


Is it cringeworthy when people try too hard to be funny when talking to you?


How exactly does one pop that pussy like the pop-o-matic bubble ?

play the game of trouble and you'll find out

Do u play Xbox

sometimes but im not a big gamer

how is Riff and Simon when you guys are together? is riff always wildin out and stuff or is it just a persona?

it depends, sometimes we're all a little nuts, sometimes chill

Remember when my brother took you to the lakers games with my parents?

yes, that was awesome

Hi Andy just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs. I'm at work right now, what should I say to the next customer I talk to ?

tell them to fuck themselves and then quit

Are you high or drunk during your vines?


Hey Andy, I've been following you on twitter for quite some time, and I used to watch your show a lot, but I often wonder, what's for show and whats the real Andy like. My question is: How has life treated you, and what's your outlook on life?

a lot of it is a character sometimes I get real, mostly when I'm drinking. Life is good, It's hard to sum up my whole outlook....I'm very amazed by how crazy and rare it is to be alive so I'm thankful for that, but I also get a little negative when I think of how many people on this planet suck as people and how warped people are....


Booze is good when you're out and about.....I don't like to be high in public anymore, it weirds me out

How gay is the Superbowl?


You don't really do drugs right? That's just all part of your tv persona?

Fuck with some pharmacy shit but no heavy drugs at all, that's just people's perception of me

You remember Cyberdog on melrose?! Back in the day hanging with you and Jason Mewes with Jay as the worker. How you been man still good to see you around hah!

Yup, I definitely remember that

Are you still living in the city? if so, try Mamoun's. best shwarma i ever had!

I live in LA

What's the most frustrating part about looking so young, when in reality you're twice the age that you appear?

Only frustrating thing is people being annoying about it.

Do you ever cringe while making the Vines where you destroy things/your apartment?

No, it's fun

no question really, just wanted to say you're awesome. i randomly watch your videos on youtube from the andy milonakis show. I miss it so much! my favorite scene is fruity monster with lil jon. thanks for the laughs andy!

thanks for being a fan

Were you really sober for 30 days in that bet with Dirt? Did you every try to tempt each other? What was it like?

I do real 30 days of sobriety and take it seriously

What do you think about Bape, Supreme, and streetwear in general? I've seen you wear some Bape before so I was also curious was it free? Because if it was I'm jealous.

I used to wear Bape when it was really new and hard to find in LA....when the only American Bape store was in NYC...but it got a little played out.

What was the story of Diplo rapping on We Are Farmers?

He really liked the sample idea and wanted a verse, it was cool

is this really your cousingetting the shit knocked out of her? If so, how do you feel about her gallivanting around town sullying your good name?

nope, don't know her

Please keep breaking stuff

I will, believe me

where did you find larry and ralphie? were they real/successful actors prior to the show?

found them hanging in the neighborhood, we used all real people

Me again. This isn't a question. Just thank you man. Thank you so much. Thanks for all the laughs, all the great music, all the brilliant comedy. Thank you. You've made my life better every day. And you probably don't realize it, or maybe you do. You have a great fan right here, and i would have your back in a second. I want you to keep doing your thing for as long as you can dude. Just keep making me smile, you have a huge impact on my life. Hit me up if you wanna smoke, I got an extra bed here on the east coast hahaha

thanks man, it's good to have true fans

How did you get a start in the film/television industry?

Love all your stuff man, keep on keeping on.

I started doing internet videos and Jimmy Kimmel found them and hired me to be on his show

What is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you?

I got freed from corporate slavery and got to act silly for a living

What are you up to nowadays?

Art, Music, developing new tv shows


no way, he doesn't have the patience hah

You went to my high school, John Jay High School in Cross River, and to this day kids top by the main office to look in the old yearbook for your pictures. I never did it myself but I never had reason to doubt its factuality.

Can you confirm? Who was your favorite teacher that might still be around?

I confirm it. I went there. I'm not sure who my favorite teacher was, I never went to class, that's why i dropped out

I met you in boston outside club rumor, you seem like a good guy. How did you get into the entertainment industry? Like how did you land your show on MTV

Kimmel found my internet videos and put me on

I'm remembering a skit from The Andy Milanakis show where you duct taped yourself to a chair and had the pizza guy come over or something along those lines

what's the funnest part of having someone in that circumstance, them not knowing wtf is going on

their reaction, definitely

Here's a legitimate question: why don't you ever respond to me on twitter you mother fucker?!

sorry, i'm responding to you now. you just wasted a question hah

I have no idea who you are. I mean, I could search and all, but could you give me a quick run down on what you are about?

The comments in here are confusing both on their personal nature and weird sexual things.

Typing that many words and you could have just googled my name

What's your best way to get a chick?

smell their hair when they're not looking, and when they turn around, have a knife and fork in your hand.

What is your favorite lines from one of the rolls that you've played that you still quote to this day?

I never quote my own lines, that's corny

Where do come up with the ideas for your vines?

my weird brain

Are you going to be on Kroll Show again?

yup season 2

Do you like space stuff? I saw you taking a tour of my work.

SpaceX? It was awesome, i love that stuff

You and lil B were the best rap-duo of all time.


i never understood the andy milonakis show until i watched it on shrooms. pure genius.

hah nice

andy! can you bust out a rap for reddit!?

I guess I can bust a rap for reddit cuz if it sucks I can re-edit, go back and time and make the rhyme much tighter, but I don't have to cuz I'm an ill writer. Fuck this A-M-A I need to hop in a Phantom, eat some hookers out till they throw a tantrum...make them cum in the backseat while I bump Backstreet, I only pack heat, like De Niro, I'm an internet hero, makin panties wet cuz I'm an internet vet...I wanna fuck Acid Burn, leave that pussy dead in an Urn, these bitches never learn.

Hello andy! I just wanted to say that I've always enjoyed your brand of content. your viral videos during the early ages of the internet are one of the things that inspired me to pursue a youtube career. Thank you for that!

My question is; I know you use social media and I follow you everywhere. Have you thought about networking with a youtube group and making content full time?

I would REALLY LOVE IT if you were making content there and getting paid because I'd love to have more of you to listen to and/or watch.

Either way keep up the great work and thank you for being you!

thanks, I would do it maybe in the future but right now I got a lot of seeds planting and I'm not focused on one thing......I'll do a lot more content though, just not sure exactly where

What made you want to become a rapper?

I grew up in NY and rap was all around me, I loved it, I never wanted to be a rapper until later though

I never watched your show on MTV but I am a fan of adventure time, Neptr is one of my favorites. How does it feel to be a never ending pie throwing robot?

thanks, i love doing a cartoon cool

I am moving to LA tomorrow at 6 a.m.

Any ideas what I should do first?

In-N-Out Burger then go see a movie at The Arclight

Andy. What is the best part of your life so far.


I thought you were the funniest 12 year old in the world. Then I found out you were 30 something, and then I couldn't figure out if you were a moron who got famous for no reason, or a Kaufmanesque genius. Which is it Andy?

That's up for each individual to decide

Have you kicked it with loiter squad?

I met Tyler and Jasper, I don't kick it with them tho

what's your relationship with tom green these days

still love Tom, I don't see him that much anymore though, but maybe i will in the future

What do you do nowadays? Have you considered being a vlogger?

Also do you still rock peas on your head?

Nah, vlogging aint my thing

What got you into the TV business?

My charm

I used to watch your show consistently as a kid. I've picked up on your humor style and got in trouble alot in school because of it.

How do you feel about kids watching your show anyway?

I was never too mean, I think it's fine if kids fuck around like me

What was your favourite part of shooting Waiting? Any good stories?

just working with a lot of cool new people in New Orleans, which was a new place to me....Stories uhmm...Luis Guzman told me some cool stories about how he decided to do Boogie Nights while we puffed a J in his trailer

Favorite greek food? If you don't have any just favorite food in general?

Lamb on a spit

Pappy 17 or 23?

You mean 15, 20 or 23. The answer is 20

ANDY ,thanks for doing this ama. what are you listening to right now? also I saw below u mentioned new York rap being an influence, j.w have u listened to/ are you a fan of LOX?

I just tweeted the lox new video.

Did you write the theme song for your show cause it is amazing

yes i did, thanks

What's the biggest perk of your fame that you've experienced?

freedom and hot bitches

Do you remember one of your high school teachers named Mrs. Archer? I went to the same high school that you graduated from, and had her as well. She would tell stories about you. And whenever she was busy with something, we'd bring up a photo of your face on all 25 computers lining the room at the same time then act casual. She'd notice and freak out about how she had way more than enough of you back when you were her student. She thought you were crazy but I think in a motherly way. Or maybe she just thought you were crazy.

EDIT: I had her 5 years ago, so you definitely left a lasting impression on her

hahah I harassed her a lot......I was kind of a dick in her class....but I'm glad she didn't take it personally.

What was your favorite memory on your show?

Ralphie delivering lines

I was excited to see you play the voice of Nepter on Adventure Time, and I was wondering, how does one get into voice acting? I think I've got what it takes, but I don't think I know the right people.

I got lucky. Penn Ward the creator asked me to be on it

You're the man Andy. How'd you pick the person to take out to lunch on that vine, and are you going to do that again?

Do it in New York again please, I have high hopes.

Picked someone at random

If you could play the role of someone in their biography movie, who would it be?

Biggie Smalls

Do people recognize you randomly? Awkward stories? Also work with captain murphy.

They do sometimes. everything is awkward

Will we ever see more of Cup-eye (AKA Cuppy) Or Dr. Curly?

Maybe, those are some of my favorites

Dude! I went to the same high school as you (about 10 years later), and I even found you in an old yearbook at the library to prove it to my friends who are all huge fans.

I gotta ask, what was your experience at John Jay like? Was it the crushing ennui of Northern Westchester that drove you so insane?

It was ok, I was never into school, I used to skip every class to go play badminton in the gym for like 8 periods in a row

Are you planning on doing anything big soon? Like a new tv show or a movie?

I remember my brother didn't let me watch the Andy Milonakis show because he thought I was too young when it was on, but I use to sneak into the tv room and watch it without him realizing

planning something really big but can't announce it

How did you become friends with Snoop?

he was on my MTV show then we linkd up a few years later

Hey bro, love you, whats your favorite show/movie/actor who inspires you and who do you think is really funny? also have you met them? were they cool in person?

Goodfellas and Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I met Paul Ruebens, he was on my show. really nice guy

I read somewhere that you started comedy as a coping mechanism for the bullying in highschool. My question is, if you were born without the growth hormone disorder, do you think you would have pursued comedy for a career?

That's a lie

Will you blow my goat?

no but ill eat it

were you friends with ralphie before the show?


Just wanted to say I dig your reggae jams man

thanks, Reggae is my life

Are you still friends with Jason mewes?


Walk me through an average day of yours!

either really busy flying, performing live and video taping something or the complete opposite, laying in my bed, being lazy on the computer, going to the liquor store to buy a sick bottle of cognac or wine and having some drinks with friends at my place

When filming Mac and dev go to high school, was everyone actually smoking?

most yeah

Is there anything about you that people either get wrong or you wish they knew?

Most people who have never met me think I'm a moron but I kinda like that they have that impression. I always prove people wrong when I meet them.


not sure, it's nostalgic to my whole family so sometimes i go back

My friend who works for Scoremore saw you at Cablestock! He said you were pretty chill!

no doubt

Been a fan since the time I watched you ask a chinese food delivery guy to smear peanut butter on your face on the Milonakis Show. On a side note you should do more creepy money dispenser vines.

i will thanks

Do you still freestyle rap at all? I love your flow, man!

I freestyle a lot

Can you acknowledge my existence?


Where can I buy a Chairy Chain? That shit's fly as fuck.

Jerm Jilla

Im a big fan of The Makeshift Gourmet.Do you plan to do more?

yes eventually

How long can you go without cussing?

3 fucking hours

Windows or Linux?

Linux BITCHX haha

papers or bowls?

Papers. but Bongs over everything

Yo Andy, if you hadn't started making videos on the Angry Naked Pat site back in the day, where would you be today ?

probably still working with computers but you never know

You ever smoke some good dro and think about how fucked up the world is or do you just like to keep it chill?

Nah I bug out a lot

[No question]

Taking another break.........I'm going to still be answering more questions but I've answered so many that I'm going to start being a little choosier and also not going to answer repeats. So come up with some good ones and ill try to get to a bunch more in a few

If you had to force your entire life philosophy into a single sentence, what would it be?

Regret is a waste of time and never stop pushing the limits of your open-mindedness

Do you consider your youthful looking appearance a disadvantage or a gift considering you work in comedy.



be as honest as you can be while still putting her feelings into consideration.

Do you believe in aliens? How do you feel about our government and how the world is at the moment? Got any plans for anything big? Much love, and respect!

The world is kinda fucked. Aliens are everywhere, the universe is huge.

Will you be hitting up some of the Mad Decent block parties at all next year? Would have been awesome to meet you in Toronto!

no, they "forgot" to book Three Loco

Looks like you're from Katonah. I grew up close by( I.e Ossining then Crestwood ). Not that interesting, but hey, I didn't know you were from Westchester.


Was there any other career choice you had in mind before you became famous?

I was working as a network admin doing computer stuff

Do you remeber DJ Keemstar from battlecam?

what a twat

Hey Andy, I think you helped me a bunch of times at kinkos in mt.Kisco... Was that you???


I remember the first time watching your show. High at a relative's house. Laughing until I cried because it was so absurdly funny. So thanks for that.

thank you

Your Happy Balloons video changed me as a kid. Always wanted to tell you that.


Is Riff Raff actually a genius?


Will we get another Three Loco project soon or are you strictly Young Sachi now?

solo stuff is Young Sachi but Three Loco is still a group

How much bank did you made off of your mtv show

high 6 digits

What was it like getting slapped by Snoop Dogg?


Man, I see your Vines in LA and you go wherever I end up going but I NEVER see you anywhere.

some day

Can you make a good lasagna?

nah I cook a lot of greek food

Syrup and hurr-up gotta be the best rhyme ever. Thanks Milonakis you the man!!. When will you do another season of The Andy Milonakis show that shit rocked hard bitch!

thank Ralphie for that

If you could get a tatto of my username how much money would i have to pay you?

probably $100,000

What's it like working with riff raff and dirt nasty? Does it even feel like work or do you guys just rip shit up and have a blast? Seems like the coolest trio ever

we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot

How long did it take you to write the lyrics for "pussy pussy pussy marijuana"

about 20 minutes

What's the last movie that you watched and did you like it?

I watched Girl Boss Guerilla some crazy japanese female biker gang flick. it was weirdly awesome

Favorite strain of weed?


Would you ever visit/play the Mid Atlantic? I live in the Tri state area, you should definitely come around the jersey beaches or Philly. I'm always there, id love to see you play at the Wells Fargo Center and then buy you a cheesesteak bro.

We played atlantic city last year

Is it really ALWAYS raining inside your mind?

not always

Hey man, I really liked your show. It was a great example of modern absurdist comedy. Big fan of the Maple Hyrup, and the light-switch that turned off the cackling fish-man.

Do you have any favorite comedians? Do you ever take to the stage yourself? Does Riff Raff smell like malt liquor?

Thanks. favorite comedian is Chris Elliott and Mitch Hedberg RIP

I had a dream where you did a freestyle with mike Tyson. It was pretty dope. If the opportunity ever came. Would you rap with mike Tyson???



that's my favorite shirt, I don't know the place closed down

Have you ever considered that if you wrote Young Sachi for a young hip-hop star to sing it would have been a pop hit?

Yeah but fuck them haha

How is your day going Mr. Milonakis?

Pretty good, really lazy today. I need to get off this computer soon

Who is your favourite stand-up comedian?

Mitch Hedberg

Who is your favorite rapper of all time.

Big L

Have you met riffs brother viktor?


How mad were you when the "we are farmers" rap got shut down? I'm not a fan of hip hop but I have to say that song was pretty catchy and entertaining.

I was pissed off, we had every blog post it and then it got removed

Coming back to Kroll Show? You were hella funny.

yup thanks

Hey man. How is Miley Cyprus the tree I named doing?

dead ;{

Is money the most important thing if you want to have a good life?

No but it can be very important to have complete freedom. There are a lot of poor people that make it work and are very happy

I just wanted to tell you that the rap at the end of Waiting is one of my favorite things ever. Did you write it? Is Ryan Reynolds as funny and witty in person as he seems on camera?

Yeah I wrote it. Ryan is pretty funny in person

I don't understand who you are. Is this a TV show? Fame seems random. Is this real life.

Explain yourself.

I don't know who you are, explain yourself

Andy how hard was it to get your tv show? would you like to get your own again? and also add me on skype i would like to talk to you for 10 minutes so i can goto school tomorrow and tell everyone and get in their faces about it. its mnimattn. strangers are welcome to add me also. if you dont want to say no. but make sure to try to answer my question.

It was hard and pretty rare that it happened, I'm working on getting some new tv stuff going. It's not an easy game

I believe your best role was that machine on Adventure time, would you agree.

probably one of em

What's the story behind the C. Vanveer video? (My favorite)


haha, I was just watching that bugged out shit and thought it would be funny to fill in the gaps with my own song

So Andy, How long does it take to paint one of your paintings?

Also "No more Lazy Vines" are your best vines ever

Thanks, sometimes It takes me 2 hours, sometimes 20 minutes, it depends

What got you into rapping?

just my love for rap


Everything I do makes me reflect....I analyze myself a lot and how I act and I always try to be self-aware and work on myself as a person

What do you do when you aren't working? Also PS or Xbox?

I like drinking good stuff, hanging at Chateau Marmont, painting. Right now I like Xbox but I think the new PS is gonna beat the new Xbox

I always wonder if your own drugs, or not, or if its part of the comedy act.

depends what you think drugs not always completely clear headed but I don't do hard drugs

If you could give one piece of general advice, that man or woman could apply to their day to day pursuit of happiness, what would it be?

Smile, don't sweat the small stuff....there is usually a positive way to look at almost any situation....try to keep finding those ways because it's a waste to stay negative

Hey Andy, just wanna say I think a lot of what you do is awesome. I especially enjoyed Roman's Empire. Kroll Show in my opinion is the best thing CC has going for it right now, by far. Are we gonna see more Roman in Season 2?


edited for overabundance of commas

i think so

Where did you grow up and what launched you into a career on tv?

Westchester County in NY. Jimmy Kimmel plucked me off the internet

Is your original content (from angrynakedpat, years and years ago before you were on MTV) available anywhere? I still remember that: the superbowl is gay, etc.

EDIT: I just found it at

EDIT: The freestyles! Those were a huge inspiration for me.

some of it is on youtube if you really look

Dear Candy Coated Dropkicks, do giant grapefruits really tell you if the universe is real? And if so where do I get one? Also I've been playing a lot of saints row 4 and it cheers me up whenever I hear your soft sweet voice chime about my favorite beverage. Also, suck a duck dick.

yes very real. the grapefruit store. I gotta pick up Saints Row, they should give me a free copy since my song is on it

I think you played the 2nd funniest Character in "Waiting".

Thanks, there are a lot of great characters in it so ill take it

Legend has it that Jimmy Kimmel was "instantly smitten" after watching a video of you singing "Christmas is Gay." Is there such a video? If so, where may we find it?

its called The Superbowl Is Gay its on youtube

Have you ever smoked one with uncle snoop?

many times

I just wanted to tell you that, years after watching the show, I still mutter to myself, "Slim Jim Dolly, Slim Jim Dolly, Slim Jim Dolly got a Slim Jim Body."

that one made me laugh

Does chocolate water still make your dick hard?


What did you do today?

I made myself bacon and eggs than I started a Reddit, thats it hah

Dude do you plan on doing any more music with Maker Studios? Mother Fuckin Young Sachi KILLS IT!

hell yeah

If you could pin point any moment that lead to your success, what would it be?

Doing a bunch of internet videos before youtube was created

Are you as annoying as you were in that MTV show in real life?

not nearly

Which one's worse; an idiot-jerk or a jerk-idiot?

jerk-idiot is extra bad

If reincarnation is true, who do you think you were in your past life?

a caterpillar

What was the reasoning behind your shows theme song?

It was a random show so I thought some random ass lyrics would be perfect for it

Hey Andy,

Whats the stupodest thing you have ever spent big money on??

Taking too many douche bags to hollywood restaurants....I was going to a lot of clubs at that point and I would always pay for huge dinners and most of the people at the dinners were wack leeches

will you do another song with the based god young sachi?


Is there anything you like to do (like a hobby or interest) that not very many people know about?

only fans that pay attention know that I paint

Dude you worked as a network administrator? Does you miss it? Any particularly funny stories about the ol' days before fame?

my first day on the job in Manhattan there was a huge virus and I stayed overnight to fix the server and all of the computers....all the workers came in and applauded me and sent me home 45 minutes away in a Limo for saving them from downtime

Were you ever bullied in high school? I imagine there would be at least some extra attention because of your condition.

not really, I had a lot of black friends haha.

I didn't know this kid was still alive, I' figured he od'ed on coke like 5 years ago

never done coke in my whole life

I know you're of Greek descent. Do you dislike Turks or are you totally indifferent about it?

My neighbor is a turk and she's awesome.

How much money have you spent on dishes?

a lot of dish money, fuck the money, I have nothing to eat on anymore. I need to buy more

is riff raff really as retarded as he seems?

hes a genius

Ps4 or Xbox One?


What was it like working with Nick Kroll, that clever Jew. How'd you hook up with that guy to get on the show, or did he approach you?

He's really cool, I've known him from UCB in NY, which is where I took improv classes

I used to hate your character. I don't judge you as a person because I'm older now and no longer give a shit about petty things, but I'm curious...

How closely does your actual personality relate to your celebrity persona?

Much different. I'm usually really low key in person

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring ONE strand of weed, which would it be?


Where and how did you get involved with GGN News with Snoop Dogg?

Snoop was on my show back in the day

what is the craziest thing you have done with another celeb?

I smoked weed out of a pepsi can with Quentin Tarrintino

Are you working on any big projects?

yes, a bunch...1 specific one stands out but i can't talk about it yet

That video of a fight in some gas station that is all over cringe has a girl yelling, " I'M ANDY MILONAKIS'S COUSIN!!" So first question, is she? Second, can you be my voicemail?

she's not

Loved you in the Krull show, any plans on returning in the future?

yes, Kroll

How did you meet nicholas megalis?

just spoke on facebook because of vine, but i actually had some interaction with him before vine too..


old school fan, thanks

What's your craziest drug experience, and what is the biggest blunt you've smoked?

I used to smoke so much weed I would hallucinate and imagine I was on a different planet


I mostly listen to reggae

Did your dad actually molest you as described in the following youtube clip?

no, just jokes

I'm taking an improv class at UCB, starting sept 6. I've never done anything like this before, and am scared shitless (I'm doing it because of how bad it scares me). Any advice?

a lot of people are also scared, just have fun, I had so much fun and learned a lot from UCB

What's a day in the life like? I imagine a hefty amount of drunken debauchery and heaps of blow

drinking yes but no blow

Probably already gone, but what would you think you would be doing with your life when you were a kid. Could you of pictured this?

Never, i was always a wise ass class clown but never expected to be making a living from it

Manhattan or Brooklyn?

Brooklyn if you wanna get super low but Manhattan is good for bar and restaurant hopping

Glad to see you on here. I met you 4 or 5 years ago at Geisha house in hollywood smoking a joint in the corner. I bet you 20 bucks you wouldnt go slap Wilmer Valderrama in the face. You did and I lost 20 bucks.


I really like improv. Whats a tip you can give me to succeed?


im a dood and i love you. im not gay. i just love you. i have no questions, because you are my hero and i creepily know everything about you =D

hah nice

Any of your art shows coming up in the Bay Area again?

Also, why do all the vine people know each other so well?

I try not to collab with too many people, it is kinda cliquey

1) Ever have issues buying Alcohol // cigs? Do some cashiers just flat out refuse to sell them to you? Fun stories about these situations?

2) How many id's have you had taken from you because cashiers thought it was fake?

Sometimes they give it a double take but I usually don't have any problem

Whenever anyone asks me who I would punch in the face if I could, the answer is always you

You should pick someone else because I would see to it that you would be hospitalized.

I noticed a lot of questions here are just quotes from your skits and movies, which i figured would get real annoying. Ijust wanted to say that i find you very entertaining and funny. I believe you have potential to be a good actor and i figured you probably dont take yourself too seriously. I guess my question would be have you ever thought of playing a more serious role? Something other than a stoner in a stoner comedy?

I would definitely do a serious role, I think it would be fun

I always was a huge fan of your show, and the bit where you wait for a delivery guy and do strange shit was always my favorite. Did youever shoot any that you couldn't use on the show?

Tell raff I want his Icee bling.

I used to beg them to sign release forms and bribe them with money, we probably got all of the good ones

I watched your show religiously when I was a teenager. My friends and I spent a lot of time quoting you during lunch. Good times. Thanks for the laughs, Andy.

Question - what accounting firm did you work for in NYC? Big 4? I know you weren't an accountant, but I'm still curious. I just can't imagine you taking the professional environment seriously enough to be employed. How long did you work there?

I was called Rubin & Katz at the time, I wasnt an accountant, I was the IT guy/network admin

What would you say was your single greatest achievement in your career?

Do you think Three Loco will ever tour together?

we have done a lot of shows together. We might do a mini tour soon. Greatest achievement is my MTV show

Hey Andy! I'm loving your new song Young Sachi! Better than a lot of music these days.


Acknowledge my existence please.

sure thang

I miss your show a lot, just saying.


How do you feel about your cousin startin up all that trouble in that convenience store?

not my cousin

How did you like working on Kroll Show?

it was very fun

TIL Andy milnks thinks he is still relevant

Yup, just a couple thousand comments in a few hours....some people are interested. More than people give a fuck about you

Are you a real person or a puppet?


Is Marlo Meekins as crazy in real life as in her vines? Also I loved watching your show as a kid, it was so funny and my family loved it too.

nah shes cool

Thanks so much for doing an AMA! Do you have a favorite tv show you hate to miss?

Game Of Thrones is the best TV show of all time

Are you going to keep painting? Is it possible to buy prints from your last show?

I don't have any prints, only originals

Best hot dog you ever ate was at . . . . ?

I'm from NY so i like all those grimy hot dog vendors and Grey's Papaya. I also love Chicago dogs

How good are the benefits you get from being a SAG member?

no idea, i dont pay attention to them, it seems like a crock of shit

Have you met any celebrities that aren't very chill?


Hi Andy,

I just wanted to tell you that I have laughed more at the Pilot episode of the Andy Milonakis show than any other episode of television. Thank you for the laughter.

Also, the "don't f*ck with Andy Milonakis" bit was so hilarious.

thanks man

Thanks for doing an AMA, I've always loved your show and I wish it could come back on the air. As for my question, does it sometimes get annoying to be famous? I would think that it would give a person difficulty forming relationships due to the fact that everyone would blindly want to be your friend just because you're famous and not because of your personality. How has it affected you? (Besides the perks of more money, of course)

I'm more skeptical about new friends, there are a lot of phonies

I thought you're bit with John Stamos being stuck in a tree, ill beat you in a race bitch and the Ben gay one were probably some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. Thanks Andy !

thank you

preferred method of smoking weed?


Do you play video games at all? If so, which ones?

I like Limbo but it was too short

I saw that video of you giving a bum some weed. Which was really cool. You also called a cabbie a fucking bitch when he didn't stop for you in Hollywood which was pretty funny.

that was fun, i gave him some purple kush

how are you with the ladies?

obviously my young looks are a hurdle, but I'm fairly confident and confidence is key. I got some game, im ok haha

Can we expect any more work from 3Loko? I absolutely love the trio!

yes defff

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

yup, im all caught up

Hey Andy, What do you hate about the entertainment industry the most?

The people

So, I'm wanting to start doing some videos on youtube. I'm a 31 year old white guy, but I like rapping, and freestyling. I think I'm too pussy to film myself, but I've written some decent songs. Any advice?

just do it......"life is too short" is cliche but true, just go for it

How was working with watsky?

he's a gentleman

Did any of your delivery driver pranks ever not go as expected?

I almost got beat up once

Any more videos directed by Nicholaus Goossen coming soon?

I hope so

Could you tell my buddy Ben (who is a huge fan) to have a great time in DC? He is moving away next weekend and he would love this.

Ben, have a great time buddy boy

Who would you rather have a meal with; Anthony Bourdain or Jay Z?


What's working on the Kroll Show like? fuck that C-Zar skit is funny

Kroll is really fun to work on

I really, really love much of the stuff you're involved in. The other much of the stuff I can't fucking stand. It's rare that a musician, pimp, retard, comedian, pastafarian does that to me. Any thoughts?

I appreciate it, I have awesome fans. thanks


actors 3/10. Comedians 10/10

Andy, you killed that verse in dirt nasty's "twisted" haha


How is Maker Studios so far?

they're great...they make shit happen

When are you making more Makeshift Gourmet episodes?

not sure when but i plan on doing more

Andy, that would be dope if you were still here

I am, kinda, leaving soon

You are an idiot

a paid idiot.

[No question]

K guys, thanks for all the questions. I'm going to be gone for awhile......maybe later tonight if I'm sauced up i'll come back to revisit this and answer a few more...

What kind of pre-workout do you use? You seem like a C4 kinda guy to me


Are you in Kroll Show season 2?


Celebrity net worth estimates your networth around 2 million.. how accurate is this?

I made 2 mil in my sleep last night

if you had a chance to smoke weed with anyone, who would it be and why?

Robert Anton Wilson, because he was my idol

One of your early videos called "Accents" was some of the greatest comedy I have ever seen. Do you expect to make a return to race-based impersonatory arts anytime soon?

maybe, i had a lot of fun with that, it came about because i thought about how horrible i was with doing real accents so i made the opposite

Hey andy. Just wanted to say loved you in mac and devin go to high school. They dont call you knees down for nothin! respect man really.


i saw you by my house a few weeks ago, croton on hudson i think you were with your mom going to dinner

yeah, but that was more like a few months ago

Any stories from when you they were filming Waiting?

Luis Guzman was telling all the cast about this time he was at a strip club and he said that they wouldn't take his money and everything was free......I replied "yeah they didn't want your blood money" and he paused and gave me a threatening look, everyone seemed kinda scared...but I didn't......then he finally cracked a smile, and I said "ahh i saw that smile"....he said "yeahh cuz I feel sorry for you bro" haha......kinda stupid but funny........Also I was staying with a friend that I met there at Ritz Carlton and we had weed but no papers, so we called room service and asked for an was kinda funny cuz this fancy ass room service guy brought up a silver platter with one apple on it, little did he know we were about poke holes in it and stuff it with weed. Ghetto rich

Can you translate what you and Snoop were saying in the beginning of this video It's one of my favorite videos on youtube.

Best of luck in the rest of your work!

He was saying the days of the week in spanish hah

Were you ever baked while filming your self titled show? Where did your ideas come from?

Yes, sometimes i was baked, not all of the time. Ideas, some inspiration some just plugged out of my mind i don't know

"Sushi got wheels" is still in my every day vernacular. why?

i dont know i loved that little toy

So I looked you up (because I suck at pop culture) and I saw a guy who looks like a teenager with the birth date of a 37 year old. After reading your Wikipedia I saw that this is a medical condition.

I don't mean to be insensitive or intrusive but as you get older how do you feel about this? Personally I think you're pretty cute and I would be flattered to be asked for ID for the next decade. Your Wikipedia page says you got bullied when you were younger but now that you're in your late 30s do you feel vindicated against the people who made fun of you and are probably now shriveled from too much tanning?

Again, sorry if this is offensive. Going to find some of your stuff to watch now!

It's definitely something I think about and deal with but i have a very good attitude about life. I love my life, I smile and laugh a lot and I'm barely ever depressed.....I think about really dark crazy stuff a lot, that doesn't depress me, it just kinda gives me anxiety sometimes....but I think about all of the people in the world, and how lucky I am to be here doing what I love to do and I fully appreciate that.

Anymore Makeshift Gourmet coming soon?

not very soon but i will do more

If you could get away with any crime what would it be?

It depends. If someone fucked with my loved ones or family members, I would like to get away with murder

what inspired you to write the song "chicken town"?

also, how did your show come about? were you just like fuck it I want to do a show or what

The sample of the song gave me the idea

Just hoping you read this. Your show made me and my brother laugh or asses off when we were young. Just wanted to say thanks you're awesome. Sick reddit rap.

thanks dude

Do you get the crazy hook up on weed or do you pay regular prices like everyone else? I fuckin love all your skits & raps btw!!

I get hook ups sometimes

Are you aware of how big your 'We Are Farmers' song is in the competative community of World of Warcraft?

The guy that does this dance is possibly the most famous World of Warcraft player around. His name is Reckful.

honored when anyone bumps my shit

first thanks for being so attentive to everyone...second loved ur work up till this point man top notch stuff....third .... your work with tom green was great, what is the extent of ur relationship and do you have any plans to work together in the future?

EDIT: andy milonakis and i are talking indirectly...having a quasi casual relationship with john stamos is the only thing that tops this...thanks andy :D

Tom got busy doing standup and i was busy with Three Loco but I would like to think that we would do some more creative shit together in the future. We're still cool

If you could do your life over again would you change anything?

Maybe a few details but I wouldn't want to because every little thing in life can change the course of it and I'm happy where I am.

Andy I got my dick sucked while watching your show by my gf back in the day.

I hope you didn't say my name by "accident"

Man, someone told me you died.

fuck that person.

I was watching the live feeds on Big Brother, and they said you were dead. Is there any truth to that?


John Jay HS graduate here. No one seems to be able to confirm this, but is it true you went to John Jay?


i really miss watching your show on mtv2.. what was your favorite segment from any of your episodes?


Did you like being in Extreme movie or Waiting more?


Andy, are you gonna try doing tv again? And if not, how come?

Yes, working on it

I don't really have a question I just wanted to say that when I was in middle school our choir teacher gave us a project to sing a song that was at least 60 seconds long, and either perform it in front of the class or record it on video. So two of my friends and myself picked the theme song to your show and we held cans of peas and drew pictures of bees to put on our heads. To make our video at least 60 seconds long we had an intro of the hamster dance song and introduced ourselves.


You stole my nickname. I been sachi since the beginning of time, how you gonna add young in front of it and try to steal it

hah ok, was I supposed to know that?

If you could name a new strain of marijuana what would you call it?

Qarth Kush

Have you ever lost one of those fair games where they try and guess your age?

no but i got a free lap dance when i had a stripper guess

Your rap at the end of the movie Waiting is amazing. Are you still cool with that other dude?

thanks, yeah still cool, don't see him much but we're cool

Do you regret doing anything on the Andy Milonakis show?


Andy, I loved "We Are Farmers", and I was able to download it before all the videos/downloads got taken down. I just want to say that all of my friends are jealous because I am not sharing the song with them.

haha share it with them, don't be a dick

at what point in your life did you say/think, i wanna make people laugh, forever?

I don't know, I don't always want to make people laugh, I really like weirding people out just as much or more.

I've been trying to find a video of you singing a song that starts off "Skunk do you want to get drunk? you don't wanna drink with me cause I drink a lot of alk-hee-hol" for about 5 years now.

you know where it is?

I think someone on youtube put it up called drinky drunk rap or something



Hey Andy, my friends still talk about how they saw you at the JV mall. Sorry I missed ya. Gonna be back around one day? Cause the place is a real shithole nowadays

yeah it is a shithole but a nostalgic one

How's kickin it with David choe? Also, how's the painting/how can a brotha cop some andy art?

He's cool, just hung out with him a couple times. The painting is fun, i had my first show in a few weeks ago.

I won a signed season of your show years ago on an xFire live chat with you. I was afraid to give my address over the internet, so I just signed off. My greatest regret.

haha that sucks

Long assed and late question, but first "You make me want to crack my head against the curb to let the angels out." (I'm paraphrasing.) You don't make me want to do that, but fuck Ernest Hemingway, what does he know? Here's the fucking thing Schmilonakis, what is going on with what you, Steven and Jody do; it's not only rad, it seems to invite a sense of camaraderie to this listener. It's fucking fun and that translates, so it seems to transcend genre. Is it as fun making the tracks and hanging out with RiFF and Rex as it seems? Would you or would you not battle rap Lanny Poffo? Raymond Pettibon; great artist or greatest artist? And tell Lil' Debbie I said hello. Also my spinners, too, have spinners.

I love making Three Loco tracks, because the three of us are fun together and we only have to write one verse per song so it's also easier.

I'd like to start off with the fact that you're a pretty cool guy. I'm going to get to my main point though. I'm absolutely rotted that we are farmers got 'lost' due to getting sued. That was the dopest song I've heard in awhile. How did it make you feel when the song had to be put down and what is your favourite song three loco has ever made?

people keep putting up the real version, you can find it on youtube if you search

Is that girl actually related to you? The one that walked into a convenience store and started a bunch of shit?

no she's not

Recently you said you went 30 days sober. Was it difficult?

It's not too hard, it's annoying sometimes when I'm at someone's house and they are having a little party, it sucks when I'm taking a break...but I usually stick through it

Probably late to this but I wanted to apologize for always hating on you. Growing up, everyone called me Andy because I looked like you. It led to anger and resentment and I said disparaging things to my friends about you. This never would have reached you and I was never overly rude. But you seem like a nice, chill guy and I wanted to use this opportunity to say 16 year old me was a dick and I apologize. You're a cool guy. Keep on keeping on.

all good man, kids are dicks, it's tough to deal with sometimes

Has vine made you more famous than you already were?

I have new fans from Vine that are too young to know about my MTV show, so I def made some new fans

Have you considered doing wine tasting 2 cause the first one was one of the funniest things I've seen

I did, i really am happy with that video but I'm afraid doing a part 2, the joke is already spoiled and it will be a bit redundant

You have been responsible for connecting and putting on a lot of talented musicians. Is that a passion of yours? Just for fun? Have you thought about starting your own label?

Definitely thought about starting my own label, when people are really talented and I like them, I like to help give them some exposure

Andy, I was watching you rap about eating pussy toast on youtube with my friend the last time I saw him alive. I want to thank you for our shared laughter on the day before he would pass. best wishes.

that's sad, hope you're feeling ok. I'm not good at dealing with death

So are you and Hunter Moore friends?


Did you actually do whip-its on the set of Waiting?

I kept threatening to do real ones and the producer was yelling at me not to hahaha, I took a little in

Andy, I've always wondered this. Being a big star yourself, is the magic of "Hollywood" gone? For me, I always dream of meeting someone famous and just chilling out. I'm curious to know if you feel the same- or if you have better things to do than dream about rollin' a doobie with Robert Din Nero

There are a few people I would still be really jazzed about meeting but for the most part I don't care about Hollywood, events, premieres, most of that shit is filled with complete assholes

How does one come up with something as genoius as the Andy Milonakis Show theme song?

I just wrote about random stuff and it worked hah

Okay, so I know that the ama is over and all, but I figured I would post something since you said you might come back to it later.

Firstly, I wanted to say how profoundly annoying I find it that on every youtube video or vine of yours there's always at least one person being like "he's 37??!? Whaaaaa??" I can only imagine how irksome that must be for you, so I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

Alright, actual question: when it comes to chicks, do you have a type? In the 3loco videos, with the exception of NEATO, all the women are thin, blonde LA types; was that just for more main stream appeal or is that what you go for?

Thanks, yeah it gets annoying. I have a type personality wise, not trying to be a hero and say I don't care about looks because I'm picky about looks too but don't have a specific type with looks. Personality, I don't want them to be too tom boyish or too loud mouthed and gross.....I don't like when girls are missing a real soft feminine side....they can't be total pussies either...but to contradict that, I like russian girls and they can be pretty powerful and stern but it's sexy in that case. I don't's complicated

Hey Andy, I was at a pick and pull junkyard looking for car parts. I found a blank CD in a car and poketed it. On the way home I popped it in and one of the songs on it was that one song you did with jaekwon. It was hilariously random and awesome. Just wanted to tell you that. Thanks for the years of entertainment, hope to see more of you.

that's funny thanks

What are your top five favorite TV shows to watch right now?

Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad....nothing else really matters to me

heard you on Jason Ellis and it may be my favorite moment in the shows history

sweet, thanks

Will you please respond to this question as a way to acknowledge my existence? I love you.

you exist

Scale of enjoyment of life on a 1-10 system of both before "making it big" and after?

Before 7. After 9

What was it like growing up in the slums of Shaolin?

hard son

Are you a fan of your own show? Or do you think it was a total joke?

I always thought it was preetty great

I am a fan of it. i watch certain sketches and I'm like noooo that's not funny. but some of them i love

Long time fan.

How do you feel about your career? Do ANYTBING different for the future ?

I've been making money but it's been kinda mellow, ive been working hard these last couple of years though

What is your favorite icecream flavor?

Mint Chocolate Chip

It's my dream for somebody as awesome as you to reply to a post of mine. I just wanted to say hi, and your show was a great part of my adolescent years. Hopefully this won't get buried.

hey thanks for being a fan

Where can I find all the videos from your Angry Naked Pat days? I found you on that site when I was 12 back in like 2004 when I first got cable internet and you it was the bests tuff ever. I find some of the stuff on YouTube, but a lot of it is gone...

Specifically... the Poppy Seed Bagel Boy video and Cuppy (5th grader with the cup eye who drinks Heiniken)

I'm not sure, some of them are on youtube if you look hard

Sup fool, I recently started slangin and its actually gotten pretty serious. What did you like/dislike in your past dealers.

hate dealers who try to stay at your crib, hand me my shit and if I invite you to smoke, cool. If not, get the fuck out

So you're a fat kid that's done nothing? I don't think you have any answers for me.

Yup, just had my own tv show with three seasons that has my whole name in the title, worked on movies and have survived for the past 10 years on being creative for a living. Check please

I sat in a seat in front of you on the way to Panama City SB and had to listen to some random ass douche give you career advice the entire fucking plane ride. How did you put up with that shit?

its annoying

Hey Andy I noticed on Vine that you had an art exhibition. Anywhere online we can see your work?

on youtube if you type milonakis art you can find some of my paintings in one video

What does Marlo Meekins smell like?

strawberry shortcake

Dude! I just wanted to let you know that your rap with J-Kwon is by far my favorite rap ever. Your lyrics are dope and I may have stolen them in the various white boy suburban rap battles I had in high school. Also--are you still selling your drawings? They were some of the funniest shit ever and I want one so bad.

thanks man, no drawings only paintings but they are a little pricey tbh

First off, I want to say I'm a big fan. But I have to know, is there any chance you'll come back to TV to do something similar to The Andy Milonakis Show?

there's always a chance....

Andy-- I don't know if you're coming back to this AMA but I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan. Recently watched the Andy Milonakis Show and loved it. Also a huge fan of your Vines and Young Sachi. The music video was so dope! I just wanted to ask if you have other plans with Young Sachi-- future albums, any other plans with Nick Nicotera? Also, are you still working on more Makeshift Gourmet episodes? Thanks man, look forward to more of your new projects.

Thanks, yes more videos, more makeshift, more everything, everything more

Why are you relevant

Why aren't you?

how do you describe your music? i just saw your new video and can't figure it out.

It's a loose parody this young sachi shit

You are hilarious. My question is, do you just constantly buy dishes to break? Those are my favorite vines. Also what's it like to work on Adventure time?

i had a lot of dishes and bowls, I ate food out of my pot today because I have 0 dishes or bowls right now haha

Are there any shows that you would really like to do a guest spot, or something to that effect, on?

Comedy Bang Bang

Who are you?

your father

Hey, Andy. Your YouTube videos are the shit. My cousins and I spent a whole summer laughing and quoting them. Thanks for some great memories.

thank you

Who is your biggest influence as a rapper?

Beastie Boys, Big L, Biggie


I don't like the shows that are on right now but MTV is always changing, hopefully they have a comedy wave soon

Quick question How did you get to do the voice of neptr? Did they approach you or Did you just try out?

they hit me up on twitter hah

when can I see you do some more comedy? are you working on any new stuff?

I have an account on Vine that i've been kinda neglecting but I have a lot of posts on there, and im working on some big projects that you can't see right now but hopefully in the near future you will hear about it

How do you like Breaking Bad so far?

Love it...Can't wait til Sunday

Since nobody has asked you this yet, will you follow me on Twitter? Worth a shot.

no, but it was worth a shot

Hey Andy you ever chill/talk with Mewes anymore or of late? I loved hearing the story about the night he met his wife and they partied at your place afterwards on their podcast awhile back. Also what's the status of the falcons nest, or was it eagle I can't remember.

I haven't hung out with him that much lately but we're still cool


I don't think I hate anyone right now in my life

Do you think you could beat Nicolas Megalis in a rap battle?

yes but don't tell him

You've been doing the voice of Nectar on Adventure Time! How was that?

Also i used to watch and chat on stickam with you! Do you still do things like that?

extremely fun. Thanks, I don't do live webcasts too much but every once in awhile

Can you just tell me off? Like just call me names or some shit please?

Ok lovey bear

What's up Andy!? Huge fan, I was just wondering what you're into right now as far as the rap music goes? Personally I'm burning up some Doris, any plans to collab with the OF guys? Thanks!

Tyler and Earl follow me on twitter, maybe they think I'm funny but I don't think they're feeling me musically...I don't blame them though, I take the piss out of rap music, but I still do think I can spit

OMG I love you in every single Three Loco song. I literally cannot contain myself not to sing along whenever I hear your voice!

Edit: Is hefty bitches still your motto?

awesome thanks

How high are you on your Vines?

more drunk than high, some of em high though

yo andy have you ever thought of releasing a solo album?

yeah, albums don't matter any more it's all about singles and videos

Hey Andy! I'm a big fan. What's your advice on freestyling like a fuckin boss?

not giving a fuck and practice

Seriously, how awesome is Pat Tenore?

he's a really dope dude, and he's helping me with my art too

Not a question, but if you could acknowledge my existence, I would be very happy.


My dad and I loved your show. We has Slim Jim Dollie as a ring tone for the longest time.


My dad and I loved your show. We has Slim Jim Dollie as a ring tone for the longest time.


I saw this video on ebaums world a really long time ago. It's filled with absolute rage... What's the story behind it?

that guy is clearly not as funny as me haha

is LA as fake as people make it out to be?

a lot of people suck but LA is a great place

I am way late to this party but read over all the comments and I gotta say this is one of the chillest AMA's I've ever read.

Anyway, what stands out the most in your life since you've become famous?

Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us here!

Sometimes the idea that people know you kinda takes over your brain and it can be hard to get that out of your mindset, i think it becomes a part of you and it's just all about how you deal with it. Luckily my notoriety isn't on a mega high level like a top actor because even at my level it's hard to deal with....I don't know how those top names deal with it....A lot good has come out of it too though because when I quit my dayjob and moved to LA, I had much more free time, and that free time led to a lot of free thinking, researching interesting tops online about philosophy and science and really gave me a different kind of kick in the brain piece....a pleasant one...I feel way more enlightened than before moving to LA

How does Patrice the German Shepard feel about her name change?

she loves it

People hate my rap name. Surely jmak juicy stak is good enough? Or should I change that shit?

change that shit

Got anything big lined up in the near future? - movies/tv/music/anything at all that you want me to enjoy with your face in it?

yeah but i can't talk about it right now....maybe in a few months I can

Dude, I miss your show. I always thought it was great, and now that I have a little one (seven-year-old), I find that the humor is frequently absurd enough for her to find hilarious (e.g. a play called MOOOOOOOOOOOON). I am sorry I got to this so late. Thanks for the entertainment.

awesome, thanks


those guys are fun, it's a good time

I saw you at Agenda in LB when you were shouting "GET OUT OF THE WAY! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" My friend looked at me and said "was that...?" to which I finished, ".... A fucking legend." Anyway, I wish you still did your show, you rule.

was I in a wheel chair? I might have been making a vine

Do you actually have a lime green vest?

nope haha not yet

do you play any instruments? have you checked out Robert Glasper's black radio album yet? not sure if you're into jazz and that kind of stuff but its truly some incredible music.

I love jazz, just got into it, DIzzy and Miles are obviously big names but I wanted to start out with some of the big greats first. Sunny side of the street is my jam

Do you remember Ms. Cunniffe from John Jay? I had her last year, she still tells stories about how proud she is of you.

the name sounds familiar

Dude I am so jealous of every aspect of your life. What do you think is the number one thing that led to your success besides your personal qualities? What I mean is like did you get famous because of someone you met or what?

Jimmy Kimmel found my comedy vids on the internet and he liked them enough to put me on. Don't be jealous, work hard and create great stuff for yourself....easier said than done but it won't happen without trying

favorite hang out spot in la?

Chateau Marmont

In one word, your thoughts on the current state of Amanda Bynes.

I feel sorry for her, I hope she gets the help she needed

Did you used to hax0r with ski and pizza?!? Are you FliK?!?

Yes, yes haha

Hey Andy what was it like making music with Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty?

it's a nightmare, a good one

Andy what's been on your iPod lately?

Kanye's first album and Dizzy Gillespie

I was a jerk to you on twitter once, I'm sorry about that, I've grown up a bit since. Neato is a dope song and you do have a talent for writing bars. Based God loves you.

Thanks, it takes a big man to admit that they're wrong

Was that really your sister on tosh.0?


I was stoked to hear you on the Jason Ellis show when Dingo brought you on. How did you like the guys from the show do you hang out with them often?

I've known Dingo for a long time, i had a lot of fun on the show

Favorite sport? Favorite team?

The Superbowl Is Gay

Loved your work as NEPTR. All I wanted to say.


Hey Andy remember when my friend tweeted you asking to get two Marines in for free to your San Diego show? Then you said sure no problem but never got us the tickets or responded after that?

I didn't say no problem, I tweeted the venue and asked them to hook you up, sorry when I do live shows I have a lot on my mind, I can't follow up and make sure everyone gets in

Do you like broccoli? If so do you prefer with or without cheese?

I like roasted broccoli, cheese is ok but not necessary

Andy .are you gonna call yourself young sachi now. I love that track

yes, thanks

Serious inquiry... How much would you charge a rapper for a verse now a days? The rapper is not asscheeks and can actually flow... I know a huge fan of yours who you could probably make a great track with.

usually a couple gees

Andy! Had a question for you, did you ever hear of your semi internet-famous hater named Richard Leigh from back in the day? I always wondered what you thought of him and his parody video of you (forewarning, its pretty negative towards you but I think he was just acting):

...sorry if the video's offensive to you, I didn't really laugh until the end when he pretended to go psycho on the camera.

I felt like he did a bad impression of me, it sounded like he was trying to channel tom green

Why Hot, Cold, and Mustard in your shower? Is mustard your favorite condiment?

Mustard is pretty damn good

Hi Andy, you are awesome! What's your favourite snack? and How long do you, on average, keep the baloney in your pocket?

Sea Salt Kettle Chips

Andy, when are you gonna reignite your Vine game?

pretty soon

dude you grapefruit video was amazing. I even showed my mum. a few months ago I was top comment on it saying "This is fucking amazing" I love your songs, raps and videos. Please reply! Keep it up!

thanks, grapefruit was fun

your show was awesome, its prob the last time i watched mtv. do you watch teen mom?

no i dont

You were in Mac\Devin go to highschool correct? I was way too stoned to remember the credits haha. If so, how much weed was on set? And on a scale of 1-1000, how good was snoops kush? Thanks, and its cool to know you voice NEPTR :)

My kush is as good as Snoops. We were even getting it from the same person for awhile

Is there any chance of another tv show similar to your old show on MTV?


What would you be doing with your life if you never got into comedy/rap? Also, did you go down the spiral staircase and make Mr Beezlebub really angry?

I went, he was pissed. I would be working with computers

Hey Andy! Just wanted to remind you of this cute incident:

no idea who that chick is

Can you please make some more Barney McCadden, Street Cop vines? My fav. Also, what was high school like for you? What kind of kid were you? Jokester probably?

kinda like absent a lot and fucked around quite a bit. I will probably make more Barneys someday

Just want to say that me and my homie haley were obsessed with you when we were in high school and you definitely inspired us to make some hilarious videos as well as write some ridiculous stories for each other that we passed back in forth between classes in notes folded like footballs. Thanks for making us feel like what we were doing was cool.

no doubt

Want to let you know that "We Are Farmers" was the unofficial theme song for my HS swim team. We played that song at least 309 times during the season.

My question: What has been your favorite/best reception by a fan so far? Any others that stand out?

someone threw a full bottle of soda at my head from far reception. strip tease to my theme song

I know this Is all late but I thought you were awesome on DVDASA. Just wanted to know how you liked being on the show and if you will be back on any time soon?

It was fun, Dave is a cunt but he's awesome.

Why do you do the 30 days sober thing?

sometimes I drink too much, and i feel like really refreshed when I take a month off

A buddy of mine told me your thanksgiving dinners are out of control. Care to elaborate?

well not mine but my friends throw this thing called Fucksgiving aka danksgiving and all of the food has weed in it

What would it take to get any of you fools into the studio for tracking? I have hoped I'd get a booking with you for awhile, but no luck. On that topic, how, and where do you guys tend to record in the LA area? What is a typical session like with you guys?

We usually record at different spots depending who the producer is, we kinda just like doing our own thing right now so we only do paid collabs but mostly just like recording our own solo stuff or three loco stuff


He was in LA, so I shared mine

Where can I find an archive of your old videos like "Cuppy"

maybe youtube

Do another song/video with Lil B!

If he wanted to, I would

Holy shit, you're still answering questions. Solid effort Andy!

I just wanted to ask when the music videos for the rest of the Three Loco album are coming out, I remember in a music video you said you were making videos for, I quote, "pretty much all of them". I fucking love the whole album. I'm not coming home tonight is my favourite, it helped me through a sad time in my life because it's comedic but had a helpful message for the time.

Huge fan! Thanks for the ama!

Thanks, I still want to make a lot of videos but it's so hard with all of our schedules working out, but we are planning some big stuff

What was your beef with DJ KEEMSTAR a while back?

he was trying to gain internet fame by acting like a dick to me, so I told him to fuck himself multiple times

Yawn. This dude is lame.

You're even lamer for coming here to write that. Go eat a dozen dick donuts

this isn't a question, but your a fat annoying pile of crap

you're a.....12 year old loser...obviously

Mythos was awesome. Sucks it closed down. 99% of redditors will have no idea what this comment is about.

true hah

Dude, 2 weeks ago I went to a Riff Raff show and stepped out of the Whiskey a Andy Milonakis fan! I love Young Sachi! Its a great song! Keep up the good work, I look forward for the new 3 Locos stuff.


I really like your shit, all of it. You are a comedic entrepreneur and I admire your boldness as well as your taste in general. What is the best advice you could offer for someone interested in comedy? Also, where can I buy shirts with your art?! Thank you for introducing "suck a duck dick" into my life.

Shirts not available right now but in the near future will be. Take comedic improv classes

What is the hardest part about being Andy Milonakis?

juggling too much hot pussy at once

What do you do in life when you can't get out of a slump and wake the fuck up and change?

Just build up some motivation one day at a time....and harness that energy into being a boss

Did Snoop Dogg make a good pancake face??

he smoked a blunt through the mouth hole

Andy! What's your favorite thing too eat!?


I tried this one with Spike Jonze but he didn't answer.

You're a cool dude, and I would tell everyone for the rest of my life if you called me a cool dude too.

No homo.

You're a cool dude

Is Riff Raff for real or is he playing a character?

He's real

man wtf i cant believe i missed ANDY fuckin MILONAKIS. must do another AMA SOON.

no problem, next time baby

[No question]

Can I lock this now or does it stay open FOREVER?


i d0nt hate myself do u, u type lik a tarded teeen. pls stop beng a negotive asshat and go learned h0wz to be happay

Hey man my girlfriend has cancer and LOVES your videos! Her favorite one is pussy pussy marijuana, and she wishes that one day you and us could smoke a Blunt for her make a wish.

sorry to hear, not sure that exact thing will happen but send me her email address so i can say hi

Andy, will you have sex with me and maybe do some drugs together?


Honestly, I'm surprised you aren't dead yet.

Fuck off, you don't know anything about me

also, how can i get some of the art you painted? they were dope as fuck

Mostly reggae and jazz. Paintings are kinda hard to ship and expensive but a few are available if u hit me on twitter @andymilonakis

Hey Andy.

Just wanted to say I used to watch your show growing up, I thought it was the funniest shit I've ever seen, it was the first show I ever bought a legitimate copy of.

Thanks man

Hey Andy, just wanted to say I think your a pretty awesome dude. Haven't seen all your stuff but everything from waiting, and your show, Three Loco and your solo stuff, its pretty mint. You do what you do that makes you happy and in turn that makes people happy. Only questions I can think of are: If you did not end up famous, what/where would you be right now? And what do you do for shitz and giggles when your not rapping/making comedy/chilling like a villain, etc.?

Thanks, I would probably still be working in computers but it's hard to say, you never know where your head would be if things didn't turn out the way they did...anything is possible

How hard is to keep a straight face doing the Kroll Show? Nick Kroll looks high as fuck in every episode. It's an absolutely hilarious show!

I've never been good at keeping my laughter in, on my show and on Kroll Show I always ruin takes by laughing

I follow you and Riff and Dirt on Vine. Have always thought you guys were a hilarious, palatial and random group of regallias.

Random question.. I have seen you break what appears to be several hundred dollars worth of dishes, plates, bottles etc on vine. Does anyone help clean that shit up or do you just wake up one morning hungover and have to take it on yourself?

I'm lazy, I get help cleaning it up

What is your next creative venture?

Something kinda big that I can't talk about yet

Do you have a steam account? Can we play DOTA or Counterstrike together?

I play gay games like Mario, I never got into the real gamery games

Do you know who Reckful is? He's a very popular world of warcraft streamer nd whenever he would win an arena match he would play we are farmers in his stream. His viewers came to know it as the "farmer song" and would spam for it all the time. He's the reason I found that song.

Someone sent me that video. I'm honored

Hey Andy is it true you got busted with a bunch of pills in Naples FL and ratted on all your friends?

haha definitely not. Never got busted with pills ever

Andy, have 2 questions for you. Have you ever hung out with Denis Leary? And why were you never on Entourage?!

No, i saw him at an event once, he seems like a dick. There was a slight chance I was almost going to be on Entourage but I never followed up hah

It's like reddit hit the fat boy lotto...

damn right

Who do you want to work with in the future?


When "the superbowl is gay" came out, I thought it was hilarious, until I found out you were much older. I'm not sure why that mattered at the time, but for whatever reason it pissed me off and I sent you a really shitty email. You responded really kindly, and I've always felt bad about it. Just wanted to apologize for my younger dumber self.

All good

I didn't see any questions about you being on Kroll Show. Your sketch is my favorite of all.

Were your lines scripted or did you ad-lib most of it? It is hard to tell. But it's super amazing.


I can't remember what lines were left in and what lines weren't but we definitely got to improv a lot....I'm sure it was probably like 70% scripted 30% improv

How was it working with Snooki? Is she anything like she is on tv?


You probably get comments like this all the time, but I think you're awesome and if you could reply to this it would make my day!

sure thang woopi

I know I'm late, but I want to ask a simple question that hasn't been asked yet. What do you do in your free time?

Also, "Ohhhhkayyy Payday loans"

Blast music, paint, drink cognac, choke bitches, hop scotch

I've seen stuff on youtube with you rapping with my favorite artists Wax, Dumbfoundead, and George Watsky. I just want to know what your take on those particular artists styles and music are.

I think they're all great and smart. The radio doesn't really have time to play smart stuff, they just want catchy ignorant lyrics.....and that's exactly what I'm doing with Young Sachi...kinda making fun of that. I think all three of those guys are dope though

How many plates do you have to buy? Do you stockpile those damn plates or wtf?

I had to eat my dinner on the top of a rubbermaid container last night because Im all out of plates haha, I need to buy some new ones, some to use and some to smash

Thanks for keeping it real yo

No doubt, Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Steve-o

Andy you are dope! My cousin and I work in finance and live in NYC downtown. How much would it cost us to get you to go to sushi or go for some drinks in the city! Just for like an hour or something to talk and shit. We have been huge fans since before the show and shit favorite video is cup eye!Get back to me if you are interested! hit up nobu or soto or something

Thanks but I live in LA now. Also the amount of radiation going into the ocean right now in Japan is scary, I'm gonna take a break from sushi for awhile. Thanks for the offer though

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Andy Milonakis conducted on Reddit on 2013-08-27. The Reddit AMA can be found here.