Aisha Tyler

July 11, 2013

i am aisha tyler. actress. comedian. tv host. author. gamer. caster of pods. ask me anything.

Hi! I'm Aisha. I am a comedian and an actress and a podcaster and a writer and a slightly mannish girl. I like zombies, make believe, cartoons, bourbon, plasma weapons, and cake. I created, host, produce, and engineer a podcast called Girl on Guy. I volunteer for causes I care about and direct music videos for bands I like. I enjoy making stuff. I don’t sleep very much. I love questions. Go! PROOF:

WOW. This was massive. I enjoyed it so much. I also have carpal tunnel now. Gotta go. Come visit me at google+: and

And check out my new book, "Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation" on Amazon, Itunes, Audible and more:

Amateur film makers can win cash and prizes by entering the Self-Inflicted Wounds contest at Submit a three minute video of your own personal Self-Inflicted Wounds story and you could win money, killer stuff I signed, and a phone call from me. During which I am more than happy to say "yup" and "nope" as many times as you like. Like, until your face falls off.

You guys are awesome. Keep kicking ass.


I haven't homebrewed for a while because I am so slammed with work but my favorite beer style is IPA and my second is stout. I am also a sour cherry lambic fan. Don't ask me why. Cherry is delicious. That is why.

How is your relationship with Jessica Walter?

Excellent. She is a superlative human being.

Hi! Do you find it hard to be a self-proclaimed gamer and an attractive woman in today's world? Do people often doubt you actually play video games?

People OFTEN doubt I play video games but they can suck the sticky end of my controller. I love to play, and other people's opinions do not prevent me from playing. The only thing that keeps me from playing is a punishing work schedule. I have been 20% in to Bioshock Infinite for months. Poo.

What was it like being on The Talking Dead?

edit: Did they invite you to be on the show, or did you have to ask yourself?

It was awesome being on The Talking Dead. I have been on twice. Both times = awesome. I am good friends with Chris Hardwick and he knew I was a fan. Robert Kirkman has also been on my podcast and it is widely known I have read all the books so they called me. As well they should have.

Hey Aisha! I know you've had tons of great guests on Girl on Guy. But who has been your favorite? Who have you had the most fun hanging out with and getting to know?

Can't wait to read your book!

OMG they're all my babies. Highlights: Joe Manganiello, Anthony Bourdain, Andy Richter, Henry Rollins, Lisa Kudrow, Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, Shirley Manson, Dana White. People who were way funnier than I expected: Carlton Cuse, Steven Yeun, Isaiah Mustafah. Person I thought would never do my show: Chris Rock. His episode went up this week at Boom.

Has Colin taken full advantage of Wayne being bald now?

Hah! No. He should, though. They are practically twins.

How was your experience working on 24? And why did you try to kill Jack?

It was AWESOME! I was a 24 fan before I got on the show so I lost my shit when I arrived in the CTU. The whole thing was a real building with real working computers instead of a plywood set so it felt very enthusiastic. And I tried to kill Jack because I had to. Because of the drugs. And the basket of puppies that the terrorists were going to drop into the river if I failed at my mission. I had no choice. NO CHOICE!

What's your favorite episode of Archer and why?

I love them all, but probably a tie between Skytanic and Skorpio. Skytanic has Pam taking a dump while watching Cyrill and Carol have sex, and also the Vealy Vulva run. Skorpio has the two man threesome and some excellent chocolate boobprints on the wall of the yacht's master suite. Both reek of excellence.

Does points matter?

Not unless you're in the olympics. Or I'm rating your outfit.


Right now I feel like yes. I'd have to see the picture, though. But crocheting is badass, so... yes.

Who's your favorite comic book superhero?

Starfire from New Teen Titans cause she can fly, and she almost looks black. Also, no pupils. She is bananas hot in the New 52 reboot. I would wreck it.

My wife and I are big fans. No question, just a thanks for making us laugh.

You are awesome. I am fans of you.

You are one of my role models! I have two questions: 1. What were your thoughts on the way season 4 of Archer ended? 2. Would you ever make an appearance on Wil Wheaton's TableTop show?

Thank you! 1. I love everything about Archer. Season 5 is going to break things inside your mind. 2. I would love to do TableTop and have been asked several times but every time they are recording I am working. Boo me. Someday...

What was it like being asked to do Whose Line? Were you a fan during the original run of the US show?

It was incredible! Super flattering, esp as I was a fan of the original show, and am good friends with both Drew and Wayne. Huge honor to take over for Drew, whom I absolutely love. Nothing but amazement all around.

If you were stuck on a desert island for a year, but still had an Internet connection what game would you take if you could only have one?

TWD for the ipad. And also porn. Porn is a game, right?

LANA!! What's your favorite videogame and videogame character?

I cannot choose. Favorite(s): Gears of War, Halo, Fallout 3, Far Cry, TWD. My avatar in Fallout 3 cannot be beat. She was a stone cold Wasteland fox. Me in a blonde mohawk. Boom. I will be in the new Watch Dogs game so then that will be my favorite videogame character, right after my character in Halo:Reach and Gears of War 3. I am a character-grubby gamewhore.

What is the best bourbon for less than $50?

You can never go wrong with Maker's Mark. Also, it is the only bourbon I would sully with other fluids (wow that sounded dirty). For straight drinking, Bulleit, Blanton's, Booker's, and Buffalo Trace are all good. Just had some 10-year Jefferson that made me want to take off clothing. But of course, all bourbon makes me want to do that.

What is your favorite video game franchise of all time?

See above! I cannot choose. Do not make me choose. Why are you making me choose?!?!?!?!

Would you ever consider being white? I asked my father and he seemed apprehensive to being Caucasian

Haha that is an awesome question and I cannot answer it because I am laughing so hard. In other news, I am a six-foot call chocolate ninja. Why would I change?

I don't think I have a question. I just hope that you wouldn't think I was too freakish in person for OMG-ing over and over in fanboi-ish fervor that is more common in school age boys rather than 40-something men.

You are a great person and I can tell because you spelled the word fanboi.



I met you after the awards ceremony at SxSW this year. I was the girl who ended up taking everyone's picture first but then got a chance to have my picture taken with you.

Anyway, I was too starstruck at the time to say thank you. You were really as nice, tall and genuine as I imagined you were. Thanks again for one of my favorite moments this year.

Thank you lady! SXSW is super neat and I was full of barbecue and ridiculousness so I am happy I remembered to be nice.

even though as Lana Kane you never can quite decide between Cyril and Sterling, who would you, Aisha, pick between H. Jon or Chris, and why?

Oh lord. I love them both. H Jon is the sly yet remote lover, and Chris is the insanely well-hung neighbor that makes you lose your job because you have been having sex nonstop for four days and have forgotten your name, where you live, and what your pets names are. Also your pets are dead because you forgot to feed them.


Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

Thanks again and look forward to your responses!

So many questions! I already have typing cramps. 1. Watch Dogs Watch Dogs Watch Dogs. Also The Last Of Us. 2. WLIIA was a blast and everything was the best. But the set was fucking cold. I almost died. Colin offered mouth to mouth but he couldn't get close enough because I kept rubbing his adorable bald head. 3a. Bill Burr is the funniest motherfucker in the world. 3b. So is Wayne Brady. 4. You are awesome to ask and I love doing podcasts but I am so slammed I might commit murder. Well, not murder, but I am going to kill a pizza later. That said, you can contact me through my website and someday down the line when I have a break, I would love to.

What's it like living life in the danger zone?

Nothing but bitches and money. Bitches and money.

Hi, Aisha! Now, what is the most difficult thing you've ever done? Also, what's your all time favorite film? BTW, loved you on, At The Movies!! :)

Hm. Standup is the most difficult thing I've done. I love it, and I'm good at it, but that shit is brutal. That said, I should try jumping out of a plane or something, right? My life is soft like pudding.

All time fave is hard. I love the Bourne movies. Die Hard. Oldboy. Infernal Affairs. The Departed. The Town. That is not one answer. I can't stop typin....

I don’t sleep very much.

How long do you sleep every day?

I want to sleep nine hours. I usually sleep five. I hear voices.

First off you're awesome. Absolutely love your character in Archer.

Second, what kind of roles do you prefer to do? Comedies (with your stand up background) or are you happier doing more serious roles (such as Ghost Whisperer).

Third, please make a sex tape that just happens to "leak" to the would be highly appreciated :)

I like to do everything because I am grubby and like to work. Comedy is easier so I like doing drama because I like being challenged. And also you work longer hours and so get overtime.

No sex tape will ever be leaked. The last one I made I cut into pieces, burned, then urinated on it to put out the flames. Then I fed it to my cat. He masturbates a lot now.

What's been the best perk, or moment, from hosting Whose Line Is It Anyways?

Hanging with the guys. They are amazing. Laughing my ass off. No perks though. The producers are cheap Brits. We barely ate. "Tea and Biscuits" are not food. Bleah.

Lana... Lana... Lana... LANAAAAAAAA!


Hi, Ms. Tyler. You're totally the shit on Archer.

Question--now, apparently, Lana's design wasn't based on you. Is that true? You look a lot like her... so was a lookalike utilized in modeling the character?

Thank you. :-) (that is called an "emoticon," from what the kids tell me.) She wasn't. There is an article out there that you can google because I am too lazy to do so that shows all of the people they used to draw our characters from. They drew my character before they ever hired me, although she has evolved over the seasons to look more and more like me. I was deathly afraid that the girl they used was cuter than me, but she wasn't. But I'm confident she is more modest and not and jealous of random people she has never met.

I love you. I don't have a question, but you make me laugh hysterically. And you are hot. Thank you.

You are a superlative human being and deserve cookies.

How big are your hands?


sorry. They're really quite delicate and feminine. But occasionally they take over and start typing in furious all caps.

Do you have big hands in real life?


Hello Aisha!

I feel that Drew Carey set the bar pretty high for hosting Whose Line is it Anyways. Since you are the new host, how do you plan on keeping up with him? What kind of personal touch are you going to add to the show?

He DID set the bar very, very high. He is awesome. He is also a friend and I love him and I was incredibly honored to take his place. He actually sent flowers to set on our first day and was so supportive. I cannot keep up with him. I can only humbly sit in his chair and try to enjoy the pleasant and comforting butt heat he left behind. As for my personal touch, you will just have to watch. I don't have a penis, so I will have to touch things with something else.

Hey Aisha, this was a thing that has been rattling around my brain for a while, and here's a good a place as any to say it.

When I listen to, or see you talk about being a gamer as a woman who is also black, I remember Hooper from Chasing Amy: "I gotta deal with being a minority from a minority of a minority." I almost feel like being an average white guy gamer that I can't really express or be thankful that you're around without sounding condescending or some such thing. But I am thankful, because you're a voice we need, badly, in gaming culture.

There's a bunch of us out there that get how fucking awful this scene can be, especially on a person who puts themselves out there. Your attitude has been inspirational for me in trying to be a better person.

So, thank you for this.

(Also... Danger Zone)

The next time you get out of your car, I hope the world spins down to slow motion and white doves fly out behind you. That is how I see you in my mind.


Ok, now I have your attention: What's it like working with Wayne, Colin and Ryan? I imagine you just put them in their respective places

They are the greatest of all time. So amazing, so funny, so lovely. That said, mama don't take no mess.

Hi Ms. Tyler! Huge fan of your work. A few questions for you.

  1. How often are you recognized purely from voice? (Between Archer, Girl on Guy, standup, etc.)

  2. What were some of the most memorable scenes from working on Archer? Will Lana ever find true love?

  3. You're a self-proclaimed gamer, so are there any upcoming games either for current-gen or next-gen consoles that we might hear your voice on?

Thanks for the awesome work! Hope to keep seeing your name!

  1. Strangely enough, pretty often. I try to live a normal life and do stuff like people do so occasionally, when I am in the Starbucks looking like shit, people look directly at me and only see a slightly feminine drag queen without makeup. Then I order coffee and everybody loses their shit.
  2. I wrote about my fave episodes above, but I really did love Terms of Enrampagement. That was an hilarious ep and also a good bonding time for Lana and Sterling. Lana will never find true love. She will also bring up her progeny to be dead-eyed loveless assassins. This is her destiny.
  3. I will be in the new Watch Dogs for both current and next-gen consoles. And I am super stoked for The Division and Titan Fall. And Fallout 4. Whee!

How could you dump Ross!!

Haha it's make believe, that's how.

I have observed that being a strong self reliant individual has meant rarely asking for help which in turn has lead to rarely fostering that quid pro quo that is necessary for strong friendships (People rarely ask for help from those that do not ask help from them). Have you observe this in your life?

Interesting! I rarely ask for help, this is true. But I offer it constantly and unbidden. I like doing favors and giving gifts. This is a way to curry favor with others and make them indebted to you for life against their will.


You have very large hands.


By the way I love Girl on Guy and also your appearances at E3!


Marry. Fuck. Kill. (Talk soup edition)

Greg Kinear. John Henson. Joel Mchale

Marry John. Fuck Joel (yes). Kill Greg but only after fucking him.



Actually, there is. Some newscaster in the south. That broad is always writing about high school football games n' shit. She is killing my street cred.

Walt Disney World or Universal Studios?

Universal Studios. Right near where I work. And seriously, I love the King Kong ride. It is hilarious. My 10 year old niece was so scared by it she burst into tears and I laughed for like two days.

I loved you on Friends, how did you like working on that show?

It was amazing. SO amazing. I was a huge fan before I got the job and so to be there when it was the biggest show in the world was pretty incredible. The cast was wonderfully nice to me and it totally changed my life. Also I got to kiss like 40% of the cast. So there's that.

By plasma weapons, which ones are you talking about?

My favorite is actually the gravity hammer. I don't know if that actually counts as a plasma weapon. But my second favorite is the plasma sword. That DOES count, and if you add that to stealth armor you are a bad ass muthafucka. The only thing that gives me away on a killing spree is my hysterical cackling as I run around eliminating my friends.

Wow I love you I was kinda upset that you got married before I got old enough to propose but congratulations! Anyway to my question What games are you currently playing Aisha?

Adorable. I am a little bit into a lot of games and feeling very sorry for myself that I don't have more time to play. Need to finish Bioshock Infinite so I can start The Last of Us. Never finished Dishonored. Work is killing all of my funs.

Do you prefer voice over work, or stand up? and Why?

I love standup because that is how I got into the business. I've been doing it 21 years and I can finally say I am pretty serviceable at it. But voiceover work is much easier. Just me, and a mike, and MAYBE some pants. If I'm feeling like wearing them that day.


I don't really know if this is a question but I commend you on your effort.

You get a shit on a lot for your e3 conferences, but I think you're one of the few real people that go up on those stages. Keep it real, Aisha.

Thank you! You are awesome.

Who is a better Talk Soup host? You or Joel McHale?

Big fan of your work on Archer! My husband thinks you're a hot cartoon.

Um, me. But Joel is a great host of The Soup. And also a stone cold very pale caramel fox.

Hi, Aisha!

I don't get fanny over a lot of people, but I do over your stuff, especially Girl on Guy! The Sam Ross ep has kept my apartment well stocked for negronis ever since.

What I like most about the podcast, though, is how you and your guests deal with mental illness in such a refreshing, matter-of-fact way, for example the Maria Bamford and Rob Delaney episodes.

My question is - why do you think creativity so often goes hand in hand with issues with depression, etc? And, since I'm sure you've had plenty of emails commenting on how GoG has helped folks through tough times, how do you react to hearing you've helped people with such weighty issues?

Thank you! Haha "fanny" is funny.

I don't know why creativity often goes hand in hand with depression. It may have to do with the artistic mind being nonlinear and being both open to and affected by lots of stimuli, which drive creative growth and output, but can also be overwhelming at times. Creative types DO tend to be tortured. It's a mystery.

I am so incredibly grateful that my show helps people. Seriously. I am overwhelmed and feel so happy that my little show does anyone any good at all. This week I had three people burst into tears at book signings. Then I cried. Then they cried more. Then we all hugged. Then I picked their pockets. This is just how my life is now.

LANAAA! Who do you think is the rightful heir of Westeros?

Arya Stark. Or maybe Jon Snow. Or maybe whichever guy looks best without a shirt on. So, Loras Tyrell.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Bourbon. Action movie. 2 hours of FPS play. Light spanking. Pie. In that order.

PS I'm the one doing the spanking. Also, I get all the pie.

How do you keep your hair so perfect?

I pay a member of the Blue Man Group to paint himself the same color as the set and stand directly behind me in camouflage and adjust my hair every time a strand moves out of place. Very expensive but totally worth it, as he also doubles as a very hard to see bodyguard.



Questions about archer:

What line made you laugh the most? Doesn't have to be yours.

If you could invite a guest voice actor to the show, who would it be? (Alternatively, who would you like to invite to Whose Line?)

What's your favorite running joke in the show?

On the note of E3, why did you choose to wear ridiculously high heels? I thought it was pretty funny, though, that you were taller than mostly everyone else even if you didn't wear them.

  1. Pam saying that Cyrill was making it really hard to drop a deuce when he was having sex with Cheryl/Carol on Skytanic while crying.
  2. Phrasing! Boom!
  3. Cause they were cute. And also because my outfit was kind of masculine so I needed one thing that would indicate that I wasn't Donald Faison in drag.

Loved your interview with Neil Fallon. Come visit /r/prorock sometime!

CLUTCH IS THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME! They are also good friends. I just shot a music video of them performing live that is taking me forever to finish because of all my other jobby things that keep eating my life. Will post it soon. Very soon. Follow me on twitter and FB to be updated when it goes up.

What do you think of Bob's Burgers, and do you have any plans to appear on the show?

I love Bob's Burgers and if they call me I will come.

Haha that sounded dirty.

Because I intended it to.

Hi Aisha, I'm a huge fan so thanks for taking the time to do this.

What has been your favorite scene to do for Archer and why? Any favorite stories from the sound booth to share?

When we did the pilot I loved the scene where I told Cyrill to go down to the corner store to get the barebackinest ballslappiest harddickinest interracial porn in there from the nice korean lady. That was fun.

Sound booths are boring. Mainly I just terrorize the sound engineer and accuse him of looking at porn on his computer and masturbating while we are working. That is what he's doing. I just think he doesn't like other people noticing.


Thanks for being so available for your adoring public.

Love the podcast. Love your body of work.

My question: Have you asked Paul Mooney to be on Girl on Guy? And if so, what was his reply? If not, do you think he would be a viable guest for your podcast? I don't think he gets his due as a living comedy genius. IMHO he's probably one of the most influential, underrated and under-appreciated working comedians.

As an aside, we would have been classmates at Dartmouth but I had to get out of New England, where I was raised, so I went down south for school.


Paul is a genius. We used to work together quite a bit when I first moved to hellay. I haven't asked him but I should. You are right. You are always right.

I understand. New England is made of maple and ice crystals.

How much partying goes on after the Archer Live performances. I got to do the meet and greet at the Dallas show and it seemed like you and Jon were gearing up for a good drunk. Also... you're one of the few celebrities I've met that is better looking in person. That is all.

Well, we are already pretty blerzy when we walk off stage, if you can't tell. We don't see each other very much because we all record the show separately, so when we get together we kind of revert into our characters from the show. So, yes. We go off and get good and drunk, and then Jon attacks a group of college kids and gets a black eye, Pam steals a cop car, Chris Parnell re-enacts all of Big Dig Richie's scenes from Magic Mike, and then we all have a good laugh and go eat pancakes.

Say you come home after a long-ass day at work. It's 2 AM and you're exhausted, but still have the "gaming urge." What game do you play until you're running into walls from falling asleep?

Hm. Prob multiplayer Halo. Once my husband and I were so buzzed/tired that we were both on Mongooses trying to shoot. All we were doing was honking at each other.

Who is your dream guest star on Archer?

I absolutely love you and now I'm going to clean the kitchen and listen to Girl on Guy. Thank you for being a huge inspiration!! :)

We probably already had our dream guest star, who was Jon Hamm. I would also like Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. And Ryan Gosling and Joe Manganiello. I realize now that this is just a list of guys I would like to see naked.

Just wanted to say you are awesome. I've lost count of how many times I have seen your live at the Filmore special. So are you still supposed to act real hard and drive a pimped out escalade filled with pumped up bodyguards ? (I love No Ass At All.)

Glad you like that video. Now that I have arrived, I finally drive a pimped out electric car. With one, kind of wimpy vegan bodyguard.

Hey! Thanks so much for doing this. I've been a long-time fan since your hosting of The 5th Wheel. I am so looking forward to the return of Whose Line is it Anyway. Is it as much fun to film as it looks?

SO much fun. I think they had to cut out my wild-eyed cackling from the sound track because I was enjoying myself way too much. I was like that dude at a rock concert who sings the lyrics extra loud to prove he is a bigger fan than anyone else there.

What famous (or at least googlable) person do you hate the most? Someone you hate so much that you don't even care that later TMZ will tell them that you said you hated them on reddit?

Don't tell me no one. You work in Hollywood.

I will disappoint you deeply here. There are people I do not care for, but no one I hate. Hate is a waste of energy. If I do not like you, I just forget about you completely, to the point where you do not exist in my mind, and then not on Google, and finally you just winkle out of existence, leaving empty clothes and a half-drunk Jamba Juice smoothie sitting on the sticky summer pavement.

Are you a religious person or non-religious person or do you care about that sort of thing at all?

Like my good friend Adam Savage (wow! name drop!), I am a skeptic. That said, I believe in being nice and doing good in the world. I've been super lucky in my life and I believe with great power comes great responsibility. So I try not to be a dick. The planet is populated with plenty of dicks. I don't need a person in a funny outfit to tell me to be nice. I just know that's the way to be.

Do you think Will Smith deserved to win the Best Actor award at the 1998 Kids Choice awards? ?

Will Smith deserves everything he gets. Everything. And a pony.

What advice can you give to the oddballs of the world out there other than "it gets better"?

Oddballs rule. Fuck the haters.

How much say do you have in where Lana's character goes or progresses throughout the show? Is it all Adam or do you get to make requests/suggestions?

Adam is a genius and I never make requests, except for to get Lana laid more because the woman is going through a hellafied dry spell. I mean, throw the lady a bone! Womp womp.

Most sploosh worthy voice actor on Archer?

Hm. Jon's voice is pretty much melted caramel. But I also love Amber Nash and everything she does in the world. Also I have a huge crush on Cyrill. Not Chris Parnell, just Cyrill. It's that white suit he wore in "El Contador." Panty dropper.

I'm relatively new to your podcast, but so far so good. My question is, what is your process for getting a guest? Also, is it ever awkward sitting down with someone you respect, and conversing with them knowing people will listen?

My process is pretty haphazard. I just ask. Sometimes I know them, sometimes I don't. If I don't, I get my fancy people to ask their fancy people. If that doesn't work, I find them in a social situation and make them uncomfortable until they agree to do the show just to make me go away.

It is awkward sometimes, but it helps that I am a peer. So far I haven't been too starstruck. I was pretty intimidated by Henry Rollins, Saul Williams, and Serj Tankian, all of whom are geniuses who float above the ground on a cushion of jasmine-scented air. But I am so curious about them that my question-asking takes over and by the end I relax. Or I just sweat bullets until the moment they leave and then puke into a trash can. Either or. Or both.

Do you have any plans to any major voice work in any video games? I know you've done some in the past but I'd love to see you in some leading roles!

That would be awesome! They've all been small parts thus far. Looking for my big break! Hah.

"Archer" is absolutely fantastic, and you're absolutely hilarious on it.

1) How many times a day do people shout "LAAANNNAAAAAA" at you?

2) Thoughts about Lana's massive boobs and hands?

3) What was it like being on "Friends?"

4) Who's a better kisser - Joey or Ross?

  1. All day long. Check out this thread.
  2. Thank god she has big hands because she needs them to lift her giant boobs into her bra every morning. Small miracles.
  3. Amazing.
  4. I was only thinking about how I needed not to come onto the set of the biggest show in the entire world and suck. And also not to fart or pee a little while I was making out with them. So I don't remember. I think I blacked out a bit.

Aisha. Aisha. Aisha. AAIIIISSSHHHHAAAAA!!!!


I love you... That is all.

Is that all? Because that's quite a lot, my friend. That is everything.

Whoot! You are hot! My favorite character on my absolute favorite show!

Not even sure what to ask.

How about, how much of Archer get's edited out that turns out to be over the top? Would be interested in what is considered too offensive for the show. Is there anything?

Nothing ever gets edited out. What we record is what makes it in. F/X often tells us we can go harder. They are they greatest human beings in the entire galaxy. As far as what is too offensive, I can't think of anything. We have unlimited 'shits" but only one "fuck" per show. Which, really, is a lot like life.

Who's your favorite television judge? Any answer other than Judge Judy is incorrect.

Well then Judge Mathis.

You are hot and thank you for your role on Archer. I think I'm done here.

I think so. Well played.

After becoming so busy, what would you say is the most missed thing or hobby you used to take part in more often? Huge fan of your work btw. And thank you for doing this ama! Best of luck to you and your career!

I want to game more. That is all I think about. I used to homebrew but you can buy beer at the store. You cannot buy gaming fun at the store. This is a sadness.

I thought your Ubisoft E3 '13 performance went pretty well considering anyone who tries to crack jokes or show personality on stage usually ends up coming off really awkward.

How was the E3 experience? Anything memorable stick out for you?

I love doing E3 and it was super, super fun. The last two years Ubi has unveiled BANANAS IP at their show. A lot of people voted Watch Dogs game of show last year, and The Division game of show this year. So it's neat to be a part of something like that. I also am always sad at E3 because I don't get enough time on the floor to game, but this year I had the most time I've ever had. I have a lot of friends in the gaming community -- bloggers and stuff -- so I ask them what's the best stuff they've seen and try to make sure I see that. This year it was The Last of Us, TitanFall, Destiny, Watch Dogs, The Crew, and The Division. All massive.

The Division made my face fall off. I am so full of need for that game.

And of course I'm in Watch Dogs so stoked for that to come out.

How often do people scream "Lana. Lana. Lanaaaaaaaaaa!" at you on a daily basis, and how many times do you punch them?

Also, "Danger zone" is currently my text notification, but I'd be willing to change it to something less annoying if you wanna hang out or something.

Just sayin'.

  1. So, so many times. Observe this thread.
  2. Your offer is so enticing that I cannot help bu....



Poop. I can't make bold italics because I am new to Reddit and hate learning new things.

also, what is your favorite Christmas movie and why is it Die Hard?

Haha all of my favorite movies are Die Hard. Period.


I have done work for Halo:Reach, Gears of War 3 (DLC) and the upcoming Watch Dogs. So, pretty happy with the CV so far. Would love to work on the new TWD chapters but I understand they're done. Boo.

What was it like to be on Friends?

What was it like kissing The Schwimmer?


See above! This question was answered, and beautifully, if I do say so myself.

Also he prefers EL Schwimmer. Just so if you see him you know how to address him. He also likes cookies.

Hi Aisha, any bands your really digging at the moment? Favorite group to see live?

OMG there's not enough room here. Favorite bands: Clutch The Roots Silversun Pickups Rage Against (reunion holy shit!) System of a Down (reunion holy shitter!) Jurassic 5 (why are all my favorite groups getting back together? Is it magical all-year Christmas?) Daft Punk TV On the Radio

All of these are amazing live. I toured with SSPU and Clutch and made them both fan art music vids.

SSPUs is up here:

Clutch I am still cutting because I am overworked and under free-timed but it will be done soon. SOON I TELL YOU!!!

If force to choose, what would you say is your favorite "everyday" bourbon?

Maker's Mark is widely available and utterly reliable and I don't feel badly mixing it with sour mix. Or tears. Salty, salty tears.

Bulleit is also very nice and a good sipper.

what is your favorite Archer episode?

See above somewhere. It may be far away, but I answered this. Somewhere, in a previous life, now foggy and remote. Like, 45 minutes ago.

Yo! So, I am in the girl on Guy Army, so I suppose that makes me legion. You are my role model/girl crush as a stand up too (your bit about women being like ninjas and getting their business done is one of my favorites), to the extent that I've agreed to do a stand up gig in about a month (a bit of an expat/English language thing in the Netherlands - I'm American. How can my references go wrong?) - soooo, my plan is to just tell stories from my redneck childhood and shock the sensitive Europeans. I don't want to be hacky and ask for advice, because I know the best advice is get out and fail, and to take the self-inflicted wound approach. So, I have unraveled any way of asking a question, so I'll just say keep on kicking ass and being excellent.



Go nuts. You are awesome.

What are your thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case? Do you think George Zimmerman should be convicted of 2nd degree murder?

I am depressed about it and so not watching too much of the case. It just makes me sad. No matter what anyone thinks, the cops told him to leave the kid alone. He should have left the kid alone. If he had gone home like the cops said, no one would have died.

That said, I would be happy with a manslaughter conviction. I don't know that it was intentional. But a kid is dead. So, manslaughter. We'll see what happens.

I love you.

Mom? Is that you?

Ahh, I don't have a question. I just want to say thank you. Being a girl who plays games can get you a lot of flack, and being a black girl who plays games can leave you feeling invisible. Even though I know there are others like me, just meeting other fellow sisters who game in /r/blackgirlgamers was just like a, "Holy shit, I'm not alone" moment.

And seeing you on stage presenting Ubisoft E3 two years in a row, not being a token anything just kicking ass and taking names, is so fucking cash like I can't even.

Keep being awesome lady!


I love hearts. <3

I heard your podcast with Talib Kweli. Awesome! Had you met him before and who would you like to interview that you have not met? Thanks (Also, "Yuuuuuuup.")

I had not met him and I was so excited and that was really awesome.

I NEED Dave Grohl to do my podcast. NEED. Also The Black Keys.

I met Q-Tip and he said yes and now I am hounding him until he is worn down like a nubby #2 pencil. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

Will Drew Carey make a cameo appearance as a guest in Whose Line? :)

That would be amazing. I love him unnaturally.

What's your favorite memory from the time you spent on Friends?

Doing trivia contests on set at Central Perk with the cast between takes.

what game are you most excited for that is coming out?

Watch Dogs. The Division. Titan Fall. Any game that my voice is in.

Is it true that when you stomp, it sounds like an AT-ST?

Man. I REALLY wish that was true. I will get my assistant right on that. Maybe installing some kind of chip in my feet. That would be rad.

What's one role you wish you'd gotten at the time, but looking back are glad you didn't?

Hah! I almost had the female lead in Bad Boys 2. The end.


Regrets are for pussies.

Why did you and Ross not make it?

Because he was destined to be with Rachel according to the script.

Hi Aisha! I'm super excited to see you on Whose Line Who Is It Anyway?! How has the experience been so far? Any personal favorite games?

Amazing. AMAZING. There is a brand new game called "Sideways Scene" that is going to make everyone shit their pants. Ryan and I just kept staring at each other and going "holy crap this is so funny!" The show is going to be awesome.

On your fan mail/ask Aisha episode of Girl On Guy, you made me get all teary eyed at the end, and just when I thought you couldn't become any more my favorite, you ended the episode with "Question", which my girlfriend is already aware will almost certainly be involved in me proposing to her, and I just lost it. I guess that isn't really a question, but thank you for all that you do.

I kiss both your faces.

Have you ever hung out with Jon H Benjamin in real life? Also, can you two do commentary on my life because that'd be sweet.

Yes. We all go drink together after we do Archer Live. As a cast. It is delightful and Jon always eats all the fried pickles before anyone can get their hands on them. He is selfish but also cruel.

How does it feel to have this awesome song written for you, but have the dude spell your name wrong?

Haha I like it because the only thing I can understand in the song is my name. Which is how I go through the world. "Blah blah blah blah Aisha" and then that's when I pay attention.

!!! First, I luv you and you're awesome. Second, you said something about marriage a while ago (I think on The Champs or your own podcast) that has helped me deal with and put some perspective on my own relationship. Something to the effect of "When you're married you're always going to want to fuck other people. But it's like being on a diet, you're not going to do it cause you're going to fuck up this great thing you've been working so hard at." Without getting into too much detail, what you said was exactly what I needed to hear at the time and I couldn't be more thankful. That being said, I CAN'T WAIT FOR WHOSE LINE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


No matter HOW much you want to.

Watch Whose Line instead.

Aisha, what do you think is in the shed in GTA V?

I don't know! I don't play GTA! Don't start yelling at me. This is just the way it is.

Hi Aisha! Do you want to pursue more opportunities in voice acting? You've been great in Archer and Halo: Reach. If so, what kinds of roles are you looking to take up?

I dunno. I've been offered other stuff but I don't want to cheat on Archer. I love it so much. Video games are different. I'd love to play a major character in a game. But in other formats, I don't want to do anything unless it is as good as Archer.

Which is nothing in the world.

If I saw John Malkovich walking towards me on the sidewalk and saw you on the opposite side of the street, I would cross the street and compliment you about this superlative AMA loud enough to make Malkovich jealous.


LOVE you in Archer! What would be your dream tv show to be asked to be a part of?

Also you should really get onto Bioshock Infinite! It's the first game I ever played through start to finish and it is amaziiiing!

Well it is common knowledge that I was gunning for the part of Michonne on TWD. I love Danai Gurira so I am not sad I didn't get it. But now I want nothing more from the world ever again.

Also I DO need to get into Bioshock Infinite. My friends are hounding me. And if I don't play soon Chris Hardwick will force me to play Skyrim and then my life will fall apart.

Wow Aisha, I'm reading through this thread, and every single answer you supply makes you seem more and more awesome (Arya Stark is the bomb!), literally the coolest person of all time. No question to ask you; just goddamn, you're awesome. Working on Archer must be so much fun for everyone involved.

Yay you!

Hey Aisha! What game are you currently playing? And have you played/finished The Last of Us? What did you think? Thanks for being awesome!

Haven't started The Last of Us. My life is so empty and sad. I have a hiatus in August right after Comic-Con and I intend to gorge myself on video games until someone has to drag me outside because my lack of vitamin D has made my bones brittle like a lace cookie.

No real question here. Just wanted to say you are pretty goddamn kick ass!

I think that was an excellent use of your keyboard.

I think it is just dandy that I caught this AMA between classes. I can't put into words how awesome a voice actress you are. However my question to you Is as follows; Is it weird that every time I read a response of yours that included superlative I imagined it being said in your voice??


I just wanted to say that you're incredible in all that you do, not to mention quite beautiful too.

I love that you're a gamer.

What system do you frequent? (I would love to play halo online with you)

Also, will you be going with the xbox one or ps4?

I play a little XBL Halo Multi but not too much because I have no time and that would literally be the end of me. Gaming is already a low-level addiction so I don't need an open bar in my living room 24 hours a day.

I play both platforms and will probably upgrade to both. Now that XBox walked back their DRM strat because they were getting smoked by PS4 there aren't any barriers other than spite to keep me from getting it.

Of course, spite is a pretty powerful emotion. But so is love.

And so is needing to have cool new shit in your house. So, both.

Favorite painfully awkward moment at E3?

You know which one.

So I know that this is going to be buried but I just want to say:

Thank you.

for me your comedy s a godsend. You make me laugh and feel comfortable with myself. I am a total geek and a latina girl who doesnt really fit the mold i was apparently supposed to. Youve helped me feel awesome about myself and not everyone can do that. So thanks, keep rocking out!


Is there anything you don't do?


A bit late to the party, but after seeing Man of Steel a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were discussing other possible super hero reboots, and how much better they could all be than Man of Steel. We got on the topic of Wonder Woman and decided you were the only person we knew who would do the role justice.

So my question is, would you totally play black Wonder Woman in a remake?


Also She Hulk because I'm already the right size. Just maybe need to wail on my pecs a bit.

How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn't know you?

Tall. Happy. Loud. Caffeinated. Friendly. Sleepy. Grumpy. Doc.

I think you should have added period enthusiast into that title.

Right? I really. Like. Punctuation.

Aisha, you are one my role models, a super woman I aspire to be.

How do you do it?!?! Give me the courage to be as badass of a WOC as you are.

Just be brave. Who gives a shit what people think? I write a lot about this in my book. Essentially, once you have been embarrassed enough times in front of others, you stop caring what they think. So just go for it. Haters are just people too afraid to get off their own asses and do shit. So they type about it on the... wait a minute...

What's it like as a podcaster I've always wanted to try but I never seem to go anywhere

Try again!

Hey I got to meet you at E3 in the Ubi booth and got a picture with you. Thanks for being a good sport about it and for puling a funny face at me. Made for a good pic ;)


How many danger zones do you hear on the daily?

exabyte many

I love your podcast, Your book is on my kindle and Lana is why I watch Archer and I can't wait to see "Who's Line is it". I have nothing to ask, I just wanted to say Hi... so Hi o/



Haha I am neither because I am too slammed to kick it on the internet for very long. I just like to type. A lot.

Aisha Tyler! I love you! My boyfriend said if I'd go straight for any woman it'd be you. Anyway I love your podcast, and was wondering what level of fame is needed to be a guest one day?

No level of fame. Have had a lot of chefs, athletes, and my dad. But you have to have done something interesting. That's pretty much the only criterion. Something that I find interesting, and that my listeners would find interesting.

also, give me a live albino alligator. that could help.

Just discovered this AMA, late to the party as usual, so I apologize if this has been asked before. What's your all time favorite game? Also, ever tried Buffalo Trace?

Have answered the game Q already. And yes, I like Buffalo Trace, even though I don't understand the name at all.

Will you go on a date with me? I promise I'm an interesting person!

I am married and my husband is a Treadstone Operative so sadly this can never come to pass.

Hi Aisha!! I was a production assistant for a stand up comedy shoot you did at the Filmore in San Francisco!

I just wanted to say thank you for being so open and friendly to those that worked with you that day! You even invited us to have cupcakes with your personal friends and family! You are a very humble and genuinely awesome person! Thank you for that experience!

thank you for your hard work! who doesn't love cupcakes? communists, that's who.

What's your favourite beer?

Liberty Ale from The Anchor Brewing Co. Super-hopped IPA. Delicious.

How did your shift key break?

When I punched it for talking shit.

Is your life a living hell thanks to people yelling archer quotes at you. . .or is your life the closest thing to heaven because of people yelling archer quotes at you?

I live in a wonderful and terrible purgatory. On the upside, there's cake.

And don't you tell me the cake is a lie. I am eating cake right this fucking minute.

If you could choose any two Smashmouth albums to take with you on a desert island, which two would you take?

I hate Smashmouth.

I just saw an interview where you said you were a huge nerd growing up. Can you tell us any funny stories about any run-in's with any ex tormentors from childhood after you were famous?

I had a mean girl from my high school come to one of my comedy shows and get super drunk and then try to sit on my lap. She had gained one million pounds and I was pretty sure lived on her brother's sofa. That was enjoyable.

How do you cope with very little sleep?

Giant bowls of cocaine. But only done off of the asses of male models. No male models, no cocaine. That keeps my usage down.

When are we gonna play Halo?

February 31st.

i <3 your butt

She's a nice lady.

If you could play Mario Kart with three of the characters from Archer, who would they be and how soon would it devolve into a shit show?

It would start out a shitshow. Shitshow is just how we get down. Cyrill would win, of course. He's like the Pele of Mario Kart.

Whats it like to be in the Danger Zone?


"i am aisha tyler. actress. comedian. tv host. author. gamer. caster of pods. ask me anything."

You forgot supermodel.

Creepy stalker guy? Is that you?

Are you single?

Married 19 years. Be careful who you get drunk and have sex with sophomore year of college. Them muthafuckas stick around.

Have you ever had a stalker or crazy person scare you?

No because I carry a knife and I am also a GIANT BLACK WOMAN.

You did an interview on NPR the other day about your book, "Self Inflicted Wounds". In both the book and the interview, you talk about fitting in with the black stereotype -- how you got a lot of crap for "sounding white", etc.

Has any of this followed you into Hollywood or your other professional forums? Are people at the top more open-minded about this kind of thing, or do you still deal with the same old shit?

It followed me in the beginning, but now that I've been doing my thing for a while the people that like what I do have found me.

Everyone else can eat a bag of... well, you know.

Cheese curds.

Aisha, who would you chose to play you in a movie based on your life? Secondly, you're smokin' hot. That is all.

Thank you. I dunno. Me? I'm not THAT old.

OOH. Charlize Theron, but only if we can make out first.

Have you ever gotten so high and you play a game and you get really upset when you realise that spyro will never grow up?

Aw. You need a hug.

I don't know why but I absolutely, positively love when you get pissed off in Archer and yell at him. Any sources of inspiration from it?

My rocky childhood?


because i am lazy

OK ever since I saw your standup special I've been curious. What is the swirly thing and is there a class or something I can take?

put your face in her junk and make magic with your tongue. no teeth please.

ps if there is a class you can take you have died and gone to heaven.

or a whore house full of very happy hookers.

I saw your name on the marquee at Powell's Books here in Portland! I'm surprised there is no mention of your book yet. It sounds like quite the exercise in self deprecation. Was it difficult to let loose with some of the stories within?

I'm trying not to plug my book but since you asked.


As for difficulties, no. I loved telling all those humiliating stories. I make my guests tell embarrassing stories on my podcast so it only felt fair that I cough up the goods myself finally. Some of them hurt but once you get them off your chest it's always a relief. And then no one can use them against you.

Plus I made a book out of them!


Here is a nice fancy link:

Hi Aisha Tyler! I was wondering how you got involved with Ubisoft. Did you approach them or did they approach you? You've been one of my top favorite things about E3 the past two years. How was it working with those big game companies.

(I just started watching Archer as well, you're all around awesome! Thanks for the laughs.)

EDIT - I accidentally -buttfuggerdly- a couple words...

Ubi came to me. They've been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic and I think because I'm an actual gamer and get super excited when I am there it's been a mutually beneficial relationship. This year I was supposed to hide backstage between presentations but I kept wanting to run out and see the video so there was one whole presentation where my big ass was sprawled across the stage trying to "secretly" watch the ACBF vid. I looked ridiculous. Totes worth it.

After listening to Gabrielle Union's speech at the Essence awards, I was struck by how similar your backgrounds are. Both beautiful black actors from S.F. who weren't raised in a primarily black community. You both were even two of the (very few) black actors to appear on Friends.

How do you feel about the current landscape of opportunities for women of color in Hollywood? Do you feel that your race has limited your opportunities at all?

My race has also, in some part, made me unique, and made me who I am. I'm pretty stoked about how I turned out. So whatever opportunities have been kept from me, others have come because of it. I don't worry about it too much.

Hi Truckasaurus, Archer is one of my favorite cartoons, how much fun is it to do lana's voice, and second part, are you often confused with Rosario Dawson, and would you rather have her parts, even though they are mostly nude and you are a great comedian. Watched your stand up and laghed my ass off.

Haha Rosario is gorgeous and awesome but we look NOTHING alike. She is also much braver than me. I definitely couldn't have done her part in Alexander, for a variety of reasons. ahem

Could you physically beat up Adele if it came down to it?


Your voice makes me melt into a pile of 'aww yeah'. So thanks for that! Also... What's your favorite zombie movie?

Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead 2004. Then maybe 28 Days Later. I did like World War Z although nobody else did. But DOD 2004 I could watch one million times. Michael Kelly is EVERYTHING all the time.


How was working with Ubisoft at E3? Which game were you most excited for?

asked answered enjoy

What's your favorite meal to cook for yourself at home?


Did you ever have a "fuck yeah, I've made it!" moment with regards to showbiz?

No. If I ever did I would punch myself right in my soft parts. I am always working to be better, do better, challenge myself, and grow.

That said I was in the back of a limo with Amber Nash and Chris Parnell the other day, doing blow off H. Jon Benjamin's ass, and... well, you do the math.

Would you like to go on a date with me and go drink craft beer? My girlfriend says it's cool if you do.

EDIT: forgot a word, I get so nervous when I ask girls out

I'll go out with your girlfriend. You can watch.

Hi Aisha! So excited you are on here - as someone who is desperately wanting to be a female comedian, but terrified as all shit, how did you do it and is it really that hard for a female?! Thanks!

Just be a comedian. Don't worry about the female part. You can't do anything about that anyway, unless you go in for some really painful surgery.

Just go for it. It's going to be terrifying, and you're going to suck. And if you keep doing it, you'll suck less and less, until you are good. That's pretty much how it goes for everyone.

Listen to my podcast. I have a lot of comedians on and we talk a lot about process. The show is free and you can pick and choose the episodes you want to listen to:

I write about it in my book as well. Unfort that's not free but what can I do? Bitch gotta make a living.

I knew you were black just by seeing that name

It's like you're some kind of genius.

How, if at all, do you feel like your time at the Tabard influenced your career? You're like the famousest member we've ever had.

Also, you didn't visit last time you were in town and that was super duper lame.



Tabard made me feel good about being a weirdo. So there's that.

Also I got really wasted there a lot. And that was super fun awesome.

I love you! As a fellow lady-part possessor you are such role model to me. You are hot and funny and you do so many things I admire.

I guess my question is why do you kick so much ass? I don't know if that's a satisfactory query, but thank you anyway for being a kickass chick who does it right.

I can't answer this question without sounding like an asshole.

Hey Aisha,

How was your experience at E3 this year? Was it stressful to attempt humour in front of so many people?

No. I love what I do. I just do my shit and either people come along or they don't. Also I love games and E3 so much that I am so stoked to be there I can't see or hear anything at all. Just a bright pink light and white noise ringing in my ears. And everything smells like cotton candy and new controllers. And then I get to see new games and get a bunch of free t-shirts and I go home all drunk and wobbly.

So, yeah. It was pretty much awesome.

When are you going to turn up in one of these superhero movies, i.e. X-men? You would make a good mutant considering you don't have a posterior.

Man I would do that so fucking fast they would have to ban me from set. Any movie. Any hero. Any time. Even lame third level superheroes like Jayna. I am DOWN.

You make me happy to know that not all six foot tall women are type cast as "THAT'S A HUGE BITCH" and even if that does get tossed around, you can step on them (or have a legion of your minions do it for you.) I'm almost 6 feet tall, not quite as funny or tan as you though...

Keep up the amazingness <3

Also, when you are recognized in public, do you prefer being left alone or can I tell you a knock knock joke?

(edit- forgot to ask my question)

I will talk to anyone. Just don't touch me.

What do you think about drm and xbox moving away from that model? Are you a fangirl for any particular system?

I never rep a system. I only rep the life.

You get the chance to be on Archer or Friends but only one... Which and why?

Can't wait to see how Mulatto Butts gets thrown into this baby storyline on Archer. Tell me that's gonna happen?

first question: no. second question: god I hope so.

Do you date most guys shorter then yourself?? 6'4" here FYI ;)

My husband is 6'6".

I appreciate you a lot.

That was a kind and gentle compliment.

My wife and I saw you do stand up in SF last year. I didn't stop laughing the whole time.

Plus I had sex after. So thank you twice.

I always tell people: "I will get you laid."

Boom. Twice.

Two parter:

1) How many times do people tend to shout DANGER ZONE LANA at you in a given day? 2) Are you gonna be mad if I shout DANGER ZONE in your general direction?

I am dead inside so shout away.

Talk Soup introduced me to you. It's been a great relationship since. I mean you got to make out with Mila. You are seriously a lesbians wet dream. Keep up the good work...of making lesbians wet.

If all I ever accomplish in life is making lesbians wet, I have truly lived.

Also, fucking RuPaul's drag race! I mean how could I forget that?


Hello Aisha, I have one question. How in the hell could you choose a crazy ass guy over Ross?

Because the script told me to.

Wanted to say I am a big fan, and I cannot wait for Whose Line to come back!

There is a zombie outbreak, you can only pick one other person to help you, living or dead. Who would you chose, and why?

Merle from TWD.

What does Christopher Walken smell like?

Chocolate Chip Heroin Cookies.

Just what in fact does cause ants?

Ant Sex.

What was your first gaming system?

Arcade then Nintendo LCD then Mac then XBox.

My brother is getting married in nine days and I am his best man, but I'm awful when it comes to speeches. What should I say?

Wish him good luck and tell him to do the fucking dishes.

Doing the dishes always gets you laid.

What are you up to this weekend?

Saving the world.

Also maybe gonna get a pizza pie or something. I dunno.

Flashing back to the 90s for a second, were you the girl that I never had?

I don't know. Do you want to get to know me better?

Wow, you are talented and funny and super hot. Thanks for the AMA.

Now that the butter has been spread, allow me to annoy you with a question that I'm sure you're sick of hearing. I'd like to know how you got your start in stand-up/comedy writing. Any advice for someone trying to enter the field?

I hate to do this to you because it feels like a self-serving dick move but I write extensively about it in my book. So if you want a real answer, check that out. Short answer is that I just started doing it. Wrote some jokes, spent about 6 months getting my courage together, and then did an open mike. Liked it, kept going. Blah blah blah history.

Advice is just do it. Just go do it. You'll know right away if you like it or not. You may not be good at it at first, but you'll know if you like it. So go do it.

Why are you still sitting there? Go!

Hi Aisha! I love you in everything that you have done and I've looked up to you all my life! I love how you are not the stereotypical black girl. I love how you're a gamer.. I love how you went to Dartmouth. I love how you are married to a white guy for over 20 years. I love all your standup! I only watch Archer for Lana. I would watch you in whatever minor role you would do. If you could be anything else, real or fictional, who or what would you be, and why? An answer would mean the world to me!

Jason Bourne. Seriously.

Or else Starfire.

Starfire Bourne? Man. I just got a serious boner.

I'm not familiar with a lot of your other work, but you kick ass in Archer. What do you look for in a soul mate?

My husband.

Can we be girly best friends and play videos games together? FOR SCIENCE!


Yay you're doing an AMA! Archer fan here, what's been your favorite episode and why?

asked answered enjoy please

Everyone on The Talk seems to be really close. Are you and the other ladies friends outside of work?

We are. And very lucky to be. We get along amazingly and we all keep laughing about how rare that is and how amazing it is to work together and how we're waiting for someone to go apeshit and start flipping over tables. We love spending time together and the only complaint is that we're all so busy that we don't have time to do so. But we're hoping for a girls' weekend in the fall.

At an undisclosed location. I'm thinking Camp David.

Need a date to some sort of function or other?

I need a guy to clean out my gutters.

Hi Aisha! Who's your favorite Whose Line contestant and what is your favorite game so far?

Sideways Scene. Brand new game. Insanely funny.

Kevin McHale was pretty great. As far as improvisers, Gary Anthony Williams (Uncle Ruckus on The Boondocks) is an old friend and I was happy he got to do the show. But my Wayne, Colin and Ryan will always be my babies.

Hi there!

Since it seems that no one has asked you about 'The Talk', I think I'll mix it up a little bit.

Who is your favorite on the panel? Why?

I don't have a favorite. Everyone is so different I like them for different reasons. Sharon is wild and naughty, Sara is insanely sweet and kind, Sheryl is freaking hilarious but has a tender heart, and Julie is that awesome combination of super smart but able to laugh at herself. Thems my road dawgs right there.

I have no idea why I just started typing in Randy Jackson's voice.

I was part of the Ubisoft press conference, and we were quite curious over the fact that you were barely at the rehearsals. I was thinking "Doesn't she need to rehearse like the rest of us?".

And then you did the show and I went "Nope, guess she didn't". I don't have a question, just wanted to say that was seriously impressive.

Thank you. That is really kind. I hope I didn't come off as a dick. I perform live so many hundreds of hours a year that I don't like to eat into other people's rehearsal time if I can help it.

I feel like I should say something awesome and eloquent, but I can't think of anything!

I've idolized you as a fellow black, nerdy girl forever and ever and ever and I just want to say thanks for being one of the only people I could ever look up to that, ya know... looks like me. I know that race and all that isn't important in the long run, but it's so nice to see someone as talented as you are who I can relate to.

But, I have to ask a question, so:

  1. I really loved your No Ass At All video! Every time someone makes a comment about how I "sound so white" or why I'm not "black enough" it's all I can think of. Was there any particular experience that led to that song?

  2. When you were starting out, how did you deal with the subtle racism of lowered expectations like, "You have done so well for yourself!"


  1. Haha my whole life! As I'm sure you can understand.
  2. Just ignore it. There are assholes everywhere. The planet is literally lousy with them. Sometimes people are intentionally cruel and sometimes their just dumb. Never let other people control or drive your own sense of self. Don't give them any power over your state of mind. Just do your shit and move on.

You're hot. That is my question.

The answer is 3.14159265359.

How good is Watch Dogs?


Aisha, thank you for doing this! Can you tell us, please, whether you are, in fact, in the 'Danger Zone'?

I was there earlier but then I had to leave to do a conference call.

What's your favorite swear word?


Are bald Wayne jokes as popular as bald Colin jokes now?

I think people are too distracted from Wayne's bald head by his freaking P90X abs. It's really unfair.


No. Because I never say that.

All I say is that I'm a gamer. Period. Not a girl gamer. Not a chick gamer.

Just a fucking gamer.

Please tell me they're still doing Green Screen.

All of your dreams are about to come true.

I love you and am a huge fan of Friends how was it working on the set with the cast!? Also do you play Borderlands 2 and if so who do you play? Woo you're the best!

Friends question is abundantly illuminated above.

I couldn't get through Borderlands 1. I hated that little robot. I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

Who is the father?! Don't give us that donor crap...

Boo person who wants to ruin his own enjoyment of Season 5! BOO!

What are your top 5 favorite video games of all time?

TWD for iPad Gears of War Fallout 3 Halo Rainbow 6: Vegas

What kind of music do you like and what is your favorite band/group/solo accordionist?

I like all kinds of music. I answered some stuff about bands earlier. My first album was Metallica's Kill 'Em All and for a while I was into underground NY punk bands like fear. I saw Black Flag live at The Farm in high school, but I also saw The Beastie Boys and the Police. Right now I listen to lots of things but especially The Roots, Clutch, SSPU, Tom Vek, Jay-Z, Jose Gonzales, The XX, Garbage. I like lots of things.

How awkward was it doing the Ubisoft conference, no one seemed to laugh at anything and you weren't bad?

It was awesomeness on toast.

I love you--I'm girl crushin' hard right now! Your book "Swerve" is one of my all-time favorite reads. And you're great on Archer, of course. <3 I suppose I should include a question here--Have you written any other books?

I have a new book that just came out this past Tuesday! If you liked Swerve you will love it.

May I please bang you?

Even though you asked so nicely...... No.

If you had to choose , would you want some Marvin Gaye or some Luther Vandross ?

Can I have some Teddy Pendergrass?

Why didn't you capitalize your name? Follow up question; Did you know that in English, we capitalize the names of people?

i dont speak english

Hey Aisha! First of all, I think you're hot as fuck! Three questions for you: 1. Which public pic of you do you think is your hottest picture? 2. I watched Old Boy based on your podcast conversation with Anthony Bourdain. That was fucked up and great! Any other recommendations of movies like that? 3. I'm thinking about getting my pubes lasered off. Give me a woman's perspective on this. Do women prefer neat carpeting or hard wood floors?

  1. I don't think about my pictures being hot. I just hope that I don't look misshapen or have boogers in my nose. So, I guess, any picture where my nostrils are clear.
  2. Watch Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring. Genius. Also finish the Vengeance Trilogy by Chan-Wook Park: Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Also Battle Royale is pretty fun.
  3. DO NOT DO THIS. Just put your trimmers on 1 and take a pass. Hardwood floors are for porn actors and Soho lofts. You will creep a bitch out with that shit.

Who has been the best host of Talk Soup? You can't say yourself.

Joel McHale is pretty devastating. But they's all my babies.

Sexiest actress I can think of. Not only a helluva looker, but an awesome personality and badass gamer, to boot. I'm not lying when I say my gf made me change my phone wallpaper of you out of jealousy.

Tell her I said hi.

I've never been with a black chick. Interested?

There are places you can go for that.

What would be your ideal spot to ride out the zombie apocalypse?

High desert compound. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, electrified fence, crow's nests for sniping. Cool enough to grow food and have water but not so forested that zombies can hide in the trees and then spring out to bite my bottom when I am taking a dump in a hole behind the barn.

Also, shotguns.

Do you get girlwood a lot?

Every day I do, sweet tooth.

Aisha, love you on Archer! My question is how are you similar to Lana, how are you different? And are there any parts of Lana's personality that you take home with you?

I wish I was more like her. She is insanely badass. Except I don't want to have a baby. They come out of your junk and that looks really hard.

It seems like many accomplished, well-know creative people these days have their hands in all kinds of media, like in your case with your TV shows, podcasts, and comedy - do you feel like that type of flexibility and malleability is necessary to have a workable career these days, or is it more that you're just interested in and driven to be creative in all those formats? Thanks!

I am driven by the penny-tasting fear of obsolescence.

Also I like to do stuff.

Also I just bought a new car.

Lots of Lana love in the house. I watched my favorite episode of Boondocks last night "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch". Did you enjoy playing Luna?

Loved it. One of the funniest things I have ever done. Aaron McGruder is a genius.

Is there any sexual tension between you and Jon H Benjamin?

Mostly between him and Chris Parnell.

I used to love watching you on "The Fifth Wheel", what's the most shocking thing you can remember from doing that show?

When every one was in the pool and the slutty one threw her wet panties in the other slutty one's face while the guys just floated there and thanked god for their good fortune.

And then everyone got cold sores.

What does the ISIS office look like in real life? Have you ever been to Krieger's apartment? Please draw a floorplan of where everyone's offices are located. I'm so curious!

There is no ISIS office in real life. Krieger's apartment is inside an ink pen on a dude's desk in Atlanta. For the floorplan, see the inside of your own head.

PS you should drink more.

What's the weirdest thing a fan has had you sign? on a gauge of 1 to "tasteful self nudes."

I sign a LOT of body parts. Boobs, asses, chests. Good times.

Weirdest is probably iphones. I have also signed multiple iphones and ipads. I feel like a fancy, digital, only having way less sex with groupies, rock star.


He's the greatest. He would show up on set on days he wasn't on camera just to read his off-camera lines. He's a prince.

Once I got a call from him and I was super excited, but it was from a lady who had found his phone on a street corner in Manhattan. So I helped her return it to him.

Because being nice is always nice.

Hello! I just wanted to say, I was a post PA on Death Sentence, and James Wan always had nice things to say about you :). I'm jealous that you got to work with Garrett Hedlund...I got to attend an ADR session with him, and jesus CHRIST was he hot. Also, was the post super on Friends named Jason? If so, i've also worked for him (i'm an assistant editor)...awesome guy!

I can't remember any of my post supers because I always show up for ADR drunk.

But yes. Garrett Hedlund needs to bring me a bowl of hot cereal cradled in his hands.

And James Wan is the best person ever and I can't wait for him to do Fast 7. He totally deserves it.

Have you intimidated men by being so damn tall?

I intimidate men by threatening them with violence.

  1. you are awesome
  2. how are you over 40 and still gorgeous
  3. would you want to play minecraft with me and my friends on our server we are working on for a failing youtube videos series?
  4. when will we get another hour comedy video special?
  5. what do you like to write on bathroom walls?
  1. thanks
  2. baby's blood
  3. that sounds awesome. failing youtube series are the best.
  4. 2014
  5. tiny pictures of penises

When you were on tour with Archer Live a few weeks ago in Grand Prairie, TX, my girlfriend and I were sitting in the seats directly behind the "guy that wouldn't sit down". I just wanted to apologize on his behalf for being a jackass.

PS, thanks for doing the tour and this AMA!

haha that guy was so full of need.

i hope you had fun! we had a great time. archer live is such a lovely shitshow of madness. and then we ate barbecue.


this is difficult. I think all art has SOME value. I talked about this extensively with maria bamford on her episode of my podcast. (

but of course, we've all seen super shitty art (battleship).

I think the point is that the public makes these decisions. once people figure out that soda water is disgusting or cheap or whatever they feel about it, they will modify their behavior. once they figure out a movie is poopy, they don't go see it.

none of that should deter an artist from making art. artists don't make art to please others. they make it to please themselves.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Aisha Tyler conducted on Reddit on 2013-07-11. The Reddit AMA can be found here.