Adam Savage

December 1, 2016

I am Adam Savage, unemployed explosives expert, maker, editor-in-chief of and former host of MythBusters. AMA!

EDIT: Wow, thank you for all your comments and questions today. It's time to relax and get ready for bed, so I need to wrap this up. In general, I do come to reddit almost daily, although I may not always comment.

I love doing AMAs, and plan to continue to do them as often as I can, time permitting. Otherwise, you can find me on Twitter (, Facebook ( or Instagram ( And for those of you who live in the 40 cities I'll be touring in next year, I hope to see you then.

Thanks again for your time, interest and questions. Love you guys!

Hello again, Reddit! I am unemployed explosives expert Adam Savage, maker, editor-in-chief of and former host of MythBusters. It's hard to believe, but MythBusters stopped filming just over a YEAR ago (I know, right?). I wasn't sure how things were going to go once the series ended, but between filming with Tested and helping out the White House on maker initiatives, it turns out that I'm just as busy as ever. If not more so. thankfully, I'm still having a lot of fun.


But enough about me. Well, this whole thing is about me, I guess. But it's time to answer questions. Ask me anything!

Hi Adam! You talked on the Still Untitled podcast about saying, "I HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING THINGS!!!" to yourself. Are there any specific methods you want to share about boosting your self-esteem or confidence, both short- and long-term?

Well, the first step is was to understand that it's just part of the mechanism. That is: that feeling shitty about doing what I do will occur from time to time but doesn't define me. Then it's about pushing past the lack of desire to do anything about it.

How does one do THAT? For me with any project there's a list of, let's say, 10 things at any given point I know should happen. When I'm feeling really down that might descend to only one thing. Or even half a thing. That is: I can't really see how to proceed and my usual intuition is in the toilet. So I gingerly proceed with that half-a-thing until things start to normalize. Or I go home and recoup and just be ok with not feeling awesome. That's ok too. It's a huge question you're actually asking and it's somewhat of a disservice for me to try and answer in a couple of paragraphs but that's what works for me. Hope it helps.

How was it working for Micheal Stevens?

Love working with Michael. He talks just like he does in the videos, so that when he's handing you a coffee or talking over lunch, you half expect to do a VERY DEEP DIVE into what it's all about. I love the collaboration.

Hi Mr. Savage, and greetings from Iceland. As some here surely know, the 'Mythbusters B-Team' has been up to no good and is due for a hopefully spectacular opening with their new show 'White Rabbit Project' on Netflix in just a few days. Have you been involved in any way with the project, even if just in an advisory role? Will we be getting a podcast about the show on Are you or Jamie gueststarring in any of the episodes? Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work.

We aren't in any of KG&T's show. I really hope they're successful as all getout. Can't wait to watch it.

Hey Adam! How are you doing today?

Well it was a bit of a rush to start but I'm ok now. I got to the shop a little early and sorted tools so now I feel normal. Thanks for asking

Hey, Adam! What are your essential cheap tools that everyone should own, and what are some that you feel need to be higher quality in order to be worth bothering with?

Great question! Everyone should have a multi tool. Everyone should have something akin to the iFixit bit kit (to be able to take apart anything). Tools that are shit until you spend $: Air powered rivet gun. Don't waste your time on the $30.00 one. Spot Welder. Nippers: go ahead and invest in a set of Knipex nippers, the last pair you'll ever need.

How adorable is Norm's puppy? And can you post more pictures of him?

Norm and Danica's puppy Ripley is the cute singularity.

Can we get a hint or two as to what we can expect from your Brain Candy tour?

A two hour bombastic variety show using all the tools of the theater and stage magic to illustrate cool science, hosted by a pair of better-than-average explainers. With craptons of audience participation. I can't WAIT to hit the road. We're writing it right now and it's awesome. (

I'm about to take my last physics test of the semester. Any words of advice?


What's in your CD Player/MP3 player/Music Device today?

Listening to a lot of the Milk Carton Kids and Decemberists. Also Sara Bareilles.

Hi Adam!

I want to start off by thanking you, Mythbusters was a huge part of my childhood and it introduced me into the wonderful world of engineering. It helped me decide that I wanted to pursue a career in civil engineering, and now in my third year as a CE student I couldn't be happier with my decision. So thank you so much for that, and also for participating in this AMA today!

So my question for you is, is there any myth that you wanted to do but didn't have the right technology? If so, do you think it'll ever be possible to test it?


I've started tweeting myths I wish I could have gotten to. Under the hashtag #mythsiwouldstillliketotest. Like the roomba that went over someone's dog's poop and covered THE WHOLE HOUSE WITH A POOPOCALYPSE. We would totally have tested which type of stool would yield the worst scenario. Also cat vomit.

Hey adam! How is progress going on the martian suit?

Slowly. Sorry about that.

Dear Adam Savage Are you ever going to do a pepakura build like a suit halo Spartan armor or some iron man armor? - Adam Shuttleworth

I love pepakura but I haven't tried it yet. I love the IM cardboard and foam builds.

Hey Adam,

What's something about you that we don't know?

Thanks! I loved Mythbusters growing up and I can't wait to show it to my kids one day.

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Philadelphia Story.

Mr. Savage, are you going to Silicon Valley Comic Con next year?

YES! I'll be there. Can't wait.

You recently announced a joint show with Michael from VSauce. How did this venture come about, why did you choose to do it, and what are you most excited about with that venture?

I love live shows. I love touring and I love interacting with a live audience. There's stuff that happens in a room with people around that is genuinely electric. Jamie was done touring at the end of 2015, and Michael Stevens and I were mutual fans and started discussing it and it seemed like a natural. Magician Michael Weber, an incredible magic designer and writer is our director.

Hi Adam, I'm a huge fan. The idea of writing something you might actually see is slightly intimidating. Thank you for the enthusiasm you bring to all of your projects and all of the knowledge that you have shared with the maker community through Tested.

My question is how do you balance your creative projects when you aren't working or on tour with being a husband and father? My wife and I have a 18 month old. She has a busy schedule do to her career, so we try to all be together whenever she is free. On weekends when she has work, I watch our son. While I love spending time with both of them, I also can't help but feel like I don't have time for many creative projects. I know as my son gets older I can start getting him involved in projects with me, but for now I feel like my workshop is gathering dust.

Yeah, that happens. The balance between work and home and family is really tough. It gets easier when the kids get older to be sure. For me, sample size of 1, I find it works best when I don't think of the shop as "stealing time". The consciousness around the shop work is vital to maintaining the balance.

Did you want to make things for a living as a kid? (I mean was that the job you had in mind back then?)

Oh yes. first job I wanted was to design for Lego. I was 8

You've inspired a lot of young people, myself included, to really delve into science and the scientific method, so thank you for helping me discover a passion, first of all!

If you had to add one person (dead or alive) to the Mythbusters team, who do you think would be best suited for the job?

Simone Gertz!!

Hey Adam! I'm glad I got to catch this AMA!

I'm a pretty big fan of anime and manga, and I've been presenting (game shows and discussion) at PA conventions for about five years now. I think it's super cool to see celebrities and public figures from the US show an interest in that kind of stuff (especially positive role models like yourself)!

My question is this: what is your favorite anime and why?

I've seen on your twitter and Facebook that you're a fan of Miyazaki, but I've always wondered if there was more!

Thanks so much for being so cool!

I love Akira. Metropolis. Ghost in the Shell.

In-N-Out or Five Guys or something completely different?

Favorite burger is a Jardiniere in San Francisco (the owner, Traci Des Jardins is a friend so clear conflict of interest on my part) and lately she's been serving the Impossible Burger (all plant proteins!) which is INSANELY DELICIOUS. Serious. They serve it at the bar. Go try one.

Hi Adam,

I recently discovered my college has it's own makerspace and club complete with 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a wood working shop. The only thing that it's missing is: makers!

What would be the best way to get people interested in a makerspace?

That's THE question! The best way is to show them obsessive builds by others. Wake that part of the brain up that says "I've always wanted X, maybe I could make it MYSELF!". Also- sharing the build log/methods goes a long way to helping people understand that it's not beyond them to problem-solve.

Hi Adam, I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for the past three years, and your Tested builds and videos, as well as your TED talks, have inspired me to develop new interests in making and exploring. Even though I am physically limited by my illness, your creativity is electric and you have instilled in me a deep sense of hope and excitement for learning despite my current situation. Thank you for what you do.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy in myself, that I am not well-versed in art, cinema, culture, etc. On your podcast you have talked about giving your children a well-rounded film education and you have mentioned the process you went through as a teenager discovering new things. To a 19 year old just entering adulthood, what advice do you have? What are some books, films, and experiences that set you on the path of exploration?

You've got more time than youthink. I'm glad you find solace and inspiration in my videos. Keep paying attention to the stuff you find yourself obsessed with. Read everything. At your age I was plowing through Vonnegut, Camus, Ellison, LeGuin, Heinlein, Kafka, Kundera, Marquez, Stanislaw Lem and others.

Hello from the Rocket City, Adam!


With such a hectic life from the traveling and constantly being pulled in several directions, how do you find a good balance of home and work? The desire to have a strong home life and a successful work life can be so demanding, what are some tips for people to help keep a proper balance?


During your Tested video "Adam Savage's One Day Builds: NASA Spacesuit Parts!" a few mistakes happened during your build, but what you said at the end of the video really hit home with me. (Video Link:

You discussed a maker's "slump" and how it can truly rattle you to the core. I wanted to thank you for those kind words as I myself have been in that position- but it's taken years to realize that it's simply ok to mess up and I'm not a failure haha! Thank you for showing me that these things happen to the best of us, and it's all about moving forward <3

-Tony D. Huntsville, AL

I love the videos we've been putting out lately more than ever (joey's editing and camera work!) and I'm so glad that coda resonated. it's really important to share with each other our uncertainty and ambivalence when it occurs. The impostor complex happens to all of us all the time.

Hi Adam,

Like everybody else, I love tested and the work you're doing to jump start Making. I'm a maker of music (or noise...) and I as wondering who you listen to on your drive to the shop or while you're working or just to decompress? Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to me!

I also can't get enough of Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors". Such good pop!! My kids make fun of me and say I have the musical taste of a 14 year old girl. I'm ok with that.

Hey Adam, longtime fan here.

My question is what are your recommendations on making things when you only have a small amount of desk space to work with. For something like building models it's enough space, but I'm wanting to get into airbrushing, and finish up a costume that requires more space than I have available. Any tips?

Quick edit: Been looking for a few resin kits around the internet for blade runner or DL-44's and can't seem to find many leads. Any recommended places to look?

I asked people to tweet their small makerspaces recently and we put up a gallery on tested: Inspiring small spaces.



Hello Adam,

I am looking to get into creating/making, but over the years I've been doing things that could fit under making, or hobbyism, I've had tons of fun, but never really gotten all that good at anything or creative enough to come up with something really undone before. Now that my two daughters are getting older (three and six) and have both been to the NY Maker Faire, and love science and making things and such, I'm looking to get back in. What kind of resources can you recommend to a 37 year old father that can also potentially be useful in some way to the girls? We do have a Pi, and some of the "toy" making/enginnering stuff.

CARDBOARD! You can make literally anything out of cardboard. Ask them their ideal costume and help them make it so!

Hi Adam! What is your favorite beer?

I don't drink anymore, but when I did, it was Sierra Nevada.

Your comment on praying to the patron saint of ballistics has been immortalized as a quote in Sid Meier's Civilization 6. Any comment on that?
EDIT: Fixed link.

Achievement unlocked?

What was the scariest thing you ever did on Mythbusters?

The second Underwater Car stsunt


Make sure you have some sewing machines! Everyone should learn how to sew. It's liberating. Also leatherwork has a low cost of entry and high reward for effort. As for models, that is exactly what the Nation of Makers (I'm a board member)is about: sharing playbooks and models that work! More on that soon!

Hey Adam! Big fan of Tested and your one day builds. Speaking of which how is you dog pillow bed doing? Do they still love it?

Thank you. Yes, they still use it and love it!

Hey Adam! Im a big fan of your one day builds on tested. I think it's because I see a lot of myself in the way you work. One problem that I frequently have is getting caught up in the energy of building so much that organization goes completely out the window. Any tips for keeping the enthusiasm while also being organized?

It's a battle between present me and future me. Present me would like to go home without sweeping up. Future me knows that he'll thank past me for cleaning up and leaving the shop ready for the next morning. It's an ongoing conversation. I also LOVE organizing. I spend at least an hour a day doing it. even in my house if not in my shop.

If you have a sit-down with any scientist from history, what would you have for breakfast that morning?


What's the best movie you've seen this year? (Not necessarily that came out this year)

Arrival! It's excellent.

Hi Adam, I just wanted to know, how do you feel about the fact that you, along with Tested have inspired thousands of people to become makers when they otherwise wouldn't know where to start?

From someone who never made anything cool until finding Tested

Humbled .Inspired. gobsmacked.

When you came to Pittsburgh, did you ever have a primanti's sandwich? If you haven't I suggest you come back and I will gladly buy you one and a beer!

No! I will. What's in it?

Hey Adam! Just out of curiosity, but how far from M5 is your man cave? Thanks for being awesome!

Not far -- a few miles.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for your work. Regardless of what your are involved in your spirited attitude is an absolute thrill to experience.

What book are you reading at the moment and what would be your top recommend book of the year? Essentially, please tell me what to get my wife for Christmas.

I'm reading a couple of great books. The Dictator's handbook ( and Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark (very good book to read right now- sigh)

Hey Adam, What do you miss most about Mythbusters?

My crew! And also the driving myths.

Hey Adam! What is a Life Pro-Tip you'd like to give to dudes all over the world?

Talk less, listen more. Mansplain much less.

Hi Adam,

I often find my self working on multiple projects at once, sadly some end up on the shelf for a while. Does this happen to you? What do you do to alleviate it?

I have a whole wall of uncompleted projects. That's the nature of things. It's ok. I get to everything eventually. My Alien space suit took 10 years.

Hi Adam, Can't remember if you've ever answered this before but have you ever worked with the "slow-mo guys"? They've dona a lot of really cool stuff filming things in super slow motion. The company they are apart of is also doing a really cool series called immersion, trying out things from video games in real life and seeing how easy/difficult they are.

I haven't yet, but I love their work. Hoping to do something with them some day.

Hi Adam! My 3 year old son is a humongous fan of yours. He's bright and very interested in science and engineering.

Christmas is coming and I was wondering what toys you had as a kid that helped foster your lifetime love of science. Or if there are any toys on the market today that you would recommend?



Do you know my great uncle Michael lynch, he's told me stories of you since I was young. Do you know him?

Yes, of course! I LOVE Michael! Please say hello to him for me!

Hi Adam, greetings from a very cold UK!

My question is, how do you think improvements in virtual reality could impact on your work? Would you ever wish to "zone in" to a virtual reality space of a project you are working on and physically manipulate the object(s) in real time?

Also, if you haven't already, watch the new series of Black Mirror on Netflix. I feel it's something you'd likely enjoy.

I'm very interested in Augmented Reality. I have watched Black Mirror. it's hit and miss for me. Uneven acting, writing, but when it's good (season 3 ep 1) it's destabilizingly good.

What's your favourite sandwich? I am a sucker for prosciutto and fresh mozzarella

The tuna nicoise at bi-rite here in SF. It's AMAZING.

Hey Adam, I discovered Tested this year and it's fair to say that it has changed the way I think creatively and my approach towards Costuming as a hobby or a career. After developing an interest in your costumes and props I decided that I wanted to start to make my own, I then made a C3PO costume for comic con and came second place but since then I've not stopped wanting to make things. Problem is, I'm not sure what area of the industry to pursue. I'm really interested in costume, both sewn and built, but all university courses seem to ask you to pick one specific thing and hone in your skills on that. How would you say is the best way to approach a career in this field successfully? Should I get really good at one thing in particular? Or is there a way to gain a broader skill set like yourself? Thanks

Always the broader skill set makes you more employable in the long run. Costume is great. Theater is where to get lots of experience in costuming.

[No question]

Your questions are all so good. I'm typing as fast as I can!!!

Greetings Adam! How is the secret Santa project coming along? Any hints as to what your working on?

I JUST decided last night what I'm making and started buying the pieces. I'm making one for myself, too. I'll chronicle the build on for sure.

Do you still frequent reddit after that whole fiasco with people making fun of your fan that takes a picture with you every year?

Yes. Sigh. Reddit, like the web in general, is a mix of the high and low, the good and bad. When it's bad it feels like middle school at it's worst. I think the general tone of discourse on the reddit that I see is getting better rather than worse. That keeps me coming. I also spent lots of time on Metafilter as a salve to reddit's baser instincts. Seriously who makes fun of a 13 year old girl? Remember being 13? It sucked ass for all of us. Why make it worse?

Hey Adam do you think we will ever get more of a tour of your house like you promised ?

Yeah that's a tricky one. I don't want to open TOO much of my life to the outside. I try and keep a balance between the public private parts of myself.

Hello Adam,

I recently watch your tour of Peter Jackson's "Cave". Mr. Jackson stated if there was a fire he would save his Original King Kong. My question is, what would you save in a fire from your collection?

That's a hard one. I guess I'd put on my original Hellboy leather duster and ... what would I grab? My Blade Runner blaster, I guess. That's such a tough question!

hello Adam, lifetime fan, and current listener of "Still Untitled"

Just wanted to say thank you for all of the great work you have done, and also the passion that you ignite in people every day.

My Question is, what is your favorite dinner restaurant in San Francisco, and whats the best advice you could give to an entrepreneur?

Right now I'm obsessed with the pasta at Locanda here in the mission. I also am obsessed with the (vegan!) sushi at Shizen:

Why did you chose Totoro for your halloween costume?

I love totoro, and one of the Tested community suggested it and I agreed that it was a great suggestion!

I love totoro, and one of the Tested community suggested it and I agreed that it was a great suggestion!

I will keep wearing Totoro as often as possible. So much fun to see people's reaction! it's an anti-depressant.

Hi Adam, do you like better call saul as much as breaking bad?

I do! Totally different show, but it's FANTASTIC.

hey adam - long time fan, first time caller.

2016 is winding down and there's a lot of talk about how awful this year was for a lot of reasons (icons passing, toxic political atmosphere, disasters both natural and man made...) and i was wondering - what do you think the best thing about 2016 was?

As all the racism and xenophobia have risen to the surface of American discourse, I can only hope that it simply becomes like a foam that's easier to scrape off the top. Been a rough year.

Adam! Harbor Freight tools, I have one that just opened near me. Yay or Nay?

Love HF. Always need more zip ties. It's a great place to buy tools from to see if they're useful to you. When the HF one breaks you can invest in a good version. Good cheap anvils.

I am a huge fan, and became a bigger fan when you purchased that NZ spec BJ40 near the end of your mythbusters career. What have you done with your landcruiser as of lately? Have you thought of attending TLCA events? Have you considered possibly throwing a turbo into that little four cylinder for better drivability? Do you work on it yourself?

I have a turbo kit I haven't installed yet! I'm in the process of adding a separate battery for an inverter etc. I just got it back from the shop, my windshield had broken.

Do you still get to hang out with Jamie?

I don't see Jamie much since we stopped filming. But we still do appearances together on occasion; we did one in Connecticut last this month. Otherwise, I'm really busy working on and my new tour and Jamie is very happy being out of the public eye, working on secret projects with mysterious clients -- pretty much what you'd expect from the Hyneman. He and I still talk about the same things when we're together: Tools we just found out about. Technologies were both interested in (drones, high torque motors) and projects we are working on. Been having that convo with him in one form or another since 1994.

Hey Adam, big fan of all your work!

What is your drink of choice?

Bunderburg Diet Ginger Beer.

Hey Adam, With all your interests how do you prioritize what gets your attention and time and what doesn't?

Oh man. That's the toughest one. I pay attention to the difference between the things that SEEM like good ideas and the ones I get genuinely excited by. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, but it's vital.

Hey! What subject in your high school education would you say you've benefited from the most in life?

Typing. And sewing.


I love Canada. Love Canadians (Hadfield, Aaron Douglas, Trudeau etc) and I think it's a great idea.

Adam, getting to see the Mythbusters Live show last year was the best birthday present ever and I cried happy tears through the whole thing! Thank you for the great story about juggling and learning to be yourself despite what everyone else is telling you.

My question - when, if ever, you have found yourself at a crossroad in life around careers, what do you think has enabled you to follow your passion while still being able to pay the rent? What advice, if any, do you have about pursuing passions that may put me in debt?

Ugh, so hard to give advice here. I had so many advantages: specifically my parents were generally willing (and able)to help me out of a jam. But I say this: be yourself. Pay attention to knowing exactly who you are, in all your goodness AND badness. All the empathetic altruism as well as all the jealous venality. Knowing yourself makes the crossroads decisions easier.

Hi Adam! Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?


Hello Mr.Savage, do you have a favorite beer? Part 2 what's your favorite bar in the Sanfransico bay area, have you ever been to the Bayview boat club down the road from the Giants stadium by chance?

I've been to the Bayview Boat club many times over the years. Great bar. I love the uncool bars that look great but aren't hip. Like the Redwood room at the Clift USED to be. I found a new one but I'm not sharing right now. I don't want it to get cool.

I've been to the Bayview Boat club many times over the years. Great bar. I love the uncool bars that look great but aren't hip. Like the Redwood room at the Clift USED to be. I found a new one but I'm not sharing right now. I don't want it to get cool.

(as if my mentioning it could make it cool... )

Hi Adam, just wondering if theres going to be more food related video like food science on tested in the future? Love your 1 day build and your cosplay videos

Yes! I love working with Kenji Lopez-Alt!

Do you ever felt demotivated at some point? And if yes, what is/was the best way for you to get creative again?

Watch the last few minutes of this build:

What builds are you currently working on? I love your One Day Builds and honestly wish that they were longer in length. They are so therapeutic to watch while doing dishes!

That's so cool .I love doing dishes. (I'm serious)

What is your all time favorite Elton John album?

Tossup between Tumbleweed Connection and Captain Fantastic. Hard to beat Ballad of a Well Known Gun.

On Still Untitled you mentioned the idea for Adam's Bookclub. Maybe you meant this as a joke, but I am legit excited for this idea. Mainly because your interests are interesting to me and your recommendations have never failed me. Is there a chance this will become something for real?

I just figured out how I want to do the Adam Savage Book Club and details will be coming soon!!

Mr. Savage, what is the feeling you get from blowing something up that you worked so hard building/creating for Mythbusters? What was the highest amount of explosives used (terms of poundage) on the show?

Last ep. 5001lbs of ANFO. Big boom

I am neither handy nor skilled at building things, but I watch your videos and I want to be. Any tips on where a true beginner should start if they want to learn a bit?

Cardboard. paper construction. If you can build from paper you can build from anything. Sewing, carpentry, welding, paper, cardboard: all the same process with slight mods.

I know it's pretty common knowledge at this point that you and Jamie weren't much more than just coworkers. Do you still talk to the other hosts/have a friendly relationship with them or was it a similar situation as with Jamie?


Hey Adam! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to do this. Other than online, where do you find materials and parts? Scrap yards, swap meets, electronic stores, etc and which is your favorite?

Also, where can we find that NASA jacket, its awesome!

I love purchasing chunks of material on ebay. Small chunks of Delrin, lengths of bearing rod, or linear actuators.

Hey Adam!

I loved the collaboration between you and Alton Brown, since you two were literally my childhood role-models. How was it working with him?

Alton is the best. He's hilarious. He's just as funny as you want and a bit darker.

Loved Mythbusters, how are you today Adam? :D

I'm COLD. It's FREEZING in San Francisco right now. Otherwise, great. How are you?

Did anyone ever get hurt on the set of Mythbusters and the cameras just didn't see it?

Hell yeah. but all minor stuff. I gathered at least 20-30 stitches off camera. Jamie broke his nose: o wait that was on camera.

How much work was it to put on a stage show like Brain Candy? I'm seeing it in DC and I can't wait!

It's a lot of work! We are writing it right now.

Hi, Adam!

I see that you're a Hayao Miyazaki fan from some of your comic-con cosplay (No-Face and Totoro). Which Miyazaki movie is your favorite?

Spirited Away. Holy shit I love that movie.

Hi Adam!! Can you talk about your idea to demolish Penn Jillettes house "The Slammer" with a tank?!

Penn called and asked if I could help blow up his house up and I simply asked if he'd considered using a tank. I introduced him to some people. I was asked to drive but I was in London at the time.

I'm about to paint a DL-44 and I need advice on weathering. What techniques are best for making the gun look used and worn-in? It's a plastic mold (I know, I know..) so no metal parts on it. It'll have to be paint effects.

Silver sharpie on edges that get wear is a great technique.

Who's your favorite comic book character?


Who are your go to Prop people who you look to for inspiration?

Matthias Wendel. Tony Swatton. Doug Harlocker. Mike Elizalde. Greg Nicotero. Ty Ruben Ellingson, Greg Broadmore... many others.

Were you and/or Jamie involved at all with Kari, Grant and Tori's new show? Any chance on a cameo appearance?

Sadly no.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs! I have two rescues, Huxley and Maggie.

If you are editor-in-chief, wouldn't that count as a job?

You're right, but I like saying that I'm unemployed.

Hi Adam, I walked up to you at the a cappella convention in Memphis last year and asked for a picture, and soon after realized you probably just wanted to watch the performances in peace, so I'm sorry about that.

I guess my question would be how you feel about fans approaching you? It seems to be polarizing to people with a following, so I was wondering what your take on it is.

Don't worry about that at all! Happy to do it. Being in the public eye has afforded me a very nice existence so far. I'm happy to take pictures with people.

What do you think about the dye-sublimation process and its use with fabric and metals?

It's a conspiracy.

Hey Adam! What was the last movie you watched and what did you think of it?

I saw Arrival last week and loved it!


We need to stop considering it a boys club! Seriously. We need, culturally, to normalize the science and engineering fields as a career for anyone. This is one of my life goals.

[No question]

By the way, THIS is what I'm wearing to do this AMA right now. It is SO cold in my shop.

How did you get your start with sewing and leatherworking? Your Kylo Ren piece and your other cosplay pieces have been really impressive. I'm trying to pick up a handcraft, but trying to avoid heavy machinery because I am a klutz. Love your one day builds!

Good sewing machines have never been cheaper. 300 bucks buys you a machine capable of sewing heavy leather. (mine is a Janome fyi)



A while back you referred to musicians, artists and some others as all essentially being makers. Since then i've been thinking of myself as a maker, a term that didn't even pop into my head until then. So thanks for that, it kinda reshaped how i see making music.

On to my question: Lately i get the feeling that i'm making the same thing over and over again, and i can't seem to break out of the patterns i worked myself into (into a corner i might say). Do you ever get that feeling? How do you overcome it?

Yeah, good question. Not exactly sure. But I keep awake to when I'm just going through the motions as opposed to doing something new. There's nothing wrong with repeat making; I'm just addicted to trying new things and getting better at new skills.

Hi Mr. Savage,

I loved your performance in Epic Rap Battles' Mythbusters vs Ghostbusters. How did you prepare for the role? Could you rap that well beforehand?

Actually though, if you sit down and chat over lunch with 1 historical figure and 1 fictional figure where would you eat and what would do you think the 3 of you would talk about?

I'd have dinner with Feynman and the Sandman. Not sure what we'd talk about but I'll bet it'd be fun.

I've seen several AMAs from you over the years. Do you do these when people ask, or just wake up some mornings and think "I wanna answer some questions today?"

I like to do AMAs every few months. I never do them same-day -- usually a few days ahead when I see I have some time. Even Jamie always liked the AMAs.

Dear Mr Savage af

Is there any way someone can make a hobby/job out of explosives without a bunch of qualifications and such?

Now before anyone thinks I'm mental and/or a terrorist, I'm a tinkerer. I like building stuff, dissasembling stuff, reverse engineering stuff and inventing stuff. Ever since I put a can of hairspray on a bonfire and got a huge fireball I've also been intrigued by explosives. Now obviously I don't make bombs in my spare time, closest I got was took the innards of a bunch of boxes of fun snaps, put them in a sandwich bag and sealed it. That made a loud bang.

I'd love to play with bombs and seeing what is and isn't explosive, responsibly of course, and if there's any hobbies surrounding bombmaking.

So is there any avenues I can take without retraining that you know of, or am I already on a watch list by the grace of this comment?

Yours most faithfully

Soz im drunk

This is the best. Homeland security is on it's way.

I love that Doc Ock costume you made for Patton Oswalt! How long does something like that take?

Thank you. That costume took me about 8 hours.

Hey, Adam!

First of all, I just want to say that you're my superhero! Seeing you live at the Louisville Palace was one of the best moments of my life. I have the signed poster I got from the event still proudly framed on my wall.

On to my question! What do you think is the best way to bring awareness to "good science"? With the recent surge in fake news sites, confidence in journalism (including scientific journalism) is dropping rapidly. There seems to be an increase in bad science that uses flawed techniques such as p hacking, selective sampling, and plain old faking results. How do we raise awareness of this issue outside of the scientific community? How can we expect others to trust any study that comes out if we can't even trust our peers?

I think (among other things) Facebook and other social media sites could have a "Verified" icon for news that comes from respected and vetted sources vs. one guy on twitter. The fake news thing is insane. Enraging.

Can I buy you a coffee? I think you earned a coffee.

I would LOVE a coffee.

Hey Adam. Favorite ice cream flavor?

BiRite Ricenelas. It's snicker doodle caramel ice cream.


Given the rule "In a singularity, all objects are equidistant from one another, even if that distance is zero. When that distance becomes greater then 0 the resulting object must be a sphere in which the diameter of the sphere must be equal to the distance between any two points on the sphere." Given this, should I order pizza or Chinese for dinner tonight?


Do you plan on continuing posting on your imgur account?

Yes! I enjoy imgur. I'm still not always sure what it means that people are excited to see one of my posts in usersub -- stuff like that -- but it's a great community. Imgur asked me to participate in their Secret Santa exchange this year, and I'm looking forward to that. I'll chronicle the build on Tested.

Hi Adam! The maker community tends to be very inclusive and supportive of certain rights (ex: to repair and modify things that you own). Do you have any suggestions as to how the maker community can organize to be more politically involved but while staying non-partisan?

We don't have to be partisan to understand that we OWN the things we buy and should be able to modify them. Promote that idea. Live that idea. Improve your toys and share what you've done.

Being unemployed sucks. I've got a TON of laundry in need of folding that I've been putting off all week. If I give ya $20 would you want to fold it for me?


Howdy Adam, I was wondering if you still drove the Abarth, and how it was treating you? Still in love with it?

We got rid of the Abarth. we ended up with several cars. Sold them all and bought a prius (I still have the landcruiser). I love the Abarth, but didn't need so many vehicles.

Hey, Adam

I'm sure you've been asked this but what are your thoughts on Colin Furze? A collab would be awesome!

Love Colin, but I always end up wanting more info about his actual builds. But he's hilarious.

May have been asked already but are you planning on shooting more one day builds once things slow down for you?

Yes! Many in the can waiting to be edited/posted.

Good afternoon Mr. Savage! I am a nursing student who is also heavily invested in the arts, specifically music and modelmaking. I thoroughly enjoy your respect for the sciences and craftsmanship. I've always felt the arts were underappreciated in high school. How much attention do you feel should be put towards the arts in education?

Yes! Lots of attention. We can't be proper stewards of our culture if we know nothing of the arts. That's why STEAM. More SHOP, more, ART, more MUSIC

  1. What was being a Battlebots judge like?

  2. would you rather have a personal jetpack or a personal tank?



Is Peter Jackson's collection as awesome and deep as the rumors imply?

It's insane. We could shoot 200 more videos. Peter's the best. Hopefully I'll return before too long.

Do you like your chicken wings with sweet bbq or spicy buffalo sauce?


Have you ever worn Jamie's hat?

I've held it. That's enough for me.

What's a bad movie you really enjoyed?

Con Air.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Nina Totenberg. I'm a bit of a supreme court/legal geek and I love her voice. Also love Shohreh Aghdashloo! She's got the BEST VOICE IN THE WORLD.



Hey Adam, if you could say one thing to Creationists/Climate change deniers, what would it be and why?


Do you still have that astronaut suit? Do you ever wear it?

All the time.

What's the coolest piece of science fiction you could see becoming a reality in the next 5-10 years?

Driverless cars.

Was there any Myth you specifically wanted to try and solve but never had the chance?

Upside down race car.

Chances of the Brain Candy show making it across the pond for a European tour? Big fan of Michael and yourself, so would love to be able to see you here!

I'd love to take Brain Candy to Europe!!

Are you as excited as Michael for Brain Candy live?

Of course! That link again is and I really really just want to talk about Rampart.

Who are your favorite makers on Youtube (other than Simone Giertz)?

I love this guy: (who's name I misspelt earlier in this AMA)

Adam, any plans to build any more LEGO sets with TESTED?

Yes! In fact I shot a build with Simone the other day! Soon to be on

Hi Adam! How was your day?

I'm cold (there's no heat in my shop except in the bathroom, and I've been sitting at a computer instead of moving around), but so far my day has been great!

Hello Adam!

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have two wonderful dogs, Maggie and Huxley.

What ever happened to Buster? Is he ever going to come out of the closet?

This happened:

I gave away his pieces to cast and crew, and I have his butt in my shop.

Why do you do so many AMAs?

I genuinely like them. I check out reddit every day.

Can you do more duck army things?

You know, I was trying to buy more on so I could do more videos, and they were sold out. Thanks for the reminder to look!

Probablly getting buried in the comments at this point, but hey Adam! I am a huge fan. I'm a computer scientist who occasionally does engineering projects as a hobby. My question is this: have you ever build a Tesla Coil yourself?

I haven't!

Adam, I am a freshman electrical engineering student at university. I want to personally thank you (and the mythbuster's team) for providing inspiration for me, and many others. You truly are an amazing individual.

Thank you.

Now the question: Do you have any tips for success within the STEM field?

Yes. Say STEAM. Because ART needs to be in there.

Adam, you were definitely the funniest on Mythbusters.IN general, what was the most disgusting scientific experiment you've ever conducted in your life?

Cleaning dead pigs out of a car.

Hey Adam! Thanks for doing this. Have you ever thought about making a podcast? Also, when did you feel most in danger or nervous on mythbusters?

I have thought about it. In fact I'm doing it. It's called Still Untitled: the Adam Savage project and it's on!

This is kind of a loaded question but fuck it. As someone who became pretty much an icon of modern television and really knows the ins and outs of the current media outlets, what do you like/dislike about the up and coming internet media outlets, such as YouTube?

I love this new reality where distribution is ubiquitous. It's turbulent, because old models are failing, and whole enterprises are suffering, but as a storyteller and content maker, it feels full of possibility. We're always going to be consuming stories, the questions is how.

Hello Adam! First off, I want to say that you are my HERO! You have motivated me to question everything and use the scientific method in everything I do. And for all that I want to say THANK YOU.

My question for you is, what do you carry on your person at all times? Since you are very handy and can fix almost anything, what do you carry on you that enables you to be the hero in any situation?

Leatherman. Flashlight. EDC I always travel with a portable sewing kit.

In an episode of Mythbusters you had a chance to view the Earth from outer space, was is it flat?

Flat as a pancake. (joke)

Good morning /u/mistersavage, the question will follow in a second but I want to say thank you first if I may. (I know this will likely be buried under the thousands of other comments, but I need to say it)

Thank you for inspiring me during my childhood to explore the world and technology about me. Thank you for doing this for an uncountable many, including a number of those I hold dear. Thank you for showing the true joy of science and physics. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and and insane world of maker culture while I was in high school. Thank you for showing me that cool guys not only watch explosions, but should heartedly chuckle when they do. Thank you for inspiring me again when I arrived at college and had nary an idea of my direction in life.

I nearly failed out of college because I floated by, lacking drive as I had no clue what I should be striving towards. I searched myself for months and realized I had spent likely hundreds of hours watching mythbusters growing up. I'd always enjoyed creating and problem solving. I dug into the degrees applicable to those interests and discovered Mechanical Engineering. This degree is the hardest thing I've done in my life, but it has given me direction and a goal to pursue. I owe this to you. I known several in my program who directly owe this chosen career and life adventure to you and your work as well. /r/engineeringstudents has had several occasions where I have seen career choices attributed to your show and work specifically. I know you are an incredibly busy man with an barely finite list of responsibilties and projects, but upon completing this degree I would immensely enjoy taking a trip from Seattle to drive my ass down to the bay area and buy you a beer (or your preferred beverage) if that would be ok with you. I owe you one, you saved me from wasting my life away after all. Also craftbrews, man.

What I'm trying to say with my rambling, word spewing is this; I'm not fanboying and saying that you figuratively changed my life with Mythbusters, Tested, your cosplay, and your work with literally changed my life for the better and saved me from wasting away my days with no direction in a mindless, deadend job I hate.

From myself and all of those who will never have the chance to say it to you personally,

thank you.

TL/DR : Thank you for everything you do Adam. Share a pint?

Now for the questions!

In the past you have helped policy makers with maker and DIY culture. How do you plan to continue this informal campaign for healthy maker culture and sites during the new presidential term?

Have you ever considered focusing on working as an advisor on maker and DIY policies with domestic and/or foreign policy makers at some later time?

I linked to it earlier in this AMA but check out Nation of Makers. That's one of the big projects moving forward that I'm working on. And thanks for the kind words. I appreciate all that you wrote.

Being a Captain of Cosplay yourself, what do you think some of the better big guy costumes could be? I am 6'7" 430 for instance.

Chewbacca. Groot. Vader Lurch.

Hey Mister Savage,

I teach UX Design and have often found that the medium changes, but design and it's core principles stay the same.

Can you give a quote on what design means to you?

Good design is always about communication. It's about telling the right story at the right time. When you head towards a door and you can't tell immediately whether to push or pull it, that's BAD design. That's something that the wonderful book The Design of Everyday Things taught me. I agree with you. I learned graphic design just before computers and have noted that the same rules still apply even though the medium and methods of execution have radically changed.


Umm, security?

What was the hardest episode to plan out, could be in terms of a suitable location, specific parts etc. Also what myth result surprised you the most?

Thank you, A long time fan

Airplane on a conveyor belt. we spent weeks plotting how to do that one and how to talk about it on camera so it was clear.

Out of all your comic con appearances, what costume was


Thanks for doing this AMA, you really are an inspiration to so many people

ON both fronts it's Totoro.

So much fun to build. So much fun to spread the love.

Hey Adam. I'm a young mexican that loved your show when I was a kid. If you could do any other job, what would it be?


Whats your favorite Star Trek episode, TOS or TNG?

TNG, The Inner Light.

Did you ever find your missing Indiana Jones prop?

No, I never did.

[No question]

I see a lot of questions about Jamie, so I'll answer here and hope more people see it. I haven't seen Jamie much since we stopped filming. But we still do appearances together on occasion; we did one in Connecticut last month.

Look. He was even smiling:

Otherwise, I'm really busy working on, my new tour Brain Candy and other projects. And Jamie is very happy being out of the public eye, working on secret projects with mysterious clients -- pretty much what you'd expect from the Hyneman.

We still talk about the same things when we're together: Tools we just found out about. Technologies were both interested in (drones, high torque motors) and projects we are working on. Been having that convo with him in one form or another since 1994.

Hey Adam, any news as to which upcoming cons you'll be attending?

Definitely Silicon Valley CC, and San Diego, and also NYCC. At least those three. Not sure about Dragon Con yet.

Why are you so thin?


Howdy Adam! I'm a 18 year old high school senior interested in Robotics and Engineering. I've been a part of a FIRST Robotics team for the past 3 years, and I absolutely love working with my hands.

My Question is, looking back, is there any advice you would give your 18 year old/college self?

EDIT: Potentially learn how to swim? :)

Work harder. I didn't know how to bust my ass until my mid 20's. I thought that cool shit was right around the corner. Here's what I now know: 80- 90% of ALL work (and I'm including MB and also SPFX work) is drudgery. DRilling thousands of holes. Painting 40 poles. Filling in calendars, and making phone calls and just- it's a grind. But. If you do that drudgery with dedication and spirit, and you really pay attention and do a good job, you'll get to spend 10-20% of the time doing really awesome shit.

Do you bang a lot of nerd groupies?

Is that a kind of drum?

What has become of Jamie in the past year?

He went back into cryogenic sleep and now has the body of an 18 year old!

how can i build a homemade flamethrower?

Where are your parents?

Hi Adam,

I offered a myth on mythbusters site years ago and you guys never did it, I was wondering if maybe you did it and just didn't film it. It was as follows....Will a Seagull explode if you feed it an Alka-Seltzer?

Yeah, I actually wrote that one up. I looked into the gastrointestinal functions of a seagull's gizzard and how to pressurize. It's a good gruesome one, but I believe there wasn't a lot of momentum except from me for that one.

Hi Adam (I can't believe this is REALLY Adam Savage! OMG OMG OMG...) Aliens have invaded and are offering you a ride on their ship. The catch is you can only keep one item of special effects/movie memorabilia in your collection. What's your move?

I'd take Hellboy's coat. It might be cold.

** Hi Adam. So what do you spend your millions of dollars on? Car collections or anything else interesting or weird? **

You have me mistaken for a NETWORK television personality. I was on CABLE.

Mr. Savage I'd love to hear your recommendations on a multitool. Like Brand model things to avoid etc? thanks!

Leatherman. My fave. Don't get me wrong the swisschamp by Victorinox has nostalgic value to me, but it's leatherman all the way. The Wave. The Charge TTi. Amazing tools.

Hey Adam! Huge fan of Mythbusters,

Anyways, what's your thoughts on SpaceX's plan to colonize Mars with the Interplanetary Transport System?

I'm really really glad that Elon Musk exists. He makes me hopeful about the world.

Adam what are the odds of you and Vsauce getting to Aus for that show you guys are doing?

Those odds are pretty good. If Brain Candy tours well, we're definitely open to it. I LOVE Oz!

How is the Vsauce Brain Candy show looking? I'd really love to see you guys come to Indianapolis.

It's getting real and very exciting. I can't wait to hit the stage with some of the stuff we're talking about. There really hasn't ever been a show like this.

Hey Adam, Big fan. What is your day like now that you don't have a tv show to shoot?

LOTS of time in my shop. It's freaking heavenly.

I saw you riding a one wheel down Valencia street in SF the other day. Is it ok to say hi if I see you again? And if not is there anything I CAN say to you?

By all means say hi! I ride on Valencia pretty much every single day.

What's one thing that people who know you from Mythbusters probably don't know?

Really, how annoyed are you when people talk about Mythbusters again and again? You have your own thing going on, now that Mythbusters is over, so it kind of feels like you've been typecast as "that funky guy from Mythbusters who got electrocuted."

It might seem like that but two things: 1. I got to do some of the coolest stuff ever for a decade and a half. And it seems to have moved the needle towards science for a ton of people all over the world. I am eternally and forever grateful for what we made, the shows we did, and the result of all that work. 2. Most of the people stopping and talking to me bring up again and again. So i don't have the experience that i've been shoeboxed. This last year has just been about finding my feet again in a post MB world. And it's been delightful.

Why are you on this website?

I think you're asking YOURSELF that question.

What computer games have you played, or currently play? what are your favorites?

I play ONE game currently. My arcade version of Millipede. Just played it about 20 min ago in fact.

Is there any myth that you wish you could have tested on Myth Busters?

And if you'll indulge another question... Were you ever completely stunned by the outcome of any of the myths tested on the show?

All the time. Golfball car comes to mind. We were astounded.

Hi Adam,

I saw you a few weeks ago at Generator Toronto. As a teacher it was really inspiring to hear you talk about frank discussions with your children. What's your favourite thing about working with the Generator team? Any cool astronaut stories?

I love Chris Hadfield and his whole family. And that crowd: Toronto is one of my favorite cities and the crowd that night was so present and welcoming. It made performing a joy. Also seeing Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer (old friends) wasn't bad. And finally meeting all the cool people. Okay so pretty much everything.

Hi Adam! I am a long time fan and might be going to Brain Candy for my birthday (I really hope to meet you!!!!!) What was it like working with Michael Stevens? I want to thank you for shaping my childhood and love of science! I have been watching since before third grade (I'm in 9th now) and you are one of my major inspirations! If you read this I just want you to know you are a huge influence in my life, and for that I thank you so much!!! Have a great day, and I know I didn't really ask you much, but I couldn't resist a chance to tell you how amazing you are. See you (hopefully) soon :D

Yes see you soon! I love working with Michael. Funny he was at the shop and my son (thing2) came by and for nearly the first time ever, was actually star struck meeting Michael Stevens. So cute. The last time I saw my son that tongue tied was when he saw Idris Elba at Comic Con.

Just as an off chance:

I'm a teacher, and I'm lucky enough to be teaching AP physics and chemistry to some of the smartest 13 year olds in our city. They are huge fans of yours. Huge. In particular, one of the quotes they told me (instead of the other way around) is that the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.

I'd love to get a high def copy of that image so that I can make a poster for them. Any chance?

I can't help with the image but that quote came from my favorite crime scene analysts and ballistics expert Alexander Jason. He helped us on a ton of stories. He said that quote to me and I told him that it was a home run of a statement. I said that I was going to say it on camera and it would take off. I'm not sure he believed me then but he sure does now.

Did you and Jamie go into mythbusters planning on him being the straight man and you being the stooge or did that just happen naturally?


Hey Adam! What is your favorite explosive and why?

Water Heaters. Love watching them fail.

I heard you have helped special/visual effects on films before. What's the best experience you had on one, and what's the best thing you learned from it?

I made all the broken buildings in NYC for A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Often working directly with Dennis Muren, one of my heroes. Awesome job.

I might be too late to this, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to say something that you may or may not see. I got a ticket to your show for the Behind the Myths tour for my birthday and went with a friend. I was lucky enough to get selected to go on stage, meet you, and shake your hand. It was an awesome experience!

Growing up, I watched Mythbusters with my dad all the time and I really enjoyed watching the scientific method at work. Now, I find myself studying systems engineering and I think you and your show had a big part in that.

This AMA is getting me into watching Tested, and I plan on staying interested in your work as I keep going through college and whatever I decide to do with a career after that.

You're my hero and I hope you never stop doing what you do. Your attitude towards science and engineering inspired me and many many others. I hope you continue to inspire children to pursue creative and scientific careers because the more people in the world like you, the better off our future will be.

For my question, what is the most rewarding experience you have had throughout your entire career?

seriously, and you're not going to believe this, but reading your statement comes high on the list. I really appreciate hearing how I might have changed someones vantage point towards something constructive.

Adam, you're a major face of the maker movement.

Have you ever had thoughts about doing a "low budget" maker build?

Like, "With $250, buy all materials and tools needed for a full project (like a cosplay costume)"

That's a great idea. I might just do it!


You want to put up a Spite Fence?

Would you meet with a president Trump like you met with president Obama? Do you think he would even be interested in meeting you?

I doubt it. Not sure we'd have much to discuss.

I'd love to see you and Vsauce live but Brain Candy isn't coming to my city. Will Brain Candy be a one time tour or will you be doing more tours?

More are planned. Stay tuned. Brain Candy will travel the WORLD if I have anything to say about it.

What was it like to hear about the injuries behind punkin chunkin this year? Knowing that you have been involved in years past.

Very very sad. Horrific. I hope everyone makes a full recovery.

I realize I am late to the table, but hey, any chance you and Mike Rowe could get together and do a collaboration?

Well, we have dinner every now and then...

I just have to know. About a year ago, I was playing Halo 5 ctf and dominating with someone who I suspect may have been you. The gamer tag was savagebynature, which I didn't really take note of until I noticed the spartan tag was Adam. I just have to know, was that you? If you don't want to expose that as your tag, I understand.

It wasn't me. Sorry.

In honor of the twitter post where you Lego'ed up a dad's question on what to get his son: What is the biggest thing you yourself have constructed simply using Legos?

I made several levels of the death star (replete with toilet paper tube elevators) in 1979 or so. Tried to carry it downstairs to show my family and FAILED.

I miss Grant. Don't you miss Grant?

Grant's not dead you know.

Why does it really matter to you to make your movie props to 100% accuracy? When there is no real version in existence (At least a real working one in existence) The Mecha hellboy glove, the ZF-1, The blade runner pistol. Why does it really matter to you that these items have to be down to the milometer accurate I never really understood why do this and if you can finally answer this for me it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

It's less the accuracy of the final product that what achieving that accuracy does inside my head. It's like a meditation, and it's deeply pleasurable. I can't build anything unless I understand it in my head. Putting complex objects in my head is one of my hobbies. Sort of an answer...

What has been your favorite thing to construct in your whole life?

also if you respond my friends will think im cool!

I'm pretty sure they know exactly how cool you are.

So you're watching TV and you hear a knock on your door. You get up, and it's Norm, and he's crying. He has a book in his hand, and he reluctantly shows it to you, and it says "Mein Kampf" on the cover. He then pulls off his face mission impossible style and it's Hitler. He looks up and says "I'm back" and then you hear a rumbling sound. You look, and it's the sound of 1 million German soldiers coming at you yelling "NEIN!" What do you do?

That's the point I realize I've been surfing reddit too long and close the computer and go to bed. seriously what's WRONG with you?


Adam, is there a motto that guides your life? If so, which one?

Quick question: Star Trek vs Star Wars? And why.

Tight hug from Santa Catarina, Brazil.

"If he is a man of honor in one thing, he is that in all things" -Raymond Chandler

What was your favorite Adam Incognito moment?

Not necessarily a cosplay moment but a good story: When I was dressed as Jack Sparrow at Comic Con, I found myself in a green room with William Shatner and Lucy Lawless. Bill was great and took a pic with me and a bemused Jamie. Lucy recognized me by my VOICE because she's a real Mythbusters fan from way back. That makes us a mutual admiration society.

Dude, 11 hours answering questions. You are the best.

I love your build videos on the Tested channel. But I must say, my favorite things in the whole world are tools and tools that build tools. Do you think you will ever have video about building jigs on Tested? I'm sure you've thought up some clever ways to speed production when you have to make a small run of things. There are a lot of people that would love to see some Savage jigs.

Yeah, I've been making some shelves and cabinets in my shop this week and feel a little guilty I didn't film any of it. Soon.

Hey Adam!

You might not be answering questions anymore, but it's worth a shot. I tried to ask you questions before but it got buried due to lack of upvotes. Meh. Such is life.


I've always loved Mythbusters since it came out, but I am loving the output you've done with Tested; I love the One Day Builds and when you get to talk with builders and makers. I'm sort of an amateur builder, mostly guitar-related stuff, but I definitely identify with your attention to details as well as your love of movie props. I've just finished a Han Solo blaster (which I plan on working on slightly since some things are slightly in the wrong place and it bugs me) and am steadily working on building Luke's/Rey's lightsaber (hopefully at the end it will actually light up and make sounds).

Now onto the questions: With Mythbusters being finished, do you ever see yourself working on movies again, like you did prior to Mythbusters? Maybe not in the very near future, but in the next five years or so?

If you ever released a book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Have you ever considered writing a book about filmmaking, building, movie props, etc.?

What are your thoughts on the somewhat-newly announced Blade Runner sequel? Sub question: Deckard is a replicant- agree, disagree, who cares?

I actually designed the crossbow prop for Dirk Gently. Max Landis is a good friend and asked if I wanted to design a steampunk taser crossbow for his show. So I sent him a foamcore master with color layout and design hints written all over it, and at the end of production, they sent me the hero prop. That was my fee. I design the prop for free, in return for the prop when they're done with it. It's great. I want to do more of that. funnily enough, that's how I started gathering what I needed for the shop. I'd make local theaters the following deal for some jobs: I'd build the prop for them for free if they supplied all the materials, and I got to keep the prop when the show ended. It helped me build a lot of stock, and also it's a great relationship builder. People remembered that. It got me a lot of work over the years.

Hi Adam!

The stories you told at this years Generator were fantastic, even if you had to rewrite everything in a day (although I’d still love to see what you initially had planned)!

Reading other posts and comments over numerous years you have learned to develop work-life balance combined with an internal drive for a project. Most importantly that drive can falter or decay leading to 10 year-long projects. What sparks your drive for creation and how do you maintain, albeit significantly reduced, motivation for activities that are pushed to the side. I’m very curious about the internal mechanisms you employ.

As a second nerdy question, how do you structure your folder where you save GBs of photos for projects? George Carlin had an extensive structure, I’m curious about yours as well!

I start with just gathering photos in one big folder. Then once I have a few dozen I start to think about the build. So Chewbacca might start with dumping everything I can find. And then slowly a list comes out of the randomness: Real Costume Stewart Freeborn Bowcaster Feet Behind the Scenes Fan Chewbaccas Illustration Funny Chewbacca sounds Bandolier and purse and so on

I start with just gathering photos in one big folder. Then once I have a few dozen I start to think about the build. So Chewbacca might start with dumping everything I can find. And then slowly a list comes out of the randomness: Real Costume Stewart Freeborn Bowcaster Feet Behind the Scenes Fan Chewbaccas Illustration Funny Chewbacca sounds Bandolier and purse and so on

Those were supposed to be in a list. Now it just looks crazy town.

Adam, have you met Nick Offerman, and are there any plans for you two to do something together?

We've corresponded. We have plans to visit each's shop at some point. I'm looking forward to it.


Why are you planning to shoot me?

It's 12 hours later so not holding out any real hope of you seeing this question - but what the heck.

Which do you enjoy more: W00tstock or busting myths?

P.S.: Love your incognito cosplay stuff, too!

Ha! I'm still reading! Thanks! I love cosplay too!

also the one myth I submitted was never addressed: I was told as a young punk that if you run into a skunk you can grab it by the tail and it can't spray you. You did a lot of skunk myths but this one is still sticking with me. The story is if you say step on a skunk while in the woods and it turns to spray, you grab it by the tail and then you fling it away -- whatever muscles are involved in spraying don't work if you grab it by the tail. OOOORRR it was a thing told to young idiots like me so we'd go and grab a skunk. Which is true?? ack

I'm gonna go with the latter. Seriously, that would never make our list because of the whole "cruelty to animals" thing. But it's funny. Pretty sure it's just a story.

Hey Adam, you've written and performed several on-stage talks, do you have any advice to anyone else working on writing or performing or refining that kind of on-stage talk?

Think of who you're really talking to. Choose a subject. For me it's my wife. She's my favorite audience, and a tough critic when I ask for help (she helps a lot). When I'm on stage I'm really imagining that I'm talking to her, staying as present and genuine as if it was just the two of us. That's the goal anyway.

How did you like New York Comic Con this year?? Love the goatee/beard! #iconic

I loved the NYCC. Their staff was the BEST.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Adam Savage conducted on Reddit on 2016-12-01. The Reddit AMA can be found here.