Adam Devine

November 18, 2013

I'm ADAM DEVINE! I'm back on Reddit! Lets shut down the internet! AMA!

I'm the guy from "Workaholics". I have my own STAND UP hybrid show on Comedy Central thurs 12:30/11:30c called "Adam Devines House Party" I'm also the new manny on Modern Family. I've been caught starring at Sofia Vergara breasts 11 times. PROOF:

Can you discuss the movie you guys are gonna be doing with Seth Rogen?

A little bit. Its a big action comedy movie. Seth is helping us produce it. which basically means he helps us talk to dudes in suits that we're to immature to talk to and he also will help us sell our movie to the studio. ALSO, also, Seth and Evan have given us notes to make our movie more movie-ish. It's NOT a workaholics movie but it is starring the three of us.

On a scale of 1 to tight butthole, how cool is it working with Seth Rogen?

The tightest. The dudes funny and real and not hollywood douchey.

He bought it to himself.

I dunno what that even is

Any sitcoms within the last five years that you'd sacrifice a small-to-extra medium sized person to write for?

EASTBOUND AND DOWN is the funniest rawest show to come out in the past... forever.

Dad Dicks...when does that happen? the moment you impregnate a woman? or when the child is born? because I'm still waiting for my dad dick.


I believe you don't get your fully grown dad dick till you're about 10. You have to have swung on a man regarding a bad little league pitch for your dad dick to fully unfold.

Who is the one Actor/comedian that you consider to be your biggest influence? Who got you into comedy?

I literally cried when Chris Farley died. I did impressions of him on the radio in Omaha where i grew up. They would pay me in concert tickets and Matchbox 20 cd's. When he died I was devastated. I thought he was the funniest man in the world. Sadler was also a comedy super hero.

Thanks for doing this! What kind of advice can you give someone who's looking to make it in the acting world?

Don't be a pussy about it. If its something you want. go for it as hard as you can.

Ok. What color are your farts?


How come your house party is never as funny as workaholics?

It's a much different format. Its a fun way to showcase new stand up comics. also, that question is rude. don't be a dick. DIIIICKHEAD! ;)

Hey Adam, on workaholics you guys incorporate drug use that i haven't really seen depicted on tv before (whippets etc.) Do you guys get any shit from comedy central about that stuff? Workaholics and house party are great, glad to see you made it. Keep up the good work man.

Thanks man. Naw, Comedy Central are like your buddies cool parents that your parents hate because they let us smoke weed in the basement.

MARRY FUCK KILL: alice, jillian, blake

I would Marry all of them.

Hey Adam!

Who has been your favorite person to work with on Modern Family?

Everyone is cool but RICO and I are homeboys

What was it like being asked personally, through his assistant, to sing backup for John Mayer's new album?

Also, do you say "collar-less leather jacket" or "color-less lather jacket"?

I was suppose to say "Collar-less" but my mouth wasnt working well that day...



Hey Adam I am a big fan. Any advice for an aspiring stand up comedian? Also do you guys get as weird on drugs as much as portrayed on the show?

Just do as much stand up as you can. More than what seems normal. Become an addict to it. AND no I dont do that many drugs. The characters on workaholics are real dummies.

Any news on Season 4??

It's coming back in JANUARY!

How does blake do his hair?

Nothing but a sorcerer did put a spell on his scalp at birth

What is the creative process on Workaholics like? Is it mostly scripted or is there a lot of improv on set?

We write full scripts but when we're shooting we cut loose and get weird. We like to have fun on set and thats the best way.

Adambraj I'm a huge fan of both your shows and your stand up. My question is about the unique references you guys make on the show, do you think you're lucky to have found other people with such a niche sense of humour and reference level, could you do workaholics with anyone else?

(P.s. my favorite scene in workaholics is a toss up between you almost hanging yourself from a tree or you telling Blake to grab his air force ones, when he responds with "I have g-unit shoes")

I'm wildly lucky that people like my sense of humor. I think i'm a 90's kid and I just let that hang out and try not to be anything I'm not. I also think it helps to have gotten "famous" with my best friends so we can call each other out for wearing shiny pants or fedoras or any other pretentious bs.

How have you liked working with Sofia Vergara on Modern Family? Also is she that hot in person?

Edit: fixed

Very hot. Eric Stonestreet straight called me out for starring at her butt.

What's been your favorite project to date?

WORKAHOLICS seasons 1-4

The Adam Devine's House Party is pretty tight butthole. I'm a big standup comedy nerd. But I've never heard of these people. Where did you find these people Mr. Adam Sir?

EDIT: P.S. I'm your biggest fan, Please let me suck your dick? I give the best toothy bj's!

A lot of them are my buddies from stand up that haven't been on tv and the rest we're guys that showcased and I thought they were funny. I wanted the show to give new coics the chance to do stand up but also something a lil weird a diff

How do porn stars have anal sex and her colon looks as clean as her vagina? How much prep does that take? Am I correct in assuming that 'spur-of-the-moment' anal can be risky?

I'm guessing they clean it really well with moist toweletts (sp?) and prob dont eat anything for awhile bf.

How much pot will you and Seth Rogan smoke in your upcoming film?


great show love you guys but i was wondering how much actual writing is involved in the show do you guys just get a plot and just go from a to b what has your favorite thing to improv on the show

No, we write a script and take it pretty seriously. sometimes when our shooting call is 5:30 am you don't wanna/cant improv so it's nice to have a funny script to fall back on.

Is it true that you were at the same brothel in Brazil as Justin Bieber?

I wish

I know you and the Workaholics crew got started on YouTube doing skits, so do you have any advice for me and other aspiring YouTube teams?

If you're interested, we're called TBGyde, and we got our start making sketches about Taco Bell.

Huge fan of your stuff and super happy you broke out so well!

Thx man. Just keep doing it and try to get the production level as high as you can on your vids. also, only work with people you truly think are funny or talented.

Did you ever doubt that you'd make it to where you are now.

Ugh...yeah, but those moments we're fleeting.

When do you plan on doing another stand up tour? We saw you in Nashville, and you were amazing!

I'm hoping to go back out in jan or feb.

So first of all I'm not one to name drop but in this case I'm totally going to do it. My name is Tyler Hoog and I'm NEB WR's Kenny Bell's cousin. I'm a huge fan and Workacholics is kind of the driving reason I want to write a TV show with my best friend. Kind of crazy best friend antics but with a character in a wheelchair like me. Any suggestions to creating/writing/producing your proud of and you don't feel as though your selling out? Again huge fan!

Hey man!! GBR!!! Just write what you think is the funnies stuff, TRY TO BE ORIGINAL, and surround yourself with people who you think are funny and talented. good luck brahhhhh

if you could star in any movie ever, what movie would that be and what role would you have?

RUDY as rudy

Can you make me a hemp necklace?

yES and i'M WILDLY GOOD. YOU want beads? you want it to swirl ??

How often do you attend Nebraska football games?

once a year. I'll be at the IOWA game.

You want to shut down Reddit? You think you're God bro?

naw, i dont got those big god titties.

Huge fan of the show, my best friend introduced me to it.

  1. Do you have a favorite episode?

  2. Do you have a favorite beer/liquor?

  3. Out of all the famous people you've met, which one was the coolest?

1) Um... I like real time, business trip, checkpoint gnarly (B-rad) I dunno... I really like workaholics. haha. 2) Vodka, bud light 3) Seth Rogan is pretty cool. I also met wesley snipes which was insane.

Were you there when Blake broke his back?

yes. it was at our house we lived in together. we were throwing a holiday party. we had a meat and cheese try so you know its real.

I saw Erik Griffin do stand-up comedy at a college last year, and he was funny as shit...I distinctly remember him talking about a 18-year old couple up front and how she was probably terrible at dick sucking. They ended up leaving, and I ended up on the floor laughing.

He then took some questions afterwards and he said that you were probably the funniest person in real life that he's ever met, and that Jet Set would always sell Workaholics t-shirts on a beach in Cali when y'all weren't filming.

Anyways, 2-part question: I've noticed a lot of Chris Farley influence in your comedy, have you ever thought about joining SNL?

And, do you have any advice for aspiring comedy writers?

Just do it dude. you cant get experience doing something without doing it. You'll suck for awhile but if its something you really wanna do, stick with it and you'll get better.

You're a little older since your last AMA. During that time are you any closer to attaining dad dick status? one is pregnant as far as I'm aware

Do you get fan mail from dyslexic Maroon 5 fans?



I thought 14 year old girls just thought I was the sexist dude with an amazing voice for awhile

Hey Adam is it possible if I could i get a copy of your workout video so I can turn bi's into tri's possibly perhaps turn my tri's into god-knows-what?

Dude... I wanna make a workout video. I think workout videos are the funniest things.

Erik Griffin was asked in his AMA a while back about who he thought was the most like their character on Workaholics and he said that you were. Can you confirm this? and if asked the same question, who would you say is most like their character on the show?

Um... maybe me. I'm slightly less stupid tho.

Urrr...yeah we're gonna need to see some proof that you've been caught peekin at Gloria's boobs...some sort of description should suffice


How is Alice in real life? Does she still want to strangle the shit out of you three or are you guys friends?

Maribeth Monroe is a sweetheart and nothing like alice but she is wildly when being so mean.

Adam! When are we going to get another tight butthole party here in Austin, Texas?!

We wanna come back for sxsw but we we're shooting this year!

Do you think "Smooth" By Rob Thomas and Santana is better than "Panama" by Van Halen?

Panama.. all day and well into the niiiight

Not a question. Just wanted to share my serving book with you (I'm a bartender/server) and tell you I love Workaholics. Later, brah! Check it.


Adam! Loved the into skits for House Party. Question though, how much creative freedom do y'all have in Workaholics?

Btw I'm doing my first bodybuildin competition this spring and want to work some of your posing routine into it. Might be too meta, but it's time to get weird

They let us basically do what we want. com cent has been very cool to us.

Hey Adam! You are awesome and great and all of that. Do you ever hang out with anyone from workaholics off the set? Who do you hang out with the most?

All the time. they are my best friends.

Yo Adam whats your stance on OTPHJs and the girls who give them?

They're rough...just take it out the pants, ya know?

Go Big Red?


I hope this doesn't make me sound like a dick, but it seems like you play the same character on most shows you're on. Obviously, on Modern Family you're basically the opposite of your crude Workaholics counterpart, but you still have that dopey quality. Do you feel like you're being typecast or setting yourself up to be typecast?

I think you just do what you do best. will ferrell, ben stiller, Seth Rogan, sander, black, sasha baron cohen, all those guys do the same stuff. You just do what you do to be your funniest. I'm not Daniel Day Lewis and I'm not trying to be.

How disappointing is it that the moderators at Wikipedia are mistakenly accrediting your life work to Denzel Washington?

Edit: Sitting at 69 upvotes now. Nice.

I think that shit is so cool.


Santino is a buddy hes a really funny and good dude

What has been your favorite part about working with the crew of Workaholics?

Creating a show with your best friends. I hope to work with these guys for 30 years

When you said you were the new Manny, I thought you meant you were replacing Rico Rodriguez.

Who are the nicest and least nicest actors on the show?

Everyone is wildly nice but I'll probably end up arm wrestling Eric Stonestreet to prove whose the most dominate male on set.

that is if Ed Oneil isn't on set.

Why would you be so smug as to think your AMA would cause a significant strain on even Reddit's servers, let alone the entire internet?

You goddamn smug bastard, you...

All chips on the table though, I like Workaholics and was much less angered when I reread the title and saw that it was not Adam Levine.



Right. sorrrrrrrry

Who are you?

Genuine question, am British.

I'm the lead singer of Maroon 5

Have you ever been booed?

Sure. People are drunk at comedy clubs.

Hey Adam. My girlfriend said that she wants to have sex with you. I said only if I could watch. No question. I just wanted you to know that people love you that much. Rock, rock on.

Thats very cool of you but I'm gonna pass. I dont want to indecent proposal your relationship. dude code

how much fun is doing the voice for pizza steve on uncle grandpa? as a stoner it's one of my new favorite shows. do you write your lines/ improvise or do they just give you your lines?

They let me improv a little but they write really well for me.

16 year old aspiring stand-up here. How long have you been doing stand-up comedy? What made you get into it? Was it how you started or were you an actor first? Any advice for a young comedian only a year and a half in?

Keep doing it. You already have a jump on everyone else since youre so young. also, hang out with your buddies who aren't stand ups. keep those relationships because they are what is really funny.

How much fun was it filming "Pitch Perfect"?

It was truly one of the best times of my life. Louisiana is my second home.

What is your favorite 90s nickelodeon show?

I liked boy meets word, and doug, and rug rats, and california dreaming, and scrambled porno

[No question]

AHHH! I have to go! I wish I could stay on here all day but I gotta go record Uncle Grandpa. Thanks for all of your smart/dumb/funny/stoned questions. You guys are da best.

This interview was transcribed from an "ask me anything" question and answer session with Adam Devine conducted on Reddit on 2013-11-18. The Reddit AMA can be found here.